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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15513

Chapter 15513 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hera, C.M.haila, V., 1979:
Differentiation of the fertilization system in maize cultivation

Konarev, Av, 1975:
Differentiation of the first genomes from polyploid wheat species according to the data of the immunochemical analysis of the alcoholic fraction of grain protein

Legave, Jm, 1975:
Differentiation of the flower bud and winter rest in the apricot plant Prunus armeniaca vulgaris

Bartoshevich, Yue; Dmitrieva, Sb; Krest'-Yanova, In; Vasil'-Eva, Li, 1986:
Differentiation of the fungus Acremonium chrysogenum and synthesis of serine proteases

Josso, N., 1981:
Differentiation of the genital tract: stimulators and inhibitors

Kravtsova, T.; Gavrilyuk, I.; Akimov, Y.; Denisov, V., 1983:
Differentiation of the genus Persica Mill. according to seed protein

Udar, R.G.pta, A., 1981:
Differentiation of the genus Targionia L. in India. I. The West Himalayan complex

Udar, R.G.pta, A., 1983:
Differentiation of the genus Targionia L. in India. II. The East Himalayan and South Indian complex and description of a new species of Targionia

Ramus, J., 1972:
Differentiation of the green alga Codium fragile

Sivasubramanian, P.; Bhaskaran, G.; Nair, K.K., 1970:
Differentiation of the imaginal muscles in X-irradiated house fly pupae

Munzer, W.F.schbeck, G., 1973:
Differentiation of the important malting barley varieties by means of quantitative grain criteria

Statzner, B., 1976:
Differentiation of the larvae and pupae of the caddisfly species Hydropsyche angustipennis and pellucidula (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae)

Kneorl, Hermann, 1982:
Differentiation of the levels of iron deficiency in piglets and the possibilities of its diagnosis by small instruments

Slepian, E.; Glazovskii, V., 1976:
Differentiation of the mycelium of Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht, Fusarium vasinfectum (Atk.) Sn. et Hans. in the vessels of metaxylem of Gossypium barbadense L

Slepyan, E.; Glazovskii, V., 1976:
Differentiation of the mycelium of Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. f. vasinfectum (Atk.) Sn. et Hans. in metaxylem vessels

Hryhor'-Iev, Oia, 1984:
Differentiation of the nature of tuberculin reactions in sheep by the method of complement fixation test

Stegemann, H.F.ancksen, H.R.mpenhorst, H., 1982:
Differentiation of the nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida by one- and two-dimensional electrophoresis of their proteins

Jacob, H.; Christ, B.J.cob, M.A.lstrom, P., 1976 :
Differentiation of the neural tube: experimental studies on the chick and quail embryos

Dolapchieva, Sd, 1973:
Differentiation of the non-myelinated nerve fibres in the peripheral nervous system of rabbits

Palevody, C., 1973:
Differentiation of the nucleus of the ovocyte during meiotic prophase in Collembola (Insecta, Apterygota); ultrastructural study

Pictet, R.M.cdonald, R.S.ain, W.; Crerar, M.; Hobart, P.; Crawford, R.S.en, L.; Bell, G.; Rutter, W., 1981:
Differentiation of the pancreas: an analysis of the structure of the amylase and insulin genes

Manelli, H.; Corujo, A.; Mastrolia, L., 1978:
Differentiation of the parathyroid of hypophysectomized chick embryos

Nilnophakoon, N., 1984:
Differentiation of the parietal and chief cells in stomach of the foetal pig

Chumakova, A.; Kozlovskaia, I.; Kovalenko, E., 1979:
Differentiation of the pathogen of potato late blight by morphological-cultural characters

L.D.uarin, N.M.; Houssaint, E.; Jotereau, F., 1977:
Differentiation of the primary lymphoid organs in avian embryos: origin and homing of the lymphoid stem cells

Teerink, Bj, 1979:
Differentiation of the pupae of Bupalus piniarius L. and Semiothisa liturata Cl

Iamaleev, A.; Krivchenko, V.; Gavriliuk, I., 1975:
Differentiation of the races of loose smut of wheat according to proteins of chlamidospores

