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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15759

Chapter 15759 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Leskovac, V.; Pfleiderer, G., 1969:
Evidence for a methionyl residue in the active site of the cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase from pig heart

Bach, T.; Nes, W., 1984:
Evidence for a mevalonate shunt pathway in wheat

Mulè, F.; Amato, A.; Baldassano, S.; Serio, R., 2007:
Evidence for a modulatory role of cannabinoids on the excitatory NANC neurotransmission in mouse colon

Scott, A.; Wiesner, K., 1972:
Evidence for a mono-oxygenase mechanism in the biosynthesis of the fungal tropololones

Martin, J.P.; Fridovich, I., 1981:
Evidence for a natural gene transfer from the ponyfish to its bioluminescent bacterial symbiont Photobacter leiognathi. The close relationship between bacteriocuprein and the copper-zinc superoxide dismutase of teleost fishes

Gabriac, B.B.isard, J., 1981:
Evidence for a natural inhibitor of phytochrome pelletability in squash roots

Thorup, K.; Bisson, I-A.; Bowlin, M.S.; Holland, R.A.; Wingfield, J.C.; Ramenofsky, M.; Wikelski, M., 2007:
Evidence for a navigational map stretching across the continental U.S. in a migratory songbird

Weststeijn, Ea, 1984:
Evidence for a necrosis-inducing factor in tobacco mosaic virus-infected Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi-nc grown at 22 degrees Celsius but not at 32 degrees Celsius

Loughran, J.X.; Ballard, R.C., 1970:
Evidence for a neural influence on the house fly heart

Bass, E.; Kuvshinoff, B., 1983:
Evidence for a neuroactive component in the toxic extract from Gonyaulax monilata Dinoflagellate, algae

Nakazato,,, A., 1970:
Evidence for a neurogenic rebound contraction of the smooth muscle of the chicken proventriculus

Rustam, H.B.rg, R.V.n; Amin-Zaki, L.E.-Hassani, S., 1975:
Evidence for a neuromuscular disorder in methylmercury poisoning: Clinical and electrophysiological findings in moderate to severe cases

Wilson, Lr, 1984:
Evidence for a new Desmoinesian-Missourian boundary (Middle Pennsylvanian) in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, USA

Bouges-Bocquet, B.D.losme, R., 1978:
Evidence for a new electron donor to P 700 in Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Day, A.W.; Cummins, J.E., 1975:
Evidence for a new kind of regulatory gene controlling expression of genes for morphogenesis during the cell cycle in Ustilago violacea

Pieczarka, Dj, 1979:
Evidence for a new race of the northern corn leaf blight pathogen in the Everglades Agricultural Area

Perring, T.; Farrar, C.; Bellows, T.; Cooper, A.; Rodriguez, R., 1993:
Evidence for a new species of whitefly: UCR findings and implications

Frenkel,, C.; Corona, V., 1970 :
Evidence for a non-mobile component regulating root initiation

Part, P.T.urala, H.N.kinmaa, M.K.essling, A., 1984:
Evidence for a non-respiratory intralamellar shunt in perfused rainbow trout gills

Vandrey, J.P.; Stutz, E., 1973:
Evidence for a novel DNA component in chloroplasts of Euglena gracilis

Shieh, J.; Martin, H.M.llar, J., 1998:
Evidence for a novel MAPKKK-independent pathway controlling the stress activated Sty1

Dawra, R.K.; Sharma, O.P.; Makkar, H.P., 1984:
Evidence for a novel antioxidant in bovine seminal plasma

Claret, S.; Sanial, M.; Plessis, A., 2007:
Evidence for a novel feedback loop in the Hedgehog pathway involving Smoothened and Fused

Borgström, B.; Wieloch, T.; Erlanson-Albertsson, C., 1979:
Evidence for a pancreatic pro-colipase and its activation by trypsin

Lugaro, G.; Carrea, G.; Casellato, M.M.; Mazzola, G.; Fachini, G., 1973:
Evidence for a peptidic factor in spermatozoa inhibiting the ovarian maturation

Schrott, E.L.; Rau, W., 1977:
Evidence for a photoinduced synthesis of poly(A) containing mRNA in Fusarium aquaeductuum

Ireland, C.; Baker, N.; Long, S., 1987:
Evidence for a physiological role of CO2 in the regulation of photosynthetic electron transport in intact leaves

