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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15647

Chapter 15647 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Drzewiecki, S.; Pietryga, J., 2006:
Effectiveness of reduced doses of herbicide Rokituron D 470 SC on quality parameters of winter wheat grain at different level of nitrogen

O'-Brien, J., 1985:
Effectiveness of reduced strength strychnine baits for ground squirrel control

Chmelik, K.J.vic, P.S.uhrada, J., 1983:
Effectiveness of reducing energy consumption during forage preservation by low-temperature drying

Mukhanin, V.; Bondarev, I., 1975:
Effectiveness of reducing the height and of rejuvenescent pruning of apple trees in the central belt of the USSR

Prugar, J.R.b, H.K.obova, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of refined sugar production as a result of application of various forms and rates of fertilizers in sugarbeet crops

Beridze, T.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of regional economics

Blasum, J., 1978:
Effectiveness of regional education

Kaneshige, T.; Katayama, K.; Minamihara, H.; Narihisa, H., 2006:
Effectiveness of reinforcement learning agent with the division of perception information for multi-agent environment

Kolesnikov, Va, 1980:
Effectiveness of rejuvenation of tussock shallow-valley meadows in the central of Yakutia Costs, returns, reclamation works.1

Krylov, G.; Koliadov, V.; Sokolov, N., 1978:
Effectiveness of removing branches by rotating barking-cleaning machines

Baronenko, Ns, 1981:
Effectiveness of renovating machinery Woodworking industry.1

Vekhov, Pa, 1972:
Effectiveness of repeated liming depending on the rate of application

Taraeva, M.; Shil'-Nikov, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of repeated liming of soddy-podzolic loamy sand soil

Bakiev, Is, 1982:
Effectiveness of repellents for the control of some species of synanthropic flies Musca domestica, Musca stabulans, Protophormia terraenovae.1

Conover, Mr, 1984:
Effectiveness of repellents in reducing deer damage in nurseries

Adamovic, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of replacement of whole grain by crude brewers wet grain in the fattening of young bulls

Kurhan, Vp, 1975:
Effectiveness of reproduction of

Shrestha, L.; Rao, P., 2004:
Effectiveness of reproductive health and aids education among adolescent girls in Udupi Taluk, India

Milanova, A.P.ldan, M.K.rim, J., 1977:
Effectiveness of research at the Research Institute for Agrichemical Technology

Dudinets, F.; Timokhovich, N.; Dudei, L., 1975:
Effectiveness of reserve application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on peaty soils

Bezuglaia, I.; Valeeva, N., 1973:
Effectiveness of reserve application of phosphorus fertilizers in multi-year experiments

Thies, J.; Fery, R.; Mueller, J., 1995:
Effectiveness of resistance to the southern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Palvanov, Dp, 1981:
Effectiveness of rice cultivation in the lower reach of Amu Darya River

Kozishkurt, N.; Obukhov, A.; Stepura, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of rice culture with the use of sprinkler irrigation

Sydykov, K.; Azkhodzhaev, O., 1978:
Effectiveness of rice growing in Kzyl-Orda Region

Logachev, Pv, 1978:
Effectiveness of rice growing in the Far East

Zhang, G.; Lee, Y.; Xu, B.; Ye, Z.; Shen, Z., 1982:
Effectiveness of rice husks as

Shalamov, Ff, 1975:
Effectiveness of rice production

Dorokhov, V.; Vorob'-Eva, N., 1976:
Effectiveness of rice production and determination of the optimal size of a specialized farm

Sydykov, K.; Makulbaeva, Z., 1976:
Effectiveness of rice production concentration in Kazakhstan farms

Egorichev, G.; Esimbekov, M., 1979:
Effectiveness of ridging leveling in rice sowing

Klimashevskii, E.; Chernysheva, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of root functioning in relation with the genetic variability of plant reaction to the nutrition background Effect of fertilizers.1

Shafran, S.; Lupina, A.; Motuzok, P., 1981:
Effectiveness of root-zone application of complex fertilizers to winter wheat

Inkin, La, 1978:
Effectiveness of rotary and other methods of tillage of Chernozem soil for the cultivation of winter wheat after non-fallow precursors

Muradov, Ms, 1980:
Effectiveness of rotation sterilization of tomato juice, kept in cans 3, in an air flow

Smith, J.I.i; Baumann, P., 1999:
Effectiveness of roundup ready programs, for managing tall morningglory (Ipomoea Purpurea) in Texas cotton

Nazarov, I.; Skripkin, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of row and base application of superphosphate on spring wheat in northern Kazakhstan

Nechiporenko, Os, 1978:
Effectiveness of row application of fertilizers

Godunov, I.; Tibirkova, G., 1978:
Effectiveness of row application of fertilizers and dressing in a component of the crop rotation on the background of main application of inorganic and organic fertilizers

Zelikson, V.; Frolovskaia, T., 1975:
Effectiveness of row application of fertilizers on Sod Podzolic soils sown with forages and cereals

Ianishevskii, F.; Novikova, Z.; Podkolzina, G., 1984:
Effectiveness of row application of superphosphate and compound fertilizers (Experiments of the geographical network of the Scientific Research Institute of Fertilizers and Insectfungicides)

Shilenko, B.; Akhmetshin, K., 1974:
Effectiveness of row application of urea on spring wheat in leached Chernozem soil

Rosati, R.; Wood, J., 1989:
Effectiveness of safety instruction in Illinois agricultural mechanization programs

Peregudov, N.; Bushnev, N., 1976:
Effectiveness of sainfoin as a catch crop on irrigated lands

Romanenko, V.; Solomatina, V.; Evtushenko, N.; Vesel'-Skii, S., 1981:
Effectiveness of salt enrichment of mixed feeds during warm water rearing of carp

Ataev, A.A.B.aeiramov, S., 1983:
Effectiveness of sand fixing and afforestation

Kartashova, V.; Samolovova, T., 1975:
Effectiveness of sanitary measures in the prophylaxis of mastitis in cows

Onegov, A.; Abramov, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of sanitary-zoohygienic conditions in raising calves

Long, R., A.; Donovan, T., M.; Mackay, P.; Zielinski, W., J.; Buzas, J., S., 2007:
Effectiveness of scat detection dogs for detecting forest carnivores

Trigub, As, 1979:
Effectiveness of scientific developments

Seifert, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of scientific knowledge in the meat industry of the USSR

Dmiterko, Md, 1979:
Effectiveness of scientific orga

Man'-Kov, F.; Poliakova, T., 1974:
Effectiveness of scientific organization of labor in Burgun-Madzharskii grape producing state farm

Baturina, Zk, 1978:
Effectiveness of scientific-prod

Obolenskii, K., 1974:
Effectiveness of scientific-technical progress

Ezhinov, Aa, 1980:
Effectiveness of sectional isolation premises

Reed, Lloyd, A., 1978:
Effectiveness of sediment-control techniques used during highway construction in central Pennsylvania

Lysiuk, Bp, 1974:
Effectiveness of seed culture an

Odobetskii, I.; Tkachenko, F.; Lysiuk, B., 1978:
Effectiveness of seed production in specialized state farms

Kozubenko, L.; Trigub, A.1; Volodchenko, I.1; Zelenskii, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of seed production on hybridization plots Maize, cultivation methods.1

Bialkowska, H., 1973:
Effectiveness of seed treatment against cucumber leaf sport caused by Pseudomonas lachrymans (E. f. sm. et Br) Carsner

Mercer, P.; Cooke, L., 1986:
Effectiveness of seed treatment for the control of barley mildew

Johnston, R.; Mathre, D., 1982:
Effectiveness of seed treatments in controlling barley covered smut, 1981 Barley (Hordeum vulgare Purcell), covered smut; Ustilago hordei

Danylevs'-Kyi, Op, 1975:
Effectiveness of seeded fallow a

Grubbs, Violet-Davis, 1959:
Effectiveness of selected canned food displays in supermarkets

Aderungboye, Fo, 1977:
Effectiveness of selected chemicals for simultaneous control of freckle and blast diseases of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis (Jacq.)

Jarosz, A.; Goebniak, B., 2006:
Effectiveness of selected fungicides in strawberry protection against Phytophthora cactorum and P. citricola

Burke, M.; Hopen, H., 1983:
Effectiveness of selected herbicides and discing on volunteer horseradish control Armoracia rusticana, weed

Durant, Ja, 1991:
Effectiveness of selected ovicides against the bollworm-tobacco budworm complex on cotton

Evdokimova, V.; Shevchenko, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of selecting barley according to strength of the root system

Ambrosov, A.; Sobol'-, I., V., 1972:
Effectiveness of selecting colnes serologically relative to degree of infection by viruses in potato stock

Grigor'-Ev, Iun, 1983:
Effectiveness of selecting cows by a complex of characters

Spivak, M.; Dedov, M.; Novikova, N.; Mashurov, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of selecting cows by their productivity

Borodulin, E.; Poliakov, P., 1972:
Effectiveness of selecting cows for the first lactation according to productivity

Paiva, Wo-De, 1983:
Effectiveness of selecting vinespinach plants (Basella alba L., syn. Basella rubra) for nematode resistance

Nagorskaia, M.; Podkanova, T., 1976:
Effectiveness of selecting yellow lupine plants for the vigor of the root system

Krylova, L., 1981:
Effectiveness of selection Breeding Ukrainian White Steppe swine, inbreeding determination, Askania-Nova Pedigree Farm.1

Seifert, H., 1976:
Effectiveness of selection against rhinitis atrophicans suum in the practice

Konovalov, Iub, 1969:
Effectiveness of selection among hybrid population of spring wheat on a uniform background under small nutrition area

Erokhin, Ai, 1979:
Effectiveness of selection and what it depends on

Brade, W., 1981:
Effectiveness of selection based on performances of progeny in a short test compared to selection based on performances of other kin in long test with regard to improvement of laying performance within the line

Guzhov, I.; Komar, O., 1980:
Effectiveness of selection by seed weight

Shimizu, H.H.chinohe, Y., 1977:
Effectiveness of selection for an index in meat type chickens

Tanno, H.K.maki, Y.G.toh, K., 1985:
Effectiveness of selection for higher harvest index in spring wheat

Romanov, Lm, 1984:
Effectiveness of selection for histocompatibility antigens considering differences of the parental pairs

Rosenkova, V.; Mastepanova, M., 1982:
Effectiveness of selection for productivity in winter triticale AD 206

Guzun, Ni, 1978:
Effectiveness of selection for resistance in grapevine breeding

Rosenberg, L., 1983:
Effectiveness of selection for selected characters of fibre flax in the maintenance breeding

Savchenko, V.; Eliseeva, K., 1982:
Effectiveness of selection for throrax length in model Drosophila populations under the influence of a chemical mutagen

Kvasnikov, B.; Tarasenkov, I.; Polyakov, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of selection from heterotic hybrids when F1 Pisum sativum L. seeds are treated with chemical mutagens

Makarov, Vm, 1981:
Effectiveness of selection in a dairy cattle herd

Nettevich, E.; Sharakhov, A., 1987:
Effectiveness of selection in hybrid populations of spring barley under artificial climate conditions

Bormotov, V.; Volodina, L.; Shtyk, T., 1982:
Effectiveness of selection in the development of productive forms of spring hexaploid triticale

Sadykov, S.; Rakhimbaev, R.; Sadykov, A., 1984:
Effectiveness of selection methods for cotton resistance to wilt disease

Koshkina, Aa, 1977:
Effectiveness of selection of Kholmogor cows according to origin and inherent productivity

Beguchev, A.; Strekozov, N.; Reznikov, I.; Los'-, N., 1978:
Effectiveness of selection of cows for productivity and descent on the Bolshoe Alekseevskoe breeding farm

Legoshin, G.; Ovukhova, L., 1975:
Effectiveness of selection of heifers by biochemical blood indices, origin and productivity during the first lactation

Pyl'-Neva, P.; Grigorian, E.; Smal'-Ko, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of selection of high protein and high lysine forms of barley by the method of dye binding

Podstrieshnyi, Op, 1978:
Effectiveness of selection of pa

Randhawa, A.; Gill, K., 1978:
Effectiveness of selection under mating systems for the improvement of protein content in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell.)

