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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15538

Chapter 15538 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oliveira, E.; Quental, S.; Alves, S.; Amorim, A.; Prata, M.J., 2007:
Do the distribution patterns of polymorphisms at the thiopurine S-methyltransferase locus in sub-Saharan populations need revision? Hints from Cabinda and Mozambique

Schroeder, G., 1972:
Do the economic regulations for the improvement of the condi tions of the forests and of the utilization of wood block the further development of production methods similar to industry?

Prodan, M., 1981:
Do the forest sciences need new basis concept?

Kloosterboer-Buseman, Ja, 1986:
Do the information needs of farm women change?

Keown, J.; Kliewer, R., 1976:
Do the mates of A.I. sires influence their proofs?

Smith, H.W.itelam, G.; Mccormac, A., 1991:
Do the members of the phytochrome family have different roles? Physiological evidence from wild-type, mutant and transgenic plants

Guibert, D., 1970:
Do the mountain forests have a tourist interest?

Dhond, R.P.; Kettner, N.; Napadow, V., 2007:
Do the neural correlates of acupuncture and placebo effects differ?

Woodward, Rr, 1971:
Do the new breeds require different nutrition and management?

Garn, S.; Solomon, M., 1981:
Do the obese have better bones?

Matthiessen, R.Jr, 1978:
Do the old purebreds control our destiny?

Manchester, A.B.own, L., 1977:
Do the poor pay more ?

Kaufman, Phil, R., 1997:
Do the poor pay more for food?

Maethe, H., 1976:
Do the producers have it so bad because the tree nurseries selling the final products have it so good? Also a contribution for reconsidering the ratio of item prices to quantity prices

Fisher, D., 2006:
Do the right thing (or Do the market exclusivity thing?)

Ravitch, D., 1992:
Do the schools shortchange girls?

Villerette, N.; Marchal, C.; Pays, O.; Delorme, D.; Gerard, J.F.ancois, 2006:
Do the sexes tend to segregate in roe deer in agricultural environments? An analysis of group composition

Askins, R., A.; Zuckerberg, B.; Novak, L., 2007:
Do the size and landscape context of forest openings influence the abundance and breeding success of shrubland songbirds in southern New England?

Renssen, Ta, 1972:
Do the swans damage agriculture?

Arst, H.N.; Rand, K.N.; Bailey, C.R., 1979:
Do the tightly linked structural genes for nitrate and nitrite reductases in Aspergillus nidulans form an operon? Evidence from an insertional translocation which separates them

Hartmann, H., 1975:
Do the tires determine pulling power of agricultural tractors?

Hell, P.H.rz, J., 1971:
Do there exist two different types of skulls in Slovak populations of roebuck (Capreolus c. capreolus, Linne 1758)?

Altner, H., 1980:
Do there have to be fish in the Danube River? Reflections on the conservation of living creatures and their environment

Poulsen, E., 1976:
Do these research problems remain unsolved? Are there satisfactory production results?

Smith, Me, 1987:
Do they do things better in France?

Prall, F.; Ostwald, C.; Schiffmann, L.; Barten, M., 2007:
Do thymidylate synthase gene promoter polymorphism and the C/G single nucleotide polymorphism predict effectiveness of adjuvant 5-fluorouracil-based chemotherapy in stage III colonic adenocarcinoma?

Powers, Rf, 1990:
Do timber management practices degrade long-term site productivity? What we know, and what we need to know

Messeri, P.A.; Allen, J.A.; Mowery, P.D.; Healton, C.G.; Haviland, M.Lyndon.; Gable, J.M.; Pedrazzani, S.D., 2006:
Do tobacco countermarketing campaigns increase adolescent under-reporting of smoking?

Anonymous, 1976:
Do todays farmers really need co ops?

Cooley, A., 1976:
Do toolcarriers make a better use of power?

Thomas, K., 1978:
Do top herds stay profitable?

Callaghan, R.C.; Brewster, J.M.; Johnson, J.; Taylor, L.; Beach, G.; Lentz, T., 2007:
Do total smoking bans affect the recruitment and retention of adolescents in inpatient substance abuse treatment programs? A 5-year medical chart review, 2001-2005

Kleiner, M.-M.K.drle, R., T., 1992:
Do tougher licensing provisions limit occupational entry?

Ehrenberg, R.-G.B.gnanno, M., L., 1988:
Do tournaments have incentive effects?

Caillas, A., 1974:
Do toxic honeys exist

Doss, Hj, 1997:
Do tractor safety check now: shields & guards on agricultural tractors must be in place--are yours?

Pfister, Rg, 1973:
Do tractors last too long?

Anonymous, 1957:
Do trading stamps affect food costs?

Norman, S.B.; Tate, S.R.; Anderson, K.G.; Brown, S.A., 2007:
Do trauma history and PTSD symptoms influence addiction relapse context?

Dampier, J., E.E.; Luckai, N.-; Bell, F.W.yne-; Towill, W., D., 2007:
Do tree-level monocultures develop following Canadian boreal silviculture? Tree-level diversity tested using a new method

Sullivan, W.; Kuo, F., 1996:
Do trees strengthen urban communities, reduce domestic violence?

Guerard, N.; Maillard, P.; Brechet, C.; Lieutier, F.; Dreyer, E., 2007:
Do trees use reserve or newly assimilated carbon for their defense reactions? A 13C labeling approach with young Scots pines inoculated with a bark-beetle-associated fungus (Ophiostoma brunneo ciliatum)

Bergsten, Göran.; Wullt, Börn.; Schembri, M.A.; Leijonhufvud, I.; Svanborg, C., 2007:
Do type 1 fimbriae promote inflammation in the human urinary tract?

Ashenfelter, O.; Ashmore, D.; Deschenes, O., 1999:
Do unemployment insurance recipients actively seek work?

Rosett, Joshua-George, 1989:
Do union wealth concessions explain takeover premiums?

Freeman, R.-B.K.einer, M., M., 1994:
Do unions make enterprises insolvent?

Mooney, P.; Pfeffer, M., 1983:
Do unto farmers

Mackey, Dr, 1976:
Do vaccines & antibiotics mix?

Beyeler, C.; Villiger, P., M.; Tekian, A., 2007:
Do various learning experiences allow the trainees to achieve cognitive, affective and psychotnotor objectives in a well-balanced way?

Wildi, O.; Kull, P.; Keller, W.; Schutz, M.; Wohlgemuth, T., 2007:
Do vegetation surveys deceive tree regeneration?

Wustenhagen, R.T.ppo, T., 2006:
Do venture capitalists really invest in good industries? Risk-return perceptions and path dependence in the emerging European energy VC market

Oliveira, L.; Hartley, I., 1996:
Do vertical air gaps affects the drying characteristics of Pacific Coast Hemlock baby squares? Results of a preliminary study

Grommers, F.J., 1975:
Do veterinarians have obligations

Plumb, D.C., 1994:
Do veterinarians have the training and equipment to compound drugs?

Brockway, G.; Niffenegger, P., 1981:
Do veterinarians need computers?

Zimmern, D., 1982:
Do viroids and RNA viruses derive from a system that exchanges genetic information between eukaryotic cells?

Markov, M., 1975:
Do viroids represent a revolutio

Kiesel, K.B.schena, D.S.ith, V., 2005:
Do voluntary biotechnology labels matter to to consumer? Evidence from the fluid milk market

Freund, D., 2005:
Do volunteers belong in the library?

Altonji, Joseph, 1985:
Do wages rise with job seniority?

Krapf, B.B.yner, W., 1977:
Do walnut trees need foreign pollen?

Glaudas, X.; Winne, C., T., 2007:
Do warning displays predict striking behavior in a viperid snake, the cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus)?

Saliba, B.; Bush, D.; Martin, W.; Brown, T., 1987:
Do water market prices appropriately measure water values?

Saliba, Bc, 1987:
Do water markets work? Market transfers and trade-offs in the Southwestern states

Morse, Gd, 1979:
Do we manipulate bees ?

Niinemets, U.; Portsmuth, A.; Tena, D.; Tobias, M.; Matesanz, S.; Valladares, F., 2007:
Do we underestimate the importance of leaf size in plant economics? Disproportional scaling of support costs within the spectrum of leaf physiognomy

Mencej, M., 1981:
Do we adequately provide for everything before the wintering of honeybee colonies?

Sedding, D.; Haendeler, J., 2007:
Do we age on Sirt1 expression?

