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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15711

Chapter 15711 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oestmann, Dj, 1997:
Environmental and disease problems in ornamental marine aquariums

Paecsi, Maarton, 1985:
Environmental and dynamic geomorphology

Luff, M.; Rushton, S.; Eyre, M.; Foster, G., 1992:
Environmental and ecological applications of invertebrate distribution data from the Biological Records Center

Hochachka, PW.; Mommsen, TP., 1995:
Environmental and ecological biochemistry

Fielder, D., G.; Schaeffer, J., S.; Thomas, M., V., 2007:
Environmental and ecological conditions surrounding the production of large year classes of walleye (Sander vitreus) in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron

Greening, H.D.yon, S., 1990:
Environmental and ecological effects of drawdown and enhanced fluctuation for Lake Apopka, Florida

Eckert, A., J.; Eckert, M., L., 2007:
Environmental and ecological effects on size class distributions of foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana, Pinaceae) in the Klamath Mountains, California

Schuster, Jl, 1985:
Environmental and ecological implications of multispecies grazing

Anonymous, 1994:
Environmental and ecological statistics

Percze, A.; Singh, M.-Kumar; Szucs, I., 2007:
Environmental and ecological sustainability of biomass energy production in Europe

Facsar, I., 1980:
Environmental and economic advantages of the strawbedding dairy farms

Lim, S.-Rin; Park, J.-Moon, 2007:
Environmental and economic analysis of a water network system using LCA and LCC

Webb, A.B.dger, D., 1977:
Environmental and economic aspects of land application of municipal sewage effluents

Martin, J.; Madewell, C., 1971:
Environmental and economic aspects of recycling livestock wastes--algae production using waste products

Badger, Dd, 1972:
Environmental and economic aspects of solid waste disposal

Finnveden, Göran.; Björklund, A.; Moberg, A.; Ekvall, T., 2007:
Environmental and economic assessment methods for waste management decision-support: possibilities and limitations

Anonymous, 2001:
Environmental and economic benefit analysis of the proposed revisions to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulation and the effluent guidelines for concentrated animal feeding operations

Anonymous, 1989:
Environmental and economic benefits of low-input farming

Reynolds, J.-P.M.carthy, W.-N.T.eodore, L., 1981:
Environmental and economic considerations in energy utilization

Badger, Dd, 1972:
Environmental and economic considerations of solid waste management in rural areas of Oklahoma

Pimentel, David, 1999:
Environmental and economic costs associated with non-indigenous species in the United States

Stewart, R.; Gibson, D., C., 1994:
Environmental and economic development consequences of forest and agricultural sector policies in Latin America

James, Valentine-Udoh, 1994:
Environmental and economic dilemmas of developing countries

Anonymous, 1980:
Environmental and economic impact of agricultural land use conversion

Richardson, J.; Badger, D., 1973:
Environmental and economic impacts of alternative methods of insect management on cotton in Oklahoma

Lacey J.R.; Olson B.E., 1991:
Environmental and economic impacts of noxious range weeds

Pimentel, D.M.laughlin, L.Z.pp, A.L.kitan, B.K.aus, T.K.einman, P.V.ncini, F.R.ach, W.; Graap, E.K.eton, W., 1993:
Environmental and economic impacts of reducing U.S. agricultural pesticide use

Lee, L.-Yu-Ting; Ancev, T.; Vervoort, W., 2007:
Environmental and economic impacts of water scarcity and market reform on the Mooki catchment

Ziggers, D., 1999:
Environmental and economical impacts of nutrient flows in dairy forage systems

Keplinger, K.O., 2000:
Environmental and economics impacts of alternative broiler waste management strategies for Duck Creek watershed, Texas

Wingfield, Jc, 1983:
Environmental and endocrine control of avian reproduction: an ecological approach Includes domestic fowl

Robek, R.; Medved, M., 2005:
Environmental and ergonomic stress during logging with Woody 110 and Belt GV 70 skidders

Anonymous, 1976:
Environmental and experimental botany

Steinmetz, Suzanne, K., 2001:
Environmental and family influences shaping family scholars

Armstrong, Glen, W., 1995:
Environmental and financial sustainability of forest management practices

Hansen, L.; Chaney, R., 1984:
Environmental and food chain effects of the agricultural use of sewage sludges

Cristi, A.-A.G.sto, C., J., 1971:
Environmental and fruit alterations in germination of Atriplex repanda Phil

Pereira, J.; Lemos, A.D.-M.S.lva, M.D., A.E., 1979:
Environmental and genetic aspects of gestation length in the Caracu cattle breed

Meyer, F.E.hardt, G.S.nft, B., 1983:
Environmental and genetic aspects of lysozyme concentration in blood serum of pigs

Mcdougal, K.; Parks, C., 1986:
Environmental and genetic components of flavonoid variation in red oak, Quercus rubra

Bergamaschi, A.C.renzi, C.C.valchini-Guidobono, L.F.orentini, A., 1969:
Environmental and genetic considerations on the age at the first and third birth in swine breeding of Landrace and Large White breeds

Todd, TN.; Smith, GR.; Cable, LE., 1981:
Environmental and genetic contributions to morphological differentiation in ciscoes (Coregoninae) of the Great Lakes

Teeri, J.; Gurevitch, J., 1984:
Environmental and genetic control of Crassulacean acid metabolism in two Crassulacean species and an F1 hybrid with differing biomass delta13C values

Thakur, M.; Alban, E., 1975:
Environmental and genetic control of heterosityly in tomato