Ishcheinov, V.; Orlov, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of self-propelled potato harvesting combines

Andreev, N.; Bardolomeev, G.; Lazarev, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of self-seeding and radical improvement of old grass stands

Petrovets, Iu, 1976:
Effectiveness of selling rams for meat at different ages

Akhmetzhanov, Tk, 1976:
Effectiveness of selling young sheep in the year of their birth

Shaposhnikova, I.; Zhurba, V., 1984:
Effectiveness of semi-decomposed manure in a field crop rotation

Sokolov, K.; Zhirov, P., 1974:
Effectiveness of semi-fallow and subsurface soil tillage for winter wheat and spring barley cultivation in the Balakhonov Collective Farm of the Kochubeevskii District in the Stavropol Territory

Muravin, E.; Shumilin, L.; Zhigareva, T., 1969:
Effectiveness of separate and joint application of superphosphate and molybdenum to the peas on bleached Chernozem soils

Krasheninnikov, N.; Mal'-Tsev, V., 1972 :
Effectiveness of separate and of joint application of mineral fertilizers and of herbicide 2.4-D on seedings of spring wheat

Cizek, K., 1971:
Effectiveness of services for enterprises and society

Cizek, K., 1971:
Effectiveness of services in industry and society

Boor, F., 1979:
Effectiveness of serving tractors by a service system

Nicolli, C.R.ncador, I.S.rafini, G., 1977:
Effectiveness of several active ingredients and influence of period of application on control of grey mould disease in viticulture

Linnik, L.; Linnik, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of several chemicals in controlling Psylla pyricola

Alexandri, V.I.sifescu, M., 1973:
Effectiveness of several fungicides in the control of Septoria leaf spot and other parasitic fungi on tomato

Mihajlovic, D., 1982:
Effectiveness of several fungicides used for the control of grey mold of grapevine in Macedonia Vitis, fungicides include Sumisclex, Mycodifol, Ronilan, Yugoslavia.1

Enica-Moisescu, D.P.ulian, F., 1978:
Effectiveness of several granule insecticides in the control of the cereal bug (Eurygaster integriceps Put.) nymphs

Bucur, E.F.lip, I.M.rin, A., 1979:
Effectiveness of several herbicide mixtures in weed control

Nagai, K.S.kimura, M.M.ura,, S., 1974 :
Effectiveness of several insect

Hertveldt, L.V.lsteke, G., 1972:
Effectiveness of several insecticides in control of the bean seed fly Hylemya cilicrura Rond. 1

Carrillo, L., R., 1973:
Effectiveness of several insecticides in controlling black w orm in pastures

Diaconu, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of several new fungicides in the control of Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani on cucumbers

Jacobson, M.C.ystal, M.; Kleiman, R., 1981:
Effectiveness of several polyunsaturated seed oils as boll weevil feeding deterrents

Aivazov, A.; Zeinalov, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of shallow closed drainage in combination with deep one in the washing of saline lands

Klimova, E.; Tel'-Pov, P., 1977:
Effectiveness of sheep grazing on natural and sown annual pastures in winter in the Chita Region

Akhmetov, K.; Bisengaziev, M., 1979:
Effectiveness of sheep husbandry in the Uralsk Region

Erokhina, Ea, 1975:
Effectiveness of sheep husbandry under various levels of its management

Erokhin, A.; Veniaminov, A., 1975:
Effectiveness of sheep selection on the basis of individual features and a combination of them

Erokhina, E.R., 1978:
Effectiveness of sheep-raising and factors which determine it

Novitskii, Zb, 1980:
Effectiveness of shelterbelts against wind erosion

Oayyum, Ru, 1981:
Effectiveness of shelterbelts for agronomic trials on Taramira in Mastung Valley

Novitskii, Zb, 1979:
Effectiveness of shelterbelts in the Golodnaya Step

Lovova, L.; Prudov, B.; Chibisov, G., 1980:
Effectiveness of shelterwood fellings in two-story pine-spruce plantations

Kononov, Iv, 1979:
Effectiveness of shielding in increasing the efficiency of canals

Erofeev, V.; Alekseev, O., 1980:
Effectiveness of shock absorbing coating of parts of fruit-harvesting machines

Koblet, W., 1987:
Effectiveness of shoot topping and leeaf removal as a means of improving quality

Udod, Ve, 1972:
Effectiveness of silvicultural care of oak stands under some ecological conditions of Southeastern Belorussia

Kushnirenko, Ef, 1977:
Effectiveness of simazine and atrazine for the control of weeds in fruit tree nurseries

Gontarev, Vs, 1981:
Effectiveness of simazine and prometryne in alfalfa crops

Joshi, O.; Datta, N., 1974:
Effectiveness of simazine as herbicide in maize crop

Semak, Vi, 1971:
Effectiveness of simazine on fruit-bearing plantations of Lavandula

Kaliazin, Ia, 1974:
Effectiveness of simple and compound fertilizers applied for the cultivation of sugarbeets under irrigation

Dzienia,, J., 1977:
Effectiveness of simplified methods of soil tillage in the crop rotation link

Lukashev, A.; Vorkachev, G.; Petrenko, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of simultaneous application of liquid nitrogen fertilizers and 2,4-D herbicides to winter wheat crops

Torge, C.S.rpe, N.M.te, S.I.nescu, F.P.p, I.A.ostol, V.L.s, M., 1978:
Effectiveness of single and combined herbicides in the control of weeds in pea fields

Sarpe, N.P.ltineanu, I.P.pescu, A.T.mas, L.N.gut, I.D.agomir, L.C.soveanu, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of single and repeated treatment with herbicides based on prometryne, metribuzine, EPTC and alachlor for irrigated potato growing

Inshin, N.; Volik, A.1; Steblianko, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of single and split application of fertilizers in maize cultivation Sumy Region.1

Lubin, Y.; Dorugl, S., 1982:
Effectiveness of single-thread webs as insect traps: sticky trap models Web-building spiders

Iakovlev, I.; Spivak, L., 1987:
Effectiveness of sitrin

Levenets, P.; Krivonosova, G.; Verveiko, E., 1984:
Effectiveness of slow acting nitrogenous fertilizers in podzolized Chernozem in the forest steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Kolota, E.O.lowski, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of slow forms of nitrogen fertilizers in irrigated vegetable crop growing

Karev, K., 1980:
Effectiveness of slow-acting fer

Sartain, Jb, 1982:
Effectiveness of slow-release N nitrogen fertilizers in maintaining turfgrass quality and growth Florida

Rakipov, Ng, 1979:
Effectiveness of slow-release fertilizers and problems of environment conservation

Tee, Sp, 1982:
Effectiveness of slow-release insecticide (chlorpyrifos 10 percent w

Banning, John-William, 1962:
Effectiveness of small face-to-face groups of teachers as the basic core of in-service training

Kaimov, B.; Kistov, O., 1977:
Effectiveness of small grain farming in Northern Kazakhstan

Grigorash, N.; Bocharov, P., 1976:
Effectiveness of small irrigation in the Kherson Region

Singh, S.D.s, D., 1981:
Effectiveness of small storage works in trapping sediment yield and stabilizing watersheds

Vas'-Ko, I.; Shramm, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of snow retention depending on the altitudinal location of fields above the sea level

Bakaev, N.; Vas'-Ko, I.; Morozov, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of snow retention in North Kazakhstan

Oksen'-, L.B., 1975:
Effectiveness of socialist competition in the fishing industry

Drumev, D.S.oianova, L., 1976:
Effectiveness of sodium arsanilate and its action on the immunity of chickens experimentally infected with Borrelia anserina

Droumev, D.S.ojanova, L., 1976:
Effectiveness of sodium arsanilate and its influence on the immunity of chickens experimentally infected with with Borrella anserina

Lee, C.; Ryu, I., 1977:
Effectiveness of soil amendments on a newly reclaimed hillside land under different cropping systems

Haith, Douglas, A., 1979:
Effectiveness of soil and water conservation practices for pollution control

Slusarski, C., 1980:
Effectiveness of soil disinfection with methyloisothiocyanateous fumigants in glasshouse tomato cultivation

Anonymous, 1975:
Effectiveness of soil heating in the cultivation of pot plants

Trifonova, Ne, 1980:
Effectiveness of soil mulching with polyethylene films in the cultivation of early potatoes

Dobrolenskii, Ga, 1978:
Effectiveness of soil preparation for forest plantings on eroded areas of the Desna River upland

Il'-Inskii, Nn, 1976:
Effectiveness of soil protection methods to control water erosion

Kjimeht'-Ev, A.I.iakin, P.D.ozdov, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of soil protection system in crop farming in the Orenburg Region

Krut'-, V.; Koreshkov, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of soil protection tillage and prospects of its improvement

Kunitsa, N.; Vyblov, B.1; Miloserdov, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of soil protection tillage under extreme conditions of the 1979

Smith, K.; Branson, J., 2000:
Effectiveness of soil residual herbicides in roundup ready (Glyphosate-tolerant) cotton programs

Sidorenko, N.; Kartamyshev, N.1; Poriadin, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of soil slotting as a method of erosion, USSR.1

Dudnyk, S.; Plieshkov, K., 1975:
Effectiveness of soil slotting i

Mal"tsev, Im, 1980:
Effectiveness of soil-protection complex on the slopes of the V.V. Dokuchaev Experimental-Production Farm

Skorodumov, A.; Zozulia, I., 1975:
Effectiveness of soil-protective crop rotations for erosion control in the forest-steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Poluektov, G.; Bogatyrev, N.1; Kraevskii, A., 1982:
Effectiveness of soil-protective technology in the cultivation of winter wheat Erosion control, Voroshilovgrad Region, Ukrainian SSR.1

Urban, R.Z.torska, A., 1977:
Effectiveness of solutions used in direct purchasing of slaughter livestock

Andrejic, M.S.ojanovic, S., 1981:
Effectiveness of some Sr genes to some physiological races and biotypes of Puccinia graminis Pers. f. sp. tritici Erikss. et Henn

Karadzhov, S., 1975:
Effectiveness of some Trichogram

Kadyrov, K.O.iddinov, M., 1979:
Effectiveness of some acaricides for the control of Tetranychus urticae in the Kashka Darya Region Cotton pest.1

Fetvadzhiev, V.D.nev, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of some agrotechni

Mlesnita, V., 1971:
Effectiveness of some annual legumes as preceding crops of winter cereals

Bychenko, Ni, 1974:
Effectiveness of some antibiotics in control of diseases of vegetable crops in glasshouses

Bahar, M.H.bibullah; Islam, M.A.inul; Mannan, M.A.dul; Uddin, M.J.shim, 2007:
Effectiveness of some botanical extracts on bean aphids attacking yard-long beans

Castellari, P.; Briolini, G.P.squalini, E., 1979:
Effectiveness of some chemical compounds in the control of leaf rollers

Vasilev, Lj, 1982:
Effectiveness of some chemical pr

Makhmudkhodzhaev, Nm, 1980:
Effectiveness of some chemical preparations for the control of alfalfa pests

Kolesnikov, N.; Vorob'-Eva, L.; Ryzhkovskii, I., 1973:
Effectiveness of some chemical preservatives

Banguera, R.; Sanchez-Potes, A., 1972:
Effectiveness of some chemical substances for controlling red ring disease of coconut (Rhadinaphelenchus cocophilus)

Egorova, M.; Kharlamova, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of some chemicals for the control of Rhizoctonia solani on potatoes

Dhivaharan, V.; Madhavan, S.; Thiyagesan, K.; Sankari, P.; Ambiga, S., 2007:
Effectiveness of some chemicals in eliminating Staphylococcus aureus from gutta-percha cones

Danko, J., 1980:
Effectiveness of some chemicals in the control of broomrape in tobacco

Georgiev, B.D.nev, I.V.silev, I., 1977:
Effectiveness of some chemotherapeutic agents for the control of paramphistomiasis in ruminants

Nukerbaeva, K.; Umurzakov, M., 1982:
Effectiveness of some coccidiostatic preparations for the treatment of rabbit coccidiosis

Bobryshev, Fi, 1974:
Effectiveness of some cultivation practices of taking care of potato crops in different climatic zones of the Stavropol Territory

Burki, T., 1974:
Effectiveness of some disinfectants against Xanthomonas pelargonii (Brown) Starr et Burkholder

Ivanic, J.S.kora, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of some fertilizers in the fertilization of spring barley

Gil, S.-G.H.cht, M.-G.P.ieto, N., C., 1980:
Effectiveness of some foliar fertilizers to increase Zn and Mn content in peach and grape leaves

Krasnoshchekova, T.; Panchulidze, L., 1973:
Effectiveness of some fungicides against Phytophthora infestans disease of tomatoes

Foguet, J.; Gonzalez, J.; Saade, E., 1981:
Effectiveness of some fungicides for grapefruit spot control

Bontea, V.G.odeanu, C.M.schie, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of some fungicides in controlling peach leaf curl (Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.)

