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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15733

Chapter 15733 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sedda, L.; Dettori, S., 2006:
Estimating variogram function for cork oak diameter in reforestation. The theory of regionalized variables in forestry application

Henricksen, B.; Durkin, J., 1987:
Estimating vegetation growing periods in Africa using meteorological satellites

Seevers, P.; Drew, J.; Carlson, M., 1975:
Estimating vegetative biomass from LANDSAT-1 imagery for range management

Brackley, A.; Shottafer, J., 1969:
Estimating veneer requirements in plywood manufacture

Ramold, Ronald, G., 1996:
Estimating vertical groundwater velocities from transient temperature-depth profiles

Belcher, E.Jr, 1979:
Estimating viability of freshly collected pine seed from radiographs

Meng, Ch, 1981:
Estimating waiting and idle times for special queuing situations of tree harvesting machines

Banda, B.M.; Farolfi, S.; Hassan, R.M., 2007:
Estimating water demand for domestic use in rural South Africa in the absence of price information

Maddy, Jk, 1974 :
Estimating water erosion in the field

Machmeier, Re, 1969:
Estimating water flow rate by the trajectory method

Trimmer, Wl, 1991:
Estimating water flow rates

Waring, R.; Roberts, J., 1979:
Estimating water flux through stems of Scots pine with tritiated water and phosphorus-32

Limerinos, J.T., 1973:
Estimating water loss and direct runoff from storm rainfall by the use of the infiltrometer

Sammis, T.H.rrera, E., 1993:
Estimating water needs for pecan trees

Ribaudo, M.; Hellerstein, D., 1992:
Estimating water quality benefits

Anonymous, 2007:
Estimating water quality, air quality, and soil carbon benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program

Kanemasu, E.-T.R.smussen, V.P.illips; Bagley, J., M., 1978:
Estimating water requirements for corn with a pocket calculator

Reddy, P.; Subrahmanyam, M.; Reddy, S.; Reddy, M.; Kumar, A., 1984:
Estimating water requirements of some vegetable crops based on prediction methods for Bapatla region

Risley, J.-C.R.ehl, E.-A.C.nrads, P., A., 2003:
Estimating water temperatures in small streams in western Oregon using neural network models

Dye, Pj, 1987:
Estimating water use by Eucalyptus grandis with the Penman-Monteith equation

Furuta,, T.C.leman, R., 1977:
Estimating water use for a container nursery

Verry, Elon, S., 1976:
Estimating water yield differences between hardwood & pine forests

Swinton, S.S.erns, J.R.nner, K.K.lls, J., 1994:
Estimating weed-crop interference parameters for weed management models

Kuroda, S.A.imoto, K.S.gimoto, S.S.kai, M., 1977:
Estimating weight loss percent of spinach after harvest

Nelson, L.E.S.itzer, G., L., 1975:
Estimating weights of loblolly pine trees and their components in natural stands and plantations in Central Mississippi

Titus, S.; Adams, W.; Woodard, P., 1991:
Estimating white spruce and lodgepole pine residual fuel levels from typical timber inventory data with the Foresters Workspace, a flexible microcomputer analysis environment

Petersen, E., 2007:
Estimating wholesale demand for live reef-fish as food in Hong Kong

Weller, Mw, 1981:
Estimating wildlife and wetland losses due to drainage and other perturbations

Hays, R.-L.S.mmers, C.; Seitz, W., L., 1982:
Estimating wildlife habitat variables

Elgammal, Ah, 1982:
Estimating wind energy potential using statistical models

Martin, Ww, 1977:
Estimating wind erosion

Hayes, Wa, 1975:
Estimating wind erosion in the field

Smallwood, K.Shawn, 2007:
Estimating wind turbine-caused bird mortality

Lyon, D.; Christiansen, R., 1992:
Estimating winter wheat residue cover

Moiseaeichik, V.A., 1976:
Estimating wintering conditions for winter crops in the southeast European USSR

Ebel, E.D.; Schlosser, W.D., 2000:
Estimating within-herd prevalence of E. coli O157:H7 for use in a farm to table risk assessment model

Bradley, D.; Gephart, J., 1987:
Estimating wood energy demand in northeastern Minnesota

Hojdem, B., 1972:
Estimating world sugar consumption up to the year 2000

Maxwell, E.; George, R.; Brady, E., 1996:
Estimating worldwide solar radiation resources on a 40KM grid

G.S.aoKui;; Anderson, G.L.; Carruthers, R.I., 2007:
Estimating yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) leaf area index and aboveground biomass with the use of hyperspectral data

Golden, M.; Tuttle, C.1; Knowe, S., 1983:
Estimating yellow-poplar volume in the hilly Coastal Plain Forest survey methods, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi

Nielsen, B., 1987:
Estimating yield and dollar returns from corn replanting

Hawkins, S., 1988:
Estimating yield and economic returns from replanting corn

Moss, C.-B.S.onkwiler, J.S., 1992:
Estimating yield distributions using a stochastic trend model and nonnormal errors

Ashworth, L.J.; Huysman, O.; Weinhold, A.; Hancock, J., 1981:
Estimating yield losses caused by soil-borne fungi

Lindgren, D.; Steadman, J.; Eskridge, K., 1992:
Estimating yield reduction in dry beans infected with rust

Foster, Gs, 1992:
Estimating yield: beyond breeding values

Meyer, Jp, 1975:
Estimating yield: calculating the weight of banana stems from the number of fingers and the weight of a finger

Davis, J.; Essig, H.; Rogers, R., 1985:
Estimating yields of separable muscle in beef carcasses

Bahn, Hm, 1982:
Estimating your cash grain price if you hedge Futures market, net farm price

Bahn, Hm, 1984:
Estimating your feeder cattle price if you hedge

Bahn, Hm, 1984:
Estimating your hog price if you hedge

Wollan, Barbara, 2001:
Estimating your retirement expenses

Walker, R.; Pope, R., 1983:
Estimating your soil erosion losses with the universal soil loss equation (USLE)

Sanchez-Belda, A., 1973:

Koop, G.; Potter, S., M., 2007:
Estimation and Forecasting in Models with Multiple Breaks

Konstantinov, A.; Shipulin, V., 1977:
Estimation and agroclimatic evaluation of dates of soybean sowing in the Amur area

Chen, D-jiang.; Lü, J.; Jin, S-quan.; Shen, Y-na., 2007:
Estimation and allocation of water environmental capacity in nonpoint source polluted river

Liarraga, Joy, S., 1997:
Estimation and analysis of nutrient and suspended-sediment loads at selected sites in the Potomac River Basin, 1993-95

Chesson, J., 1982:
Estimation and analysis of parasitoid search and attack parameters from field data Parasitism of Heliothis zea eggs by Trichogramma spp. as an example

Pradhan, S.K.; Sanjay Singh; Bose, L.K.; Ramesh Chandra; Singh, O.N., 2007:
Estimation and association of genetic diversity and heterosis in basmati rice

Sando, Steven-Kent, 1991:
Estimation and characterization of the natural streamflow of the White River near the Nebraska-South Dakota state line

D.X.aoHua; Wang DeYuan; Gong ZhenHui, 2007:
Estimation and comparison of genetic distances among elite inbred lines in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) by RSAP and SSR

Ryu, C.; Suguri, M.; Umeda, M., 2007:
Estimation and comparison of nitrogen contents model of rice plant using remote sensing

Itahashi, S.; Seo, M-C.; Takeuchi, M., 2007:
Estimation and comparison of nitrogen loads and attenuation in agricultural catchments of Japan and Korea

Juracek, Kyle, E., 2000:
Estimation and comparison of potential runoff-contributing areas in Kansas using topographic, soil, and land-use information

Bolewski, T.L.pinska, E.M.tysiak, A., 1982:
Estimation and concept of the technology of liquid manure sludge treatment for agricultural utilization

Coutrot; Fischesser; Lambert, 1979:
Estimation and consideration of values and constrained lands in rural mountain areas

Greenaway, W.T.N.ustadt, M.H., 1967:
Estimation and control of experimental error in the falling number test for wheat and flour

Anonymous, 1986:
Estimation and detection of crop pests and diseases: polyphagous pests

Slezevicius, K.; Rolicius, J.; Lindisas, L., 2001:
Estimation and development of calculation of beams using variational and net methods

Blanchet, R.M.rrien, A.G.lfi, N.C.valie, G.C.urtiade, B., 1982:
Estimation and development of net assimilation in canopies of maize (Zea mays L.), sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) during development

Anonymous, 1949:
Estimation and discussion of agricultural (national) income for the year 1948

Singh, J.D.shmukh, S., 1976:
Estimation and dissipation of DDT and endosulfan residues in and on the fruits of okra

Bencze,, G.W.lter, D., 1977:
Estimation and evaluation of wildelife damages in improved Poplar stands

Cigizoglu, Hk, 2004:
Estimation and forecasting of daily suspended sediment data by multi-layer perceptrons

Carline, R.; Johnson, B.; Hall, T., 1984:
Estimation and interpretation of proportional stock density for fish populations in Ohio impoundments

Kushman, L.J., 1963:
Estimation and maintenance of sodium o-phenylphenate concentration in sweetpotato treating solutions

Chandra, S., 1980:
Estimation and measurement of recharge to groundwater from rainfall, irrigation and influent seepage

Koutroubas, S.D.; Papakosta, D.K.; Gagianas, A.A.; Papanikolaou, E.P., 1998:
Estimation and partitioning of nitrogen fixed by soybean in Mediterranean climates

Carre, F.; Mcbratney, A., B.; Minasny, B., 2007:
Estimation and potential improvement of the quality of legacy soil samples for digital soil mapping

Liu-Yuan; Shao-Min, 2007:
Estimation and prediction of black carbon emissions in Beijing City

Tsai, W-Tien.; Chyan, J-Ming., 2005:
Estimation and projection of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from anthropogenic sources in Taiwan

