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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15712

Chapter 15712 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poulos, H., M.; Taylor, A., H.; Beaty, R.M.tthew, 2007:
Environmental controls on dominance and diversity of woody plant species in a Madrean, Sky Island ecosystem, Arizona, USA

Zhang YinSheng; Kadota, T.; Ohata, T.; Oyunbaatar, D., 2007:
Environmental controls on evapotranspiration from sparse grassland in Mongolia

Lindroth, A.; Lund, M.; Nilsson, M.; Aurela, M.; Christensen, T.-Roejle; Laurila, T.; Rinne, J.; Riutta, T.; Sagerfors, J.; Stroem, L.; Tuovinen, J.-Pekka; Vesala, T., 2007:
Environmental controls on the CO2 exchange in north European mires

Alstad, K.P.; Lai, C-Ta.; Flanagan, L.B.; Ehleringer, J.R., 2007:
Environmental controls on the carbon isotope composition of ecosystem-respired CO2 in contrasting forest ecosystems in Canada and the USA

Aldrich, R.; Sherritt, G., 1969:
Environmental controls satisfactory for farrow-to-finish swine housing

Fullerton, D.; Metcalf, G., E., 1997:
Environmental controls, scarcity rents, and pre-existing distortions

Mackenthun, Km, 1982:
Environmental controls: are they swords of Damocles? Special reference to water pollution

Hobbs, E.; Kemp, G.; Krogman, K.; Torfason, W., 1974:
Environmental cooling of crops in Alberta, Canada

Anonymous, 1991:
Environmental cooperation

Menges, Es, 1986:
Environmental correlates of herb species composition in five southern Wisconsin floodplain forests

Kaczynski, A.T.; Henderson, K.A., 2007:
Environmental correlates of physical activity: a review of evidence about parks and recreation

Cravioto, J.D.licardie, E., 1973:
Environmental correlates of severe clinical malnutrition and language development in survivors of kwashiorkor or marasmus

John, E.D.le, M., 1990:
Environmental correlates of species distributions in a saxicolous lichen community

Elton, S., 2007:
Environmental correlates of the cercopithecoid radiations

Fowler, Hg, 1979:
Environmental correlates of the foraging of Acromyrmex crassispinus

Arora, Krishan-Kumar, 1969:
Environmental correlations between paternal half-sibs for milk and milk fat production

Shimomura, Y.M.suda, N.Y.mamoto, S.A.e, D.Y.mami, M., 1992:
Environmental correspondence of coloring for elevated freeways using image processing system

Offerman, Ee, 1971:
Environmental corridor planning in Connecticut

Anonymous, 1996:
Environmental cost estimating software report

Wesseler, Justus, 2005:
Environmental costs and benefits of transgenic crops

Montague, Pg, 1975:
Environmental costs and socioeconomic benefits of leisure home developments

Slater, K., 1995:
Environmental costs of cotton production

Dodge, T.H.lzher, J.A.ams, W.F.rkel, J., 1983:
Environmental costs of crop-fallow agriculture

Tran-Thanh-Be; Le-Canh-Dung; Brennan, D., 1999:
Environmental costs of shrimp culture in the rice-growing regions of the Mekong Delta

Micklin, Pp, 1974:
Environmental costs of the Volga-Kama cascade of power stations

Fullerton, D.; Tsang, S.-Su, 1993:
Environmental costs paid by the polluter or the beneficiary?

Reeder, Rj, 1995:
Environmental costs: rough weather ahead for small communities?

Sauber, Cm, 1988:
Environmental count down

Anonymous, 1988:
Environmental credit projects under Clean Water Act

Situ, Y.; Emmons, D., 2000:
Environmental crime

Cooney, John, F., 1996:
Environmental crimes deskbook

Dwivedi, O.P.T.wari, B., 1987:
Environmental crisis and Hindu religion

Sinha, R.-K.N.thawat, G.S., 1997:
Environmental crisis and humans at risk

Anonymous, 1989:
Environmental crisis in Africa

Bartels, H., 1971:
Environmental crisis of trust: will it cause a drop in meat consumption?

Christensen, T.; Rygnestad, H., 2000:
Environmental cross compliance

Anonymous, 2002:
Environmental curricula handbook

Estrin, Deborah, 2003:
Environmental cyberinfrastructure needs for distributed sensor networks

Wada, M., 1983:
Environmental cycles, circadian clock, and androgen-dependent behavior in birds Japanese quail

Wyzga, R.E., 1974:
Environmental damage costs

Paarlberg, Robert, L., 1995:
Environmental damage in world agriculture

Fisher, A.H.nemann, W., 1984:
Environmental damages and option values

Liederwald, Hd, 1974:
Environmental damages from forest protection measures?

