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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15778

Chapter 15778 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Huxley, P., 1981:
Experimental work with trees and shrubs for use in agroforestry systems

Aamisepp, A.G.anstrom, B., 1983:
Experimental work with weeds

Majerciak, P., 1973:
Experimental works dealing with problems to increase utility properties of sows and to improve them for a meaty type

Peron, Jy, 1983:
Experimental works of the National Federation of Farmers and Seed Propagators on kitchen garden seeds France.1

Anonymous, 1957:
Experimental works of the period 1951-1956

Szepessy, I.S.endro, P., 1971:
Experimental works on automatic chemical singling machines

Behrenz, W., 1981:
Experimental works with ectoparasites of the sheep Lujet; a new preparation for the control of ectoparasites in sheep

Pallauf, J.K.rchgessner, M., 1971:
Experimental zinc deficiency in growing rats. 2. on the metabolism of zinc in animals

Pechin, G.H.; Corbellini, C.N.; Cseh, S.B.; Dubarry, J.; Alvarez, A.R.; Mangano, V., 2006 :
Experimental zinc deficiency in lambs. 1. Effects on growth, wool production and biochemical parameters

Zivanov, D.J.zdimirovic, M., 1981:
Experimental, clinical and field examinations of the luteolytic activity of prostaglandin F2 alpha

Lal, R.A.nihotri, N., 1984:
Experimental, methodological and analytical approach to the study of microbe-insecticide interactions

Prinsen, L.S.ierstra, D., 1972:
Experimental, relatively inexpensive cattle stalls

Tsaruk, V.; Kavun, N., 1976:
Experimental-commercial model of a semi-automatic line UL-S-1 for determining sugar content in sugarbeets

Meuller, Josef, 1981:
Experimental-ecological studies of epiphytic lichens on natural locations

Gorobets, Am, 1978:
Experimental-ecological study of seed germination. II. Germination of Salix phylicifolia and Salix caprea seed

Becker, N.Z.mmermann, H., 1983:
Experimental-ecological test on the influence of light intensity and water supply on vegetative growth, development and yield of vines cultivated in pots

Orzechowski, J., 1972:
Experimental-educational farming enterprise in Slovakia

Gerasimov, N.; Teider, V.; Iakovlev, A.; Kuznetsov, E., 1980:
Experimental-industrial apparatus for freezing meat balls and dumplings

Khechuashvili, Gz, 1981 :
Experimental-industrial device for freezing tea leaf

Shvets, T.; Borodianskii, V., 1975:
Experimental-industrial line for preparing and cutting tobacco at an increased temperature

Chervinskaia, T.; Kovganko, R., 1977:
Experimental-industrial line for the output of dried kisel on the basis of fruit and berry puree

Bronnikova, G.; Kireeva, R.; Belov, V., 1980:
Experimental-industrial production of elkane G I02-6 at the Vologda wood chemistry factory

Natali, A.N.; Carniel, E.L.; Pavan, P.G.; Bourauel, C.; Ziegler, A.; Keilig, L., 2006:
Experimental-numerical analysis of minipig's multi-rooted teeth

Godnev, Ed, 1974:
Experimental-production crops in the steppes

Vinogradov, V.I., 1978:
Experimental-theoretical determination of the forces acting on the working surface of a plowshare

Syrovatka, Vi, 1978:
Experimental-theoretical fundamentals of overall mechanization of commercial animal husbandry

Ganzuch, U.S.ucek, R.B.rnhardt, G., 1978:
Experimental-theoretical method for determining the specific soil resistance of plough bodies at any state of the soil

Cheremisinov, Oa, 1980:
Experimental-theoretical studies of the college department of farm machinery on reclamation of Solonetz soils Tillage machines, TSelinograd Agricultural Institute.1

Lange, Ulrich, 2000:

Wilson, J., 1972:
Experimentally determined, two locus fitnesses of Drosophila melanogaster males

Lightfoot, J.Timothy., 2006:
Experimentally evolving exercise endurance: one step at a time

Presidente, P.J.; McCraw, B.M.; Lumsden, J.H., 1975:
Experimentally induced Faciola hepatica infection in white-tailed deer. I. Clinicopathological and parasitological features

Pande, B.; Shukla, R., 1974:
Experimentally induced Opisthorchis caninus infection in ha msters & Rhesus monkey with a note on the role of larval di geneans in fisheries production

Waggie, K.S.; Ganaway, J.R.; Wagner, J.E.; Spencer, T.H., 1984:
Experimentally induced Tyzzer's disease in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)

Luchko, M.; Ivakhnenko, V.; Mikhailov, N., 1972:
Experimentally induced Vibrio disease in sheep

Farnsworth, P., 1974:
Experimentally induced aberrations in the pattern of differentiation in the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum

Merkley, D.; Howard, D.; Eyster, G.; Krahwinkel, D.; Sawyer, D.; Krehbiel, J., 1976:
Experimentally induced acute gastric dilatation in the dog: cardiopulmonary effects

Markley, D.; Howard, D.; Krehbiel, J.; Eyster, G.; Krahwinkel, D.; Sawyer, D., 1976:
Experimentally induced acute gastric dilatation in the dog: clinicopathologic findings

Nogge, G., 1982:
Experimentally induced antibodies to ectoparasites Immune response of vertebrates to insects

Ootaki, T.; Furuya, M., 1969:
Experimentally induced apical dominance in protonemata of Pteris Vittata

Hourrigan, J.L., 1990:
Experimentally induced bovine spongiform encephalopathy in cattle in Mission, Tex, and the control of scrapie

Vozhdaev, N.; Shergin, I.; Beliakov, A., 1973:
Experimentally induced brucellosis in yaks

Edwards, J.; Livingston, C.J.; Chung, S.; Collisson, E., 1990:
Experimentally induced congenital malformations in lambs infected with Cache Valley Virus in utero

Mikuiska, I., 1973:
Experimentally induced developmental monstrosities in the water spider Argyroneta aquatica (Clerck)

Quang, Trong-Hung, 1991:
Experimentally induced ectopic enchondral ossification in the thymusaplastic nude mice through xenograf of epiphyseal cartilage of swine a new animal model and its applications

Ckerblom, S.-; Bceceth, E.-; Bringmark, L.-; Bringmark, E., 2007:
Experimentally induced effects of heavy metal on microbial activity and community structure of forest mor layers

Dewree, R.; Meulemans, L.; Lassence, C.; Desmecht, D.; Ducatelle, R.; Mast, J.; Licois, D.; Vindevogel, H.; Marlier, D., 2007:
Experimentally induced epizootic rabbit enteropathy: clinical, histopathological, ultrastructural, bacteriological and haematological findings

Masalski, N., 1980:
Experimentally induced foot rot

Kenchington, W., 1974:
Experimentally induced in vivo increase in size of calcium citrate crystals in praying mantids

Onet, E., 1983:
Experimentally induced infection with swine mycobacterial strains in guinea pigs

Derevianko, Ki, 1973:
Experimentally induced listeriosis in ducklings

Dorobantu, R., 1975:
Experimentally induced mammitis with fowl cholera germs in sheep and cows

Loepfe, Patrick, J., 1993:
Experimentally induced mastitis in sows

Kolontaev, Vm, 1973:
Experimentally induced mutations in apple trees

Sichkar'-, Vi, 1981:
Experimentally induced mutations in soybeans and their breeding value. II. Frequency of morphological mutations and their relation to chlorophyll mutations

Kolontaev, Vm, 1973:
Experimentally induced mutations of apple trees

Holzmann, A.L.ber, G., 1977:
Experimentally induced mycoplasmal infection in the genital tract of the male dog. i. andrological spermatological investigations before infection

Ploen, L., 1975 :
Experimentally induced nuclear changes during spermateleosis

Casteel, S.W.; Rowe, L.D.; Bailey, E.M.; Fiske, R.A.; Bridges, C.W., 1988:
Experimentally induced photosensitization in cattle with Cooperia pedunculata

Lomax, L.; Glock, R.1; Hogan, J., 1982:
Experimentally induced porcine proliferative enteritis in specific-pathogen-free pigs Campylobacter sputorum subspecies mucosalis

Normann, T.C.; Duve, H., 1969:
Experimentally induced release of a neurohormone influencing hemolymph trehalose level in Calliphora erythrocephala (Diptera)

Tannert, W., 1976:
Experimentally induced rise in tolerance to Warfarin in domestic mice (Mus musculus)

Baba, A.; Rotaru, O.M.rica, D.P.p, M.R.puntean, G., 1983:
Experimentally induced swine skin red fever in pigs. Morpho-clinical investigations

Iuskovets, M.; Tuzova, R., 1970:
Experimentally induced tuberculosis in quail, with serological and allergy methods of diagnosis and prophylaxis

Shemet, Rs, 1972:
Experimentally induced white muscle disease in baby turkeys

Kondrat'-Eva, T.; Lin'-Kova, M.; Svetlichnaya, T.; Biryuzova, V., 1988:
Experimentally obtained Rhodotorula glutinis polyploid cultures and ultrastructure of cells

