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Direct or indirect role of peroxidases in ethylene biosynthesis?

Molecular and physiological aspects of plant peroxidases edited by H Greppin C Penel Th Gaspar: 0

Direct or indirect role of peroxidases in ethylene biosynthesis?

Accession: 015516825

Related references

Cardinale, F.C.; Jennings, J.C.; Anderson, J.D., 1995: Use of the ethylene-action inhibitor, 1-methylcyclopropene, to study the role of ethylene in elicitor-induced ethylene biosynthesis in tomato leaves. Plant Physiology (Rockville) 108(2 SUPPL ): 140

Anonymous, 1947: Indirect bilirubin I Differential character of indirect bilirubin and direct acid bilirubin II Spontaneous variations of direct and indirect bilirubin in various conditions of preservation HI The action of oxidizing agents on the behavior of bilirubin to direct diazo reaction IV The nature of indirect bilirubin

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Makhlouf, J.; Willemot, C.; Arul, J.; Cheour, F.; Castaigne, F.; Gosselin, A., 1991: The role of ethylene in storage and regulation of ethylene biosynthesis of broccoli florets after harvest. Effect of temperature. Florets of cv. Green Valiant were stored for 10 weeks in the dark at 1 or 25 degrees C in atmospheres containing 0, 10 or 100 p.p.m. ethylene. Ethylene accelerated chlorophyll loss; the effect increased with ethylene concentration, but was markedl...

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