Chapman, David, J., 2000:
Environmental damages in court

Bartholic, Jf, 1980:
Environmental data acquisition --a historical perspective

Barrett,. Jr.;Jr; Huggins, L.; Stirm, W., 1975:
Environmental data acquistion

Engelhardt, B., 1976:
Environmental data as an aid in food inspection

Crebbs, Thomas, C., 1970:
Environmental data base for regional studies in the humid tropics final report

Haastrup, P.; Wurtz, J., 2007:
Environmental data exchange network for inland water

Young, G.; Tierney, G., 1976:
Environmental data management

Anonymous, 1993:
Environmental data report 1993-1994

Kremers, Horst, 1994:
Environmental databases

Anonymous, 1994:
Environmental debates swirl across Oregon

Shields, L.; Ott, M., 1974:
Environmental decay and international politics: the uses of sovereignty

Cahn, Matthew-Alan, 1995:
Environmental deceptions

Chechile, R.-A.C.rlisle, S., 1991:
Environmental decision making

Gough, J.C., 1996:
Environmental decision making for groundwater systems

Goldstein, Joan, 1981:
Environmental decision making in rural locales

Van-Es, J.; Sofranko, A., 1977:
Environmental decision making: the role of community leaders

Guariso, G.W.rthner, H., 1989:
Environmental decision support systems

Weiskel, T.-C.G.ay, R., A., 1992:
Environmental decline and public policy

Anonymous, 1986:
Environmental degradation

Gaan, Narottam, 1998:
Environmental degradation and conflict

Nsiah-Gyabaah, Kwasi, 1994:
Environmental degradation and desertification in Ghana

Dinic, J., 1978:
Environmental degradation and use protection of waters in the Socialist Republic of Serbia

Warhurst, Alyson, 1994:
Environmental degradation from mining and mineral processing in developing countries

Muldavin, Jss, 1997:
Environmental degradation in Heilongjiang: policy reform and agrarian dynamics in Chinas new hybrid economy

Jalal, Ds, 1985:
Environmental degradation in Kotadun, Uttar Pradesh Himalaya

Gritzner, Jeffrey, A., 1981:
Environmental degradation in Mauritania

Adejuwon, Jo, 1981:
Environmental degradation in savanna derivation Tropical vegetation

Iannotti,, N.T.mpesta, M.N.ibling, H.H.ieh, F.; Mueller, R., 1990:
Environmental degradation of conventional and starch-based plastic with and without pro-oxidant addition

Wang, X.Y.; Yap, A.U.J.; Ngo, H.C.; Chung, S.M., 2006:
Environmental degradation of glass-ionomer cements: a depth-sensing microindentation study

Besiktepe, S.-T.U.luata, U.; Bologa, A., S., 1999:
Environmental degradation of the Black Sea

Quistad, G.; Schooley, D.; Staiger, L.; Bergot, B.; Sleight, B.; Macek, K., 1976:
Environmental degradation of the insect growth regulator methoprene. iX. metabolism by bluegill fish

Quistad, G.B.; Staiger, L.E.; Schooley, D.A., 1978:
Environmental degradation of the miticide cycloprate (hexadecyl cyclopropanecarboxylate). 1. Rat metabolism

Quistad, G.B.; Staiger, L.E.; Schooley, D.A., 1978:
Environmental degradation of the miticide cycloprate (hexadecyl cyclopropanecarboxylate). 4. Beagle dog metabolism

Freudenburg, Wr, 2006:
Environmental degradation, disproportionality, and the double diversion: Reaching out, reaching ahead, and reaching beyond

Mung'-Ong', O., C.G., 1991:
Environmental degradations and underdevelopment in a rural setting in Tanzania

Chaves, A.; Krasovskaia, I.; Gottschalk, L., 2006:
Environmental demands for sustainable regulation schemes in the humid tropics

Schmidt-Vogt, H., 1976:
Environmental demands, morphological variation and eco-geographical strain formation of spruce

Zaitsev, S.Y.; Tul'skaya, E.V.; Kashtigo, T.V., 2007:
Environmental dependence of activity of porcine pancreatic lipase in a complex with polymers

Matthews, T.; Reed, T.; Daffron, C.; Hawthorne, A., 1984:
Environmental dependence of formaldehyde emissions from pressed-wood products: experimental studies and modeling

Anonymous, 1992:
Environmental description of the Taquara, Brazil Microbasin

Seidel, A.-D.D.nford, S., 1979:
Environmental design

Sharma, H.S.S.arma, M.L., 1987:
Environmental design and development, conflict or harmony?

Shroyer, J.; Anderson, G.; Hutton, J.; Dobbs, M., 1989:
Environmental design factors and Alzheimers Disease

Rushen, J.P.ssille, A.-De, 1999:
Environmental design for healthier and more profitable cows

Burley, Bryan, 2001:
Environmental design for reclaiming surface mines

Null, R., 1988:
Environmental design for the low-vision elderly

Mester, J., 1984:
Environmental design in residential areas--consequences of industrialized building

Schriver, Pw, 1979:
Environmental design parameters for a modern sulphite mill

Walker, S.F.; Salas, M.Baldi.; Jenkins, D.; Garner, T.W.J.; Cunningham, A.A.; Hyatt, A.D.; Bosch, J.; Fisher, M.C., 2007:
Environmental detection of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in a temperate climate

Moraes, Rejane-Rocha-De, 1997:
Environmental detection of baculovirus species and genotypes using the polymerase chain reaction technique

Dasmann, Rf, 1971:
Environmental deterioration

Wong, B.B.M.; Candolin, U.; Lindström, K., 2007:
Environmental deterioration compromises socially enforced signals of male quality in three-spined sticklebacks

Eyre, La, 1982:
Environmental deterioration in the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola

Preece, L., D.; Duguid, A., W.; Albrecht, D., E., 2007:
Environmental determinants of a restricted cycad in central Australia, Macrozamia macdonnellii

Diem, J.; Fischer, J.; Glindmeyer, H.; Abdel-Kadel, H.W.ill, H., 1984:
Environmental determinants of across-shift pulmonary function change in cotton textile workers