Marin, L.D.meron, F., 1974:
Differentiation of the respiratory epithelium of the chick embryo hypophysectomized by partial decapitation

Glaserova, J.D.vilova, Z., 1980:
Differentiation of the results of agricultural enterprises farming under about the same natural conditions

Marko, Milan, 1992:
Differentiation of the rumen epithelium of cattle during intrauterine development

Abduev, M.; Nazarov, T., 1973:
Differentiation of the salt compos

Novotna, J., 1975:
Differentiation of the seeds of Brassica oleracea L. varieties according to perisperm prints

Martinand, P.M.llo, A., 1979:
Differentiation of the sheep rearing farms of the southern pre-Alps in function of pasture use

Suzuki, Y., 1977:
Differentiation of the silk gland. A model system for the study of differential gene action

Ali-Yrkko, S.K.rhonen, H.A.tila, M., 1979:
Differentiation of the species of Clostridia by cellular fatty acids

Ermakov, Ai, 1983:
Differentiation of the specimens of Brassica juncea by the content of fatty acids in the oil of the seed

Arnscheid, W.R.os, P., 1977:
Differentiation of the subjects of Erebia euryale Esper in Central Europe with special regard to mixed populations (Lepidoptera, Satyridae). iV. contributions to the knowledge of Erebia

Steer, M.W., 1977:
Differentiation of the tapetum in Avena. I. The cell surface

Steer, M.W., 1977:
Differentiation of the tapetum in Avena. II. The endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus

Kunze, Dagmar, 1990:
Differentiation of the target population of the Kabare Project based on a socioeconomic analysis in the Kivu, Zaeire region

Akhmaev, T.; Matiushin, M., 1980:
Differentiation of the tillage of soil planted to winter crops Rye, wheat, Tatar ASSR.1

Ipatov, Vs, 1969:
Differentiation of the tree stand. II. Defection of deformations in the distribution curves of trees according to their diameters

Smaoui, A., 1971:
Differentiation of the trichomes of Atriplex halimus

Kolbach, P., 1970:
Differentiation of the viscosity of wort and beer

Bennett, N.D.bois, R.C.apeville, F., 1972:
Differentiation of the vitelline sac during early stages of development in chick embryo, under normal conditions and in culture

Lonc, W.R.menda, S., 1983:
Differentiation of the yield components of white clover varieties

Hofferek, H.; Proll, E.; Richter, J.; Eisenbrandt, K., 1972:
Differentiation of three strains of brome mosaic virus. II. Specific infectivity of the virus strains and thermal denaturation of virus RNA

Kucharczyk, H.; Setniewska, M.; Legutowska, H., 2006:
Differentiation of thrips (Thysanoptera) fauna on herbal plants in Warsaw region

Chunikhin, S.P., 1980:
Differentiation of tickborne encephalitis virus strains by viremia levels they cause in common redbacked voles

Ribier, J., 1969:
Differentiation of tissues in Laminaria saccharina, Laminaria digitata, Laminaria hyperborea

Krzysko, K.R.gozinska, J., 1975:
Differentiation of tomato anthers cultured in vitro

Albinger, G.B.iderbeck, R., 1983:
Differentiation of tracheary elements and storage parenchyma cells in suspension cultures of Asparagus plumosus Baker

Benharrat, H.R.naudin, S.R.y, L.T.alouarn, P., 1987:
Differentiation of tracheids in the haustoria of Osyris alba parasitizing Hedera helix

Balbierz, H.K.czmarek, A.N.kolajczuk, M., 1969:
Differentiation of transferrin type D (F D) in cattle into Tf D1 and Tf D2

Foster, J.L.; Williams, G.; Williams, L.J.; Tuch, B.E., 2007:
Differentiation of transplanted microencapsulated fetal pancreatic cells

Timofeev, Gp, 1976:
Differentiation of trees according to corridors and windows of light

Denison, Wc, 1972:
Differentiation of tribes and genera in the family Sarcoscyphaceae

