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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15752

Chapter 15752 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shildrick, Jp, 1978:
Evaluation of red fescue cultivars, 1973-76. IV. trials under close mowing

Rand, R.; Pfender, W.; Hagedorn, D., 1984:
Evaluation of red kidney beans for resistance to Wisconsins bean root rot complex

Schmid, F.; Li, Y.; Liebich, B.; Culbert, J.; Day, C.; Jiranek, V., 2007:
Evaluation of red wine made on a small scale utilizing frozen must

Miller, D.; Milligan, J.; Wilson, C., 1998:
Evaluation of reduced rate preemergence herbicides in roundup ready soybean weed control programs

Becton, Carol-Marie, 1994:
Evaluation of reduced rates of preplant incorporated and postemergence herbicides and a comparison of actual and computer predicted yield losses in soybeans

Eyben, D., 1973:
Evaluation of reduction of water pollution in the brewery

Sahayaraj, K.; Ravi, C., 2007:
Evaluation of reduviid predators and plant products against chosen groundnut pests

Takle, G.W.; Toth, I.K.; Brurberg, M.B., 2007:
Evaluation of reference genes for real-time RT-PCR expression studies in the plant pathogen Pectobacterium atrosepticum

Brown, J.; Brown, S.; Stevens, C.K.an, V.; Yates, R.; Hogue, W.; Granberry, D.; Mclaurin, W.; Gudauskas, R.; West, M., 1991:
Evaluation of reflectaive mulches on the control of aphids and mosaic viruses in yellow crookneck summer squash

Pons, W.A.Jr, 1971:
Evaluation of reflectance fluoro densitometry for measuring afla toxins on thin layer plates

Anonymous, 1978:
Evaluation of reforestation and timber stand improvement on the national forests

Chacon, E., 1973:
Evaluation of reforestation in Colombia

Kawka, F., 1977:
Evaluation of regeneration meals for workers in the coal industry and attempt at their large scale production

Kaltenberg, Michael-Charles, 1978:
Evaluation of regeneration sampling methods

Kaltenberg, Mc, 1984:
Evaluation of regeneration sampling methods: a Monte Carlo analysis using simulated stands

Helsel, D.-R.R.gone, S., E., 1985:
Evaluation of regional ground-water quality in relation to land use

Saw-Win, 1981:
Evaluation of regional yield of planted teak in Prome forest division

Bakaeva, Ev, 1977:
Evaluation of regionally approved and promising soybean varieties for their susceptibility to diseases

Kapustin, Aa, 1981:
Evaluation of regionally approved sweet corn varieties and hybrids for suitability for mechanized harvesting

Overman, J.P.trus Maria; Witte, H.J.hannes Louis; Saldarriaga, J.G.illermo, 1994:
Evaluation of regression models for above-ground biomass determination in Amazon rainforest

Okenka, I.L.tecka, M., 1977:
Evaluation of regularity of sprinkling by means of a computer

Holsinger, V.; Phillips, J.; Smith, P.; Turkot, V.; Sinnamon, H., 1979:
Evaluation of rehydration properties of a whey-soy beverage powder by response surface mathodology

Tarrega, J.N.ez, F., 1982:
Evaluation of related lines and F1 hybrids in tomatoes Valencia, Spain.1

Terekhov, V.; Kaidash, A.; Bessmel'-Tsev, V.; Solodukhina, L.; Kolesnikova, V., 1978:
Evaluation of relationship between losses of the winter wheat crop and the development of rust diseases

Smith, S.I.; Guziec, L.J.; Guziec, F.S.; Hasinoff, B.B.; Brodbelt, J.S., 2007:
Evaluation of relative DNA binding affinities of anthrapyrazoles by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Balatskaia, Oi, 1981:
Evaluation of relative drought resistance of the collection of hairy vetch by an indirect method of germinating seed in a sucrose solution Testing initial breeding material.1

Agarwal, N.; Sharma, R.; Basu, S., K.; Sarkar, A.; Agarwal, V., K., 2007:
Evaluation of relative performance of QuikSCAT and NCEP re-analysis winds through simulations by an OGCM

Salari, A.N.; Arefipoor, M.R.; Azizkhani, A.; Zahedi, M., 2006:
Evaluation of relative resistance of Eucalypt species to decline disease caused by Nattrassia mangiferae in Khozestan province

Latushkin, Vn, 1980:
Evaluation of reliability of diesel engines

Agalarov, A.M.loshov, N., 1970:
Evaluation of reliability of farm power supply

Latushkin, Vn, 1980:
Evaluation of reliability of individual junctions and mechanisms of a diesel after repair

Ihle, G.K.bein, J.M.rx, D.R.ssner, K.S.orm, R., 1982:
Evaluation of reliability of machines and tools

Sakong, J.; Kang, P-Soo.; Kim, C-Yoon.; Hwang, T-Yoon.; Jeon, M-Joong.; Park, S-Young.; Lee, S-Jin.; Won, K-Chang.; Lee, S-Beom.; Chung, J-Hak., 2006:
Evaluation of reliability of traditional and computerized neurobehavioral tests

Ehrenfeld, J.; Bass, J.; Ehrenfeld, J., 1984:
Evaluation of remedial action unit operations at hazardous waste disposal sites

Anonymous, 1977:
Evaluation of remedial measures to control non-point sources of water pollution in the Great Lakes Basin

Yong, R.N.; Taheri, E.; Khodadadi, A.; Khodadadi, A., 2007:
Evaluation of remediation methods for soils contaminated with BenzoPyrene

Shimerdla, M.P., 2006:
Evaluation of remediation technologies for the treatment of hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX)

Shimerdla, Michael, 2005:
Evaluation of remediation technologies for the treatment of hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) at the former Nebraska Ordinance Plant

