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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15758

Chapter 15758 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boikov, S., 1981:
Evapotranspiration and its relat

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Evapotranspiration and photosynthesis of a crop as a function of its physical properties

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Evapotranspiration and plant production directly related to global radiation

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Evapotranspiration and potential evapotranspiration measures in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

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Evapotranspiration and productive response of soybean in dependence on soil moisture

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Evapotranspiration and sensible heat flux estimation above grass: comparison of methods and correlation of several attributes to routinely measured data

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Evapotranspiration and transpiration of field crops on soddy-podzolic soil of the Non-Chernozem zone

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Evapotranspiration and water r

Shih, Sf, 1983 :
Evapotranspiration and water use efficiency of sweet corn

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Evapotranspiration and water-

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Evapotranspiration and water research as related to riparian and phreatophyte management

Horton, Js, 1973:
Evapotranspiration and watershed research as related to riparian and phreatophyte management

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Evapotranspiration and yield estimation of spring wherat from canopy temperature Triticum aestivum, stress, northern Utah

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Evapotranspiration and yield of corn in the Central Bekaa of Lebanon with reference to the effect of advection

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Evapotranspiration and yield response of strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa Dutch.) as affected by soil water conditions

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Evapotranspiration as a stochastic process

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Evapotranspiration as affected by plant density and water-table depth

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Evapotranspiration as an alternative for second home waste disposal systems

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Evapotranspiration as modelled by a higher order closure scheme

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Evapotranspiration as principal element for scheduling irrigation needs of sunflower

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Evapotranspiration before and after clearing phreatophytes, Gila River Flood Plain, Graham County, Arizona

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Evapotranspiration contrasts between south-facing bluff prairies and north-facing forest

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Evapotranspiration determined with lysimeters for some perennial fodder plants

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Evapotranspiration dynamics for large river basins

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Evapotranspiration empiricisms for minimizing risk in rainfed agriculture

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Evapotranspiration estimates for the Pawnee grasslands

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Evapotranspiration estimation in Puerto Rico

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Evapotranspiration for three sparse-canopy sites in the Black Rock Valley, Yakima County, Washington, March 1992 to October 1995

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Evapotranspiration from a cypress and pine forest subjected to natural fires, Volusia County, Florida, 1998-99

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Evapotranspiration from a paddy

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Evapotranspiration from a small clay catchment

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Evapotranspiration from an oak-hickory forest

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Evapotranspiration from areas of native vegetation in west-central Florida

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Evapotranspiration from cypress (Taxodium ascendens) wetlands and slash pine (Pinus elliottii) uplands in north-central Florida

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Evapotranspiration from finger millet and its relationship with evaporation from different evaporimeters Eleusine coracana, Andhra Pradesh

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Evapotranspiration from flood irrigated rice in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Evapotranspiration from forests: measurement and modeling

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Evapotranspiration from heterogeneous mountain meadows

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Evapotranspiration from irrigated rice in the tropical dry season

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Evapotranspiration from lowland vegetation communities of the New Jersey pine barrens

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Evapotranspiration from natural and modified raised peat bogs in New Zealand

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Evapotranspiration from riparian vegetation: conserving water by reducing saltcedar transpiration Tamarix chinensis, soil erosion control

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Evapotranspiration from riparian vegetation: water relations and irrecoverable losses for saltcedar Tamarix chinensis

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Evapotranspiration from saltcedar along the Lower Colorado River

Bidlake, W.R., 2002:
Evapotranspiration from selected fallowed agricultural fields on the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California, during May to October 2000

Sumner, D.M., 1996:
Evapotranspiration from successional vegetation in a deforested area of the Lake Wales Ridge, Florida

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Evapotranspiration from the pas

Philipp, K.; Gallagher, J., 1985:
Evapotranspiration from two potential halophytic crop species

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Evapotranspiration in Eucalyptus and Pinus plantations and in natural herbaceous vegetation

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Evapotranspiration in Sudan Gezira irrigation scheme

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Evapotranspiration in a basin scale hydrologic model

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Evapotranspiration in a sand du

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Evapotranspiration in different crops and plant densities

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Evapotranspiration in saline soils

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Evapotranspiration in semi-arid wetlands: relationships between inundation and the macrophyte-cover:open-water ratio

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Evapotranspiration in the Geneva Basin in 1978: Analyses of rainfall and agricultural deficits

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Evapotranspiration in the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and its relation to tray evaporation and yield

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Evapotranspiration indexes for the environs of Cracow, calculated by different formulae

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Evapotranspiration measurements from different-sized lysimeters

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Evapotranspiration measurements in Eriophorum vaginatum tussock tundra in Alaska

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Evapotranspiration measurements of four crop community in eastern Qinghai province

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Evapotranspiration measurements of native vegetation, Owens Valley, California, June 1986

Lomax, Km, 1979:
Evapotranspiration method works for wastewater disposal along Chesapeake Bay

Jagtap, S.; Jones, J., 1989:
Evapotranspiration model for developing crops

Beorjesson, Leif, 1983:
Evapotranspiration och fuktighet i veaxthus

Toledo, P.-E.C.rdenas, O.-R.R.y, R.D.libaltov, Y., 1981:
Evapotranspiration of Valencia Late orange trees under Jaguey Grande (Cuba) conditions

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Evapotranspiration of Deficit Irrigated Sorghum

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Evapotranspiration of a drip-irrigated coffee plantation and its relationship with the reference evapotranspiration

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Evapotranspiration of a three-cut meadow and a pasture on peat-muck soil in the Wieprz-Krzna canal region

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Evapotranspiration of citrus in Cruz das Almas, Bahia

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Evapotranspiration of crop plants in view of recent research

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Evapotranspiration of crops--review of the literature

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Evapotranspiration of dryland grapevines submitted to two management systems

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Evapotranspiration of ecosystems - forest, grassland, wetland and agro-ecosystem

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Evapotranspiration of grapes

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Evapotranspiration of grasses at daily intervals

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Evapotranspiration of grasslands and field crops

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Evapotranspiration of grasslands in the Zulawy region

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Evapotranspiration of grasslands on peat-muck soils with weak and strong mucking degree

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Evapotranspiration of grasslands under mountain conditions

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Evapotranspiration of head lettuce

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Evapotranspiration of hop stand

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Evapotranspiration of intensively irrigated grasslands on peat-muck soils in the region of Biebrza

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Evapotranspiration of irrigated grain sorghum and corn, Southern High Plains

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Evapotranspiration of maize (Zea mays L.) and its relation to class A pan evaporation Brazil.1

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Evapotranspiration of mature orange trees in an arid climate

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Evapotranspiration of meadows and pastures in the Warsaw region

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Evapotranspiration of meadows and pastures in the lower Vistula valley

Roguski, W.W.yna, A., 1983:
Evapotranspiration of meadows and pastures on peat-muck and mineral-muck in the Notec River valey

Szuniewicz, J., 1975:
Evapotranspiration of meadows on peat muck soils with low and high mucking degree

Rychnovska, M., 1980:
Evapotranspiration of natural and recultivated stands in a submountain region

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Evapotranspiration of phreatophytes in Colorados San Luis valley

Shiroma, M., 1973:
Evapotranspiration of pineapple

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Evapotranspiration of plant communities dominant in eastern Karakum

Roguski, W., 1978:
Evapotranspiration of several crops in the region on the soil developed from heavy loamy sand

Roguski, W.G.brych, K., 1974:
Evapotranspiration of some crops and winter wheat on soils developed from heavy loamy sands