Iudin, Ga, 1970:
Differentiation of tuberculin reactions

Musiani, M.; Leonard, J.-A.C.uff,; Gates, C.C.rmack; Mariani, S.; Paquet,, C.; Wayne, R., K., 2007:
Differentiation of tundra

Musiani, M.; Leonard, J.A.; Cluff, H.Dean.; Gates, C.Cormack.; Mariani, S.; Paquet, P.C.; Vilà, C.; Wayne, R.K., 2007:
Differentiation of tundra/taiga and boreal coniferous forest wolves: genetics, coat colour and association with migratory caribou

Woodman, D.R.; Johnson, R.B.; Hetrick, F.M., 1974:
Differentiation of two serotypes of infectious bronchitis virus by the macrophage migration-inhibition test

Ignash, Ia, 1978:
Differentiation of two strains of tomato aspermy virus with the aid of Nicotiana rustica L. and Chenopodium quinoa Willd. plants

Rosenberg, G.L.; Wohlenberg, C.; Nahmias, A.J.; Notkins, A.L., 1972:
Differentiation of type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex virus by in vitro stimulation of immune lymphocytes

Cardillo, M., 1982:
Differentiation of various protein contents of margarines

Brandl, E., 1970:
Differentiation of various types of rennet by their lipolytic and proteolytic activity and their inhibitory action on microbial lipases

Niemann, E., 1970:
Differentiation of vegetation and water factor. remarks on coincidence from the viewpoint of ecological methodology

Ohsawa, M., 1984:
Differentiation of vegetation zones and species strategies in the subalpine region of Mt. Fuji

Golais,, A., 1982:
Differentiation of virulent and attenuated pseudorabies virus strains by the biological and genetic markers

Berkhoff, H.; Vinal, A., 1987:
Differentiation of virulent and avirulent avian Escherichia coli using Congo Red binding

Emilia, M.; Spada, M.B.ritognolo, I.C.nnata, F., 1997:
Differentiation of walnut hybrids (Juglans Nigra L. x Juglans Regia L.) through RAPD markers

Berni, R.; Perkins, H.J.; Domelsmith, L.; Goynes, W.; Ward, T., 1986:
Differentiation of washed and unwashed cotton

Berni, R.; Montalvo, J.1; Perkins, H1; Buco, S., 1983:
Differentiation of washed and unwashed cotton to reduce dust levels and eliminate processing difficulties

Niedzwiecki, E., 1972:
Differentiation of water and air properties of heavy alluvial soils in the valley of the river Ina according to their utilization

Gamalei, Yuv, 1973:
Differentiation of water-conducting elements in plants

Borowiec, S.K.tyna, I.S.rzyczynska, J., 1975:
Differentiation of weed communities in lowlands of Pyrzyce against the background of ecological conditions

Konarev, A.; Gavriliuk, I.; Miguchova, E., 1974:
Differentiation of wheat diploids according to the data of i mmunochemical analysis of gliadins

Tajnsek, T., 1977:
Differentiation of wheat varieties according to grain properties

Meyer, D.N.erle, W., 1977:
Differentiation of wheat varieties based on morphological and chemical differences

Konarev, A.; Migushova, E.; Gavriliuk, I.; Konarev, V., 1972:
Differentiation of wild emmer wheat according to electrophoretic data and immunochemical analysis of gliadins

Zemanek, J., 1979:
Differentiation of wild oat plants from cereals by means of aminotriazole

Draganova, I., 1974:
Differentiation of work compensa

Hammersley, D.; Mccully, M., 1980:
Differentiation of wound xylem in pea roots in the presence of colchicine

Engel, K.; Tressl, R., 1983:
Differentiation of yellow and purple passion fruits by investigation of their ester composition

Styk, B.D.iamba, S., 1977:
Differentiation of yields of some winter wheat varieties and their mixture under medium level of fertilizer application

Ziuz'-, N.; Lobacheva, M., 1979:
Differentiation of young pine planted stands in the extreme south-east

Popova, L.; Karatygin, I., 1976:
Differentiation of zoospore flagella in the sporangia of Plasmopara viticola (Berk. et Curt.) Berl. et de T

