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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15536

Chapter 15536 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1984:
Diversion checks total over

Agarwal, V.P.; Schimmel, E.M., 1989:
Diversion colitis: a nutritional deficiency syndrome?

Archer, T.; Ewbank, L., 1996:
Diversion excursion

Bruini, C., 1971:
Diversion in grape vine culture of Modena

Barserian, K., 1987:
Diversion latest supply management technique used in raisin industry

Watts, Ct, 1971:
Diversion of Mississippi River water westward and its affect on Louisiana agriculture

Freytag, He, 1986:
Diversion of general mineralization function for soil organic matter

Patrone, G., 1978:
Diversion of some theories of differential auxonomy

Fulton, E., 1980:
Diversion project may not start before 1982

Chu, Wp, 1972:
Diversion scheme for Tsengwen

Ayers, G.; Hoopingarner, R.; Howitt, A., 1984:
Diversionary plantings for reduction of pesticide related bee mortality. I. An introduction to the concept of diversionary plantings

Ayers, G.; Hoopingarner, R.; Howitt, A., 1984:
Diversionary plantings for reduction of pesticide related bee mortality. II. The establishment of a choice-test planting for studying relative attractiveness of various plant species

Ayers, G.; Hoopingarner, R.; Howitt, A., 1984:
Diversionary plantings for reduction of pesticide related bee mortality. III. Initial attempts to divert bees from pesticide treated orchard

Gilbertson, M.; Watterson, A.E., 2007:
Diversionary reframing of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Brodie, Hl, 1975:
Diversions for wastewater disposal

Becker, N.; Easter, K.W.lliam, 1989:
Diversions from the Great Lakes

Luck, J., 1991:
Diversions of Nevadas Truckee River foreshadow doom for endangered species

Patrone, G., 1978:
Diversions on some theorems of differential auxonomy

Sanderson, M.A.; Goslee, S.C.; Soder, K.J.; Skinner, R.H.; Tracy, B.F.; Deak, A., 2007:
Diversite des especes vegetales, fonction de lecosysteme et gestion des paturages - un point de vue

Hamon, Perla, 1999:
Diversite genetique des plantes tropicales cultivees

Giacomini, V., 1979:
Diversities and interfaces in the zonal analysis of vegetation

Dunaeva, Se, 1975:
Diversities in the ultrastructure of chloroplasts in plants with different pathways of carbon fixation during photosynthesis

Platt, J.R., 1966:

Anonymous, 1998:
Diversity & distributions

Panthee, D.; Kc, R.; Regmi, H.; Subedi, P.; Bhattarai, S.D.akal, J., 2006:
Diversity Analysis of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Germplasms Available in Nepal Based on Morphological Characters

Radulescu, I., 1976:
Diversity a basic element in raising the economical efficiency of vegetable growing in greenhouses

Fouet, Aès.; Smith, K.L.; Keys, C.; Vaissaire, Jée.; L.D.ujet, C.; Lévy, M.; Mock, Mèle.; Keim, P., 2002:
Diversity among French Bacillus anthracis isolates

Genys, Jb, 1971:
Diversity among four varieties of Scotch pine, Pinus sylvestris, studies fourteen years in Maryland

Dhillon, N.P.S.; Ranjana, R.; Singh, K.-; Eduardo, I.; Monforte, A.J.; Pitrat, M.; Dhillon, N.K.; Singh, P.P., 2007:
Diversity among landraces of Indian snapmelon (Cucumis melo var. momordica)

Genys, Jb, 1981:
Diversity among progenies of selected phenotypes of yellow birch Betula alleghaniensis

Ali, M.N.; Chattopadhyay, K.; Sarkar, H.K.; Mandal, N.; Bhattacharyya, S., 2007:
Diversity among selected blackgram accessions on the basis of RAPD and ISSR markers

Moloy Roy; Soumi Banerjee; Ali, M.N.; Sarkar, H.K., 2007:
Diversity analysis in greengram Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek in different seasons

Zamfirescu, O.; Zamfirescu, S.R., 2004:
Diversity analysis of mixed forest plant communities from the Stanisoarei Mountains (Oriental Carpathians)

Zamfirescu, O.; Zamfirescu, S.R., 2006:
Diversity analysis of plant communities with Carex flava from the Ceahlau Mountain

Bachar, A.; Omoregie, E.; de Wit, R.; Jonkers, H.M., 2007:
Diversity and function of Chloroflexus-like bacteria in a hypersaline microbial mat: phylogenetic characterization and impact on aerobic respiration

Tolli, J.; King, G.M., 2005:
Diversity and structure of bacterial chemolithotrophic communities in pine forest and agroecosystem soils

Stevens, H.; Brinkhoff, T.; Rink, B.; Vollmers, J.; Simon, M., 2007:
Diversity and abundance of Gram positive bacteria in a tidal flat ecosystem