Qian, H.; Wang, X.; Wang, S.; Li, Y., 2007:
Environmental determinants of amphibian and reptile species richness in China

Karadag, B.; Ege, M.J.; Scheynius, A.; Waser, M.; Schram-Bijkerk, D.; van Hage, M.; Pershagen, G.; Brunekreef, B.; Riedler, J.; Braun-Fahrländer, C.; von Mutius, E., 2007:
Environmental determinants of atopic eczema phenotypes in relation to asthma and atopic sensitization

Bowers, Je, 1996:
Environmental determinants of flowering date in the columnar cactus Carnegiea gigantea in the northern Sonoran Desert

Eisenberg, J.N.S.; Desai, M.A.; Levy, K.; Bates, S.J.; Liang, S.; Naumoff, K.; Scott, J.C., 2007 :
Environmental determinants of infectious disease: a framework for tracking causal links and guiding public health research

Mccoy, E.; Connor, E., 1976:
Environmental determinants of island species number in the British Isles: a reconsideration

Kiessling, W.; Aberhan, M., 2007:
Environmental determinants of marine benthic biodiversity dynamics through Triassic-Jurassic time

Waller, Md, 1980:
Environmental determinants of outcrossing in Impatiens capensis (Balsaminaceae)

Doyen, J.; Rogers, E., 1984:
Environmental determinants of size variation in Eusattus muricatus (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)

Stoner, Mf, 1984:
Environmental determinants of the occurrence of fungi and fungal diseases

Suski, Z.-W.N.egele, J., A., 1968:
Environmental determinants of white light response in the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae K

Cameron, Guy-Neil, 1971:
Environmental determination of insect species diversity in two salt marsh communities

Hasegawa, A., 1977:
Environmental development and changing rural life in Japan

Thusen, A.P.eumarom, N., 1982:
Environmental development and industrialization in Thailand

Manger, R., 1975:
Environmental development by land consolidation in the Federal Republic of Germany

Anonymous, 1977:
Environmental development plan (EDP)

Anonymous, 1979:
Environmental development plan: Biomass energy systems

Rajan, Bkc, 1979:
Environmental development through extension forestry

Mccartney, K.S.arr, S.P.illips, D.G.ajek, S.S.hwarz, J., 1982:
Environmental differences among day care centers and their effects on childrens development

Yoshida, T.O.o, T., 1978:
Environmental differences in le

Nelson, M.L.e, T., 1979:
Environmental dimension of water management in Latin America

Behnsen, J.; Narang, P.; Hasenberg, M.; Gunzer, F.; Bilitewski, U.; Klippel, N.; Rohde, M.; Brock, M.; Brakhage, A.A.; Gunzer, M., 2007:
Environmental dimensionality controls the interaction of phagocytes with the pathogenic fungi Aspergillus fumigatus and Candida albicans

Bhatt, H.P., 1993:
Environmental dimensions of rural settlements in hill areas

Holdren, John, 1992:
Environmental dimensions of security

Carroll, John, E., 1983:
Environmental diplomacy

Linnabary, R.; New, J.; Casper, J., 1993:
Environmental disasters and the veterinarians response

Kahn, Matthew, E., 2007:
Environmental disasters as risk regulation catalysts? The role of Bhopal, Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez, Love Canal, and Three Mile Island in shaping U.S. environmental law

Moral, R.-Del; Walker, L., R., 2007:
Environmental disasters, natural recovery and human responses

Karim, K.-E.R.tledge, R., W., 2004:
Environmental disclosure practices and financial performance

Garber, Mp, 1992:
Environmental displays

Turunen, Juha-Pekka, 1995:
Environmental dispute resolution procedure for conflicts

Crowfoot, J.-E.W.ndolleck, J.-Marie, 1990:
Environmental disputes

Kapp, Kw, 1972:
Environmental disruption and social costs: a challenge to economics

Dienes, L., 1974:
Environmental disruption in eastern Europe

Anonymous, 1974:
Environmental dos and donts on construction sites

Chenje, Jacquie, 1997:
Environmental documentation and resource centre networking

Bingham, C.; Knausenberger, W.; Fisher, W., 1999:
Environmental documentation manual

Meyn, A.; White, P.S.; Buhk, C.; Jentsch, A., 2007:
Environmental drivers of large, infrequent wildfires: the emerging conceptual model

Gameiro, C.; Cartaxana, P.; Brotas, V., 2007:
Environmental drivers of phytoplankton distribution and composition in Tagus Estuary, Portugal

Dolan, R.H.yden, B.; Soucie, G., 1978:
Environmental dynamics and resource management in the U.S. National Parks

Muir, D.; Yarechewski, A.1; Grift, N., 1983:
Environmental dynamics of phosphate esters. III. Comparison of the bioconcentration of four triaryl phosphates by fish Salmo gairdneri, Pimephales promelas

Freedman, Bill, 1989:
Environmental ecology

Tilak, S.T., 1989:
Environmental ecology and aerobiology

Coe, M., 1987:
Environmental ecology: unforeseen effects of control

Rygnestad, Hild, 1999:
Environmental ecomomic analysis

Rothenburger, W., 1977:
Environmental economic goals for systems of intensive crop culture and care

