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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15735

Chapter 15735 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Garcia, A.; Hermida, Jús.; Tutor, J.Carlos., 2007:
Estimation of the glomerular filtration rate from serum creatinine and cystatin C with regard to therapeutic digoxin monitoring

Fuciman, L., 1971:
Estimation of the grade in cereal damage by treshing

Cuinier, C.N.gond, J.G.lzy, P., 1977:
Estimation of the grape growing value of lands by the microbiological characteristics of their soil

Moszynska, B., 1970:
Estimation of the green top production of the herb layer in a bog pinewood Vaccinio uliginosi--Pinetum

Palacios-Mayorga, S.O.gtega, M.; Munoz-Barrueta, L., 1977:
Estimation of the growth of Chlorella vulgaris in four soil types in laboratory conditions

Inoue, M., 1978:
Estimation of the head loss due

Lutynska, R.W.tkowska, A., 1983:
Estimation of the health state of domestic and foreign cultivars of grasses tested in the southern Poland territory

Isepy, I., 1977:
Estimation of the herb layer phytomass in oak hornbeam forests

Dietl, G., 1980 :
Estimation of the heritability coefficient in the case of environmental dependence between dam and daughter

Bergmann, M.L.ngerken, G.V.n, 1983:
Estimation of the heritability of meat quality traits in line-bred pigs

Po-Yu,, M., 1978:
Estimation of the home range a

Wolf, G., 2007:
Estimation of the human daily requirement of vitamin E by turnover kinetics of labeled RRR-l-tocopherol

Turechek, W.W.; Heidenreich, M.C.; Lakso, A.N.; Pritts, M.P., 2007:
Estimation of the impact of leaf scorch on photosynthesis and physiological-lesion size in strawberry

Durecko, J.P.lech, O.Z.mmermann, V., 1983:
Estimation of the influence of Ayrshire breed on meat performance of Slovak Spotted cattle

Nikulina, Vn, 1977:
Estimation of the influence of zooplankton on the phytoplankton of an oligotrophic lake

El-Balkhi, M.D.em, H., 1978:
Estimation of the inoculum potential of Pyrenochaeta lycopersici Gerlach and Schneider in relation with preceding crops in various greenhouse soils

Rabah, F.K.J.; Dahab, M.F.; Zhang, T.C., 2007:
Estimation of the intrinsic maximum substrate utilization rate using batch reactors with denitrifying biofilm: a proposed methodology

Suzuki,, H., 1970:
Estimation of the iodine affini

Hoorn, J.-Van;, 1980:
Estimation of the ionic composition of soil-water extracts and the ESP exchangeable sodium percentage with simple chemical methods Soil properties

Ostaszewski, P.N.ssen, S.T.enkle, A., 1986:
Estimation of the kinetic parameters of insulin, glucagon and growth hormone in sheep fed supplemental energy

Roseguini, B.T.; Narro, F.; Oliveira, A.R.; Ribeiro, J.P., 2006:
Estimation of the lactate threshold from heart rate response to submaximal exercise: the pulse deficit

Kryszan, C., 1982:
Estimation of the land reclamation state in Poland

Lemke, J., 1973:
Estimation of the leafy twig volume in pine stands

Steeneken P.A.M.; Woortman A.J.J., 1991:
Estimation of the length of liquid threads in aqueous starch pastes

Mosango, M., 1983:
Estimation of the level of accumulation of diaspores in soils with the herbaceous groups Portulaca quadrifida L. and Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Willd. at Kisangani (Zaire)

Pawlak, J., 1983:
Estimation of the level of agricultural technization on a country-wide scale

Dobicki, Aleksander, 1990:
Estimation of the level of performance traits and selection of bulls

Berendeeva, E.P.; Bekk, A.A.; Khardikova, S.A.; Kaliuzhin, V.V., 2007:
Estimation of the levels of reactive and personality anxiety in patients with psoriasis concurrent with chronic opisthorchiasis

Zickler,, H.; Boheim, G., 1976:
Estimation of the light-induced electrical potential at the functional membrane of photosynthesis using a voltage-dependent ionophore

