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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15519

Chapter 15519 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sullivan, Thomas, F.P., 1988:
Directory of environmental information sources

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of environmental organizations

Hauck, Roland, D., 1979:
Directory of environmental scientists in agriculture

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory of equipment and supply companies

Lassanyi, Mary, E., 1991:
Directory of export and trade assistance

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of export elevators at export port locations, including facilty data

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of exporters of spices from India

Anonymous, 1951:
Directory of farm and home services for Washington County

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of farm management training courses & resource materials in Saskatchewan

Anonymous, 1968:
Directory of farmer cooperatives

Anonymous, 1969:
Directory of farmers organizations and marketing boards in Canada 1969

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of farrier supplies and services

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of federal & state business assistance

Evinger, William, R., 1987:
Directory of federal libraries

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of federal regulations affecting commercial aquaculture

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of federal statistical data files

Lerner, William, 1980:
Directory of federal statistics for local areas

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of federal technology resources

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of federally supported information analysis centers

Burwell, Helen, P., 1984:
Directory of fee-based information services

Macgregor, C.-A.M.cgregor, C., A., 1989:
Directory of feeds & feed ingredients

Anonymous, 1956:
Directory of fellowship awards

Anonymous, 1951:
Directory of fellowship awards for the years 1917-1950

Barnard, Chester-Irving, 1952:
Directory of fellowship awards for the years 1922-1950

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of fertilizer manufacturers and distributors in Pakistan

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of fertilizer plants in the United States

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of fertilizer reference

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of financial aids for international activities

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of financial aids for minorities

Schlachter, Gail, A., 1978:
Directory of financial aids for women

Schlachter, Gail, A., 1991:
Directory of financial aids for women, 1991-1992

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of financial assistance programs for aquaculture

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of fire research in the United States

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of firms registered to export grain

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of firms registered to export grain from the United States

Collins, J.; Kaba, F.-Karim, 2001:
Directory of fisheries and aquaculture information resources in Africa

Anonymous, 1997:
Directory of flower & herb buyers

Anonymous, 1960:
Directory of fomento promoted and assisted manufacturing plants

Frank, R.-C.I.ving, H.-Berry, 1992:
Directory of food and nutrition information for professionals and consumers

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory of food companies

Araullo, E.V., 1975:
Directory of food science and technology in Southeast Asia

Turner, Carol, A., 1985:
Directory of foreign document collections

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of foreign firms operating in the United States

Arpan, J.-S.R.cks, D.-A.B.num, R.C.ry, 1985:
Directory of foreign manufacturers in the United States

Anonymous, 1960:
Directory of foreign manufacturers of farm machinery and equipment

Petrunoff, Vance, T., 1990:
Directory of foreign trade organizations in Eastern Europe

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of forest and conservation tree nurseries in the United States

Wright, Jonathan, W., 1955:
Directory of forest genetics research and education in the United States and Canada

Mok, St, 1969:
Directory of forest industries in Malaysia and Singapore

Nodine, S.; Lawrence, W., 1986:
Directory of forest industries in South Carolina, 1986

Bishop, L., 1982:
Directory of forest management demonstration areas in the South

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of forest tree nurseries in the United States

Smith, Walter, P., 1952:
Directory of forest-products industries in the 125 Tennessee Valley counties, 1952

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of forestry education and training institutions

Welby, Ellen, M., 1996:
Directory of freight forwarders

Anonymous, 1946:
Directory of frozen food processors

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of funding agencies

Latin, Rx, 1984:
Directory of fungicides for Indiana vegetable diseases

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of garden chemicals

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of generation and transmission cooperatives

Anonymous, 1998:
Directory of germplasm collections

Mackay, J.-M.T.rman, B., L., 1981:
Directory of government document collections & librarians

Anonymous, 1998:
Directory of grading offices and plants operating under USDA poultry and egg grading programs

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of graduate and postgraduate agricultural science institutions

Anonymous, 1953:
Directory of graduate research

Herrington, Be, 1992:
Directory of grain elevators

Jordan, Ej, 1989:
Directory of grain elevators by counties and crop reporting districts

Jones, L.; Jordan, E., 1985:
Directory of grain elevators by counties and crop reporting districts, Arkansas, 1984

Hall, H.; Shuffett, D., 1973:
Directory of grain handling firms in Kentucky

Reed, M.; Shuffett, D.; Hall, H., 1978:
Directory of grain handling firms in Kentucky: 1978

Jones, Ll, 1984:
Directory of grain sorghum elevators

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of grant support and technical assistance for Native American initiatives

Anonymous, 2002:
Directory of grass-fed products for sale

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of groundwater programs and activities of the federal government

Churcher, Tegan, 1997:
Directory of guidance documents relating to biodiversity and cultural knowledge research and prospecting

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of health education program for elders

Clavio, Laura, Z., 1994:
Directory of herbal education

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of historical organizations in the United States and Canada

Gooch, Marjorie-Eunice, 1962:
Directory of homemaker services, 1961

Deyl, Zdenek, 1994:
Directory of hyphenated techniques

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of importers associations

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of incentives for business investment and development in the United States

Anonymous, 1958:
Directory of independent commercial laboratories performing research and development, 1957

Anonymous, 1954:
Directory of industrial research laboratories in New York State

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of industry data sources

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of information resources in housing and urban development

Child, Margaret, S., 1993:
Directory of information sources on scientific research related to the preservation of sound recordings, still and moving images, and magnetic tape

Gopinath, M.V.N.ganna; Sangameswaren, S.V., 1980:
Directory of institutional sources in food science and technology

Chua, Thia-Eng, 1989:
Directory of institutions and scientists in the ASEAN Region involved in research and

Agrawal, K.G., 1987:
Directory of institutions and university departments engaged in labour research

Roney, Raymond, G., 1992:
Directory of institutions offering programs for the training of library media technicians

Roney, R.-G.J.nes, A., V., 1981:
Directory of institutions offering programs for the training of library-media technical assistants

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of institutions on ethnobotany in Thailand

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of intergenerational programming

Hartmann, Lawrence, A., 1983:
Directory of interpretive curricula in the United States and Canada

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of land-grant and USDA communicators, 1986-1987

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of legislative leaders

Brekke, Elaine, 1988:
Directory of librarians in international development

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of libraries and documentation centres in the United Nations System

James, Geraldine, R., 1956:
Directory of libraries and information sources in the Philadelphia area

Bhatia, S.-Kumar; Surender-Kumar, 1988:
Directory of libraries in Delhi

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of libraries in the U.S. Department of the Interior