Field, B.-C.W.llis, C., E., 1979:
Environmental economics

Opschoor, J.-B.B.tton, K.-John, 1999:
Environmental economics and development

Weinschenck, G., 1991:
Environmental economics and harmony with nature

Aravossis, K., 2006:
Environmental economics and investment assessment

Fsuperscript-2rsund, F.-R.S.rsuperscript-2m, S., 1988:
Environmental economics and management

Munasinghe, Mohan, 1993:
Environmental economics and sustainable development

Pincus, Jj, 2002:
Environmental economics and the Murray-Darling: comment

Marsiliani, L.; Rauscher, M.; Withagen, C., 2002:
Environmental economics and the international economy

Urban, M., 1982:
Environmental economics as a part of agricultural economics

Hjorth-Andersen, C., 1979:
Environmental economics as a scientific discipline

Jaeger, William, K., 2005:
Environmental economics for tree huggers and other skeptics

Kadekodi, Gopal, K., 2004:
Environmental economics in practice

R.W., 1994:
Environmental economics sustainable management and the countryside

Tobey, Dm, 1972:
Environmental economics: challenge to teaching

Krabbe, Jj, 1983:
Environmental economics: harmony and conflict Includes land utilization.1

Stahlschmidt, P., 1978:
Environmental economics; a comment

Berthelsen, H., 1979:
Environmental economics; a critique

Koch, Ne, 1978:
Environmental economics; an introduction

Frey, Bruno, S., 1985:
Environmental economy

Berkmeuller, Klaus, 1984:
Environmental education about the rain forest

Disinger, John, F., 1978:
Environmental education activities of federal agencies

Hough, M., 1984:
Environmental education and forest management in Ontario, Canada

Knapp, Dh, 1997:
Environmental education and interpretation for the 21st century

Chunkao, K., 1982:
Environmental education and rural development in Thailand Resources, pollution

Gleason, M.; Harmon, L.; Boakye Agyei, K., 2007:
Environmental education and technology: using a remotely operated vehicle to connect with nature

Virga, R.H.P.; Borges, S.M.; Bozzi, M., 2003:
Environmental education at Acqua Mundo

Sharan, B., 1982:
Environmental education at the school level. Emerging trends in environmental education

Taylor, T.; Fortner, R., 1989:
Environmental education efforts in Ohio high schools in the 1980s

Simsik, Mj, 2000:
Environmental education efforts to conserve biodiversity: a case from Madagascar

Kotich, Rj, 1973:
Environmental education for adults: a program for community leaders and decision-makers

Bandhu, D.; Berberet, G., 1987:
Environmental education for conservation and development

Forest, Laverne, B., 1976:
Environmental education for decision makers

Sampson, Mw, 1977 :
Environmental education for educators

Stapp,, A., E.J.S.ankorb, S., L., 1996:
Environmental education for empowerment

Fialkowski, C., 1982:
Environmental education for fifth-graders Arboreta, plants and animals, Illinois

Contractor, A.; Singh, J., 1982:
Environmental education for physical planners

Bandhu, Desh, 1994:
Environmental education for sustainable development

Anonymous, 1974:
Environmental education for teachers and resource people

Cerovsky, J., 1972:
Environmental education in Europe

Korir-Koech, M., 1991:
Environmental education in Kenya beyond the year 2000

Chelliah, T., 1982:
Environmental education in Malaysia--a decade since Stockholm

Mohammed, Rs, 1982:
Environmental education in Oman Including pollution issues

Aveling, Rj, 1987:
Environmental education in developing countries

Clark, E., 1987 :
Environmental education in hills and uplands

Diaw, M., 1997:
Environmental education in the Senegalese school system

Roth, Re, 1974:
Environmental education in the United States a status report--1974

Hundt, R., 1973:
Environmental education in the countries of East Europe Committee in the Commission on Education of IUCN

Mayberry, Bd, 1971:
Environmental education in the future

Braus, J.; Wood, D., 1994:
Environmental education in the schools

Poojar, Ishwar, C., 1997:
Environmental education initiatives in South India

Bialeschki, Md, 1981:
Environmental education needs of special populations

O'-Brien, M.; Williams, T., 1992:
Environmental education of New Zealand business

Suiter, P.; Hitzig, D., 1995:
Environmental education outreach program

Pritchard, Hw, 1972:
Environmental education program of SCSA

Shetye, R.; Chaphekar, S., 1982 :
Environmental education programme for schools--a case study India

Duncan, Lorraine, R., 1992:
Environmental education resources directory

Dunne, Mairead, 1991:
Environmental education teachers manual

Anonymous, 1975:
Environmental education workshops for teachers, leaders, and counselors

Margadant-Van-Arcken, M., 1989:
Environmental education, children, and animals

Rathore, Js, 1982:
Environmental education--metaphysics and integral education strategy

Vickery, Tr, 1972:
Environmental education--the final weapon

Hirose, Yuji, 2006:
Environmental education: Toward the cooperation of The Ecological Society of Japan with primary and secondary education, introduction

Hirose, Yuji; Nunotani, Tomoo, 2006:
Environmental education: Toward the cooperation of The Ecological Society of Japan with primary and secondary education: Concluding remarks

Stapp, Wb, 1976:
Environmental education: a major advance

Disinger, Jf, 1989:
Environmental education: a movement in transition

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Environmental education: a task for home economists

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Environmental education: building awareness through experience

Clark, Wf, 1973:
Environmental education: homebrew style

Zubler,. Jr.;, 1972:
Environmental education: our responsibility

Fedoseev, A.; Gringof, I.; Nurberdyev, M.R.izvikh, O., 1982:
Environmental effect of phytomeliorative plantings on pastures

Schuster, W.M.rquard,, R., 1972:
Environmental effect on fat content and fatty acid pattern of different varieties of sunflower

Holubcik, M., 1980:
Environmental effect on the height growth of native and Polish proveniences of common spruce (Picea abies Karst.)