Zhang, Y.; Ruan, X-Hong.; Op den Camp, H.J.M.; Smits, T.J.M.; Jetten, M.S.M.; Schmid, M.C., 2007:
Diversity and abundance of aerobic and anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria in freshwater sediments of the Xinyi River (China)

Hammond, R.; Pedigo, L., 1982:
Diversity and abundance of aphid species associated with soybean mosaic virus in Iowa Rhopalosiphum maidis, Macrosiphum euphorbiae

Weir, Js, 1972:
Diversity and abundance of aquatic insects reduced by introduction of the fish Clarias gariepinus to pools in Central Africa

Anonymous, 1995:
Diversity and abundance of landbirds in a northeastern industrial forest landscape

Sanchez-Diaz, Victor-Manuel, 2006:
Diversity and abundance of marine mammals in the central region of the coast of Oaxaca

MacKenzie, KE.; Winston, ML., 1984:
Diversity and abundance of native bee pollinators on berry crops and natural vegetation in the lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Silva, Dílvia.F.; Freitas, R.A.; Franco, A.M.R., 2007:
Diversity and abundance of phlebotomine of the genus Lutzomyia (Diptera: Psychodidae) in areas of forest in the northeast of Manacapuru, Amazonas State, Brazil

Raphael, M.; Barrett, R., 1984:
Diversity and abundance of wildlife in late successful Douglas-fir forests

Raphael, M.; Barrett, R., 1984:
Diversity and abundance of wildlife in late successional Douglas-fir forests

Lovejoy, T.E., 1971:
Diversity and abundance patterns of lower Amazonian rain forest birds

Keenleyside, Miles, H.A., 1979:
Diversity and adaptation in fish behavior

Steiner, Kim, C., 1997:
Diversity and adaptation in oak species

Tin, H.; Berg, T.B.ornstad, A., 2001:
Diversity and adaptation in rice varieties under static (ex situ) and dynamic (in situ) management

Gooday, A., J.; Cedhagen, T.; Cornelius, N., 2006:
Diversity and biogeography of deep-sea benthic foraminifera - a combined molecular and morphological approach

Malonza, P., K.; Wasonga, V., D.; Muchai, V.; Rotich, D.; Bwong, B., A.; Bauer, A., M., 2006:
Diversity and biogeography of herpetofauna of the Tana River Primate National Reserve, Kenya

Gentry, A.; Dodson, C., 1987:
Diversity and biogeography of neotropical vascular epiphytes

Chakrabarti, S., 2007:
Diversity and biosystematics of gall-inducing aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and their galls in the Himalaya

Zhang-Shuangyue; Wu-Xiujuan; Ren-Hongqiang; Liao-Qing; Yang-Hong, 2007:
Diversity and characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in groundwater polluted by landfill leachate and seawater

Kandibane, M.; Raguraman, S.; Mahadevan, N.R., 2007:
Diversity and community structure of aquatic arthropods in an irrigated rice ecosystem of Tamil Nadu, India

Fujioka, Y.; Shimoda, T.; Srithong, C., 2007:
Diversity and community structure of macrobenthic fauna in shrimp aquaculture ponds of the gulf of Thailand

Zhang, J.-Tun; Zhang, F., 2007:
Diversity and composition of plant functional groups in mountain forests of the Lishan Nature Reserve, North China

O'dell, T.E.; Smith, J.E.; Castellano, M.; Luoma, D., 1996:
Diversity and conservation of forest fungi

Okullo, J.-Bl; Waithum, G., 2007:
Diversity and conservation of on-farm woody plants by field types in Paromo Subcounty, Nebbi District, north-western Uganda

Coleman, M., A.; Vytopil, E.; Goodsell, P., J.; Gillanders, B., M.; Connell, S., D., 2007:
Diversity and depth-related patterns of mobile invertebrates associated with kelp forests

Shrestha, R.L.e, S.; Kim, J.; Wilson, C.C.oi, S.G.P.rk, D.; Wang, M.; Hur, J.; Lim, C., 2007:
Diversity and detection of Korean Erwinia pyrifoliae strains as determined by plasmid profiling, phylogenetic analysis and PCR

Holmes, Gh, 1997:
Diversity and distance learning: a challenge for distance educators

Agra, M. de F., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of Solanum subg. Leptostemonum in Brazil

Tusiime, F.-Mugizi; Byarujali, S.-M.B.tes, J., W., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of bryophytes in three forest types of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

Panatta, A.; Stenert, C.; Dos-Santos, E.-Martins; Maltchik, L., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of chironomid larvae in wetlands in southern Brazil

Zhang, J.-Tun; Mi, X., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of high-mountain meadows across elevation gradient in Wutai Mts. (North China)

Anning, A.K.; Yeboah-Gyan, K., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of invasive weeds in Ashanti Region, Ghana

Torres, E., R.; Vargas, F., A., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of stomatopod and decapod crustaceans in the estuary of Gallegos River (Santa Cruz Argentina)

Protic, L., 2006:
Diversity and distribution of the family Nabidae (Heteroptera) in Serbia

