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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15737

Chapter 15737 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Walters, L., 1984:
Ethical and legal issues in the treatment of handicapped newborns

Anonymous, 1984:
Ethical and legal problems of the utilization of cell biological and gene technical methods on man

Anonymous, 1987:
Ethical and legal questions in gene technology and reproductive medicine

Allen, Tim, 1993:
Ethical and moral issues relating to animals

Clingerman, Kj, 1990:
Ethical and moral issues relating to animals, January 1979-March 1990

Swanson, Jc, 1992:
Ethical and moral issues relating to animals--January 1985-February 1992

Moreno Penaranda, R., 2006:
Ethical and organic? Exploring the contradictions from a local community of small family farmers of southern Brazil

Dresser, R., 1989:
Ethical and regulatory considerations in the use of cold-blooded vertebrates in biomedical research

Decker, D.; Shanks, R.; Nielsen, L.; Parsons, G., 1991:
Ethical and scientific judgements in management: beware of blurred distinctions

Mench, J.A.; Kreger, M.D., 1996:
Ethical and welfare issues associated with keeping wild mammals in captivity

Porter, Arw, 1985:
Ethical aspects

Scharmann, W., 1985:
Ethical aspects of animal experimentation

Mccarthy, Cr, 1995:
Ethical aspects of animal-to-human xenografts

de Jong, O.J., 1987:
Ethical aspects of biotechnology

Kaiser, M.; Welin, S., 1995:
Ethical aspects of modern biotechnology

Muller, Albrecht, 1995:
Ethical aspects of production and rearing of transgenic livestock

Herzog, H., 2002:
Ethical aspects of relationships between humans and research animals

Bruzzone, P.; Berloco, P.B., 2007:
Ethical aspects of renal transplantation from living donors

Hampson, J., 1986:
Ethical assessments within legislative systems

Dotto, Lydia, 1993:
Ethical choices and global greenhouse warming

Eudey, A.A., 1981:
Ethical concerns in primate use and husbandry

Wiwanitkit, V., 2007:
Ethical concerns on the use of laboratory waste

Block, J.J., 2006:
Ethical concerns regarding olanzapine versus placebo in patients prodromally symptomatic for psychosis

Krikorian, Rv, 1985:
Ethical conduct and the bottom line

Patton-Mallory, M.F.anzreb, K.C.rll, C.C.ine, R., 2000:
Ethical conduct for research: a code of scientific ethics

Holzhey, H.; Rust, A., 1991:
Ethical conflicts in animal utilization

Thummanahalli Subbanna, P.Kumar., 2006:
Ethical conflicts in human embryonic stem cell research - a war between the "selfish genes"?

Kirkpatrick, Jf, 1996:
Ethical considerations for conservation research: zoo animal reproduction and overpopulation of wild animals

Burkhardt, J., 2005:
Ethical considerations for production agriculture and activist groups

Summerhill, W.; Taylor, C., 1983:
Ethical considerations in extension programming

Vahlquist, B., 1971:
Ethical considerations in feeding studies on children

Brown, S.R., 1999:
Ethical considerations in marine mammal management

Blumenthal, M., 1987:
Ethical considerations in marketing herbal products: a brief historical review

Zimmermann, M., 1986:
Ethical considerations in relation to pain in animal experimentation

Sprigge, Tls, 1987:
Ethical considerations on animal experimentation

Tarantola, D.; Macklin, R.; Reed, Z.H.; Kieny, M.P.; Osmanov, S.; Stobie, M.; Hankins, C., 2007:
Ethical considerations related to the provision of care and treatment in vaccine trials

Bazin, B., 2004:
Ethical constraints of clinical trials in developing countries: experience of the French National Agency for AIDS Research (ANRS)

Brekling, C., 1975:
Ethical demands of veterinarians in relation to technological developments

Edelstein, Sari, 1993:
Ethical dilemmas & decisions

Broom, Dm, 1989:
Ethical dilemmas in animal usage

Peterson, Gl, 1991 :
Ethical dilemmas in economics

Rowan, A., 1989:
Ethical dilemmas in experimentation

Purtilo, R.-B.C.ssel, C., K., 1981:
Ethical dimensions in the health professions

Pais, Jd, 1983:
Ethical dimensions of agricultural research

W.ShuiRong, 2007:
Ethical dimensions of payment for forest environmental services