Coleman, V.; Johnson, C.; Lewis, L., 1973:
Evaluation of remote sensing in control of pink bollworm in cotton

S.H.; Wood, E.F.; McCabe, M.F.; S.Z., 2007:
Evaluation of remotely sensed evapotranspiration over the CEOP EOP-1 reference sites

Drichko, V.; Lisachenko, E., 1977:
Evaluation of removal of natural radioactive nuclides with water from arable soils

Kaya, Zühre.; Gursel, Türkiz.; Bakkaloglu, S.A.; Kocak, U.; Atasever, T.; Oktar, S.Ozhan., 2007:
Evaluation of renal function in Turkish children receiving BFM-95 therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Poggio, E.D.; Batty, D.Scott.; Flechner, S.M., 2007:
Evaluation of renal function in transplantation

Lechi, F., 1972:
Evaluation of rented land in relation to recent legislation

Ruggeri, A.; Grisan, E.; Schroeter, J., 2007:
Evaluation of repeatability for the automatic estimation of endothelial cell density in donor corneas

Koehler, A.; Johnson, R.; Burnside, O.; Lowry, S., 1988:
Evaluation of repellent seed treatments and effects on early corn performance

Mohapatra, B.R.; Broersma, K.; Nordin, R.; Mazumder, A., 2007:
Evaluation of repetitive extragenic palindromic-PCR for discrimination of fecal Escherichia coli from humans, and different domestic- and wild-animals

Machev, M.B.nkov, B.; Vangelov, K.M.cheva, M., 1976:
Evaluation of replacing piglets

Pommer, Iua, 1978:
Evaluation of reports on practice

Grushvitskii, I.; Slepian, L.; Butenko, R., 1970:
Evaluation of representatives of the genus Panax by organo-genetic capacity in vitro culture and by general regenerative capacity

Kriatov, Ov, 1971:
Evaluation of reproduction boars by fertility and lactation of daughters

Pavlichenko, Im, 1971:
Evaluation of reproduction bulls by milk production of their daughters--primipara heifers during first month of lactation

Koniukhova, Vo, 1978:
Evaluation of reproductive abili

Bojars, M., 1983:
Evaluation of reproductive and production properties of groups of bulls daughters in the herd of Marupe Collective Farm of the Riga District

Broussard, M.C.; Jr.; Stickney, RR., 1981:
Evaluation of reproductive characters for four strains of channel catfish

Gonzalez-Stagnaro, C., 1973:
Evaluation of reproductive efficiency

Weaver, Ld, 1986:
Evaluation of reproductive performance in dairy herds

Sliwa, Z.G.t, A.O.echnowicz, J., 1983:
Evaluation of reproductive performance of early mated ewes

Aoyama, Hiroaki, 2006:
Evaluation of reproductive toxicity on mammalian species of animals

Donovan, A.R.sco, C.; Melendez, P., 2002:
Evaluation of reproductive yield in dairy herds

Poiley, S.M., 1975:
Evaluation of requirements for defined laboratory animals in biomedical research

Nesmith, Wc, 1983:
Evaluation of rescue treatments for blue mold control in burley tobacco, 1982

Fraum, Michael, 1980:
Evaluation of research and commercial efforts in aquaculture in the U.S.A. with an emphasis on determining their suitability for use in New York State

Appa-Rao, A., 1987:
Evaluation of research in Indian agricultural universities

Anonymous, 1972:
Evaluation of research in agricultural sciences

Norton, M.; Wall, V., 1984:
Evaluation of research in home economics: background and new approaches

Havlicek, Joseph, 1978:
Evaluation of research needs and impacts in rural development

Mcdowell, R.E., 1988:
Evaluation of research on Jerseys

Scharfetter, H., 1978:
Evaluation of research projects

Tavan, I.F., 1981:
Evaluation of research prospects for the production of vaccines from inagglutinable brucella cultures

Vestergaard, K.B.reham,. Jr.;, 1981:
Evaluation of research results & suggestions for future research relevant to farm animal welfare

Maughan, J.; Greenhalgh, F., 1983:
Evaluation of residual activity of Prochloraz in controlling Colletotrichum dieback of Protea seedlings, 1982

Davis, D.; Vigil, S.1; Tchobanoglous, G., 1981:
Evaluation of residual char from the gasification of solid wastes as a substitute for powdered activated carbon Biomass products

Schmidt, T.R.chter, O.B.ning-Pfaue, H., 1986:
Evaluation of residual curves by biexponential kinetics

Matiishin, Nv, 1977:
Evaluation of residual operation capacity of carrying ropes of aerial cableways

Bitran, E.; Campos, T.; Oliveira, D., 1980:
Evaluation of residual persistence of insecticides used in maize and coffee protection during storage. II. Pyrethroids

Fries, G.; Jacobs, L., 1986:
Evaluation of residual polybrominated biphenyl contamination present on Michigan farms in 1978

Reimann, Do, 1985 :
Evaluation of residues from refuse incinerators

Becker, Wf, 1988:
Evaluation of residues of Temik and Furadan applied at three levels on three planting dates for garlic in 1986

Loliger, Hc, 1978:
Evaluation of residues of active substances and drugs in hen eggs

Haubert, V.M.kulik, A., 1982:
Evaluation of residues of inhibition substances in the emergently slaughtered pigs in the period of 1972-1979

Chawla, R.; Kakkar, A., 1981:
Evaluation of residues of six recommended insecticides on cotton

Bosse, K., 1985:
Evaluation of residues on smoke gas purification and effects on the selection of a method

Sannikov, Y.; Barantsev, A.; Smolenkov, A., 1986:
Evaluation of resinous root and stumpwood in pine forests

Putha, Nm, 1980:
Evaluation of resistance and hardiness of red clover to stem nematode