Schulze, C.; Sarter, K.; Herrmann, M., 2007 :
Do we already understand all aspects connecting clearance and autoimmunity?

Anonymous, 1975:
Do we also feed for health and fertility?

Anonymous, 1978:
Do we care about research animals?

Schindler, Herbert, 1979:
Do we drain the water ourselves?

Houston, A.I.; McNamara, J.M.; Steer, M.D., 2007:
Do we expect natural selection to produce rational behaviour?

Schafer, H., 1973:
Do we face a year of Nosema disease?

Kruger, M., 1975:
Do we feed mink correctly?

Hunnius, W.M.ller, K.W.nner, C., 1978:
Do we fertilize properly to quality of root and tuber crops?

Bunemann, G.F.itz, D.S.hwerdtfeger, E.V.nter, F., 1978:
Do we fertilize properly with regard to crop quality of fruits and vegetables?

Zoschke, M.F.schbeck, G.B.lling, H.S.ibel, W.T.uteberg, W., 1978:
Do we fertilize properly with regard to quality of grain crops?

Fruchtenicht, K.H.ffmann, G.V.tter, H., 1978:
Do we fertilize properly with regard to soil fertility, yield, and profit?

Rasocha, B., 1980:
Do we finish wintering on honeydew ?

Ueland, Ag, 1977:
Do we forget the individual hen in the flock?

Drummond, M.; Chevat, C.; Lothgren, M., 2007:
Do we fully understand the economic value of vaccines?

Epsztein, T., 1972:
Do we have a chance of changing organization of import of agricultural products?

Schad, Tm, 1991:
Do we have a national water policy?

Madison, Jh, 1971:
Do we have a new turfgrass disease?

Hunter, C., 1982:
Do we have alternatives to captan for disease control in strawberries

Van-Chantfort, E., 1984:
Do we have enough farmland?

Lee, Kw, 1976:
Do we have enough soybeans?

Peperkamp, S., 2007:
Do we have innate knowledge about phonological markedness? Comments on Berent, Steriade, Lennertz, and Vaknin

Sallvik, K., 1974:
Do we have proper ventilation standards in the stalls of sla ughter swine?

Baudisch, H., 1978:
Do we have sufficient seed?

Christiansen, A., 1973:
Do we have the correct lighting in our poultry houses?

Papenek, F., 1978:
Do we have the right attitude toward the integration of the forest functions?

Blake, Ro, 1991:
Do we have the right institutions to create a global sustainable food system?

Evers, Fh, 1979:
Do we have to fertilize forests?

Bochev, B., 1980:
Do we have to graft walnut?

Anonymous, 1991:
Do we have to kill the same animals?

Krampitz, G., 1973:
Do we have to live with pesticides?

Stuart, S.M.ssey, A., 1995:
Do we keep driving? Effectiveness of rural augmentative and alternative communication mobile service delivery

Thomas, Jw, 1987:
Do we know enough to manage subalpine wildlife habitats?--It all depends

Drobnikova, V., 1979:
Do we know everything about American foulbrood ?

Maync, A., 1983:
Do we know how to force vegetables?

Anonymous, 1982:
Do we know how to use and sell products of our Thoroughbred horse farms on the international market?

Hrdina, F., 1972:
Do we know the characteristics of Irsay Oliver grape variety?

Bremel, D.; Hemken, R.; Harmon, R.; Jackson, J.J., 1984:
Do we know the magnesium requirement of the dairy cow?

Krizkova, S.; Adam, V.; Kizek, R., 2007:
Do we know what a gene is?

Martens, M.S.hutz, H., 1983:
Do we like meat pudding less if we hear that blood is added to it?

Welz, B., 1977:
Do we live for ever with competition distortions? Regulations and standards of tractors and their equipment on the European Economic Community basis

Banse, K., 2007:
Do we live in a largely top-down regulated world?

Davies, G., 1993:
Do we need a European surveillance system?

Bower, J., 1975:
Do we need a Minister of Nutrition?

Rawls, El, 2006:
Do we need a QSA program

Strother, J., 1976:
Do we need a futures market?

Rieck, Gw, 1971:
Do we need a hereditary defect program in swine breeding?

Reimersson, B., 1975:
Do we need a hybrid program?

Vizner, O., 1972:
Do we need a law on apiculture and honey?

Diffey, B., 2007:
Do we need a revised public health policy on sun exposure? Response from Brian Diffey

Maddox, Jg, 1971:
Do we need a strategic food reserve?

Abetz, P., 1979:
Do we need aids for forest tree thinning?

Woodard, L.F., 1981:
Do we need another brucellosis vaccine?

Steffen, G.B.dde, F., 1978:
Do we need cows with high milk performance? From the view of farm economy

Gallus, G., 1978:
Do we need cows with high milk performance? From the view of farm policy

Wolffram, R., 1978:
Do we need cows with high milk performance? From the view of marketing economy

Simon, Dl, 1978:
Do we need cows with high milk performance? from the genetic view

Sturrock, F., 1978:
Do we need even larger fields?

Simon, D., 1980:
Do we need genetic reserves for livestock production?

Ruger, H., 1978:
Do we need in Rhineland Golden-Trace varieties?

Hansen, D., 1985:
Do we need integrated reproductive management (IRM)?

Apel, J., 1981:
Do we need more botanic gardens? Conservation of threatened species, public education.1

Roberts, W., 1983:
Do we need more country dryers?

Skeaff, M.G.een, T., 2004:
Do we need more food fortification?

Van Zwieten, P.A., 2007:
Do we need new antihypertensive treatments?

Ferry, Jw, 1992:
Do we need postpartum fertility exams as part of a reproductive herd health program

Mlinsek, D., 1978:
Do we need primary forests?

Mitra, R., 1976:
Do we need soyabeans?

Mitra, R., 1976:
Do we need soybeans?

Rubtsov, V.; Sinev, V., 1973:
Do we need special tables for forest valuation in the Kalinin Region?

Conroy, Ca, 1999:
Do we need teacher education in the 21st century?

Albers, P., 2006:
Do we need the final results of the ERSPC trial?

Braden, J.; Dovring, F., 1980:
Do we need to be concerned about farmland?

Hespeler, B., 2007:
Do we need to feed game?

Hemken, Rw, 1976:
Do we need to supplement dairy rations with potassium?

Stevens, Me, 1984:
Do we need to teach tropical forestry in the tropics?

Orde-Powlett, Pc, 1969:
Do we plant too many trees per acre?

Pearce, David, 2007:
Do we really care about Biodiversity

Sturm, W., 1971:
Do we really have to take bitter almonds with our sweet ones?

Fabry, P., 1978:
Do we really need food of animal origin?

Robison, Ji, 2000:
Do we really need to exercise and eat low fat to get into heaven

Boalch, Gt, 1980:
Do we really need to grow Macrocystis in Europe?

Farrand, S.; Wang, C., 1992:
Do we really understand crown gall control by agrobacterium radiobacter strain K84?

Libby, W.J., 1987:
Do we really want taller trees?

Hosking, J., 1977:
Do we represent the small grower?

Vaughn, R., 1999:
Do we still need agricultural education?

Vetter, H., 1971:
Do we still need leafy plants in crop rotation today?

Anonymous, 2007:
Do we take biosecurity seriously?

Reh, Laurie, A., 1987:
Do we teach the way 4-H members learn

Carlsson, A., 1977:
Do we understand breeding?

Welte, E., 1978:
Do we use fertilizers properly concerning the purity of water?

Nannestad, N., 1974:
Do we use forest economics incorrectly?

Skjelmerud, H., 1974:
Do we utilize the steam locomotive in the lumber industry?

Adams, Jb, 1984:
Do we want the eradication program to work?

Wright, Te, 1976:
Do we want those old apple varieties?

Nelson, Wl, 1971:
Do we waste more forage than we save?

Probst, G., 1979:
Do weeds in fields and meadows constitute honeybee pasture?

Heitmeyer, M.; Fredrickson, L., 1981:
Do wetland conditions in the Mississippi Delta hardwoods influence mallard recruitment? Conservation, wildlife

Aslund, O.; Rooth, D.-Olof, 2007:
Do when and where matter? initial labour market conditions and immigrant earnings

Pywell, R.F.; Shaw, L.; Meek, W.; Turk, A.; Shore, R.F.; Nowakowski, M., 2007:
Do wild bird seed mixtures benefit other taxa?