Chalfant, J.; White, K., 1987:
Estimation and testing in demand systems with concavity constraints

Beltz, W.F., 1996:
Estimation and use of kinetic parameter distributions in metabolism and nutrition

Osuna-Ortega, Jorge, 1980:
Estimation and use of physiotechnical indices in the evaluation of genotypes of cold-tolerant grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench.) in different regions of Chapingo, Mexico

Ramirez,, C.-B.B.ggess, W., G., 1992:
Estimation and use of the inverse hyperbolic sine transformation to model nonnormal correlated random variables

Zhou, W.; Que, M.; Zhao, X.; Yuan, Q., 1981:
Estimation and utilization of

Peng ShiZhang; Ding JiaLi; Mao Zhi; X.J.nZeng; L.D.oXi, 2007:
Estimation and verification of crop coefficient for water saving irrigation of late rice using the FAO-56 method

Werner, A.; Taulli, T.; Michael, P.; Williams, M., 1983:
Estimation and verification of the environmental fate of O-benzyl-p-chlorophenol

Chachula, J.K.dzierski, D., 1983:
Estimation attempts of the performance of horses of different breeds starting in the Polish equestrian events in the period 1953-1978

Lubaszewska, S.P.stuszewska, B., 1972:
Estimation based on the quantity of excreted nitrogen of the endogenous nitrogen in rats given different porteins in the diet

Allen, T., 1997:
Estimation beam radiation for DOE2 building energy simulation using two multipyranometer array models and the Perez method at Davis, California

Szekely, F., 1975:
Estimation by digital computer of the drawdown caused by groudwater withdrawal

Wittenburg, H., 1970:
Estimation by gas chromatography of volatile fatty acids from ruminal fluid using a flame ionisation detector

Fardeau, J.; Guiraud, G.S.alli, A.J.ppe, J., 1974:
Estimation by means of 32P, 35S and 45Ca of the phosphorus, sulfur and calcium uptake by ryegrass from superphosphate

Lanly, J.; Lepitre, C., 1970:
Estimation by sample surveys of marketable volumes of timber in forest inventories

Jerumanis, J.R.eder, G.D.vreux, A., 1975:
Estimation by thin layer chromatography of reductones added to beer

Opalinski, C., 1974:
Estimation criteria of effectiveness of sprinkler irrigation investments

Mercanti, I.; Michel, F.; Thomachot, L.; Loundou, D.A.; Nicaise, C.; Vialet, R.; Di-Marco, J.N.; Lagier, P.; Martin, C., 2007:
Estimation de la bilirubinemie par methode transcutanee chez le nouveau-ne premature

Anacleto, T.-Cristina, S.; Diniz-Filho, J.-Alexandre, F.; Vital, M.-Vinicius, C., 2006:
Estimation de la distribution geographique potentielle des tatous (Xenarthra, Dasypodidae) au Bresil a partir de modeles bases sur les niches ecologiques

Fournier-Djimbi, M.; Fouquet, D., 1998:
Estimation de la qualite des arbres sur pied

Franco, E.Sampaio, 1964:
Estimation de la raesistance naturelle dessences forestiaeres africaines aux attaques des xylophages marins

Lopez, I.; Ortuno, S.-Francisco; Martin, A.-Julian; Fullana, C., 2007:
Estimation de la recolte renouvelable et de la distribution stable du diametre du hetre par une projection de modeles matriciels

Abhari, S.J.G.; Sadrolashrafi, S.M., 2005:
Estimation demand for major types of meat in Iran: using almost ideal demand system

Jacquinot, Fernand, 1945:
Estimation des arbres sur pied

Dermentzopoulos, A., 1955:
Estimation des dommages causaes par la graele au tabac

Barriuso, Enrique, 2004:
Estimation des risques environnementaux des pesticides

Anonymous, 1948:
Estimation determination on the judgement of rabbit races

Zdrada, M., 1983:
Estimation experiment of control of cow udder diseases during drying period

Schwab, D.; Morton, J., 1984:
Estimation f overlake wind speed from overland wind speed: a comparison of three methods

Myint-Tin, 1969:
Estimation for domains of study

Liu, T.; Ho, H., 1971:
Estimation for the highest eme

Schirmer, Gudrun, 1983:
Estimation from population parameters of meat production in German Landrace pigs in Baden-Weurttemberg

Zarate, Anne-Valle, 1981:
Estimation from populations parameters for feed intake by German Landrace pigs

Kohl, D.; Shearer, G.; Harper, J., 1979:
Estimation from relative 15N abundance measurements of N2 fixation by field grown soybeans

Anderson, H.; Phillips, C., 1982:
Estimation hydrologic values for planning wildland fire protection California, watersheds, management

Berck, P.L.pow, J., 1994:
Estimation in a long-run short-run model

Bement, T.R.; Krishna, V.J.; Milliken, G.A.; Schalles, R.R., 1974:
Estimation in the general incomplete block design with applications to the analysis of mating structures

Bartiaux-Thill, N.F.bry, J1; Biston, R1; Boukharta, M., 1980:
Estimation in vitro of the digestibility of permanent pasture herbage cellulase. 2. Correlation with digestibility measured in vivo or estimated in vitro according to Tilley and Terry Test uses enzyme from Trichoderma viride or Aspergillus niger, ruminant feed.1

Kulik, T., 1975:
Estimation method of drum driers of fodder in operation conditions

Lojewski, S.P.okopowicz, J., 1971:
Estimation method of economic effectiveness of technologic variants in a farm on an example of the Wizna peatland

Frencel, I.L.wartowska, E.J.dryczka, M.S.rgot, A.M.tala, G., 1988:
Estimation methods and resistance of winter rape cultivars to the dry rot and stem canker Phoma lingam; Leptosphaeria maculans--in a greenhouse test and in field trials resembling natural infection conditions

Goshima, G.O.ashi, K.T.uge,, Y., 1978:
Estimation methods for characte

Chambers, R.; Just, R.; Moffitt, L., 1981:
Estimation methods for markets characterized by price barriers

Massey, Gw, 1993:
Estimation methods for power system harmonic effects on power distribution transformers

Accolas, J.; Auclair, J., 1970:
Estimation oa the acid producing activity of concentrated frozen suspensions of lactic acid bacteria

Antongiovanni, M.G.altieri, M.G.orgetti, A., 1972:
Estimation of in vitro digestion of fat in feedstuffs by means of a two-stage enzymatic treatment; utilization of digestion figures in calculating net energy content

Antongiovanni, M.G.altieri, M.N.cci, G., 1971:
Estimation of in vitro digestion of feedstuffs by means of a microbial fermentation followed by a two stage enzymatic treatment

Moller, A.; Ranke, U., 2005:
Estimation of On-site costs of soil erosion in Sleman, Indonesia

Pagano, K.; Fogolari, F.; Corazza, A.; Viglino, P.; Esposito, G., 2007:
Estimation of (3)JHN-H alpha and (3)JH alpha-H ss coupling constants from heteronuclear TOCSY spectra

Gonzalez Pena, D.; Guerra Iglesias, D.; Espinoza Villavicencio, J.L.; Palacios Espinosa, A.; Luna de la Pena, R. de, 2007:
Estimation of (co)variance components for the test-day milk yield in Siboney cattle using a random regression model

Waters, Marshall-Pope, 1977:
Estimation of 1-hour timelag fuel moisture with surface and synchronous meteorological satellite data

Gardner, S.Y.; Atkins, C.E.; Rausch, W.P.; DeFrancesco, T.C.; Chandler, D.Walt.; Keene, B.W., 2007:
Estimation of 24-h aldosterone secretion in the dog using the urine aldosterone:creatinine ratio

Koga, K.F.kunaga, T.U.hiyama, K., 1984:
Estimation of 5-inosinic, 5-Guanylic and lactic acids in the lean meats (Longissimus dorsi and Bicepa femoris) from several breeds of pigs fed on the feedstuff containing sweet potato meal

Arnade, C.; Kelch, D., 2007:
Estimation of Area Elasticities from a Standard Profit Function

Sadani, L.; Raibole, U., 1983:
Estimation of Bowens ratio from temperature and humidity measurements using thermistors and water vapour fluxes over a bare cotton soil

Yoshida, C., 1983:
Estimation of CBR values on sof

Niioka, T.; Uno, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Sugawara, K.; Hayakari, M.; Tateishi, T., 2007:
Estimation of CYP2C19 activity by the omeprazole hydroxylation index at a single point in time after intravenous and oral administration

Weaver, T., 1986:
Estimation of Cercocarpus ledifolius biomass and leaf area index: three methods

Chiao, Km, 1970:
Estimation of Cryptomeria tree

Zhang, W.; Bouffard, G.G.; Wallace, S.S.; Bond, J.P., 2007:
Estimation of DNA sequence context-dependent mutation rates using primate genomic sequences

Katayama-Fujimura, Y.K.matsu, Y.K.raishi, H.K.neko, T., 1984:
Estimation of DNA base composition by high performance liquid chromatography of its nuclease P1 hydrolysate

Verma, R.; Lin, M., 1981:
Estimation of DNA synthesis period(s) by different methods in root meristem cells of Zea mays L. inhibition of DNA synthesis by several antimetabolites

Bhatt, R.; Dasgupta, A., 1980:
Estimation of DNA-content and its correlation with protein content, total chromatin length, chromosome size and ploidy level of selected species of Malvaceae

Pal, M.-; Goel, A., 2007:
Estimation of Discharge and End Depth in Trapezoidal Channel by Support Vector Machines

Hulsegge, B., 1993:
Estimation of EC lean meat percentage in pig carcasses and in the major cuts based on fat thickness measurements with an ultrasonic instrument

Hulsegge, B., 1992:
Estimation of EC-lean meat percentage in pig carcasses and major cuts based on multiple measurements of fat thickness with the Renco LM

Trajkovic, S.S.ankovic, M.T.dorovic, B., 2000:
Estimation of FAO Blaney-Criddle b factor by RBF network

