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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15465

Chapter 15465 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Brooker, B.E., 1970:
Desmosomes and hemidesmosomes in the flagellate Crithidia fasciculata

Szöllösi, D., 1978:
Desmosomes: their occurrence between adjacent primary oocytes in polyovular follicles in the rabbit

Rao, N.; Ahamed, S.S.nkar, G., 1972:
Desmotomy for knuckling at the fetlock in a calf

Todhunter, P.G.; Schumacher, J.; Finn-Bodner, S.T., 1997:
Desmotomy for treatment of chronic desmitis of the accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon in a horse

Yamaguchi, T.Y.mashita, Y.A.e, T., 1980:
Desmutagenic activity of peroxidase on autoxidized linolenic acid

Wolfrom, C., 1971:
Desodding and reseeding in a Fairway Renovation Program--1970

Schenkel, J., 1978:
Desodorization of the cocoabutter

Anonymous, 1998:
Desolation Wilderness management guidelines

Anonymous, 2000:
Desolation Wilderness, Eldorado National Forest and Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, California

Anonymous, 1978:
Desolation planning unit, Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman and Malheur National Forests, Umatilla, Union and Grant Counties, Oregon

Pominski, J.P.arce, H.J.; Dupuy, H.; Spadaro, J., 1979:
Desolventization of hexane extracted peanut meal

Schaufelberger, D.D.mon, B.H.stettmann, K., 1984:

Siniagin, I.; Suleinanova, N., 1972:
Desorption and absorption of potassium by some soils

Fuchsbichler, G., 1978:
Desorption and exchange of 4 chloroaniline sorbitol

Buxton, D.-S.G.een, R., E., 1992:
Desorption and leachability of sorbed DBCP residues in Hawaiai soils

Bandyopadhyay, S.R.y, N., 1980:
Desorption characteristics of hot-soaked parboiled paddy

Lee, M.Ho.; Kamon, M.; Kim, S.Sam.; Lee, J-Young.; Chung, H.Ik., 2007:
Desorption characteristics of kaolin clay contaminated with zinc from electrokinetic soil processing

Vurbanova, Z., 1975:
Desorption degree of exchangeabl

Meetani, M.A.; Shin, Y-Seung.; Zhang, S.; Mayer, R.; Basile, F., 2007:
Desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of intact bacteria

Self, R.M.llon, F., 1988:
Desorption ionisation mass spectrometry in food and agricultural research

Chevotina, Mia, 1975:
Desorption iron-59, cobalt-60, and strontium-90 from soil by plant extracts in the conditions of dynamic experiments

Inazu, T.I.asaki, K.F.ruta, T., 2001:
Desorption isotherms for Japanese Noodle (udon)

Comaposada, J.G.u, P.P.kowski, Z.A.nau, J., 2000:
Desorption isotherms for pork meat at different NaCl contents and temperatures

Phomkong, W.S.zednicki, G.D.iscoll, R., 2006:
Desorption isotherms for stone fruit

Veltchev, Z.; Menkov, N., 2000:
Desorption isotherms of apples at several temperatures

Kechaou, N.M.alej, M., 1999:
Desorption isotherms of imported banana application of the GAB theory

Zuritz, C.S.ngh, R.; Moini, S.; Henderson, S., 1979:
Desorption isotherms of rough rice from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius

Njie, Dn, 1999:
Desorption isotherms of water in trifoliate yam (Dioscorea dumetorum Pax.)

Vojinovic, V.K.jajic, R., 1979:
Desorption level of some compounds from the group of chlorinated hydrocarbons in soil

Stanners, D.;, 1982:
Desorption of 106Ru Ruthenium isotope, 134 Cs cesium isotope, 137Cs, 144Ce cerium isotope and 241 Am americium isotope from intertidal sediment contaminated by nuclear fuel reprocessing effluents Irish Sea. p. 68

Cunliffe, A.M.; Williams, P.T., 2007:
Desorption of PCDD/PCDF from municipal solid waste incinerator flyash under post-combustion plant conditions

Koelliker, J.; Miner,. Jr.;, 1973:
Desorption of ammonia from anaerobic lagoons

Galba, J., 1972:
Desorption of arsenates under water

Herrington, T.; Sahi, S., 1987:
Desorption of bovine serum albumin from the air-water interface

Koelmans, A.; Lange, H.-De; Lijklema, L., 1993:
Desorption of chlorobenzenes from natural suspended solids and sediments

Yuan, S.; Xi, Z.; Jiang, Y.; Wan, J.; Wu, C.; Zheng, Z.; Lu, X., 2007:
Desorption of copper and cadmium from soils enhanced by organic acids

Orlova, L.; Ivanov, D., 1974:
Desorption of copper and cobalt cations from a Chernozem and a Soddy-Podzol soil

Sukhanova, G.; Novozhilov, E.; Bogomolov, B., 1984:
Desorption of hemicelluloses at the grinding of larch pulp

You, J.; Pehkonen, S.; Landrum, P.F.; Lydy, M.J., 2007:
Desorption of hydrophobic compounds from laboratory-spiked sediments measured by Tenax absorbent and matrix solid-phase microextraction

Sabova, T., 1975:
Desorption of iodine 131 from soils

Karpenko, N.; Iur'-Ev, V., 1971:
Desorption of iron from wood pulp in the presence of acid solutions of oxalate in relation to the concentration and hydrogen-ion concentration of the desorbing solution

Leal, Jr; Velloso, Cx, 1973:
Desorption of phosphate in latosol soils covered by humid br ushland. II. Reversibility of the phosphate adsorption isot herm with respect to the hydrogen-ion concentration of the e quilibrium solution

Leal, Jr; Velloso, Acx, 1972:
Desorption of phosphate in oxisols covered by humid brush land cerrado. I. The reversibility of the adsorption isotherm with respect to phosphate concentration

Lopez-Hernandez, D.F.ores-Aguilar, D., 1979:
Desorption of phosphorus in soils: physicochemical implications of the process

Sun, H-Wen.; Huo, C.; Wang, C-Ping., 2007:
Desorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils assisted by SPMD

Scheffrahn, R.H.; Osbrink, W.L.; Hsu, R.C.; Su, N.Y., 1987:
Desorption of residual sulfuryl fluoride from structural and household commodities by headspace analysis using gas chromatography

Ryzhova, L.; Gorbunov, N., 1975:
Desorption of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium from a Solonetz during its interaction with water and gypsum

Hoffmann, Fb, 1970:
Desorption of some characteristic, volatile compounds from beer by means of carbon dioxide

Riabchenko, N.; Arestova, E., 1978:
Desorption of the solvent from miscella at final distillation