Mucunguzi, Patrick, 2007:
Diversity and distribution of vascular epiphytes in the forest lower canopy in Kibale National Park, western Uganda

Bulafu, C.-E.M.cunguzi, P.; Kakudidi, E., K., 2007:
Diversity and distribution of wild terrestrial orchids of Mt Elgon Forest National Park, eastern Uganda

Pant, S.; Samant, S.S., 2006:
Diversity and distribution pattern of the pteridophytes of Mornaula Reserve Forest of Kumaun in Western Himalaya

Lawton-Rauh, A.; Robichaux, R.H.; Purugganan, M.D., 2007:
Diversity and divergence patterns in regulatory genes suggest differential gene flow in recently derived species of the Hawaiian silversword alliance adaptive radiation (Asteraceae)

During, H.; Horst, B.T.r, 1987:
Diversity and dynamics in bryophyte communities on earth banks in a Dutch forest

Renwick, Jaa, 1996:
Diversity and dynamics of crucifer defenses against adults and larvae of cabbage butterflies

Horn, Mh, 1980:
Diversity and ecological roles of noncommercial fishes in California marine habitats

Piepenbring, M., 2006:
Diversity and ecology of smut fungi in Panama

Hijmans, Robert, J., 2002:
Diversity and ecology of the potato

Colburn, E.A.; Weeks, S.C.; Reed, S.K., 2007:
Diversity and ecology of vernal pool invertebrates

Kumar, S.; Hatha, A.A.M.; Christi, K.S., 2007:
Diversity and effectiveness of tropical mangrove soil microflora on the degradation of polythene carry bags

Reimer, J.D.; Takishita, K.; Ono, S.; Maruyama, T., 2007:
Diversity and evolution in the zoanthid genus Palythoa (Cnidaria : Hexacorallia) based on nuclear ITS-rDNA

Wang MiQia, 2007:
Diversity and evolution of resistance genes in tuber-bearing Solanum species

Endress, Peter, K., 1994:
Diversity and evolutionary biology of tropical flowers

Yan-Shuang-Xi, 2007:
Diversity and floristic characteristics of aquatic seed plants of Henan Province in China

Kumar, Y.; Aiemsum-Ang, P.; Ward, A.C.; Goodfellow, M., 2007:
Diversity and geographical distribution of members of the Streptomyces violaceusniger 16S rRNA gene clade detected by clade-specific PCR primers

Gu, C.Tao.; Wang, E.Tao.; Sui, X.Hua.; Chen, W.Feng.; Chen, W.Xin., 2007:
Diversity and geographical distribution of rhizobia associated with Lespedeza spp. in temperate and subtropical regions of China

Ionescu, M., 1970:
Diversity and identity of fermentative and respiratory processes

Lazear, Edward, P., 1998:
Diversity and immigration

Smith, S.-E.S.ith, F.A., 2002:
Diversity and integration in mycorrhizas

Nakashizuka, T.M.tsumoto, Y., 2002:
Diversity and interaction in a temperate forest community

Tiffney, Bh, 1981:
Diversity and major events in the evolution of land plants

Laporte, J.P., 1984:
Diversity and mutations of Soviet viticulture, (Georgia, Azerbaidjan)

Buson, C.J.mes, E.L.-Leuch, M., 1984:
Diversity and organization of the soils in rural landscape: use for wastewaters treatment

Dane, F.-; Liu, J., 2007:
Diversity and origin of cultivated and citron type watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)

Haedrich, Rl, 1975:
Diversity and overlap as measures of environmental quality

During, H.J.W.rger, M.J.A.W.llems, H.J., 1988:
Diversity and pattern in plant communities

Murdoch, W.; Evans, F.; Peterson, C., 1972:
Diversity and pattern in plants and insects

Liorek, Si, 1984:
Diversity and peculiarities of the dihaploids of Solanum tuberosum L. and Solanum andigenum Juz. et Buk

Pietikäinen, A.; Kytöviita, M-Maarit.; Husband, R.; Young, J.Peter.W., 2007:
Diversity and persistence of arbuscular mycorrhizas in a low-Arctic meadow habitat

Arnold, A.Elizabeth.; Henk, D.A.; Eells, R.L.; Lutzoni, Fçois.; Vilgalys, R., 2007:
Diversity and phylogenetic affinities of foliar fungal endophytes in loblolly pine inferred by culturing and environmental PCR

Cai Xin; Chen Hong; Lei ChuZhao; H.S.enRong; S.L.Hong, 2007:
Diversity and phylogenetic analysis of the cyt b gene of three Chinese bovid species

Oberwinkler, F., 1993:
Diversity and phylogenetic importance of tropical heterobasidiomycetes

Pilat, A., 1971:
Diversity and phylogenetic position of the Thelephoraceae

Moreno O.F.; Derr, J.N.; Bermudez G.N.; Ossa L.J.; Estrada L.L.; Scott, D.; Bedoya B.G.; Carvajal C.L.G.; Zuluaga, F.N.; Berdugo, J.; Barrera, J.; Ruiz Linares, A., 2001:
Diversity and phylogenetic relations of Colombian criollo cattle