Linsalata, D., 1975:
Evapotranspiration of some crops in the area of Metaponto

Muresan, T.M.lica, C., 1972:
Evapotranspiration of some simple corn hybrids in optimum water conditions or in soil drought conditions

Yamashiro, S., 1968:
Evapotranspiration of sugar can

Yamashiro, S., 1972:
Evapotranspiration of sugarcane

Lyra, G.B.; Sediyama, G.C.; Lyra, G.B.; Pereira, A.R.; Souza, E.F. de, 2007 :
Evapotranspiration of sugarcane in the coastal board region of the State of Alagoas: simple crop coefficient from FAO-56 bulletin

Schnock, G.D.moulin, A.D.quenne, J.M.riau, M.S.oubeau, C., 1972:
Evapotranspiration of the epiphytic vegetation overgrowing the lower part of oak (Quercus robur) and mapple-tree (Acer campestre) trunks in the mixed oak forest at Virelles Blaimont

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Evapotranspiration of three-cut meadows on peat-muck soils

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Evapotranspiration of tomato cr

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Evapotranspiration of west Japa

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Evapotranspiration on sites with different afforestation in forest steppe with small groves of aspen or birch

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Evapotranspiration over an agricultural region using a surface flux

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Evapotranspiration patterns in Florida

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Evapotranspiration potential in the State of Parana according to Penmans equation

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Evapotranspiration rates and the effect of varying soil humidity on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) yields

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Evapotranspiration rates from rangeland phreatophytes by the eddy-correlation method in Owens Valley, California

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Evapotranspiration reduction by field geometry effects

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Evapotranspiration regime and water economy physical data in olive grove soils in southwestern Spain

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Evapotranspiration research priorities for the next decade--irrigation

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Evapotranspiration research. Automatic meteo-lysimetric statation of the Volturno (Caserta) Experimental Station

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Evapotranspiration studies for estimating man-influenced streamflow patterns under arid conditions in semiarid regions of Hungary

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Evapotranspiration studies on different crops and irrigation water requirements

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Evapotranspiration, crop water balance and geographical factors

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Evapotranspiration, elevation and combination theory

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Evapotranspiration, environmental productivity and soil classification

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Evapotranspiration, irrigation performance and water delivery scheduling flexibility

Karam, F.; Lahoud, R.; Masaad, R.; Kabalan, R.; Breidi, J.; Chalita, C.; Rouphael, Y., 2007:
Evapotranspiration, seed yield and water use efficiency of drip irrigated sunflower under full and deficit irrigation conditions

Anonymous, 1975:
Evapotranspiration, the key to reducing landfill leachates

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Evapotranspiration, yield, water table and basinwide application in Florida

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Evapotranspiration: measurement and technology

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Evapotranspiration: progress in measurement and modeling in agriculture

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Evapotranspirations in the inla

Dassanayake, Rohana-Premachandra, 2002:
Evasion of lysosomal fusion by Brachyspira pilosicoli-containing vacuoles, a novel mechanism of spirochete host macrophage interaction

Sharma, Sp, 1983:
Evasive trends in enforcement of land reform measures in the state of Rajasthan

Srnik, A., 1979:
Evauation and recording of non-finished production in ornamental horticulture

Runyan, Jl, 1974:
Evauation of mechanized warehouse operations

Kamemoto, H.K.ehnle, A.; Amore, T.; Sugii, N., 1993:
Evaulation of PPPC-type dendrobium progenies

Coleman, T.; Gudapati, L.D.rrington, J., 1990:
Evaulation of TM imagery for monitoring forest plantations

Mullahey, J.; Tsai, Y.; Pitts, D., 1992:
Evaulation of a photovoltaic system for supplying water of beef cattle

Reyes, P.M.rlo, S.-Ch, 1977:
Evaulation of commercial varieties, experimental varieties and 15 simple crosses of maize (Zea mays L.) in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, during the spring of 1974

Kharchenko, B.; Bystra, N., 1978:
Evaulation of irrigated lands as

Joubert, P.; Grove,, M.-De; Steyn, W., 2004:
Evaulation of kaolin (Surround Wp) in an IPM program on mangoes in South Africa

Florez, O.-G.M.noz, A.-R.A.ies, F., J., 1984:
Evaulation of several cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) maize (Zea mays L.) and beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) intercropping middle temperature climate

Tarte, R.R.driguez, R., 1976:
Evaulation of the injuries caused by the nematode Heterodera rostochiensis Woll. to potatoes, with emphasis on the development of an integrated system of control

Konoplia, S.; Fursov, V.; Odemamedov, A., 1980:
Evaulations of combining ability of cotton Gossypium hirsutum L. by some characters of its parental lines

Ruiz-Perez, V.L.; Blair, H.J.; Rodriguez-Andres, M.Elena.; Blanco, M.Jose.; Wilson, A.; Liu, Y-Ning.; Miles, C.; Peters, H.; Goodship, J.A., 2007:
Evc is a positive mediator of Ihh-regulated bone growth that localises at the base of chondrocyte cilia

Anonymous, 1980:
Evdikiia Vasilevna Arinushkina (80th birthday)

Hahn, Emily, 1988:
Eve and the apes

Macdonald, Hb, 1997:
Eve, the snake, and the apple nutrition misinformation throughout the ages

Fitzgerald, R., 1990:
Evelyn Mary Booth (1897-1988)

Soprani, C., 1971:
Even Bacchus emigrates to the USA

Meli, A., 1971:
Even France aims on the hybrids

Rodini, N., 1972:
Even Italy imports fruits and vegetables

Taha, F., 1987:
Even Mideast trouble spots offer export opportunities

Collins, B.; Blau, J., 2007:
Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day: circadian timekeeping in Drosophila

Anonymous, 1988:
Even after many years, men wed in teens lag in education, income

Wittwer, R.; Marcouiller, D.A.derson, S., 1990:
Even and uneven-aged forest management

Florins, A.; Gillet, N.; Boxus, M.; Kerkhofs, P.; Kettmann, R.; Willems, L., 2007:
Even attenuated bovine leukemia virus proviruses can be pathogenic in sheep

Butterworth, B., 1979:
Even better forklifts

Hartley, Jh, 1969:
Even better wheats are on the way

Ray, G.; Chakraborty, S., 1969:
Even broadcast taichung gives good yield

Noble, Wc, 1969:
Even cacti have their problems

Zhong, S.; Yogo, Y.; Ogawa, Y.; Oshiro, Y.; Fujimoto, K.; Kunitake, T.; Zheng, H-Y.; Shibuya, A.; Kitamura, T., 2007:
Even distribution of BK polyomavirus subtypes and subgroups in the Japanese Archipelago

Perry, L.Jr, 1974:
Even drough-damaged, mature crops have nutritional value in crop residues grazed by cattle

Keane, Jt, 1972:
Even flow--yes or no?