Mintiens, K.; Laevens, H.; Deluyker, H.; Dewulf, J.; Koenen, F.; Kruif, A. de, 2000:
Estimation of the likelihood for neighbourhood infections during classical swine fever epidemics based on a spatial risk assesment of real outbreak data

Hoshi, T.; Miura, I.; Ogasawara, H., 2007:
Estimation of the live body temperature of fowls on the basis of measuring the heat of the gizzard and the possibility of its practical application

Doree, A.J.uglet, J., 1979:
Estimation of the load capacity of mountain pasture grazing. Case of the supraforest pastures of Brianconnais

Canizares, A.; Laverde, D.; Puesme, R., 2004:
Estimation of the loss of mango fruits stored at different temperatures

Tywonczuk, J., 1975:
Estimation of the losses of potatoes preserved by different methods and nutritive value of the resulting products for pigs

Langeveld, L.; Bolle, A.; Cuperus, F., 1978:
Estimation of the lowering of the oxygen tension in a flow through cell as a practical means of detecting non steriliy in aseptically packed UHT sterilized

Janetschek, H., 1980:
Estimation of the management risks in swine fattening

Zhivotovsky, L.A.; Pomortsev, A.A.; Lyalina, E.V.; Kalabushkin, B.A.; Pukhal'skii, V.A., 2005:
Estimation of the maximal population frequency of alien biotypes taking into account a priori data

Andrew, M.E.; Li, S.; Fekedulegn, D.; Dorn, J.; Joseph, P.N.; Violanti, J.; Burchfiel, C.M., 2007:
Estimation of the maximum flow-mediated brachial artery response using local regression methods

Bliss, C.I., 1948:
Estimation of the mean and its error from incomplete Poisson distributions

Rabinowitz, Daniel, 2007:
Estimation of the mean from sums with unknown numbers of summands (vol 62, pg 918, 2006)

Nadji, M., 1983:
Estimation of the mean ground water runoff in a snow bound drainage area of Marun

Niedzwiadek, S., 1981:
Estimation of the meat, bones and fat content in rabbit carcasses by means of regression equations

Yoshida, H.N.kamura, F.T.guchi, T., 1973:
Estimation of the mechanical du

Suwonsichon, T.N.rmand, M.; Peleg, M., 1997:
Estimation of the mechanical properties of individual brittle particles from their bulk compressibility

Yasura, K.; Mizuno, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Mori, K.; Takenaka, M.; Ohashi, T.; Yamada, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Ando, K.; Kuroki, H.; Suzuki, T.; Ikeuchi, K.; Tsutsumi, S.; Nakamura, T., 2007:
Estimation of the mechanical property of meniscus using ultrasound: examinations of native meniscus and effects of enzymatic digestion

Li, Y.; Schneider, J.A.; Bennett, D.A., 2006:
Estimation of the mediation effect with a binary mediator

Kamidate, T.; Komatsu, K.; Tani, H.; Ishida, A., 2007:
Estimation of the membrane permeability of liposomes via use of eosin Y chemiluminescence catalysed by peroxidase encapsulated in liposomes

Nasca, J.A.; Toranzos, M.R.; Banegas, N.R.; Ricci, H.R., 2005:
Estimation of the methane production in pastoral systems of the depressed saline plain of Tucuman

Mercik, S.G.tynska, B., 1983:
Estimation of the methods of determining potassium fertilization needs

Man, C., 1971:
Estimation of the micro-climate of rooms for laying hens in correlation with the type of litter, the physico-chemical and bacteriological modifications of the litter and with the effectiveness of ventilation

Gerstenkorn, P.Z.ingelberg, H., 1975:
Estimation of the milling of German maize varieties grown at different locations

Mordukhovich, V.; Titov, A., 1970:
Estimation of the minimum dose of 5-methoxytryptamine influencing the accumulation of cystamine in the tissues and its excretion with the urine

Khairallah, M.; Sears, B.; Adams, M., 1991:
Estimation of the mitochondrial genome size of three Phaseolus species

Jan, K.Y.; Boyes, J.W., 1970:
Estimation of the mitotic cycle in larval brain cells of the house fly