Hellgren, O.; Krizanauskiene, A.; Valkĭunas, G.; Bensch, S., 2007:
Diversity and phylogeny of mitochondrial cytochrome B lineages from six morphospecies of avian Haemoproteus (Haemosporida: Haemoproteidae)

Murphy, L., R.; Barroca, J.; Franceschi, V., R.; Lee, R.; Roalson, E., H.; Edwards, G., E.; Ku, M., S.B., 2007:
Diversity and plasticity of C-4 photosynthesis in Eleocharis (Cyperaceae)

Anagnostakis, Sandra-Lee, 1985:
Diversity and population dynamics in natural populations of Endothia (Cryphonectria) parasitica (Murr.) Anderson (Barr)

Malvick, Dean, 1997:
Diversity and population structure of Aphanomyces euteiches associated with vegetable and forage legumes

Varela, L.; Estrada Torres, A., 1997:
Diversity and potential use of mycorrhizae for sustainable development in Mexico

Mustafa, S.A.mad, Z., 1982:
Diversity and productivity of benthic macrofauna of Baigul and Nanaksagar Reservoirs (Nainital District) India

Slough, B., G.; Mennell, R.L.e, 2006:
Diversity and range of amphibians of the Yukon territory

Sze, H.L.ang, F.H.ang, I.C.rran, A.; Harper, J., 2000:
Diversity and regulation of plant Ca2+ pumps: insights from expression in yeast

Banoei, M.Mehdi.; Chaleshtori, M.Hashemzadeh.; Sanati, M.Hossein.; Panahi, M.Shafa.Sharait.; Majidizadeh, T.; Rostami, M.; Manshadi, M.Dehghan.; Golalipour, M., 2007:
Diversity and relationship between Iranian ethnic groups: human dopamine transporter gene (DAT1) VNTR genotyping

Silva, M.R. da; Cunha, M. da G.G. da S.; Feitosa, F.A. do N., 2004:
Diversity and richness species of the planktonic flora in Tamandare Bay, south coast of Pernambuco, Brazil

Ulyshen, M.; Hanula, J., 2004:
Diversity and seasonal activity of carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) in northeastern Georgia

Hernandes, F.; Feres, R., 2006:
Diversity and seasonal occurrence of mites (Acari) in a rubber tree crop (Hevea brasiliensis, Muell. Arg.) in northwestern Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gastal, H.; Souza, M.-De; Galileo, M., 1981:
Diversity and similarity of communities of Pentatomidae (Hemiptera) captured with a light trap in Grande Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Rothblum, Ed, 2004:
Diversity and size acceptance: lessons from the lesbian expe650rience

Soleri, D.C.eveland, D., 1988:
Diversity and small-scale traditional agriculture

Ulfstrand, S., 1976:
Diversity and some other parameters of Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera communities in subarctic running waters

Ellingsen, K., E.; Brandt, A.; Ebbe, B.; Linse, K., 2007:
Diversity and species distribution of polychaetes, isopods and bivalves in the Atlantic sector of the deep Southern Ocean

Pandey, C.B.; Lata, K.; Venkatesh, A.; Medhi, R.P., 2006:
Diversity and species structure of home gardens in South Andaman

Tsu, T.; Tai, L.; Chen, S.; Sung, H.; Tuan, H., 1979:
Diversity and specific perform

Malaisse, F., 1987:
Diversity and splendor of succulent dwarf Monadenium geophytes in Zaire

Walker D., 1989:
Diversity and stability

Richards, Na, 1983:
Diversity and stability in a street tree population

Panov, A.; Davydova, E., 1974:
Diversity and stability in composition of insect neurosecret ory system: Comparative study of the brain neurosecretory c ells in Trichoptera-Lepidoptera stem

Trabaud, L.L.part, J., 1980:
Diversity and stability in garrigue ecosystems after fire

La-Torre-Cuadros, M.-De-Los-Cngeles-; Herrando-Pcbrez, S.-; Young, K., R., 2007:
Diversity and structural patterns for tropical montane and premontane forests of central Peru, with an assessment of the use of higher-taxon surrogacy

Chubanov, Kd, 1987:
Diversity and structure analysis of the living soil cover of Belorussian pine forests in view of anthropogenic loads

Grossman, G.-M.M.ggi, G., 1998:
Diversity and trade

Anonymous, 1998:
Diversity and use of agricultural microorganisms

Tomooka, N.; Kaga, A.; Vaughan, D., 2006:
Diversity and use of the Asian Vigna genetic resources. 4. Gene pool and use

Tomooka, N.; Kaga, A.; Vaughan, D., 2006:
Diversity and use of the Asian Vigna genetic resources. 5. Conservation of diversity and future perspectives

