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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15517

Chapter 15517 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sturion, A.; Fernandes, A., 1979:
Direct analysis of sugarcane with the hydraulic press method

Smith, T.G.; Lim, J-Min.; Weinberg, M.V.; Wells, L.; Hoover, T.R., 2007:
Direct analysis of the extracellular proteome from two strains of Helicobacter pylori

Vasicek,, A., 1983:
Direct analysis of the gradients of environment and vegetation in the South Moravian riverine forest Czechoslovakia.1

Shaw, J.; Kado, C., 1987:
Direct analysis of the invasiveness of Xanthomonas campestris mutants generated by Tn4431, a transposon containing a promoterless luciferase cassette for monitoring gene expression

Norrman, J., 1977:
Direct analysis of volatile organic compounds produced by fungi

Yamaguchi, Y.; Kumakura, A.; Sugasawa, S.; Harino, H.; Yamada, Y.; Shibata, K.; Senda, T., 2006:
Direct analysis of zinc pyrithione using LC-MS

Bunce, J.A., 2007:
Direct and acclimatory responses of dark respiration and translocation to temperature

Zhou, J-Jun.; Fatehi, M.; Linsdell, P., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of mutations at the outer mouth of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator chloride channel pore

Schaaf, W.-; Hcottl, R., F., 2006:
Direct and Indirect Effects of Soil Pollution by Lignite Mining

Chien, P.; Perchuk, B.S.; Laub, M.T.; Sauer, R.T.; Baker, T.A., 2007:
Direct and adaptor-mediated substrate recognition by an essential AAA+ protease

Young, S.S., 1970:
Direct and associate effects of body weight and viability in Drosophila melanogaster

Roy, J.; Naha, S.; Majumdar, M.; Banerjee, N., 2007:
Direct and callus-mediated protocorm-like body induction from shoot-tips of Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl. (Orchidaceae)

Nolte, Ingo, 1980:
Direct and combination light- and scanning electron microscopic investigation of isolated leukocytes of sheep

Kropczynska, D.; Tomczyk, A.; Bichta, P., 2006:
Direct and consecutive effect of tree injection treatments on development of horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella Deshka et Dimic) population

Smith, K.P.; Bohren, B.B., 1974:
Direct and correlated responses to selection for hatching time in the fowl

Hetzel, D.; Nicholas, F., 1982:
Direct and correlated responses to selection for post-weaning weight gain on ad libitum or restricted feeding in mice Growth, efficiency of food utilization

Larrambebere, Whs, 1980:
Direct and correlated responses to single trait selection in a crossbred poultry flock

Ruiz-Flores, Agustin, 2000:
Direct and correlated responses to two-stage selection for ovulation rate and number of fully formed pigs at birth

Dronov, R.; Kurth, D., G.; Scheller, F., W.; Lisdat, F., 2007:
Direct and cytochrome c mediated electrochemistry of bilirubin oxidase on gold

Koller,, M.S.hausberger, P., 2007:
Direct and indirect adverse effects of tomato on the predatory mite Neoseiulus californicus feeding on the spider mite Tetranychus evansi

Latkin, C.A.; Curry, A.D.; Hua, W.; Davey, M.A., 2007:
Direct and indirect associations of neighborhood disorder with drug use and high-risk sexual partners

Galef, B.G., 1985:
Direct and indirect behavioral pathways to the social transmission of food avoidance

Angelov, M.S.sanin, G., 1979:
Direct and indirect breeding met

Bristol, D.; Macleod, K.; Lewis, R., 1984:
Direct and indirect chemical methods for exposure assessment

Isa, T.; Ohki, Y.; Alstermark, B.; Pettersson, L-Gunnar.; Sasaki, S., 2007:
Direct and indirect cortico-motoneuronal pathways and control of hand/arm movements

Aydemir, Hakki, 1980:
Direct and indirect costs and benefits of forest shelter belts and wind breaks

Shwiff, S.A.; Sterner, R.T.; Jay, M.T.; Parikh, S.; Bellomy, A.; Meltzer, M.I.; Rupprecht, C.E.; Slate, D., 2007:
Direct and indirect costs of rabies exposure: a retrospective study in southern California (1998-2002)

Galassi, D., 1970:
Direct and indirect damage of avian mycoplasmosis

Strausz, J., 1974:
Direct and indirect damaging effects on wood, caused by moisture content

Schoon, N.; Wannholt, L., 1969:
Direct and indirect determination of the hydrogen ion concentration in acid sulfite cooking liquor at elevated temperature

Zavanella, M.N.grelli, D., 1983:
Direct and indirect diagnosis of pullorosis: antigen preparation

Mckean, Jr; Nobe, Kc, 1984:
Direct and indirect economic effects of hunting and fishing in Colorado -- 1981

Witkowski, D., 1976:
Direct and indirect effect of a water reservoir on the formation of water conditions in adjacent areas

Molenat, G.M.col, D., 1982:
Direct and indirect effect of climatic factors on the behavior of the animal and on grass intake

Degani, N.P.ckholz, D., 1973:
Direct and indirect effect of gamma irradiation on the differentiation of tobacco tissue culture

Tatarinov, B.; Shcherban'-, A., 1984:
Direct and indirect effect of ozone on fruit tissue

Posthumus, A.C., 1986:
Direct and indirect effects of acid rain on plants

Alsterberg, C.; 1 ; Sundback, K. {a}; Larson, F.; 1 Email:, 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of an antifouling biocide on benthic microalgae and meiofauna

Yee, D.A.; Kesavaraju, B.; Juliano, S.A., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of animal detritus on growth, survival, and mass of invasive container mosquito Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Moya-Laraño, J.; Wise, D.H., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of ants on a forest-floor food web

Morgan, Michael-Austin, 1971:
Direct and indirect effects of calcium and magnesium on a proposed nitrate absorption mechanism by higher plants

Adams, Susan, B., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) on native crayfishes (Cambaridae) in experimental tanks

Pcrez-Harguindeguy, N.; Dcaz, S.; Vendramini, F.; Gurvich, D.-E.C.ngolani, A.-M.G.orgis, M.-A.C.bido, M., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of climate on decomposition in native ecosystems from central Argentina

Mccormick, Jf, 1970:
Direct and indirect effects of gamma radiation on seedling diversity and abundance in a tropical forest

Diekoetter, T.; Haynes, K., J.; Mazeffa, D.; Crist, T., O., 2007:
Direct and indirect effects of habitat area and matrix composition on species interactions among flower-visiting insects

Van-Frankenhuyzen, K.G.en, G.; Koivisto, C., 1985:
Direct and indirect effects of low pH on the transformation of detrital energy by the shredding caddisfly, Clistoronia magnifica (Banks) (Limnephilidae)

Hobbie, Se, 1995:
Direct and indirect effects of plant species on biogeochemical processes in arctic ecosystems

Kulshreshtha, S.; Tewari, D.; Furtan, W., 1982:
Direct and indirect effects of rising energy costs upon agriculture and the Saskatchewan economy

Chapin, F.Iii, 1983:
Direct and indirect effects of temperature on arctic plants

Barlow, J.; Zadoks, R.; Schukken, Y., 2006:
Direct and indirect effects of treating subclinical mastitis

Hewit, D., A.; Lambert, D., M.; Hoenig, J., M.; Lipcius, R., N.; Bunnell, D., B.; Miller, T., J., 2007:
Direct and indirect estimates of natural mortality for chesapeake bay blue crab

Vrieling, K.S.umitou-Laprade, P.C.guen, J.D.jk, H.V.n; Jong, T.-De; Klinkhamer, P., 1999:
Direct and indirect estimates of the selfing rate in small and large individuals of the bumblebee pollinated Cynoglossum officinale L (Boraginaceae)

Della-Seta, M.; Del-Monte, M.; Fredi, P.; Palmieri, E.-Lupla, 2007:
Direct and indirect evaluation of denudation rates in Central Italy

Kosmat, H., 1972:
Direct and indirect humus effect of organic and anorganic fertilizers on permanent grassland

Zaghawa, Ahmed-Abd-El-Monem, 1989:
Direct and indirect immunperoxidase techniques for the detection of antibodies to canine distemper virus, rinderpest virus and phocine distemper virus

Helal, H.; Sauerbeck, D., 1987:
Direct and indirect influences of plant roots on organic matter and phosphorus turnover in soil

Clarkson, N.G.; Simmonds, S.J.; Puklavec, M.J.; Brown, M.H., 2007:
Direct and indirect interactions of the cytoplasmic region of CD244 (2B4) in mice and humans with FYN kinase

Fiser, A.B.nda, I.S.astny, J.D.oracek, J., 1978:
Direct and indirect losses in large scale calf houses

Sovonick-Dunford, S.; Lee, D.R.; Zimmermann, M.H., 1981:
Direct and indirect measurements of Phloem turgor pressure in white ash

Vogt, K., 1985:
Direct and indirect methods for determining mycorrhizal biomass in forest ecosystems

Angelov, M.S.sanin, G., 1979:
Direct and indirect methods of b

Spahrmann, J., 1979:
Direct and indirect recycling of tannery waste water

Taghizadeh, M.; Babalar, M.; Zamani, Z.; Naderi, R.A.; Askari, M.A., 2007:
Direct and indirect regeneration of adventitious shoots in ornamental Tulipa gesneriana L. Apeldoorn by using in vitro culture method

Harvey, Wr, 1972:
Direct and indirect response in two-trait selection experiments in mice

Zabrowsky, S.C.stodio-Rws, 1978:
Direct and indirect selection for the improvement of reproductive traits in meat-type chickens (Piracicaba, Brazil, 1976)

Kause, A.; Paananen, T.; Ritola, O.; Koskinen, H., 2007 :
Direct and indirect selection of visceral lipid weight, fillet weight, and fillet percentage in a rainbow trout breeding program

Yamada, Y.H.nada, H., 1978:
Direct and indirect selection r

Feteanu, A.N.gru, D.P.pescu, S., 1971:
Direct and indirect technique of fluorescent antibodies in the diagnosis of the experimental trichinosis

Allen, Ce, 1979:
Direct and indirect values accured from implementing multiple-use practices

Westerhoff, G.; Anderson, J.M.ncuso, P.; Rodrigues, J.; Filho, J.; Zachariou, M.R.ntala, P.B.rsillon, J.; Zanarek, A.M.chail, M., 1994:
Direct and indirect water re-use

Bereskin, B.S.eele, N.; Mitchell, A., 1987:
Direct and interaction effects in pigs previously selected for lean growth when fed 12 or 24% protein diets

Agbenin, J.; Lombin, G.O.onubi, J., 1991:
Direct and interactive effect of boron and nitrogen on selected agronomic parameters and nutrient uptake by cowpea under glasshouse conditions

Chkoniia, Z., 1968:
Direct and inverted three-line corn hybrids

Abdel Rahman, S.M.; Hegazy, E.M.; Elwey, A.E., 2007:
Direct and latent effects of two chitin synthesis inhibitors to Spodoptera littoralis Larvae (Boisd.)