Maric, A.K.vacevic, V., 1968:
Effectiveness of some fungicides in the control of Cercospora beticola on sugar beets

Le-Bon, Y.B.urdin, J.B.rthier, G., 1978:
Effectiveness of some fungicides in the control of powdery mildew of roses (Sphaerotheca pannosa var. rosae)

Mkrtchian, G.; Avetisian, K.1; Simonian, L., 1981:
Effectiveness of some fungicides in the control of wheat rust fungi and their influence on grain quality Puccinia rubigo-vera f. tritici, Puccinia graminis f. tritici.1

Utiugova, Ti, 1982:
Effectiveness of some fungicides on the control of cucumber blight

Postiglione, L., 1971:
Effectiveness of some growth regulators on the rooting of carnation cuttings (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)

Spasov, V.D.lov, S., 1980:
Effectiveness of some herbicides

Sarpe,, C., 1980:
Effectiveness of some herbicides in controlling johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) in seeds and rhizomes in soybeans Romania.1

Vladutu, I.F.itea, T.S.rpe, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of some herbicides in the control of weeds in spring oats

Glez, V.; Shepshelev, Z.; Dmitrieva, L., 1980:
Effectiveness of some insecticides for the control of Colorado potato beetle

Egorova, Le, 1976:
Effectiveness of some insecticides for the control of pear pests in the conditions of the Voronezh Region

Vermeulen, J.G.jate, J.V.rmeulen, M., 1977:
Effectiveness of some insecticides for the control of the pear psylla (Chermes pyricola Foerster)

Klicza, L.S.mol, B., 1971:
Effectiveness of some insecticides in control of larvae of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) in field conditions

Kokot, O.; Makhova, F., 1975:
Effectiveness of some insecticides in controlling the yellow seed weevil on alfalfa seed crops

Scirocchi, A.M.ngia, R., 1982:
Effectiveness of some insecticides in relation to their persistence and repellence tested on Blattella germanica, Blatta orientalis and Periplaneta americana Cockroaches.1

Bournoville, R.C.pou, J.M.chaud, D., 1977:
Effectiveness of some insecticides on Heteroptera, Miridae that are harmful to alfalfa grown for seed. subsidiary effects of these products on two insect predators

Rotrekl, J., 1972:
Effectiveness of some insecticides on alfalfa plant bug (Adelphocoris lineolatus (Goezel))

Hellin, E.U.ena, R.M.rtinez, J.S.villa, F.L.orente, S., 1984:
Effectiveness of some iron organic complexes on iron chlorosis correction in citrus plants

Takhautdinov, F.B., 1980:
Effectiveness of some methods of cleaning and concentrating virusof Aujeskis disease

Mel'-Nik, Vn, 1979:
Effectiveness of some methods of controlling Varroa infestations of honeybees

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Effectiveness of some modern insecticides for the control of cotton bollworms on irrigated variety IAN

Kaludin, K., 1977:
Effectiveness of some modern methods of prolonged resin tapping

Melin, P.V.lardebo, A., 1973:
Effectiveness of some nematicides in banana plantations in the volcanic soils in the neighborhood of Mungo (Cameroun)

Lobzhanidze, T.; Ordzhonikidze, E., 1978:
Effectiveness of some new acaricides for the control of Tetranychus viennensis Zach

Danko, J., 1975:
Effectiveness of some new herbicides in the production of tobacco

Jarowaja, N., 1975:
Effectiveness of some new seed dressings without mercury in control of sugarbeet black leg. i

Jarowaja, N., 1975:
Effectiveness of some new seed dressings without mercury in control of sugarbeet black leg. iI

Micinski, B.R.szkiewicz, M., 1971:
Effectiveness of some organic phosphorus insecticides in control of the hop aphid (Phorodon humuli Schr.)

Mikhailenko, Vk, 1976:
Effectiveness of some organophosphoric and chlorine-containing compounds in the treatment of sheep infestation with Wohlfahrtia larvae

Zdarkova, E.H.rak, E., 1981:
Effectiveness of some perspective insecticides for store mites

Abd-Elhafez, Ma, 1983:
Effectiveness of some pesticides against Tetranychus arabicus Attiah on peach trees

Kokovic, V., 1971:
Effectiveness of some pesticides in the protection of grapes

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Effectiveness of some phosphororganic insecticides application to gnat control in Turkmenistan

Sichkar'-, V.; Shkvarnikov, P.; Mar'-Yushkin, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of some physical and chemical mutagens in inducing visible mutations in new varieties of winter wheat

Frolisek, M., 1984:
Effectiveness of some pre-sowing herbicides in alfalfa

Ivanov, I.; Sotnikov, A., 1987:
Effectiveness of some preparations against Varroa jacobsoni

Mladenov, M., 1977:
Effectiveness of some preparations for the control of Fusarium graminearum in wheat

Ternovoi, Vi, 1976:
Effectiveness of some preparations for the treatment of sheep infested by Wohlfahrtia larvae

Dzerzhinskii, V.; Dzhurabaev, S., 1982:
Effectiveness of some preparations in treating coccidiosis in swine

Lobzhanidze, T.; Siradze, S., 1986:
Effectiveness of some pyrethroid preparations against the main apple pests

Przybylski, Z., 1976:
Effectiveness of some seed dressings in the control of the snow mold (Fusarium nivale Fr.) on the Dankowskie Zlote rye variety in a piedmont area

Bhardwaj, N.H.nsra, B., 1983:
Effectiveness of some selected modes of communication in inparting knowledge to the members of Ladies Charcha Mandals of Ludhiana District

Parfenov, Is, 1978:
Effectiveness of some therapeutic forms of antibiotics for Salmonella infection of piglets

Paulian, F.M.stea, D.S.punaru, T.V.inescu, I.B.rbulescu, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of some types of granular insecticides in preventing the attacks of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubialis Hb.) larvae (I--1976 assortment)

Grisenko, G.; Sotula, T., 1978:
Effectiveness of sorghum seed dressing preparations

Baranova, I.; Fatiukhina, E., 1977:
Effectiveness of sound regimes of labor and recreation in dairy cattle husbandry

Vechar, A.; Pushkina, H.; Rashetnikau, U., 1978:
Effectiveness of sowing carrots f

Kunavin, G.; Braun, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of sowing coated seeds of radishes and cucumbers

Goncharov, L.; Evdokimenko, V., 1982:
Effectiveness of sowing lupine for green forage after rye grown for green forage and for grain in the same season, depending on variety

Moshchenko, I.; Koshelev, B.; Pervykh, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of sowing methods in a fallow field

Mel'-Nik, Av, 1975:
Effectiveness of sowing sugarbeets under irrigation

Weidner, Susan, J., 1992:
Effectiveness of soybean hulls as a forage replacement in diets for lactating dairy cows

Tikhonov, O.; Chalyi, I., 1976:
Effectiveness of soybean seed dressing

Chatelain, Barbara-Fremin, 1977:
Effectiveness of special interest meetings in improving knowledge and skill of quilting among selected homemakers in the capitol area, Louisiana

Dondokov, Dzh, 1978:
Effectiveness of specialization and concentration in Transbaikalia

Pigas, I.; Tarasenkov, I.; Zhelabaev, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of specialization and concentration in growing vegetable elite seed crops

Rychin, Es, 1975:
Effectiveness of specialization and concentration in the production of vegetables

Koshoev, T., 1972:
Effectiveness of specialization in agriculture

Berezhkin, A.; Klochko, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of specialization in barley seed production in the Moscow Region

Bluket, N.; Glushchenko, D., 1983:
Effectiveness of specialization in feed production

Kucherenko, Sv, 1976:
Effectiveness of specialization in the collective farms of the central zone of the Mordovian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Shichalin, Av, 1981:
Effectiveness of specialization in the rearing of high yielding cows

Bakai, S.; Chertkov, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of specialization in the seed production of grain crops

Kovel'-, P., 1978:
Effectiveness of specialization of agricultural enterprises

Kazmierczak, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of specialization of peasant farms in animal production V. Poland.1

Smatova, Kg, 1977:
Effectiveness of specialization of sugarbeet production

Kozhar, As, 1970:
Effectiveness of specialized

Takanov, Ps, 1972:
Effectiveness of specializing in the production of grass meal

Petrashin, V.; Afanas'-Ev, L.; Gushul, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of specific and normal serum gamma plus beta-globulins in cases of colibacillosis in newborn calves

Androsov, Va, 1974:
Effectiveness of specific gamma-globulin in cases of leptospirosis in swine

Rukhliada, V.; Nikolaev, S.; Shutiuk, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of specific prophylaxis for ringworms

Neal, M.S.; Nagel, K.; Duckworth, J.; Bissessar, H.; Fischer, M.A.; Portwine, C.; Tozer, R.; Barr, R.D., 2007:
Effectiveness of sperm banking in adolescents and young adults with cancer: a regional experience

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Effectiveness of spinning-wing decoys varies among dabbling duck species and locations

Mordovets'-, O.; Holovin, V.1; Nahorniuk, P., 1981:
Effectiveness of split applicatio

Mordovets, A.; Golovin, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of split application of herbicides in maize crops

Tailakov, N.M.medkhanov, B., 1981:
Effectiveness of split application of microfertilizers Cotton yields.1

Dolot, Nk, 1981:
Effectiveness of split application of ramrode in the cultivation of bulb onions from seed Herbicides.1

Mordovets, A.; Golovin, V., 1982:
Effectiveness of split application of tordon 22K in the control of Centaurea picris Herbicides.1

Lawton, G.W., 1960:
Effectiveness of spray irrigation as a method for the disposal of dairy plant wastes

Sedano, C., 1985:
Effectiveness of spraying the La Sota live-virus vaccine against Newcastle disease in broilers of a poultry enterprise

Sedano, C.V.vo, L.1; Gonzalez, R1; Rosales, G., 1981:
Effectiveness of spraying the La Sota live-virus vaccine against Newcastle disease in broilers of a poultry enterprise Cuba.1

Lepajoe, Ia, 1979:
Effectiveness of spraying winter wheat crops with cycocel in the Estonian SSR

Mydlilova, E., 1984:
Effectiveness of spring and autumn application of some herbicides in winter wheat

Tulin, Sa, 1977:
Effectiveness of spring dressing of winter rye crops with nitrogen on sandy soddy-podzolic soils of the Bryansk part of Polesye

Pisarev, Ba, 1979:
Effectiveness of spring farming practice

Popescu, S., 1979:
Effectiveness of spring manipulations

Iakovlev, N.; Kolobenkov, K.; Fomin, G.; Parakhina, L., 1984:
Effectiveness of spring wheat irrigation with magnetized water

Duch, J., 1978:
Effectiveness of sprinkler irrigation and mineral and organic fertilization in cultivation of vegetables

Priebe, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of sprinkling irrigation and chemical fertilizer use for field bean grown for seed

Skreiveris, P.; Kash, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of sprinkling of vegetable crops Latvian SSR, costs, profits, yields.1

Bagaev, Ng, 1979:
Effectiveness of stacking tree-length logs in reserve

Esaian, G.; Egiazarian, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of stand density of trees and fertilizers in t he peach orchard

Alchev, T.P.pova, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of standardization

Tsybul'-Ko, Vd, 1971:
Effectiveness of standardizing feeding of pregnant and suckling pigs in energy exchange

Santa, M.-R.M.gra, M., 1969:
Effectiveness of starter-cultures in manufacturing dry sausages from the viewpoint of taste and aroma

Muradov, M.; Akhmedov, M.; Mamaeva, B.; Magomednurov, N., 1982:
Effectiveness of steam contact sterilization of canned green peas

Morris, O.; Converse, V., 1991:
Effectiveness of steinernematid and heterorhabditid nematodes against noctuid, pyralid, geomatrid species in soil

Villavaso, E.; Mcgovern, W.; Roberson, J.; Smith, J., 1990:
Effectiveness of sterile boll weevils released on isolated small plots in Florida

