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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15648

Chapter 15648 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shkunkova, I.; Tkachuk, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of using protein, vitamin, and mineral supplements in barley and potato rations for pregnant sows

Tkachev, I.; Grigorov, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of using proteins from microbiological synthesis in animal husbandry

Varfolomeev, I.; Aleksandrov, B.; Silkin, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of using purebred dams

Kappes, S.; Schmidt, S., 2002:
Effectiveness of using quicktime movies in an introductory food science and human nutrition course as affected by learning styles

Nozdrin, Mt, 1978:
Effectiveness of using rations w

Posibeev, Ga, 1976:
Effectiveness of using reclaimed lands for growing vegetables

Lozovoi, Vg, 1983:
Effectiveness of using reclaimed lands in the Kaliningrad Region

Mavlani, M.; Khalmurzaeva, B.; Azimkhodzhaeva, M.; Iuldasheva, L.; Ashurov, Z., 1978:
Effectiveness of using riboflavin synthesized by yeast in the rations of young Uzbek Bronze turkeys

Gerashchenko, N.; Shubin, A., 1978 :
Effectiveness of using santoquin with different levels of vitamin A in cow rations

Varfolomeev, G.; Mavrina, S., 1976:
Effectiveness of using sewage from a swine fattening complex for irrigating meadow pasture forages

Krasnov, I.; Stepanichev, V.; Fonarev, A.; Rybakova, M.; Zubkov, N.; Rodin, N., 1980:
Effectiveness of using shallow fissure drainage on fields for the production of milled peat

Pol'-Shchykova, Mv, 1972:
Effectiveness of using silage of

Petrova, O., 1978:
Effectiveness of using slopes in

Fedenko, Pia, 1980:
Effectiveness of using sodium selenite for increasing the productivity of sheep

Ignatovich, Ai, 1976:
Effectiveness of using soil erosion control measures on the Kulundinskii State Farm in the Altai Territory

Amarbaev, A.; Paducheva, A.; Abbasov, B.; Aripov, R.B.baev, I., 1978:
Effectiveness of using some anabolic preparations in the fattening of sheep

Sorokina, N.; Mal'-Tsev, V., 1978:
Effectiveness of using soybeans for feeding cattle and poultry

Tserzovski, G.S.nntag, S., 1970:
Effectiveness of using special tank trucks for milk transport

Vorman, Ba, 1981:
Effectiveness of using standard aggregates in the Main Volga Hydrologic System

Singaevskii, Io, 1977:
Effectiveness of using stationary mechanized storehouses for storing sugarbeets

Andreeva, T.; Bobrov, V.; Borisenko, E., 1974:
Effectiveness of using stored moist grain in fattening young cattle

Shevchenko, Nk, 1978:
Effectiveness of using straw as a component of complete ration feed mixes

Solntsev, K.B.iko, I1; Belenchuk, V1; Ptutsyn, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of using straw treated with sodium hydroxide in cattle rations Effect on milk productivity.1

Krotov, E.; Mogilevskii, I., 1975:
Effectiveness of using tanks for storage of fruit purees

Plotnikov, S.; Goriachkina, V., 1982:
Effectiveness of using technical means for harvesting sea buckthorn Farm machinery.1

Konnova, If, 1982:
Effectiveness of using technical resources on specialized poultry farms of the Stavropol Territory

Porfoev, Vi, 1978:
Effectiveness of using the AKPP-3,6 unit for the cultivation of annual crops in the Karelian ASSR

Shtiglitts, E., 1971:
Effectiveness of using the Kirovets K-700 tractors

Makarau, Il, 1972:
Effectiveness of using the S

Levitanus, A.; Korsun, N., 1974:
Effectiveness of using the T-150 and T-150K tractors in agriculture

Naumov, S.; Kriuchkov, M.1; Kostin, I., 1981:
Effectiveness of using the combined aggregate-KA-3,6 Effects of soil tillage on barley and wheat yields, Ryazan Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1

Provatorov, G.; Fesina, B., 1977:
Effectiveness of using the energ

Herkiial, Om, 1982:
Effectiveness of using the moist

Shvets'-, D.L.syna, M.P.-Iatachenko, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of using tractors for transporting work

Izmailov, A.Yu, 2006:
Effectiveness of using transport units for carrying wilted grass fodder

Koteleiianeetis, Viktor-Ivanovich, 1980:
Effectiveness of using transportation in agriculture

Vtorykh, E.; Skorobogatykh, N., 1979:
Effectiveness of using urea and urea concentrate for fattening young cattle

Kusainov, K., 1976:
Effectiveness of using urea in rations of dairy cattle

Safonov, Vs, 1979:
Effectiveness of using urea in rations of young bulls in relation to forms of its feeding

Aitova, M.; Potapenko, V.; Kosharov, A.; Piatkovskii, B.S.mmer, A., 1982:
Effectiveness of using urea nitrogen by lactating cows

Deviatkin, Ai, 1973:
Effectiveness of using urea, vitamins and premixes in fattening young cattle with beet pulp

Kudriashov, Vm, 1976:
Effectiveness of using urea-mineral-vitamin supplements for feeding dairy cows

Sontsau, K.; Chumachenka, V.; Barysenka, E., 1973:
Effectiveness of using vario

Iopa, Va, 1972:
Effectiveness of using various phosphorus feed supplements in milch cow rations

Onokhina, Zhf, 1975:
Effectiveness of using vermiculite in protected cultivation

Naidenova, Ns, 1975:
Effectiveness of using vitamin B2 in swine feed rations

Tymchenko, O.; Samusenko, A., 1970:
Effectiveness of using vitaminiz

Omel'-Chenko, Lo, 1975:
Effectiveness of using vitamins

Ptak, Ei, 1982:
Effectiveness of using vitamins Bc, C and U in mixed feeds for early weaned piglets

Brytskov, V.; Stratiichuk, M., 1982:
Effectiveness of using vitamins in beef production and in improving its quality

Karev, V.A.iev, E., 1978:
Effectiveness of using water resources in agriculture

Raskin, Gf, 1979:
Effectiveness of using water resources in irrigated farming

Nurmatov, R.K.ndov, A1; Shermatov, N1; Iaminov, T., 1981:
Effectiveness of using water-nutritive resources by new promising varieties of cotton Irrigation and fertilizer experiments.1

Martynov, S.; Sokolov, I., 1982:
Effectiveness of using wheat, triticale and rye in the diets of growing swine

Trebukov, V.; Ivasnova, M.; Smeklalov, N.; Dziuba, N., 1977:
Effectiveness of using whole milk substitutes of different formulas in rearing calves on the Voronovo commercial farm

Iatsenko, Li, 1978:
Effectiveness of using wholesome

Kliukach, Li, 1978:
Effectiveness of using working capital on state farms and in agroindustrial associations

