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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15518

Chapter 15518 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hagner, M.S.hlen, K., 1977:
Direct seeding under plastic cones on scarified ground

Outcalt, Kw, 1985:
Direct seeding versus planting for establishment of pines on West Florida sandhills

Nelson,, C.-L.B.gwell, T., J., 1992:
Direct seeding versus transplanting of green and red chile in northern New Mexico

Chai, Dnp, 1981:
Direct seeding with Parashorea tomentella seeds Sabah

Clauzier, A., 1977:
Direct seeding, a reality in Great Britain

Anonymous, 1978:
Direct seeding, a technique being tested

Puravet, D., 1979:
Direct seeding--an energy and work time saving technique

Anonymous, 1980:
Direct seeding: in progress

Oldenbroek, Jk, 1984:
Direct selection as a method to avoid breeding inefficiency and health impairment in cattle

Struhl, K., 1983:
Direct selection for gene replacement events in yeast

Imshenetskii, A.; Solntzeva, L.; Kasatkina, I.; Zheltova, E.; Afanas'-Eva, L., 1977:
Direct selection of Aspergillus terricola variants with different toxicity on a culture of fibroblasts

Morse, D.P., 2007:
Direct selection of RNA beacon aptamers

Webster, T.D.; Dickson, R.C., 1983:
Direct selection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae resistant to the antibiotic G418 following transformation with a DNA vector carrying the kanamycin-resistance gene of Tn903

Imshenetskii, A.; Solntseva, L.; Kasatkina, I.; Zheltova, E.; Afanas'-Eva, L., 1977:
Direct selection of variants of Aspergillus terricola with different toxicity on a fibroblast culture

Frapple, P., 1989:
Direct selling is a plus for cattle producers

Strother, J., 1975:
Direct selling of pork

Mori, H., 1973:
Direct selling of timber at the

Bhaskara, B.L.; Padmarajaiah Nagaraja, 2006:
Direct sensitive spectrophotometric determination of glyphosate by using ninhydrin as a chromogenic reagent in formulations and environmental water samples

Nonhebel, Hm, 1987:
Direct separation of (S)- and (R)-abscisic acid on a commercially available chiral high-performance liquid chromatographic column

Ling, N.; Rivier, J.; Burgus, R.; Guillemin, R., 1973:
Direct sequence determination of ovine luteinizing hormone releasing factor by mass spectrometry

Dowton, M.; Austin, A.D., 1993:
Direct sequencing of double-stranded PCR products without intermediate fragment purification; digestion with mung bean nuclease

Kaibori, M.S.ssa, K., 1981:
Direct shear apparatus for the

Fujimoto, M., 1980:
Direct shear characteristics of

Anonymous, 1947:
Direct shear soil testing machine

Brooker, Jr; Campbell, Jc, 1978:
Direct shipment of cotton from Tennessee gins and gin warehouses to mills and export outlets

Anonymous, 1959:
Direct shipments into selected North Central States by state of origin

Kumar, V.; Sharma, A.; Chayapathy, B.; Prasad, N.; Gururaj, H.-Bhaskar; Giridhar, P.; Ravishankar, G.-Aswathanarayana, 2007:
Direct shoot bud induction and plant regeneration in Capsicum frutescens Mill.: Influence of polyamines and polarity

Sardini, P.; Robinet, J.C.; Siitari-Kauppi, M.; Delay, F.; Hellmuth, K.H., 2007:
Direct simulation of heterogeneous diffusion and inversion procedure applied to an out-diffusion experiment. Test case of Palmottu granite

Milnes, E.P.rrochet, P., 2006:
Direct simulation of solute recycling in irrigated areas

Grasty, Rl, 1982:
Direct snow-water equivalent measurement by air-borne gamma-ray spectrometry

Talwalkar, Awinash-Trimbak, 1964:
Direct solar drying

Bryan, Wl, 1978:
Direct solar drying of fruits and vegetables in the southeastern United States

Kozai, T.K.mura, M., 1977:
Direct solar light transmission into multi span greenhouses

Kozai, T., 1977:
Direct solar light transmission into single span greenhouses

Vygodskaia, N.; Zaitseva, I.; Krasnikova, N.; Lebedeva, M.; Lunina, G.; Nekrasov, V.; Sherman, E., 1978:
Direct solar radiation reaching open and afforested slopes in southern Maritime Province

Margl, H., 1971:
Direct solar radiation, a location differential factor in the mountains

Yamamoto, K.H.asa, M.M.hmood, T.M.tsuo, T., 1989:
Direct solid-liquid separation using hollow fiber membrane in an activated sludge aeration tank

Harbaugh, Arlen, W., 1995:
Direct solution package based on alternating diagonal ordering for the U.S. Geological Survey modular finite-difference ground-water flow model

Barna, K.; Wakhlu, A., 1995:
Direct somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from immature leaflets in chickpea

Maheswaran, G.W.lliams, E., 1985:
Direct somatic embryogenesis for rapid genotype propagation

Liu, C.Q.; Xia, X.L.; Yin, W.L.; Zhou, J.H.; Tang, H.R., 2007:
Direct somatic embryogenesis from leaves, cotyledons and hypocotyls of Hippophae rhamnoides

Dubois, T.G.edira, M.D.bois, J.V.sseur, J., 1991:
Direct somatic embryogenesis in leaves of Cichorium: a historical and SEM study of early stages

Guedira, M.D.bois-Tylski, T.V.sseur, J.D.bois, J., 1989:
Direct somatic embryogenesis obtained from anther culture of Cichorium (Asteraceae)

Dublin, P., 1981:
Direct somatic embryogenesis on fragments of Arabusta coffee tree leaves

Dublin, P., 1984:
Direct somatic embryogenesis on fregments of Arabusta coffee tree leaves

Nielsen, V., 1979:
Direct sowing

Kutsuna, K., 1972:
Direct sowing and continuous cu

Sanchez-Giron-Renedo, V., 1983:
Direct sowing as compared with traditional tillage

Khristov,, I.V.lev, B., 1977:
Direct sowing cultivation of redpeppers

Ikemoto, S., 1979 :
Direct sowing cultivation of sh

Frenz, F.; Hege, H.L.cker, F.K.aus, J., 1972:
Direct sowing of cabbage in open field

Zajic, B., 1977:
Direct sowing of celery

Baumgardt, Jp, 1980:
Direct sowing of display beds

Cedell, T., 1981:
Direct sowing of fall fape (experiences with field trials in 1979-1981) Sweden.1

Izumi, S.; Himeda, S., 1964:
Direct sowing of paddy rice cultivation

Christov,, I.V.lev, B., 1977:
Direct sowing of paprika

Taniguchi, K., 1972:
Direct sowing of rice in floode

Kirkov, K.; Karakusheva, R.K.enchev, A., 1978:
Direct sowing of seed.

Pentiuc, V., 1979:
Direct sowing of spruce and pine trees

Honcharuk, O.; Balan, V., 1980:
Direct sowing of sugarbeet seed

Pour, J., 1977:
Direct sowing of vegetables

Chiba, S.T.kahashi, K.K.bota, T., 1970:
Direct sowing rice culture in t

Yoshizawa, T., 1975:
Direct sowing techniques, soil

Piotto, Beti, 1987:
Direct sowing trials with eucalypt coated seeds influence of seed covering media and sowing periods. Seed coating influence on laboratory and nursery germinability of Eucalyptus gomphocephala

Aburto, M.-S.R.driguez, R., M., 1979:
Direct sowing versus transplanting in the production of the PMR-45 melon variety with the use of two types of containers

Cedell, T., 1983:
Direct sowing, a technique meeting with increased interest

Voll, E.D.vis, G.; Cerdeira, A., 1980:
Direct soybean sowing: efficiency factors in weed control and recommendations

Salkic, M.; Kubicek, R.; Keran, H.; Jasic, M., 2007:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of L-ascorbic acid in the presence of stabilizers

Borgmann, S.H.M.; Parcianello, L.M.; Arend, M.Z.; Cardoso, S.G., 2007:
Direct spectrophotometric determination of diacerhein in capsules

Zakhariev, T.C.ekhlarov, A.V.selinov, E., 1972:
Direct sprinkler irrigation of t

Guérin, P.; Gouëffic, Y.; Heymann, M-Françoise.; Pillet, P.; A.H.bash, O.; Crochet, D.; Pacaud, P.; Loirand, G., 2007:
Direct stenting limits sirolimus-eluting stent edge neointimal thickening

Maxwell, S.R.uch, F., 1989:
Direct stick propagation of Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum

Kelly, A., 1987:
Direct sticking evergreen Azalea cuttings

Pinney, T.Jr, 1983:
Direct sticking of cuttings in Gro-Plugs

Fernández-Fernández, R.; Tena-Sempere, M.; Roa, J.; Castellano, J.Manuel.; Navarro, Víctor.M.; Aguilar, E.; Pinilla, L., 2007:
Direct stimulatory effect of ghrelin on pituitary release of LH through a nitric oxide-dependent mechanism that is modulated by estrogen

Kovacic, J., 1981:
Direct strengthening of the growth capacity of the private forests

Gross, M.; Rao, V.1; Smit, C., 1982:
Direct stress-strain dynamic characteristics of low-methoxyl pectin gels Rheological response was found to be highly dependent on test frequency, and a resonance dispersion effect

Subbarao, S.; Ramos, A.; Kim, C.; Adams, D.; Monsour, M.; Butera, S.; Folks, T.; Otten, R.A., 2007:
Direct stringency comparison of two macaque models (single-high vs. repeat-low) for mucosal HIV transmission using an identical anti-HIV chemoprophylaxis intervention

Soifer, V.; Kartel'-, N.; Tsieminis, K.; Agranovskii, A., 1973:
Direct study of DNA synthesis in barley shoots in the normal state irradiated with gamma rays and with post-radiation treatment with caffeine

Puhl, T.; Planken, J., 1986:
Direct sugar beet drilling--a practical alternative?

