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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15448

Chapter 15448 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Klausewitz, W., 1983:
Deepwater and deep-sea fishes from the Red Sea. VII. Harpadon erythraeus n. sp. from the deep sea of the Central Red Sea (Pisces:Teleostei:Scopelomorpha:Myctophiformes:Harpadontidae)

Anonymous, 2006:
Deepwater implementation

Langley, Carla, 1998:
Deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico

Zhang, J.; Mercier, R., S., 2003:
Deepwater mooring systems

Nowlin, W.D., 2001:
Deepwater physical oceanography reanalysis and synthesis of historical data

Potter, Ma, 1984:
Deepwater prawns found in southern Queensland survey

Rowe, G.-T.K.nnicutt, M., C., 2001:
Deepwater program, northern Gulf of Mexico continental slope habitats and benthic ecology

King, Mg, 1981:
Deepwater shrimp resources in Vanuatu: a preliminary survey off Port vila

Anonymous, 2004:
Deer & elk farmers digest newsletter

Mckean, W.-T.B.rtmann, R., W., 1971:
Deer - livestock relations on a pinon-juniper range in northwestern Colorado

Anonymous, 1997:
Deer Creek watershed analysis

Anonymous, 1984:
Deer Creek watershed, within Blaine, Caddo, Custer and Dewey Counties, Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1989:
Deer Farming Symposium

Drew, Kr, 1981:
Deer Wapiti and hybrids. Calving, feeding and growth

Fjelstad, Sverre, M., 1977:
Deer all around

Anonymous, 1956:
Deer and aspen

Reardon, Po, 1978:
Deer and cattle agree on best range

Thill, R.; Martin, A.Jr, 1979:
Deer and cattle diet overlap in Louisiana pine-hardwood forests: preliminary findings

Tiller, R.; Roberts, T.; Quinn, R., 1986:
Deer and cattle interactions following a prescribed burn in chaparral

Anonymous, 1987:
Deer and cottontail rabbit population, Swan Creek watershed, Saline and Jefferson Counties, Nebraska

Fennessy, P., 1995:
Deer and deer farming - the New Zealand experience

Kuehn, C., 1994:
Deer and drought: news from the front

Decalesta, David, S., 1997:
Deer and ecosystem management

Westendorf, M.-L.A.tizio, B., A., 2000:
Deer and elk farming

Thill, R.; Ffolliott, P.1; Patton, D., 1983:
Deer and elk forage production in Arizona mixed conifer forests Wildlife habitats, management, White Mountains

Severson, K.-E.M.dina, A., L., 1983:
Deer and elk habitat management in the Southwest

Langvatn, R., 1982:
Deer and forest injuries--summary of an investigation on fraying-injury patterns and occurrence

Wolfe, M.; Berg-Fc, V., 1988:
Deer and forestry in Germany--half a century after Aldo Leopold

Deblinger, Rd, 1988:
Deer and open spaces

Nelson, Roy, 1979:
Deer and resulting devastation in New Zealand

Valentincic, S., 1975:
Deer and the forest

Staines, B.; Welch, D., 1981:
Deer and their woodland habitats Great Britain

Butt, Jp, 1984:
Deer and trees on the Allegheny

Cowan, R.; Hartsook, E.; Whelan, J., 1969:
Deer antler growth ideal test for study of bone metabolism

Kierdorf, U.; Kierdorf, H.; Szuwart, T., 2007:
Deer antler regeneration: cells, concepts, and controversies

Goss, Richard, J., 1983:
Deer antlers

Kim, Y., 1983:
Deer are menace to orchards and gardens

Stein, D., 2006:
Deer as pests in the urban and suburban Pacific Northwest

Hay, R.; Rennie, J., 1989:
Deer browse damage effects on containerized white pine seedlings

Elias, S.P.; Lubelczyk, C.B.; Rand, P.W.; Lacombe, E.H.; Holman, M.S.; Smith, R.P., 2006:
Deer browse resistant exotic-invasive understory: an indicator of elevated human risk of exposure to Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in southern coastal Maine woodlands

Harlow, RF.; Shrauder, PA.; Seehorn, ME., 1975:
Deer browse resources of the Chattahoochee National Forest

Harlow, R.; Shrauder, P.; Seehorn, M., 1975 :
Deer browse resources of the Oconee National Forest

Jordan, James, S., 1967:
Deer browsing in northern hardwoods after clearcutting

Shafer, Elwood, L., 1965:
Deer browsing of hardwoods in the Northeast

Bertoti, Istvan, 1976:
Deer call

Mills, R.-C.D.xon, R., D., 2001:
Deer camp

Norton, J.; Bryce, H.; Snell, J., 1982:
Deer control in fruit and vegetable fields