Njoroge, G.N.; Bussmann, R.W., 2006:
Diversity and utilization of antimalarial ethnophytotherapeutic remedies among the Kikuyus (Central Kenya)

Anand-Kumar,, S., 1987:
Diversity and utilization of pearl millet germplasm

Singh, O.T.; Varatharajan, R., 2007:
Diversity and vertical distribution of thrips of Nagaland

Smith, W.G.bson, V.; Brown-Leger, L.; Grassle, J., 1979:
Diversity as an indicator of pollution: Cautionary results from microcosm experiments

Gerritsen, Peter, R.W., 2002:
Diversity at stake

Elmara S.R.R., 2005:
Diversity bats of dry forest and cocoa plantation

Davis, E.-Byrd; Pyenson, N., D., 2007:
Diversity biases in terrestrial mammalian assemblages and quantifying the differences between museum collections and published accounts: A case study from the Miocene of Nevada

Barton, J.; Christensen, E., 1988:
Diversity compensation systems: ways to compensate developing nations for providing genetic materials

Cowling, Rm, 1990:
Diversity components in a species-rich area of the Cape Floristic Region

Dahle, A.B.; Laake, M., 1982:
Diversity dynamics of marine bacteria studied by immunofluorescent staining on membrane filters

Li, L.; Li, S-Min.; Sun, J-Hao.; Zhou, L-Li.; Bao, X-Guo.; Zhang, H-Gang.; Zhang, F-Suo., 2007:
Diversity enhances agricultural productivity via rhizosphere phosphorus facilitation on phosphorus-deficient soils

Ingram, Pd, 2001:
Diversity experiences: leaving comfort zones

Anonymous, 1993:
Diversity for development

Raymond, R.; Engels, J., 1993:
Diversity for development: the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources

Anonymous, 1994:
Diversity for the future

Prade, C.A.; Matsumura, A.T.S.; Guerrero, R.T.; Porto, M.L., 2006:
Diversity from fungi filamentosus and microscopic from Hovenia dulcis Thumb. soil plantation

Caudron, S., 1994:
Diversity ignites effective work teams

Meijer, Etienne-De, 1994:
Diversity in Cannabis

Thomas, L., 1990:
Diversity in Hawaiian tree crops

Bakker, Hendrik-Cornelis-Den, 2005:
Diversity in Leccinum

Sommer, J.; Hines, F., K., 1991:
Diversity in U.S. agriculture

Woods, M.; Moore, E., 2003:
Diversity in agricultural education: a review of research

Bothmer, Roland-Von, 2003:
Diversity in barley

Campa, C.S.ulbeau, S.D.ssert, S.H.mon, S.N.irot, M., 2005:
Diversity in bean caffeine content among wild Coffea species: evidence of a discontinuous distribution

Anonymous, 1985:
Diversity in crop farming

Frei, P.G.ndrat, D., 1995:
Diversity in culture morphology, sensitivity to carbendazime and to see the pathogenesis of Tapesia yallundae (anamorph Pseudocercosphorella herpotrichoides)

Timar, Me, 1979:
Diversity in ecology and diversity in soil flora

Zinn, M.-Baca; Eitzen, D.S.anley; Zinn, M.-Baca, 1990:
Diversity in families

Ivanov, V.; Vasetskaia, A., 1977:
Diversity in fertility of layers of arable horizon at moldboard and soil protection tillage

Whellan, Ja, 1973:
Diversity in form and colour in some Central African Acridoids, and associated phenomena

Schaefer, Pw, 1989:
Diversity in form, function, behavior, and ecology: an overview of the Lymantriidae (Lepidoptera) of the world

Chawan, D.; Sen, D., 1973:
Diversity in germination behaviour and chemical scarification for hard seed coat dormancy in Corchorus aestuans Linn

Gabelman, Wh, 1974:
Diversity in horticulture departments: Is there need for co nformity

Geng, Y.; Cote, R., 2007:
Diversity in industrial ecosystems

Tsuzuki, M.S.imamoto,, S.; Miyachi, S., 1984:
Diversity in intracellular locality, nature and function of carbonic anhydrase in various plants

Sloet-Van-Oldruitenborgh, Cjm, 1981:
Diversity in landscape, vegetation and flora as a basis for a nature protection model in an old culture landscape Conservation, application of plant ecology.1

Kim SunLim; Lee YeongHo; Chi HeeYoun; Lee SunJoo; Kim SiJu, 2007:
Diversity in lipid contents and fatty acid composition of soybean seeds cultivated in Korea

Hcini, K.; Farhat, M.B.; Harzallah, H.; Bouzid, S., 2007:
Diversity in natural populations of Atriplex halimus L. in Tunisia

Nentwig, A.; Oevermann, A.; Heim, D.; Botteron, C.; Zellweger, K.; Drögemüller, C.; Zurbriggen, A.; Seuberlich, T., 2007:
Diversity in neuroanatomical distribution of abnormal prion protein in atypical scrapie

