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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15734

Chapter 15734 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gowacki, G., 2006:
Estimation of herbicide rokituron D 470 SC used with retardants and adjuvants in winter barley

Tsypandin, I.; Romanov, P.; Kharitonova, Z., 1973:
Estimation of hereditary qualities of bull-sires in Yakutia

Vagenas, D.W.ite, I.; Stear, M.; Bishop, S., 2007:
Estimation of heritabilities and correlations between repeated faecal egg count measurements in lambs facing natural nematode parasite challenge, using a random regression model

Sang, B.; Han, S., 1990:
Estimation of heritabilities and genetic correlations for economic tratits and body conformation in Korean native ogol fowl

Oki, H.; Kusunose, R.; Nakaoka, H.; Nishiura, A.; Miyake, T.; Sasaki, Y., 2007:
Estimation of heritability and genetic correlation for behavioural responses by Gibbs sampling in the Thoroughbred racehorse

Sandhya Kiran; Bhatia, V.K.; Paul, A.K., 2007:
Estimation of heritability by modified ANOVA method in different situations

Huhn, M., 1979:
Estimation of heritability in Norway spruce populations without progeny tests--use of an improved method

Sun, Hc, 1979:
Estimation of heritability of

Dishler, V.; Rashal, I., 1973:
Estimation of heritability of quantitative charcters in pea without progeny raising

Tani, A., 1980:
Estimation of heritability of some characteristics in Alnus cordata Loisel. from a progeny test

Sohn, S.; Ohh, B.; Lee, J.; Cho, Y.; Ohh, D., 1983:
Estimation of heritability, g

Paramasivan, K.; Chelliah, S., 1983:
Estimation of heterosis in crosses involving brown plant hopper (Nilaparvatha lugens (Stal.) resistant rice accessions

Yang, F.; Shih, P.; Hsing, C.; Chao, L.; Kung, Y.; Jen, C., 1978:
Estimation of heterosis on com

Khattab, A.; Awad, H.; Atta, Y., 1984:
Estimation of heterosis, inbreeding depression, potence ratio and gene action in an Egyptian cotton cross

Glodek, P.M.yer, J.; Horstgen, G., 1980:
Estimation of heterozygosity in animal populations

Swamy, M.; Bangaruswamy, S.R.o, J.; Santappa, M., 1979:
Estimation of hide substance in leathers by gasometry

Puchkov, Y.; Alfimov, V.; Zhogin, A., 1983:
Estimation of high-lysine common winter wheat mutants with reduced endosperm

Wurziger, J.D.ckhaut, G., 1978:
Estimation of histamine in fish and fish products in the light of the food regulations

Dodson, C., 1992:
Estimation of historical returns to land for selected Texas counties and crop enterprises

Gopinathan, Kk, 1992:
Estimation of hourly global and diffuse solar radiation from hourly sunshine duration

Berck, Peter, 1997:
Estimation of household demand for goods and services in Californias dynamic revenue analysis model

Korkmaz, M.; Sayli, Uğur.; Sayli, B.Sitki.; Bakirdere, S.; Titretir, S.; Yavuz Ataman, O.; Keskin, S., 2007:
Estimation of human daily boron exposure in a boron-rich area

Xu, H.; Grimvall, A.; Allard, B., 1994:
Estimation of human exposure to and uptake of arsenic found in drinking water

Lönard, B.M.; Sester, M.; Sester, U.; Pees, H.W.; Mueller-Lantzsch, N.; Köhler, H.; Gärtner, B.C., 2007:
Estimation of human herpesvirus 8 prevalence in high-risk patients by analysis of humoral and cellular immunity

Azanza, M.; Cornago, D., 2005:
Estimation of human of exposure to bacterial pathogens in drinking water of Philippine passenger ships

Prince, K.-R.S.hneider, B., J., 1989:
Estimation of hydraulic characteristics of the upper glacial and magothy aquifers at East Meadow, New York, by use of aquifer tests

Su, G.W.; Jasperse, J.; Seymour, D.; Constantz, J., 2004:
Estimation of hydraulic conductivity in an alluvial system using temperatures

Yager, Richard, M., 1993:
Estimation of hydraulic conductivity of a riverbed and aquifer system on the Susquehanna River in Broome County, New York

Moench, A.F.G.rabedian, S.-P.L.blanc, D., R., 2001:
Estimation of hydraulic parameters from an unconfined aquifer test conducted in a glacial outwash deposit, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Mitani, Y.T.maka, T., 1997:
Estimation of hydrodynamic behavior in a wort boiling kettle with an internal boiler

Williams, Hj, 1979:
Estimation of hydrogen cyanide released from cassava by organic solvents

Barathi, S.; Vadhana, P.; Angayarkanni, N.; Ramakrishnan, S., 2007:
Estimation of hydrogen sulphide in the human lymphocytes

Pozniak, R., 1981:
Estimation of hydrogeologic conditions of underground catchment areas as a basis of designing land reclamation systems and water supply of agriculture

Singh, H.; Jain, J.; Saxena, B., 1984:
Estimation of impact due to milk supply schemes in a dynamic population

Deodhar, S.; Sheldon, I., 1996:
Estimation of imperfect competition in food marketing: a dynamic analysis of the German banana market

Estes, Ea, 1986:
Estimation of implicit prices for green pepper quality attributes using an hedonic framework

Goncharenko, Aa, 1981:
Estimation of inbreeding coefficient in rye populations produced by family selection

Guttieri, M.; Eberlein, C.; Souza, E., 1997:
Estimation of inbreeding coefficients in field populations of kochia

Hildreth, Clifford, G., 1942:
Estimation of income tax revenue and incidence

Pollanschutz, J., 1974:
Estimation of increment in the course of forest inventories

Chan, W.; Wong, K., 2007:
Estimation of incremental work time in hotel accounts department: envisaging prospective hotel real estate investment trusts in Hong Kong

Zouridakis, G.; Iyer, D.; Diaz, J.; Patidar, U., 2007:
Estimation of individual evoked potential components using iterative independent component analysis

Hansen, A.Marie.; Garde, A.Helene.; Eller, N.Hurwitz., 2007:
Estimation of individual reference intervals in small sample sizes

Ivanov, Vi, 1973:
Estimation of induced mutation rate in Arabidopsis

Scott, D.; Braschler, C., 1975:
Estimation of industry labor income multipliers for county groupings in Missouri

Frencel, I.L.wartowska, E.J.dryczka, M.S.rgot, A., 1988:
Estimation of infection degree of winter rape cultivars by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum under conditions of experimental infection in field trials

Singh, S.; Gupta, P., 1982:
Estimation of infection rate of leaf-scald of rice caused by Rhynchosporium oryzae Varietal resistance, India

Afzal, M.A.mad,, M., 1977:
Estimation of infestation due to paddy stem borers in lower Sind

Zhou Wei; Bai ZhongKe; Yuan Chun; F.H.i, 2007:
Estimation of influence of Dong open-cast coal mine area on soil erosion and land use

Roslanowski, K.W.szanowski, J., 1972:
Estimation of influence of bulls on reproductive value of their sons

Bogdanowicz, M., 1984:
Estimation of influence of flour properties on the baking value of winter wheat and summer wheat varieties

Dedík, L.; Durisová, Mária.; Penesová, A.; Miklovicová, D.; Tvrdonová, M., 2007:
Estimation of influence of gastric emptying on shape of glucose concentration-time profile measured in oral glucose tolerance test

Wada, M.; Tango, T., 2007:
Estimation of ingestion time for suspected food in food-poisoning outbreaks

Moore, D., 1974:
Estimation of inhibition constants from colony growth rates of filamentous fungi

Steadman, Jr; Rutledge, S.M.rcinkowska, J., 1994:
Estimation of initial inoculum of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Bernardova, H.S.hellerova, E.S.frankova, J., 1975:
Estimation of initial occurence of beet fly and black aphid in 1975

Thevis, Wilhelm, 1983:
Estimation of insulin resistance of Holstein Friesian cows by use of the glucose clamp technique

Galli, J.R.; Cangiano, C.A.; Laca, E.A., 2005:
Estimation of intake by acoustic analysis of ingestive behavior in sheep

Shiraishi, Y.S.irotori, T., 1981:
Estimation of intake of benzo(a)

Ghazanchahi, D., 1978:
Estimation of intensity of leaching of main anions and cations in saline soils of Fars province (Iran) by waters of this same region, characterized by a variable concentration in soluble salts

Masamoto, K.N.shimura, M., 1977:
Estimation of interal pH in cells of blue green algae in dark and under illumination

Kushman,, D.-T.M.nroe, R., 1966:
Estimation of intercellular space and specific gravity of five varieties of sweet potatoes

Nong, A.; Krishnan, K., 2007:
Estimation of interindividual pharmacokinetic variability factor for inhaled volatile organic chemicals using a probability-bounds approach

Shawcroft, R.; Lemon, E.; Stewart, D., 1973:
Estimation of internal crop water status from meteorological and plant parameters

Runyan, W.S.; Liao, T.H., 1977:
Estimation of intracellular fluid volume

Panswad, T.; Tongkhammak, N.; Anotai, J., 2007:
Estimation of intracellular phosphorus content of phosphorus-accumulating organisms at different P : COD feeding ratios

Shanks, J.V.; Bailey, J.E., 1988:
Estimation of intracellular sugar phosphate concentrations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gupta, S.K.; Saxena, R.; Agarwal, R.; Galpalli, N.D.; Srivastava, S.; Agrawal, S.S., 2007:
Estimation of intraocular pressure in rabbits using noncontact tonometer: a comparative evaluation with Schiotz tonometer

Pritchard, V., L.; Jones, K.-; Cowley, D., E., 2007:
Estimation of introgression in cutthroat trout populations using microsatellites

Pronczuk, J., 1973:
Estimation of investigation state on grassland plant cover composition

Nishida, T., 1981:
Estimation of iodine intake lev

Breithaupt, U.M.kule, J.S.hneider, G., 1971:
Estimation of iron content in beer, special sugar syrup and Kulor

Gonzalez, H.-Oa; Palacios, V.-E.F.rnandez, G., R., 1975:
Estimation of irrigation requirements of Guatemala

Svehlik, Zj, 1987:
Estimation of irrigation system capacity

Svehlik, Zj, 1987:
Estimation of irrigation water requirements

Semerikov, L.; Glotov, N., 1971:
Estimation of isolation in populations of Durmast oak (Que rcus petraea Liebl.)

