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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15512

Chapter 15512 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Soler, A.P.; Casanova, M.; Gozalbo, D.; Sentandreu, R., 1987:
Differential translational efficiency of the mRNAs isolated from derepressed and glucose repressed Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Holmes, Pl, 1990:
Differential transport of spores and pollen: a laboratory study

Rajamani, Lavanya, 2006:
Differential treatment in international environmental law

Mchale, S.; Pawletko, T., 1992:
Differential treatment of siblings in two family contexts

Quittner, A.L.; Opipari, L.C., 1994:
Differential treatment of siblings: interview and diary analyses comparing two family contexts

Panepinto, W.; Freeman, E., 1986:
Differential treatment planning for drinking driver referrals

Bonet, M.; Kaminski, M.; Blondel, Béatrice., 2007:
Differential trends in breastfeeding according to maternal and hospital characteristics: results from the French National Perinatal Surveys

Audivert, R.F.rtuny, E., 1979:
Differential twist yarn: a suggestion to increase production of the ring frame in waste and woolen spinning

Jewell, N.A.; Vaghefi, N.; Mertz, S.E.; Akter, P.; Peebles, R.Stokes.; Bakaletz, L.O.; Durbin, R.K.; Flaño, E.; Durbin, J.E., 2007:
Differential type I interferon induction by respiratory syncytial virus and influenza a virus in vivo

Blumenfeld, M.; Forrest, H.S., 1972:
Differential under-replication of satellite DNAs during Drosophila development

Stahnke, T.; Stadelmann, C.; Netzler, A.; Brück, W.; Richter-Landsberg, C., 2007:
Differential upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 (HSP32) in glial cells after oxidative stress and in demyelinating disorders

Jhon, A.; Arora, J., 1978:
Differential uptake of N, P and K by carnation plants under varying levels of nitrogen, their time of application and plant density

Van-Netten, C.M.rley, D., 1982:
Differential uptake of U, Mo and Cu , by roots, stalks and seeds of oats grown on uranium-rich soils

Browne, C.;, 1983:
Differential uptake of mercury vapor by gramineous C3 and C4 carbon pathways plants Gramineae, mathematical models, air pollution

Appels, R.T.llroth, E.A.pels, D.; Ringertz, N., 1975:
Differential uptake of protein into the chick nuclei of He-La x chick erythrocyte heterokaryons

Villegas-Navarro, A.; Villarreal-Treviño, C.M., 1989:
Differential uptake of zinc, copper, and lead in Texas cichlid (Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum)

Tan-Jun, R.; Garcia, M., 1981:
Differential usage of soil fertility by citrus trees due to the root system pattern produced by different cultural methods Cultivation, tillage, weed control, Argentina.1

Ross, P.; Napier, T., 1975:
Differential use of communication mechanisms in rural and urban populations

Hollander, J.D.n; Lof, H., 1972:
Differential use of the habitat by Pardosa pullata (Clerck) and Pardosa prativaga (L. koch) in a mixed population (Araneae, Lycosidae)

Sarang, S.; Sohal, T., 1969:
Differential utilization of the time of agricultural extension officers in the intensive agricultural district programme areas

Montgomery, J.; Mphande, F.A.; Berriman, M.; Pain, A.; Rogerson, S.J.; Taylor, T.E.; Molyneux, M.E.; Craig, A., 2007:
Differential var gene expression in the organs of patients dying of falciparum malaria

Eickwort, Kr, 1969:
Differential variation of males and females in Polistes exclamans

Brouwer, H.; Stevens, G.1; Fletcher, J., 1981:
Differential varietal response to zinc foliar sprays in navy beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) Deficiency disease, yields, Queensland

Pereira, A.; Chaves, G., 1977:
Differential varieties and a ternary system of nomenclature to designate races of Uromyces phaseoli typica Arth

Kobayashi, N.; Yanoria, M.J.T.; Fukuta, Y., 2007:
Differential varieties bred at IRRI and virulence analysis of blast isolates from the Philippines

Felix, J.D.ohan, D.; Bruins, D., 2007:
Differential vegetable crop responses to mesotrione soil residues a year after application

Norelli, J.; Aldwinckle, H.; Beer, S., 1984 :
Differential virulence of Erwinia amylovora to specific apple cultivars and its implications for breeding and selecting fire blight resistant plants

Lehner, Pn, 1982:
Differential vocal response of coyotes to group howl and group yip-howl playbacks red fox (Vulpes vulpes), domestic dog (Canis familiaris), wolf (Canis lupus), coyote (Canis latrans)

Jimenez-Espinosa, R.; Vazquez, M.; Jimenez-Millan, J., 2007:
Differential weathering of granitic stocks and landscape effects in a Mediterranean climate, Southern Iberian Massif (Spain)

Larson, Dw, 1981:
Differential wetting in some lichens and mosses: the role of morphology

Gotthelf, Ln, 1983:
Differential white blood cell count using the buffy-coat smear technique Dogs, disease diagnosis

Stepanenko, T.; Tverdokhleb, G., 1974:
Differential-thermal investivation of milk fat fractions

Piskun, A.; Tverdokhleb, G., 1979:
Differential-thermal studies of milk fat during summer stage regimes of the preparation of cream for churning

Lord, P.; Grover, G.C.ewning, C., 1984:
Differential-twist yarn structures

Marholdt, Dieter, 1955:
Differentialdiagnose der im Dickdarm der Schafe schmarotzenden Nematoden Chabertia ovina und Oesophagostomm venulosum bei der klinischen Kotuntersuchung

Sudaric, F.C.klovica, F., 1980:
Differentially diagnostic peritoneal tumors with bovine tuberculosis

Xu, B.Yu.; Su, W.; Liu, J.Hua.; Wang, J.Bao.; Jin, Z.Qiang., 2007:
Differentially expressed cDNAs at the early stage of banana ripening identified by suppression subtractive hybridization and cDNA microarray

Dozmorov, M.G.; Kropp, B.P.; Hurst, R.E.; Cheng, E.Y.; Lin, H-Kung., 2007:
Differentially expressed gene networks in cultured smooth muscle cells from normal and neuropathic bladder

Sato, A.; Nishimura, Y.; Oishi, T.; Higo, N.; Murata, Y.; Onoe, H.; Saito, K.; Tsuboi, F.; Takahashi, M.; Isa, T.; Kojima, T., 2007:
Differentially expressed genes among motor and prefrontal areas of macaque neocortex

Tao, W.; Mallard, B., 2007:
Differentially expressed genes associated with Staphylococcus aureus mastitis of Canadian Holstein cows

Feng, Y.; Sun, B.; Li, X.; Zhang, L.; Niu, Y.; Xiao, C.; Ning, L.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Cheng, J.; Zhang, W.; Hao, X., 2006:
Differentially expressed genes between primary cancer and paired lymph node metastases predict clinical outcome of node-positive breast cancer patients

Simpson, Kristen-Suzanne, 1999:
Differentially expressed genes during early equine conceptus development

Chang, J.Tung-Chieh.; Chan, S-Hsuan.; Lin, C-Yu.; Lin, T-Yang.; Wang, H-Ming.; Liao, C-Ta.; Wang, T-Hao.; Lee, L-Yu.; Cheng, A-Joy., 2007:
Differentially expressed genes in radioresistant nasopharyngeal cancer cells: gp96 and GDF15

Godoy, A.P.O.; Reis, F.C.; Ferraz, Lúcio.F.C.; Gerrits, M.M.; Mendonça, S.; Kusters, J.G.; Ottoboni, L.M.M.; Ribeiro, M.L.; Pedrazzoli, Jé., 2007:
Differentially expressed genes in response to amoxicillin in Helicobacter pylori analyzed by RNA arbitrarily primed PCR

Fitzgerald-Hughes, D.H.; Coleman, D.C.; O'Connell, B.C., 2007:
Differentially expressed proteins in derivatives of Candida albicans displaying a stable histatin 3-resistant phenotype

Braun, G.S.; Kretzler, M.; Heider, T.; Floege, Jürgen.; Holzman, L.B.; Kriz, W.; Moeller, M.J., 2007:
Differentially spliced isoforms of FAT1 are asymmetrically distributed within migrating cells

Wang, C.; Cao, Y.; Wang, Z.; Yin, Y.; Peng, G.; Li, Z.; Zhao, H.; Xia, Y., 2007:
Differentially-expressed glycoproteins in Locusta migratoria hemolymph infected with Metarhizium anisopliae

Hobbs, Albert-Hoyt, 1942:
Differentials in internal migration

La-Londe, Bernard, J., 1962:
Differentials in supermarket drawing power

Bright, Imogene, 1959:
Differentials in workers earnings in selected segments of food marketing

Shilov, V., 1977:
Differentiate preparations for controlling Varroa infestations

Konstantinov, A.; Chernova, N., 1975:
Differentiated (for the regions of the European part of theUSSR) irrigation norms for winter wheat

Boulay, H., 1982:
Differentiated absorption of grape varieties and rootstocks in Languedoc France, nutrient elements uptake.1

Tashkov, K., 1973:
Differentiated ages of timber fe

Ercoli, E., 1970:
Differentiated alimentation in a summer camp

Nikolaeva, N.; Grimalovskii, A.; Shushu, G.; Kiperman-Reznik, L., 1978:
Differentiated application of 2,4-DA in maize crops in Moldavia

Sushenitsa, B., 1979:
Differentiated application of fertilizers

Tsipko, Aa, 1977:
Differentiated application of fertilizers to soils of fruit tree orchards

Riskieva, Kht, 1986:
Differentiated application of nitrogenous fertilizers in cotton growing

Popescu, Ir, 1979:
Differentiated application of pollard treatment in willow stands in the Danube flood meadow

Mavlianov, A.C.umachenko, I.B.ssonov, E.K.rpov, E., 1978:
Differentiated application of potassium

Roichenko, G.; Kozlov, N.; Kovalev, N., 1976:
Differentiated approach

Nesterov, Ap, 1976:
Differentiated approach to the evaluation of harmfulness of little souslik in annual crops