Dimov, Di, 1977:
Desorption rate of slightly acid exchangeable hydrogen, depending on the pH and the kind of the replacing cation

Masaki, H.; Moriya, Y.; Shibamoto, K.; Korenaga, T., 2007:
Desorption/ionization on carbon mass spectrometry: study of amorphous-carbon property

Anonymous, 1998:
Desoto County beef newsletter

Wagner, H.V.sirian, K., 1974:
Desoxyamarogentin, a new bitter substance from Gentiana pannonica Scop

Banerji, R.M.tra, C., 1975:
Desoxycedrelone, a new tetranortriterpenoid from Cedrela toona heartwood

Stipanovic, R.G.-Station, T.; Mace, M.; Elissalde, M.; Bell, A., 1991:
Desoxyhemigossypol, a cotton phytoalexin: structure-activity relationship

Denamur, R., 1969:
Desoxyribonucleic acids in the course of lactogenesis

Autran, Jc, 1974:
Desoxyribonucleoproteins and histones in wheat kernels. Physico-chemical and physiological aspects

Anonymous, 1956:
Despalillado de tabaco

Anonymous, 1941 :
Despatch from the secretary of state for the colonies to the colonial governments regarding certain aspects of colonial policy in war-time, 5th June, 1941

Little, G., 1969:
Desperate days for drought afflicted northern farmers

Ferguson, I., 1987:
Desperate plight of pedigree dogs in Japan

Seeyle, H., 1993:
Desperately seeking status: can the Fuyu find acceptance with U.S. consumers?

Anonymous, 1943:
Desperdicia usted alimentos?

Kuck, U.K.ppelhoff, B.E.ser, K., 1985:
Despirt mtDNA polymorphism the mobile intron (plDNA) of the COI gene is present in ten different races of Podospora anserina

Leibtag, E., 2006:
Despite Katrina, overall food prices stable

Lessiter, F., 1984:
Despite PIK , no-till turns in an increase

Hawkins, Bc, 1986:
Despite adversity, rural electric co-ops build strong member relations program

Maixner, E., 1998:
Despite an increase, ag imports remain a small share of total U.S. consumption

Driggs, E., 1980:
Despite barriers, U.S.A. exports grow and grow

Traeger, Fw, 1975:
Despite big demand, Danish poultry industry is hurting

Gyawu, D., 1986:
Despite challenges, U.S. remains top apple supplier to Taiwan

Strobel, Dr, 1970:
Despite chess game, exporters hold own

Schepers, A., 1995:
Despite controversy, cutting back on fat still makes good sense

Anonymous, 1993:
Despite crop loss, floods likely to have little effect on food prices, says govt

Martinez, D., 1990:
Despite debts, peru continues buying U.S. farm goods

Powers, A., 1986:
Despite disappointing tests double stack remains an option

Anonymous, 1979:
Despite expected slowdown, profits may rise in 79, most analysts say

Anonymous, 1980:
Despite good harvests, Chinas imports of many commodities increasing

Spielman, J., 1985:
Despite grain-production growth, hunger persists

Nagase, H.; Jones, K., M.; Anderson, C., F.; Noben-Trauth, N., 2007:
Despite increased CD4(+)Foxp3(+) BALB/c IL-4 receptor-deficient cells within the infection site, mice reveal CD4(+)Foxp3-Negative T cells as a source of IL-10 in Leishmania major susceptibility

Linden, T., 1988:
Despite inherent problems wholesalers remain upbeat

Harrison, J., 1988:
Despite its bountiful agriculture, turkey holds prospects for U.S. sales

Schmidt, Rh, 1991:
Despite landowner favor, oat groves likely to diminish in size and number

Strobel, Dr, 1969:
Despite odds, exports hold amazing record

Miyasaka, E.V.boril, D., 1991:
Despite problems, the Philippines offer long-term sales prospects

Edmondson, W., 2001:
Despite recent declines, agricultural exports play a vital role in the economy

Anonymous, 1994:
Despite recovery, poverty trends are disappointing

Van-Giffen, R., 1982:
Despite smaller Brazilian crop, South American oilseed competition continues

Peyraud, Jc, 1981:
Despite their development, the structures remain very heterogenous

Gibson, R., 1992:
Despite vocal critics, wary consumers, food makers move toward irradiation

Brglez, J., 1981:
Desportesius invaginatus (Linstow, 1901) and D. brevicaudatus (Dujardin, 1845) in some herons, egrets and bitterns from Slovenia

Olivier-De-Sardan, Jp, 1982:
Despotic exploitation and class struggle in Songhay

Bianu, Ion, 1956:
Despre caeaile intaearirii * eth *si dezvoltaearii gospodaeariilor colective

Giurgiu, V., 1961:
Despre productivitatea padurilor

Piescu, A.A.i/Tia, N., 1944:
Despre saeamaan* eth *ta de tutun

Anonymous, 1979:
Dessert and culinary apples and pears: revised European standard recommended by the Working Party on Standardization of Perishable Produce of the Economic Commission for Europe

Hornok, L., 1979:
Dessert and spice dill

Anonymous, 1983:
Dessert apples for industry: a very organized sector on contractual bases

Gunn, E., 1968:
Dessert apples: the regulated hedge system

Anonymous, 1975:
Dessert cake magic for amateurs

Ellingsen, E., 1979:
Dessert cheese from goat milk--a product with possibilities

Truel, P., 1983:
Dessert grape varieties

Babrikov, D.B.aikov, D., 1972:
Dessert grape variety Moscato d

Cobbledick, Rh, 1978:
Dessert grapes for the future

Barrett, Hc, 1967:
Dessert grapes--selection of varieties with exceptional quality. II

Morrison, B.W.shbourne, J., 1980:
Dessert peach varieties

Barrett, H. C., 1971:
Dessert pears in midwestern gardens

Lau, Ol, 1986:
Dessert quality and storability of Jonagold apples

Holcomb, Gb, 1989:
Dessert vines

Corti, Df, 1984:
Dessert wines

Joslyn, M.-Alexander; Amerine, M.A., 1964:
Dessert, appetizer and related flavored wines:

Anonymous, 1996:
Dessert: breakfast pastries

Gatos, D., 1997:
Dessert: guilt-free temptations

Unklesbay, Nan, 1978:

Soyeux, A., 1983:
Desserts, fruits, sweets, dry pastries, fresh pastries

Koldani, G., 1971:
Dessication is widely used

Millou, J., 1979:
Dessication of crops

Chernov, N.; Shebanova, S., 1977:
Dessication of drugs by vacuum sublimation. II

Spektor, M., 1977:
Dessication of oak in the Ukraine

Il'-In, Am, 1977:
Dessication of oak on floodplains

Nechiporenko, Vn, 1980:
Dessication of oil-bearing crops

Rasocha, V., 1978:
Dessication of potatoes at a lowered Regione rate by using the Agral 90 surfactant