Hargreaves, Gh, 1984:
Estimation of FAO evapotranspiration coefficients

Polzhofer, K.; Niehuss, M., 1980:
Estimation of fusarium toxins in potatoes by means of the chicken-embryo-assay

uczkiewicz, T.; Nawracaa, J.; Dyba, S.; Baczkiewicz, B.; Bocianowski, J., 2006:
Estimation of GCA, SCA and heterosis effects of some spring rape inbred lines

Maltecca, C.; Rossoni, A.; Nicoletti, C.; Santus, E.; Weigel, K.A.; Bagnato, A., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters for perinatal sucking behavior of Italian Brown Swiss calves

Kahlen, K.S.utzel, H., 2007:
Estimation of Geometric Attributes and Masses of Individual Cucumber Organs Using Three-dimensional Digitizing and Allometric Relationships

Suh, M.; Koo, H.; Watson, M., 1998:
Estimation of HVI bundle modulus and toughness as determinants to tensile properties of spun yarns

Soyeurt, H.; Gillon, A.; Vanderick, S.; Mayeres, P.; Bertozzi, C.; Gengler, N., 2007:
Estimation of heritability and genetic correlations for the major fatty acids in bovine milk

Crawley, R.; Olander, H.; Freeman, M., 1976:
Estimation of IgA in porcine feces

Kawada, H.H.tano, Y.F.jiwara, W.N.gae, K., 1977:
Estimation of IgG in calves involved in epizootic abnormal birth

Growthaman, M.; Raghava-Rao, K.; Ghildyal, N.; Karanth, N., 1995:
Estimation of KLa in a solid-state fermentation using packed-bed bioreactor

Skaanild, M.; Clausen, J., 1989:
Estimation of LC50 values by assay of lactate dehydrogenase and DNA redistribution in human lymphocyte cultures

Saxena, A.; Sarin, K., 1981:
Estimation of LD50 dosage lethal to 50 percent of subjects of two organophosphorous insecicides with reference to male Indian desert gerbil, Meriones hurrianae (Jerdon)

Xin, J.; Shih, S., 1990:
Estimation of Lake Okeechobee temperature distribution by satellite data

Sargaonkar, A., 2006:
Estimation of land use specific runoff and pollutant concentration for Tapi River basin in India

Lesta, M.; Mauring, Tõnu.; Mander, U., 2007:
Estimation of landscape potential for construction of surface-flow wetlands for wastewater treatment in Estonia

Martin, I.A.onso, N.L.pez, M.; Prieto, M.C.dahia, C.E.mar, E., 2007:
Estimation of Leaf, Root, and Sap Nitrogen Status using the SPAD-502 Chlorophyll Meter for Ornamental Shrubs

Marchant, B.; Lark, R., 2007:
Estimation of Linear Models of Coregionalization by Residual Maximum Likelihood

Ward, Raymond-Charles, 1972:
Estimation of N availability and NO3

Rodriguez, S.-J.S.lva, E., H., 1984:
Estimation of N mineralization and N requirements of crops with different soil management

Chalk, Pm, 1996:
Estimation of N2 fixation by 15N isotope dilution--the A-value approach

Shannon, Jack, D., 1984:
Estimation of North American anthropogenic sulfur deposition as a function of source

Brown, Dgw, 1977:
Estimation of Original Gravity by refractometer

Laffray, X.; Rose, C.; Garrec, J.P., 2007:
Estimation of Ozone Concentration in a Valley of the Alps Mountains Based on Bel-W3 Tobacco Leaf Injury

Lall, U.B.ard, L., 1982:
Estimation of Pearson type 3 moments Use of statistical tools for the analysis of hydrologic data and for hydrologic design decisions

Gasparatos, D.H.idouti, C.H.roulis, A.T.aousidou, P., 2006:
Estimation of Phosphorus Status of Soil Fe-Enriched Concretions with the Acid Ammonium Oxalate Method

Kishore, R.R.i, L., 1985:
Estimation of Quinalphos residues in

Vázquez-Suñé, E.; Capino, B.; Abarca, E.; Carrera, J., 2007:
Estimation of recharge from floods in disconnected stream-aquifer systems

Hofmann, K., 1971:
Estimation of SH-groups in muscle tissue by an indirect amperometric titration method using silver nitrate and potassium iodide

Schulz, H., 1983:
Estimation of SOD superoxide dismutase isoenzyme activities of Pinus sylvestris needles in polyacrylamide gel.1

Liu, C-fu.; He, X-yuan.; Chen, W.; Zhao, G-ling.; Xu, W-duo., 2007:
Estimation of Shenyang urban forest green biomass

Bhattarai, R.-; Dutta, D., 2007:
Estimation of Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Using GIS at Catchment Scale

Parsons, D.C.erney, J.; Gauch, H.J., 2006:
Estimation of Spring Forage Quality for Alfalfa in New York State

Kustas, W.; Prueger, J.; Humes, K.; Starks, P., 1999:
Estimation of Surface Heat Fluxes at Field Scale Using Surface Layer Versus Mixed-Layer Atmospheric Variables with Radiometric Temperature Observations

Guo, Ya, 1986:
Estimation of TDS in sand aquifer water through resistivity log

Selinsky, R.; Cox, T.-L.J.sse, E., V., 1992:
Estimation of U.S. dairy product component yields

Howard, J., 2005:
Estimation of U.S. timber harvest using roundwood equivalents

Elmaloglou, S.-; Malamos, N., 2007:
Estimation of Width and Depth of the Wetted Soil Volume Under a Surface Emitter, Considering Root Water-Uptake and Evaporation

Tung, M.; Staley, L.; Richards, J., 1969:
Estimation of Youngs modulus and failure stresses in the hens egg shell

Pagano, K.-; Fogolari, F.-; Corazza, A.-; Viglino, P.-; Esposito, G., 2007:
Estimation of and coupling constants from heteronuclear TOCSY spectra

Arias, C.; Cox, T., L., 1999:
Estimation of a U.S. dairy sector model by maximum simulated likelihood

Carpentier, Jean-Pierre, 1989:
Estimation of a curve cluster indicating station qualtiy for white pine in Quaebec

Nezgovorov, La, 1978:
Estimation of a degree of heat injury of leaves by the amount of cell sap squeezed out of them

Hammer, Paul-Allen, 1973:
Estimation of a five factor response surface for plant growth in a controlled environment chamber

Robolledo-Robles, Hector-Hugo, 1982:
Estimation of a general function of production for seasonal corn in the region of the Puebla Plain

Pueyo, G., 1976:
Estimation of a local climate with the temperature humidity complex

Nelson, G.R.ttenhouse, L., 1972:
Estimation of a performance function for evaluating range improvement investments

Yamada, Tadashi, 1984:
Estimation of a simultaneous model of married womens labor force participation and fertility in urban Japan

Techasena, O.F.ick, D., 1994:
Estimation of a solid surface temperature during a flash vapour treatment

Held, L.; Helmers, G., 1982:
Estimation of a survival function for a simulated Northern Plains wheat farm Agricultural economics, stochastic events and dynamic time dimensions

Krasil'-Nikov, N.; Satdykov, S., 1969:
Estimation of a total bacterial number in termite intestines

Schneeberger, M.F.eeman, A.; Boehlje, M., 1981:
Estimation of a utility function from semen purchases from Holstein sires

Gronberg, J.-Ann-M.B.litz, K., 1992:
Estimation of a water budget for the central part of the western San Joaquin Valley, California

Cho, Gyu, D., 1992:
Estimation of a wheat acreage response function for Kansas

Myers, R.; Van-Lear, D.; Lloyd, F., 1993:
Estimation of above-ground biomass in a hurricane-impacted coastal plain forest

Lallemand, E.; Lespine, A.; Alvinerie, M.; Bousquet-Melou, A.; Toutain, P-L., 2007:
Estimation of absolute oral bioavailability of moxidectin in dogs using a semi-simultaneous method: influence of lipid co-administration

Olofsson, P.; Van-Laake, P., E.; Eklundh, L., 2007:
Estimation of absorbed PAR across Scandinavia from satellite measurements Part I: Incident PAR

Olofsson, P.; Eklundh, L., 2007:
Estimation of absorbed PAR across Scandinavia from satellite measurements. Part II: Modeling and evaluating the fractional absorption

Konstantinov, A.; Lakhovskaia, V., 1980:
Estimation of accuracy of average soil moisture supplies calculations for rainy periods

Vasilevich, Vi, 1974:
Estimation of accuracy of biomass determination and the possibility of extrapolating the data obtained

Wysocki, J., 1977:
Estimation of accuracy of the photogrammetric determination of elevations and analysis of the possibilities of their application for water relations and land melioration purposes

Bancroft, R.; Whittaker, J., 1977:
Estimation of acreage response functions using pooled time series and cross sectional data: corn in the Midwest

Tanaka, H.F.rukawa, T.M.kami, H., 1982:
Estimation of actual selection

Jirasek, J.A.amek, Z.G.yen-Xuan-Tan; Holcman, O., 1978:
Estimation of acute toxicity of the Dursban insecticide for fish

Menger, A., 1975:
Estimation of added starch or flour in confectionary products based on oil seed pastes

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Estimation of aggregate U.S. demands for fertilizer, pesticides, and other inputs

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Estimation of aggregate agricul

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Estimation of agricultural labo

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Estimation of agricultural lands in Latin America

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Estimation of agricultural prod

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Estimation of agricultural production functions

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Estimation of agricultural tractor reliability costs

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Estimation of agro-ecosystems loud based on farm gate nutrients balance in selected farms of Wielkopolska region

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Estimation of air and soil temperature in a greenhouse in the function of meterologic parameters

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Estimation of air-temperature in a barley canopy by means of statistical methods

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Estimation of aldrin

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Estimation of alewife biomass in Lake Michigan, 1967-1978

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Estimation of algal biomass and primary productivity of phagno-plankton from the Molhasu cel Mare de la Izbuc peat bog

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Estimation of alginate, carrageenan and furcellaran in beer

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Estimation of alkaline phosphatase activity (ALP) and acid phosphatase (ACP) in White Leghorn cockerels in early post-incubation ontogenesis

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Estimation of alluvial-fill thickness in the Mimbres ground-water basin, New Mexico, from interpretation of isostatic residual gravity anomalies

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Estimation of amino acids in different stages of the Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuhniella Zell., and in its parasitoid Devorgilla canescens (Grav.)