Heitefuss, R.D.hne, D.E.nfeld, E., 1977:
Evaluation of resistance and tolerance in wheat against Puccinia striiformis and in barley against Erysiphe graminis

Golubeva, Ap, 1981:
Evaluation of resistance characters of winter rye plants to lodging

Nair, R.A.wati; Thomas, G., 2007:
Evaluation of resistance gene (R-gene) specific primer sets and characterization of resistance gene candidates in ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)

Popova, M.; Shestelepov, A.; Andrusenko, V., 1977:
Evaluation of resistance of approved and promising rice varieties to the white tip nematode

Krska, B.O.kropec, I.P.lak, J.K.minek, P.A.dergon, J., 2006:
Evaluation of resistance of apricot progeny (Vesta x SEO) to Plum Pox Virus

Mccain, Ah, 1974:
Evaluation of resistance of carnation varieties to Fusarium wilt--a progress report

Nematov, Pk, 1983:
Evaluation of resistance of cotton to Verticillium infections

Pravilenite, Ia, 1980:
Evaluation of resistance of different winter wheat variety specimens to the incidence by powdery mildew , brown rust and bunt

Temnokhud, N.; Gritsiuk, V., 1978:
Evaluation of resistance of fodder beet breeding material to black leg disease

Drimal, J., 1981:
Evaluation of resistance of hybrids and inbred lines of maize in conditions of natural infection Fusarium spp

Riumina, Na, 1972:
Evaluation of resistance of inbred maize lines to common smut

Mckeown, Bm, 1994:
Evaluation of resistance of pea cultivars to powdery mildew (Erysiphe pisi)

Aleksic, Z.A.eksic, D.S.tic, D., 1976:
Evaluation of resistance of pepper to Verticillium albo atrum Beinke and Berth. and determination of virulence of the pathogen strains

Takasaki, T.Y.koyama, S.F.jiyoshi, N.U.hida, N.G.otoku, N.H.rata, Y., 1975:
Evaluation of resistance of sev

Tikhonova, Lv, 1977:
Evaluation of resistance of small grain varieties to oat cyst nematode

Franco, J.G.nzaalez, A.M.tos, A., 1990:
Evaluation of resistance of the potato to the cyst nematode Globodera pallida

Bojarczuk, J.B.jarczuk, M., 1973:
Evaluation of resistance of winter barley varieties to stem break (Cercosporella herpotrichoides Fron.)

Hassan, H.; Beute, M., 1977:
Evaluation of resistance to Cercospora leafsot in peanut germplasm potentially useful in a breeding program

Cadena-Gomez, G.B.ritica-Cespedes, P., 1981:
Evaluation of resistance to Hemileia vastatrix in leaf disks of Coffea canephora, variety Conilon Coffee rust, Colombia.1

Hoogstraten, J.; Toma-Braghini, M.E.kes, A., 1983:
Evaluation of resistance to Hemileia vastatrix in plants of Coffea arabica introduced from Africa

Cia, E.F.rraz, C.; Gridi-Papp, I.; Silva, N.-Da; Soave, J.P.radela-Filho, O.R.beiro, I.; Sabino, N., 1975:
Evaluation of resistance to Verticillium wilt in cotton varieties of the State of Sao Paulo

Adomako, B.; Adu Ampomah, Y.; Ollennu, L.A.A., 2006:
Evaluation of resistance to cocoa swollen shoot virus (CSSV): methods, problems and selections

Williamson, C.; Dyce, P., 1986:
Evaluation of resistance to powdery mildew in seedlings and young plants of forage rape

Xie, Bensong, 1993:
Evaluation of resistance to straighthead disease in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Uchida, N.G.otoku, N.H.rata, Y.Y.koyama, S.S.kai, H., 1974:
Evaluation of resistance to the

Ramirez, M.; Loo, J.; Krasowski, M.J., 2007:
Evaluation of resistance to the beech scale insect (Cryptococcus fagisuga) and propagation of American beech (Fagus grandifolia) by grafting

Marfu, J.; Efron, Y.; Epaina, P., 2006:
Evaluation of resistance to vascular streak dieback in Papua New Guinea

Ubilla, J.; Mochizuki, T., 1983:
Evaluation of resistance to wilting caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. lycopersici (Saccardo) Snyder & Hansen and to Verticillium albo-atrum Reinke & Berthold in three tomato cultivars

Ovchinnikov, M.; Krapukhin, G., 1978:
Evaluation of resistances of the smooth walls of hydraulic chutes

Nesmith, W.; Fourqurean, J., 1983:
Evaluation of resistant variety and Ridomil for the control of black shank in dark tobacco, 1981

Krmzgul, A.H.; Kaya, M.; Bumin, A.; Kalnbacak, A., 2007:
Evaluation of resistive index parameter in peritoneal dialysis in dogs with experimental bilateral proximal ureteral obstruction

Aree-Wiboonpongse, 1993:
Evaluation of resource utilization in Chom Thong land reform area, Chiang Mai Province

Hann, Wj, 1986:
Evaluation of resource values in the northern region of the Forest Service

Luciani, U., 1982:
Evaluation of resources and integrataed intervention

Blamey, F.; Mould, D., 1979:
Evaluation of response functions for establishing the critical boron concentration in sunflower leaf tissue

Ayyagari, V.M.hapatra, S.; Choudhury, D.T.iagasundaram, T.; Venkataramaiah, A., 1979:
Evaluation of response to individual, family and combined selection for part and annual egg production in chickens

Oldemeyer, J.; Reid, V.1; Nickey, D.1; Hedrick, M., 1982:
Evaluation of rest-rotation grazing in the Missouri River Breaks on the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Montana Vegetative differences, shrub biomass