Niemczyk, E.B.kowski, G.D.onka, K.P.edki, S., 1970:
Direct and long-lasting effect of 20 pesticides on the occurence of spider mites in apple orchards

Schoeman, S.; Van-Zyl, J.; De-Wet, R., 1993:
Direct and maternal and heterotic effects in crossbreeding Hereford, Simmentaler and Afrikaner cattle

Johnson, Z.; Wright, D.; Brown, A.J., 1992:
Direct and maternal breeding value relationships in cattle

Gatzke-Kopp, L.M.; Beauchaine, T.P., 2007:
Direct and passive prenatal nicotine exposure and the development of externalizing psychopathology

Adler, A., 1977:
Direct and reciprocal action of some anti stress factors on the species Bombyx mori (L.)

Vulkova-Achlova, Z.S.oeva, P., 1978:
Direct and reciprocal hybridizat

Germani, G., 1979:
Direct and residual action of a nematicide treatment of the soil on the three groundnut cultivars in Senegal

Singh, L;, 1983:
Direct and residual effect of P phosphorus and K potassium on crop yield, nutrient uptake and soil properties at Kadawa, Nigeria

Reddy, M.; Murthy, V.; Reddy, P.; Gopala-Rao, P., 1984:
Direct and residual effect of micronutrients on rice

Taneja, K.; Mishra, M.1; Kapoor, K.1; Yadav, K.1; Lodhi, G., 1981:
Direct and residual effect of rock phosphate compost on legumes Fodder cowpea, Vigna unguiculata, Vigna radiata

Bhardwaj, S.; Prasad, S., 1982:
Direct and residual effect of zinc levels on maize-barley rotation in Doon Valley Zea mays, Hordeum vulgare, India

Garcia, F.; Boxler, M.; Minteguiaga, J.; Pozzi, R.; Firpo, L.; Marin, G.D.; Berardo, A., 2007:
Direct and residual effects of balanced fertilization in field crops of the Pampas

Patro, G.; Tosh, G.; Das, R., 1980:
Direct and residual effects of herbicides in potato-cowpea rotation

Kaltofen, H., 1978:
Direct and residual effects of nitrogen fertilization on forage grasses as influenced by the cutting time

Das, S.; Rao, A., 1986:
Direct and residual effects of nitrogen sources dryland on sorghum in black soil

Ferrando, R.H.nry, N.F.urlon, C., 1980:
Direct anti-rachitic action of dried Solanum malacoxylon. Its effects on the use of vitamin A

Dhua, Sp, 1978:
Direct application of anhydrous ammonia a techno economic critique in Indian context

Zorrilla, H.; Crane, P., 1979:
Direct application of ninhydrin reagent solution to exposed maize endosperm to screen for protein mutants

Schwartz, Dm, 1980:
Direct application of solar energy to alcohol fuel production Biomass energy, sugarbeet molasses

Ikuno, A.A.; Margatho, L.F.F.; Harakava, R.; Akamatsu, M.A.; Martins, E.M.F.; Porto, A.J.; Ferreira, V.C.A., 2004:
Direct application of the new PCR protocol for evaluation and monitoring of Bombyx mori infection by nucleopolyhedrovirus

Serteyn, D.P.ncemail, J.M.ttart, E.C.udron,,, G.P.ilippart,, M., 1994:
Direct approach for the detection of free radical generation following postanesthetic equine myopathy: a preliminary study

Huang, S.; Mayer, T.; Yokley, R.; Perez, R., 2006:
Direct aqueous injection liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry

Edgell, K.W.; Biederman, L.A.; Longbottom, J.E., 1991:
Direct aqueous injection-liquid chromatography with post-column derivatization for determination of N-methylcarbamoyloximes and N-methylcarbamates in finished drinking water: collaborative study

Tanimoto, H.; Mukai, H.; Sawa, Y.; Matsueda, H.; Yonemura, S.; Wang, T.; Poon, S.; Wong, A.; Lee, G.; Jung, J.Y.; Kim, K.R.; Lee, M.H.; Lin, N.H.; Wang, J.L.; Ou-Yang, C.F.; Wu, C.F.; Akimoto, H.; Pochanart, P.; Tsuboi, K.; Doi, H.; Zellweger, C.; Klausen, J., 2007:
Direct assessment of international consistency of standards for ground-level ozone: strategy and implementation toward metrological traceability network in Asia

Qadri, Ssh, 1970:
Direct assessment of the toxicity of insecticides in presence of foods. I. DDT residues with housefly on paper towels

Qadri, S.; Banu, Z., 1976:
Direct assessment of the toxicity of malathion and fenitrothion residues in flours with the adult flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Dvoyashkin, M.; Valiullin, R.; Kärger, Jörg.; Einicke, W-Dietrich.; Gläser, R., 2007:
Direct assessment of transport properties of supercritical fluids confined to nanopores

Toth, B., 1973:
Direct asssistance of the sciences to the quality improvement of forests

Haug, M.G.erschner, K., 1978:
Direct atomic absorption spectral photometric determinations of minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium ions) in apple juices, produced by different methods

Ghate, Prabhu, 1984:
Direct attacks on rural poverty

Criado, A.C.rdenas, S.G.llego, M.V.lcarcel, M., 2004:
Direct automatic screening of soils for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons based on microwave-assisted extraction

Hewlett, Db, 1980:
Direct beef marketing

Michalson, El, 1995:
Direct benefits and costs of conservation on a northern Idaho farm

Herberholz, J.; McCurdy, C.; Edwards, D.H., 2007:
Direct benefits of social dominance in juvenile crayfish

Yao, Z.-Qiang; Eisen-Vandervelde, A.; Waggoner, S., N.; Cale, E., M.; Hahn, Y., S., 2007:
Direct binding of hepatitis C virus core to gC1qR on CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells leads to impaired activation of Lck and Akt (vol 78, pg 6409, 2004)

Li, Q.; Dai, X.-Qing; Shen, P.-Y.W., Y.; Long, W.; Chen, C.-X.H.ssain, Z.; Wang, S.; Chen, X.-Zhen, 2007:
Direct binding of l-actinin enhances TRPP3 channel activity

Ivnitski, D.; Atanassov, P.; Apblett, C., 2007:
Direct bioelectrocatalysis of PQQ-dependent glucose dehydrogenase

Talou, T.D.lmas, M.G.set, A., 1989:
Direct capture of volatiles emitted from entire black Perigord truffle

Cutting, G.A.; Stainforth, N.E.; John, M.P.; Kociok-Köhn, G.; Willis, M.C., 2007:
Direct catalytic enantioselective Mannich reactions: synthesis of protected anti-alpha,beta-diamino acids

Le-Zeng; Pels, Jr; Van-Heiningen, Arp, 2000:
Direct causticization of kraft black liquor solids with TiO2 in a fluidized bed

Verhoeven, H.; Blaas, J., 1988:
Direct cell to cell transfer of mitochondria by microinjection

Kaye, Brian, H., 1981:
Direct characterization of fineparticles

Anonymous, 1978:
Direct charge co operatives: another look needed

Fobes, W., 1972:
Direct charge co-ops a Canadian invention

Villa, T.; Notario, V.V.llanueva,. Jr.;, 1978:
Direct chemical proof of different glycosylation patterns for yeast exo- and endo-1,3-beta-D-glucanases

Li, Y.; Lu, J., 2007:
Direct chemiluminescence determination of ibuprofen by the enhancement of the KMnO(4)-sulphite reaction

Tao, Q.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, H.; Baeyens, W.R.G.; Delanghe, J.R.; Huang, L.; Ouyang, J.; He, D.; Zhang, X., 2007:
Direct chemiluminescent imaging detection of human serum proteins in two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Raulston, J.C., 1971:
Direct chromatographic measurement of peach headspace volatiles as a rapid, objective measurement for correlation with maturity and

Lorah, E.J.; Hemphill, D.D., 1974:
Direct chromatography of some N-methylcarbamate pesticides

Sreeram, K.; Ramesh, R.R.o, J.; Chandrababu, N.; Nair, B.; Ramasami, T., 2005:
Direct chrome liquor recycling under Indian conditions. 1. Role of chromium species on the quality of the leather

Sreeram, K.; Ramalingam, S.R.o, J.; Chandrababu, N.; Nair, B.; Ramasami, T., 2005:
Direct chrome liquor recycling under Indian conditions. 2. Pilot scale tanning studies

Shimada, M.G.ld, M., 1983:
Direct cleavage of the vicinal diol linkage of the lignim model compound dihydroanisoin by the basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium Fungi, lignin degradation

Chen, C.; Gmitter, G.Jr, 1999:
Direct cloning and sequencing of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) insert ends based on double digestion

Liu MeiQin; Shen Xin; L.C.nFu; Yin WeiLun, 2007:
Direct cloning of differential expression genes with full-length by a modified solid subtractive hybridization

Chrastil, J.R.inhardt, R., 1986:
Direct colorimetric determination of formaldehyde in textile fabrics and other materials

Maciejewski, P., 1975:
Direct combine harvesting of desiccated rape in the complex of state farms at Byczyna