Herington, A.C.; Adamson, L.F.; Bornstein, J., 1972 :
Differentiation on the basis of glucose requirements between the effects of somatomedin on protein synthesis and sulphate incorporation in embryonic chick cartilage

Choma, D., 1981:
Differentiation on the farm enterprise level

Franzen, R., 1988:
Differentiation patterns in Achillea ageratifolia (Asteraceae)

Matthas, U., 1981:
Differentiation patterns in Centaurea sect. Phalolepis (Compositae) Description, chromosome counts.1

Reuther, G., 1979:
Differentiation patterns in callus and cloning of different asparagus varieties

Urbanska, K.M., 1987:
Differentiation patterns in higher plants

Bothmer, R.Von, 1981:
Differentiation patterns in the genus Scutellaria from the Balkan Peninsula Distribution, variability of morphological and biological features

Derynck, R.; Akhurst, R.J., 2007:
Differentiation plasticity regulated by TGF-beta family proteins in development and disease

Mraz, O., 1975:
Differentiation possibilities between pasteurellae and actinobacilli

Halldorsson, S.; Asgrimsson, V.; Axelsson, I.; Gudmundsson, G.Hrafn.; Steinarsdottir, M.; Baldursson, O.; Gudjonsson, T., 2007:
Differentiation potential of a basal epithelial cell line established from human bronchial explant

Southgate, J.; Varley, C.L.; Garthwaite, M.A.E.; Hinley, J.; Marsh, F.; Stahlschmidt, J.; Trejdosiewicz, L.K.; Eardley, I., 2007:
Differentiation potential of urothelium from patients with benign bladder dysfunction

Kremser, W., 1973:
Differentiation problems for pragmatic decisions in forest protection

Hasebe, A.I.mura, K., 1983:
Differentiation process of the

Merl, S., 1984:
Differentiation processes of the Soviet village in approach to collectivization

Bel'-Chenko, V.B., 1978:
Differentiation reactions for brucellosis in diseased and immunized cattle

Kazakova, G.; Karkinbaeva, A.; Esenova, S.; Nikitina, E., 1984:
Differentiation regeneration in Fusarium bulbigenum var. blasticola in the presence of sodium molybdate and sulfates

Pedersen, C.M.ckelsen, W.; Tyler, J.; Wolfe, D., 1997:
Differentiation scrotal enlargements in bulls

Cerveny, C., 1972:
Differentiation staining of bone tissue on topographic anatomic sections with alizarin red

Bernabeu, R.; Martinez Carrasco, L.; Brugarolas, M.; Diaz, M., 2007:
Differentiation strategies of quality red wine in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

Clissold, P.M., 1974:
Differentiation studies on separated rabbit early erythroid cells

Moosavi, M.Amin.; Yazdanparast, R., 2006 :
Differentiation therapy as an effective strategy for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Ehrendorfer, F., 1987:
Differentiation trends in tropical woody angiosperms

Brusven, Merlyn, A., 1967:
Differentiation, ecology, and distribution of immature slant-faced grasshoppers (Acridinae) in Kansas

Lintilhac, P.; Jensen, W., 1974:
Differentiation, organogenesis, and the tectonics of cell wall orientation. I. Preliminary observations on the development of the ovule in cotton

Lintilhac, Pm, 1974:
Differentiation, organogenesis, and the tectonics of cell wall orientation. II. Separation of stresses in a two-dimensional model

Lintilhac, Pm, 1974:
Differentiation, organogenesis, and the tectonics of cell wall orientation. III. Theoretical considerations of cell wall mechanics

Trevisan, P.P.derzoli, A., 1984:
Differentiation, structure and histochemistry in the epidermis of the minnow Phoxinus phoxinus L. (Cyprinidae, Pisces)

Chandrasekhara-Menon, Mk, 1971:
Differentiation-a conspectus

Kim, J.Young.; Tillison, K.S.; Zhou, S.; Lee, J.Ho.; Smas, C.M., 2007:
Differentiation-dependent expression of Adhfe1 in adipogenesis