Hopkin, J.; Sporleder, T.; Padberg, D.; Knutson, R., 1988:
Evaluation of restructuring alternatives for the banks for cooperatives

Adaska, J.; Munoz-Zanzi, C.; Hietala, S., 2002:
Evaluation of result variation with a commercial Johnes disease enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit and repeat testing of samples

Monicke, K.K.rchhof, K.B.um, W.S.holz, G., 1981:
Evaluation of results for fertilization in order to increase potato yields and quality in the Eilenburg district

Wetterau, H.O.kert, W., 1974:
Evaluation of results from ensilaging of sugarbeet tops

Heidenreich, E.K.oden, W.L.pnitz, G.S.ckrow, G., 1973:
Evaluation of results from granulometric analysis with electronic data equipment

Bleiholder, H.B.hrendt, S., 1981:
Evaluation of results from outdoor experimental series with plant-protection chemicals

Yang YaMing; Dong Ying; X.H.iBing (), 2006:
Evaluation of results in malaria control project supported by Global Fund in Menglian County, Yunnan

Vovesny, V., 1984:
Evaluation of results in two-storied pig-fattening house

Jacob, W.; Bierwirt, G.K.tsche, W., 1974:
Evaluation of results obtained from bacteriological testing of swine fetuses after abortion

Marova, M.K.lous, F.O.iveriusova, J., 1985:
Evaluation of results of Pb contents of biological materials from a contaminated area

Zoborsky, I.V.rga, J., 1984:
Evaluation of results of agrochemical enterprises

Krecek, J., 1982:
Evaluation of results of animal production in the year 1981 Czechoslovakia.1

Gotthardt, H., 1978:
Evaluation of results of carcass marketing with regard to genotype structure

Vovesny, V., 1982:
Evaluation of results of continuous and periodic swine fattening

Visnjic, C.S.kiz, S., 1970:
Evaluation of results of fattening hybrid broilers of different origin

Hajtman, P.S.ancik, M., 1972:
Evaluation of results of forest inventory 1970 in Slovakia

Legutko, W., 1979:
Evaluation of results of ornamental plant breeding in Poland

Tesar, A., 1980:
Evaluation of results of regular cytologic examination of milk basin samples in the CSR

Anonymous, 1953:
Evaluation of results of the Corn production television program in Story County, Iowa

Moshchenko, Iub, 1983:
Evaluation of results of the agricultural year in field cropping

Shostak, M.L.siun, M., 1978:
Evaluation of results of the productive activity of collective and state farms

Gertig, H.D.da, G., 1978:
Evaluation of results of tocopherols assay in plant oils

Strotmann, H., 1986:
Evaluation of results on nucleotide-binding sites of the ATPase complex

Riley, R.; Savell, J.; Smith, G.; Mckeith, F., 1979:
Evaluation of retail caselife and shrinkage of cuts from electrically stimulated lamb

Huelskamp, Henry, J., 1957 :
Evaluation of retail merchandising practices for pears, peanut butter, and creamery butter

Ribeiro, K.D.S.; Araújo, K.F.; Pereira, M.C.; Dimenstein, R., 2007:
Evaluation of retinol levels in human colostrum in two samples collected at an interval of 24 hours

Persyn, R.A.; Richard, T.L.; Glanville, T.D.; Laflen, J.M.; Dixon, P.M., 2007:
Evaluation of revegetation from blanket applied composts on a highway construction site

Selvidge, M.M.aoulis, I., 1990:
Evaluation of reversible hydration reactions for use in thermal energy storage

Woodbury, Bryan, L., 1996:
Evaluation of reversible static-bed bio-denitrification reactors

Nuti, M.; Casella, S.P.sti, M., 1984:
Evaluation of rhizobia genetically engineered for pesticide resistance

Tyatyushkina, T.A., 2007:
Evaluation of rhizogenic activity of stem cuttings of promising common lilac varieties

Padgett, Leslie-Joe, 1990:
Evaluation of rhizoma peanut hay as a supplement to bahiagrass hay for wintering cows and heifers

Hammond, A.C.; Williams, M.J.; Butts, W.T.; Adams, E.L., 1989:
Evaluation of rhizoma perennial peanut hay as a protein source for wintering cows

Sobotka-Wierzbowicz, J., 1972:
Evaluation of rhizomes and roots of Valeriana officinalis; pharmacognostic investigations

Szafran, H.S.mal, Z.S.botka-Iwerzbowicz, J., 1972:
Evaluation of rhizomes and roots of Valeriana officinalis; pharmacological investigations

Hari Om; Nandal, D.P., 2006:
Evaluation of rice (Oryza sativa) hybrids for different time of transplanting under rice-wheat system in north-western India

Hoff, B.; Bollich, P., 1989:
Evaluation of rice as a forage crop for crawfish production

Moura, G.D.-M.L.di, N., 1983:
Evaluation of rice associated with maize in relation to grain yield and land use

Lindemann, M.; Brooks, C.; Kornegay, E., 1986:
Evaluation of rice bran for growing-finishing pigs

Tanaka, A.; Wakamatsu, K.; Shimada, Y.; Tanokashira, T., 2006:
Evaluation of rice cake character of glutinous rice variety Satsumashiromochi

Santoprete, G., 1978:
Evaluation of rice consistence

Brunson, M.; Hoff, B.; Riecke, D.; Simon, S., 1987:
Evaluation of rice cultivars for double cropping with crawfish

Rangel, P.; Galvao, E.; Nogueira, O.; Behnck, B., 1978:
Evaluation of rice cultivars in the Federal Territory of Roraima

Yoshida, T., 1983:
Evaluation of rice cultures mechanization in Japan

Stermer, R.; Kunze, O., 1990:
Evaluation of rice fissure susceptibility by acoustical measurement