Leslie, S.W.; Borowitz, J.L., 1975:
Evidence for a plasma membrane calcium pump in bovine adrenal medulla but not adrenal cortex

Bouzigon, E.; Ulgen, A.; Dizier, M-Hélène.; Siroux, Vérie.; Lathrop, M.; Kauffmann, F.; Pin, I.; Demenais, F., 2007:
Evidence for a pleiotropic QTL on chromosome 5q13 influencing both time to asthma onset and asthma score in French EGEA families

Speranza, A.C.lzoni, G.; Bagni, N., 1984:
Evidence for a polyamine-mediated control of ribonuclease activity in germinating apple pollen

Cantino, Pd, 1992:
Evidence for a polyphyletic origin of the Labiatae

Reddy, C.; Scholz, R.1; Thomas, C.1; Massaro, E., 1982:
Evidence for a possible protein-dependent regeneration of vitamin E in rat liver microsomes Alpha tocopherol

Castro, L.-De; Lacerda, Z.A.amayo, R.; Sampaio, M.; Gander, E., 1987:
Evidence for a precursor molecule of Brazil nut 2 S seed proteins from biosynthesis and cDNA analysis

Khalimonchuk, O.; Bird, A.; Winge, D.R., 2007:
Evidence for a pro-oxidant intermediate in the assembly of cytochrome oxidase

Bauerle, C.S.eekens, S.W.isbeek, P.K.egstra, K., 1986:
Evidence for a processing intermediate in the routing of plastocyanin to the thylakoid lumen

Smith, R.W.; Wang, J.; Bucking, C.P.; Mothersill, C.E.; Seymour, C.B., 2007:
Evidence for a protective response by the gill proteome of rainbow trout exposed to X-ray induced bystander signals

Hofer, M.M.sra, P., 1978:
Evidence for a proton

Williams, L.C.arkson, D.; Hanson, J., 1984:
Evidence for a proton pump in the stele of onion roots

Williams, G.D.; Chang, R.Y.; Brian, D.A., 1995:
Evidence for a pseudoknot in the 3' untranslated region of the bovine coronavirus genome

Siefermann-Harms, D.; Fritz, B.; Ninnemann, H., 1985:
Evidence for a pterin-derivative associated with the molybdenum cofactor of Neurospora crassa nitrate reductase

Atkins, G.; Rainbird, R.P.te, J., 1980:
Evidence for a purine pathway of ureide synthesis in N2 -fixing nodules of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Tsuge, H.W.tanabe, K.O.ashi, K.M.cormick, D., 1978:
Evidence for a pyridoxine (pyridoxamine) 5 phosphate oxidase from wheat seedlings

Sherva, R.; Yue, P.; Schonfeld, G.; Neuman, R.J., 2007:
Evidence for a quantitative trait locus affecting low levels of apolipoprotein B and low density lipoprotein on chromosome 10 in Caucasian families

Demangeat, J.L.; Chambron, J.; Benoit, H., 1975:
Evidence for a random repetitive subunit structure of chromatin by light-scattering studies

Baines, P.G.; Folland, C.K., 2007:
Evidence for a rapid global climate shift across the late 1960s

Adelson, D.; Nagorcka, B.; Mooney, J.; Hewish, D., 1990:
Evidence for a reaction

Herkert, James, R., 2007:
Evidence for a recent Henslow's sparrow population increase in Illinois

Reggi, M.D.; Gharib, B.B.lliere, D.B.lliere, F., 1986:
Evidence for a region-specific antigenic system, in the insect Blaberus

Basile, D.; Basile, M., 1982:
Evidence for a regulatory role of cell surface hydroxyproline-containing proteins in liverwort morphogenesis Plagiochila arctica, Hepaticae

Wright, L.;, 1983:
Evidence for a relationship between H+ Hydrogen ion excretion and auxin in shoot gravitropism Helianthus annuus, sunflowers

Gimenez, G.; Florin-Christensen, Mónica.; Belaunzarán, Mía.L.; Isola, E.L.D.; Suárez, C.E.; Florin-Christensen, J., 2007:
Evidence for a relationship between bovine erythrocyte lipid membrane peculiarities and immune pressure from ruminal ciliates

Alexeev, A.; Betina, M.; Stvolinsky, S.; Yazykov, A.; Zubarev, T., 1974:
Evidence for a relationship between some ribonucleoprotein-complexes and the morphogenetic substances of Acetabularia