Smiderle, O.J.; Gianluppi, D., 2007:
Direct sunflower BRS 191 planting in cerrado of Roraima with application of lime and boron

Erk, D.F.edler, H., 1978:
Direct supply of milk and dairy products

Wagner, H.F.rkas, L.F.ores, G.S.relisky, J., 1974:
Direct synthesis of 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxyflavones. II. Synthesis of flavones from Eupatorium species. iI

Garnovskii, A.D.K.arissov, B., I., 1999:
Direct synthesis of coordination and organometallic compounds

Blaszczyk, R.; Gajda, T., 2007:
Direct synthesis of protected diethyl 1,2-diaminoalkylphosphonates

Conill, Af, 1977:
Direct system of rice cultivation as a choice for sowing in the periods of time recommended

White, R.A., 1994:
Direct targets of homeotic gene control in Drosophila

Banks, N.-G.H.blitt, R., P., 1996:
Direct temperature measurements of deposits, Mount St. Helens, Washington, 1980-1981

Ishiguro, S.N.kaya, M., 1985:
Direct tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete by using clamping grips

Moroz, Va, 1975:
Direct ties are beneficial for both the state and the farms

Stemmler, E.A.; Hsu, Y-Wei.A.; Cashman, C.R.; Messinger, D.I.; de la Iglesia, H.O.; Dickinson, P.S.; Christie, A.E., 2007:
Direct tissue MALDI-FTMS profiling of individual Cancer productus sinus glands reveals that one of three distinct combinations of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone precursor-related peptide (CPRP) isoforms are present in individual crabs

Elliott, M.; Zettler, F., 1998:
Direct tissue blot adapted for use in detecting CMV in gladiolus

Bertolini, N., 1979:
Direct to industry

Adami, G.; Castagnola,, M.Z.nino, P.C.lombo, B., 1988:
Direct total nitrogen determination in enteral feeding mixtures

Anonymous, 1984:
Direct trade practice from farm land

Wieser, W., 1973:
Direct transfer of gas forming ammonia from animals to plants

Skaar, R., 1970:
Direct transport of timber by tractor compared to truck transport

Grommers, F.; Braak, A.-Van-De; Antonisse, H., 1971:
Direct trauma of of mammary glands in dairy cattle. I. Variations in incidence due to animal variables

Bouchet, C., 1986:
Direct treatments on maize. An exacting technique but one which is used more and more frequently

Orlowski, J.; Barford, J., 1991:
Direct uptake of sucrose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae in batch and continuous culture

Anonymous, 1992:
Direct use of geothermal resources

Cabala-Rosand, P.W.ld, A., 1982:
Direct use of low grade phosphate rock from Brazil as fertilizer. II. Effects of mycorrhizal inoculation and nitrogen source Stylosanthes guianensis, Desmodium intortum

Timmins, A.M.cpherson, E.; Ackman, R., 2000:
Direct use of methyl tricosanoate as an internal standard and overcoming a potential error in the quantitation of the omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids of marine oils as ethyl esters

Moustafa, S.; Brusewitz, G.; Farmer, D., 1979:
Direct use of solar energy for water desalination

Blaha,, S., 1977:
Direct use of swine liquid manure in crop production

Anonymous, 1978:
Direct utilization of geothermal energy

Alton, G.; Hasilik, M.; Niehues, R.; Panneerselvam, K.; Etchison, J.R.; Fana, F.; Freeze, H.H., 1998:
Direct utilization of mannose for mammalian glycoprotein biosynthesis

Deepak Deshpande; Didriksen, A.C., 2007:
Direct vat set cultures - a boon to the dairy industry

Grevemeyer, B.B.axmaier, U., 2002:
Direct ventral hernia in a horse

Cole, N.; Logan, C., W., 2007:
Direct verification pilot study

M'-Batchi, B.E.-Ayadi, R.D.lrot, S.B.nnemain, J., 1986:
Direct versus indirect effects of p-chloromercuribenzenesulphonic acid on sucrose uptake by plant tissues: the electrophysiological evidence

Kyzer, S.; Ha, K.Sun.; Landick, R.; Palangat, M., 2007:
Direct versus limited-step reconstitution reveals key features of an RNA hairpin-stabilized paused transcription complex

Krajhanzl, A.; Nosek, J.; Monsigny, M.; Kocourek, J., 1984:
Direct visualization of endogenous lectins in fish oocytes by glycosylated fluorescent cytochemical markers

Nishi, M.; Usuku, T.; Itose, M.; Fujikawa, K.; Hosokawa, K.; Matsuda, K-I.; Kawata, M., 2007:
Direct visualization of glucocorticoid receptor positive cells in the hippocampal regions using green fluorescent protein transgenic mice

Woodcock, C.; Stanchfield, J.; Gould, R., 1975:
Direct visualization of information transfer events

Nonomura, Y.; Ono, T., 1974:
Direct visualization of the RNA location in cucumber green mottle mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus protein disk

Lebel, Réjean.; McDuff, Fçois-Olivier.; Lavigne, P.; Grandbois, M., 2007:
Direct visualization of the binding of c-Myc/Max heterodimeric b-HLH-LZ to E-box sequences on the hTERT promoter

Ip, W.; Heuser, J., 1983:
Direct visualization of the myosin crossbridge helices on relaxed rabbit psoas thick filaments

Omdahl, J.; Hunsaker, L.; Evan, A., 1979:
Direct vitamin D3-metabolite regulation of kidney 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 metabolism

Byers, W., 1974:
Direct waste fired dry kilns

Iamov, V.; Kolesnik, N., 1981:
Direct way of glucoso-6-phosphate oxidation in the tissues of Hypoderma bovis L. Cattle pests.1

Jensen, C.R.C., 2007:
Direct white sugar manufacture in the cane sugar industry via membrane filtration and continuous ion-exchange demineralization

Lesser, W., 1979:
Direct wholesale marketing opportunities for New York State livestock producers

Abeleva, E.; Burychenko, G., 1972:
Direct, delayed and potential mutagenic effect of ethylmethanesulphonate in Drosophila melanogaster

Straus, Murray, A., 1957:
Direct, indirect, and disguised measurement in rural sociology

Grewal, J.; Trehan, S., 1979:
Direct, residual & cumulative effects of phosphorus & potassium applied through organic & inorganic sources on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in acidic brown hill soil

Rao, M.; Bhardwaj, R., 1979:
Direct, residual and cumulative effect of phosphate in wheat-maize cropping systems

Chaudhary, M.; Gupta, A.; Khanna, S.; Bathla, R., 1979:
Direct, residual and cumulative effect of some phosphatic fertilizers on the yield and phosphorus uptake by wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Tewari, K.; Pathak, A., 1976:
Direct, residual and cumulative effects of applied zinc on yield, chemical composition and ion uptake by rice and wheat crops in a fixed rotation under field condition. 1. Effect on rice crop

Patro, G.; Sahoo, B., 1978:
Direct, residual and cumulative effects of phosphorus, potassium and F.Y.M. on a fixed single year rotation of rice-rice

Wang, X.; Song, J.; Liu, J.; Wang, Z.Lin., 2007:
Direct-current nanogenerator driven by ultrasonic waves

Newell, S.; Hicks, R., 1982:
Direct-count estimates of fungal and bacterial biovolume in dead leaves of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora Loisel.) Salt marsh vascular plants

Zyla, L.K.shwaha, R., 1993:
Direct-cut attachments for reducing dry bean harvesting losses

Waldo, D.; Derbyshire, J., 1970:
Direct-cut silage may see comeback with formic acid additive

Beecher, E.; Starer, M., 1998:
Direct-expanded cereals produced on high speed, high-torque twin screw extruders

Anonymous, 2002:
Direct-fed microbial, enzyme & forage additive compendium

Kung, L.Jr, 1998:
Direct-fed microbials for dairy cattle

Aseltine, M., 1992:
Direct-fed microbials, yeast hold potential for dairy animals

Kawano, T.; Kuroyanagi, M.; Tabei, T., 2007:
Direct-immersion and water-extraction methods for measuring tritium contamination of concrete

Mueller, W., 1988:
Direct-market profits start with people

Anonymous, 1995:
Direct-marketing registry

Page, I., 1972:
Direct-mounted tree planter gets round stumps and slash

Kovacich, M.S.; Beck, D.R.; Rich, P.; Zack, M.; Cannaert, M., 2006:
Direct-push injection and circulation biobarrier to remediate a TCE groundwater plume

Singh, K.N.B.attacharyya, H.C., 1989:
Direct-seeded rice

Shoemaker, Wh, 1987:
Direct-seeded slicing cucumber cultivar observation

Clore, W.J.E.rle, R.E., 1976:
Direct-seeded versus crown-planted asparagus

Clatterbuck, Wk, 1998:
Direct-seeding acorns for bottomland oak reforestation: guidelines for success

Graves, D.; Carpenter, S.; Wittwer, R., 1980:
Direct-seeding of commercial trees on surface-mine spoil

Takano, T.H.mashima, N., 1973:
Direct-sowing of lettuce under

Kusuhara, M., 1972 :
Direct-sowing techniques in swe

Gellad, Z.F.; Lyles, K.W., 2007:
Direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals

Williams, V.P.rry, B.C.ckrell, B.G.bson, M., 1984:
Direct-to-consumer sales--grower panel discussion

Liu, Z.; Sun, Z.; Leng, Y., 2006:
Directed evolution and characterization of a novel D-pantonohydrolase from Fusarium moniliforme

Lee, S.Kuk.; Chou, H.H.; Pfleger, B.F.; Newman, J.D.; Yoshikuni, Y.; Keasling, J.D., 2007:
Directed evolution of AraC for improved compatibility of arabinose- and lactose-inducible promoters