Gegner, Lance, E., 2000:
Deer control options

Gauthier, Nl, 1990:
Deer damage and control

Hygnstrom, S.B.xter, B., 1991:
Deer damage control in Nebraska

Dudderar, G., 1981:
Deer damage control methods

Baugher, Ta, 1986:
Deer damage control--an integrated approach

Curtis, P.; Fargione, M., 1990:
Deer damage management in Christmas tree plantations fences and chemical repellents protect trees

Curtis, P.; Fargione, M., 1990:
Deer damage management in christmas tree plantations select site and tree species to reduce losses

Anonymous, 1992:
Deer damage of ornamental plants

Jones, Wl, 1984:
Deer damage survey of West Virginia Christmas tree growers

Hammer, Da, 1989:
Deer damage to an Austrian pine tree nursery in Wheatland, Wyoming

Garrison, R.; Jackson, J.; Woodruff, J.; Hall, D., 1989:
Deer damage to soybeans

Behrend, D.F.; Mattfeld, G.F.; Tierson, W.C.; Wiley, J.E.IIi, 1970:
Deer density control for comprehensive forest management

Evans, C.H.ines, D.C.esemore, D., 1975:
Deer eat the darndest things

Mccormick, L.; Groninger, J.; Penrod, K.; Ristau, T., 1993:
Deer exclusion effects on understory development following partial cutting in a Pennsylvania oak stand

Anonymous, 2000:
Deer farmers digest newsletter

Larson, Ja, 1989:
Deer farming January 1979-May 1989

Sanden, Ht, 1977 :
Deer farming New Zealands new meat industry

Konjevic, D., 2007:
Deer farming for venison production

Mackay, Bruce, I., 1987:
Deer farming in China

Otway, Wf, 1983:
Deer farming in New Zealand and China

Von-Kerckerinck-Zur-Borg, Josef, 1987:
Deer farming in North America

Hatlapa, Hh, 1984:
Deer farming in the world--a modern way of wildlife managment

Spiers, I., 1984:
Deer farming is all its cracked to be

Dy, Me, 1977:
Deer farming possible, research indicates

Couchman, Rc, 1978:
Deer farming--for those who can wait

Fletcher, Tj, 1984:
Deer farms and the production of prime venison

Drew, K., 2000:
Deer feeding and management

Wood, Gw, 1971:
Deer feeding capacity reduced by wildfire in central Pennsylvania

Hofmann, Rr, 1984:
Deer feeding habits should influence management

Hofmann, Rr, 1984:
Deer feeding habits. 2

Stringfellow, J.; Shipman, R., 1981:
Deer feeding preferences on planted hardwood seedlings Odocoileus virginianus, Pennsylvania

Itamies, J., 1979:
Deer flies, Lipoptena cervi, found on a wolf

Nixon, C.M.M.Clain, M.W.; Russell, K.; R,., 1970:
Deer food habits and range characteristics in Ohio

Hurst, G.; Campo, J.; Brooks, M., 1980:
Deer forage in a burned and burned-thinned pine plantation

Hazel, D.; Weber, A.; Cherry, S., 1978:
Deer forage production associated with the practice of site conversion in a North Carolina pocosin

Orr, Willie, 1982:
Deer forests, landlords and crofters

Jordan, Js, 1970:
Deer habitat management in eastern forests

Hubbard, R.-L.H.ehle, J., 1965:
Deer habitat research needs in California

Kie, Jg, 1984:
Deer habitat use after prescribed burning in Northern California

Shope, W.; Lindzey, J., 1971:
Deer herd management related to crop damage

Lawrence, S., 1999:
Deer hill vineyard--a North Carolina Research Vineyard

Ueckermann, Erhard, 1975:
Deer hunting

Turek, M.-F.S.hroeder, R.-F.W.lfe, R.-James, 1998:
Deer hunting patterns, resource populations, and management issues on Prince of Wales Island

Stout, S.; Lawrence, R., 1996:
Deer in Allegheny Plateau forests: learning the lessons of scale

Blake, D., 2007:
Deer in Britain: the challenges for nature conservation

Anderson, S.B.ren, J., 1990:
Deer in Oklahoma: natural history and management

Anonymous, 1987:
Deer in the agricultural-forestry enterprise

Heer, L., 1979:
Deer in the canton of Lucerne. Contribution to the history and development of deer herds

Young, Rb, 1987:
Deer in your garden?