Buiankin, V.; Kucherov, V., 1978:
Differentiated approach to the fall soil tillage

Hryn'-Ov, Vm, 1984:
Differentiated approach to tillage

Belen'-Kii, N.; Ignat'-Ev, A., 1977:
Differentiated approach to wide use of lipids for livestock feeding

Kotter, L.K.ausse, G.S.hmidt, H., 1983:
Differentiated assessment of bratwurst

Nichols, W.-W.M.rphy, D., G., 1979:
Differentiated cells in aging research

Bol'-Shakova, Km, 1975:
Differentiated characteristics of Brucella isolated on the farms of the Tselinograd Region

Raeuber, H.; Tscheuschner, H., 1974:
Differentiated characteristics of food production and consumption

Muller, K.M.ndl, H.D.hl, M.M.ller-Haeckel, A., 1976:
Differentiated choices of biotope selection and colonization cycle in plecopterans in a subarctic water system

Turkov, V.; Shchelepina, G.; Romanchenko, A., 1976:
Differentiated coloring of chromosomes of tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

Doring, U., 1983:
Differentiated coloring of insect fragments in plant products--filth test Food contamination.1

Lange, H.; Rosenstock, G.; Kahl, G., 1970:
Differentiated conditions for the induction of suberin synthesis or cell proliferation in potato tuber tissue after derepression

Fat'-Ianov, Va, 1980:
Differentiated cultivation of interrow spacing Mechanized control of weeds in maize crops.1

Kabysh, Ta, 1979 :
Differentiated dates of mowing Heracleum for the control of Philophylla heraclei

Ovsianov, N.; Dotsenko, G., 1974:
Differentiated determination of 19S and 7S antibodies in calves infected with paratyphoid and in those vaccinated against it

Bugaenko, If, 1973:
Differentiated determination of calcium salts in sugar products

Davidov, Mv, 1971:
Differentiated determination of site class and its role in the problem of increasing forest productivity

Brigazzi, M., 1974:
Differentiated development of agricultural mechanization in the north and south

Grama, N., 1982:
Differentiated development of honeybee colonies

Ekisenina, N.; Chanysheva, P.; Elizavetina, G.; Lukash, L.; Borodacheva, E.; Frolova, I.; Borisova, L.; Volkova, I.; Nikiforova, G., 1975:
Differentiated dietetics of chronic diseases of the intestine with predominance of the syndrome of diskinetic constipations

Buga, S.; Nikolaeva, V.; Lukashik, N., 1987:
Differentiated disinfection of seeds

Pashchenko, Pd, 1975:
Differentiated doses of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Schlegel, W.W.hner, M., 1979:
Differentiated duration of cycle blockade following biotechnical induction of puberty in gilts. Impact on formation and maturation of follicles and on uterus development in second estrus

Moller, A., 1973:
Differentiated economic structure: A healthy economy

Dzugan, M., 1974:
Differentiated effect of natural precipitations according to soil conditions in maize for grain in east Slovakian lowland

Dzugan, M.L.rencik, L., 1972:
Differentiated effect of natural precipitations according to soil types on the yield of the decisive irrigation crops in east-Slovakian lowland

Jahn, M.B.rth, U.R.thke, S., 1986:
Differentiated evaluation of fungicides by the example of Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. et Ev.) Salm. and Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Aderh

Velibekova, Ei, 1977:
Differentiated evaluation of resistance of varieties to diseases

Vlasov, Vi, 1980:
Differentiated evaluation of sire bulls by the quality of progeny in pedigree herds

Shiian, Pn, 1984:
Differentiated evaluation of sugarbeet nitrogen uptake from the soil fertilizers

Karpova, O.; Filatov, A.1; Gurkina, M., 1981:
Differentiated feeding at directed rearing of rams Algaiskii State Pedigree Farm, reproducer of the TSigai breed of sheep.1

Dexamir, A.S.iridon, G.I.culet, E.V.san, L.G.eorghiev, M., 1982:
Differentiated feeding in the growing phases of broilers. I. Influence of the growing phase duration on the performances of broiler chickens

Dexamir, A.S.iridon, G.I.culet, E.G.eorghiev, M.V.san, I., 1982:
Differentiated feeding in the growing phases of broilers. II. Influence of the energy

Avdonin, B.B.ikovskaia, I.M.rkov, I.; Vauman, V.K.parkaleis, A., 1980:
Differentiated feeding of calcium to laying hens

Dziuba, N.; Boiko, I.; Bugakov, V., 1979:
Differentiated feeding of livestock on industrial-type farms

Kaluza, J.; Kowalska, Z., 1975:
Differentiated growth of brain hemispheric neurocytes in organized (organotypic) and dispersed cultures in vitro

Wang, J.; Edeen, K.; Manzer, R.; Chang, Y.; Wang, S.; Chen, X.; Funk, C.Joel.; Cosgrove, G.P.; Fang, X.; Mason, R.J., 2007:
Differentiated human alveolar epithelial cells and reversibility of their phenotype in vitro

Walter, F.G.rber, W., 1982:
Differentiated intensity of spruce management in Hugelland

Iskenderov, I., 1980:
Differentiated irrigation norms

Omero, A.T.ipodo, M., 1974:
Differentiated light regimes and tissue ascorbic acid in the chick

Weck, A., L.D.; Battisto, J.R., 1981:
Differentiated lymphocyte functions

Gabdrakipov, F.K.rimov, A., 1980:
Differentiated norms of washing irrigation

Potter, U.U.lrich, J., 1984:
Differentiated open spaces in comprehensive redevelopment

Meyer, Hw, 1973:
Differentiated orientation performance and spacial organization of the insect eye

Meyer, Hw, 1973:
Differentiated orientation performance and spatial organization of the insect eye

Moore, C.R.bitaille, S.V.gnola, M.R.bitaille, R., 2005:
Differentiated parity management

Krejcir, J.P.trickova, N., 1977:
Differentiated physical conditions of soil profile and their effect on nutrient intake by spring barley plants

Rossler, E.S.llat, M., 1985:
Differentiated prices for fattening of calves ensure efficient replacement of slaughter cattle

Ponomarewa, A., 1975:
Differentiated procedures for potato culture

Berry, S.; Levinsohn, J.-Alan; Pakes, A., 1998:
Differentiated products demand systems from a combination of micro and macro data

Buchowicz, I.; Zakrzewski, K., 1975:
Differentiated recovery of antibody functions in recombined polypeptide chains of horse anti-diphtheria immunoglobulin T

Turulev, B.; Turuleva, V.; Kozin, V., 1979:
Differentiated regime of irrigation of wheat varieties

Turulev, V.; Turuleva, V., 1980:
Differentiated regime of winter wheat irrigation

Kas'-Ianenko, A.; Aliamov, A.; Gor'-Kovtseva, E.; Alikhodzhaeva, S., 1975:
Differentiated response of Gossypium arboreum and Gossypium herbaceum to physiological races of the wilt pathogen

Repka, J., 1983:
Differentiated response of maize hybrids to mineral nutrition

Goedicke, H.; Motte, G.B.itz, H., 1982:
Differentiated safety strips for helicopter work in high-intensity fruit growing

Lokvenc, T., 1982:
Differentiated selection of planting stock for afforestation

Kavalerchik, Km, 1979:
Differentiated set norms for technical service and repair

Mikhov, I., 1983:
Differentiated site class curves of Scotch pine

Mikhov, I., 1979:
Differentiated site classificati

Tager, H., 1975:
Differentiated sow feeding or compromise program?

Doring, U.B.elig, H., 1978:
Differentiated staining of keratin in foodstuffs

Kocur, J., 1977:
Differentiated store dressing rates applied to soya on ley soils

Vronskikh, M.; Vronskikh, G., 1980:
Differentiated system of pest control measures in alfalfa seed producing crops in the Moldavian SSR

Fol'-Mer, Ni, 1976:
Differentiated system of presowing and souring tillage of Chernozems in Western Siberia

Nemov, Nd, 1978:
Differentiated system of ventilation

Tolstopiatov, M.F.olov, I., 1975:
Differentiated systems of incubation

Vol'-Vach, Pv, 1977:
Differentiated systems of protecting fruit crops from infectious diseases

Gohlich, H., 1971:
Differentiated technology in applying plant protection measures

Ponomareva, A., 1975:
Differentiated technology of potato culture

Mihailovic, J.; Stefanovic, L.; Malesevic, M., 2007:
Differentiated thyroid carcinoma with distant metastases: probability of survival and its predicting factors

Kamalov, I.K.lesnik, N., 1977:
Differentiated treatment of fine fiber cultivation

Gavrilenko, L.; Gusarov, V., 1977:
Differentiated use of agrotechnical erosion control practices

Espinosa-Ch, Maria-Cristina, 1998:
Differentiated use of wildlife resources by Riberenho families in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon

I'-Anson, S.A.hworth, T., 2000:
Differentiated-permeability surface layer (DPSL) pressing theory

Gotkiewicz, J.K.walczyk, Z., 1977:
Differentiatin of biological processes in soils of basic post bog sites

Odintsova, I.; Shopina, V.; Grigor'-Eva, O., 1975:
Differentiatin of populations of wheat brown rust in the U-SSR with the aid of a series of isogenic lines on the basis of the variety Thatcher

Keator, G., 1987:
Differentiating Californias Brodiaeas

Radhakrishnan, V.V.; Menon, P.P.; Madhusoodanan, K.J.; Thomas, J., 2005:
Differentiating Vanilla planifolia from Vanilla tahitensis using a statistical method

Sattarov, A.S., 1981:
Differentiating a vaccinal strain of Br. abortus 19 from epizootical brucellae strains

Christ, B.; Jacob, H.J.; Jacob, M., 1979:
Differentiating abilities of avian somatopleural mesoderm

Deen, J., 1989:
Differentiating association and causation in interpreting swine production records

Reed, P.Jr, 1982:
Differentiating between a classification system and a data base