Hawkins, A.C.; Arnold, F.H.; Stuermer, R.; Hauer, B.; Leadbetter, J.R., 2007:
Directed evolution of Vibrio fischeri LuxR for improved response to butanoyl-homoserine lactone

Dedek, M., 1978:
Directed activity of the Research Dairy Institute in the 3d year of the 6th Five Year Plan

Hanus, H.S.honberger, H., 1979:
Directed application of nitrogen fertilizers for stable cereal yields

Cost, G.J.; Cozzarelli, N.R., 2007:
Directed assembly of DNA molecules via simultaneous ligation and digestion

McCoy, E.; O'Connor, S.E., 2006:
Directed biosynthesis of alkaloid analogs in the medicinal plant Catharanthus roseus

Beacco, E.; Bianchi, M.L.; Minghetti, A.; Spalla, C., 1978 :
Directed biosynthesis of analogues of ergot peptide alkaloids with Claviceps purpurea

Kobel, H.T.aber, R., 1982:
Directed biosynthesis of cyclosporins

Rosenberg, H.S.ohs, S.; Paul, A., 1974:
Directed biosynthesis of unnatural alkaloids in Dolichothele sphaerica

Pirvulescu, I., 1975:
Directed blooming in roses cultivated in greenhouses

Riznichuk, S.; Abramovich, I.1; Iuriichuk, I., 1981:
Directed breeding and methods of increasing seed productivity Winter bird rape and rape for green forage, Carpathian zone of the Ukrainian SSR.1

Horber, I.R.mili, S., 1981:
Directed breeding and selection of young female cattle for replacement--the basis of increased dairy production

Remeslo, V.; Pezhemskaia, T.; Sinenko, L., 1983:
Directed breeding for increased protein content of spring wheat grain

Troitskii, N.; Novitskaia, M.; Baturo, V., 1983:
Directed by RP4 plasmid conjugation transfer of genes from bacteria-nitrogen fixators to Escherichia coli

Zav'-Ialov, A.; Lekar'-, B.; Moroz, V.; Kiprianov, A., 1977:
Directed catalytic pyrolysis of wood

Ali-Zade, M.; Dzhavadova, L., 1979:
Directed character of the changes in the content of nucleic acids in cotton mutants

Schick, R.-S.L.ndley, S., T., 2007 :
Directed connectivity among fish populations in a riverine network

Oslender, Md, 1982:
Directed conservation and care

Mandersloot, Hj, 1975:
Directed control

Audemard, H., 1979:
Directed control in the apple orchard and risk forecasting. Trapping the codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.) with the synthetic sex pheromone Dodecadiene 8 E, 10 E OL-1

Gonnet, M., 1973:
Directed crystallization of honey and the manufacture of cream honey

Grabler, W., 1978:
Directed cultivation of starch potatoes for potato drying in central Franconia

Wallace, R.B.; Johnson, P.F.; Tanaka, S.; Schöld, M.; Itakura, K.; Abelson, J., 1980:
Directed deletion of a yeast transfer RNA intervening sequence

Lee, H.; Shamy, G.Al.; Elkabetz, Y.; Schofield, C.M.; Harrsion, N.L.; Panagiotakos, G.; Socci, N.D.; Tabar, V.; Studer, L., 2007:
Directed differentiation and transplantation of human embryonic stem cell-derived motoneurons

Arnold, F.-Hamilton; Georgiou, G., 2003:
Directed enzyme evolution

Fischbach, M.A.; Lai, J.R.; Roche, E.D.; Walsh, C.T.; Liu, D.R., 2007:
Directed evolution can rapidly improve the activity of chimeric assembly-line enzymes

Fan, Y.; Fang, W.; Xiao, Y.; Yang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Bidochka, M.J.; Pei, Y., 2007 :
Directed evolution for increased chitinase activity

Arnold, F.-Hamilton; Georgiou, G., 2003:
Directed evolution library creation

Xiong, A-Sheng.; Peng, R-He.; Zhuang, J.; Li, X.; Xue, Y.; Liu, J-Ge.; Gao, F.; Cai, B.; Chen, J-Min.; Yao, Q-Hong., 2007:
Directed evolution of a beta-galactosidase from Pyrococcus woesei resulting in increased thermostable beta-glucuronidase activity

Zhou, Z.; Lai, J.R.; Walsh, C.T., 2007:
Directed evolution of aryl carrier proteins in the enterobactin synthetase

Brideau-Andersen, A.-D.H.ang, X.; Sun, S.-Chi-Chang; Chen, T.-T.S.ark, D.; Sas, I.-J.Z.dik, L.; Dawes, G.-N.G.ptill, D.-R.M.cord, R.; Govindarajan, S.; Roy, A.; Yang, S.; Gao, J.; Chen, Y.-Hong; Skartved, N.-Jcirgen-C.P.dersen, A.-K.L.n, D.; Locher, C.-P.R.bbapragada, I.; Jensen, A.-Dam; Bass, S.-H.N.ssen, T., L.S.raight; Viswanathan, S.; Foster, G.-R.S.mons, J.-A.P.tten, P., A., 2007:
Directed evolution of gene-shuffled IFN-l molecules with activity profiles tailored for treatment of chronic viral diseases

Francis, J.C.; Hansche, P.E., 1973:
Directed Evolution of Metabolic Pathways in Microbial Populations II. a Repeatable Adaptation in SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE

Zhao, H., 2007:
Directed evolution of novel protein functions

Fen, C.Xue.; Coomber, D.W.; Lane, D.P.; Ghadessy, F.J., 2007:
Directed evolution of p53 variants with altered DNA-binding specificities by in vitro compartmentalization

Bernstein, J.R.; Bulter, T.; Shen, C.R.; Liao, J.C., 2007:
Directed evolution of ribosomal protein S1 for enhanced translational efficiency of high GC Rhodopseudomonas palustris DNA in Escherichia coli

Nettevich, E.; Sharakhov, A., 1986:
Directed formation of spring barley hybrid populations under conditions of artificial climate

Rodionova, N.; Karpova, O.; Metelev, V.; Bogdanova, S.; Shabarova, Z., 1984:
Directed fragmentation of tobacco mosaic virus RNA: cleavage of 3-region containing the coat protein gene

Boote Jones, E.N.; Mallapragada, S.K., 2007:
Directed growth and differentiation of stem cells towards neural cell fates using soluble and surface-mediated cues

Furuta, Tokuji, 1965:
Directed growth of ornamental plants with chemicals

Kaplia, A.; Moroz, T., 1976:
Directed growth processes and certain aspects of metabolism in fruit plants treated with chlorocholine chloride

Sampayo-Fernandez, M., 1977:
Directed integrated control in orchards

Seiberth, Vw, 1972:
Directed investigations on the nitrogen effect of thermally dried sewage sludge when used as a soil improver on recultivated surfaces

Pivot, D., 1981:
Directed manuring in chrysanthemum culture grown for cut flowers

Kleinschroth, E., 1979:
Directed mastitis control

Gentzsch, D., 1983:
Directed mechanical and chemical weed control in alliaceous vegetable crops

Wigle, T.J.; Singleton, S.F., 2007 :
Directed molecular screening for RecA ATPase inhibitors

Shortle, D.; DiMaio, D.; Nathans, D., 1981:
Directed mutagenesis

Debus, R.J.; Barry, B.A.; Sithole, I.; Babcock, G.T.; McIntosh, L., 1988:
Directed mutagenesis indicates that the donor to P+680 in photosystem II is tyrosine-161 of the D1 polypeptide

Gerasimova, T.; Mizrokhi, L.; Obolenkova, L.; Georgiev, P., 1985:
Directed mutagenesis under the action of mobile elements in unstable lines of Drosophila melanogaster

Godfrey, O.W., 1974:
Directed mutation in Streptomyces lipmanii

Pankratz, M.T.; Li, X-Jun.; Lavaute, T.M.; Lyons, E.A.; Chen, X.; Zhang, S-Chun., 2007:
Directed neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells via an obligated primitive anterior stage

Stikova, O., 1978:
Directed nutrition and its prolems

Anonymous, 1977:
Directed pest control on the apple

Anonymous, 1970:
Directed plant growth

Macek, J., 1977:
Directed plant protection

Zhigadlo, Ba, 1985:
Directed pollination of alfalfa

Scholz, B., 1977:
Directed potato cultivation for high quality

Krasota, Vf, 1981:
Directed rearing of young cattle

Margulis, Ia, 1978:
Directed rearing of young pedigree goats

Krasikova, Zs, 1980:
Directed regulation of sexual cycles of sows

Postovit, H.; Grier, J.1; Lockhart, J.1; Tate, J.Jro, 1982:
Directed relocation of a golden eagle nest site Aquila chrysaetos, Protected species

Anonymous, 1987:
Directed research into wooden furniture

Jager, H.G.nzinger, W.T.chager, E.S.harl, J., 1980:
Directed research on ripening of Emmental cheese

Poe, Sidney, L., 1970:
Directed selection for improved mite predators (Acarina:Phytoseiidae)

Standlea, PP., 1973:
Directed selection for improved strains of parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae)

Smythe, J.; Armitage, S.; McDonald, D.; Pamphilon, D.; Guttridge, M.; Brown, J.; Green, A.; Brown, C.; Warwick, R.M.; Lankester, A.; Fehily, D.; Contreras, M.; Navarrete, C.; Watt, S.M., 2007:
Directed sibling cord blood banking for transplantation: the 10-year experience in the national blood service in England

Cole, E.; Newton, M., 1990:
Directed spraying of snowbrush ceanothus and greenleaf manzanita

Hardcastle, Ws, 1978:
Directed sprays for weed control

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Directed transesterification of fats. III. Temperature influence on the composition of the solid and liquid phases at equillibrium and the application to a total composition mathematic model

Nieto, Fj, 1976:
Directed transesterificaton of fats. II. Conversion to trisaturated glycerides as a function of temperature for different triglyceride systems

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Directed-spraying dichlorprop for pine release

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Directing RNA interference specifically to differentiated muscle cells

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Directing and raising the level of professional work in agricultural-food activities in Vojvodina

Anonymous, 1976:
Directing cotton production with dialectic theory

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Directing electron transfer within Photosystem I by breaking H-bonds in the cofactor branches

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Directing employee efforts through goal setting

Rufaihah, A.Jalil.; Haider, H.Khawaja.; Heng, B.Chin.; Ye, L.; Toh, W.Seong.; Tian, X.Feng.; Lu, K.; Sim, E.Kwang-Wei.; Cao, T., 2007:
Directing endothelial differentiation of human embryonic stem cells via transduction with an adenoviral vector expressing the VEGF(165) gene

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Directing influence of certain constituents of litter on the elaboration and properties of organic matter of a calcareous brown soil

Marcus, J., F.; Dinan, J., J.; Johnson, R., J.; Blankenship, E., E.; Lackey, J., L., 2007:
Directing nest site selection of least terns and piping plovers

Anonymous, 1990:
Directing oil overcharge funds for sustainable agriculture

Anonymous, 1986:
Directing plan for agricultural extension

Bakhiya, N.; Batke, M.; Laake, J.; Monien, B.H.; Frank, H.; Seidel, A.; Engst, W.; Glatt, H., 2007:
Directing role of organic anion transporters in the excretion of mercapturic acids of alkylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Peeples, M.M., 2006:
Directing the future of diabetes self-management: learn from the people

Anonymous, 1993:
Directing the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain lands to the town of Taos, New Mexico

Anonymous, 2002:
Directing the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain real property in the Dixie National Forest in the state of Utah

Anonymous, 2002:
Directing the Secretary of Energy to convey a parcel of land at the facility of the Southwestern Power Administration in Tupelo, Oklahoma

Baer, Kp, 1988:
Directing the cooperative: a CEOs viewpoint

Wanous, A., 1988:
Directing the cooperative: asking the right questions

Jiricka, M., 1975:
Directing the development of farm workers by social planning

Dysart, J., 2001:
Directing traffic

Anonymous, 1991:

Melville, Rv, 1982:
Direction 112. Pieridae Duponchel, (1835) (Insecta: Lepidoptera): protected

Melville, Rv, 1982:
Direction 113. Morphidae (Insecta, Lepidoptera): further correction to official list entry

Kosir, Mi, 1975:
Direction and administration of the agricultural economy in the U.s.s.r

Hannah, H.W., 1994:
Direction and control of the veterinarian's assistants

Human, N.; Scholtz, A.W.lgemoed, C., 1988:
Direction and frequency of damaging wind in the citrus-producing areas of the Republic of South Africa

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Direction and height of bryophytes on four species of northern trees Acer saccharum, Betula lutea, Populus spp., Quercus rubra, Keweenaw County, Michigan

Scaramuzzi, F., 1970:
Direction and perspective of pruning in modern wine-growing

Aleandri, M., 1970:
Direction and present systems of intensive-industrial chicken breeding--hygienic-prophylactic aspects

Gennadiev, A.; Sokolova, T., 1977:
Direction and rate of clay formation in certain soils of the Elbrus area

Nazimova, D.I.; Ismailova, D.M., 2007:
Direction and rate of secondary successions in contact zone of Chern and Subtaiga forests (West Sayan)

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Direction and utility of growth biology research Meat animals, inputs, nutrition

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Direction aspects of dairy r

Stock, G., 1977:
Direction concerning the content and conception of maintenance instructions

Anonymous, 1946:
Direction for the cultivation of dilfos cotton

Dalla-Torre, G., 1974:
Direction for the installation of a microgiologic laboratory in food industries

Tranfaglia, A., 1972:
Direction for the rational chemical control of the semispher ical coccid pest (Sphaerolecanium prunastri - Fonsc. -)

Ebing, W.H.ffmann, G., 1975:
Direction for the sampling of soils for their examination for traces of organic and inorganic contaminants being of interest with regard to the environment

Imaler, J., 1972:
Direction in technological research from harvesting point of view: after-harvest treatment and storage of cereals

Karashchuk, Im, 1980:
Direction in the breeding of sweetclover in Siberia

Krustanov, Kh, 1981:
Direction is obvious Improvement

Mathieu, E., 1980:
Direction of Quality Law regulating food protection and hygiene, animal health and fraud, France.1

Murillo, Luis-Maria, 1943:
Direction of a biological struggle

Lotz, Km, 1972:
Direction of agricultural policy of the European Economic Community

Anonymous, 1971:
Direction of agrology; information of activities from May, 1967 to September, 1970

Zelenkov, Pi, 1980:
Direction of breeding for the improvement of Shorthorn cattle

Levantin, Dl, 1975:
Direction of breeding operations in cattle raising in order to obtain high-yield meat animals for specialized agricultural complexes and farms

Borek, S., 1975:
Direction of changes of Blonie-Sochaczew black earth properties after drainage

Bogdanov, W.D.gadinova, D., 1978:
Direction of development and forms of organization of agroindustrial integration in Bulgaria

Lee, M.; Lee, S., 1978:
Direction of development of F

Fediukov, V.; Rubtsov, V., 1979:
Direction of drainage canals

Samset, I., 1970:
Direction of forestry activities and their reason for research

Anonymous, 1979:
Direction of intervention of well-watered restructuralization in two areas characteristics of the delta at the mouths of rivers

Gringof, I.; Kel'-Chevskaya, L., 1981:
Direction of investigations to provide the national economy with agroclimatic information

Joo-Kwon, 1972:
Direction of livestock policy

Morozov, N., 1981:
Direction of mechanization of dairy farms in the 11th Five-Year Plan Includes economic effectiveness.1

Potoetiskaeiia, V.A., 1985:
Direction of morphological adaptation of the coleopteran larvae occurring in the subcortical zone microcavities

Borisov, As, 1971:
Direction of motion of hitched equipment

Lovering T.S., 1966:
Direction of movement of jasperoidizing solution

Jun ByungYool, 2006:
Direction of nutrition policy for the era of aging

Garrett, Wn, 1975:
Direction of pecan research and major goals and objectives in Georgia

Tregubenko, M.; Filippov, G.; Vishnevskii, N.; Maksimova, L., 1974:
Direction of protease effect in maize leaves with improvement of water supply and mineral nutrition

Anonymous, 1978:
Direction of quality and export

Pronczuk, J.M.ciak, F., 1978:
Direction of research in the Institute of Natural Bases of Melioration

Paquet, J., 1970:
Direction of researches concerning the improvement of other cereals than corn

Warmke, H.E., 1974:
Direction of rotation of aucuba (TMV) angled-layer aggregates

Caca, Z., 1980:
Direction of scientific research activity of the chair of agricultural entomology and phytopathology of the College of Agriculture in Brno

Kravchenko, Va, 1981:
Direction of selections in hybrid generations for the development of early maturing tomato varieties Kiev Vegetable and Potato Farming Experimental Station.1

Anonymous, 1970:
Direction of the Community production of beef

Kozel, Gs, 1983:
Direction of the analysis of the state of labor norm setting at works on land management

Berten, M., 1971:
Direction of the council on additives in animal nutrition

Stolte, D., 1975:
Direction of the foreign livestock industry

Gusev, M.; Gokhlerner, G., 1981:
Direction of the proton gradient in chloroplasts, mitochondria, bacteria and membrane vesicles: evolutionary-physiological aspect of the problem

Anonymous, 1964:
Direction of trade

Anonymous, 1981:
Direction of trade statistics

Anonymous, 1994:
Direction of trade statistics quarterly

Anonymous, 1978:
Direction of trade yearbook

Kolen'-Ko, Ekaterina-Ignat'-Evna, 1956:
Direction on practical work in veterinary microbiology

Van Hof-Van Duin, J., 1978:
Direction preference of optokinetic responses in monocularly tested normal kittens and light deprived cats

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Direction relations is profitable Delivery of wool from farms to factories of initial processing, Byelorussian SSR.1

Levick, W., 2006:
Direction selectivity in rabbit retina

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Direction, inducement, and schemes

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Direction, results, and goals of rye breeding research at Lovaszpatona

Binerowski, Z.Z.lazowski, J., 1978:

Laskiewicz, L., 1974:
Direction--the intensification

Barrett, R.Jr, 1990:
Direction: a range management need

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Directional freezing of equine semen in large volumes

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Directional application of herbicides on Lavandula plantations

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Directional aspect of dairy

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Directional asymmetry in vertical smooth-pursuit and cancellation of the vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex in juvenile monkeys

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Directional calls and effects of turning behaviour in crickets

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Directional cell division in shoot apices

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Directional change in a flying beetle

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Directional characteristics of primary auditory neurons from the cod ear

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Directional cloning of PCR products using exonuclease III

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Directional control of the stylets in phytophagous Hemiptera

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Directional effect of the biological action of paraphen, the derivative of chlorphenoxyacetic acid

Guimier, Dy, 1980:
Directional felling of large old-growth cedar trees

Bellve, A.R.; McDonald, M.F., 1970:
Directional flow of fallopian tube secretion in the ewe at onset of the breeding season

Hirai, K., 1982:
Directional flow of male scent released by Pseudaletia separata Walker (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its repellent effect on adults and larvae of four noctuid and one phycitine moth Leucania loreyi, Leucania striata, Spodoptera litura, Etiella zinckenella, Mamestra brassicae

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Directional formation of fauna under conditions of intensive agriculture

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Directional frequency correction for the star meteorological joint frequency computer program

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Directional hearing in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). I. Acoustic properties of the auditory system

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Directional hearing in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). II. Cochlear physiology

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Directional induction of marrow mesenchymal stem cells into lipocytes in rats

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Directional information flows between brain hemispheres during presleep wake and early sleep stages

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Directional loading and stimulation of PcrA helicase by the replication initiator protein RepD

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Directional memory and caged dynamics in cytoskeletal remodelling

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Directional pattern of microevolutional processes in phytophages and their relation to scientific-technical progress Management of pest populations.1

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Directional production of heifers

Hagen, Bw, 1996:
Directional pruning: a better alternative to topping

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Directional radiometric temperature profiles within a grass canopy

Kozlo, N., 1981:
Directional raising of replacement calves

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Directional resistivity measurements in exploration for uranium deposits on the Colorado Plateau

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Directional search of fish pesticides by the method of their synthesis

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Directional secretion of prostaglandin F alpha by polarized luminal epithelial cells from pig endometrium

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Directional selection for pulse repetition rate of the courtship sound and correlated responses occurring in several characters in Drosophila mercatorum

Karavaev, Gp, 1982:
Directional selection of highly productive self-pollinated maize lines under irrigation

Kuhnke, K.H.mmer, G., 1994:
Directional selective transmission with cylindrical lenses

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Directional sensitivity of auditory organs in katydids (Tettigoniidae, Orthoptera)

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Directional sky luminance versus cloud cover and solar position

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Directional stiffness of fabrics and fabric piles

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Directional tuning of complex cells in area 17 of the feline visual cortex

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Directional vane strengths for different clay fabrics and stress conditions

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Directional variability of Verticillium

Dawson, P.S., 1975:
Directional versus Stabilizing Selection for Developmental Time in Natural and Laboratory Populations of Flour Beetles

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Directional yolk movement and active cell migration on the egg surface during early embryogenesis of Odontotermes montanus (Isoptera: Termitidae)

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Directional-hemispherical solar transmittance data for plastic honeycomb-type structures

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Directionality of acoustic orientation in flying crickets

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Directionality of displacement sensitive interneurons in the ventral cord of Procambarus clarkii

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Directionality, convergence, and rate of change during early succession in the Inland Pampa, Argentina

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Directionally selective motion detecting units in the optic lobe of the honeybee

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Directionally selective units in the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus

Anonymous, 1990:

Willett, R., 1973:
Directions 73

Anonymous, 1978:
Directions 78

Anonymous, 1981:
Directions about the procedure of attachment and introduction of standard designs of overall mechanization of bookkeeping in agricultural enterprises. Approved by the USSR Ministry of Agriculture and Central Statistical Administration on January 14, 1981, 69-1

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Directions and development problems of the Polish feed industry

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Directions and forms of farm production intensification at the modern stage

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Directions and forms of international cooperation in entomofaunistic research in Central Europe

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Directions and hints for compiling manuscripts for Flora malesiana

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Directions and limits for soil protection and overloading with heavy metals

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Directions and methods of alfalfa breeding in the Non-Chernozem zone

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Directions and methods of breeding durum wheat Bashkirskii Scientific-Research Institute of Agriculture.1

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Directions and methods of breeding for irrigated farming in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan Soybeans, Kazakhskii Scientific-Research Institute of Crop Farming.1

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Directions and methods of broadbean breeding

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Directions and methods of developing varieties Buckwheat, Kamenets-Podolskii Agricultural Institute.1

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Directions and methods of scientific investigations on increasing the quality of broiler meat in relation to the improvement of the technology of rearing

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Directions and objectives in the improvement of cows, sheep, pigs and birds in the view of the party and state documents

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Directions and perspectives of poplar cultivation in Poland

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Directions and priorities for formula funded research at Land Grant universities

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Directions and problems of winter forage barley breeding

Tsarevskii, Iud, 1980:
Directions and procedure of breeding winter wheat

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Directions and prospectives in the production of fruits and vegetables in the newly irrigated zone (agricultural mechanization)

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Directions and prospects of artificial regulation of sexes in the progeny (Review) Farm animal breeding and genetics.1

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Directions and prospects of development in the studies on plant drugs with a particular regard to alkaloids

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Directions and prospects of the activities of the Aral Sea area experiment station of the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry

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Directions and rates of ground-water movement in the vicinity of Kesterson Reservoir, San Joaquin Valley, California

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Directions and results of implementing the theory of full feeding of livestock

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Directions and results of rape and field cabbage breeding in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Directions and results of research work on protection of winter wheat against disease complex in experimental station Winnogora in the years 1975-1980 Poland.1

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Directions and results of spring barley breeding

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Directions and strategies for the formulation and placement of environmental education projects for communities adjacent to conservation districts

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Directions and tasks in plant production intensification in 1976

Blossfeld, O.M.tte, H.J., 1980:
Directions as to wood utilization by harvesting wood broken by snow in stands of spruce

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Directions concerning the management of meadows in the Pieniny National Park

Anonymous, 1974:
Directions for French beans and lactic acid fermented and processed red cabbage (preserved by heat treatment)

Davidson, M., 1969:
Directions for Ontario agriculture

Chrystal, J.M.rtin, M.S.hissel,, L., 1985:
Directions for U.S. trade and aid policies: Iowa perspectives

Anonymous, 1964:
Directions for abstractors

Anonymous, 1952:
Directions for abstractors and section editors of Chemical abstracts

Richter, D., 1973:
Directions for avoiding succeeding damages caused by Ips typhographus in areas of wind fall

Richter, D., 1973:
Directions for avoiding succeeding damages caused by Ips typographus in areas of wind fall. iI

Mandl, B., 1975:
Directions for beer filtration by means of horizontal diatomite filters and sheet filters

Anonymous, 2006:
Directions for bionomics

Anonymous, 1969:
Directions for building a door closet

Anonymous, 1945:
Directions for collecting soil samples from a 40-acre field

Feinstein, Kw, 1984:
Directions for day care

Cochrane, Hsc, 1972:
Directions for direct planted Chrysanthemums

Dickinson, E.M., 1942:
Directions for drawing blood samples for pullorum disease serum agglutination test

Anonymous, 1953:
Directions for feeding Bibby dairy cakes and meals

Marten, Gc, 1975:
Directions for forage research

Jackel, Ss, 1975:
Directions for future continuous mix

Anonymous, 2001:
Directions for future farm policy

Sundquist, Wb, 1971:
Directions for future research on pesticides

Lucifero, M., 1980:
Directions for genetic improvement of goat herds

Alexandru, V., 1983:
Directions for harvesting of bee venom

Brzezinski, S., 1976:
Directions for improvement of services performed by the cooperatives of farmers circles

Pominkiewicz, B., 1974:
Directions for improvement of the organization of repairs in the state centers of machinery

Podgorny, E., 1973:
Directions for improving the economic activity of farmers circles

Choi, Mh, 1978:
Directions for increasing the

Anonymous, 1948:
Directions for inoculation with root nodule bacteria

Anonymous, 1942:
Directions for making a home made plucking machine

Anonymous, 1967:
Directions for making cloth pictures

Tutunaru, S.B.ndaru, N., 1979:
Directions for mounting and dismounting the Orsta rotary distributor on the C-12 R combine

Sims, L.-S.L.ght, L., 1980:
Directions for nutrition education research

Antonio-Gallego, J., 1969:
Directions for olive cultivation

Stenseth, C., 1978:
Directions for pest control on ornamental plants in greenhouses

Andrusenko, D.; Lipatova, G., 1977:
Directions for providing preservation of the book stocks of the Central Scientific Agricultural Library of the Lenin All Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Lusenti, E., 1978:
Directions for rearing and reproductive efficiency

Anonymous, 1951:
Directions for rearing calves on Bibbys cream equivalent starter

Anonymous, 1951:
Directions for rearing calves without gruel on Bibbys milk cakelettes

Ruschev, Kh, 1976:
Directions for selecting and bre

Anonymous, 1962:
Directions for taking antierosion measures in the mountain areas

Zilahi-Szabo, M.G., 1970:
Directions for the State program of accounting

Kapustianskii, A.P.L.sikov, V.N., 1975:
Directions for the approbation of grains, legumes, oil-yielding crops and fodder in the Moldavian SSR

Barbagallo, S., 1978:
Directions for the control of phytophagous

Pluquet, H., 1970:
Directions for the correct application of herbicides in forest nurseries

Shih, Cc, 1975:
Directions for the development

Zycki, W., 1977:
Directions for the development of food industry up to the year 1990

Vianna, E.Silva, Manuel, 1952:
Directions for the improvement of rice

Herse, J., 1975:
Directions for the modernization and specialization of plant production

Anonymous, 1978:
Directions for the plant protection of tobacco (as of 1977)

Bensa, S., 1973:
Directions for the rose culture for cut flowers

Carli, S., 1978:
Directions for the use of hormones in clinical obstetrics of small animals

Oy, K., 1976:
Directions for use of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the European pine sawfly (Neodiprion sertifer) in the control of the European pine sawfly

Tardea, A.T.rdea, C.O.taciuc, I., 1983:
Directions for vine growing in the form of bilateral cordon and the influence of this cordon on the biological characteristics of the productive potentialities

Anonymous, 1986:
Directions in applied nutrition

Kamieniecki, H., 1975:
Directions in cattle breeding work in Slovakia

Benda, J., 1971:
Directions in concentration and specialization of agricultural production

Sobolev, G., 1974 :
Directions in developing technology and means for the complex mechanization of high-quality feed production

Golovko, Na, 1984:
Directions in effective combination of the levels of implementation of economic interests in the branches of agroindustrial complexes in the Byelorussian SSR

Pierson, T.; Allen, J., 1989:
Directions in food marketing: responding to consumers of tomorrow

Iles, K., 1994:
Directions in forest inventory

Reklewski, Z., 1975:
Directions in improvement breeding of the Polish Black Pied Lowland cattle

Prakhov, Lp, 1974:
Directions in improving cattle of the meat breeds

Ninov, G., 1980:
Directions in increasing the eff

Jori, J.Istvan, 1977:
Directions in increasing the production of tillage machinery

Nikolaev, B., 1981:
Directions in industrial technol

Baake, M.; Moody, R.V., 2000:
Directions in mathematics quasicrystals

Grace, P.-Robert; White, J., W., 2001:
Directions in modeling wheat and maize for developing countries

Anonymous, 1992:
Directions in nutrition and food science

Anonymous, 1999:
Directions in research

Frederick, Martha, 1988:
Directions in rural entrepreneurship

Milligan, Sb, 1988:
Directions in the L Louisiana Sugarcane Variety Improvement Program

Chinchev, B., 1976:
Directions in the breeding of br

Bosyi, Na, 1981:
Directions in the construction of forage unloaders from storehouses

Slany, V., 1972:
Directions in the development of cattle breeding farms

Salins, Z., 1979:
Directions in the development of mechanization of branch cutting off

Rutkowski, A.B.dowicz, M., 1973:
Directions in the development of rapeseed oil fractions processing

Sobolev, Gv, 1976:
Directions in the development of technologies and means of over all mechanization of producing high quality feeds

Prudnikov, Ag, 1979:
Directions in the improvement of crop structure in the Krasnodar Territory

Morozov, Vi, 1979:
Directions in the improvement of crop structure in the Transvolga part of the Ulyanov Region

Shul'-Meister, Kg, 1979:
Directions in the improvement of crop structures in the southeastern area of the European part of the USSR

Alvisi, F., 1976:
Directions in the registration of land in some European countries

Zucchini, I., 1977:
Directions in the selection of maize hybrids

Koroleva, Ns, 1973:
Directions in which microbiology of sour milk products in USSR is now developing

Manolov, A., 1986:
Directions of Oriental tobacco breeding

Rossakiewicz, L., 1982:
Directions of activity and more important achievements of the section of scientific, technical and economic information in forestry in the years 1957-77 and projects for the future Poland.1

Anonymous, 1977:
Directions of activity in the field of work hygiene and safety taking under consideration future problems

Porwisz, W., 1975:
Directions of activity on commercial swine farms

Samosiuk, V.G.; Dashkov, V.N.; Kitikov, V.O.; Bashko, Y.A., 2007:
Directions of adaptation of regulations in livestock farming and provender milling in Belarus subject to EU regulations

Burczyk, H., 1976:
Directions of agricultural policy in the area of grassland management

Nechiporenko, Vn, 1980:
Directions of breeding and rape varieties in foreign countries

Beguchev, A.; Dedov, M.; Spivak, M., 1976:
Directions of breeding work with Simmental cattle under conditions of intense dairy farming

Kierul, Z., 1975:
Directions of changes in organization of agricultural enterprises

Seviarynava, M.V., 2006:
Directions of decrease of the cost price of cereals in Vitebsk region

Czereyski, K., 1980:
Directions of development in the mechanization of improvement operations

Wiecko, E., 1978:
Directions of development of forest management in the Katowice Province, with special regard to Upper Silesian Industrial Region

Luczak, J., 1977:
Directions of development of physicochemical methods of analysis of water for drinking and for household purposes

Dekov, D.Z.elev, Z.; Ianev, S.; Lalev, T.; Dechev, D., 1984:
Directions of durum wheat breeding in Bulgaria

Kryzhanovskii, Ol, 1973:
Directions of evolution in Histeridae (Coleoptera)

Waxman, H., 1981:
Directions of food safety legislation

Tyszkiewicz, S.K.ciecki, S., 1975:
Directions of forest tree selection and status of its accomplishment in State Forests

Brinkman, R., 1982:
Directions of further research on acid sulfate soils

Partyka, T., 1972:
Directions of improvement in the system of documentation and information recording in forestry

Yoneyama, K., 1973:
Directions of managing pear orc

Schmidt-Koenig, K., 1979:
Directions of migrating monarch butterflies (Danaus Plexippus; Danaidae; Lepidoptera) in some parts of the eastern United States

Pototskaia, Va, 1984:
Directions of morphological adaptations of Coleoptera larvae inhabiting micro-cavities of the subcortical zone

Zaitsev, Ai, 1984:
Directions of morphological specialization of the diagestive tract of larvae of higher Mycetophiloidea (Diptera)

Puppini, Giuseppe, 1955:
Directions of mountain land reclamation for the Lamone and Senio valleys region

Zareba, R., 1978:
Directions of natural succession of vegetation on forest light soils, irrigated with municipal sewage

Riabinin, S., 1973:
Directions of phenological research in Polish national park s (problems, methods and organisation proposed)

Radwan, A.T.tarczuch, B., 1979:
Directions of plant and animal production in selected model communities of southern Poland

Luk'-Ianov, V.; Shomin, A., 1979:
Directions of poultry developmen

Kolbusz, F., 1974:
Directions of professional improvement of agricultural service against the background of its tasks in the community

Smietanka, Z., 1973:
Directions of progress in cheese making

Kubik, S., 1976:
Directions of progress in the dairy industry

Khomenko, Ad, 1976:
Directions of research in the field of root nutrition of plants in the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR for 1976-1980

Batova, N.N., 2007:
Directions of rising the competitiveness of linen products

Klaudel, J.P.skorska, A., 1977:
Directions of specialization in hop growing

Smykala, J., 1977:
Directions of the amendments to the instructions on forest survey

Nyzio, J., 1978 :
Directions of the breeding work at the Regional Meat Industry Enterprise in Rzeszow

Poladian, Za, 1978:
Directions of the development of

Domrovskii, N.; Chukhchin, N.; Iasnov, A.; Duranovskii, V.; Filimonov, V., 1980:
Directions of the development of powerful industrial caterpillar tractors in foreign countries

Morozov, N., 1981:
Directions of the development of systems of machines for overall mechanization and automatization of animal husbandry

Miac, M., 1977:
Directions of the development of the meat processing industry

Gertych, Z., 1979:
Directions of the development of vegetable growing in Poland

Zaporozhtsev, Eb, 1981:
Directions of the development of wool and down goat farming Includes breeding.1

Raczyk, W., 1974:
Directions of the further increase of the number of pigs

Baltin, Bb, 1980:
Directions of the improvement of the structure of crops in North Kazakhstan

Palamarchuk, Ge, 1980:
Directions of the improvement of the structure of crops in the Kherson Region

Salomakhin, I.; Korotkov, V., 1980:
Directions of the improvement of the structure of crops in the Orel Region

Moroz, V.; Guzenko, A.; Osennii, N., 1980:
Directions of the improvement of the structure of crops in the Sumy Region

Liubushko, N.; Pushchinskaia, O., 1981:
Directions of the improvment of the parameters of two-disk coulters in cereal drills

Krzysik, F.M.lewski, J., 1970:
Directions of the industrial utilization of poplar wood

Krzysik, F., 1975:
Directions of the integration of forestry and woodworking industry in Poland

Hryncewicz, Z.B.rkowski, J.W.sicki, W., 1975:
Directions of the intensification of bulk fodder production in the Sudety region

Klocek, A., 1978:
Directions of the optimization of the age of cutting maturity in forest stands

Jarosz, K.K.apec, B., 1984:
Directions of the optimization of the harvesting and hauling of wood

Chudobiecki, J., 1975:
Directions of the rationalization of roundwood grading rules in Poland

Borycki, T., 1976:
Directions of the rationalization of the policy of employment in state forests enterprises

Gregorowicz, J., 1971:
Directions of the reform of financial economy of state forest enterprises

Vlasiuk, Pa, 1976:
Directions of the research on trace elements in the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR for 1976-1980

Kalinenko, Ig, 1980:
Directions of winter wheat breeding

Brykina, N.; Dubova, L., 1977:
Directions on handling refusals

Khmelev, Aleksandr-Dmitrievich, 1963:
Directions on milk and dairy products quality examination

Wenger, Hans, 1942:
Directions on selection

Gorun, E.; Golynskaia, L., 1978:
Directions on technical and economical control of the output of quick frozen products from potatoes

Guseaeinov, G.M., 1960:
Directions on technical management of cotton watering by furrows

Penchev, D., 1978:
Directions on the control of diseases and pests of tobacco

Anonymous, 1974:
Directions on the treatment, removal and utilization of the thin-liquid dung on large animal farms

Tayama, H.; Uglow, D., 1990:
Directions on the use of Agribrom algaecide

Genov, Iv, 1957:
Directions on veterinary disinfection

Jurga, R., 1976:
Directions taken by the scientific research in the flour milling industry

Szoke, M., 1976:
Directions to improve the motor saws

Stoinov, A.K.inkovski, T.; Nakev, S., 1974:
Directions, breeds and specializ

Dudziuk, W.L.gutko, S., 1980:
Directions, forms and methods of upgrading the zootechnical personnel within the sphere of activity of the Institute of Zootechnics

Batra, R.K., 2001:
Directions, innovations, and strategies for harnessing action

Klutschko, P., 1970:
Directions, methods, and results of maize growing

Anonymous, 1990:
Directive 635.1

Miller, Robert-Lee, 1971:
Directive effects in the hydroalumination of alkynes

Hart, C. ', T., 1978:
Directive for concrete grid flooring for livestock housing--RRB 1978

Martynov, Sp, 1979:
Directive index optimization in estimating breeding value of plants

Anonymous, 1982:
Directive of the Council of the European Economic Community regarding the harmonization of the laws of the member counties of the EEC concerning honey Adulteration, composition, labeling, quality, Italy.0

Escolano, Jé.; López, Jé.J.; Pueo, B., 2007:
Directive sources in acoustic discrete-time domain simulations based on directivity diagrams

Feng Hui; X.W.i; Wang YuGang, 2007:
Directive transfer of the genetic male sterile line of milk Chinese cabbage AI023

Kaidanovsky, Samuel, P., 1944:
Directives covering alternates for strategic and critical materials

Kuzniewska, B., 1976:
Directives for an analysis of milk production and purchasing

Anonymous, 1975:
Directives for production systems analysis for the American tropics

Donia, A., 1974:
Directives for regional agricultural policy and plans for rural development in Sicily

Vida, 1982:
Directives for releasing the income of small livestock and crop farmers from agricultural and income taxes Czechoslovakia.1

Vukov, K., 1973:
Directives for the introduction of sulphuration into juice purification

Flohr, W., 1973:
Directives for the management of stands damaged by storm in the low land of the German Democratic Republic

Pizzigallo, V., 1968:
Directives of Italian forestry policy

Szappanos, A., 1977:
Directives of choice of crop trees in Quercus Robur stands

Horvath, Z., 1983:
Directives of milk reception according to quality and experiences gained in the experimental phase of introduction

Guerrero, M.-R.E.heverr, R., R., 1975:
Directives on common standards of investigations in integrated production systems in the American humid tropics

Anonymous, 1977:
Directives on recording agricultural products produced by an interfarm enterprise (organization) and sold to the state according to plans ofmember farms

Anonymous, 1962:
Directives pour lapplication de lAccord monaetaire europaeen

Robyns, Walter, 1958:
Directives pour la confection et la conservation de collections botaniques congolaises

Verwaest, J., 1946:
Directives pour la reconstruction des fermes daetruites

Anonymous, 1951:
Directives pour le paiement aa la qualitae du lait de consommation livrae par chaque producteur au local de coulage du 16 janvier 1951

Anonymous, 1983:
Directives sur le contraole de la qualitae dans les laboratoires affectaes aux projets TADPA

Idiatulina, A.; Kamilova, R., 1981:
Directivity of physiological-biochemical processes of germinating cotton seed as affected by herbicides

Sarafraz-Yazdi, A.-; Raouf-Yazdinejad, S.-; Es'-Haghi, Z., 2007:
Directly Suspended Droplet Microextraction and Analysis of Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline by GC

Hooper, Aw, 1984:
Directly connected pulp screening cuts capital and operating costs. I

Kemerer, R.; Berkebile, L., 1998:
Directly connected static VAr compensation in distribution system applications

Hooper, Aw, 1984:
Directly connected systems: logical step in pulp screening evolution. 2

Burford, M.; Bartle, K.; Hawthorne, S., 1997:
Directly coupled (on-line) SFE-GC: instrumentation and applications

Babych, A.; Olishyns'-Kyi, C.; Iurchenko, V., 1981:
Directly in stacks (Treatment of

Myung, P.; Pugatch, D.; Brady, M.F.; Many, P.; Harwell, J.I.; Lurie, M.; Tucker, J., 2007:
Directly observed highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected children in Cambodia

Grebely, J.; Raffa, J.D.; Meagher, C.; Duncan, F.; Genoway, K.A.; Khara, M.; McLean, M.; Mead, A.; Viljoen, M.; DeVlaming, S.; Fraser, C.; Conway, B., 2007:
Directly observed therapy for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection in current and former injection drug users

Horstmann, Hinrich, 1990:
Directly or indirectly oxygen-dependent reactions in the rat liver after oral administration of lowest amounts of substance

Thomsen, C., 1975 :
Director , Johannes Ridder, 08 October 1895-07 June 1975

Anonymous, 1969:
Director Farrell retires, Thomas associate director

Wekre, E., 1970:
Director H. Bollestad 80 years old

Anonymous, 1974:
Director Paul Jax deceased

Anderson, B.; Henehan, B., 1988:
Director compensation in northeast agricultural cooperatives

Zovickian, Stephen, 1989:
Director liability

Looney, J., 1988:
Director liability and risk reduction

Cohen, Lottie, 1994:
Director liability for California cooperatives

Fee, D.; Hoberg, A.-C.M.cormick, L.-Grim, 1984:
Director liability in agricultural cooperatives

Kuhr, Rj, 1988:
Directors comment

Anonymous, 1985:
Directors draft five year plan, 1986-1990

Anonymous, 1942:
Directors memorandum

Koplan, Jeffrey, P., 2007:
Directors perspecctive - Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH, 1998-2002

Mason, J.O., 2007:
Directors perspective - James O. Mason, MD, Dr.PH, 1983-1989 (vol 55, pg 1355, 2006)

Anonymous, 1991:
Directors plan for agricultural and rural development

Kuntz, P., 1982:
Directors plan for land and water improvement in Loir-et-Cher France.1

Anonymous, 1977:
Directors report National 4-H Leisure Education Workshop (SD-88) : October 23-28, 1977, National 4-H Center

Starchenkov, A., 1977:
Director, organizer and scientist

Sen, B.R., 1944:
Director-general food reviews central food policy

Shannon, M., 1989:
Director-led state agriculture department coming in 1991

Bedekar, Sk, 1971:
Directorate of marketing & inspection

Lassanyi, Me, 1984:
Directories for agricultural resources

Anonymous, 1989:
Directories in print

Anonymous, 1963:
Directories in science and technology

Wynkoop, S.; Parish, D., W., 1969:
Directories of government agencies

Anonymous, 1960:
Directorio campesino

Vieira, V.-Verdelho; Santos, M., 1995:
Directorio de aquacultura e biotecnologia e marinha

Anonymous, 1997:
Directorio de empresas consultoras agroalimentarias y pesqueras

Anonymous, 1993:
Directorio de exportadores de Nicaragua 1993-1994

Franco-Barbier, Alberto, 1960:
Directorio de extensionistas de America Latina

Anonymous, 1996:
Directorio de la pesca espanola

Peraza-Sarausa, Fermain, 1964:
Directorio de revistas y periaodicos de Cuba

Anonymous, 1999:
Directorio espanol de acuicultura

Anonymous, 1940:
Directorio general de explotadores de productos forestales de la Republica mexicana

Anonymous, 1986:
Directorio latinoamericano

Anonymous, 1946:
Directorio provisional de agencias de viviendas y urbanismo

Wu-Guin, Silvia, 2003:
Directorio, productores ecologicos certificados del Peru

Warner, K.; Balick, M., 1981:
Directors --what are they?

Shaw, Ja, 1991:
Directors and officers liability

Baker, John-Calhoun, 1945:
Directors and their functions

Biggs, Gw, 1978:
Directors at all education levels desire more training

Frederick, Da, 1993:
Directors liability hinges on what board members should have known

Scott, J.; Griff, C., 1984:
Directors of industry

Volkin, D.; Griffin, N.; Hulbert, H., H., 1960:
Directors of regional farmer cooperatives

Pullum, L., 1984:
Directors perform trustee function by ordering, studying annual audit

Peries, Os, 1979:
Directors review for 1978

Torgerson, Tr, 1980:
Directors should be own hardest critics

Rathbone, Rc, 1992:
Directors vital communication link between co-op management, members

Anonymous, 1981:
Directors profiles 1981-1982

Bagnara, D., 1990:
Directors-general of IARCs meet on centers strategy; say germplasm is key for sustainable development

Anonymous, 1948:

Anonymous, 1950:
Directory & buyers guide

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory & report

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory & report annual convention

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory - Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory 1981-82 Maryland manufacturers

Hudson, J.; Robichaux, W.N.rthington, M.R.binson, V.T.ompson, C., 1980:
Directory Louisiana public campgrounds

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory Soil Conservation Service personnel, organization map, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1961:
Directory public camp and picnic areas in Northern Region

Anonymous, 1946:
Directory and report

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory and yearbook

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory federal, state and local government consumer offices

Anonymous, 1976:
Directory federal, state, county, and city government consumer offices

Anonymous, 2000:
Directory for African agricultural research online

Anonymous, 1997:
Directory for agricultural research and development in Africa, 1996

Loftin, Thomas, H., 1978:
Directory for planning and development districts in Mississippi

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory for the ground water industry

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory for the nursery industry and related associations

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory interchange format manual

Anonymous, 1970:
Directory issue

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory issue of the Association of Official Seed Analysts, 1977

Onokpise, Oghenekome, U., 1993:
Directory of 1890 scientists in the food and agricultural sciences

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of AATA members and subscribers

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of AATA members and subscribers and business resource listing

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of African experts

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of Alabama biotechnology-related companies & resources

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of American agriculture

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of American horticulture

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of American research and technology

Cattell, Jaques, 1942:
Directory of American scholars

Erickson, Judith, B., 1989:
Directory of American youth organizations

Anonymous, 1972:
Directory of Arabian horse owners of United States and Canada

Anonymous, 1976:
Directory of Arkansas manufacturers

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of Australian associations

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of Australian biotechnology companies

Fagg, Murray, 1992:
Directory of Australian botanic gardens & arboreta

Fagg, M.; Wilson, J., 1998:
Directory of Australian botanic gardens and arboreta

Wylie, G.J., 1953:
Directory of Australian scientific and technical research centres

Lima, Maria-Fatima-Bezerra-Ferreira, 1978:
Directory of Brazilian horticulturalists

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of British associations & associations in Ireland

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of CSIRO research programs

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of Canadian environmental experts

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of Canadian environmental experts, 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of Canadian environmental experts, 1982

Anonymous, 1998:
Directory of Canadian manufacturers

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of Canadian non-governmental organizations engaged in international development. Repertoire des organismes non-gouvernementaux canadiens engages dans le developpement international

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of Canadian scientific and technical databases

Brown, Jack, E., 1962:
Directory of Canadian scientific and technical periodicals

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of Chinese officials and organizations

Maynard, C.W.ay, H., 1975:
Directory of Christmas tree producers in Iowa

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory of ERDA information centers

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of ERIC information service providers

Gamal, Fayek-Andrawes, 1981:
Directory of Egyptian agricultural institutions

Conway, H.Mckinley, 1948:
Directory of Engineering data sources

Moulder, David, S., 1994:
Directory of European aquatic sciences libraries and information centres

Anderson, Ian-Gibson, 1971:
Directory of European associations

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of European industrial & trade associations

Frison, E.A.S.rwinski, J., 1995:
Directory of European institutions holding crop genetic resources collections

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of European retailers

Hocker, Susan, E., 1993:
Directory of FAN libraries

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of Federal environmental research and development programs

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of Federal laboratory & technology resources

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of Federal regional structure

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of Federal statistics for metropolitan areas

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of Federal-State market news reports

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of Georgia veterinarians

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of Great Lakes education material

Gorman, Thomas, M., 1989:
Directory of Idaho secondary wood manufacturers

Gorman, T.-M.G.mben,, R., L., 1992:
Directory of Idaho wood products manufacturers

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of Indian cashew exporters 2002

Barua, B.P., 1986:
Directory of Indian public libraries

Manilal, K.S., 1996:
Directory of Indian taxonomists

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of Indian wetlands, 1993

Anonymous, 2001:
Directory of Indonesian agribusiness

Maynard, C.; Wray, P., 1976:
Directory of Iowa nurseries that deal in forest tree stock

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of Iranian officials

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of Japanese databases, 1990

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of Japanese technical reports

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of Japanese technical resources in the United States

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of Maryland bio

Culebra, Y.Vives, Cecelia, 1979:
Directory of Mexican libraries

Anonymous, 1956:
Directory of Michigan sawmills

Miller, John, D., 1956:
Directory of Missouri farm cooperatives

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of NGOs engaged in research & extension in agriculture & allied fields

Jansen, Henk, 1962:
Directory of New Zealand science

Bastings, Lyndon, 1948:
Directory of New Zealand scientists

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of North American fairs & expositions

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of North American fairs, festivals, and expositions

Mcaleer, Beth, D., 1987:
Directory of North American fisheries & aquatic scientists

Lewis, Mary, J., 1984:
Directory of North American fisheries scientists

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of North Carolina companies in industries related to biotechnology

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of North Carolina scientists in fields related to biotechnology

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of North and South American universities

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of Ohios state nature preserves

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of Oregon wood products manufacturers

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of PARC scientists and technicians, 1983

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of PARC scientists and technicians, 1987

Anonymous, 1972:
Directory of Portuguese taxonomic botanists (1971)

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of Quebec cooperatives: 1981 By category and by district.0

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of Research Systematics Collections (DRSC)

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of Sao Paulo cooperatives

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of Spanish aquaculture

Anonymous, 1961:
Directory of State Departments of Agriculture

Berger, T.-J.N.uner, A.M.chael, 1979:
Directory of State protected species

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of Technicians and Institutions of the Regional Network for Technical Cooperation for Dairy Production in Latin America and the Caribbean

Anonymous, 1945:
Directory of U.S. Register of Merit sires and dams qualifying under the National Poultry Improvement Plan, 1943-44

Spatz, Karen, J., 1994:
Directory of U.S. agricultural cooperative exporters

Lambert, Mary-Anne, 1996:
Directory of U.S. arts and crafts coooperatives

Hyer, Charles, W., 1996:
Directory of U.S. private sector product certification programs

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of U.S. rice driers

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of U.S. rice mills

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of USDA State Defense Board members, including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of United Nations databases and information systems

Hajnal, Peter, I., 1991:
Directory of United Nations documentary and archival sources

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of United Nations information systems

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of United States exporters

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of United States importers

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of Virginia nurserymen & dealers

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of Virginias soil and water conservation districts

Templeton, M.; Jack, R.; Yoder, D.G.trell, T.M.ller, J., 1985:
Directory of West Virginia producers selling agricultural products in direct markets

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of Wisconsin biotechnology companies and related firms

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of academic marine programs in California

Sheiman, Deborah, A., 1989:
Directory of acidic and sensitive streams in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States based on information collected by EPAs National Stream Survey

Kaidanovsky, Samuel, P., 1943:
Directory of active emergency alternate federal specifications issued from April 29, 1941 through June 9, 1943

Anonymous, 1948:
Directory of activities of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 1947

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of activities of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, 1952

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of agricultural and food policy terms

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of agricultural and industrial biotechnology

Keenan, S.; Wortley, P.J., 1994:
Directory of agricultural bibliographic information sources

Hu, Chih-Chiang, 1985:
Directory of agricultural chemical plants and plant protection machinery plants in China

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of agricultural co-operatives in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of agricultural co-operatives in the United Kingdom, 1978

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of agricultural education and training institutions in Africa

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of agricultural equipment manufacturers in western region of India

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of agricultural information resources of selected Southeast Asian countries

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of agricultural research and experimentation in the South Pacific

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of agricultural research collections in the United States

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of agricultural research establishments in Pakistan

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of agricultural research in Bangladesh

Chang, Chi-Wen, 1962:
Directory of agricultural research institutes and experiment stations in Asia and the Far East

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of agricultural research institutions in Africa 2002

Dukesbury, John, M., 1990:
Directory of agricultural research institutions in Pakistan

Anonymous, 2000:
Directory of agricultural research institutions in the Near East and North Africa 2000

Anonymous, 1976:
Directory of agricultural research institutions of the southern zone and their human resources: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of amenity chemicals

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of animal care and control agencies

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of animal rights

Crawford, Martin, 1996:
Directory of apple cultivars

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of applications software of the United Nations system

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of approved counseling agencies

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of aquaculture information resources

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of aquaculture professionals

Anonymous, 2000:
Directory of aquaculture professionals 2000

Canter, L.-M.Y.ung, A.-Townsend, 2001:
Directory of aquaculture related associations and trade organizations

Singh, Akhilesh-Kumar, 2000:
Directory of aquaculture scientist

Stanley, Ronald, A., 1979:
Directory of aquatic vegetation scientists and managers

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of archives and manuscript repositories in the United States

Waser, Katherine, V., 1995:
Directory of arid lands research institutions 1995

Blackwell, Cassandra, D., 1990:
Directory of assistance centers of the National Water Data Exchange (NAWDEX)

Beyer, Scott, 1994:
Directory of associations and information sources for ratites

Land, Brian, 1973:
Directory of associations in Canada

Arias, Gerado, 1983:
Directory of barley cultivars and lines

Anonymous, 1941:
Directory of biological laboratories

Raschke, Grace, 1942:
Directory of biological sciences libraries in the Special Libraries Association

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of biosphere reserves in the United States

Gibbons, G.-C.G.iffin, N., R., 1994:
Directory of biotechnology

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of biotechnology centers, 1989

Anonymous, 1999:
Directory of biotechnology companies

Anonymous, 1997:
Directory of biotechnology equipments in India

Arisola, A.; Zamora-Bermejo, MD.; Cababasay, L.; Ortega, M.; Zamora, J., 1988:
Directory of brackishwater aquaculture scientists

Gradstein, S.R., 1973:
Directory of bryologists and bryological research

Eckstein, Richard, M., 1992:
Directory of building and equipment grants

Popovich, C.-J.C.stello, M.R.ta, 1994:
Directory of business and financial information services

Mcnierney, Mary, A., 1963:
Directory of business and financial services

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of buying offices & accounts

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of capillary electrophoresis

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of cardamom planters

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of cardiovascular resources for minority populations

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture and mines of ECA member countries

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory of chemical producers

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of chemical producers and products

Merrett, Christopher, D., 2003:
Directory of closed-membership producer cooperatives

Anonymous, 1952:
Directory of co-operative training institutions

Anonymous, 1961:
Directory of cold storages in India

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of cold storages in India, 1980

Anonymous, 1956:
Directory of collections and list of species maintained in Canada

Thomas, Carol, H., 1986:
Directory of college facilities and services for the disabled

Mccord, Carl, 1981:
Directory of colleges & universities with programs in landscape-related fields

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of commercial and college testing laboratories

Gibbons, E.V., 1952:
Directory of commercial testing laboratories in Canada

Anonymous, 1945:
Directory of commodities and services

Anonymous, 1970:
Directory of communicators in agriculture

Eckstein, Richard, M., 1994:
Directory of computer and high technology grants

Hsiao, T.C., 1978:
Directory of computer education and research

Murbach, David, 1987:
Directory of computer use in plant record-keeping

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of consultancy firms in the field of irrigation and power

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of consulting firms

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory of continuing education opportunities for library, information, media personnel

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of controlled release technologies

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of convenience stores

Anonymous, 1952:
Directory of conventions

Graham, David, J., 1990:
Directory of cooperative university and industry environmental research and development centers

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of country environmental studies

Morton, David, R., 1977:
Directory of current drought research

Reed, T.; Jantzen, D., 1981:
Directory of current gasifier research and manufacturers

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of current research projects in the Department of Research and Specialist Services as at January 1990

Anonymous, 1968:
Directory of current scientific research projects in Pakistan

Anonymous, 1972:
Directory of data processing education

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of date palm research workers

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of department stores

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of development finance institutions

Gaul, R.-E.W.lson, H., A., 1979:
Directory of development resources

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of dietetic programs, accredited and approved, 1980

Newby, Gregory, 1994:
Directory of directories on the Internet

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of discount stores

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of distributive trade establishments

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of drug store & H&BA chains includes drug wholesalers

Gonzalez-Jacome, Alba, 1991:
Directory of ecologists

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of ecologists and environmental scientists of Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula

Burkett, M.Sexton, 1990:
Directory of economic development leadership in southwest Virginia

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of economic development programs at state colleges and universities

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of education programs for caregivers of elders

Carigma, M.-Assunta-A.M.rales, R., G., 1989:
Directory of educational and training opportunities in fisheries and aquaculture

Kearney, Hm, 1968:
Directory of educational opportunities in Maine: 1969 edition

Anonymous, 1941:
Directory of electric generating plants

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of electronic journals, newsletters, and academic discussion lists

Kaidanovsky, Samuel, P., 1943:
Directory of emergency alternate federal specification issued from April 29, 1941 through January 7, 1943

Kaidanovsky, Samuel, P., 1942:
Directory of emergency alternate federal specification issued from April 29, 1941 through September 2, 1942

Subramanyam, K.O.-Pecko, M., M., 1979:
Directory of environment periodicals

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of environment statistics

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