Lynch, L.P.rloff, J., 1994:
Do women and minorities earn less due to occupational segregation, lower wages, or fewer hour?

Hacklander, Eh, 1978:
Do working wives shop differently for food?

Evans, W.-N.F.rrelly, M.-C.M.ntgomery, E., 1996:
Do workplace smoking bans reduce smoking?

Decker, D.; Lassoie, J.; Goff, G.; Parrish, K., 1988:
Do workshops work? Woodland management evaluation

Anonymous, 1975:
Do world food needs demand a reconsideration of policies on blending?

Peroutka, K., 1978:
Do you also collect Clitocybe nebularis ?

Heiple, P., 1987:
Do you believe in cold hardy mesembs? (Try these species tested in Denver, Colorado!)

Booth, C., 1978:
Do you believe in genera?

Mcdermott, T.; Knobloch, N., 2004:
Do you believe in the future of agricultural education?

Kriz, J., 1977:
Do you collect Russula nigricans

Elkins, Dm, 1983:
Do you create a climate conducive to learning?

Harveywebster, M.; Usinger-Lesquereux, J., 1988:
Do you drink three glasses of milk each day?

Jantarski, K., 1978:
Do you eat brown bread?

Gottlieb, Leon, 1977:
Do you employ non people?

Gregory, Gg, 1970:
Do you feed tapeworms to your dog?

Reiners, Jc, 1975:
Do you fertilize the Camellia plant, the soil or your ego?

Anonymous, 1955:
Do you get enough milk?

Lette, J.R., 1985:
Do you get it?

Wormell, P., 1972:
Do you get the best from your combine?

Murthy, Cnn, 1972:
Do you get the best from your fertilizers

Nolte, Bh, 1973:
Do you have a drainage problem?

Darrell, M.; Smith, J., 1987:
Do you have a financial plan for your business?

Hall, Rf, 1976:
Do you have a goat?

Anonymous, 1956:
Do you have a records problem?

Reeves, Dl, 1971:
Do you have a rye future ahead?

Liptrap, D.; Parker, G.; Reese, D., 1983:
Do you have a scorebook for your swine herd?

Bath, Dl, 1976:
Do you have access to by product feeds?

Nangea, Narendra, K., 1978:
Do you have an executive ear?

Gill, C., 1995:
Do you have any experience?

Karivaratharaju, T.; Ramakrishnan, V., 1973:
Do you have any seed dormancy problems?

Lake, S.; Kruckenberg, S., 1979:
Do you have cats and mice in the same lab? You may be risking tapeworm infestation

Bodman, Gr, 1993:
Do you have extraneous voltage?

Grant, Ja, 1992:
Do you have grubby turf?

Spencer, Sb, 1979:
Do you have ring around the parlor?

Arends, Jj, 1989:
Do you have some flies?

Wuschek, Aa, 1976:
Do you have the correct motor oil?

Flynn, G., 1995:
Do you have the right approach to diversity?

Hamilton, Nd, 1989:
Do you have the right to pollute?

Young, Cw, 1979:
Do you have time to get organized?

Chichester, D., 1979:
Do you have what it takes to be an A.I. manager?

Koch, W., 1975:
Do you know BISON ?

Walter, R., 1978:
Do you know Gloriosa?

Bali, H.; Singh, D., 1981:
Do you know about helminth parasites Livestock

Kotlaba, F., 1978:
Do you know and eat Tricholomopsis rutilans?

Martindale, Wl, 1972 :
Do you know finnochio?

Willemin, M., 1974:
Do you know how to cultivate Italian ryegrass

Strong, Lydia, 1955:
Do you know how to listen?

Woollen, A., 1973:
Do you know how to package your products? The canning of food products

Boubals, D., 1983:
Do you know how to plant grapes?

Anonymous, 1986:
Do you know how you can prevent a major birth defect?

Leber, H., 1983:
Do you know the flower of the adoration

Anonymous, 1950:
Do you know the ABC of buying for canned fruits and vegetables?

Anonymous, 1940:
Do you know the Canadian cattle breed

Anonymous, 1940:
Do you know the Canadian horse?

Bennert, W.B.nnert, C., 1976:
Do you know the Majorca spleenwort

Jamoneau, Jc, 1975:
Do you know the cost of distribution of sacks before going over to bulk fertilizer?

Braslavsky, Joseph, 1950:
Do you know the land?

Lipp, Lf, 1972:
Do you know the medlar?

Brame, Ra, 2000:
Do you know the rules? You should. Heres why

Anonymous, 1940:
Do you know these important facts about cotton?

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Achimenes longiflora, Ornamental plant, cultivation.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Acidanthera bicolor, ornamentals, cultivation.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Begonia Cleopatra, cultivation recommendations.0

Anonymous, 1981:
Do you know this plant? Brunnera sibirica, ornamental, cultivation recommendations.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Callistemon salignus, ornamental shrub.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Clintonia udensis, flowering plant, cultivation recommendations.0

Anonymous, 1981:
Do you know this plant? Crassula lactea, succulent ornamental.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Dendrochylum glumaceum, flowering plant, cultivation.0

Anonymous, 1981:
Do you know this plant? Lantana hybrida hort., ornamental, indoor cultivation.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Maurandia barclaiana, ornamentals, cultivation recommendations.0

Anonymous, 1980:
Do you know this plant? Passiflora coerulea, flowering plant, recommendations for cultivation.0

Anonymous, 1981:
Do you know this plant? Trichodiadema stellatum, ornamental, cultivation recommendations.0

King, Rd, 1970:
Do you know this weed?

Jelinkova, E., 1976:
Do you know what a million germinable seeds means?

Groth, E.; Benbrook, C.; Lutz, K., 1999:
Do you know what youre eating?

Allenstein, Lc, 1977:
Do you know where last years agricultural chemicals are stored?

Knox, J.J.; Coppieters, M.W.; Hodges, P.W., 2006:
Do you know where your arm is if you think your head has moved?

Debaise, Rr, 1977 :
Do you know where your boundaries are?

Walsh, J., 1994:
Do you know where your nutrients are? A quick quiz

Welland, D., 2007:
Do you know where your nutrients are? Test yourself with 12 tough questions

Goldstein, J., 1976:
Do you know where your sludge is tonight?

Anonymous, 1978:
Do you know your beans?

Anonymous, 1990:
Do you know your cholesterol number?

Anonymous, 1978:
Do you know your customers?

Goshorn, Gladys, M., 1941:
Do you know your garden?

Mckitrick, J.; Mckitrick, J., 1971:
Do you know your herd well enough?

Turnquist, Oc, 1978:
Do you know your onions?

Hoffman, Garlyn, O., 1957:
Do you know your range?

Fraser, Roscoe, 1974:
Do you know your vegetables?

Novotny, M., 1977:
Do you level soil under vegetables?

Wagner, F., 1977:
Do you like variegation?

Mcglone, Frances, E., 1977:
Do you listen to your customers?

Harrison, Ga, 1981:
Do you need a Chapter 11 check-up?

Willett, L.; Albright, J., 1970:
Do you need a calf housing alternative

Parsons, Wc, 1972:
Do you need a consultant?

Straub, Jt, 1992:
Do you need a departmental policy and procedures manual?

Wisner, Rn, 1989:
Do you need a market advisory service?

Rich, Pe, 1988:
Do you need a marketing consultant?

Welton, Rf, 1970:
Do you need a poultry nutrition demonstration?

Mecklenburg, Ra, 1993:
Do you need a support nursery?

Eisel, Mc, 1977:
Do you need a tree?

Darden, J.Iii, 1990:
Do you need a will?

Torgerson, Re, 1985:
Do you need bank for cooperatives system?

Scott, H., 2002:
Do you need beekeepers insurance?

Curiale, M.; Vestergaard, E., 2001:
Do you need microbial challenge testing?

Cragg, Alliston, 1941:
Do you need some money?

Walsh, Lm, 1970:
Do you need sulfur?

Harms, R.; Simpson, C., 1980:
Do you need supplemental biotin in your poultry feed?

Dodds, M., 1993:
Do you need to pump iron into your diet?

South, Sj, 1995:
Do you need to shop around?

Keown, Jf, 1985:
Do you need to test for butterfat?

Beck, P., 1985:
Do you need vitamin and mineral supplements?

Anonymous, 1994:
Do you neet the Net?