Ferroni, C., 1970:
Even governmental authority revalues the sheep

Schuhart, A., 1978:
Even grazing with stockwater pipeline

Duncan, A., 1994:
Even heifers get the blues

Wilkins, H.; Roh, S., 1977:
Even higher flower bud numbers are now possible in Easter lilies by dipping greenhouse temperatures

Anonymous, 1988:
Even if youre feeling like Superman, you need to know your cholesterol number

Johnston, G., 1988:
Even in Communist China, farmers speak the profit language

Drouard, R., 1975:
Even in Ireland, nursing cattle are short of breath

Hanson, B., 1991:
Even in drought, leaching is the answer to excessive soil salinity

Leidner, J., 1978:
Even in dry weather double cropping can work

Blum, Wr, 1970:
Even in forestry: rationalization through technical improvment

Magen, Z., 1978:
Even in peace time, the importance of the Nahal (army units of agricultural pioneers) will not lesson

Leland, Ee, 1985:
Even little details make big differences

Ragle, N.-Shire; Naka, J.-Yoshio, 1987 :
Even monkeys fall out of trees

Kok, J., 1981:
Even more and better possibilities of measuring out fertilizers

Tan, K.S.rger, F., 1986:
Even more new taxa from south and east Anatolia. I

Wilson, Jd, 1997:
Even on the farm, internet provides valuable resources

Anonymous, 1998:
Even pasteurized eggs may contain harmful bacteria

Scholz, B., 1972:
Even planting depth

Leu, H., 1971:
Even plants need nutrition

Hansen, H., 1974:
Even progress is the key to governmental planning policies

Kolinsky, J., 1980:
Even sowing depth with furrow openers for strip sowing

Pfletschinger, H., 1970:
Even spiders are photogenic, no dearth of motifs

Stiller, C., 1971:
Even spring feeding brings problems

Zahorsky, J., 1982:
Even stream of silage maize on the belt conveyer and levelled rations of the cattle by the change of the conveyer belt feed speed

Manchanda, Hr, 1974:
Even sweet waters can spoil your soil

Anonymous, 1980:
Even the Duroc and Spot in the Italian herdbooks

Chiofalo, L., 1970:
Even the milk may resist the influence of the space-phenomena

Shaffner, Cs, 1980:
Even the pharaohs had 85% hatches

Frese, Pf, 1977:
Even the small garden can have vegetables

Anonymous, 1943:
Even this horse was saved

Caudell, G., 1996:
Even up

Snyder, Lc, 1973:
Even where low winter temperatures are the rule, some kinds can be grown, broad-leaved evergreens in the upper Midwest

Peterson, Eh, 1969:
Even with Mycoplasma synoviae-free stock, industry may face new problem

Hilmon, J.B., 1970:
Even-age management on the Monongahela National Forest

Anonymous, 1969:
Even-aged management

Smith, Dm, 1989:
Even-aged management: when is it appropriate and what does it reveal about stand development?

Clatterbuck, Wk, 1989:
Even-aged mixtures of cherrybark oak and loblolly pine in southwestern Arkansas

Roach, Benjamin, A., 1979:
Even-aged silviculture for upland central hardwoods

Wazynski, B., 1978:
Even-aged stands of mixed pine forest site type in Mazury-Podlasie region

Wear, D.; Hyde, W.; Daniels, S., 1989:
Even-flow timber harvests and community stability--an analysis of short-run timber sale policies

Rupp, T.L.; Acebo, C.; Carskadon, M.A., 2007:
Evening alcohol suppresses salivary melatonin in young adults

Anikin, V.; Ianovskii, I.; Shiganov, S.; Pushin, I., 1976:
Evening effect of the carding and drawing unit of the cotton spinning line

Nystrom, Esther, 1961:
Evening elegance

Brantjes, Nicolaas-Bernardus-Maria, 1977:
Evening flower scent, ecological investigation on night-flying moths

Barash, Cathy-Wilkinson, 1993:
Evening gardens

Anonymous, 1981:
Evening out the cattle cycle

Hudson, Bjf, 1984:
Evening primrose (Oenothera spp.) oil and seed

Lim, U.; Soo, H.; Woo, D., 1987:
Evening primrose in Korea. II. Gamma-linolenic acid contents

Ockerman, Pa, 1986:
Evening primrose oil--a natural component with biochemical and clinical effects

Kies, C., 1989:
Evening primrose oil: a source of gamma linolenic acid

Betembaeva, M.; Akhmetov, S., 1972:
Evening the wool of South Caucasian Merinos of the Lenin Breeding Farm

Tsymbalenko, S.; Ponomarenko, V., 1981:
Evening up the wheel track from sprinkling machines Construction of a special device.1

Grignet, J., 1971:
Evenmeter, a new automatic unevenness tester of the B(L) curve

Haeupler, Henning, 1982:
Evenness as expression of multiplicity in vegetation

Turk, E., 1980:
Evenness of milk production of udder quarters in cows of the Estonian Black and White Breed

Heymann, W., 1985:
Evenness of mineral fertilizer distribution on experimental fields

Karpii, Gi, 1979:
Evenness of water distribution along the moistening systems of subsoil irrigation

Truman, C.; Williams, R., 1994:
Event and seasonal runoff and soil loss from peanut cropping practices

Fogel, M.D.ckstein,, A., 1976:
Event based formulation of watershed management

Fjorback, M.Voss.; Rijkhoff, N.; Petersen, T.; Nohr, M.; Sinkjaer, T., 2006:
Event driven electrical stimulation of the dorsal penile/clitoral nerve for management of neurogenic detrusor overactivity in multiple sclerosis

Getz, Donald, 1997:
Event management & event tourism

Hays, Rg, 1992:
Event orientation and objectivity as ethical issues in media coverage of agriculture and the environment

Kieffaber, P.D.; O'Donnell, B.F.; Shekhar, A.; Hetrick, W.P., 2007:
Event related brain potential evidence for preserved attentional set switching in schizophrenia

Itzchak, E.Ben.; Babkoff, H.; Faust, M., 2007:
Event related potentials (ERP) and behavioral measurements to verbal stimulation of visual fields

Rodriguez Blanco, M.L.; Taboada Castro, M.M.; Taboada Castro, M.T., 2007:
Event sequence and sediment exhaustion in a rural catchment, Northwest Spain

Tanimoto, H.H.isenberg, M.G.rber, B., 2004 :
Event timing turns punishment to reward

Cote, E.R.chter, K.C.aruvastra, E., 1999:
Event-based cardiac monitoring in small animal practice

Duckstein, L.F.gel, M1; Bogardi, I., 1979:
Event-based models of precipitation for semiarid lands Lake Balaton, Hungary, Stochastic modeling in hydrology

Baier, G.; Hermann, T.; Stephani, U., 2007:
Event-based sonification of EEG rhythms in real time

Hourquet, P.; Roger, A., 2005:
Event-driven careers for R&D professionals?

Stahl, J.; Gibbons, H., 2007:
Event-related brain potentials support episodic-retrieval explanations of flanker negative priming

Roth, R.M.; Saykin, A.J.; Flashman, L.A.; Pixley, H.S.; West, J.D.; Mamourian, A.C., 2007:
Event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging of response inhibition in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Plichta, M.M.; Herrmann, M.J.; Baehne, C.G.; Ehlis, A-C.; Richter, M.M.; Pauli, P.; Fallgatter, A.J., 2006:
Event-related functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) based on craniocerebral correlations: reproducibility of activation?

Ma, Q.; Wang, X.; Dai, S.; Shu, L., 2007:
Event-related potential N270 correlates of brand extension

Rushby, J.A.; Barry, R.J., 2007:
Event-related potential correlates of phasic and tonic measures of the orienting reflex

Neumann, M.F.; Schweinberger, S.R.; Wiese, H.; Burton, A.Mike., 2007:
Event-related potential correlates of repetition priming for ignored faces

Langeslag, S.J.E.; Jansma, B.M.; Franken, I.H.A.; Van Strien, J.W., 2007:
Event-related potential responses to love-related facial stimuli

Czigler, Ián.; Cox, T.J.; Gyimesi, K.; Horváth, János., 2007:
Event-related potential study to aversive auditory stimuli

Kotchoubey, B., 2007:
Event-related potentials predict the outcome of the vegetative state

Pan,, L.X., S.Y.n, C.Z.ang,, Z.Z.ang, D., 2006:
Event-specific qualitative and quantitative PCR detection of MON863 maize based upon the 3* section * -transgene integration sequence

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Events to remember

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Eventual danger in the use of propylene-glycol in food additives

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Eventual direct or indirect effects on health of the agricultural use of muds

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Eventual use of animal fats: Nutrition of swine

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Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it

Mcintyre, Flora, 1950:
Eventyret om biene

Dempster, D., 1975:
Ever better boards from waste wood

Hall, B.-B.H.ll, J., D., 2005:
Ever blooming

Taloumis, G., 1973:
Ever hear of staking ferns?