Edwards, P., 1975:
Evidence for a relationship between the genera Rosenvingiella and Prasiola (Chlorophyta)

Nielsen, Fh, 1985:
Evidence for a relationship between vanadium and iron in the rat

Bennoun, P., 1982:
Evidence for a respiratory chain in the chloroplast Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Algae

Szekeres, M.S.midt, A.1; Torok, I., 1983:
Evidence for a restriction

Barnola, P.C.ampagnat, P.L.varenne, S., 1977:
Evidence for a rhythmic true bud dormancy in young plants of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) growing under uniform controlled conditions

Squibb, R.L., 1969:
Evidence for a rhythmicity of within-group variability of biological parameters in the chick

Adelman, T.; Lovett, J., 1974:
Evidence for a ribosome-associated translation inhibitor during differentiation of Blastocladiella emersonii

Vijayaraghavan, S.; Critchlow, L.M.; Hoskins, D.D., 1985:
Evidence for a role for cellular alkalinization in the cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-mediated initiation of motility in bovine caput spermatozoa

Allen, Lh, 1985:
Evidence for a role for insulin in the hypercalciuretic response to macronutrients

Rodrigues, M.C.; Campagnole-Santos, M.J.; Machado, R.P.; Silva, M.E.; Rocha, J.L.M.; Ferreira, P.M.; Santos, R.A.S.; Alzamora, A.C., 2007:
Evidence for a role of AT(2) receptors at the CVLM in the cardiovascular changes induced by low-intensity physical activity in renovascular hypertensive rats

Tang, C.; Han, P.; Oprescu, A.I.; Lee, S.C.; Gyulkhandanyan, A.V.; Chan, G.N.Y.; Wheeler, M.B.; Giacca, A., 2007:
Evidence for a role of superoxide generation in glucose-induced beta-cell dysfunction in vivo

McLaren, S.J.; Kim, N.D., 1995:
Evidence for a seasonal fluctuation of arsenic in New Zealand's longest river and the effect of treatment on concentrations in drinking water

Leslie, G.A., 1977:
Evidence for a second avian light chain isotype

Bonner, J.T.; Hall, E.M.; Sachsenmaier, W.; Walker, B.K., 1970 :
Evidence for a second chemotactic system in the cellular slime mold, Dictyostelium discoideum

Lonski, J., 1977:
Evidence for a second chemotactic system in the cellular slime mold, Polysphondylium

Sane, P.V.; Desai, T.S.; Tatake, V.G., 1975:
Evidence for a second quencher of chlorophyll fluorescence in spinach leaves

Mahmoud, A.; Royer, M.; Granier, M.; Ammar, E.D.; Thouvenel, J.C.; Peterschmitt, M., 2007:
Evidence for a segmented genome and partial nucleotide sequences of maize yellow stripe virus, a proposed new tenuivirus

Coleman, G.; Harper, S1; Clarke, J.1; Armstrong, S., 1982:
Evidence for a separate meal-associated oscillator in the rat Food availability, circadian rhythms

Miller, G.; Borden, J., 1981:
Evidence for a sex pheromone in the Douglas-fir cone gall midge Contarinia oregonensis, Pseudotsuga menziesii

Walker, LM., 1982:
Evidence for a sexual cycle in the Florida red tide dinoflagellate, Ptychodiscus brevis (=Gymnodinium breve)

Berndt, T.; Thomas, L.F.; Craig, T.A.; Sommer, S.; Li, X.; Bergstralh, E.J.; Kumar, R., 2007:
Evidence for a signaling axis by which intestinal phosphate rapidly modulates renal phosphate reabsorption

van der Werf, A.; Raaimakers, D.; Poot, P.; Lambers, H., 1991:
Evidence for a significant contribution by peroxidase-mediated O2 uptake to root respiration of Brachypodium pinnatum

Matsui, H.C.iba, S., 1981:
Evidence for a single active site on sugarbeet alpha-glucosidase with maltase and glucoamylase activities

Kiss, L.; Berki, L.K.; Nánási, P., 1981:
Evidence for a single catalytic and two binding sites in the almond emulsin beta-D-glucosidase molecule

Taj-Aldeen, S.M.ore, D., 1983:
Evidence for a single hexokinase in Coprinus cinereus Fungi