Washburn, Sp, 1990:
Do you plan to be in the dairy business in 1993?

Bickford, Aa, 1977:
Do you plan to prevent disease?

Lindner, H., 1957:
Do you plow correctly? An introduction to tilling

Allread, I., 1989:
Do you promote safety on the job?

Anonymous, 1988:
Do you realize?

Biggs, Jl, 1977:
Do you really have a vocational agriculture program?

Feinberg, Mortimer, R., 1978:
Do you really need that supervisor?

Swanson, Hb, 1975:
Do you really qualify as a professional college teacher?

Horgan, K., 1993:
Do you really want to eat this?

Anonymous, 1973:
Do you recognize our judging contest cows?

Raynaud, C., 1975:
Do you recognize the permanent danger to your sugarbeets?

Scott, H., 2006:
Do you report your hobby beekeeping income?

Perry, Hm, 1978:
Do you ship less than 45 pounds per cow a day?

Ball, Pa, 2002:
Do you suffer from FTI syndrome?

Harveywebster, M.; Usinger-Lesquereux, J., 1988:
Do you take vitamin or mineral pills?

Nordal, J., 1976:
Do you understand insurance regulations? Tomorrow an accident could ruin your farm!

Schmidt, Friedo, 1953:
Do you understand your dog

Rafats, J., 1989:
Do you use AGRICOLA saved searches?

Anonymous, 1984:
Do you use unit prices to find the best buys?

Logan, Dan, P., 1978:
Do you want me to do all that and plow too?

Herman, Ha, 1974:
Do you want more than one calf per pregnancy?

Mailloux, M., 1972:
Do you want nice apples?

Anonymous, 1948:
Do you want to be a teacher?

Anonymous, 1982:
Do you want to build a liquid manure container?

Bateman, Arnold, 1970:
Do you want to live in the country?

Anonymous, 1940:
Do you want to serve America?

Phelps, A., 1971:
Do you waste money at weaning?

Kucker, Wl, 1974:
Do young bulls have a place in your breeding program?

Macklin, Mc, 1985:
Do young children understand the selling intent of commercials?

Cho, S-Jeong.; Yoon, J-Hwan.; Hwang, S-Sik.; Lee, H-Suk., 2007:
Do young hepatocellular carcinoma patients with relatively good liver function have poorer outcomes than elderly patients?

Hirst, S.; Devries, D., 1992:
Do young largemouth bass compete with future prey for food?

Anonymous, 1979:
Do your beans need a fungicide?

Davis, C.; Hoke, K., 1969:
Do your beef coolers have adequate lighting?

Taber, S., 1982:
Do your bees have nosema?

Shearer, Jk, 1985:
Do your calves get enough colostrum antibodies?

Barao, Sm, 1993:
Do your cattle fit?

Mctaggart, R., 1971:
Do your cow record make managerial decisions easy?

Huber, Jt, 1977:
Do your cows have an energy crisis?

Gerber, Jm, 1984:
Do your crops need micronutrients?

Rosandick, L.; Binning, B.S.ebruck, L., 1977:
Do your firemen know how to fight farm fires?

Bliss, Rm, 2005:
Do your genes make you absorb too much iron?

Young, Cw, 1979:
Do your goals need to be reexamined?

Tandon, Hp, 1971:
Do your hens pay?

Anonymous, 1989:
Do your homework before doing business in West Germany

Griggs, Lb, 1995:
Do your homework on the local culture to win friends--and customers--overseas

Anonymous, 1995:
Do your level best

Fry, J., 1976:
Do your own A.B

Bird, A., 1978:
Do your own hoof trimming

Parsons, Derrick, 1977:
Do your own horse

Anonymous, 1945:
Do your own laundry

Vossen, P., 1998:
Do your own new variety test

Anonymous, 1992:
Do your own plant inspection

Anonymous, 1990:
Do your own thing

Wechsler, Ds, 1987:
Do your own variety trials

Dight, Janet, 1987:
Do your parents drive you crazy?

Jesiolowski, J., 1991:
Do your peas & beans have all their booster shots?

Jevring, C., 1993:
Do your support staff lay golden eggs?

Bramblett, J., 1977:
Do your thirsty soybeans have stamina?

Frederick, Donald, A., 1996:
Do yourself a favor

Frederick, Da, 1996:
Do yourself a favor: join a cooperative

Chaloupka, F.; Laixuthai, A., 1994:
Do youths substitute alcohol and marijuana?

Lassanyi, M., 1990:
Dos and donts in doing business overseas

Hedrick, P., 1973:
Dos and donts of Christmas tree harvest

Saini, J.; Sandhu, R., 1971:
Dos and donts for groundnut cultivation

Townsend, A.; Wilson, C., 1973:
Dos and donts for shade trees

Fischer, B., 1980:
Dos and donts in application and incorporation of herbicides

Anonymous, 1977:
Dos and donts in wheat cultivation

Thiffault, M., 1979:
Dos and donts of colic

Sussman, V., 1984:
Dos and donts of cooperative buying

Wyatt, P., 1978:
Dos and donts of drip irrigation in the landscape

Spiegel, Lawrence, 1978:
Dos and donts of weight control

Axtell, Roger, E., 1990:
Dos and taboos around the world

Nagao, S., 1985:
Do-Corder and its application in dough rheology

Daugherty, Ra, 1988:
Do-it yourself visuals

Williamson, J., 1970:
Do-it-yourself Austrian shades

Williamson, J., 1979:
Do-it-yourself Roman shades

Hildebrand, D., 1992:
Do-it-yourself class A foam eductor

Thompson, Ls, 1970:
Do-it-yourself color infrared photography for sugarcane management

Bacon, Mark, S., 1992:
Do-it-yourself direct marketing

Williamson, J., 1970:
Do-it-yourself fabric roller shades

Wilkes, G., 1985:
Do-it-yourself forest management taught here

Matthew, W.-Percival; Christopher, F.J., 1957:
Do-it-yourself garden handyman

Salkeld, Jn, 1971:
Do-it-yourself herringbone feed units

Pagsuberon, Ic, 1979:
Do-it-yourself hollow blocks

Aycock, G., 1987:
Do-it-yourself home cleaners

Vogt, S., 1986:
Do-it-yourself insulated window shutters

Edwards, Ra, 1984:
Do-it-yourself investment analysis

Breen, George-Edward, 1977:
Do-it-yourself marketing research

Bussieres, J., S.; Lacasse, Y.; Lemieux, J., 2007:
Do-it-yourself modified right-sided Broncho-Cath (TM) double lumen tube - Reply

Petrie, E., 1980:
Do-it-yourself pensions almost too good to be true

Williamson, J., 1979:
Do-it-yourself shirred curtains and draperies

Broderick, Jj, 1976:
Do-it-yourself strawberry. 10

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself super observation hive

Widdowson, D., 1969:
Do-it-yourself testing

Fellows, T., 1973:
Do-it-yourself tunnel greenhouse

Arner, Rl, 1992:
Do-it-yourself used oil recycling

Jones, D., 1981:
Do-it-yourself worm check

Horr, B., 1999:
Do-it-yourself--super hive top feeder

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself--uncapping station

Cronin, E., 1979:

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself: Nuc Maker

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself: a pollen trap for the uni-bottom board

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself: a simple solar honey liquefier (melter)

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself: switching to one-size equipment

Horr, Bz, 1999:
Do-it-yourself: two-frame mating nuc

Horr, Bz, 2000:
Do-it-yourself: universal bee yard box

Williamson, J., 1979:
Do-it-youurself Austrian shades

Anonymous, 2006:
DoD biomedical research

Straw, E., 1994:
DoD challenges

Loveridge, Va, 2001:
DoD combat feeding program update

Kline, Lr, 2000:
DoD combat feeding program update, fall 2000

Anonymous, 1999:
DoD cooperative R&D agreements

Hartson, M., 1994:
DoD food program

Davis, Ba, 1997:
DoD food program restructuring initiative

Hoskins, Clyde, B., 1998:
DoD veterinary service activity role in DoD food safety

Johnson, Ci, 1995:
DoD veterinary services activity (DODVSA) update

Langenfeld, Cj, 1991:
DoES enhanced technology transfer program: the implementation of the National Competitiveness Technology Transfer act of 1989

Anonymous, 2000:
DoH update on rabies

Tochowicz, Henryk, 1951:

Hertel, Tw, 1986:
Doable general equilibrium models: discussion

Anonymous, 1986:

Akgeul, Emin, 1987:
Doaegal yayili* eth *s alanlari di* eth *sinda yapilan aaega* eth *clandirmalarda yeorenin ekolojcik eozellciklerci cile toros sedcircinin (Cedrus libani A. Rich) geli* eth *simi arasindakci il* eth *skiler

*-Eth-*sirin, Geurel, 1989:
Doaegu karadeniz yeoresindeki aaega* eth *clandrma i* eth *slerine ili* eth *skin i* eth *s analizleri ve standart zamanlar

Sevimsoy, Mahmut, 1987:
Doaegu ve geuneydoaegu anadoludaki me* eth *se baltaliklari, orman i* eth *ci meralarindan hayvan beslenmesi yeoneunden faydalanma ve buna ili* eth *skin ekonometrik ara* eth *stirmalar

Top*-Eth-*cuoaeglu, Mustafa-Yeuksel, 1985:
Doaeguladcinci odununun i* eth *c morfolojcisci euzercine ara* eth *stirmalar

Erkuloaeglu, Eomer, S., 1985:
Doaeguladini (Picea orientalis L. Link) fidanlarndan alnan * eth *celiklerin keoklendirilmesi euzerine ara* eth *strmalar

Neumann, U., 1981:
Doagnosis of poultry diseases mentioned in the regulations of poultry meat hygiene: a critical comment

Wurm, R., 1980:
Doane Stewart of Vikane gas fumigant

Anonymous, 1951:
Doane designed farm buildings

Anonymous, 1951:
Doane ideas on farm buildings

Anonymous, 1947:
Doane rural appraisal handbook

Anonymous, 1981:
Doanes Facts & figures for farmers

Anonymous, 1991:
Doanes Profitab farm record system

Anonymous, 1985:
Doanes agricultural computing directory

Anonymous, 1987:
Doanes agricultural computing source book

Anonymous, 1963:
Doanes agricultural report

Anonymous, 1980:
Doanes farm management guide

Looney, J.W., 1989:
Doanes farmland guide

O'-Byrne, John, C., 1977:
Doanes tax guide for farmers

Pienioaczek, Szczepan-Antoni, 1952:
Doaswiadczenia sadownicze

Barbacki, Stefan, 1951:
Doaswiadezenia kombinowane

Musiiko, A.S., 1940:
Dobavochnoe iskusstvennoe opylenie selskokhoziaistvennykh kultur

Sveiiatogor, V.A., 1944:
Dobavochnye sposoby razmnozhenieiia kartofeleiia

Wrobel, S., 1980:
Dobczyce dam water reservoir and its protection

Kalnin'-, Lia, 1987:
Dobele Laboratory of Fruit Crop Breeding activities

Clark, R.; Walker, J., 1983:
Doberman Pinscher

Linzy, Jan, 1981:
Doberman Pinscher champions, 1952-1980

Zaaeietisev, Vasiliaei-Vasil*-Section-*evich, 1962:
Dobilseiia sam-pomogi drugomu

Roguski, K., 1955:
Dobre sadzeniaki

Anonymous, 1981:
Dobri Polikhronov.

Dekov, D.R.dkov, P., 1981:
Dobrudzhanski 5, a new hybrid ki

Kittleson, M.D., 1980:

Namioka, S.; Isawa, K., 1982:
Dobutsu byaomei jitten

Anonymous, 2002:
Dobutsu eisei kenkyu seika joho

Takita, J.; Anzai, H.; Nagaki, D., 1950:
Dobutsu no byoki to hito no shikkan to no kankei

Anonymous, 1990:
Dobutsu shinrigaku kenkyu

Anonymous, 1959 :
Dobutsuen suizokukan zasshi

Lortz, H., 1988:

Wesley, A., 1981:
Doc Wesleys observations

Lemonds, Leo, L., 1987:
Doc, can you come out?

Sheerin, P.C., 2007:
Doc, can you ship a dose of semen for me? Quick calculations for semen shipment

Szymanski, B., 1975:
Doc. Dr. Waclaw Krajski (1899-1974)--obituary note

Nowak, M., 1971:
Doc. dr. jan Antoni Soltys.

Necesany, V., 1971:
Doc. dr. karol Kurschner at his eighties

Herink, J., 1970:
Doc. ing. antonin Prihoda 50 years old

Pospisil, V., 1969:
Doc. rNDr. jan Smarda (27, D

Anonymous, 1961:
Docauto, patronnae par lautocatalogue aa lusage des professionnels de lautomobile, du cycle, du motocycle, et du tracteur agricole

Vellozo, Enrique, 1947:
Doce aanos defendiendo la producciaon rural del paais

Karas, J., 1979:
Docent Doctor Bohdan Burzynsk

Dymnicki, E., 1979:
Docent Doctor Stanislaw Wikto

Zydlowicz, W., 1978:
Docent Doctor Tadeusz Stachyr

Hardy, C.N.gano, S.; Robotham, M., 2006:
Docent Manual Development for the Oahu Urban Garden Center

Anonymous, 1979:
Docent Maria Pisarska (1905-1

Rudnicka-Sterna, W.M.elcarski, C.S.ulc, H., 1977:
Docent doctor Marian Filipek (1925-1976)

Svrcek, M., 1973:
Docent doctor Zdenek Urban is fifty years old

Varadin, M., 1970:
Docent dr Aleksandar Pavlovic (1926--1970).

Tombal, B., 2007:
Docetaxel and beyond

Culine, Séphane.; E.D.mery, M.; Lamy, P-Jean.; Iborra, Fçois.; Avancès, C.; Pinguet, Fédéric., 2007:
Docetaxel and cisplatin in patients with metastatic androgen independent prostate cancer and circulating neuroendocrine markers

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Docetaxel influences autocrine of transforming growth factors and induces apoptosis in human ovarian cancer cell line AO

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Docetaxel plus gemcitabine in recurrent and/or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: a phase II multicenter study

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Docetaxel-ifosfamide combination in patients with HER2-non-overexpressing advanced breast cancer failing prior anthracyclines

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Docetaxel-ifosfamide combination in patients with advanced breast cancer failing prior anthracycline-based regimens: results of a phase I-II study

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Docetaxel: a therapeutic option in the treatment of cutaneous angiosarcoma: report of 9 patients

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Dochodowe zroznicowanie rodzin chlopskich i jego tendencje w gospodarce rynkowej w Polsce

Kuhnemann, Adolf, 1974:
Dochody rolnicze ludnosci w powiatach wojewodztwa opolskiego w 1970 roku

Szikora, A., 1971:
Docility of intensive kept animals

Mohney, R., 1978:
Dock free nutritious spring greens

Fox, H., 1972:
Dock strike and Britains added tax works against citrus imports

Hawk, A., 1988:
Dockage and related testing of cereal grains and oilseeds

Cox, R.W.; Brookins, W.W., 1943:
Dockage in flaxseed

Chow, P.; Lapka, W., 1975:
Dockage in grain samples in Manitoba

Kiser, Harvey, L., 1991:
Dockage treatment during the 1990 Kansas wheat harvest

Brown, Ralph, H., 1980:
Dockage under the federal wheat grades

Almqvist, J.; Huang, Y.; Laaksonen, A.; Wang, D-Neng.; Hovmöller, S., 2007:
Docking and homology modeling explain inhibition of the human vesicular glutamate transporters

Pripp, Are-Hugo, 2007:
Docking and virtual screening of ACE inhibitory dipeptides

Anonymous, 1976:
Docking castrating and ear tagging lambs

Anonymous, 1971:
Docking disorder in beet (with special reference to free-living ellworms)

Dunning, R.; Cooke, D., 1979:
Docking disorder of sugarbeet

Anonymous, 1969:
Docking disorder. a programme of field experiments

Ripper, N., 1970:
Docking disorder: my experience

Konstantakaki, M.; Changeux, J-Pierre.; Taly, A., 2007:
Docking of alpha-cobratoxin suggests a basal conformation of the nicotinic receptor

Haybittle, Rw, 1976:
Docking of cows tails

Stoikov, S., 1973:
Docking of swine as an effective

D.G.andis, V.; Bizzarri, A.Rita.; Cannistraro, S., 2007:
Docking study and free energy simulation of the complex between p53 DNA-binding domain and azurin