Overchuk, V.; Pyka, N., 1971:
Experimentally obtained mutant f

Musiiko, A.; Kukina, T.; Lesnik, V., 1971:
Experimentally obtained tetraploid corn

Weniger, J.; Thiebold, J., 1979:
Experimentally produced changes in the structure and function of the gonads of mammalian and avian embryos

Suschka, Christian, 1978:
Experimentally produced mastitis in the cow as a result of intracisternal application of phenol-water-extracts from yeasts

Maguire, M., 1973:
Experimentally produced meiotic abnormalities

Ternovskii, M.; Moiseeva, M.; Grebenkin, A., 1973:
Experimentally produced new type of cytoplasmic male sterility in interspecies Nicotiana hybrids

Ogol'-Tsova, T.; Kichina, V., 1973:
Experimentally produced raspberry colchiploids

Goodman, D.-Edward; Rao, R., M.R., 1983:
Experimentally validated predictive models for puffability of gelatinized rice

Champney, T.H.; Brainard, G.C.; Richardson, B.A.; Reiter, R.J., 1983:
Experimentally-induced diabetes reduces nocturnal pineal melatonin content in the Syrian hamster

Van der Maaten, M.J.; Whetstone, C.A.; Khramtsov, V.V.; Miller, J.M., 1990:
Experimentally-induced infections with bovine immunodeficiency-like virus, a bovine lentivirus

Andreev, E.; Belokon'-, V.; Rakitianskaia, T.; Stetsenko, V.; Dobroliubova, N., 1974:
Experimentally-induced infectious rhinotracheitis in cattle

Harris, Mj, 1973:
Experimentally-induced muscle atrophy in the developing chick embryo: glycogen metablism

Miyakawa, T., 1980:
Experimentally-induced symptoms

Andriguetto, J.; Perly, L.F.emming, J.; Gemael, A.S.uza, G., 1982:
Experimentals levels of phosphorus for broilers

Roman, R.G.erra, A., 1969:
Experimentals methods for determination of optimal moisture of soil

Kinashi, K.T.uneoka, M.Y.ruki, T.T.uzimoto, K.M.yazaki, Y.A.agami, K.K.ra, K.K.toh, T.S.udo, S., 1973:
Experimentaly statistical study

Grignac, Pierre, 1979:
Experimentation ble dans la zone sahelienne du Mali

Arrivets, J., 1980:
Experimentation 1974-79 sur la fumure du riz dans la province de Tananarive

Arrivets, J., 1981:
Experimentation 1979-80 sur larachide dans la region de Tananarive

Sayigh, Aam, 1980:
Experimentation and assessment of various solar crop driers

Anonymous, 1982:
Experimentation and demonstration for the improvement of olive and olive oil production, Yugoslavia

Sellami, A., 1975:
Experimentation and demonstration in chemical weeding in Tunisia

Anonymous, 1971:
Experimentation and research

Ferrando, R.R.ynaud, J.; Tailant, J., 1969:
Experimentation in France on

Ferrando, R.R.ynaud, J., 1969:
Experimentation in France with Carbadox on pork meat cuts; effects on the technological qualities and the organoleptic properties of meat (note 2)

Anonymous, 1984:
Experimentation in agricultural drainage

Ionescu, M.D.mbrava, S., 1980:
Experimentation in conditions of Husqvarna power saw production

Gandara, F.R.yo-Pallares, O., 1978:
Experimentation in forage crops and pastures in the Zona de Campos, Corrientes and Misiones, Argentina

Revnders, M.; Puente, E.-Jm-De-La, 1972:
Experimentation in forestry: biometric sequence in results analysis

Reynders, M.; Puente, E.-Jm-De-La, 1971:
Experimentation in forestry; biometric sequel of analysis results

Kulkarni, D.S.mon, H., 1990:
Experimentation in machine discovery

Bullen, Er, 1970 :
Experimentation in the National Agricultural Advisory Service: Objectives and organization

H.X.nYang; Cao JianHua; L.M.iGui, 2007:
Experimentation of Curcuma wenyujin in different soil conditions

Dissescu, R.S.celeanu, I., 1974:
Experimentation of a continuous inventory on large areas of the forest resources in Romania

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye, 1988:
Experimentation of a solar dryer

Oztilmen, B.Y.cer, M., 1970:
Experimentation of fungicides Perozin 75-B, Trimanzone, Triziman-D and Shell maneb against downy mildew of tobacco (Peronospora tabacina Adam) disease on field stage in Marmara Region

Achmetli, Nusrat, 1959:
Experimentation of obtaining information of penis prolapsis in stationary bulls using performance and infiltration anaesthesia methods

Portales, B.M.rtin, M.L.-Ray, M.T.rguet, R., 1982:
Experimentation of the heating of greenhouses with solar energy stored in subsoil in the north of France

Petritchef, M.L.zarof, V., 1970:
Experimentation of the influence exercised by the endotoxin of Salmonella abortus-ovis on the incorporation of methionine-S 35 in the proteins of certain organs of guinea pigs

Nabos, B.P.licot, B., 1977:
Experimentation of the planting machine Sifer 007 in the Landes, October 1976

Gondos, M.S.atov, C.T.rcu, D.R.tunjanu, E.S.avri, J., 1975:
Experimentation of various levels of calcium and vitamin D3in the feed of laying hens

Gondos, M.D.mian, C.T.rcu, D.R.tunjanu, E., 1975:
Experimentation of various levels of fat and choline in the feeding of meat chickens

Birie-Habas, J., 1981:
Experimentation of wheat cultivation on the adamaoua plateaux in Cameroon (1974-1977) Triticum.1

Geambasu, N., 1980:
Experimentation on a production scale of the technology of chemical fertilizer application with aircraft in mature spruce stands

Meneve, I.I.tas, W.V.rdonck, O.E.gels, E., 1971:
Experimentation on container growing of conifers and ornamental shrubs using different substrates

Boulanger, J.S.ubrier, G.Z.ijlen, T.V.n, 1972:
Experimentation on jute fibres in Dahomey from 1966 up to 1971

Bouharmont, P., 1977:
Experimentation on the renewal of the vegetative apparatus of the coffee tree by cutting down aged stems. i. the Arabica coffee tree

Bouharmont, P., 1977:
Experimentation on the renewal of the vegetative apparatus of the coffee tree by cutting down aged stems. iI. the robusta coffee tree

Nicol, L., 1979:
Experimentation on the vaccination of the average pig with a lapinized strain of hog cholera which does not require seroprotection

Anonymous, 1964:
Experimentation summary

Arrivets, J., 1980:
Experimentation sur les systemes de fumure dans le Moyen Ouest

Silva, Ja, 1984:
Experimentation to test the hypothesis of agrotechnology transfer

Ksander, M.B.rg, B., 1988:
Experimentation versus commitment

Rocha, Uf, 1971:
Experimentation with Batestan in bovines infested with ticks

Baldanzi, G., 1978:
Experimentation with Pinus taeda at the Rio Negro Forestry Research Station, Parana State, Brazil

Berthelon, M., 1985:
Experimentation with a new antibrucellosis vaccine

Bran, L., 1980:
Experimentation with an apathogenic strain of lapinized hog cholera virus

Chirol, C.D.meure, R.D.smoulins, M., 1969:
Experimentation with an injec

Saunier, R.F.bro, W.D.l; Richin, G., 1969:
Experimentation with clingstone peaches in the southwest of France: results acquired in the years, 1967, 1968, and 1969

Freire, Eleusio-Curvelo, 1976:
Experimentation with cotton in Bahia and Sergipe, 1971-1974

Corona, E., 1977:
Experimentation with exotic trees along the construction of railroads

Maggio, A.M.rino, J.; Elichiry, N.; Ribot, P., 1977 :
Experimentation with frozen ram sperm cakes

Liederman, L.B.anco, H.; Rozanski, A., 1980:
Experimentation with herbicides in the carrot crop from 1972 to 1977

Kotula, A.W.; Drewniak, E.E.; Davis, L.L., 1961:
Experimentation with in-line carbon dioxide immobilization of chickens prior to slaughter

Anonymous, 1943:
Experimentation with karakul sheep on the Puno Model Farm

Rheinberger, H.-Jeorg; Hagner, M., 1993:
Experimentation with life

Floss, E.; Baier, A.; Sampaio, L.; Zanella, A.W.mmer, K., 1979:
Experimentation with oats performed through the University of Passo Fundo

Reepmeyer, H., 1973:
Experimentation with phosphoric acid esters at appearance of infection in potatoes and the transfer of tobacco rattle virus

Fauconnier, D., 1976:
Experimentation with potassium fertilizers

Pambrun, L.R.cchia, C.C.ement, A., 1976:
Experimentation with the articulated forwarder Agrip JD 6000 Sebso Saint Gaudens (Dec. 1975 Jan. 1976)

Stabbetorp, H., 1974:
Experimentation with the early sowing of grain

Anonymous, 1974:
Experimentation with the hand grafting of apple trees

Poulsen, Pr, 1974:
Experimentation with the production of Alfa Laval steel containers with reference to asceptic filling, storage, and transport of heat treated canned fruit for use in milk products