Tomasic, J.J.nnings, H.; Glaudemans, C., 1978:
Evidence for a single type of linkage in a fructofuranan from Lolium perenne

Mccutcheon, S.; Bown, A., 1987:
Evidence for a specific glutamate

Bayles, R.; Priestley, R., 1982:
Evidence for a specific resistance to wheat mildew which is effective in adult plants but not detectable at the seedling stage by assessment of reaction type Varieties, Erysiphe graminis

Walker, S.; Schrodt, G.; Currier, G., 1975:
Evidence for a structural relationship between successive parrell tubules in the SR network and supernumerary striations of Z line material in purkinje fibers of the chicken, sheep, dog and rheusus monkey heart

Jennings, R.C.; Garlaschi, F.M.; Forti, G.; Gerola, P.D., 1979:
Evidence for a structural role for chlorophyll in chlorophyll-protein complexes

Chelazzi, G.P.neschi, F., 1974:
Evidence for a sun compass in city pigeons (Columba livia)

Briley, M.S.; Illingworth, R.F.; Rose, A.H.; Fisher, D.J., 1970:
Evidence for a surface protein layer on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ascospore

Hanna, G.L.; Veenstra-Vanderweele, J.; Cox, N.J.; Van Etten, M.; Fischer, D.J.; Himle, J.A.; Bivens, N.Chiu.; Wu, X.; Roe, C.A.; Hennessy, K.A.; Dickel, D.E.; Leventhal, B.L.; Cook, E.H., 2007:
Evidence for a susceptibility locus on chromosome 10p15 in early-onset obsessive-compulsive disorder

Ramakrishnan, L.S.aples, R., 1970:
Evidence for a template RNA in resting uredospores of the bean rust fungus

Morat, M.C.evalier, M.D.faure, J., 1978:
Evidence for a testosterone secretion from testicular tissue of hypophysectomized boar maintained in organ culture and stimulated by HCG

Deckel, Aw, 1989:
Evidence for a tonic inhibition of food consumption and body weight by the striatum in female rats: effects of castration

Veiberg, Vørn.; Mysterud, A.; Bjørkvoll, E.; Langvatn, R.; Loe, L.Egil.; Irvine, R.Justin.; Bonenfant, C.; Couweleers, F.; Stenseth, N.Chr., 2007:
Evidence for a trade-off between early growth and tooth wear in Svalbard reindeer

Gruber, J.; Tang, S.Yew.; Halliwell, B., 2007:
Evidence for a trade-off between survival and fitness caused by resveratrol treatment of Caenorhabditis elegans

Craig, T.; Crane, F., 1981:
Evidence for a trans-plasma membrane electron transport system in plant cells Carrots, Daucus carota

Pan, D.T.n, K., 1981:
Evidence for a transcarboxylase reaction in maize cholorplast extracts

Bentrcia, L., 1984:
Evidence for a transient structural order in the growing cell walls of bean (Vicia faba) epicotyl

Rigoni, F.D.ll'-Antone, P.D.ana, R., 1987:
Evidence for a transmembrane proton concentration gradient-driven Ca2+ uptake in EGTA-treated bovine spermatozoa

Acree, T.; Marx, G., 1972:
Evidence for a transmissible substance affecting pigment synthesis in Pisum

Kahn, J.S., 1971:
Evidence for a two-directional hydrogen ion transport in chloroplasts of Euglena gracilis

Smith, B.; Wright, H1; Slater, J.1; Harkins, D., 1982:
Evidence for a vitamin D-related contaminant in the assay by HPLC high performance liquid chromatography of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in sheep serum

Koske, Re, 1982:
Evidence for a volatile attractant from plant roots affecting germ tubes of a VA vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora gigantea were obtained from sand underneath plants of Ammophila breviligulata

Davis, O.; Moratto, M., 1988:
Evidence for a warm dry early Holocene in the western Sierra Nevada of California: pollen and plant macrofossil analysis of Dinkey and Exchequer Meadows

Bell, Nh, 1979:
Evidence for abnormal metabolism of vitamin D in sarcoidosis

Stuart, V.F.eld, J.1; Newell, R., 1982:
Evidence for absorption of kelp detritus by the ribbed mussel Aulacomya ater using a new 51Cr chromium isotope-labelled microsphere technique

Smith, R.-A.A.exander, R., B., 1983:
Evidence for acid-precipitation-induced trends in stream chemistry at hydrologic bench-mark stations