Stroikov, Sa, 1981:
Effectiveness of stimulating sugar-pollen feedings

Iatsun, Ni, 1980:
Effectiveness of storing tobacco seed in packages made from polyethylene film

Lapinskas, Eb, 1973:
Effectiveness of strains of bean nodule bacteria as a function of mineral nitrogen content of soil

Novikov, Mn, 1981:
Effectiveness of straw as a fertilizer on heavy soils of the Amur River area

Inuyama, S., 1981:
Effectiveness of straw mulch fo

Kebko, Vg, 1984:
Effectiveness of straw, treated with sodium hydroxide, forming part of granulated mixed feeds

Bender, G.; Terstriep, M., 1984:
Effectiveness of street sweeping in urban runoff pollution control

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Effectiveness of stubble and disk sowing machines in the arid steppe of the Ukraine Effect on the yields of winter wheat.1

Timofeev, V.; Gulbis, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of studies of scientists from the higher education institution Latvian Agricultural Academy, faculty of farm production mechanization.1

Timofeev, V.; Gulbis, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of studies of scientists of higher education institutions Latvian Agricultural Academy, faculty of agriculture mechanization.1

Mickle, A.; Wetzel, R., 1978:
Effectiveness of submersed angiosperm epiphyte complexes on exchange of nutrients and organic carbon in littoral systems. iI. dissolved organic carbon

Mickle, A.; Wetzel, R., 1979:
Effectiveness of submersed angiosperm---epiphyte complexes on exchanges of nutrients and organic carbon in littoral systems. III. Refractory organic carbon

Lamsal,, K., 1995:
Effectiveness of subsoil improvement practices in Bangkok heavy clay soil

Afanas'-Ev, N.; Ianovich, N.; Rusalovich, A.; Goriunova, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of subsoil loosening of soddy-podzolic average loam soils

Shakhtamirov, Sa, 1984:
Effectiveness of substances for the control of Varroa jacobsoni infestations

Loboda, Ls, 1980 :
Effectiveness of substitutes of f

Aleksandrov, V.; Khlystova, L.; Krygm, K.; Nguen-Tkhi-Be,, 1977:
Effectiveness of substituting maize grain by grain of other cereals in mixed feeds used for rearing broiler chicks

Natsiuk, Mn, 1981:
Effectiveness of substituting sk

Kovrigo, S.; Gruzdev, G., 1980:
Effectiveness of successive application of herbicides in sugarbeet crops

Shapabal, N.; Kiseleva, N.; Musnenko, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of sugarbeet cultivation with low sowing rates of coated seed

Benderskii, R.; Dushko, N.1; Slobodianik, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of sugarbeet farming intensification Production costs, returns, collective farms of the Kalinovskii District, Vinnitsa Region.1

Sarapulov, A.; Musienko, I., 1980:
Effectiveness of sugarbeet harvesting machines at different combinations

Severin, V.; Iuzefchuk, K.; Poltavskii, I., 1977:
Effectiveness of sugarbeet production specialization and concentration in raw material zones of sugar factories of the Kharkov association

Srivastava, P.; Prakash, O., 1982:
Effectiveness of sugarcane trash in improving soil organic matter and aggregation in a mollisol India

Vishniauskas, A.C.untonova, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of sulfen for the control of Fasciola infection

Rastegaev, I.; Taratova, V., 1984:
Effectiveness of sulfidophos in the control of Gastrophilus and Rhinoestrus purpureus flies and time of its removal from the body of horses

Anspok, P., 1971:
Effectiveness of sulfur fertilizers in Latvia

Stamford, N.P.; Ribeiro, M.R.; Cunha, K.P.V.; Freitas, A.D.S.; Santos, C.E.R.S.; Dias, S.H.L., 2007:
Effectiveness of sulfur with Acidithiobacillus and gypsum in chemical attributes of a Brazilian sodic soil

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Effectiveness of sulphate-S fertilization at different growth stages for yield, seed quality and S uptake of canola in northeastern Saskatchewan. (vol 82, pg 665, 2002)

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Effectiveness of summer fattening of pigs

Belikova, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of summer indoor and pasture maintenance of replacement calves Feeding experiments, cost of weight increment.1

Sotnikova, T.; Savin, A., 1974:
Effectiveness of sunflower seed cleaning

Ivanov, I.; Ivanova, V., 1977:
Effectiveness of superphosphate to potato crops in the Pskov Region

Dolgopolova, E.; Smirnov, A., 1974:
Effectiveness of superphosphates in forest-steppe soils of the central Urals in relation to their amounts of mobile phosphorus

Tokobaev, E.; Mambatov, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of supplement feedings of ewes with iodine and copper salts on the Liailiak State Farm of the Lyailyak District in Osh Region

Alimzhanova, L.; Alimzhanov, B., 1981:
Effectiveness of supplemental feeding of cows with microelements on cultivated pastures in the area around Moscow

Poland, S.; Williams, D.1; Whigham, D.1; Mullen, R., 1982:
Effectiveness of supplemental instructional materials for students differing in farm experience PLANTS--Personalized Learning and Narrated Tutorial System, Iowa State University, Department of Agronomy

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Effectiveness of supplemental mineral feeding of cows

Nazirov, N.; Kurbanov, I.; Mullaev, A.S.ermatov, N., 1986:
Effectiveness of supplementary application of mineral fertilizer at different times after start of flowering of cotton of variety AN-402

Tokobaev, E.; Iumatova, A.; Yspekov, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of supplementary feeding of ewes and lambs with salts of iodine, cobalt and copper on the Kommunism Collective Farm

D'-Iachenko, No, 1976:
Effectiveness of supplementary feeding of reindeer with urea-mineral mixture

Gonzalez, N.I.fante, A1; Schlessinger, C1; Monckeberg, F., 1983:
Effectiveness of supplementary feeding programs in Chile Human nutrition, conditions

Karavashenko, V.; Koriavets'-, V.; Zhuk, R., 1972:
Effectiveness of supplements of

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Effectiveness of supplements of antibiotics and other biologically active substances on production results in the initial fattening of young cattle. I. Use of oxytetracycline and flavomycin

Kovalenko, M.; Marchenko, L., 1978:
Effectiveness of supplements to

Sidorina, L.; Bezuglaia, I.; Gal'-Kevich, T.; Pichak, A.; Boronin, N.; Kozhemiachko, Z., 1979:
Effectiveness of surface ammonized double superphosphate with different content of free acidity

Pauk, M.; Frys, R., 1981:
Effectiveness of surface and rad

Thomas, G.; Haszler, G.; Thompson, R., 1990:
Effectiveness of surface application of phosphorus and potassium on yield of no-till corn grown on soils testing low or medium below a depth of 3 inches

Shevtsov, A.; Kontsevaia, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of surface methods of soil tillage in the fall in the cultivation of preplanned oat yields on loamy sand soils in the Byelorussian SSR Soil properties, yields, economic effects.1

Bakhar, Mf, 1979:
Effectiveness of surface reclamat

Krut'-, V.; Koreshkov, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of surface soil cultivation for winter wheat growing in the steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Lebid'-, I.; Isichenko, I.; Teplyts'-Kii, I., 1981:
Effectiveness of surface soil ti

Ismail, Saleh-Mahmoud, 2004:
Effectiveness of surge flow irrigation in Egypt

Quintana, F.; Robison, O., 1980:
Effectiveness of swine crossbreeding

Klimenko, Fn, 1969:
Effectiveness of swine farms for reproduction in relation to the system of maintenance of sows

Vinnik, S.; Pliashchanka, S., 1971:
Effectiveness of swine fatte

Polianskii, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of swine husbandry increases Large farms, Byelorussian SSR, production cost of pork.1

Guch'-, F.B.ev, I., 1980:
Effectiveness of swine hybridization

Solntsev, K.; Filipovich, E., 1981:
Effectiveness of swine rations enrichment with vitamin U depending on the sex of animals

Mikamo, H.; Tamaya, T.; Ito, K.; Izumi, K.; Tanaka, K.; Watanabe, K., 2007:
Effectiveness of switch therapy against peritonitis

Kandyba, Vm, 1974:
Effectiveness of synthetic amino

Billings, R.; Upton, W., 1993:
Effectiveness of synthetic behavioral chemicals for manipulaiton and control of southern pine beetle infestations in East Texas

Awate, B.; Gandhale, D.; Patil, A.; Naik, L., 1982:
Effectiveness of synthetic pyrethroids against shoot and fruit borer on bringal

Dobrians'-Kyi, V.; Koliasa, M.; Dudnyk, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of systematic appl

Rybak, Vk, 1978:
Effectiveness of systematic application of fertilizers in a field crop rotation on Gray podzolized soil

Smirnov, B.; Bazdyrev, G.; Zotov, L.; Safonova, L.; Aksenov, A., 1979:
Effectiveness of systematic application of herbicides at high levels of fertilizer application under conditions of intensive crop farming with cereal specialization

Bel'-Shi, B.; Barylava, N., 1977:
Effectiveness of systematic application of phosphorus and potassium mineral fertilizers on peaty boggy soil

Dospekhov, B.; Shashkova, G., 1969:
Effectiveness of systematic distribution of variants in a field experiment

Iliukhin, G.; Dzhiembaev, Z., 1974:
Effectiveness of systematic fungicides against common bunt smut, Tilletia caries, of wheat under Kazakhstan conditions

Rebandel, Z., 1979:
Effectiveness of systemic and traditional fungicides in control of fungus diseases of the raspberry

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Effectiveness of systemic fungicides and antibiotics for the control of cucumber powdery mildew

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Effectiveness of systemic fungicides for the control of pear scab in the Polesye area of the Ukrainian SSR Venturia pirina.1

Kabakhidze, D.; Shevchenko, T., 1982:
Effectiveness of systemic fungicides for the control of powdery mildew and brown rust of wheat

Nowicki, B., 1977 :
Effectiveness of systemic fungicides in controlling cabbage clubroot

Il'-Ina, M.; Maklakova, N.; Afanas'-Eva, T., 1974:
Effectiveness of systemic fungicides in controlling clubroot of Cruciferae

Rebandel, Z., 1977:
Effectiveness of systemic fungicides, applied after harvest for control of raspberry fungus diseases

Sharma, R.; Ferraz, E., 1978:
Effectiveness of systemic nematicides in the control of plant parasitic nematodes associated with cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) seedlings

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Effectiveness of systemic preparations for the control of wheat loose smut in the Irkutsk Region

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Effectiveness of systems of manure utilization Design and mechanization of livestock buildings, cost analysis.1

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Effectiveness of tapping Pinus for high resin yield

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Effectiveness of tax reduced material in village renovation. A contribution to the state loan office policy of the German Settlement and Agricultural Income Bank

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Effectiveness of teaching communication skills on acting out behaviors among four year olds in an inner-city day care center

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Effectiveness of technical and biological consolidations of the gullies at Opoka Duza

Zemskov, Vi, 1980:
Effectiveness of technical service of equipment in feed-preparation shops Includes economic indicators.1

Bylund, H.B.uce; Baker, R., L., 1956:
Effectiveness of techniques used in a better breakfast program

Bajtar, J.W.sniewski, L., 1977:
Effectiveness of technological changes in Polish agriculture

Markov, I.; Chornyi, M.; Kuz'-Min, S., 1974:
Effectiveness of technology of r

Chauhan, K.; Sinha, B., 1979:
Effectiveness of television and its combinations in transfering technological know-how to farmers

Christian, M., 1992:
Effectiveness of temik brand insecticide sidedress treatments in controlling cotton aphids on the Texas High Plains

Kravchenko, V.; Luganskii, N.; Terinov, N., 1984:
Effectiveness of tending cuttings of high intensity in young tree stands

Pacenovsky, J.V.sie, M.B.eza, M.K.upicer, I.M.rar, B., 1973:
Effectiveness of terenol in paramfistosis of cattle

Chow, T.; Rees, H.; Daigle, J., 1999:
Effectiveness of terraces

Rodin, Vp, 1976:
Effectiveness of testing siring rams by the quality of the progeny of early maturing meat and wool semifine wooled sheep

Signoret, J.; Fulkerson, W.; Lindsay, D., 1985:
Effectiveness of testosterone-treated wethers and ewes as teasers

Gorodovich, Nm, 1979:
Effectiveness of tetramisole for Mecistocirrus infestations

Gozdzik-Chloewicka, K.K.walczuk-Jakubowska, D., 1973:
Effectiveness of the Do-Ro method in woodworking industry