Kemp, Ra, 1988:
Environmental effects and adjustment factors

Koblet, W., 1980:
Environmental effects and assimilation in grapes

Mandy, G., 1976:
Environmental effects and fluctuation in crop yields

Mackin, Robert-James, 1971:
Environmental effects and genotype-environment interactions in laying stocks of chickens

Hakim, Ik, 1987:
Environmental effects and relaxation in natural rubber

Buckley, J., 1986:
Environmental effects of DDT

Gagnon, S.-R.M.kuch, J.; Sherman, T., J., 2004:
Environmental effects of U.S. Department of Agriculture conservation programs

Antonucci, D.; Schaumburg, F., 1975:
Environmental effects of advanced wastewater treatment at South Lake Tahoe

Heil, G.W.M.ys, B.; Hansen, K., 2007:
Environmental effects of afforestation in North-Western Europe

Lubowski, Ruben, N., 2006:
Environmental effects of agricultural land-use change

Hooper, Md, 1986:
Environmental effects of agricultural practices

Al-Masri, Na, 1982:
Environmental effects of applying feedlot runoff to grassland plots Water quality

Franke, Marina, 1984:
Environmental effects of beverage packaging

Crooks R.; Sikes J., 1990:
Environmental effects of bleached kraft mill effluents

Norrstrom, H., 1979:
Environmental effects of bleaching pulps--a situation study

Sangha, Gurcharan-Kaur, 1971:
Environmental effects of carbamate insecticides as assayed in the model ecosystem-a comparison with DDT

Nahm, Kh, 2005:
Environmental effects of chemical additives used in poultry litter and swine manure

Perry, A.M., 1986:
Environmental effects of chlorofluorocarbons

Helfert, B., 1978:
Environmental effects of colour variation and ommochromes in Chorthippus biguttulus L. (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

White, Gilbert, F., 1977:
Environmental effects of complex river development

Baxter, RM.; Glaude, P., 1980:
Environmental effects of dams and impoundments in Canada

Anonymous, 1983:
Environmental effects of dredging

Jeane, G.I.; Pine, R., 1975:
Environmental effects of dredging and spoil disposal

Johnson, P.-L.H.ll, C., 1977:
Environmental effects of energy

Salonen, K., 1980:
Environmental effects of forest fertilization

Bare, B.; Ryan, J.; Schreuder, G., 1974:
Environmental effects of forest land uses: a multi-resource simulation-based approach

Van-Hook, R.; Johnson, D.1; West, D.1; Mann, L., 1982:
Environmental effects of harvesting forests for energy Woody biomass production

Carvell, Kl, 1973:
Environmental effects of herbicides

Wardrop, Alison, J., 1986:
Environmental effects of herbicides used in conservation cropping system

Glass, Norman, R., 1978:
Environmental effects of increased coal utilization

Freed, Vh, 1969:
Environmental effects of insecticides and herbicides

Albin-Smith, T.-K.R.guse, C., A., 1984:
Environmental effects of land use and intensive range management

Binger, Wilson, V., 1978:
Environmental effects of large dams

Wauchope, R.; Mcdowell, L.; Hagen, L., 1985:
Environmental effects of limited tillage

Everts, J.; Ba, L., 1997:
Environmental effects of locust control: state of the art and perspectives

Mullan, B.; Hernandez, A.; D'Souza, D.; Pluske, J., 2005:
Environmental effects of minerals

Mueller, Jd, 1994:
Environmental effects of nematode management

Ghassemi, M.Q.inlivan, S1; Dellarco, M., 1982:
Environmental effects of new herbicides for vegetation control in forestry USA

Harrison, R., 1976:
Environmental effects of off-road vehicles

Middleditch, Brian, S., 1981:
Environmental effects of offshore oil production

Goettl,, J., W., 1978:
Environmental effects of oil shale mining and processing

Gellman, I., 1988:
Environmental effects of paper industry wastewaters--an overview

Lyle, Ja, 1974:
Environmental effects of plant disease

Maclaren, Jp, 1996:
Environmental effects of planted forests in New Zealand

Chen, Q.; Nan, D.1; Ma, L.1; Yin, J.1; Wang, Q.1; Weng, H., 1982:
Environmental effects of plasti

Mciver, J.-D.S.arr, L., 2000:
Environmental effects of postfire logging

Otton, James, K., 1997:
Environmental effects of produced waters at oilfield production sites in the Big Sinking Creek and Schumaker Ridge areas, Lee County, Kentucky

Delphendahl, J., 1969:
Environmental effects of rural land use

Lear, D.; O'-Malley, M.1; Muir, W.1; Pence, G., 1982:
Environmental effects of sewage sludge at the Philadelphia dumping site Maryland, marine pollution

Beasley, R.; Lawson, E.; Miller, E., 1988:
Environmental effects of silviculture

Riekerk, H.K.rhnak, L., 1985:
Environmental effects of silviculture in pine flatwoods