Dustov, R.E.ikh, B., 1981:
Direct combine harvesting of the seed Alfalfa.1

Hinckley, Ad, 1979:
Direct combustion of biomass: environmental and legal aspects

Leppa, K., 1980:
Direct combustion of peat for electric power generation

Winget, L., 1979:
Direct combustion session

Pitts, Jd, 1977:
Direct communication between animal cells

Linde-Sipman, J.-Van-Der; Nie, C.-Van; Exsel, A.-Van, 1983:
Direct communication of the two coronary arteries with the right ventricle in a calf

Karavaev, V., 1971:
Direct communications and means of their further development

Ramirez, E.; Johnson, D.; Clemens, O., 1977:
Direct comparison in physiochemical treatment of packinghouse wastewater between dissolved air and electroflotation

Casado-Martinez, M.C.; Forja, J.M.; DelValls, T.A., 2007:
Direct comparison of amphipod sensitivities to dredged sediments from Spanish ports

Zhang, X.; Cassis-Ghavami, F.; Eller, M.; Currier, J.; Slike, B.M.; Chen, X.; Tartaglia, J.; Marovich, M.; Spearman, P., 2007:
Direct comparison of antigen production and induction of apoptosis by canarypox virus- and modified vaccinia virus ankara-human immunodeficiency virus vaccine vectors

Pye, A.; Curnow, A., 2007:
Direct comparison of delta-aminolevulinic acid and methyl-aminolevulinate-derived protoporphyrin IX accumulations potentiated by desferrioxamine or the novel hydroxypyridinone iron chelator CP94 in cultured human cells

Yiu, W-ki.; Cheng, S.W.K.; Sumpio, B.E., 2007:
Direct comparison of endothelial cell and smooth muscle cell response to supercooling and rewarming

Lukacs, Z.; Hartung, R.; Beck, M.; Keil, A.; Mengel, E., 2007:
Direct comparison of enzyme measurements from dried blood and leukocytes from male and female Fabry disease patients

Agarwal, V.; Agarwal, S.; Singh, N.D.araknath, P., 1982:
Direct comparison of haematological responses under work load in entire, vasectomised and castrated male buffaloes

San-Miguel, C.D.linski, M.T.te, R.I.i, 2007:
Direct comparison of individual substrate utilization from a CLPP study: A new analysis for metabolic diversity data

Hassan, E.A.; Jenkyn, T.R.; Dunning, C.E., 2006:
Direct comparison of kinematic data collected using an electromagnetic tracking system versus a digital optical system

Hawkes, S., 1990:
Direct connection to close a screen room

Markov, Ng, 1977:
Direct connections as a way of improving wool quality

Zharikov, A.N.ruzbaev, M., 1976:
Direct connections in dealing in wool should by expanded

Vasil'-Ev, A., 1971:
Direct connections, a basis for improving the sale of farm products

Kireev, E., 1979:
Direct connections, a guarantee of high product quality

Camacho, J.; Bourges, R.-H.M.rales, J.B.nafunzi, N., 1981:
Direct consumption of the soybean

Ferchmin, P.A.; Bennett, E.L., 1975:
Direct contact with enriched environment is required to alter cerebral weights in rats

Aarkrog, A., 1994:
Direct contamination--seasonality

Billings, Rf, 1981:
Direct control

Suda, T.; Horiuchi, N.; Sasaki, S.; Ogata, E.; Ezawa, I., 1973:
Direct control by calcium of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol-1-hydroxylase activity in chick kidney mitochondria

Swain, K.S.; Remion, M., 1980:
Direct control methods for the southern pine beetle

Akbarzadeh, M.H.nrichsen, J.; Sommer, H., 1973:
Direct control of sheep endoparasites by modern rearing moethods

Rodriguez-Sardina, J., 1970:
Direct control of viruses

Moleas, T., 1979:
Direct control tests against Lobesia botrana Schiff. in Pouilles (Italy)

Sonnet, Pe, 1979:
Direct conversion of alcohol tetrahydropyranyl ethers to aldehydes

Koennecke A.; Schoenfels C.; Haensler M.; Jakubke H D., 1990:
Direct conversion of porcine insulin into human insulin ester catalyzed by immobilized trypsin

Robotti, Aurelio, C., 1984 :
Direct conversion of solar energy to electricity

Voaden, D.; Waters, R., 1976:
Direct conversion of trimethylsilyloxyalkanes to alkanoic esters

Oda, M.; Kure, S.; Sugawara, T.; Yamaguchi, S.; Kojima, K.; Shinka, T.; Sato, K.; Narisawa, A.; Aoki, Y.; Matsubara, Y.; Omae, T.; Mizoi, K.; Kinouchi, H., 2007:
Direct correlation between ischemic injury and extracellular glycine concentration in mice with genetically altered activities of the glycine cleavage multienzyme system

Grochowski, J., 1970:
Direct costs and their structure in the production of fruit tree nursery stock

Santos, L.A.; Oliveira, M.A.; Faresin, S.M.; Santoro, I.L.; Fernandes, A.L.G., 2007:
Direct costs of asthma in Brazil: a comparison between controlled and uncontrolled asthmatic patients

Kasperska-Furman, I., 1983:
Direct costs of farming land taken over by agriculture production cooperatives

Skypala, J., 1981:
Direct costs of forestry per 1 hectare of established plantation

Rublee, P.D.rnseif, B., 1978:
Direct counts of bacteria in the sediments of a North Carolina salt marsh

Cantino, E.C., 1975:
Direct counts of the ribosomes per cell in the zoospores of Blastocladiella emersonii

Benoit, F., 1974:
Direct covering of carrots by means of plastic

Jia, H.; Liao, M.; Verbelen, J-Pierre.; Vissenberg, K., 2007:
Direct creation of marker-free tobacco plants from agroinfiltrated leaf discs

Belousenko, G., 1971:
Direct crediting of collective farms

Miranda-Colin, S., 1976:
Direct cross and reciprocal cross in kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Fiala, K., 1973:
Direct curcumin method for the determination of boron conten t in plant material

Petersson, Lars, R., 1996:
Direct current plasma (DCP)-atomic emission spectrometry

Goering, Hk, 1977:
Direct cut and wilted alfalfa ensiled with paraformaldehyde

Barralis, G., 1977:
Direct damage

Morton, A.J.hnson, J.M.y, T., 1989:
Direct damage of air pollution to forest vegetation

Deschamps, A.; Gillie, J.; Lebeault, J., 1981:
Direct delignification of untreated bark chips with mixed cultures of bacteria

Haack, E.E.k, D.K.ttner, M., 1979:
Direct delivery improves supply. Experiences from the dairy industry

Anonymous, 1977:
Direct delivery of cattle for slaughter in Denmark

Hughes, H.; Price, R1; Jose, D., 1983:
Direct delivery of market information through rancher-owned microcomputers: a research report Futures, livestock prices, USA

Van't Hof, W.; Mal, N.; Huang, Y.; Zhang, M.; Popovic, Z.; Forudi, F.; Deans, R.; Penn, M.S., 2007:
Direct delivery of syngeneic and allogeneic large-scale expanded multipotent adult progenitor cells improves cardiac function after myocardial infarct

Kim, A.; Belyaeva, E., 1991:
Direct demonstation of the transposition of mobile element MDG4 in the sex and somatic cells of the unstable mutator line Drosophila melanogaster

Coster, H.; Zimmermann, U., 1975:
Direct demonstration of dielectric breakdown in the membranes of Valonia utricularis

Beyenbach, Kw, 1982:
Direct demonstration of fluid secretion by glomerular renal tubules in a marine teleost Winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus

McLachlan, J.C.; Macintyre, J.; Hume, D.D.; Smith, J., 1988:
Direct demonstration of production of transforming growth factor activity by embryonic chick tissue

D.L.zzaro, V.; Thickbroom, G.W.; Pilato, F.; Profice, P.; Dileone, M.; Mazzone, P.; Insola, A.; Ranieri, F.; Tonali, P.A.; Rothwell, J.C., 2007:
Direct demonstration of the effects of repetitive paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation at I-wave periodicity

Knox, R.; Heslop-Harrison, J., 1970:
Direct demonstration of the low permeability of the angiosperm meiotic tetrad using a fluorogenic ester

Gerasimova, T.; Mizrokhi, L.; Semenova, L.; Georgiev, G., 1984:
Direct demonstration of the mobility of the dispersed genetic element MDG4 and its role in induction of unstable mutations in Drosophila

Jacquin-Dubreuil, A., 1972:
Direct densitometric determination by absorption of flavonoids of the yellow-weld (Reseda luteola L.) separated by thin-layer chromatography

Stojanovic, N.D.mitrijevic, N.D.mitrijevic, M., 1970:
Direct densitometric determination of blood serum phospholipids separated by thin layer chromatography

Sasaki, H.I.ata, T., 1972:
Direct densitometry of paper ch

Kimura, S.T.rada, S., 1973:
Direct densitometry of thin lay

Young, H., 1981:
Direct desorption of traps for capillary column gas chromatography

Strahm, E.; Saudan, C.; Sottas, P-Edouard.; Mangin, P.; Saugy, M., 2007:
Direct detection and quantification of 19-norandrosterone sulfate in human urine by liquid chromatography-linear ion trap mass spectrometry

Kundu, L.Mohan.; Loppnow, G.R., 2006:
Direct detection of 8-oxo-deoxyguanosine using UV resonance Raman spectroscopy

Foroulis, C.N.; Gerogianni, I.; Kouritas, V.K.; Karestsi, E.; Klapsa, D.; Gourgoulianis, K.; Petinaki, E., 2007:
Direct detection of Clostridium sordellii in pleural fluid of a patient with pneumonic empyema by a broad-range 16S rRNA PCR

Selenska, S.K.ingmuller, W., 1992:
Direct detection of E. agglomerans DNA sequences in soil

Bunka, Sebastian, 1987:
Direct detection of Hemophilus (Actinobacillus) pleuropneumoniae in the lungs of pigs