Anonymous, 2001:
Deer industry research & development newsletter

Davis, J.; Austin, S., 1973:
Deer ked infestation on white-tailed deer in East Texas

Giles, K., 1980:
Deer management

Mcshea, W.; Brian, H., 1997:
Deer management and the concept of overabundance

Anonymous, 1987:
Deer management in the Blue Mountains Recreational Hunting Area

Peck, L.J.; Stahl, J.E., 1997:
Deer management techniques employed by the Columbus and Franklin County Park District, Ohio

Applegate, R.; Andrews, R.; Loomis, F.; Calhoun, J.; Rolfe, G., 1978:
Deer management, 1976-77

Swickard, D., 1973:
Deer management--its working at Camp Pendleton

Diefenbach, D.; Palmer, W., 1997:
Deer management: marketing the science

Woolf, A.R.seberry, J., 1998:
Deer management: our professions symbol of success or failure?

Joyner, C.; Myrick, L.; Crossland, J.; Dawson, W., 1998:
Deer mice as laboratory animals

Quarles, W., 1995:
Deer mice spread new hantavirus

Gashwiler, JS., 1979:
Deer mouse reproduction and its relationship to the tree seed crop

Lang, Edward-Maguire, 1957:
Deer of New Mexico

Heffelfinger, Jim, 2006:
Deer of the Southwest

Wright, S.; Dolbeer, R.; Montoney, A., 1998:
Deer on airports: an accident waiting to happen

Young, Cd, 1980:
Deer on the farm

Leather, D., 1984:
Deer on the wing

Sundberg, J.; Lancaster, W., 1988:
Deer papillomaviruses

Alverson, W.S.; Waller, D.M., 1997:
Deer populations and the widespread failure of hemlock regeneration in northern forests

Matthews, W.J.; Glasgow, L., 1981:
Deer preference ratings of Louisiana woody plant species

Anonymous, 1980:
Deer production in Australia

Cosgriff, D., 1984:
Deer profits inspire diversification

Hart, Rhonda-Massingham, 1997:
Deer proofing your yard & garden

Beckingham, C., 2005:
Deer protection

Wagenknecht, Egon, 1983:
Deer protection with the rifle

Badino, G.; Orsi, M., 1988:
Deer raising

Dasmann, William, 1981:
Deer range

Nelson, M.-E.M.ch, L.D.vid, 1981:
Deer social organization and wolf predation in Northeastern Minnesota

Yerex, D., 1981:
Deer still inspire confidence

Hawkins, R.E.; Klimstra, W.D., 1970:
Deer trapping correlated with weather factors

Ashcraft, Gc, 1981:
Deer use under black oaks with and without mistletoe

Sutherland, Rm, 1979:
Deer versus sheep: a comment

Bryden, Jm, 1979:
Deer versus sheep: a reply

Wagenknecht, Egon, 1976:
Deer with the rifle

Starzyk,. Jr.;, 1973:
Deers fly, Lipoptena cervi (L.) (Diptera, Hippoboscidae), an ectoparasite of Artiodactyla

Miller, R.; Vavra, M., 1982:
Deer, elk and cattle diets on northeastern Oregon rangelands Management alternatives

Gibson, A., 1980:
Deer--fallow deer. Liberation and behavior

Longhurst, W.; Hafenfeld, R.; Connolly, G., 1982:
Deer-livestock interrelationships in the Western States

Caslick, Jw, 1980:
Deer-proof fences for orchards: a new look at economic feasibility

Horton, J.; Edge, W., 1994:
Deer-resistant ornamental plants

Stelloh, Rt, 1994:
Deer: beauties--or beasts?

Fennessy, Pf, 1981:
Deer: red deer feeding requirements

White, T., 1984:
Deeres new purchasing strategy

Anonymous, 2005:
Deerfield project area final environmental impact statement

Trojan, Przemyslaw, 1979 :

Doucette, Paul, A., 1987:

Mciver, James, 1995:
Deerhorn fuels reduction

Anonymous, 1989:
Deerlodge National Forest

Anonymous, 1978:
Deerlodge National Forest, Montana

Anonymous, 1983:
Deerlodge National Forest, Montana, 1978

Samson, T.; Will, C.; Knoblauch, A.; Sharek, L.; Von-Der-Mark, K.; Burridge, K.; Wixler, V., 2007:
Def-6, a Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor for Rac1, Interacts with the Skeletal Muscle Integrin Chain l7A and Influences Myoblast Differentiation

Mitterpak, J.V.sif, M., 1970:
Defasciolisation of beef cattle with zanil preparation applicable in feeds

Perez-Cuesta, M.C.nrado-Martinez, M.T.rado-Serrano, J., 1969:
Defatted acorn flour in animal

Horan, Fe, 1969:
Defatted and full-fat soy flours by conventional processes

Chung, O.; Pomeranz, Y.F.nney, K.; Hubbard, J.; Shogren, M., 1977:
Defatted and reconstituted wheat flours. I. Effects of solvent and soxhlet types on functional (breadmaking) properties