Davis, Rd, 1984:
Environmental effects of sludge

Liard, A.L., A.V.lema, G., 1997:
Environmental effects of sludge use in a poplar plantation

Wendelken, Wj, 1977:
Environmental effects of soil, plant, and water relationships

Moe, R., 1976:
Environmental effects of stock plants on rooting and further growth of the cuttings of Campanula isophylla Moretti

Wilhelm, Jurgen, 1999:
Environmental effects of support measures appropriate for VO (EWG) 2078

Platts, Ws, 1974 :
Environmental effects of surface mining and the need for ecosystem management

Richardson, Bland, Z., 1980:
Environmental effects of surface mining of minerals other than coal

Rogers, Ih, 1978:
Environmental effects of terpenoid chemicals: a review

Healy, D.-F.R.eaume, S.J.S.mpson,, 2003:
Environmental effects of the Big Rapids dam remnant removal, Big Rapids, Michigan, 2000-02

Anonymous, 1980:
Environmental effects of the Harry S. Truman Dam

Kurzeja, R.J., 1987:
Environmental effects of the July 31, 1987 tritium release from theSavannah River Plant

Vesterinen, R., 1983:
Environmental effects of the domestic fuels

Holthuijzen, Y.A., 1993:
Environmental effects of the microbial degradation of poultry manure

Galbraith, Mc, 1972:
Environmental effects of timber harvest and utilization of logging residues

Anonymous, 2002:
Environmental effects of transgenic plants

Elser, Allen, A., 1978:
Environmental effects of western coal combustion

Canton, Steve, P., 1979:
Environmental effects of western coal surface mining

Mathur, D.; Vines, H., 1978:
Environmental effects on 13 C shift in the leaves of sedum rubrotinctum

Campbell, D.; Corse, J., 1981:
Environmental effects on CO2 exchange of Fragaria ananassa

Hwu, T.; Theng, F., 1982:
Environmental effects on agron

Hwu, T.; Thseng, F., 1982:
Environmental effects on agrono

Hwu, T.; Theng, F., 1982:
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Environmental factors influencing disease development: Corn diseases caused by viruses and spiroplasma

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Environmental factors influencing ethiozin bioactivity on jointed goatgrass

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Environmental factors influencing long-term shipping of tropical foliage plants International commerce

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Environmental factors influencing macadamia trees

Dame, R.; Stilwell, D., 1984:
Environmental factors influencing macrodetritus flux in north inlet estuary

Diener, Ul, 1977:
Environmental factors influencing mycotoxin formation in the contamination of foods

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Environmental factors influencing pseudothecial development and ascospore maturation of Venturia inaequalis Apple scab, epidemiology, Malus sylvestris

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Environmental factors influencing pupal colour determination in Lepidoptera. II. Experiments with Pieris rapae, Pieris napi and Pieris brassicae

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Environmental factors influencing pupal colour determination in Lepidoptera. i. experiments with Papilio polytes, Papilio demoleus and Papilio polyxenes

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Environmental factors influencing survival of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in a multipurpose constructed treatment wetland in southern California

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Environmental factors influencing suspended solids in the Loxahatchee Estuary, Florida

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Environmental factors influencing the Angora rabbits hair production

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Environmental factors influencing the cut flower production of satin flower (Clarkia amoena ssp. Whitney)

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Environmental factors influencing the distribution and survival of Phymatotrichum omnivorum

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Environmental factors influencing the formation of Basidia and basidiospora in Thanatephorus cucumeris Foliar disease, web blight, effects of relative humidity, aeration and drying of substrate on sporulation

Diczbalis, Y.; Eamus, D.; Menzel, C., 1997:
Environmental factors influencing the growth and yield of rambutan and cupuacu

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Environmental factors influencing the occurrence, distribution and activity of micro-organisms in soils, with special reference to waterlogged environments

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Environmental factors influencing the opening of bud-cut flowers

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Environmental factors influencing the pregnant sow

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Environmental factors influencing the production of fusarenon-X, a cytotoxic mycotoxin of Fusarium nivale Fn 2B

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Environmental factors influencing the selectivity of soil ap plied pyrazon in sugarbeets

Piaulokaite Motuziene, L.; Koncius, D., 2007:
Environmental factors influencing the spread of microorganisms participating in nitrogen transformation

Cooper, R.; Jeffers, D.; Triplett, G., 1979:
Environmental factors influencing the yield response of soybeans to solid seeding

Bode, L.E., 1973:
Environmental factors influencing trifluralin diffusion in Mexico silt loam soil

Altman, J., 1971:
Environmental factors influencing turfgrass diseases

Ben-Tal,, R., 1998:
Environmental factors involved in colouration of flowers of Kangaroo Paw

Stahle, Dw, 1987:
Environmental factors involved in the growth and distribution of post oak in the southcentral United States

Stockinger, Kr, 1970:
Environmental factors limiting yield of the major cereals in northern Nigeria

Harder, Klaus-Peter, 1981:
Environmental factors of early railroads

Alliston, C.; Jones, H., 1968:
Environmental factors of economic importance in modern swine production

Paerl, Hans, W., 1982:
Environmental factors promoting and regulating fixing blue-green algal blooms in the Chowan River, N.C

Fernandez, D.-Rodrigues; Agostinho, A.-Antonio; Bini, L.-Mauricio; Gomes, L.-Carlos, 2007:
Environmental factors related to entry into and ascent of fish in the experimental ladder located close to Itaipu Dam