Subden, R.E.; Bobowski, G., 1973:
Evidence for actinomycin D inhibition of transcription of carotenoid loci in Neurospora

Blondel, J.; Hualt,, L.R.llin, P.C.hen, P., 1973:
Evidence for active and inactive forms of L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in etiolated and light-grown radish cotyledons

Hermann, R.; Jaenicke, R.; Price, N.C., 1985:
Evidence for active intermediates during the reconstitution of yeast phosphoglycerate mutase

Bickerstaff, G.F.; Price, N.C., 1976:
Evidence for active subunits of matrix-bound creatine kinase

Schoenberg, L.M.; Wolf, B., 1976:
Evidence for active synthesis of two allelic b locus markers by single lymphocytes from heterozygous rabbits

Ginsburg, H.; Ginzburg, B.Z., 1971:
Evidence for active water transport in a corn root preparation

Mizuno, H.; Hirano, T.; Tagawa, Y., 2007:
Evidence for activity-dependent cortical wiring: formation of interhemispheric connections in neonatal mouse visual cortex requires projection neuron activity

Munro, K.J.; Walker, A.J.; Purdy, S.C., 2007:
Evidence for adaptive plasticity in elderly monaural hearing aid users

Denavit, M.G.arib, A.A.hard, F.R.che, M., 1982:
Evidence for adenosine myocardial protection of experimental coronary air embolism in the dog

Riva, M.; Gibert, C., 2006:
Evidence for adsorbable organic halides in the beamhouse, tanning and post tanning processing of ovine skin

Lofmark, U.; Hammarstrom, A., 2007:
Evidence for age-dependent education-related differences in men and women with first-ever stroke

Massantini, F.C.porali, F.Z.llini, G., 1977:
Evidence for allelopathic control of weeds in lines of soybean

Scorza, J.; Carnevali, M., 1981:
Evidence for allocating Monocystis chagasi Adler & Mayrink, 1961 to the genus Ascocystis Grasse, 1953 (Gregarinia: Lecudinidae) Gregarine parasite of Lutzomyia longipalpis, sandfly

Rickels, M.R.; Kamoun, M.; Kearns, J.; Markmann, J.F.; Naji, A., 2007:
Evidence for allograft rejection in an islet transplant recipient and effect on beta-cell secretory capacity

Wurmser, G.D.ttee, Y., 1984:
Evidence for allopollen competition in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Wirtz, P.H.; von Känel, R.; Emini, L.; Ruedisueli, K.; Groessbauer, S.; Maercker, A.; Ehlert, U., 2007:
Evidence for altered hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis functioning in systemic hypertension: blunted cortisol response to awakening and lower negative feedback sensitivity

Luttge,, K.; Ullrich-Eberius, C., 1981:
Evidence for amino acid-H+ cotransport in Lemna gibba given by effects of fusicoccin

Singh, H.; Rai, U.1; Rao, V.1; Bagchi, S., 1983:
Evidence for ammonia as an inhibitor of heterocyst and nitrogenase formation in the cyanobacterium Anabaena cycadeae Algae

Kuroki, H.; Imai, A.; Nashida, T.; Shimomura, H., 2007:
Evidence for amylase release by cGMP via cAMP-dependent protein kinase in rat parotid acinar cells

Kolattukudy, P.; Buckner, J.; Bedord, C., 1976:
Evidence for an active serine in each fatty acid synthetase peptide

Shalev, A.; Goldenberg, P.Z.; Huebner, E., 1980:
Evidence for an H-Y crossreactive antigen in invertebrates

Kurkdjian, A.M.thieu, Y.G.ern, J., 1982:
Evidence for an action of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on the vacuolar pH of Acer pseudoplatanus cells in suspension culture

Cook, H.W.; Lands, W.E., 1975:
Evidence for an activating factor formed during prostaglandin biosynthesis

Kamenski, P.; Kolesnikova, O.; Jubenot, V.; Entelis, N.; Krasheninnikov, I.A.; Martin, R.P.; Tarassov, I., 2007:
Evidence for an adaptation mechanism of mitochondrial translation via tRNA import from the cytosol

Knapp, K.G.; Swartz, J.R., 2007:
Evidence for an additional disulfide reduction pathway in Escherichia coli