Miller, Merl-Eldon, 1981:
Effectiveness of the 4-H life skills approach to leadership development

Bratton, Jk, 1981:
Effectiveness of the Corps resource management efforts Army Corps of Engineers, natural resources, USA

Tucek, P., 1978:
Effectiveness of the Czechoslovak export of agricultural and food products

Anonymous, 1988:
Effectiveness of the Dairy Termination Program and the dairy section of the Food Security Act of 1985

Carcia-De-Siles, J.; Galvez, J., 1977:
Effectiveness of the FORPPA standard in estimating the carcass quality of male calves and yearling cattle

Sobko, A.I., 1976:
Effectiveness of the GOA saponified formol FMD vaccine prepared from the A22 lapinized aphthous virus for swine

Carrabba, J.J.; Talbert, B.; Field, W.; Tormoehlen, R., 2001:
Effectiveness of the Indiana 4-H tractor program: alumni perceptions

Belov, G.; Khuziazanov, K., 1980:
Effectiveness of the Ipatov method (Exemplified by the training-experimental farm of the Ulianovskii Agricultural Institute) Progressive-flowline technology of growing crops, organization of the operation of machine-and-tractor fleet.1

Dotlacil, L.A.ltauerova, M., 1978:
Effectiveness of the Mexican method of crossing sterile analogues of wheat

Olson, Scott, A., 2003:
Effectiveness of the New Hampshire stream-gaging network in providing regional streamflow information

Shavin, A.; Kudin, M., 1978:
Effectiveness of the North Crimean canal

Topolchan, I., 1977:
Effectiveness of the Shchekin method

Doherty, T.; Chopra, M.; Jackson, D.; Goga, A.; Colvin, M.; Persson, L-Ake., 2007:
Effectiveness of the WHO/UNICEF guidelines on infant feeding for HIV-positive women: results from a prospective cohort study in South Africa

Sykonnyk, A.; Gamaliy, V.; Fishchenko, I.; Plishko, A., 1979:
Effectiveness of the action and

Ervandian, Sg, 1980:
Effectiveness of the action of nitrosodimethylurea on the seed of Emilia flammea Gass. plants

Gukasian, L.; Akopian, D., 1974:
Effectiveness of the action of nitrosomethylurea on the seeds of bush redpeppers (Capsicum annuum L.)

Atlavin, A.; Apsite, M.; Svilane, A.; Mosulishvili, L., 1977:
Effectiveness of the action of selenium on the metabolism of microelements and activity of some enzymes in growing chicks

Matveeva, Vi, 1979:
Effectiveness of the action of straw manure and peat-manure fertilizers on the accumulation of organic matter in the soil

Privalo, O.; Mikhailovskaia, T.; Kas'-Ianenko, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of the action of vitamin A in relation to the level of carotene and protein in the ration

Hrodzins'-Kyi, Am, 1976:
Effectiveness of the activities of botanical gardens in the Ukraine

Nashkerskii, V.; Tokarev, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of the activities of the agrochemical center

Bakai, S.; Shelest, V., 1971:
Effectiveness of the additions of emzymatic preparations in the feedstuffs for swine

Vedenichev, Petro-Fedorovych, 1982:
Effectiveness of the agricultural use of nature

Young, D.B.; McCaa, R.E.; Pan, U.J.; Guyton, A.C., 1976:
Effectiveness of the aldosterone-sodium and -potassium feedback control system

Sych, L.; Liubartsev, V.; Zaichenko, A.; Danilov, H., 1971:
Effectiveness of the application

Kostenko, A.G.nchar, A., 1971:
Effectiveness of the application of active ventilation of sugar beet pits

Gruzdev, G.; Fomin, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of atrazine in continuous maize crops and high levels of fertilizers

Kuspanov, M.; Satbagambetov, K., 1976:
Effectiveness of the application of different forms of phosphorus fertilizers in winter wheat crops

Sviridov, Ak, 1978:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers at different components of crop rotations

Saifov, Iu, 1980:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers for tobacco cultivation

Shaposhnikova, I.; Zhurba, V.1; Tikhii, I., 1982:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in a crop rotation on common Chernozem in the Rostov Region Effect on the yields of cereals and peas.1

Berdnikov, A.; Khilenko, A.; Berdnikova, K., 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in a crop rotation on deep Chernozem in forest-steppe zone of the Chernigov Region

Gol'-Tseva, Of, 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in a field crop rotation on southern Chernozem in the Ukrainian SSR Yields of wheat, maize and peas.1

Boronin, Nk, 1971:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in conditions of irrigation on strong Chernozem

Abramov, Am, 1984:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in the cultivation of pea-oat mixture for green forage

Ivanov, N.; Losenkov, A.; Alishevskikh, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in the forest-steppe of the Transurals area

Borisov, V.; Novikov, V.; Shtern, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in vegetable crops on floodplain soils located near Moscow River

Tulin, A.; Morozov, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers in winter wheat and maize on Chernozem in the Crimean Region

Kozin, Ma, 1971:
Effectiveness of the application of fertilizers on irrigated soils

Voitovich, N.; Koleber, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of the application of gypsum together with inorganic fertilizers on shallow and crusty Solonetz soils in the forest-steppe zone of the Omsk Region

Borona, V.; Kvitko, G.; Panasiuk, I.; Kanygin, I., 1978:
Effectiveness of the application of herbicides in a forage crop rotation in the central part of the forest-steppe zone in the Ukrainian SSR

Zakharenko, Va, 1980:
Effectiveness of the application of herbicides on meadows and pastures (Review)

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Effectiveness of the application of inorganic fertilizers in cereal crops in Western Siberia

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Effectiveness of the application of inorganic fertilizers in rows during sowing of soybeans

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Effectiveness of the application of inorganic fertilizers in the cultivation of irrigated alfalfa on dark Chestnut soil

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Effectiveness of the application of inorganic fertilizers on Chernozems sown with sunflower

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Effectiveness of the application of light traps for the inspection of pests of ornamental tree species

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Effectiveness of the application of lime fertilizers containing magnesium on soddy-Podzolic soils

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Effectiveness of the application of liquid ammonia on irrigated pastures

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Effectiveness of the application of mineral fertilizers and the yield of wheat in relation to precursors and agrochemical properties of soils

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Effectiveness of the application of mineral fertilizers on swampy soils

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Effectiveness of the application of mineral fertilizers to the winter wheat in the North Caucasus

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Effectiveness of the application of mineral fertilizers to vegetables and forage crops in Kazakhstan

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Effectiveness of the application of mineral oils in virus-free potato seed tuber production

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Effectiveness of the application of nitrification inhibitors for potato cultivation on loamy sandy soddy-podzolic soil

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Effectiveness of the application of organic compound GPS in non-infectious diseases of swine

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Effectiveness of the application of phosphorus fertilizers

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Effectiveness of the application of phosphorus fertilizers in cotton crops: results of an agrochemical survey of irrigated soils in Uzbekistan

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Effectiveness of the application of potassium fertilizers in barley crops

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Effectiveness of the application of preparation Tur in winter wheat crops

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Effectiveness of the application of protein preparations in broiler chicken feeding

Bat'-Kaev, Z.; Abdraimov, A.B.darina, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of the application of stimulating preparations on cotton crops in the conditions of Golodnaya Step

Terekhina, L., 1971:
Effectiveness of the application of superphosphate with micronutrients

Login, V.; Valaev, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of systems of automatic control of the technological process on broadspan sowing units

Kasatikov, V.; Kashkin, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of the application of thermally dried deposits of sewage waters as a fertilizer in a component of a crop rotation

Kasatikov, V.; Kasatikova, S., 1980:
Effectiveness of the application of thermally dried sediments of sewage for the growing of winter wheat

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Effectiveness of the artificial insemination of cattle and heifers with diluted semen

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Effectiveness of the attenuated anti-leptospirosis vaccine as comparied to the inactivated vaccine, applied to swine under various conditions

Witas, T.S.edziewski, P., 1978:
Effectiveness of the autohydrolysis of the Antarctic krill

Il'-Enkova, K+-Sudars, L., 1980:
Effectiveness of the aviation method of application of mixtures of microbiological preparations

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Effectiveness of the bean aphid Aphis (Doralis) fabae Scop. as a carrier of beet mosaic virus

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Effectiveness of the biocontrol method in protected ground

Kolomiiets'-, R.; Sevost'-Ianov, S., 1971:
Effectiveness of the biological

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Effectiveness of the biotechnical method of reducing temporary sterility in cows

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Effectiveness of the branch

Shimanskii, Ps, 1971:
Effectiveness of the care of forests by means of triazine compounds

Chistiakov, A.; Alekseev, G., 1980:
Effectiveness of the chemical tending of young stands with the aid a device Kobra

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Effectiveness of the chemical thinning sprays with reference ot fruit-size of apple trees (cultivar Golden Delicious)

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Effectiveness of the class 14kH universal tractor-cultivator with a hydrostatic transmission

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Effectiveness of the collector-drainage system of the Mugano-Salyan massif

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Effectiveness of the combination of crops in the production of vegetable seed Profitability, RSFSR.1

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Effectiveness of the combination of split metods of the application of fertilizers, foliar dressings and the effect of a magnetic field on the formation of yields of farm crops

Domaretskii, V.; Voinova, N.; Egorova, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of the combined method of production of brewers barley chit malt

Krastouski, V.; Shapira, B., 1976:
Effectiveness of the complex

Korolev, Aa, 1979:
Effectiveness of the complex of measures for the protection of seed tubers of early potatoes from late blight and other diseases Phytophthora infestans.1

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Effectiveness of the components of a forage crop rotation Grass, legume-grass mixtures, yields, Moscow Region.1

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Effectiveness of the concentration forage beet seed production

Kormakov, L., 1978:
Effectiveness of the concentration of automobile fleet

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Effectiveness of the concentration of cereal crops

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Effectiveness of the concentration of plantations Potato growing farms, Bryansk Region, production specialization and concentration effect on yields.1

Velev, D., 1981:
Effectiveness of the control of

Balkovoi, Ii, 1982:
Effectiveness of the control of mastitis in cows

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Effectiveness of the control of potato black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn) by chemical seed tuber treatment

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Effectiveness of the control of ragwort (Senecio) species: Are currently recommended herbicides effective for control of ragwort (Senecio) species?

Roberts, P.D.; Pullin, A.S., 2005 :
Effectiveness of the control of ragwort (Senecio) species: Can biological control by the use of natural enemies effectively control Senecio jacobaea (common ragwort)?