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of library & information professionals

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of library and information consultants in metropolitan Washington

Moulder, David, S., 1986:
Directory of library and information facilities

Cibbarelli, Pamela, 1993:
Directory of library automation software, systems, and services

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of library photoduplication services in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Long, Marie-Ann, 1964:
Directory of library resources in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1965:
Directory of licensed & bonded country elevators in North Dakota

Anonymous, 1998:
Directory of licensed farm product dealers for the license year as of

Adelmann, Nora, E., 1981:
Directory of life care communities

Edwards, Melvin, D., 1978:
Directory of local assistance centers of the National Water Data Exchange (NAWDEX)

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of major Chinese research centers

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of management consultants

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of manufacturers

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of manufacturers of mechanical harvesting equipment for fruit, nuts, and grape growers, 1974

Anonymous., 1984:
Directory of marine and freshwater scientists in Canada, 1984

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of marine science libraries and information centers

Winn, Carolyn, P., 1981:
Directory of marine sciences libraries and information centers

Anonymous, 1969:
Directory of marketing services and membership roster

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of master gardener programs in the United States and Canada

Anonymous, 1949:
Directory of meat industries, New York City and vicinity

Blackwell, Cassandra, D., 1991:
Directory of member organizations of the National Water Data Exchange (NAWDEX)

Anonymous, 1960:
Directory of members

Anonymous, 1969:
Directory of members (complete to August 8, 1969)

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of members as of July 15, 1964

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of members, as of October 15, 1962

Anonymous, 1964:
Directory of membership and services

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of metropolitan planning organizations and state transportation agencies

Walton, R.-A.T.ylor, N., 1986:
Directory of microcomputer software for libraries

Anonymous, 1946:
Directory of microfilm services in the United States and Canada

Cibella, Ross, C., 1941:
Directory of microfilm sources

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of national helplines

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of national information sources on handicapping conditions and related services

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory of national organizations concerned with land pollution control

Singh, S.; Kothari, A.; Pande, P., 1990:
Directory of national parks and sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of natural and social scientific institutions in Thailand

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of non-governmental organisations in OECD member countries active in development co-operation

Anonymous, 1968:
Directory of nurserymen and dealers registered to sell nursery stock in Virginia and summary of laws and regulations

Anonymous, 1965 :
Directory of nurserymen, dealers and agents registered to sell nursery stock in Virginia and summary of laws and regulations

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of officers

Anonymous, 1959:
Directory of officers and activities for

Lamb, M.; Lamb, M., 1984:
Directory of officials and organizations in China, 1968-1983

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of officials of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Muir, C.S.W.gner, G., 1978:
Directory of on-going research in cancer epidemiology

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of online search services serving the metropolitan Washington area

Eckstein, Richard, M., 1992:
Directory of operating grants

Mishra, Madhu, S., 1982:
Directory of organisations in rural development

Stephens, Edmund, 1940:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1939

Stephens, Edmund, 1941:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1941

Keller, Lorraine, 1948:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1947

Mcknight, Robert, V., 1950:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1950

Anonymous, 1956:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1956

Anonymous, 1958:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1958

Anonymous, 1959:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1959

U.S.Department O.Agriculture, 1960:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1960

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of organization and field activities of the Department of Agriculture, 1962

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of organizations and programs in rural education

Arshem, J.-A.P.illips, J., B., 1986:
Directory of patent depository libraries

Chung, Catherine, 1986:
Directory of periodicals online

Anonymous, 1978 :
Directory of personnel

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of personnel 1979

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of personnel in rural sociology

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of photocopying and microcopying services

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of plant biotechnology companies in USA

Guarino, Luigi, 2004:
Directory of plant genetic resources collections in the Pacific Island countries and territories

Keuken, W., 1971:
Directory of plant systematists 1970

Chakraverty, R.K.P.ndey, D.S.M.khopadhyay, D.P., 2003:
Directory of plants in the botanic gardens of India

Bakshani, N.; Allen, D., 1993:
Directory of pollution prevention in higher education

Iverson, Mj, 1972:
Directory of post-secondary education in agribusiness and natural resources occupations 1971--72

Anonymous, 1976:
Directory of potato research workers for the Americas

Randall, M.C., 1981 :
Directory of poultry genetic stocks held by non commercial breeders including breeders of exhibition poultry in the state of New South Wales

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of primary wood-using plants in New York State

Von-Ohlsen, Edward, F., 1955:
Directory of primary wood-using plants in New York State, 1952, 1953

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of primes

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of principal governmental bodies dealing with the environment

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of privately owned

Anonymous, 1948:
Directory of professional and administrative staff, D.C. Office of Agricultural Estimates

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of professional personnel

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of professional workers in state agricultural experiment stations and other cooperating state institutions

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of programs for distressed and displaced farmers

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of programs for minority elders

Tissot, N.-Louis; Norbert, O.-Etoundi, 1988:
Directory of public sector and mixed economy enterprises

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of publications Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station

Anonymous, 1974:
Directory of published proceedings. Series PCE: pollution control

Anonymous, 1959:
Directory of refrigerated warehouses in the United States

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of regional councils in the United States

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of regional councils, 87-88

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of regional gardening resources

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of regional plant protection organizations and national plant quarantine services

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory of registered federal and state lobbyists

Dowman, I.J., 1974:
Directory of research & development activities in the United Kingdom in the fields of land survey, geodesy, photogrammetry, and hydrographic surveying

Hodges, K.E.S.ring, J., 1993:
Directory of research and education in food science, technology and engineering

Wilson, W.-K.W.lson, B., L., 1979:
Directory of research grants, 1979

Graves, P.-F.H.rn, A., F., 1956:
Directory of research in the growing and harvesting of pulpwood

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of research institutes, researchers, and their activities in Rio Grande do Sul. I. Veterinary medicine

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of research institutes, researches and their activities in Rio Grande do Sul. II. Agronomy and animal husbandry

Nakane, A.T.naka, K., 1981:
Directory of research institution of seeds, seedlings and breeding in Japan

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of research institutions in Japan

Mcvey, E.; Braun, L.; Flanagan, C., 1992:
Directory of research institutions in aquaculture

Anonymous, 1956:
Directory of research libraries

Anonymous, 1998:
Directory of research scientists, Southern Research Station

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of researchers in food service management

Anonymous, 1977:
Directory of researches in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mines in the Philippines

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of residential treatment facilities for emotionally disturbed children

Larson, Jean, A., 1995:
Directory of resources on alternatives and animal use in the life sciences, 1995

