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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15624

Chapter 15624 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mishakov, S., 1980:
Effect of pressed sugarbeet pulp-silage type of feeding on the reproductive function of cows

Kovac, K., 1978:
Effect of pressing in a different way of soil tillage on its structural state modification

Bial'-Skii, La, 1974:
Effect of pressing on internal friction of birch wood

Huffman, D.; Britton, J.; Cordray, J., 1981:
Effect of pressing on moisture loss and sensory properties of beef

Borodianskii, V.; Sentsov, V.; Kegeles, V., 1978:
Effect of pressing parameters on density and firmness of briquettes from tobacco dust

Bucko, J.V.cek, J., 1978:
Effect of pressing technique on the quality and quantity of the hard fiberboards in the wet production process

Przybylak, A.Z.romska, D.Z.ikowska-Sikorska, J., 1981:
Effect of pressing temperature, hexamine and fillers on the shearing strength of glue lines made from the phenol formaldehyde resin

Rai, R;;, 1982:
Effect of pressmud amended pyrite on symbiotic N2 nitrogen fixation, active iron contents of nodules, grain yield and quality of chickpea (Cicer arietinum Linn.) genotypes in calcareous soil Response to treatment

Borde, B.; Kadam, J.; Patil, N., 1984:
Effect of pressmud cake and phosphatic fertilizer on yield and uptake of nutrient by green gram

Sugiyama, S., 1974:
Effect of pressure bar shape on

Kersting, F., 1972:
Effect of pressure changes on the evenness of spray distribution

Kalirawana,, C., 1983:
Effect of pressure cooking on the in vitro digestibility and flatulence factors in high yielding varieties of bengal gram, green gram and lentils

Jeong, Y.; Phillips, D., 2001:
Effect of pressure decatizing on fabric drape

Kretov, It, 1978:
Effect of pressure drop during drying of vegetables on their quality and hygroscopical properties

Trzecki, S., 1974:
Effect of pressure of soil by tractor wheels in spring on soil properties and yields of barley with undersown clover

Byszewski, W.O.trowska,, J., 1973:
Effect of pressure of soil with differentiated moisture content on growth, development and yield of sugarbeets

Schulte, D.; Bodman, G.; Milanuk, M., 1988:
Effect of pressure on flow rates from nipple waterers for swine nurseries

Irudayaraj, J.W., Y., 1995:
Effect of pressure on moisture transfer during moisture adsorption

Domzal, H.S.owinska-Jurkiewicz, A., 1975:
Effect of pressure on structure of pores and on water capacity of soil

Parfenopulo, M.; Karaulov, N., 1973:
Effect of pressure on the density of amide pulp briquettes

Yadav, Rns, 1972:
Effect of pressure on water distribution pattern in sprinkler irrigation

Iengar, N.; Rajendran, G., 1983:
Effect of pressure parboiling on the preservation of bran

Horgan, D.J., 1981:
Effect of pressure treatment on the sarcoplasmic reticulum of red and white muscles

Bouton, P.E.; Harris, P.V.; Macfarlane, J.J.; O'Shea, J.M., 1977:
Effect of pressure treatments on the mechanical properties of pre- and post-rigor meat

Garrison, Jd, 1993:
Effect of pressure-induced stress on the design of shaped-glass evacuated solar collectors

Fuchigami,, N.T.ramoto, A., 1996:
Effect of pressure-shift freezing on texture, pectic composition and histological structure of carrots

Suarez, C.V.ollaz, P., 1982:
Effect of pressurized gas freezing pre-treatment of carrot dehydration in air flow

Viollaz, P.V.ccarezza, L.; Chirife, J., 1975:
Effect of pressurized gas-freezing pretreatment on the shrinkage of potatoes during air drying

Saxena, A.; Singh, K., 1976:
Effect of prestarter diets on performance of broiler chicks

Ma, T.; Jai, S.; Hsiung, J.; Wang, S.; Wang, Y., 1978:
Effect of presteaming on kiln

Oliveira, L.; Avramidis, S., 1993:
Effect of presteaming on shrinkage and moisture content distribution of 4 by 4 hemfir lumber

Dziegielewski, S., 1976:
Effect of prestressing with changing loads on the strength of selected glued dowel joints

Vergara, B.; Mazaredo, A., 1979:
Effect of presubmergence drought on internode elongation of deepwater rice

Gogek, C.; Olds, W.; Valko, E.; Shanley, E., 1968:
Effect of preswelling on durable-press performance of cotton

Zeronian, S.; Buschle-Diller, G.F.sher, L.; Alger, K.; Holmes, S.; Slaven, P.; Bertoniere, N., 1993:
Effect of preswelling treatments on the properties of cotton fibers crosslinked with 1,2,3,4 butanetetracarboxylic acid

Moody, E.L.; Hansel, W., 1971:
Effect of pretreating heifers with human chorionic gonadotropin and estradiol on subsequent in vitro luteal tissue progesterone biosynthesis

Kushwaha, A.; Gupta, A., 1970:
Effect of pretreating the seeds with extracts of Phormidium foveolarum on growth and development of maize seedlings

Popov, A.; Butenko, R.; Glukhova, I., 1978:
Effect of pretreatment and conditions of deep freezing on renewal of suspension culture of Daucus carota cells

Martinez-Soto, G.O.ana-Camacho, R.P.redes-Lopez, O., 2001:
Effect of pretreatment and drying on the quality of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Kassim, E.; Ghazi, I.; Nagieb, Z., 1986:
Effect of pretreatment of cellulosic wastes on the production of cellulase enzymes by Trichoderma reesei