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Effectiveness of the control of soil heterogeneity using standard plots in field trials with alfalfa

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Effectiveness of the cooperative organization of artificial insemination of livestock

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Effectiveness of the coordination of fertilizers, density of plantings and methods of care at the growing of potatoes

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Effectiveness of the cough reflex in patients with aspiration following radiation for head and neck cancer

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Effectiveness of the creation of roads in farms with different levels of economic development and concentration of animal husbandry Estonian SSR.1

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Effectiveness of the cytogenetic action of 90 Sr incorporated into Crepis capillaris seeds

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Effectiveness of the dates of nit

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Effectiveness of the deepening of the arable layer of typical Chernozem under rotation of crops

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Effectiveness of the depth of ti

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Effectiveness of the digestion methods for detecting trichinellosis in slaughtered swine

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Effectiveness of the doses of mineral fertilizers in sugarbeet crop rotations

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Effectiveness of the drainage of farm lands in Latvia

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Effectiveness of the dyebinding capacity method in the estimation of barley protein quality

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Effectiveness of the effects and aftereffects of mineral fertilizers on lucerne yield

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Effectiveness of the enrichment with the sodium sulfate decahydrate of feed rations of swine for bacon

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Effectiveness of the estrometric method of specifying insemination time for cows

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Effectiveness of the evaluation a

Linder, William-Wiley, 1976:
Effectiveness of the expanded food and nutrition education program in Mississippi

Anonymous, 1996:
Effectiveness of the federal crop insurance program for damage done by Hurricane Opal

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Effectiveness of the forest complex

Sazhin, A.; Popov, V., 1973:
Effectiveness of the forest shelterbelt system in protecting the soil from wind erosion

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Effectiveness of the forestry complex in the Volyn Region

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Effectiveness of the formal-olehyde vaccines against sheep pox

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Effectiveness of the forms of nitrogenous fertilizers applied in the cultivation of fine fibered cotton on takyr soils in the Karashi Steppe

Kalnyn'-Sh, Aa, 1982:
Effectiveness of the functioning of district agroindustrial association Latvian SSR.1

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Effectiveness of the fungicide benleit against cotton Verticillium wilt

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Effectiveness of the fungicides Ridomil the Z-58 Ridomil Z-72 Ridomil Mz-58 and Ridomil Mz-72 in control of Peronospora tabacina on planted tobacco

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Effectiveness of the gold weight trial procedure in predicting the ideal weight for lid loading in facial palsy: a prospective study

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Effectiveness of the gradated N-fertilizer inputs applied in spring to winter rape

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Effectiveness of the groat produ

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Effectiveness of the growth regulator Pydanon towards mildew species

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Effectiveness of the heavy soil tillage by means of active machines and by the traditional technique

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Effectiveness of the herbicide simazine and mulching on a fully mixed tea plantation in Kvemo Imeretia

Khudik, I.; Bezditnyi, P.; Osadets'-, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of the herbicides

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Effectiveness of the hormonal stimulation of estrus in sheep after early weaning of lambs

Zabilyi, K.; Povshenko, V.; Buhai, V.; Kuz'-Mina, M., 1984:
Effectiveness of the improvement

Alekseeva, Ad, 1977:
Effectiveness of the improvement of operative management of production in an agricultural enterprise

Ionescu, G.I.nistea, C.I.nescu, C., 1969:
Effectiveness of the incubation

Sadykov, S.Zh, 1978:
Effectiveness of the indirect hemagglutination reaction (I.H.R.) and the antibody neutralization test (A.N.T.) in the diagnosis of cases of brucellosis

Mikhov, A.G.dzhonov, I.G.dzhonova, P., 1970:
Effectiveness of the individual

Los, K., 1978:
Effectiveness of the influence of dairy cooperatives on the production development and supply of milk

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Effectiveness of the inoculation of apple seeds with Bacterium megatherium solutions

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Effectiveness of the insecticide Furadan for the control of rice pest

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Effectiveness of the institutional farmers organisation for extension--the Malaysian experience

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Effectiveness of the integration of science and practice

Borgodzhiiskii, G., 1981:
Effectiveness of the intensifica

Pietraszewski, A., 1974:
Effectiveness of the intensification of production of fundamental agricultural products in the Polish state farms during the period from 1960

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Effectiveness of the introduction of advanced technique and technology in bone processing

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Effectiveness of the introduction of scientific organization of labor Collective farm, Ulianovsk Region.1

Nowotnik, E., 1974:
Effectiveness of the investment and production costs in saw-milling industry. i

Glonti, Gn, 1974:
Effectiveness of the irrigation and mechanization of tea plantations on the Melekedursk collective farm

Kobidze, Dm, 1979:
Effectiveness of the irrigation of tea plantations in Imeretia

Poliakov, Vi, 1978:
Effectiveness of the irrigation of vineyards depending on the loading of bushes by shoots

Grisenko, G.; Iavdoshchenko, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of the joint use of seed dressers, the preparation TUR and growth regulators to control common bunt and root rots of winter wheat

Fedorov, Va, 1980:
Effectiveness of the levels of bedding-free swine manure in a section of crop rotation and the content of nutrients in the soil

Bragheto, A.M.; Caserta, N.; Bahamondes, L.; Petta, C.A., 2007:
Effectiveness of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system in the treatment of adenomyosis diagnosed and monitored by magnetic resonance imaging

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Effectiveness of the liquid DAM-390 fertilizer at the fertilization of potatoes

Ethridge, M.; Caillavet, D., 1985:
Effectiveness of the loan program for increasing net prices to cotton farmers

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Effectiveness of the main equipment and methods of introducing ammonia liquor into the soil

Hrmo, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of the main factors of motivation at work in agriculture

Zubchenko, T.; Eshelkina, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of the main fertilizer in the Altai Territory Levels and ratios of nutrients of inorganic fertilizers applied together with manure inthe autumn for sugarbeet cultivation

Zlamal, P., 1981:
Effectiveness of the maintenance breeding of pulse crops

Romanov, Vi, 1970:
Effectiveness of the mechanizati

Vagin, E.; Avdeeva, E., 1981:
Effectiveness of the mechanization of manure removal and storage on dairy farms Labor and money costs.1

Peregudov, V.; Ivanova, T., 1980:
Effectiveness of the method of blocks in making more precise the data of field multifactorial experiments with fertilizers. 2

Peregudov, V.; Ivanova, T., 1980:
Effectiveness of the method of blocks in the specification of the data of field multifactorial experiments with fertilizers. 2

Gur'-Ev, B.; Loginova, M.; Kozubenko, L., 1976:
Effectiveness of the method of periodic selection in variety line maize hybridization

Barbash, L.; Leonov, I.; Maksimov, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of the method of plow furrows for the protection of crops from the water vole

Mukhin, N.; Lavrukovich, S., 1981:
Effectiveness of the method of polyploidy in the breeding of winter rye for resistance to lodging

Sokolov, V.; Kiiko, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of the method of recurrent selection

Gogua, G.; Todradze, M., 1971:
Effectiveness of the method of utilizing natural enemies in controlling Eupulvinaria peregrina

Vostrukhin, Np, 1975:
Effectiveness of the methods of increasing the depth of the plowing layer in soddy-podzolic loamy-sandy soils with various applications of fertilizers

Kandybin, Nv, 1975:
Effectiveness of the microbial method

Daxl, R., 1971:
Effectiveness of the molluscacidal compounds metaldehyde, isolan and ioxynil against slugs under field conditions

Stuedemann, J.; Ciordia, H.W.lstrom, D.; Mccampbell, H., 1987:
Effectiveness of the morantel sustained-release bolus in controlling gastrointestinal parasitism in weaned calves during the autumn-winter grazing season

Pietraszewski, A., 1977:
Effectiveness of the natural forage production intensification on state farms

Straka, F., 1978:
Effectiveness of the natural pop

Botnar'-, V.K.del'-Skii, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of the new standard

Mikolajczak, Z., 1978:
Effectiveness of the nitrogen fertilization of permanent grasslands under conditions of the Lower Silesia region

Bakun, A.; Liubinetskii, N.; Panasiuk, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of the nitrogen of plant remains of clover in the fallow stage of crop rotation in light soils of the Polesye of the Ukrainian SSR

Zekenov, U., 1978:
Effectiveness of the novocaine blockade in the treatment of calves with bronchopneumonia

Prikhod'-Ko, Ts, 1978:
Effectiveness of the operation of large-scale dairy farms depending on the time of their utilization

Buzovskii, Ea, 1981:
Effectiveness of the operation of transportation means Economic efficiency.1

Naidina, L.; Bukatar'-, E., 1976:
Effectiveness of the output of grapevine nursery plants as a result of different methods of graft stratification

Andriushchenko, Dp, 1976:
Effectiveness of the palmette crown training of slow and average growing apple trees

Ochrymowych, J.K.essbach, J., 1983:
Effectiveness of the pentachlorophenol

Tyszkiewicz, S.K.ysiak, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of the phosphatase test for the determination of the internal cooking temperature of canned meat products

Lopata, M.; Gawronska, H., 2006:
Effectiveness of the polymictic Lake Gleboczek in Tuchola restoration by the phosphorus inactivation method

Brabbs, E.; Hogberg, M., 1985 :
Effectiveness of the portable pig sitter on baby pig loss

Siwicki, S., 1972:
Effectiveness of the post-emergence application of the herbicides Pyramin and Betanal in sugar beet

Dumai, Lb, 1980:
Effectiveness of the power regime of the system of automatic regulation during plowing with multiple-furrow plows of different construction

Lebid'-, I.; Sokruta, I.; Bilohurov, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of the precursors

Tourneur, J.; Hugues,, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of the predator Chilocorus bipustulatus var. iranensis (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) for the control of -Parlatoria blanchardi Targ. (Hemiptera, Diaspididae). Protection of palm plantation in the Mauritanian Adrar and Tagant

Rachovskii, G.T.nev, Z., 1981:
Effectiveness of the preparation

Ramisz, A.S.iesinski, K.W.glarzy, K.L.becki, B.B.zek, K., 1983:
Effectiveness of the preparation Polwet in control of parasitic arthropods in cattle, sheep, pig and poultry

Plavsic, V.P.povic, J., 1980:
Effectiveness of the preparations Okivik and Ikiprot-IF for protecting trees from rot

Luk'-Ianov, V.; Bondarenko, V.; Cherednik, O., 1979:
Effectiveness of the production

Deriev, Aa, 1979:
Effectiveness of the production of grafted grapevine nursery plants

Kowalczyk,, A.W.tkowski, R., 1978:
Effectiveness of the production of protein-vitamin concentrates with whey substrate

Railianu, Ga, 1978:
Effectiveness of the production of table grapes in individual farms of the Moldavian SSR

Rajtar, J.W.sniewski, L., 1978:
Effectiveness of the production technique changes in Polish agriculture

Koval'-, At, 1982:
Effectiveness of the propagation

Suquilanda, V.-Mb; Alvarez, Q., M., 1978:
Effectiveness of the puppet theater in a rural development program

Bekhbudov, Ak, 1981:
Effectiveness of the reclamation of saline lands on the Kura-Araks lowland in the Azerbaijan SSR

Chigrinov, E.R.dchenko, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of animal husbandry buildings on the basis of loose maintenance of cattle

Radchenko, V.C.igrinov, E., 1980:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of fattening farm buildings Cattle farming, economic aspects.1

Tkachenko, A.K.ninskii, P., 1979:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of livestock buildings

Tkatschenko, A.K.ninskij, P., 1979:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of livestock farms

Bazarov, S.G.rbunova, T., 1980:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of small farms Swine husbandry buildings, Mordvinian ASSR.1

Radzhabov, Sd, 1979:
Effectiveness of the reconstruction of vineyards

Shvets, V.; Knogotkova, E.; Sliusarenko, T.; Pavliuchenko, L.; Abdykerimov, A., 1978:
Effectiveness of the removal of coloring substances from molasses during its overall processing in the spirit producing industry

Tasheva, R., 1977:
Effectiveness of the removal of leaf veins

Kielsznia, R.K.rpiewska, W.P.tryk, E., 1976:
Effectiveness of the ring method for the determination of the sanitary standards of commercial milk

Garagliad, K.; Kot, A., 1977:
Effectiveness of the sanitary hygienic regime in the rearing of chicks on deep litter

Samankova, G.,; Valuev-Vv; Sinel'-Nikov, M., 1980:
Effectiveness of the seed-growing farms

Rabsztyn, A., 1977:
Effectiveness of the selection method for laying hens, introduced in 1961

Maishchuk, Zm, 1978:
Effectiveness of the selection o

Sichkar'-, Vi, 1988:
Effectiveness of the single seed descent method of selection in soybean breeding

Abrahamson, D.A.; Norfleet, M.L.; Causarano, H.J.; Williams, J.R.; Shaw, J.N.; Franzluebbers, A.J., 2007:
Effectiveness of the soil conditioning index as a carbon management tool in the southeastern USA based on comparison with EPIC

Kirienko, V.; Vrazhnov, A.; Vrazhnova, R., 1976:
Effectiveness of the soil protective technology of growing cereals in different types of cereal fallow crop rotations

Monk, K.; Norwood, J.; Guthrie, M., 2000:
Effectiveness of the southwest dairy center mobile classroom in promoting agricultural literacy

Kubicek, K.H.jovec, J., 1982:
Effectiveness of the space aerosol disinfection with formalin Veterinary medicine.1

Lysiuk, Bp, 1975:
Effectiveness of the specializat

Kaminski, S.W.wrzynczak, S.W.nnicka, I.C.eslar, P., 1977:
Effectiveness of the starter feed mixture with urea mineral concentrate Walczan in feeding calves

Davydenko, V.; Shynkarenko, I.; Moldovan, T.; Bilets'-Kyi, T., 1978:
Effectiveness of the stimulation

Ruhl, Kevin, J., 1993:
Effectiveness of the streamflow-gaging network in Kentucky in providing regional streamflow information

Savel'-Ev, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of the structure of cultivated acreage

Turski, J., 1981:
Effectiveness of the supply of farms in production means Poland.1

