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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15679

Chapter 15679 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Efficacy of sanitizers in reducing Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes populations on fresh-cut carrot
, Food control 18(11): 1383-1390 (2007)

Efficacy of sapropterin dihydrochloride (tetrahydrobiopterin, 6R-BH4) for reduction of phenylalanine concentration in patients with phenylketonuria: a phase III randomised placebo-controlled study
, Lancet 370(9586): 504-510 (2007)

Efficacy of scare crow for protecting sprouting rice from bird damage
, Annual progress report Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station: 6th) 132-134 (1984)

Efficacy of screens of different colours with or without the association of terrylene nettings to control Glossina morsitans submorsitans
, Revue d'elevage et de medecine veterinaire des pays tropicaux Nouvelle serie 8(1): 64-71 (1985)

Efficacy of seed and soil treatments with different fungicides on control of udbatta disease of rice
, Indian phytopathology 37(4): 686-688 (1984)

Efficacy of seed dressing chemicals on pre and post emergence infection by Alternaria of onion
, Agriculture and agro industries journal 10(10): 14-15 (1977)

Efficacy of seed dressing fungicides in controlling Aspergillus blight of Groundnut
, Mysore Jnl agric. Sci 4(3): 349-352 (1970)

Efficacy of seedling and seedling root dip in insecticides on the control of the brown planthopper
, Madras agricultural journal 69(7): 431-434 (1982)

Efficacy of selected fungicides in controlling foliar diseases of spinach
, PR Texas Agricultural Experiment Station: 84 (4258) (1984)

Efficacy of selected insecticides against second generation European corn borer, 1994
, Report of progress: (739) 13-14 (1995)

Efficacy of selected insecticides for aphid control in cotton - 1987
, Annual research report Red River Research Station: 13-114 (1987)

Efficacy of selected insecticides on pink bollworm oviposition in cotton
, Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 09-311 (1988)

Efficacy of selected plant extracts on the larvicidal and repellentaction against Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)
, Indian Journal of Entomology 68(3): 210-212 (2006)

Efficacy of selection for high oil content in cotton
, Unknown (1972)

Efficacy of selective estrogen receptor modulators in nude mice bearing human transitional cell carcinoma
, Urology 69(6): 1221-1226 (2007)

Efficacy of selenium and vitamin E in prevention of selenium-vitamin E deficiency in pigs
, Australian advances in veterinary science: 4 (1979)

Efficacy of selenium and vitamin E in the prevention of retained placenta in cows
, Revista de cresterea animalelor 32(2): 43-45 (1982)

Efficacy of selenium pellets in beef cows
, Trace elements in man and animals 6 edited by Lucille S Hurley et al: 649 (1988)

Efficacy of selenium supplementation to South Texas stocker calves
, PR (4840) 79-81 (1991)

Efficacy of semduramicin plus virginiamycin against Eimeria acervulina, Eimeria maxima and Eimeria tenella
, Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 4th) 82-83 (1995)

Efficacy of sequential applications of selected herbicides on control, density, and yield of common crupina
, Research progress report Western Society of Weed Science: 7-18 (1986)

Efficacy of sequential intramammary treatment against chronic S. aureus
, Large animal practice 18(5): 10-14 (1997)

Efficacy of sequential pirlimycin intramammary treatment against chronic Staphylococcus aureus intramammary infection
, Annual meeting 4th) 144-145 (1995)

Efficacy of seramune in the treatment of failure of passive transfer in foals
, Proceedings of the annual convention 4(44): 136-137 (1998)

Efficacy of sero-allergic diagnostic methods in Brucellosis eradication from large-horned cattle on farms
, Unknown (1980)

Efficacy of serum therapy on the treatment of rats experimentally envenomed by bristle extract of the caterpillar Lonomia obliqua: comparison with epsilon-aminocaproic acid therapy
, Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology 50(3): 349-356 (2007)

Efficacy of several insecticides applied singly or mixed against the cabbageworm (Pieris brassicae L)
, Unknown (1969)