Kocak, S.; Tekerli, M.; Ozbeyaz, C.; Yuceer, B., 2007:
Environmental and genetic effects on birth weight and survival rate in Holstein calves

Teodoro, R.; Pereira, J.; Lemos, A.D.-M.S.mpaio, I.; Fonseca, C.-Da, 1979:
Environmental and genetic effects on the weight at birth of Caracu breed calves

Pereira, J.; Pereira, C.; Lemos, A.D., M., 1979:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting age at the first calving in females of the Caracu breed

Pereira, J.; Pereira, C.; Lemos, A.D., M., 1980 :
Environmental and genetic factors affecting calving interval in native Caracu cattle of Brazil

Lang, C.M.; Vesell, E.S., 1976:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting laboratory animals: impact on biomedical research. Introduction

West, David-Lee, 1971:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting seed set in Dactylis Glomerata L

Vesell, E.S.; Lang, C.M.; White, W.J.; Passananti, G.T.; Hill, R.N.; Clemens, T.L.; Liu, D.K.; Johnson, W.D., 1976:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting the response of laboratory animals to drugs

Wang, B.; Pitel, J.; Webb, D., 1982:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting tree and shrub seeds

Silva, M.D.-A.M.rtinez, M.; Carneiro, G.; Torres,. Jr.;, 1977:
Environmental and genetic factors as causes of average sizes of Duroc litters of piglets

Touchberry, Rw, 1974:
Environmental and genetic factors in the development and maintenance of lactation

Leskovar, D.I.; Bang, H.; Kim, S.L.; Yoo, K.S.; King, S.R.; Crosby, K., 2007:
Environmental and genetic factors on carotenoids and quality in watermelon fruits

Miranda, J.-De; Carneiro, G.1; Fonseca, C.1; Bergmann, J., 1982:
Environmental and genetic factors which affecting calving interval of Nelore breed Cows, Brazil.1

Uetz, G.; Kane, T.; Stratton, G.; Benton, M., 1986:
Environmental and genetic influences on the social grouping tendency of a communal spider

Pei, W.; Williams, P.Huw.; Clark, M.D.; Stemple, D.L.; Feldman, B., 2007:
Environmental and genetic modifiers of squint penetrance during zebrafish embryogenesis

Mazer, Sj, 1992:
Environmental and genetic sources of variation in floral traits and phenotypic gender in wild radish: consequences for natural selection

Chang, Tm, 1977:
Environmental and genetic variabilities of five quantitative characters of rice under different environmental conditions

Kraljevic-Balalic, M.M.haljev, I1; Leghari, M., 1982:
Environmental and genetic variation for the number and weight of kernels per spike in wheat Ecologic aspects, genotypes, varieties, Yugoslavia.1

Thoday, J.M.; Gibson, J.B., 1970:
Environmental and genetical contributions to class difference: a model experiment

Erhardt, G.M.yer, F1; Senft, B., 1982:
Environmental and genetical effects on mastitis Cattle.1

Freeman, G.; Perkins, J., 1971:
Environmental and genotype-environmental components of variability. vIII

Heichel, G.; Barnes, D.; Vance, C.; Hardarson, G., 1984:
Environmental and genotypic effects on dinitrogen fixation of contrasting alfalfa clones

Asensio,, M.; Asensio, M., 2000:
Environmental and genotypic effects on yield, physico-chemical, and sensory characteristics in dry beans

Gordo, O.; Sanz, J.-Joscb; Lobo, J., M., 2007:
Environmental and geographical constraints on common swift and barn swallow spring arrival patterns throughout the Iberian Peninsula

Kalenov, Gs, 1977:
Environmental and geographical investigation of Tortula desertorum Broth. distribution in Central Asia deserts

Szczucinski, W.; Chaimanee, N.; Niedzielski, P.; Rachlewicz, G.; Saisuttichai, D.; Tepsuwan, T.; Lorenc, S.; Siepak, J., 2006:
Environmental and geological impacts of the 26 December 2004 tsunami in coastal zone of Thailand - overview of short and long-term effects

Cremers, C.-J.K.eith, F.; Clark, J.-Alden, 1971:
Environmental and geophysical heat transfer

Bowman, Jc, 1986:
Environmental and governmental pressure on agriculture

Braunstein, H.; Kornegay, F.1; Roop, R.1; Sharples, F., 1981:
Environmental and health aspects of biomass energy systems Fuels

Lewis, Dl, 1980:
Environmental and health aspects of termite control chemicals

Feshbach, Murray, 1995:
Environmental and health atlas of Russia

Torres, R.; Silva, M.; Torres,. Jr.;, 1979:
Environmental and hereditary factors affecting weights and weight gains of Gir calves in the milk-feeding phase

Kummerow, J., 1973:
Environmental and hormonal control in seedlings

Read, Pe, 1992:
Environmental and hormonal effects in micropropagation

Wilson, Clevo, 1999:
Environmental and human costs of commercial agricultural production in South Asia

Roman-Cuesta, Rosa-Maria, 2007:
Environmental and human factors influencing fire trends in ENSO and non-ENSO years in tropical Mexico (vol 13, pg 1177, 2003)

Abarca, O.I.; Rodriguez, S., 2005:
Environmental and hydraulic-structural characterization of the aqueduct system or the El Limon town, Aragua State, Venezuela

Brabets, Timothy, P., 2000:
Environmental and hydrologic overview of the Yukon River basin, Alaska and Canada

Adamski, James, C., 1995:
Environmental and hydrologic setting of the Ozark Plateaus study unit, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Covay, Kenneth, J., 1996:
Environmental and hydrologic settings of the Las Vegas Valley Area and the Carson and Truckee River basins, Nevada and California

Campos, B.; Pires, F.; Nascimento, J., 1981:
Environmental and inheritance factors that affect the age at first calving in Gir and Guezera cattle

Schwab, Charlotte, 1979:
Environmental and institutional considerations in the development and implementation of biomass energy technologies

Goldwin, G.K., 1992:
Environmental and internal regulation of fruiting, with particular reference to Cox's Orange Pippin apple

Kossak, Simona, 1991:
Environmental and intraspecific interrelations with the nutritional behaviour of Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.)