Nighbert, E.M., 1981:
Effectiveness of the swine sanitation system in the South

Rangelova, V.; Antipchuk, A.; Tantsiurenko, E., 1982:
Effectiveness of the symbiosis of several strains of Rhizobium meliloti with different varieties of alfalfa

Rabshtyna, V.; Kryzhylin, V.; Buchek, I.; Shubin, V., 1974:
Effectiveness of the system of a

Stepan, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of the system of centralized storage in the system of fertilizer application and crop protection

Luk'-Ianenkov, Ii, 1971:
Effectiveness of the system of collecting, storing and processing manure on specialized swine farms

Voronin, I.; Zhivotiagin, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of the system of forest shelterbelts

Gospodinova, E., 1981:
Effectiveness of the systemic fun

Andrejeva-Fetvadzijeva, N.K.rakoljev, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of the tank mix glyphosat + dalapon for control of dogs-tooth grass (Cynodon dactylon Pers.) in vineyards

Markov, I.; Chornyi, M.; Kuz'-Min, S., 1974:
Effectiveness of the technology

Markov, A., 1977:
Effectiveness of the technology of Burley tobacco production

Ismailova, M.S.ermatov, Z., 1979:
Effectiveness of the time of application of phosphorus fertilizers in the cultivation of fine-fibered cotton on takyr soils in the Karshi Steppe

Sonku, Y.K.ta, K., 1977:
Effectiveness of the timing and depth of irrigation on the control of potato scab in the infested soil

Mpachika, Ephraim, D., 1989:
Effectiveness of the training and visit system as perceived by contact farmers in Ngabu Agricultural Development Division in Malawi

Mironychev, Gt, 1972:
Effectiveness of the transition to cattle production

Priednieks, O., 1971:
Effectiveness of the treatment of cattle herds infected with leukemia

Solntsev, K.; Boiko, I.1; Petrova, M.1; Ustinova, M.1; Drozdenko, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of the treatment of straw with liquefied ammonia and ammonia liquor Feeding experiments on young bulls.1

Shukh, M.A., 1981:
Effectiveness of the use and maintenance of meliorative technology

Obukhov, Ad, 1976:
Effectiveness of the use of a reclamation field in a short term rice rotation on saline soils

Rjasanow, I.L.gkostup, S., 1975:
Effectiveness of the use of agricultural aircraft in the member nations of the Council for Mutual Economic Aid

Grebennik, V.I., 1987:
Effectiveness of the use of agricultural technology on irrigated lands

Taibosunov, Aa, 1975:
Effectiveness of the use of cereal-harvesting combines on state farms of Kustanai Region

Shemorakov, Av, 1983:
Effectiveness of the use of different levels of synthetic pyridoxine in feeding piglets of early weaning

Filipovich, Eg, 1971:
Effectiveness of the use of feed concentrate KMB-12 in the fattening of swine in relation to balancing of feed rations regarding amino acids and age of animals

Rubtsov, D.; Sitalo, I.; Mikhal'-Chenko, A., 1971:
Effectiveness of the use of feed concentrate vitamin B12 in hog raising on farms of Smolensk Region

Kulikov, V.; Malakhova, R., 1974:
Effectiveness of the use of granulated feeds by dairy cattle during the pasturing season

Dobrewa, I., 1976:
Effectiveness of the use of industrially produced mixed feeds in sheep rations

Mavrin, I.; Koval'-Skii, V.; Ladan, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of the use of iodine supplements in livestock production on the Zeya Bureya plain

Erin, N.I.Z.orovetisov, A.I., 1986:
Effectiveness of the use of resources in agriculture

Beliashina, M.; Eremenko, E., 1975:
Effectiveness of the use of topsoils in non-heated glass greenhouses in raising tomatoes

Tomme, M.; Filipovich, E., 1971:
Effectiveness of the use of vitamin B12 in hog rations

Strel'-Nikov, V.; Komkov, V., 1977:
Effectiveness of the utilization of material resources in fruit and berry farming

Chobanyan, M.S., 1978:
Effectiveness of the vaccine against Aujeszkys disease of fur-bearing animals

Dkhuraev, M., 1975:
Effectiveness of the way of sowing cotton in the bottom of a furrow in the conditions of the Kokand group of regions

Penihin, H.-Ivanovych; Besiedin, M.-Oleksandrovych; Shyian, V.-Iosypovych, 1972:
Effectiveness of the wheat field

Ushakov, Ik, 1972:
Effectiveness of the work of prophylactic-sanitation stations

Piven'-, Vp, 1972:
Effectiveness of the work of the Roza Liuksemburg Breeding Farm (Donets Region) under full cost accounting system

Shmatok, Ne, 1972:
Effectiveness of the work of the veterinary-sanitation unit

Kostyra, J., 1982:
Effectiveness of therapy of reticulum obstruction in cattle by the use of chosen surgical methods

Musiienko, Vm, 1983:
Effectiveness of thermal strips impregnated with phenothiazine for the control of Varroa jacobsoni on honeybees

Dem'-Ianenko, A.; Khokholia, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of thermo-chemical treatment of straw Forage quality, feeding properties.1

Bulbulshoev, T., 1979:
Effectiveness of thermostable exotoxin for the control of the browntail moth and the apple moth in the Pamirs

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Effectiveness of thiameturon in sweet corn

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Effectiveness of three best management practices for highway-runoff quality along the Southeast Expressway, Boston, Massachusetts

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Effectiveness of three destruction methods of haulms at the final stage of the potato growth applied to a seed material planting

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Effectiveness of three rapid digestion methods to estimate total lead in orchard soils Lead arsenate pesticides, Massachusetts

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Effectiveness of three-breed crossing and hybridization of swine

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Effectiveness of three-breed swi

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Effectiveness of tile drainage on Karnak silty clay soil

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Effectiveness of tillage methods in a soil-protective crop rotation Control of wind-induced soil erosion, effects on barley, maize and wheat yields, Alma-Ata Region, Kazakh SSR.1

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Effectiveness of tillage methods of sown fallow for cultivating winter wheat in the Lipetsk Region

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Effectiveness of tillage of Chernozem soil planted to winter wheat without using the moldboard

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Effectiveness of tilling vineyards with a vertical rotary cultivator

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Effectiveness of time economy in managerial work Agricultural cooperative farms, state farms and joint agricultural enterprises.1

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Effectiveness of tobacco and cigarette export

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Effectiveness of tomato cultivation in member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

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Effectiveness of tomato cultivation under film covered tunnels and in greenhouses

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Effectiveness of tomato export d

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Effectiveness of tomato production in greenhouses in relation to season and prices

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Effectiveness of tomato pulp produciton under conditions of agroindustrial integration

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Effectiveness of top dressing on winter crops in eroded soils

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Effectiveness of topdressed phosphorus applied to established alfalfa

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Effectiveness of topdressing of

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Effectiveness of trace elements in Western Siberia

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Effectiveness of tractor distribution in mechanized sections using linear programming

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Effectiveness of tractor fleet operation and final results of production Agroindustrial association of grape and wine production, Moldavian SSR, costs, profitability.1

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Effectiveness of tractor services by agricultural circles cooperatives (SKR) (based on SKR in the province of Ostroleka)

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Effectiveness of training-cum-demonstration on increasing return from coconut plantations under rainfed condition in Assam

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Effectiveness of transportation of sawn timber for export through forest ports

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Effectiveness of transporting tree-length logs on rafts

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Effectiveness of trap trees for the control of secondary pests of pine industrial regions

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Effectiveness of treating buckwheat seeds with micronutrients

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Effectiveness of treating cereal seeds and plantings with CCC

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Effectiveness of treating cows

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Effectiveness of treating cows with mastitis

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Effectiveness of treating horses with Trichophyton infection

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Effectiveness of treating reindeer for blood-sucking insects

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Effectiveness of treating resinous chips of different sizes by using the rolling method

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Effectiveness of treating rice seed with hydrogen peroxide

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Effectiveness of treating seeds of sugar beets with protective and stimulatory substances in seed factory production lines

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Effectiveness of treating winter crops with (2-chloroethyl)trimethylammonium chloride in Ivanovsk Region

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Effectiveness of treatment of childhood memories in cognitive therapy for personality disorders: a controlled study contrasting methods focusing on the present and methods focusing on childhood memories

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Effectiveness of treatment with lincomycin hydrochloride and

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Effectiveness of treatments in rows in the control of the nematode genus Meloidogyne

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Effectiveness of trichlorfon preparations for the treatment of Hypoderma infestation of cattle and Gastrophilus infestation of horses

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Effectiveness of triennial anti-influenza vaccination in French military during the 2003-2004 influenza season

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Effectiveness of trifluralin and prometrin on sunflower crops in the unstable moisture region of Stavropol Territory

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Effectiveness of twice daily milking of cows

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Effectiveness of two MGA-PGF2alpha combinations for estrous synchronization of beef heifers

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Effectiveness of two biodegradation methods on the physical characteristics of compost for horticulture proposes

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Effectiveness of two layer plowing for the control of perennial weeds on irrigated lands

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Effectiveness of two lime sources with different relative neutralizing values (RNV)

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Effectiveness of two models of reproduction in a closed program of crossbreeding in four breeds of swine

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Effectiveness of twofold cleaning and grading of seed

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Effectiveness of types of potassium fertilizers on tea plantations of Azerbaijan

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Effectiveness of ultraviolet radiators and heat plates in a piglet rearing house

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Effectiveness of units for the a

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Effectiveness of urea depending on liming, soil moisture and the level of phosphorus-potassium nutrition as affected by their application for winter rape cultivation sown in the spring

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Effectiveness of urea-formaldehyde fertilizers on soils with different chlorine-ion content

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Effectiveness of use of antibiotics in livestock nutrition

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Effectiveness of use of drained

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Effectiveness of use of feed mixing and distribution trucks in cattle production units

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Effectiveness of use of herbicides in cereal crops

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Effectiveness of using Australian Merino sheep for initial crossing

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Effectiveness of using CCC o

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Effectiveness of using Charolais breeders for industrialized crossbreeding in Rostov Region

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Effectiveness of using Chlorella

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Effectiveness of using Chrysopa carnea at different phases of its development for the control of Colorado potato beetle on eggplant Leptinotarsa decemlineata.1

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Effectiveness of using Corriedale rams

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Effectiveness of using Lindane combined with mineral fertilizers on irrigated sugar beet crops

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Effectiveness of using Protezyme in raising unweaned piglets

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Effectiveness of using R24-type rails

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Effectiveness of using Tien Shan rams in further breeding of Lincoln Longwool-Kazakh Finewool crosses of the first generation

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Effectiveness of using a Phytoseiulus race, resistant to organophosphorus compounds, in greenhouses

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Effectiveness of using a device for additional threshing of lupine pods

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Effectiveness of using a material-technical base in the zones of the Far East

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Effectiveness of using a semidry treatment of wheat seed with chlorocholine chloride

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Effectiveness of using advanced methods of resin tapping

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Effectiveness of using agrochemical cartograms and recommendations in tea growing farms of the Western Georgia

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Effectiveness of using alfalfa concentrate in substitutes of whole milk for calves

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Effectiveness of using alfalfa,

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Effectiveness of using amide beet pulp in cattle feed

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Effectiveness of using amido concentrate supplements for fattening calves on bagasse

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Effectiveness of using amino acid vitamin mineral premixes in a dry or liquid form for the enrichment of piglet rations

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Effectiveness of using amino acids and inorganic sulfur for feeding hens

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Effectiveness of using antiadhesive coatings for molded meat production

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Effectiveness of using artificially dehydrated forages in the rations of dairy cows

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Effectiveness of using assembly-line produced machines for transportation and application of liquid compound fertilizers

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Effectiveness of using basic cap

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Effectiveness of using bed-free manure for the cultivation of forage crops in a rotation

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Effectiveness of using boars judged for combining ability in a three-breed crossing

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Effectiveness of using boxes in year-round maintenance of young bulls on an open area Production costs.1

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Effectiveness of using briquetted mixed feeds for fattening young cattle

Panasiuk, Va, 1980:
Effectiveness of using budget funds for land reclamation

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Effectiveness of using cable installations

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Effectiveness of using capital investments and basic funds in the animal husbandry of collective farms of Kuban

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Effectiveness of using carbamide additives made on a polymer basis

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Effectiveness of using cellulase in rearing meat type ducklings

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Effectiveness of using certain analogs of dalapon on vineyards of the Ararat Valley

