Effect of source of fertilization on leaf yield and quality of spinach cv. All Green

Phadnis, B.P.; Jagtap, K.B.; Wattamwar, M.J.

Journal​ ​of​ ​Maharashtra​ ​Agricultural​ ​Universities 32(2): 214-216


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2395
Accession: 015629859

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The effects of vermicompost and FYM on the performance of spinach (cv. All Green) were studied in Maharashtra, India. The application of NPK at 150:80:80 kg/ha + vermicompost increased the yield by 33% over the recommended treatment of 100:80:80 kg NPK/ha + FYM. Vermicompost, FYM and control (no fertilizers) reduced the yield by 31, 35 and 40% relative to the recommended treatment. The superior treatment with respect to yield (150:80:80 kg NPK + vermicompost) recorded the highest values for dry matter and ascorbic acid contents, followed by 150:80:80 kg NPK/ha + FYM. The latter treatment gave the highest values for chlorophyll and crude protein contents. The nitrogen level was directly proportional to yield and quality up to 150 kg/ha. The organic fertilizers applied alone was inferior with regard to yield and quality.