Khazen, W.; M'Bika, J-Pierre.; Collinet, M.; Tramoni, M.; Chany, C.; Achour, A.; Forest, C., 2007:
Differentiation-dependent expression of interferon gamma and toll-like receptor 9 in 3T3-F442A adipocytes

Zhang, J.; Posner, G.H.; Danilenko, M.; Studzinski, G.P., 2007:
Differentiation-inducing potency of the seco-steroid JK-1624F2-2 can be increased by combination with an antioxidant and a p38MAPK inhibitor which upregulates the JNK pathway

Winkler, S., 1986:
Differentiations and their causes within the Bromeliaceae

Millan, Med, 1981:
Differentiations between two honey bees populations using statistical test Apis mellifera, Cuba.1

Rekos,, A.K.pernicky, M., 1977:
Differentiations in workers

Budzyanski, Franciszek, 1990:
Differentiations of expenditures and land productivity in Poland and selected West-european countries

Olbrich, H., 1981:
Differentiations of the concept of technology

Nirenberg, Hi, 1984:
Differentiaton of Pseudocercosporella strains causing foot rot disease of cereals. II. Physiological reactions in culture

Weser, U.; Hartmann, H.J., 1988:
Differently bound copper(I) in yeast Cu8-thionein

Ruszczyc, A.F.itz,, J.N.dwyczawski, W.K.szubkiewicz, C., 1972:
Differently treated rapeseed oil meals for fattening pigs

Hamm, C.W.; Hamann, A., 2006:
Differenzielle Therapie bei Diabetikern mit akutem koronarsyndrom

Schmidt, Andree, 2002:
Differenzierung von Hefen aus Milchproben von Kuhen mit klinischen und subklinischen Mastitiden und aus Tupferproben von der Melkanlage

Nomura, N.M.namiyama, Y.S.irai, S., 1982:
Differesnce in growth, yield an

Humphreys, I.; Blackshaw, R.; Stewart, R.; Coll, C., 1993:
Differetiation between larvae of Tipula paludosa and Tipula olracea (Diptera: Tipulidae) using isoelectric focusing, and their occurrence in grassland in northern Britain

Cundy, T.; Gamble, G.; Neale, L.; Elder, R.; McPherson, P.; Henley, P.; Rowan, J., 2007:
Differing causes of pregnancy loss in type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Morss, E.; Honadle, G., 1985:
Differing agendas

Grunsteidl, E.P.ter, F., 1970:
Differing behavior of angova goat and angora rabbit wool in micro-dry distillation

Hammond, H., E.; Schoellhorn, R., K.; Wilson, S., B.; Norcini, J., G., 2007:
Differing blanketflower cultivar and ecotype responses to plant growth regulators

Hudson, V.M., 2006:
Differing compartments of intracellular glutathione have differing levels of glutathione in cystic fibrosis

Boyne, R.A.thur, Jr; Wilson, Ab; Mann, So, 1985:
Differing effects of Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium infection on selenium-depleted and supplemented rats

Rao, M.; Nash, N.F.eld, M., 1982:
Differing effects of cAMP and cGMP on ion transport across the intestine of the winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus

Rao, M.C.; Nash, N.T.; Field, M., 1984:
Differing effects of cGMP and cAMP on ion transport across flounder intestine

O'Maille, E.R.; Kozmary, S.V.; Hofmann, A.F.; Gurantz, D., 1984:
Differing effects of norcholate and cholate on bile flow and biliary lipid secretion in the rat

Taniguchi, H.; Muroi, R.; Kobayashi-Hattori, K.; Uda, Y.; Oishi, Y.; Takita, T., 2007:
Differing effects of water-soluble and fat-soluble extracts from Japanese radish (Raphanus sativus) sprouts on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Merrick, B.A.; Robinson, M.; Condie, L.W., 1989:
Differing hepatotoxicity and lethality after subacute trichloroethylene exposure in aqueous or corn oil gavage vehicles in B6C3F1 mice

Gewecke, M., 1971:
Differing influences of antennae and front hairs of Locusta migratoria on flight speed