Albisu, L.; Romero, C., 1995:
Environmental and land use issues

Harvey, Pamela, D., 2003:
Environmental and land use law conference 2003

Bartlett, Jp, 1979:
Environmental and legal considerations in weather modification activities in the Northern Sierra Nevada

Lukowicz, M.Von, 1981:
Environmental and living requirements of fish

Svecnjak, Z.; Varga, B.; Grbesa, D.; Pospisil, M.; Macesic, D., 2007:
Environmental and management effects on grain quality of maize hybrids

Hoque, Mz, 1982:
Environmental and management factors in the design of multilocation testing of cropping patterns Research

Gwazdauskas, F.C.; Wilcox, C.J.; Thatcher, W.W., 1975:
Environmental and managemental factors affecting conception rate in a subtropical climate

Singh, B.S.ngh, A., 1971:
Environmental and managemental factors ary poultyr disease problems

Singh, B.S.ngh, A., 1971:
Environmental and managemental factors in poultry disease problems

Gilbert, S.; Huang-Lai, G.; Lai, C., 1983:
Environmental and material composition effects on film permeability as related to meat packaging

Prosser, C L. ., 1991:
Environmental and metabolic animal physiology

Anonymous, 1987:
Environmental and molecular mutagenesis

Pagiola, Stefano, 1995:
Environmental and natural resource degradation in intensive agriculture in Bangladesh

Harris, Jonathan, M., 2006:
Environmental and natural resource economics

Anonymous, 1979:
Environmental and natural resource management in developing countries

Anonymous, 1995:
Environmental and natural resources conservation

Hackett, Steven, C., 2006:
Environmental and natural resources economics

Schmid, Robert, L., 1991:
Environmental and natural resources permits

Firouz, E., 1976:
Environmental and nature conservation in Iran

Chan, S.; O.; Ws, 1981:
Environmental and non-genetic mechanisms in sex determination

Piorkowsky, M.-Burkhard; Rohwer, D., 1988 :
Environmental and nutritional behavior

Reichl, Jr; Vogt, J., 1982:
Environmental and nutritional interactions in energy metabolism of growing pigs

Mehlman, Myron, A., 1990:
Environmental and occupational cancer

Anonymous, 1979:
Environmental and other evaluations of alternatives for long-term management of stored INEL transuranic waste

Fotini, K., 2007:
Environmental and overall appraisal of highway structures and earthworks

Taylor, T., 1994:
Environmental and packaging strategies

Havey, J.M.; Dodd, D.K., 1992:
Environmental and personality differences between children of alcoholics and their peers

Maier, I., 1987:
Environmental and pheromonal control of sexual reproduction in Laminaria (Phaeophyceae)

Bergerard, J., 1972:
Environmental and physiological control of sex determination and differentiation

Running, S.W., 1979:
Environmental and physiological control of water flux through Pinus contorta

Funk, D.; Freeman, A.1; Berger, P., 1982:
Environmental and physiological factors affecting mastitis at drying off and postcalving Cows, staphylococcal, Streptococci agalactiae

Roussel, Jd, 1988:
Environmental and physiological factors affecting serum aldosterone levels in holsteins

Lipscomb, M.; Nilsen, E., 1990:
Environmental and physiological factors influencing the natural distribution of evergreen and deciduous fricaceous shrubs on northeast and southwest slopes of the southern Appalachian Mountains. I. Irradiance tolerance

Webster, Ajf, 1970:
Environmental and physiological interactions influencing resistance to infectious disease

Boyer, J.R.berge, G., 1985:
Environmental and physiological study of the production of some high yield fodder grasses grown in Senegal. I. Influence of physiological running conditions on dry matter (d.m.) production of standing crop, and water absorption efficiency

Boyer, J.R.berge, G.F.iot, D., 1985:
Environmental and physiological study of the production of some high yield fodder grasses grown in Senegal. II. Variation of their fodder nutritive value in relation to the harvesting cycle and the mineral fertilization

Langeland, Ka, 1992:
Environmental and public health considerations

Anonymous, 1978:
Environmental and resource assessment program

Porter, Jw, 1980:
Environmental and safety aspects of natural gas-fueled vehicles

Anonymous, 2006:
Environmental and safety impacts of nanotechnology

Ponessa, Jt, 1992:
Environmental and safety issues in housing

Krygsman, A., 1994:
Environmental and safety properties of Naturalis-L

Ashford, N.; Heaton, G., 1976:
Environmental and safety regulations: reasons for their adoption and possible effects on technological innovation

Harrison, L.C.; Weiser, C.J.; Burke, M.J., 1978:
Environmental and Seasonal Factors Affecting the Frost-induced Stage of Cold Acclimation in Cornus stolonifera Michx

Proffitt, K.-M.G.rrott, R.-A.R.tella, J.-J.W.eatley, K., E., 2007:
Environmental and senescent related variations in Weddell seal body mass: implications for age-specific reproductive performance