Abdel-Malik, S.; Eskander, A.; Soliman, M., 1974:
Effect of pretreatment of corn seeds with different growth regulators on plant growth and yield in calcareous soils

Proust, J., 1969:
Effect of pretreatment of female Drosophila melanogaster with actinomycin D on the frequency of dominating lethal factors induced by X rays in mature spermatozoids

Sulieman, A.M.E., 2007:
Effect of pretreatment of milk quality characteristics of Jibna-beida (white cheese)

Samaniego, R.S.ivastas, R., 1971:
Effect of pretreatment of molasses and recycling of yeast on ethanol fermentation

Vaidehi, Bk, 1972:
Effect of pretreatment of rice seed with Helminthosporium halodes on the rhizosphere and soil microflora

Krokida, M.; Kiranoudis, C.; Maroulis, Z.; Marinos-Kouris, D., 2000:
Effect of pretreatment on color of dehydrated products

Vora, A.; Patel, D., 1982:
Effect of pretreatment on growth and yield of Pusa Baishakhi moong Phaseolus aureus, mung beans

Lewicki, P.; Witrowa-Rajchert, D.N.wak, D., 1998 :
Effect of pretreatment on kinetics of convection drying of onion

Mukherjee, A.S.arma, A., 1985:
Effect of pretreatment on metal cytotoxicity in plants

Heaton, Ek, 1981:
Effect of pretreatment on quality of sweet peach pickles

Riganakos, K.; Demertzis, P.; Gilbert, S.; Daun, H., 1993:
Effect of pretreatment on sorption behavior of lysozyme using IGC probe analysis

Ambid, C.G.s, G.F.llot, J., 1972:
Effect of pretreatment on the behavior of Jerusalem artichoke tissues cultivated in vitro

Koskinen, M.S.ortti, T.A.tio, K.M.llarinen, P.P.utanen, K., 1996:
Effect of pretreatment on the film forming properties of potato and barley starch dispersions

Rao, M.S.eta, R1; Deshpande, V., 1983:
Effect of pretreatment on the hydrolysis of cellulose by Penicillium funiculosum cellulase and recovery of enzyme Bioconversion of cellulosic materials to sugar which could be used as a source of food, fuel, and chemicals

Rio, M.-Del; Miller, M., 1979:
Effect of pretreatment on the quality of frozen melon balls

Ovsiannikova, M.; Osetrova, A., 1977:
Effect of pretreatment with antibiotics on the survival, mutability and electrophoretic spectrum of readily soluble proteins in a gamma irradiated Chlorella population

Shukla, R.R., 1973:
Effect of pretreatment with cancerous cells on the growth of Brucella

Yamaguchi, K.; Matsuoka, A., 1983:
Effect of pretreatment with hydrocortisone on insulin secretory response to catecholamines in isolated islets from rats fed with a high fat diet

Naguib, M.; Haikal, N.; Ali, F., 1985:
Effect of pretreatment with patoran and diuron on growth and nitrogen metabolism of cunninghamella echinulata

Rodrigues, C.; Lopez, J., 1980:
Effect of pretreatment with tannin on the utilization of protein by sheep

Chuan, Tc, 1976:
Effect of pretreatments of soi

Habeish, A.K.ntouch, A.M.ursi, A.; Bendak, A.E.-Torgoman, A., 1977:
Effect of pretreatments on cotton dyeing with reactive dyes. II. light fading

Bargale, P.C.; Rti, P., 2007:
Effect of pretreatments on oil recovery and oil-point pressure of soybean under uniaxial pressing

Lansden, J.; Sanders, T.; Butler, J., 1980:
Effect of pretreatments on peanut hull saccharification

Barry, Donald-Wayne, 1992:
Effect of pretreatments with the chitin synthesis inhibitors diflubenzuron and teflubenzuron on the pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycotina: hyphomycetes) to larvae of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: chrysomelidae

Hickey, K.; Travis, J., 1985:
Effect of preventative and post-infection fungicide treatments and the time of pruning on incidence of Cytospora infection on pruning wounds of peach

Hamet, N., 1979:
Effect of prevention anticoccidials: practical application to diagnosis and prevention

Dvorak, M., 1983:
Effect of preventive administration of vitamins A and E to piglets fed with complete mixtures

Butare, J.; Gatarasi, T., 1987:
Effect of preventive treatments of plant extracts on the bacterial epidemiology of potatoes (caused by Pseudomonas solancearum E.F. Smith) in Rwanda

Mannewitz, U., 1983:
Effect of preventive vitamin application in calf practice

Matula, J., 1979:
Effect of previous nitrogen starvation on the intake of 15N from urea and ammonium nitrate and the effect of light on the intake of 15N from urea by spring barley

Barrow, Nj, 1974:
Effect of previous additions of phosphate on phosphate adsor ption by soils

Nasr, S.; Radwan, S.1; El-Dessouki, S.1; Abdel-Wahab, A., 1982:
Effect of previous crop on the population density of the larvae and pupae of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis in clover fields Egypt

Amos, B.; Hen, H.; Arkebauer, T., J.; Walters, D., T., 2007:
Effect of previous crop residue on soil surface carbon dioxide flux in maize

Champion, G.; Froud-Williams, R.; Holland, J., 1996:
Effect of previous crop, cultivar, sowing date and nitrogen on weed biomass and species composition