Meleshkevich, V., 1974:
Dessication of radish seed crops

Petrov, Av, 1972:
Dessication of seed beets for feed

Ruhm, W., 1983:
Dessication of simuliid eggs (Diptera, Simulidae)

Brinar, M., 1970:
Dessication of spruce in several occurrences and its control

Smirnova, R.S.eptukha, E., 1971:
Dessication of sunflowers

Luzik, V.; Linnyk, M., 1982:
Dessication of the runoff sludge

Gummesson, G., 1976:
Dessication with diquat

Perron, Jean-Aelie, 1952:
Dessiccation artificielle des fourrages

Roberts, A.; Jackson, S.E., 2007:
Destabilised mutants of ubiquitin gain equal stability in crowded solutions

Anderson, C.; Christoe,. Jr.;, 1981:
Destabilization in concentrated wool-scouring liquors

Kronick, Pl, 1996:
Destabilization of collagen in hide and leather by anionic surfactants. I. Differential scanning calorimetry of complexes with sulfates

Xu, Z.; Tsurugi, K., 2007:
Destabilization of energy-metabolism oscillation in the absence of trehalose synthesis in the chemostat culture of yeast

Murach, D.U.rich, B., 1988:
Destabilization of forest ecosystems by acid deposition

Luka, Z.; Pakhomova, S.; Luka, Y.; Newcomer, M.E.; Wagner, C., 2007:
Destabilization of human glycine N-methyltransferase by H176N mutation

Ildefonse, P.P.oust, D.M.unier, A.V.lde, B., 1979:
Destabilization-recrystallization reactions in the weathering of crystalline rocks and the importance of microchemical systems

Beljajev, Dk, 1980:
Destabilizing selection as factor of evolution

Obstfeld, Maurice, 1991:
Destablizing effects of exchange-rate escape clauses

Broz, V., 1980:
Destacker of sawn wood piles in the production line for building parts dimension stock

Anonymous, 1945:
Destilaciaon molecular del voltol de aceite de oliva

Kirschbaum, Emil, 1950:
Destillier- und Rektifiziertechnik

Mayfield, Barbara, J., 2003:

Barnard, S., 1990:
Destination Japan

Gotham, K.F., 2007:
Destination New Orleans: commodification, rationalization, and the rise of urban tourism

Foden, Hg, 1992:
Destination attractions as an economic development generator

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara, 1998:
Destination culture

Anonymous, 1990:
Destination development under scrutiny

Lee, Robert, P., 2001:
Destination five

Beritelli, P.; Bieger, T.; Laesser, C., 2007:
Destination governance: using corporate governance theories as a foundation for effective destination management

Phillips, W.; Jang, S.C., 2007:
Destination image and visit intention: examining the moderating role of motivation

White, C., 2005:
Destination image: to see or not to see? Part II

Van-Keuren, We, 1975:
Destination inspection out-turn in view of the 1974 Conference

D'-Esposito, L., 1969:
Destination of meat introduced illegally into a community

Vangelos, Aj, 1990:
Destination prosperity: freeways and roadblocks

Parsons, G.; Van-Cleve, J., 1993:

Barmettler, Edmund, R., 1962:
Destinations of Nevada cattle

Benedict, Murray, R., 1962:
Destinations of U.S. farm exports and sources of U.S. agricultural imports

Fessl, L.S.anek, C., 1982:
Destinations of the Penicilline levels following intravenous regional antibiosis in pathological tissue in septic diseases of the limb in cattle

Anonymous, 1994:
Destino e trasporto degli inquinanti nel suolo e sottosuolo applicazioni teoriche e pratiche : contributi presentati alla Scuola NATO di studi avanzati, Maratea, Italia, 24 maggio-5 giugno 1992 =

Kirschfeld, P., 1975:
Destiny and mandate: Max Maier and Richard Lohrmann

Case, Ld, 1990:
Destiny is in our hands

Pesson, B.L.ger, N., 1977:
Destiny of Hymenolepis nana var. fraterna (Cestoda) in an unusual host: Leucophaea maderae (Dictyoptera)

Pavan, M., 1972:
Destiny of the Amazonas

Burns, F.L.P.wling, I.J., 1981:
Destratification of lakes and reservoirs to improve water quality

Raynal, R., 1973:
Destrosis of sheep

Anonymous, 1975:
Destroy Barberry bushes to control stem rust

Stakman, E.C., 1980:
Destroy the common barberry

Campbell, M.-A.B.lls, R.-W.K.ehler, B., 1946:
Destroy the rust-spreading barberry

Krut'-, V.F.senko, A., 1971:
Destroy the weeds and preserve moisture

Andres-Cantero, F.De, 1970:
Destroyed agricultural lands

Midriak, R., 1983:
Destroyed areas difficult for afforestation situated along and above the upper forest limit in the West Carpathian Mountains Czechoslovakia.1

Reusse, U.H.fke, A., 1979:
Destroying Salmonella in fish meal with combined use of propionic acid and water

Courtillot, M.S.aron, T., 1970:
Destroying angel (Amanita virosa Fries); a detailed study of the species including the discovery of its main toxin (virosin)

Cann, H.J., 1957:
Destroying bananas by hormones

Anonymous, 1973:
Destroying bananas with hormones

Jaycox, Elbert, R., 1969:
Destroying bees and wasps

Reichart, O.D.ak, T.T.kacs, J., 1979:
Destroying enterococci by heat treatment

Sojka, K., 1974:
Destroying foxes by gas is illegal

Taylor, M., A.; Goodwin, R.M.rk; Mcbrydie, H., M.; Cox, H., M., 2007:
Destroying managed and feral honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies to eradicate honey bee pests

Kharin, Iut, 1972:
Destroying mouse-like rodents on hotbed-greenhouse farms

Andringa, Jt, 1976:
Destroying potato haulm

Crosnier, Jc, 1980:
Destroying potato sprouts

Tucker, A., 1970:
Destroying the myth of the locust

Wallingford, N., 1982:
Destroying wasp nests Vespula germanica, honeybee pest, New Zealand

Brent, L.; Stone, A., 2005:
Destructible toys as enrichment for captive chimpanzees

Spittler, T.; Dence, C., 1977:
Destruction and creation of chromophores in softwood lignin by alkaline hydrogen peroxide

Kuwahara, A.N.kamichi, H.T.tara, T., 1980:
Destruction and discoloration o

Alfonson, K.M.rtsinkevich, L., 1975:
Destruction and division of cells of the intestinal tube mesenchyma during histogenesis