Berge, H., 1972:
Differentiating between gas, smoke, and dust pollution in relation to their effect on agricultural, horticultural and forest plantings

Alemán, C.; Sanchez, L.; Alegre, J.; Ruiz, E.; Vázquez, A.; Soriano, T.; Sarrapio, J.; Teixidor, J.; Andreu, J.; Felip, E.; Armadans, L.; Fernández D.S.villa, T., 2007:
Differentiating between malignant and idiopathic pleural effusions: the value of diagnostic procedures

Gunther, F.O.stinga, I., 1969:
Differentiating between products made with meat and those made with TVP

Sanders, D.E.; Sanders, J.A., 1980:
Differentiating between right displaced abomasum and cecal torsion in cows

Magid, V.; Maclean, M.G.; Colder, C.R., 2007:
Differentiating between sensation seeking and impulsivity through their mediated relations with alcohol use and problems

Allan, Re, 1971:
Differentiating between two Norin 10

Eggleston, G.P.llach, G.T.iche, R., 2004:
Differentiating cane white sugar from beet white sugar using ion chromatography profiles

Ishiguro, E.; Trust, T., 1980:
Differentiating characteristics of virulent and attenuated strains of Aeromonas salmonicida

Rouseff, Rl, 1988:
Differentiating citrus juices using flavanone glycoside concentration profiles

Brunori, G.R.ssi, A., 2007:
Differentiating countryside: Social representations and governance patterns in rural areas with high social density: The case of Chianti, Italy

Baumgardner, Mf, 1972:
Differentiating elements of the soil-vegetation complex

Bernard, Wv, 1992:
Differentiating enteritis and conditions that require surgery in foals

Sou, S.; Matsui, T.; Yao, T.; Naito, M.; Yorioka, M.; Beppu, T.; Nagahama, T.; Futami, K., 2006:
Differentiating enterocutaneous fistulae from suture abscesses complicating Crohn's disease using oral administration of indocyanine green

Tonin, C.B.anchetto, M.V.neis, C.F.sta-Bianchet, M., 2002:
Differentiating fine hairs from wild and domestic species: investigations of Shatoosh, Yangir, and Cashmere fibers

Meyer, R., 1989:
Differentiating grafted from seedling kiwifruit plants

Gukov, Gv, 1973:
Differentiating harvest cutting in Larix forests of the Soviet Far East

Parveen, Salina, 1997:
Differentiating human and nonhuman sources of Escherichia coli by phenotypic and genotypic methods

Paulsen, T., 2003:
Differentiating instruction in agriculture education

Deturk, P.; Hamilton, D., 1978:
Differentiating landscape architecture from landscape management

Konovalov, Stanislav-Maksimovich, 1971:
Differentiating local schools of sockeye salmon

Diler, R.Somer.; Daviss, W.Burleson.; Lopez, A.; Axelson, D.; Iyengar, S.; Birmaher, B., 2007:
Differentiating major depressive disorder in youths with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Yuan, J.; Rabinowitz, J.D., 2007:
Differentiating metabolites formed from de novo synthesis versus macromolecule decomposition

Johnson, M.K.; Belden, R.C.; Aldred, D.R., 1984:
Differentiating mountain lion and bobcat scats

Ebermann, R.B.rna, J.P.illinger, F., 1972:
Differentiating of white wine varieties by separation of the characteristical proteins by polyacrylamide electrophoresis

Ivanov, Ia, 1975:
Differentiating rates of superphosphates under potatoes on soddy-podzolic soil in the Pskov Region

King, M.S.; Porchia, S.J.; Hiatt, K.M., 2007:
Differentiating spitzoid melanomas from Spitz nevi through CD99 expression

Zerbe, Ca, 2000:
Differentiating tests to evaluate hyperadrenocorticism in dogs and cats

Rebhun, Wc, 1991:
Differentiating the causes of left abdominal tympanitic resonance in dairy cattle

Moskalik, Rs, 1975:
Differentiating the pathogen of strangles from that of purulent Streptococcus

Reppo, Ea, 1972:
Differentiating the plowed layer by fertility with an alfalfa crop

Olsen, Ar, 1977:
Differentiating the saw toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.), and the merchant grain beetle, Oryzaephilus mercator (Fauv.), by morphology of the male genitalia

Grigorova,'-Ozov, D., 1971:
Differentiating the types of Sta

Lazarev, As, 1970:
Differentiating the value of at the stump payments according to categories

Veatch, J.; Reid, F.; Kennedy, G., 1988:
Differentiating yew poisoning from other toxicoses

Beinhauer, W., 1985:
Differentiatioin of doubtful abortus Bang agglutination reactions by means of heat tests

Anonymous, 1973:

Maghuly, F.; Nittinger, F.; Pinsker, W.; Praznik, W.; Fluch, S., 2007:
Differentiation among Austrian populations of Norway spruce assayed by mitochibdrial DNA markers

El-Sharkawy, T.; Huisingh, D., 1971:
Differentiation among Xanthomonas species by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins

Rimler, R.; Simmons, D., 1983:
Differentiation among bacteria isolated from turkeys with coryza (Rhinotracheitis) Alcaligenes, Bordetella bronchiseptica

Romanov, A., 1970:
Differentiation among regulations of production

Minamizawa, K.H.rano, H., 1974:
Differentiation among several k

Meier, Erich, 1982:
Differentiation among various snow types in a digital multispectral scanner picture

Stella, C.S.batelli, M.; Vedana, A., 1977:
Differentiation analysis of the typification of the Tuscan wines

Chiba, I., 1980:
Differentiation and breeding of

Borek, C.; Williams, G., M., 1980:
Differentiation and carcinogenesis in liver cell cultures

Hagel, Ingo, 2000:
Differentiation and characterisation of wheat from different production systems and varieties by means of protein-fractionation

Kosmidou, Alexandra, 1995:
Differentiation and characterization of isolates and mutants of classical swine fever virus by monoclonal antibodies

Ebling, P.M.; Kaupp, W.J., 1995:
Differentiation and comparative activity of six isolates of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus from the forest tent caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria, Hubner

Wetherbee, R., 1978:
Differentiation and continuity of the Golgi apparatus during carposporogenesis in Polysiphonia (Rhodophyta)

Vivo-Rodriguez, J., 1978:
Differentiation and cytoarchitectonic maturity of the prosencephalon of dogs

Nishimura, S.M.eda, E., 1982:
Differentiation and dedifferentiation of pericycle cells in rice (Oryza sativa L.) root Light and electron microscopic observation, effects of cellulose inhibitor

Wiglesworth, Martin-Dale, 1994:
Differentiation and detection of Peronospora tabacina adam using the polymerase chain reaction

Wang, Jl, 1971:
Differentiation and developmen

Ahmad, Fazal, 1978:
Differentiation and development

Parthier, B.L.rbs, W., 1982:
Differentiation and development of Dictyostelium discoideum

Green, Jr; Callow, Ja; Leckie, Mp; Mitchell, Aj; O'-Connell, Rj; Pain, Na, 1994:
Differentiation and development of the specialised infection structures formed by biotrophic fungal-plant pathogens

Packer, Jg, 1974:
Differentiation and dispersal in alpine floras

Oliveira, Jb-De, 1975:
Differentiation and distribution of soils, in several categories, in two apparently homogeneous areas of Oxisol

Brinck-Lindroth, G., 1974:
Differentiation and distribution of the flea Amalaraeus penicilliger (Grube, 1851) in western and central Europe with a description of a new subspecies Amalaraeus penicilliger pyrenaicus

Baumann, H.D.fni, A., 1981:
Differentiation and distribution pattern in the complex of Ophrys omegaifera in the Mediterranean Sea region

Mentenyi, M., 1980:
Differentiation and effectivity in large scale farms

Jaenicke, L.G.lles, R., 1982:
Differentiation and embryogenesis in Volvox carteri Algae

Prasad, B.; Kawale, G.; Joglekar, V., 1978:
Differentiation and estimation of p phenyl organothiophosphate insecticides from other organophosphate insecticides by mercurous nitrate reagent

Drevon, G.M.rechal, J.M.rien, G.P.chiaudi, C., 1980:
Differentiation and evaluation of some aromatic compounds using radiocarbon

Contandriopoulos, J., 1984:
Differentiation and evolution of the genus Campanula in the Mediterranean region

Nicolas, P., 1977:
Differentiation and expansion of the cooperative movement in the agriculture and food economy

Leidl, W.; Schefels, W.; Stolla, R.; Metzger, E., 1971:
Differentiation and fertilization capacity of pathological spermatozoa

Espen, L.C.cucci, M.S.cchi, G., 2005:
Differentiation and functional connection of vascular elements in compatible and incompatible pear

Lauri, P-Eric., 2007:
Differentiation and growth traits associated with acrotony in the apple tree (Malus xdomestica, Rosaceae)

Noemi, C.T.mas,, D.Z.eno, S., 1997:
Differentiation and immunochemical characterisation of various potato viruses and their strains by means of monoclonal antibodies

Wilson, Ww, 1989:
Differentiation and implicit prices in export wheat markets

Allison, M.; Sabatelli, R., 1988:
Differentiation and individuation as mediators of identity and intimacy in adolescence

Amborn, Hermann, 1990:
Differentiation and integration comparative studies on specialists and craftsmen in southern Ethiopian agricultural societies

Weidemann, Horst-Wolfgang-Erich, 1953:
Differentiation and investigations on four yeast derivations

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Differentiation and maintenance

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Differentiation and pattern formation in the fruit body cap of Coprinus cinereus

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Differentiation and plantlet formation from cultured cotyledons, floral buds and segments of leaf and inflorescence axis of Brassica campestris var. Yellow Sarson

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Differentiation and significance of plasmacoagulase negative Staphylococci in the genital organs of horses

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Differentiation and species distribution of microorganisms of the genus Bacillus found in frankfurter and liver sausages

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Differentiation and structure of