Anonymous, 1997:
Directory of resources to practice in underserved areas, 1997-1998

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory of rural development researchers in the South

Anonymous, 1976:
Directory of rural electric systems in the U.S

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of rural health care programs, 1979

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of rural public transportation providers funded by FTAs section 18 program

Hatch, Carol, S., 1991:
Directory of rural studies scholars and educators

Kunnumkal, M.-C.S.nt, B., R., 2001:
Directory of rural technologies

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of saw mills

Prestemon, Dr, 1969:
Directory of sawmills and veneer mills of Iowa

Anonymous, 1944:
Directory of sawmills, lath and shingle mills in Michigan

Anonymous, 2000:
Directory of scholarly electronic journals and academic discussion lists

Anonymous, 1941:
Directory of schools of agriculture in the Latin American republics

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of science resources in Maryland

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of scientific & technical associations in Israel 1978

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory of scientific and engineering societies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of scientific and technical potential of Tanzania

Burkett, Jack, 1979:
Directory of scientific directories

Anonymous, 1954:
Directory of scientific journals available in Lucknow

Anonymous, 1968:
Directory of scientific research in Nigeria

Swannack-Nunn, Susan, 1977:
Directory of scientific research institutes in the Peoples Republic of China

Anonymous, 1971:
Directory of scientific research organizations in South Africa

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of scientific resources in Georgia, 1962-1963

Anonymous, 1949:
Directory of scientific, technical and medical libraries in the Union of South Africa

Anonymous, 1979:
Directory of scientists and technologists in the fields of fisheries research, development and management in the Southeast Asian Region (as of 1978)

Donaubauer, E., 1971:
Directory of scientists engaged in research or injuries to forest trees by air pollution in Asia, Europe and North America

Anonymous, 1991:
Directory of selected collections of United Nations system publications

Soobitsky, Jr; Fox, Cs, 1977:
Directory of selected private civic service organizations for cooperative 4 H programing

Amnuay-Tapingkae, 1974:
Directory of selected scholars and researchers in Southeast Asia

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of selected scientific institutions in the U.S.S.R

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of serials in pure and applied science and economics published in Israel

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of service stations that sell ethanol-blended gasoline

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of services for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of short courses on plant protection

Baker, Heather-Tischbein, 1981:
Directory of small farms technical assistance in the United States

Anonymous, 1982:
Directory of soil & water conservation districts

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of sources for native Hawaiian plants

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of special and research libraries in India

Towner, Isabel, L., 1953:
Directory of special libraries

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of special libraries and information centers

Dow, Vera, M., 1961:
Directory of special libraries in Australia

Craker, Lyle, E., 1989:
Directory of specialists in herbs, spices, and medicinal plants

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of specialized transportation providers funded by FTAs section 16 program

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of speeches Utilization of plant and animal waste in livestock feeding programs

Anonymous, 1965:
Directory of standards laboratories in the United States

Young, A.-Townsend; Canter, L., M., 2000:
Directory of state aquaculture coordinators and contacts

Anonymous, 1955:
Directory of state departments of agriculture, 1955

Anonymous, 1967:
Directory of state departments of agriculture, 1967

Hubler, K.; Henderson, T., R., 1985:
Directory of state environmental agencies

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of state environmental libraries

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of state preserves

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of statewide agricultural organizations in Virginia

Heasley, Daryl, K., 1987:
Directory of statewide rural and agricultural leadership programs

Anonymous, 1972:
Directory of statewide rural electric publications

Woodward, W.-A.E.liott, A.-C.G.ay, H., L., 1985:
Directory of statistical microcomputer software

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of statisticians

Anonymous, 1941:
Directory of strategic and essential materials available in Latin America

Anonymous, 1969:
Directory of supermarket, grocery and bantam store chains

Van-Citters, B.; Abdalla, C.-William; Roth, S., 2000:
Directory of sustainable development assistance organizations in Pennyslvania

Knutson, L.M.rphy, W., 1984:
Directory of systematic entomologists and acarologists in the Peoples Republic of China

Anonymous, 1989:
Directory of technical and scientific directories

Anonymous, 1983:
Directory of technical information resources in Tanzania

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of testing laboratories

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of testing laboratories, commercial-institutional

Anonymous, 1943:
Directory of textile testing laboratories, commercial and educational

Connor, J.-M.M.ther, L., L., 1978:
Directory of the 200 largest U.S. food and tobacco processing firms, 1975

Anonymous, 1981:
Directory of the American Society of Plant Physiologists

Anonymous, 1940:
Directory of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 1940

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of the Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of the Dai Nihon Nokai, a Japanese agricultural association

Anonymous, 1962:
Directory of the Eastern Utilization Research & Development Division, Wyndmoor, Pa

Anonymous, 1971:
Directory of the Interdepartmental Committee on Radiation Preservation of Food

Anonymous, 1990 :
Directory of the National Plant Germplasm System

Anonymous, 1988:
Directory of the Nihon Kiseichu Gakkai (The Japanese Society of Parasitology)

Anonymous, 1992:
Directory of the U.S. solar thermal industry

Mcnamee, Lori, 1986:
Directory of the agricultural biotechnology industry, 1986

Anonymous, 1967:
Directory of the canning, freezing and preserving industry

Anonymous, 1970:
Directory of the computer industry in the Washington, D.c. area

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of the cultural organizations of the Republic of China

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory of the forest products industry

Anonymous, 1945:
Directory of the libraries of the Chicago area

Michael, J.; Hill, M., M., 1990:
Directory of the network of extension evaluators

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of the wood products industry

Anonymous, 1991 :
Directory of toxicological and related testing laboratories

Adams, Scott, E., 1983:
Directory of toxicology testing institutions in the United States

Williams, Michael, 1978:
Directory of trade unions in the European Economic Community

Anonymous, 1996:
Directory of training and education opportunities for tropical organic agriculture

Dondo, Joseph, M.C., 1993:
Directory of training for natural resources conservation in Kenya

Spohn, L.; Geier, B., 1996:
Directory of training opportunities in organic agriculture for temperature climate zones

Mokma, Arnold, 1978:
Directory of two year post secondary programs in agriculture, agribusiness, and renewable natural resoures occupations

Mahmood, Shahid, 1988:
Directory of university departments of science, engineering and agriculture in Pakistan, 1988

Wasserman, Paul, 1960:
Directory of university research bureaus and institutes

Karno, H.-L.J.y-Karno, B.; Block, D., 1993:
Directory of vendors of Latin American library materials