Kurbatov, Id, 1978:
Effectiveness of using working time in farm production

Shcherbakov, I.; Tarichenko, I.; Pontelimonov, I., 1974:
Effectiveness of using young sows in relation to different weaning dates for piglets

Kobakhidze, Mn, 1974:
Effectiveness of using zinc fertilizer on maize

Heldi, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of utilization of PP-67 strip irrigators

Agirbov, Iui, 1968:
Effectiveness of utilization of basic funds in state farms of Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Oblast

Necviashchenko, At, 1969:
Effectiveness of utilization of basic means of production, exemplified by suburban state farms of Odessa

Zebrowski, Z.W.zniakowska, A., 1978:
Effectiveness of utilization of boars

Uspenskii, Iv, 1972:
Effectiveness of utilization of certain organic phosphorus compounds as acaricides in focib of tick-borne encephalitis. I.I.I

Briushinin, I.; Tronchuk, I.; Tsybul'-Ko, V., 1970:
Effectiveness of utilization of combined silage in rations of swine for fattening and breeding

Kutakova, A.; Gorodilova, I.; Gureneva, S., 1980:
Effectiveness of utilization of fertilizers under conditions of production in Perm Region

Kliuikov, Vf, 1976:
Effectiveness of utilization of fixed production capital in dairy cattle farming

Novichenko, Vera-Georgievna, 1977:
Effectiveness of utilization of land resources under the conditions of irrigation

Kosheleva, Gn, 1981:
Effectiveness of utilization of microelements from inorganic and chelate compounds by swine

Seriakov, I.; Kozlov, F., 1979:
Effectiveness of utilization of vitamins U and B12 in swine nutrition

Makarov, Vm, 1974:
Effectiveness of utilizing Holst

Iefremova, Th, 1974:
Effectiveness of utilizing Phyto

Golenko, M.; Butenko, T., 1972:
Effectiveness of utilizing basic capital and capital investments on state farms

Fedotov, Ad, 1973:
Effectiveness of utilizing borrowed transport for harvesting grain crops

Toth, L., 1976:
Effectiveness of utilizing feed mixer-distributors on cattle farms

Khechuashvili, G.; Kakalashvili, A.; Latyshev, V.; Medunov, S., 1977:
Effectiveness of utilizing heat and cold providing device for the production of tea by the freezing method

Fadeev, I.; Chilkina, V.; Yuzhakov, A.; Sinegub, L., 1981:
Effectiveness of utilizing increased mineral fertilizer application rates under Siberian conditions with different soil infective potential for Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoemaker

Chilikina, M.; Egorova, I., 1974:
Effectiveness of utilizing labor for reclaimed lands

Tokarchuk, Ao, 1970:
Effectiveness of utilizing machi

Berzin'-, I.; Zakharchenko, I., 1973:
Effectiveness of utilizing mixed feeds with different partic le sizes in feeding piglets ans swine in bacon fattening

Tiupaev, I.; Kaleniuk, V., 1976:
Effectiveness of utilizing nitrogen and feed energy by piglets at different levels of arginine and lysine in the ration

Boiko, Rl, 1974:
Effectiveness of utilizing prima

D'-Iachkov, N.; Naumova, A.; Shaboldina, G., 1973:
Effectiveness of utilizing protein-vitamin-mineral supplemen ts in feed rations of weaned piglets in the Altai Territor y

Rzhanova, E.; Sernokrylova, L.; Khil'-Kevich, V., 1975:
Effectiveness of utilizing storage nutrients in seeds in the process of germination and initial growth of grain legumes

Ernst, L.; Makhaev, E.; Kapanadze, E., 1975:
Effectiveness of utilizing the energy, nitrogen and carbon of swine manure by larvae of house flies

Sutton, P.; Doidge, C.; Pinczower, G.; Wilson, J.; Harbour, S.; Swierczak, A.; Lee, A., 2007:
Effectiveness of vaccination with recombinant HpaA from Helicobacter pylori is influenced by host genetic background

Chobanian, M.; Arutiunian, A.; Sarksian, G., 1975:
Effectiveness of vaccine in controlling pseudorabies in fur-bearing animals

Bozhko, H.-Gryshok, L.; Synitsyn, A.; Kuznietsov, P.; Kuznietsova, S.; Ivanov, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of vaccine prophyl

Truszczynski, M.D.osek, D., 1986 :
Effectiveness of vaccines against coli-dysentery of piglets

Karysheva, A.; Sinitsa, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of vaccines for the control of infectious rhinotracheitis of calves

Ambrulevicus, R., 2006:
Effectiveness of vacuum tube solar collectors throughout a transitional calendar period

Sugimoto, Y.F.rusawa, K.M.zobuchi, M., 1983:
Effectiveness of vapor heat tre

Kapas, S., 1976:
Effectiveness of varietal replacement

Pisarev, Ba, 1980:
Effectiveness of variety replacement

Roost, H.B.rseck, G1; Huhn, U1; Killus, S., 1982:
Effectiveness of various PMSG pregnant mare serum gonadotropin dosages on stimulation of oestrus in adult sows for breeding, with reference to toleration-oriented insemination.1

Shaharoona, B.; Jamro, G.M.; Zahir, Z.A.; Arshad, M.; Memon, K.S., 2007:
Effectiveness of various Pseudomonas spp. and Burkholderia caryophylli containing ACC-deaminase for improving growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Kobel-Gartmann, Ursulina, 1976:
Effectiveness of various anthelmintics on the migrating larvae of Ascaris suum in the mouse

Vueti, E.; Hamacek, E.; Kassim, A.W.lker, G.; Balawakula, A.R.lulu, L.L.weniqila, L.K.mar, D., 1997:
Effectiveness of various artificial larval diets for rearing Bactrocera passiflorae (Froggatt) and B. xanthodes (Broun) in the laboratory in Fiji

Khoroshikh, Vt, 1981:
Effectiveness of various breeding methods in the improvement of cattle of the Yaroslavl breed

Loginova, E., 1984:
Effectiveness of various chemica

Soliman, A.; Afify, A.; Abdel-Rahman, H.; Attwa, W., 1970:
Effectiveness of various components of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on three larvae phases of Pieris rapae L

Shchahlou, U.; Kozyr, A., 1972:
Effectiveness of various con

Sipos, S., 1971:
Effectiveness of various degrees of mechanization in soil tillage

Ibragimov, K.; Shabanov, M.; Guseinov, A.; Aliev, G., 1972:
Effectiveness of various doses and of time of application of potassium fertilizers under cotton plants

Sau, A.K.rspuu, E., 1977:
Effectiveness of various doses of nitrogenous fertilizers with multiple mowing of perennial legumes and grasses

Dzhuraev, A.; Sulaimonov, M., 1972:
Effectiveness of various doses of phosphorus fertilizers applied to cotton

Yoshimoto, K.Y.nagiya, T.M.kami, M.M.ura, H., 1974:
Effectiveness of various enzyme