Smith, Rw, 1989:
Ever heard of CCNS?

Spanghero, M., 2007:
Ever more degradable fibre the aim for the diet of cows

Anand, Jc, 1980:
Ever popular mango products

Waller, R., 1992:
Ever present soybean diseases warrant resistance work

Gould, Stephen-Jay, 1977:
Ever since Darwin

Flood, Pf, 1996:
Ever since daisy: todays endometrium and tomorrows placenta

Ae, C., 1976:
Ever thriving Paulownia woods

Wyman, D., 1978:
Ever try espaliers?

Volkova, T.I., 1966:
Ever-blooming strawberries

Taber, Dw, 1991:
Ever-changing forests deserve to be preserved

Marriage, L.; Batchelor, R., 1983:
Ever-changing network of our streams, rivers and lakes

Vaughn, Gf, 1994:
Ever-changing property rights

Ridgway, B., 1986:
Ever-clean fibre

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Ever-improving cultivars of Aechmea fasciata

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Ever-ready records

Anonymous, 1971:
Everardo Blanchard is dead

Darrow, George, M., 1980:
Everbearing strawberries

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Everbearing strawberry varieties in the greenhouse

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Everblooming cymbidiums

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Everday economics

Dujardin, F., 1974:
Everes alcetas irenae subspecies nova from Corsica (Lepidoptera Lycaenidae)

Anonymous, 1969:
Everett D. Besch, D.V.M

Drlik, T., 1995:
Everett Dietrick--Biological control pioneer

Edwards, Everett-Eugene, 2005:
Everett Eugene Edwards papers finding aid

Anonymous, 1984:
Everett H. Everson

Anonymous, 1981:
Everett Rank named as ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

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Everett Stanley Luttrell, 1916-1988

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Evergestis extimalis (Scopoli) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae)

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Everglades annual report

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Everglades Agro-Hydrology Research Unit

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Everglades Best Management Practice Program

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Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act of 1989

Anonymous, 2004:
Everglades National Park expansion

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Everglades National Park: an imperiled wetland

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Everglades Park bromeliads face possible danger

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Everglades Protection Project

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Everglades Sugar Institute, 1940

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Everglades agricultural area (EAA)

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Everglades alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) production and natural history in interior and canal habitats at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

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Everglades alligator holes

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Everglades restoration

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Everglades restoration: agriculture affected by south Florida program?

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Everglades status

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Everglades support rice

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Evergreen Asiatic oaks and their near relatives in the arboretum

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Evergreen California salvias

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Evergreen Daphne species

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Evergreen and flowering shrubs for your home

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Evergreen apiaries

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Evergreen blackberry potassium and nitrogen fertilization trial

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Evergreen broad-leaved forest in Eastern China: Its ecology and conservation and the importance of resprouting in forest restoration

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Evergreen condition

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Evergreen coniferous forests of the pacific northwest

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Evergreen deciduous trees in parks of the Research Institute in Geisenheim

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Evergreen foliage trees in the valleys of the Bavarian Alps

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Evergreen forest North Dakota style

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Evergreen fruit trees

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Evergreen fruit trees: citrus f

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Evergreen garden trees and shrubs

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Evergreen herbaceous perennials

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Evergreen hollies for the South, and Ilex cornuta burfordi--periclinal chimera

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Evergreen hollies native in the United States

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Evergreen leasing of aquaculture sites

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Evergreen maples

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Evergreen oak and evergreen oak groves, Q. ilex L

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Evergreen oaks

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Evergreen oaks as a potential source of lumber for cellulose and paper in Mexico

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Evergreen pest management

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Evergreen production quality

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Evergreen sentinels for Nevadas landscapes

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Evergreen shrubs

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Evergreen spring

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Evergreen statues--the ancient art of topiary is returning to favor

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Evergreen tree plants of indigenous flora and their use in landscaping of Carpathian area

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Evergreen trees for Tahoe landscapes

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Evergreen trees for northeastern Nevada

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Evergreen water cress brushes--the special group of hydrophilous type vegetation

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Evergreen windbreaks for Iowa farmsteads

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Evergreen, Himalaya, and wild blackberries

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Evergreens for Kansas landscapes

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Evergreens for a small garden

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Evergreens for every state

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Evergreens for ground cover

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Evergreens for little gardens

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Evergreens for the retired gardeners garden

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Evergreens in the modern landscape

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Evergreens on the southern scene

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Evergreens planting and care

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Evergreens vary in sensitivity to foliage burn from over application of foliar fertilizer

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Evergreens with colorful foliage

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Evergreens, a guide for landscape, lawn, and garden

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Evergreens, disorder: Seasonal needle drop

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Evergreens, trees, broadleaves, shrubs, ground covers

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Everlasting daisies of Australia

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Everlasting design

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Everlasting floral gifts

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Everlasting flowers

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Everlasting flowers for pleasure & profit

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Everlasting lids for home canning Processing fruit, berries and vegetables.1

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Everlasting ornamental grasses

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Evernia prunastri (1.) Ach. in Czechoslovakia

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Everolimus and mycophenolate mofetil sensitize human pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine in vitro: a novel adjunct to standard chemotherapy?

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Everolimus retards cyst growth and preserves kidney function in a rodent model for polycystic kidney disease

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Eversion of abdominal air sac in domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus)

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Eversion of the nictitating membranes

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Eversion of the urinary bladder in a cow

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Eversion of the urinary bladder: a sequel to third-degree perineal laceration in the mare

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Evertas R 1% premix of chemical regulation of egg-laying in poultry

Anonymous, 1940:
Every American has a personal stake in our relations with Middle America

Dunavant, W.Jr, 1982:
Every advance has been positive

Kekhaiov, Zh, 1981:
Every apiary is on its own finan

Kemp, B.T.pedino, V., 1997:
Every bee a queen

Resnik, J., 1979:
Every beehive needs a scales for the control hive

Pernica, J., 1982:
Every beekeeper as a queen rearer

Anonymous, 2001:
Every body is beautiful!

Llewellyn Jones, D., 1980:
Every body, a nutritional guide to life

Kuykendall, J., 1991:
Every child is a unique and special person

Howell, M., 1985:
Every child needs a special education

Anonymous, 1941:
Every cooperator can help strengthen AAA by urging other farmers to participate

Popov, A.M., 1961:
Every day 646 kilograms of pork

Bosenko, Nv, 1978:
Every day attention to the Non-Chernozem zone

Shipilov, Vs, 1979:
Every day attention to the repro

Farthing, Francis-Hadfield, 1948:
Every day in my garden

Farthing, Francis-Hadfield, 1964:
Every day in your garden

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Every day is June 21

Anonymous, 1987:
Every day, eat the four food group way--Caribbean style!

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Every day, lots of ways

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Every dogs legal guide

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Every drop for sale

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Every element is important.