Anonymous, 1975:
Directory of veterinarians in Norway

Anonymous, 1966:
Directory of veterinay and animal industries

Anonymous, 1978:
Directory of vocational agriculture teachers in Texas

Anonymous, 1950:
Directory of vocational counseling services

Erman, D.-C.W.led, J., 1997:
Directory of water and wildland expertise and facilities in the University of California System

Livingston, Mary, E., 1984:
Directory of water quality research and liquid and waterborne wastes research in New Zealand

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of water resources expertise in Minnesota universities and colleges

Walton, William-Clarence, 1973:
Directory of water resources research faculty

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of water resources researchers in Massachusetts colleges and universities, 1990

Sehgal, Neelam, 1987:
Directory of water supply and sanitation and environmental NGOs in India and abroad

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory of water, wastewater, ground water and solid waste resources for rural communities

Anonymous, 1999:
Directory of wetland plant vendors in the United States

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of wetlands of international importance

Carp, Erik, 1980:
Directory of wetlands of international importance in the Western Palearctic

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory of wineries and wine bottlers, United States, Canada, Mexico

Anonymous, 1987:
Directory of women business owners

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory of wood transformation mills

Falk, R.-H.G.y, G.B.adley, 2005:
Directory of wood-framed building deconstruction and reused building materials companies, 2005

Prestemon, Dr, 1975:
Directory of wood-using industries of Iowa

Smith, Bj, 1975:
Directory of workers in dairy farm management and marketing economics in land-grant universities and the U.s. department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1951:
Directory of young farmers

Anonymous, 1953:
Directory of young farmers and young farm women from other countries visiting the United States

Chowdhury, Manjur, A., 2000:
Directory of zoologists

Sullivan, G.-A.D.ley, R., H., 1981:
Directory to resources on wildflower propagation

Lush, W.M., 1986:
Directory to turf R & D in Australia and New Zealand 1985

Henderson, Marjorie, 1960:
Directory, 1959-1960

Anonymous, 1985:
Directory, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests recreation areas, Georgia

Anonymous, 1971:
Directory, December 1971

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory, Japanese-affiliated companies in USA & Canada

Anonymous, 1990:
Directory, Soil Conservation Service personnel

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory, USDA emergency personnel

Anonymous, 1943:
Directory, emergency farm labor offices

Anonymous, 1945:
Directory, grain storage committees, permit committees and permit agents administering Interstate Commerce Commission Service order no.80

Anonymous, 1986 :
Directory, historical agencies in North America

Anonymous, 1963:
Directory, historical societies and agencies in the United States and Canada

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory, human nutrition activities

Anonymous, 1980:
Directory, professional workers in state agricultural experiment stations and other cooperating state institutions, 1979-80

Anonymous, 1946:
Directory, purebred registered livestock

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory, state departments of agriculture

Anonymous, 1973:
Directory: Juvenile and adult correctional institutions and agencies of the United States of America, Canada, and Great Britain

Vaupel, S.C.ok, R., 1990:
Directory: information sources for marketing California fresh fruits and vegetables

Anonymous, 1949:
Directrizes de polaitica a* eth *cucareira

Mahan, Dc, 1984:
Dired whey is not always dried whey

Pereira, Osny-Duarte, 1950:
Direito florestral brasileiro

Osaorio, Joaquim-Luais, 1948:
Direito rural

Christensen, Lars-Gjol, 1980:
Direkte opdatering som metode til avlsverdivurdering i kvegavlen

Ludewig, Elke, 1999:
Direkte und indirekte anthropogene Beeinflussung und Veranderung der Ufervegetation der Saar

Anonymous, 1962:
Direktivi po chetvaeurtieiia petgodishen plan za razvitieto na Narodna republika Baeulgarieiia prez perioda 1961-1965 g

Anonymous, 1956:
Direktivy XX s* middle-dot *ezda KPSS po shestomu peiiatiletnemu planu razvitieiia narodnogo khozeiiaaeistva SSSR na 1956-1960 gody

Wirthgen, B.; Maurer, O., 2000:

Anonymous, 1997:
Diretrizes ambientais para o setor pesqueiro

Moura, Valdiki, 1946:
Diretrizes cooperativistas (notas e comentaarios)

Anonymous, 1947:
Diretrizes gerais

Kubitschek, Juscelino, Pres-Braz, 1955:
Diretrizes gerais do plano nacional de desenvolvimento

Mazzocchi-Alemanni, Nallo, 1946:
Direttive di massima del piano di trasformazione fondiaria del Tavoliere

Baker, G.; Brown, G.1; Pigott, R., 1982:
Dirhinus rufricornis (Girault) (Hymenoptera: Chalcidae: Dirhininae), a parasite of Diptera, two of which are primary parasites of Orthoptera Biological control, acridids, Chortoicetes terminifera, Australia

Ralph, S.G.; Jancsik, S.; Bohlmann, Jörg., 2007:
Dirigent proteins in conifer defense II: Extended gene discovery, phylogeny, and constitutive and stress-induced gene expression in spruce (Picea spp.)

Anonymous, 1960:
Dirigenza economica ed integrazione Europea

Costato, L.; Casadei, E.; Sgarbanti, G., 1996:
Diritto agrario e forestale italiano e comunitario

Paolo, B.; Manservisi, S.; Russo, L., 2001:
Diritto agrario statunitense

Feugaere, Roger, 1952:
Dirofilaria immitis

Hayasaki, M.K.bajashi,, Y., 1972:
Dirofilaria immitis found in ca

Dyer, W.; Klimstra, WD., 1982:
Dirofilaria immitis in Urocyon cinereoargenteus from southern Illinois

Hubert, G.F.; Jr.; Kick, TJ.; Andrews, RD., 1982:
Dirofilaria immitis in gray foxes in Illinois

Hubert, G.J.; Kick, T.1; Andrews, R., 1982:
Dirofilaria immitis in gray foxes in Illinois Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Heartworm

Bonfante-Garrido, R.R.cio-Pardo, N.M.rrillo, N.T.rres, R.G.errero, R., 1972:
Dirofilaria immitis in the Rio Clara area

Forney, Mm, 1985:
Dirofilaria immitis in the anterior chamber of a dogs eye

Sevimli, F.Kircali.; Kozan, E.; Bülbül, A.; Birdane, F.Mehmet.; Köse, M.; Sevimli, A., 2007:
Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs: unusually located and unusual findings

Parrott, T.Y.; Greiner, E.C.; Parrott, J.D., 1984:
Dirofilaria immitis infection in three ferrets

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Disappearance of trichlorfon from cultures with different cyanobacteria

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Disappearance rates of chlorothalonil (TCIN) in the aquatic environment

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Disappearing Mexican wilderness

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Disappearing beaches of Kerala

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Disappearing disease , a behavioral problem

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Disappearing disease south of the border

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Disappearing disease--a longevity problem?