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Estimation of amylose by double wavelength method

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Estimation of an academic research and development price index

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Estimation of an agricultural production function from data obtained from complex sample surveys

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Estimation of an almost ideal demand system for U.S. food with household and aggregate data

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Estimation of an extensive land reclamation program from the national economy point of view (general concept of solution of the problem)

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Estimation of analyst performance for thermistor cryoscope freezing point testing

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Estimation of ancient and future shoreline positions in the vicinity of Olkiluoto, an island on the western coast of Finland: The difference between Grid and TIN based GIS-approaches

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Estimation of animal body composition by labelled water diffusion spaces: Review

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Estimation of animal meat quality

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Estimation of annual bluefin tuna catch in weight by the troll fishery in Nagasaki Prefecture, based on the Japanese official fisheries statistics

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Estimation of annual production by the intertidal brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) Le Jolis

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Estimation of annual production of soil protozoa. I. Euglyphidae (Rhizopoda, Testacea)

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Estimation of annual runoff from catchments

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Estimation of annual stem volume increment

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Estimation of antimony concentration in riverine system for ecological risk assessment

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Estimation of antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity on Geranium pratense subsp. finitimum and its phenolic compounds

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Estimation of antioxidant activity of extracts from apple culticle by the thiocyanate method and with use of a model reaction

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Estimation of apicultural value of variety of Phacelia Breeding, Poland.1

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Estimation of apparent achievable attenuation of malt, wort and beer by quick method Fermentation.1

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Estimation of appearance intensity and noxiousness of cockchafer and main diseases and pests of fruit trees in Poland in 1969

Studzinski, A., 1970:
Estimation of appearance intensity and noxiousness of main diseases and pests of root plants in Poland in 1969

Studzinski, A., 1970:
Estimation of appearance intensity and noxiousness of the main diseases and pests of industrial and leguminous plants in Poland in 1969

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Estimation of apple storage quality properties based on the mechanical properties with BP neural network

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Estimation of apple tree supply of mineral elements in three horticultural regions of Poland. iI. results of investigations of the apple tree supply level of microelements

Grudzinska-Kuhn, J., 1976:
Estimation of apple tree supply of mineral elements in three horticultural regions of Poland.I. results of investigations on the level of apple tree supply of macroelements

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Estimation of applicability of formulae for output counting of gear-pump pumping the starch syrup

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Estimation of applicability of various kinds of active carbon to decoloring of protein hydrolyzate used in chicken broth

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Estimation of aquifer hydraulic parameters from surficial geophysical methods: A case study of Keritis Basin in Chania (Crete - Greece)

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Estimation of aquifer recharge and flow from natural tritium content of groundwater

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Estimation of area and production of cotton in Haryana

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Estimation of area of grazing land and its utilization, Jhansi District, uttar Pradesh

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Estimation of area under sand dunes in coastal belt of Orissa by manual interpretation of Land Sat-I imagery

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Estimation of areal average precipitation using different network densities and averaging techniques

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Estimation of aroma components in hops and hop products by gas chromatography. 1. investigation of the estimation of total oil by gas chromatography and by the head-space method

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Estimation of aroma components in hops and hop products by gas chromatography. II. Effect of hop drying on the composition of the aroma components

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Estimation of arrhythmia of the canine heart

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Estimation of atmospheric emissions of six semivolatile polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in southern canada and the United States by use of an emissions processing system

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Estimation of atmospheric precipitable water over Australia for application to the division of solar radiation into its direct and diffuse components

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Estimation of atmospheric transmittance from upper-air-humidity

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Estimation of atomspheric moisture input to soil surface in an area of irrigated land Desert conditions in the Kara-Kum, Asian USSR

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Estimation of atorvastatin calcium and fenofibrate in tablets by derivative spectrophotometry and liquid chromatography

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Estimation of attendance at a large outdoor event

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Estimation of authenticity of the method of stained smears in studies of the Testacea

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Estimation of autocorrelation functions of hydrologic series

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Estimation of availability and cost of milk production in I.C.D. area, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

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Estimation of availability and cost of milk production in I.C.D. area, Bikaner (Rajasthan)

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Estimation of availability and cost of production of milk

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Estimation of avian prolactin by polyacrylamide disc electrophoresis

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Estimation of avoidable losses caused by th insect ocmplex on sorghum hybrid CSH-i and percentage increase in yield over untreated control

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Estimation of avoidable losses due to pod borer in chickpea

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Estimation of backfat thickness in beef cattle by ultrasound

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Estimation of bacterial counts in flour and farina

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Estimation of bacteriological spoilage of pork cutlets by electronic nose

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Estimation of bale moisture content with a MALCAM MMC-4000

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Estimation of basal area and height of a stand

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Estimation of base employment multipliers for nonmetropolitan Tennessee counties

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Estimation of basic grains consumption in Costa Rica, 1976

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Estimation of basin precipitation by regression equation

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Estimation of bed load transport rate based on grain Froude similarity considering the existence of sand waves

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Estimation of beer hazes

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Estimation of beet crop yields on meterologic data

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Estimation of beet yellows virus incidence

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Estimation of benomyl in the milligram range

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Estimation of beta-cell function from the data of the oral glucose tolerance test

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Estimation of beta-cell mass by metabolic tests: necessary, but how sufficient?

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Estimation of binding constants of receptors and ligands by affinity capillary electrophoresis

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Estimation of biochemical intera

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Estimation of biological nitrogen fixation by three legume tree species using the 15N dilution method

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Estimation of biological value of mashes for the broiler chickens

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Estimation of biomass and carbon content of Pinus cooperi Blanco, in Pueblo Nuevo, Durango

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Estimation of biomass and transpiration in coinferous forests using tritiated water

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Estimation of biomass in an even-aged stand--regression and mean tree techniques

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Estimation of biomass of forests

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Estimation of bioprocess variables from Monascus ruber cultures by means of stoichiometric models

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Estimation of birth and death rates in bovines

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Estimation of birth and death rates in bovines, Amritsar and Ferozepur districts, Punjab

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Estimation of blood glucose during exertion. 4. application of the total scatter of blood glucose values to determination of the degree of exertion upon physical exercise in pigs at various environmental temperatures

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Estimation of blood glucose during exertion. I. Application of individual evaluation of changes in various glucose values during physical exercise in pigs

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Estimation of body composition in cows by the urea dilution technique

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Estimation of body fat mass using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, bioelectric impedance analysis, and anthropometry in HIV-positive male subjects receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy

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Estimation of body lipids in chickens by the isotope dilution method with tritiated water

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Estimation of bone material in fish protein concentrates

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Estimation of bovine fetal age from crown-rump length

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Estimation of breeding value for meat performance of dual-purposecattle

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Estimation of breeding value for the length of milking dairy cows as a model case of multiple regression

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Estimation of breeding value in Thoroughbred with the dosage method

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Estimation of breeding value of bulls based on their pedigrees as a model of multiple regression

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Estimation of breeding value of bulls in dual purpose selection

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Estimation of breeding value of pigs, an international comparison

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Estimation of breeding values

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Estimation of breeding values and variance components with quasi-continuous data

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Estimation of breeding values for non return rates of Canadian Holstein Friesian sires

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Estimation of broad sense heritability of some characters of Vitis vinifera

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Estimation of bull sperm veloci

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Estimation of business costs in 1979 of the glasshouse horticulture and mushroom industries

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Estimation of butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene in meat products

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Estimation of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline by gas chromatography

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Estimation of calcium in soil extracts by sub-stoichiometric isotope dilution technique using 45Ca

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Estimation of calcium sulfate solution rate and effective aquifer surface area in a ground-water system near Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Estimation of carbaryl insecticide residues of bhendi fruits

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Estimation of carbon content in the organic and inorganic components of soil by the burning method

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Estimation of carbon dixoide production rate in goats fed optimum protein level with varying levels of energy

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Estimation of cardenolides in Nerium oleander

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Estimation of cardiac output by doppler echocardiography in horses with and without heart disease

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Estimation of carrying capacity for shellfish in Rushan Bay

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Estimation of carvedilol in human plasma by using HPLC-fluorescence detector and its application to pharmacokinetic study

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Estimation of catchment evapotr

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Estimation of cattle salubrity and the efficiency of cows insemination

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Estimation of cellulolytic and phosphorus-solublizing activity of thermophilic Nocardia spp. and Streptomyces albus

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Estimation of cellulose crystallinity using Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy and dynamic thermogravimetry

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Estimation of central pressure augmentation using automated radial artery tonometry

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Estimation of cereal crop rotations on the basis of obtained yields, weediness of fields and some soil properties

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Estimation of certain carbon black-loaded natural rubber vulcanisate properties by physico-chemical methods

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Estimation of certain characteristics in the Polish longwoo l sheep of Bochenska breed on the material licenced in l966 -1969

Piestrak, T.S.eliga, W., 1973:
Estimation of certain characteristics in the Polish longwool sheep of Bochenska breed on the material licenced in 1966--1969

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Estimation of certain physiological properties of chicks. I. Thyroid activity and energy metabolism in the Cornish CD-1 immature chicks

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Estimation of certain physiological properties of chicks. II. quantitative changes in the nucleic acid content of liver in the Cornish CD-1 immature chicks

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Estimation of cetane index for esters of fatty acids Vegetable oils as alternative fuels for diesel engines