Altner, G., 1986:
Ethical environmental requirements for ecological orientation of law. Basics and prospects of environmental ethics

Kane, Edward, J., 1997:
Ethical foundations of financial regulation

Andrews, M.M.rian, M., 2006:
Ethical framework for the registered dietitian in decisions regarding withholding

Brock, Gw, 1993:
Ethical guidelines for the practice of family life education

Russow, Lm, 2002:
Ethical implications of the human-animal bond in the laboratory

Passantino, G.P.ssantino, M., 1975:
Ethical importance for a needed codification for veterinary medicine

Thompson, Pb, 1992:
Ethical issues and BST

Johnson, Gl, 1980:
Ethical issues and energy policies

Sumner, Da, 1983:
Ethical issues and farm labor: the contribution of economic analysis

Grandy, Jw, 1982:
Ethical issues and future directions in wildlife management

Simpson, James, R., 1979:
Ethical issues and international development

Barber, Shirley, L., 1989:
Ethical issues and perceptions of importance and frequency by adult educators in the Cooperative Extension System

Shrader-Frechette, K., 1983:
Ethical issues and pesticide policy

Odell, M.S.ewart, S., 1993:
Ethical issues associated with client values conversion and therapist value agendas in family therapy

Mitcham, C.; Siekevitz, P., 1989:
Ethical issues associated with scientific and technological research for the military

Russow, L-Marlene.; Theran, P., 2003:
Ethical issues concerning animal research outside the laboratory

Aiken, W., 1984:
Ethical issues in agriculture

Anonymous, 1991:
Ethical issues in animal experimentation

Anderson, D.; Reiss, M.-J.C.mpbell, P.N., 1993:
Ethical issues in biomedical sciences

Resnik, D.B.; Tinkle, S.S., 2006:
Ethical issues in clinical trials involving nanomedicine

Ravinder, R., 2007:
Ethical issues in collaboration in the aviation industry

Baggot, S.M., 2006:
Ethical issues in companion-animal practice

Fahey, Cj, 1985:
Ethical issues in continuing care

Anonymous, 2001:
Ethical issues in food and agriculture

Clancy, Kl, 1983:
Ethical issues in food processing and marketing or a nutritionist talks about moral fiber

Waymack, Mh, 1993:
Ethical issues in health care reform

Favero, P., 1987:
Ethical issues in land grant university adjustments to change and uncertainty

Breimyer, Hf, 1988:
Ethical issues in making agricultural policy

Blatz, Cv, 1984:
Ethical issues in private and public ranch land management and ownership

Behi, R.; Nolan, M., 1995:
Ethical issues in research

Anderson, Rl, 1983:
Ethical issues in resource economics: discussion

Erwin, E.; Gendin, S.; Kleiman, L., 1993:
Ethical issues in scientific research

Mueller, P.S.; Montori, V.M.; Bassler, D.; Koenig, B.A.; Guyatt, G.H., 2007:
Ethical issues in stopping randomized trials early because of apparent benefit

Ursin, H.; Murison, R., 1986:
Ethical issues in stress research: facts, fiction, and rational decisions

Almond, B.; Parker, M., 2003:
Ethical issues in the new genetics

Vetere, A.G.le, A., 1987:
Ethical issues in the study of family life

Michener, Gr, 1989:
Ethical issues in the use of wild animals in behavioral and ecological studies

Scarff, Je, 1980:
Ethical issues in whale and small cetacean management

Sieber, F.; Traystman, R., 1993 :
Ethical issues involved in the development of animal models for type I diabetes

Barber, Shirley, L., 1989:
Ethical issues of adult education professionals in the Cooperative Extension System

Simpson, Gm, 1985:
Ethical issues of high technology in agriculture

Livingston, A., 2002:
Ethical issues regarding pain in animals

Pedersen, M.; Merlo, D.Franco.; Knudsen, L.E., 2007:
Ethical issues related to biomonitoring studies on children

Beatley, Timothy, 1994:
Ethical land use

Anonymous, 1994:
Ethical leadership for youth, families and volunteers

Rude, H.; Paolucci-Whitcomb, P.; Comerford, S., 2005:
Ethical leadership: Supporting human rights and diversity in rural communities

Henderson, H.; Sethi, S., 2006:
Ethical markets

Asai, R., G.; Jones, K., D.J., 2007:
Ethical moment - Am I obligated to treat a patient whose need for emergency care stems from dental tourism?