Shivakumar, A.; Khan, S.; Jacob, T.; Padayatty, J., 1976:
Estimation of isopentenyl adenosine during the germination of rice embryos

Petroskii, L.; Garmatiuk, V.; Galakhin, V., 1979:
Estimation of joint-connected coverings

Shintani, M., 1974:
Estimation of labor imput by wo

Simo, D., 1984:
Estimation of labour consumption, fuels and expenses at harvest and after-harvest conditioning of maize for kernel

Jenkins T.G.; Ferrell C.L., 1989:
Estimation of lactation traits of nine breeds of cattle fed at four levels of energy intake

Berg, K.W.issbach, F., 1969:
Estimation of lactic acid in silages and the degree of volatility of fatty acids during steam distillation

Clausen, J.; Meals, D.; Cassell, E., 1992:
Estimation of lag time for water quality response to BMPs

Rudra, R.; Dickinson, W.; Wall, G., 1988:
Estimation of landuse effects on soil hydraulic properties using creams

Mimikou, M.R.machandra-Rao, A., 1976:
Estimation of lateral inflow hydrographs

Ha, K.K.h, D.; Yum, B.; Lee, K., 2007:
Estimation of layered aquifer diffusivity and river resistance using flood wave response model

Ring, E., 2007:
Estimation of leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus from forestry in northern Sweden

Laws, Drj, 1970:
Estimation of lead conductance values for hop extracts containing water-soluble fractions

Arsac, F.B.udene, C., 1983:
Estimation of lead intake from diet by determination of human faecal excretion

Yadav, R.; Mohan, R.A.war, M.S.ngh, D., 1981:
Estimation of leaf area in Citronella Java (Cymbopogon winterinus Jowitt)

Satoh, M., 1974:
Estimation of leaf area in Moru

Rodriguez-Hernandez, C.M.rtinez-Avila, J.; Fanjul, L., 1983:
Estimation of leaf area in coffee plants with nondestructive method

Habib-Ibrahim, M.; Saxena, M., 1986:
Estimation of leaf area in faba bean using leaf area to leaf dry weight ratio

Sreekumar, S.; Thomas, E.; Saraswathy, P.G.orge, M., 1979:
Estimation of leaf area in green gram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb) using linear parameters

Spada, M. del C.; Guzman, C.; Mombelli, J.C., 2006:
Estimation of leaf area using photographic standards

Gedymin, J.N.rucka, I., 1977:
Estimation of length of skin based on live weight of Royal Pastel mink

Saha, S.; Pramanik, A., 1978:
Estimation of liberating ammonia from differentiating central nervous system of chick embryo

Pike, Lh, 1981:
Estimation of lichen biomass and production with special reference to the use of ratios

Iimori, I.T.kashita, K1; Ogata, N1; Kaminaka, S., 1983:
Estimation of light intensity in

Thérézien, M.; Palmroth, S.; Brady, R.; Oren, R., 2007:
Estimation of light interception properties of conifer shoots by an improved photographic method and a 3D model of shoot structure

Fukuda, K.H.raguchi, T., 1971:
Estimation of lignin in a thin

Berben, S.; Rademacher, J.; Sell, L.; Easty, D., 1987:
Estimation of lignin in wood pulp by diffuse reflectance Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry

Hakamata, T.K.seki, J.N.shiro, M.M.tsunaka, T., 1980:
Estimation of lime requirement

Qadri, Ssh, 1971:
Estimation of lindane and DDT residues on wheat under stor age by bioassay using Drosophila

Quadri, Syed-Sh, 1972:
Estimation of lindane and DDT residues on wheat under storage by bioassay using Drosophila

Kishore, R.R.i, L., 1984:
Estimation of lindane residues in

Gupta, R.; Dutta, T., 1976:
Estimation of linuron residues in some fodder crops and soils

Yener, Me, 2001:
Estimation of lipid properties related to supercritical fluid extraction

Minvielle, F., 1975:
Estimation of liveweight of Moroccan cattle by barymetry

Ojansuu, R.H.nttonen, H., 1983:
Estimation of local values of monthly mean temperature, effective temperature sum and precipitation sum from the measurements made by the Finnish meteorological office

Agnew, T.; Wilson, E1; Barrie, L.1; Reid, J.1; Faulkner, D., 1982:
Estimation of long term acidic deposition over snow and snowmelt shock potential Atmospheric chemistry, environment pollutants, precipitation, Canada

Gerling, D.B.r, D.M.tro, U., 1979:
Estimation of loss caused by

Srivastava, Os, 1973:
Estimation of loss in T-21 variety of arhar (Cajanus cajan Linn.) due to tur pod fly (Melnagromyza obtusa Malloch)

Hermann, J., 1980:
Estimation of loss of heat sensitive substances during baking process

Legay, J.; Buatois, A., 1980:
Estimation of losses between production and consumption for a vegetable: lettuce

Nema, Ag, 1975:
Estimation of losses by Xanthomonas betlicola Patel, Kulkarni and Dhande, causing bacterial leaf spot of pan in Jabalpur

Godefroy, J.M.ller, M.R.ose, E., 1970:
Estimation of losses by leaching of fertilizer elements in the soil of a banana plantation in the lower Ivory Coast

Tovar-Hernandez, S.G.doy-Avila, S.H.rnandez-Hernandez, V., 1979:
Estimation of losses caused by cotton wilt and cotton root rot in Laguna District

Stachyra, T., 1975:
Estimation of losses caused by diseases, pests and weeds as the basis of planning, managing and balancing of control measures on the basis of studies carried out during 30 years

Babinska-Werka, J., 1978:
Estimation of losses caused by the field vole (Microtus arvalis (Pallas) in alfalfa fields

Hacke, E., E., 1974:
Estimation of losses due to rusts of wheat in Chile

Mathur, R.; Dalela, G., 1971:
Estimation of losses from green ear disease (Sclerospora graminicola) of bajra (Pennisetum typhoides) and grain smut (Sphacelotheca sorghi) of jowar (Sorghum vulgare) in Rajasthan

Singh, H.; Singh, H.; Chhotoo,, 1978:
Estimation of losses in wheat grain by insect pests during storage in the vicinity of Varanasi

Godefroy, J.R.ose, E.; Muller, M., 1975:
Estimation of losses of fertilizer elements by runoff and drainage in the soil of a banana plantation in the south of the Ivory Coast

Saghafian, B.; Mohammadi, S.; Ghermezchshme, B., 2005:
Estimation of low flows in ungauged location using multivariate regression model

Ries, Kernell, G., 1994:
Estimation of low-flow duration discharges in Massachusetts

Pietraszek, A.J.nota-Bassalik, L., 1978 :
Estimation of lysozyme activity in milk as one of the health state indices of udder of cows

Ramos-Gines, Orlando, 1999:
Estimation of magnitude and frequency of floods for streams in Puerto Rico

Wong, Michael, F., 1994:
Estimation of magnitude and frequency of floods for streams on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

Krefft, L.K.efft, R., 1972:
Estimation of magnitude of the error in seasonal milk controlling

Moinet, Ml, 1979:
Estimation of maize yield per foot

Behboodi, M., 1976:
Estimation of malathion residues on apple

Qadri, S.; Kashi, K., 1970:
Estimation of malathion residues on jute bags by bioassay using houseflies (Musca domestica nebulo)

Bettner, R.; Meredith, W., 1969:
Estimation of malt extract from refractive index of wort

Drawert, F.H.gen, W., 1971:
Estimation of maltose and acetate in wort and beer by enzymic methods

Geadelmann, Jon-Lee, 1971:
Estimation of mass selection parameters from a heterogeneous oat population

Lodde, K.; Wassmuth, R1; Dzapo, V1; Beuing, R., 1983:
Estimation of maternal effects on performance test criteria of boars Genetic correlations.1

Mcdonald, Richard-Peterson, 1973:
Estimation of maternal heterosis of preweaning traits and prediction of rotational crossbreeding performance in beef cattle

Kaliszewicz, D.F.ruga, A., 1981:
Estimation of maximum weight of chicken broilers from the minimization of production unit costs point of view

Teal, M.-Joseph; Ettema, R., 1995:
Estimation of mean velocity for flow under ice cover

Scarlatos, P.; Singh, V., 1987:
Estimation of mean water depth for border irrigation

Araki, M., 1979:
Estimation of mean wind velocit

Khlebnikov, I.; Nepein, M.; Rabinovich, R., 1972:
Estimation of means of transporting and distribution of fodder on animal farm complexes

Ringkob, Thomas-Paul, 1971:
Estimation of meat composition by differential absorption of gamma rays

Marinescu, I.D.bija,, C., 1969:
Estimation of meat fat ratio as well as of other indices in phosphatides supplemented hogs

Gallouin, J., 1972:
Estimation of meat production from 1967 to 1971

Detkens, S., 1973:
Estimation of meat value after the field method of female offspring of breeding bulls

Lien, S., 1973:
Estimation of meatiness in broilers by means of weight, breast angle, and some other carcass traits

Matney, T.; Sullivan, A., 1981:
Estimation of mechantable volume and height of natural grown slash pine trees

Gedymin, J., 1971:
Estimation of medullation indices in wool hair of Angora rabbit

Calleja, G.B.; Zuker, M.; Johnson, B.F., 1979:
Estimation of meiosis and sporulation efficiencies in the fission yeast by ascus analysis

Kato, H.T.uchida, H., 1981:
Estimation of melanoidin structure by pyrolysis and oxidation

Sang, Jp, 1982:
Estimation of menthone, menthofuran, menthyl acetate and menthol in peppermint oil by capillary gas chromatography Mentha piperita

Kwon, S.; Kim, H.; Chung, J., 2007:
Estimation of merchantable volume and yield using a stem shape simulation

Castrillo, C.V.cente, F.S.ler, M., 2000:
Estimation of metabolizable energy in extruded dog foods from their proximate composition

Yao, H.Z.uang, Y.; Chen, Z., 1996:
Estimation of methane emission from rice paddies in mainland China

Rakhmankulova, M.; Khodzhaev, A., 1975:
Estimation of method for determination of photophosphorylation activity in chloroplasts of cotton leaves