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Estimation of changes in soil volume weight of a paddy in the evaluation of desalanizing effect of flooding

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Estimation of character parameters in coagulase negative Staphylococcus species

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Estimation of characteristics f

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Estimation of chemical composition and fatty acids in hulled (A. sativa L.) and naked (A. nuda L.) oat grain

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Estimation of chemical fertilizer N-induced direct N2O emission from China agricultural fields in 1991-2000 based on GIS technology

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Estimation of chemical heterogeneity of partially substituted cellulose carboxymethyl ethers

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Estimation of chemical methods applied in the protection of medicinal plants

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Estimation of chemical methods for the extraction of micronutrients from soils

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Estimation of chemical toxicity to wildlife species using interspecies correlation models

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Estimation of chemicals in water circulation

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Estimation of chilling requirements of bud bursting for black currant and red currant bush beds

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Estimation of chinchilla herd value based on sold and auction-assessed pelts

Matsuoka, S., 1975:
Estimation of chlordane treatme

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Estimation of chloroorganic pesticide residues in margarine and butter by gas-liquid chromatography

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Estimation of chlorophyll content in the waste green matter of conifers during vegetation period

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Estimation of cholinesterase act

Pirog, H.S.ialowski, T., 1984:
Estimation of chosen morphological traits of edible lentil (Lens esculenta Moench)

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Estimation of chromatin patterns at G1, S, and G2 of the cell cycle

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Estimation of clean wool by the kjeldahl technique

Tomosada, A., 1983:
Estimation of climate impact on

Gelbke, W., 1980:
Estimation of climate in vineyards

Mizuochi, T., 1969:
Estimation of climatic producti

Tarkiewicz, S.D.ewnowski, Z., 1977:
Estimation of clinical value of the Masticort Sulfa preparation

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Estimation of co-conditional moments of transmissivity, hydraulic head and velocity fields

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Estimation of cold hardiness of Douglas-fir and Engelmann spruce seedlings by differential thermal analysis of buds

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Estimation of color change of s

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Estimation of combined residues of carbofuran (furadan) and its toxic metabolites by enzymatic method

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Estimation of combining abili

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Estimation of combining abilities from a diallel cross of three inbred lines of Suffolk sheep

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Estimation of combining ability in relation to polycross test in berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrium L.)

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Estimation of commercial, industrial and governmental water use for local areas

Kendall, Dr, 1976:
Estimation of compliance of gaseous pollutant emissions from routine continuous monitoring data

Idzkowska, M., 1983:
Estimation of components for crossings in breeding pea resistant to diseases caused by Fusarium and Ascochyta

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Estimation of components of covariance between characters evaluated with different numbers of individuals per plot

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Estimation of components of variation of leaf yield and its related traits in mulberry

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Estimation of concentrations and quantities of foot-andmouth disease antigens during different stages of vaccine preparation

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Estimation of conditionality of pork sensory quality by using multivariate analysis

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Estimation of cone crop of mountain Norway spruce forest stands

Chmiel, K.; Gajewska, A., 2006:
Estimation of conformation traits in purebred Arabian horses taking part in National Shows according to sirelines in 2001-2005

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Estimation of consumer expenditure system in Korea

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Estimation of consumptive use of water for wheat under optimum management conditions

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Estimation of contamination level in cleaning liquors. I. Bottle washing liquors

Selinger, P., 1975:
Estimation of contamination of deep-frozen bull semen

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Estimation of controller benefits: an optimization-based approach

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Estimation of convective heat transfer between fluid and particle in continuous flow using a remote temperature sensor

Kumar, S.T.wari, G., 1996 :
Estimation of convective mass transfer in solar distillation systems

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Estimation of copper and iron in butterfat from one digest, combined inverse Polarographic-Photometric Method

Timmen, H.B.uthgen, J., 1973:
Estimation of copper and iron in butterfat from one disclosure. I. Photometric method

White, R.; Jones, I.; Gibbs, E.B.tler, L., 1977:
Estimation of copper pheophytins, chlorophylls, an pheophytins in mixtures in diethyl ether

Vannier, G., 1972:
Estimation of corporal surface evaporation in Allacma fusca (L.), Collembola, Symphypleona

Sou, Y.; Ohh, B., 1983:
Estimation of correlation coe

Tachibana, J.; Goto, N.; Fujie, K., 2007:
Estimation of cost and environmental load of fluorocarbon recovery and destruction system based on fluorocarbon stock distribution

Velasco-Molina, H.; Aguirre-Luna, M., 1972:
Estimation of cost in capturing and storing rain water in desert and semi-desert regions of northern Mexico

Marutiram, B., 1979:
Estimation of cost of production of poultry and eggs, Delhi area

Cotterill, Ronald, W., 1998:
Estimation of cost pass through to Michigan consumers in the ADM price fixing case

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Estimation of costs and returns on Indian farms

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Estimation of cotton fiber dimensions from Shirley I.I.C. Fineness

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Estimation of critical soil fertility limit of available phosphorus for predicting response of gram to applied phosphorus

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Estimation of crop conditions and sugarcane yields using aerial photography

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Estimation of crop losses

Anonymous, 1983:
Estimation of crop losses caused by eldana

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Estimation of crop water requirements: present and future

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Estimation of cross-country differences in industry production functions

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Estimation of crossbreeding parameters for traits of economic importance in meat type chickens

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Estimation of crown and needle mass in pure stands of Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

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Estimation of current annual increment by the average periodic growth

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Estimation of cyclic AMP turnover in normal and methylprednisolone-treated dogs: effect of catecholamines

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Estimation of cytoplasmic nitrate and its electrochemical potential in barley roots using NO and compartmental analysis

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Estimation of daily oviposition rates in reared female Antheraea polyphemus (Saturniidae)

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Estimation of daily precipitation over China and the USSR using satellite imagery

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Estimation of daily temperature means using elevation and latitude in mountainous terrain

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Estimation of damage in a poplar plantation in the year n

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Estimation of damage in coniferous stands by lightning

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Estimation of damage in forests in consequence of air pollution

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Estimation of damage of Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, 1855, in sorghum grains with glumes, whole grains, and broken grains under laboratory conditions

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Estimation of damage to cotton caused by the black cutworm, Agrotis ipsilon (Hufn)

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Estimation of damages caused by industrial immissions, from the biological standpoint

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Estimation of data series variation by use of the variate difference method

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Estimation of dead fuel moisture content from meteorological data in Mediterranean areas. Applications in fire danger assessment

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Estimation of decomposition performance by Collembola and mites in a cultivated soil

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Estimation of degree of knowledge and use of hydraulic jack of the tractor Ursus C-4011 by the drivers on the territor y of the southern part of Poland

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Estimation of degree of maturit

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Estimation of degree-days as function of geographical factors in Brazil Agroclimatological research.1

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Estimation of demand elasticities for transportation modes in grain transportation

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Estimation of demand for alcoholic beverages in Canada from pooled time series and cross sections

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Estimation of demand for meat in Korea

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Estimation of denitrification p

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Estimation of design flood discharges especially for river valley project in India

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Estimation of design flood peak for cross drainage structures in south Brahmaputra subzone. 2 (b)

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Estimation of design hydrographs for small rural catchments

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Estimation of design rainstorm in Sabah and Sarawak

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Estimation of detection probability in manatee aerial surveys at a winter aggregation site

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Estimation of determinant factors in labor productivity in agricultural co-operatives

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Estimation of deuterium oxide in body fluids

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Estimation of development trends in melioration

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Estimation of diet composition and intake in dairy cows with alkanes

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Estimation of diet intake by the larvae of Corcyra cephalonica and Tribolium castaneum using a 45calcium-labelled compound

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Estimation of dietary exposure to chemicals: a case study illustrating methods of distributional analyses for food consumption data

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Estimation of different methods of qualitative evaluation of the bull sperm

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Estimation of different peled stocks by survival rate of embryos

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Estimation of differentiation of sheep breeds by the method of genetic distances

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Estimation of diffuse from measured global solar radiation

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Estimation of diffuse solar irradiance on a horizontal surface for cloudless days--a new approach

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Estimation of diffusion and convection coefficients in an aerated hydraulic jump

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Estimation of digestibility coefficients for mixed feed in calves

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Estimation of digestibility of legume forages by means of morphological parameters White clover, Trifolium repens, red clover, Trifolium pratense, alfalfa

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Estimation of digestible energy requirements for maintenance and gain in Hereford steers fed all-concentrate diets

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Estimation of dimethoate in foods

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Estimation of dimethylnitrosamine in beer and malt by differential pulse polarography method Contamination.1

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Estimation of direct and maternal additive and heterotic effects for preweaning growth traits in cattle breeds represented in the southern region

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Estimation of direct economic losses caused to animal production in Venezuela by animal diseases

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Estimation of direct solar radiation on slopes in Connecticut

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Estimation of direct-contact fraction for phenanthrene in surfactant solutions by toxicity measurement

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Estimation of dissolved organic carbon concentration in Taihu Lake using reflectance spectral and simulated MERIS

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Estimation of distributed lags as nonstochastic difference equations

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Estimation of diurnal air temperature using MSG SEVIRI data in West Africa

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Estimation of dosed loads of isotopes in milk in case of lengthy radioactive falls

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Estimation of downy mildew attacks in grapevine

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Estimation of drainage areas in a homogeneous landscape

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Estimation of drainage in submontane and mountain regions

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Estimation of dressing percentage and carcass composition of Piedmont young bulls

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Estimation of drought rainfall using L-moments

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Estimation of drought risk of arable sites in Northeast and Central Germany and their variation as a result of climate change

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Estimation of drug precipitation upon dilution of pH-controlled formulations

Narazaki, R.; Sanghvi, R.; Yalkowsky, S.H., 2007:
Estimation of drug precipitation upon dilution of pH-cosolvent solubilized formulations

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Estimation of dry deposition velocities in North America

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Estimation of dry matter excretion in horses by using chromic oxide and chromogen methods