Duan-Can-Xing; Zhang-Shi-Xian; Chen-Qing; Cheng-Zhi-Jun; Zhai-Hu-Qu; Wan-Jian-Min, 2007:
Evaluation of rice germplasm for resistance to the small brown planthopper and analysis on resistance mechanism

Robinson, J.; Smith, C.1; Trahan, G., 1981:
Evaluation of rice lines for rice water weevil resistance Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus

N'-Guessan, K.; Quisenberry, S.; Rice, W.; Trahan, G.; Bollich, P., 1992:
Evaluation of rice lines regenerated from anther culture for tolerance to the rice water weevil

Robinson, J.; Croughan, T.; Smith, C.; Trahan, G.; Michot, R.; Pizzolatto, M., 1985:
Evaluation of rice lines regenerated from cell culture for rice water weevil resistance

N'-Guessan, K.; Quisenberry, S.; Rice, W.; Trahan, G.; Bollich, P., 1992:
Evaluation of rice lines regenerated from tissue culture for tolerance to the rice water weevil

Armas, A.C.icco, C., 1970:
Evaluation of rice meal (whole grain) as a substitute for corn meal rations for fattening chickens

Carnevali, A.; Chicco, C.; Shultz, T., 1970:
Evaluation of rice meal as a substitute for corn meal for supplementing silage for cattle

Sanchez-Lopez, Cr, 1971:
Evaluation of rice planting work in three commons (Culiacan)

Campabadal, C.M.smanni, M.U.ana, G., 1982 :
Evaluation of rice polishings and wheat middlings as energy sources in a protein supplemented diet for banana fed pigs

Anonymous, 1980:
Evaluation of rice varietal re

Seal, A.N.; Pratley, J.E.; Haig, T.J., 2005:
Evaluation of rice varieties for allelopathic effects on Australian rice weeds - linking laboratory to field

Hirao, J., 1978:
Evaluation of rice varieties in

L.X.uJun; Yang FuYi; Liu XingTu, 2007:
Evaluation of rice-reed-fish model in salinized wetland of west Songnen Plain, China

Mulrooney, Rp, 1983:
Evaluation of ridomil for pink rot control, 1982

Adsule, P.; Anand, J., 1977:
Evaluation of rigid thermoplastic containers for packing of some fruit and vegetable products

Mcisaac, G.; Mitchell, J., 1991:
Evaluation of rill width models for row cropped soils

Kuhn, Gary-Neal, 1995:
Evaluation of risk-based decision models for prioritizing waste disposal sites

Parke, D.; Truhaut, R., 1985:
Evaluation of risks from pesticide residues in food

Ergene, S.; Cavaş, T.; Celik, A.; Köleli, N.; Aymak, C., 2007:
Evaluation of river water genotoxicity using the piscine micronucleus test

Maksimov, V.; Gan'-Shina, L.; Abakumov, V., 1984:
Evaluation of river water quality according to the species composition of the phytoplankton

Wang, J.-Z.H.bbs, S.-A.S.ng, R., 2002:
Evaluation of riverbank filtration as a drinking water treatment process

Thomas, H.R.; Kornegay, E.T., 1975:
Evaluation of roasted corn and soybeans for swine

Nourgholipour, F.; Khavazi, K.; Besharati, H.; Fallah, A., 2006:
Evaluation of rock phosphate, sulfur and Thiobacillus application affecting the yield and quality of soybean and their residual effects on corn growth

Kaukeinen, De, 1988:
Evaluation of rodent bait station use under controlled conditions

Jackson, Wb, 1977:
Evaluation of rodent depredations to crops and stored products

Younos, Tamim, M., 1998:
Evaluation of rooftop rainfall collection-cistern storage systems in southwest Virginia

Bockisch, Franz-Josef, 2000:
Evaluation of room climate effects of insulation materials on renewable raw materials

Laiche, A.J.; Kilby, W.; Overcash, J., 1984:
Evaluation of root and shoot growth of field and container grown pecan trees 5 years after transplanting

Byler, J.; James, R., 1981:
Evaluation of root disease control in the Saint Marys logging unit, Flathead Reservation, Montana Pseudotsuga menziesii, Armillaria mellea, Ceratocystis wageneri, Montana

James, R.; Stewart, C.1; Dubreuil, S., 1982:
Evaluation of root disease losses on the Blue Fat timber sale, Cabinet Ranger District, Kootenai National Forest, Montana Phellinus weirii, Armillaria mellea, Phaeolus schweinitzii

James, R.; Byler, J., 1981:
Evaluation of root diseases on the Ducharme logging unit, Flathead Indian Reservation Armillaria mellea, Verticicladiella, Montana

Inoue, Y.O.abe, T., 1981:
Evaluation of root lodging resi

Copestake, S., 1970:
Evaluation of rose rootstocks

Lund, Mette-Caroline, 1995:
Evaluation of rose varieties

Ashcroft, J.M., 1955:
Evaluation of rot-resistant treatments for elastomer-coated fabrics

Szule, Zs, 1974:
Evaluation of rotating mowers

Sharapov, Id, 1970:
Evaluation of rotation of crops with rice in Kzyl-Orda region

Wiedner, Joachim, 1986:
Evaluation of rotwurst

Zihlmann, F., 1983:
Evaluation of roughage production methods as measured on the milk performance of dairy cows

Nichols, S.; Snipes, C.; Creech, J.; Mccarty, W., 2000:
Evaluation of roundup ready cotton in Mississippi

Mccarty, W.; Mills, A.S.ith, R.P.pper, T.M.ily, W.S.okes, C.A.kins, B.S.ngleton, J.R.scoe, A., 2000:
Evaluation of roundup ready cotton tolerance to roundup ultra herbicide in commercial size plots in Mississippi

Griffin, J.; Reynolds, D.; Jordan, D.; Prochaska, L.; Rogers, R., 1994:
Evaluation of roundup ready transgenic soybean in Louisiana

Jackson, K.; Damicone, J., 1994:
Evaluation of rovral for control of sclerotinia blight when applied to resistant, moderately susceptible and susceptible peanut cultivars

Jackson, K.; Damicone, J., 1994:
Evaluation of rovral for management of sclerotinia blight of peanut

Phipps, Pm, 1985:
Evaluation of row treatments with soil fumigants for control of Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) of peanut, 1984

Mazur, H.L.wandowska, I.S.elmach, A., 1982:
Evaluation of rubber elements of the machinery used in food processing industry from the standpoint of hygiene

Ti, T.; Subramaniam, S.G.palan, A., 1974:
Evaluation of rubber planting materials in smallholdings

Elwakeel, E.A.; Titgemeyer, E.C.; Drouillard, J.S.; Armendariz, C.K., 2007:
Evaluation of ruminal nitrogen availability in liquid feeds

Rahman, M.; Talukder, M.; Islam, A., 1981:
Evaluation of runoff coefficient for small agricultural watersheds

Madden, Jp, 1975:
Evaluation of rural development programs: toward a paradigm to guide the implementation and evaluation of rural development programs

Khan, A.-Saeed; Khan, M.-Jameel, 1993:
Evaluation of rural health programme in Punjab

Chandra, S.S.ngh, M.T.agi, K., 1973:
Evaluation of rural houses

Bawa, D.S., 1973:
Evaluation of rural textile project

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Evaluation of seed and seedling response to aid revegetation of hazardous chemical waste sites

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Evaluation of selected amino acids on embryogenesis of cotton

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Evaluation of selected aspects of the Homemaking Service Program in the city of Rochester, New York

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Evaluation of selected elite potato genotypes in Eastern Uganda

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Evaluation of selected fungicides for control of early blight of tomato

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Evaluation of selected grasses for wildlife afteruses in the reclamation of a coal slurry lagoon in Western Kentucky

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Evaluation of selected herbicides for the control of Monochoria vaginalis in water-seeded rice

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Evaluation of selected herbicides for weeds management in American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.) culture

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Evaluation of selected herbicidies used to spring control of Alopecurus mysuroides in winter wheat

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Evaluation of selected information on splitting devices for water samples

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Evaluation of selected insecticides for control of insect pests of soybeans

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Evaluation of selected insecticides for control of the Mexican rice borer, Eoreuma Loftini (Dyar), on rice

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Evaluation of selected insecticides on plant bugs and beneficial arthropods - 1987

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Evaluation of selected methods for histochemical characterization of changes occurring in the protein complex of the grain of wheat in the process of sprouting in the ear

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Evaluation of selected micro-computer forest inventory and growth models for use at the management level in the southeastern US

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Evaluation of selected models for estimating solar radiation on horizontal surfaces

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Evaluation of selected raspberry and strawberry cultivars in southern Idaho

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Evaluation of selected shipping containers for eastern-grown peaches

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Evaluation of selected sorghum lines for weathering resistance

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Evaluation of selected soybean germplasm collection entries for agronomically desirable traits

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Evaluation of selected soybean germplasm collection for agronomically desirable traits

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Evaluation of selected soybean lines for nematode resistance

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Evaluation of selected spinach varieties under early, mid and late planting conditions

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Evaluation of selected taxa of woody plants according to the size of photocynthetic active surface

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Evaluation of selected turf, reproductive, and disease response characteristics in crossed and selfed progenies of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.)

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Evaluation of selected vineyard sites in Washington State

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Evaluation of selected wells in Pennsylvanias observation-well program as of 1993

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Evaluation of selected wood properties in relation to soil-site conditions

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Evaluation of selection procedures in F3 and F4 head rows of barley

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Evaluation of selection traits and seed yield in common bean

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Evaluation of selection work in the elite herd of pigs of the Large White breed

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Evaluation of selections of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) with a coating of phytomelanin as a source of resistance to pests in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

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Evaluation of selective detectors for the rapid and sensitive gas chromatographic assay of cytokinins, and application to the analysis of cytokinins in plant extracts Phaseolus vulgaris, kidney beans as dihydrozeatin and dihydrozeatin riboside source, Cocos nucifera, coconut milk as zeatin source, Triticum, wheat germ cytokinin nucleosides

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Evaluation of selective erosion control techniques Piedmont region of S.E. United States

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Evaluation of selective herbicides under clear polyethylene film for melon production

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Evaluation of selective media for the isolation of Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands from the soil

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Evaluation of selective methods for the control of the corn earworm (Heliothis zea (Bodie))

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Evaluation of selective toxicity of larvicides

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Evaluation of selenite-F broth as a selective medium for Salmonella

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Evaluation of selenium behavior in thermospray flame furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

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Evaluation of selenium reticular pellets and injectable copper edetate for yearling replacement heifers

Ragan, J.; Handel, A., 1985:
Evaluation of self degumming properties of phospholipids in soybean oil using HPLC

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Evaluation of self limiting supplements for beef cattle

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Evaluation of self-cleaning ability of leached Chernozem from some pesticides and their effect on the enzymatic activity of the soil

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Evaluation of self-fertility in a collection of sour cherry varieties from all over the world

Nagy, N., 1982:
Evaluation of self-performance test-results of beef cattle of different genotypes with special regard to feed conversion efficiency

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Evaluation of self-propelled agricultural machines modified for operators with serious physical handicaps

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Evaluation of self-propelled beet harvesters from the aspect of noise and vibrations

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Evaluation of semen quality in breeding cocks taking into account the erythrocyte number of the blood

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Evaluation of semen quality of White Leghorn selected for egg production

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Evaluation of semi dent intervarietal crosses in maize (Zea mays L.)