Oga, Ts, 1974:
Effect of previous crops and fertilizers on yield of winter wheat in a crop rotation on soddy-calcareous soils of Latvia

Basibekov, B.; Agafonov, G.; Omarov, G.; Peruanskaia, O.; Andagulova, M.; Seifullina, M., 1977:
Effect of previous crops and nitrogen nutrition on the yield and quality of winter wheat grain produced on meadow Sierozem soils in the south of Kazakhstan

Robinson, C.; Dotzenka, A., 1971:
Effect of previous cultural practices on the yield of sugarbeets

Kozyrev, T.; Puchkov, B., 1976:
Effect of previous farming practices and crop density on the yield of potatoes and its structure

Wagner, Jj, 1988:
Effect of previous growing program on the benefits of restricting feed intake during the finishing phase

Lysenko, N.; Grodzinskii, D., 1974:
Effect of previous irradiation in small doses on radioresist ange of Spirodela polyrrhiza L. schleid. plants

Talouizte, A.; Guiraud, G.; Moyse, A.; Marol, C.; Champigny, M.L., 1984:
Effect of Previous Nitrate Deprivation on (15)N-nitrate Absorption and Assimilation by Wheat Seedlings

Mccroskey, J.; Deramus, H.; Johnson, R.; Wagner, D., 1971:
Effect of previous plane of nutrition upon efficiency of energy utilization by beef steers

Gallo, P.; Lavorenti, A.S.wazaki, E.H.roce, R.M.scarenhas, H., 1981:
Effect of previous soybean cultivation on corn production and nitrogen concentration in leaves and seed

Coffey, K.; Moyer, J., 1995:
Effect of previous spring stocking rate on fall grazing and subsequent feedlot performance of steers

Nagy, J., 1974 :
Effect of previous steeping of water- and musk melon seeds on germination

Bezeaud, J.; Viale, J.; Vial, C.F.nt, B., 1979:
Effect of previous treatment with intravenous amiodarone on the left ventricle hemodynamics during an acute experimental infarctus in the dog

Buhai, S.; Korniiko, R., 1973:
Effect of previously-applied fer

Asokan, P.M.rti, C., 1982:
Effect of preweaning undernutrition on cadmium-induced metallothionein levels in liver and cadmium distribution in different tissues Rats

Yousef, A.; Zaher, M.1; Kandil, M., 1982:
Effect of prey and temperature on the development and biology of Cheyletus malaccenis Oudemans (Acari, Cheyletidae) Tyrophagus putrescentiae, stored grain and seed pest

Morgan, W.; Ritz, D., 1984:
Effect of prey density and hunger state on capture of krill, Nyctiphanes australis Sars, by Australian salmon, Arripis trutta (Bloch and Schneider)

El-Tawab, A.Y.usef, A1; Zaher, M.1; Abd-El-Hafiez, A., 1982:
Effect of prey on the biology of Amblyseius gossipi Elbadry and Agistemus exsertus Gonzalez (Acari, Phytoseiidae, Stigmeidae) Predators of tetranychid mites, phytophagous pests, Egypt

Dejean, A., 1987:
Effect of prey size on predatory behavior of Serrastruma serrula (Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Myrmicinae)

Yousef, A.; El-Halawany, M., 1982:
Effect of prey species on the biology of Amblyseius gossipi El Badry (Acari: Mesostigmata: Phytoseiidae) used for biological control of phytophagous insect pests

Schwarzer, J., 1973:
Effect of price adjustment of milk realization on the profit ability of its production with regard to the milk performanc e of dairy cows

Johnson, R.; Herman, W., 1975:
Effect of price changes on farm plans in southeast central -North Dakota

Greenfield, Jn, 1978:
Effect of price changes on the demand for meat

Sovenyhazy, Mrs, Z., 1978:
Effect of price changes on the rentability of swine rearing

Jilkova, M., 1972:
Effect of price measures on the development of average realistic prices

Pandey, Sn, 1981:
Effect of price on fertiliser consumption

Engel, Karl, H., 1988:
Effect of price reduction and fixing supply quotas on the development of dairy herd rearing in Schleswig-Holstein

Jilkova, M., 1971:
Effect of price regulations in 1970 on trade and utilization of domestic animals

Barbosa, M.; Teixeira-Filho, A.; Barbosa, T., 1977:
Effect of price risk in production plans: the case of rice producers of Paraiba Valley in Sao Paulo

Maxa, R., 1972:
Effect of prices of equipment on profitableness in viticulture

Shchur, Ls, 1973:
Effect of prices on profitabilit

Shat'-Ko, Ov, 1971:
Effect of prices on the forming

Guseva, L.; Kulik, V., 1977:
Effect of primary conditions on the accuracy of computer calculations of the hydrologic regime of the aeration zone

Denney, T.S.; Nagaraj, H.M.; Lloyd, S.G.; Aban, I.; Corros, C.; Seghatol-Eslami, F.; McGiffin, D.C.; Dell'Italia, L.J.; Gupta, H., 2007:
Effect of primary mitral regurgitation on left ventricular synchrony

Taira, H.; Taira, H.; Matsuzaki, A.M.tsushima, S., 1975:
Effect of primary rachis branch

Grazzeck, E., 1986:
Effect of primary tillage on the incidence of stem break (Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides

Kenanoglu, B.B.; Demir, I.; Mavi, K.; Yetisir, H.; Keles, D., 2007:
Effect of priming on germination of Lagenaria siceraria genotypes at low temperatures