Bhunia, A.; Johnson, M.; Ray, B., 1987:
Direct detection of an antimicrobial peptide of Pediococcus acidilactici in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Rong, J.; Chris Bleackley, R.; Kane, K.P., 2007:
Direct detection of cytolytic T lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity on antigen-transfected cell microarray

Hall, L.P., 1982:
Direct detection of indole formation in colonies of Escherichia coli

Haselhorst, T.; Münster-Kühnel, A.K.; Oschlies, M.; Tiralongo, J.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; von Itzstein, M., 2007:
Direct detection of ligand binding to Sepharose-immobilised protein using saturation transfer double difference (STDD) NMR spectroscopy

Benbadis, M.; Levy, F.P.reyre, C., 1971:
Direct determination method of Gl duration period of cellular cycle in root meristem

Field, M.P.ul; Lavigne, M.; Murphy, K., R.; Ruiz, G., M.; Sherrell, R., M., 2007:
Direct determination of P, V, Mn, As, Mo, Ba and U in seawater by SF-ICP-MS

Husakova, L.; Cernohorsky, T.; Sramkova, J.; Vavrusova, L., 2007:
Direct determination of arsenic in beer by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry with deuterium background correction (D-2-ET-AAS)

Pongracz, G., 1971:
Direct determination of ascorbylpalmitate in oils and fats

Vilar Fariñas, M.; Barciela García, J.; García Martín, S.; Peña Crecente, R.; Herrero Latorre, C., 2007:
Direct determination of cadmium in Orujo spirit samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry: comparative study of different chemical modifiers

Schwarzenbach, R., 1984:
Direct determination of carboxylic acids in fruit and vegetable juices by HPLC

Almeda, S.; Nozal, L.; Arce, L.; Valcárcel, M., 2007:
Direct determination of chlorophenols present in liquid samples by using a supported liquid membrane coupled in-line with capillary electrophoresis equipment

Tsushida, T.T.keo, T., 1979:
Direct determination of copper, lead and cadmium in tea infusions by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

Hanson, W.; Lloyd, D., 1972:
Direct determination of fluoride in phosphoric acid and calcium sulphate using a specific ion electrode

Christison, T.T.; Rohrer, J.S., 2007:
Direct determination of free cyanide in drinking water by ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection

Shima, N.; Kamata, H.; Katagi, M.; Tsuchihashi, H.; Sakuma, T.; Nemoto, N., 2007:
Direct determination of glucuronide and sulfate of 4-hydroxy-3-methoxymethamphetamine, the main metabolite of MDMA, in human urine

Coutinho, Cáudia.F.B.; Coutinho, L.F.M.; Mazo, L.H.; Nixdorf, S.L.; Camara, C.A.P.; Lanças, F.M., 2007:
Direct determination of glyphosate using hydrophilic interaction chromatography with coulometric detection at copper microelectrode

Spath, G.N.efind, H.; Martina, M., 1972:
Direct determination of hydrogen sulphide in beer with selective electrode

Raspi, G.;, A.; Spinetti, M., 1992:
Direct determination of kallikrein by high-performance liquid chromatography

Fletcher, K., 1971:
Direct determination of lead in plant materials by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Baxter, J.H.; Lai, C-Si.; Phillips, R.R.; Dowlati, L.; Chio, J.J.; Luebbers, S.T.; Dimler, S.R.; Johns, P.W., 2007:
Direct determination of methionine sulfoxide in milk proteins by enzyme hydrolysis/high-performance liquid chromatography

Herrmann, C.T.oma, H.K.tter, L., 1976:
Direct determination of muscle protein in meat products

Selmeci, G.; Aczel, A.P.ter, S., 1975:
Direct determination of nitrate ions in meat products

Yan, H.; Row, K.-Ho, 2007:
Direct determination of ofloxacin enantiomers in human urine by ligand exchange chromatography

Konishi, Y.; Tsukiyama, T.; Saitoh, N.; Nomura, T.; Nagamine, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Uruga, T., 2007:
Direct determination of oxidation state of gold deposits in metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella algae using X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy (XANES)

Penny, M.G.; Bowling, D.J., 1975:
Direct Determination of pH in the stomatal complex of Commelina

Franzini, V.-Pezza; Fugivara, C.-Sadao; Benedetti, A.-Vicente; Ribeiro, C.-Augusto; Cavalheiro, E.-Tadeu-Gomes; Neto, J.-Anchieta-Gomes, 2007:
Direct determination of phosphite in fertilizers by flow-injection amperometry

Pruvost, A.; Becher, F.; Bardouille, P.; Guerrero, C.; Creminon, C.; Delfraissy, J.-Francois; Goujard, C.; Grassi, J.; Benech, H., 2007:
Direct determination of phosphorylated intracellular anabolites of stavudine (d4T) by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (vol 15, pg 1401, 2001)

Bende, E.S.abo, A., 1973:
Direct determination of potassium and calcium content in milk by flame photometry

Kaiukova, V.; Rozov, N., 1977:
Direct determination of potassium, calcium and magnesium in plants from one extract by flame photometry

Silva, L.C.; Trevisan, M.G.; Poppi, R.J.; Sena, M.M., 2007:
Direct determination of propranolol in urine by spectrofluorimetry with the aid of second order advantage

Burri, J.; Haldimann, M., 2007:
Direct determination of selenium in human serum by inductively coupled plasma-collision cell-mass spectrometry

Black, L.T., 1970:
Direct determination of sodium in soybean oil by flame photometry

Sanders, D.S.ayman, C.; Pall, M., 1984:
Direct determination of stoichiometry for H+

Frielinghaus, M.S.haffenger, J.B.lla, H.B.erhenke, H., 1984:
Direct determination of the drop kinetic energy by means of high-frequency cinematography and a comparison between the rotary sprinkler U 64 and a solid set sprinkler (spray nozzle)

Vázquez, J.Fernando.; Albornoz, Jús.; Domínguez, A., 2007:
Direct determination of the effects of genotype and extreme temperature on the transposition of roo in long-term mutation accumulation lines of Drosophila melanogaster

Chamorovsky, S.;, 1982:
Direct determination of the midpoint potential of the acceptor X in chloroplast photosystem I by electrochemical reduction and ESR electron-spin resonance spectroscopy spectroscopy Spinacia oleracea, plastids, physiology chemicophysical properties

Vyncke, W., 1970:
Direct determination of the thiobarbituric acid value in trichoracetic acid extracts of fish as a measure of oxidative rancidity

Rohleder, K.B.uchhausen, B.V.n, 1972:
Direct determination of the transition of plastic softeners in fats and food containing fat

Kudeiarov, Vn, 1970:
Direct determination of total ammonical, amidiacal and alpha-aminoacid nitrogen in various extracts from soils, helped by indophenol reaction

Abrahamsson, K.; Xie, T.M., 1983:
Direct determination of trace amounts of chlorophenols in fresh water, waste water and sea water

Baba, T.S.ito, M.F.kui, Y.T.niguchi, S.O.ada, K.M.zunoya, Y., 1978:
Direct determination of trace d

Sang, S.; Cheng, W.; Shiue, H.; Cheng, H., 1976:
Direct determination of trace metals in cane juice, sugar & molasses by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Shiga, N.M.tano,, S., 1980:
Direct determination of tricycl

Somers, T.; Ziemelis, G., 1973:
Direct determination of wine proteins

Sanchis, R., 1985:
Direct diagnosis of infectious abortions in small ruminants

Sanchis, R., 1982:
Direct diagnosis of infectious abortions on small ruminants. Analysis of the results obtained in laboratory Sheep, goats, bacteriologic diagnosis.1

Young, R.; Schafer, R., 1974:
Direct digital control for automatic steering of agricultural tractors

Takakura, T.O.ara, G., 1976:
Direct digital control of plant growth. II. Physiological analysis of cucumber plants

Vogt, W., 1977:
Direct dimensioning of rectangular struts stress by normal force (pressure or tension) and bending

Mitoseru, O.H.rinean, I., 1973:
Direct dosage of iron in wine, tomato juice and syrups

Hayward, D., 1976:
Direct drilled maize

Crowden, R.A., 1974:
Direct drilled, high density tomato crops for machine harvesting in Canterbury

Cannell, R.; Ellis, F., 1976:
Direct drilling (zero tillage) and shallow cultivation on a range of soils in the United Kingdom

Ralph, W., 1982:
Direct drilling and weed control

Anonymous, 1976:
Direct drilling breakthrough

Martin, G.; Janson, C.; Ebert, A.; Evans, H., 1981:
Direct drilling equipment, management and costs

Hughes, Drl, 1990:
Direct drilling forage rye into established grass swards--some practical observations

O'-Neill, Dg, 1978:
Direct drilling grass in County Fermanagh

Wells, E., 1982:
Direct drilling in the year after drought Minimum tillage, Australia

Collins, A., 1978:
Direct drilling of forage crops

Godes-Faura, E., 1980:
Direct drilling of seed

Wedd, S., 1981:
Direct drilling of soybeans on the North Coast

Blackbeard, J., 1978:
Direct drilling scores on work rate, cost and energy input

Pierce, F.; Gallagher, R., 1993:
Direct drilling winter wheat

Stewart, Ta, 1975:
Direct drilling: the new way to establish crops. I

Tincher, W.; Averette, L., 1982:
Direct dye-bath reuse through spectophotometric and ozonolysis techniques Efficient treatment, textile industry

Anonymous, 1950:
Direct dyestuffs for cotton

Anonymous, 1946:
Direct dyestuffs on cotton yarn

Friest, P.-L.K.llio, E., 1981:
Direct economic impact, primary forest products industry, seven county Arrowhead Region, Northeastern Minnesota

Yang, Tc, 1973:
Direct effect of oxygen concen

Mcneilly, A.; Baird, D., 1983:
Direct effect of prolactin, induced by TRH thyrotrophin-releasing hormone injection, on ovarian oestradiol secretion in the ewe

Thompson, C.; Harvey, T., 1980:
Direct effect of systemic insecticide disulfoton, on yield of grain sorghum