Dunning, D., 2007:
Ethical obligations when pet care givers cant afford the cost of care

James, George-Alfred, 1999:
Ethical perspectives on environmental issues in India

Edwards, Sf, 1986:
Ethical preferences and the assessment of existence values: does the neoclassical model fit?

Anonymous, 1992:
Ethical principles and guidelines for scientific experiments on animals

Anonymous, 1983:
Ethical principles and guidelines for scientific experiments on animals in Switzerland

Hansen, M.W.; Nielsen, T.; Kristensen, N.H., 2006:
Ethical principles and practice in organic processing: governance and corporate responsibility

Milon, Jw, 1983:
Ethical principles for compensation decisions in agricultural property law

Marshall, F., 1993:
Ethical priorities

Goodland, Robert, J.A., 1994:
Ethical priorities in environmentally sustainable energy systems

Gerber, H., 1984:
Ethical problems for veterinary surgeons at equestrian events

Clark, Rl, 1989:
Ethical problems in animal welfare

Guy, R., 1989:
Ethical problems in farming practice

Pirchner, F., 1982:
Ethical problems in modern livestock production

Lippincott, Cl, 1976:
Ethical referrals

Sarno, Gv, 1982:
Ethical reflections on the notion of a hippocratic oath for psychologists

Cuthill, Innes, C., 2007:
Ethical regulation and animal science: why animal behaviour is not so special

Barnard, Chris, 2007:
Ethical regulation and animal science: why animal behaviour is special

Rolston, H., 1992:
Ethical responsibilities toward wildlife

Britt, Dp, 1986:
Ethical review of animal experiments and possible changes to the law on animal experimentation in the U.K

Anderson, Dana, 2007:
Ethical sight

Barrientos, S.; Dolan, C., 2006:
Ethical sourcing in the global food system

Hannah, H.W., 1997:
Ethical standards and licensure

Campbell, M., 1995:
Ethical standards: helping students see the light

Coff, C., 2006:
Ethical traceability

D.Grey C., 1990:
Ethical treatment of clinical waste

Mather, Ja, 1989:
Ethical treatment of invertebrates: how do we define an animal?

Glover, Rw, 1983:
Ethical value and farm labor market institutions: prospects and strategies for change

Barber, Shirley-Lake, 1988:
Ethical value dilemmas of 4-H professionals in the cooperative extension system

Regan, T., 1983:
Ethical vegetarianism and commercial animal farming: an irresistible force meets a movable object

Castle, D.; Ries, N.M., 2007:
Ethical, legal and social issues in nutrigenomics: the challenges of regulating service delivery and building health professional capacity

Rollin, B.E., 1997:
Ethicist's second commentary on the case of the stray tattooed beagle

Mackie, J.L., 1977:

Mellon, M.; Kline, D., 1993:
Ethics & biotechnology

Kormondy, Ej, 1990:
Ethics & values in the biology classroom

Anonymous, 2006:
Ethics opinion: conflict of interest disclosure on listservs

Solomon, J.; Rosenberger, J.; Miedema, G.; Grundish, R., 1975:
Ethics and academia

Schlebecker, J., 1983:
Ethics and agribusiness

Blatz, Charles, V., 1991:
Ethics and agriculture

Hurnik, J.F., 1993:
Ethics and animal agriculture

Lund, Vonne, 2002:
Ethics and animal welfare in organic animal husbandry

Tannenbaum, J., 1991:
Ethics and animal welfare: the inextricable connection

Miller, H.-B.W.lliams, W., H., 1983:
Ethics and animals

Jamieson, D., 1993:
Ethics and animals: a brief review

Raven, Ph, 1976:
Ethics and attitudes

Bateson, P., 2005:
Ethics and behavioral biology

Schultz, R.C., 1987:
Ethics and community health: philosophical traditions and recent turnings

Sagoff, M., 1984:
Ethics and economics in environmental law

Seebohm, E., 1983:
Ethics and economics of protection of animals and livestock husbandry