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Estimation of dry matter intake of Misaki horses by chromogen method

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Estimation of dry matter production and nitrogen removal by coastal bermudagrass in Florida

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Estimation of dry matter production and nutrient removal by corn silage in Florida

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Estimation of dry season runoff from rainfall for selected diversion irrigation system

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Estimation of dry weight, fresh weight, and calorific content of various collembolan species

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Estimation of dye content of dyed wool

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Estimation of dynamic nonlinear rational expectations models of primary commodity markets with private and government stockholding

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Estimation of dynamic rate parameters in insect populations undergoing sublethal exposure to pesticides

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Estimation of early growth in selection of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) seedlings Genetic variance

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Estimation of ecological and genotypical variability of increment in cedars

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Estimation of economic costs and benefits of aquatic plant control in the Old Plantation Water Control District

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Estimation of economic effectiveness of production trends in individual peasant farms with high permanent grassland percentage

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Estimation of economic efficiency and reliability of group rural water supply systems

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Estimation of economic efficiency of sugar industry in Uttar Pradesh: a frontier production function approach

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Estimation of economic impacts of federal military construction for the Nevada National Guard on the economy of the State of Nevada

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Estimation of economic linkages of Carson City

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Estimation of economic losses caused by infertility of cows kept in large state farms

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Estimation of economic losses from foot-and-mouth disease and cost-benefit analysis of alternative policies for eradication in a developing country

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Estimation of economic losses to the agricultural sector form airborne residuals in the Ohio River basin region

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Estimation of economic rent as a measure of factor owners welfare

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Estimation of economic results in 1978 from the glasshouse horticulture and mushroom industries

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Estimation of economical losses caused by Ceuthorrynchus assimilis Payk

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Estimation of effect of gasoline quality improvement on reduction of air toxic emissions in Dhaka

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Estimation of effective generation interval in Drosophila population cages

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Estimation of effective hydrologic properties of soils from observations of vegetation density

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Estimation of effective infiltration rates in cracked soils Irrigation, mathematical models

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Estimation of effective moisture diffusivity of okra for microwave drying

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Estimation of effective parabronchial gas volume during intermittent ventilatory flow: theory and application in the duck

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Estimation of effective soil hydraulic parameters for water management studies in semi-arid zones

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Estimation of effectiveness of the policy of prices in the control of services for agriculture Poland.1

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Estimation of efficiency of timber production

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Estimation of effluent limitations to be expected from properly operated and maintained treatment works

Anonymous, 1988:
Estimation of eligibility for the WIC program

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Estimation of empty body weight of lambs from hot carcass weight

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Estimation of endrin residues in

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Estimation of energetic feedstuff value for dairy cows (supplementary forage for dairy cows) with particular reference to the feed nutritive value tests in Hohenheim

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Estimation of energy and crude

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Estimation of energy costs for quick-frozen minced steak

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Estimation of energy expenditure in dairy heifers walking on the level and on gradients Grazing behaviors, metabolism, calorimetry, Japan

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Estimation of energy of feed for slaughter chickens

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Estimation of energy requirement for evaporation in greenhouses

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Estimation of energy requirements of broiler type breeding hens during reproduction. 2. Maximum production in the winter period

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Estimation of energy use of turkey rolls in a convection oven

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Estimation of energy values of compounded concentrated feeds for cattle

Kil'chevskii, A.V.; Skorina, V.V., 2005:
Estimation of environment as background for selection of vegetable culture of tomato in GSI

Zieminska Smyk, M., 2006:
Estimation of environmental conditions of arable fields in the lagging of Roztocze National Park with Ellenbergs phytoindication method

Korchevskiĭ, A.A., 2006:
Estimation of environmental factors-caused damage to human health in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Estimation of enzymes of the urea cycle, glutaminase and asparaginase in cattle and pigs

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Estimation of epistasis among finite polygenic loci for complex traits with a mixed model using Gibbs sampling

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Estimation of epoxides in hop extracts

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Estimation of equilibrium settlement rates for benthic marine invertebrates: its application to Mya arenaria (Mollusca: Pelecypoda)

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Estimation of erosion index from daily rainfall amount Universal Soil Loss Equation

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Estimation of erosion intensity of light gypsoferous seirozems through method of genetic horizons reconstruction

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Estimation of erosion rate in a small catchment of Loktak wetland, India, using lead-210 (210Pb) technique

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Estimation of erosion risk and water quality characteristics using computer simulation

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Estimation of errors in measurements of apparent photosynthesis in closed apparatuses

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Estimation of errors in measuring intensity of photosynthesis by the gasometric method

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Estimation of ethanol mass delivery to groundwater from silicone polymer mats

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Estimation of ethanol productio

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Estimation of ethylene produced by pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants inhibited with auxin and treated with cytokinin

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Estimation of eugenol in essential oils by Gibbs reagent

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Estimation of evaporation from Ned Wilson Lake, Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Colorado

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Estimation of evaporation from the lake of the Aswan high Dam (Lake Nasser) based on measurements over the lake

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Estimation of evapotranspiratio

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Estimation of evapotranspiration for water balance studies in a semi-arid region

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Estimation of evapotranspiration in the Rainbow Springs and Silver Springs basins in North-Central Florida

Liu HaiJun; Huang GuanHua; Tanny, J.; Cohen, S., 2007:
Estimation of evapotranspiration of banana plants in a greenhouse

Szwoch, T., 1982:
Estimation of execution of tasks on maintenance and operation of land reclamation structures in 1981

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Estimation of exotoxin production by different strains of Bacillus thuringiensis using 32P -labelled exotoxin

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Estimation of expenditure consumption, functions for rice in the Arab Republic of Egypt

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Estimation of extreme floods in areas of low precipitation Gradex methods.1

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Estimation of extreme point rainfall over peninsular India Conservation of water

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Estimation of farm credit requirement based on economic feasibility tests

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Estimation of farm earnings of agricultural families in arid zone of Rajasthan

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Estimation of farm incomes

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Estimation of farm production efficiency after accomplishment of agricultural investments

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Estimation of farm supply response and acreage allocation

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Estimation of farmers supply response. a case study of groundnut in Madurai District

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Estimation of farmland values for assessment and property taxation in North Dakota

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Estimation of fasting glucose flux in malnourished and hypoglycemic children by constant infusion of U 13C glucose

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Estimation of fat depth and longissimus muscle area in swine by use of real-time ultrasonography

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Estimation of fat reserves in Celtiberia white goats through determination in the sternal or the lumbar regions

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Estimation of fat thickness and lion eye area by ultrasound

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Estimation of fatty substances in cereal adjuncts

Mayer, A.-; May, W.-; Lukkarila, C.-; Diehl, J., 2007:
Estimation of fault-zone conductance by calibration of a regional groundwater flow model: Desert Hot Springs, California

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Estimation of fear in two lines of the domestic chick: Correlations between various methods

Macdiarmid, Thomas, R., 1995:
Estimation of feasibility parameters to establish and operate a hay processing facility in Diamond Valley, Eureka County, Nevada

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Estimation of fecundity in Barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch), using an automatic particle counter

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Estimation of feed protein degradation in vitro by using 15N

Jaworski, J., 1983:
Estimation of feeding rationality of sheep in large marketable farms

Scehovic, J., 1982:
Estimation of feeding value of natural grassland forage based on its chemical composition Sheep, Switzerland.1

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Estimation of felling yields in operation planning. Deduction of felling yield from: values obtained by experience, tests data, yield tables, and utilization control

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Estimation of fermentable carbohydrates--collaborative trial

Gruszka, J., 1972:
Estimation of fertilization needs of medium and very heavy alluvial soils, particularly with regard to phosphorus and potassium supply; permanent grasslands in the Experimental Station Leszkowice as an example

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Estimation of fertilizer consumption in Korea, 1975-85

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Estimation of fertilizer needs of fruit trees

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Estimation of fertilizing value of liquid from manure industrial pig fattening farms. I

Kuszelewski, L.J.giela, Z., 1974:
Estimation of fertilizing value of slurry from swine fattening industry farms. III. Effect of increasing slurry rates on yield of crops

Kuszelewski, L.J.giela, Z., 1973:
Estimation of fertilizing value of slurry from the pig indus trial fattening farms. II. Field experiments

Omran, S.N.; A.R.wi, H.M.; A.S.lman, M.H., 2007:
Estimation of fetal age in sheep by measurement of the embryonic vesicle diameter and umbilical cord diameter by using real-time ultrasonography

Robertson, Jl, 1985:
Estimation of field application rates on the basis of laboratory data

Eyvani, A.; Khoshtaghaza, M.H., 2006:
Estimation of field soil heat diffusion due to crop residual burning and flaming by semi-infinite solid method

Baier, W., 1973:
Estimation of field workdays in Canada from the versatile soil moisture budget

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Tsang, Y.W.; Birkholzer, J.T., 2007:
Estimation of field-scale thermal conductivities of unsaturated rocks from in situ temperature data

Nelson, Re, 1975:
Estimation of fifteen-bar percentage by desorption of soil on hectorite

Reid, J.; Corvalan, C.; Levine, L.C.mpanella, O.; Okos, M., 2001:
Estimation of final sheet width and the forces and power exerted by sheeting rolls

Singh, J., 1983:
Estimation of fine root biomass and nutrients in sal plantations in Meghalaya

Varghese, M.; Nair, A.; George, V.; Khan, A., 1981:
Estimation of fish production from Kirkud reservoir

Gitschlag, G.-R.S.hirripa, M.-J.P.wers, J., E., 2001:
Estimation of fisheries impacts due to underwater explosives used to sever and salvage oil and gas platforms in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

Katz, A.J.; Cardellino, R.A., 1978:
Estimation of Fitness Components in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER . I. Heterozygote Viability Indices

Katz, A.J., 1979:
Estimation of Fitness Components in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER. II. Influence of Reduced Transmission Frequency