Youngberg, Ig, 1990:
Environmental and social concerns

Amberg, Hr, 1976:
Environmental and social factors

Libby, Lw, 1990:
Environmental and social impacts of agriculture: a special challenge in policy education

Stocker, G.; Gilmour, D., 1975:
Environmental and social influences affecting land use planning in the forested areas of far North Queensland

Nahal, I., 1994:
Environmental and socio-economic effects of irrigation schemes in the Arab Near East

Aliro, Ogen-Kevin, 1993:
Environmental and socio-economic impact of tobacco production in Arua District

Sanjur, D., 1980:
Environmental and sociocultural parameters affecting food habits

Tahir, A.; El-Sammani, M., 1980:
Environmental and socioeconomic impact of Jonglei Canal Project

Anonymous, 1982:
Environmental and socioeconomic status of the Hampshire Energy Project

Murray, Donald-Scott, 1989:
Environmental and soil factors affecting the dissipation, phytotoxicity and mobility of dipropetryn

Mosiej, Jozef, 1999:
Environmental and technical conditions for water management in Ner river valley

Hall, E.H., 1980:
Environmental and technological analysis of the use of surplus wood as an industrial fuel

Prigge, E., 1973:
Environmental and toxicological aspects of the application of insecticides and herbicides

Anonymous, 1981:
Environmental and toxicological evaluation of chemical products

Gebler, L.; Pelizza, T.R.; Almeida, D.L. de, 2006:
Environmental and toxicology variables of pesticides used in Integrated Apple Production (IAP) focusing mathematical modeling

Nazrul-Islam, Akm, 1993:
Environmental and vegetation of Sundarban mangrove forest

Davies, K.; Bates, J.; Miller, R., 2007:
Environmental and vegetation relationships of the Artemisia tridentata spp. wyomingensis alliance

Miller, Pc, 1982:
Environmental and vegetational variation across a snow accumulation area in montane tundra in central Alaska

Rogers, J.-R.F.edrich, A., J., 2003:
Environmental and water resources history

Koelega, H.S., 1987:
Environmental annoyance

Sivinski, Js, 1983:
Environmental application of cesium-137 irradiation technology: sludges and foods

Goodell, H.-Grant; Woolheater, C.M.E.hternacht, K.L., 1972:
Environmental application of remote sensing methods to coastal zone land use and marine resource management

Alford, Al, 1977:
Environmental applications of advanced instrumental analyses: assistance projects, FY75

Filip, J.; Zboril, R.; Schneeweiss, O.; Zeman, J.; Cernik, M.; Kvapil, P.; Otyepka, M., 2007:
Environmental applications of chemically pure natural ferrihydrite

Breen, J.-J.R.binson, P., E., 1985:
Environmental applications of chemometrics

Tebo, Bradley-Maclean, 1995:
Environmental applications of marine biotechnology

Anonymous, 1975:
Environmental applications of multispectral imagery

Toranzos, Gary, A., 1997:
Environmental applications of nucleic acid amplification techniques

Krachler, M., 2007:
Environmental applications of single collector high resolution ICP-MS

Mulcahey, L.; Rankin, C.; Mcnally, E., 1994:
Environmental applications of supercritical fluid chromatography

Mikolaj, P.G., 1972:
Environmental applications of the weibull distribution function: oil pollution

Cochrane, W.; Maybury, R., 1981:
Environmental applications of the electron-capture detector--pesticides Organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, organophosphates, N-Methylcarbamates, herbicides, fungicides

Moritz, E.J.H.ffman, C.R., 1993:
Environmental applications of the particle analysis system

Peters, Rf, 1973:
Environmental approaches to vector control

Heering, M., 1979:
Environmental approval of Fredericia Brewery

Riviere, J.; Robinson, F.; Everson, R.; Hayworth, J.H.ll, J., 1984:
Environmental arsenic toxicosis in cattle

Cernovska, G., 2006:
Environmental aspect of dialogue educational method in Latvia rural music school

Kips, Rh, 1985:
Environmental aspects

Bergmann, A., 2005:
Environmental aspects in forest machine business

Gombos, M.S.endrei, K.F.uer,, G.K.cskes, M., 1978:
Environmental aspects in the evaluation of the antifeedants extracted from Amorpha fructicosa L

Vorher, W., 1982:
Environmental aspects in the use of raw material in the cellulose and paper industry

Chun, Michael, J., 1981:
Environmental aspects of Kapaa Landfill, Kawainui, Oahua, Hawaii

Cox, Jm, 1996:
Environmental aspects of Listeria monocytogenes

Mclean, Donald, M., 1987:
Environmental aspects of Salmonella in humans

Statheropoulos, M.; Agapiou, A.; Spiliopoulou, C.; Pallis, G.C.; Sianos, E., 2007:
Environmental aspects of VOCs evolved in the early stages of human decomposition

Kruger, I.C.uickshank, R., 1982:
Environmental aspects of a few pelagic fish shoals off South West Africa

Garrett, Alfred, J., 1983:
Environmental aspects of a tritium release from the Savannah River plant on July 16, 1983

Evans, A.G.H.el, D.D.K.ntelo, M.V., 1985:
Environmental aspects of a tritium release from the Savannah River plant on March 23, 1984

Wislocki, P.; Grosso, L.; Dybas, R., 1989:
Environmental aspects of abamectin use in crop protection