Efficacy of short-course antibiotic regimens for community-acquired pneumonia: a meta-analysis
, American Journal of Medicine 120(9): 783-790 (2007 )

Efficacy of shuttle and single drug coccidiostat programs
, Proceedings of Western Poultry Disease Conference: 2d 68-74 (1973)

Efficacy of silver-releasing rubber for the prevention of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation in water
, Biofouling 23(5-6): 405-411 (2007)

Efficacy of single and double applications of foray 48B (Bacillus thuringiensis) against the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) in Ontario
, Information report O X Canadian Forestry Service Great Lakes Forestry Centre: (423) (1993)

Efficacy of single-agent bortezomib vs. single-agent thalidomide in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma: a systematic comparison
, European Journal of Haematology 79(2): 93-99 (2007)

Efficacy of single-dose amodiaquine co-administered with sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine against falciparum infection in Barkin Ladi, an area of multi-drug resistant malaria
, Journal of Pharmacy and Bioresources 3(1): 1-6 (2006)

Efficacy of slide and tube agglutination tests to measure immune response in vaccinated animals against haemorrhagic septicaemia
, Indian veterinary journal 57(5): 357-360 (1980)

Efficacy of slope treatment in the slide prone areas of Eastern Himalayas, India
, Proceedings Engineering for protection from natural disasters: 55-567 (1980)

Efficacy of soil and foliar-applied azadirachtin in combination with and in comparison to soil-applied imidacloprid and follar-applied carbaryl against Japanese beetles on roses
, HortTechnology 17(3): 316-321 (2007)

Efficacy of soil conditioners and nitrogen under saline-sodic irrigation on pea. 1. Dry matter, nitrogen and green pod yield and quality of pods India
, Indian journal of agronomy 26(1): 42-48 (1981)

Efficacy of soil conditioners and nitrogen under saline-sodic irrigation on pea. II. Physicochemical properties of the soil India
, Indian journal of agronomy 26(2): 147-153 (1981)

Efficacy of soil famigants for control of Verticillium wilt of potatoes
, Unknown (1973)

Efficacy of soil fumigants in control of Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) of peanut in Virginia, 1981 Peanut (Aracis hypogaea Forigiant), Cylindrocladium black rot; Cylindrocladium crotalariae
, Fungicide and nematicide tests results American Phytopathological Society 7(37): 96 (1982)

Efficacy of soil test recommendations for rice (Oryza sativ a L.)
, Madras agricultural journal 60(8): 707-709 (1973)

Efficacy of soil-applied pesticides
, Pesticides in the soil environment: processes impacts and modeling editor HH Cheng: 428 (1990)

Efficacy of soil-injecting, a systemic insecticide for controlling two armored scales on hemlock, 1979 Tsuga caroliniana, Tsuga canadensis, Fiorinia externa, Tsugaspidiotus tsugae
, Insecticide and acaricide tests(5): 204 (1980)

Efficacy of solar heat in the control of bacterial soft rot of potato tubers caused by Erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora
, Journal of Plant Protection Research 47(1): 11-18 (2007)

Efficacy of somd serological tests for the detection of humoral antibody in swine against swine fever virus
, Environment and ecology 5(1): 1-10 (1987)

Efficacy of some additives for suppression of Angoumois grain moth infestation in stored rice grain
, International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Technology 2(3): 27-31 (2006)

Efficacy of some chemicals and disinfectants against rinderpest virus
, Bulletin of animal health and production in Africa = Bulletin de la sante et de la production animales en Afrique 37(3): 255-260 (1989)

Efficacy of some facet tank-mix combinations for the control of Alligatorweed in rice
, Annual research report 4th) 305-306 (1992)

Efficacy of some fungicides against Alternaria alternata on apple
, Giornate Fitopatologiche 2006, Riccione RN, 27-29 marzo 2006 Atti, volume secondo: 97-102 (2006)