Kurakov, A.; Guzev, V.; Mirchink, T., 1984:
Effect of principal biogenic elements on the amylolytic microbe association of a leached Chernozem

Lefkowitz, J.; Boino, D., 1994:
Effect of printer roll-quality requirements on winding technology

Rao, C.; Ram, H., 1971:
Effect of prior grafting in interspecific incompatible crosses--an assessment

Lawanson, A.; Onwueme, I., 1973:
Effect of prior heat stress on protochlorophyll and chlorophyll formation in seedlings of Colocynthis citrullus

Ariyarathne, H.; Coyne, D.; Vidaver, A.; Eskridge, K., 1996:
Effect of prior inoculation of leaves of dry beans with the common blight pathogen on the disease reaction of subsequently inoculated leaves and pods and the reaction of detached versus attached pods

Flanagan, P.; Haist, J.V.lberg, L., 1988:
Effect of prior luminal washing on iron absorption from duodenum and jejunum in mice: do luminal factors mediate the absorption of iron?

Alvarez, J.S.yder, G., 1984:
Effect of prior rice culture on sugarcane yields in Florida

Drozdov, S.; Sycheva, Z.; Budykina, N.; Balagurova, N.; Khoploptseva, N., 1976:
Effect of prior temperature on the frost resistance of plants

Sodiya, C.I.; Lawal Adebowale, O.A.; Fabusoro, E., 2007:
Effect of private and public extension services on adoption of promoted cassava-based technologies in Ogun State, Nigeria

Guillaume, J.G.mez, J., 1977:
Effect of proanthocyanidins extracted with absolute methanol (PEMA) on protein digestibility in chick (preliminary results)

Tomiku, T.F.jikawa,,, S., 1976:
Effect of probenazole granule t

Owen, F.; Larson, L., 1986:
Effect of probiocin and starter preparation on calf performance

Modesto, M.; Stefanini, I.; D'Aimmo, M.R.; Mazzoni, M.; Trevisi, P.; Tittarelli, C.; Bosi, P.; Biavati, B., 2007:
Effect of probiotic inocula on the population density of lactic acid bacteria and enteric pathogens in the intestine of weaning piglets

Liaskovs'kyĭ, T.M.; Rybalko, S.L.; Pidhors'kyĭ, V.S.; Kovalenko, N.K.; Oleshchenko, L.T., 2007:
Effect of probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains on virus infection

Boonthai, T.; Vuthiphandchai, V.; Nimrat, S., 2007:
Effect of probiotic of change of Vibrio and probiotic bacteria during black tiger shrimp culture

Rokde, S.N.; Tomar, O.S., 2007:
Effect of probiotic supplementation on certain nutritional parameters of crossbred calves

Kim, B.; Xuan, Z.; Lee, J.; Chung, W.; Ko, T.; Han, I., 2000:
Effect of probiotics complex on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in weaned pigs

Wang, Yan-Bo, 2007:
Effect of probiotics on growth performance and digestive enzyme activity of the shirmp Penaeus vannamei

Wang, Yb, 2007:
Effect of probiotics on growth performance and digestive enzyme activity of the shrimp Penaeus vannamei

Mogilner, J.G.; Srugo, I.; Lurie, M.; Shaoul, R.; Coran, A.G.; Shiloni, E.; Sukhotnik, I., 2007:
Effect of probiotics on intestinal regrowth and bacterial translocation after massive small bowel resection in a rat

Kim, C.; Oh, Y.; Lee, M., 1990:
Effect of probiotics on the rumen fermentation of major nutrients

Mader, T., 1987:
Effect of probiotics: feedlot receiving diets

Mordasini, R.K.ller, M.R.esen, W., 1980:
Effect of probucol and diet on serum lipids and lipoprotein fractions in primary hypercholesterolemia

Cooper, W.D.; Goodford, P.J.; Hardy, C.C.; Herring, J.; Hind, C.R.; Keatinge, W.R., 1975:
Effect of procaine and tetraethylammonium on 42-K efflux from smooth muscle of sheep carotid arteries

Cachita-Cosma, D.P.povici, G., 1972:
Effect of procaine on epidermal cells of Ipomoea purpurea (L.) Roth. petals

Trevelyan, W.E., 1978:
Effect of procedures for the reduction of the nucleic acid content of SCP on the DNA content of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ong, E.; Lim, C., 1986:
Effect of process aids on the processing behaviour of natural rubber

Thijssen, Hac, 1975:
Effect of process conditions in freeze drying on retention of volatile components

Chukwuemeka, Okoro-Casmir, 2007:
Effect of process modification on the physio-chemical and sensory quality of fufu-flour and dough

Konecka-Betley, K.B.rek, S.C.arnowska, K.K.pka, M.K.olowa, H.L.komiec, I.K.bylinska, J., 1970:
Effect of process of gleization from the top on forming soils developed of boulder loam

Crowther, Bg, 1983:
Effect of process oils on the vulcanizate properties of a natural rubber treadstock

El-Belghiti, K.R.bhi, Z.V.robiev, E., 2007:
Effect of process parameters on solute centrifugal extraction from electropermeabilized carrot gratings

Singh, J.S.ngh, N., 2004:
Effect of process variables and sodium alginate on extrusion behavior of nixtamalized corn grit

Sengupta, A.; Kothari, V.; Srinivasan, J., 1991:
Effect of process variables in air-jet texturing on the properties of spun yarns with different structures