Gilbert, Y.S.urat, P.C.antal, J.C.amoiseau, G., 1985:
Experimentation, in the wool producing sheep, on innocuousness and efficiency of a pox virus isolated from a Mauritanian sheep affected with nodular sheep pox after attempted modification

Manisor, P., 1976:
Experimentations and results achieved regarding harvesting technologies using the self propelled combine CAF for fodder

Michelsen, E., 1978:
Experimentations and results of experiment on tetravalent foot and mouth disease vaccine

Ponteves, E.-De; Jouve, P., 1990:
Experimentations en milieu paysan en zones tropicales

Quadri, E.D.lla-Pozza, G.F.cchin, E., 1971:
Experimentations on the use of benzydamine in the treatment of calf respiratory syndromes

Dokova, P.L.lova, M., 1969:
Experimented weed control in sug

Strik, Johannes-Jacob-Theodorus-Wilhelmus-Antonius, 1973:
Experimentele leverporfyrie bij vogels, porfyrinogene werking van allylisopropylaceetamide (AIA), 3,5-dicarbetoxy-1,4-dihydrocollidine (DDC) en de polyhalogeen-aromaten hexachloorbenzeen (HCB) en hexabroombifenyl (HBB)

Woutersen, Rudolf-Antonius, 1979:
Experimentele protoporfyrie bij muizen en japanse kwartels

Anonymous, 1977 :
Experimentell genekologi

Persson, Folke, 1961:
Experimentella och kliniska underseokningar av njurfunktionen hos hund

Verzaar, F., 1956:
Experimentelle Alternsforschung; Symposium der Europeaischen Abteilung des Biologischen und Medizinischen Forschungskomitees der Internationalen Gerontologischen Gesellschaft

Biltz, H.; Klemm, W., 1944:
Experimentelle Einfuhrung in die anorganische Chemie

Anonymous, 1990:
Experimentelle Grundlagen feur die toxikologische Preufung von Fremdstoffen

Settekorn, Uwe, 1961:
Experimentelle Pericarditis bei Ratten und Hunden durch Injektion entzeundungserregender Stoffe in den Herzbeutel

Knapp, R., 1954:
Experimentelle Soziologie der hoheren Pflanzen

Knapp,, R., 1967:
Experimentelle Soziologie und gegenseitige Beeinflussung der Pflanzen

Wiidik, Roman-Woldemar, 1959:
Experimentelle Studien euber den schwedischen Avirulenten Schweinerotlauf-Impfstoff AV

Puchta, Otto-Martin, 1954:
Experimentelle Symbioseuntersuchungen an Pediculus corporis de Geer und an Gewebskulturen von Huhnerfibroblasten

Lindemeier, Wilhelm-Heinrich, 1940:
Experimentelle Untersuchengen euber die diuretische Wirkung einiger Theophyllinpreaparate im Vergleich zu Euphyllin

Vorwerck, Karldietrich, 1959:
Experimentelle Untersuchung des Gebleaseteils einer landwirtschaftlichen Hof-Mehrzweck-maschine

Houwishi, Yousri-Khamis, 1962:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen am Kaninchen zur Verheutung von peritonealen Adheasionen mit verschiedenen en Glucocorticoidpreaparaten

Rapp, Wilhelm, 1953:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen am isolierten Seangetierherzen euber die coronargefeasserweiternde Wirkung von Theophyllin, Theophyllinderivaten und der bei der Leosung des Theophyllins eublichen Leosungsvermittler

Geyer, Philipp, 1950:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber Babesia canis im Hundeversuch im besonderen Hinblick auf Vereanderungen im Blutbild bei medikamentellen Behandlungen

Baljet, Jan-Willem, 1959:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber Sulfamethoxypyridazin (Lederkyn)

Hinz, Dorothea, 1961:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber das Vorkommen von Agglutininen gegen Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis rodentium im Blutserum

Schreier, Christa, 1959:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber den Einfluss von on Blutkeorperchenlysaten auf verschiedene Virusarten

Wetzel, Heinz, 1952:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die Beeinflussung der Blutungs- und Gerinnungszeit durch verschiedene Schlangengifte

Moegle, Horst-Ernst, 1953:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die Widerstandsfeahigkeit junger Hundewelpen gegeneuber dem Virus der Hundestaupe

Kuon, Vinzenz, 1950:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die Wirkung eines Theophyllinderivates auf die Nierensekretion im Vergleich zu Deriphyllin

Marx, Josef, 1940:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die diuretische Wirkung einiger Purinderivate

Lappe, Christian-Fritz-Hilmer, 1951:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die diuretische Wirkung einiger Theophyllinpreaparate im Vergleich zu Deriphyllin

Priess, Herbert-Ernst-Johannes, 1950:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen euber die parenterale Zufuhr von Dextran als Plasma-substitutiens zur Verhinderung des Verblutungsschockes nach wiederholten grosseren Blutverlusten unter besonderer Bereucksichtigung des Dextrangehaltes im Plasma der Erythrozytenzahl und des Heamatokritwertes

Hohl, Kurt-Otto, 1949:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber Rontgeneffekte und chemische Effekte auf die pflanzliche Mitose

Dorsch, Rita, 1953:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber den Einfluss der Askorbinsaure auf Stoffwechsel und Wachstum von Chlorella-Kulturen

Haut, Hans-Van, 1960:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber die Wirkung von Schwefeldioxyd auf die Vegetation

Schneider, Konrad, 1959:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Aufnahme von Nahrstoffen uber das Blatt bei Weizen

Schuster, Hariolf, K., 1979:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Schwermetallresistenz von submersen Makrophyten

Rueben, Simon, 1958 :
Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur praktischen Anwendung der er Immuniteatsverhealtnisse bei der Heuhnercoccidiose mit einer Darstellung der Chemotherapie

Keuster, E., 1956:
Experimentelle Zellforschung

Keuster, E., 1949:
Experimentelle Zellforschung, Hinweise auf ihre wichtigsten Aufgaben

Wienhold, Heinz, 1952:
Experimentelle und klinische Untersuchungen von Novutox, x, Aneasthetikum

Dalgaard-Mikkelsen, Svend, 1949:
Experimentelle underssuperscript 2gelser over salicylsyrens farmakologi, elimination og antirheumatisk virkning

Hubert, Wolfgang, 1958:
Experimenteller Beitrag zur Wirkung von Reptilase und Tachostyptan auf die Gerinnung von Pferdeblut

Mckinnon, D., 1983:
Experimenting with Perendale-Lincoln cross Sheep, New Zealand

Pambrun, L.R.cchia, C., 1976:
Experimenting with a prototype tractor for handling and crosscutting 2 m long blocks into 1 m shortwood

Depolo, J., 1991:
Experimenting with alfalfa alternatives

Esoestariac-Pisaeciac, Karlo, 1947:
Experimenting with artificial meadows

Iannuzzi, J., 1981:
Experimenting with comb honey production

Geling, U., 1981:
Experimenting with conservation of energy

Tabet, A., 1975:
Experimenting with drainage of heavy soils of Gharb

Wenning, Cj, 2003:
Experimenting with honey bees: comb management

Wenning, Cj, 2002:
Experimenting with honey bees: finding queens. I

Wenning, Cj, 2002:
Experimenting with honey bees: finding queens. II

Wenning, Cj, 2003:
Experimenting with honey bees: finding queens. III

Filimon, N.C.aescu, E., 1970:
Experimenting with hop extracts in the manufacture of beer

Spadoni, Luigi, 1956:
Experimenting with irrigation of clay soils

Hendrickson, R., 2003:
Experimenting with nucs

Tiihonen, P., 1980:
Experimenting with the ADP-map method for locating working sites in northern Savo, East Finland, 1976-1978

Montigny, C., 1972:
Experimenting with varieties newly registered in the Catalog.