Kang, N.Sook.; Ahn, J.Hee.; Kim, S.Soo.; Chae, C.Hak.; Yoo, S-Eun., 2007:
Docking-based 3D-QSAR study for selectivity of DPP4, DPP8, and DPP9 inhibitors

Hunt, Iv, 1970:
Docks and chickweed

Allen, J., 1974:
Docks in western Australia

Crawford, G., 1996:
Dockside recycling on the move

Mey, E., 1983:
Docophorulus fedorenkoae sp. n. (Mallophaga), a biting lice of great reed warbler

Mei, E., 1983:
Docophorulus fedorenkoae sp. n. (Mallophaga), a biting louse of the great reed warbler

Bauer, J.-E.H.inemann,, G.-E.W.ldron, M., K., 2006:
Docosahexaenoic Acid Accumulates in Plasma of Canine Puppies Raised on (Sa(B-Linolenic Acid-Rich Milk during Suckling but Not When Fed (Sa(B-Linolenic Acid-Rich Diets after Weaning

Kato, T.; Kolenic, N.; Pardini, R.S., 2007:
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a primary tumor suppressive omega-3 fatty acid, inhibits growth of colorectal cancer independent of p53 mutational status

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Docosahexaenoic acid and butyrate synergistically induce colonocyte apoptosis by enhancing mitochondrial Ca2+ accumulation

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Docosahexaenoic acid and shore-based diets in hominin encephalization: a rebuttal

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Docosahexaenoic acid biosynthesis and dietary contingency: Encephalization without aquatic constraint

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Docosahexaenoic acid enhances iron uptake by modulating iron transporters and accelerates apoptotic death in PC12 cells

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Docosahexaenoic acid in the infant and its mother

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Docosahexaenoic acid is a strong inhibitor of prostaglandin but not leukotriene biosynthesis Effect of fish lipids on human cardiovascular disease

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Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation improves fasting and postprandial lipid profiles in hypertriglyceridemic men

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Docosahexaenoic acid synthesis from l-linolenic acid by rat brain is unaffected by dietary n-3 PUFA deprivationboxs

Yavin, E., 2006:
Docosahexaenoic acid: a pluripotent molecule acting as a membrane fluidizer, a cellular antioxidant and a modulator of gene expression

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Docosahexaenoyl chains are introduced in phosphatidic acid during de novo synthesis in retinal microsomes

Soubias, O.; Gawrisch, K., 2007:
Docosahexaenoyl chains isomerize on the sub-nanosecond time scale

Beare-Rogers, J.L., 1977:
Docosenoic acids in dietary fats

Merwe, P.Van-Der, 1974:
Doctor Adolar Gottlieb Julius Herre

Anonymous, 1970:
Doctor Anselmo R. vallejo.

Anonymous, 1980:
Doctor Asen Ivanov Kaloianov, 80

Anonymous, 1980 :
Doctor Dimitur Chilev.

Anderson, Stephen, R., 2004:
Doctor Doolittles delusion

Wurmli, M., 1977:
Doctor Georg Frey in memory

Anonymous, 1979:
Doctor H. Herre (April 17, 1895-January 16, 1979)--father of the South African Mesembryanthemaceae

Straka, H., 1978:
Doctor Hermann Jacobsen

Komarek, J., 1980:
Doctor Jiri Ruzicka--on his 70th birthday

Duperrex, A.C.rnuz, L.; Auberson, A.D.bois, J., 1976:
Doctor Louis A. Deshusses

Flanzy, 1979:
Doctor Louis de Martin: physician, agriculturalist, philanthropist (1837-1905)

Popov, P., 1971:
Doctor Norman Ernst Borlaug, win

Seabrook, William, 1941:
Doctor Wood, modern wizard of the laboratory

Brazelton, T.Berry, 1976:
Doctor and child

Czopor, S., 1972:
Doctor degrees granted by the Forestry Faculty of the Agricultural University of Poznan in 1961-1970

Nugent, J.T.dd, J., 1982:
Doctor diagnoses home remedies Home energy audits, Illinois

Lamont, S., 2004:
Doctor of naturopathy licensure law passes in California

Bohm, R., 1970:
Doctor of the Bern Faculty, Professor of animal breeding in Brno, Josef Taufer (1869--1940)

Mol, R., 1989:
Doctor on Saba

Dyer, Clare, 2007:
Doctor ordered to pay libel damages (vol 335, pg 119, 2007)

Dicanio, Mb, 1976:
Doctor patient communication in the black community of a rural county

Forman, Jonathan, 1946:
Doctor preaches conservation

Anonymous, 1992:
Doctor veterinarian quick review

Lewis, Sylvan, R., 1980:
Doctors cholesterol and low salt diet guide

Rotbart, D., 1983:
Doctors husband: Father quit his job for the familys sake; now hirers shun him

Porter, James, A., 1956:
Doctor, spare my cow!

Tucker, J., 1981:
Doctor, theres a cockroach in my soup! Contamination of hospital food carts

Ryan, Cp, 1980:
Doctor, what is your diagnosis

Vinogradova, O.Y.; Turkina, A.G.; Druzhkova, G.A.; Maschan, A.A.; Zaritskii, A.Y.; Lomaia, E.G.; Sosinskaya, N.A.; Khoroshko, N.D., 2007:
Doctor-patient cooperation is the key to effective therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia

Anonymous, 1996:
Doctorado en problemas econaomico agroindustriales sede CIESTAAM

Anonymous, 1996:
Doctorado en problemas economico agroindustriales sede ciestaam

Omwakwe, R.M., 1984:
Doctoral and masters theses available in the Library of the Biological and Physical Sciences College

Pestle, R.; Wall, V., 1988:
Doctoral core curriculum: a neglected challenge?

Anonymous, 1972:
Doctoral dissertation

Viragne, Altorjay-Gabriella, 1974:
Doctoral dissertations evaluated at the College for Horticulture and Viticulture-bibliography of the dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Sciences and Candidlate of Sciences made by the teachers and research workers of the College. Doctoral dissertations evaluated at the College for Horticulture and Viticulture - bibliography of the dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Sciences and Candidate of Sciences made by the teachers and research workers of the College

Kroger, Manfred, 1985:
Doctoral dissertations in food science & other food related areas

Shulman, Frank-Joseph, 1976:
Doctoral dissertations on Japan and Korea, 1969-1974

Harmon, H.; Howley, C.; Sanders,. Jr.;, 1996:
Doctoral research in rural education and the Rural R & D Menu

Dossick, Jesse, J., 1960:
Doctoral research on Russia and the Soviet Union

Lane, Melissa, J., 1988:
Doctoral scientists and engineers

Chase, John, L., 1961:
Doctoral study

Anonymous, 1973:
Doctoring Michigan cash crops

Kenney, Sl, 1996:
Doctoring stony corals

Kuczkowski, K.M., 2007:
Doctors and doulas in the labor and delivery suite

Baer, Leonard-David, 2002:
Doctors in a strange land

Harmon, B.E.lenbogen, B., 1985:
Doctors in rural areas in the early 1980s

Anonymous, 2002:
Doctors lax on blood pressure treatment

Tayton, E.R.; Johnson, R.J.; Agarwal, P., 2007:
Doctors' awareness of their patients' urinary catheterization status

Demetrio, Nelson, 1980:
Doctrine and practice of agrarian law

Engeler, W., 1978:
Doctrines of livestock heredity and breeding during the course of history

Anonymous, 1969:

Anonymous, 1990:
Document 90, proposals for our agriculture

Ramalho, Rs, 1970:
Document copying machines, an aid to dendrology teaching

Anonymous, 1995:
Document de consultation

Anonymous, 1984:
Document delivery case study

Kennedy, J., 1981:
Document delivery from the National Agricultural Library

Kaser, Dick, 1995:
Document delivery in an electronic age

Ramey, G.-Q.S.hre, B.; Sowada, E., 1991:
Document drafting handbook

Anonymous, 2004:
Document for the scrutiny of demand for grants of DARE

Anonymous, 1991:
Document image automation

Lanca, J., 1983:
Document in the automatized system of management

Hermsmeyer, B., 1992:
Document it! Procedures for the documentation of nonpoint source project data--land treatment

Anonymous, 1981:
Document of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department for International Development Co-operation

Anonymous, 1983:
Document of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnish International Development Agency

Uppal, P.K., 1977:
Document on salmonellosis

Zimina, Gn, 1976:
Document on the history of reclamation in the non Chernozem zone of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1917-1940)