Dowsett, A.; Young, M., 1982:
Differing levels of dispersed repetitive DNA among closely related species of Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila simulans, Drosophila mauritiana

Larsen, Tb, 1988:
Differing oviposition and larval feeding strategies in two Colotis butterflies sharing the same food plant

Garg, K.; Green, P., 2007:
Differing patterns of selection in alternative and constitutive splice sites

Pierce, M.B.; Crowell, R.E.; Ferris, A.M., 2006:
Differing perspectives of inner-city parents and pediatric clinicians impact management of iron-deficiency anemia

Herdt, Rw, 1984:
Differing perspectives on the world food problem: discussion

Lu, Y-Kuang.; Stemler, A.J., 2007:
Differing responses of the two forms of photosystem II carbonic anhydrase to chloride, cations, and pH

Cook, J.; Otsuki, K., 1990:
Differing susceptibility of two inbred chicken lines to infection with infectious bronchitis virus

Kearney, B., 1974:
Differing systems of milk production

Adler, Ca, 1974:
Differing views: the environment and pollution problems

Santos, Ec-Dos, 1972:
Differneces in fatty acid composition of milk fat among udder quarters and portions of milking

Farrow, R.; O'-Neill, A., 1978:
Differneces in ovarian development between Austracris proxima (Walker) and Austracris guttulosa (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Oyen, J., 1973:
Differnet cutting heights for different varieties of grass

Utkina, Ag, 1973:
Differnet methods of promoting natural regeneration in complex Pinus type forests of the forest park zone

Resheliauskaite, V.; Antipova, I.; Glemzha, A., 1972:
Differnet properties of pyruvate decarboxylase from bovine brain

Horchner, I., 1973:
Differnetial diagnosis of infectious anemia and strongylosis of horses

Rosenstock, C., 2007:
Difficult airway management

Reina, A., 1970:
Difficult balance in agricultural income

Silvy-Leligois, P., 1977:
Difficult beginnings of controlling waters and forests of Haguenau from 1694 to 1759

Thompson, Jr; Berger, Pj; Freeman, Ae, 1979:
Difficult births unrelated to production, related to type

Good, F., 1978:
Difficult but not not impossible: Container trees and shrubs: a Kansas experience

West, G., 1978:
Difficult calving

Lovelidge, B., 1973:
Difficult calving drug eases stockmans job

Meyerholz, Gw, 1980:
Difficult calvings usually cause delayed breeding

Jackson, C.G.ay, C., 2004:
Difficult choices: helping clients to arrive at an informed decision

Henriksens, R., 1973:
Difficult circumstances for many of Borregaards chief products

Antelyes, J., 1991:
Difficult clients in the next decade

Lown, B.A., 2007:
Difficult conversations: anger in the clinician-patient/family relationship

Anonymous, 1974:
Difficult crop year underlines value of Harvestore versatility

Winkler, A., 1977:
Difficult crosses of lilies

Federer, Ca, 1974:
Difficult decisions--why, what, when, where and how to measure treatment-induced changes in physical variables

Milojevic, Zd, 1984:
Difficult economic position of grape and wine producers--disturbing prospect of Yugoslav viticulture

Mattei, C., 1970:
Difficult equilibrium in the economy of Latium

Samset, I., 1974:
Difficult forest terrain can be utilized with systematic management

Dominione, C., 1971:
Difficult future for dairy products industries

Poptsov, A.; Buch, T., 1970:
Difficult germination of seeds of some beggarticks species and the temperature factor

Mule, A., 1971:
Difficult life for the tangerines of Sicily

Lindseth, R., 1975:
Difficult market situation today--but good long range perspectives

Tarocco, C., 2006:
Difficult parturition, then action is necessary

Rachev, R., 1970:
Difficult parturitions from the

Anonymous, 1975:
Difficult price negotiations

Hamilton, W.; Donaldson, D.K.ehler, C.D.vis, W., 1978:
Difficult sites can support trees

Daniel, P., 1979:
Difficult situation in the nutrition of our honeybees in the cultivated area