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Every farm a factory

Anonymous, 1944:
Every farm can have silage

Tweedie, M., 1975:
Every female a queen: the leaf-cutter bee

Lazarowicz, F., 1972:
Every fifth bag of grain from peasant farmstead in village cooperatives purchasing centres

Evison, R., 1981:
Every flower has its day. Hemerocallis for the garden

Marshall, E., 1979:
Every garden is different

Steffek, Ef, 1980:
Every garden needs irises

Joseph, A., 1977:
Every gardener needs a compost pile

Crisp, B., 1950:
Every gardeners good companion

Anonymous, 1950 :
Every girl can sew

Alarcon, Pedro, J., 1951:
Every good cattle raiser has to be a good farmer

Anonymous, 1995:
Every heart counts

Riva, Ernesto, 1990:
Every herb does not make a bundle

Bondarenko, S.S.afiichuk, V., 1981:
Every kilowatt is counted Recomme

Anonymous, 1997:
Every link in the chain

Richey, Roberta, 1988:
Every little bite counts

Borowski, Oded, 1998:
Every living thing

Keen, P.,, E., M., 1996:
Every managers guide to business processes

Keen, Peter, G.W., 1991:
Every managers guide to information technology

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Every milkmaids duty

Hautvast, Gaj, 1974:
Every morsel a wrong step?

Rzegocki, J., 1976:
Every nectar flow should be productive

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Every persons guide to antioxidants

Allison, R.B.uce; Allison, R.B.uce, 2005:
Every root an anchor

Wolraad, Sa, 1970:
Every sheepfarmer must consider it

Cacciari, G., 1970:
Every shepherd has his dog

Anonymous, 1991:
Every species counts

Anonymous, 1993:
Every species counts action plan

Anonymous, 1993:
Every species counts: conserving biological diversity

Johnson, K.; Burns, R.M.; Lennon, T., 1991:
Every species counts: protecting threatened and endangered species and their habitats

Anonymous, 1992:
Every species counts: research on threatened, endangered, and sensitive plants and animals

Anonymous, 1940:
Every spud must do its duty!

Semenov, N.I.M.iseev, M.D., 1960:
Every state and collective farm can produce high yields

Jackson, Dd, 1988:
Every state should have a Leo Drey

Osicki, E.R.dosz, K., 1972:
Every third worker in the grain milling industry is a woman

Jordan, G., 1970:
Every time less oxygen and richness

Francese, E., 1970:
Every type of climate and soil and much to be done: Diversification, standardization, and commercialization are terms expressing part of the problem facing horticulture in the North

Casucci, M., 1979:
Every type of machinery at Foggia for the agriculture of southern Italy

Romberg, Ld, 1978:
Every variety has own problems in pecan orchards

Van-Vleck, Ld, 1969:
Every vote counts; detecting carrier bulls when some abnormal calves are not reported

Anonymous, 1986:
Every womans guide to osteoporosis

Severin, G., 1976:
Every year a high yield of winter wheat

Ruckenbauer, W., 1973:
Every year again, chlorosis in the vineyard!

Fujita, Katsuji, 1955:
Every year increase in the output of mandarin

Jacobeit, S., 1981:
Every-day life of women on small and medium peasant farms (Germany, 1934-1938) Social conditions, history.1

Fischbach, P.; Mulliner, H., 1974:
Every-other furrow irrigation of corn

Barbero, P., 2006:
Every-other-day interferon beta-1b versus once-weekly inferon beta-1a for multiple sclerosis (INCOMIN Trial) II: analysis of MRI responses to treatment and correlation with NAb (vol 12, pg 72, 2006)

Macwhirter, Pat, 1987:

Capillon, A.M.nichon, H., 1978:
Everybody can improve crop yields

White, Angela, 1992:
Everybody can train their own dog

Berg, Rt, 1969:
Everybody could gain from new beef grades

Anonymous, 1989:
Everybody counts

Mogelonsky, Marcia, K., 1995:
Everybody eats

Falkestrom, S., 1969:
Everybody has the same chance of harvest damage compensation

White, P., 2007:
Everybody needs training wheels

Anonymous, 1961:
Everybody needs water

Hubley, F.; Hubley, J., 1976:
Everybody rides the carousel

Driscoll, M., 1981:
Everybody wants one--a nation stricken by stallionitis

Martin, Jw, 1972:
Everybody wants to get into the act

Anonymous, 1950:
Everybody wins through community service

Hammonds, Carsie, 1956:
Everybodys agriculture

Arif, M., 1969:
Everybodys art of topiary

Brown, Beth, 1953:
Everybodys dog book

Schur, Silvia, 1947:
Everybodys drink, milk

Hazra, S., 1971:
Everybodys fruit--guava

Askew, R.; Mills, S., 1987 :
Everybodys garden guide

House, V.-W.C.hill, T., E., 1967:
Everybodys guide to Wyoming water administration

Wood, W.-W.H.nson, B., R., 1987:
Everybodys guide to water terms

Bubb, F.; Edminster, L., 1977:
Everybodys lake

Muller, A., 1970:
Everybodys talking about subsidiary earnings--us too

Anonymous, 1956:
Everybodys talking turkey!

Otto, E.-Von; Eiserhardt, H., 1954:
Everybodys dog book; fostering upbringing and training of dogs

Otto, E.-Von; Eiserhardt, H., 1942:
Everybodys dog book; fostering, upbringing and beginning stages of training for house dogs

Allon, F.; Sofoulis, Z., 2006:
Everyday Water: cultures in transition

Popov, A., 1980:
Everyday attention to labor conditions

Cherkashin, Aia, 1980:
Everyday attention to labor safety procedures

Sonuga-Barke, E.J.; Thompson, M.; Balding, J., 1993 :
Everyday beliefs about sources of advice for the parents of difficult children

Curtis, Francis, D., 1940:
Everyday biology

Brimble, L.J.F., 1949:
Everyday botany

Richman, B.; Hassol, S., 1989:
Everyday chemicals

Bowling, Stella, 1997:
Everyday cooking for diabetics

Ornish, Dean, 1996:
Everyday cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish

Johnson, Nancy, E., 1990:
Everyday dog

Warmann, Gw, 1992:
Everyday economics

Royne, H.S.iaker, G., 1974:
Everyday efficiency in the cow barn

Luckham, Wr, 1990:
Everyday ethics

Adams, R.-Laban; Bedford, W.W., 1949:
Everyday farm laws

Branco, Jorge-Freitas, 1984:
Everyday farming in the Mediterranean region

Maynor, B.; Johnson, N.-Kent, 1990:
Everyday flowers

Harris, J.-W.L.cey, E.-V.B.old, A.-Frances, 1946:
Everyday foods

Coutts, J.; Preston, G.H., 1954:
Everyday gardening

Grindal, E.W., 1940:
Everyday gardening in India

Anonymous, 1940:
Everyday guide to good eating

Iwakura, Masaji, 1957:
Everyday life notes of yound men in farming villages

Silva, Or-Da, 1980:
Everyday life of the worker employed for wages in cacao farming in Bahia State, Brazil

Harris, J.-W.T.te, M.-Bertha-; Anders, I.-Adelaide; Blood, A.-Frances, 1944:
Everyday living

Ostrom, M., 2006:
Everyday meanings of local food: views from home and field

Sapontzis, Sf, 1987:
Everyday morality and animal rights

Norlin, E.-E.D.naldson, B., M., 1942:
Everyday nursing for the everyday home

Todhunter, Elizabeth-Neige, 1942:
Everyday nutrition

Todhunter, Elizabeth-Neige, 1949:
Everyday nutrition for school children

Greenan, J.-Thomas; Meredith, A.-Barrett, 1940:
Everyday problems of American democracy