Efficacy of some fungicides against blight diseases of potato in relation to disease control, cost of chemical and yield of crop
, Pesticides 6 (3) 14-15 (1972)

Efficacy of some fungicides against powdery mildews
, Pesticides 14(2): 18-20 (1980)

Efficacy of some fungicides in the control of downy mildew of field pea (Pisum sativum L.)
, Pesticides 11 (11) 33-34 (1977)

Efficacy of some fungicides in the management of cercospora leaf spot of groundnut in the sudan savanna of Nigeria
, Journal of Plant Protection Research 47(3): 243-253 (2007)

Efficacy of some fungicides on the control of aspergillus disease of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L
, Indian journal of sericulture 21(21-22): 73-74 (1982)

Efficacy of some important insecticides against Amsacta moorei Butler on cowpea crop
, Madras agricultural journal 70(10): 682-684 (1983)

Efficacy of some insecticidal combinations in controlling suckling pests of cotton
, Unknown (1977)

Efficacy of some insecticide urea mixtures on silver shoot damage and yield in paddy (var. ratna) as affected by frequency of spraying under field condition
, Pesticides 12 (5) 15-16 (1978)

Efficacy of some insecticides against Diacrisia obliqua Walker damaging cowpea Vita-1 at Ludhiana
, International pest control 24(5): 130-131 (1982)

Efficacy of some insecticides against anar butterfly, Virachola is ocrates Fabr, on pomegranate
, Madras agricultural journal 71(2): 140 (1984)

Efficacy of some insecticides against cotton insects
, East African agricultural and forestry journal(pub 1979) 42(2): 125-126 (1979)

Efficacy of some insecticides against quadraspidiotus perniciosus (Comstock). (Hemiptera: Coccidae)
, Unknown (1972)

Efficacy of some insecticides against safflower aphids, uroleucon carthami H.R.L
, Pestology 9(11): 13-16 (1985)

Efficacy of some insecticides against sweet potato weevil
, Proceedings 5 (1) 130-131 (1977)

Efficacy of some insecticides against the larvae of tent caterpillar, Malacosoma indica Wlk
, Indian journal of agricultural research 15(4): 251-257 (1981)

Efficacy of some insecticides against the weevil of almond
, Informatore fitopatologico 26(5): 17-19 (1976)

Efficacy of some insecticides by means of aerial spraying against sugarcane leaf-hopper Pyrilla perpusilla Walker
, Pestology 5(8): 15-17 (1981)

Efficacy of some insecticides for Calocoris trivialis management in sicilian citrus orchards
, Giornate Fitopatologiche 2006, Riccione RN, 27-29 marzo 2006 Atti, volume primo: 95-98 (2006)

Efficacy of some insecticides in the control of pod borer complex on Arhar (Cajanus cajan)
, P K V research journal Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth 5(2): 193-196 (1981)

Efficacy of some insecticides o
, Nihon Oyo Dobutsu Konchu Gakkai shi Japanese journal of applied entomology and zoology 23(1): 46-48 (1979)

Efficacy of some melioration measures on hydromorphic soils at the C.A.P. Paulesti, Satu-Mare
, Productia vegetala cereale si plante tehnice 33(12): 34-38 (1981)

Efficacy of some modern fungicides for the control of collar rot of groundnut
, Unknown (1971)

Efficacy of some modern insecticides for controlling Diamond back moth on cabbage
, Unknown (1975)

Efficacy of some moult inhibiting insecticides against Plutella xylostella on cabbage
, Annals of Plant Protection Sciences 15(2): 469-470 (2007)

Efficacy of some new chemical insecticides against Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer (Leucinodes orbonales Guen.)
, Journal of Subtropical Agricultural Research and Development 5(3): 301-304 (2007)

Efficacy of some new chemicals for the control of the red hairy caterpillar
, Unknown (1971)

Efficacy of some new fungicides in the control of chilli fruit rot Collectotrichum capsici
, Pestology 5(12): 15-16 (1981)