Adam, R., 1977:
Difficult situation of agriculture in the United States

Anonymous, 1976:
Difficult situation of the Belgian particleboard industry

Birk, L., 1973:
Difficult species: a trip through South America and hints on the culture of Sophronitis

Wojciechowski, H., 1977:
Difficult tasks for the transport of cereals and rape from the 1976 harvest

Bird, D., 1977:
Difficult times ahead for UK compounders

Orsini-Rosenberg, H., 1978:
Difficult times for Austrian forestry

Fiveland, Tj, 1980:
Difficult to control weed varieties in seed onions

Vargas, R., 1989:
Difficult to manage weeds in California cotton

Polzin, Dj, 2006:
Difficult urinary tract infections

Poschacher, G., 1974:
Difficult verification tests for the 1974 European Economic Community agricultural policy

Washabau, Rj, 2000:
Difficult vomiting disorders: how to diagnose

Washabau, Rj, 2000:
Difficult vomiting disorders: how to treat

Fillmore, Bm, 1981:
Difficult year for U.K. dairy and turkey producers

Mealey, F.H.; Kenyon, N.J.; Avdalovic, M.V.; Louie, S., 2007:
Difficult-to-control asthma in adults

Trabaud, L.C.mpant, C., 1991:
Difficulte de recolonisation naturelle du pin de Salzmann Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. salzmannii (Dunal) Franco apres incendie

Anonymous, 1975:
Difficulties ahead in food sales to europe

Gillie, L., 1976:
Difficulties and discouragements encountered by mothers

Delatour, C., 1984:
Difficulties and future of control of heart rots

Karlsson, N., 1972:
Difficulties and possibilities to determine the utilizable part of nutrients for plants by means of soil analysis

Boulez, E., 1981:
Difficulties and prospects of European grape cultivation

Salas, B.De-Mr-De, 1971:
Difficulties and risks to overcome in rural activities

Lizon, F., 1978:
Difficulties and specialties of veterinary acupuncture

Whaley, Rs, 1974:
Difficulties and the promise of resolution: obstacles to quantification in forest resources management

Myers, M.; Rosenfield, D., 1981:
Difficulties arising from legal definitions of nutrition--uncertainty and risk

Aoyama, T.S.rata,, S.T.wara, T.A., F.W.tanabe, K., 1984:
Difficulties associated with me

Bettelheim, B., 1982:
Difficulties between parents and children: their causes and how to prevent them

Hughes, V.; Owen, J., 1989:
Difficulties breastfeeding mothers may encounter

Albaugh, R., 1976:
Difficulties calving

Boubals, D.M.r, G., 1983:
Difficulties concerning fungicides for grape cultivation

Kozak, R.; Hass, E., 1990:
Difficulties confronting an agricultural pesticide waste collection program in Wisconsin

Facchini, C., 1969:
Difficulties do not turn back the development of the Italian farm mechanization

Oliveira, L.; Mackay, J.; Wright, D., 1989:
Difficulties during industrial drying of hemlock and potential gains by using accelerated schedules

Bernardova, H.W.llova, E., 1981:
Difficulties during the sugarbeet harvest and sugarbeet processing due to the late-emerging weeds in the year 1980

Demmer, W., 1981:
Difficulties encountered in geological investigations in connection with water projects in developing countries

Seeger, J., 1969:
Difficulties encountered in the establishment of a sterilization scale, Continuation and conclusion

Timbal, J., 1970:
Difficulties encountered in the phytosociology of the forest environment

Kabeere, F., 1983:
Difficulties encountered in the production of high quality seeds in Uganda

Saffer, J.B.; Naylor, K.A., 1987:
Difficulties encountered in the treatment of outpatient adolescents

Fulzele, Rm, 1978:
Difficulties experienced by agricultural extension workers in conducting demonstrations

Anonymous, 1942:
Difficulties experienced in operation rented farms as given by 183 tenants in Medina, Miami, and Seneca counties, Ohio, 1941

Witherite, G., 1972:
Difficulties faced in achieving the goals

Wiss, Cbl, 1971:
Difficulties for fruit exports to Germany

Bieser, K., 1980:
Difficulties for the wine market in the 1980 decade

Azevedo, E.Souza, Fc-De, 1978:
Difficulties found in the production of seeds in Rio Grande do Sul

Munch, M., 1975:
Difficulties in British milk production

Ayas, S.; Aköz, I.; Karateke, A.; Köksal, N.; Dolgun, N.; Yenidede, I., 2007:
Difficulties in achieving optimal cytoreduction in primary peritoneal carcinoma management

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Diffusion ports--the answer for exterior foam sheathing on walls?