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Evaluation of semi permeable membranes for determination of organic contaminants in drinking water

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Evaluation of semi-dwarf mutants in triticale and wheat breeding

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Evaluation of semi-interpenetrating polymer networks composed of chitosan and poloxamer for wound dressing application

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Evaluation of semiacid magnesium bisulfite beech pulps and their comparison with acid and sulfate pulps

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Evaluation of semidwarf barleys from the barley genetic stock collection

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Evaluation of semisynthetic values of forms of the Brassica napus L. species from the standpoint of plant breeding

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Evaluation of sensitiveness and development of resistance of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici to Benomyl

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Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of the agid test for ovine Johnes disease using Monte Carlo simulation

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Evaluation of sensitivity to D.D.T. and endosulfan of 3 species of laboratory bred Glossina using W.H.O. capillary applicators

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Evaluation of sensors to monitor mixed coagulation

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Evaluation of sensory quality of instant foods fortified with omega-3 PUFA by addition of fish oil powder

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Evaluation of sensory tasters on their tasting, smelling and visual ability

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Evaluation of sentinel lymph node biopsy in detection of axillary lymph node metastasis in breast cancer

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Evaluation of separation results from peeling of rape seed Oil processing.1

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Evaluation of sera A, B, E and F for diagnosis of Clostridium botulinum poisoning

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Evaluation of serious adverse drug reactions: a proactive pharmacovigilance program (RADAR) vs safety activities conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical manufacturers

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Evaluation of serologic tests for Mycoplasma gallisepticum in wild turkeys

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Evaluation of serologica results for Hemophilus somnus and Pasteurella hemolytica

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Evaluation of serological reactions in the diagnosis of ovine and bovine brucellosis

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Evaluation of serological tests for the detection of bovine Mycoplasma

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Evaluation of serological tests to identify Trypanosoma cruzi infection in humans and determine cross-reactivity with Trypanosoma rangeli and Leishmania spp

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Evaluation of serological tests used in the diagnosis of human brucellosis

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Evaluation of serum L-phenylalanine concentration as indicator of liver disease in dogs: a pilot study

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Evaluation of serum amylase and lipase activity in experimentally induced pancreatitis in the dog

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Evaluation of several growth regulators on the rooting of three azalea cultivars

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Evaluation of several growth retardants on azaleas

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Evaluation of short-term tests for carcinogenicity

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Evaluation of shredder residue as cement manufacturing feedstock

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Evaluation of silo design types

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Evaluation of simple feeds and new trends concerning the compounds for animal feeding

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Evaluation of simple methods of solidification of forest roads using building materials from local sources after ten-year traffic

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Evaluation of single feeds and rations for swine fattening. Problems and further development

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Evaluation of sire bulls in the herd of cows of the Elgava Educational Farm of the Latvian Agricultural Academy

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Evaluation of sire bulls of the major lines of Simmental breed by the meat productivity of the progeny

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Evaluation of sire bulls on the Krymskaia Regional State Pedigree Station

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Evaluation of sire-bulls by the quality of their progeny

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Evaluation of sires by the yield of frozen semen Artificial insemination of cattle.1

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Evaluation of sires used in Mexico

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Evaluation of sires, the major element in breeding-pedigree work Cattle, Ukrainian SSR.1

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Evaluation of site factors in the production region of the northeastern part of the Kolin district

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Evaluation of site quality in connection with a model for large scale forecasting of timber yields

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Evaluation of site quality measures and growth curves for even-aged ponderosa pine under different levels of stand density and site productivity in western Montana

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Evaluation of site-selection criteria, well design, monitoring techniques, and cost analysis for a ground-water supply in Piedmont crystalline rocks, North Carolina

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Evaluation of sites by absolute site indices

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Evaluation of six Trifolium species for forage production in southwest Louisiana

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Evaluation of six insecticides applied at planting for thrips control on Texas peanuts

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Evaluation of six legumes under different irrigation regimes in northern New Mexico

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Evaluation of six methods for estimating magnitude and frequency of peak discharges of urban streams in New York

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Evaluation of six poultry hybrids kept at Tatton Farm Demonstration Unit, Egerton College during 1974 to 1978

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Evaluation of six storage systems for mechanically-formed, large-bale, hay packages, 1980

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Evaluation of six tropical grasses according to their agronomical performance and costs in the area of Matias Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Evaluation of six weed control treatments in an interior spruce seed orchard P. engelmanni, British Columbia

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Evaluation of size of USAIRC and logistics of irradiated meat

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Evaluation of sizer technologies for Florida citrus

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Evaluation of skidder seats for reducing whole-body vibration

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Evaluation of skin bacterial flora before and after aseptic preparation of clipped and nonclipped arthrocentesis sites

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Evaluation of skin permeation and irritation of topically applied drugs using three-dimensional cultured human skin models: Toward the establishment of alternative methods for animal experiments

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Evaluation of skin temperature change as stress indicator in rabbit through infrared thermography

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Evaluation of slaughter checks as indicator of the herd health in pigs in the framework of an Integrated Quality Assurance System

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Evaluation of slaughter products from granosan poisoned animals

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Evaluation of slaughter quality of White New Zealand rabbits

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Evaluation of slaughter quality of pigs in relation to their sex

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Evaluation of slaughter sheep quality and arbitration of disputes associated with the estimation

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Evaluation of slaughtering quali

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Evaluation of slidgegate performance on flood prevention dams

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Evaluation of slipsheets for unitized shipment of groceries in trailers

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Evaluation of slope stability and foundation suitability for four southwestern Virginia mine spoils

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Evaluation of slurry from commercial pig fattening farms. IV. effect of high slurry rates on some soil properties