Pcbrez, J.-A.G.nzcllez, A.; Oliva, J.M.guel; Ballesteros, I.; Manzanares, P., 2007:
Effect of process variables on liquid hot water pretreatment of wheat straw for bioconversion to fuel-ethanol in a batch reactor

Young, R.; Duran, L1; Velez, J., 1981:
Effect of process variables on the characteristics of dried

Muratore, G.; Mazaglia, A.; Lanza, C.-Maria; Licciardello, F., 2007:
Effect of process variables on the quality of swordfish fillets flavored with smoke condensate

Ramasami, S.V.mal, O., 1977:
Effect of processed bonemeal on plant growth (rice wheat rotation) in an acid soil

Akhmedov, Ar, 1984:
Effect of processed cotton residues on the humus content in soils covered by cotton

Blaunshtein, Ri, 1972:
Effect of processes of gas formation in the rumen on indices of total gas metabolism

Solov'-Eva, E.; Liubivaia, A.; Kabanova, N., 1974:
Effect of processes of technological processing on malathion content in canned vegetables

Noomhorm, A.R.khavibul, S., 1991:
Effect of processing and concentration methods on the quality of passion fruit concentrate

Manthey, F., A.; Hall, C., A.I.i, 2007:
Effect of processing and cooking on the content of minerals and protein in pasta containing buckwheat bran flour

Tabekhia, M.; Mohamed, M., 1971:
Effect of processing and cooking operations on thiamine, riboflavin and nocotinic acid content of some Egyptian natioal foods. II. Broad beans and sesame products

Nielsen, V.; Van-Poucke, R., 1973:
Effect of processing and handling procedures on the quality and nutritional value of milk by-products

Brieskorn, Ch, 1972:
Effect of processing and manufacturing on the protein content of foodstuffs

Kasahara, K.S.saki, H.D.nkai, N.T.kagishi, T., 2004:
Effect of processing and reactive dyeing on the swelling and pore structure of lyocell fibers

Solberg, M.E.kind, B., 1970:
Effect of processing and storage conditions on the microflora of Clostridium perfringens-inoculated frankfurters

Kaur, B.M.njrekar, S., 1975:
Effect of processing and storage conditions on the stability of chlorophyll and beta-carotene content of green leafy vegetables available in northern India

Fuller, Hl, 1973:
Effect of processing animal and vegetable fats on their stability and nutritional value

El-Ashwah, E.; Mohsen, S.; Aly, M., 1982:
Effect of processing condition and heat treatment on chemical composition of canned dry peas

Wu, Yc, 1990:
Effect of processing conditions and addition of antioxidant on the keeping quality of mechanically deboned poultry

Narwade, S.G.; Bhosale, D.N.; Patange, D.D.; Londhe, G.K.; Patil, G.R., 2007:
Effect of processing conditions and appeal enhancement factors on quality of pedha

Patil, R.; Singh, D.; Murphy, V., 1992:
Effect of processing conditions on extrusion expansion of soy-sorghum blends

Shemer, M.M.zrahi, S.B.rk, Z.M.daky, S., 1973:
Effect of processing conditions on isolation of cottonseed protein by sodium hexametaphosphate extraction method

Huber, W.; Brasch, A.; Waly, A., 1953:
Effect of processing conditions on organoleptic changes in foodstuffs sterilized with high intensity electrons

Dimopoulos, J.; Muller, H., 1972:
Effect of processing conditions on protein extraction and composition and on some other physiochemical characteristics of parboiled rice

Schijvens, E.; Vliet, T.V.n; Dijk, C.V.n, 1998:
Effect of processing conditions on the composition and rheological properties of applesauce

Holser, R.; Isbell, T., 2002:
Effect of processing conditions on the oxidative stability of meadowfoam press oil

Nakhmedov, F.; Frumkin, M.; Stroitelev, G.; Pushkareva, P., 1976:
Effect of processing conditions on the preservation of natural food dyes

Effendi, S.W.narno, F.; Nur, M.; Hardjo, S., 1983:
Effect of processing conditions on the quality of cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao L.) at the Bunisari Estate

Batte, H., D.; Wright, A., J.; Rush, J., W.; Idziak, S., H.J.; Marangoni, A., G., 2007:
Effect of processing conditions on the structure of mono stearin-oil-water gels

Carriere, C.; Inglett, G., 2000:
Effect of processing conditions on the viscoelastic behavior of Nu-TrimX: an oat-based beta-glucan-rich hydrocolloidal extractive

Balasubramanian, N., 1970:
Effect of processing factors and fiber properties on the arrangement of fibers in blended yarns

Crane, F.; Hansen, M.Y.der, R.L.pley, K.C.x, P., 1973:
Effect of processing feeds on molds, Salmonella, and other harmful substances in feeds

Ott, Ea, 1973:
Effect of processing feeds on their nutritional value for horses

Lawhon, J.; Cater, C., 1971:
Effect of processing method and pH of precipitation on the yields and functional properties of protein isolates from glandless cottonseed

Kigin, P.; Fick, D.; Schurg, W., 1982:
Effect of processing method of oats on acceptability and digestibility of hay-grain rations for horses

Punsri, P., 1990:
Effect of processing methods of feather meal on protein utilization by goat

Nithya, K.S.; Ramachandramurty, B.; Krishnamoorthy, V.V., 2007:
Effect of processing methods on nutritional and anti-nutritional qualities of hybrid (COHCU-8) and traditional (CO7) pearl millet varieties of India