Deysson, G.B.nbadis, M., 1972:
Destruction and reconstitution of dictyossomes induced by antipyrine in plant cells

Mabesa, R.; Castillo, M.1; Contreras, E.1; Banaad, L1; Bandian, V., 1982:
Destruction and removal of microorganisms from food equipment and utensil surfaces by detergents. II. Staphylococcus aureus Hygiene in food processing equipment

Wu, Yeun, C., 1987:
Destruction and stabilization of sludge by multiple-stage digestion and thermal treatment

Denisiuk, Z., 1971:
Destruction by flood of the locality of rare aquatic plants at swinarow on the Vistula

Heikkila, R., 1978:
Destruction caused by animals to sown pine and spruce seed in northern Finland

Jan, P., 1980:
Destruction caused by wild oats in cereals

Curtis, C.F., 2007:
Destruction in the 1970s of a research unit in India on mosquito control by sterile male release and a warning for the future

Kobakhidze, Dn, 1970:
Destruction indices of cambial zone of Eastern spruce stem caused by European spruce beetle

Skirkevicius, A.R.ksenas, A., 1987:
Destruction of (E)-9-oxo-2-decenoic acid under the influence of honey

Erixon, K.; Butler, W.L., 1971:
Destruction of C-550 by ultraviolet radiation

Denny, C.B.; Bohrer, C.W.llace; Perkins, W.E.; Town Send, C.T., 1959:
Destruction of Clostridium botulinum by ionizing radiation. I. In neutral phosphate at room and freezing temperatures

Pratt, G.; Wheaton, E.B.hrer, C.; Denny, C., 1959:
Destruction of Clostridium botulinum by ionizing radiation. II. Peas, chicken soup, and pork in the frozen state

Odlaug, T.; Pflug, I., 1977:
Destruction of Clostridium botulinum spores suspended in tomato juice in aluminum thermal death time tubes

Lee, J-Wook.; Chung, S-Joon.; Balaji, S.; Kokovkin, V.V.; Moon, I-Shik., 2007:
Destruction of EDTA using Ce(IV) mediated electrochemical oxidation: a simple modeling study and experimental verification

Czechowicz, Sophia-Magdalen, 1996:
Destruction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food and non-food systems by microwaves

Culkin, K.; Fung, D., 1975:
Destruction of Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium in microwave-cooked soups

Kessler, K.Jr, 1990:
Destruction of Gnomonia leptostyla perithecia on Juglans nigra leaves by microarthropods associated with Elaeagnus umbellata litter

Chopin, A.M.cquot, G.L.-Graet, Y., 1977:
Destruction of Microbacterium lacticum, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus during spray drying of milk. iI. influence of drying conditions

Matthews, J.M.; Miegel, D.E., 2004:
Destruction of Orobanche ramosa seeds with a new soil drench and control of emergence by herbicides

Cotterill, O.J.; Glauert, J., 1972:
Destruction of Salmonella oranienburg in egg yolk containing various concentrations of salt at low temperatures

Baker, R.; Poon, W.V.dehra, D., 1983:
Destruction of Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus in poultry products cooked in a conventional and microwave oven

Baldwin, R.; Fields, M.; Poon, W.; Korschgen, B., 1970:
Destruction of Salmonellae by microwave heating of fish with implications for fish products

Kotula, Aw, 1983:
Destruction of Trichinella spiralis by microwave cooking Pork

Nilsson, G.V.ldmaa, K., 1974:
Destruction of aflatoxins and aflatoxin-producing fungi in p eanut expeller composted together with bark

Laborde, A., 1972:
Destruction of annual grasses in corn stands

Russu, E.; Valuiko, G., 1980:
Destruction of anthocyans during the heating of pulp

Paerez, T.-Aquiles, R., 1948:
Destruction of arable soil in the Ecuadorean highlands

Kac, M., 1971:
Destruction of arboraceous weeds in reforestation

Pluzhnikov, I.; Krotov, E.; Kareva, L., 1973:
Destruction of ascorbic acid while freezing red peppers

El-Nockrashy, A.; Frampton, V., 1972:
Destruction of available lysine by the fatty aldenhydes present in petroleum ether-defatted cottonseed meals

Erin'-Sh, P.; Tsinite, V., 1976:
Destruction of birch wood in basic and acid solutions

Harranger, J., 1984:
Destruction of brush in pastures and permanent grasslands

Harranger, J., 1981:
Destruction of brush in permanent meadows and pastures

Bol'-Shova, Ni, 1981:
Destruction of cell wall of aspen wood by different species of the pathogen of white rot Populus tremula, fungal disease.1

Ivanov, I.; Ioffe, L.; Sergeeva, V.; Lukannina, L.; Vorob'-Ev, I., 1980:
Destruction of cellulose during oxygen treatment

Veriansyah, B.; Kim, J-Duck.; Lee, J-Chol., 2007:
Destruction of chemical agent simulants in a supercritical water oxidation bench-scale reactor

Ghosh, Sk, 1982:
Destruction of chlorophyll a and b in rice necrosis mosaic virus infected rice leaves

Kononovich, Nh, 1973:
Destruction of chlororganic pest

Groat, Cg, 1989:
Destruction of coastal wetlands: nature and man working together

Audy, J.; Giraud, C., 1976:
Destruction of dicotyledons in seed plantings of grasses

Bouchet, F., 1973:
Destruction of dicotyledons in winter and spring cereals

Dhulkhed, MH.; Hanumantharaya, S.; Channappa Gowda, N., 1982:
Destruction of eggs of catfish, Tachysurus tenuispinis by purse seiners at Karwar

Zarbov, I.F.lipov, L.I.nchev, V., 1979:
Destruction of emulsion resin s

Anonymous, 1946:
Destruction of food in storage by insects mites, rodents, and mold fungi

Esteve, J., 1983:
Destruction of forest areas as a result of logging and harvesting in African and American dense humid tropical forests

Aubreville, A., 1971:
Destruction of forests and soils in a tropical country

Anonymous, 1977:
Destruction of forests, threat to environment, explosion of population and scarcity of food

Lee, W.; Riemann, H., 1971:
Destruction of fungi by low concentrations of methyl bromide

Popov, Le, 1983 :
Destruction of furrow slice by high-speed rototiller

Bidzilya, N.; Zezina, N., 1970:
Destruction of gamma-induced free radicals in seeds during their germination

Jan, P., 1976:
Destruction of grasses in winter and spring cereals

Lunn, G.; Sansone, E.B., 1994:
Destruction of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory

Medvedev, V.; Davydov, V.; Mavrodii, S., 1975:
Destruction of high doses of phenol and indole by a Chernozemic soil