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Differentiation and typing of bacteria as a basis of epidemiologic research with special consideration to Brucella

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Differentiation as a reflex of effective intensification of agricultural production

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Differentiation between Aujeszkys disease virus strains of different virulence by restriction enzyme analysis of the DNA

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Differentiation between Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta by computer evaluation of gas chromatographic profiles--comparison of numerically derived quality predictions with organoleptic evaluations

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Differentiation between a pathogenic and a non-pathogenic form of Gyrodactylus salaris using PCR-RFLP

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Differentiation between agricultural enterprises in Czechoslovakia

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Differentiation between bovine, caprine and ovine keratein by indirect hemagglutination inhibition

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Differentiation between brewery culture yeasts and wild yeasts. III.: Comparison of the use of crystal violet agar, lysine agar and SDM (Schwarz differential medium) with the membrane filtration method

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Differentiation between carcasses from suckling lambs reared with ewe milk or milk replacers by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy of perirenal fat

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Differentiation between changes before and after death

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Differentiation between conidia of the two species of powdery mildew of cucurbits, Sphaerotheca fuliginea and Erysiphe cichoracearum

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Differentiation between damage caused by the cereal moth and that of the weevils in attacking unhulled rice grains in our warehouses

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Differentiation between enzymatic and non-enzymatic-sweet coagulation in sterile cacao-milk of drinks

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Differentiation between external and internal cuing: an fMRI study comparing tracing with drawing

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Differentiation between frozen and non-frozen meat

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Differentiation between gley and pseudogley demonstrated on soils in a loess landscape in northwestern Germany

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Differentiation between infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus (Bovine herpesvirus 1) strains Eco RI restriction endonuclease analysis

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Differentiation between mitochondrial and cytoplasmic protein subunits of blowfly flight muscle mitochondria synthesized in vivo

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Differentiation between mushroom preserves from fresh and pre-treated raw material (salted and water-soaked). II. Studies on edible mushrooms

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Differentiation between natural hydrocarbons and low level diesel oil contamination in cooked lobster meat

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Differentiation between orange GGN and orange S

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Differentiation between physical and emotional reaction of pigs in treadmill experiments

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Differentiation between physiologic forms of loose smut of cereals (Ustilago nuda (Jens) Rostr. and Ustilago nuda f. tritici (Jens.) Schaff.) by cellulose acetate electrophoresis

Dutrecq, A., 1972:
Differentiation between physiologic forms of loose smut of cereals (Ustilago nuda (Jens.) Rostr. and Ustilago nuda f. tritici (Jens.) Schaff.) by polacrylamide gel column electrophoreses

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Differentiation between responses of primary productivity and phosphorus exploitation to species richness

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Differentiation between some industrially significant yeasts through the use of Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy

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Differentiation between sword-fish and squaloid fishes

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Differentiation between transportable fungicides and systemic infection-inhibiting agents, and their relative perspectives

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Differentiation between two subcellular sites of ACC-dependent ethylene formation in plant cells

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Differentiation between variants of Prototheca zopfii Kruger 1894

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Differentiation between wet mushroom preserves from fresh and pre-treated raw material (salted and water-soaked). I. Studies of Pfifferling preserves

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Differentiation between yeast species, and strains within a species, by cellular fatty acid analysis

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Differentiation by molecular typing of Mycobacterium bovis strains causing tuberculosis in cattle and goats

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Differentiation capacities of imaginal disks of the mutant lethal-polyploid (1p1) in Drosophila hydei

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Differentiation capacities of the dorsal metathoracic (haltere) disc of Drosophila melanogaster. I. Normal ortan map

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Differentiation capacities of the dorsal metathoracic (haltere) disc of Drosophila melanogaster. II. Regeneration and duplication

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Differentiation capacities of the foreleg imaginal disc of Sarcophaga ruficornis Fabr (Diptera, Sarcophagidae). I. Fate map

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Differentiation capacities of the labial imaginal disc of Drosophila melanogaster

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Differentiation capacity in combinations, prepared from imaginal discs of different types, sex and boxy sections of Drosophila

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Differentiation capacity of hunting dog for fatty acids

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Differentiation characteristics of milk, dairy products and cheeses

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Differentiation decreased telomerase activity in rat glioblastoma C6 cells and increased sensitivity to IFN-gamma and taxol for apoptosis

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Differentiation degree of the rudimentary inflorescence--the indicator of sunflower nitrogen nutrition

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Differentiation ex ovulo of embryos and plantlets in stem tissue cultures of Tylophora indica

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Differentiation following original material of various toposequences in ferralization (near Bouca--Central African Republic)

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Differentiation from gastro-intestinal parasites of ruminants with PCR

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Differentiation from in vitro culture of Ananas comosus

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Differentiation from mesocotyl derived callus cultures of Zea mays L

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Differentiation in Allomyces and Neurospora

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Differentiation in Aspergillus flavus as influenced by L-canavanine

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Differentiation in Carausius embryos in ovo and in vitro

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Differentiation in Coprinus lagopus. III. Expansion of excised fruit-bodies

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Differentiation in Coregonus zenithicus in Lake Superior

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Differentiation in barley callus cultures, monitored by isoenzyme electrofocusing

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Differentiation in calli originated from isolated protoplasts of rice (Oryza sativa L.) through plating technique

Chandra,,. Jr.;, 1983:
Differentiation in callus and suspension cultures of carrot (Daucus carota) and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

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Differentiation in chondrogen outline of chicken embryo cultivated in vitro under different medium

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Differentiation in culture of the cells of chick embryo cerebral hemispheres

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Differentiation in cultures derived from embryonic chicken muscle. II. Phosphorylase histochemistry and fluorescent antibody staining for creatine kinase and aldolase

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Differentiation in excised root cultures

Paulsen, Mr, 1990:
Differentiation in grain commodity markets

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Differentiation in higher plants

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Differentiation in hypocotyl explants of Albizia Lebbeck

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Differentiation in insect tissu

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Differentiation in mineral composition of less horizons of the Russian plain

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Differentiation in mitotic cycles and final cell differentiation in wheat plants

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Differentiation in phenotypic plasticity among populations of Arabis serrata Fr. & Sav. (Brassicaceae)

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Differentiation in productivity of labor in UAC of the SSR

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Differentiation in reaction behaviour of structural polypeptides of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) with antisera against BVDV and hog cholera virus (HCV)

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Differentiation in remuneration of employees on agricultural cooperative farms and state farms

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Differentiation in response to chilling temperatures among populations of three marine spermatophytes, Thalassia testudinum, Syringodium filiforme and Halodule wrightii

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Differentiation in salt composition of soils as a result of their washing with mineralized water in the Shirvan Steppe

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Differentiation in sensitivity of six Polish provenances of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) to sulphur dioxide

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Differentiation in species of Allomyces: the production of sporangia

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Differentiation in suspension cultures of isolated protoplasts Zinnia elegans, Brassica napus, rape, Macleaya cordata, Macleaya microcarpa

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Differentiation in temperate and tropical zone populations of Typha under transplant garden and controlled photoperiod and thermoperiod conditions

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Differentiation in the Basidiomycetes

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Differentiation in the appearance of Erebia populations (Lepidoptera, Satyridae) from the Romanian Carpathian Mountains

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Differentiation in the chain colonies of Diatoma elongatum and Diatoma vulgare

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Differentiation in the cocoonase producing silkmoth galea: ultrastructural studies

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Differentiation in the density and biomass of flying insects in the agricultural landscape of the western Wielkopolska

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Differentiation in the early chick embryo: effects of bromodeoxyuridine on erythropoiesis

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Differentiation in the economic development of UAC in the district of Trencin

Spyrka, M., 1985:
Differentiation in the economic development of UAC of the SSR with regard to the Trencin district position

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Differentiation in the growth period of field bean depending on cultivar and meteorological conditions of Radzikow

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Differentiation in the preonset phases of schizophrenia and mood disorders: evidence in support of a bipolar mania prodrome

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Differentiation in the protei

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Differentiation in the rudimentary root of corn with respect to absorption, distribution, binding and excretion of certain ions

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Differentiation in the size of telomeric heterochromatin bands in rye chromosomes of octoploid Triticale Hybrids obtained by crossing hexaploid wheat Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare with diploid rye Secale cereale

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Differentiation in the ulnar apophysis of young horned cattle depending on various succulent fodder rations

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Differentiation in the wood anatomy of Central European Pomoidae (Rosaceae)

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Differentiation in tissue culture of explants from the pecan fruit

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Differentiation in vitro

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Differentiation in vitro of larval cell types from early embryonic cells of Drosophila melanogaster

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Differentiation in vitro of sympathetic cells from chick embryo sensory ganglia

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Differentiation in vivo of cardiac committed human embryonic stem cells in postmyocardial infarcted rats

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Differentiation in work compensa

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Differentiation limits of flower buds in prospective hybrid pears

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Differentiation milk-coagulating enzymes with the help of hemoglobin fission and through inactivation

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Differentiation of superscript 35S as a methionine-polypepticle model in fibroblast strain cell systems

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Differentiation of 130 X and V factor independent avian bacterial strains of the family Pasteurellaceae Pohl 1981 with special consideration of new taxonomic findings

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Differentiation of 5,7 dihydroxy 6 or 8 methoxy flavones flavanols and 3 methyl flavonols by mass spectrometry

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Differentiation of ABO and Rh(D) blood groups of infants by using microcolumn gel test

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Differentiation of Aedes triseriatus and Aedes hendersoni (Diptera: Culicidae) based on the surface structure of the egg shell

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Differentiation of Allium potyviruses by polymerase chain reaction

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Differentiation of Amaranthus taxa based on morphological features of femal-flower

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Differentiation of Argas (Argas) polonicus Siuda, Hoogstraal, Clifford et Wassef, 1979 (Acarina, Ixodides, Argasidae) nymphs Poland.1

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Differentiation of Asiatic stocks of pink salmon

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Differentiation of Aspergillus sojae from Aspergillus oryzae by polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis

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Differentiation of Aujeszkys disease virus strains by restriction endonuclease analysis of the viral DNAs

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Differentiation of Aurigena chlorana Castelnau and Gory from Aurigena xerxes Marseul, and description of two new Mediterranean Aurigena spp. (Coleoptera, Buprestidae)

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Differentiation of B lymphocytes in sheep. II. Surface phenotype of B cells leaving the 'bursa-equivalent' lymphoid tissue of sheep, ileal Peyer's patches

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Differentiation of Babesia gibsoni and Haemobartonella canis

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Differentiation of Bordetella bronchiseptica strains. 2. Verification of protective properties of selected strains by cross protection testing

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Differentiation of Borrelia burgdorferi isolates from ticks and humans by different monoclonal antibodies in immunofluorescence

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Differentiation of Brucella abortus and Brucella suis by microbiological and biochemical methods

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Differentiation of Brucella abortus strains by means of anti-biotics

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Differentiation of Brucella by Acrylamide-gel Electrophoresis

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Differentiation of Brucella ovis by disk electrophoresis in polyacrylamide

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Differentiation of Brucella species using bacillus pumilus

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Differentiation of Cellulomonas species using biochemical tests

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Differentiation of Central European species of the genus Frankliniella Karny, 1910 (Thysanoptera, Thripidae)

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Differentiation of closely related fungi by electronic nose analysis

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Differentiation of Clostridium perfringens from related clostridia in iron milk medium

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Differentiation of Dutch leafroller species of the genus Acleris Hubner (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) Taxonomic morphology.1

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Differentiation of Equisetum arvense L. and Equisetum pratense Ehrh

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Differentiation of Fragaria viridis Duchesne and Fragaria vesca L. in the vegetative state

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Differentiation of Fusarium species by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of PCR-amplified ribosomal DNA

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Differentiation of Haemophilus paragallinarum isolates using ERIC-PCR analysis

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Differentiation of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae serotypes in agglutination reaction

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Differentiation of Herpetomonas megaseliae: population and physiological changes

Lin YiXing, 2005:
Differentiation of Hydnocarpus anthelmintica Pierre by thin layer chromatography

Schmeer, N;;;, 1983:
Differentiation of IgG- and IgM immunoglobulins G and M-antibodies for serodiagnosis of salmonellosis in pigeons by ELISA Salmonella typhimurium.10

Kirkpatrick, N.C.; Mahmoudian, A.; O'Rourke, D.; Noormohammadi, A.H., 2006:
Differentiation of infectious laryngotracheitis virus isolates by restriction fragment length polymorphic analysis of polymerase chain reaction products amplified from multiple genes

Gonzaalez, E.S.tton, T., 2005:
Differentiation of Isolates of Glomerella cingulata and Colletotrichum spp. Associated with Glomerella Leaf Spot and Bitter Rot of Apples Using Growth Rate, Response to Temperature, and Benomyl Sensitivity

Dicks, L.; Van-Vuuren, H., 1990:
Differentiation of Leuconostoc species by nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-dependent D(-)-lactic dehydrogenase profiles

Fiserova, D., 1985:
Differentiation of Lilium monadelphum and Lilium szovitsianum and other Caucasian lilies

Dupouy, J.P., 1980:
Differentiation of MSH-, ACTH-, endorphin-, and LPH-containing cells in the hypophysis during embryonic and fetal development

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Differentiation of Malus clones into resistance classes by their effects on the biology of Eriosoma lanigerum Hausmn. Rootstock breeding, antibiosis

Hilakivi-Clarke, L.; Shajahan, A.; Yu, B.; de Assis, S., 2006:
Differentiation of mammary gland as a mechanism to reduce breast cancer risk

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Differentiation of Meloidogyne floridensis from M. arenaria using high-fidelity PCR amplified mitochondrial at-rich sequences

Angelos, J.A.; Ball, L.M., 2007:
Differentiation of Moraxella bovoculi sp. nov. from other coccoid moraxellae by the use of polymerase chain reaction and restriction endonuclease analysis of amplified DNA

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Differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from acid resistant saprophytes with the use of acidified 0.1 percent solution of potassium permanganate

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Differentiation of Norway maple cultivars with scanning electron microscopy Acer platanoides

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Differentiation of Onchocerca gutturosa and Onchocera lienalis microfilariae by analysis of their GPI isoenzymes

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Differentiation of organotypic epidermis in the presence of skin disease-linked dominant-negative Cx26 mutants and knockdown Cx26

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Differentiation of Perfection, Alsweet and Alaska varieti es by total starch and amylose content

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Differentiation of Ph measurements in H+ secreting wheat roots. Proton capacity of the apoplast and apparent H+ efflux

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Differentiation of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel in particular sites

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Differentiation of Physarum flavicomum: metabolic patterns and the role of amino acids in the control of encystment

Kleinig, H., 1974:
Differentiation of Physarum polycephalum: inhibition by alc ohols

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Differentiation of Puccinia graminis tritici with the aid of monogene lines

Titova, Vg, 1973:
Differentiation of Quercus robur in field-protecting shelterbelts

Gong, W.-; Cao, Y.-; Wang, Y., 2007:
Differentiation of Resina Draconis from Sanguis Draconis by CE

Werner, D., 1981:
Differentiation of Rhizobium bacteroids in effective and ineffective soybean nodules and Rhizobium in pure culture, including utilization of organic acids by Rhizobium Glycine max

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Differentiation of Rhizobium leguminosarum strains by IR infrared spectroscopy

Zagreba, E.; Seliverstova, T.; Ginovska, M.; Klintsare, A.; Iakobson, I., 1982:
Differentiation of Rhizobium leguminosarum strains by infra-red spectroscopy

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Differentiation of Rhizobium meliloti strains with the aid of infrared spectroscopy

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Differentiation of SPWE biotypes using RAPD-PCR

Savelsbergh, E., 1976:
Differentiation of Scrophularia auriculata L. and Scrophularia umbrosa Dum

Artecki, E.M.ciak, T., 1976:
Differentiation of Staphylococci and Micrococci isolated from cows milk

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Differentiation of Staphylococci of avian origin

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Differentiation of air and water conditions in basic post bog sites

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Differentiation of animals vaccinated against brucellosis from those infected with brucellosis

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Differentiation of apical meristems and some problems of ecological regulation of development of plant

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Differentiation of atmospheric precipitations in the warm season of the year in the Vistula valley

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Differentiation of available P2O5 and K2O in A1 horizons of the soils of some agricultural complexes

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Differentiation of avian Paramyxoviruses

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Differentiation of avian keratinocytes. characterization and relationships of the keratin proteins of adult and embryonic feathers and scales

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Differentiation of bacterial and mycotic granulomas

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Differentiation of bacterial species using electrophoretic methods

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Differentiation of bioecological information in relation to the task of the optimalization of structure of agricultural plants

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Differentiation of board properties according to field of application

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Differentiation of bream population in the Saratov reservoir

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Differentiation of brewing yeast

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Differentiation of brucellosis infected and vaccinated cattle

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Differentiation of butter produced continuously or in the buttermaking machine by means of the freezing point determination

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Differentiation of caraway , coriander Coriandrum sativum, and cumin by study of their volatile oils, using thin layer chromatography

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Differentiation of cartilage

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Differentiation of caulonema and bud-cells on the protonema of the moss Anoectangium thomsonii Mitt. Effect of activated charcoal

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Differentiation of caulonema cells by auxins in suspension cultures of Funaria hygrometrica

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Differentiation of cells in organ cultures

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Differentiation of cells in primary cultures: myelination

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Differentiation of cells producing polypeptide hormones (ACTH, MSH, LPH, alpha- and beta-endorphin, GH and PRL) in the fetal porcine anterior pituitary

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Differentiation of cellular and biochemical features of the single-cell C subscript 4 syndrome during leaf development in Bienertia cycloptera (Chenopodiaceae)

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Differentiation of certain types of cassias and cinnamons by measurement of mucilaginous character

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Differentiation of chloroplasts in excised roots

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Differentiation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the horse. A report of two cases

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Differentiation of clay minerals in particular mechanical fractions of soil

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Differentiation of clinical Mycobacterium paratuberculosis isolates by 16S-23S rDNA spacer analysis of random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR (RAPD-PCR)

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Differentiation of closely related Xerolls that support different sagebrush plant communities in Nevada

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Differentiation of clostridium with the help of head-space gas chromatography and the statistical analysis of their fatty acid pattern

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Differentiation of coliform spores with a polytropic medium

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Differentiation of collective farms by the level of production

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Differentiation of concentrations of chemical elements in watercourses of the northern part of the Szczecin Province

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Differentiation of conductive tissues in leafed stem of Polytrichum juniperinum Willd. (Musci, Polytrichales): infrastructural aspects observed during differentiation of hydroids

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Differentiation of core promoter architecture between plants and mammals revealed by LDSS analysis

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Differentiation of corticotropocytes in an organ culture of the adenohypophysis in chick and Japanese quail embryos

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Differentiation of costs in establishment of a stand

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Differentiation of cotton fibers from single cells in suspension culture

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Differentiation of crown rust in oats as related to breeding for rust resistance Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae.1

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Differentiation of cultivated leaf discs of Prunus mahaleb

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Differentiation of cysts of Heterodera schachtii and Heterodera trifolii by fenestral length

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Differentiation of cytokinin-induced shoot buds and embryoids on excised petioles of Nicotiana tabacum

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Differentiation of diagnostic horizons on the basis of different solubility forms of iron in fine soil and in the greater than micron m fraction

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Differentiation of dietary fiber sources by chemical characterization

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Differentiation of economic potential and social problems in subregions of Poland

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Differentiation of ecotypes in Oryza sativa L

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Differentiation of ectodermal cells and cuticle formation during embryogenesis of the firebrat, Thermobia domestica (Packard) (Thysanura)

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Differentiation of embryonic stem cells

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Differentiation of embryos of grape racemes under various soil and climatic conditions