Lamothe, Mariela, J., 2002:
Estimation of microbial and rumen undegradable protein supply in grazing cattle

Harstad, O.; Vik-Mo, L., 1985:
Estimation of microbial and undegraded protein in sheep on grass silage based diets

Smith, R.H.; Lewis, P.E.; McAllan, A.B., 1977:
Estimation of microbial nitrogen compounds entering the ruminant duodenum using different reference components including a 32P label

Barker, JSF.; East, PD.; Christiansen, FB., 1989:
Estimation of migration from a perturbation experiment in natural populations of Drosophila buzzatii Patterson & Wheeler

Spaes, Ab, 1975:
Estimation of milk and meat co

Glasser, F.; Doreau, M.; Ferlay, A.; Chilliard, Y., 2007:
Estimation of milk fatty acid yield from milk fat data

Hahn, K.-Mv, 1972:
Estimation of milk production during 244 days by hybrid Swiss Brown cattle

Bodisco, V.C.rnevali, A., 1970:
Estimation of milk production in cows on the basis of periodical controls of production

Le-Neindre, P.P.tit, M.D.broeucq, H., 1975:
Estimation of milk production in nursing cows during early lactation

Al-Omar, Y.T.ylor, N.; Esslemont, R.; Kossaibati, M., 1999:
Estimation of milk production losses due to acute mastitis in dairy herds

Nenadovic, M., 1978:
Estimation of milkfat content in standard lactation on the basis of the first 100 days

Markus, J.T.lgyesi, G., 1972:
Estimation of mineral ingestion by cattle by examining discharged materials

Laporte, S.; Pacheco, A.; Rodriguez, C.R., 2006:
Estimation of minimum acceptable (compensatory) flow for the rivers of Costa Rica

Jacqmain, D.L.mbert, N., 1974:
Estimation of minimum cost for high level protein diet by linear programming

Wheaton, E.E., 1984:
Estimation of missing precipitation data and completeness evaluation of climate station records for several Saskatchewan climate stations

Matsunaga, R.S.zuki, T.T.mura, S., 1979:
Estimation of mixed ratio of pr

Wilson, Ww, 1984:
Estimation of modal demand elasticities in grain transportation

Holmskov, P.F.aervoll, A., 1977:
Estimation of modern cheese making systems for the production of traditional cheeses

Nakayama, Y.F.jiwara, S., 1977:
Estimation of modulus of rupture in bending of wooden beam containing a square hole by vibrational method

Gholami, M.; Borghaie, A.M.; Bassiri, A.R.; Minaie, S., 2006:
Estimation of moisture desorption isotherms for black currant raisins and determining the best appropriate model

Barger, B.O.; White, R.C.; Pace, J.L.; Kemper, D.L.; Ragland, W.L., 1976:
Estimation of molecular weight by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis using heat stable fluorophors

Fernandez-Flores, E.J.hnson, A.; Blomquist, V., 1969:
Estimation of monosodium glutamate in food products

Coelho, D.; Sediyama, G.V.eira, M., 1973:
Estimation of monthly and annual mean temperatures in the state of Minas Gerais

Vining, Kevin, C., 2003:
Estimation of monthly evaporation from Lake Ashtabula in North Dakota, Orwell Lake in Minnesota, and Lake Traverse in Minnesota and South Dakota, 1931-2001

Opdecamp, L., 1984:
Estimation of monthly evapotranspiration via the Penman formula and associated meteorological parameters in terms of Burundis altitude and natural regions

Soler, A.G.pinathan, K., 1994:
Estimation of monthly mean hourly global radiation for latitudes in the 1 degree N-81 degrees N range

Bhupendra Singh; Rawat, J.M.S., 2007:
Estimation of morpho-chemical contents of Phyllanthus emblica L. Fruits from four different sites

Ciucci, P.C.apron, G.G.berti, V.B.itani, L., 2007:
Estimation of mortality parameters from (biased) samples at death: are we getting the basics right in wildlife field studies? A response to Lovari et al. (2007)

Carpenter, G.; Blethen, F., 1986:
Estimation of movement of the broiler market by broiler buyers and processors

Just, R.; Zilberman, D.H.chman, E., 1988 :
Estimation of multicrop production functions: reply

Woolhiser, D.; Gardner, H.; Olsen, S., 1982:
Estimation of multiple inflows to a stream using water chemistry data

Asakawa, J-ichi.; Nakamura, N.; Katayama, H.; Cullings, H.M., 2007:
Estimation of mutation induction rates in AT-rich sequences using a genome scanning approach after X irradiation of mouse spermatogonia

Plassard, C.M.usain, D.S.lsac, L., 1982:
Estimation of mycelial biomass and mycorrhizal infection intensity by measurement of fungal chitin

Swift, Mj, 1973:
Estimation of mycelial growth during decomposition of plant litter

Kovalev, I.A.; Murzina, O.Y.; Martsinkevich, G.I.; Popov, S.V.; Svintsova, L.I.; Chernyshov, A.A., 2007:
Estimation of myocardium lesion in children and adolescents during intracardiac radio frequency ablation of cardiac arrhythmia

Kaczmarek, Z.S.rma, M.S.iecicki, W., 1983:
Estimation of narrow-sense heritability coefficient in respect to the additive-dominance model of gene action

Wilson, Charles-Ellis, 1992:
Estimation of native soil N released to paddy rice using biological and chemical indices

Durov, Ag, 1975:
Estimation of natural and economic resources for recreation

Truszkowska, R., 1979:
Estimation of natural conditions of agriculture within a review scale

Simmers, I., 1988:
Estimation of natural groundwater recharge

Kircher, J.E.C.oquette, A.-F.R.chter, B., D., 1985:
Estimation of natural streamflow characteristics in western Colorado

Fischer, E.; Borland, J., 1983:
Estimation of natural streamflow in the Jemez River at the boundaries of Indian Lands, central New Mexico

Gurumurti, K.S.ivastava, V., 1982:
Estimation of needle area in pines India, Pinus roxburghii, Pinus kesiya, Pinus caribaea, Pinus patula and Pinus elliottii

Kornobis, S., 1983:
Estimation of nematicides for control of cyst nematodes

Kellner, R.; Kirchgessner, M., 1977:
Estimation of net energy on the basis of data on volatile fatty acids produced in a process of in vitro digestion with ruminal fluid

Ahmad, Mobin-Ud-Din, 2002:
Estimation of net groundwater use in irrigated river basins using geo-information techniques

Wang Di; L.J.uSheng; Rao MinJie, 2007:
Estimation of net interception loss by crop canopy under sprinkler irrigation based on energy balance

Karuna-Kumar, K., 1982:
Estimation of net longwave radiation at a crop surface using temperature data Water loss

Ondok, Jp, 1978:
Estimation of net photosynthetic efficiency from growth analytical data

Bauer, P.G.ito,, J.; Winter, D., 1993:
Estimation of net photosynthetically available radiation over oceans from satellite data: application to a dynamical model of a plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean

Meek, M.; Whittier, J.; Dalsted, N., 1999:
Estimation of net present value of beef females of various ages and the economic sensitivity of net present value to changes in production

Korobeinikova, Vp, 1975:
Estimation of net primary production of several grassland communities

Zhu-Wen-Quan; Pan-Yao-Zhong; Zhang-Jin-Shui, 2007:
Estimation of net primary productivity of chinese terrestrial vegetation based on remote sensing

Mutone, Gioacchino-Andrea, 1972:
Estimation of neutron spectra from experimental proton recoil data

Rola, J.F.anek, M., 1979:
Estimation of new herbicides and the methods of applying them for weed control in winter rape

Postel, W., 1976:
Estimation of nitrate and its content in beer and the raw materials of brewing

Hashemimajd, K.; Achachlouei, B.F., 2007:
Estimation of nitrate dietary intake of urban population of Ardebil region

Lemieszek-Chodorowska, K.M.chalak, I.P.korska, W.L.sowska, W.K.tlarek, J.C.winska,, H.M.zurkiewicz, K.J.rysz, M., 1972:
Estimation of nitrites and nitrates in some home-raised vegetables

Panagopoulos, I.; Mimikou, M.; Kapetanaki, M., 2007:
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Estimation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium amounts carried out with yield under production condition

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Estimation of non economic value of forests within national parks and nature preserves

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Estimation of nonstationary transition probabilities for agricultural firm size projection

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Estimation of nucleic acids in the Indian honey bee Apis indica F

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Estimation of nucleic acids in the zones of root growth containing yellow substance

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Estimation of nucleotides in beers and their effect on flavour

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Estimation of number of generation a year based on the seasonal change of the ovarian maturation in Cletus punctiger (Heteroptera: Coreidae)

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Estimation of nursing mare milk production using deuterium oxide as a tracer of the body water in foals

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Estimation of nutrient load from urban diffuse sources: experiments with runoff sampling at pilot catchments of Lake Balaton, Hungary

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Estimation of nutrition at the chosen agricultural school canteen

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Estimation of nutritional statu

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Estimation of nutritional value of coarse forage for sheeps in metabolism cages

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Estimation of nutritional value of feeds for ruminants and swine

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Estimation of nutritive value of plant protein for chickens

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Estimation of nutritive value of the Melkopan H. and Mlekomix preparations, I. Laboratory estimation of the preparations

Zdunczyk, Z.Drozdowska, T., 1984:
Estimation of nutritive value of the Mlekopan H and Mlekomix preparations. II. Digestibility of nutrient components in the rations containing the Mlekopan and Mlekomix preparations

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Estimation of occupational exposure to phenoxy acids (2,4-D and 2,4,5-T)

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Estimation of occurrence of plant pests and diseases in Poland in 1979 and forecasted intensity of their appearance in 1980

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Estimation of offspring

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Estimation of open water evaporation in India using a simple radiation balance method

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Estimation of operation reliability for complex water resources systems

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Estimation of optimum energy intake in the dairy cattle fed with farm-made feeds and grain concentrates

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Estimation of optimum plot size for pepper field experiment

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Estimation of optimum plot size for rainfed cotton at the Agricultural Research Station, Jalgaon

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Estimation of optimum plot size was studied on variability of plot based on ginger (Zingiber officinale Rose) uniformity data

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Estimation of organic compound emissions from waste lagoons

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Estimation of organizational conditions by using helicopters in agriculture