Maslikov, V.; Prishchepa, B., 1973:
Destruction of hull particles during sorting on a purifying sifter

Luca, Y.De, 1976:
Destruction of imaginal forms of Acanthoscelides obtectus Say (Coleoptera, Bruchidae) by Neoaplectana carpocapsae Weiser (Nematoda, Rhabditidae)

Ekbaum, Arthur, 1949:
Destruction of independent farming in East Europe

Yang, S.; Saleh, M., 1973:
Destruction of indole-3-acetic acid during the aerobic oxidation of sulfite

Belalov, K., 1976:
Destruction of landscape in cases of elemental, irregular and unplanned influence of man on the environment

Gogotov, Af, 1983:
Destruction of lignin on photoelectrochemical reduction

Macarez, R., 1982:
Destruction of live adventitious weeds before harvest Cereals.1

Okamoto, M.; Longenecker, H.E.; Riker, W.F.; Song, S.K., 1971:
Destruction of mammalian motor nerve terminals by black widow spider venom

Kormanovskii, A.; Sineshchekov, V.; Ivanov, I., 1984:
Destruction of native forms of chlorophyll and mixed pigment complex chlorophyll-carotenoid as a result of the action of singlet oxygen

Lebreton, P., 1997:
Destruction of natural sites

Drobat, Hs, 1978:
Destruction of organic matter as

Gulaya, N.; Tyuten'-Kova, N., 1974:
Destruction of organic matter in the underlying soils of Kapchagaiskii Reservoir

Kudriavtsev, V.; Kudriavtseva, N., 1980:
Destruction of organic matter of macrophytes during the winter Scirpus Lacustris, Potamogeton, lucens, Rybinsk reservoir.1

Compton, Dmj, 1971:
Destruction of organic substances in waste water by ionizing radiation

Stecki, K., 1974:
Destruction of our nature observed during one human life

Morgan, R.; Stross, R., 1969:
Destruction of phytoplankton in the cooling water supply of a steam electric station

Natwick, E.; Staten, R., 1988:
Destruction of pink bollworm: feasibility of using a forage harvester to finely chop cotton stalks and bolls for safe storage

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Destructive effects of off-road vehicles on tiger beetle habitat in central Arizona

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Destruye la escoba bruja

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Desuckering tobacco: the case for use of maleic hydrazide

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Desugarization of molasses increase of yield of white sugar

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Desulphurization of sinter-gases as a way to acid rains prevention and utilization of the waste sludge

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Desyerbe selectivamente su cafetal y defienda el suelo

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Desynaptic colchiploid Capsicum

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Detailed management--first priority in high density orchards

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Detailed maps

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Detailed measurements during a transient front in a small subtropical estuary

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Detailed method for quantitative toxicity measurements using the green algae Selenastrum capricornutum

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Detailed morphology, taxonomy, and distribution of Pistillipollenites macgregorii

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Detailed plan for the study of agricultural watersheds in the Great Lakes drainage basin

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Detailed planning of forage growing as a prerequisite for steady provision of livestock farms

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Detailed plant production

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Detailed reconnaissance soil map of Buri Rum Province

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Detailed reconnaissance soil survey of Nan Province

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Detailed reconnaissance survey and agricultural suitability of soils in the area of the National Research Center of Gado de Corte, Mato Grosso do Sul

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Detailed record of the mid-Oxfordian (Late Jurassic) positive carbon-isotope excursion in two hemipelagic sections (France and Switzerland): A plate tectonic trigger?

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Detailed report of the General Committee of the Indian Tea Association for the year

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Detailed reports of visits made to research laboratories and timber farms in the United States and Canada from September 20th to December 20th, 1949

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Detailed reports on some recent and important decisions relating to the land tax

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Detailed soil and land capability survey of Liteta Leprosarium, Kabwe Rural District, Central Province

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Detailed soil map and spatial variability of soil characteristics of the Registro-I poldered area

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Detailed soil mapping

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Detailed soil survey Environmental Research Watershed

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Detailed soil survey main research station--Stillwater

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Detailed soil survey of the Beef Research Station-Lanet (Nakuru District)

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Detailed soil survey of the Campo de Introducao de Theobroma na Amazonia

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Detailed soil survey of the Capao Bonito Experiment Station

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Detailed soil survey of the Experimental Station of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo

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Detailed soil survey of the Kerio Valley Development Authority Farm, Tot. (Elgeyo Marakwet District)

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Detailed soil survey of the Nyandusi Women Group Farm (Bondo Division, Siaya District)

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Detailed soil survey of the Tietae Experimental Station, State of Saao Paulo, Brazil

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Detailed soil survey of the agricultural Experiment Station at Pindorama, Sao Paulo

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Detailed soil survey of the area of VEPAE de Teresina, Pi

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Detailed soil survey of the farms Belem and Lagoa do Mato (Aracati County, Ceara State)

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Detailed soil survey: Eastern Research Station Haskell

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Detailed soil survey: Southeastern Oklahoma Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and South Central Agricultural Research Laboratory, Lane

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Detailed structure of agaric spore prints

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Detailed studies in the Salt-Verde Watershed

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Detailed study area, East Branch, Dupage River watershed flood plain management study, Dupage and Will Counties, Illinois

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Detailed study of selenium and selected constituents in water, bottom sediment, soil, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in the San Juan River area, New Mexico, 1991-95

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Detailed study of water quality, bottom sediment, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in the Klamath basin, California and Oregon, 1990-92

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Detailed study of water quality, bottom sediment, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in the Salton Sea area, California, 1988-90

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Detailed study plan to assess Great Lakes pollution from land use activities

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Detailed summary of the dairy provisions of the Food Security Act of 1985

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Detailed survey of mans impact on soils and land morphology in a forest area, example of the Zonien Forest (Belgium)

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Detailed survey of the pilot area of soil conservation in the city of Ibirubaa, RS

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Detailed survey of the soils of the Cacao Research Center

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Detailed survey of the soils of the Dr. Ginleno Amado Experimental Station, Itabuna, Bahia State, Brazil

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Detailed surveys of Michigan farms pinpoint animal health problems and associated expenses

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Detailed tabulations by states, supplementing data in Long-term production prospects for western agriculture

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Detailed test report for regenerative life support systems test bed lettuce characterization crop 1

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Detailed test report for regenerative life support systems test bed lettuce characterization crop II

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Detailed use of fertilizing elements

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Detailed validation of the bidirectional effect in various Case 1 waters for application to ocean color imagery

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Detailed vegetative description of the longleaf-slash pine type, Vernon District, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana

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Detailed work behind the scen

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Detailed zootechny

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Detailized norms of animal feeding Cows.1