Chung, O.; Pomeranz, Y.F.nney, K.; Shogren, M., 1977:
Defatted and reconstituted wheat flours. II. Effects of solvent type and extracting conditions on flours varying in breadmaking quality

Chung, O.; Pomeranz, Y.F.nney, K.; Shogren, M., 1976:
Defatted and reconstituted wheat flours. III. Effects of aqueous binary azeotropes on functionality in breadmaking of flours varying in moisture contents

Chung, O.; Pomeranz, Y.F.nney, K.; Shogren, M., 1978:
Defatted and reconstituted wheat flours. III. Effects of flour moisture content and aqueous binary azeotropes on functional (breadmaking) properties

Chung, O.; Pomeranz, Y.S.ogren, M.; Finney, K.; Howard, B., 1977:
Defatted and reconstituted wheat flours. V. Shortening responses in flours varying in breadmaking quality

Tsen, Cc, 1975:
Defatted corn germ flour, a nutritive ingredient for breadmaking

Blessin, C.; Inglett, G.; Garcia, W.; Deatherage, W., 1972:
Defatted germ flour--food ingredient from corn

Mahaputra, L.H.rdjopranjoto, S.I.dra, M.; Soerjoatmodjo, M., 1986:
Defatted milk progesterone radioimmunoassay as a tool to confirm oestrus, early pregnancy and early embryonic death in dairy cattle

Silva, M.-De; Campos, J.S.lva, D.-Da; Soares, P.; Mayrose, V., 1970:
Defatted rice bran and iodine of potassium as factors in delayed sexual maturity of pullets

Fernandes, J.; Peixoto, R.; Lopez, J.M.ier, J., 1978:
Defatted rice bran for feeding chicks

Kellor, Rl, 1974:
Defatted soy flour and grits

Dutescu, F.M.toc, L.I.nescu, N., 1978:
Defatted soy flour utilization in baking

Bourne, Mc, 1972:
Defatted soybean cotyledons as a high protein stable, dry food

Costa, Si-Da, 1972:
Defatted soybean flour

Dent, Rg, 1982:
Defatting technique for two ground spices using simple reflux apparatus: collaborative study Curcuma domestica flavoring herbs, chemical analysis methods, oregano-origanum vulgare

Hart, O.-D.M.ore, J., 1997:
Default and renegotiation

Jorgensen, E.; Sachs, J., 1988:
Default and renegotiation of Latin American foreign bonds in the interwar period

Belshaw, Dgr, 1988:
Default incidence and loan recovery strategy in agricultural credit programmes: experience in sub-Saharan Africa

Tasker, Re, 1979:
Default it can happen here. 3

Von-Furstenberg, George, M., 1969:
Default risk on FHA-insured home mortgages as a function of the terms of financing

Rodinson, D., 1969:
Defeat of the Tunisian cooperative experience

Cheze, P., 1984:
Defeat procine parvovirus. Rhone-Merieux suggests a medical display

Baird, Jh, 2001:
Defeat runoff with BMPs and buffer strips

Griffith, S., 1989:
Defeating a Tasmanian pulp mill: an international effort to reduce dioxin proliferation

Devey, J.J., 2007:
Defeating death - how to make the right decisions in the first 10 minutes

Willcox, Ow, 1941:
Defeatism in agronomy

Taureau, Jc, 1976:
Defecation foams of sugar factories

Bertogg, A.F.scher, J., 1978:
Defecation intensity and movement activity of dormant and non-dormant larvae of Chironomus plumosus (Diptera)

Kinkel, H., 1973:
Defecation of aphida (Aphidina, Hemiptera) influenced by ants

Golubov, If, 1973:
Defecation purification of crude yellow sugar juice of the worst product at the Vyselkovsk sugar mill

Pierce, J., 1949:
Defecation studies

Mukerji, J.; Chatterjee, A., 1973 :
Defeco-melt-phosflotation process for the manufacture of white sugar

Uthayakumaran, S.Z.ao, F.; Sivri, D.R.ohani, M.B.tey, I.; Wrigley, C., 2007:
Defect Identification in Wheat Grain by Micro-Fluidic Electrophoresis: Sulfur Deficiency and Bug Damage

Bandler, R.B.ickey, P.; Eisenberg, W., 1984:
Defect action levels in foods

Ilvonen, P.M.rtel, F., 1991:
Defect detection and on-line analysis of coated papers

Amelin, Dv, 1979:
Defect detection of cylinder heads

Vishnevetskaya, O.; Luchnik, A.; Arutyunova, L.; Shestakov, S., 1983:
Defect in repair of DNA double-strand breaks in radiosensitive mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast

Cawley, P.A.ams, R.D., 1979:
Defect location in structures by a vibration technique

Basto-Castillo, H., 1979:
Defect of agricultural mechanization

Morikawa, Y.; Goto, T.; Yasuoka, D.; Momose, F.; Matano, T., 2007:
Defect of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 Gag assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lally, K.P.; Lally, P.A.; Lasky, R.E.; Tibboel, D.; Jaksic, T.; Wilson, J.M.; Frenckner, B.; Van Meurs, K.P.; Bohn, D.J.; Davis, C.F.; Hirschl, R.B., 2007:
Defect size determines survival in infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Jicinska, E., 1978 :
Defect-causing coliform organisms in dried milk

Segal, Iad, 1981:
Defect-detecting area in the factory Repair of forestry machinery.1

Solov'-Ev, Aa, 1981:
Defect-free labor in a forestry enterprise

Mahmoudi, E.; Soleimani, M.-Javad; Taghavi, M., 2007:
Defection of bacterial soft-rot of crown imperial caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp carotovorum using specific PCR primers

Rukmana, Mp, 1972:
Defection of trypanosomes in blood by means of the hematocrit centrifuge technique after WOO

Twohig, J.; Kulik, L.; Haluszczak, C.; Reuter, J.; Rossbach, A.; Bull, M.; Holers, V.Michael.; Marchbank, K.J., 2007:
Defective B cell ontogeny and immune response in human complement receptor 2 (CR2, CD21) transgenic mice is partially recovered in the absence of C3

Rapp, F., 1969:
Defective DNA animal viruses

Weissman, L.; Jo, D-Gyu.; Sørensen, M.M.; de Souza-Pinto, N.C.; Markesbery, W.R.; Mattson, M.P.; Bohr, V.A., 2007:
Defective DNA base excision repair in brain from individuals with Alzheimer's disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Calderari, S.; Gangnerau, M-N.; Thibault, M.; Meile, M-J.; Kassis, N.; Alvarez, C.; Portha, B.; Serradas, P., 2007:
Defective IGF2 and IGF1R protein production in embryonic pancreas precedes beta cell mass anomaly in the Goto-Kakizaki rat model of type 2 diabetes

Shang, D.; Liu, Y.; Ito, N.; Kamoto, T.; Ogawa, O., 2007:
Defective Jak-Stat activation in renal cell carcinoma is associated with interferon-alpha resistance

van Noorden, G.E.; Ross, J.J.; Reid, J.B.; Rolfe, B.G.; Mathesius, U., 2006:
Defective long-distance auxin transport regulation in the Medicago truncatula super numeric nodules mutant

Dzeja, P.P.; Bast, P.; Pucar, D.; Wieringa, B.; Terzic, A., 2007:
Defective metabolic signaling in adenylate kinase AK1 gene knock-out hearts compromises post-ischemic coronary reflow

Marks, D.; Harbord, M.; Macallister, R., 2007:
Defective acute inflammation in Crohns disease: a clinical investigation (vol 367, pg 668, 2007)

Stiskal, J.A., 2005:
Defective alleles may not have contributed to adverse effects

Zhai, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Z.; Kupiec-Weglinski, J.W., 2007:
Defective alloreactive CD8 T cell function and memory response in allograft recipients in the absence of CD4 help

Atabekov, Jg, 1977:
Defective and satellite plant viruses

Yu, Y-Rei.A.; Fong, A.M.; Combadiere, C.; Gao, J-Liang.; Murphy, P.M.; Patel, D.D., 2007:
Defective antitumor responses in CX3CR1-deficient mice

El-Kadi, A.Morsi.; Soura, V.; Hafezparast, M., 2007:
Defective axonal transport in motor neuron disease

Himms-Hagen, J., 1985:
Defective brown adipose tissue thermogenesis in obese mice

Pichard, R., 1970:
Defective calli of the femur and their treatment. II. Hypertrophic diaphysial and epiphysial calli

Brcak, J., 1980:
Defective character of the Kazakhstan strain of tobacco mosaic virus

Kim, S-Jung.; Lee, B-Hee.; Lee, Y-Soon.; Kang, K-Sun., 2007:
Defective cholesterol traffic and neuronal differentiation in neural stem cells of Niemann-Pick type C disease improved by valproic acid, a histone deacetylase inhibitor

Skerka, C.; Lauer, N.; Weinberger, A.A.W.A.; Keilhauer, C.N.; Sühnel, Jürgen.; Smith, R.; Schlötzer-Schrehardt, U.; Fritsche, L.; Heinen, S.; Hartmann, A.; Weber, B.H.F.; Zipfel, P.F., 2007:
Defective complement control of factor H (Y402H) and FHL-1 in age-related macular degeneration