Wallen, Cc, 1973:
Environmental aspects of agricultural meteorology

Tolbert, V.; Bandaranayake, W.T.ler, D.H.uston, A.M.ys, D.P.ttry, D.; Thornton, F.; Joslin, J.; Bock, B.; Schoenholtz, S.G.een, T., 2000:
Environmental aspects of biomass crop production

Barrett, Jr; Jacko, Rb, 1985:
Environmental aspects of biomass furnaces used in agriculture--air pollution and grain contamination

Wynder, Ernst, L., 1983:
Environmental aspects of cancer

Broughton, N.; Parslow, R.S.rgent, D., 1992:
Environmental aspects of carbonatation mud disposal

Shields, F.J.; Nunnally, N., 1984:
Environmental aspects of clearing and snagging

Minear, R.A., 1980:
Environmental aspects of coal production in the Appalachian region

Anonymous, 1979:
Environmental aspects of commercial radioactive waste management

Goumans, J.J.J.M.S.oot, H.A.V.n-Der; Aalbers, T., G., 1994:
Environmental aspects of construction with waste materials

Pociene, A.; Pocius, S.; Kudakas, V., 2001:
Environmental aspects of drainage

Espey, W.Jr, 1977:
Environmental aspects of dredging in the gulf coast zone with some attention paid to shell dredging

Huffman, Gl, 1979:
Environmental aspects of emerging pyrolysis processes

Donaldson, Ec, 1979:
Environmental aspects of enhanced oil recovery

Stage, H., 1975:
Environmental aspects of fatty acid distillation

Trotman, Ig, 1981:
Environmental aspects of forest establishment

Embabi, Ns, 1993:
Environmental aspects of geographical distribution of mangrove in the United Arab Emirates

Halpenny, Lc, 1977:
Environmental aspects of hydrology

Anonymous, 1994:
Environmental aspects of industrial wood preservation

Ahmad, J., 1976:
Environmental aspects of international income distribution

Lance, J.; Bouwer, H., 1981:
Environmental aspects of irrigation with sewage

Phillips, Sr, 1979:
Environmental aspects of milk marketing in the mid-1980s. A forecast of hygienic restraints on production, processing and distribution

Gertel, K., 1972:
Environmental aspects of multiobjective planning

Shaxson, Tf, 1976:
Environmental aspects of natural resources development and nature conservation in African ecosystems

Anonymous, 1987:
Environmental aspects of nickel production

Graham-Bryce, Ij, 1988:
Environmental aspects of pesticides--the development of understanding

Beringer, H., 1992:
Environmental aspects of potash needs, use and production

Pantulu, Vr, 1975:
Environmental aspects of river development in tropical Asia with particular reference to the mekong Basin

Diesch, Sl, 1978:
Environmental aspects of salmonellosis

Gagnon, Jd, 1973:
Environmental aspects of sewage-derived fertilizers

Suss, H.; Nimmerfroh, N.E.l, W.; Meier, J., 1989 :
Environmental aspects of short-sequence bleaching

Trivedi, Rn, 1977:
Environmental aspects of site selection for fertiliser plants

Michelsen, A., 1985:
Environmental aspects of sound communication in insects

Caotae, P.; Gilliam, T.M., 1989:
Environmental aspects of stabilization and solidification of hazardous and radioactive wastes

Aldrich, Sn, 1977:
Environmental aspects of sulfur dioxide treatment of iron manganese in pipe drains

Gauglhofer, J., 1986:
Environmental aspects of tanning with chromium

Christie, R.M., 2007:
Environmental aspects of textile dyeing

Nipp, Tl, 1990:
Environmental aspects of the 1990 Farm Bill

Anonymous, 1993:
Environmental aspects of the North American Free Trade Agreement

Schink, B., 1986:
Environmental aspects of the degradation potential of anaerobic bacteria

Anonymous, 1983:
Environmental aspects of the extraction and production of nickel

Sussman, A.; Douthit, H.J., 1982:
Environmental aspects of the germination of spores

Stoutjesdijk, P.; Smit, G., 1975:
Environmental aspects of the use of starch products in the paper industry

A.A.M.,, 1974:
Environmental aspects of use of high-yielding grain varieties in the Third World

Notodihardjo, M., 1982:
Environmental aspects of water management in Indonesia

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental aspects of water management in metropolitan areas of developing countries

Vuddagiri, S.; Kailasanathan, K., 1979:
Environmental aspects of water resources development plans in India

Taylor, Le, 1979:
Environmental aspects of water resources planning in England and Wales

Nightingale, H.I., 1981:
Environmental aspects of water spreading for ground-water recharge

Taylor, Le, 1981:
Environmental aspects of water-resources planning in England and Wales

Levitt, B.; Levitt, L.; Gomez, R., 1982:
Environmental aspects of wild grass fires

Willeitner, H.L.ese, W., 1978 :
Environmental aspects of wood preservation for the rural sector

Pimentel, D., 1978:
Environmental aspects of world pest control

Abbas, M.Hafil, 1991:
Environmental aspects on livestock production

Bursell, E., 1974:
Environmental aspects--humidity

Grosch, Ds, 1974:
Environmental aspects: radiation

Trivedi, R.N.S.n-Sarma, P.K.S.ngh, M.P., 1991:
Environmental assesment and management

Anonymous, 1990:
Environmental assesment

Fortlage, C.A., 1990:
Environmental assessment

Anonymous, 1996:
Environmental assessment (EA)

Anonymous, 1999:
Environmental assessment (EA), bird damage management in the New Mexico Wildlife Services program