Kalita, P.C., 2006:
Diversity in orchids of Brahmaputra Valley, Central Assam, India

Adugna-Senbeta, Girma, 2004:
Diversity in pathogenicity and genetics of Gibberella xylarioides (Fusarium xylarioides)

Spielman, A.W.terman, R.; Meller, S., 1974:
Diversity in patterns of coital contact of mosquitoes: a scanning electron microscopic study

Brown, D.; Beale, C., 1987:
Diversity in post-1970 population trends

Eghiaian, F.; Daubenfeld, T.; Quenet, Y.; Van-Audenhaege, M.; Bouin, A.-Pascale; Van-Der-Rest, G.; Grosclaude, J.; Rezaei, H., 2007:
Diversity in prion protein oligomerization pathways results from domain expansion as revealed by hydrogen

Wright, Ce, 1976:
Diversity in recreational grasslands

Christopherson, B.; Jones, R.; Sales, A., 1988:
Diversity in reported motivations for substance use as a function of ego-identity development

Amatniece, V., 1977:
Diversity in seed productivity of varieties of the sweetpea

Shoraj Singh; Mishra, S.K.; Kumar, J.; Yadav, S.S.; Mukesh Kumar, 2005:
Diversity in seed protein pattern of chickpea genotypes and its wild relatives

Kozub, N.A.; Xynias, I.N.; Sozinov, I.A., 2007:
Diversity in seed storage proteins in substituted hexaploid triticale cultivars (x Triticosecale wittmack)

Apostolova, E.S.etleva, D.G.nchev, D., 2005:
Diversity in size and shape of the seeds of Bulgarian common bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Vilich, V.S.kora, R., 1998:
Diversity in soilborne microbial communities. A tool for biological system management of root health

Archibald, Rem, 1972:
Diversity in some South African diatom associations and its relation to water quality

Geisler, G., 1975:
Diversity in straw

Hart, Dd, 1979:
Diversity in stream insects: regulation by rock size and microspatial complexity

Rutowski, R.L.; Macedonia, J.M.; Kemp, D.J.; Taylor-Taft, L., 2007:
Diversity in structural ultraviolet coloration among female sulphur butterflies (Coliadinae, Pieridae)

Gill, H.; Thakur, P.; Asawa, B.; Thakur, T., 1982:
Diversity in sweet-pepper

Tsanev, T., 1975:
Diversity in the Dupnishka varie

Vaughan, D.A.; Morishima, H.; Kadowaki, K., 2003:
Diversity in the Oryza genus

Jing, L.; Chong, T.M.; Mcclurkan, C.L.; Huang, J.; Story, B.T.; Koelle, D.M., 2007:
Diversity in the acute CD8 T cell response to vaccinia virus in humans (vol 175, pg 7550, 2005)

Weibull, Ann-Christin, 2002:
Diversity in the agricultural landscape

Voilokov, A.; Narbut, S., 1974:
Diversity in the anionic peroxidase spectra of linecross radish hybrids

Rathnam, C.; Raghavendra, A.; Rama-Das, V., 1976:
Diversity in the arrangements of mesophyll cells among leaved of certain C4 dicotyledons in relation to C4 physiology

Raghavendra, A.; Das, V., 1976:
Diversity in the biochemical and biophysical characteristics of C4 dicotyledonous plants

Zaitsev, Bd, 1978:
Diversity in the content of exchange cations in the upper genetic horizons of forest podzolic soils

Pant, K.; Chandel, K.; Singh, B.; Saha, S., 1983:
Diversity in the genetic material of Trigonella foenum-graecum and Trigonella corniculata

Carlberg, U., 1983:
Diversity in the genus Baculum Saussure (Insecta: Phasmidae) Stick insects

Srivastava, Dp, 1979:
Diversity in the late duration rice cultivars from North East India

Kanbe, C.U.hida, K., 1982:
Diversity in the metabolism of organic acids by Pediococcus halophilus Lactic acid bacterium well-known for its role in the brewing of soy sauce

Szabo-Komlovszky, Mrs, I., 1983:
Diversity in the mite populations of Corylaceae species

Leon, J., 1983:
Diversity in the native fruits of the Caribbean region

Brockmann, Hj, 1980:
Diversity in the nesting behavior of mud-daubers (Trypoxylon politum Say; Sphecidae)

Genys, Jb, 1985:
Diversity in the northern seed sources of loblolly pine

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Diversity in the south Ethiopian coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

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Diversity of Information and Education help obtain goals for Double Pipe Creek RCWP project

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Diversity of insects in 150 volumes

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Diversity of life-form and distribution of the Asclepiadaceae in south-west Asia and the Indian subcontinent

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Diversity of marine invertebrates in a thermal effluent

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Diversity of models of the tractor fleet and ways of its control

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Diversity of multivesicular bodies and notion of heterophagy in root meristems of Scorzonera hispanica

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Diversity of palm uses in the western Amazon

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Diversity of parasitoid families (Insecta: Hymenoptera) collected by malaise traps in the native forest of Luz, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Diversity of particle boards in relation to the type of used phenolic resin