Young, T.; Comstock, W., 1986:
Direct effects and interactions involving iron and humic acid during formation of colloidal phosphorus

Strain,, J.-D.M.llemann, R., E., 1986:
Direct effects of atmospheric CO subscript 2 enrichment on plants and ecosystems

Stevens, D., 1988:
Direct effects of cold on grazing animals

Ferrando, R.V.lette, J., 1975:
Direct effects of diethylstilbestrol (DES) and estradiol on the rat given at low doses in the ration. practical consequences

Oechel, W.; Hastings, S.; Vourlitis, G.; Jenkins, M.; Hinkson, C., 1995:
Direct effects of elevated CO2 in chaparral and Mediterranean-type ecosystems

Karnosky, D.F.; Tallis, M.; Darbah, J.; Taylor, G., 2007:
Direct effects of elevated carbon dioxide on forest tree productivity

Strain,, J., D., 1986:
Direct effects of increasing carbon dioxide on vegetation

Cutler, Mr, 1981:
Direct effects of judicial interpretation upon the process of land-use allocation Forestry

Xiao, D.; Huang, X.; Yang, S.; Zhang, L., 2007:
Direct effects of nicotine on contractility of the uterine artery in pregnancy

Mihaila, V.H.ra, C., 1980:
Direct effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on maize kernel yields

Jaroenporn, S.; Nagaoka, K.; Ohta, R.; Watanabe, G.; Taya, K., 2007:
Direct effects of prolactin on adrenal steroid release in male Hatano high-avoidance (HAA) rats may be mediated through Janus kinase 2 (Jak2) activity

Jaroenporn, S.; Nagaoka, K.; Ohta, R.; Watanabe, G.; Taya, K., 2007:
Direct effects of prolactin on adrenal steroid release in male hatano high-avoidance (HAA) janus kinase 2 (Jak2) activity rats may be mediated through

Helmig, S.; Schuckenböhmer, P.; Heger, J.; Euler, G.; Piper, H.M.; Schlüter, K-D., 2007:
Direct effects of the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor ramiprilat on adult rat ventricular cardiomyocytes

Staples, W., 1977:
Direct effects on the arthro synovitis of chickens

Baker, Rl, 1971:
Direct egg marketers are larger but fewer

Stemberger, A.; Tellez, F., 1973:
Direct egg marketing: Farm to retail store

Pfister, C.P.ugeois, R., 1978:
Direct electrical measurement of functioning of adenosine-triphosphatase of submitochondrial particles of beef heart

Kaneko, M.; Ueno, H.; Ohnuki, K.; Horikawa, M.; Saito, R.; Nemoto, J., 2007:
Direct electrical power generation from urine, wastes and biomass with simultaneous photodecomposition and cleaning

Compton, D.; Laszlo, J., 2002:
Direct electrochemical reduction of hemin in imidazolium-based ionic liquids

Wang, Y.; Qian, W.; Tan, Y.; Ding, S.; Zhang, H., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry and electroanalysis of hemoglobin adsorbed in self-assembled films of gold nanoshells

Kumar, S.Ashok.; Chen, S-Ming., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of myoglobin on redox-active self-assembling monolayers derived from nitroaniline modified electrode

Liu, Q.; Lu, X.; Li, J.; Yao, X.; Li, J., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and electrochemical biosensing of glucose on quantum dots/carbon nanotubes electrodes

Yang, M.; Qu, F.; Li, Y.; He, Y.; Shen, G.; Yu, R., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin in gold nanowire array

Ma, L.; Tian, Y.; Rong, Z., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin in the hyaluronic acid films

Tong, Z.-; Yuan, R.-; Chai, Y.-; Chen, S.-; Xie, Y., 2007:
Direct electrochemistry of horseradish peroxidase immobilized on DNA

Heering, H.A., 1995:
Direct electrochemistry of redox proteins

Ragab, M.; Kimball, E.; Chaisson, C., 1977:
Direct electron capture gas chromatographic determination of 3 oxocarbofuran in soil

Ebermann, H.; Petzoldt, K., 1979:
Direct electron microscope detection of viruses in veterinary medicine

Futo, Lp, 1973:
Direct electron microscopic presentaion of glue lines and surface coatings of wood base materials

Futo, L.P., 1987:
Direct electron microscopic presentation of glue lines and surface coatings of wood base materials

Xu, J.; Li, W.; Yin, Q.; Zhong, H.; Zhu, Y.; Jin, L., 2007:
Direct electron transfer and bioelectrocatalysis of hemoglobin on nano-structural attapulgite clay-modified glassy carbon electrode

Wu, Y.; Hu, S., 2007:
Direct electron transfer of xanthine oxidase and its catalytic reduction to nitrate

Ebermann, H.; Petzoldt, K., 1979:
Direct electronic microscopical virus proof in veterinary medicine

Woods, G.D.; Fryer, F.I., 2007:
Direct elemental analysis of biodiesel by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry

Tremouillaux-Guiller, J.L.urain, D.C.enieux, J., 1997:
Direct embryogenesis in protoplasts of Ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree)

Li, J.Q.; Hou, C.X.; Luo, N.; Deng, Q.X.; Wang, Y.Q., 2007:
Direct embyogenesis from anther culture of loquat

Armstrong, D.; Zukowski, J., 1994:
Direct enantiomeric resolution of monoterpene hydrocarbons via reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with an alpha-cyclodextrin bonded stationary phase

Gayton, Dv, 1982:
Direct energy use and conservation potential on Saskatchewan straight grain farms

Eggeling, L.; Sahm, H., 1980:
Direct Enzymatic Assay for Alcohol Oxidase, Alcohol Dehydrogenase, and Formaldehyde Dehydrogenase in Colonies of Hansenula polymorpha

Rand, A.J.; Hourigan, J., 1975:
Direct enzymatic conversion of lactose in milk to acid

Durban, E.; Grecz, N.; Farkas, J., 1974:
Direct enzymatic repair of deoxyribonucleic acid single-strand breaks in dormant spores

Jakobsen,, S., 1984:
Direct epifluorescence filter technique (DEFT) as a rapid method for the microbiological analysis of meat products

Pivnicka, K.L.ska, L.J.hal, M., 1984:
Direct estimates of gillnet selectivity to roach (Rutilus rutilus L.)

Caballero-Deloya, M., 1972:
Direct estimation of tree volumes from aerial photographs

Gehrke, C.-W.A.fsprung, H.-Edwin; Lee, Y., C., 1954:
Direct ethylenediaminetetraacetate titration procedure for calcium in biological sulstances

Mantyka, C.S.; Bellwood, D.R., 2007:
Direct evaluation of macroalgal removal by herbivorous coral reef fishes

Kolattukudy, P.; Buckner, J.; Brown, L., 1972:
Direct evidence for a decarboxylation mechanism in the biosynthesis of alkanes in Brassica oleracea

De-Schotten, M.Thiebaut, 2007:
Direct evidence for a parietal-frontal pathway subserving spatial awareness in humans (vol 317, pg 2226, 2005)

Rennenberg, H.W.lson, L1; Filner, P., 1981:
Direct evidence for an intracellular sulfur cycle in cucumber leaves Cucumis sativus

Sribnick, E.A.; Matzelle, D.D.; Banik, N.L.; Ray, S.K., 2007:
Direct evidence for calpain involvement in apoptotic death of neurons in spinal cord injury in rats and neuroprotection with calpain inhibitor

Hong, F.; Wu, C.; Liu, C.; Wang, L.; Gao, F.; Yang, F.; Xu, J.; Liu, T.; Xie, Y.; Li, X., 2007:
Direct evidence for interaction between lead ions and kidney DNA from silver crucian carp

Otake, T.M.zue, K., 1981:
Direct evidence for oophagy in thresher shark, Alopias pelagicus

Oparka, K.; Prior, D., 1992:
Direct evidence for pressure-generated closure of plasmodesmata

Posner, H.; Gressel, J.R.sner, A., 1974:
Direct evidence for the lack of methylation of two pulse lab eled plant RNAs

Gazi, E.; Gardner, P.; Lockyer, N.P.; Hart, C.A.; Brown, M.D.; Clarke, N.W., 2007 :
Direct evidence of lipid translocation between adipocytes and prostate cancer cells with imaging FTIR microspectroscopy

Degtyarev, E.N.; Brzhevskaya, O.N.; Nedelina, O.S., 2006:
Direct evidence of photoejected electron interaction with orthophosphate

Anderson, Jason, S., 2007:
Direct evidence of the rostral anatomy of the aistopod Phlegethontia, with a new cranial reconstruction

Kakui, N.; Kitamura, K., 2007:
Direct evidence that stimulation of neuropeptide YY5 receptor activates hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis in conscious rats via both corticotropin-releasing-factor-DEPENDENT and arginine-vasopressin-DEPENDENT pathway

Fornari, B., 1970:
Direct expense coefficient of the milling, bread and macaroni industries in Italy

Bol'-Shov, M.; Zybin, A.; Koloshnikov, V.; Smirenkina, I.; Artiushin, A.; Kolomiiskii, I.; Loginov, I.; Osipov, A.; Samokhvalov, S.; Frolov, I., 1985:
Direct express analysis of agricultural objects on the content of microelements by the method of laser atomic fluorescence spectroscopy

Bernardini, E., 1970:
Direct extraction of oil from seeds failing to use the pressing process

Evon, P.V.ndenbossche, V.P.ntalier, P.; Rigal, L., 2007:
Direct extraction of oil from sunflower seeds by twin-screw extruder according to an aqueous extraction process: Feasibility study and influence of operating conditions

Il'-Iasov, A.; Mirzakarimov, R.; Rizaev, N.; Inogamov, A., 1977:
Direct extraction of shredded cotton seed on a semicommercial extractor of multiple spraying

Zeng, Z.; Zhang, H.; Chen, J.-Yu; Zhang, T.; Matsunaga, R., 2007 :
Direct extraction of volatiles of rice during cooling using solid-phase microextraction

Pominski, J.P.arce, H.J.; Spadaro, J., 1977:
Direct extraction process for the production of a white defatted food grade bland peanut flour. iI. heat and moisture treatment