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Estimation of organophosphorous pesticide malathion in fish tissue

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Estimation of orthoquinone structure and methanol formed from lignin models by fungal laccase

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Estimation of osmotic parameters accompanying zeatin-induced growth of detached cucumber cotyledons Cucumis sativus, water, osmotic and pressure potential value, role in wall loosening and solute accumulation, growth promotion by zeatin

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Estimation of outcrossing of dry beans in Puerto Rico

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Estimation of over all recovery from fibre and non sugar in cane. iI

Sinha, S.; Srivastava, S.; Prasad, M., 1973:
Estimation of over-all recovery from fibre and non sugar in cane

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Estimation of overnight urine volume and 24-hour urine volume in healthy Japanese infants

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Estimation of oxidative deterio

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Estimation of oxygen consumption of lithobiid field populations from laboratory measurements Lithobius mutabilis, Lithobius curtipes, Germany, Federal Republic

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Estimation of ozone damage to selected crops grown in southern California

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Estimation of pH of sugar cane juices at high temperature

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Estimation of paper birch production and utilization Plant-animal relationships, Betula papyrifera

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Estimation of parameters for a solar furnace

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Estimation of parameters for meat performance characteristics in auction calves and their use for offspring testing of test bulls in Westphalian Red Pred breeding

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Estimation of parameters for modeling the behavior of selected pesticides and orthophosphate

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Estimation of parameters in groundwater flow problems using a Kalman filter algorithm

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Estimation of parameters of linear and nonlinear growth curve models at early growth stage in California turkeys

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Estimation of parameters of plant characters with yield in diploid potatoes

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Estimation of parameters of tan

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Estimation of partial recruitment and yield per recruit for an otter trawl fishery for deepwater redfish

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Estimation of pasteurisation values using an enzymic time-temperature integrator

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Estimation of pathomorphological and histochemical changes of the liver in the course of the oedema disease of swine

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Estimation of peak flows and runoff volumes in eastern Canada

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Estimation of peak streamflows for unregulated rural streams in Kansas

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Estimation of peak-discharge frequency of urban streams in Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Estimation of peak-frequency relations, flood hydrographs, and volume-duration-frequency relations of ungaged small urban streams in Ohio

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Estimation of pediatric skeletal age using geometric morphometrics and three-dimensional cranial size changes

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Estimation of perceived risk and its effect on property value

Mccluskey, Jill, J., 2000:
Estimation of perceived risk and its effect on property values

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Estimation of percentage natural outcrossing in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. in Botswana

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Estimation of performance characteristics in cattle under village conditions, Bikaner region, Rajasthan

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Estimation of performance characteristics of a confirmation method for thyreostats in plasma by means of a weighted least-squares approach

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Estimation of performance efficiency in the laying hen

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Estimation of performance functions for grain receiving and conditioning facilities

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Estimation of performance of half-blood colts trained at the horse training centers at Bialy Bor and Kwidzyn in the period 1973-1977 with consideration to their origin

Anonymous, 1996:
Estimation of persons income eligible for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in 1989

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Estimation of pesticide retention and transformation parameters required in nonpoint source pollution models

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Estimation of petroleum exploration success and the effects of resource base exhaustion via a simulation model

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Estimation of phenotypic and genetic parameters in a ESALQ VD 2 population of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Estimation of phenotypic and genetic parameters of fattening and carcass quality traits to construct selection indices in black-face meat type sheep

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Estimation of phenotypic and genetic variability and of the development of body measurements with bulls of Brown breed Effects of fattening, heredity.1

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Estimation of phenotypic and genotypic parameters in warm-blooded horses

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Estimation of phenotypic variance components from an inbred population. i. elaboration of the model

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Estimation of phosphine concentrations in air

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Estimation of phosphorus exchange rates in the upper part of the Wahnbach reservoir using balance calculations Pollution, algal blooms, Europe

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Estimation of photoactivity distribution parameters for Drosophila

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Estimation of Photorespiration Based on the Initial Rate of Postillumination CO(2) Release: I. A Nonsteady State Model for Measurement of CO(2) Exchange Transients

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Estimation of photosynthetically active leaf area in forests

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Estimation of photosynthetically active radiation under an arid climate

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Estimation of phylogenetic distances among ascomycetous yeasts from partial sequencing of ribosomal RNA

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Estimation of phytochrome by spectrophotometry in vivo: instrumentation and interpretation

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Estimation of phytomass and net primary productivity of the forest vegetation in Mt. Seolag

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Estimation of phytoplankton decomposition rates using two-stage continuous flow studies Biomass, lakes

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Estimation of pirimicarb residu

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Estimation of plant biomass and plant water mass through dimensional measurements of plant volume in the Dund-Govi Province, Mongolia

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Estimation of plant biomass from quadrat data using the lognormal distribution

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Estimation of plasma thyroxine concentration in ducks in relation to different environmental and experimental conditions

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Estimation of ploidies in brewery yeasts

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Estimation of pollen fertility of Arachis (Leguminosae), Paspalum and Andropogon (Gramineae) species and hybrids using an electronic particle counter

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Estimation of pollution by heavy metals in the Somme river by analysis of aquatic bryophytes

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Estimation of polynomial distributed lags and leads with end point constraints

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Estimation of population density of muskrats (Ondatra zibethica L.): Method applicable to varied natural environments s and on large and expanses

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Estimation of population genetic parameters for milk performance characters. 2. influence of preselection on the reliability of heritability coefficients estimated by daughter dam regression or half sib analysis

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Estimation of population genetic parameters for milk performance characters. 5. Variance components found for the factor sire at varying classification of the data material

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Estimation of population parameters and investigations into the efficiency of various methods of recurrent selection of winter rye

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Estimation of population productivity of Parapleurus alliaceus Germar (Orthoptera: Acridiidae) on a Miscanthus sinensis Anders. grassland. II. Population productivity in terms of dry weight

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Estimation of population-genetic parameters for milk performance characters. 4. Influence on production level

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Estimation of populations of Ditylenchus dipsaci in the soil

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Estimation of populations of Prays oleae Bern

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Estimation of populations parameter and breeding values for performance testing of spotted bulls on meat production

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Estimation of populaton genetic parameters for milk performance characters. 1. estimated values in groups of different genotypes

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Estimation of pore blockage induced by freezing of unsaturated soil

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Estimation of pork trim composition by electromagnetic scanning

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Estimation of possibility of the utilization of the secondary composition PVC under the aspect the concentration of vinyl chloride monomer to the production of the cooking oil bottles

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Estimation of possibility of using Topoflex in supplementation of maps for land reclamation needs

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Estimation of possible fatty acid combinations in phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine of cod Gadus morhua

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Estimation of possible nitrogen content of soil by soil transpiration method

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Estimation of possible surface runoff with the example of the Salm-Braunstau Gley on lowland slopes

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Estimation of post harvest foodgrain losses

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Estimation of postharvest damage caused by insects to maize in three districts of South Somalia

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Estimation of potential acidity by the pH SMP method in soils of the homogeneous micro-region of Brejo Paraibano

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Estimation of potential eva

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Estimation of potential evaporation at Anakapalle

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Estimation of potential evapotranspiration using prediction methods for Bapatla region

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Estimation of potential runoff-contributing areas in Kansas using topographic and soil information

Juracek, Kyle, E., 1999:
Estimation of potential runoff-contributing areas in the Kansas-Lower Republican River Basin, Kansas

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Estimation of potential soil erosion losses on an agricultural watershed in shoutheastern Nigeria

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Estimation of potention evaporation in field conditions by using the modified class A pan

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Estimation of pre meiotic DNA synthesis period in the dog spermatocytes

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Estimation of pre- and post-development nonpoint water quality loadings Land development projects, Florida

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Estimation of precipitable water over the United States for application to the division of solar radiation into its direct and diffuse components

Garrison, J.; Adler, G., 1989:
Estimation of precipitable water over the United States with application to the division of solar radiation into its direct and diffuse components

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Estimation of precipitation

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Estimation of precipitation, evapotranspiration and runoff using GOES

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Estimation of precision in DLW studies using the two-point methodology

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Estimation of predictive accuracy in survival analysis using R and S-PLUS

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Estimation of price elasticities for fertilizer and pesticide components

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Estimation of primary materials used for the manufacture of bread on the basis of its analytic composition. 2

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Estimation of primary materials utilized for the manufacture of bread on the basis of its analytic composition. 3

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Estimation of primary production in Embalse Rapel and its methodology Lake, Chile.1

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Estimation of primary production of vegetation in agricultural and forested areas using LANDSAT data

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Estimation of producer losses arising from the partial embargo of grain exports to the Soviet Union: a comment

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Estimation of producer losses arising from the partial embargo of grain exports to the Soviet Union: reply

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Estimation of production behavior using pooled microdata

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Estimation of production by farmers

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Estimation of production by populations of higher plants subject to high mortality

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Estimation of production cost of ensiled corn and beets

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Estimation of production cost relationships for swine producers using different levels of confinement

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Estimation of production in larval populations of Simulium genus (Diptera, Nematocera)

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Estimation of production linkages between crops and bovines sector in Himachal Pradesh - a district-wise analysis

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Estimation of production prices in agricultural enterprises: its significance for economic evaluation and prime costs calculation

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Estimation of productivity and

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Estimation of productivity of agricultural lands and of other resources against the background of land reclamation investments Sprinkler irrigation, drainage, fertilization.1

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Estimation of profitability of fruit and berry production

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Estimation of profits for new businesses introduced in southeastern Norway

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Estimation of profits. II. Explanation of taxation of profits

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Estimation of prognoses for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2 by p16INK4a immunoexpression and high-risk HPV in situ hybridization signal types

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Estimation of prognostic neural network application in gaseous emissions modeling

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Estimation of proinflammatory biomarkers of skin irritation by dermal microdialysis following exposure with irritant chemicals

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Estimation of proportions in mixed pixels through their region characterization

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Estimation of propoxur in formulation

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Estimation of prostaglandin F2 alpha-concentrations in the blood plasma of buffalo and goat by radioimmunoassay India

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Estimation of protein and evaluation of protein quality by dye-binding procedures, a potential tool for speeding up evaluation of protein sources in developing countries

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Estimation of protein content and quality by dye binding

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Estimation of protein content and quality in grain sorghum

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Estimation of protein content and quality in maize