Niehus, Colin, A., 1996:
Estimation of flood flows on the Big Sioux River between Akron, Iowa, and North Sioux City, South Dakota

Roth, Donald, K., 1986 :
Estimation of flood peaks from channel characteristics in Ohio

Schiller, E.; Ngana, J., 1979:
Estimation of flood peaks with limited hydrologic data

Sherwood, James, M., 1993:
Estimation of flood volumes and simulation of flood hydrographs for ungaged small rural streams in Ohio

Bailey, James, F., 1989:
Estimation of flood-frequency characteristics and the effects of urbanization for streams in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area

Mazvimavi, Dominic, 2003:
Estimation of flow characteristics of ungauged catchments

Robinson, J.-Ann; Thompson, C.S.assen, 1985:
Estimation of flue-cured tobacco allotment values in South Carolina, 1974-1981

Chakrabarti, S.; Sarkar, J., 2006:
Estimation of foliar pigments and its relationship with leaf thickness in 16 species of genus Eria of family Orchidaceae

Huang, K.-S.L.n, B.-Hwan, 2000:
Estimation of food demand and nutrient elasticities from household survey data

Kusakari, H., 2006:
Estimation of food demand function derived from home cooking

Sarma, Js, 1971:
Estimation of foodgrains--production--some reflections

Intxusta Irisarri, J.; Brizuela, M.A.; Fernandez, H.H.; Guaita, M.S.; Cid, M.S., 2007:
Estimation of forage accumulation during the pasture regrowth using a plate meter

Cantillon, J.; Ballerstedt, P.; Jackson, S.; Dougherty, C.; Baker, J., 1986:
Estimation of forage intake and examination of various grazing parameters using a biomass collection technique with geldings

Yang, C.-Ming; Lee, Y.-Jyuan; Hong, K.-Yuan; Hsu, F.-Hsing, 2007:
Estimation of forage production of nilegrass using vegetation reflectance

Bonham, Cd, 1987:
Estimation of forage removal by rangeland pests

H.H.iQing; Wei YunMin, 2007:
Estimation of forest fuel load using TM remote sensing image and stand factor

Martinez, J.; Beaudoin, A.D.rand, P.L.-Toan, T.S.ach, N., 2000:
Estimation of forest height using radar scatterometry

Chen-Wen-Bo; Zhao-Xiao-Fan, 2007:
Estimation of forest parameters based on TM imagery and statistical analysis

Loehle, Craig, 1994:
Estimation of fractal dimensions from transect data

Funabiki, R.T.kahashi, E.Y.maya, H.H.reyama, S., 1977:
Estimation of fractional turnover rate of actin in skeletal muscle of the rat lby single and continuous administraton of 14C lysine

Macpherson, J.; Buckee, G., 1974:
Estimation of free fatty acids (C8-C18) in wort and beer

Arora, L.S.ngh, D., 1981:
Estimation of frequency distributions for the current occasion under successive sampling approach for some selected sampling designs

Kishino, K., 1972:
Estimation of fruit yield of Sa

Hallmann, E.; Rembiakowska, E., 2007:
Estimation of fruits quality of selected tomato cultivars (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) from organic and conventional cultivation with special consideration of bioactive compounds content

Gat, Z., 1974:
Estimation of fuel consumptio

Volke-Haller, Vaictor, 1981:
Estimation of functions of median production decline in experiments with fertilizers and plant density

Matcham, S.; Jordan, B.; Wood, D., 1985:
Estimation of fungal biomass in a solid substrate by three independent methods

Angelosante-Bruno, A.-; Pace, L.-; Tomassetti, B.-; Coppola, E.-; Verdecchia, M.-; Pacioni, G.-; Visconti, G., 2007:
Estimation of fungal spore concentrations associated to meteorological variables

Kawakami, K., 1982:
Estimation of fungus contaminat

Hruby, J.S.ugr, J., 1971:
Estimation of further development in agricultural repairing

Takeda, Y., 1975:
Estimation of future landslide

Vogelreuter, Wolf, 1999:
Estimation of gene contribution from extraneous populations, genetic relationship and inbreeding in the Ostfriesisches Pferd, the Alt-Oldenburger Pferd and the sachsisches Schweres Warmblut-pferd

Abou Deif, M.H., 2007:
Estimation of gene effects on some agronomic characters in five hybrids and six populations of maize (Zea mays L.)

Maquet, A.M.sumbuko, B.O.edraogo,, Z.; Baudoin, J., 2001:
Estimation of gene flow among wild populations of Phaseolus lunatus L. using isozyme markers

Dunphy, B.K.; Hamrick, J.L., 2007:
Estimation of gene flow into fragmented populations of Bursera simaruba (Burseraceae) in the dry-forest life zone of Puerto Rico

Soejima, J., 2007:
Estimation of gene flow via pollen spread for the orchard layout prior to the field release of apple transformants

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Estimation of gene frequencies in milk proteins of Bavarian Fleckvieh cows

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Estimation of general and specific combining abilities from a diallel cross of three inbred lines of Fayoumi chicks

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Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters for production and reproduction traits in Iranian Holsteins

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Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters in clones of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) and their implications in breeding programs

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Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters in tassel characteristics of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Estimation of genetic diversity among arecanut varieties

Tayyar, R.W.ines, J., 1992:
Estimation of genetic diversity in Cicer using allozyme variation

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Estimation of genetic effects in the yellow berry character of Triticum durum Desf

Ujica, V.P.pernea, N.T.mariu, R.P.mfilie, D.M.linte, T.S.rbu, I.C.stachescu, E.P.mfilie, I.S.efanache,, V., 1979:
Estimation of genetic gain for milk production indices of the Brown cattle breed on some elite farms in Moldavia

Yamamota, K., 1975:
Estimation of genetic homogeneity by isozymes from interspecific hybrids of Vicia. I. Amylase isozyme patterns in the hybrid progenies between Vicia pilosa and Vicia macrocarpa

Yamamoto, K., 1979:
Estimation of genetic homogeneity by isozymes from interspecific hybrids of Vicia. II. Amylase isozyme patterns in the hybrid progenies between Vicia amphicarpa, true and Vicia macrocarpa

Suzuki, M.M.tsumoto, T., 1981:
Estimation of genetic parameter

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Estimation of genetic parameters

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Estimation of genetic parameters and (co)variance components for weaning traits of Charolais population in Hungary

Toorchi, M.; Aharizad, S.; Moghaddam, M.; Etedali, F.; Tabatabavakil, S.H., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters and general combining ability of sainfoin landraces with respect to forage yield

Celis-Aguirre, Hector-Gregorio, 1981:
Estimation of genetic parameters and indexes of selection in the variety of corn Zacatecas 58

Stock, K.F.; Hoeschele, I.; Distl, O., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters and prediction of breeding values for multivariate threshold and continuous data in a simulated horse population using Gibbs sampling and residual maximum likelihood

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Estimation of genetic parameters and their use in the genetic improvement of cotton

Köhn, F.; Sharifi, A.R.; Malovrh, S.; Simianer, H., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters for body weight of the Goettingen minipig with random regression models

Spehar, M.; Malovrh, S.; Bulic, V.; Ivkic, Z.; Kovac, M., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters for carcass traits for simmental cattle in Croatia

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Estimation of genetic parameters for grain yield and related traits in wheat using diallel analysis under optimum and moisture stress conditions

Lee, Ji-Woong, 1998:
Estimation of genetic parameters for growth and carcass traits for Korean native cattle

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Estimation of genetic parameters for growth rate and backfat thickness in swine

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Estimation of genetic parameters for mature weight in Hereford females

Van-Zyl, Christina-Magdalena, 1998:
Estimation of genetic parameters for production traits of corn and dual purpose sheep

Mohammadi, H.; Emami, M.K.; Rezai, A., 2007:
Estimation of genetic parameters for wheat grain yield and its components using diallel crosses

Allen, Pj, 1985:
Estimation of genetic parameters for wood properties in slash pine in South East Queensland

Mejia-Contreras, Jose-Apolinar, 1990:
Estimation of genetic parameters from generation means analysis in eight parent and related populations of corn

Dietl, G., 1980:
Estimation of genetic parameters from the aspect of environmental dependence between parent and offspring

Palomares, G.S.njuan, B., 1996:
Estimation of genetic parameters in Phaseolus vulgaris using the REML VCE package

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Estimation of genetic parameters in Pinus roxburghii plantation raised from plus trees in mid hills of western Himalayan region

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Estimation of genetic parameters in a population of monogerm sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). 2. offspring

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Estimation of genetic parameters in barley (Hordeum vulgareL>). I. Full, half and quarter diallel analysis

Baldini, A.; Da-Silva, N., 1985:
Estimation of genetic parameters in cauliflower

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Estimation of genetic parameters in milk production and milk yield

Paiva, Jr; Miranda-Filho, Jb, 1979:
Estimation of genetic parameters in rubber tree (Hevea sp)

Melo, I.; Costa, C., 1983:
Estimation of genetic parameters in the onion (Allium cepa L.) for resistance to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz n the populations Pira Rosa and Pira Tropica

Crisostomo, Jr; Zinsly,. Jr.;, 1977:
Estimation of genetic parameters in two maize populations (Zea mays L.)

