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Effects of different substrates on plant growth, yield and quality of watermelon grown in soilless culture

Yetisir, H.; Sari, N.; Aktas, H.; Karaman, C.; Abak, K.

American Eurasian Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Science 1(2): 113-118


Accession: 015656215

Different substrates (perlite, peat, mix of basaltic tuff, andezitic tuff, mix of andezitic tuff and peat (1:) and sand) were compared for the soilless culture of watermelon in greenhouse based on plant growth, yield, fruit quality and plant nutrient uptake. The highest vegetative growth was observed in basaltic mix, sand, peat and greenhouse soil respectively. The weakest growth occurred in mix of andezitic tuff and peat.

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