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Estimation of protein quality in roughage plants

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Estimation of protein quantity and quality by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

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Estimation of protein requirements of feedlot steers

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Estimation of protein turnover in soybean leaves using magic angle double cross-polarization nitrogen 15 nuclear magnetic resonance

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Estimation of proteins by det

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Estimation of proteins by determining the N-balance. (3). comparative studies on the protein utilization of growing rats using different N-balance technique

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Estimation of proteins by dye binding: applications to cereals and flours

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Estimation of proteins in milk by dye-binding method

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Estimation of provisional seed viability constants for apple (Malus domestica Borkh. cv. Greensleeves)

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Estimation of psyllium fiber of ready-to-eat cereals

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Estimation of pulp kappa number with near-infrared spectroscopy

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Estimation of pulping yield in continuous digesters from carbohydrate and lignin determinations

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Estimation of pupulation densit

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Estimation of pyruvate, phosphate dikinase activity in maize leaf tissue by (phosphoenolpyruvate plus pyrophosphate)-dependent phosphorylation of AMP

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Estimation of quality and stability of taste and flavor preparations obtained by the extraction method

Tarushkin, Vi, 1975:
Estimation of quality diversification of seeds with the aid of electric field

Zlobin, Iua, 1976:
Estimation of quality of coenopopulations in regrowth of forest trees

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Estimation of quality of planned solutions of dairy farms

Zlobin, Iua, 1970:
Estimation of quality of young growth

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Estimation of quality on the basis of mechanization of work in grain production and animal production

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Estimation of quantitative enzymuria in dogs with gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicosis using urine enzyme

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Estimation of quantitative losses of timber during felling in spruce and pine stands

Shrivastava, M.; Riebeling,, B., 1978:
Estimation of quantitative soil parameters in forest site classificatin in the hilly region of Hesse

Ulrich, B.S.rivastava, M., 1978:
Estimation of quantitative soil parameters in forest site classification in the hilly regions of Hesse. iI. nutrient balance

Romankowowa, A.G.ala, B., 1970:
Estimation of quantity of field voles

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Estimation of radiation resistance values of microorganisms in food products

Jones, B.; Sanghera, P., 2007:
Estimation of radiobiologic parameters and equivalent radiation dose of cytotoxic chemotherapy in malignant glioma

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Estimation of rail needs for a cane railway network

Taneda, Y., 1976:
Estimation of rainfall factor as soil erosion potential

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Estimation of rainfall kinetic energy based on rainfall characteristics

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Estimation of rainfall probabilities

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Estimation of rainfall required to bring soil water content to field capacity at the end of the dry season in four soils

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Estimation of rainfall-runoff using curve number: A GIS based development of sathnur reservoir catchment

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Estimation of range herbage production using a water-balance, climate model

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Estimation of range use with grazed-class photo guides

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Estimation of rat damage to ri

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Estimation of rate of protein synthesis by constant infusion of labelled acids in pigs

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Estimation of raw milk quality

Vergara, M.-Rodrigo, 2003:
Estimation of realized genetic gains and validation of predicted breeding values using field trials with large rectangular plots of slash pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii)

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Estimation of recharge rates to the sand and gravel aquifer using environmental tritium, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

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Estimation of recovery by multistep purge-and-trap gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of honey volatiles

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Estimation of recreation development potentials through scaling attitudes of non-corporate timberland owners in east Texas

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Estimation of reduced machinery ownership costs in diversified cropping systems

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Estimation of regional building-related C&D debris generation and composition: Case study for Florida, US

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Estimation of regional evaporation from local potential evapotranspiration: use of Bouchets relation at different timescales

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Estimation of regional evaporation under different weather conditions from satellite and meteorological data

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Estimation of regional evapotranspiration

Liu ShaoMin; H.G.Ang; L.L.; Mao Defa, 2007:
Estimation of regional evapotranspiration by TM/ETM+ data over heterogeneous surfaces

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Estimation of regional hydrologic properties using kriging

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Estimation of regional retail demand elasticities for whole milk, United States, 1962-63, 1966, 1961-68

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Estimation of regression parameters with the predicted dependent variable restricted in a certain range: comment

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Estimation of relatedness of thoroughbreds and eight breeds of horses using DNA fingerprinting of whole blood

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Estimation of relative economic values for production and non-production traits from field data, using profit functions

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Estimation of relative live fluorescence quantum yield by the area over fluorescence-rise curve

Himayatullah, 1995 :
Estimation of relative technical efficiency by farm size and tenure

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Estimation of replacement costs and optimal replacement strategy - a simple simulation model

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Estimation of requirements by factorial analysis: potential and limitations

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Estimation of residential water demand

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Estimation of residual glomerular filtration rate in dialysis patients from the plasma cystatin C level

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Estimation of residual nickel and some heavy metals in vanaspati ghee

Ploper, L.; Ramallo, N.-De, 1975:
Estimation of residual streptomycin sulfate on kidney bean plants aseoli

Sahoo, S.; Kapoor, S.; Singh, B., 2004:
Estimation of residues of profenofos in

Natarajan, P.S.bramaniam, T., 1977:
Estimation of residues of some granular insecticides in tobacco

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Estimation of respiration pathways, including corrections for glucuronic acid decarboxylation and label randomization; effect of 1-naphthylacetic acid and cobalt chloride

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Estimation of response probability density function to nonlinear stiffness and damping materials

Mcbean, E.; Schaake, J.J., 1976:
Estimation of response surface gradients in multiobjective water resources planning

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Estimation of response variances from interview reinterview surveys

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Estimation of retail product of carcass beef

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Estimation of rice costs of production: a farm-level budget generator approach

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Estimation of rice production costs and its economic relationship -- municipality of Dourados, Mato Grosso

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Estimation of rice yield through weather factors in dry sub-humid region Madhya Pradesh, India

Vos, J.G.oenwold, J., 1983:
Estimation of root densities by observation tubes and endoscope

Bahc'-Eci, #dris; Nacar,, 2007:
Estimation of root zone salinity, using SaltMod, in the arid region of Turkey

Coon, William, F., 1998:
Estimation of roughness coefficients for natural stream channels with vegetated banks

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Estimation of rubber hydrocarbon in Alstonia scholaris latex

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Estimation of rumen degradability of feed proteins with the in sacco technique and various in vitro methods: a review

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Estimation of rumen microbial protein supply using urinary purine derivatives excretion in crossbred calves fed at different levels of feed intake

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Estimation of rumen water volume, rate of flow of water and rumen dry mater turnover time by usng 51Cr in sheep

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Estimation of ruminal degradation and intestinal digestion of tropical protein resources using the nylon bag technique and the three-step in vitro procedure in dairy cattle on rice straw diets

Antongiovanni M.; Grifoni F.; Pezzati A.; Susmel P.; Stefanon B., 1989:
Estimation of ruminal protein degradation and biosynthesis by an in vitro method

Storchenegger, I., 1979:
Estimation of runoff as a field of rural engineering

Hernandez B.E., 2005:
Estimation of runoff for a high slope planted with Pinus tenuifolia using the curve number method

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Estimation of rural droughts fr

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Estimation of sales possibilities by market research

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Estimation of saprobity according to the larval and pupal stages of caddis-flies, Trichoptera

Karawya, M.S.; Abdel-Kader, E.M.; Khalifa, T.I., 1973:
Estimation of scilladienolides of Urginea maritima as well as in galenicals and formulations

Kobek, W.M.nus, B., 1971:
Estimation of scutching-breaking unit PMG 1-TDK 2 produced by the Societ Union

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Estimation of seasonal growth of underground biomass

Singh, D., 1982:
Estimation of second degree genetic parameters from a set of half-diallel crosses Crops

Rebich, Richard, A., 1995:
Estimation of sediment-discharge reduction for two sites of the Yazoo River Basin demonstration erosion control project, north-central Mississippi, 1985-94

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Estimation of selection index

Romera, A.J.; Continanza, F.A.; Burges, J.C., 2006:
Estimation of selling price of bovines to be used in mathematical models

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Estimation of semen contents of the vas deferens of the fowl

Reviers, M.De, 1972:
Estimation of semen production in the male fowl

Pawlak, H., 1974:
Estimation of semen value in boars from the Artificial Insemination Station in Poznan

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Estimation of sennosides A, B, C and D in Senna leaves, pods and formulations

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Estimation of sensitivity and specificity of three conditionally dependent diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard

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Estimation of sensory sweetness of alcoholic beverages by amounts of sweet components

Mori,, T.A.yagi, S., 1978:
Estimation of separation rate of cold-break

Lambrecht, G.B.der, H., 1983:
Estimation of serum immunoglobulins in newborn foals by the single radial immunodiffusion and zinc sulfate turbidity test

Krawczynska, M., 1984:
Estimation of settling course of industrial farms of dairy cows

Mukherjee, G.M.kherjee, A.; Mathew, T., 1972:
Estimation of sevin by thin layer chromatography

Subrahmanyam, M.; Sumathi-Vedanayagam, H.V.nkateshwar-Rao, D.R.jaiah, A.V.nkatacharyulu, P., 1995:
Estimation of sharma constant and thermoacoustic properties of fatty acids

Ramasastri, K.; Randhawa, M.; Khera, R., 1981:
Estimation of short duration storm rainfall over some river basins in India

Harbitz, Alf, 2007:
Estimation of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) carapace length by image analysis

Zubrianov, V.; Kolokol'-Tsev, U., 1973:
Estimation of simmental bulls selection value according to the milk yield of numbers of daughters in the Pre-Irtish region of the kazakhstan

Suh, M.; Cui, X.; Sasser, P., 1992:
Estimation of single fiber tensile properties from HVI bundle tests--a progress report

Holmstrom, H., 2002:
Estimation of single-tree characteristics using the kappa NN method and plotwise aerial photograph interpretations

Fimland, Ea, 1975:
Estimation of sires breeding value. IV. Maximum liklihood derivation of the predictor and the estimator of a general mixed model given some type of selection of a correlated random variable

Lin, Ty, 1972:
Estimation of site index by qu

Ma, Sk, 1974:
Estimation of site index by t

Rogers, Gl, 1988:
Estimation of site index in forest inventories of coastal Alaska--and other confessions

Borsting, E.P.dersen, P., 1974:
Estimation of slaughter quality in the grading of living chickens