Manske, Llewellyn, L., 2002:
Environmental factors that affect range plant growth in the Dickinson, North Dakota, region, 1892-2001

Bonadonna, T., 1976:
Environmental factors that can injure nemasperms

Fawzi, W., 1997:
Environmental factors that impact the efficacy of vitamin a supplements among children

Majek, B.-A.M.ade, J.-A.P.ostko, E., P., 1991:
Environmental factors that influence herbicide performance

Vest, L.; Strong, C.J.o, 1981:
Environmental factors to consider when brooding chicks Includes energy conservation

Wright, P.; Staehr, A.E.ward, 1999:
Environmental factors to consider when expanding dairies

Toyama, M.T.keuchi, Y., 1981:
Environmental factors which affect the water content in a stem of melon plant

Manske, Llewellyn, L., 1998:
Environmental factors effects on range plants

Lakhotia, Subhash, C., 2007:
Environmental factors, cellular stress and evolution

Schreckenbach, K., 1982:
Environmental factors--importance to lake and river fishing Pollutants, pesticides.1

Mastalerz, Jw, 1969:
Environmental factors: light, temperature, carbon dioxide

Janke, R.; Nagengast, D., 1999:
Environmental farm planning

Griffiths, M., 1970:
Environmental farming in Devon and Cornwall

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Environmental fate

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Environmental fate and biodegradability of benzene derivatives as studied in a model aquatic ecosystem

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Environmental fate and ecological impact of copper hydroxide: use of management practices to reduce the transport of copper hydroxide in runoff from vegetable production

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Environmental fate and effects of pesticides

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Environmental fate and effects of pulp and paper mill effluents

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Environmental fate and effects of styrene

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Environmental fate and safety management of agrochemicals

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Environmental fate and toxicology of fipronil

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Environmental fate and transport at the terrestrial-atmospheric interface Pesticides, soil surface analysis

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Environmental fate modelling of pesticides

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Environmental fate of avermectin

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Environmental fate of chlorothalonil in a Costa Rican banana plantation

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Environmental fate of common turf pesticides--factors leading to leaching

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Environmental fate of endocrine-disrupting dimethyl phthalate esters (DMPE) under sulfate-reducing condition

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Environmental fate of fungicides applied to turfgrass

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Environmental fate of malathion

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Environmental fate of organic chemicals with particular reference to growing crops

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Environmental fate of organophosphorus insecticides with special emphasis on fenitrothion

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Environmental fate of phenoxy herbicides

Ross, L.J., 1984:
Environmental fate of selected rice herbicides (Thiobencarb and Molinate) under field conditions

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Environmental fate of sulfometuron methyl in southern forest watersheds

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Environmental fates and impacts of major forest use pesticides

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Environmental faults

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Environmental feasibility of using creosote contaminated soil and sludges in roadway paving structures

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Environmental feasibility of using wetlands to treat runoff pollution

Anonymous, 1980:
Environmental feasibility study of the Jamaica peat resources utilization project

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Environmental features and crustacean community of anchihaline hypogean waters on the Kornati islands, Croatia

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Environmental features for flood control channels

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Environmental features for streambank protection projects

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Environmental features influencing Carabid beetle (Coleoptera) assemblages along a recently deglaciated area in the Alpine region

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Environmental features of plant breeding

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Environmental federalism and the third sovereign: limits on state authority to regulate water quality in Indian country

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Environmental flea control: general guidelines and recent advances

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Environmental flow of Lithuanian rivers

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Environmental flow studies for the Wimmera River, Victoria

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Environmental fluctuations can stabilize food web dynamics by increasing synchrony

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Environmental fluctuations on south-facing slopes in the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona

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Environmental fluid mechanics

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Environmental fluoride

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Environmental forcing, invasion and control of ecological and epidemiological systems

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Environmental foreign policy

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Environmental forensic characterization of chlorinated solvent DNAPL sources

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Environmental forensics

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Environmental forensics investigation in sediments near a former manufactured gas plant site

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Environmental forest conflicts in Germany

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Environmental forest science

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Environmental forestry conflicts, forest policies and the use of forest resources

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Environmental forestry in the 1980s

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Environmental forestry: a modest proposal

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Environmental forestry: fiber farms or parks?

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Environmental fragility of the peaks Camacua, Camapua and Tucum, Campina Grande do Sul, PR

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Environmental framework and implementation strategy for poultry operations

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Environmental friendlier spreading of slurry

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Environmental functions of forests

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Environmental fundamentalism

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Environmental fungal aerobically juncted wood decay followed by methan emission

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Environmental gardening

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Environmental gene release

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Environmental genomics of C1 metabolism

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Environmental genomics: mechanistic insights into toxicity of and resistance to the herbicide 2,4-D

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Environmental geochemistry

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Environmental geochemistry and health

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Environmental geochemistry and health of fluorine in Chinese coals

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Environmental geochemistry of sulfide oxidation

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Environmental geochemistry of the basic Aguas Zarcas map, Costa Rica

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Environmental geography

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Environmental geologic studies of the Kaiparowits coal-basin area, Utah

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Environmental geology

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Environmental geology and water sciences

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Environmental geology of the Front Range Urban Corridor and vicinity, Colorado

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Environmental geology, Indian context

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Environmental geology: land use without changing the equilibrium

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Environmental geophysics at Beach point, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