Krivanec, K.P.okopic, J.N.vakova, L., 1978:
Effectiveness of various flotation solutions in coprologic examinations of swine feces

Ali, S.; Rawat, R.1; Singh, O., 1981:
Effectiveness of various forms of custard apple seed powder as seed protectant against the pulse beetle Callosobruchus chinensis (Linn.) Annona squamosa, insecticides

Satbagambetov, K.K.spanov, M., 1971:
Effectiveness of various forms of fertilizers on sugar beets

Khanin, M.; Martyniuk, R., 1971:
Effectiveness of various forms of nitrogen fertilizers on crops of Mironovskaia 808 winter wheat in the central Polesye region of the Ukraine

Vekhov, P.; Khlystovskii, A.; Bogdanov, N.; Korneenko, E.; Khiazeva, K., 1979:
Effectiveness of various forms of nitrogen fertilizers on limed soddy-podzolic soils in a crop rotation

Riabchuk, D.; Liashinskii, V., 1972:
Effectiveness of various forms of nitrogen fertilizers with early spring and late non-root fertilizer supplements on winter wheat

Alikhanov, O.; Shadmaiov, K., 1975:
Effectiveness of various forms of nitrogenous fertilizers on drift soils

Guseinov, R.; Mamedov, F., 1977:
Effectiveness of various forms of phosphorus fertilizers in winter wheat crops in the Uzerbaijan SSR

Tomiku, T.F.jikawa,, S., 1972:
Effectiveness of various fungic

Drake, Cr, 1983:
Effectiveness of various fungicides and fungicide combinations for control of peach diseases, 1982

Drake, Cr, 1981:
Effectiveness of various fungicides for control of apple diseases during, 1980

Drake, Cr, 1982:
Effectiveness of various fungicides for disease control of nectarines at Blacksburg during 1981 Nectarine (Prunus persica var. nectaria Cherokee, Lafayette, Red Gold, Sunglo), brown rot; Monilinia fructicola, Rhizopus rot; Rhizopus sp., scab; Cladosporium carpophilum

Parshad, R.S.nha, P., 1971:
Effectiveness of various impersonal sources in the adoption process of some farm practices

Venkataswamy, V.K.lode, M., 1981:
Effectiveness of various insecticide formulations against brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal)

Popov, Pf, 1973:
Effectiveness of various insecticides against the larvae of Simaethis nemorana

Di-Muro, A.L.rito, N., 1976:
Effectiveness of various insecticides against tobacco cutworms of Agrotis spp

Gorsuch, C.; Aitken, J., 1980:
Effectiveness of various insecticides and application methods for pecan insect control in South Carolina

Kutsenko, Vs, 1973:
Effectiveness of various kinds o

Litynski, T., 1969:
Effectiveness of various lime fertilizers

Dietz,, U., 1980:
Effectiveness of various management practices in preventing soil erosion

Halenko, Ff, 1973:
Effectiveness of various methods

Mironov, I.; Podsvirova, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of various methods and levels of irrigation on cultivated pastures in the Stavropol Territory Yields.1

Krylova, Ai, 1976:
Effectiveness of various methods of applying mineral fertilizers in the western areas of the Ukraine

Mikhailova, Sp, 1979:
Effectiveness of various methods of cochicine treatment in the production of polyploids in the nightshade

Rublevskii, Dp, 1980:
Effectiveness of various methods of evaluating sire-rams

D'-Iachenko, L.; Gorlova, A., 1978:
Effectiveness of various methods of forage preservation

Saakian, G.; Shur-Bagdasarian, E.; Dolukhanian, S.; Esaian, G., 1982:
Effectiveness of various methods of improving eroded steppe pastures

Belevtsev, D.; Medvedev, V.; Zorin, N., 1977:
Effectiveness of various methods of main soil tillage for sunflower growing

Riabtsev, G.; Eismond, A., 1975:
Effectiveness of various methods of soil tillage in fruit orchards

Loboda, Ls, 1977:
Effectiveness of various methods of tomato seed disinfection for control of the tobacco mosaic virus

Kudlac,, M.V.cek, Z.V.nkler, A.V.clavik, F., 1984:
Effectiveness of various methods of treatment on ovarian cysts in livestock

Panfilova, La, 1973:
Effectiveness of various periods of foliar application of nitrogen to barley under conditions of irrigation

Benitez, C.; Weigert, J., 1977:
Effectiveness of various products in the control of molds of stored, refrigerated apples

Mikautadze, Mk, 1973:
Effectiveness of various rates of irrigation of young fruit groves in the Kolkhida Lowland

Luthin, Jn, 1979:
Effectiveness of various sand gravel separates for drain envelopes

Gaprindashvili, N.; Isarlishvili, S., 1971:
Effectiveness of various species and forms of Ashersonia brought in to control Dialeurodes citri (Riley and How.) in the humid subtropics of the Georgian SSR

Lapinskas, Eb, 1971:
Effectiveness of various strains of root-nodule bacteria of fodder beans in the Lithuanian SSR

Ergesian, R.; Gasanian, G.; Abazian, M., 1978:
Effectiveness of various systems of high-stem trainings of grapevine in the north-eastern zone of the Armenian SSR

Kulibaba, Nn, 1979:
Effectiveness of various systems of keeping dairy cows Includes production costs.1

Markov, A., 1975:
Effectiveness of various technol

Amozov, Af, 1978:
Effectiveness of various technological schemes of tar procurement

Huhn,, U.K.nig, I., 1980:
Effectiveness of various therapeutic regimes on prostaglandin F2alpha basis to induce parturition in sows

Dziuba, N.; Krapkovskii, A.-Shulepin, E.; Goncharov, E., 1977:
Effectiveness of various types of feeding in the fattening of Black Pied and Kholmogor young bulls on commercial farms

Litynski, T., 1969:
Effectiveness of various types of lime fertilizers

Moran, C.; Buffington, D., 1983:
Effectiveness of various window treatments for energy conservation

Dzhabrailov, M.; Dzhafarova, V.; Sheikhov, M.; Gambarian, A., 1971:
Effectiveness of varying dosage an

Marinkov, R., 1978:
Effectiveness of veal production as a function of the liverweight of animals

Zerbetto, F.; Maffi, D.; Sburlino, P.; Fremiot, P., 2004:
Effectiveness of vegetable and mineral oils, used alone or with sodium bicarbonate, against grapevine powdery mildew

Hryzenkova, Z.; Shumeiko, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of vegetable cultiv

Shul'-Hina, L.; Bondarenko, S., 1975:
Effectiveness of vegetable cultu

Kiula, B.; Karel, A., 1985:
Effectiveness of vegetable oils in protecting beans against Mexican bean weevil (Zabrotes subfasciatus Bohman)

Pushkin, As, 1972:
Effectiveness of vegetable production in covered ground

Lebedeva, V.; Bronshtein, I., 1978:
Effectiveness of vegetable storage

Chaubey, Indrajeet, 1994:
Effectiveness of vegetative filter strips in controlling losses of surface-applied poultry litter and swine manure constituents

Dimitrov, S.G.tev, V.I.raelov, F., 1979:
Effectiveness of ventilation in

Dvornik, V.A., 2007:
Effectiveness of ventilation systems improved during reconstruction of pig farms

Ichotkin, V.; Matseliukh, P., 1979:
Effectiveness of vertical draina

Belev, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of veterinarian ac

Robes, B.C.pka, M., 1979:
Effectiveness of veterinary activities

Bashkatov, G.; Afanas'-Ev, B., 1973:
Effectiveness of veterinary measures for controlling infectious epidydimitis in rams

Szabo, B.B.rnes, F.S.ure, S.K., H., 1994:
Effectiveness of vibrating bulldozer and plow blades on draft force reduction

Riabtsev, Ga, 1978:
Effectiveness of vibrating operating parts

Burns, R.; Mason,. Jr.;, 1996:
Effectiveness of vichos non-lethal collars in deterring coyote attacks on sheep

Holland, R.; Brooksby, I.; Lenaghan, E.; Ashton, K.; Hay, L.; Smith, R.; Shepstone, L.; Lipp, A.; Daly, C.; Howe, A.; Hall, R.; Harvey, I., 2007:
Effectiveness of visits from community pharmacists for patients with heart failure: HeartMed randomised controlled trial

Samarsinghe, S.H.M-Gamini, 1988:
Effectiveness of visits to farmers groups under the training and visit system of extension in Sri Lanka as percieved by village extension workers

Dubey, V.; Chaturvedi, J.S.aran, I., 1973:
Effectiveness of visual aids in relation to agrarian practices

Darch, C.S.mpson, R., 1990:
Effectiveness of visual imagery versus rule-based strategies in teaching spelling to learning disabled students

Filipovich, Eg, 1971:
Effectiveness of vitamin B-12 supplements in wheat feed rations with a varying lysine content

Poliakov, I.; Popov, V.; Kumacheva, E., 1972:
Effectiveness of vitavax in controlling loose smut of wheat

Kovtoniuk, I.; Golod, P., 1979:
Effectiveness of viticulture specialization in the Zubreshty State Farm-Factory

Zinovchuk, Vv, 1978:
Effectiveness of wages and payme

Zaiats, Np, 1980 :
Effectiveness of wages paid for the final results in the introduction of advanced technology Sugarbeet cultivation.1

Rose, A.J.; Sharman, J.P.; Ozonoff, A.; Henault, L.E.; Hylek, E.M., 2007:
Effectiveness of warfarin among patients with cancer

Woelffer, Ea, 1980:
Effectiveness of wart vaccine questionable

Holt, C.; Phillips, P.; Bates, M., 2000:
Effectiveness of waste minimization projects in reducing water demand by UK industry

Holovachov, E.; Vynogradov, P.; Havrylov, V., 1979:
Effectiveness of waste products

Ling, Ll, 1985:
Effectiveness of water fogging for hen cooling

Hill, Keith, 2003:
Effectiveness of water medication to supplement breeder cattle in spinifex country

Syme, J.; Saucier,. Jr.;, 1996:
Effectiveness of water sprinkling for long-term storage of Hurricane-downed pine timber

Smirnov, Am, 1973:
Effectiveness of wax disinfection

Kulik, Vv, 1976:
Effectiveness of weaning lambs at an early age

Fedotov, Vg, 1984:
Effectiveness of weed control

Esqueda Esquivel, V.A.; Tosquy Valle, O.H., 2007:
Effectiveness of weed control methods on forage production of Pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens Stent)

Andries, J.; Douglas, A.; Albritton, R., 1971:
Effectiveness of weed control treatments in cotton of three leaf types grown in three row widths

Clotan, G.C.orlaus, A.S.rpe, N.S.efan, G.N.colau, A.B.ra, I.S.garceanu, O.T.moroga, P.A.ostol, V., 1980:
Effectiveness of weed control with chemical and mechanical methods in sugarbeet fields

Feledyn Szewczyk, B.; Duer, I., 2006:
Effectiveness of weed regulation methods in spring barley cultivated in different crop production systems

Karadzhova, L.B.liaeva, N., 1977:
Effectiveness of wheat seed dressing preparations

Kljaji#, P.P.ri#, I., 2007:
Effectiveness of wheat-applied contact insecticides against Sitophilus granarius (L.) originating from different populations

Ianishevskii, F.; Mikhailin, A.; Kliashchitskaia, G.; Kachalkina, T., 1976:
Effectiveness of white (yellow) phosphorus as a fertilizer on various soils

Honcharuk, V.; Lapa, V.; Hurmanchuk, A., 1973:
Effectiveness of wide-row potato

Foster, Melissa, L., 1992:
Effectiveness of wildlife crossings in reducing animal

Bramlett, Dl, 1981:
Effectiveness of wind pollination in seed orchards Pinus spp

Semenov, P.; Belova, N., 1981:
Effectiveness of winter application of bed-free manure Yields of potatoes, barley.1

Gajek, F., 1980:
Effectiveness of winter liming as compared with the conventional time of liminng

Skorik, Vv, 1975:
Effectiveness of winter rye selection for large grain

Budennyi, I.; Polesko, I., 1984:
Effectiveness of winter wheat fertilizers in a crop rotation depending on meteorological conditions

Kaminskii, Nv, 1972:
Effectiveness of winter wheat seed treatment with micronutrients in solonets-type Chernozems of Stavropol Territory

Usenko, Vv, 1977:
Effectiveness of winter wheat variety replacements in the Krasnodar Territory

Butler, V.-Von; Pirchner, F., 1983:
Effectiveness of within family and individual selection for increased 3 to 5 weeks body weight gain in different mouse populations

Pronin, Bg, 1974:
Effectiveness of work in cattle reproduction

Berezhnoi, I., 1980:
Effectiveness of work of scientific-production associations

Kurbatov, I., 1976:
Effectiveness of working time in crop farming

Savonen, K.P.; Lakka, T.A.; Laukkanen, J.A.; Rauramaa, T.H.; Salonen, J.T.; Rauramaa, R., 2007:
Effectiveness of workload at the heart rate of 100 beats/min in predicting cardiovascular mortality in men aged 42, 48, 54, or 60 years at baseline

Frolov, Ai, 1981:
Effectiveness of yeast fermentation of forages

Ladan, P.; Uzhako, P.; Stepanov, V.; Tokarenko, I., 1979:
Effectiveness of yeast from purified paraffin

Mikulski, D.; Faruga, A.; Mikulska, M.; Matusevicius, P., 2006:
Effectiveness of yeasts in broiler chicken diets

Gajek, D.O.szak, R., 1996:
Effectiveness of yellow glue tables in monitoring and control of cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.)

Hasert, G.B.uckner, H., 1980:
Effectiveness of young cattle and heifer production

Epifanov, G.; Stepanov, N.1; Dmitriev, A., 1980:
Effectiveness of young cattle fattening on briquetted feeds Productions costs.1

Kamalov, K.; Khordiev, S., 1977:
Effectiveness of young lamb meat production

Glushina, Z.; Nadtochaev, N., 1982:
Effectiveness of zero soil tillage for maize growing after winter rye for green forage

Tailakov, N.S.ltanova, S.; Gurtmuradov, D., 1979:
Effectiveness of zinc fertilizers applied in cotton crops in the area of the middle course of Amu Darya River

Shlavitskaia, Z.; Rauzina, M., 1979:
Effectiveness of zinc fertilizers in strawberry crops under irrigation in the foothill zone of the southeastern Kazakhstan

Bhalla, P.; Chadha, V.Dani.; Dhawan, D.K., 2007:
Effectiveness of zinc in modulating lithium induced biochemical and behavioral changes in rat brain

Kudriashov, Vs, 1981:
Effectiveness of zinc in spring wheat crops in India

Kuznetsov, N.; Solov'-Ev, L.; Elizarova, T.; Slobodianik, V.; Shushlebin, V., 1981:
Effectiveness of zinc sulfate and premix P 51-1 for the treatment of swine parakeratosis

Tanner, P.; Grant, P., 1973:
Effectiveness of zincated fertilizers for young maize as influenced by fertilizer pH

Tailakov, N.M.medkhanov, B.; Sakhatov, R., 1979:
Effectiveness of zink microfertilizers on newly irrigated Sierozems of the plain at the foot of the Kopet Dagh Mountain Range

Shilov, Vn, 1980:
Effectiveness of zootechnical methods for the control of Varroa jacobsoni mites

Kataev, B.; Dzherikh, I., 1975:
Effectiveness on phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in cotton crops as related to the content of phosphorus and potassium in soils

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Effectiveness stability of cowpea rhizobia as affected by soil temperature and moisture

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Effectiveness tests with clones variants of the Flury HEP virus in the fox

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Effectiveness trials of retardant products used in the fight against forest fires

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Effectiveness unitizing of the K-700 tractor for transportation operations in relation to the dynamics of acceleration

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Effectiveness utilization of lab

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Effectiveness, of rejuvenation pruning of apple in non-irrigated fruit-bearing orchards with cultivated sodding of the interrow spacing

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Effectiveness, our main orienting factor

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Effectiveness, selectivity and persistence of some herbicides in maise crops

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Effectiveness--the hallmark of the natural resource management professional

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Effectivenss of parasites in the reduction of population of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nublialis Hbn. Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) on different host plants

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Effectivess of accelerated rearing of cows

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Effectivess of sugar production in the Ukrainian SSR

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Effectivess of using different sources of protein in rations of early weaned lambs

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Effectivity and applicability of Ekalux 25 EC against orchard insect pests

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Effectivity and possible use of thin layer devices for fat and oil products

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Effectivity and quality in farming

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Effectivity and selectivity of BAS-351 07 H and BAS-140 071 testing in lowland rice

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Effectivity and selectivity of Basagran, Basagran-D, and U subscript 46-D to rice plants and weeds in lowland rice

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Effectivity aspects of raw material processing in the food industry

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Effectivity in development of malt production

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Effectivity of Berbers traps of different types

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Effectivity of D.L. 50 of some pyrethrinoids Heliothis armigera Hbn

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Effectivity of Ekalux 25 EC against insect pests of berry fruits

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Effectivity of a binary prepara

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Effectivity of biological methods of herb and ornamental plant protection

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Effectivity of broiler fattening with various fattening time

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Effectivity of chemical defoliation on boll opening and yield parameters of hybrid cotton under different management practices

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Effectivity of cooperation between agriculture and industry in fruit growing, using the example of the Havelland fruit growing region

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Effectivity of crossing in beef cattle production

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Effectivity of detecting pedigree inconsistencies in sheep on the basis of the blood group and transferrin type examinations

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Effectivity of economic implements in planned development of agricultural production under different production conditions

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Effectivity of fertilizers and their interdependence with soil properties

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Effectivity of foliage dressing combined with mildew spray on quantity and quality of grape yield

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Effectivity of foot and mouth disease vaccines during storage and in case of antigen competition

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Effectivity of liquid sulphur preparations to control parsley powdery mildew

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Effectivity of long-acting tetracycline antibiotics in salmonellosis of calves

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Effectivity of malt export

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Effectivity of migratory beekeeping

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Effectivity of modelling and optimization of microbial processes

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Effectivity of nitrogen fertilization in an interaction with agrotechnical factors

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Effectivity of polycross and topcross tests in lucerne in relation to planting method and fertility

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Effectivity of propagation with the use of root cuts of hybrid European aspen and grey poplar in relation to cultivation conditions of parent seedlings

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Effectivity of soil desinfectants against onion pests

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Effectivity of some drugs against Ascaridia and Heterakis diseases in chickens

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Effectivity of some herbicides against the fungus Fusarium culmorum (W.G.Smith) Sacc

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Effectivity of some pesticides against the mouse Microtus arvalis L. I

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Effectivity of supervised credit in Kenyan small farms

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Effectivity of the artificial swarm for the control of American foulbrood

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Effectivity of the combinations of streptomycin with sulphonamides and furazolidone used in colibacilloses in new-born calves

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Effectivity of the selection by

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Effectivity of thiabendazole and benlate against rice Aphelenchoides nematode

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Effectivn soils of the Latvian SSR

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Effectivneness of lines of production with transverse displacement of roundwood

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Effectivness of adding sugar beets and sugar beet pulp to silage corn rations for cattle

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Effectivness of dinoseb-acetate herbicide on the activity of GOT and GPT in the muscle of fish

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Effectivness of phosphorus and organic fertilizers combined with fumigants when growing pine and spruce seedlings

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Effectivness of reverse input of a heat carrier during drying of a layer of grain

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Effectivness of some fungicides against Septoria nodorum Berk

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Effectivwness of tripolyphosphate of potassium in vegetative experiments with Lolium multiflorum

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Effecto of butter yellow on glucose-6-phosphatase activity: Choice of the reference basis and interpretation of the hypoglycemia

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Effecto of laryngotracheitis virus on cell culture

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Effector binding sites in plasma amine oxidase

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Effector cell recognition of recombinant BHV-1 proteins

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Effector functions of bovine peripheral blood T-cells in lymphoid cell cultures in vitro

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Effector influence of certain organomercury compounds on the glycerophosphatase of blood serum--also a contribution to the knowledge of active centres in phosphatases

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Effector mechanisms against viral infections

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Effector- and precursor- function of mannose-6-phosphate, mannose-1-phosphate, UDP-N-acetylglucosamine and dolichylphosphate in the proteophosphomannan biosynthesis of the scp yeast Candida maltosa H

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Effector-repressor interactions, binding of a single effector molecule to the operator-bound TtgR homodimer mediates derepression

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Effector-cell blockade. II. A demonstration of the reversible masking of an immune response by blockade of antibody-forming cells

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Effectors of host resistance in the gastrointestinal tract Horses, bacteria, protozoa

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Effectors of thermogenesis

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Effectos on the soil of mechanical cultivation and fertilizer levels applied to sugarcane ratoons

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Effects achieved by individual to

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Effects achieved in the work of a

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Effects acting on the variability of the fattening capacity and carcass value of hybrid swine

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Effects af applying fertilizer to the substrate and of foliar fertilization on the development of cocoa seedlings (Theobrama cacao L.)

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Effects after virus infections of the respiratory tract in horses

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Effects and Prooxidant Mechanisms of Oxidized l-Tocopherol on the Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil

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Effects and administration of the 1984 milk diversion program

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Effects and after effects of gamma and electron beam irradiation of potatoes

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Effects and after-effects of a moderate temporary edaphic drought on the growth of textile flax; the effect of environmental energy conditions

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Effects and after-effects of fungicides against root rot of spring wheat in conditions of Kustanai Region

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Effects and aftereffects of gamma and electron radiation on potatoes

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Effects and aftereffects of subsurface soil tillage in the steppes of the Ukrainian SSR Effects on barley and maize yields.1

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Effects and alternating effects of various cultivation measures on cereal yield and the nitrogen accumulation in the grains as well as the yield structure of snap beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and soybeans (Glycine max Merr.)

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Effects and applied potential of anti-hormones in acridids

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Effects and classification ben

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Effects and consequences of antibiotics in feeds on the resistance of Enterobacteriaceae in animals

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Effects and consequences of forest-damaging air pollutions for the forest management

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Effects and consequences of stress on root physiology Woody trees

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Effects and consequences of the improvement of productivity in crop production

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Effects and consequences of world exchanges of agricultural products

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Effects and contraindications of hot-spring bathing on pregnancy and labor

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Effects and countereffects as gestalt factors of genetic predecessors arising in connection with the transfer of matter from the body fluids

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Effects and differentiation of fertilizer application according to local factors

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Effects and elimination of storm injuries in the private forest of the Wesser-Ems districts of the chamber of agriculture

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Effects and metabolism of glucose tolerance factor

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Effects and mode of action of polychlorinated biphenyls (Clophen A 60) on the gonads of young Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) and on the reproduction processes later

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Effects and monetary evaluation of damage by wildlife in the realm of water sanitation areas of the Bavarian alpine region

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Effects and outcomes of village renovation

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Effects and position of epidemiology on veterinary practice

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Effects and possibilities of the improvement in the present system of wood raw-material division

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Effects and side effects of chemical disinfectants

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Effects and side effects of insecticides on pea aphid (Myzus persicae (Sulz.) as vector of normal yellowing virus of sugarbeets

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Effects and side effects of some combinations of often used tranquillizers for sedation in horses

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Effects and side effects of xylazin (Rompun) in cattle

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Effects and transport of indoleacetic acid in the gametophyte of a fern

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Effects and treatment of malabsorption in childhood

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Effects and use of nitrogen in maize growing

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Effects associated to the dw (dwarf) and Na (naked neck) genes in the fowl on egg production and feed consumption at two temperatures

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Effects boron and zinc addition on coffee seedlings

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Effects by long-term administra

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Effects caused by autoxidation of lipids in broiler diets

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Effects caused by the social position of household management and its composition according to age and gender on food consumption

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Effects caused by the weather in Austria on durum wheat harvest with special consideration to browning

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Effects concerning the prolonged dehydration in stags during winter period

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Effects diets containing some red ginseng extracts in rats

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Effects exercized by the administration of rations with various nutrient levels on heavy swine feeding: results of a first series of investigations

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Effects fo 17alpha-Methyltestosterone and beta-Estradiol on growth in the African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822)

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Effects following intra-ruminal administration of DNOC to sheep

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Effects for the bakery industry of the regulation allowing food additives

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Effects from acid rain on fish

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Effects from flow direction change to landuse surrounding Suvarnabhumi Mahanakorn

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Effects from long standing economic controls on production technique in bull fattening

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Effects from the concentration of coagulants and pH solution on the turbidity of the recirculating water used in the coffee cherry processing

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Effects if oral administration of glucose of electrolyte supplementation after a standardised exercise on thermoregulation and electrolyte metabolism in horses

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Effects in culture of two crude oils and one oil dispersant on zygotes and germlings of Fucus serratus Linnaeus (Fucales, Phaeophyceae)

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Effects in diurnal rhythm of pigsty air temperature on performance and physiological reactions of pigs

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Effects in pigs fed the crops grown in Keshan disease affected province of China

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Effects in rats and guinea pigs of six-month exposures to sulfuric acid mist, ozone, and their combination

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Effects in rats of boron deprivation and of interactions between boron and fluoride, aluminum, magnesium, or calcium

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Effects in relation to water and carbon dioxide exchange of plants

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Effects in southeastern Queensland during 1967-72 of insects introduced to control Lantana camara

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Effects in the alcoholic fermentation in molasses from sugar factories of the N.W. argentine by the adding of nitrogen and vitamins

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Effects in the rabbit of prohibiting caecotrophy over a prolonged period

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Effects in the soil-plant system after three years of application of pig slurry as fertilizer in a broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.) crop

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Effects in the technical time period on the Saxony forest

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Effects in vitro and in vivo of a mutant of vesicular stomatitis virus with attenuated cytopathogenicity.

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Effects in vitro of chlortetracycline and 3 sulfanil amidoisoxazole upon Staphylococcus aureus of chicken origin with special reference to combination effect and resistance

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Effects in vivo of beta-1,3-glucans from fungal cell walls on the circulating haemocytes of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria

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Effects in vivo of neurohypophysial hormones on the contractile activity of accessory sex organs in male rabbits

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Effects induced by different conditions of chemical fertility on the photosynthetic and respiratory processes and on the plant tissues composition

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Effects induced by fungal endophytes in Catharanthus roseus tissues infected by phytoplasmas

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Effects induced by keV low-energy ion irradiation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

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Effects induced by microbial products found in cotton dust

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Effects induced by tachinid parasites in their hosts: the case of the couple Galleria mellonella L. - Gonia cinerascens Rond

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Effects may differ from policy objectives

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Effects nitrogen fertilizers o

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Effects o charcoal of pollen preparation procedures

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Effects o the use of haylage in feeding dairy cows as compared to traditional feeds

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Effects obtained from the new energy evaluation of feed

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Effects of alpha -amylase inhibitor on mungbean weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus, in vivo and in vitro and on barley malt alpha -amylase in vitro

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Effects of beta -glucanase (Allzyme BG) supplement to a barley based diet on broiler chick performance

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Effects of gamma radiation on eggs and nymphs of Phyllocoptruta oleivora

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Effects of Emtryl (M&B) on growth in pigs

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Effects of "newer" and "older" antihypertensive drugs on hemorrheological, platelet, and endothelial factors. A substudy of the Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial

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Effects of Rapid CA controlled atmosphere, high CO2 carbon dioxide, CaCl2 calcium chloride treatments on storage behavior of Golden Delicious apples. p

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Effects of Valium on the cardiovascular system of the horse

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Effects of acid deposition on the physiology of the soil and root system in forest ecosystems

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Effects of formol induced plantar edema and two anti inflammatory substances (cortisone and mepheclocine) on plasma protein and glucose levels in the rat (short note)

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Effects of hypophysectomy by surgical decapitation on histochemically demonstrable peroxidase activity in the thyroid gland of the developing chick embryo

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Effects of mowing harvesting upon the yield an

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Effects of nitrogen on the morphology, dry matter formation and nutrient uptake efficiency of the root systems of maize, spring barley and field bean varieties with regard to temperature conditions. I. Root morphology

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Effects of rough and smooth-shell rootstocks on Macadamia nut quality

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Effects of skeleton photoperiods and high frequency light-dark cycles on the rhythm of cell division in chronized cultures of Euglena

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Effects of stabilization procedures of grains

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Effects of sugarbeet herbicide treatments on the development of maize planted on returned sugarbeets

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Effects of toki (Angelica acu

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Effects of 59Fe , 65Zn and three soil types on dry matter yield, chemical composition and nitrogen fixation in the bean Phaseolus vulgaris L., Carioca cultivar

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Effects of 6 BA on the senescence of cut carnation

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Effects of 6 levels of dietary phosphorus on performance of guinea fowl breeder hens

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Effects of 6-benzylamino purine and gibberellin A4

Matsuyama, S.Y.koki, Y., 1975:
Effects of 6-hydroxydopamine on

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Effects of 6-methoxy-2-benzoxazolinone on the germination and l-amylase activity in lettuce seeds

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Effects of 6-phosphogluconate and RUBP on rubisco activation state and activity

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Effects of 60Co cobalt isotope gamma-radiation on polyphenol compounds during the ontogenesis of barley Hordeum vulgare

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Effects of 60Co gamma-rays on the natto preparation and Bacillus natto

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Effects of 6oCo gamma ray radia

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Effects of 7-hydroxy-3-methoxycadalene on cell cycle, apoptosis and protein translation in A549 lung cancer cells

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Effects of 7-hydroxy-delta-6-tetrahydrocannabinol and some related cannabinoids on the guinea pig isolated ileum

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Effects of 7.5% hypertonic saline in 5% glucose on serum levels of sodium, chloride and potassium in induced hypovolaemic horses

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Effects of 72 hr calf removal and

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Effects of 77 chemicals on reproduction in male and female coturnix quail Japanese quail

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Effects of 780 SE on lipid metabolism in rabbit aorta

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Effects of 8--10 5 degree C storage and floral preservatives on snapdragon cut flowers

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Effects of 8-azaguanine and hydroxyproline on the division and extension of cells of tobacco tissue culture

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Effects of 8-azaguanine on riboflavin production and on the nucleotide pools in non-growing cells of Eremothecium ashbyii

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Effects of 8-azaguanine, chloramphenicol and 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole on riboflavin formation by Eremothecium ashbyii

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Effects of 8-hydroxy-GTP and 2-hydroxy-ATP on in vitro transcription

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Effects of 8-week exposure of the B6C3F1 mouse to dietary deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) and zearalenone

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Effects of 9 alpha-fluoroprednisolone acetate (9 alpha F delta FAC) and 9 alpha-fluoro, 16 alpha-methylprednisolone (9 alpha, 16 alpha m delta F) on the rate of total proteins, albumin, serum globulins and endometrial secretions of the cow

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Effects of 900-MHz electromagnetic field emitted from cellular phone on brain oxidative stress and some vitamin levels of guinea pigs

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Effects of 60Co gamma ray irradiation on protective enzymes isozymes expression in winter wheat

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Effects of A on the antioxidant systems of the growing chicken

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Effects of A, D and E vitamins on the resistance of pigs

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Effects of A1 on the content of free radicals in the roots of plants with different tolerances to A1

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Effects of ACTH and expression of the melanocortin-2 receptor in the neonatal mouse testis

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Effects of ACTH and glucocorticoids on the ovulation process of swine

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Effects of ACTH induced glucocorticoid release on hormone levels and ovarian response in superovulated heifers

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Effects of ACTH injections during estrus on concentrations and patterns of progesterone, estradiol, LH, and inhibin (Sa(B and time of ovulation in the sow

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Effects of AKT protein kinase activation on biologic behavior of diffuse large B cell lymphoma cells

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Effects of AM fungi inoculated on four coloured-leaf varieties

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Effects of AM1346, a high-affinity CB1 receptor selective anandamide analog, on open-field behavior in rats

Effets-De-L'-Amo-1618-Sur-La-Levee-De-Dormance-Et-La-Germination-De-Tubercules-De-Topinambour-Cultives-In-Vitro, 1979:
Effects of AMO 1618 on the breaking of dormancy and the germination of in vitro cultured Jerusalem artichoke tubers

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Effects of ATCA + folic acid in beans

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Effects of ATP analogs on the low-angle X-ray diffraction pattern of insect flight muscle

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Effects of ATP on DNA damage induced by prolonged irradiation

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Effects of ATP, Mg2+, and redox agents on the Ca2+ dependence of RyR channels from rat brain cortex

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Effects of ATP, NADH

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Effects of AVG Aminoethoxyvinylglycine on maturation, ripening, and storage of apples

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Effects of AVP and DDAVP on plasma renin activity and electrolyte excretion in conscious dogs

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Effects of AW and pH on growth and survival of Staphylococcus aureus

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Effects of abdominal surgery on thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and plasma anti-oxidative capacity in dairy cows

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Effects of Abscisic Acid Application on Photosynthesis and Photochemistry of Stylosanthes guianensis under Chilling Stress

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Effects of Abscisic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Ethylene and Hydrogen Peroxide in Thermotolerance and Recovery for Creeping Bentgrass

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Effects of Acanthocephalus lucii (Acanthocephala) on intermediate host survival and growth: implications for exploitation strategies

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Effects of Acclimate on the frequency and duration of aggressive sequence and growth performance in co-mingled, weaned pigs

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Effects of Acephate and Sevin on forest birds

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Effects of Acid Rain on Competitive Releases of Cd, Cu, and Zn from Two Natural Soils and Two Contaminated Soils in Hunan, China

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Effects of Acremonium coenophialum on the adaptation of tall fescue to the Gulf South

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Effects of Acremonium strictum on fruit-body formation of Psilocybe venenata

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Effects of Acrobat MZ and Tattoo C on Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) development and adult male behavior

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Effects of Aditoprim on the in vitro fermentation of rumen fluid in cattle