Efficacy of some new fungicides in the control of powdery mildew of cucurbits
, Informatore fitopatologico 23(5): 17-23 (1973)

Efficacy of some new insecticides against lentil leaf hopper Empoasca kerri Pruthi (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on lentil
, Jnkvv research journal (pub 1980) 11(1-2): 152-154 (1980)

Efficacy of some new insecticides against mango shoot gall psylla
, Indian Journal of Horticulture 64(3): 359-361 (2007)

Efficacy of some newer insecticides against tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura F. and green peach aphid, Myzus persicae S. on tobacco
, Pestology 5(1): 20-21 (1981)

Efficacy of some organic and inorganic residues in relation to crop yield and soil characteristics
, Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 33(1): 179-181 (1985)

Efficacy of some phytoproduts and ecofriendly insecticides against litchi fruit borer (Conopomorpha cramerella Snell)
, Journal of Applied Biology 15(2): 51-54 (2005)

Efficacy of some plant extracts against Fusarium oxysporum
, Journal of Plant Disease Sciences 2(2): 224-225 (2007)

Efficacy of some plant products and magnesium carbonate as protectants of wheat seed against attack of Trogoderma granarium
, Bulletin of Grain Technology 9(3): 207-210 (1971)

Efficacy of some rootstocks for the Sorrento tomato
, Informatore Agrario 62(49): 26-30 (2006)

Efficacy of some synthetic pyrethroids against the mango hoppers
, Pestology 10(10): 12-13 (1986)

Efficacy of some systemic granular insecticides against galerucid beetle, Madurasia obscurella Jacoby infesting kharif pulses
, Indian journal of entomology: (Pub 1972), 33 (4) 470-471 (1972)

Efficacy of some systemic insecticides against the Bajra shootfly, Atherigona approximata Malloch
, Indian journal of entomology: (Pub 1975), 35 (2) 130-133 (1975)

Efficacy of sour whey as a shelf life enhancer: use in antioxidative edible coatings of cut vegetables and fruit
, Journal of food quality 30(5): 581-593 (2007)

Efficacy of spinosad (GF-120) against fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) in citrus
, Arquivos do Instituto Biologico Sao Paulo 70(Suplemento 3): 064 (2003)

Efficacy of spray programs for control of melanose and greasy spot, 1979 Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Marsh), melanose; Diaporthe citri, greasy spot; Mycosphaerella citri
, Fungicide and nematicide tests results American Phytopathological Society 7(37): 55 (1982)

Efficacy of spring applied herbicides on control, density, and biomass of common crupina
, Research progress report Western Society of Weed Science: 9-20 (1986)

Efficacy of spring broadcast rodenticides in the Hudson Valley, New York
, Proceedings of the Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium: th) 19-24 (1983)

Efficacy of stable bleaching powder and other antibacterial formulations against bacterial blight of cotton
, Cotton development 13(1): 17-20 (1983)

Efficacy of standardised herbal extracts in type 1 diabetes - an experimental study
, African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 3(4): 23-33 (2006)

Efficacy of stellate ganglion blockade for the management of type 1 complex regional pain syndrome
, Southern Medical Journal 99(10): 1084-1088 (2006)

Efficacy of sterile release of Anastrepha suspensa adults against wild populations
, Fruit flies: biology and management Martin Aluja Pablo Liedo editors: 333 (1993)

Efficacy of steroid pulse, plasmapheresis, and mizoribine in a patient with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
, Pediatric Nephrology 22(8): 1215-1218 (2007)

Efficacy of sterol-inhibiting fungicides against apple scab and powdery mildew when used in postinfection sprays, 1982
, Fungicide and nematicide tests: results American Phytopathological Society 8(38): 140 (1983)

Efficacy of sterol-inhibiting fungicides applied on a protective schedule, 1985
, Fungicide and nematicide tests: results American Phytopathological Society 1(41): 16-17 (1986)

Efficacy of sterol-inhibiting fungicides applied on protective and after-infection schedules, 1984
, Fungicide and nematicide tests: results American Phytopathological Society 40: 14 (1985)