Morimoto, H., 1974:
Estimation of the moisture rega

Kojo, H., 1976:
Estimation of the molecular length of petite negative yeast mitochondrial DNA

Poliakov, A.Ia.; Petrunicheva, K.P., 2007:
Estimation of the morphofunctional indices of health in children in the areas having varying technogenic environmental pollution

Sokolov, Bl, 1974:
Estimation of the naled component in genetic separation of the hydrograph of rivers in the permafrost zone

Ilnicki, P., 1982:
Estimation of the need of sprinkler irrigation of agricultural crops

Allen, Gt, 1985:
Estimation of the nesting populations of prairie falcons and golden eagles in North Dakota

Kellner, R.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976:
Estimation of the net energy of forages from their crude nutrient contents and their digestibility determined with a cellulase method

Kellner, R.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976:
Estimation of the net energy of forages from their crude nutrient contents and their in vitro digestibility

Van-Soest, Pj, 1983:
Estimation of the net energy value of ruminant diets from compositional data

Giessler, H.D.mmert, S., 1982:
Estimation of the net energy-lactation (NEL) content Feed for milk performance.1

Nakayama, K.H.nyu, J.K.n, H., 1983:
Estimation of the net radiation

Chikaarashi, H.H.ttori, S., 1983:
Estimation of the net rainfall i

Le-Pham, M.L.mbert, R.L.udelout, H., 1984 :
Estimation of the nitrogen fertilizing value of effluent by numerical simulation

Karawya, M.S.; Nour, G.; Sina, A., 1971:
Estimation of the non-glycosidal chromone and coumarin contents in fruits and extracts of Ammi visnaga

Razga, Z.; Nyengaard, J.Randel., 2007:
Estimation of the number of angiotensin II AT1 receptors in rat kidney afferent and efferent arterioles

Velich, I.S.arka, J., 1979:
Estimation of the number of bean genes against Pseudomonas phaseolicola and the level of heritability

Toth, S., 1982:
Estimation of the number of birds required for goose experiments

Nielsen, Jk, 1983:
Estimation of the number of eggs and pupae of the carrot fly (Psila rosae F.) by means of soil sampling

Guerrero, Rt, 1978:
Estimation of the number of incompatibility factors in the population of Auricularia fuscosuccinea

Marín, P.Paulo.; Guzmán, Jé.Miguel.; Araya, A., 2004:
Estimation of the number of institutionalized elderly in Chile

Gunathilagaraj, K.T.irumurugan, V., 1978:
Estimation of the number of leaf galls incited by Indodiplosis mangifoliae Grover (Cecidomyiidae; Diptera) on mango leaves

Gorshkova, M.; Loginov, Z., 1977:
Estimation of the number of leaves of winter wheat required for a representative sample to determine the total of nutrients

Ebbertsen, K., 1977:
Estimation of the number of sex alleles in honeybees

Ebbersten, K., 1977:
Estimation of the number of sex alleles in the honeybee with the aid of a modified method of calculation from an experiment by Laidlaw and others in 1956

Nishimura, M., 1982:
Estimation of the number of sugi

Moury, Bît.; Fabre, Fédéric.; Senoussi, R., 2007:
Estimation of the number of virus particles transmitted by an insect vector

Ito, Y., 1976:
Estimation of the number of wild males with a mark-recapture method

Suwazono, Y.; Nagashima, S.; Okubo, Y.; Uetani, M.; Kobayashi, E.; Kido, T.; Nogawa, K., 2007:
Estimation of the number of working hours critical for the development of mental and physical fatigue symptoms in Japanese male workers - application of benchmark dose method

Grudzinska-Kuhn, J., 1976:
Estimation of the nutrition of apple trees with mineral elements in three horticultural regions of Poland. iII. effect of magnesium, manganese and boron fertilization on the content of these elements in apple leaves and in soil offertilized orchards

Scehovic, J., 1976:
Estimation of the nutritive value of forages on the basis of their chemical composition

Bovet, Fh, 1976:
Estimation of the nutritive value of rough forages

Slawinska-Jamroz, D., 1970:
Estimation of the optimal level of nutrients in concentrate mixtures for young fattening ducks