Anonymous, 1993:
Experimenting with your enlarger: member manual 4-H photography

Maendez-Roig, F.; Samuels, G., 1958:
Experimentos con variedades de caana de azaucar en Puerto Rico, 1951-1955

Boyes, W.W., 1960:

Schmandke, H.S.hmidt, G.K.rmann, I.M.une, R., 1976:
Experiments about a shear strength modification of wheat protein

Lorenz, Dagmar, 1982:
Experiments about the Aeromads of the

Halva, E.L.sak, J., 1980:
Experiments about the nutrition of grassland ecosystems with respect to different times of NPK application

Ghelmeziu, A.B.tnaru, I., 1973:
Experiments aiming at the preparation of active lactic cultu res

Niel, P., 1978:
Experiments and adaptation of irrigation techniques to the region

Mehwald, J., 1971:
Experiments and culture demonstrations in Lower Saxony

Kronfellner-Kraus, G., 1969:
Experiments and effectiveness

Lupnitz, F., 1970:
Experiments and experiences in the use of electronic data processing machines in the information-retrieval system of agricultural sciences

Junttila, O., 1971:
Experiments and experiences with garden roses in Finland

Chiarucci, A.C.llins, B.S.ndra, D.W.ite, P., 2007:
Experiments and field observations: Two predominant aspects of a multi-faceted vegetation science

Donoghue, Mj, 1987:
Experiments and hypotheses in systematics

Glattli, H., 1977:
Experiments and investigations on beef production

Vassal, L.M.cquot, G., 1970:
Experiments and notes on the use of cooled milk in tanks in the farms for cheese production

Yano, Yukio, 1977:
Experiments and observation of butterflies

Noga, G.S., 1976:
Experiments and observations of plants

Allaway, W.; Mansfield, T., 1970:
Experiments and observations on the aftereffect of wilting on stomata of Rumex sanguineus

Ushchekov, A.; Begliarov, G.; Kozlova, T., 1972:
Experiments and outlook for practical use of the predator Diaeretiella rapae for control of mites in covered soil

Lupe, I.; Cotirlea, I., 1979:
Experiments and practical application of substitution in hazel groves

Chou, Yeun-Lung, 1987:
Experiments and practices with cryptogams

Toniolo, L., 1979:
Experiments and problems in seed production in Italy

Bogdanov, I.L., 1987:
Experiments and problems of antibiotic and vaccine therapy in Brucellosis patients

Mirkin, Sl, 1971:
Experiments and prospective regions for irrigation in the steppe zone

Maier, J., 1973:
Experiments and research of the German Society for Hop Research Incorporated and the Bavarian State Institute for Soil Cultivation and Crop Farming at the Hans Pfulf Institute for Hop Research in Hull, 1972

Wojciechowski, Kj, 1978:
Experiments and research on the laboratory diagnosis of animal rabies

Hunnius, W., 1970:
Experiments and results from the 1969 tests

Dohnal, J., 1975:
Experiments and results of desiccation of grass seed crops

Zirojevic, D., 1972:
Experiments and results of utilizing grape rootstocks in the autonomous regions of Serbia

Singer, W., 1973:
Experiments and selection of t

Ubrizsy, A., 1976 :
Experiments and solutions for the satisfaction of protein demand

Liu, Ch*-Degrees-*euan, 1992:
Experiments and statistics of fruit trees

Nasimovich, A.A., 1979:
Experiments and tasks of nature reserves in the USSR

Ono, Yutaka, 1955:
Experiments and tests in veterinary medicine

Fuchidzhi, A.P.lin, A., 1977:
Experiments are encouraging

Hirst, Jm, 1970:
Experiments at Rothamsted

Gehriger, G., 1969:
Experiments at the Emmental c

Anonymous, 1976:
Experiments bring nutrition to life

Civantos-Lopez-Villalta, M.M.ntiel-Bueno, A.G.mez-Uribarri, F.C.macho-Arias,, J., 1973:
Experiments carried out against Prays oleaellus, in aerial sprayings using rotary atomizers (Micronair) in antophagous generation, Jaen, 1972

Anonymous, 1976:
Experiments carried out in 1975 at the Saint Remy les Chevreuse Center

Gyozo, A.A.dor, H., 1970:
Experiments carried out in Jugoslavia directed to the improvement of storage conditions for wool. i

Csesznak, E.M.jer, A.S.appanos, A., 1973:
Experiments carried out to utilize the forests of the Danube low areas

Jozsa, L., 1970:
Experiments carried out with Sudangrass hybrids

Liess, B., 1978:
Experiments carried out, using the immuno-fluorescence method for the detection of european swine fever under enzootic conditions

Gorham, Jr; Laverman, L.K.llingham, L., 1975:
Experiments concerned with vaccination routes for feline panleukopenia virus and mink virus enteritis: a note

Stenmark, A., 1976:
Experiments concerning chemical control of aphids on apples and autumn rape

Vik, J., 1976:
Experiments concerning cultivation of onions for transplantation in groups. II. Peat blocks of different sizes compared with peat moss pots

Litlere, B.H.ldrum, H., 1972:
Experiments concerning day length and temperature on coral rummers

Lega, G., 1975:
Experiments concerning extraction of wax from old combs

Anonymous, 1973:
Experiments concerning instant nonfat dry milk. analytical and technological aspects

Vik, J., 1975:
Experiments concerning raising onion transplants for transplantation in groups. I. Paper pots of different sizes compared with peat moss pots

Weger, B., 1975:
Experiments concerning red wine production by means of the method Roto

Szoltysek, K.Z.obrowski, J., 1981:
Experiments concerning the accelerated ripening of blue cheese Rokpol

Bauer, T., 1976:
Experiments concerning the biological value of stridulation by Coleoptera

Marusciac, D., 1976:
Experiments concerning the determination of elastic and mechanical characteristics for the laminated glued wooden construction elements stressed by flexure

Remod, J., 1973:
Experiments concerning the effect of growth stimulants on spruce

Bajer, G.M.yr, A., 1972:
Experiments concerning the formation and persistance in the serum of antibodies neutralizing the virus, during preventive vaccination of cattle against foot-and-mouth disease in Bavaria during 1967-1970

Anonymous, 1972:
Experiments concerning the importance of pasteurization in the production of powdered milk

Tucholka, Z.K.zminska, K., 1969:
Experiments concerning the manganese assimilation by opium poppy and tobacco

Ingham, Lynwood, D., 1990:
Experiments concerning the molecular evolution of the allotetraploid Pennisetum purpureum (napiergrass)

Hollos, I.P.lfi, A.G.orgy, B.B.rta, K., 1977:
Experiments concerning the specificity and mechanism of action of HBsAg in Nicotiana sylvestris

Gruber,, K.S.hurz, J., 1973:
Experiments concerning the swelling of potato starch granules

Britzius,, R., 1981:
Experiments concerning the use of peracetic acid for disinfection of liquid manure of pigs

Lange, L., 1977:
Experiments concerning viral infections in phytopathogenic fungi

Summers, John, C., 1953:
Experiments conducted in Baking Department of Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, School of Technical Training, Okmulgee, Oklahoma June 13, 1951 to June 13, 1953

Fogedby, E., 1977:
Experiments conducted with the Frenkel method

Scroggins, Hs, 1976:
Experiments directed toward determination of sterigmatocystin in corn by HPLC

Still, William-Clark, 1972:
Experiments directed toward the total syntheses of trichodermol, I

Ireland, R.; Mander, L., 1969:
Experiments directed toward the total synthesis of terpenes. XIII. the construction of the lactone ring of rosenonolactone

Rohrer, H., 1978:
Experiments done during the preparation and use of adsorbed FMD vaccine at Riems Institute

Wagnerowski, K.S.ulist, D., 1970:
Experiments effected in the sugar mill Melno with preliminary third boiling massecuite centrifuging, in accordance with J. genotelles method

Kucsera, Gy, 1970:
Experiments for active immunization of pigs against foot-and-mouth disease

Heydorn, Alfred-Otto, 1970:
Experiments for adoptive transmission of immunity against Eimeria nieschulzi (Dieben, 1924) by lymphocytes

Popov, A.B.nkov, D.B.amanov, V., 1970:
Experiments for chemical prophyl

Hahn,, R.L.rrmann, W.L.hmann, F.S.hneider, U.Z.der, H., 1974:
Experiments for collection, preservation and transfer of bovine ova

Calcote, V.; Tedders, W.J., 1964:
Experiments for control of the pecan leaf casebearer

Todorov, T.; Mladenov, Z., 1979:
Experiments for control of the v

Foldesi, D.G.sco, L.M.kulas, J., 1976:
Experiments for controlling rhizomes of Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. by using Asulox

Lukacs, L., 1979:
Experiments for delayed storage of sugarbeet in 1977-78

Steiner, K.S.hur, F.P.enninger, H., 1969:
Experiments for determination

Dimitrov, K., 1980:
Experiments for determining immunizing doses in one vaccinal dose of dried lapinized K vaccine against swine fever

Krispien, Klaus, 1978 :
Experiments for determining surface water activity (aw-value) of carcasses and meat and for influencing the aw- and pH-values of the meat surface area

Khinkin, S., 1980:
Experiments for determining the

Kiraly, L.B.logh, T., 1974:
Experiments for developing a machine treating maize with propion acid

Freitag, Angelika, 1981:
Experiments for developing an intrahepatic cholestasis model in the dog with lithocholic acid

Korbar-Smid, J.S.mer-Toldi, D., 1979:
Experiments for developing and testing effectiveness of medicines with propolis

Geim, Alfred, 1990:
Experiments for estrous synchronization of embryo transfer donor and recipient cows

Jung, E.R.iff, B., 1971:
Experiments for explaining the chlorophyll-effect in false-colour photography

Benkov, M., 1971:
Experiments for fattening young

Ebrecht, A.S.ifert, H., 1972:
Experiments for finding inhibitor substances in slaughter animals intra vitam

Baintner, K.M.lnar, J.S.svari, Z., 1971:
Experiments for goose fattening with the use of oxitocin

Huttner, B.L.ndgraf, H.C.nrad, C., 1969:
Experiments for hatching egg fumigation with formalin

Reichenbacher, D.R.chter, J., 1981:
Experiments for identifying common antigens to barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and yellow rust of barley (Puccinia striiformis West.)