Lundell, S., 1984:
Everyday rationalization: 10 percent reduction in costs possible over three years

Lurie, Charles, N., 1968:
Everyday sayings; their meanings explained, their origins given

Taylor, D., 1979:
Everyday stress, everyday living

Zetlin, Ag, 1993:
Everyday stressors in the lives of Anglo and Hispanic learning handicapped adolescent

Langdon, William-Chauncy, 1941:
Everyday things in American life

Twelveponies, Mary, 1986:
Everyday training

Hawthorn, J., 1979:
Everyman and food science

Anonymous, 1952:
Everymans United Nations

Byers,, V., 1982:
Everymans database primer

Whitehead, S.-Bamford; Wright, W.-Page, 1952:
Everymans encyclopaedia of gardening

Clapham, S., 1974:
Everymans orchids specialised greenhouse collections. III

Paulsson, V., 1978:
Everymans right

Hadfield, M.; Sowerby, J.-Edward, 1948:
Everymans wild flowers and trees; five hundred of the British wild flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and ferns, described and illustrated, 384 in colour after Sowerbys British wild flowers, and 120 from line-drawings by the author

Carter, H.; Francis, C., A., 1995:
Everyone a teacher, everyone a learner

Simeral, K.; Hogan, M., 2001:
Everyone a teacher, everyone a learner: A learner-centered pesticide private applicators recertification training

Aas, B., 1976:
Everyone can live with effective inspection

Anderson, Eugene, N., 2005:
Everyone eats

Sieker, John, 1949:
Everyone is Welcome

Krueger, Mm, 1993:
Everyone is an exception: assumptions to avoid in the sex education classroom

Anonymous, 1973:
Everyone is planting soybeans

Jenkins, J., 1974:
Everyone knows liver flukes come from little purple flowers

Elstein, D., 2004:
Everyone knows what an eggplant is right?

Anonymous, 1950:
Everyone likes a good egg

Hollerorth, H.-J.K.plan, D., 1988:
Everyone likes to eat

Sherman, C., 1978:
Everyone needs a nutritional pension plan

Duncan, Ij, 1988:
Everyone needs a standard

Anonymous, 1984:
Everyones an optimist as orange harvest starts

Edwards, A-Marie., 2015:
Everyone's business

Buckingham, F., 1982:
Everyones checking out those air seeders

Meyer, Roy-Willard, 1991:
Everyones country estate

Ohara, Houn, 1957:
Everyones flower arrangement

Gullett, W.; Gullett, J.-Fellows, 1981:
Everyones guide to food self-sufficiency

Quinn, Jane-Bryant, 1980:
Everyones money book

Anonymous, 1989:
Everythin but the baa

Kamen, B.; Kamen, P., 2002:
Everything I know about nutrition I learned from barley

Anonymous, 1999:
Everything I need to know I learned from a dog

Evans, Chester, E., 1968:
Everything Is Automated These Days--Even Water

Shitomi, Hanao, 1959:
Everything about agricultural manufacturing

Tyberg, Son, 1984:
Everything about apples

Cinnamon, P.-A.S.anson, M., A., 1986:
Everything about exchange values for foods

Fletcher, R., 1979:
Everything about growing container seedlings

Lazaro, Carmen, 1980:
Everything about plants, gardens, and flowers

Anonymous, 1993:
Everything added to food in the United States

Winner, Cherie, 2004:
Everything bug

Brophy, Beth, 1985:
Everything college didnt teach you about money

Rabe, H., 1975:
Everything depends on water

Anonymous, 1984:
Everything doesnt cause cancer

Fogarty, B., 1981:
Everything else has to improve. Why not training, too?

Clark, Jp, 2006:
Everything flows

Knorps, L., 1978:
Everything for agriculture

Parisi, L., 1972:
Everything for the maize at the Livenza exhibition

Anonymous, 1997:
Everything from brownies to chocolate chip muffins: creative chocolate desserts

Crisp, Marty, 2005:
Everything horse

Chandler, Gl, 1969:
Everything in our garden is not lovely

Lembke, A.F.ahm, H., 1973:
Everything in the butter

Guillemot, J., 1975:
Everything is all right

Wiley, Mk, 2003:
Everything is coming Fresh in New Jersey

Crucq, J., 1976:
Everything is mechanized. How do we go further with mechanization?

Fougeret, M., 1980:
Everything is ready for cultivating again forage beets, except the dry matter content that is still low

Pinault, M., 1981:
Everything is ready for the first hazelnut harvest in Brittany

Nielsen, Np, 2003:
Everything old is new again--sow housing

Kurihara, Kikuji, 1959:
Everything on fodder cultivation

Wepfer, K., 1977:
Everything revolves around the forage harvest

Szulecka,, E., 1978:
Everything starts with seeds

Anonymous, 1995:
Everything under the sun

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Everything we need to know about: yogurt & immunity

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Everything you always wanted to know (but really werent sure who to ask) about using row cleaners, zone tillage, no-till coulters

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Everything you always wanted to know about NK cells but were afraid to ask, 2007

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Everything you always wanted to know about fat

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Everything you always wanted to know about heat synchronization but were afraid to ask again

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Everything you always wanted to know about nutrition

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Everything you always wanted to know about statistics, but didnt know how to ask

Anonymous, 1972:
Everything you always wanted to know about teaching citizenship but were afraid to ask

Anonymous, 1979:
Everything you always wanted to know about water & soil in New Zealand but never knew who to ask. 3. Catchment authorities & regional water boards--what they do. 3

Anonymous, 1979:
Everything you always wanted to know about water and soil in New Zealand but never knew who to ask. 1. National water & soil conservation organisation

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Everything you always wanted to know about work sampling

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Everything you can do with tomatoes

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Everything you ever needed to know about root rot law

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Everything you ever wanted know about dressing out percentage

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Everything you ever wanted to know about melons and cucumbers

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Everything you ever wanted to know about microchips

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Everything you ever wanted to know about wheat

Anonymous, 1998:
Everything you need to know about -- acesulfame potassium

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Everything you need to know about -- aspartame

Anonymous, 1997:
Everything you need to know about -- caffeine

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Everything you need to know about eating disorders

Freedman, Jeri, 2003:
Everything you need to know about genetically modified foods

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Everything you need to know about shipping fry by air

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Everything you need to know about-- glutamate and monosodium glutamate

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Everything you need to know about-- sucralose

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Everything you need to know about: theme parties

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Everything you need to know to find the perfect plant for Uncle Harry

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Everything you need to know to have a chicken barbecue

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Everything you should know about your food

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Everything you wanted to know about amino acids but were afraid to ask

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Everything you wanted to know about environmental regulations but were afraid to ask

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Everything you wanted to know about hybrids, but were afraid to ask

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Everything you wanted to know about the safety of acesulfame-K

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Everything youve always wanted to know about crop disease control

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Everything youve always wanted to know about fairy rings (but were afraid to ask)

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Everything youve always wanted to know about putting green soil mixes but didnt know whom to ask

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Everythings almost perfect with single rows

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Everythings coming up (Colombian) roses!