Gurnett, C.A.; Dobbs, M.B.; Nordsieck, E.J.; Keppel, C.; Goldfarb, C.A.; Morcuende, J.A.; Bowcock, A.M., 2006:
Evidence for an additional locus for split hand/foot malformation in chromosome region 8q21.11-q22.3

Herman, W.; Carlsen, J.; Christensen, M.J.sefsson, L., 1977:
Evidence for an adipokinetic function of the RPCH activity present in the desert locust neuroendocrine system

Domagk, G.; Chilla, R.D.ering, K., 1973:
Evidence for an allosteric control of the pentose phosphate pathway in Candida utilis

von Euler, U.S.; Hedqvist, P., 1975:
Evidence for an alpha- and beta2-receptor mediated inhibition of the twitch response in the guinea pig vas deferens by noradrenaline

Camougrand, N.M.; Caubet, R.B.; Guerin, M.G., 1983:
Evidence for an alternative and non-phosphorylating pathway for NADH reoxidation in a yeast strain resistant to glucose repression

Trout, Ge, 1976:
Evidence for an amino group at the active site on pig liver NADPH

Kamech, Nédia.; Simunic, J.; Franklin, S.Jeanne.; Francis, S.; Tabitsika, M.; Soyez, D., 2007:
Evidence for an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) polymorphism in the crayfish Astacus leptodactylus

Ferrer, A.D.-Martino-Ferrer, M.R.go, P.D.; Setondji, J., 1980:
Evidence for an antitrypsin activity in the non-germinated seed of bambara pea (Voandzeia subterranea)

Lasky-Su, J.; Biederman, J.; Laird, N.; Tsuang, M.; Doyle, A.E.; Smoller, J.W.; Lange, C.; Faraone, S.V., 2007:
Evidence for an association of the dopamine D5 receptor gene on age at onset of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Pinder, A.C.; Riley, W.D.; Ibbotson, A.T.; Beaumont, W.R.C., 2007:
Evidence for an autumn downstream migration and the subsequent estuarine residence of 0+year juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L., in England

Rasi-Caldogno, F.; de Michelis, M.I.; Pugliarello, M.C., 1981:
Evidence for an electrogenic ATPase in microsomal vesicles from pea internodes

Marin, B., 1983:
Evidence for an electrogenic adenosine-triphosphatase in Hevea tonoplast vesicles

Spanswick, R.M., 1972:
Evidence for an electrogenic ion pump in Nitella translucens. I. The effects of pH, K + , Na + , light and temperature on the membrane potential and resistance

Spanswick, Rm, 1974:
Evidence for an electrogenic ion pump in Nitella translucens. II. Control of the light-stimulated component of the membrane potential

Diesperger, H.; Sandermann, H., 1978:
Evidence for an electrophilic intermediate in the microsomal hydroxylation of cinnamic acid in plants

Luscher, M., 1976:
Evidence for an endocrine control of caste determination in higher termites

Beaumont, V.; Thompson, S-Anne.; Choudhry, F.; Nuthall, H.; Glantschnig, H.; Lipfert, L.; David, G.R.; Swain, C.J.; McAllister, G.; Munoz-Sanjuan, I., 2007:
Evidence for an enhancement of excitatory transmission in adult CNS by Wnt signaling pathway modulation

Lee, G.; Van-Etten, R., 1975:
Evidence for an essential histidine residue in rabbit liver aryl sulfatase A

Rogers, K.; Weber, B.H., 1977:
Evidence for an essential role for arginyl residues for yeast phosphoglycerate kinase

Locker, D.; Marrakechi, M., 1977:
Evidence for an excess of rDNA in the testis of Drosophila melanogaster during rDNA magnification

Griffiths, D.E.; Lancashire, W.E.; Zanders, E.D., 1975:
Evidence for an extra-chromosomal element involved in mitochondrial function: a mitochondrial episome?