Maier, J., 1977:
Experiments for identifying hop varieties by the chemical characteristics of natural hops, hop extracts and mixtures

Hersiczky, A., 1972:
Experiments for improvement of the filtration of starch syrup

Gross, Karl-Josef, 1981:
Experiments for improving calcium supply in fruit tree nutrition

Burov, D., 1980:
Experiments for irradiating ster

Szelényi, F.; Berencsi, G., 1970:
Experiments for isolating and cultivating mycobacteria, living in the soil. (Methodological article)

Todorov, T.; Kasabov, R.I.anov, V.R.zashki, B., 1974:
Experiments for isolation of gro

Goldbach, H., 1980:
Experiments for maintenance of the viability of recalcitrant seeds

Schulz, V.S.ohr, P.S.dletzky, U., 1975:
Experiments for monovalent hyperimmunisation of swine, using Escherichia coli cultures, and passive mouse protection tests for serum value measurement

Muller, G., 1981:
Experiments for more effective control of the pigmy mangold beetle (Atomaria linearis Steph.) in the German Democratic Republic

Worstorff, H.H.inl, B.A.ernhammer, H.S.anzel, H.P.ediger, A., 1982:
Experiments for optimizing continuous or controlled vacuum application in milking cows

Huhn, R.K.nig,, U., 1978:
Experiments for parturition synchronization in swine

Erdelyi, E., 1973:
Experiments for perservation of potatoes with heat transmission and heat reduction

Sieberhein, K.H.fmann, F.M.rtin, B.M.ller, G., 1985:
Experiments for preparation of plowing of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) to be followed by field grass

Patkai, Gy, 1974:
Experiments for processing tomato paste by ionizing irradiation

Vaillant-Callol,, G., 1975:
Experiments for producing fodder from vegetable waste in Cuba

Dockhorn, W., 1971:
Experiments for prophylaxis against puerperal diseases of sows

Revut, V.; Tsipris, D., 1975:
Experiments for providing planned yields of farm crops in the northwestern region

Himmler, Volker, 1977:
Experiments for radioimmunological determination of ocytocin in cattle plasma

Minchev, P.M.nev, P.K.rchev, K., 1970:
Experiments for raising the milk

Reininghaus, D.S.hmidt, M., 1982:
Experiments for regeneration and preservation of a degenerate dwarf-shrub heath Calluna vulgaris.1

Nitulescu, M., 1974:
Experiments for replacing SR resin with plasten adhesive in wooden laminated products

Tekerlekov, P.U.uchev, K.N.kolova, E.G.nov, I.T.utsumanski, V.K.rilov, N.G.nchev, G., 1980:
Experiments for specific calf im

Pullen, Peter-Wilhelm, 1978:
Experiments for testing of expressing and reproducing capacity of P2O5 and K2O soil study values (DL) under usual practice conditions

Michel, Hg, 1977:
Experiments for testing the effectiveness of reduced pesticide concentrations in apple plantations

Sibiller, Andrea, 1995:
Experiments for the assessment of the appropriateness of housing systems for mice on the base of locomotor activity and behavioural patterns

Ljubenov, J.; Kostadinov, K., 1972:
Experiments for the chemical control of Echinochloa crus galli and Setaria spp. in the stands of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Bulgaria

Illiesiu, N., 1973:
Experiments for the control of

Pasol, P.N.dejde, M.S.hmidt, E., 1978:
Experiments for the control of Macrosiphum (Sitobion) avenae F. with ultralow volume insecticides

Giovanni, G.D.; Brunelli, A.P.nti, I., 1973:
Experiments for the control of Mamestra brassicae L

Raabe, R.; Hurlimann, J.; Sciaroni, R., 1973:
Experiments for the control of Pythium root rot of Calceolaria

King, Jm, 1981:
Experiments for the control of pea and bean weevil (Sitona lineatus) in peas, using granular and liquid insecticides

Newcomer, E.J., 1981:
Experiments for the control of the European red mite and other fruit-tree mites

Dern, R.S.ock, H., 1976:
Experiments for the control of the cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae) with nematocides

Anonymous, 1942:
Experiments for the control of the soybean caterpillar, 1942

Schindler, R., 1985:
Experiments for the detection of Babesia antibodies by the complement-fixation test

Tóth, B., 1970:
Experiments for the detection of Rous-sarcoma virus neutralizing antibodies by a chorionallantois membrane test

Redey, Z.K.rmendy, L.V.da, M.-Km, 1980:
Experiments for the determination of optimum water content of external origin in sausage paste

Goos, A.G.os, M., 1979:
Experiments for the determination of side effects of pesticides on Parasitica wasps

Pittet, P.L.cher, E., 1972:
Experiments for the determination of the nutritive value of coarse forages beginning with the green grass for the year 1971

Dombai,, P., 1975:
Experiments for the development of floor-coverings suitable in modern food-plants

Anonymous, 1974:
Experiments for the development of soybean culture in Italy by the associations federation

Mehl, Wolfgang-Michael, 1983:
Experiments for the differentiation of milk spots in pigs with the help of ELISA

Dikov, V.S.mkov, M.V.sileva, V., 1973:
Experiments for the elimination

Pethes, G.; Sas, B., 1975:
Experiments for the elimination of the phosphorus deficiency in cattle herds

Goos, A.G.os, M.K.ein, K., 1973:
Experiments for the estimation of the secondary effects of insecticides

Jones, E.; Lopez-Ona, J., 1976:
Experiments for the evaluation of flocculants

Marosvolgyi, B., 1981:
Experiments for the extension of durability of cutting elements of chippers by welding with flame-powder spray

Hersiczky, A., 1982:
Experiments for the extraction of potato and maize proteins, and for the preparation of protein concentrates

Arnholdt, Birgit, 1980:
Experiments for the genotypical and environmental variability of protein and oil content in seeds of winter and summer rape

Cserhati,, A., 1978:
Experiments for the instrumental determination of stability of pesticide formulations

Meier, Wolfgang, 1980:
Experiments for the isolation of the melitensis and abortus antigens by treatment with phenol

Domenichini, G.B.rtona, A., 1974:
Experiments for the long term control of insect pests of stored wheat

Culica, S., 1973:
Experiments for the organization of sown pastures

Bonchev, N., 1980:
Experiments for the preparation of adsorbent vaccine against swine fever with lapinized Rovac virus

Luong-Van-Dang, 1975:
Experiments for the prolonged preservation of freeze-dried live Newcastle disease virus vaccines

Serini-Bolchi, G., 1973:
Experiments for the protection of rice and unpolished rice from the attacks of Sitophilus oryzae (L.)

Egami, N., 1979:
Experiments for the quantitative assessment on the fertility and fecundity of aquatic organisms

Sommer, H.M.rx, D.S.arker, G., 1971:
Experiments for the reduction of fertility disturbances in cattle using Catosal during metaphylaxis

Gierlinska, Irena, 1983:
Experiments for the restriction of formaldehyde released from particle boards

Cseh, S., 1969:
Experiments for the stimulation of the cows ovarian function and the uterine involution after calving

Juhasz, B.S.egedi, B., 1968:
Experiments for the treatment of

Filimon, N., 1973:
Experiments for the utilization of a type of hop extract in the manufacture of ale beer

Nedialkov, S., 1974:
Experiments for titration of str

Krczal, H.K.nze, L., 1972:
Experiments for transmission of sharka virus by aphids

Stoye,, H., 1969:
Experiments for treating strongylid infections of horse with pyrantel tartrate

Farago,, E., 1976:
Experiments for weed control in sorghum stands

Molnar, J.B.intner, K., 1971:
Experiments for young geese feeding with green forage

Kremer,, M., 1993:
Experiments from biology

Wells, J., 1980:
Experiments help nursery calculate snowfalls effect on overwintering houses

Anonymous, 1976:
Experiments in 1976 in tree nursery: a survey of experimental and research projects in German experimental schools and institutes

Hron, R.K.eta, G., 1976:
Experiments in 1976 on summer cereal varieties

Hron, R.K.eta, G., 1976:
Experiments in 1976 on winter cereal varieties

Lukacs, L.P.csy,, J., 1975:
Experiments in Cercospora control with brestan in 1972 and 1973 at Mezohegyes

Todorov, I., 1971:
Experiments in France in the fie

Bellini, G.Z.mboni, G., 1975:
Experiments in Italy with ethofumesate used in preemergence application for sugarbeets weed control

Peyer, E.Z.icky, P., 1972:
Experiments in Malan with various fertilizers in grape culture

Vulchovski, R., 1985:
Experiments in Newcastle vaccine production in chick embryo fibroblast culture

Brown, Philip, S., 1962:
Experiments in Survival

Solberg, J., 1972:
Experiments in a Norwegian agricultural school concerning the relation of climate and laying hens

Haas, E.F.lsenstein, G., 1975:
Experiments in a commercial p

Mendel, G., 1986:
Experiments in a monastery garden

Boni, C.M.gini, E.T.scione, D., 1978:
Experiments in a nursery on some factors influencing emergence and growth of silver fir seedlings