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Disappearing dogs & cats

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Disappearing farmland--a Kentucky quest

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Disappearing peasantries?

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Disappearing plant species

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Disappearing varieties

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Disappearing, relict and rare plant species in the Kemerovo Region and problems of their conservation

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Disapperance of black shank from Kentucky soils

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Disapperance of the goitrogenic factor from colza cake during fermentation in silos

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Disappointed in how your cows produce?

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Disappointing Swiss vintage in 1981 Grape-growing acreage.0

Anonymous, 1982:
Disappointing U.S. cotton yields due to ozone air pollution, according to USDA

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Disappointing outcome of autologous stem cell transplantation for enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma

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Disappointing prices for piglets

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Disappointing prospects of reform projects of the socio structural European Economic Community directives

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Disappointing start for the floricultural sector

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Disappointment: when things go wrong in the transition to parenthood

Anonymous, 1977:
Disapproval of the presidential determination to deny import relief to the U.S. honey industry

Anonymous, 1998:
Disapproving extension of waiver authority under section 402(c) of the Trade Act of 1974 with respect to Vietnam

Anonymous, 1967:
Disapproving reorganization plan no. 2 of 1967

Anonymous, 1970:
Disapproving reorganization plan no. 2 of 1970

Anonymous, 1991:
Disapproving the request of the President for extension of the fast track procedures under the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 and the Trade Act of 1974

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Disarmament at the flight boa

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Disarray in world food markets

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Disarticulation and poor incentive programmes in African economies

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Disarticulation as a theory of inequitable growth: Articulation as a strategy for equitable growth (or why countries should beware of jumping the stages of consumption)

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Disas in South Africa

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Disas of Natals veld and vlei

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Disas: are they really difficult to grow?

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Disassembly and self-reassembly in periodic nanostructures: a face-centered-to-simple-cubic transformation

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Disassembly of photosystem II following photoinhibition

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Disassembly of tobacco mosaic virus by membrane lipid isolated from tobacco leaves and polyornithine

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Disassembly-assembly models for meat packing management

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Disassortative pollination in the distylous plant Jepsonia heterandra

Mengestu, A., 1979:
Disaster Area Assessment system in Ethiopia Food supply program to alleviate famine

Anonymous, 1988:
Disaster Assistance Act of 1988

Anonymous, 1983:
Disaster Relief Act of 1974 May 22

Prinz, B., 1984:
Disaster after sunshine. Ozone from the automobile exhaust--the newly dicovered forest killer

Anonymous, 1990:
Disaster analysis & recovery tracking system

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Disaster and a Sahelian nomad economy

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Disaster and emergency preparedness in foodservice operations

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Disaster and vulnerability in the northeast Brazilian desert

Anonymous, 1970:
Disaster assistance

Glaser, L.P.llack, S., 1987:
Disaster assistance and supplemental appropriation acts passed

Anonymous, 1999:
Disaster assistance for farmers

Krub, Kr, 1997:
Disaster assistance for livestock producers

Anonymous, 1992:
Disaster assistance legislation--S. 1251, S. 1441, and S. 1422

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Disaster assistance to farmers

Miller, T.; Trock, W., 1979:
Disaster assistance to farmers - needs, issues, and programs

Paul, Mj, 2001:
Disaster communication on the internet: an examination of 12 disaster-relief web sites

Anonymous, 2000:
Disaster debt set-aside program

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Disaster education, household preparedness, and stress responses following Hurricane Hugo

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Disaster fires--why?

Anonymous, 1995:
Disaster food stamp program handbook

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Disaster handbook for extension agents

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Disaster in Milwaukee: complacency was the root cause

Perez-Minguizon, M., 1984:
Disaster in agriculture. Almost 60,000 accidents occurred during 1982

Sheets, H.M.rris, R., 1976:
Disaster in the desert

Anonymous, 1956:
Disaster insurance

Anonymous, 1971:
Disaster loans

Suri, I.K., 2007:
Disaster management and control in fertiliser plants

Lotz, J., 2007:
Disaster management plans for dams

Silenas, Rasa, 2007:
Disaster medicine

Hannah, H.W., 1996:
Disaster medicine--the veterinarian's role

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Disaster mental health

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Disaster mitigation and rehabilitation in sub-Saharan Africa: a World Food Programme perspective

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Disaster mitigation in the emergency-development continuum

Anonymous, 1977:
Disaster payments exemption

Maier, Dirk, E., 1993:
Disaster payments for low-quality 92 Indiana corn

Anonymous, 1976:
Disaster payments made to farmers who suffer crop losses due to a natural disaster

Jones, Bruce, L., 1988:
Disaster payments on 1988 crop losses

Koury, Suzanne-Davis, 1985:
Disaster planning

Fortson, Judith, 1992:
Disaster planning and recovery

Heath, Se, 2000:
Disaster planning for research and laboratory animal facilities

Mansmann, R.; Mccurdy, B.O.-Connor, K.C.llins, T.B.ckstead, C.A.len, M., 1992:
Disaster planning model for an equine assistance and evacuation team

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Disaster preparedness

Mikota, S.K., 2007:
Disaster preparedness and response: a synopsis

Anonymous, 1995:
Disaster preparedness for the horse owner

Lewis, J., 1977:
Disaster preparedness in the South Pacific

Rebmann, T.; English, J.F.; Carrico, R., 2007:
Disaster preparedness lessons learned and future directions for education: results from focus groups conducted at the 2006 APIC Conference

Munasinghe, M.; Clarke, C., L., 1995:
Disaster prevention for sustainable development

Anonymous, 1976:
Disaster program evaluation

Catanzaro, Te, 2002:
Disaster proofing your practice

Kislak, Ji, 1990:
Disaster protection in an era of weather extremes

Norris, Debbie-Hess, 1998:
Disaster recovery

Rubin, C.; Barbee, D., 1985:
Disaster recovery and hazard mitigation: Bridging the intergovernmental gap

Lewis, Steven, 2000:
Disaster recovery yellow pages

Alderson, C.G.rnett, N., 2002:
Disaster recovery: who ya gonna call?