Jonsson, T., 1977:
Estimation of smaller farm buildings

Wullschleger, E., 1978:
Estimation of smoke damages in the forest

Tsang, L.; Hwang, J.-Neng; Wei, M.-Ying, 1996:
Estimation of snow parameters based on passive microwave remote sensing and meteorological information

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Estimation of soft tissue interposition after femoral head and neck excision in dogs using ventrodorsal pelvic radiography

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Estimation of soil abundance in available manganese on the basis of iron-manganese ratio in plant

Villagarcia, L.; Were, A.; Domingo, F.; Garcia, M.; Alados-Arbotedas, L., 2007:
Estimation of soil boundary-layer resistance in sparse semiarid stands for evapotranspiration modelling

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Estimation of soil erosion in India

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Estimation of soil erosion losses due to storm water

Imura, E.H.yasaka, M., 1982:
Estimation of soil fertility in

Abbasi, F.; Tajik, F., 2007:
Estimation of soil hydraulic and solute transport parameters from transient field experiments using inverse modeling

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Estimation of soil moisture characterization curves of root media using dew point potentiameter

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Estimation of soil moisture excess, and verification

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Estimation of soil moisture storage in the root zone from surface measurements

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Estimation of soil moisture with API algorithms and microwave emission

Batlivala, P.; Ulaby, F., 1977:
Estimation of soil moisture with radar remote sensing

Anderson, J.U., 1961:
Estimation of soil pH by indicators

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Estimation of soil parathion residues in the San Joaquin -Valley, California--a simulation study

Przedwojski, R., 1978:
Estimation of soil pollution in the vicinity of Konin Aluminium Smeltery based on the content of fluorine forms

Swann, R.; Mccall, P.; Laskowski, D.; Dishburger, H., 1981:
Estimation of soil sorption constants of organic chemicals by high-performance liquid chromatography

Kowalczyk, A., 2007:
Estimation of soil water erosion magnitude in the mountain areas

Rawls, W.; Brakensiek, D.1; Saxton, K., 1982:
Estimation of soil water properties Retention, hydraulic conductivity, USA

Dashtaki, S.G.; Homaee, M., 2004:
Estimation of soil water retention curve with the derived point pedotransfer functions

Moriarty, Ww, 1991:
Estimation of solar radiation from Australian meterological observations

Boccon-Gibod, J., 1978:
Estimation of solar radiation from measures of sunshine bright duration with Campbell-Stokes recorder at Angers (France)

Boekel, Majs-Van, 1981:
Estimation of solid-liquid ratios in bulk fats and emulsions by pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance

Kandylis, K., 1985:
Estimation of solubility of proteins in common Greek feedstuffs by two methods

Zheng JiYong; Wang QuanJiu; Shao MingAn, 2007:
Estimation of solute transport parameters using information of solute front

Rybinski, W.P.tyna, H., 1982:
Estimation of somatic injury and chlorophyll mutation frequency in barley plants treated with MNUA and fast neutrons

Edu, T., 1973:
Estimation of some genetic parameters in a population of New-Hampshire hens

Rahayuningsdih; Karmawati, E.B.chri, S., 1982:
Estimation of some important characteristics of five pepper varieties

Lycznski, A., 1971:
Estimation of some methods of storing bull semen in low temperatures

Faruga, A.S.ekiera, J.P.chajda, H., 1983:
Estimation of some performance features in Bilgoraj geese at different ages

Hummel, H.; Delden, W.V.n; Drent, R., 1979:
Estimation of some population parameters of Drosophila limbata V. Roser in a greenhouse

Chen, Kevin, 1998:
Estimation of source- and quality-differentiated import demand under aggregate import qutoa

Shannon, J.-D.L.sht, B., M., 1985:
Estimation of source-receptor matrices for deposition of nitrates

Kusa, K.; Moriizumi, M.; Tsuchiya, K., 2006:
Estimation of sources of dioxins in the paddy soils

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Estimation of sow breeding value by selection index method

Simpson, Jc, 1985:
Estimation of spatial patterns and inventories of environmental contaminants using kriging

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Estimation of specific diversity of phytoplankton from the number of cells determined by a scale of classes

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Estimation of spray deposits by the use of a

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Estimation of spring workdays from climatological records

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Estimation of stability for yield and some yield components of maize (Zea mays L.) under different treatments of irrigation

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Estimation of stand basal area growth and yield with a reverse logistic function Forest mensuration, Pinus resinosa

Thoma, F.; Heurich, M., 2007:
Estimation of stand values using laser scanning data

Essed, F.E., 1957:
Estimation of standing timber

Haman, J., 1973:
Estimation of state and needs of investigation on the effect of agricultural mechaanization on human environment

Obminski, Z., 1973:
Estimation of state and needs of investigations on forest vegetation changes under influence of forestry mechanization

Ozer, Bşak.Koca.; Gültekin, T.; Sağir, M., 2007:
Estimation of stature in Turkish adults using knee height

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Estimation of steam-volatile N-nitrosamines in biological material

Crosby, N.; Foreman, J.; Palframan, J.; Sawyer, R., 1972:
Estimation of steam-volatile N-nitrosamines in foods at the 1 uilligraml

Albert, P.; Cerezo, M., 1971:
Estimation of stock on national level

Kato, S.; Yamaguchi, Y., 2007:
Estimation of storage heat flux in an urban area using ASTER data

Hope, As, 1984:
Estimation of stormflow volumes from small semi-arid catchments using the R-index method

Jelavich, M., 1995:
Estimation of structural differences between rural north and south Missouri

Seviarynava, M., 2005:
Estimation of structural shifts costs of production on plant growing

Bartek, M.; Wang, X.; Wells, W.; Paulsen, K.D.; Pogue, B.W., 2007:
Estimation of subcellular particle size histograms with electron microscopy for prediction of optical scattering in breast tissue

Pirt, Sj, 1973:
Estimation of substrate affinities (K values) of filamentous fungi from colony growth rates

Kennedy, I.; Mwandemele, O.; Mcwhirter, K., 1985:
Estimation of sucrose, raffinose and stachyose in soybean seeds

Selvendran, R.; Isherwood, F., 1971:
Estimation of sucrose-6-phosphate and glucose-1,6-diphosphate in tea leaves and strawberry leaves

Selvendran, R.; Isherwood, F., 1970:
Estimation of sucrose-6-phosphate and glucose-u,6-diphos

Smith, I.; Cazalet, J., 1987:
Estimation of sugars loss in stored high-grade molasses

Samoilov, Vi, 1978:
Estimation of suitability of agricultural machines for storage

Zadura, Andrzej, 1981:
Estimation of suitability of the balance method and the program planning in the design of organization of private peasant farms

Hisada, Takuoki, 1980:
Estimation of suitable kiln drying schedule for southeast Asian woods based on wood properties

Shah, Sk, 1975:
Estimation of sulphate in beer or water using a haze meter

Kleinschmit, J., 1973:
Estimation of supply of seeds and plants needed for the reforestation of wind eroded areas

Helliwell, Pr, 1987:
Estimation of surface water resources

Machado, S.Do, A., 1979:
Estimation of survival of Pinus taeda in homogenous plantations

Rathore, Y.; Sachan, G.; Bhattacharya, A., 1979:
Estimation of susceptibility in groundnut varieties to Ephestia cautella (Walker) by Mahalanobis D2 statistics and canonical variate analysis

Tomaszewski, Z.F.rgal-Wegrzycka, H.K.bok, I.P.szczek, W., 1983:
Estimation of susceptibility of alfalfa cultivars (Medicago sativa L.) to infestation by Verticillium albo-atrum (Rke. et Berth) under laboratory and greenhouse conditions

Furgal-Wegrzycka, H.T.maszewski, Z.B.odowska, A., 1983:
Estimation of susceptibility of cultivars and breeding strains of seradella (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) to Colletotrichum trifolii, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium avenaceum and Fusarium solani under field, greenhouse, and laboratory conditions

Furgal-Wegrzycka, H.T.maszewski, Z.G.nerska, J., 1983 :
Estimation of susceptibility of native and foreign cultivars of horse bean (Vicia faba M.) to fungi pathogens

Stulpnagel, R., 1982:
Estimation of symbiotic fixed nitrogen in the field bean in a field study with the erweiterte Differenzmethode Vicia faba var. minor, nutrient uptake.1

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Estimation of symbiotically fixed nitrogen in field grown soybeans: an application of natural 15N

Hauser, S., 1992:
Estimation of symbiotically fixed nitrogen using extended N difference methods

Satyamurty, V.; Lahiri, P., 1992:
Estimation of symmetric and asymmetric hourly global and diffuse radiation from daily values

Chirwa, Rowland, M., 1991:
Estimation of synthetic variety yields in pearl millet through parental line evaluation, per se and in tester combinations

Zitnak, A.F.ladelfi, M., 1985:
Estimation of taste thresholds of three potato glycoalkaloids

Zagrodzki, S., 1974:
Estimation of technological value of sugarbeets on the basis of the purity of pressed cossettes juice

Jensen, Jorgen-Cesar, 2002:
Estimation of tenancy to buy farms

Dhavan, K.B.att, H.; Radhakrishnan, T., 1984:
Estimation of tensile properties of single cotton fibers from load-elongation curves of bundles

Bryant, D.L.; Abkowitz, M.D., 2006:
Estimation of terrestrial chemical spill risk factors using a modified Delphi approach

André, J.M.; Berger, J.M.; D.T.rckheim, M.; Veyssière, G., 1975:
Estimation of testosterone and androstenedione in the plasma and testes of cryptorchid offspring of mice treated with oestradiol during pregnancy

Tourneur, J.; Vilardebo, A., 1975:
Estimation of the degree of infestation on the date palm by Parlatoria blanchardi Targ. (Hemiptera, Diaspididae)

Goring, H.E.wald, R.S.mmler, P., 1974:
Estimation of the free space of plant tissues and its significance for substance uptake

Billaux, P., 1978:
Estimation of the water regime of soils by the use of the climatic data. The graphic method: its utilization in American soil taxonomy

Meli, T., 1979:
Estimation of the 1979 cherry harvest

Jolliffe, P.; Tregunna, E., 1969:
Estimation of the CO2 free exchange pool size in wheat and corn leaves