Lipowski, J.K.sewska, L.K.szlik, J., 1973:
Estimation of the optimal sterilization parameters for chosen canned products. II. Sterilization parameters for canned snap beans

Abegg, B., 1978:
Estimation of the optimum forest road density in tractor terrain

Perel'-Tsvaig, Yum; Deryagin, Gv; Sidorov, Aa; Bernshtein, Av; Iordanskii, Av; Pavulsone, Sa, 1979:
Estimation of the parameters of unidentified chromosomes

Calderon, S., M.; Poor, N., D.; Campbell, S., W., 2007:
Estimation of the particle and gas scavenging contributions to wet deposition of organic nitrogen

Reusse, U., 1971:
Estimation of the percentage of aspic in aspic products and of sauces in some meat products. I. Shrimp in aspic

Reusse, U., 1971:
Estimation of the percentage of aspic in aspic products and of sauces in some meat products. II. Jellied cutlets, meat balls in sauce, roast in sauce

Machacek, C., 1982:
Estimation of the percentage of hulls in sunflower seeds by means of the nucleomagnetic resonance analyzer Genotypes, oil content.1

Alberti, P.; Ripoll, G.; Lahoz, F.; Sanudo, C.; Olleta, J.L.; Panea, B.; Pardos, J.J., 2003:
Estimation of the percentage of meat in the carcass beginning with classification through morphological measures of the carcass of calves and yearlings of seven breeds

Nienartowicz Zdrojewska, A.; Rozanska Zawieja, J.; Sobek, Z., 2007:
Estimation of the phenotypic parameters using milking features with the effect of productivity of a herd taken into consideration: Part IV. The phenotypic correlation

Pogacar, J., 1981:
Estimation of the phenotypical and genetical variability and the development of body measures with bulls of the Brown breed Cattle, heredity.1

Mourgues, J.M.ugenet, J., 1969:
Estimation of the pollutional index of winery distillery waste waters

Patscheke, G.P.ller, S., 1980:
Estimation of the polymerisation degree of wood cellulose nitrate against molecular weight

Prakash-Agrawal, H., 1976:
Estimation of the population in the land snail, Bensonia monticola (Hutton)

Vycius, Z., 2003:
Estimation of the possibilities of groundwater seepage modeling software in Lithuania

Imbs, B.K.wrygo, B1; Knyziak, L1; Krajewski, K., 1981:
Estimation of the possibility of meat substitution in Poland Vegetable protein concentrates.1

Staniszewski, R.; Zielnica, J., 2006:
Estimation of the possibility of restitution of water chestnut (Trapa natans L.) population in freshwaters of Wielkopolska

Davidescu, D.M.hailescu, D., 1978:
Estimation of the potassium supply status and potassium fertilizer requirement by means of adsorption isotherms

Nova, N.A.V.; Miranda, J.H. de; Pereira, A.B.; Silva, K.O. da, 2006:
Estimation of the potential evapotranspiration by a simplified penman method

Taş, M.; Bacinoglu, S.; Cirit, U.; Ozgümüş, S.; Kaşgöz, H.; Pabuccuoğlu, S., 2007 :
Estimation of the potential fertility based upon non-return rates of bulls: using polyacrylamide gel instead of cervical mucus in the sperm penetration test

Aoki, T.I.oue, T., 1982:
Estimation of the precipitable water from the IR channel of the Geostationary Satellite infrared radiometer, sea surface temperature

Rucknagel, J.; Hofmann, B.; Christen, O., 2005:
Estimation of the previous load of structured soils by aggregate density and dry density

Flik, B.; Keyser, A., 1981:
Estimation of the primary production in Lake Maarsseveen I with an incubator technique

Pease, Jim, 1989:
Estimation of the probabilities of alternative yields using the conviction weight method

Garcia, B.-J.A.teaga, R., R., 1979:
Estimation of the probabilities of rain in extensive areas through spatial analysis of parameters of a function of its distribution

Kameyama, T., 1972:
Estimation of the production fu

Breton-Provencher, M.G.gne, J.; Cardinal, A., 1979:
Estimation of the production of benthic algae in the maritime estuary of the Saint Lawrence (Quebec)