Anonymous, 1968:
Disaster relief

Anonymous, 1977:
Disaster relief act amendments extension

Anonymous, 1965:
Disaster relief act of 1965

Anonymous, 1970:
Disaster relief act of 1970

Anonymous, 1971:
Disaster relief amendments

Anonymous, 1989:
Disaster relief for Bangladesh

Hudson, L.C.; Berschneider, H.M.; Ferris, K.K.; Vivrette, S.L., 2001:
Disaster relief management of companion animals affected by the floods of Hurricane Floyd

Anonymous, 1978:
Disaster relief supplemental appropriation

Anonymous, 1972:
Disaster relief supplemental appropriations, 1973

Nelsen, J., 1991:
Disaster relief update

Kahn, Miriam, 1998:
Disaster response and planning for libraries

Amendola, A.; Linnerooth Bayer, J.; Okada, N.; Shi, P., 2007:
Disaster risk management: pro-active financing to reduce vulnerability

Linnerooth Bayer, J.; Mechler, R., 2007:
Disaster safety nets for developing countries: extending public-private partnerships

Conway, H.Mckinley, 1981:
Disaster survival

Deekshatulu, B.; Lohani, B., 1980:
Disaster warning and assessment by remote sensing

Anonymous, 1990:
Disaster, planning and development

Dirkzwager, A.J.E.; van der Velden, P.G.; Grievink, L.; Yzermans, C.Joris., 2007:
Disaster-related posttraumatic stress disorder and physical health

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Disaster: family disruption in the wake of natural disaster

Anonymous, 1977:

Cuny, F.-C.A.rams, S., 1983:
Disasters and development

Yamaguchi, Isao, 1987:
Disasters and the management of forests

Penning-Rowsell, E., 1980:
Disasters in the vineyards: the centenary of a pestilential decade

Singh, Ram-Babu, 1996:
Disasters, environment, and development

Anonymous, 1979:
Disastrous 78 season prompts bargaining group for olives

Prochazka, F.J.rmanova, I.R.richova,, V., 1983:
Disastrous health state of laying hens due to a metabolic disorder

Capecki, Z., 1975:
Disastrous hurricanes in northern parts of the West and East Germany

Mazur, A., 2007:
Disbelievers in evolution

Schiff, P.Jr, 1997:
Disbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids

Vasseur, J.L.grand, B., 1972:
Disbribution of proteins, nucleic acids and enzymatic activities: Auxin-oxydase, peroxydase and catalase in chicory leaves (Cichorium intybus L.)

Daerr, Hc, 1977:
Disbribution of rabies in Europe and the importance of preventive vaccination of domestic animals

Anonymous, 1976:

Buttle, H.; Mowlem, A.; Mews, A., 1986:
Disbudding and dehorning of goats

Arevalo, G.A.; Ibarra, D.A.; Florez, V.J., 2007:
Disbudding of floral bud at different developmental stages of standard carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) var. Nelson

Anonymous, 1986:
Disbursement handbook

Anonymous, 1970:
Disbursement of REA loan funds

Goidenko, Aa, 1974:
Disc cultivators on cutover areas in alpine regions

Goidenko, Aa, 1974:
Disc cultivators on mountain cutover forest areas

Mackie, W.S., 1972:
Disc electrophoresis and ultraviolet absorbance of the serum proteins of the breeding ewe

Hayes, D.K.; Schechter, M.S.; Wash, D.B., 1970:
Disc electrophoresis as a micropreparative technique for hemolymph and soluble tissue proteins

Schmidt, G.; Hess, U., 1973:
Disc electrophoresis fractioning of the haemolyph protein during the larval development of two species of Fromica (Insecta:Hymenoptera)

Georgiev, G.H., 1978:
Disc electrophoresis of LDH in bull seminal plasma

Rampton, J.H.; Pearson, A.M.; Walker, J.E.; Kapsalis, J.G., 1971:
Disc electrophoresis of Weber-Edsall extract and actomyosin from skeletal muscle

Ishizaka, T., 1972:
Disc electrophoresis of body pr

Feret, Peter-Paul, 1971:
Disc electrophoresis of enzymes in Ulmus spp. and Picea glauca

Okamoto, T., 1973:
Disc electrophoresis of glucose

Ascher, P.; Thurow, P., 1972:
Disc electrophoresis of soluble proteins from bulb scales of Lilium: a preliminary report

Shimizu, J.N.kamura, S., 1976:
Disc electrophoresis of the sol

Beck, J.R.; Coleman, T.H.; Wolford, J.H., 1975:
Disc electrophoresis of turkey serum alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes using polyacrylamide gel. 1. Procedure

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Disc electrophoresis separation of protein haemolymph during the metamorphosis of different castes and developmental stages of Formica pratensis

King, Ee, 1970:
Disc electrophoresis: avoiding artifacts caused by persulfate

Kanoe, M.Y.kitomo, S.T.da, M., 1975:
Disc electrophoretic analysis o

Kalashnikova, Lp, 1977:
Disc electrophoretic characteristics of serum proteins of the humanized type of Vitalakt milk

Ohms, Jp, 1980:
Disc electrophoretic identification of grain types and varieties

Goel, V.; Joshi, B.; Panda, B., 1977:
Disc electrophoretic pattern of magnum proteins from stilbestrol stimulated chicks

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Disc electrophoretic patterns of hemolymph proteins of larvae of the armyworm, Pseudaletia unipuncta, infected with a nuclear-polyhedrosis and a granulosis virus

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Disc electrophoretic studies of some mammalian sera

Komaromy, J., 1975:
Disc fenestration in intervertebral disc abnormalities

Mallery, C.; Richardson, N., 1971:
Disc gel electrophoresis of biliproteins

Groves, Ml, 1975:
Disc gel electrophoresis of minor milk proteins

Chang, P.P.wrie, W.; Fennema, O., 1970:
Disc gel electrophoresis of proteins in native and heat-treated albumen, yolk, and centrifuged whole egg

Mallery, C.; Richardson, N., 1971:
Disc gel electrophoresis of proteins of Rhodophyta

Lahr, Jr; Costantino, Rf, 1973:
Disc gel electrophoresis of the fatty acid sensitive mutant of Tribolium castaneum

Stanila, T.M.tei, D., 1982:
Disc harrows for slopes

Olivieri, M., 1981:
Disc hernia in small animals

Mikhailenko, E.M.rtsedin, R.G.ncharuk, V., 1971:
Disc hiller for potato culture

Pont, D.; Brownlie, R., K.; Grace, J., C., 2007:
Disc image-processing software for three-dimensional mapping of stem ring width and compression wood

Martsolf, J.; Peart, R.; Beck, H.; Spyke, P.; Todd, N.T.wnsend, C.S.hueller, J., 1999:
Disc makes progress with information integration