Anonymous, 1997:
Environmental assessment (EA), wildlife damage management in the northwest Oregon ADC District

Anonymous, 1987:
Environmental assessment AZ-050-6-33 for oil and gas leasing on public lands in the Yuma District

Anonymous, 2003:
Environmental assessment Lower Parks Resource Management Project

Anonymous, 1997:
Environmental assessment and decision

Anonymous, 1975:
Environmental assessment and design

Finney, J.; Moos, R., 1984:
Environmental assessment and evaluation research: examples from mental health and substance abuse programs

Anonymous, 1999:
Environmental assessment and land protection plan

Awan, N.M.L.tif, M., 1994:
Environmental assessment and management of irrigation and drainage projects for sustained agricultural growth

Anonymous, 2000:
Environmental assessment for Bellemont shooting facility

Broz, B., 1997:
Environmental assessment for Real estate professionals

Anonymous, 1990:
Environmental assessment for Snake River activity operations plan

Anonymous, 1981:
Environmental assessment for a development concept plan

Holland, A.F., 1993:
Environmental assessment for alternative dredged material disposal sites in Charleston harbor

Anonymous, 1997:
Environmental assessment for an amendment to the forest plan for the Sedona area

Loven, July, S., 2002:
Environmental assessment for bird damage management at municipalities, industrial sites, agricultural sites, and private land within Indiana

Anonymous, 2001:
Environmental assessment for cervid management in Kentucky

Anonymous, 2000:
Environmental assessment for management of conflicts associated with resident Canada geese in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1994:
Environmental assessment for managing special habitats on Willamette National Forest

Anonymous, 1981:
Environmental assessment for oil and gas leasing program, Butte District

Anonymous, 1973:
Environmental assessment for quarrying operations in the Kwajalein Missile Range

Mcconnell, J.; Barden, M., 1998:
Environmental assessment for reducing conflicts due to large populations of gulls at the , New Hampshire

Reczynski, Deborah, 1992:
Environmental assessment for rural hospitals 1992

Anonymous, 1995:
Environmental assessment for sodium leasing, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Anonymous, 2000:
Environmental assessment for the L-Bar land exchange

Anonymous, 2002:
Environmental assessment for the Thunderbird ecosystem management project vegetation treatments

Baglien, John, W., 1994:
Environmental assessment for the Wolf Rock timber sale

Anonymous, 1985:
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Environmental assessment wildlife damage management (WDM) in the southern Utah ADC District

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Environmental assessment, managing black bear damage to timber in Western Oregon

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Environmental assessment, predator damage management in eastern Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1996:
Environmental assessment, predator damage management in western Oklahoma

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Anonymous, 2004:
Environmental assessment, reducing mammal damage through an integrated wildlife damage management program in the state of New Jersey

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Environmental assessment, reducing ring-billed gull, herring gull, great black-backed gull, and double-crested cormorant damage through an integrated wildlife damage management program in the state of New York

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Environmental assessment, shooting white-tailed deer to contribute to deer population reduction objectives in New Jersey

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Environmental conditions, rather than season, determine torpor use and temperature selection in large mouse-eared bats (Myotis myotis)

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Environmental conflict as a social construction: nuclear waste conflicts in Finland

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Environmental consciousness

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Environmental consciousness and Scandinavian forestry

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Environmental consequences of the development of the Amazon River, Brazil

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Environmental consequences of the structure of agriculture: the case of southeastern Pennsylvania farms

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Environmental consequences of timber harvesting in Rocky Mountain coniferous forests

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Environmental consequences of using fertilizer and other chemicals in forest management

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Environmental conservation Forestry

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Environmental conservation and agricultural production

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Environmental conservation and development

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Environmental conservation and development of Israels arid and semiarid regions

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Environmental conservation and historic preservation through recorded land-use agreements

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Environmental conservation and planning

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Environmental conservation and protection of beekeeping

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Environmental conservation education challenges

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Environmental conservation for global development

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Environmental conservation in communal lands with special reference to grazing lands

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Environmental conservation in the German Democratic Republic with special consideration of the preservation and enhancement of areas of water, moorland and wetlands

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Environmental conservation in the signs of world wide crises

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Environmental conservation or countryside cosmetics?

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Environmental conservation projects of the Austrian paper industry

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Environmental conservation through soil utilization planning

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Environmental conservation through the 1975 forest law

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Environmental conservation: a national mission for the seventies

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Environmental consideration in nitrogen-irrigation management for potato production on sandy soil

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Environmental consideration--a common sense approach to planning

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Environmental consideration--the use of agricultural chemicals

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Environmental considerations

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Environmental considerations Crop protection, pesticide use

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Environmental considerations and multipurpose use in urban artificial recharge basins

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Environmental considerations and regulations associated with range burning

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Environmental considerations at logging operations

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Environmental considerations at the sawmill

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Environmental considerations for agricultural intermediation

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Environmental considerations for cotton fertilization

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Environmental considerations for estuarine benthal systems

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Environmental considerations for hazardous waste management facilities

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Environmental considerations for keeping healthy amphibians

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Environmental considerations for minor use animal drugs

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Environmental considerations for non-conventional energy sources

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Environmental considerations for pesticide usage Avoidance of the effects of pesticides on non-target species

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Environmental considerations for shipment of livestock by air freight

Stevens, D.; Hahn, G.; Bond, T.; Langridge, J., 1974 :
Environmental considerations for shipment of livestock by air frieght

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Environmental considerations in Corps planning

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Environmental considerations in developing dairy rations

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Environmental considerations in development finance