Pichard, R., 1977:
Defective consolidations of the upper extremity of the tibia. surgical treatment

Frey, W., 1980:
Defective cooking sausages. 2

Riedel, V.G.risch, G.M.ller, E.B.ug, H., 1973:
Defective cyclic adenosine-3,5-phosphate-phosphodiesterase regulation in morphogenetic mutants of Dictyostelium discoideum

Johnson, A.N.; Burnett, L.A.; Sellin, J.; Paululat, A.; Newfeld, S.J., 2007:
Defective decapentaplegic signaling results in heart overgrowth and reduced cardiac output in Drosophila

Yasuda, S.; Stevens, R.L.; Terada, T.; Takeda, M.; Hashimoto, T.; Fukae, J.; Horita, T.; Kataoka, H.; Atsumi, T.; Koike, T., 2007:
Defective expression of Ras guanyl nucleotide-releasing protein 1 in a subset of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Mullins, C.H.rtnell, L.; Wassarman, D.; Bonifacino, J., 1999:
Defective expression of the micro3 subunit of the AP-3 adaptor complex in the Drosophila pigmentation mutant carmine

Baarda,. Jr.;, 1977:
Defective feed, breach of contract, and a trucking violation

Mejerland, T., 1977:
Defective fox and mink carcasses a result of inferior feed

De Franco, S.; Chiocchetti, A.; Ferretti, M.; Castelli, L.; Cadario, F.; Cerutti, F.; Rabbone, I.; Indelicato, M.; Mazzarino, C.; Chessa, M.; Bona, G.; Dianzani, U., 2007:
Defective function of the Fas apoptotic pathway in type 1 diabetes mellitus correlates with age at onset

Garnica, A.P.rry, M.B.tes, J.R.nnert, O., 1988:
Defective hepatic copper storage in the brindled mouse

Davidson, S., 1983:
Defective hides in Hereford cattle Australia

Sawyer, R.H.; Abbott, U.K., 1972:
Defective histogenesis and morphogenesis in the anterior shank skin of the scaleless mutant

Neugebauer, S.; Baba, T.; Kurokawa, K.; Watanabe, T., 1997:
Defective homocysteine metabolism as a risk factor for diabetic retinopathy

Straelen, Bcpm-Van, 1979:
Defective hydraulic hoses are dangerous!

Dayer, R.; Badoud, I.; Rizzoli, Ré.; Ammann, P., 2007:
Defective implant osseointegration under protein undernutrition: prevention by PTH or pamidronate

Morris, T.; Hillman, B., 1989:
Defective interfering RNAs of a plant virus

Baltimore, D., 1973:
Defective interfering particles and their potential as controlling agents for infections

Reichmann, M.E.; Schnitzlein, W.M., 1977:
Defective interfering particles of vesicular stomatitis virus

Huang, A.S.; Rao, D.D.; Lanman, G., 1980:
Defective interfering particles of vesicular stomatitis virus: structure-function relationships

Dimmock, N.J., 1985:
Defective interfering viruses: modulators of infection

Resende, R.D.-O.K.tajima, E.; Avila, A.-De; Goldbach, R.; Peters, D., 1991:
Defective isolates of tomato spotted wilt virus

Pérez, C.; Benítez, J., 1986:
Defective karyogamy in meiotic segregants of a Candida utilis-Saccharomyces cerevisiae hybrid

Kannan, K.; Sharma, J.D., 1979:
Defective lymphocyte transformation by DDT: in vitro responsiveness of rabbit peripheral blood lymphocytes to PHA

Holt, I.; Mittal, S.; Furling, D.; Butler-Browne, G.S.; Brook, J.David.; Morris, G.E., 2007:
Defective mRNA in myotonic dystrophy accumulates at the periphery of nuclear splicing speckles

Hernandez-Aguilar, Plutarco, 1975:
Defective mango root system development

Lodovichi, L., 1978:
Defective meat and selection

Lodovichi, L., 1978:
Defective meats and selection

Edwards, D.; Unger, B., 1980:
Defective mitochondrial energy transduction in an oligomycin-resistant mutant of Neurospora crassa

Kapiia, O.; Andreeva, E.; Vostrova, N., 1970:
Defective mutant of the thermotolerant strain of mosaic tobacco virus. IV. Immunological studies of protein of defective mutant

Kanitsa, O.; Vostrova, N.; Andreeva, E., 1970:
Defective mutant of the thermotolerant strain of the tobacco mosiac virus. V. Complementation between DM- and T-strains under reproduction in higher temperature conditions