Petrenko, V.; Balkov, I.Y.1; Makogon, A.1; Kornienko, A., 1983:
Estimation of the productivity and combining capacity of strains of sugarbeet using various testers Beta vulgaris, crossing

Budriunene, Dek, 1974:
Estimation of the productivity of berry yielding plant associations of Lithuanian peatbogs

Wang, Guanyu, 2007:
Estimation of the proliferation and maturation functions in a physiologically structured model of thymocyte development

Bonaiti, B., 1977:
Estimation of the proportion of errors of relationship in a flock based biochemical blood markers (theoretical study)

Vonka, Z.H.avac, M., 1978:
Estimation of the protein content in the grain of spring barley on the basis of ear analyses

Rojek, M., 1983:
Estimation of the purposefulness of irrigations on the basis of agricultural and climatic water balances

Patterson, Mg, 1983:
Estimation of the quality of energy sources and uses

Zviaginiev, Dg, 1970:
Estimation of the quantity of microorganisms in different soil types

Baumgartner, A., 1973:
Estimation of the radiation and thermal micro-environment fr om meteorological and plant parameters

Grosser, Ae, 1993:
Estimation of the rate of appearance of temperature distributions in heated foods

Zhuchenko, A.; Kibenko, T.; Khariton, A.; Korol, A., 1984:
Estimation of the rate of changes in the spectrum of readily soluble proteins of wild and cultivated tomato forms under stress actions

Langendonck, P.V.n; Christiaen, R.V.s, G.D.manet, P.L.mbion, R., 1974:
Estimation of the raw materials used for bread making, by means of its analytical composition

Morrissey, Daniel, J., 1989:
Estimation of the recharge area contributing water to a pumped well in a glacial-drift, river-valley aquifer

Mazzaferro, David, L., 1989:
Estimation of the recharge area of a pumped, stratified-drift aquifer in Connecticut by simulation modeling

Schalk, Charles, W., 1996:
Estimation of the recharge areas contributing water to the south well field, Columbus, Ohio

M.Y.oming; Song Minhong; Ishikawa Hirohiko; Yang Kun; Koike Toshio; Jia Li; Meneti Massimo; S.Z.ongbo, 2007:
Estimation of the regional evaporative fraction over the Tibetan Plateau area by using Landsat-7 ETM data and the field observations

Zakharov, E.; Konovalova, N., 1980:
Estimation of the relationships between consecutive reactions of chlorophos conversion under the influence of sodium tetraborate

Sandoval-Chacon, Manuel, 1992:
Estimation of the relative bioavailability of zinc from reagent and feed grade zinc sources for sheep and poultry

Paillet,, A.E.M.rin, R., H., 1990:
Estimation of the relative permeability distribution in fractured granitic rocks by means of vertical flow measurements in the Siblingen borehole, Switzerland

Chowell, G.; Diaz-Dueñas, P.; Miller, J.C.; Alcazar-Velazco, A.; Hyman, J.M.; Fenimore, P.W.; Castillo-Chavez, C., 2007:
Estimation of the reproduction number of dengue fever from spatial epidemic data

Priborkin, I.; Rodov, E., 1975:
Estimation of the required number of machines for carrying out field reclamation work

Kloczowski, Z.K.oczowska, T.L.pczynski, W., 1983:
Estimation of the resistance of varieties and hybrids of oil sunflower to downy mildew (Plasmopara helianthi Novot.)

Seidler, S.; Wolczak, J.W.jciechowski, R., 1975:
Estimation of the results of feeding different quantities of silage during intensive fattening of young bulls

Baillod, M.B.ssino, J.; Piganeau, P., 1979:
Estimation of the risk caused by the red mite (Panonychus ulmi Koch) and the arbor mite (Eotetranychus carpini Oud.) in grape cultivation

Baillod, M.B.ssino, J., 1979:
Estimation of the risk caused by the red mite (Panonychus ulmi Koch) in grape cultivation, and prospects opened by biological control using Typhlodromes

Hance, T.T.ies, E., 1984:
Estimation of the role of Omaseidius vulgare in the regulation of aphid populations

Guliaev, Bi, 1978:
Estimation of the role of endogenic factors in the formation of plant leaf apparatus