Ferrae, F.; Hartel, P., 1994:
Ethics and environmental policy

Anonymous, 1997:
Ethics and equity in conservation and use of genetic resources for sustainable food security

Fraser, Af, 1980:
Ethics and ethology

Falt, L., 1976:
Ethics and ethology in animal husbandry. I

Ekesbo, I., 1976:
Ethics and ethology in animal husbandry. II

Banzhaf, W.; Burns, A.; Vance, J., 1985:
Ethics and forestry

Jonas, Hans, 1988:
Ethics and genetic engineering

Strauss, S.; Raffa, K.; List, P., 2000:
Ethics and genetically engineered plantations

Metcalf, Le, 1986:
Ethics and home economics in an age of transition

Triplehorn, Ca, 1975:
Ethics and integrity in the use of insect collections

Hitt, William, D., 1990:
Ethics and leadership

Gabel, Aa, 1969:
Ethics and methods in treating lameness in horses

Tannenbaum, J., 1999:
Ethics and pain research in animals

Anonymous, 1992:
Ethics and patenting of transgenic organisms

Goodpaster, K.-E.S.yre, K., M., 1979:
Ethics and problems of the 21st century

Maxwell, Fg, 1979:
Ethics and professionalism and their implication for the Registry

Riley, Rc, 1979:
Ethics and professionalism in government (USDA)

Glass, Eh, 1979:
Ethics and professionalism in the Entomological Society of America

Jones, J.W.; McCullough, L.B.; Richman, B.W., 2006:
Ethics and professionalism: do we need yet another surgeons' charter?

Hansson, S.Ove., 2007:
Ethics and radiation protection

Olsson, I.Anna.S.; Hansen, A.K.; Sandøe, P., 2007:
Ethics and refinement in animal research

Simpson, James, R., 1978:
Ethics and regional development

Lepkowski, W., 1980:
Ethics and science communication

Mittelstaedt, Peter, 1995:
Ethics and scientific progress

Aragon-Vivanco, O., 1980:
Ethics and statistics Mexico.1

Zamir, Tzachi, 2007:
Ethics and the beast

Bella, Da, 1992:
Ethics and the credibility of applied science

Scherer, D.; Attig, T., 1983:
Ethics and the environment

Singer, P., 1986:
Ethics and the new animal liberation movement

Anonymous, 2006:
Ethics and the politics of food

Gaworski, M., 2006:
Ethics and transformation of Polish food chain

Cohn, Priscilla ., 1999:
Ethics and wildlife

Nielsen, M., 1991:
Ethics codes and museum volunteers

Evans, D.; Custer, M.; Wilcox, K.; Cady, A.; Macy, R.; Grant, W., 1975:
Ethics committees: can self-policing work?

Lorenz, J., 1985:
Ethics for all outdoor recreationists

James, Ga, 1995:
Ethics for cooperative CEOs: Doing the right thing

Segerstedt, T.-Torgnysson; Ward, E., 1979:
Ethics for science policy

Upchurch, Ml, 1983:
Ethics in agricultural law

Niekerk, Alvin-Van, 2005:
Ethics in agriculture-- an African perspective

Wenning, Cj, 2001:
Ethics in apiculture I

Wenning, Cj, 2001:
Ethics in apiculture. II

Ellis, M., 1990:
Ethics in beekeeping. I

Ellis, M., 1990:
Ethics in beekeeping. II

Christian, P.; Hicks, R., 1970:
Ethics in business conduct

Gordon, Co, 1987:
Ethics in everyday relationships

Coffey, D.; Goodwin, J., 1995:
Ethics in exhibiting and showing livestock--facing reality

Grigorakis, K., 2006:
Ethics in food safety

Royce, Pm, 1982:
Ethics in intelligence testing

Williams, D., 1975:
Ethics in interviewing

Graham, Je, 1984:
Ethics in mosquito control

Fox, J.Jr, 2005:
Ethics in natural resources management: some concepts and food for thought

Beirne, Bp, 1986:
Ethics in pest control

Janodia, M., D.; Udupa, N., 2007 :
Ethics in pharmaceutical products promotion

Stamp Dawkins, M.; Gosling, M., 1992:
Ethics in research on animal behaviour

Anonymous, 2001:
Ethics in science and environmental politics

Diener, E.; Crandall, R., 1978:
Ethics in social and behavioral research

Coufal, J.; Spuches, C., 1995:
Ethics in the forestry curriculum: a challenge for all foresters

Vickers, Ca, 1987:
Ethics in the marketplace

Mieth, D.; Pohier, J.-Marie; Hillyer, P., 1989:
Ethics in the natural sciences

Milner, M., 1988:
Ethics in the nursery industry: an American Nurseryman survey

Phillips, R., 1997:
Ethics in the tree care profession

Singer, Peter, 1998:
Ethics into action

Amstutz, H.E., 1982:
Ethics involved in concealment of genetic defects

Asadov, D.A.; Kasymov, A.I., 2006:
Ethics of Abu Bakr al-Razi and modern medicine

Schneider, M.; Francis, C., 2006:
Ethics of Land Use in Nebraska: Farmer and Consumer Opinions in Washington County

Scanes, Cg, 2007:
Ethics of Publication: Is Publication an Obligation for Researchers?

Engel, J.R.nald; Engel, J.-Gibb, 1990:
Ethics of environment and development

Minion, D.; Sorial, E.; Endean, E., 2007:
Ethics of guidelines for reviewers of medical manuscripts

Haker, H.; Hearn, R.; Steigleder, K., 1993:
Ethics of human genome analysis

Sanmartin, C., 1978:
Ethics of international research

Walsh, Mt, 1995:
Ethics of maintaining cetaceans in captivity

Prodan, M., 1977:
Ethics of the forestry profession

Norton, Bryan, G., 1995:
Ethics on the ark

Thompson, P.B., 2007:
Ethics on the frontiers of livestock science

Woteki, C.E., 2006:
Ethics opinion: conflicts of interest in presentations and publications and dietetics research

King, S.; Field, R., 1998:
Ethics training workshops

Hagen-Wittbecker, A., 1980:
Ethics, animal rights and veterinary medicine: an introduction

Rollin, Be, 1986:
Ethics, animal rights, and air transport of animals

Cavalieri, Paola, 2006:
Ethics, animals and the nonhuman great apes

Barbera, S., 2006:
Ethics, bioethics and animal welfare: at what cost

Erickson, Pl, 1995:
Ethics, cooperatives, and the CEO: a legal perspective

Schmitt, Gh, 1986:
Ethics, economics, and institutional innovations

Wenz, Ps, 1983:
Ethics, energy policy, and future generations

Rosa, L.-Pinguelli; Munasinghe, M., 2002:
Ethics, equity, and international negotiations on climate change

Ekesbo, I., 1978:
Ethics, ethology and animal health in modern Swedish livestock production

Pinstrup-Andersen, P.; Sandcie, P., 2007 :
Ethics, hunger and globalization

Fassett, W.E., 2007:
Ethics, law, and the emergence of pharmacists' responsibility for patient care

Simonsen, Hb, 1971:
Ethics, laws and regulations for use of laboratory animals

Lunney, D.; Dawson, T.-J.D.ckman, C., R., 1998:
Ethics, money and politics

Straughan, R., 1995:
Ethics, mortality and crop biotechnology. 2. Extrinsic concerns about consequences

Apple, M.; Taxel, J., 1987:
Ethics, power, and curriculum

Rollin, B., 1993:
Ethics, professional ethics, and veterinary medicine

Freyfogle, Et, 1996:
Ethics, property, and community

Ballard, S., 1990:
Ethics, public policy and civic education

Thompson, P.-B.M.tthews, R.-J.V.n-Ravenswaay, E., 1994:
Ethics, public policy, and agriculture

Chadwick, Ruth, F., 1987:
Ethics, reproduction, and genetic control

Spier, R., 2001 :
Ethics, tools, and the engineer

Dahlberg, Ka, 1985:
Ethics, values, and goals in agricultural systems and agricultural research

Grese, R.; Michener, D., 2005:
Ethics, water conservation, and sustainable gardens

Allan, D.; Blackshaw, J., 1986:
Ethics, welfare, and laboratory animal management

Michell,, R., 1998:
Ethics, welfare, law and market forces

Nies, J., 1987:
Ethics: another basic

Quilling, J., 1988:
Ethics: the hidden dimension of home economics

Bonatelli, R.Jr; Azevedo, J.-De, 1975:
Ethidium bromide and fungicide action in diploids and duplication strains of Aspergillus nidulans

Pinto, M.; Guerineau, M.; Paoletti, C., 1975:
Ethidium bromide mutagenesis in yeast: protection by anaerobiosis

Koll, F.; Begel, O.; Keller, A.M.; Vierny, C.; Belcour, L., 1984:
Ethidium bromide rejuvenation of senescent cultures of Podospora anserina : Loss of senescence-specific DNA and recovery of normal mitochondrial DNA

Gilbert, R.; Newton, B., 1982:
Ethidium bromide: pharmacokinetics and efficacy against trypanosome infections in rabbits and calves Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma congolense

Kasperlik, H., 1975:
Ethiofencarb, a new low toxic aphicide

Lavigne, R., 1972:
Ethiology of Ablautus rufotibialis on the Pawnee grass

Rigitano, R.-De; Batista, G.-De1; Teofilo-Sobrinho, J., 1982:
Ethion and fenitrothion residues in Hamlin orange peels and pulp determined by gas chromatography Contamination, pesticides, Brazil

Ruddick, J.A.; Runner, M.N., 1972:
Ethionine as a depressant of synthesis of and source of label for DNA in chick embryos

Reis, P.; Tunks, D., 1980:
Ethionine as an inhibitor of wool growth Sheep

Kvitko, K.; Golubtsova, V., 1971:
Ethionine-resistant Chlorella mutants

Kantarova, D.; Buc, M.; Stuchlikova, M.; Mokan, M.; Vrlik, M., 2006:
Ethiopathogenesis of autoimmune diabetes mellitus in humans. A review

Slikkerveer, L.J., 1986:

Anonymous, 1960:

Belehu, T., 1982:
Ethiopia Root and tuber crops, cultivars, cultural practices

Anonymous, 1988:
Ethiopia and Sudan

Anonymous, 1977:
Ethiopia back in business

Mewaee, A., 1982:
Ethiopia case study

Chamois, S., 2006:
Ethiopia experience in the management of severe acute malnutrition (2003-2005)

Anonymous, 1959:
Ethiopia nutrition survey

Golbs, S., 1981:
Ethiopias veterinary medicine in the process of development

Nelson, H.-D.K.plan, I., 1981:
Ethiopia, a country study

Anonymous, 1984:
Ethiopia, home of coffee, the wonder bean

Anonymous, 1980:
Ethiopia, mean seasonal rainfall (mm), belg (Feb.-May)

Anonymous, 1980:
Ethiopia, soil

Rothman, S., 1998:
Ethiopia, statistical appendix

Sevar, J., 1971:
Ethiopia--future producer of meat

Markos-Ezra; Kassahun-Berhanu, 1988:
Ethiopia-Italy programme for rehabilitation and development

Treakle, Hc, 1980:
Ethiopia: Problems plague economy despite rising coffee exports

Anonymous, 1981:
Ethiopia: the marketing of food pastes

Hingorami, M.; Bekele, G., 1969:
Ethiopia; two new diseases of wheat

Anonymous, 2003:
Ethiopian agricultural sample enumeration, 2001

Anonymous, 1976:
Ethiopian collections in the Herbarium Vadense (WAG)

Anonymous, 1998:
Ethiopian early warning system monthly report

Jackson, Th, 1987:
Ethiopian horticulture--a progress report

Anonymous, 1996:
Ethiopian journal of agricultural economics

Anonymous, 1979:
Ethiopian journal of agricultural sciences

Neway, T.G.breab, F., 1985:
Ethiopian meat (beef) cut

Anonymous, 1979:
Ethiopian sorghum, a precious reserve of genetic material

Fischer, M., 1968:
Ethiopian species of the Opius Wesm., section A (2. contribution to the Opiinae of the Musee Royal de lAfrique Centrale) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opinae)

Anonymous, 1954:

Llorca, G., 2007:
Ethique medicale et handicap

Edwards, Mj, 1976:

Brooks, S.; Wheeler, T., 2005:
Ethiromyia, a new genus of Holarctic Dolichopodinae (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

Wu, C., 1977:
Ethlene a plant hormone

Bufler, G., 1986:
Ethlyene biosynthesis and action

Heppner, J.; Powell, J., 1974:
Ethmia bipuncetella in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia: the expanding range of an introduced European moth (Gelechiodea)