Pominski, J.S.adaro, J.; Pearce, H., 1982:
Direct extraction process for the production of a white defatted food-grade peanut flour

Pominski, J.P.arce, H.J.; Spadaro, J., 1975:
Direct extraction process for the production of a white, defatted, food grade peanut flour

Williams, Ma, 1977:
Direct extrusion of convenience foods

Ang, H.; Kwik, W.; Lee, C.; Theng, C., 1989:
Direct extrusion puffing of mixtures of high protein cereal--nutritional and quality characteristics

Jackson, B.G.oder, R., 1978:
Direct farm marketing

Gale, F., 1997:
Direct farm marketing as a rural development tool

Fetters, Theresa, A., 1980:
Direct farm marketing practices and activities in Oregon

Burt, Linda, S., 1980:
Direct farm marketing practices and activities in Washington

Anonymous, 1993:
Direct farm operating loans for socially disadvantaged persons

Teichman, Hf, 1975:
Direct farm sales and our rent-a-tree program

Sullivan, G.; Kulp, V.T.eadway, R.K.rschling, P., 1981:
Direct farm to consumer marketing--a profitable alternative for family farm operations

Hang, Yd, 1989:
Direct fermentation of corn to L(+)-lactic acid by Rhizopus oryzae

Limmer, A.;;, 1982:
Direct field measurement of N2 nitrogen and N2O nitrogen monoxide evolution from soil

Haarhoff, J.C.easby, J., 1989:
Direct filtration of Chlorella with cationic polymer

Mccormick,, P., H., 1980:
Direct filtration of Virginia surface waters

Burns, S.-K.A.ams, V.-Dean; Maloney, S., B., 1984:
Direct filtration versus conventional water treatment in the Intermountain Region

Tarditi, S., 1984:
Direct financial support to agriculture

Fernando, T., 1989:
Direct fired dryer for foods and by-products

Willington, Jm, 1975:
Direct fired high temperature kiln: prototype developed to handle fast schedule for drying radiata pine

Sullivan, P., 1977 :
Direct fired wood waste combustion systems

Brunnemann, Helga, 1985:
Direct fluorescence antibody technique for no-delay typing of influenza virus isolates from animals

Namba, S.Y.mashita, S.D.i, Y.Y.ra, K., 1981:
Direct fluorescence detection m

Brunnemann, H.E.sengarten, H.1; Hartmann, M1; Vogt, K., 1983:
Direct fluoresence antibody technique for no-delay typing of influenza virus isolates from animals Poultry, equine, porcine and Newcastle disease virus strains.1

Spencer, P.W.; Titus, J.S.; Spencer, R.D., 1975:
Direct fluorimetric assay for proteolytic activity against intact proteins

Toothman, Js, 1977:
Direct food retailing opportunity for farmers

Michener, CD., 1972:
Direct food transferring behavior in bees

Xu, S.; Dong, M.; Liu, X.; Howard, K.A.; Kjems, Jørgen.; Besenbacher, F., 2007:
Direct force measurements between siRNA and chitosan molecules using force spectroscopy

Robinson, Richard, D., 1987:
Direct foreign investment

Sarkovic, T.Misha, 1986:
Direct foreign investment in Yugoslavia

Vogel, Mp, 1983:
Direct gain passive solar heating

Rosado, E.B.tiz, H., 1976:
Direct gas chromatographic analysis of molasses and fermented mash

Brown, D.; Dollear, F.; Dupuy, H., 1972:
Direct gas chromatographic analysis of volatiles from raw and roasted peanuts

Kirshbaum, I.; Sharapova, T.; Dobele, G.; Domburg, G., 1975:
Direct gas chromatographic determination of products of nitrobenzol oxidation of lignin

Udarov, B.; Manukov, E.; Izotova, L.; Krasieva, M., 1984:
Direct gas chromatographic determination of the chemical composition of turpentine and its content by weight in pine oleoresin

Hsieh, C.; Watson, C.; Mcdonald, C., 1981:
Direct gas chromatographic estimation of saturated steryl esters and acylglycerols in wheat endosperm

Dupuy, H.; Fore, S.; Goldblatt, L., 1973:
Direct gas chromatographic examination of volatiles in salad oils and shortenings

Kirshbaum, I.; Domburg, G.; Sergeeva, V., 1974:
Direct gas-chromatographic determination of levo-glucosan

Pathak, Bs, 1981:
Direct gasification of agricultural residues Biomass fuels

Tagu, D.B.rgounioux, C.P.rennes, C.C.etin, C.G.dal, P., 1988:
Direct gene transfer in Petunia hybrida protoplasts: evidence for Co-transformation

Charest, P.; Devantier, Y.J.nes, C.S.llmer, J.; Mccown, B.; Ellis, D., 1997:
Direct gene transfer in poplar

Jones, H.J.nes, M., 1989:
Direct gene transfer into plant protoplasts

Bakert, B.S.hell, J.L.rz, H., 1985:
Direct gene transfer to cereal cells

Potrykus, I.P.szkowski, J.S.illito, R.; Saul, M., 1987:
Direct gene transfer to plants

Potrykus, I.P.szkowski, J.S.ul, M.; Negrutiu, I.S.illito, R., 1986:
Direct gene transfer to plants: facts and future

Potrykus, I.P.szkowski, J.S.ul, M.K.uger-Lebus, S.M.ller, T.S.hocher, R.N.grutiu, I.K.nzler, P.S.illito, R., 1985:
Direct gene transfer to protoplasts: an efficient and generally applicable method for stable alterations of plant genomes

Ivic, S.S.igocki, A., 2003:
Direct gene transfer to sugarbeet leaves

Sanz, V.; de Marcos, S.; Galbán, J., 2007:
Direct glucose determination in blood using a reagentless optical biosensor

Johnson, J.; Banker, D.; Morehart, M., 1987:
Direct government farm program payments distribution targeted to production

Roberge, G.D.nis, J., 1985:
Direct grazing on an irrigated pasture lot in Senegal: monitoring method and results

Varner, Gv, 1983:
Direct harvesting dry beans in Michigan?

Maler, J., 1975:
Direct harvesting of lodged pulse crops

Saichenko, V., 1979:
Direct harvesting of peas by com

Russo, M.V.; Goretti, G.; Liberti, A., 1989:
Direct headspace gas chromatographic determination of dichloromethane in decaffeinated green and roasted coffee

Lane, Pb, 1984:
Direct herbicide application by weedwiper

Orn, G.L.htonen, K.J.lonen, H., 1990:
Direct high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of (+)- and (-)-medetomidine hydrochloride with an alpha 1-acid glycoprotein chiral column

Caccamese, S.; Bianca, S.; Carter, G.T., 2007:
Direct high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of the enantiomers of an aromatic amine and four aminoalcohols using polysaccharide chiral stationary phases and acidic additive

Pittarelli, G.; Stavely,. Jr.;, 1975:
Direct hybridization of Nicotiana repanda X Nicotina tabacum

Koman, V., 1969:
Direct hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids on the support of the gas-liquid chromatographic column

Ueda, S.; Saha, B.C.; Koba, Y., 1984:
Direct hydrolysis of raw starch

Ferrari, B.C.stilho, P.T.mi, F.R.drigues, A.; Costa, M.D.-C.C.sanova, J., 2005:
Direct identification and quantitative determination of costunolide and dehydrocostuslactone in the fixed oil of Laurus novocanariensis by superscript 13C-NMR spectroscopy

Ferrari, B.C.stilho, P.T.mi, F.R.drigues, A.; Costa, M.D.-C.C.sanova, J., 2005:
Direct identification and quantitative determination of costunolide and dehydrocostuslactone in the fixed oil of Laurus novocanariensis by p#pdC-NMR spectroscopy

Yang, C-Yi.; Lin, T-Lung.; Tzung, T-Yi.; Cheng, L-Chen.; Wang, J-Town.; Jee, S-Hwa., 2007:
Direct identification of dermatophyte DNA from clinical specimens by a nested polymerase chain reaction assay

Elias, S., 1978:
Direct immersion freezing--(cold) wave of the future ?

Pack, S.Pil.; Kamisetty, N.Kumar.; Nonogawa, M.; Devarayapalli, K.Charyulu.; Ohtani, K.; Yamada, K.; Yoshida, Y.; Kodaki, T.; Makino, K., 2007:
Direct immobilization of DNA oligomers onto the amine-functionalized glass surface for DNA microarray fabrication through the activation-free reaction of oxanine

Ritchie, Ae, 1978:
Direct immuno electron microscopy: some interpretive problems with routine viral diagnosis

Cortes, V.; Oliveira, M.-De, 1981:
Direct immunofluorescence rabies diagnosis from dog saliva samples

Karpinski, S.M.erzejewska, M.R.tkowski, K., 1976:
Direct immunofluorescence test (IF) in the discovery of swine vesicular disease (SVD) in cultured cells

Tikhonov, V.; Burlak, Z., 1971:
Direct immunogenetic check on estimating breeder livestock according to offspring in line breeding

Jacobs, C.M.J., 1994:
Direct impact of atmospheric CO subscript 2 enrichment on regional transpiration

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Direct impact of forest harvesting in northeastern Minnesota

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Direct in vivo access to potential gene targets of the RPD3 histone deactylase using fitness-based interferential genetics

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Direct income payments to farmers

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Direct influence of ambient temperature on dairy cattle and their production

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Direct influence of boar on the impregnation of sows and on their fecundity

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Direct injection as a rinsewater minimization technology

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Direct injection fertilizer system at Oahu Sugar Company

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Direct injection realized in a conventional sprayer for plant protection

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Direct injection: applying pesticides with precision

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Direct inoculation into media containing bile salts and antibiotics is unsuitable for the detection of acid

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Direct inoculation of RNA transcripts from an infectious cDNA clone of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) into the lymph nodes and tonsils of pigs initiates PRRSV infection in vivo

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Direct inoculation with a freeze dried yeast in the manufacture of Carre de lEst soft cheese

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Direct inserting seeder for culture media