Chumakova, I.; Kozlov, M.; Belokopytova, A., 1981:
Estimation of the role of feeding on the reproduction of rodent fleas (Siphonaptera) bred on various hosts

Tanskii, Vi, 1975:
Estimation of the role of feeding regime in population density dynamics of insects from the viewpoint of the general theory of systems

Zeifert, D.; Shutov, S., 1978:
Estimation of the role of some terrestrial snails in the destruction of the leaf litter

Czuba, R.W.obel, S., 1983 :
Estimation of the role of weeds as competitors of crops in uptake of nutrients

Guilbot, A.M.lton, J.; Triswiatsky, L., 1969:
Estimation of the sanitary state of cereals and their disposition to preservation

Perepelkin, K.; Shkolyar, M.; Dan', E.-Iv; Rozhkov, N.; Karpukhin, L., 1987:
Estimation of the scale effect in mechanical testing of technical yarns

Kirk, Jto, 1981:
Estimation of the scattering coefficient of natural waters using underwater irradiance measurements

Robledo-Arnuncio, J.J.; García, C., 2007:
Estimation of the seed dispersal kernel from exact identification of source plants

Indurain, G.; Goni, M.V.; Sarries, M.V.; Insausti, K.; Esquiroz, M.; Alfonso, L.; Beriain, M.A.; Purroy, A., 2003:
Estimation of the sensory quality of cattle meat and commercial value of the carcass through the use of ultrasound technology

Subrahmanyam, M.; Vedanayagam, H.; Venkatacharyulu, P., 1994:
Estimation of the sharma constant and thermoacoustic properties of vegetable oils

Martynov, S.; Krupnov, V., 1980:
Estimation of the significance of differences between variants

Veldhuis, J.D.; Keenan, D.M.; Bowers, C.Y., 2007:
Estimation of the size and shape of GH secretory bursts in healthy women using a physiological estradiol clamp and variable-waveform deconvolution model

Boyde, A.; Jones, S.J., 1979:
Estimation of the size of resorption lacunae in mammalian calcified tissues using SEM stereophotogrammetry

Reklewski, Z.J.siorowski, H1; Stolzman, M., 1981:
Estimation of the slaughter value of various strains of Friesan cattle Poland

Jozefaciuk, C., 1982:
Estimation of the soil erosion threat in Poland

Bemelmans, V., 2007:
Estimation of the standing stock value of poplar

Paivinen, R., 1980:
Estimation of the stem-diameter distribution and stand characteristics

Malinovskii, B.; Zhukova, M., 1971:
Estimation of the sterile lines of sorghum and their fertile analogues

Belke, D.E.ler, G., 1980:
Estimation of the storage capacity of a dam with high seepage losses

Papierok, B.C.oset, H.R.oux, J., 1975:
Estimation of the strength of larval populations of Aedes (O.) cataphylla Dyar, 1916 (Diptera, Culicidae). II. Using dipping method

Izdebski, K.K.zak, K., 1970:
Estimation of the structure and dynamics of tree stands in the future forest reserve Bukowy Las near Narol

Badour, C.P.rin, J., 1975:
Estimation of the sugar content of musts

Kollar, V., 1969:
Estimation of the suitability of the method for the determination of the mycelium of Ustilago tritici (Pers.) Jens. in the embryo of wheat

Watanabe, K., 1973:
Estimation of the suitable cutt

Petkova-Kilifarska, M., 1974:
Estimation of the sum total evap

Sodowski, W.Z.wilski, J., 1969:
Estimation of the supply of m

Barszczak, Z., 1988:
Estimation of the susceptibility of winter rape varieties and strains to soil acidity

van Tonder G.J.; Botha J.F.; Chiang W.H.; Kunstmann H.; X.Y., 2001:
Estimation of the sustainable yields of boreholes in fractured rock formations

Solovskaia, S.S.; Varus, V.I.; Briuzgina, T.S.; Belov, A.A.; Ivanov, D.A., 2007:
Estimation of the sweat composition of fatty acids

Chelkowski, J.K.czmarek, T.G.dlewska, B., 1976:
Estimation of the technical value of malting barleys and malts from the 1973-75 harvest from the point of view of their enzymatic activity. iV