Sotirov, N., 1979:
Experiments in affecting the vir

Anonymous, 1950:
Experiments in agricultural chemistry

Vorstermans; Dellenbach, 1970:
Experiments in agricultural hydrology (years 1963, 1964, 1965) with alfalfa and Dactylis

Rapenok, Ms, 1973:
Experiments in altering winter wheats to spring wheats

Mciver, William-Finley, 1971:
Experiments in animal hypnosis in the chicken

van der Gulden, W.J., 1977:
Experiments in animals

Kretschmer, M.H.rtmann, H., 1979:
Experiments in apical dominance with Asparagus officinalis L

Kochenov, Ss, 1976:
Experiments in applying light as a factor for increasing the productivity of furbearing animals

Santos, H.-Dos; Bahia-Filho, A.; Bahia, F.M.gnavaca, R.S.lva, J.M.rad, A.; Pacheco, E., 1975:
Experiments in applying nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to maize crops in Minas Gerais. II. Maize nutrition evaluation by foliar analysis

Ewel, John, J., 1971:
Experiments in arresting succession with cutting and herbicides in five tropical environments

Huelsen, W.A.B.own, W.N., 1960:
Experiments in artificial drying of sweet corn seed

Wilson, P.-William; Knight, S., G., 1949:
Experiments in bacterial physiology

Nowak,, U.H.idler, W.T.chirner, R.T.iel, J.P.ckebusch, 1978:
Experiments in bio-engineering for application of steroids to sows in early pregnancy to increase litter size. 1. Single application of hydroxyprogesteroncapronate to gilts and old sows with synchronized ovulation. Effect on fertility

Dunn, Max-Shaw, 1951:
Experiments in biochemistry

Wensley, R.N., 1969:
Experiments in biological and chemical control of Fusarium wilt (F. oxysporum f. melonis (Leach and Currence) Snyd. and Hans.) of muskmelon

Bergfeld, J.E.lert, G., 1977:
Experiments in biological engineering to induce puberty in young female swine. 1. use of Suigonan (Vemie) or FSH + HCG mixes to trigger heat and ovulation in animals aged 200 days

Bergfeld, J., 1977:
Experiments in biological engineering to induce puberty in young female swine. 2. different intervals between PMS and HCG application to induce puberty and subsequent oestrus synchronisation in animals aged about 190 days. effects on heat and ovulation

Bergfeld, J.E.lert, G.P.rchow, G., 1977:
Experiments in biological engineering to induce puberty in young female swine. 3. effects of different FSH

Bergfeld, J.E.lert, G.P.rchow, G., 1977:
Experiments in biological engineering to induce puberty in young female swine. 4. ovulation period after puberty induction in animals about 200 days old, using different combinations of gonadotrophic hormones

Foster, Charles, H.W., 1984:
Experiments in bioregionalism

Hasagawa, S.; Honda, Y.; Ishida, M|Ichiki, H., 2006:
Experiments in bovine mastitis prevention during milking procedures

Fohrman, M.H., 1981:
Experiments in breeding Holstein-Friesian cattle for milk- and butterfat-producing ability, and an analysis of the foundation cows and of the first out-bred generation

Fohrman, M.H.P.rker, J.B., 1954:
Experiments in breeding Jersey cattle at Beltsville

Quilici, R., 1971:
Experiments in breeding palmipeds

Hartoyo; Ando, J.R.liadi, H., 1978:
Experiments in briquetting charcoal of five Indonesian wood species

Butkin, E.I., 1980:
Experiments in brucellosis eradication from large-horned cattle on farms using repeated complex investigative methods

Diaz, H.; Lagomarsino, E.; Prette, I.; Graneros, I., 1971:
Experiments in cattle fattening with sugarcane, alfalfa hay and urea

Zalazar, C.; Meinardi, C., 1982:
Experiments in cheesemaking and ripening of Cremoso Argentino cheese

Comai, M.W.dmann, L., 1981:
Experiments in chemical thinning of early varieties of apple trees

Da-Fonesca, J.P., 1980:
Experiments in chemical treatment of sub-terranean termites in the forest gardens of Guarani

Baets, A.De, 1975:
Experiments in chemical weeding of tobacco with mixtures of methoxymethyl ureas and alachlor

Sulcoski, John, W., 1962:
Experiments in chemistry

Funk, E.M., 1948:
Experiments in cleaning soiled eggs for storage

Kessler, E., 1991:
Experiments in coldframe agriculture

Kovacs, L., 1980:
Experiments in combating Brucella ovis in large flocks

Fichtel, H., 1982:
Experiments in comparison of traditional plough and lozenge plough

Westley, F.-R.M.ller, P., S., 2003:
Experiments in consilience

Wilson, J.D.nald; Wilson, J.D.nald; Sleesman, J.P., 1948:
Experiments in control of tomato diseases & insects

Foschi, S.R.pparini, G., 1977:
Experiments in controlling Cuscuta campestris Yunck and Cuscuta europea L

Carapic, S., 1970:
Experiments in controlling Cuscuta epithymum in

Kunichkin, G.; Eskaliev, T., 1975:
Experiments in controlling Su-Auru disease in camels

Milev, N., 1974:
Experiments in controlling Varro

Pietri-Tonelli, Pietro-De, 1959:
Experiments in controlling ceratitis capitata wied

Korzh, K.; Kuzovkin, E.; Sheveleva, O.; Evtushenko, I.; Merzhanov, I.; Sapil'-Nik, G., 1974:
Experiments in controlling lancet flukes

Ostojic, N.Z.bel, A.M.tijevic, D., 1970:
Experiments in controlling several pests and par

Spaic, I., 1977:
Experiments in controlling the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) with a new insecticide

Pietri-Tonelli, Pietro-De, 1958:
Experiments in controlling two species of microlepidoptera, Nepticula malella Staint. and Leucoptera scitella Zell

Kahlenberg, O.-Julius; Funk, E.M., 1960:
Experiments in cooking poultry for pre-cooked poultry products

Timofeev, Vp, 1978:
Experiments in creating a forest tree seed base for Larix sibirica in the Moscow Region

Taylor, B.R.; Willham, O.S.; Hawkins, L.E., 1942:
Experiments in creep-feeding beef calves

Coluzzi, M.C.ncrini, G.D.-Deco, M., 1971:
Experiments in crossing Anopheles stephensi and Anopheles superpictus

Schwab, W., 1969:
Experiments in crossing Simmental cattle with Montbeliard and German Simmental steers

Atymtaev, O.G.liakberov, R.N.chaev, I., 1975:
Experiments in crossing Yakut stallions with mares of the -Kazakh breed

Voss, Christine, 1977:
Experiments in culturing rabbit embryos in various media with particular regard to different pressure conditions

Vulchev, V.V.lcheva, R., 1970:
Experiments in curing acute and

Scholtyssek, S.E.inger, F.A.gstein, E., 1979:
Experiments in determining extraneous water contents in slaughter poultry

Bankov, D., 1976:
Experiments in diagnosis and therapy of stylesiasis in sheep

Boza, J.E.criva, J.P.ntor, D., 1972:
Experiments in digestibility and nitrogen balance of mulberry leaves in larvae of Bombyx mori

Vozhdaev, N.S., 1979:
Experiments in disinfecting farms against brucellosis of sheep

Albori, A.L.nzoni, L.M.nnini, P., 1982:
Experiments in drip irrigation in apple orchards

Underwood, A.J., 1997:
Experiments in ecology

Tang, Y.K.nda, K., 1982:
Experiments in effectivity of a

Kornher, Alois, 1977:
Experiments in establishing rotation leys nitrogenous fertilization of newly established redclover fodder grass

Kornher, Alois, 1977:
Experiments in establishing rotation leys sowing different crops with various nitrogenous fertilization

Astrup, H.; Nedkvitne, J.; Skjevdal, T.F.uske, R.L.ndstad, P.B.kke, F., 1972:
Experiments in feeding fat pellets to ruminants

Moreno-Rios, R.S.nchez-Vizcaino, E.H.rnandez-Roca, C., 1975:
Experiments in feeding ruminants with Vicia sativa Carrouge

Tesi,, D., 1982:
Experiments in fertilizer application and irrigation of the fern Nephrolepis exaltata

Anonymous, 1949:
Experiments in fish culture and in stocking dams and streams in Northern Rhodesia. 1942-1947

Anonymous, 1983:
Experiments in fluids

Kozera, G., 1974 :
Experiments in foliar fertilization of cauliflower, cabbage and black currants

Iannelli, P., 1971:
Experiments in forage culture in Southern Italy

Reynders, M.; Puente, E.-Jm-De-La, 1971:
Experiments in forestry: biometric sequel in results analysis

Kuratchenko, V.; Charnyi, V.; Khalmetov, G., 1974:
Experiments in forming of irrigation systems with the aid of the bioclimatic method in the Krasnogvardeiskii District of Crimea Region

Todorova, R., 1973:
Experiments in freeze-drying lep

Hoffmann, Hans-Herbert, 1959:
Experiments in freezing semen

Ohman, Dennis, E., 1988:
Experiments in gene manipulation

Ch'-Iao, S.; Chiang, S., 1981:
Experiments in genetics--fruit

Uyeda, S., 1977:
Experiments in germinating and planting one eye seed without prepackaging