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Environmental considerations in expanding agricultural production

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Environmental considerations in harnessing the sun through bioconversion

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Environmental considerations in multiobjective planning

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Environmental considerations in nutrition

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Environmental considerations in the management of the souths national forests

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Environmental considerations in the settlement of Ellis County, Kansas

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Environmental considerations in water resources planning-- as I see it

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Environmental considerations in wood fuel utilization

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Environmental considerations of active and abandoned mine lands

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Environmental considerations of salinity in the Campaspe River, downstream of Lake Eppalock

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Environmental considerations of salinity in the Goulburn River, downstream of Shepparton

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Environmental constraint of constitutive and long-term inducible defenses in woody plants

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Environmental constraints

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Environmental constraints and development policy

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Environmental constraints of Anabaena N2 - and CO2 -fixation: effects of hyperoxia and phosphate depletion on blooms and chemostat cultures

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Environmental constraints on carbon assimilation

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Environmental constraints on packaging of dairy products Contamination

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Environmental constraints on productivity of the Mediterranean sclerophyll shrub Quercus coccifera

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Environmental constraints on the farm

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Environmental constraints on the interdependence of drainage basin morphometric properties

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Environmental constraints on the pulp and paper industry

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Environmental constraints versus economic gains in tropical forestry

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Environmental constraints, commodity mix, and research resource allocation

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Environmental construction and care as tasks of forest administration illustrated by forest policy of Hesse

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Environmental contaminant hazards to Attwaters greater prairie-chickens

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Environmental contaminant reference databook

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Environmental contaminants and biochemical response in eel

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Environmental contaminants and the management of bat populations in the United States

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Environmental contaminants in bottom sediments, Peace and Athabasca River Basins, October, 1994 and May, 1995

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Environmental contaminants in fish

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Environmental contaminants in food

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Environmental contaminants in food Polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, aflatoxins, nitrates, nitrites, and N-nitroso compounds, mercury, lead

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Environmental contaminants in foods

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Environmental contaminants in foods--problems and possible solutions of the Seventies

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Environmental contaminants in foods; proceedings of sixth annual symposium, November 18, 1971

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Environmental contaminants in meat and meat products--a discontinued inspection estimate as a measure for consumer risk and the environmental situation

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Environmental contaminants in relation to Canadian wildlife

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Environmental contaminants in water and sediments

Crosley, Robert, W., 1996:
Environmental contaminants in water and sediments, upper Athabasca River, April, 1992

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Environmental contaminants in wildlife

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Environmental contaminants, ecosystems and human health

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Environmental contaminants: general and particular considerations

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Environmental contamination

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Environmental contamination and human exposure to lead in Brazil

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Environmental contamination and the risks

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Environmental contamination by agricultural organotin compounds

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Environmental contamination by mercury in Iraq

Anonymous, 1990:
Environmental contamination following a major nuclear accident

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Environmental contamination following toilet use in the operating department

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Environmental contamination from heavy metals: overall situation with food, legal aspects and analysis

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Environmental contamination in Poza Rica, Veracruz

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Environmental contamination is a major contributor to prevalence of Serpulina hyodysenteriae infection of swine on farms mediating against swine dysentery

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Environmental contamination makes an important contribution to hospital infection

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Environmental contamination of flue cured tobacco with chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides

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Environmental content of forestry education in Europe

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Environmental context differentially affects behavioral, leukocyte, cortisol, and interleukin-6 responses to low doses of endotoxin in the rhesus monkey

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Environmental control

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Environmental control and plant protection

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Environmental control and the dairy industry

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Environmental control at the Algoma Ore Division

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Environmental control facilities for agricultural laboratories

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Environmental control for Cotton Classing Offices

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Environmental control for animals and plants

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Environmental control for calves

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Environmental control for confinement livestock housing

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Environmental control for greenhouse tomatoes

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Environmental control for plant production in space CELSS

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Environmental control for poultry housing

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Environmental control for poultry structures: Air inlets

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Environmental control for poultry structures: Air static pressure

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Environmental control for poultry structures: Insulation

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Environmental control for poultry structures: Paddle fans

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Environmental control for poultry structures: Sensors and controllers

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Environmental control for poultry structures: curtain controls

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Environmental control for pulp and paper mills

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Environmental control in China now as seen from the Canton Industrial Fair

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Environmental control in USDA classing laboratories

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Environmental control in a farrow-to-finish facility

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Environmental control in animal shelters using power plant thermal effluents

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Environmental control in disposal and utilization of combustion residues

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Environmental control in intensive piggeries Swine buildings, control of physical and thermal environments

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Environmental control in laying houses

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Environmental control in poultry laying houses

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Environmental control measures used in plant pest control programs

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Environmental control of CAM induction in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum--a role for cytokinin, abscisic acid and jasmonate?