Kapitsa, O.; Vostrova, N., 1973:
Defective mutant of thermotolerant strain of tobacco mosaic virus. VI. Inactivation of RNA by cationic detergent

Carnevale, E.; Ginther, O., 1995:
Defective oocytes as a cause of subfertility in old mares

Bouvard, D.; Aszodi, A.; Kostka, Günter.; Block, M.R.; Albigès-Rizo, C.; Fässler, R., 2007:
Defective osteoblast function in ICAP-1-deficient mice

Zickler, D.; de Lares, L.; Moreau, P.J.; Leblon, G., 1985:
Defective pairing and synaptonemal complex formation in a Sordaria mutant (spo44) with a translocated segment of the nucleolar organizer

Saito, F.; Masaki, T.; Saito, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Takeda, S.; Shimizu, T.; Toda, T.; Matsumura, K., 2007:
Defective peripheral nerve myelination and neuromuscular junction formation in fukutin-deficient chimeric mice

Schneider, Ir, 1977 :
Defective plant viruses

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Defects and their causes in pro

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Defects in processed cheeses and preventive measures used in the modern technology of melting. iI

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Defects in the leptin axis reduce abundance of the ABCG5-ABCG8 sterol transporter in liver

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Defects in the production of Grana padano cheese caused by antibiotic residues

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Defects of medium dry sausages

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Defects of rotary cut veneer and means to remedy them

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Defects of the forming centrioles in fowl spermatids

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Defects of the four types of Neurospora crassa mutants that require methionine and are unable to utilize homocysteine

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Defeitos da madeira

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Defence SDI, a useful current awareness system

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Defence function of cattle teats

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Defence glands in the giant spiny phasmid Extatosoma tiaratum

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Defence measures in areas with radioactive contamination

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Defence with a remedy (composition of bee venom)

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Defences in place

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Defend rape crops

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Defend your investment credit

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Defend your victory garden

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Defender of the public interest

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Defenders of agriculture and forests

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Defending 25 years of benefits

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Defending Americas children

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Defending Americas future

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Defending U.S. grain crops from fungal assault

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Defending aerial applicator chemical liability claims: an overview. 2

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Defending aerial applicator chemical liability claims: an overview. 3

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Defending life

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Defending pig profits

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Defending secrets, sharing data

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Defending soybeans , naturally

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Defending the cornerstone of cooperation

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Defending the food supply

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Defending the future

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Defending the golf course: its more than just a game

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Defending the land of the jaguar

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Defending the scientific foundations of the firearms and tool mark identification discipline: responding to recent challenges

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Defending the status quo no matter what the cost

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Defending their turf

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Defending young biparentally: female risk-taking with and without a male in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus pustulatus

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Defensa azucarera

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Defensa de las pieles

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Defensa de los cultivos con el empleo de las sales de cobre y del caldo sulfocalcico

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Defense Production Act extension, 1960

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Defense Production Act progress report no. 34

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Defense Production Act progress report no. 38

Floete, Franklin, G., 1957:
Defense Production Act progress report no. 39

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Defense Production Act progress report no. 42

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Defense Production Act progress report no. 8

Anonymous, 1951:
Defense Production Act progress report no. 9

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Defense Production Act, progress report no. 44

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Defense Production Act, progress report no. 45

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Defense Production Reauthorization Act of 2003

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Defense Technical Information Center thesaurus

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Defense against frosts

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Defense against inflation

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Defense against recession:

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Defense against soybean and maize imports

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Defense aid (lend-lease) supplemental appropriation bill, 1943

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Defense aid supplemental appropriation bill, 1941

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Defense and liability in the management of domestic animals used for leisure activities

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Defense and salvation of the grana cheese by the collaboration between two unions

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Defense applications of nanomaterials

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Defense at the perimeter: extruded chemicals

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Defense at the perimeter: the outer walls and the gates

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Defense behavior of a psychid larva (Lepidoptera)

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Defense bulletin

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Defense circular

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Defense conversion

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Defense financing: A supplementary list of references

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Defense financing: a selected list of references

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Defense food delegation

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Defense gardening

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Defense housing critical list

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Defense housing in the United States

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Defense in Nasutitermes octopilis Banks (Isoptera, Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae): comparative effectiveness of soldier secretion

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Defense in two pre-social membracids (Homoptera: Membracidae)

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Defense mechanism in plants against fungi, bacteria and viruses.1

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Defense mechanisms in rotavirus and coronavirus infections

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Defense mechanisms of arthropods. xXXIV. formic acid and acyclic ketones in the spray of a caterpillar

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Defense mechanisms of citrus against melanose and stem-end rot

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Defense mechanisms of the animals organism against radicals and their metabolic products Veterinary medicine.1

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Defense mechanisms of the avian gastrointestinal tract Immunology, intestine, pathology