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Diversity of pasture-woodlands of north-western Germany

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Diversity of perceptions of meat tenderness and juiciness by consumers: a time-intensity study

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Diversity of phagostimulants used for recognition of blood meal by hematophagous arthropods

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Diversity of phenolic compounds in the genus Ononis (Fabaceae)

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Diversity of phytoferritin arrangement in epithem of hydathodes in Taraxacum officinale and in Saxifraga aizoon

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Diversity of pigeon breeds

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Diversity of plant reaction to temperature in various zones of their life thermal range

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Diversity of plant-parasitic nematodes and their relationships with some physico-chemical characteristics in improved fallows in western Kenya

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Diversity of plants in cocoa agroforests in the humid forest zone of Southern Cameroon

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Diversity of population of Opuntia compressa (Salisb.) Macbr. in New Jersey

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Diversity of the rust pathogen and common bean guides gene deployment for development of bean cultivars with durable rust resistance

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Diversity of tree species and risk: a research insight and outlook

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Diversity of vegetable plants

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Diversity: getting past stereotypes

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Diverting municipal biomass from landfills

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Divezid, a combination anthelmintic for controlling lungworms in sheep

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Divi i kulturni rastenieiia v Baeulgarieiia

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Divide or unite - a novel molecular switch in endometrial carcinoma

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Divided Korea

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Dividends from research

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Dividends from wood research

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Dividends, capital gains, & the corporate veil

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Divider of liquid discharge

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Divider of mesobenthos samples

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Dividers used for treatments during the vegetative stages

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Dividing New Mexicos waters, 1700-1912

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Dividing Online and Offline: A Case Study

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Dividing a farm

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Dividing a snake plant

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Dividing colonies

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Dividing cymbidiums

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Dividing dairy cattle into production groups (classes)

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Dividing honeybee colonies

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Dividing irises

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Dividing perennial plants

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Dividing perennials

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Dividing plant associations according to indicator bioecological groups

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Dividing plots for experimental trials with oil producing plants

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Dividing species of the Bombus lucorum complex by means of enzyme electrophoresis (Apidae, Bombini)

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Dividing the farm

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Dividing the land

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Dividing the region of the Mohelnice Valley (eastern part of the Erzgebirge) into altitudinal forest zones by means of the boundary belt method

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Dividing the veld into units

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Dividing the water: basic precepts of Colorado River water law

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Dividing the waters

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Dividing up the food dollar

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Divinatorins A-C, new neoclerodane diterpenoids from the controlled sage Salvia divinorum

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Divine agriculture

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Divine divisions

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Diving behaviour and respiration in Blethisa multipunctata in comparison with two other ground beetles

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Diving behaviour of Elseya albagula from a naturally flowing and hydrologically altered habitat

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Diving by the veliid Trochopus plumbeus (Uhler) (Hemiptera)

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Diving in shallow water: the foraging ecology of darters (Aves : Anhingidae)

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Diving into aquaculture: pond culture of trout and catfish

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Diving into oceans

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Diving plane for a tucker midwater trawl Equipment for sampling of fish population

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Diving technology in the fishing industry

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Diving, predaceous water beetles (Coleoptera: Noteridae & Dytiscidae) of the Baltic island of Gotland

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Divinyl ether fatty acids Extracts of potato tubers

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Division Library performs valuable service

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Division S-2--soil chemistry; effect of pH on labile and soluble phosphate in soils

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Division S-3-soil microbiology and biochemistry

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Division S-5--soil genesis, morhpology, and classification

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Division S-5-soil genesis, morphology, and classification

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Division accomplishments: insuring the future

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Division and determination of oxidized and non oxidized lipd fractions of fish

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Division and differentiation during regeneration at the root apex

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Division and extension rate of seedling rootlet cells under saline conditions

Gaidamakina, Af, 1969:
Division and extension rate of seedling rootlet cells under salinization conditions

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Division and growth of single mesophyll cells isolated enzymatically from tobacco leaves

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Division and plastic remodelling of the differentiated chromatophore in Stigeoclonium stagnatile (Chlorophyceae)

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Division and purification of the complex of pectolytic enzymes of Aspergillus niger

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Division and readjustment of farm lands

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Division cycle analysis of pig

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Division head, Prof. dr. bernhard Ramsauer (Vienna 1030, Rennweg 4) on his 80th birthday

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Division in Cosmarium botrytis Menegh. under SEM

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Division into districts and opti

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Division into meadows and pastures and the alternate use

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Division into zones of the meadowlands of Belorussia based on mapping of the plant cover

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Division meeting abstracts

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Division of 3-component system of sodium chloride sulfate and magnesium by ion exchange method

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Division of Applied Chemistry technical paper

Anonymous, 1955:
Division of Beaches and Parks

Anonymous, 1974:
Division of Chemical Technology technical paper

Anonymous, 1984:
Division of Chemical and Wood Technology technical paper

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Division of Entomology annual report