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Dig and Rate Roots to Evaluate Corn Rootworm Control

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Dig for victory

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Dig in!

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Dig it!

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Dig your hands in the dirt

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Dig yourself a greenhouse

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Dig yourself a shallow well

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Digenic inheritance of male sterility in Plantago lanceolata

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Digest of agricultural statistics

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Digest of cases involving state barriers

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Digest of current economic statistics, Australia

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Digest of literature on Parathion

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Digest of papers

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Digest of replies to Outlook conference letter of June 20, 1952

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Digest of reports of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government

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Digest of research on urea and ruminant nutrition

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Digest of standards for the preparation of meat for exportation and consumption

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Digest of state laws relating to driving under the influence of alcohol

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Digest of technical papers

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Digest of the Rural-urban womens conversations held on the invitation of the Secretary of agriculture, Washington, D.C., April 13, 14, 1939

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Digester operating conditions and pulp quality in a soda-AQ pulp mill

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Digester process management control

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Digester-gas fuel-production facility

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Digesters Biomass, energy.1

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Digesters bring energy and fertilizer to dairy farms

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Digesters for the Third World

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Digestibility in vitro of the constituents of the cellular wall of forage grasses (Brachiaria humidicola) (Rendle) (Schweickerdt)

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Digestibility in vivo, intake and effect of the supplement ation with urea of deferred Eragrostis curvula cultivar Tanganika, in steers

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Digestibility and attractivity of pasture forage with regard to its consumption and usefulness of livestock

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Digestibility and fecal excretion patterns of erucic and brasidic acids esterfied intriglycerides of different structure. A comparative study in the rat

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Digestibility and feed conversion in milk production by lactating cows of Red Steppe and Swiss Brown breeds

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Digestibility and feed intake investigations at different stages of growth of Brachiaria ruziziensis, Chloris gayana and Setaria sphacelata using Corriedale wether sheep. II. Chemical composition and yield

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Digestibility and feed intake of pressure-steam treated sugarcane bagasse, wheat-, rice-, maize-straw, banana and pineapple leaves in ruminants

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Digestibility and feed value of milk replacers in calf raising

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Digestibility and feeding studies using wood molasses in rations for lambs and steers

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Digestibility and feeding value of fresh and ensiled brewers grains

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Digestibility and feeding value of maize and some maize products for sheep and swine

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Digestibility and feeding value of sunflower silage for beef steers

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Digestibility and forage production from a pasture of molassegrass (Melinis minutilfora Pal de Beauv)

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Digestibility and intake

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Digestibility and intake of weeping lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula Ness), Tanganyka cultivar, during autumn and winter

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Digestibility and intake of wheat forage by yearling lambs

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Digestibility and meatbolizability of roughage based ration fed to lactating dairy cows

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Digestibility and metabolism in

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Digestibility and metabolism in swine at various levels of carbohydrates in feed rations

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Digestibility and metabolism in young bulls fed wholesome briquetted mixed feeds

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Digestibility and metabolizable energy of poultry feeds based on hybrid corns

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Digestibility and mineral content of crownvetch clones

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Digestibility and muscle retention of astaxanthin in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, fed diets with the red yeast Phaffia rhodozyma in comparison with synthetic formulated astaxanthin

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Digestibility and nitrogen balance of steers fed reconstituted whole or steam processed flaked sorghum grain

Lee, N.; Kim, C., 1983:
Digestibility and nitrogen balance studies in sheep fed silages prepared with rice straw and manure of different origin

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