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Environmental geophysics mapping salinity and water resources

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Environmental geotechnics and problematic soils and rocks

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Environmental glossary

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Environmental goals and the water resources planning process

Anonymous, 1996:
Environmental goals for America with milestones for 2005

Anonymous, 1989:
Environmental goals: a challenge for lawmakers

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Environmental governance

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Environmental governance reconsidered

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Environmental gradients and species distribution in a transect at Omayed (Egypt)

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Environmental gradients in a simulation model of a beech-yellow-poplar stand

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Environmental grantmaking foundations

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Environmental green chemistry as defined by photocatalysis

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Environmental greening with cli

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Environmental guide to the Internet

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Environmental guidelines for beef producers in British Columbia

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Environmental guidelines for confinement swine housing

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Environmental guidelines for dairy producers in British Columbia

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Environmental guidelines for horticulturalists in the lower great southern

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Environmental guidelines for irrigation

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Environmental guidelines for plant nutrient use

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Environmental guidelines for reef coral harvesting operations

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Environmental guidelines for selected agricultural and natural resources development projects

Anonymous, 1993:
Environmental guidelines for selected industrial and power development projects

Anonymous, 1993:
Environmental guidelines for selected infrastructure projects

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Environmental guidelines for swine producers in British Columbia

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Environmental guidelines for the storage of paper records

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Environmental handbook

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Environmental handbook of Fort Sherman and Fort Gulick, Panama Canal Zone

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Environmental hazard and coastal reclamation: problems and prospects in Bangladesh

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Environmental hazard assessment of chemicals and products. VII. A critical survey of exposure data requirements and testing methods

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Environmental hazard assessment of effluents

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Environmental hazard assessment report

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Environmental hazard of radiation with special reference to increased background radiation in coastal Kerala

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Environmental hazard screening of a metal-polluted site using pressurized liquid extraction and two in vitro bioassays

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Environmental hazards

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Environmental hazards

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Environmental hazards and risk communication

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Environmental hazards created by abandoned barges

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Environmental hazards in hospitals

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Environmental hazards in pulp and paper industries

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Environmental hazards of aluminum to plants, invertebrates, fish, and wildlife

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Environmental hazards of diterpene esters from plants

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Environmental hazards of war

Anonymous, 1971:
Environmental health

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Environmental health and animal wastes

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Environmental health and ecology: old concepts with new meaning for man's survival

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Environmental health and pollution control

Anonymous, 1996:
Environmental health and preventive medicine

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Environmental health and safety in the hospital laboratory

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Environmental health and toxicology resources of the United States National Library of Medicine

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Environmental health aspects and animal diseases associated with animal wastes

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Environmental health assessment for cadmium: a systems approach

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Environmental health chemistry

Barnard, Je, 1990:
Environmental health concerns: a role for forest inventory and monitoring

Anonymous, 1976:
Environmental health criteria

Anonymous, 1973:
Environmental health effects research series. EPA-r1

Anonymous, 1983:
Environmental health impact assessment of irrigated agricultural development projects

Diamant, Bz, 1979:
Environmental health impact of heavy metals in wastewater sludge applied to cropland

Fayzieva, Dilorom, 2004:
Environmental health in Central Asia

Anonymous, 1988:
Environmental health in the 21st century

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Environmental health in the dairy factory

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Environmental health issues

Brown, S.-M.F.rrest, T., R., 1984:
Environmental health law

Davies, Eb, 1989:
Environmental health legislation affecting the welfare of animals

Anonymous, 1972:
Environmental health perspectives

Anonymous, 1965:
Environmental health practice in recreational areas

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Environmental health program planning and implementation

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Environmental health protection

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Environmental health reference book

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Environmental health research and regulation

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Environmental health risk IV

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Environmental health risks and public policy

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Environmental health sciences center task force review on halogenated organics in drinking water

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental health series

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Environmental health surveillance at the 1976 Festival of American Folklife

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Environmental health, ecology, and the veterinarian

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental health-related information

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Environmental heat effects on tropically evolved African pygmy goats

Madan, Motilal, 1971:
Environmental heat studies on bovine luteinizing hormone and reproductive cycle

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Environmental heterogeneity and life history variability in the freshwater clams, Pisidium variabile (Prime) and Pisidium compressum (Prime) (Bivalvia: Pisidiidae)

Anonymous, 1986:
Environmental high-technology from Finland

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Environmental histories, access to resources and landscape change: an introduction

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Environmental history

Keter, Thomas, S., 1995:
Environmental history and cultural ecology of the North Fork of the Eel River Basin, California

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Environmental history of the Lake Vaihiria drainage basin, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Anonymous, 1990:
Environmental history review

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Environmental holocaust in Himalaya

Hargrave, Pd, 1969:
Environmental horticulture

Meyer, M.Jr, 1975:
Environmental horticulture in Illinois

Cress, F., 1991:
Environmental horticulture pumps billions into states economy

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Environmental horticulture--production and marketing 1948-72

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Environmental human and target animal safety issues of animal growth promotants

Cheung, Y.K.L.e, J.H.W., 1991:
Environmental hydraulics

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Environmental hydrogeology

Ward, A.-D.T.imble, S.-Wayne, 2004:
Environmental hydrology

Ghosh, S.N.D.sai, V.R., 2006:
Environmental hydrology and hydraulics

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental hygiene for doctors and scientists

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