Efficacy of strategic tilmicosin injection during an outbreak of respiratory disease in housed beef calves
, British Veterinary Journal 151(5): 587-589 (1995)

Efficacy of strobilurin-related and multi-site fungicide mixtures against apple scab
, Pesticidi i Fitomedicina 22(3): 227-232 (2007)

Efficacy of successive extracts of seeds of Anogessus leiocarpa against some human pathogenic fungi
, Indian drugs 16(11): 263-264 (1979)

Efficacy of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, amodiaquine, and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-amodiaquine combination for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in the urban and suburban areas of Brazzaville (Congo)
, Acta Tropica 103(3): 163-171 (2007)

Efficacy of sulfometuron methyl (Qust) for Christmas tree production
, Proceedings Southern Weed Science Society: -19, (37th) 200-208 (1984)

Efficacy of sulfonylurea herbicides against broadleaf weeds in wheat
, Tests of Agrochemicals and Cultivars 1996(17): 42-43 (1996)

Efficacy of sulfur formulations as tank mixes with fungicides for disease control in peanuts
, Unknown (1977)

Efficacy of sulphur added to mineral salts on the epg count in post parturient ewes naturally infected
, Veterinaria Tropical 29/30(1/2): 113-124 (2004)

Efficacy of surface applications with diatomaceous earth to control Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera : Bostrichidae) in stored wheat
, Journal of Stored Products Research 43(4): 335-341 (2007)

Efficacy of surgery in the management of obesity-related type 2 diabetes mellitus
, ANZ Journal of Surgery 77(11): 958-962 (2007)

Efficacy of surgical removal and fungicide wound treatments on eradication of Cytospora canker on peach
, Unknown (1985)

Efficacy of suspending fluids for dispersion of the fowl pox virus
, Journal of Research Punjab Agricultural University 6(3): 743-749 (1969)

Efficacy of swine influenza A virus vaccines against an H3N2 virus variant
, Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 71(3): 207-212 (2007)

Efficacy of switch of combined therapy with prostamol Uno and alpha-1-adrenoblockers to monotherapy with prostamol uno in patients with prostatic adenoma
, Urologiya (Moscow) (3): 47-50 (2007)

Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides against bollworms (Earias spp. and Pectinophora gossypiella S.) on cotton in Maharashtra State India
, Cotton development 11(2-3): 65-66 (1981)

Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides on soybean
, Cotton gin and oil mill press 83(15): 20 (1982)

Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids against major cotton pests in the Western U.S
, Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences: 36-237 (1988)

Efficacy of systemic and non-systemic fungicides in the control of foot and stem-rot disease of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) caused by Phytophthora parasitica
, Indian phytopathology 37(3): 486-489 (1984)

Efficacy of systemic fungicides against some fungal plant pathogens and their role in improved plant disease control
, Unknown (1976)

Efficacy of systemic fungicides for controlling loose smut of wheat
, Tests of Agrochemicals and Cultivars 10: 74-75 (1989)

Efficacy of systemic insecticidal granules against mango bud mite, Aceria mangifera Sayed (Eriophyidae: Acarina)
, Indian journal of entomology: (Pub e 1971), 32 (3) 211-214 (1971)

Efficacy of tadpole shrimp, Triops longicaudatus, as a biological control agent of Culex and Psorophora mosquitoes
, Proceedings and papers of the annual conference of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association 8(58): 221-227 (1991)

Efficacy of telephone counseling for pregnant smokers: a randomized controlled trial
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 108(1): 83-92 (2006)

Efficacy of temephos 1% sand granule against larva and pupa of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) under natural field conditions
, Pestology 10(8): 26-28 (1986)

Efficacy of temozolomide or dacarbazine in combination with an anthracycline for rescue chemotherapy in dogs with lymphoma
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 231(4): 563-569 (2007)

Efficacy of terbutol in broomrape control and broadbean improvement
, PANS: pest articles and news summaries 19(2): 230-232 (1973)