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Differentiation of epithelium, lymphocytes, granulocytes, and erythrocytes in bursa of fabricius transplanted to chorioallantoic membrane

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Differentiation of equine herpesviruses of type I

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Differentiation of esculin-negative udder pathogenic streptococci using biochemical and serological methods in routin labor

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Differentiation of etioplasts and synthesis of ribosomic ribonucleic acids (RNAr) in corn (Zea mais L. var. INRA 258)

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Differentiation of evolved varieties and primitive races of maize of Himalayan and Latin American distribution

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Differentiation of farm production on state farms in East Slovakia

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Differentiation of farm products and policy with commercial brands

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Differentiation of farms according to the scale of irrigated acreage

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Differentiation of feline coronavirus type I and II infections by virus neutralization test

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Differentiation of fertilizer application to sugarbeets in crop rotations

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Differentiation of fiber types in skeletal muscle

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Differentiation of field stra

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Differentiation of filamentous microorganisms as a basis for understanding of product formation

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Differentiation of flagellated spores in Thalassomyces ellobiopsid parasite of marine crustaceae

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Differentiation of floral and vegetative buds, roots and callus from the subepidermal layer of floral branches of Nicotiana tabacum Wisc. 38. ultrastructural study

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Differentiation of floral primordia and influence of temperature in the rest period on the further growth and development of tulips at forcing

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Differentiation of flower buds of almond on the Apsheron Peninsula

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Differentiation of flower buds of new varieties of pears

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Differentiation of flower buds of promising pear varieties in the Crimean foothill zone

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Differentiation of forest soils

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Differentiation of forests as a prerequisite for their rational cultivation

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Differentiation of freeze-thawed fish from fresh fish by the determination of hematocrit value

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Differentiation of freeze-thawed fish from fresh fish by the examination of medulla of crystalline lens North Sea cod Gadus callarians and haddock, Gadus aeglefinus

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Differentiation of frozen chickens with fresh ones based on red globules characteristics

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Differentiation of frozen soils and fluids occurring with them in the west Siberian lowland by the techniques of industrial geophysics

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Differentiation of frozen-thawed and fresh shrimp

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Differentiation of fruit buds in

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Differentiation of generative buds of Rhododendron ledebourii

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Differentiation of genetically variable plants from embryo-drived callus cultures of rice

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Differentiation of genome D according to data of electropho retic and immunochemical analysis of gliadin in Aegilops sq uarrosa L. (Aegilops tauchii Coss.)

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Differentiation of geographic origin of species. II. oregano by gas chromatography and thin layer chromatography

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Differentiation of germinating cells in the ovariole of Chrysopa perla (L.) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

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Differentiation of glioblastoma multiforme and single brain metastasis by peak height and percentage of signal intensity recovery derived from dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced perfusion MR imaging

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Differentiation of green, white, black, Oolong, and Pu-erh teas according to their free amino acids content

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Differentiation of hake species by RFLP- and SSCP-analysis of PCR amplified cytochrome b and parvalbumin sequences

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Differentiation of haustoria in the germinating embryos of mistletoe without host stimulus

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Differentiation of healthy and brucellosis-infected animals in a vaccinated herd

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Differentiation of heat treated fresh peas and soaked dried peas

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Differentiation of herbaceous layer. III

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Differentiation of heterochromatin Animal, plant genetics, Drosophila melanogaster

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Differentiation of heterocysts and spores in Cylindrospermum Blue-green algae

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Differentiation of hopper-burn symptoms from that of mite and diseases of autumn potato crop

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Differentiation of human circulating fibrocytes as mediated by transforming growth factor-beta and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma

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Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in serum-free medium reveals distinct roles for bone morphogenetic protein 4, vascular endothelial growth factor, stem cell factor, and fibroblast growth factor 2 in hematopoiesis

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Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to neural progenitors

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Differentiation of hydrologic conditions of wetlands under their reclamation point of view

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Differentiation of hydromucometra and estimation of therapeutical effects of oxytocin in oestrous mares

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Differentiation of hydroxy-5 dimethoxy-6,7 or 7,8 and of trimethoxy-5,6,7 or 5,7,8 flavones by mass spectrometry

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Differentiation of immunobiological reactions of immunized and Brucella-infected sheep

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Differentiation of income sources and their distribution in food industry

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Differentiation of incomes in households connected with private farm operation Poland.1

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Differentiation of indigenous Thymus tribes and their distribution in Bavaria

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Differentiation of individuals, populations and species of Orthoptera: the past, present and future of chromosome markers

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Differentiation of insect biomass in agricultural landscape

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Differentiation of interstitial

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Differentiation of intracapsular cells in the sporophyte of Sphaerocarpos donnellii

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Differentiation of intracellular peptidases of starter and adjunct cultures using matrix-assisted laser desorption

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Differentiation of invertasse in wine by polyacrylamid gel electrophoresis

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Differentiation of iron oxide in paddy soils in Taihu Lake region

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Differentiation of irrigation conditions in Tadzhikistan Cotton cultivation.1

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Differentiation of irrigation rate under phreatic supply conditions

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Differentiation of irrigation regimes

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Differentiation of isolates of Discula umbrinella (Teleomorph: Apiognomonia errabunda) from beech, chestnut, and oak using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers

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Differentiation of keratein from bovine and canine hair by passive hemagglutination

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Differentiation of lamellar inclusions in the lung of chick embryo

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Differentiation of lard and tallow by differential scanning calorimetry

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Differentiation of lens in cultures of neural retinal cells of chick embryos

Pankov, Bg, 1980:
Differentiation of leukemoid reactions in cattle

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Differentiation of local races of Xanthomonas malvacearum (E. f. sm.) Dowson using cotton, Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense

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Differentiation of lymphoid leukosis virus strains isolated in Germany

Radha, E.M.orthy, R., 1972:
Differentiation of lysozyme activity in the fast, slow and cardiac muscles of chick

Pollmer, W.; Fromberg, H.; Christ, W., 1971:
Differentiation of maize forms differing in the lysine content of the grain

Koval'-, Hk, 1971:
Differentiation of male and fema

Rahil, K.S.; Narbaitz, R., 1972:
Differentiation of male chick oviducts under hormonal stimulation

Grembecka, Młgorzata.; Malinowska, E.; Szefer, P., 2007:
Differentiation of market coffee and its infusions in view of their mineral composition

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Differentiation of maximum storage periods for prepacked vegetables

Batikov, Sg, 1983:
Differentiation of mazzard cherry generative buds in the foothill zone of the Crimea

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Differentiation of meat according to species by the electrophoretic separation of muscle lactate dehydrogenase and esterase isoenzymes and isolectric focusing of soluble muscle proteins Red and grey kangaroo, sheep and goat, and horse and donkey, Australia

Sharma, N.; Srivastava, A.; Gill, J.; Joshi, D., 1994:
Differentiation of meat from food animals by enzyme assay

Yman, I.; Sandberg, K., 1987:
Differentiation of meat from horse, donkey and their hybrids (mule

Verbeke, R.B.adander, H.D., 1985:
Differentiation of meat species in processed meat products through identification of animal fat species

Ramdass, P.M.sra, D., 1977:
Differentiation of meats of different species of animals by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Ramadass, P.M.sra, D., 1983:
Differentiation of meats of different species of animals by slide-agar-gel diffusion test

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Differentiation of medullary ovogenes in ovocytes in chick ovaries cultivated in vitro

Lampe, H.H.; Drews, G., 1972:
Differentiation of membranes from Rhodopseudomonas capsulata with respect to their photosynthetic and respiratory functions

Durante, M.; Cremonini, R.; Brunori, A.; Avanzi, S.; Innocenti, A.M., 1977:
Differentiation of metaxylem cell line in the root of Allium cepa. I. DNA heterogeneity and ribosomal cistrons of two different stages of differentiation

Rheinbaben, K.V.n; Hadlok, R., 1979:
Differentiation of microorganisms of the family Micrococcaceae isolated from dry sausages

Pospisil, M.P.rschel, M., 1969:
Differentiation of milk types

Zderkiewicz, H., 1972:
Differentiation of morphological features in age groups of rural population from the Bilgoraj and Pulawy districts

Wagner, J.; Lepore, D.; Thomas, P., 2007:
Differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into growth hormone and prolactin expressing cells in vitro

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Differentiation of muscle fibers during growth and development

Masaki, T.; Yoshizaki, C., 1974:
Differentiation of myosin in chick embryos

Pernes, J.C.mbses,, R., 1970:
Differentiation of natural populations of Panicum maximum Jacq. in the Ivory Coast by acquisition of transmissible modifications, the one by apomictic seeds, the other by vegetative reproduction

Andrews, F.; Granstrom, D.P.ovenza, M., 1995:
Differentiation of neurologic diseases in the horse by the use of albumin quotient and IgG index determinations

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Differentiation of neurons and myocytes in cell cultures made from Drosophila gastrulae

Meng FanJuan; X.X.angYang; L.J.ngFu, 2006:
Differentiation of new physiological races of tomato leaf mold (Fulvia fulva) in northeastern three provinces

Khristoforov, L., 1979:
Differentiation of non-specific

Chenchev, I., 1981:
Differentiation of non-specific positive brucellosis reactions using an antigen stained with Rose Bengal

Chenchev, I.K.ristoforov, L.P.shkov, I.K.stov, G.M.neva, I., 1977:
Differentiation of nonspecific positive reactions for brucellosis with the use of an antigen stained with Bengal rose

Khristoforov, L., 1985:
Differentiation of nonspecific serological reactions in Brucellosis

Clarkson, B.; Marks, P.-A.T.ll, J., 1978:
Differentiation of normal and neoplastic hematopoietic cells

Nadtochii, Bo, 1974:
Differentiation of normatives of

Dzhumankulov, K.; Abdulkhaev, K.; Khaidarov, B., 1971:
Differentiation of norms of the application of potassium fertilizers for cotton in relation to the supply of soil with exchangeable potassium and available phosphates