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Detailkaart van het noordelijk gedeelte van het Westland 1:10,000

Anonymous, 1951:
Details about the farm land reform

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Details for second nitrogen application, on the basis of plant analysis, for shooting of winter cereals

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Details in the practical use of Sineacar

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Details missing in developing E. coli management plans

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Details of a method for the st

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Details of agricultural chemicals

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Details of cellulose digestion by herbivores

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Details of determining the contributions to the grape harvests in cooperative wine cellars

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Details of development and renewal of the chondriome in the course of the activity cycles of the molting glands of Petrobius maritimus Leach (Insecta, Apterygota)

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Details of distribution of farms

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Details of grape culture of Jerez (Spain)

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Details of hydrophysical studies in irrigation systems and their utilization in application to irrigation

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Details of lipid metabolism in birds. The role of the liver in the laying hen

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Details of measurements of fat and muscle thickness with ultrasound on the live animal

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Details of mineral nutrition

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Details of protein nutrition

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Details of raising sunflowers with the use of chemical castration

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Details of the 1980 grapes

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Details of the Awahuri electric branding outfit

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Details of the SAIA-4 planter

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Details of the TGL 30270 welding cutting and similar thermal procedures in the realm of the agricultural, forestry and food industries

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Details of the application of dust-laying oil to fabrics

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Details of the classroom presentation of a program on humane education and responsible pet ownership

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Details of the formation of heterovalent somatic inputs to the motor cortex of kittens

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Details of the parasitism of young cacao trees by strains of Phytophthora de Bary

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Details of the production and financial plans for 1971

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Details of the smear technique for studying chromosomes in maize

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Details of the viral type associated with Gaeumannomyces graminis (Sacc.) Arx and Olivier, agent of take-all of straw cereals. Are they responsible for variations of the pathogenic power of the fungus?

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Details of use of pastures in late autumn

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Details of utilization of tropical forests

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Details of zonal distribution of trichinosis of swine in the USSR

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Details on Salsola masclansii G. Montserrat & D. Gomez

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Details on Salvia hegelmaieri Porta & Rigo

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Details on determining salt transport parameters

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Details on forming a log stack in water with a ribbon-shaped working part

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Details on goat nutrition

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Details on piglet nutrition and feeding technology from 11 to 45 days of age

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Details on producing protein feed yeasts from slightly decomposed surface peat

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Details on shaping and pruning a

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Details on the arrangement of the epithelium cells of the endoplasmic reticulum

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Details on the chorology of the genus Allium in the Balearic Islands

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Details on the date of introduction of Lysimachia punctata L. and of Stellaria palustris Retz

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Details on the development of parthenocarpic fruits

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Details on the distribution of Sphagnum angermanicum Melin and Sphagnum pylaesii Bridel in Quebec-Labrador

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Details on the fine structure of Alsidium helminthocorton Kutzing (Rhodophyta, Rhodomelaceae)

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Details on the importance of a second ploughing as a complement for weed killing

Pouzet, A.R.gnault, Y., 1983:
Details on the importance of second plowing as complement to weeding in sunflowers

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Details on the infrastructure of the exine in Cycladales (Prespermaphyta)

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Details on the present situation of Eucalyptus culture and the use of its wood for industrial purposes

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Details on the stratigraphic extension of some spores in the Houiller Basin of Nord-Pas-de-Calais

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Details on the structure and functioning of mucinogenic cells of Polytrichum juniperum Willd

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Details on various systems of shaping grape vines

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Details that make a difference

Sushko, Mt, 1973:
Details, origin and structure of burls in Juglans regia

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Detaljplaner og beregningseksempler for forssuperscript 2k med mange forssuperscript 2ksledd

Pauckner, W., 1972:
Detanning and retanning of leathers in pretanned synthetic-plant coats originating from small skins

Cowan, R.; Polhill, R., 1981:
Detarieae DC. (1825)

Chiquitelli-Marques, Marcia-Maria, 2007:
Deteccao precoce de fibrossarcoma experimental baseada em perfis de expressao genica do sistema imune

Hernandez-Eugenio, G.; Echeverria-Landin, E.; Schlam, F.-Hahn, 2007:
Deteccion del crecimiento de Escherichia coli con termografia infrarroja

Anonymous, 1976:
Detect heat in heifers: a solution to the problem of estrus synchronization

Nebel, Rl, 1985:
Detect pregnancy in 20-24 days

Walden, D.B.ckers, C., 1979:
Detect problems before you can see them with infrared photography

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Detect sarcoptic mange mites in swine with this simple flotation technique

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Detect tomato early blight fast

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Detectability of PVM with latex test in tuber indexing method

Liu YuanBo; Hiyama, T., 2007:
Detectability of day-to-day variability in the evaporative flux ratio: a field examination in the Loess Plateau of China

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Detectability of different classes of gliadins by dye binding and by trichloroacetic acid precipitability

Dziewonska, M.S.wicki, M.O.trowska, K., 1973:
Detectability of potato virus M in primary infected potato plants

Kowalska, A.S.rzeczkowska, S., 1978:
Detectability of potato virus S in the presence of potato virus X on detached leaves of Solanum demissum Y

Kordzinski, J., 1976:
Detectability of potato virus X on isolated leaves of Gomphrena globosa L., depending on temperature and illumination during plant growth

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Detectability of potato virus Y in detached leaves of SdY , A 6 , and TE 1 tests plants

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Detectability of virus M (PVM) in serological test with the use of antisera prepared for different isolates of this virus

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Detectability, frequency of detection and hygienic importance of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in imported sea fish

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Detectability, movements and apparent lack of homing in Hoplodactylus maculatus (Reptilia : Diplodactylidae) following translocation

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Detectable amount of trunk injected nematicides and their protective effects against pine wilt disease Bursaphelenchus lignicolus, Monochamus alternatus

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Detecting Botrychium hybrids in the Lake Superior region

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Detecting fish parvalbumin with commercial mouse monoclonal anti-frog parvalbumin IgG

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Detecting infiltration and impacts of introduced water using strontium isotopes

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Detecting PRRSV in boar semen

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Detecting Phytophthora, the plant destroyer

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Detecting Salmonella in powdered foods

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Detecting Streptococcus agalactiae in milk by the fluorescent serological method

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Detecting a difference - assessing generalisability when modelling metabolome fingerprint data in longer term studies of genetically modified plants

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Detecting a glass transition in wool by differential scanning calorimetry

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Detecting a low prevalence of latent tuberculosis among health care workers in Denmark detected by M. tuberculosis specific IFN-gamma whole-blood test

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Detecting a rotational bias on multiple frame surveys

Ouweltjes, W.H.geveen, H., 2001:
Detecting abnormal milk through colour measuring