Moss, Charles, B., 1999:
Estimation of the Cobb-Douglas with zero input levels

Vazhov, Vi, 1976:
Estimation of the Crimean winter severity in connection with fruit crops wintering

Hiroshima, Takuya, 2007:
Estimation of the Gentan probability using the price of logs in private plantation forests

Haley, T.J.; Farmer, J.H.; Harmon, J.R.; Dooley, K.L., 1975:
Estimation of the LD1 and extrapolation of the LD0.1 for five organophosphate pesticides

Kambezidis, H.; Katevatis, E.; Petrakis, M.L.koudis, S.A.imakopoulos, D., 1998:
Estimation of the Linke and Unsworth-Monteith turbidity factors in the visible spectrum: application for Athens, Greece

Watanabe, A.T.kimoto, Y.T.uneishi, E.N.shimura, K., 1986:
Estimation of the M. longissimus lumborum area of cattle with a color ultrasonic scanning scope using a mechanical arc scan

Brester, Gary, W., 1992:
Estimation of the U.S. import demand elasticity for beef

Schwarzel, K.S.munek, J.S.offregen, H.W.ssolek, G.V.n-Genuchten, M., 2006:
Estimation of the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Peat Soils: laboratory versus field data

Nwokolo, E., 1984:
Estimation of the ability of broiler starter chicks to utilize urea nitrogen in low protein broiler diets

Rozenberg, Gs, 1976:
Estimation of the accuracy of the planned number of observations

Lerin, J., 1984:
Estimation of the action of the seed pod weevil (Ceuthorrynchus assimilis Payk.) on the yield of winter rape. II. Yield losses in a cage experiment

Hipkins, M.F.; Barber, J., 1974:
Estimation of the activation energy for millisecond delayed fluorescence from uncoupled chloroplasts

Shabarchin, E.; Panasenko, O.; Gendel'-, L.; Krugliakova, K., 1979 :
Estimation of the activity of chlorine containing pesticides as inhibitors of mitochondrial respiratory chain

Benken, Ii, 1983:
Estimation of the activity of chymotrypsin inhibitors using casein as a substrate

Lechowski, R., 1983:
Estimation of the activity of lysozyme in feces of calves as a test of an early diagnosis of enteropathy

Khashabi, H.T.yebi, J., 1980:
Estimation of the aflatoxin co

Iurgenson, I.; Teplykh, V.; Talybov, A., 1980:
Estimation of the age composition of females of the natural population of Xenopsylla conformis by the method of luminsecent microscopy (Aphaniptera)

Iurgenson, I.; Teplykh, V.; Talybov, A., 1980:
Estimation of the age structure of females of the natural population of Xenopsylla conformis by means of luminescent microscopy (Aphaniptera)

Gabriel, M., 1977:
Estimation of the aggressiveness of severel strains of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici

Radomska, M., 1971:
Estimation of the agricultural use of a new Polish tillage machine, a plow-miller

Achwal, C.W.; Ganguly, P.; Chandra, H.S., 1984:
Estimation of the amount of 5-methylcytosine in Drosophila melanogaster DNA by amplified ELISA and photoacoustic spectroscopy

Mellink, Jj, 1982:
Estimation of the amount of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus transmitted by a single infected Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Mosquito as disease vector

Tancogne, J.C.outeau, J., 1974:
Estimation of the amount of ppDDT, opDDT, DDE residues from results of quantitative determination of ppDDT

Szasz, G., 1972:
Estimation of the amount of precipitation formed near to the soil surface

Hera, C.P.pescu, A1; Burlacu, G1; Mihaila, V1; Eliade, G., 1981:
Estimation of the amounts of biologically fixed nitrogen by using 15N nitrogen isotope isotopic techniques.1

Nanbu, S.M.rakami, K., 1974:
Estimation of the amylose compo

Yalkowsky, S.; Valvani, S.1; Mackay, D., 1983:
Estimation of the aqueous solubility of some aromatic compounds Pollutants

Leonhardt, Gf, 1976:
Estimation of the average temperature of thermally conductive food in cylindrical and rectangular cans during heat processing

Gibson, D.; Ogden, I.; Hobbs, G., 1984:
Estimation of the bacteriological quality of fish by automated conductance measurements

Rosales, J.Carlos.; Yang, H.Mo., 2007:
Estimation of the basic reproducibility number for American tegumentary leishmaniasis in two sites in northeastern Salta Province, Argentina

Cave, M.; Taylor, H.; Wragg, J., 2007:
Estimation of the bioaccessible arsenic fraction in soils using near infrared spectroscopy

Fritz, J.; Pla, G.; Harrison, B.; Clark, G., 1975:
Estimation of the bioavability of iron

Jin FaHui; L.S.iQing; L.H.ngLing; L.S.engXiu, 2007:
Estimation of the biological methods of assessing soil N-supplying capacity in calcareous soil

Jin FaHui; L.S.iQing; L.H.ngLing; L.S.engXiu, 2007:
Estimation of the biological methods on assessing soil nitrogen-supplying capacity in calcareous soil

Prud'-Hon, M.R.yne, Y.G.rambois, X., 1972:
Estimation of the body composition of Arles Merino lambs at different growth stages between birth and the age of one year

Pigurina, G.F.ntenot, J.; Allen, V., 1986:
Estimation of the botanical composition of extrusa samples from fistulated steers

Langlois, B., 1980:
Estimation of the breeding value of the sport horses from their earnings in the French shows

Orzechowski, J.T.maszewski, K.K.szel, T., 1983:
Estimation of the brigade machinery work system at the harvest of cereals

Hori, T., 1974:
Estimation of the cable tension

Giraldo, L.A.; Zapata, M.; Montoya, E., 2006:
Estimation of the carbon capture and flow in a silvopastoral system of Acacia mangium associated to Brachiaria dyctioneura in Colombia

Perez, P.G.; Toranzos, M.; Cordileone, V., 2007:
Estimation of the carbon content of a system of trees - tropical pasture in the semi-arid Chaco (communication)

Nade, T.; Saburi, J.-Ichi; Abe, T.; Nakagawa, T.; Okumura, T.; Misumi, S.; Saito, K.; Kawamura, T.; Fujita, K., 2007 :
Estimation of the carcass composition from a cross-section of the rib-loin from crossbred Japanese Black x Limousin F2 cattle by computer image analysis

Leonhardt, Gf, 1976:
Estimation of the central temperature of thermally conductive food in cylindrical and rectangular cans during heat processing

Hata, T., 1981:
Estimation of the changes of discharge, storage and water quality in a river basin

Ludwiczuk, A.; Wolski, T.; Hoderna Kedzia, E., 2006:
Estimation of the chemical composition and antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of extracts received from leaves and roots of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.)

Doize, F.W.lde, R.D.; Paquay, R., 1980:
Estimation of the chemical composition of adult sheep and variations according to feeding

Robelin, J., 1981:
Estimation of the chemical composition of the bovine whole body from the total fatty tissue weight

Subda, H., 1983:
Estimation of the chemical composition of wheat varieties flour and its effect on the baking value

Laudanski, Z., 1981:
Estimation of the class effects in non-orthogonal designs classified multidirectionally (variation analysis) Four winter wheat cultivars, fertilization.1

Marciniak, H., 1983:
Estimation of the combining ability of 6 inbred strains of maize on the basis of the true protein content in grain

Estrada, G.-A.A.geles, A.-Hh, 1975:
Estimation of the combining capacity of lines A and R of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench

Couture, L.P.lletier, G., 1975:
Estimation of the comparative efficiency of fungicides against Septoria avenae f. sp. avenae

Comté, L.; Vrijens, B.; Tousset, E.; Gérard, P.; Urquhart, J., 2007:
Estimation of the comparative therapeutic superiority of QD and BID dosing regimens, based on integrated analysis of dosing history data and pharmacokinetics

Peleg, M.B.ito, L., 1975:
Estimation of the components of a penetration force of some tropical fruits

Barnier, B.-R.S.nha, S., 1970:
Estimation of the components of the interaction variety by locality in a series of experiments

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Estimation of the composition of beef carcasses and cuts

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Estimation of the composition of beef carcasses and cuts

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Estimation of the composition of beef carcasses from the composition of one rib

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Estimation of the composition of beef carcasses from the composition of the 11th rib cut. I. Anatomical composition

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Estimation of the composition of lamb carcasses and cuts

Hankins, O.G., 1981:
Estimation of the composition of lamb carcasses and cuts

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Estimation of the composition of rabbit meat by NMR spectroscopy

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Estimation of the composition of young beef carcases from the compostion of a pie cut from the 11th rib II - chemical compostion of the carcass

Robelin, J.G.ay, Y., 1976:
Estimation of the composition of young bovine carcasses from the composition of the 11th rib cut. iI. chemical composition of the carcass

Norvell, W.;, 1982:
Estimation of the concentration of Fe+ iron ion and the (Fe3+)(OH-)3 hydroxyl ion product from equilibria of EDTA in soil Ferric hydroxide, iron oxide. p

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Estimation of the conditions an

Abdullaev, Ak, 1970:
Estimation of the conditions of moisture supply and cotton yield formation in Uzbekistan

Jernot, J.; Lantucjoul, C., 1999:
Estimation of the connectivity of a synthetic porous medium

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Estimation of the consumer demand system in postwar Japan Food

Mons, M.N.; van der Wielen, J.M.L.; Blokker, E.J.M.; Sinclair, M.I.; Hulshof, K.F.A.M.; Dangendorf, F.; Hunter, P.R.; Medema, G.J., 2007:
Estimation of the consumption of cold tap water for microbiological risk assessment: an overview of studies and statistical analysis of data

Oswit, J.S.pek, B., 1982:
Estimation of the content of mineral elements in plants of natural meadows

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Estimation of the content of some microelements in the western Pomerania soils

Lewczuk, A.B.zostowski, H.B.chno, R., 1978:
Estimation of the contents of lean, fat and bone in the carcasses of wethers by means of multiple regression equations

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Estimation of the contribution from offsite aerial deposition to methyl parathion residues in agricultural drains in the Sacramento Valley

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Estimation of the cost of production of crops

Reiling, S.; Anderson, M., 1983:
Estimation of the cost of providing publicly-supported outdoor recreational facilities in Maine

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Estimation of the costs of development and conservation of pastures in the Central-West region of Brazil

