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Effect of sowing dates and row spacings on yield and yield attributes of barley

Mani, J.K.; Raj Singh; Diwan Singh; Pannu, R.K.; Kuldeep Singh

Haryana Journal of Agronomy 22(2): 129-131


Accession: 015629953

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Field experiment was conducted at Research Farm of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar during rabi season of 2005-06 to study the response of barley BH-393 to three sowing dates and four row spacings. Delay in sowing date of barley beyond 10th November resulted in a significant decrease in grain yield. The grain yield of barley reduced by 13 kg/ha/day with 20 days delay in sowing starting from 10 November and subsequently a further delay of 20 days i.e. from 30 November to 20 December led to 9.5 kg/ha/day. Among the row spacings the yield and yield attributes were highest with 15 cm row spacing as compared to other row spacings.

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