Efficacy of tetracycline
, VM SAC Veterinary medicine and small animal clinician 75(1): 89-90 (1980)

Efficacy of the Bulgarian vaccin
, Veterinarnomeditsinski Nauki 3(3): 53-58 (1975)

Efficacy of the FAEV regimen in the treatment of high-risk, drug-resistant gestational trophoblastic tumor
, Journal of Reproductive Medicine 52(10): 941-944 (2007)

Efficacy of the IL-1 receptor antagonist, anakinra, for the treatment of diffuse anterior scleritis in rheumatoid arthritis. Report of two cases
, Rheumatology 46(6): 1042-1043 (2007)

Efficacy of the MARYBLYT forecasting system to predict blossom blight in West Virginia (1984--1992)
, Acta Horticulturae 38: 137-143 (1993)

Efficacy of the aerial application of methyl anthranilate in reducing bird damage to sweet corn, sunflowers, and cherries
, Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference: 9th) 22-25 (2000)

Efficacy of the antibiotic CP-39164 against coccidiosis in swine
, DSAC Dixon Springs Agricultural Center: (8) 232-233 (1980)

Efficacy of the barbecue manoeuvre in benign paroxysmal vertigo of the horizontal canal
, European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology: Official Journal of the European Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies: Affiliated with the German Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 264(10): 1239-1241 (2007)

Efficacy of the classical swine fever (CSF) marker vaccine Porcilis Pesti in pregnant sows
, Veterinary Microbiology 77(1-2): 83-97 (2000)

Efficacy of the fast renewal of degraded grasses under various production conditions
, Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Facultas Agronomica 8(3-4): 175-179 (1980)

Efficacy of the fertility of cows in the area of Pirot
, Unknown (1972)

Efficacy of the fluorescent method in the sero-diagnosis of bovine and porcine brucellosis
, Unknown (1981)

Efficacy of the fungus Duddingtonia flagrans and energy supplementation in the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in goats in spring pastures
, ITEA EXTRA Extra(24(1)): 399-401 (2003)

Efficacy of the ground alfalfa meal in the fattening of pig
, Pol'nohospodarstvo 9 (9) 794-800 (1973)

Efficacy of the human rotavirus vaccine RIX4414 in malnourished children
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 196(4): 537-540 (2007)

Efficacy of the inactivated vaccine against Newcastle disease in oily adjuvant
, Developments in biological standardization 1(51): 81-86 (1982)

Efficacy of the lipopolysacchari
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 49(4): 511-514 (1983)

Efficacy of the male latex condom and of the female polyurethane condom as barriers to semen during intercourse: a randomized clinical trial
, American Journal of Epidemiology 166(1): 88-96 (2007)

Efficacy of the new anticonvulsant felbamate in some seizure models in comparison with meprobamate
, Unknown (1996)

Efficacy of the new organization system of state agriculture in the Trust Timisoara
, Unknown (1970)

Efficacy of the product propolis on endometritis in the cow
, Buletinul Institutuli Agronomic Cluj Napoca 6(36): 73-76 (1982)

Efficacy of the recombinant vaccinia virus vaccine co-expressing L1 and L2 proteins of HPV type 16 in mice
, Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 27(7): 593-597 (2007)

Efficacy of the rodenticide bromethalin in the control of Microtus arvalis and Nesokia indica in alfalfa fields
, Turkish Journal of Zoology 31(3): 261-264 (2007)

Efficacy of the steroidal fraction of fenugreek seed extract on fertility of male albino rats
, Phytotherapy research: PTR 7(2) (1993)

Efficacy of the system of complex managements of the reproduction process
, Veterinarstvi 5(35): 109-111 (1985)

Efficacy of the use of Hy-DReg. in laying hens
, Proceedings of the XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and XI European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products, Golden Tulip Parkhotel Doorwerth, Doorwerth, Netherlands, 23-26 May 2005: 189-193 (2005)