Rajashekar, K.; Kondal, R., K.; Narasimha, R., K.; Sudhakar, R., K., 2007:
Effect of processing of milk into products on the residue levels of certain pesticides

Cane, F.; Hansen, M.Y.der, R.L.pley, K.C.x, P., 1973:
Effect of processing on Salmonella moulds and other harmful substances in feeds

Ogunsua, A.; Adedeji, G., 1979:
Effect of processing on ascorbic acid in different varieties of cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz)

Mann, Ej, 1970:
Effect of processing on dried milk quality

Yeong, S.; Azizah, A., 1987:
Effect of processing on feeding values of palm oil mill effluent (POME) in non-ruminants

Nwinuka, N.M.; Abbey, B.W.; Ayalogu, E.O., 1997:
Effect of processing on flatus producing oligosaccharides in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and the tropical African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa)

Shahidi, F.; Aishima, T.; Abou-Gharbia, H.A.; Youssef, M.; Shehata, A.A.el, Y., 1997:
Effect of processing on flavor precursor amino acids and volatiles of sesame paste (tehina)

Murphy, P.A.; Hendrich, S.; Hopmans, E.C.; Hauck, C.C.; Lu, Z.; Buseman, G.; Munkvold, G., 1996:
Effect of processing on fumonisin content of corn

Lintas, C.; Cappelloni, M., 1992:
Effect of processing on legume resistant starch

Ziemba, Z., 1973:
Effect of processing on losses of nutritie value of food proteins

Tsai, S.; Witte, V.; Bailey, M., 1974:
Effect of processing on major fatty acids of separable proci ne tissues. II. Influence of curing and cooking

Wilder, Ohm, 1973:
Effect of processing on meat meal and other meat products

Baruah, K.; Sadagopan, V.; Reddy, V., 1978:
Effect of processing on metabolizable energy and utilization of deoiled salseed meal in chicks

Van-Schothorst, M.B.ooymans, A., 1982:
Effect of processing on microbial contaminants in feeds

Bolin, Hr, 1977:
Effect of processing on nutrient composition and texture of prunes

Bolin, Hr, 1982:
Effect of processing on nutrient composition of foods: fruits and fruit products

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Effect of processing on nutritive value of food: fish

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Effect of processing on the nutritive value of fish products used for animal feeding

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Effect of processing variables on the microbial, physical and sensory characteristics of pork sausage An optimal processng system is proposed, based upon the results

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Effect of processing variables on the quality of dehydrated carrot. i. leaching losses and carotenoid content

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Effect of production factors on the working time and work organization of milking

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Effect of production media, cultivar, and fertilizer on yield of greenhouse tomatoes

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Effect of production methods on root morphology, transplanting, and establishment of landscape trees

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Effect of production noises on the state of health, productivity, and behavior of cows

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Effect of production on the quality wine in Rioja

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Effect of production on the wine quality in Rioja

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Effect of production specializat

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Effect of production structure on profitable farming in the Zalavar Collective Farm of Sarmellek

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Effect of productivity of cows on the disappearance of the vibration of the median uterine artery after calving

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Effect of products of vital activity of certain microorganisms on biochemical processes in seeds during germination

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Effect of profiling of heavy clay soils on the regulation of surface runoff

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Effect of profiling on water erosion loss of soil and removal of nirate nitrogen

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Effect of progressive fertilization with phosphorus on the yield structure of some crops after different preceding crops

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Effect of progressive urea and ammonium nitrate rates on yield and chemical composition of corn grown on a chernozem in the south of Romania

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Effect of projective cover of dominants on the frequency of species in a alfalfa-Agropyron-Bromus agrophytocoenosis

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Effect of proline on oxygen uptake by plant tissues

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Effect of prolongated use of mineral fertilizers upon the organic matter of the soddy-podzolic soil

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Effect of prolongation of dark period on rate of nitrogen fixation and some associated metabolic factors in cowpea

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Effect of prolongators on the activity of hyperimmune FMD serums

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Effect of prolonged action of small concentrations of carbohydrate steams on the results from transplanting Brown-Pearce tumors to rabbit lungs

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Effect of prolonged administration of sodium nitrite on some biochemical indices in laboratory animals

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Effect of prolonged application of fertilizers in crop rotation on yields and quality of grains in winter rye

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Effect of prolonged application of fertilizers on yields of fiber flax

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Effect of prolonged application of mineral fertilizers on the agrochemical properties of the soil and the duration of productivity of forage stands

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Effect of prolonged application of phosphorus fertilizers on zinc availability

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Effect of prolonged cold pressor test on mean arterial blood pressure of dog--Canis familiaris

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Effect of prolonged consumption of gari (Cassava, Manihot utilisima) on rat hepatic energy metabolism

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Effect of prolonged darkness on metabolism and viability of Chlorella sp

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Effect of prolonged exercise on arterial oxygen saturation in athletes susceptible to exercise-induced hypoxemia

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Effect of prolonged fasting upon the calcium activated sarcoplasmic factor of rabbit skeletal muscle

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Effect of prolonged feeding of urea to buffalo bulls on their renal function

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Effect of prolonged fertilization on the phosphorus status of Gray podzolized soil in orchard

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Effect of prolonged flight on the mobilisation of fat, the water balance and juvenile hormone content in the brown and green morphs of solitarious migratory locusts (Locusta migratoria migratorioides, R. and F.) (Orthoptera: Acridoidea)