Anonymous, 1957:
Division of Entomology technical paper

Anonymous, 1977:
Division of Environmental Control Technology program

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Division of Extension Research and Training, Federal Extension Service

Anonymous, 1988:
Division of Fisheries rationale and policy on importation, exportation, genetic alteration and stocking of fishes

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Division of Food Preservation, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia

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Division of Food Research technical paper

Anonymous, 1958:
Division of Forest Products technological paper

Anonymous, 1948:
Division of Forestry fire control administration, North Coast District (district 1)

Anonymous, 1964:
Division of Isotopes Development and Contractor Publication

Anonymous, 1964:
Division of Isotopes Development and contractor publications

Anonymous, 1971:
Division of Isotopes Development replies to questions from the JCAE in reference to the AEC food irradiation program

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Division of labor with a workforce of one: challenges in specifying effector and memory T cell fate

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Division of Land Research and Regional Survey technical paper

Anonymous, 1966:
Division of Land Research technical paper

Anonymous, 1973:
Division of Land Use Research technical paper

Anonymous, 1978:
Division of Legume Inoculation: scientific activites , 1974-1977

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Division of Leptosyllidae Baker, 1905, and Ceratophyllidae Dampf, 1908, into subfamilies and tribes (Insecta, Siphonaptera) Taxonomic morphology.1

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Division of Marine Resources annual report, 1991

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Division of Marine and Freshwater Science list of publications, 1954-1986

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Division of Plant Industry biennial report

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Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, activities and achievements

Anonymous, 1975:
Division of Soils divisional report

Anonymous, 1971:
Division of Soils technical paper

Downes, Jg, 1969:
Division of Textile Physics

Anonymous, 1974:
Division of Tropical Agronomy technical paper

Anonymous, 1977:
Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures technical paper

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Division of municipalities, arrange by agricultural area

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Division of swine manure into fractions

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Division of the flood plain of the lower Don River into natural reclamation districts

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Division of the nuclear apparatus of the pathogen of cotton wilt

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Division of the of Croatia into the areas according to degrees of frequency of forest fires

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Division of the surface temperature of skin of scrotum in the relation to the thermoregulation of testicles in bulls

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Division of the tribe Exothecini s. l. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) in two with the description of a new genus and subgenus

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Division of the vegetative gro

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Division report - Colorado Division of Wildlife

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Divisional report

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Divisional statistics, South Australia

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Divisiones baratas para el interior de su hogar

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Divorced parents and their children

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Divorcing couples need financial information and education

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Divulgaciones botanicas

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Dix annaees de colonisation aa Ste-Anne-de-Roquemaure, 1933-1943

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Dix annaees de recherches aa lInstitut belge pour ur lamaelioration de la betterave aa Tirlemont, de 1932 aa 1941

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Dix ans dapplication de la radioactivitae artificielle

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Dix enjeux pour Iagriculture en Mediterranee

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Dix-huitieme colloque scientifique international sur le cafe

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Dixie National Forest travel map

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Dixie National Forest, Powell, Escalante, and Teasdale Ranger Districts, Utah

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Dixie National Forest, Utah, 1982

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Dixie Shade

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Dixie directory 1979

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Dixie machinery and lumberman magazine

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Dixieme Colloque Scientifique International sur le Cafe, Salvador (Bahia), 11-14 octobre 1982

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Dixinae from Corsica collected 1959-1966

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Dixon County--4-Hers adopt grandparents

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Dixon Resource Conservation District, Solano and Yolo counties, California b January 1993

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Dixon Spring Experiment Station

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center Weather, 1983

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center Weather, 1984

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather in 1974

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather in 1975

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather, 1976

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather, 1977

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather, 1978

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Dixon Springs Agricultural Center weather, 1979

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Dixon Springs Experiment Station, Robbs

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Dixon Springs shearing school

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Dixyrtoma Bourlet, 1842 (Insecta, Collembola): proposed designation, under the plenary powers, of a type-species in harmony with current usage. z.N. (S.) 1994

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Diyarbakir orman fidanliaeginda kimyasal geubrelerin kizil* eth *cam fidanlarinin ya* eth *sama ve geli* eth *smesine etkileri

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Dizel* section *naeiia toplivnaeiia apparatura

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Dizel* section *nye kolesnye traktory

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Dizenteriia i ee preduprezhdenie

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Dizionarietto, inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese dei termini tecnici e commerciali di uso piau comune nellindustria cotoniera

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Dizionarietto, italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano dei termini tecnici e commerciali di uso piau comune nellindustria cotoniera

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Dizionario botanico sardo

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Dizionario di chimica, generale e industriale

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Dizionario enologico

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Dizionario merceologico per la pratica applicazione della nuova tariffa doganale italiana

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Dizionario tecnico

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Dizionario tecnico italiano-inglese, con particoloare riferimento alla industria clinica

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Dizionario tecnico italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano