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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15670

Chapter 15670 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Guo YuQin; Wang JiaQi, 2007:
Effects of rumen cannula-supplemented and duodenum cannula-infused protected methionine on production performance of lactating dairy cows

Karges, Kip, K., 1990:
Effects of rumen degradable and escape protein on cattle response to supplemental protein on native range

Vermorel, M.J.uany, J., 1989:
Effects of rumen protozoa on energy utilization by wethers of two diets based on ammonia-treated straw supplemented or not with maize

Johnson-Vanwieringen, L.M.; Harrison, J.H.; Davidson, D.; Swift, M.L.; Von-Keyserlingk, M.A.G.; Vazquez-Anon, M.; Wright, D.; Chalupa, W., 2007:
Effects of rumen-undegradable protein sources and supplemental 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)-butanoic acid and lysine center dot HCl on lactation performance in dairy cows

Johnson-VanWieringen, L.M.; Harrison, J.H.; Davidson, D.; Swift, M.L.; von Keyserlingk, M.A.G.; Vazquez-Anon, M.; Wright, D.; Chalupa, W., 2007:
Effects of rumen-undegradable protein sources and supplemental 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)-butanoic acid and lysine-HCl on lactation performance in dairy cows

Loerch, Sc, 1987:
Effects of ruminal artificial fiber on feedlot performance of steers fed a high concentrate diet

Gregorini, P.G.nter, S.; Masino, C.; Beck, P., 2007:
Effects of ruminal fill on short-term herbage intake rate and grazing dynamics of beef heifers

Taniguchi K.; Miyake S.; Obitsu T.; Yamatani Y., 1989:
Effects of ruminal undigested fiber on intestinal starch digestion in sheep fed different rations and with starch infusion into the abomasum

Banskalieva, V.P.chala, R.G.etsch, A.; Luo, J.S.hlu, T., 2005:
Effects of ruminally protected betaine and choline on the net flux of nutrients across the portal-drained viscera and liver of meat goat wethers consuming diets differing in protein concentration

Takeda, F.N.well, M., 2006:
Effects of runner tip size and plugging date on fall flowering in short-day strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) cultivars

Salomon, F.; Thuring, M.S.lomon, B., 1984:
Effects of running-belt exercise on distriubtion of fibre types and fibre diameter in M. semitendinosus of swine

Welborn, C.T.V.enhuis, J., E., 1987:
Effects of runoff controls on the quantity and quality of urban runoff at two locations in Austin, Texas

Cullen, P.R.sich, R., 1979:
Effects of rural and urban sources of phosphorus of Lake Burley Griffin

Desharnais, Susan, 1996:
Effects of rural hospital closures on the utilization and cost of hospital care for Medicare beneficiaries living in the hospital market areas

Peterson, Jm, 1974:
Effects of rural industrilization on labor demand and employment

Lundeen, A.-A.J.nssen, L., 1979:
Effects of rural water systems on local government revenues and expenditures in selected counties of South Dakota

Hemmer, Hr, 1981:
Effects of rural-urban migration on interregional income distribution

Pachinburavan, A.S.riwong, P., 1987:
Effects of rust disease on yield of cowpea

Leshkovtseva, I.; Cheremisinov, N., 1975:
Effects of rust fungi on physiology of forest plants

Sharma, V., 1986:
Effects of rutin and GA3 on seedling growth and hydrolase activities in Vigna radiata Cv. PS7

Thom, E.; Clark, D.; Waugh, C.; Mccabe, R.; Van-Vught, V.; Koch, B., 1997:
Effects of ryegrass endophyte and different white clover levels in pasture on milk production from dairy cows

Guillaume, J., 1974:
Effects of s and k genes on growth and feeding efficiency of chickens in two crosses and with two proteins levels

Kniewald, J.K.iewald, Z., 1983:
Effects of s-triazine herbicides on the mode of androgen action on calf pituitary

Hondo, S.M.chizuki, T., 1979:
Effects of saccharides on the f

Marushkei, M.; Dragunovich, V., 1978:
Effects of safety on the productivity of timber transport vehicles

Karpi?ska-Tymoszczyk, M., 2007:
Effects of sage extract (salvia officinalis l.) and a mixture of sage extract and sodium isoascorbate on the quality and shelf life of vacuum packed turkey meatballs

Carr, H.D.; Glover, F.A., 1970:
Effects of sagebrush control on sage grouse

Kaviani, B., 2007:
Effects of salicylic acid and encapsulation on enhancing the resistance of embryonic axes of Persian lilac (Melia azedarach L.) against cryopreservation

Dar, Z.M.; Hemantaranjan, A.; Pandey, S.K., 2007:
Effects of salicylic acid on growth, nitrate reductase activity and mineral uptake by mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) under induced salinity

Zhang YanRong; Wang XiaoJing; Zhang XiaoYun; Wen Feng, 2006:
Effects of salicylic acid on inhibiting Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.tracheiphilum

Kaydan, D.; Yagmur, M.; Okut, N., 2007:
Effects of salicylic acid on the growth and some physiological characters in salt stressed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Jorgensen, V., 1982:
Effects of saline irrigation water in crops of potatoes, carrots and white cabbage Crop composition and yields, Denmark.1

Wan ShuQin; Kang YueHu; Wang Dan; Liu ShiPing; Feng LiPing, 2007:
Effects of saline water on cucumber yields and irrigation water use efficiency under drip irrigation

Anonymous, 1972:
Effects of saline water on young weanling pigs stothers, s c

Twilley, R.-Reece; Barko, J., W., 1990:
Effects of salinity and irradiance conditions on the growth, morphology and chemical composition of submersed aquatic macrophytes

Yannarell, A.C.; Paerl, H.W., 2007:
Effects of salinity and light on organic carbon and nitrogen uptake in a hypersaline microbial mat

Macler, B.B.mberg, E.M.ffatt, E.B.i, H.M.nor, E.N.shioka, L., 1990:
Effects of salinity and nitrogen on growth, productivity and food value of Amaranthus in controlled culture

Heidari, M.; Nadeyan, H.; Bakhshandeh, A.M.; Alemisaeid, K.; Fathi, G., 2007:
Effects of salinity and nitrogen rates on osmotic adjustment and accumulation of mineral nutrients in wheat

Cailleaud, K.; Maillet, G.; Budzinski, H.; Souissi, S.; Forget-Leray, J., 2006:
Effects of salinity and temperature on the expression of enzymatic biomarkers in Eurytemora affinis (Calanoida, Copepoda)

Perez-Palacios, S.W.tton, S., 2006:
Effects of salinity and the use of shackle

Froend, R.; Heddle, E.; Bell, D.; Mccomb, A., 1988:
Effects of salinity and waterlogging on the vegetation of Lake Toolibin, Western Australia

Kuznetsov, V.A.; Lobachyov, Y., A., 2007:
Effects of salinity fluctuations on growth and development of the larvae of marsh frog (Rana ridibunda L)

Jensen, Cr, 1975:
Effects of salinity in the root medum. II. Photosynthesis and transpiration in relation to superimposed water stress from change of evaporatie demands and of root temperature for short periods

Hausenberg, I., 1981:
Effects of salinity of irrigation water on citrus yields

Witmayer, G.F.oula, D.S.ell, G., 1985:
Effects of salinity on a rendering-meat packing hide curing wastewater activated sludge process

Maricle, B.R.; Lee, R.W.; Hellquist, C.E.; Kiirats, O.; Edwards, G.E., 2007:
Effects of salinity on chlorophyll fluorescence and CO fixation in C estuarine grasses

Maricle, B.R.; Lee, R.W.; Hellquist, C.E.; Kiirats, O.; Edwards, G.E., 2007:
Effects of salinity on chlorophyll fluorescence and CO2 fixation in C-4 estuarine grasses

Moutou, K.; Panagiotaki, P.M.muris, Z., 2004:
Effects of salinity on digestive protease activity in the euryhaline sparid Sparus aurata L.: a preliminary study

Zhou, W-zong.; Qin, P., 2007:
Effects of salinity on feeding rhythm and feces excretion time of Monopterus albus

West, D.; Francois, L., 1982:
Effects of salinity on germination, growth and yield of cowpea Irrigation study, Vigna unguiculata, California

Yilmaz, D.Demirezen., 2007:
Effects of salinity on growth and nickel accumulation capacity of Lemna gibba (Lemnaceae)

Sprent, J.; Mcinroy, S., 1984:
Effects of salinity on growth and nodulation of Arachis hypogaea

Coudret, A.F.rron, F1; L'-Hardy-Halos, M., 1983:
Effects of salinity on growth and photosynthetic metabolism of Aglaothamnion chadefaudii LHardy-Halos (Rhodophyceae, Ceramiales) Algae

Shi XiangYuan; You ZhongJie; Shen WeiLiang; Liu WeiJian, 2007:
Effects of salinity on growth and survival in juvenile clam Scapharca subcrenata

Taylor, J.J.; Southgate, P.C.; Rose, R.A., 2004 :
Effects of salinity on growth and survival of silver-lip pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima, spat

Haller, W.; Sutton, D.; Barlowe, W., 1974:
Effects of salinity on growth of several aquatic macrophytes

Mahmood, A.Q.arrie, S., 1993:
Effects of salinity on growth, ionic relations and physiological traits of wheat, disomic addition lines from Thinopyrum bessarabicum, and two amphiploids

Delmas, J.G.auby, A.G.eizes, C., 1974:
Effects of salinity on irriated crops

Chen, M.C.nelli, E.F.hs, G., 1975:
Effects of salinity on nitrification in the East River

Nandy, P.; Das, S.; Ghose, M.; Spooner-Hart, R., 2007:
Effects of salinity on photosynthesis, leaf anatomy, ion accumulation and photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency in five Indian mangroves

Besri, M., 1993:
Effects of salinity on plant diseases development

Kim, Y.; Martin, D., 1974:
Effects of salinity on synthesis of DNA, acidic polysaccharide, and ichthyotoxin in Gymnodinium breve

Noui-Mehidi, M.-N.W., J.; Cueille, P.-V.S.nchez-Soto, G.; Rivero, M.; Nakagawa, E., 2007:
Effects of salinity on the performance of gas liquid cyclonic separators

Choo, P.S., 1987:
Effects of salinity on the spawning, egg-incubation and larviculture of Penaeus merguiensis

Rajabi, R.; Poustini, K.; Pour, P.J.; Ahmadi, A., 2005:
Effects of salinity on yield and some of physiological characteristics in 30 wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars

Cheng ZhiHui; Gao Yun; Meng HuanWen, 2007:
Effects of salinity stress on invertase expression and carbohydrate metabolism in tomato seedling

Macdonald, J.; Blaker, N.; Swiecki, T.; Shapiro, J., 1984:
Effects of salinity stress on the development of Phytophthora root rots

Shen YuXiang; Guo WenShan; Zhou Ying; Zhu XinKai; Feng ChaoNian; Peng YongXin, 2006:
Effects of salinity stress on the dynamic changes in the accumulation of grain protein and its components in wheat

Umiel, N.Z.havi, E.C.en, Y., 1980:
Effects of salinity stresses on tobacco. 2. Short term kinetics of Na+ and K+ uptake by callus cultures grown on media containing NaCl

Pothen, S.S.bbaraju, D.1; Ramakrishna, T1; Murthy, M., 1983:
Effects of salinity, pH, and temperature on the spores and sporelings of Dictyopteris australis, an alginophyte Possible species suitable for plant mariculture, India

Perfeto, P.N.M.; Schwarzbold, A.; Dillenburg, L.R., 2005:
Effects of salinity, temperature and phosphorus concentration on the chemical composition of Gelidium crinale (Turner) Lamouroux (Gelidiaceae, Rhodophyta)

Sinel'-Nikova, V.; Romanova, L.; Udovenko, G., 1972:
Effects of salinization and physiologically active substances on growth and the level of endogenous growth regulators in potato

Sakauchi, R.H.shino, S., 1983:
Effects of salinomycin feeding

Kobayashi, Y.W.kita, M.O.amoto, A.H.shino, S., 1989 :
Effects of salinomycin on site and extent of digestion, rumen microbial protein synthesis and long-chain fatty acids composition in digesta in sheep

Kato, T.K.tabatake, N.D.i, E., 1986:
Effects of saliva on the viscosity of gum solutions

Baimbridge, K.G.; Taylor, T.G., 1976:
Effects of salmon calcitonin in chick embryos

Beyer, D.L.; Nakatani, R.E.; Staude, C.P., 1975:
Effects of salmon cannery wastes on water quality and marine organisms

Denison, D.; Meier, P., 1979:
Effects of salmon spawning activity on macroinvertebrates in a small Michigan stream

Lyon, Bg, 1980:
Effects of salt and phosphate treatments on spent fowl breasts and thighs

Chen, C.; Pearson, A.; Gray, J.; Merkel, R., 1984:
Effects of salt and some antioxidants upon the TBA numbers of meat

Park, J.; Lanier, T., 1990:
Effects of salt and sucrose addition on thermal denaturation and aggregation of water-leached fish muscle

Lenz, R.-J.W.ckel, K.G.G.ddi, A.-Liwanag, 1967:
Effects of salt and sweeteners on quality properties of canned peas

Ghavimi, B.H.arnsberger, J.; Ammerman, G.; Brown, L., 1987:
Effects of salt and tripolyphosphate reduction on minced catfish patties

Liu-Jian-Xin; Wang-Xin; Hu-Hao-Bin, 2007 :
Effects of salt and water stresses on osmotic adjustment and antioxidant enzyme activities in leaves of Peganum multisectum seedlings

Huber, A., 1977:
Effects of salt baths on the qualtiy of hard and medium hard cheese

Nakforn, L.; Suddhiprakarn, A.; Kheoruenromne, I., 2007:
Effects of salt bearing substratum on chemical and mineralogical properties of soils in Northeast Plateau

Viggiani, S.; Paradiso, R., 2004:
Effects of salt concentration and N:P:K ratio of nutrient solution on growth and yield of ranunculus

Ando, S.N.kai, H.I.eda, T.K.tada, T.M.richi, T., 1985:
Effects of salt concentration of brine, curing temperature, and curing period on quality of loin roll ham

Kilic,, T., 2004:
Effects of salt level and storage on texture of Dil cheese

Wu, Y.; Mcmillin, K., 1983:
Effects of salt levels, casing sizes and smokehouse cycles on the microstructure of beef bologna

Bliss, R.; Platt-Aloia, K.; Thomson, W., 1984:
Effects of salt on cell membranes of germinating seeds

Hajji, M., 1979:
Effects of salt on the growth and mineral nutrition of the rose laurel

Chang, C.; Hu, H.; Lin, P., 1976:
Effects of salt solution treat

Tyndall, R.; Teramura, A.; Mulchi, C.; Douglass, L., 1987 :
Effects of salt spray upon seedling survival, biomass, and distribution on Currituck Bank, North Carolina

Fluckiger-Keller, H.O.tli, J.; Fluckiger, W., 1979:
Effects of salt spread on roads and drought on the growth and water supply of various woody plants

Wang ChunLin; Zhang YuXin; Chen NianLai, 2006:
Effects of salt stress on germination of muskmelon seeds

Zhang JingYun; W.F.ngZhi, 2007:
Effects of salt stress on membrane lipid peroxidation and proline content in cucumber cultivars

Sui DeZong; Wang BaoSong; Shi ShiZheng, 2007:
Effects of salt stress on root growth of 5 willow clones seedling

Seemann, J.R.; Critchley, C., 1985:
Effects of salt stress on the growth, ion content, stomatal behaviour and photosynthetic capacity of a salt-sensitive species, Phaseolus vulgaris L

Huber, W., 1982:
Effects of salt stress treatment on the nitrogen assimilation of Lemna minor L

Gomes, J.; Brandi, R.; Cano, M.; Souza, A.-De, 1978:
Effects of salt, and antitranspirant and pruning on the resistance of seedlings of Eucalyptus grandis W. Hill ex Maiden to soil dryness

Park, Jw, 1995:
Effects of salt, surimi and

Morlino, S.; Curtis, A.; Waller, D., 2001:
Effects of salt-treated wood on feeding and survivorship in subterranean termites (Rhinotermitidae: Reticulitermes) from coastal and inland forests

Shiga, K.N.gata, J.I.eda, H., 1982:
Effects of salting and heating

Hisatake, M., 1977:
Effects of salting conditions o

Sanda, Je, 1977:
Effects of salting, fertilizing, and leaching on soils and plants

Yuba, Y.I.hikawa, K., 1978:
Effects of salts added to cultu

Aloni, B.P.essman, E.S.aked, R., 1981:
Effects of salts on NADH-malate dehydrogenase activity in celery leaves during their maturation and senescence

Tsumoto, K.; Ejima, D.; Senczuk, A.M.; Kita, Y.; Arakawa, T., 2007:
Effects of salts on protein-surface interactions: applications for column chromatography

Mohler, Cl, 1981:
Effects of sample distribution along gradients on eigenvector oredination

Eindhoven Jan, D.P.ryam; Heiligman, F.; Hamman, J.W., 1964:
Effects of sample sequence on food preferences

Cao, Y.; Hawkins, C.P.; Larsen, D.P.; Van Sickle, J., 2007:
Effects of sample standardization on mean species detectabilities and estimates of relative differences in species richness among assemblages

Y.Y.n; Jiang ZeHui; Wang Ge; Qin DaoChun; X.Z.ongYun, 2007:
Effects of sample surface on the accuracy of near infrared predictive model of air dried density of bamboo

Slanker, M.; Stowe, H.; Braselton, W., 1984:
Effects of sampling and specimen treatment on element concentrations in bovine liver and serum

Calvino, A.F.aga, S.; Garrido, D., 2004:
Effects of sampling conditions on temporal perception of bitterness in Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) infusions

Yamaguchi, H.; Matsuishi, T., 2007:
Effects of sampling errors on abundance estimates from virtual population analysis for walleye pollock in northern waters of Sea of Japan

Velasco-Sanz, Maraia-Teresa, 1990:
Effects of sampling errors on the genetic correlation upon selection indexes and the desired gains in the antagonistic selection in Tribolium castaneum

Wang, W.; Yang, C.; Tang, D.; Li, D.; Liu, Y.; Hu, C., 2007:
Effects of sand burial on biomass, chlorophyll fluorescence and extracellular polysaccharides of man-made cyanobacterial crusts under experimental conditions

Hong, S.Jin.; Jeong, S.Soog.; Song, K.Bae., 2005:
Effects of sanguinaria in fluoride-containing dentifrices on the remineralisation of subsurface carious lesion in vitro

Chereguino, V.-Rs, 1979:
Effects of sanitary pruning of the coffee tree and the application of fungicides in the control of Phyllosticta coffeicola Speg

Reilly, Thomas, E., 1983:
Effects of sanitary sewers on ground-water levels and streams in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York

Santoso, B.; Kilmaskossu, A.; Sambodo, P., 2007:
Effects of saponin from Biophytum petersianum Klotzsch on ruminal fermentation, microbial protein synthesis and nitrogen utilization in goats

Jiang, Y.W.niger,, M.A.ton,, J.; Italiano, L., 1992:
Effects of saponins from Mimosa tenuiflora on lymphoma cells and lymphocytes

Faull, Jl, 1978:
Effects of saprophytic bacteria on take all disease caused by Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici

Lohm, U., 1981:
Effects of saprotrophic grazing on net mineralization

Chronert, J., M.; Jenks, J., A.; Roddy, D., E.; Wild, M., A.; Powers, J., G., 2007:
Effects of sarcoptic mange on coyotes at Wind Cave National Park

Miller, E.; Ku, P., 1985:
Effects of sarsaponin in the corn-soy diet on nitrogen balance and energy utilization by weanling pigs

Goetsch, A.L.; Owens, F.N., 1985:
Effects of sarsaponin on digestion and passage rates in cattle fed medium to low concentrate

Goodnight, S.J.; Connor, W.; Illingworth, D., 1987:
Effects of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids on plasma lipids, platelets and the vascular system

Oliff, Hs, 2003:
Effects of saw palmetto extract on prostate tissue of men with BPH

Gey, K.P.ngel, H., 1977:
Effects of scalding temperature and cooling method on meat property of ducks and geese

Almeida, L.', A.D.; Maeda, J.; Falivene, S., 1979:
Effects of scarification methods on the seed germination of five forage legumes

Plamondon, A.; Ouellet, D.; Dery, G., 1980:
Effects of scarification of the site on the microenvironment

The, F.D.-W.A.agao, M.1; Assuncao, M.1; Maciel, R., 1981:
Effects of scarification, storage and growth regulators on the percentage and velocity of seed germination of manicoba, Manihot glaziowii Muell. Arg. Brazil.1

Nakamura Aoki, E.; Ito, S.; Moriwaki, J.; Baba, T., 2007:
Effects of scattering the infected leaves and sprinkling the field with water on the degree of scald infection, yield and pearled-grain quality of barley

Yamamoto, K.; Takada, Y.; Kida, A.; Akematsu, T.; Kotsuki, H.; Matsuoka, T., 2007:
Effects of scavengers for active oxygen species on photoresponse and photodynamic damages to a pigmented protozoan, Blepharisma

Linden, D.; Clapp, C.; Gilley,. Jr.;, 1981:
Effects of scheduling municipal waste-water effluent irrigation of reed canarygrass on nitrogen renovation and grass production

Kim JoungSook; Park MyoungSoon; Cho YoungSun; Lee JoungWon, 2005:
Effects of school-based nutrition education for Korean food guide on food intake frequency of adolescents

Spasenkov, I.; Simakov, V., 1982:
Effects of scientific and practical achievements on cereal yields, collective farm, Vladimir Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1

Parker, Steven-Robert, 1995:
Effects of scion chronological age and rootstock genotype on growth and reproduction of slash pine grafts

Anonymous, 1977:
Effects of scion storage on graft survival of various spruces

Loue, A.B.ulay, H., 1984:
Effects of scion varieties and rootstocks on mineral nutrition diagnosis of vine

Yamaguchi, M.S.tomura, Y., 1974:
Effects of sclerin on energy-linked functions and phospholip ase activity in mitochondria isolated from rat liver and som e plants

Tan, H.; Liu, N.; Wilson, F.A.W.; Ma, Y., 2007:
Effects of scopolamine on morphine-induced conditioned place preference in mice

Stang, E.; Ferree, D.; Hall, F., 1976:
Effects of scoring and growth regulators on flower initiation, fruit set, and aphid populations in young apple trees

Subhashini, K.; Prameela, M.; Murali Mohan, P.; Sasira Babu, K., 1983:
Effects of scorpion venom on monoamine oxidase activity in the cockroach tissues

Babu, S.; Dass, K.P.; Venkatachari, S.A., 1971:
Effects of scorpion venom on some physiological processes in cockroach

Buschle-Diller, G.E.-Mogahzy, Y.I.glesby, M.; Zeronian, S., 1998:
Effects of scouring with enzymes, organic solvents, and caustic soda on the properties of hydrogen peroxide bleached cotton yarn

Sahagun, J.; Harper, J., 1981:
Effects of screw restrictions on the performance of an autogenous extruder

Joshi, A.; Anjaiah, N., 1987:
Effects of sea water on germination and seedling growth in Atriplex griffithii Moq

Koske, R.B.nin, C.K.lly, J.M.rtinez, C., 1996:
Effects of sea water on spore germination of a sand-inhabiting arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

Hatano, A.A.hida, K., 1975:
Effects of sea water pollution on chicken fetus

Miyazaki, T., 1983:
Effects of seal-packaging and e

Klapwijk, D., 1982:
Effects of season and artificial light on the growth and development of young tomato plants in glasshouse

Ishijima, Y.I.o, M.H.rabayashi, T., 1970:
Effects of season and body weig

Stanciu,, M.J.rca, A.G.lea, M., 1982:
Effects of season and calving age on the dairy production (milk or fat) of cattle, Romanian Simmental breed

Elwishy, A.; Ghallab, A.; Elbaghdady, Y., 1984:
Effects of season and feeding schedule on reproductive performance of buffaloes

Vincent, C.K., 1972:
Effects of season and high environmental temperature on fertility in cattle: a review

Hilton, P.; Palmer-Jones, R.E.lis, R., 1973:
Effects of season and nitrogen fertiliser upon the flavanol composition and tea making quality of fresh shoots of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) in Central Africa

Abad-Gavin, M.F.rnandez-Celadilla, L.A.varez-Garcia, J.B.rcelona-Ulied, J., 1984:
Effects of season and number of births on the various fertility parameters in the sow

Bowman, J.; Boyce, S., 1992:
Effects of season and pasture type on estimates of fecal output and forage intake by grazing wethers

Afiefy, M.; Zaki, K.A.ul-Fadle, W.A.oub, L., 1970:
Effects of season and sex on thyroid hormone level in the blood of Osimi sheep

Clark, E.; Mills, C., 1978:
Effects of season and soil on concentrations of soluble amino nitrogen and carbohydrates in the inner bark of Pinus taeda L

Kuhlmann, S.; Calhoun, M.; Engdahl, G.; Mccown, C., 1986:
Effects of season of birth, dietary energy level, and lasalocid on the performance of sheep

Le-Maitre, Dc, 1987:
Effects of season of burn on species populations and composition of fynbos in the Jonkershoek valley

Gamcik, P.M.saros, P.S.hvarc, F., 1979:
Effects of season on some values of ram semen of the Slovak Merino b reed

Costa, L.; Vaz, G., 1976:
Effects of season on the consumption and conversion of feeds by calves during the first two months of life

Avendano, E.R.sales, A.S.nchez, F., 1984:
Effects of season on the variations of the reproductive efficiency in Creole goats in southern Mexico

Bosi, P.C.sini, L.R.sso, V., 1983:
Effects of season on the water retention capacity of swine meats

Sury, F.V.n; Nosberger, J., 1986:
Effects of season, altitude and daylength on floral initiation of two contrasting genotypes of Trifolium repens L

Galyean, M.; Hubbert, M., 1995:
Effects of season, health, and management on feed intake by beef cattle

Teng, J.; Pritchett, W., 1970:
Effects of season, night temperature, and potassium on the absorption and translocation of iron in centipede grass (Eramochloa ophluroides Hock)

Shoda, Y.I.hii, T., 1976:
Effects of season, pregnancy an

Freeman, K.; Daume, S.; Rowe, M.; Parsons, S.; Lambert, R.I.C.; Maguire, G.B., 2006:
Effects of season, temperature control, broodstock conditioning period and handling on incidence of controlled and uncontrolled spawning of greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata Donovan) in Western Australia

Heise, K.; Estevez, M.S.; Puntarulo, S.; Galleano, M.; Nikinmaa, M.; Pörtner, H.O.; Abele, D., 2007:
Effects of seasonal and latitudinal cold on oxidative stress parameters and activation of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) in zoarcid fish

Zhu, H.R.bards, G.; Kennedy, J., 2000:
Effects of seasonal change of plane of nutrition on semen quality and reproductive hormones of merino rams under grazing

Koch, K.; Kennedy, R., 1980:
Effects of seasonal changes in the Midwest on crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) in Opuntia humifusa Raf

Sherburne, James-Auril, 1973:
Effects of seasonal changes in the abundance and chemistry of the fleshy fruits of northeastern woody shrubs

Fashuyi, Sa, 1981:
Effects of seasonal changes on trematode infection and transmission potentials of natural populations of freshwater snails of economic importance in the rice swamps of Botown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

Cerna, E.P.cmanova, B.D.lezalek, J., 1973 :
Effects of seasonal factors and local conditions upon the amount of some inhibitors in milk

Hampton, Thomas, M., 1993:
Effects of seasonal habitat limitations on the distribution and energetics of stocked salmonids in Lake Moomaw, Virginia

Ahmad, M.C.andharg, A.M.rley, S.; Greiner, T., 1990:
Effects of seasonal load and efficiency on economics of wood-fired boilers

Dos-Santos, A.-Marques; Lis-Martinez-Stark, E.-Mariam; Fernandes, M.-Silvestre; De-Souza, S.-Regina, 2007:
Effects of seasonal nitrate flush on nitrogen metabolism and soluble fractions accumulation in two rice varieties

Velez, C.; Escobar-1, G., 1970:
Effects of seasonal nitrogen fertilization of para grass (Panicum purpurascens Raddi) on meat production

Brose, P.V.n-Lear, D.K.yser, P., 1998:
Effects of seasonal prescribed fires on density of hardwood advance regeneration in oak-dominated shelterwood stands: implications for wildlife management

Johnson, M.; Shouse, J., 1978:
Effects of seasonal railroad rates in the Oklahoma wheat transportation market

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Effects of simultaneous or successive contamination by Beauveria tenella and by Entomopoxvirus melolonthae of Melolontha melolontha larvae (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae)

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Effects of single burn events on degraded oak savanna

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Effects of single doses of x-rays on rabbits

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Effects of single farm investment subsidy on the developmental possibilities of farms

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Effects of single generation selection with insecticides on resistance levels in Louisiana tobacco budworm

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Effects of single heavy metal pollution on the growth and physiological and biochemical characteristics of Eulaliopsis binata

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Effects of single mutations on the stability of horseradish peroxidase to hydrogen peroxide

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Effects of single or combined i

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Effects of single parenting and dual parenting on young childrens school readiness and school achievement

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Effects of single performance testing on mating behavior, semen quality and fertilization possibilities of young bulls

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Effects of single sprays of synthetic pyrethroids on colonisation by Aphis craccivora on cowpea, and the spread of non-persistent viruses

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Effects of single superphosphate on forms and bioavailability of lead in soil

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Effects of single wavelength selection for Anisakid roundworm larvae detection through multispectral imaging

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Effects of single-step, two-ste

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Effects of sink removal on transpiration at the treeline: Implications for the growth limitation hypothesis

Liu-Zhen; Meng-Ji-Fang; Yang-Lu-Qing; Yi-Lan; Hu-Bi, 2007:
Effects of sinomenine on NO/sNOS system in cerebellum and spinal cord of morphine-dependent and withdrawal mice

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