Kosheleva, Gn, 1982:
Effectiveness of using chelate compounds of microelements (copper, zinc and manganese) in premixes for growing fattened swine

Pavlov, Vi, 1980:
Effectiveness of using chelated iron in supplementing feeding of early weaned piglets

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Effectiveness of using chemically preserved lupine and maize in the rations of feeder cattle

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Effectiveness of using chemicals in crop farming

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Effectiveness of using chemicals in forestry

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Effectiveness of using combination fences

Kabakov, Ns, 1982:
Effectiveness of using combined rototilling-planting aggregates Equipment, USSR.1

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Effectiveness of using complete ration feed mixes produced by a different technology of including lysine feed concentrate

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Effectiveness of using composite self-cleaning spindles

Omel'-Ianenko, I.; Vlasiuk, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of using condition

Sontsau, Km, 1973:
Effectiveness of using conif

Martynov, Iuf, 1984:
Effectiveness of using crossbred rams of the reproduction of the Turgenskii State Farm in repeated backcrossing

Anonymous, 1968:
Effectiveness of using crossed semi-fine fleece rams in comparison with purebred Romney Marsh in crossbred sheep breeding

Markov, I.; Kuz'-Min, S., 1978:
Effectiveness of using different

Andronova, Ta, 1973:
Effectiveness of using different computer facilities in the assessment of internal farm planning

Kliuikov, Vf, 1980:
Effectiveness of using different feeds

Makartsev, N.; Khadanovich, I.; Vershinina, R.; Bol'-Shechenko, R.; Sorokina, N., 1978:
Effectiveness of using different mixed feeds and premixes by young swine under commercial maintenance

Doroserdov, Sg, 1983:
Effectiveness of using domestic pheromone traps for codling moth

Ivanova, Ef, 1977:
Effectiveness of using drainage-irrigation systems in the Liningrad Region

Glushchenko, E.G.ushchenko, L., 1981:
Effectiveness of using drained lands in the Ternopol Region

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Effectiveness of using dried larvae of house flies for feeding chicks

Babak, Bd, 1977:
Effectiveness of using dry feeds in fur farming

Zinatullin, M.M., 1980:
Effectiveness of using dry virus-vaccine from strain BUK-628 against the Aujeszkys disease of pigs

Snegovoi, Vs, 1977:
Effectiveness of using ecologic factors in the growing of forage crops on irrigated lands

Shesteren'-, V.; Gurgenidze, I., 1981:
Effectiveness of using electric power for supplying heat in animal husbandry

Budzko, I.; Vershin, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of using energy

Garachau, I.; Barysenka, E., 1979:
Effectiveness of using enzymatic

Ezdakov, Nv, 1975:
Effectiveness of using enzyme preparations in the agriculture of the USSR

Dryga, N.; Tsukanov, V., 1973 :
Effectiveness of using enzyme preparations in the compositio n of mixed feeds in raising early-aged piglets

Buinyi, A.; Grigor'-Ev, N., 1975:
Effectiveness of using feed energy and the deposition of lipids in the organism of meat chicks as affected by rations with different levels of energy

Alfimtsev, N.; Belenov, V., 1982:
Effectiveness of using feed energy by calves at different levels of lysine in the feed

Dobreva, I., 1976:
Effectiveness of using feed mixes in sheep rations

Iurgin, Sa, 1973:
Effectiveness of using feed mixtures in the rations of lactating cows

Orlov, L.; Grigor'-Ev, N.; Malenko, G., 1978:
Effectiveness of using feed nutrients and the composition of carcasses of meat chicks as affected by the energy value of rations

Kornilov, Iud, 1973:
Effectiveness of using feeds and net costs of livestock products

Olefirenko, Sh, 1975:
Effectiveness of using feeds in

Sirotkin, Ag, 1981:
Effectiveness of using fertilizers on farms with complex chemicalization

Tarasenko, M.; Medvedeva, N., 1978:
Effectiveness of using film covers for growing apple rootstocks in central areas of the non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Korennoi, P.; Golovinskii, I.1; Gerun, N., 1981 :
Effectiveness of using fixed capitals of fruit growing farms State farms of the forest-steppe zone of the Ukraine.1

Huseinov, Dm, 1978:
Effectiveness of using fixed pro

Sopil'-Niak, Iu, 1980:
Effectiveness of using fixed production capital in agriculture

Maide, H., 1976:
Effectiveness of using fixed production capital in plant industry and animal husbandry

Solovei, G., 1981:
Effectiveness of using fixed production capital in swine husbandry

Riga, M., 1976:
Effectiveness of using fixed production capital of the collective farms in the Cherkassy Region

Gerun, Ni, 1976:
Effectiveness of using fixed productive capital in fruit farms

Karatov, Am, 1982:
Effectiveness of using for reproduction young ewes and yearlings of the Grozny breed

Gavrilova, Oa, 1984:
Effectiveness of using forms of domestic tylosin antibiotics

Kul'-Minskaia, La, 1976:
Effectiveness of using fumigants for the control of Phylloxera in the Beshtau grapevine state farm in the Stavropol Territory

Bychkov, Bn, 1981:
Effectiveness of using gas-powder weld surfacing

Lohhinov, V.; Maiko, T., 1976:
Effectiveness of using grafted material of the spruce

Shchukin, A.; Ruban, L., 1977:
Effectiveness of using grain combines

Shekenov, Esh, 1978:
Effectiveness of using granulated herbage meal from alfalfa for fattening young animals

Naumkin, Np, 1977:
Effectiveness of using granulated supplement feeds in summer rations of highly productive cows

Vysotskaia, V.; Glazov, A.; Chikov, A.; Chernova, N., 1975:
Effectiveness of using granules in rations for lactating cows

Shcherbakov, Ak, 1980:
Effectiveness of using green forages on a continuous basis during the summer indoor keeping of dairy cows Includes mechanization, quality of the feeds and production costs.1

Burnazov, Ai, 1972:
Effectiveness of using groundwater for irrigating farm crops

Kravchenko, N.; Kucherenko, A.1; Tret'-Iakov, A., 1981:
Effectiveness of using half-blood Australian Merino sheep Crossing rams with ewes of the Caucasian breed, Krasnodar Territory.1

Borisovets, K.; Maksiatkina, N., 1974:
Effectiveness of using haylage in cow feed rations

Iadrintsev, A.; Muchukov, M., 1973:
Effectiveness of using haylage in feeding calves

Rasstrigin, V.; Tsybikdorzhiev, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of using heat exchange devices on farms in Siberia

Stoimenova, I.I.ieva, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of using herbicide

Baranova, M.; Belikov, I.; Beloshapkin, S.; Shatokhin, A., 1975:
Effectiveness of using herbicides in soybean crops of the Far East

Kolesnikov, V.; Sidorov, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of using herbicides in vegetable crop rotation

Danilenko, I.; Bogdanov, G.; Skoriatina, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of using high lysine maize for feeding pigs

Barun, V.; Ignatov, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of using high-capacity trucks in harvesting-transporting operations Costs.1

Parasiuk, I.A.drusishin, P.A.tonovskii, V., 1977:
Effectiveness of using hybrid swine in farm groups

Strekozov, N.; Turbina, G., 1978:
Effectiveness of using improvement bulls for increasing the productivity of cows

Bakanov, V.; Davydova, L.; Men'-Kin, V.; Ovsishcher, B., 1972:
Effectiveness of using increased doses of mineral fertilizers in feed production for ruminants

Mavrin, I.; Koval'-Skii, V.; Ladan, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of using iodine supplements in animal husbandry of the Zeya-Bureya Plain

Pavlov, Vi, 1980:
Effectiveness of using iron by piglets of early weaning

Aliev, E.; Vartanov, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of using irrigated lands in the USSR

Vovchenko, A.; Lohvynenko, I., 1980:
Effectiveness of using irrigatio

Ermakova, Ig, 1978:
Effectiveness of using irrigation and applying fertilizers in sugarbeet growing

Demin, A.; Mestechkin, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of using irrigation water by spring wheat in different natural zones of the Middle region

Gavrilova, Nn, 1981:
Effectiveness of using irrigation water in the Volgograd Region part of the Transvolga area

Solntsev, K.P.vniak, I.Z.bolotskii, V.Z.erebilov, A.H.nnig, A.J.roch, H.K.nek, R.S.lobiza, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of using kormogrizin

Pavlenko, Iev, 1977:
Effectiveness of using labor resources on collective farms

Kolesnikov, I.; Gladilin, A.; Berestovskaia, L., 1982:
Effectiveness of using land resources in fruit growing state farms of the association Stavropolplodoprom

Iukhnov, N.; Klots, S., 1982:
Effectiveness of using land resources under conditions of interfarm cooperation

Glushchenko, D., 1976:
Effectiveness of using lands occupied by forage crops

Banova, La, 1982:
Effectiveness of using lands on complete system fishery farms

Nahulevych, Li, 1984:
Effectiveness of using liquid co

Tsipko, A.; Tkachuk, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of using liquid manure in intensive fruiting apple plantations

Vankeev, Z.; Nakozin, V.; Zhaltsaraev, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of using loose and granulated mixtures

Soloviova, Nv, 1979:
Effectiveness of using major pro

Dudnyk, Gia, 1976:
Effectiveness of using maps in forestry enterprise production

Dupenko, O.; Sabanova, N.; Popov, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of using marker rams for selection of ewes for artificial insemination

Tkachuk, A.; Feshchenko, P., 1978:
Effectiveness of using material

Derevtsov, I.; Shakuro, L., 1979:
Effectiveness of using material-technical basis of farm enterprises in Western Siberia

Oliarskii, Gl, 1980:
Effectiveness of using meal from Iodka in the rations of dairy cows

Barannik, V.; Zhorov, V.; Galinskaia, M.; Liubchenko, M.; Artemenko, A., 1976:
Effectiveness of using microfertilizers from sea water by various crops

Morozov, N.; Palkin, G., 1976:
Effectiveness of using milking devices in large dairy farms and complexes

Kozynets'-, Mv, 1974:
Effectiveness of using mineral f

Laretin, Na, 1984:
Effectiveness of using mineral fertilizers on irrigated meadows with different types of grass and legume stands

Berzin'-, I.; Zakharchenko, S.Z.kharchenko, I., 1970:
Effectiveness of using mixed feed with various particle sizes in baby pig feeding and fattening swine for bacon

Skavaruk, V.; Shavkun, V.; Lagodiuk, P.; Andrusenko, M., 1975:
Effectiveness of using mixed feeds enriched with amino acids and enzymes in early weaning of piglets

Ernst, Lk, 1975:
Effectiveness of using new feedstuffs for feeding animals

Burdin, Na, 1975:
Effectiveness of using new machines for timber harvesting

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Effectiveness of using nitrogen by the bacteria of forestomachs of sheep fed with urea and amide phosphate

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Effectiveness of using nitrogen fertilizers in winter wheat crops

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Effectiveness of using nitrogen, energy and amino acids by piglets of early weaning at different levels of lisin in a ration

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Effectiveness of using nutrients of rations containing yeasts by farm animals Dairy cows, swine.1

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Effectiveness of using nutritionally complete pellets in rations of lactating cows

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Effectiveness of using of honeybees in sour cherry production

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Effectiveness of using paired tractor units in the steppe regions of western Siberia

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Effectiveness of using peat bedding

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Effectiveness of using pectavamo

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Effectiveness of using pecto-foe

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Effectiveness of using pelletized feedstuffs for the fattening of young cattle

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Effectiveness of using photosynthetically active radiation in the true photosynthesis and biomass formation in plants

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Effectiveness of using polymers in food producing industries Packing materials.1

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Effectiveness of using polyvinyl chloride in the production of meat chickens

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Effectiveness of using potat

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Effectiveness of using poultry meat after mechanical deboning

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Effectiveness of using premixes in feeding pregnant and nursing sows

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Effectiveness of using pressed grape wastes for fattening young cattle

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Effectiveness of using production funds in Karakul sheep farming

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Effectiveness of using productive capital for agricultural purposes in state farms and factories of the Moldavian Winemaking Firm

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Effectiveness of using protein for the production of milk

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Effectiveness of using protein in sheephusbandry

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Effectiveness of using protein of feedstuffs in pig husbandry

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Effectiveness of using protein vitamin mineral supplements for meat fattening of swine in the Turkmen SSR

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