Bauer, F., 1984:
Estimation of the course of forces existing in the three-point suspension of tractor using the method of gradual sinking of the plough

Foloni, L.; Tubelis, A.N.scimento, F.-Do; Nova, N., 1979:
Estimation of the daily air temperature in a coffee crop

García Roché, M.O.; Bécquer, A.; Moraleza, N., 1985:
Estimation of the daily intake of nitrates and nitrites which children six to eleven years old, who attend primary schools in the City of Havana, may consume

Mittak, Wl, 1976:
Estimation of the deforestation and reforestation necessary in Guatemala

Kuzdzal-Savoie, S., 1977:
Estimation of the degree of cheese ripening

Chayaba, S., 1977:
Estimation of the degree of natural self fertilization in clonal seed orchard of Pinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc

Megna, R.; Lee, T., 1990:
Estimation of the demand for local public education under a kinked budget constraint

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Estimation of the demand functions, of improved grain seeds in Mexico, for the cultivation of: rice, beans, corn, sorghum, soybeans and wheat

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Estimation of the density of a clustered point pattern using a distance method

Henzell, R.; Mccloud, P., 1984:
Estimation of the density of feral goats in part of arid south Australia by means of Petersen estimate

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Estimation of the density, biomass and growth rate of fish populations in two small lowland rivers Poland

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Estimation of the dependence of a breeding effect on the accuracy and duration of selection

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Estimation of the depreciation rate of physical and R&D capital in the U.S. total manufacturing sector

Kapotov, Aa, 1975:
Estimation of the depth of soil freezing in drainage basins in the central part of the northwestern European USSR

Mohd-Fadhlillah-Bin-Haji-Mahmood, 1982:
Estimation of the design rainstorm in Peninsular Malaysia

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Estimation of the developmental age of the bovine fetus and newborn calf

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Estimation of the diameter distribution of a stand marked for cutting using finite mixtures

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Estimation of the dietary exposure to pesticide residues in Polish crops in 2005

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Estimation of the diffuse radiation fraction for hourly, daily and monthly-average global radiation

Bestajovsky, J.K.hbauch, W., 1985:
Estimation of the digestibility of alfalfa stems with different lignin contents by means of quantitative image analysis

Vlasov, Vi, 1986:
Estimation of the distribution of animals on the basis of the value of the selection characters

Battese, G.-E.N.sser, S.M.F.ller, W., A., 1988:
Estimation of the distribution of usual intakes for selected dietary components

Kotov, M.; Kotova, L., 1983:
Estimation of the drought resistance of trees by the response of needles to drought Pinus sylvestris, heritability

Kanecka Geszke, E.; abedzki, L., 2006:
Estimation of the drought risk for sugar beet crops in various agro-climatic regions of Poland and in the soils of different useful soil water retention

Van-Der-Sijde, Ha, 1986:
Estimation of the economic advantages of site and fertilizer research in South Africa

Miyashita, T., 1985:
Estimation of the economic injury level in the rice leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). I. Relation between yield loss and rice leaves at heading or in the grain filling period

Khalid, R.; Al-Zarari, A., 1982:
Estimation of the economic threshold of infestation for cotton aphad, Aphis sossypii Glaver in cotton in Mosul, Iraq

Gutierrez, A.; Daxl, R.Q.ant, G.; Falcon, L., 1979:
Estimation of the economic threshold of injuries inflicted on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) by the bollworm (Heliothis zea Boddie) and by the boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis Boh)

Vodogretskiy, V.; Golofast, G., 1981:
Estimation of the effect of agricultural and silvicultural reclamation practices on the minimum runoff of lowland rivers

Buriol, G.; Estefanel, V., 1976:
Estimation of the effective temperatures of the State of Rio Grande do Sul as a function of geographic factors

Wilcocks, C.; Hewitt, S., 1971:
Estimation of the effectiveness of autumn surface cultivation for the control of the Australian soldier fly

Jozwiak, W., 1976:
Estimation of the effectiveness of scientific research in agriculture

Studzinski, A.M.kolajewicz, M., 1975:
Estimation of the effectiveness of the preparations Actellic 40 EC pyrimiphosmethyl and PP 484 in the control of Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) on Solanum laciniatum Ait

Kim, Donghun, 2004:
Estimation of the effects of new brands on incumbents profits and consumer welfare

Rafes, Pm, 1970:
Estimation of the effects of phytophagous insects on forest production

Dittmar,, E.K.hlstock, N., 1974:
Estimation of the effects of rational variants for the care and thinning of young spruce stands after ten yearstreatment

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Estimation of the efficacy of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines in the three-point test in mice

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Estimation of the efficacy of new insecticides in the control of Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) on -Atropa belladonna L

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Estimation of the efficacy of some insecticides in the control of mint-beetle (Chrysomela menthastri Suffr.)

Hammes, C., 1978:
Estimation of the efficiency of control by Rhabdionvirus oryctes (Huger) on Oryctes rhinoceros (L) by the study of variations of damages on coconuts in Mauritius

Shershnev, Al, 1970:
Estimation of the electroosmosis coefficient in the sodiumsulphate salinized soils

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Estimation of the elements of the water balance of an ephemeral stream channel with riparian vegetation

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Estimation of the emission factors of PAHs by traffic with the model of atmospheric dispersion and deposition from heavy traffic road

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Estimation of the energeric feed value on the basis of analytically determinable criteria. 2. Possibilities of estimating the energetic feed value by means of multiple regression equations

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Estimation of the energetic value of certain experimental rations on rams and dairy cows according to the new German system from Rostock

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Estimation of the energy feed value in mixed feed for cattle

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Estimation of the energy output of a photovoltaic power plant in the Austrian Alps

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Estimation of the energy requirements of broiler type breeding hens during the period of reproduction. 1. Maximum production in the summer

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Estimation of the energy value of Merino breed sheep milk on the basis of its chemical composition

Peleg, M.N.rmand, M., 1992:
Estimation of the equilibrium water activity of multicomponent mixtures

Rey-Contreras, Jaime-Alberto, 1979:
Estimation of the erodibility of the Tepetates in the Tezcoco river basin using a K factor

Leonova, Nye, 1979:
Estimation of the error in the determination of soil water storage at observation points

Hering, D.K.rmas, D., 1974:
Estimation of the error of the crude protein determination according to the TGL 80-21875

Riverol, C.C.oney, J., 2007:
Estimation of the ester formation during beer fermentation using neural networks

Reszko, D.D.browska, M., 1976:
Estimation of the evaluation criteria for orange fruit semi processed products. iI. studies on orange fruits

Dabrowska, M.R.szko, D., 1977:
Estimation of the evaluation criteria for semi processed products from the orange. iII. suggested indicators for the semi processed product

Geissler, B., 1982:
Estimation of the expected fat yield and fat percent of the milk by way of an animal-adapted specific epsilon-function Dairy cows.1

Geissler, B., 1981:
Estimation of the expected milk yield by means of an animal-adapted specific epsilon-function

Pietraszewski, A., 1969:
Estimation of the experimental forms of management and financing in state farms

Kuhbauch, W.P.etl, L., 1981:
Estimation of the feed quality of white clover, red clover and lucerne using morphological criteria and

Kolodzie, J.H.renza, T.N.erodzik, A., 1983:
Estimation of the feeding value of complete feeds for pig fattening: PT-1, PT-2 with lower level of protein

Gruhn, K.W.nderlich, S., 1981:
Estimation of the feeding value of poultry offal meal: a field experiment on fattening pigs

Middleton, Kr, 1973:
Estimation of the fertiliser rate for maintaining pasture production

Mendoza, L.; Ortiz, C., J., 1973:
Estimation of the foliar area and influence of space between rows, seeding density and fertilization of the foliar area in relation to grain production of two maize hybrids

Diedrich, W.K.ppen, D., 1970:
Estimation of the food potato requirement for the continuous supply to the consumer centres

Lane, Ir, 1982:
Estimation of the forage production of semi-arid rangelands with variable tree and shrub cover using land resource satellites

Protich, N., 1978:
Estimation of the forage qualiti

Benczedi, D., 1999:
Estimation of the free volume of starch-water barriers

Onikura, N.; Takeshita, N.; Matsui, S.; Kimura, S., 2007:
Estimation of the frequency of maturity and sexual differences in the maturation period of the roughskin sculpin Trachidermus fasciatus

Clark, M.G.; Bloxham, D.P.; Holland, P.C.; Lardy, H.A., 1973:
Estimation of the fructose diphosphatase-phosphofructokinase substrate cycle in the flight muscle of Bombus affinis

Pienkowski, M., 1970:
Estimation of the functional state of liver in cows with acid indigestion

Skoczylas, R.W.elicki, W., 1969:
Estimation of the fundamental tasks of farm mechanization

Drew, L.-J.S.huenemeyer, J.H.B.wiec, W.J., 1982:
Estimation of the future rates of oil and gas discoveries in the western Gulf of Mexico

Thom, R., 1975:
Estimation of the gas content in milk

Chen, Y.; Chang, H.; Yang, Y.; Chen, K.; Yu, Y.; Wu, F.; Hsu, S.; Tang, T., 1980:
Estimation of the gene frequen

Ubysz-Borucka, L.M.dry, W., 1983:
Estimation of the general and specific combining ability and maternal effects in the winter wheat breeding on the basia of incomplete diallel-cross design

Sasaki, Y., 1980:
Estimation of the genetic and p

Bodin, L., 1980:
Estimation of the genetic parameters of Lacaune ewe lamb size after fecundation on natural and induced estrus

Miksik, J., 1984:
Estimation of the genetic parameters of heifer growth traits

Nienartowicz Zdrojewska, A.; Rozanska Zawieja, J.; Sobek, Z., 2007:
Estimation of the genetic parameters of using milking features with the effect of productivity of a herd taken into consideration: Part III. The genetic correlation

Pogacar, J., 1986:
Estimation of the genetic progress in milk production traits of Simmental Brown and Black and White breeds in Slovenia

Ukai, Y., 1973:
Estimation of the genetic varia

Herdman, M.; Carr, N.G., 1974:
Estimation of the genome size of blue-green algae from DNA renaturation rates

Rosa-Ibarra, M.D.-La; Garcia, H., 1994:
Estimation of the germination of five species of Cactaceae, considered in peril of extinction

Moller, D., 1984:
Estimation of the global man-made sulphur emission

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