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Effects of Ageing and Microbial Component on Chemical Availability of p#pdCs in a Long-term Experimental Site

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Effects of Agrobacterium tumefaciens caused infection in tumoral and non-tumoral inbred lines of radish

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Effects of Ailanthus altissima and its extract on feeding and oviposition of Anoplophora glabripennis

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Effects of Alar (SADH) on the vegetative growth and maturity of sweet cherry trees Prunus avium L. cv. Corazon de Paloma

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Effects of Alar on shoot growth, fruit ripening and the occurrence of Alar residues in sweet cherries

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Effects of Alar on stem length, yield, and quality of potatoes

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Effects of Alar, Ethrel and summer pruning on growth and flowering of apricot trees

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Effects of Aliquat 336 concentration and solvent composition on amount of Aliquat 336 impregnated and liquid permeability of Aliquat 336-impregnated porous hollow-fiber membrane

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Effects of Alnus hirsuta var

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Effects of Alpine hydropower dams on particle transport and lacustrine sedimentation

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Effects of Altered Fructose 2,6-Bisphosphate Levels on Carbohydrate Metabolism in Carnation

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Effects of Alternative Molting Programs and Population on Layer Performance: Results of the Thirty-Fifth North Carolina Layer Performance and Management Test

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Effects of Alternative Silvicultural Treatments on Cable Harvesting Productivity and Cost in Western Washington

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Effects of Altosid 10F on the c

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Effects of Amdro on the red imported fire ant

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Effects of Amino Acid Supplementation on Muscle Soreness and Damage

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Effects of ammonia on cellular biomarker responses in oysters (Crassostrea virginica)

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Effects of Amylose, Corn Protein, and Corn Fiber Contents on Production of Ethanol from Starch-Rich Media

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Effects of Androctonus crassicauda (Olivier, 1807) (Scorpiones : Buthidae) venom on rats: correlation among acetylcholinesterase activities and electrolytes levels

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Effects of aneuploidy on cellular physiology and cell division in haploid yeast

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Effects of Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Blockade on (Sb(B-Cell Function in Humans

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Effects of Angora goat browsing on burned-over Arizona chaparral

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Effects of Antrodia camphorata on viability, apoptosis, (i), and MAPKs phosphorylation in MG63 human osteosarcoma cells

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Effects of Applephenon and ascorbic acid on physical fatigue

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Effects of Application of Fungicide During the Dormant Period on Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot of Grape Disease Intensity and Inoculum Production

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Effects of Aquasorb on soil and on the growth, development and yield of cotton

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Effects of Arasan and R-55 on germination of black spruce and jack pine seeds Picea mariana, Pinus banksiana

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Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizas on ammonia oxidizing bacteria in an organic farm soil

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Effects of Aroclor 1016 and Halowax 1099 on juvenile horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus

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Effects of Aroclor 1242 (a polychlorinated biphenyl) and DDT on cultures of an alga, protozoan, daphnid, ostracod, and guppy

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Effects of Aroclor 1254 on brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis

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Effects of Aroclor 1254 treatment on the in vitro hepatic metabolism of toluene, aniline and aminopyrine in hybrid sunfish

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Effects of Artemisia capillaris methanol extract on the blood chemistry and tumour weight of mice bearing cancer cells

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Effects of Artemisia princeps (yomogi) extract on human cultured cells and the antioxidant activities

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Effects of Aspergillus flavus on groundnuts and on some other plants

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Effects of Aspergillus fumigatus gliotoxin and methylprednisolone on human neutrophils: implications for the pathogenesis of invasive aspergillosis

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Effects of Astilbe thunbergii rhizomes on wound healing: 1. Isolation of promotional effectors from Astilbe thunbergii rhizomes on burn wound healing

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Effects of Astragalus on expression of renal angiopoietin receptor Tie-2 in diabetic rats

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Effects of Astragalus polysaccharides on proliferation and differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes

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Effects of Aujeszkys disease (pseudorabies) in pregnant swine

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Effects of Austrias association from the view of the European Economic Community

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Effects of autologous stem cells on immunohistochemical patterns and gene expression of metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in doxorubicin cardiomyopathy in a rabbit model

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Effects of Avena L. on Triticum aestivum L. with regard to the duration of their growing together

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Effects of Azaperone (Stresnil) on groups of pigs

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Effects of Azoxystrobin Application Rate and Treatment Interval on the Control of Rhabdocline pseudotsugae on Douglas-fir Christmas Trees

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Effects of B group vitamins on endogenous gibberellin-like substances of cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Taub. CV. PNB)

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Effects of B group vitamins on the variations in endogenous phenolic acid pattern of young and mature fruits of cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Taub cv. PNB)

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Effects of B, Mo and Zn on dry matter accumulation during seed development of double-low rapeseed (Brassica napus) cv. Huashuang 4

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Effects of B-complex vitamins on cellular and humoral immune functions in vitro and in vivo

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Effects of B-nine (Alar) on pea

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Effects of B995 application on

Borges de Oliveira-Junior, E.; Thomazzi, S.Maria.; Rehder, J.; Antunes, E.; Condino-Neto, A., 2007:
Effects of BAY 41-2272, an activator of nitric oxide-independent site of soluble guanylate cyclase, on human NADPH oxidase system from THP-1 cells

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Effects of BAY RSW 0411 growth regulator on Cotoneaster and Forsythia

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Effects of BCG on purification of Brucella meltensis in the spleen of mice

Zheng-Ji-Shan; Li-Chang-Chong; Chen-Qing-Wu; Su-Miao-Shang; Zhang-Wei-Xi; Zhang-Hai-Lin; Dong-Lin; Chen-Xiao-Fang; Luo-Yun-Chun; Zhang-Zheng-Xia, 2007:
Effects of BCG-PSN on the expression of thymus and activation-regulated chemokine and mRNA in a murine model of allergic asthma

Yin-Yan-Yan; Li-Chun-Ru; Kan-Hong-Wei; Zheng-Li-Fang; Ming-Liang, 2007:
Effects of BCPT on the expressions of cerebral cortex BDNF and Bax and the ultrastructure of hippocampus of rats treated with chronic unpredictable stress

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Effects of BMP-2 and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on rat primary osteoblastic cell proliferation and gene expression

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Effects of BPA and DES on longchin goby (Chasmichthys dolichognathus) in vitro during the oocyte maturation

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Effects of BRCA1 transgene expression on murine mammary gland development and mutagen-induced mammary neoplasia

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Effects of BTH and SA treatment and Sphaerotheca fuliginea on photosynthetic characteristics of muskmelon

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Effects of BUdR on developmental functions of Dictyostelium discoideum

Chen-Jing-Lu; Shen-Hua-Hao; Zhao-Wei-He, 2007:
Effects of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin on airway inflammation, T helper cell differentiation and serum OVA-specific IgE levels in a mouse model of asthma

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