Reilly, A., 1979:
Everythings coming up miniature roses

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Everythings coming up sunflowers

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Everythings coming up vegetables

Anonymous, 1945:
Everywhere in industry its Hycar synthetic rubbers

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Everywomans book of nutrition

Brown, Judith, E., 1991:
Everywomans guide to nutrition

Barbarych, A.; Dobrochaieva, D., 1976:
Evgen Ivanovich Bordzilovskii on the 100th anniversary of his birth)

Grigor'-Ev, Ius, 1977:
Evgenii Grigorevich Bobrov (75th birthday)

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Evgenii Mikhailovich Lavrenko (80th birthday and 60th anniversary of scientific activity)

Kamelin, R.; Karamysheva, Z., 1988:
Evgenii Mikhaylovich Lavrenko (1900-1987)

Tarabrin, V.; Glukhov, A., 1984:
Evgenii Nikolaevich Kondratiuk (70th birthday)

Tarabrin, V.; Burda, R., 1985:
Evgenii Nikolaevich Kondratiuk (on his 70th birthday)

Anonymous, 1981:
Evgenii Sergeevich Parkhomenko Scientist in poultry mechanization, obituary.0

Anonymous, 1987:
Evgenii Terentevich Varenitsa

Slizik-Maslova, L.N.E.a, A.-V.R.dnitskaia, V.G., 2002:
Evgenii Vladimirovich Vulf -- krupneishii krymskii florist XX veka

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Evglenovye i zheltozelenye vodorosli IAkutii

Safonova, TA., 1987:
Evglenovye vodorosli Zapadnoi Sibiri

Iakovlev, M.; Dmitri, I., 1981:
Evich Romanov (1906-1980)

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Evicting the boll weevil: research signposts point to rougher road ahead for this cotton pest

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Eviction and transplacement of mutant genes in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Eviction behaviour of the common cuckoo Cuculus canorus chicks

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Eviden* eth *ta productivitaa* eth *tii muncii ain colhozuri

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Evidence that bicarbonate is not the substrate in photosynthetic oxygen evolution

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Evidence That Light Stink Bug Damage Does Not Influence Open End Yarn Processing Performance

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Evidence that scabies mites (Acari: Sarcoptidae) influence production of interleukin-10 and the function of T-regulatory cells (Tr1) in humans

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Evidence about species status of Phanerota fasciata (Say) and Phanerota dissimilis (Erichson) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) from host mushroom relationships

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Evidence about sustainability of production silviculture-historical perspective

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Evidence about the catecholoxidase activity of the enzyme ascorbate oxidase extracted from Cucurbita pepo medullosa

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Evidence against GABA release from glutamatergic mossy fiber terminals in the developing hippocampus

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Evidence against a role for prolactin in osmoregulation in the rat: water balance studies

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Evidence against an effect of plant hormones on thermal den

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Evidence against an involvement of xanthoxin in the inhibition, by red light, of internode elongation

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Evidence against autogamy in Vaccinium uliginosum L

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Evidence against dietary advanced glycation endproducts being a risk to human health

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Evidence against embryo transmission of Mareks disease vir us

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Evidence against genetic self-incompatibility in the homosporous fern Pteridium aquilinum

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Evidence against high glucose as a mediator of ERK1

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Evidence against mediation of adenosine-3,5-cyclic monophosphate in the bud-inducing effect of cytokinins in moss protonemata

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Evidence against penetration of Pseudomonas syringae into sugarbeet seeds

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Evidence against self-incompatibility and for genetic lethals in the fern Stenochlaena tenuifolia (Desv.) Moore

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Evidence against signal enhancement as a mechanism of direct selection by color

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Evidence against superoxide involvement in tyrosine hydroxylation by mushroom tyrosinase

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Evidence against the hypothesis that ant-dispersed seeds reach nutrient-enriched microsites

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Evidence against the participation of the gamma-glutamyltransfease-gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase pathway in amino acid transport by rabbit erythrocytes

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Evidence against the role of the peripheral chemoreceptors in the diving bradycardia in ducks

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Evidence against triose phosphate transport into amyloplasts of developing wheat and maize grain

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Evidence and characterization of an androgen receptor in the preen gland of adult male quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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Evidence and evolution of chorionic gonadotropin in ewes

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Evidence and function of an assembling scent and an alerting scent at Blaps mucronata Latr., 1804 (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

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Evidence and implications of accelerated degradation of organophosphorus insecticides in soil

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Evidence and procedures for boundary location

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Evidence and properties of sucrose-splitting sugarbeet enzymes

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Evidence and study of a case of manganic toxicity on a laterite soil at Anketrakabe, Diego-Suarez (Madagascar)

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Evidence base information regarding TPLO & TTA

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Evidence based clinical practice: a primer for urologists

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Evidence based medicine (EBM) in practice: applying results of cost-effectiveness analyses

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Evidence based medicine: analysis of Scheuermann kyphosis

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Evidence based radiation oncology: breast cancer

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Evidence basis for management of spine and chest wall deformities in children

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Evidence behind the WHO guidelines: hospital care for children: what are the risks of HIV transmission through breastfeeding?

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Evidence by chemical modification for the involvement of one or more tryptophanyl residues of bovine antithrombin in the binding of high-affinity heparin

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Evidence by electron microscopy of lignin recondensation during fungal degradation

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Evidence by electrophoresis of adulteration in the conservation of goose liver

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Evidence by ultraviolet spectrophotometry on interaction between acrolein and cytidine in aqueous solution

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Evidence concerning multiple use. Introduction

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Evidence concerning the nomenclature of certain subspecific taxa of Dysmictocarabus solieri Dej

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Evidence concerning the role of dietary protein as it affects the metabolism of cholesterol

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Evidence countering the theory of specific induction of pectin-degrading enzymes as basis for specificity in Rhizobium-Leguminosae associations

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Evidence demands a verdict: a strong case for drip

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Evidence early pregnancy in swine 1: vaginohistologic method

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Evidence for (Mac1p)2(.)DNA ternary complex formation in Mac1p-dependant transactivation at the CTR1 promoter

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Evidence for 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D subscript 3(B-independent Transactivation by the Vitamin D Receptor: UNCOUPLING THE RECEPTOR AND LIGAND IN KERATINOCYTES

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Evidence for 13C

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Evidence for 16alpha-hydroxylation of estrone 3-sulphate by guinea pig liver slices

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Evidence for 26 distinct acyl-coenzyme A synthetase genes in the human genome

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Evidence for 5-HT hydroxytryptamine-containing intrinsic neurons in the teleost intestine

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Evidence for Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation in Larix decidua

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Evidence for bovine origin of VP4 and VP7 genes of human group A rotavirus G6P[14] and G10P[14] strains

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Evidence for bronze age cannibalism in El Mirador Cave (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)

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Evidence for C-HpppO Hydrogen Bond Assisted Recognition of a Pyrimidine Base in the Parallel DNA Triple-Helical Motif

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Evidence for Ca++-calmodulin control of transplasmalemma electron transport in carrot cells

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Evidence for D-configuration of N-malonylmethionine, the metabolite of D-methionine in Nicotiana rustica

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Evidence for Decreasing Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Midwestern United States

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Evidence for distinct mechanisms of starch granule breakdown in plants

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Evidence for Drosophila P element transposase activity in mammalian cells and yeast

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Evidence for functional conservation, sufficiency, and proteolytic processing of the CLAVATA3 CLE domain

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Evidence for HCO(3) Transport by the Blue-Green Alga (Cyanobacterium) Coccochloris peniocystis

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Evidence for horizontal transfer of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase genes

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Evidence for in vitro binding of pectin side chains to cellulose

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Evidence for Inclusion of South African Endemic Nylandtia in Muraltia (Polygalaceae)

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Evidence for Increasing Red Maple Abundance in the Eastern United States

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Evidence for Late Glacial Age fire in a tropical montane savanna

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Evidence for local ciliate endemism in an alpine anoxic lake

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Evidence for Lyme disease in urban park workers: a potential new health hazard for city inhabitants