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Environmental control of arthropod pests of livestock

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Environmental control of bicarbonate use among freshwater and marine macrophytes

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Environmental control of birds

Bartholomew, Dp, 1982:
Environmental control of carbon assimilation and dry matter production by pineapple Ananas comosus

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Environmental control of carbon uptake and growth in a Populus trichocarpa plantation in Iceland

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Environmental control of coloration in an acridid, Gastrimargus africanus (Saussure)

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Environmental control of diapause in three species of NorthAmerican aedine mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Environmental control of early succession on a large landslide in a tropical dry ecosystem (Casita Volcano, Nicaragua)

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Environmental control of flight muscle histolysis in the bug Dysdercus intermedius

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Environmental control of flower bud development in Coffea arabica L

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Environmental control of flowering in tropical, subtropical grasses

Briand, F., 1983:
Environmental control of food web structure 40, representing aquatic and terestrial communities

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Environmental control of fruitbody development in Boletus rubinellus in axenic culture

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Environmental control of fungal growth

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Environmental control of gametogenesis in Laminaria saccharina. I. The effects of light and culture media

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Environmental control of gametogenesis in Laminaria saccharina. II. Correlation of nitrate and phosphate concentrations with gametogenesis and selected metabolites

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Environmental control of gametogenesis in Laminaria saccharina. III. The effects of different iodine concentrations, and chloride and iodide ratios

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Environmental control of gametogenesis in Laminaria saccharina. IV. In situ development of gametophytes and young sporophytes

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Environmental control of gametogenesis in Laminaria saccharina. IV. Situ development of gametophyes and young sporophytes

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Environmental control of gene expression and stress proteins in plants

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Environmental control of growth and development of Scrophularia marilandica

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Environmental control of growth behavior and cold hardiness in arctic and subarctic plants

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Environmental control of growth: the maternal environment

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Environmental control of hair and sporangial formation in the marine red alga Acrochaetium proskaueri sp. nov

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Environmental control of insects using trap crops, sanitation, prevention, and harvesting

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Environmental control of lipids and fatty acid production in the diatom Navicula saprophila

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Environmental control of livestock disease

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Environmental control of macroalgal phenology

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Environmental control of methane emission from boreal mires

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Environmental control of motility and encystment in Blastocladiella emersonii zoospores at high population densities

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Environmental control of phytoplankton cell size

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Environmental control of plant development and its relation to hormones

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Environmental control of plant development and subsequent effects on grain yield Spring barley, genotype

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Environmental control of plant pathogens using avoidance

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Environmental control of predators

Stanley, D.; Daley, R., 1976:
Environmental control of primary productivity in Alaskan tundra ponds

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Environmental control of pupal colour in swallowtail butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilioninae): Battus philenor (L.) and Papilio polyxenes Fabr

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Environmental control of rats

Olive, Pjw, 1981:
Environmental control of reproduction in Polychaeta: Experimental studies of littoral species in northeast England

Davis, De, 1981:
Environmental control of rodents

Karsch, F.; Foster, D., 1981:
Environmental control of seasonal breeding: a common final mechanism governing seasonal breeding and sexual maturation Anoestrus seasons, sheep

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Environmental control of seasonal growth in Pinus resinosa Ait

Hoffmann, Rj, 1973:
Environmental control of seasonal variation in the butterfly Colias eurytheme. I. Adaptive aspects of a photoperiodic response

Drew, A.; Drew, L.; Fritts, H., 1972:
Environmental control of stomatal activity in mature semiarid site ponderosa pine

Wood, B.; Hanover, J., 1981:
Environmental control of sugar maple seedling growth

Navarotto, Pl, 1983:
Environmental control of swine housing--installation aspects

Francis, D., 1998:
Environmental control of the cell cycle in higher plants

Avtalion, Rr, 1981:
Environmental control of the immune response in fish

Hurka, H., 1972:
Environmental control of the morphology of the reef alga Turbinaria ornata (Turn.) J. ag. (Sargassaceae) studied by means of statistical population analysis

Zeleny, D.; Chytry, M., 2007:
Environmental control of the vegetation pattern in deep river valleys of the Bohemian Massif

Diamant, Bz, 1979:
Environmental control of water-borne diseases in the promotion of water resources in developing countries

Koller, Dov, 1971:
Environmental control of weed physiology

Slife, Fw, 1981:
Environmental control of weeds

Chapman, R.; Jones, R., 1973:
Environmental control or environment protection: the need for a policy ministry designed to promote the environment principle

Dock, J.; Malloy, M.; Tomlinson, J., 1981:
Environmental control perspective for ethanol production from biomass

Blankenship, P.; Cole, R.; Sanders, T.; Hill, R., 1983:
Environmental control plot facility with manipulable soil temperature

O'-Dette, Rg, 1979:
Environmental control regulations: a significant source of social and economic stress

Romanowski, Rr, 1981:
Environmental control structures

Harkness, J.; Doctor, R.; Seward, W., 1980:
Environmental control technology for biomass flash pyrolysis

Anderson, D., 1973:
Environmental control within the European Community

Siebert, H., 1976:
Environmental control, economic structure, and international trade

Hahn, L.O.burn, D.; Mcquigg, J., 1971:
Environmental control, evaporative cooling and partial air conditioning applications to dairy housing in hot climates

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Environmental control: concepts, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Nielsen, Vh, 1971:
Environmental control; how is the dairy industry affected? what can be done?

Costle, Dm, 1978:
Environmental controls and the paper industry

Ogura, Yaukao, 1985:
Environmental controls for covered culture

Briggs, W.B.S.iver, M.B.S.ivers, T.E., 1971:
Environmental controls for feed manufacturing & grain handling

Ewing, K., 1983:
Environmental controls in Pacific Northwest intertidal marsh plant communities Plant ecology, Oregon, Washington

Gerhrmann, J., 1990:
Environmental controls in the forest ecosystem

Sawchyn, W.W., 1972:
Environmental controls in the seasonal succession and synchronization of development in some pond species of damsflies (Odonata: Zygoptera)

Frost, P.C.; Mack, A.; Larson, J.H.; Bridgham, S.D.; Lamberti, G.A., 2006:
Environmental controls of UV-B radiation in forested streams of northern Michigan

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