Hubay, R.Z.adon, B., 1970:
Experiments in growing Amsonia tabernaemontana Walt

Goldschmidt-Reischel, E., 1975:
Experiments in growing apple trees in containers

Westover, H.L., 1981:
Experiments in growing roots as feed crops

Lozovoi, Vd, 1982:
Experiments in growing species of Pleurotus (Fr.) Kumm. in greenhouses

Bushnell, J., 1945:
Experiments in growing tomatoes for canning

Shepherd, J.B., 1981:
Experiments in harvesting and preserving alfalfa for dairy cattle feed

Franklin, D.-F.W.rks, D.W.W.lliams, L., G., 1966:
Experiments in harvesting, curing, storing Yellow Sweet Spanish onions

Gromov, A., 1971:
Experiments in hemohybridization of guinea fowl

Dubois, Jm, 1978:
Experiments in hornbeam coppice stands in northeastern France. Synthesis of results

Mcclintic, J.R.bert; Vidoli, V.A., 1975:
Experiments in human anatomy and physiology

Leimbacher, F.N.colas, J.; Delahaye, J., 1976:
Experiments in husbandry conditions of Oxfendazole, a new anthelmintic for controlling gastrointestinal strongylosis oflambs on pasture

Sargent, F.; Mann, J.; Neiman, T., 1981:
Experiments in improving rural water supplies

Nakano, S., 1978 :
Experiments in improving the eq

Inal, T., 1969:
Experiments in improving the quality of Turkish dry sausage by adding micrococcal and pediococcal strains

Andrasi, G.H.lasz, A., 1970:
Experiments in improving the storage of cotton carried out in Yugoslavia. iI

Hilton, D.; Moran, P., 1975:
Experiments in improving tractor operator ride by means of a cab suspension

Potthast,, R., 1977:
Experiments in improving water absorption and water binding capacity of freeze dried beef

Mejza, Stanis+or-Aw, 1986:
Experiments in incomplete split-plot designs

Strojek, Reiner-Manfred, 1986:
Experiments in integration of the uteroglobin promotor-CAT-fusion gene in rabbit ova in regard to transgenic animal production

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Experiments in introduction and acclimatization of grass rotations on state farms in the Voronezh region

Litvinov, P.; Liannoi, A., 1973:
Experiments in irrigation of gra

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Experiments in land planning at the school of Pavia

Taylor, W.; Sasser, P., 1976:
Experiments in lint steaming for byssinosis control

Lapietra, G., 1980:
Experiments in localized treatments against the Saperda carcharias L. larvae with spray insecticide formulations

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Experiments in lowering the heat resistance of microorganism s

Marcu, G.I.nescu, A.L.ubimirescu, A.L.zar, D.C.iritescu, C., 1979:
Experiments in many sites on the performance of spruce trees of Romanian provenance outside the natural distribution area, in Romanian conditions

Salageanu, V., 1979:
Experiments in mass culture of the alga Dunaliella viridis in the laboratory

Ryndin, Georgii-L'-Vovich, 1972:
Experiments in meat cattle husbandry

Cosmo, I.S.efanelli, G., 1974:
Experiments in mechanical grape harvesting in Italy

Rusalimov, Zh, 1979:
Experiments in mechanized walnut

Gorczyca, Thomas, 1988:
Experiments in metabolism

Aneja, K.R., 2001:
Experiments in microbiology, plant pathology, tissue culture and mushroom production technology

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Experiments in mixed mountain forests in Bavaria

Slater, Robert, J., 1986:
Experiments in molecular biology

Wyman, Lenthall, 1981:
Experiments in naval stores practice

Lee, J.; Cubberly, B., 1969:
Experiments in nitrogen fixation--partial reduction of benzotrichloride and related compounds

Nilsson, J., 1972:
Experiments in northern Sweden

Okada, Katsusuke, 1994:
Experiments in nursery techniques for Acacia mangium seedling production

Mrozewski, S.J.rczyk, A.K.upinski, W., 1971:
Experiments in obtaining condensed vitamin juices

Kostov, I., 1975:
Experiments in obtaining more th

Doving, Kb, 1970:
Experiments in olfaction

Fieser, Louis-Frederick, 1941:
Experiments in organic chemistry

Wertheim, Edgar, 1942:
Experiments in organic chemistry, with some biochemistry experiments

Mackowiak, C., 1974:
Experiments in other countries with handling liquid manure

Swartz, C., 1990:
Experiments in partnership research

Rosen, H.Von, 1977:
Experiments in pest control for apple trees in central Sweden during 1973-1976

Anonymous, 1964:
Experiments in pharmacology

Tanisaka, Takatoshi, 1995:
Experiments in plant genetics and breeding

Avanzi, E., 1972:
Experiments in planting some cultivars of grapes

Marcet, E., 1974:
Experiments in planting willows with branches removed

Mitscherlich, G.S.nntag, G., 1982:
Experiments in poplar stands. V. A yield table model for poplar regenerata and neupatz in the Upper Rhine Valley Germany, Federal Republic.1

Kreuzer, W.M.reth, F.S.hneidawind, H., 1983:
Experiments in post mortem reduction of pH unaccompanied by any visually recognizable changes in the muscle meat of emergency-slaughtered cattle and those slaughtered because of disease

Lampeitl, F.S.hwarz, G., 1977:
Experiments in preventing pollination in growing in 1976

Schneider, P., 1975:
Experiments in production of defense-sounds in bumlebees

Spada, F.C.ntoli, L., 1979 :
Experiments in progress in the Tolfetano-cerite district

Luong-Van-Dang, 1985:
Experiments in prolonged preservation of freeze-dried Newcastle disease live virus vaccines

Calderon, Ef, 1973:
Experiments in propagating Pinus halepensis in Chihuahua

Boulogne, R.C.zamajour, F., 1975:
Experiments in protecting tobacco against wireworms

Anonymous, 1954:
Experiments in raising rice productivity on the Pearl River Delta

Leistner, L.H.chelmann, H.B.m, Z.A.bertz, R., 1973:
Experiments in reducting the amount of nitrite added to meat products

Kreitzberg, Carl, W., 1981:
Experiments in regional scale numerical weather prediction including use of SESAME 79 data

Neusser, H.S.hall, W., 1970:
Experiments in registering the effects of hydrolysis in wood particle boards

Schoffling, H.K.usch, W., 1974:
Experiments in regulating the production of grapes

Mirna, A., 1972:
Experiments in removing contamination by radio-active caesium in the live animal

Reuter, G., 1972:
Experiments in ripening dry sausages using lactobacilli and micrococci starter cultures

Martin, M.C.ozet, M.; Lambert,, M.G.llet, J., 1977:
Experiments in rural development

Horsch, Marion, 2001:
Experiments in seed dispersal in Primulaceae

Mcclurkin, B., 1981:
Experiments in seed growing

Paiza,, M.-I.M.lnar, M., A., 1973:
Experiments in soil sterilization for glasshouse cultures

Nagy, Mrs, J., 1973:
Experiments in storing thick juice

Munz, E.S.ahel, M., 1971:
Experiments in strawberry seedlings hot water treatment against nematodes

Grigorov, Ms, 1974:
Experiments in subsoil irrigation

Wheaton, John, 1994:
Experiments in subsurface applications of bentonite in Montana

Meyer, H., 1969:
Experiments in sugar beet culture

Walstra, P., 1969:
Experiments in the Netherlands on the effects of castration of pigs in relation to feeding level

Lukac-Skelin, J.H.nsen, S., 1978:
Experiments in the UHT treatment and fermentation of skim milk with modified protein control

Otsuka, F.K.bayashi, T., 1972:
Experiments in the adapted amou

Schultze-Dewitz, G., 1970:
Experiments in the adaptibility of copper beech, red alder, and birch to open-air storage of wood chips

Galli, J.C.sta, D.-Da; Liberal, M.; Luzzardi, G.; Tyler, K.; Castro, F.-De, 1970:
Experiments in the control of Phytophthora infestans under the conditions of Pelotas and Sao Lourenco do Sul in Rio Grande sul, Brazil

Gosen, O.R.ncador, I.B.netti, S., 1971:
Experiments in the control of grape bunch dessication

Radoi, D.C.ianu, I., 1971:
Experiments in the control of pests Paranthrene tabaniformis and Criptorrhynchus lapathi with some organic phosphorus insecticides

Pietri-Tonelli, Pietro-De, 1961:
Experiments in the control of several species of cochineal insects of citrus fruit

Pergola, G.G.ribaldi, A., 1977:
Experiments in the control of slow wilt of carnation

Casilli, O.T.rantino, L.G.daleta, G., 1978:
Experiments in the control of the olive fly using poisoned proteic baits

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Experiments in the control of the pest Lymantria dispar L. and other defoliators with the aid of bacterial preparations

Duyrarinova, M., 1979:
Experiments in the control of tr

Jocksch, Hu, 1976:
Experiments in the control of transmissible gastroenteritis on two swine breeding farms

Jovanovic, M.T.covic, A., 1976:
Experiments in the cross pollination and self pollination of the alder (Alnus spp.)