Greenwood, Herbert-William, 1943:
Document photography

Anonymous, 1989:
Document preservation by electronic imaging

Pokrovskii, Nikolai-Nikolaevich, 1973:
Document sources on the history of state ownership of land in Russia from the 14th century to the beginning of the 16th

Azubuike, Aa, 1990:
Document subject matrix as a factor of precision in computerized information retrieval systems

Wood, Dn, 1988:
Document supply with particular reference to agriculture

Anonymous, 1990:
Document technique de lOEPP

Anonymous, 1954:
Documenta* eth *caao sobre o arroz

Anonymous, 1940:
Documentacion relativa a la proteccion de la flora, de la fauna y de las bellezas escenicas naturales de los paises de America

Ebel, Hiltrud, 1990:
Documentary analysis of fractures of the humerus and of the radius and ulna in the dog and cat in the years 1985 - 1989

Scholle, R., 1980:
Documentary collections: smaller exporters take a second look

Scholle, R., 1980:
Documentary collections: smaller exporters tale a second look

Anonymous, 1986:
Documentary credits

Mcjimsey, George, T., 2001:
Documentary history of the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency

Neergaard, Ebbe, 1948:
Documentary in Denmark

Sellier, R., 1974:
Documentary information on the ultrastructure of the antenna sensory receptors of Lepidoptera Rhopalocera; research with scanning electron microscopy

Anonymous, 1947:
Documentary material on cacao

Anonymous, 1940:
Documentary material on nature protection and wild life preservation in Latin America

Bleattler, Elmar, 1959:
Documentary report on the control of bovine tuberculosis in the Canton Obwalden

Monosmith, Rudolph, O., 1972:
Documentary report seminar

Anonymous, 1985:
Documentary review

Anonymous, 1978:
Documentary review of agricultural machinery

Anonymous, 1973:
Documentary review of agricultural machines and tractors. Documentary review of agricultural machines and tractors

Anonymous, 1961:

Mohajir, A.R., 1962:
Documentation & information centres: United Kingdom, Western Europe, United Arab Republic, April-October 1961

Barykov, M.; Ivanov, V., 1980:
Documentation , a means of labor sanitation

Anonymous, 1966:
Documentation East-European agricultural literature

Anonymous, 1963:
Documentation activities in the United States of America

Hermelin-Guillou, C., 1983:
Documentation and agricultural teaching

Pass, Georg, 1988:
Documentation and analysis of the individual anamnesis (in the frame of appointments in the Clinic for Cattle Disease, Veterinary College, Hannover), referring to the patients of the year 1983

Johnston, C.-M.H.rte, P., T., 1998:
Documentation and application of a method to compute maximum slope and aspect of hydraulic gradients

Husson, J.; Beneville, C.G.rard, P., 1976:
Documentation and archives in a departmental ministry of agriculture

Lowry, Lf, 1982:
Documentation and assessment of marine mammal-fishery interactions in the Bering Sea Natural resources, Alaska

Marsakova, M.P.dhajska, Z., 1981:
Documentation and bibliography of the state nature protection

Borner,, H.F.wson, D., 1980:
Documentation and control of breeding programs

Moore, Jl, 1975:
Documentation and control of nutrition labeling

Mecklenburg, R., 1990:
Documentation and evaluation in oral health services

Kehler, Wolfgang, 1993:
Documentation and evaluation of continuous herd health services for dairy cows with special regard to the Dairy CHAMP software program

Siegmann, O.R.inhard, H.; Doring-Knap, M., 1978:
Documentation and evaluation of diagnostic findings in commercial poultry

Eckhoff, Birgit, 1994:
Documentation and evaluation of heart girth measurements of German-Black-and White bull calves in relation to weight gain and days of treatment

Keorner, Oliver, 1993:
Documentation and evaluation of veterinary management of bull fattening farms with special consideration of the economic aspects

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Documentation and information service for environmental toxicants

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Documentation and progress control of orders in a timber company

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Documentation and publication

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Documentation in instrumentation

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Documentation in the apiary

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Documentation in the practice

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Documentation languages in heterogeneous agricultural documentation networks

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Documentation notes

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Documentation of a computer program to simulate lake-aquifer interaction using the MODFLOW ground-water flow model and the MOC3D solute-transport model

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Documentation of a digital spatial data base for hydrologic investigations, Broward County, Florida

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Documentation of a multiple-technique computer program for plotting major-ion composition of natural waters

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Documentation of a plant accession selected for advanced testing

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Documentation of a specialized plant collection

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Documentation of data on claw diseases of cattle in veterinary medicine

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Documentation of endangered flora of India

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Documentation of finding in the veterinary practice with the NIH-system

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Documentation of genetic resources

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Documentation of geographic-information-system coverages and data-input files used for analysis of the geohydrology of the Virginia Coastal Plain

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Documentation of germplasm collections by computer

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Documentation of graminicide-resistant johnsongrass in cotton

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Documentation of inherited traditional knowledge of 110 ethnic communities of Arunachal Pradesh

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Documentation of literature in veterinary science

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Documentation of nutrition care

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Documentation of plant genetic resources in Germany

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Documentation of research results on foods of animal origin in the veterinary office of the city of Munich

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Documentation of revisions to the Regional Aquifer System Analysis model of the New Jersey Coastal Plain

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Documentation of sale and purchase of homesteads, an unused source of studying the history of peasantry in Vidzemes

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Documentation of the swine technician

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Documentation of the Averaging Lake Data by Regions (ALDAR) program

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Documentation of the dynamic world policy simulation (DWOPSIM) model building framework

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Documentation of the elasticities underlying the current grains, oilseeds, and livestock (GOL) model

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Documentation of the food consumption files used in the tolerance assessment system

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Documentation of the history of the James Kinney Farmstead, also known as part of Country Mile Farm, Smith Township, Belmont County, Ohio

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Documentation of the incident command system

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Documentation of the professional and legal positions of veterinarians by various data sources

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Documentation of the results of auditings and checkings State farms.1

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Documentation of the second horse medicine book from the Landenburg manuscript

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Documentation of the threshold limit values

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Documentation of the threshold limit values and biological exposure indices

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Documentation of uncertainties and biases associated with surface temperature measurement sites for climate change assessment

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Documentation of useful bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) introductions

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Documentation of weed infestations in New Mexico cotton

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Documentation of weed infestations in South Carolina cotton

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Documentation of yield trends Midsouth

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Documentation on animal production as a source of information on environmental protection

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Documentation on a regional basis

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Documentation on data banks, data collections and computer applications in agriculture

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Documentation on environmental protection and land conservation

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Documentation on longevity of Goodyera pubescens leaves and update on Triphora trianthophora in New Hampshire

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Documentation on nature and landscape

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Documentation on packaging

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Documentation on the Italian contribution to land settlement

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Documentation on the side effects of herbicides

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Documentation series

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Documentation service in the Cereal Research Institute at Kromeriz

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Documentation standards

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Documentation system for plant genetic resources in the Germoplasm Laboratory of Bari

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Documentation system of infectious illnesses of laboratory mice in the area of experimental pathology for the German cancer research center in Heidelberg

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Documentation systems

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Documentation techniques in the USA: selection, reproduction, dissemination

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Documentation terminology used by DDC

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Documentation, 4. Europaisches Abwasser-und Abfall Symposium EAS Munchen, 5. bis 9. Juni 1978

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Documentation, indexing, and retrieval of scientific information

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Documentation, information et developpement international

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Documentation, program evaluation, and assessment

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Documentation: a personal undertaking

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Documentations to the functional structure of energids during the process of development in dragonfly eggs

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Documented collection of lowland plants

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Documented contamination by other synthetic organic compounds in Washington

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Documented contamination by pesticides in Washington

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Documented contamination by petroleum products in Washington

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Documented contamination by selected metals & trace elements in Washington

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Documented nitrate contamination in Washington

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Documented plant chromosome numbers 70:1

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Documented plant chromosone numbers 1974. 1

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Documenti sulla flora vascolare del bacino del torrente Sangone (Alpi Cozie, Italia, Piemonte)

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Documenting Humphry Marshalls Botanic Garden Plantings, 1774-1813

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Documenting IPM implementation in Florida

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Documenting a dieting danger

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Documenting a seasonal change from phosphorus to nitrogen limitation in a small temperate lake, and its impact on the population dynamics of Asterionella

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Documenting and comparing plant species diversity by using numerical and parametric methods in Khaje Kalat, NE Iran

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Documenting cultural landscapes: the French influence in New Jersey

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Documenting dendroflora: a team of Hungarian botanists work to complete an illustrated dendrological atlas

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Documenting domestication

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Documenting drought-related disasters: a global reassessment

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Documenting economic impact of cooperative extension service home economics programming

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Documenting employee issues: a shield or self-inflicted wound?