Hernanz, Martos, Jl, 1979:
Disc plows

Mortensen, Va, 1979:
Disc prolapse. I. Pathology, symptomatology, radiology

Mortensen, Va, 1979:
Disc prolapse. II. Therapy

Kim, J-yoon., 2007:
Disc size regulation in the brood cell building behavior of leaf-cutter bee, Megachile tsurugensis

Strel'-Bitskii, V.F., 1981:
Disc soil working machines

Lawrence, C.; Jiang, R., 1986:
Disc spinning

Altosaar,, B.; Ornduff, R., 1974:
Disc-electrophoresis of albumin and globulin fractions from dormant achenes of Lasthenia

Kobara, R.K.wai, T., 1969:
Disc-electrophoresis of haemoly

Shobanov, Na, 1990:
Disc-electrophoresis of hemoglobins in the study of Chironomus species of the Plumosus Group (Diptera, Chironomidae) and method of sample preparation

Kimura, T.; Yoshii, A.; Tipton, V.J., 1971:
Disc-electrophoretic analysis of some members of the Culex pipiens complex

Schmidt, G.; Hess, U., 1973:
Disc-electrophoretic fractionation of haemolymph proteins during larvae development of two Formica species (Insecta, Hymenoptera)

Matsuzawa, H., 1970:
Disc-electrophoretic patterns o

Hussey, R.; Krusberg, L., 1971:
Disc-electrophoretic patterns of enzymes and soluble proteins of Ditylenchus dipsaci and Ditylenchus triformis

Hagelstam, B., 1979:
Disc-strainer for fibre recovery and effluent treatment

Mcelroy, Teresa, 1991:

Abe, H.H.shimoto, K.U.hiyama, M., 1981:
Discadenine distribution in cellular slime molds and its inhibitory activity on spore germination

Cubillos, A.M.ntes, L.M.ntecinos, M.; Alvarez, C., 1981:
Discard causes for incubated geese eggs. I. Contaminant bacterial flora

Acuna, C.N.; Casasnova, G.F.; Macazaga, C.F.; Aramendi, S.; Landeira, M., 2005:
Discard milk period in lactating cows treated with amoxicillin

Acuna, C.N.; Casasnovas, G.F.; Faletti, M.F.; Maizon, D., 2005:
Discard milk period in lactating cows treated with licomycin

Gaines, L.L.W.lsky, A.M., 1979:
Discarded tires

Enever, R.; Revill, A.; Grant, A., 2007:
Discarding in the English Channel, Western approaches, Celtic and Irish seas (ICES subarea VII)

Tzanatos, E.S.marakis, S.T.erpes, G.K.utsikopoulos, C., 2007:
Discarding practices in a Mediterranean small-scale fishing fleet (Patraikos Gulf, Greece)

Flora, C.; Johnson, S., 1978:
Discarding the distaff: new roles for rural women

Langan, Richard, 1992:
Discards of commercial fish species in the Gulf of Maine groundfish and shrimp fisheries

Solans, M., 2007:
Discaria trinervis - Frankia symbiosis promotion by saprophytic actinomycetes

Xie, J-cheng.; Hurlbert, R.John., 2007:
Discectomy versus discectomy with fusion versus discectomy with fusion and instrumentation: a prospective randomized study

Wiens, Eh, 1973:
Discer seed spout evaluation

Huhtala, A.; Pouta, E., 2006:
Discerning welfare impacts of public provision of recreation areas

Anonymous, 1975:

Myers, Aa, 1979:
Discestra trifolii (Hufnagel) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Ireland

Yanagita, T.I.ashita, Y., 1982:
Discharge and regeneration of t

Luft, Gerhard, 1980:
Discharge and retention in a loessial area as examplified by the hydrological experimental area Rippach, Ostkaiserstuhl

Butler, David, L., 1985:
Discharge and water quality of springs in Roan and Parachute Creek basins, northwestern Colorado, 1981-83

Wormleaton, P.; Allen, J.H.djipanos, P., 1982 :
Discharge assessment in compound channel flow

Kirk, V.; Dupraz, B., 1972:
Discharge by a female ground beetle, Pterostichus lucublandus (Coleoptera: Carbidae), used as a defense against males

Motzet, K.; Valentin, F., 2007:
Discharge calculation for weir-like structures under submerged flow conditions

Kindsvater, C.E., 1964:
Discharge characteristics of embankment-shaped weirs

Straub, David, E., 1995:
Discharge characteristics of four highway drainage systems in Ohio

Ayala, R.C.rrasquel, S.F.entes, R., 1979:
Discharge coefficient in elbow meters

Montero, J.; Munoz, P.A.ton, A., 1997:
Discharge coefficients of greenhouse windows with insect-proof screens

Abt, S.; Thompson, K.S.aker, K., 1989:
Discharge correction for longitudinal settlement of parshall flumes

Kresl, J., 1975:
Discharge determination for dimensioning the structures to serve forest road drainage

Kresl, J., 1976:
Discharge determinaton for dimensioning the structures to serve forest road drainage

Ortega, J.; Tarjuelo, J.; Montero,, J.-De, 2000:
Discharge efficiency in sprinkling irrigation: analysis of the evaporation and drift losses in semi-arid areas

Alpa Sridhar, 2007:
Discharge estimation from planform characters of the Shedhi River, Gujarat alluvial plain: present and past

Clemens, F.; Behrens, H., 1983:
Discharge lists as decision making means in plant production

Singhal, M.; Kumar, D.B.ati, G.; Chhabra, S., 1979:
Discharge measurement of River Ganga and Song by radioactive tracer

Hjelmfelt, A.; Spomer, R.; Kramer, L., 1985:
Discharge measurement problems for field-size agricultural catchments

Buchanan, T.-J.S.mers, W., P., 1969:
Discharge measurements at gaging stations

Arguello, Ottoniel, 1973:
Discharge model of the Mississippi River

Meiniel, R., 1971:
Discharge of catecholamines by the adrenal cells of chick embryo after acute intoxication with parathion

Wilding, N., 1971:
Discharge of conidia of Entomophthora thaxteriana Petch from the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris

Herdendorf, C.-E.B.dford, K.-W.S.kes, R., M., 1985:
Discharge of cooling and process wastewater from the Standard Oil Company (Ohio) Toledo refinery to Maumee Bay of Lake Erie

Tanaka, A., 1971:
Discharge of formaldehyde gas f

Priekulis, Iuk, 1978:
Discharge of gases through dismountable film seams

Johnson, Ga, 1976:
Discharge of hazardous wastes into public swereage systems

Clark, G.M.G.olsby, D.A., 1999:
Discharge of herbicides from the Mississippi River basin to the Gulf of Mexico, 1991-97

Lommatzsch, R., 1971:
Discharge of liquid manure from flow channels when keeping cows in stalls

Cherinikov, V.; Vasil'-Ev, A.; Koniakin, L., 1975:
Discharge of massecuite from vacuum apparatuses and massecuite mixers with the aid of compressed air

Oskaja, V.M.eniece, D.B.rzina, S.K.incare, A., 1973:
Discharge of purine compounds by microorganisms. II. Discharge of purine compounds by root nodule bacteria rhizobium meliloti dangeard

Muceniece, D.K.incare, A.O.kaja, V., 1975:
Discharge of purine compounds by microorganisms. III. Determination of purine and cytokinin presence in the culture medium of Rhizobium meliloti K-785

Rotbergs, J.B.rzina, S.M.ceniece, D.K.incare, A.O.kaja, V., 1975:
Discharge of purine compounds by microorganisms. IV. Detection of cytokinins in culture media of some Rhizobium meliloti strains by ion-exchange

Ghez, C.; Vicario, D., 1978:
Discharge of red nucleus neurons during voluntary muscle contraction: activity patterns and correlations with isometric force

Mohr, R., 1971:
Discharge of the raw materials in the feed mills

Shvetsova, Am, 1975:
Discharge of water by field crops in the central zone of the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Vernik, Rs, 1975:
Discharge of water on transpiration by walnut forests in the Western Tien Shan

Braud, Harry, J., 1967:
Discharge of water through slits in polyethelene plastic pipe

Duff, T.Y.uatt, J., 1977:
Discharge papilla development in the phycomycete Allomyces

Schlegel, P., 1970:
Discharge patterns of a single joint-receptor of the blowfly antenna and their significance for the perception of air currents

Pearson, K.G.; Iles, J.F., 1970:
Discharge patterns of coxal levator and depressor motoneurones of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana

Zajac, F.; Young, J., 1976:
Discharge patterns of motor units during cat locomotion and their relation to muscle performance

Kuehn, M.; Bide, M., 1986:
Discharge printing with benzoyl peroxide

Alexander, Terry, W., 1992:
Discharge rating for tainter and roller gates at lock and dam no. 25 on the Mississippi River near Winfield, Missouri

Alexander, Terry, W., 1992:
Discharge rating for tainter gates at lock and dam no. 24 on the Mississippi River at Clarksville, Missouri

Fisk, Gregory, G., 1988:
Discharge ratings for control structures at McHenry Dam on the Fox River, Illinois

Eisenlohr, W.S., 1964:
Discharge ratings for streams at submerged section controls

Corsi, S.R.S.huler, J.G., 1995:
Discharge ratings for tainter gates and roller gates at Lock and Dam No. 7 on the Mississippi River, La Crescent, Minnesota

Manekar, V.L.; Porey, P.D.; Ingle, R.N., 2007:
Discharge relation for cutthroat flume under free-flow condition

Rodriguez-Iturbe,, G.V.ldes, J., 1979:
Discharge response analysis and hydrologic similarity: the interrelation between the geomorphologic IUH and the storm characteristics

Karegoudar, A.V.; Satishkumar, U.; Kumate, S.S., 2005:
Discharge response analysis of Geomorphological instantaneous Unit Hydrograph for flat land watershed

Haan, J.M.; Dutton, R.P.; Willis, M.; Leone, S.; Kramer, M.E.; Scalea, T.M., 2007:
Discharge rounds in the 80-hour workweek: importance of the trauma nurse practitioner

Wagner, H., 1976:
Discharge technique and its influence on the quality of frozen fish

Chandrasekaran, D.L.kshmana-Rao, N., 1976:
Discharge through Poebing Weirs

Mishra, A.; Anjaneyulu, B., 1971:
Discharge through cavity wells

Stoker, Y.-E.L.vesque, V.-A.F.itz, E., M., 1996:
Discharge, water-quality characteristics, and nutrient loads from McKay Bay, Delaney Creek, and East Bay, Tampa, Florida, 1991-1993

Roberts, A.; Arnold, P., 1971:
Discharge-chute design for free-flowing granular materials

Simpson, M.-R.O.tmann, R.N., 1993:
Discharge-measurement system using an acoustic Doppler current profiler with applications to large rivers and estuaries

Woelffer, Ea, 1977:
Discharges can tip off reproductive problems

Damelincourt, Jean-Jacques, 1977:
Discharges in gases - variation in the density of population at the level 63P2 in relation to the alimentation frequency in an (argon-mercury) discharge

Cluis, Da, 1982:
Discharges of nitrogen and phosphorus by large watersheds which are covered by the boreal forests in mid-north Quebec

Armstrong, D.M.; Drew, T., 1984:
Discharges of pyramidal tract and other motor cortical neurones during locomotion in the cat

Frier, H.I.; Rousseau, J.E.; Eaton, H.D.; Dwyer, T.M., 1969:
Dische's carbazole method for the determination of inulin in ventriculocisternal perfusion fluids

Bregazzi, R., 1978:
Discina parma Breitb. & Maas G. 1973 found near Kassel

Hocevar, S., 1978:
Discina parma Breitenb. & Maas G. (Helvellaceae, Ascomycetes) in some virgin forest nature reserves of Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Grelier, A.; Beck-Ceccaldi, J., 2006:
Discina parma, un rare Ascomycete recolte dans les Pyrenees (France). Un exemple de cooperation entre societes mycologiques

Redhead, S.; Spicer, K., 1981:
Discinella schimperi, a circumpolar parasite of Sphagnum squarrosum , and notes on Bryophytomyces sphagni

Hart, M.W.ller, S.; Lowry, S.; Gates, R., 1985:
Discing and seeding effects on sod bound mixed prairie

Aleksashin, V.E.makov, E., 1971:
Discing, rotary tillage and herbicide application on flood plains

Khomenko, I.I.K.cher, A.O.S.myrenko, L.-Platonovych, 1995:
Disciples of L.P. Symyrenko--Ukrainian horticulture

Lloyd, R., 2001:
Disciplinary and dismissal procedures: a guide to the essentials

Wilson, R.B., 1999:
Disciplinary introversion in colleges of veterinary medicine

Anonymous, 1996:
Disciplinary roots of social acceptability: a bibliography

Steinmetz, Sk, 1979:
Disciplinary techniques and their relationship to aggressiveness, dependency, and conscience

Taylor, D.A.ezquita, L., 1980:

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