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Evaluation of small catchment surface treatment

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Evaluation of small farm credit in Chile

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Evaluation of small grain cover crops as alternative methods of weed control in soybeans

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Evaluation of small grain forage for lactating dairy cows

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Evaluation of small hydro stations

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Evaluation of small interspecific potato hybrid families in yields and starch content

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Evaluation of small mammals as ecological indicators of old-growth conditions

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Evaluation of small modular incinerators buring municipal and industrial waste

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Evaluation of small-scale nutrition programs

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Evaluation of small-seeded vining pea cultivars 1981

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Evaluation of smoke toxicity using concentration-time products

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Evaluation of socioeconomic feasibility of an environmental recovery project (lomas de Atiquipa, Peru)

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Evaluation of sodium carboxymethylcellulose for prevention of adhesion in intestinal anastomosis in dogs

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Evaluation of sodium methyldithiocarbamate as a fumigant to decrease viability of goatsrue seed in the field

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Evaluation of soft red winter wheat forage yield, nutritive value and tetany hazard as influenced by sampling date and nitrogen fertilization

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Evaluation of soil

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Evaluation of soil analysis for the vegetable garden

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Evaluation of soil and climatic conditions of winegrowing of the cadastre Modra

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Evaluation of soil conditions on dumps by means of plant indicators

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Evaluation of soil conservation plant materials for herbicide tolerance and revegetating semi-arid land infested with yellow starthistle

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Evaluation of soil destructive phenomena and forms in the region of Belanske Tatra by terrestrial photogrammetry

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Evaluation of soil erosion resis

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Evaluation of soil fertility and fertilizer application in some soybean plantings

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Evaluation of soil fertility and fertilizers used in some soybean plantings

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Evaluation of soil fertility by dynamic factors

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Evaluation of soil fertility by means of dry matter production in pot essays. I. Graphic representations used

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Evaluation of soil fertility by means of dry matter production in pot essays. II. Fertility diagram

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Evaluation of soil fertility by means of dry matter production in pot essays. III. Fertilizer formula for corrective fertilization

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Evaluation of soil fertility by means of dry matter production in pot essays. IV. Determination of the fertilization formula by means of Trifolium subterraneum and Lolium perenne x Lolium multiflorum

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Evaluation of soil fertility for natural pastures

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Evaluation of soil fertility in the coconut producing region of the State of Sergipe by means of the microplots technique

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Evaluation of soil fertility of Bebedouro Irrigation Project in Petrolina

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Evaluation of soil fertility with the humus balance method

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Evaluation of soil fumigants and soil insecticides to control Diaprepes abbreviatus in muck and potting soils

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Evaluation of soil fungicides for control of bean root rot on snap beans, 1982

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Evaluation of soil genetic characteristics and their variations

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Evaluation of soil humus by the characteristics of its labile part

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Evaluation of soil in land consolidation procedures

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Evaluation of soil insecticides for quarantine treatments against imported fire ants, 1976-1979 Solenopsis invicta, nursery potting media

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Evaluation of soil iron

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Evaluation of soil map details by using the structural parameters of the soil cover

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Evaluation of soil microorganisms using a standard biochemical system of analysis

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Evaluation of soil nematicides for nematode control, growth and yield increase of field corn, 1984

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Evaluation of soil nitrate tests for predicting corn nitrogen response in the North Central Region

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Evaluation of soil nitrogen balance by graphic method

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Evaluation of soil nitrogen test kits 1991

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Evaluation of soil organic carbon as an index of phosphorus availability for rice in alluvial soils of Punjab

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Evaluation of soil organic matter models

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Evaluation of soil phosphorus by radio phosphorus P32. comparative study between Russel et al (1957) and Menard and Malavolta (1957) formulas

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Evaluation of soil physical properties limiting soybean root development in Louisiana soils Tillage treatments

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Evaluation of soil physical, agricultural engineering and hy drological problems by means of climatic water balance and s oil physical characteristics. 2. influnce of groundwater on water supply of plants

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Evaluation of soil physical, agricultural engineering and hydrological problems by means of climatic water balance and soil physical characteristics 3. possibility of deep tillage operations

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Evaluation of soil physical, agricultural engineering and hydrological problems by means of climatic water balance and soil physical characteristics. 4. ground water recharge

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Evaluation of soil physical, agricultural engineering and hydrological problems by means of climatic water balance and soil physical characteristics. 5. stagnant water

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Evaluation of soil pollution by the chemical composition of plants

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Evaluation of soil quality under Integrated Nutrient Management

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Evaluation of soil reclamation a

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Evaluation of soil solarization for the control of fusarium wilt of tomato

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Evaluation of soil solarization singly or in combination with fungal or bacterial biocontrol agents to control fusarium wilt of carnation

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Evaluation of soil spatial variability in California soils

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Evaluation of soil stabilization

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Evaluation of soil suitability for the planning of rural space in France

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Evaluation of soil systems for land disposal of industrial and municipal effluents

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Evaluation of soil systems for land disposal of industrial and municipal wastewaters

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Evaluation of soil test method for potassium in black soils in Madhya Pradesh

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Evaluation of soil test methods and development of a potassium fertilizer recommendation sytem for Montana

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Evaluation of soil test methods for available N, P and K for wheat and maize under field conditions

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Evaluation of soil test methods for phosphorus in acidic Brown Hill soils for potatoes

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Evaluation of soil test studies from 1969 to 1971

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Evaluation of soil tests for available sulphur in Benchmark soils of Punjab

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Evaluation of soil tests for phosphorus availability

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Evaluation of soil tests with regard to location, soil conditons, and farm management

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Evaluation of soil use and susceptibility of erosion in the basin of the Tolomosa River (Tarija, Bolivia)

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