Jensen, Hk, 1975:
Ethmia terminella Fletcher--new for Denmark

Sattler, Klaus, 1967:

Mrkun, Anton, 1943:
Ethmography of Velikolaiski region

Behrens, E., 1988:
Ethmoid hematoma in a Stallion

Etherington, W.; Vasey, J.1; Horney, F., 1982:
Ethmoid hematoma of the equine Radiography and biopsy for diagnosis and treatment, horse

Krithiga, K.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B.M., 2006:
Ethmoid papillary adenocarcinoma in a dog

Kim, J.Soo.; Hwang, J-Min., 2007:
Ethmoid sinus mucocele presenting as transient monoocular altitudinal hemianopia

Hanselka, D.; Young, M., 1975:
Ethmoidal hematoma in a horse

Movassaghi, A.R.; Davazdah Emami, M.R., 2001:
Ethmoturbinate adenocarcinoma in a Persian fallow deer (Cervus dama mesopotamica)

Lankevich, George, J., 1981:
Ethnic America, 1978-1980

Rauch, J.-E.T.indale, V., 1999:
Ethnic Chinese networks in international trade

Fan, T.; Koro, C.E.; Fedder, D.O.; Bowlin, S.J., 2006:
Ethnic disparities and trends in glycemic control among adults with type 2 diabetes in the U.S. from 1988 to 2002

Govindasamy, R.N.mana, A.P.duri, V.P.ppas, K., 2006 :
Ethnic Produce Marketing in the Mid-Atlantic States: Consumer Shopping Patterns and Willingness-to-Pay Analysis

Bell, R.A.; Arcury, T.A.; Stafford, J.M.; Golden, S.L.; Snively, B.M.; Quandt, S.A., 2007:
Ethnic and sex differences in ownership of preventive health equipment among rural older adults with diabetes

Shaw, N.J.; Crabtree, N.J.; Kibirige, M.S.; Fordham, J.N., 2007:
Ethnic and gender differences in body fat in British schoolchildren as measured by DXA

Smith, Tj, 2005:
Ethnic and gender differences in community service participation among working adults

Flannery, D.; Vazsonyi, A.; Torquati, J.F.idrich, A., 1994:
Ethnic and gender differences in risk for early adolescent substance use

Maskarinec, G.; Pagano, I.; Chen, Z.; Nagata, C.; Gram, I.Torhild., 2006:
Ethnic and geographic differences in mammographic density and their association with breast cancer incidence

Brown, L.-Keller; Mussell, K., 1984:
Ethnic and regional foodways in the United States

Kutner, N.; Kutner, M., 1987:
Ethnic and resistance differences among poor families

Kurzeja, P.L.; Koh, S.D.; Koh, T.H.; Liu, W.T., 1986:
Ethnic attitudes of Asian American elderly. The Korean immigrants and Japanese Niseis

Borjas, George, J., 1991:
Ethnic capital and intergenerational mobility

Vassilian, Hamo, B., 1992:
Ethnic cookbooks and food marketplace

Staples, G.; Kristiansen, M., S., 1999:
Ethnic culinary herbs

Hambraeus, L., 1986:
Ethnic cultural effect upon human lactation: introduction to workshop with some comments to experience obtained in Scandinavian countries during th e last two centuries

Glynn, L.M.; Schetter, C.Dunkel.; Chicz-DeMet, A.; Hobel, C.J.; Sandman, C.A., 2007:
Ethnic differences in adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol and corticotropin-releasing hormone during pregnancy

Lane, D.A.; Lip, G.Y.H.; Beevers, D.G., 2007:
Ethnic differences in cancer incidence and mortality: the Birmingham Factory Screening Project

Rozin, P.C.nes, B., 1982:
Ethnic differences in coffee use and attitudes to coffee Italian-Americans, Jews, Blacks

Fransen, M.P.; Essink-Bot, M-Louise.; Oenema, A.; Mackenbach, J.P.; Steegers, E.A.P.; Wildschut, H.I.J., 2007:
Ethnic differences in determinants of participation and non-participation in prenatal screening for Down syndrome: a theoretical framework

Mueller, Wh, 1988:
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