Kromka, R.S.ksa, J., 1972:
Estimation of the technological process in the abbatoir of the new enterprise Masokombinat in Kosice from the point of view of hygiene

Gorska, I.K.asnowska, G.R.epka, H., 1984:
Estimation of the tenderness of beef frozen without chilling on the basis of the myofibril fragmentation index

Krafsur, Es, 1970:
Estimation of the theoretical daily survival rate in some malaria vectors in a lowland region of Ethiopia

Marcinkowska, E., 2004:
Estimation of the thermal conductivity of leather

Fristachi, A.; Rice, G., 2007:
Estimation of the total daily oral intake of NDMA attributable to drinking water

Isakov, Ip, 1974:
Estimation of the transpiration by Pinus sibirica stands

Rhody, B.G.hris, E., 1984:
Estimation of the trunc volume in forest inventories

Santa, M.S.ezak, K.S.ehlik, K.T.rr, J., 1976:
Estimation of the usability of the water of the little Danube for irrigation

Anonymous, 1979:
Estimation of the use of fertilizers on a national level

Mosz, J., 1982:
Estimation of the useful value of potatoes grown under irrigation conditions

Hebert, J., 1982:
Estimation of the value of a leased object at the moment of lease fixation Farms, soil and fertility reserves, France, legislation.1

Reginster, P.G.rard, P., 1975:
Estimation of the value of a spruce stand

Czerpak, R.O.rusiewicz, T., 1980:
Estimation of the value of blessed milk thistle (Silybum marianum) as a fodder component

Zaleski, M., 1971 :
Estimation of the value of land predestinated for non agricultural purposes

Lewkowicz, Hanna, 1980:
Estimation of the value of serological tests in the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattle

Lewkowicz, H., 1973:
Estimation of the values of serologic tests in diagnosis of brucellosis in cattle

Burges, J.C.; Romera, A.J., 2007:
Estimation of the variability of the pasture growth for feed budgets

Idris, H.A.; Tour, H.B.A., 2007:
Estimation of the variance of some Egyptian cotton genotypes in the Delta and Upper Egypt using different approaches of combined analysis

Braga, C.C.; Neves, D.G. das; Brito, J.I.B. de, 2006:
Estimation of the vegetation fraction in the east of Bahia State, Brazil, from 1982 to 1999

Schenk, Dg, 1975:
Estimation of the volume of agricultural and horticultural production in 1974 and the expectation for 1975

Hata, T.K.ra, H., 1980:
Estimation of the water flow in

Al-Zamil, I.; Al-Hobaishy, A., 1983:
Estimation of the water quality of Riyadh--water purification stations

Desmier, R.E., 1989:
Estimation of the water requirements of irrigated crops in the Comaum Caroline Proclaimed Region

Dancette, C., 1983:
Estimation of the water requirements of main rainfed crops in the Sudano-Sahelian zone

Kuczewski, K., 1978:
Estimation of the water resources in the Lower Silesia region from the viewpoint of agricultural irrigations for the period up to 1985

Stricker, J.; Warmerdam, P., 1982:
Estimation of the waterbalance in the Hupselse Beek basin over a period of three years and a first effort to simulate the rainfall-runoff process for a complete year

Gonzalez-Vila, F.; Martin-Martinez, F., 1979:
Estimation of the weight average molecular weight (Mw) of humic acids by a combined method of gel filtration-diffusion

Lemke, J., 1975:
Estimation of the weight of Scots pine needles

Beranger, C.R.belin, J., 1978:
Estimation of the weight of digesta in cattle from the weight of the rumen content

Brzostowski, H.T.nski, Z., 1983:
Estimation of the wool production by Long-Fleece sheep from the Warmia and Mazury regions

Mcintyre, B.; Frapple, P., 1988:
Estimation of the yield of beef carcases from measurements of fat thickness over the rib and rump

Csont, M.K.smarton, K., 1970:
Estimation of the yield of strontium precipitation

Collier, P.; Mallows, R., 1971:
Estimation of theaflavins in tea by gas-liquid chromatography of their trimethylsilyl ethers

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Estimation on transition of for

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