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Documenting hurricane impacts on coral reefs using two-dimensional video-mosaic technology

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Documenting impact is possible when working with camp program youth leaders

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Documenting indicators

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Documenting irrigation systems accurately with global positioning

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Documenting lichen-induced mechanical weathering of quartzitic sandstone at Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga

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Documenting progress: the Women in Natural Resources journal

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Documenting research in scientific articles: guidelines for authors: reporting research designs and activities

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Documenting soil-plant relationships of selected sagebrush species using the soil resource information system

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Documenting student impact through action research: a study on the impact of teaching SAE in an experiential way

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Documenting the program--before the coding starts

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Documenting the quality of your teaching

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Documenting the status of dairy manure management in New York

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Documenting trends in Michigan land use

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Documento estadistico de trabajo

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Documentos de trabao

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Documentos relacionados con el proyecto de ley creando la Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Veterinarias

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Documentos relativos a las labores de la Comisiaon de Estudio y Planeamiento de la Industria Textil

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Documents IAC

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Documents accompanying goods in transit

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Documents aiding the study of the Sphingidae (Lepidoptera, Heterocera) of Venezuela. 14. Seasonal variations of Amplypterus ypsilon Rothschild et Jordan

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Documents and landscape preservation: who? what? when? where? why?

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Documents et schemas a lusage des travaux pratiques de mycologie appliquee a la pathologie vegetale

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Documents for leading, planning and economic accounting

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Documents from Changjwa-ri

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Documents from the 17th and 18th centuries on the export of oak wood and protection of the forests on Krk Island

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Documents of animal husbandry

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Documents of the 2nd Meeting of the Regional International Committee of Land and Cattle Hygiene

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Documents of the 3rd Meeting of the Regional International Committee on Land and Cattle Hygiene

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Documents of the 5th Meeting

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Documents of the Central State Archive of the USSR National Economy of the history of agricultural chemicalization (1917-1957)

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Documents of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of J. E. Purkyne. University. Biology. Documents of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of J. E. Purkyne University. Biology

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Documents of the Italian hydrobiology Institute

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Documents of the National Rice Growers Congress, 1961

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Documents on biology

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Documents on inter-American cooperation

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Documents on the events preceding the outbreak of the war

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Documents on the history of planning and corrdination of research studies in agriculture

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Documents on the history of reclamation in the non Chernozem zone of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic for the period 1941-1962

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Documents on the use and control of the waters of interstate and international streams

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Documents on vitalization policies for irrigation farm management

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Documents pertaining to foreign funds control

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Documents pour la carte de la vegetation des Alpes

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Documents pour le cours de genetique formelle

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Documents presented to the Technical Consultation on Fast-Growing Plantation Broadleaved Trees for Mediterranean and Temperate Zones

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Documents related to domestic animals in Italy during the prehistoric period

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Documents relating to the Food and agriculture organization of the United nations, 1st August-14th December, 1944

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Documents relating to the first session of the Food and Agriculture Conference of the United Nations, Quebec, Canada, 16th October-1st November, 1945

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Documents relative to so-called red grapes from the Valais country and native red grapes in the Aoste valley in which the names cornalin, durize, goron and oriou are represented

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Documents sur lindustrie chimique allemande

Anonymous, 1941:
Documents sur la situation juridique du Centre International de sylviculture (C.I.S.)

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Documents to serve for the study of Lepidoptera of Venezuela. 9. notes on Agrias Doubleday (Nymphalidae Charaxinae). III

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Documents useful to study the agrarian structure of the moist Western France

Anonymous, 1981:
Documents, CNPMF

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Documents: analysis of meteorological data of the Mandacaru Experimental Station in Juazeiro, Bahia Brazil.1

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Documents: classification of goat and sheep chrom-tanned pelts from some regions of the northeastern part of Brazil

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Dod food support, past and present

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Dodatkova oplata praetisi v kolhospakh

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Dodatky k Prodromu Lepidopter Slovenska

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Dodavatelsko-odbeeratelskae vztahy v procesu rozvoje kooperace a integrace v zemeedeelsko-preumyslovaem komplexu

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Dodder --increasing in Connecticut

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Dodder and its control

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Dodder and other unwanted vegetation control in alfalfa seed fields; a progress report

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Dodder control

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Dodder control in alfalfa grown for seed

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Dodder control in alfalfa with dinitroanaline herbicides

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Dodder control in alfalfa with dinoseb and D(-) (3-chlorophenylcarbamoyloxy)-2n-isopropylpropionamide

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Dodder control in irrigated agriculture

Dawson, Jh, 1989:
Dodder control in newly seeded alfalfa

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Dodder control with MON-13211 in cranberry and alfalfa

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Dodder control--break out the burners

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Dodder in relation to farm seed

Lukovin, Sk, 1978:
Dodder in sugarbeet crops

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Dodder on English ivy

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Dodder transmission of some temperate fruit tree viruses

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Dodder--a weed pest increasing in Connecticut

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Dodder-a potential threat to linseed cultivation in Chhatisgarh (Madhya Pradesh)

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Dodder: scientific name: Cuscuta sp.; common names: love vine, strangleweed, devils hair

Anonymous, 1969:
Dodder: serious parasitic weed

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Dodeca-CLE peptides as suppressors of plant stem cell differentiation

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Dodecadienilacetate for the control and prediction of the population strength of Laspeyresia nigricana F

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Dodecatheon frenchii (Vasey) Rydb. (Primulaceae) in Alabama

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Dodecatheon--the godly flower of the primrose line

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Dodecatrienolen als spoorvolgferomonen synthese en biologische activiteit

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Dodemorph causes phytotoxicity on nanking cherry, 1984

Schreiber, L.; Krause, C.; Mayer, J., 1986:
Dodemorph causes phytotoxicity on ornamental peach, 1985

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Dodemorph causes phytotoxicity on snowberry, 1987

Schreiber, L.; Krause, C.; Mayer, J., 1986:
Dodemorph causes phytotoxicity on yellow buckeye, 1985

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Dodge City, Kansas

Anonymous, 1977:
Dodge County, Nebraska

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Dodge diet diseases

Grant, Bm, 1999:
Dodge the insurance snow job

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Dodge wheat

Tripti Chandra; Ashish Verma; Suyash Mohan; Raj Kumar; Awdhesh Jaiswal; Sunil Kumar, 2007:
Dodging the scalpel-migration of intraventricular neurocysticercus cyst occurring during surgery

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Dodici anni di agricoltura in Italia, 1980-1991

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Dodonaea biloba (Sapindaceae), a new species from southeastern Queensland, Australia

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Dodonaea viscosa, a new host of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in India

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Dodsonia, a new Ecuadorian genus of the Zygopetalinae (Orchidaceae)

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Doe day

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Doe harvest effects

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Doe peat program

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Doelmatige intensivering van de weidebedrijven

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Doelmatige varkensvoeding (Een handleiding voor onderwijs en practijk)

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Doelmatige varkensvoeding (Een handleiding voor onderwijs en praktijk)

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Doen* eth *cas de virus do fumo, batata e tomateiro

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Doencas do milho

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Doenca de chagas: Indicadores cognitivos de transtorno organico cerebral, de uso de alcool e qualidade de vida

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Doenca hepatica nao-alcoolica: evolucao apos derivacao gastrojejunal em Y-de-Roux pela tecnica de Fobi-Capella

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Doencas da seringueira no Brasil

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Doencas de plantas no tropico umido brasileiro

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Doencas do cupuacuzeiro causadas por fungos

Lau, Hugo-Didonet, 1999:
Doencas em bufalos no Brasil

Grinstead, M.; Green, B.; Redfern, J., 1974:
Does culture of poverty in the labor force deter rural industrialization?

Kaufmann, Daniel, 1999:
Does grease money speed up the wheels of commerce?

Donohue, G.; Olien, C.; Tichenor, P., 1990:
Does knowing health facts affect smoking? Knowledge gaps and smoking behavior

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