Gibney, S.M.; McDermott, K.W., 2007:
Differentiation of oligodendrocytes in neurospheres derived from embryonic rat brain using growth and differentiation factors

Guelin, M., 1975:
Differentiation of oocyte and trophocytes during meiosis in the ovary of Ephestia kuhniella Z. (Lepidoptera)

Kozhanova, N.; Gruzova, M., 1975:
Differentiation of oocytes and nurse cells in insect ovaries with different ovariole structures

Schreiner, A.; Brandes, W.; Versini, G.; Berghofer, E.; Eder, R., 2007:
Differentiation of origins of Gruner Veltliner wines by means of aroma profiles and data mining techniques and neural networks

Joachim, Anja-Brigitte, 1994:
Differentiation of ovine Sarcocystis species by RAPD-PCR fingerprinting

Singh, V.; Pathak, R., 1978:
Differentiation of ovine parainfluenza 3 isolates on the basis of haemagglutination

Nakagawa, S.C.nningham, R.; Farias, G., 1969:
Differentiation of parasitized and unparasitized pupae of the melon fly and oriental and Mediterranean fruit flies

Prat, R., 1970:
Differentiation of parenchymatous cellules from tracheal by the effect of dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in the plantule of Lepidium graminifolium (Cruciferae)

Pastoret, P.; Schwers, A.T.iry, E., 1983:
Differentiation of parvovirus strains in domestic carnivores

Seifert, H.; Hoffmann, D.B.hnel, H., 1983:
Differentiation of pathogenic Clostridia by means of headspace gas-chromatography and statistical evaluation of its metabolically formed fatty acid pattern

Rudaitis, Vb, 1974:
Differentiation of pathomorphological changes in cases of my cobacteriosis in swine

Bondarenko, A.; Voinova, L., 1974:
Differentiation of pay earned by workers according to improvement of production quality

Shakirov, F.C.ebukhanov, V., 1981:
Differentiation of pay for funds

Szemberg, A., 1975:
Differentiation of peasant farms by labor force resources

Okumura, K., 1980:
Differentiation of peasantry an

Taylor, Ag, 1979:
Differentiation of peated and unpeated distilling malt by G.L.C. analysis

Matouskova, J., 1975:
Differentiation of personal consumption in cooperative farmers households as depending on the level of annual money incomes

Boon, J.; Brandt-De-Boer, B.E.jkel, G.; Vlegels, E.S.jtsma, L.W.uters, J., 1987:
Differentiation of phage sensitive and phage resistant Streptococcus cremoris strains by pyrolysis mass spectrometry and discriminant analysis of the cell walls

Marano, B., 1971:
Differentiation of phosphosrous and nitrogenous fractions in vitreous and mealy hard wheat grains

Tremolieres, A., 1974:
Differentiation of photosynthetic apparatus during growth and greening of leaves

Lisovyi, M.; Lokhans'-Ka, V., 1984:
Differentiation of physiological

Momot, Ts, 1981:
Differentiation of pinceana pinyon pine (Pinus pithyusa Stev.) plants in culture in vitro Morphogenesis

Marty, F., 1971:
Differentiation of plasts in the laticifers of Euphorbia characias L

Lin, D.; Hubbes, M.Z.uffa, L., 1997:
Differentiation of poplar clones using random amplified polymorphic DNA fingerprinting

Tumadzhanov, I.; Beridze, R.; Pogosian, A., 1975:
Differentiation of populations and evolution of polyploid complex Veronica gentianoides Vahl agg. in the Great Caucasus

Cristovam, E.P.terson, A.P.ggott,. Jr.;, 2000:
Differentiation of port wines by appearance using a sensory panel: comparing free choice and conventional profiling

Lokteva, F.D., 1980:
Differentiation of postvaccinal serological reactions by the milk agglutination test in cows vaccinated with strain 19 vaccine

Bukasov, S.; Ogluzdin, A.1; Gavrilyuk, I., 1982:
Differentiation of potato genomes according to immunochemical analytical data Solanum tuberosum

Barnett, O.; Burrows, P.; Mclaughlin, M.; Scott, S.; Baum, R., 1985:
Differentiation of potyviruses of the bean yellow mosaic subgroup

Zuiderwijk-Sick, E.A.; van der Putten, Céline.; Bsibsi, M.; Deuzing, I.P.; de Boer, W.; Persoon-Deen, C.; Kondova, I.; Boven, L.A.; van Noort, J.M.; 't Hart, B.A.; Amor, S.; Bajramovic, J.J., 2007:
Differentiation of primary adult microglia alters their response to TLR8-mediated activation but not their capacity as APC

Hoffmann, H., 1981:
Differentiation of primary aerobic grown bovine brucella strains

Schnug, E., 1984:
Differentiation of primary and secondary effects of nitrogen fertilizers on the micronutrient supply of cereals and maize

Klag, J., 1977:
Differentiation of primordial germ cells in the embryonic development of Thermobia domestica, Pack. (Thysanura): an ultrastructural study

Izhevskaia, Ee, 1978:
Differentiation of procurement prices and its effect on the leveling of economic conditions of farm production output

Semiletov, Lm, 1980:
Differentiation of procurement prices, an important direction of their improvement Discussion, government and Communist Party decrees.1

Primatesta, G., 1981:
Differentiation of properties of milk, dairy products and cheeses

Muller-Peddinghaus, R.T.autwein, G., 1978:
Differentiation of proteinuria by means of sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Danilova, M.; Telepova, M., 1981:
Differentiation of proto- and metaphloem sieve elements in roots of Hordeum vulgare (Poaceae)

Bornman, C.; Ellis, R., 1971:
Differentiation of pseudothallial tracheary elements in Nicotiana tabacum tissue cultured in vitro

Kraus, J., 1972:
Differentiation of purchasing prices in Lithuania

Leikola, A., 1975:
Differentiation of quail Hensen's node in chick coelomic cavity

Schon, I., 1974:
Differentiation of quantitative and qualitative slaughter characteristics as a basis of the international meat trade

Buckle, Gr, 1982:
Differentiation of queens and nestmate interactions of newly extablished colonies of Lasioglossum zephyrum (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) Kansas

Hunter, A.G., 1969:
Differentiation of rabbit sperm antigens from those of seminal plasma

Voronkova, A.; Sidorina, L.; Strel'-Nikov, V., 1977:
Differentiation of races of Puccinia recondita Rob. ex Desm. f. sp. tritici with the wheat cultivars which are resistance donors to this rust species and its significance for plant breeding

Gunasekaran, M.W.ber, D.; Hess, W., 1979:
Differentiation of races of Tilletia caries and Tilletia foetida by pyrolysis-gas-liquid chromatography

Castrejon, S., A., 1981:
Differentiation of races of Verticillium dahliae Klebahn isolated in Laguna District , using and improved Pearson tomato variety as the differentiatiating plant

Leibundgut, H., 1985:
Differentiation of races of the European larch

Sengupta, P.S.n, A.; Bose, A.M.thew, T., 1973:
Differentiation of randhuni (Apium graveolens) and ajowan (Carum copticum) by thin layer chromatographic separation of their essential oils

Prasad, V.; Misra, D., 1978:
Differentiation of raw meats of different species of animals by using rivanol precipitated antisera

Olbrich, H., 1977:
Differentiation of real molasses, paramolasses and pseudomolasses

Renaud, J.F.; Kazazoglou, T.; Schmid, A.; Romey, G.; Lazdunski, M., 1984:
Differentiation of receptor sites for [3H]nitrendipine in chick hearts and physiological relation to the slow Ca2+ channel and to excitation-contraction coupling

Perina, V., 1973:
Differentiation of regeneration methods in the forests of the Czechoslovak Republic

Noirot, C., 1985:
Differentiation of reproductives in higher termites

Lechene-De-La-Porte, P., 1976:
Differentiation of root cap cells of peas and barley. Morphological and cytological studies of the modifications of dictyosomes

Taha, S.; Mahmoud, S.; Salem, S., 1970:
Differentiation of root-nodule bacteria

Kunze, Harald, 1983:
Differentiation of round cells in human ejaculate

Middaugh, P.; Koupal, L.; Pierce, R.; Tiede, J.; Zerfas, J., 1971:
Differentiation of ruminant from non-ruminant fecal sources of water pollution by use of enteric bacteria

Nakamura, S.; Suzuki, K.; Haraguchi, K.; Ohtsubo, K.'ichi, 2007:
Differentiation of sake material rice cultivars by PCR method

Poluektova, E.; Kakpakov, V.; Mitrofanov, V., 1986:
Differentiation of salivary gland chromosome puffing in Drosophila virilis in different nutrient media

Hauptli, F., 1972:
Differentiation of sclereids in Pyrus communis. morphological, anatomical and histochemical studies

Sisojevic, D., 1977:
Differentiation of scotch pine (Pinus silvestris) according to the anatomy of needles on the seed plantation Rakovica

Novoselov, V.; Kotova, S.; Bychkova, K.; Maiorova, V., 1976:
Differentiation of seed systems of propagation

Mandryk, V.; Petrus, I., 1971:
Differentiation of seedbud, deve

Brach, E.; Mack, A., 1976:
Differentiation of selected annual field crops throughout the growing season by their spectral reflectance properties

Kintsurashvili, Nt, 1981:
Differentiation of sex cells in the embryogenesis of different breeds of chickens

Ford, J.; Christenson, R., 1986:
Differentiation of sexual behavior

Shayan, P.; Rahbari, S., 2007:
Differentiation of sheep Theileria spp. and Babesia spp. by polymerase chain reaction

Mandal, S.G.dgil, V., 1979:
Differentiation of shoot buds & roots in fruit callus culture of Solanum nigrum L

Thakur, S., 1975:
Differentiation of shoot buds & roots in petiolar segments of Begonia picta Smith

Bhargava, S.U.adhyaya, S1; Garg, K1; Chandra, N., 1983:
Differentiation of shoot buds in hypocotyl explants and callus cultures of some legumes Vigna aconitifolius, Dalbergia sissoo, Albizia lebbek

Pareek, L.; Chandra, N., 1978:
Differentiation of shoot buds in vitro in tissue cultures ofSisymbrium irio L

Gunal, H.; Ersahn, S.; Kutlu, T.; Yetgn, B., 2007:
Differentiation of soil horizons and parent materials by quantified soil color parameters

Bonfils, P.M.inereau, J., 1971:
Differentiation of soils on granite of the oriental Central Massive in Ardeche

Chudecki, Z.G.einert, H.N.edzwiecki, E.Z.blocki, Z., 1972 :
Differentiation of soluble and total manganese contents in eroded soils of Pomerania

Rangkl, Julia, E., 2004:
Differentiation of somatic cells in milk of several species with special regard to epithelial cells

Nikolajczuk, M.B.lbierz, H.K.siniak, K., 1976:
Differentiation of some enzymatic patterns of the plasma of stallion semen

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1972:
Differentiation of some essential iols presenting a related constitution particularly by the analysis of their Ultraviolet, Infrared, Raman specters). V. Essences from Chinese anise (Illicium verum Hook F.), green anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) and sweet fennel (Foeniculum dulce D.C.)

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P.L.vault, M., 1973:
Differentiation of some essential oils having a similar composition (in particular by the examination of their ultraviolet, infrared and Raman spectra). X. Essences of various Citrus

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.L.vault, M., 1974:
Differentiation of some essential oils presenting a related composition (in particular by the examination of their ultra violet, infrared and Raman spectra). XI. On the thin layer and gas chromatographies of cinnamon essences

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1972:
Differentiation of some essential oils presenting a related constitution (in particular by VV, IR, Raman examination of their specters). VI. Oils from the Roman camomile (Anthemis nobilis L.) and the German camomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.)

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1973:
Differentiation of some essential oils presenting a related constitution (in particular by examination of their ultraviolet, infrared and Raman specters). VIII. Essences of various Thymus species

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1973:
Differentiation of some essential oils presenting a related constitution. IX. On the gas phase chromatography of the essences of Thymus

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.v, P., 1972:
Differentiation of some essential oils presenting a similar constitution (in particular by ultraviolet, infrared and Raman examination of their spectra). VII. Essences of Curcuma (curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. and Curcuma longa L.)

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1971:
Differentiation of some essential oils with similar structur e (especially by examining their ultraviolat, infrared, and Raman spectrum).iII. essences of Lavandula vera D. c., Lavandula latifolia Chaix., and Lavandula hybrida Rev

Herisset, A.J.livet, J.R.y, P., 1971:
Differentiation of some essential oils with similar structur e (especially by examining their ultraviolet, infrared, and Raman spectrum). I. Essences of Mentha piperita L

Jolivet, J.R.y, P.B.ussarie, M., 1971:
Differentiation of some essential oils with similar structur e (especially by examining their ultraviolet, infrared, and Raman spectrum).II. essence of Origanum majorana L., and essence of Origanum vulgare L

Vasiurenko, Z.; Siniak, K.; Gvozdiak, R.; Kabashnaia, L., 1977:
Differentiation of some species of Erwinia in the cellular fatty acid composition

Vasyurenko, Z.; Sinyak, K.; Gvozdyak, R.; Kabashnaya, L., 1977:
Differentiation of some species of genus Erwinia on the basis of their cellular fatty acid composition

Mastrilli, M.L.; Saccà, G.; Silano, V., 1970:
Differentiation of some taxonomic groups of Arthropoda by disk-electrophoretic analysis of protein extracts

Malets'-, If, 1980:
Differentiation of sowing rates

Saeki, Yuichi; Murata, Tadashi; Yamakawa, Takeo; Akao, Shoichiro, 2007:
Differentiation of soybean-nodulating Bradyrhizobium USDA strains using restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 23S-5S rRNA genes

Kravets, A.; Zebrev, V.; Konstantinova, L., 1980:
Differentiation of specific and non-specific tuberculin reactions in cattle

Rusakova, T.I., 2006:
Differentiation of splenic injuries by the time of their infliction

Kelley, Carole, 1970:
Differentiation of sporogenous cells in the liverwort Sphaerocarpos donnellii

Fober, H.G.ertych, M., 1968:
Differentiation of spruce seedlings of Polish provenance in relation to the nitrogen concentration in the medium and com petition with grass

Viachkilev, V.; Kartsev, A.; Maslakova, T.; Davydova, N., 1984:
Differentiation of spruce transplants and plantations

Bairak, V.; Dmitrieva, T., 1970:
Differentiation of staphylococci according to their DNA ACTIVITY

Ginzburg, V.V., 1975:
Differentiation of staphylococci isolated from chickens

Nieder, Meinholf, 1988:
Differentiation of staphylococcus strains from milk samples of mastitis suffering cows

Nsumbu, N., 1979:
Differentiation of stems with leaves from topped plants of Coffea canephora

Hashimoto, Y., 1970:
Differentiation of steroids and triterpenoids by color reaction

Bryant, Ja, 1981:
Differentiation of storage cells in seeds of legumes

Lin, C.; Chen, T., 1987:
Differentiation of strains of Spiroplasma citri with monoclonal antibodies

Skardova,, M., 1970:
Differentiation of strains of Staphylococcus aureus of animal origin

Drijfhout, E.S.lbernagel, M.; Burke, D., 1977:
Differentiation of strains of bean common mosaic virus

Richter, J., 1983:
Differentiation of strains of cucumber mosaic virus

Gruntzig, M.F.chs, E., 1986:
Differentiation of strains of plum pox virus (PPV)

Filev, F., 1980:
Differentiation of streptococci

Padelimas, T.; Butkus, A., 1970:
Differentiation of streptococci from agalactic group

Sabine, M.; Robertson, G.R.; Whalley, J.M., 1981:
Differentiation of sub-types of equine herpesvirus I by restriction endonuclease analysis

Robinson, A.; Ramadass, P.L.e, A.M.rshall, R., 1982:
Differentiation of subtypes Leptospira interrogans serovars hardjo, balcanica and tarassovi, by bacterial restriction-endonuclease DNA analysis (Brenda)

Lin,, W., 1984:
Differentiation of sucrose and glucose into protoplasts isolated from immature soybean cotyledons

Semikhnenko, Pg, 1975:
Differentiation of sunflower feeding areas

Worley, D.; Seesee, F.; Greer, K., 1985:
Differentiation of sylvatic Trichinella isolates by host affinities and developmental characteristics in laboratory animals

Daneo, L.; Filogamo, G., 1975:
Differentiation of synaptic area in slow and fast muscle fibres

Masai, H.O.mori, S.K.neko, T.E.ine, H., 1973:
Differentiation of synthetic from biogenic raw materials in various foods with a liquid scintillation counter. I. acetic acid in foods

Legocki, A.W.jciechowska, K., 1970:
Differentiation of tRNA from Lupinus luteus: changes in the course of seedling development

Bel'-Chenko, Vb, 1975:
Differentiation of testing for brucellosis in sick and immunized cattle

Drijfhout, E., 1970:
Differentiation of the Dutch strains of BCMV

Makarov, M.V.; Ryzhyk, I.V.; Voskoboynikov, G.M.; Matishov, G.G., 2006:
Differentiation of the Laminaria saccharina (L.) lamour blade as the adaptation to the long darkness conditions

Kuleshis, A.K.nstavichius, I., 1981:
Differentiation of the accuracy of evaluation of the supply of tree stands

Moser, J.; Bode, H.; Nunemann, H.C.llatz, S.F.ldhege, A.H.rzfeld, A., 1970:
Differentiation of the actomyosin system during morphogenesis of the house cricket, Acheta domesticus L

Beyermann, K.E.krich, W., 1974:
Differentiation of the aerosol-bound and gaseous fractions of insecticides in air

Storublenkova, V.; Komissarenko, A., 1981:
Differentiation of the amino acid spectrum of protein fractions of milk and its heritability in cattle

Gritsai, A.; Kolomiets, N., 1981:
Differentiation of the arable layer as affected by tillage Field crop yields, soil humus, nutrients and physical properties, Ukrainian SSR.1

Schreier, P.D.awert, F.J.nker, A., 1976:
Differentiation of the aroma components of different grape varieties (Vitis vinifera) by using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Rostovtseva, Z.; Kadyrkulova, S., 1976:
Differentiation of the axillary meristem of Crambe abyssinica Hocht

Hlavac, Tf, 1971:
Differentiation of the carabid antenna cleaner

Gottwald, R., 1979:
Differentiation of the caterpillars of Tortricidae in apple plantations--basic element of direct control

Csete, L.M.gyeri, F., 1970:
Differentiation of the co-operative collective farms according to production site expectable for 1975

Parikov, V.; Slobodianik, V.1; Kuz'-Min, G.1; Kvasova, M.1; Pelevina, V.1; Sokolova, L., 1981:
Differentiation of the coccus microflora of milk Diagnosis of mastitis.1

Krotil, V., 1978:
Differentiation of the concepts of Agricultural organization and Agricultural enterprise

Gotkiewicz, J.S.pek, B.P.ascik, H., 1983:
Differentiation of the content of mineral elements in the soil and hays on chosen peatlands drained long ago in the Masurian Lake District

Burianova, K., 1972:
Differentiation of the economic results and income situation of Unified Agricultural Co-operatives under different natural and economic conditions in the year 1970

Orphanidis, P.; Hardakis, I.E.onomopoulos, P.P.panikolaou, P., 1979:
Differentiation of the effects of unfavorable polyvalent insecticides on Coccinellidae in relation to the methods of chemical control and methods for application

Croisille, Y., 1981:
Differentiation of the epididymis in birds, with particular reference to the rooster

Freeman, J., A.; Burnett, P., 2007:
Differentiation of the epipod chloride cells in the limb of Artemia

Higazi, Mg, 1978:
Differentiation of the estradiol treated neonatal cervical epithelium of mice after prolonged survival in homografts

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