Efficacy of the vaccine (LCV-2) against chicken coccidiosis
, Zhongguo Yufang Shouyi Xuebao / Chinese Journal of Preventive Veterinary Medicine 29(5): 368-371 (2007)

Efficacy of thiabendazole (mintezol) during Ancylostomidae larvae migration in the facultative host
, Soobshcheniia Akademii nauk Gruzinskoi SSR = Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR 105(1): 169-172 (1982)

Efficacy of thiacetarsamide in experimentally infected dogs at 2, 4, 6, 12 or 24 months post-infection with Dirofilaria immitis
, Proceedings of the Heartworm Symposium '83: Orlando Florida February 11-13-1983 managing editor HC Morgan editor GF Otto associate editors RF Jackson LA Jachowski Jr CH Courtney: 133 (1983)

Efficacy of thiamethoxam in the control of Empoasca vitis in comparison with lambda-cyhalothrin, abamectin, indoxacarb and chlorpyrifos
, Giornate Fitopatologiche 2006, Riccione RN, 27-29 marzo 2006 Atti, volume primo: 111-116 (2006)

Efficacy of thiophanate methyl fungicides for diseases of Florida ornamentals
, Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society 105(105): 182-186 (1993)

Efficacy of three anticoagulant rodenticides for the control of poison-shy Rattus rattus
, Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference: (11th) 82-84 (1984)

Efficacy of three artemisinin combination therapies for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in the Republic of Congo
, Malaria Journal 5: 113 (2006)

Efficacy of three formulations of the forest herbicide hexazinone as an aid to restoration of Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) sandhills at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
, Unknown (1996)

Efficacy of three insecticides applied to bark to control Agrilus planipennis (Coleoptera : Buprestidae)
, Great Lakes Entomologist 39(1-2): 27-33 (2006)

Efficacy of three new anthelmintics used in sheep naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica
, Veterinarstvi 4(3): 111-112 (1984)

Efficacy of tidal irrigation in Milwaukee shoulder syndrome
, Journal of Rheumatology 34(7): 1545-1550 (2007)

Efficacy of tinidazole for treatment of cats experimentally infected with Tritrichomonas foetus
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 68(10): 1085-1088 (2007)

Efficacy of topical 5-fluorouracil and triamcinolone acetonide in feline cutaneous mast cell tumors
, Feline practice 15(2): 34-35 (1985)

Efficacy of topical applications of Bayleton and Benodanil systematic fungicides for eradication of fusiform rust infections on 4-year-old loblolly pine Pinus taeda, Cronartium quercuum fusiforme, Oconee County, Georgia
, Unknown (1982)

Efficacy of topical caspofungin in experimental fusarium keratitis
, Cornea 26(6): 726-728 (2007)

Efficacy of topical immunoglobulins against experimental adenoviral ocular infection
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 48(9): 4171-4176 (2007)

Efficacy of traditional herbs of Bangladesh against fish pathogenic fungi
, Indian Journal of Fisheries 53(1): 41-46 (2006)

Efficacy of tralkoxydim applied with surfactants under different air temperature and humidity
, Progress in Plant Protection 46(2): 233-236 (2006)

Efficacy of transgenic rice expressing Cry1Ac and CpTI against the rice leaffolder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenée)
, Journal of invertebrate pathology 96(1): 71-79 (2007)

Efficacy of treatments with tree-bait against olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae Gmel.; Diptera: Tephritidae) in province of Jaen (Spain)
, Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas 33(2): 249-265 (2007)

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Efficiency of a new method ap
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Efficiency of addition of microd
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Efficiency of additional introdu
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Efficiency of agricultural-indus
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Efficiency of assignations for l
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Efficiency of autumn plowing for
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Efficiency of basic capital for
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Efficiency of beef production on
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Efficiency of capital investment
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Efficiency of catching adult Ephistia elutella (Hbn.) on adhesive pheromone traps in slightly and heavily infested stores
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Efficiency of environmental policy
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