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Direct instrumental conditioning of neural activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging-derived reward feedback

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Direct interaction between Rsc6 and Rsc8

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Direct interaction between Teashirt and Sex combs reduced proteins, via Tsh's acidic domain, is essential for specifying the identity of the prothorax in Drosophila

Minocherhomjee, M.; Selfe, S.; Flowers, N.J.; Storm, D.R., 1987:
Direct interaction between the catalytic subunit of the calmodulin-sensitive adenylate cyclase from bovine brain with 125I-labeled wheat germ agglutinin and 125I-labeled calmodulin

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Direct interactions between humans and birds

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Direct interactions of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus/human herpesvirus 8 ORF50/Rta protein with the cellular protein octamer-1 and DNA are critical for specifying transactivation of a delayed-early promoter and stimulating viral reactivation

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Direct intercellular contacts at the ectomesodermal interface during the duck embryologic preen gland development

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Direct interferon-gamma signalling and CD8(+) T cell memory

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Direct interorganellar transfer of iron from endosome to mitochondrion

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Direct intraarticular pressure measurement in the coffin joint

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Direct intracranial recording of body-selective responses in human extrastriate visual cortex

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Direct introduction of drugs into the glandular parenchyma, in the mastitis treatment

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Direct investigation on the situation of production and market. II. Poultry sector

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Direct investigations of sedimentation in the upper basin of Kruonis PSHP

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Direct investigations of the surface of fractured potato starch grains

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Direct investment and joint ventures in China

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Direct irrigation as frost protection in vegetable cultures

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Direct isolation of native thin filaments from embryonic mus cle cells

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Direct laboratory method for diagnosis of heat and drought resistance of barley and corn

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Direct land disposal of feedlot runoff

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Direct landspreading of yard trimmings

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Direct learning

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Direct link between fluoranthene biodegradation and the mobility and sequestration of its residues during aging

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Direct liquefaction of biomass - correlative assessment of process development

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Direct liquefaction of peat--technological problems

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Direct liquefaction of wood by catalyst and water

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Direct loans open door to rural homeownership

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Direct local taxes: clarification of the bases of taxation

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Direct localization of the 51 and 24 kDa subunits of mitochondrial complex I by three-dimensional difference imaging

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Direct magnitude estimation of salt taste intensity with continuous correction for salivary adaptation

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Direct mail marketing

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Direct mail vs. e-mail

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Direct manuring of rice field w

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Direct marketers face competition

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Direct marketing

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Direct marketing South Carolina farm products

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Direct marketing activities of agricultural producing farms

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Direct marketing and related topics

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Direct marketing and related topics--January 1991-December 1996

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Direct marketing by farmer cooperatives

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Direct marketing by farmers to consumers

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Direct marketing by farms under legal and tax aspects

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Direct marketing consultant offers advice on how to establish prices

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Direct marketing for increasing farm profitability: training for trainers project

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Direct marketing for producer activities

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Direct marketing for small farmers

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Direct marketing from farmers to consumers

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Direct marketing in Arkansas: farmers markets

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Direct marketing in California

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Direct marketing in East Tennessee

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Direct marketing in Virginia

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Direct marketing in perspective

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Direct marketing in planning a village-reneval programe

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Direct marketing in the livestock industry

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Direct marketing lambs and wool to the public

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Direct marketing makes small acreage profitable

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Direct marketing management: is PYO for you?

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Direct marketing meat

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Direct marketing methods

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Direct marketing of Nueva Vizcaya highland vegetables to Valenzuela wholesale market

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Direct marketing of crops

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Direct marketing of farm produce and home goods

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Direct marketing of honey

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Direct marketing of livestock and livestock products

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Direct marketing of produce

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Direct marketing on-farm

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Direct marketing options for Northeastern producers

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Direct marketing options: farmers markets, restaurants, community supported agriculture and the organic alternative

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Direct marketing resource notebook

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Direct marketing strategies

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Direct marketing--trends and opportunities

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Direct marketing: More than produce changes hands

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Direct marketing: an alternative for ohio agriculture

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Direct marketing: another alternative Peaches, USA

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Direct marketing: the mail order business mailing list management

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Direct marketing: the result so far

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Direct measure of inferoflux: Application to the Tsanaga mayo

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Direct measurement of N2 gas de

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Direct measurement of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism in the digestive tract of conscious sheep

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Direct measurement of allantoic blood flow in the chicken, Gallus domesticus. Responses to alteration in ambient temperature and PO2

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Direct measurement of biting pressures for crackers using a multiple-point sheet sensor

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Direct measurement of ectomycorrhizal biomass

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Direct measurement of gaseous nitrogen losses from an effluent irrigation area

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Direct measurement of jet velocity as an aid to papermaking

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Direct measurement of light induced currents and potentials generated by bacterial reaction centers Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides, photosynthesis

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Direct measurement of lung motion using hyperpolarized helium-3 MR tagging

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Direct measurement of metal ion chelation in the active site of human ferrochelatase

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Direct measurement of metal-ion chelation in the active site of the AAA+ ATPase magnesium chelatase

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Direct measurement of moisture potential: a new technique

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Direct measurement of multiple pressed rods by expansion

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Direct measurement of photorespiration as a function of CO2 concentration

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Direct measurement of seepage from earthen channels

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Direct measurement of sieve tube turgor pressure using severed aphid stylets

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Direct measurement of spruce budworm (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) larval dispersal in forest stands Choristoneura fumiferana

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Direct measurement of the composition of soil components which retain added arsenate

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Direct measurement of the full, sequence-dependent folding landscape of a nucleic acid (10 Nov, pg 1001, 2006)

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Direct measurements and computations of total sediment discharge

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Direct measurements of horizonta

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Direct measurements of right and left heart outputs in a Valsalva-like maneuver in dogs

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Direct measurements of turgor pessure potentials of guard cells. II. The mechanical advantage of subsidiary cells, the Spannungsphase, and the optimum leaf water deficit

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Direct meat marketers fatten farm profits, trim prices

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Direct meat marketers fatten farm profits, trim prices Farmers direct sales, United States

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Direct metering of pesticide concentrations

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Direct method for determination of Sudan I in FD&C Yellow No. 6 and D&C Orange No. 4 by reversed-phase liquid chromatography

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Direct method for the determination of phenolic hydroxyl groups in pulp

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Direct methods for solving macromolecular structures

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Direct methylation of salts of acids in hydrolysis mixtures of natural products by phase transfer catalysis. An investigation of the suberin fraction of birch bark (Betula verrucosa Erh.)

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Direct microbial conversion: prospects, progress, and obstacles

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Direct microbiological conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol

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Direct microbiological conversion of cellulosics to ethanol

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Direct microscopic detection in soil of an actinomycete producing a fluorescent antibiotic

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Direct microscopic determination of the number of the milk cell elements by the quantitative smear method

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Direct microscopic methods for bacteria or somatic cells

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Direct microscopic studies of clamp connection formation in growing hyphae of Schizophyllum commune. I. The dikaryon

Niederpruem, D.J.; Jersild, R.A.; Lane, P.L., 1971:
Direct microscopic studies of clamp connection formation in growing hyphae of Schizophyllum commune. II. The A-mutant homokaryon and pseudo-clamp connections

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Direct modification of cellulose in woody biomass and sludge

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Direct molecular evidence for the degradation and mobility of black carbon in soils from ultrahigh-resolution mass spectral analysis of dissolved organic matter from a fire-impacted forest soil

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Direct molecular profiling of minicircle signatures and lineages of Trypanosoma cruzi bloodstream populations causing congenital Chagas disease

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Direct monitoring of the liquid and gas phases during a fermentation in a computer-mass-spectrometer-fermentor system

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Direct negative staining method

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Direct noninvasive quantification of lactate and high energy phosphates simultaneously in exercising human skeletal muscle by localized magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Direct numerical simulation of hydrogen turbulent lifted jet flame in a vitiated coflow

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Direct observation and measurement of behavior

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Direct observation from a submersible vessel of commercial longlines for tilefish Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps, marine fish, New Jersey

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Direct observation of algal spores under natural conditions

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Direct observation of electron transfer across a lipid bilayer: pulsed laser photolysis of an asymmetric vesicle system containing chlorophyll, methyl viologen and EDTA Pertinent to solar energy storage

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Direct observation of glycine metabolism in tobacco suspension cells by carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy

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Direct observation of histone H2B-YFP fusion proteins and transport of their mRNA between conjugating Paramecia

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Direct observation of ligand transfer and bond formation in cytochrome c oxidase by using mid-infrared chirped-pulse upconversion

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Direct observation of sulfur coordination in bean plastocyanin by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

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Direct observation of the reversible unwinding of a single DNA molecule caused by the intercalation of ethidium bromide

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Direct observations of Hydrophyche prey selection

Briskie, James, V., 2007:
Direct observations of shining cuckoos (Chrysococcyx lucidus) parasitising and depredating grey warbler (Gerygone igata) nests

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Direct observations of stomatal movements

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Direct observations of the rhabdomeres in Calliphora erythrocephala (Meig.)

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Direct observations of ultrasound microbubble contrast agent interaction with the microvessel wall

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Direct of spectrophotometric determination of chloride in wines by the formation of chromyl chloride

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Direct on-membrane glycoproteomic approach using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry coupled with microdispensing of multiple enzymes

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Direct or indirect alternatives for irrigation investment and the creation of property

Weber, W., 1975:
Direct or indirect milk cooling is the problem

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Direct or indirect role of peroxidases in ethylene biosynthesis?