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Detecting abnormal milk with the California Mastitis Test on foremilk and strippings -- effect of breed and age on the test

Wagner, W.J.; Wagner, F.; Taylor, W., 1986:
Detecting abortive spores in herbarium specimens of sterile hybrids

Hackett, Wesley, P., 1998:
Detecting activity of juvenile phase-specific translocatable substances that influence rooting potential using in vitro rooting assays and expression for a specific gene

Holland, J.K.msley, K.W.lson, R., 1997:
Detecting adulteration of raspberry pulps

Ruckebusch, Y., 1979:
Detecting adverse effects of drugs

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Detecting an invasive shrub in a deciduous forest understory using late-fall Landsat sensor imagery

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Detecting and alleviating pain in non-human animals

Aldridge, S., 1997:
Detecting and assessing the risks from BSE threat

Bird, G.; Warner, F., 1990:
Detecting and avoiding nematode problems

Carslaw, D., C.; Carslaw, N., 2007:
Detecting and characterising small changes in urban nitrogen dioxide concentrations

Hansen, D., 1984:
Detecting and controlling Trichomoniasis in beef and dairy cattle

Pscheidt, Jw, 1989:
Detecting and controlling eastern filbert blight Anisogramma anomala

Royce, L.; Ibay, L.; Burgett, D.; Fisher, G., 1988:
Detecting and controlling honey bee brood mites (Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans)

Burton, Ch, 1977:
Detecting and controlling mastitis

Fisher, G.; Degomez, T., 1984:
Detecting and controlling the corn earworm in the Willamette Valley

Schroeder, J.; Beattie, S., 1994:
Detecting and correcting off-flavors in milk

Rhoades, J.; Halvorson, A., 1976:
Detecting and delineating saline seeps with soil resistance measurements

Weiss, Dj, 2002:
Detecting and diagnosing the cause of canine pancytopenia

Wert, Sl, 1972:
Detecting and evaluating air pollution damage to forest stands in the United States by using large-scale color aerial photography

Mertzweiller, Jk, 1984:
Detecting and hydridizing with chimera and tetraploid Louisiana irises

Brunet, M.L.pez-Bonillo, D., 2001:
Detecting and modelling regional climate change

Petzold, R., 1974:
Detecting and organizing strategic problem areas in cross-sectional duties of public administration on the basis of incomplete information, demonstrated by a model taken from environmental protection in the agricultural sector

Pantella, V., 2007:
Detecting and quantifying GMOs in grain using protein methods

Gierlinski, T., 1981:
Detecting and utilizing reserves in forestry--an ever live issue

van der Kooij, H.; van Asseldonk, E.H.F.; Geelen, J.; van Vugt, J.P.P.; Bloem, B.R., 2007:
Detecting asymmetries in balance control with system identification: first experimental results from Parkinson patients

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Detecting bacterial canker

Meteleva, R.I., 1984:
Detecting bluetongue virus antigen by immunofluorescence (in spleen and lymph nodes of experimentally infected sheep)

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Detecting boll weevil resistance in converted cotton race stocks by sampling single plants

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Detecting calcifuge and calcicole genotypes within natural populations and among cultivars using xylem sap analysis

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Detecting causes of damage in machanical devices for potato harvesting and preparation

Epstein, H.; Calef, M.; Walker, M.; Chapin, F.I.i; Starfield, A., 2004:
Detecting changes in arctic tundra plant communities in response to warming over decadal time scales

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Detecting changes over time in annual sulphate deposition in a geographical area

Perez-Ruzafa, A.; Marcos, C.; Perez-Ruzafa, I.M.; Barcala, E.; Hegazi, M.I.; Quispe, J., 2007:
Detecting changes resulting from human pressure in a naturally quick-changing and heterogeneous environment: Spatial and temporal scales of variability in coastal lagoons

Nicholas, Me, 1979:
Detecting citrus canker

Chamaillcb-Jammes, S.F.itz, H.M.rindagomo, F., 2007:
Detecting climate changes of concern in highly variable environments: Quantile regressions reveal that droughts worsen in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

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Detecting cognitive impairment in primary care: performance assessment of three screening instruments

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Detecting colored contaminants in wool using and integrating sphere

Chudleigh, P.; Foulds, R.; Wong, P., 1985:
Detecting colored fiber contaminants in wool top using balanced illumination

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Detecting copulation plugs in mating mice

Iskandrian, A.E., 2006:
Detecting coronary artery disease in left bundle branch block

Shioya, Y.O.ano, A.O.ata, T.F.kuhara, R., 1979:
Detecting cows in heat and beha

Baber, J.Jr, 1982:
Detecting crop conditions with low-altitude aerial photography Causes and effects, nonuniformity of fertilizer application, poor water pattern, drainage needs

Turchin, P.B.rryman, A., 2000:
Detecting cycles and delayed density dependence: a comment of Hunter and Price (1998)

Demeulemester, C.; Giovannacci, I.; Leduc, V., 2006:
Detecting dairy and egg residues in food

Comis, D.B.wers, P., 1998:
Detecting defects at the speed of light

Baggaley, R.F.; Ganaba, R.; Filippi, V.; Kere, M.; Marshall, T.; Sombié, I.; Storeng, K.T.; Patel, V., 2007:
Detecting depression after pregnancy: the validity of the K10 and K6 in Burkina Faso

Taylor, A.; Dal Grande, E.; Gill, T.; Fisher, L.; Goldney, R., 2007:
Detecting determinants of suicidal ideation: South Australian surveillance system results

O'Grady, J.F.; Noonan, K.Y.; McDonnell, P.; Mancuso, A.J.; Frederick, K.A., 2007:
Detecting deviations from pure EOF during CE separations

Sircelj, H.; Tausz, M.; Grill, D.; Batic, F., 2007:
Detecting different levels of drought stress in apple,trees (Malus domestica Borkh.) with selected biochemical and physiological parameters

Anonymous, 1990:
Detecting dryland salinity in the Central West of New South Wales and some possible treatments

Van-Deusen, Pc, 1988:
Detecting effects of stand dynamics with tree ring data

van Boven, M.; Koopmans, M.; Du Ry van Beest Holle, M.; Meijer, A.; Klinkenberg, D.; Donnelly, C.A.; Heesterbeek, H.J.A.P., 2007:
Detecting emerging transmissibility of avian influenza virus in human households

Schnell, M., 1986:
Detecting errors in the genetic message

Pool, S.; Loyacano, A.; Goodeaux, S.; Godke, R., 1978:
Detecting estrus in beef cattle with hormone treated steers and heifers

Goodeaux, S.; Humes, P.; Kreider, J.; Godke, R., 1977:
Detecting estrus in beef cattle with steroid treated steers