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Defense mobilization in the southern pine industry: the experience of World War I

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Defense mobilization planning to assure continuity of essential functions in event of civil defense emergency

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Defense molecules

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Defense of animal energy

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Defense of bracken fern by arthropods attracted to axillary nectaries

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Defense of field crops from pests

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Defense of food supply by eusocial colonies

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Defense of man and his agricultural crops against insects

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Defense of mucosal surfaces

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Defense of quality. Collaboration facing frauds on the path to authenticity

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Defense of ripe fruit from pests: its significance in relation to plant-disperser interactions

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Defense of the Americas

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Defense of the United States and other nations in the western hemisphere

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Defense of the western hemisphere

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Defense of winter-dormant Alaska paper birch against snowshoe hares

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Defense patterns in nonhost higher plant species against two powdery mildew fungi. I. Monocotyledonous species Erysiphe graminis, Erysiphe graminis

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Defense personnel support center (DPSC)

Anonymous, 1960:
Defense planning by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1951:
Defense production act amendments of 1951

Anonymous, 1952:
Defense production act amendments of 1952

Anonymous, 1953:
Defense production act amendments of 1953

Anonymous, 1958:
Defense production act amendments of 1958

Anonymous, 1975:
Defense production act amendments of 1975

Anonymous, 1966:
Defense production act amendments, 1966

Anonymous, 1977:
Defense production act extension amendment of 1977

Anonymous, 1958:
Defense production borrowing authority

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Defense reactions of Drosophila euronotus larvae against the hymenopterous parasite Pseudeucoila bochei

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Defense reactions of immunized insects to crystal-forming bacilli

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Defense reactions of palm trees to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. elaeidis (Schlecht) Toovey. Applications: cross protection and stimulation of inhibitory substances

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Defense reactions of potato tissue against Fusarium coeruleum considering especially the osmotic values

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Defense response in common bean genotypes that are resistant to Apion godmani Wagner

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Defense responses in plants and animals--more of the same

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Defense responses of plants

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Defense responses of plants to pathogens

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Defense responses: in the orchard and the forest

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Defense spending reductions and the California economy: a computable general equilibrium model

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Defense statistics related to local markets

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Defense strategies of glasshouse tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) against the carmine spider mite (Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisduval, Acari: Tetranychidae) infestation

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Defense suppression by virulence effectors of bacterial phytopathogens

Anonymous, 1982:
Defense waste processing facility Savannah River plant, Aiken, S.C

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Defense without inflation

Tanton, 1970:
Defense, protection, and restoration of the soils facing problems of erosion

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Defenses against aflatoxin carcinogenesis in humans

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Defenses against aflatoxin carcinogenesis in man

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Defenses against alternative defenses

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Defenses triggered by previous diverse invaders

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Defenses triggered by previous invaders: bacteria

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Defenses triggered by previous invaders: viruses

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Defenses triggered by the invader: chemical defenses

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Defenses triggered by the invader: detoxifying the toxins

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Defiance County

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Defiance Soil and Water Conservation District resources inventory

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Deficiency in the winter barley due to Typhula decay

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Deficiency in vitamin C

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Deficiency nutrition in Central Europe?

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Deficiency of Mn in growing rubber

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Deficiency of NaCl sodium chloride in feed mixture as a cause of losses of chicken broiler farms Poland.10

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Deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase among Holstein cattle

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Deficiency of amino acids in the protein of wheat for hens of the laying type of different age and live weight

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Deficiency of glutathione peroxidase-1 accelerates the progression of atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice

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Deficiency of minerals in animals

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Deficiency of minerals leads to diseases in animals too

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Deficiency of potassium nutrition in stone-fruit trees

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Deficiency of selenium and vitamin E

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Deficiency of some mineral compounds in poultry feeding

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Deficiency of the NF-kappa B inhibitor caspase activating and, recruitment domain 8 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis is associated with disease severity

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Deficiency of the carnitine transporter (OCTN2) with partial N-acetylglutamate synthase (NAGS) deficiency

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Deficiency of the contact phase of intrinsic coagulation in a horse

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Deficiency of trace elements and vitamins in sheep

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Deficiency of vitamin A in domestic animals

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Deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in infancy and its correction

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Deficiency of water consumption, and irrigation and sprinkler system norms for grapes in the Crimea

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Deficiency of xanthine dehydrogenase activity in the oq oily mutant of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

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Deficiency of zinc and its symptoms in plant, animal & human beings

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Deficiency payment to certain wheat farmers

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Deficiency payments more fair to some than to others?

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Deficiency relationship between soils, plants and animals

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Deficiency symptoms in maize

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Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and phosphorus in Erica sativa

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