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Direct organogenesis in Dianthus caryophyllus Linn

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Direct ovarian observation in the cow by means of laparoscopy

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Direct overhead irrigation for protecting vegetable crops against freezing

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Direct oxidases and related enzymes

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Direct oxygen determination in beer processing

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Direct packaging of ready to eat meals. II

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Direct pasteurization of fluid foods utilizing solar energy Milk, grape juice, Washington

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Direct pasteurization of fruit juices utilizing solar energy

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Direct payments in Swiss agricultural policy

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Direct payments: an increasing proportion of farm income and a changing geographic distribution

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Direct penetration and passive transport of spores of Phialophora cinerescens (Wr.) van Beyma in xylem of carnation

Broderius, Steven, J., 1980:
Direct photolysis of hexacyanferrate complexes

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Direct pituitary effects of kisspeptin: activation of gonadotrophs and somatotrophs and stimulation of luteinising hormone and growth hormone secretion

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Direct pituitary effects of neonatal androgenization on the LHRH response of dispersed pituitary cell cultures

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Direct plant regeneration from cucumber embryonal axis

Reche, A., 1978:
Direct planting for soil control

Torrado, P.-Vidal; Aloisi, R., R., 1984:
Direct planting in Brazil

Correa, La, 1980:
Direct planting of maize

Bajerova, J., 1978:
Direct planting of tomatoes for consumption and mechanized harvesting

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Direct planting, an erosion control technique

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Direct plantings

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Direct plating medium procedure

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Direct plating method for enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus: collaborative study

Golden, D.A.; Beuchat, L.R.; Brackett, R.E., 1988:
Direct plating technique for enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes in foods

Ghandimathi, H., 1982:
Direct pollen culture of Nicotiana tabacum Tobacco

Bowen, Rl, 1977:
Direct positive process for fast production of continuous tone black and white transparencies

Miller, Wh, 1980:
Direct potable reuse--an untapped resource

Liubimova, I.; Goriachkina, I., 1987:
Direct potentiometric determination of chlorine ion concentration in water extracts from soils and in natural waters

Milosavljevic, S.; Jovanovic, M.; Sak-Bosnar, M., 1978:
Direct potentiometric determination of the conte

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Direct preparation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furancarboxaldehyde from polyholosides: a chemical valorisation of the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) Plant non-food products

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Direct preparative methods for intermediates in the synthesis of substituted 4-haloquinoline

Anonymous, 1953:
Direct private foreign investments of the United States

Nellis, R.; Schutjer, W., 1977:
Direct private foreign participation in the United States food system

Stoops, G.; Pearson, M., 1988:
Direct product profit: a view from the supermarket industry

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Direct production losses and treatment costs due to four dairy cattle diseases

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Direct production of L-lysine from raw corn starch by Corynebacterium glutamicum secreting Streptococcus bovis l-amylase using cspB promoter and signal sequence

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Direct production of granulated superphosphates and PK compounds from sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, rock phosphate and potash

Ciesla, Z., 1980:
Direct production of protein concentrates from green fodders

Ebermann, H.; Petzoldt, K., 1979:
Direct proof of viruses with use of the electron microscope in veterinary medicine

Winkler, W., 1975:
Direct purchase means close cooperation between production and processing industries

Anonymous, 1984:
Direct purchases of apples in France

Adamczyk, J., 1977:
Direct purchasing of slaughter livestock

Kynast, G., 1970:
Direct quantitative determination of biscarbamates in plant pest control emulsion-concentrates on thin-layer chromatograms by means of reflectance measurements

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Direct quantitative evaluation of complex substances using computer screen photo-assisted technology: the case of red wine

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Direct quantitative evaluation of drug plant extracts on thin-layer chromatograms

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Direct quantitative evaluation of thin layer chromatographs as exemplified by chlorogenic acid and other caffeic acid esters in fruit and vegetables

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Direct quantitative evaluation of thin-layer chromatograms by remission- and fluorescence measurements. 4. determination of ergot alkaloids from medicaments and ergot by fluorescence measurement

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Direct quantitative evaluation of tin organic compounds by staining with pyrocatechol violet

Vignola, F.M.daniels, D., 1989:
Direct radiation: ratio between horizontal and tilted surfaces

Stupnicki, R., 1983:
Direct radioimmunoassay methods for steroid hormones Animal physiology

Lippert, Almut, 1992:
Direct radiological magnification of the cavum nasi, the sinus paranasales and the nasolacrimal apparatus in the cat

Jozsa, L.; Myronuk, R., 1987:
Direct reading x-ray densitometer

Ohtsuki, H.; Nowak, M.A., 2007:
Direct reciprocity on graphs

Preidel, A.; Schimmer, O., 1986:
Direct recombinogenic effect of dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) on zygotes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Jayme, G.E.-Kodsi, G., 1973:
Direct recrystallization of cellulose

Boast, D.; Cooper, D., 1986:
Direct recycling of tannery wastewater purified by the Silflo air flotation system

Daly, Jj, 1971:
Direct refrigerant freezing of foods using freezant-12

Rao, P.K.runakar; Suvartha, C., 2007:
Direct regeneration from cotyledon culture of lycopersicon Esculentum Mill

Humphries, C.; Balcer, H.; D'-Agostino, J.; Winsor, B.D.ubin, D.; Barnes, G.A.drews, B.; Goode, B., 2002:
Direct regulation of Arp2

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Direct regulation of Gata3 expression determines the T helper differentiation potential of Notch

Tai, P-Ju.; Huang, Y-Hui.; Shih, C-Hsuan.; Chen, R-Nan.; Chen, C-De.; Chen, W-Jan.; Wang, C-Siu.; Lin, K-Huei., 2007:
Direct regulation of androgen receptor-associated protein 70 by thyroid hormone and its receptors

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Direct relations and economic incentive, factors determining quality Engelsskii State Farm, Saratov Region, sale of vegetables to the state.1

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Direct relations in wool procurement

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Direct relations, an important condition of scientific organization of labor during the procurement of agricultural products

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Direct relationships in milk marketing

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Direct renal hemodynamic effects of clonidine

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Direct replacement of primary hydroxyl groups by halogen

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Direct research of sucrose and of other sugars in milk with bi-dimensional thin layer chromatography

Urbano, Cc, 1987:
Direct response advertising is a powerful ally in a marketing campaign

Nagre, K.; Rahate, V., 1980:
Direct response of jowar and residual response of wheat to soil application of micronutrients in jowar-wheat crop sequence

Bhatti, Ma, 1980:
Direct response to selection for feed conversion efficiency in the laboratory mouse (Mus musculus L.)

Norby, Rj, 1989:
Direct responses of forest trees to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide

Yamamoto, S., 1971:
Direct rice-planting in well-dr

Reckruhm, I., 1974:
Direct root analysis in fruit plantations with different systems of soil treatment

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Direct rooting offers benefits to container growers Plant propagation in containers, nursery crops

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Direct rosiglitazone-induced modifications in insulin secretion, action and clearance: a single-dose hyperglycaemic clamp study

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Direct sale against cooperative sale?

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Direct sale and bottling on the property

Leonova, N., 1980:
Direct sale of milk

Plassard, F., 1986:
Direct sale: a future technique

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Direct sales of honey--one stop between the hive and the table

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Direct sales of organic vegetables to white tablecloth restaurants

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Direct sales of raw milk

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Direct sales or open market

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Direct sales vs. terminal markets for selling fat cattle

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Direct sales: an explainable phenomenon

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Direct salting and automation of Mozzarella

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Direct sampling capillary GLC analysis of flavor volatiles from ovine fat

Svendsen, P.M.; Hansen, S.W.; Jeppesen, L.L., 2007:
Direct scan sampling reliably reflects video recorded differences in stereotypy in selected lines of mink

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Direct scouring of greige cotton fabrics with proteases

Traviesa-Alvarez, J.M.; Costa-Fernández, J.M.; Pereiro, R.; Sanz-Medel, A., 2007:
Direct screening of tetracyclines in water and bovine milk using room temperature phosphorescence detection

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Direct seed planting without tilling dry field

Anonymous, 1991:
Direct seeded flooded rice in the tropics

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Direct seeded vs. crown planted asparagus

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Direct seeding

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Direct seeding and minimal tillage

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Direct seeding black cherry: some recommendations for the Allegheny plateau

Raikhert, P.Z.tiko, L., 1977 :
Direct seeding cultivation of green peppers

Beckman, P., 1992:
Direct seeding experiments with Faidherbia albida in an arid environment

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Direct seeding in France

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Direct seeding in northern forest types

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Direct seeding in the Northeast - 1964

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Direct seeding in the South, 1959

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Direct seeding into crested wheatgrass

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Direct seeding longleaf pine

Nambu, M.N.gamatsu, T., 1974:
Direct seeding machine for rice

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Direct seeding melons in southwest Virginia

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Direct seeding of Alfalfa and meadow brome for hay and seed production

Waddington, J.S.hellenberg, M.; King,. Jr.;, 1994:
Direct seeding of alfalfa into northern pasture and rangeland

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Direct seeding of annual field crops into bluegrass sod

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Direct seeding of asparagus

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Direct seeding of cabbage

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Direct seeding of cereals in the southwest

Anonymous, 1978:
Direct seeding of forage cabbage

Thouroude, D., 1980:
Direct seeding of forage crop species

O'-Dell, Cr, 1970:
Direct seeding of fresh market tomatoes for fall markets

Mehwald, J., 1972:
Direct seeding of green cabbage in spring

Abrahams, Jonathan, 1988:
Direct seeding of guayule using drip irrigation

Sakaki, G., 1973:
Direct seeding of lowland rice

Bodet, J.; Desvignes, P., 1978:
Direct seeding of maize after silage for forage

Teilhard-De-Chardin, B., 1984:
Direct seeding of meadows: seeders and conditions

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Direct seeding of oak in Missouri

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Direct seeding of pine and spruce in southwestern Maine

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Direct seeding of pokeberry on mine soils

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Direct seeding of rice in the M

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Direct seeding of shrubs along roadsides in Massachusetts

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Direct seeding of southern oaks--a progress report

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Direct seeding of southern pines--a regeneration alternative

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Direct seeding of tomatoes for processing

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Direct seeding of tree species on copper mine wastes in southwestern United States

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Direct seeding of trees and shrubs

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Direct seeding of trees and shrubs on surface mined lands in West Virginia

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Direct seeding of winter cereals

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Direct seeding of winter cereals. Experiences in the southwest

Chan, F.J., 1971:
Direct seeding of woody landscape plants

Jones, E.Jr, 1985:
Direct seeding slash pine before clearcutting

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