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Evidence for Middle-American origin of rust resistance in the differential cultivar Redlands Pioneer

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Evidence for Multiple Retroposition Events and Gene Evolution in the ADP

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Evidence for NK cells in Dicentrarchus labrax. Action of breeding temperature

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Evidence for Na+

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Evidence for Na-Independent HCO(3) Uptake by the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus leopoliensis

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Evidence for Na-H exchange in the rabbit pancreas

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Evidence for outcrossing via the Buller phenomenon in a substrate simultaneously inoculated with spores and mycelium of Agaricus bisporus

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Evidence for PPC1, a determination of the Pilei-Pellis color of Agaricus bisporus fruitbodies

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Evidence for Paleoindians in Wisconsin and at the Skare site

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Evidence for Picea pungens in north central Montana and its significance

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Evidence for protein degradation by Botrytis cinerea and relationships with alteration of synthetic wine foaming properties

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Evidence for T-DNA mediated gene targeting to tobacco chloroplasts

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Evidence for a block-type structure in the main chain of the cell-wall mannan from Candida species PRL 1S20

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Evidence for a 1,4-biradical intermediate in the type II photoreactions of phenyl ketones

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Evidence for a 1R

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Evidence for a 5 to 3 direction of hydrolysis by a 5 mononucleotide-producing exoribonuclease from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Evidence for a 55-50 ka (early Wisconsin) glaciation of the Cordilleran ice sheet, Yukon Territory, Canada

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Evidence for a CO2 inhibited proton extrusion pump in the stomatal cells of Tradescantia virginiana

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Evidence for a common role for the serine-type Plasmodium falciparum serine repeat antigen proteases: implications for vaccine and drug design

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Evidence for a Dinuclear Active Site in the Metallo-o-lactamase BcII with Substoichiometric Co(II): A NEW MODEL FOR METAL UPTAKE

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Evidence for a founder effect after introduction of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-mild in an insular environment

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Evidence for a K(+)-stimulated Na (+) efflux at the plasmalemma of barley root cells

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Evidence for a Na+

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Evidence for a pseudo-outbreak of Candida guilliermondii fungemia in a university hospital in Brazil

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Evidence for a Block between Plastoquinone and Cytochrome f in a Photosynthetic Mutant of Lemna with Abnormal Flowering Behavior

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Evidence for a calcium-dependent, PTH -independent regulation of plasma 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D in rats

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Evidence for a cannabinoid receptor in immunomodulation by cannabinoid compounds

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Evidence for a capping enzyme with specificity for the trypanosome spliced leader RNA

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Evidence for a carrier conformational change associated with sugar transport in erythrocytes

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Evidence for a central action of CO2 ventilatory stimulus in Pekin ducks

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Evidence for a central control of developmental plasticity in the striate cortex of kittens

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Evidence for a central opioid control of rumination

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Evidence for a chloroplast specific tyrosyl tRNA degrading activity

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Evidence for a circaseptan and a circasemiseptan growth response to light

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Evidence for a close phylogenetic relationship between members of the genera Frankia, Geodermatophilus, and Blastococcus and emdendation of the family Frankiaceae

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Evidence for a close spatial location of the binding sites for CO2 and for photosystem II inhibitors

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Evidence for a coiled-coil structure in the spike proteins of coronaviruses

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Evidence for a common genetic regulation of glutamine synthetase and nitrate uptake and reductase in the cyanobacterium Anabaena cycadeae

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Evidence for a common mechanism of smell stimulation in man and insect

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Evidence for a complex class of nonadenylated mRNA in Drosophila

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Evidence for a complex control system for nitrate reductase in wheat leaves

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Evidence for a contact female sex pheromone in Anoplophora chinensis (Forster) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Laminae)

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Evidence for a cooler and drier climate in the Ethiopian uplands towards 2.5 Myr ago List of pollen taxa, Ericaceae, Myrica and grasses were dominant, paleobotany

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Evidence for a cost of immunity when the crustacean Daphnia magna is exposed to the bacterial pathogen Pasteuria ramosa

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Evidence for a critical glutamyl and an aspartyl residue in the function of pig heart diphosphopyridine nucleotide dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase

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Evidence for a critical period for imprinting in Khaki Campbell ducklings (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)

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Evidence for a cycloheximide-sensitive component in the biological clock of Acetabularia

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Evidence for a cytosolic precursor of chick embryo liver mitochondrial delta-aminolevulinate synthase

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Evidence for a decadal-scale decline in the growth rates of juvenile scleractinian corals

Graham, M.R.; Baker, J.S.; Evans, P.; Kicman, A.; Cowan, D.; Hullin, D.; Davies, B., 2007:
Evidence for a decrease in cardiovascular risk factors following recombinant growth hormone administration in abstinent anabolic-androgenic steroid users

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Evidence for a difference in susceptbility between 2 clones of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum Harr. (Homoptera, Aphididae), exposed to 2 strains of the phycomycetous fungus Entomophthora obscura Hall & Dunn

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Evidence for a diffusion-controlled mechanism for fluorescence blinking of colloidal quantum dots

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Evidence for a dimer of the light-harvesting chlorophyll-protein complex II

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Evidence for a direct in vitro effect of vitamin D3 on the phospholipids of isolated renal brush border membranes

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Evidence for a dissimilatory plasmid in Azotobacter chroococcum

Grafton, S.T.; Hamilton,, 2007:
Evidence for a distributed hierarchy of action representation in the brain

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Evidence for a divided genome in Nodamura virus, an arthropod-borne picornavirus

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Evidence for a duplicated locus in the fern Osmunda regalis

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Evidence for a female produced sex pheromone in the squash bug, Anasa tristis (Heteroptera: Coreidae)

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Evidence for a female-produced sex pheromone in the apple leaf midge, Dasineura mali (Kieffer) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

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Evidence for a folded conformation of the cell wall protein from Acetabularia (Polyphysa) cliftonii

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Evidence for a forma specialis specific effect of antifungal flavonols in Fusarium oxysporum

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Evidence for a gametophyte factor in lima beans

De-Pauw, R.; Mccaig, T., 1983:
Evidence for a genetic mechanism controlling seed dormancy independent of seed color

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Evidence for a glutahione reductase activity in the cytosol from the latex of Hevea brasiliensis

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Evidence for a gradient of adhesive specificity in the developing chick retina

Skophammer, R.G.; Servin, J.A.; Herbold, C.W.; Lake, J.A., 2007:
Evidence for a gram-positive, eubacterial root of the tree of life

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Evidence for a hexosediphosphatase from the cytoplasm of spinach leaves

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Evidence for a high affinity, Na+ -dependent glutamate transport system in lactating rat mammary tissue

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Evidence for a homologous nature of Ah receptors among various mammalian species

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Evidence for a light induced blue band shift of part of the P515 pigment pool in intact chloroplasts

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Evidence for a lipoprotein carrier in human plasma catalyzing sterol efflux from cultured fibroblasts and its relationship to lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase

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Evidence for a lower Santonian flora in Vendee (Cretaceous basin of Commequiers)

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Evidence for a macromolecular effector of cell differentiation in Dictyostelium discoideum amoebae

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Evidence for a major role of Mg2+ in VEGF165-mediated angiogenesis

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Evidence for a major role of Mg2+ in bFGF-mediated angiogenesis

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Evidence for a male-produced pheromone in Tetropium fuscum (F.) and Tetropium cinnamopterum (Kirby) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Parish, R.; Felle, H.B.ummer, B., 1985:
Evidence for a mechanism by which auxins and fusicoccin may induce elongation growth

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