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Estimation of genetic parameters of different genetic construction in industrial units within and between performance testing characters in central boar raising stations as well as sib testing in test stations

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Estimation of genetic parameters of egg weight

Bonaiti, B.F.amant, J.; Prud'-Hon, M.B.rny, F.D.svignes, A., 1976:
Estimation of genetic parameters of growth rate and weight of lambs before weaning in the Merinos dArles breed

Zarnecki, Andrzej, 1979:
Estimation of genetic parameters of meat and milk traits in dual -purpose cattle

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Estimation of genetic parameters of some quality characters in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

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Estimation of genetic parameters of stayability in Caracu cattle

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Estimation of genetic parameters of subsequent lactations in Angles cattle in Schleswig-Holstein. 1. Estimation of heritability

Pape, H.; Claus, J.K.lm, E., 1983:
Estimation of genetic parameters of subsequent lactations in Angles cattle in Schleswig-Holstein. 2. Estimation of correlations

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Estimation of genetic parameters of tassel characters in maize (Zea mays L.) and breeding prospects

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Estimation of genetic parameters of the agronomic characteristics of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in different environmental conditions

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Estimation of genetic parameters, heterosis and selection indexes in tropical corn varieties adapted to Nayarit

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Estimation of genetic parameters, optimal test designs and prediction of the genetic merit of clonal and seedling material of Eucalyptus grandis

Kokaeva, Z.G.; Gostimskii, S.A., 2007:
Estimation of genetic polymorphism in cultivars, lines and mutants of garden pea (Pisum sativum L.) using DNA-markers on the basis of retrotransposons

Tokumasu,,, M., 1977:
Estimation of genetic relationships among Pelargonium species by the electrophoretic patterns of isozymes

Zhivotovskii, L.; Sorokovoi, P.; Mashurov, A., 1973:
Estimation of genetic similarity index between populations by frequencies of genes controlling polymorphous characters

Powell, Rex-Lynn, 1973:
Estimation of genetic trends and effect of genetic trends on sire evaluation

Canario, L.; Rydhmer, L.; Gogué, J.; Tribout, T.; Bidanel, J.P., 2007:
Estimation of genetic trends from 1977 to 1998 for farrowing characteristics in the French Large White breed using frozen semen

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Estimation of genetic trends from 1977 to 1998 of body composition and physiological state of Large White pigs at birth

Hsiao, Th, 1989:
Estimation of genetic variability amongst Coleoptera

Ohnishi, S.; Leigh Brown, A.J.; Voelker, R.A.; Langley, C.H., 1982:
Estimation of genetic variability in natural populations of Drosophila simulans by two-dimensional and starch gel electrophoresis

El-Rouby, M.; Koraiem, Y.; Nawar, A., 1973:
Estimation of genetic variance and its components in maize under stress and non-stress environments. I. Planting date

Bedair, F.; Bishr, M.; Abdel-Bary, A.; El-Khishen, A., 1973:
Estimation of genetic variance for yield and yield components in Egyptian cotton

Liu, Andrew-An-Chung, 1971:
Estimation of genetic variance in maize (Zea mays L.)

Kumar, S.; Srivastava, S.B.L., 2007:
Estimation of genetic variances and combining ability in lentil (Lens culinaris)

Dahiya, B.; Jeswani, L., 1977:
Estimation of genetic variances by full sib and half sib analysis in grass pea

Navarro, Felix, M., 1990:
Estimation of genetic variances in two maize populations

Dahlan, M.; Aday, B., 1978:
Estimation of genetic variances of resistance to downy mildew (Sclerospora philippinensis Weston) in a composite corn variety

Choi, K.; Ohh, B.; Yeo, J., 1980:
Estimation of genetic variati

Wooten, Michael, 1994:
Estimation of genetic variation and systematic status of populations of the beach mouse, Peromyscus polionotus, with considerations for their management

Tapu, Z., 1972:
Estimation of genetical components of heterosis and grain yield transgressive heredity in wheat

Shigaeva, Ml, 1976:
Estimation of genotype and environment interaction in the breeding of broiler chickens

Szirtes, J., 1970:
Estimation of genotypical variance, heredity and genetic progress in winter barley lines

Mcclive, Timothy, E., 1990:
Estimation of global S02 emissions

Samuel, Tdma, 1991:
Estimation of global radiation for Sri Lanka

Durand, R., 1974:
Estimation of global radiation from the duration of sunshine

Srivastava, S.; Singh, O.; Pandey, G., 1993:
Estimation of global solar radiation in Uttar Pradesh (India) and comparison of some existing correlations

Abdel-Wahab, M.; El-Allawy, R., 1968:
Estimation of glucose and lactose in biological fluids by formation of soluble osazone

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Estimation of glyceraldehyde-2-aryl ether type structure in lignin by the use of ozonolysis

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Estimation of glycyrrhizic acid in Glycyrrhiza roots

Bryan, B.-Jl; Wildhaber, M.; Papoulias, D.; Delonay, A.; Tillitt, D.; Annis, M., 2007:
Estimation of gonad volume, fecundity, and reproductive stage of shovelnose sturgeon using sonography and endoscopy with application to the endangered pallid sturgeon

Mccutchan, Bg, 1983:
Estimation of grain in form, quality and volumetric traits of American sycamore in response to the selection for tree dry weight

Clark, R.G.; Greenwood, H.; Sugden, L.G., 1986:
Estimation of grain wasted by field-feeding ducks in Saskatchewan

Kavitkar, A.; Parshad, M., 1975:
Estimation of grain yield and growth characters of wheat by sampling

De-Toda, F.M.rtinez; Tardaguila, J.; Sancha, J.C., 2007 :
Estimation of grape quality in vineyards using a new viticultural index

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Estimation of grassland and silage maize production, 1970-1977

Anonymous, 1991:
Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks

Khan, L.; Tingsanchali, T.A.bhabirama, A., 1980:
Estimation of ground recharge in a basin water balance study

Atkins, J.B.J.urney, C.-A.C.arke, J.S., 1996:
Estimation of ground-water discharge to streams in the central Savannah River basin of Georgia and South Carolina

Allison, Gb, 1974:
Estimation of groundwater accession to and evaporation from a south Australian lake using environmental tritium

Schaum, J.; Falco, J.; Donigian, A.J., 1988:
Estimation of groundwater contamination and resulting human exposure levels

Venugopal, T.; Singhal, B.; Mathur, B., 1980:
Estimation of groundwater recharge from rainfall in hard rocks of Karanja Basin in Karnataka, India

Memon, B.; Kazi, A.P.well, W.; Bazuhair, A., 1986:
Estimation of groundwater recharge in Wadi al-Yammaniyah, Saudi Arabia

Naff Richard L.; Gutijahr Allan L., 1983:
Estimation of groundwater recharge parameters by time series analysis

Wilkinson, W.; Clark, L., 1987:
Estimation of groundwater resources

Reich, R.; Webb, R.; Arvanitis, L.; Patterson, H., 1986:
Estimation of growing space for young slash pines and the association with spatial patterns of fusiform rust in Florida plantations

Mrva, V., 1981:
Estimation of growth and ecological adaptibility of artificial hybrids between the Alpine race of the European larch and Japanese larch (Larix decidua Mill. x Larix leptolepis (Sieb. and Zucc.) Gordon) Yugoslavia.1

Jain, Tc, 1970:
Estimation of growth characters in Zea mays

Keeton, L.; Green, R.; Doyle, S.; Andersen, K., 1996:
Estimation of growth curves and age-of-dam adjustments for scrotal circumference in Limousin bulls

Latorre, J.U.loa, J., 1977:
Estimation of growth in the base area in forests of Monterrey pine

Moin, S.H.mes, P., 1979:
Estimation of growth parameters of straightbred and crossbred beef females

Moreau, J.R.yes, P., 1984:
Estimation of growth parameters of the Von Bertalanfly: application to tropical fish

Patriquin, D., 1973:
Estimation of growth rate, production and age of the marine angiosperm thalassia testudinum Konig

Lalla, J., K.; Hamrapurkar, P., D.; Sacket, S., J., 2007:
Estimation of guggulsterones E and Z in solid dosage forms containing Commiphora mukul, Hook

Frazer, D.; Afshari, A.; Goldsmith, W.; Phillips, N.R.binson, V., 1997:
Estimation of guinea pig specific airway resistance following exposure to cotton dust measured with a whole body flow plethysmograph

Mandal, R.-Nath; Kumar, K.; Mohanty, U.-Laxmi; Meher, P.-Kumar, 2007:
Estimation of gut contents of freshwater mussel, Lamellidens marginalis L

Johnson, S.R.; Yue, H.; Conder, M.Lee.; Shi, H.; Doweyko, A.M.; Lloyd, J.; Levesque, P., 2007:
Estimation of hERG inhibition of drug candidates using multivariate property and pharmacophore SAR

Pokrovskii, Sg, 1975:
Estimation of hay productivity according to natural types of meadowlands

Kassouf, Ana-Lucia, 1993:
Estimation of health demand and health production functions for children in Brazil

Kassouf, Ana-Lucia, 1993:
Estimation of health demand and health production functions for chldren in Brazil

Moodie, E.; Pattie, W., 1977:
Estimation of heart weight in Greyhound dogs

Nezgovorov, La, 1979:
Estimation of heat injury to leaves from the amount of cell sap pressed out of them

Yamamoto, S.F.rumoto, F., 1980:
Estimation of heat production f

Wilcox, A.; Stepanek, P.; Shearer, S., 1993:
Estimation of heat rejection requirements by computer simulation

Zulovich, J.; Meyer, G.; Deshazer, J., 1988:
Estimation of heat transfer coefficients for a non-steady state plant leaf energy balance

Scott, Ep, 1985:
Estimation of heat transfer coefficients of foods during freezing and storage

Hayakawa, K., 1977:
Estimation of heat transfer during freezing or defrosting of food

Haug, A.M.lsom, S.O.ang, S., 1974:
Estimation of heavy metal pollution in two Norwegian fjord areas by analysis of the brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum

Maas, G., 1980:
Estimation of heavy metals deposited on Belgian agricultural soils by the application of chemical fertilizers

Snowdon, P., 1981:
Estimation of height from diameter measurements in fertilizer trials Forest mensuration, Pinus radiata, Pinus elliotti

Samimi, J., 1994:
Estimation of height-dependent solar irradiation and application to the solar climate of Iran

Issekutz, T.; Issekutz, B.Jr; Elahi, D., 1974:
Estimation of hepatic glucose output in non-steady state. the simultaneous use of 2-3H- and 14-C-glucose in the dog

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