Firestone, R.B.; West, A.; Kennett, J.P.; Becker, L.; Bunch, T.E.; Revay, Z.S.; Schultz, P.H.; Belgya, T.; Kennett, D.J.; Erlandson, J.M.; Dickenson, O.J.; Goodyear, A.C.; Harris, R.S.; Howard, G.A.; Kloosterman, J.B.; Lechler, P.; Mayewski, P.A.; Montgomery, J.; Poreda, R.; Darrah, T.; Hee, S.S.Que.; Smith, A.R.; Stich, A.; Topping, W.; Wittke, J.H.; Wolbach, W.S., 2007:
Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling

Gabra, B.H.; Bailey, C.P.; Kelly, E.; Sanders, A.V.; Henderson, G.; Smith, F.L.; Dewey, W.L., 2007:
Evidence for an important role of protein phosphatases in the mechanism of morphine tolerance

Strosser, M.T.; Foltzer, C.; Cohen, L.; Mialhe, P., 1983:
Evidence for an indirect effect of somatostatin on glucagon secretion via inhibition of free fatty acids release in the duck

Prasad, A.R.; Datta, K., 1983:
Evidence for an inducible cadmium binding protein metallothionein in chick embryo

Hudspeth, William, N., 1970:
Evidence for an infrared communication system theory in the noctuid moth, Heliothis zea (Boddie)

Tandy, N.E.; Dilley, R.A.; Hermodson, M.A.; Bhatnagar, D., 1982:
Evidence for an interaction between protons released in chloroplast photosystem II water oxidation and the 8000 Mr hydrophobic subunit of the energy-coupling complex

Lowey, S.; Saraswat, L.D.; Liu, H.; Volkmann, N.; Hanein, D., 2007:
Evidence for an interaction between the SH3 domain and the N-terminal extension of the essential light chain in class II myosins

Edlund, B.W.linder, O., 1974:
Evidence for an intermediary phosphorylation of nucleoside d iphosphate kinase from pea seed

Rothe, G.; Mildenberger, H.1; Scharer, H1; Utesch, D., 1983:
Evidence for an intra- and extraplastidic pre-chorismate pathway Pisum sativum, peas, intracellular activity of shikimate oxidoreductase, a marker enzyme

Johnson, J.A.; Davis, J.O.; Gotshall, R.W.; Lohmeier, T.E.; Davis, J.L.; Braverman, B.; Tempel, G.E., 1976:
Evidence for an intrarenal beta receptor in control of renin release

Langford, C.; Gallwitz, D., 1983:
Evidence for an intron-contained sequence required for the splicing of yeast RNA polymerase II transcripts Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bowling, Djf, 1981:
Evidence for an ion uptake controller in Helianthus annuus

Hixon, J.; Pijanowski, G.; Weston, P.; Shanks, R.; Wagner, W., 1983:
Evidence for an oscillator than luteinizing hormone controlling the secretion of progesterone in cattle

Schutz, Y.B.ssard, T1; Jequier, E., 1983:
Evidence for an overall thermogenic defect in obese women assessed by a respiratory chamber Obesity

Snow, Aa, 1986:
Evidence for and against pollen tube competition in natural populations

Gunn, A.M.ller, F.; Mclean, B., 1989:
Evidence for and possible causes of increased mortality of bull muskoxen during severe winters

Pirtle, Ec, 1976:
Evidence for and ramifications of swine influenza in the United States

Marino, F., 2007:
Evidence for anticipatory regulation mediated by drink temperature during fixed intensity exercise in the heat

Kizu, Junko, 2007:
Evidence for appropriate use of antibacterial agents

Morris, K.M.; Levack, V.M., 1982:
Evidence for aqueous soluble vitamin D-like substances in the calcinogenic plant, Tristetum flavescens

Fernández-Durán, Bña.; Ruibal, C.; Polakof, S.; Ceinos, R.M.; Soengas, Jé.L.; Míguez, Jús.M., 2007:
Evidence for arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase (AANAT2) expression in rainbow trout peripheral tissues with emphasis in the gastrointestinal tract

Corvin, A.; McGhee, K.A.; Murphy, K.; Donohoe, G.; Nangle, J.M.; Schwaiger, S.; Kenny, N.; Clarke, S.; Meagher, D.; Quinn, J.; Scully, P.; Baldwin, P.; Browne, D.; Walsh, C.; Waddington, J.L.; Morris, D.W.; Gill, M., 2007:
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Evidence for the genetic admixture hypothesis that the increased incidence of IDDM among African Americans compared to Africans is due in large part to susceptibility gene(s) which entered through admixture with the European American gene pool

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Evidence for the discrete synthesis of poly A+ RNA and new polypeptides in gamma-irradiated potato bud tissue in comparison with wounding-induced synthesis

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Evidence for the distinct evolutionary histories of canopy and understorey in the Eucalyptus forest-heath alliance of Australia

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Evidence for the effects of smallest amounts of substance in three subcellular compartments of the rat liver

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