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Effect of prolonged flight on the water balance of gregarious migratory locusts (Locusta migratoria migratorioides, R. and F.)(Orthoptera:Acridoidea)

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Effect of prolonged frost on woody plants

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Effect of prolonged herbicide ap

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Effect of protein nutrition and

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Effect of protein nutrition between 5.5 and 20 kilograms on the subsequent performance and carcass quality of pigs

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Effect of protein nutrition on nitrogenous metabolism in swine

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Effect of protein on abomasal emptying in sheep

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Effect of protein on soil erosion by water

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Effect of protein on the health of dairy cows

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Effect of protein on the health value of feeds

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Effect of protein on the performance of broilers

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Effect of protein preparation mixtures on technological and sensory properties of model-meat products

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Effect of protein protection by formaldehyde on the zootechnological and biochemical characteristics of lambs

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Effect of protein protection on the supply of protein to ruminants

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Effect of protein quality in the maternal diet on reproduction and development of the progeny

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Effect of protein quality on th

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Effect of protein restricted diet on immune functions, autoimmune disease and life span in NZB mice

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Effect of protein restriction during rearing period on the prevention of peg-weakness in breeder chicks of heavy breed

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Effect of protein restriction in the diets of some metabolic processes in children with chronic renal insufficiency

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Effect of protein solubility and monensin on microbial use of ammonial

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Effect of protein source (soybean versus whey) upon serum cholesterol levels of the pig

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Effect of protein source and treatment on rumen bacterial and protozoal degradation

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Effect of protein source on illeal availability in early weaned pigs

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Effect of protein source on nutrient digestibility in early weaned pigs

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Effect of protein source on receiving and finishing performance and health of calves

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Effect of protein sources in starters on calf gain and feed conversion

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Effect of protein supplement in the performance of dairy breed bullocks maintained in pasture of grass plus tropical legumes

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Effect of protein supplementation for steers fed high levels of molasses

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Effect of protein supplementation on ewe performance, forage intake, lamb survival and growth

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Effect of protein supplementation on milk yield, milk components and feed costs of dairy cattle under intensive rotational grazing

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Effect of protein supplementation on stockers grazing native grass in southeastern Oklahoma

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Effect of protein supplementation on the milk yield of cows with restricted pasture and ad libitum silage

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Effect of protein supply on fattening performance and meat quality of swine

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Effect of protein supply on performance and carcass characteristics in Pietrain and German landrace swine

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Effect of protein supply on the performance of intensively reared bulls

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide on RNA synthesis in radish seedlings

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on frost resistance of winter wheat

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on its content and the activity of alcohols and lactate dehydrogenases in the roots of wheat and rice at different conditions of aeration

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the formation of crystalloid inclusions in the endoplasmic reticulum of beetroot cells

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on the ribonuclease activity of swelling and germinating lupine seeds

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on virus specific RNA synthesis in the silkworm, Bombyx mori, infected with cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus

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Effect of protein toxicity or excess in animals and man

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Effect of protein type in complete feeds of different nutritional value on the egg laying of geese and egg hatchability

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Effect of protein winter supplementation on performance of heifers grazing tropical pasture

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Effect of protein, environment re

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Effect of protein-energy malnutrition on drug metabolism in man

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Effect of protein-free diet on the amount of rat liver mitochondrial DNA

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Effect of protein-vitamin concentrate, passed through extractive purification, on the morphological and biochemical indicators of the blood and urine of swine

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Effect of protein: energy ratios in calf starters on the growth rate and metabolism of protein and energy in the young buffalo calves at the age of 8 and 26 weeks

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Effect of proteinase inhibitors on bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus) growth, development, and gut proteolytic activity

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Effect of proteinase-inhibitor Trasylol on the course of swine fever disease and the detection of antigens (virus and a chymotrypsin like protease) and of different antibody types

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Effect of proteinases and their inhibitor, recombinant cystatin on the quality of surimi

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Effect of proteins on formation

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Effect of proteins, slime compounds and lipids on rye starch paste formation

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Effect of proteolic of milk fat globule membrane proteins on stability of the globules

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Effect of proteolysis on the emulsification characteristics of bovine skeletal muscle

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Effect of proteolysis on the yeast mitochondrial deoxyribonucleases

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Effect of proteolytic enzyme preparations of various origin on the nitrogen composition of barley wort

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on color changes in banana chips during osmotic dehydration

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Effect of proteolytic squid hydrolysate on the state of water and denaturation of lizardfish (Saurida wanieso) myofibrillar protein during freezing

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Effect of protexan on natural losses of fruit during storage

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Effect of protexine (probiotic) on growth performance in broilers

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Effect of proton pump inhibitor therapy on inflammatory changes in the gastric cardia (carditis)

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Effect of protons and cations on chloroplast membranes as visualized by the bound ANS fluorescence

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Effect of protoporphyrin on porphyrin formation in avian hepatocytes

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Effect of protoporphyrin pigment on shell strength and incidence of meat and blood spots

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Effect of protracted administration of irradiated food on leucocytes chromosomes of rabbit

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Effect of protracted administration of irradiated food on rabbits: haematic control on peripheral blood

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Effect of provenance on the growth of the Norway spruce

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Effect of provenances of Eucalyptus cloeziana on soil contents of some nutrients and organic carbon on soil of Cerrado

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Effect of proximity to the shelf edge on the diet of female Australian fur seals

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Effect of prune dwarf virus (PDV) on the reproductive performances of peach trees

Topchiiska, M., 1983 :
Effect of prune dwarf virus (PDV) on the vegetative performances of peach trees

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Effect of pruning and loading on

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Effect of pruning and plant spacing on productivity of muskmelon varieties

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Effect of pruning and shape of crown on the vitality of peach trees

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Effect of pruning and systems of soil management in a fruit orchard on the yield, quality and storage life of apples

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Effect of pruning cassava roots in the production of stems and roots

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Effect of pruning cycle on the yield of mature tea

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Effect of pruning depth of bushes on content of certain free amino acids in annual shoots of Anabasis aphylla

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Effect of pruning gibrescol on growth and yield of raspberry

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Effect of pruning intensity and population density in red strawberries (Rubus idaeus, L.)