Pool, S.; Godke, R., 1978:
Detecting estrus with testosterone treated heifers

Eisenberg, Ba, 1982:
Detecting ethylene can save cut flowers

Dvorak, J.M.sek, N., 1978:
Detecting existence of polymorphism in carbon anhydrase and beta-lactoglobulin of sheep

Ono, M., 2007:
Detecting explosives with honeybee, Apis mellifera

Pettis, J.; Shimanuki, H.F.ldlaufer, M., 1998:
Detecting fluvalinate-resistant varroa mites

Jonsson, H.; Eriksson, A.; Yman, I.M., 2006:
Detecting food allergens with a surface plasmon resonance immunoassay

Howse, Gm, 1979:
Detecting forest insect pests in Canada

Weinstein, D.; Harwell, M.; Bedford, B., 1984:
Detecting forest productivity reductions related to atmospheric pollutants deposition

Peynado, A.G.usman, H.; Escobar, D.; Rodriguez, R., 1980:
Detecting freeze damage to citrus leaves

Ecker, C.; Reynaud, E.; Williams, S.C.; Brammer, M.J., 2006:
Detecting functional nodes in large-scale cortical networks with functional magnetic resonance imaging: a principal component analysis of the human visual system

Greenhall, J.A.; Zapala, M.A.; Cáceres, M.; Libiger, O.; Barlow, C.; Schork, N.J.; Lockhart, D.J., 2007:
Detecting genetic variation in microarray expression data

W.Y.ng; Song FengShun; L.X.Zhong; Zhao Wei; Yang JianBo; L.L., 2007:
Detecting genetically modified soybean by real-time quantitative PCR technique

Yeh, Francis, C., 1978:
Detecting geographic variation in coastal and interior douglas fir populations by biochemical method

Arnaudov, K.; K'-Nev, L., 1970:
Detecting grippe antibodies in the blood serum of pigs through the inhibition-agglutination reaction

Mcgovern, Kimberley, S., 1992:
Detecting gyspsy moth foci in New Hampshire using satellite imagery

Manz, J., 1983:
Detecting heat-denatured muscle protein by means of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Determining kangaroo muscle proteins

Lavy, T.; Hoffman, D., 1977:
Detecting herbicide carryover in soil

Mitra, S., 2004:
Detecting herbicide injury on turfgrasses

Wallace, Rl, 2000:
Detecting herd mastitis problems by computer

Mevel, K.; Desgranges, Béatrice.; Baron, J-Claude.; Landeau, B.; De la Sayette, V.; Viader, F.; Eustache, F.; Chételat, Gël., 2007:
Detecting hippocampal hypometabolism in Mild Cognitive Impairment using automatic voxel-based approaches

Niederleitner, J., 1976:
Detecting holdover fires with the AGA Thermovision 750 infrared scanner

Yang, Y.; Halloran, M.E.izabeth; Sugimoto, J., D.; Longini, I., M.J., 2007:
Detecting human-to-human transmission of avian influenza a (H5N1)

Naes, T., 1998:
Detecting individual differences among assessors and differences among replicates in sensory profiling

Strang, Thomas, J.K., 1996:
Detecting infestations

Raman, D.R.; Gerhardt, R.R.; Wilkerson, J.B., 2007:
Detecting insect flight sounds in the field: implications for acoustical counting of mosquitoes

Dolinsky, M., 1970:
Detecting insect infestation in farm stored grain

Loschiavo, Sr, 1975:
Detecting insects in grain-filled boxcars

Gaschen, L., 2007:
Detecting insulinomas with endoscopic ultrasound

Wasson, K.V.n-Holle, B.T.ft, J.R.iz, G., 2000:
Detecting invasions of marine organisms: kamptozoan case histories

Smith, S., 1984:
Detecting iron and sulfur bacteria in wells

Haine, H.E.C.rda, H.J.nes, J.L., 1995:
Detecting irradiation of seeds using microgel electrophoresis

Sangrey, D.-A.P.ilipson, W., R., 1979:
Detecting landfill leachate contamination using remote sensors

Boer, S.-De; Cuppels, D.; Gitaitis, R., 1996:
Detecting latent bacterial infections

Azad, R.K.; Lawrence, J.G., 2007:
Detecting laterally transferred genes: use of entropic clustering methods and genome position

Glover, Rl, 1981:
Detecting lead in arrow wounds in deer using rhodizonic acid

Latham, J.; Elliot, R., 1975:
Detecting lethal yellowing palms for environmental control in Florida

Davidson, S., 1983:
Detecting leukosis in poultry Viral infection

Laine, A-Liisa., 2007:
Detecting local adaptation in a natural plant-pathogen metapopulation: a laboratory vs. field transplant approach

Wang, W.; Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. van; Vrijling, J.K.; Chen, X., 2007:
Detecting long-memory: Monte Carlo simulations and application to daily streamflow processes

Prins, N.; Kingdom, F.A.A.; Hayes, A., 2007:
Detecting low shape-frequencies in smooth and jagged contours

Hillerton, Je, 2000:
Detecting mastitis cow-side

Hildebrandt, G.J.ckel, J., 1980:
Detecting meat finely minced like a frankfurter mixture in model experiments

Spell, E., 1972:
Detecting milk protein and soya protein in meat products by means of vertical disc electrophoresis

Plucknett, D.-L.S.rague, H.-Bennett, 1989:
Detecting mineral nutrient deficiencies in tropical and temperate crops

Kedrov, A.; Wegmann, S.; Smits, S.H.J.; Goswami, P.; Baumann, H.; Muller, D.J., 2007:
Detecting molecular interactions that stabilize, activate and guide ligand-binding of the sodium/proton antiporter MjNhaP1 from Methanococcus jannaschii

White, J.C.; Coops, N.C.; Hilker, T.; Wulder, M.A.; Carroll, A.L., 2007:
Detecting mountain pine beetle red attack damage with EO-1 hyperion moisture indices

Walsh, A., S.; Louis, T., A.; Glass, G., E., 2007:
Detecting multiple levels of effect during survey sampling using a Bayesian approach: Point prevalence estimates of a hantavirus in hispid cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus)

Beall, C.M., 2007:
Detecting natural selection in high-altitude human populations

Williams, H.; Day, M.; Fry, J., 1992:
Detecting natural transformation of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus, in situ, within natural epilithon of the River Taff

Casello, Wc, 1988:
Detecting non-pest problems

Stone, Hm, 1994:
Detecting nutrient deficiencies

Hogervorst, P.; Wcckers, F.; Romeis, J., 2007:
Detecting nutritional state and food source use in field-collected insects that synthesize honeydew oligosaccharides

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