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Effect of pruning length and fertilizers on the yields and quality of the products of variety Cabernet Sauvignon

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Effect of pruning length in the Mission cultivar on the formation of the bilateral cordon and the level of pruning the year following its formation

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Effect of pruning length on the yield of grapes and their quality

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Effect of pruning lower branches on growth of trees and shrubs in forest shelterbelts

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Effect of pruning methods on flower production and quality on Baccara and Carla roses

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Effect of pruning methods on the yield of roses in greenhouses

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Effect of pruning of apple tree

Koshelev, Vk, 1980:
Effect of pruning of fruit trees on their winterhardiness

Zeinalov, Sb, 1979:
Effect of pruning of rose bush on the yield and quality of flowers

Pazdrowski, W., 1981:
Effect of pruning of the Scots pine (Pinus silvestris L.) on changes in wood density strength

Worley, Re, 1987:
Effect of pruning old non-crowded Stuart pecan trees to three heights

Reyes, Fg, 1969:
Effect of pruning on cacao trees

Mikhailov, Ts, 1979:
Effect of pruning on fruiting of

Lal, B.; Dushyant Mishra, 2007:
Effect of pruning on growth and bearing behaviour of mango cv. Chausa

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Effect of pruning on growth. IV

Sutarno, H., 1982:
Effect of pruning on increased bud production in Amaranthus tricolor L

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Effect of pruning on moisture and NPK content in ber leaves during fruit growth and development

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Effect of pruning on protein exchange and accumulation of tannins and extracts in tea leaves

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Effect of pruning on quality of Alachua muscadine grape

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Effect of pruning on rate of fruit grower, extent of fruit drop and maturity in Ber. cv. Pewandi

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Effect of pruning on seed yield of an indeterminate climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cv. Flor de Mayo (X-16441)

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Effect of pruning on the dynamics of some biological characteristics of apple trees. i. removal of side shoots

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Effect of pruning on the grape of Sheshi i Zi variety

Kipiani, E.; Alkhazov, I., 1972:
Effect of pruning on the growth and development of tea shoots

Kazas, An, 1979:
Effect of pruning on the growth and fruiting of fig tree varieties Most Early Violet and Kalimirna

Vasilev, V.R.deva, V., 1978:
Effect of pruning on the growth and reproduction of sour cherry

Kazarian, V.; Arutiunian, R., 1976:
Effect of pruning on the growth and uptake activity of roots

Lopez-Castaaneda, Candido, 1982:
Effect of pruning on the production of bean seeds

Tsintsadze, Av, 1971:
Effect of pruning on the rate of respiration of various organs of the tea plant

Worley, Re, 1984:
Effect of pruning on three southeastern pecan cultivars

Sandhu, I.; Dhaliwal, G.; Singh, M., 1983:
Effect of pruning on yield, fruit quality and maturity in ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Umran

Tudor, Ta, 1979 :
Effect of pruning one-year old shoots on growth and fruiting of raspberry plants

Figueiredo, J.; Barros, U.; Santinato, R., 1983:
Effect of pruning period after frost in coffee plantings

Daniel, S.; Madhava-Rao, V., 1969:
Effect of pruning severity on fruit bud formation, bunch and berry characters in Anab-e-Shahi grapes (Vitis vinifera L)

Taha, M.; Zahran, M., 1971:
Effect of pruning severity on the Golden Japanese plum trees

Klinov, Ma, 1984:
Effect of pruning the lower branches on the form of pine trunk

Babaiashev, E., 1976:
Effect of pruning time on growth

Garcia-Urbina, V., 1973:
Effect of pruning time on the growth of the coffee tree (Coffea arabica L.)

Tanaka, Y.D.ta, E.; Lape, V.; Villegas, C.; Gorgonio, M., 1984:
Effect of pruning treatment on physiological deterioration in cassava roots

Astadzhov, N., 1980:
Effect of pruning year-old shoot

Singh, B.M.ngal, J., 1981:
Effect of pruning, spacing and fertility levels on flowering, sex-ratio and fruit-set of muskmelon-var. Hara Madhu

Kurennoi, N.; Apolokhov, F., 1982:
Effect of prunning and chemical thinning of flowers and ovaries on the growth and fruiting of apple

Topchiiska, M., 1984:
Effect of prunus necrotic ring s

Lazarova-Topchiiska, M., 1984:
Effect of prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRV) on peach reproductive characters

Narkhede, Mn, 1981:
Effect of pseudo-black chaff on some agronomic characters and protein content in wheat

Mihajlovic, B.K.zmanovic, M., 1972:
Effect of pseudorabies and Newcastle viruses on the chromososmes of a pi kidney continous cell culture

Raake, W.K.lich, J., 1975:
Effect of pseudothymine as a feed additive on the growth of rats and pigs

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