Jensen, Hob, 1972:
Experiments in the cultivation of chicory

Piskonov, Af, 1974:
Experiments in the cultivation of madder in Azerbaijan

Yotsui, T.M.gita, S., 1974:
Experiments in the culture of N

Girotto, G., 1973:
Experiments in the culture of some varieties of sunflowers in the drained and irrigated zone in Southern Italy

Speer, Manfred, 1987:
Experiments in the decomposition of quinoline by Pseudomonas fluorescens

Modianov, A.-Vladimirovich; Novikov, L.-Sergeevich, 1975:
Experiments in the early weaning of lambs

Oettingen, U.S.idt, D.M.rkt, H., 1973:
Experiments in the hormonal influence of sexual development in juvenile boars of the German Landrace breed

Burow, H.H.rtwigk, H., 1969:
Experiments in the induction of zoalene-resistance with Eimeria tenella

Mel'-Nikova, Tm, 1978:
Experiments in the introduction of Thermopsis alterniflora Regel et Schmalh. in the Moscow area

Accorinti, J.M.uso-De-Cachi, N., 1978:
Experiments in the isolation and identification of biologically active extracellular products of axenic cultures of Coelastrum proboscideum var. dilatatum (Chlorophyta). I. Cultures grown in the Detmer potato starch medium

Hefele, Hans, 1955:
Experiments in the life span of the Upper Swabia spotted mountain cattle, with particular attention to the reason of disposing of an animal by slaughter and their distribution

Lang, Hp, 1977:
Experiments in the mechanization of care of row stands

Alfjorden, G., 1973:
Experiments in the pollination of pine trees

Tsvetkov, P.P.tkova, K.K.aralambiev, H., 1978:
Experiments in the preparation o

Moroz, Ap, 1978:
Experiments in the presowing treatment of barley seeds with chlorocholine chloride

Lampeitl, F.S.hwarz, G., 1977:
Experiments in the prevention of fruit pollination in 1975 and 1976

Enzie, J.V., 1943:
Experiments in the production of carrot seed

Porokhov, F.; Matiushev, P.; Nikitishin, P., 1977:
Experiments in the prophylaxis of edema disease in piglets

Salamon, E., 1973:
Experiments in the prophylaxis of milk fever with corticosteroid

Gan, P.-Alekseevich; Orlova, N.'-Ia-Andreevna; Orlova, N.-Vasil'-Evna, 1975:
Experiments in the raising of hybrid poplars and prospects for their culture in Kirghizistan

Buck, D.; Baur, R.; Rose, C., 1977:
Experiments in the recycling of swine manure using a polyculture of Asian and North American fishes

Holters, W., 1981:
Experiments in the regulation of the short-day and long-day mechanism of gonad development in Pterostichus angustatus Dft. (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Zil'-Bermints, I.; Kuznetsov, N.; Petrushov, A.; Fadeev, I., 1978:
Experiments in the release of predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis Nesbitt, resistant to organophosphorus preparations, into the agrocenoses of the Crimea

Walter, B., 1969:
Experiments in the salt enrichment of clay-shale soils through sewage sludge

Gfeller, W.S.annring, H.K.usel, F.L.hrer, J.B.aker, H., 1975:
Experiments in the therapy of horses with chronic obstructive lung diseases by using Opticortenol S (Ciba Geigy)

Nikol'-Skii, S.; Slipchenko, S., 1969:
Experiments in the transmission of Eperythrozoon ovis by the ticks Hyalomma plumbeum and Rhipicephalus bursa

Raimbekov, D.E.oshin, I., 1976:
Experiments in the treatment of sheep foot rot

Giomi, O.B.ldo, R.B.lducci, E., 1980 :
Experiments in the treatment of waste pulp paper destined for the for production of role paper

Backstrom, G., 1970:
Experiments in the use of Lugols solution for asymptomatic overflow in cattle

Pugliese, A., 1974:
Experiments in the use of Virginiamycin in livestock feeding

Kalaisakes, P.N.ouraros, A., 1972:
Experiments in the use of caro

Aguilera,, J.F.nolla, J.E.criva, J., 1971:
Experiments in the use of diets with molasses in growing- fattening pigs

Vasylenko, Mk, 1971:
Experiments in the use of equipm

Eremeev, V., 1971:
Experiments in the use of foundations on piling

Baldini, S.P.zzatti, A., 1979:
Experiments in the use of helicopters in deforestation

Pellegri-Formentini,, A.A.chilei, R., 1979:
Experiments in the use of total feed pellets for high prize horses of the Military Equestrian School

Hedden, 0. K.; Merrill, R.M., 1940:
Experiments in the use of vapor-spray equipment

Anonymous, 1973:
Experiments in the utilization of petroleum yeasts by Gulf Oil Company

Nikolajevic, M., 1972:
Experiments in the weed control in vineyards

Onyskiv, Dm, 1974:
Experiments in therapy for cows with tympany of the rumen

Grommes, Hans, 1953:
Experiments in thermal shock of dilute bull semen

Anonymous, 1976:
Experiments in tomato growing in Kenya

Barr, Stephen, 1989:
Experiments in topology

Atkinson T.C.; Smith D.I.; Lavis J.J.; Whitaker R.J., 1973:
Experiments in tracing underground waters in limestones

Maijala, K., 1972:
Experiments in training of researchers; Scandinavian post-graduate courses in animal breeding

Ma, Y.; Zhu, X.; Zhuang, H., 1981:
Experiments in transplanting e

Asadov, As, 1972:
Experiments in treating foulbrood in Azerbaijan

Konig, G., 1976:
Experiments in treating nonspecific sterility in cattle with intravenous triiodide doses

Nommensen, C., 1974:
Experiments in treating perineal hernia in dogs by using polyester gauze

Grunewald, T.M.nzer, R., 1973:
Experiments in treating veal with ionising rays and heat

Heidrich, H.; Strobel, K., 1971:
Experiments in treatment of bovine cystic ovaries by intraperitoneal injection of gonadotropic hormone (PU 5000-SELECTAVET) in different doses

Krafzel, E., 1976:
Experiments in treatment of bovine endometritis of cattle with intrauterine doses of Steribiotic (Selectavet, Munich)

Stockem, Ludwig, 1982:
Experiments in treatment of cows with liver disease using Hepa- Merz, Amynin and glucose

Zubov, P.; Amirkhanov, D.1; Tur'-Ianov, R., 1980:
Experiments in using disparlure for the reduction of the number of gypsy moths Porthetria dispar.1

Miastkovs'-Kyi, Pm, 1978:
Experiments in using perennial l

Jahn, E.W.idinger, N., 1975:
Experiments in using sterile males

Ceianu, I.M.halciuc, V., 1980:
Experiments in using the Romanian synthetic pheromone Atralymon in view of developing a new technology for tracking down the nun moth, Lymantria monacha

Ciaccio, G., 1970:
Experiments in vaccinating Carassius auratus with Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus

Ackermann, O.S.hubert, H.; Loliger, H., 1971:
Experiments in vaccinating minks against virus enteritis and botulism

Reuss, U., 1975:
Experiments in vaccinating sheep to control foot rot

Boggess,, D., R., 1962:
Experiments in water spreading at Newark, Delaware

Rapparini, G.B.llasso, G., 1976:
Experiments in weed control of young apple plantings

Stephens, David, E., 1981:
Experiments in wheat production on the dry lands of Oregon, Washington, and Utah

Gigliotti, A., 1980:
Experiments in winemaking with rotating tanks

Muhleisen, Martin, 1981:
Experiments in-vitro on the functional importance of sialo-glycolipids (Gangliosiden) and phospholipids in nerve system of vertebrates

Vannacci, G.G.mbogi, P., 1982:
Experiments inducing Botrytis allii Munn. infection in onion seeds

Dan, V., 1973:
Experiments intended for the production of a new sort of bee r

Gummesson, G., 1974:
Experiments into spraying techniques

Qvarnstrom, K., 1976:
Experiments involving the chemical control of Begonia mildew in 1976

Levi, I.V.upotic, A., 1972:
Experiments made in Yugoslavia with Defungit in bovine practice

Johnston, Ae, 1975:
Experiments made on Stackyard Field, Woburn, 1876-1974. -I. History of the field, details of the cropping and manuring and the yields in the continuous wheat and barley experiments

Johnston, A.; Chater, M., 1975:
Experiments made on Stackyard Field, Woburn, 1876-1974. -II. Effects of treatments on soil pH, P, and K

Mattingly, G.; Chater, M.J.hnston, A., 1975:
Experiments made on Stackyard Field, Woburn, 1876-1974. -III. Effects of NPK fertilisers and farmyard manure on soil carbon, nitrogen and organic phosphorus

Liess, B.W.tte, K., 1969:
Experiments made with the immunofluorescence method for tracking down European swine fever under enzootic conditions

Bertschinger, Hu, 1974:
Experiments made with the specific pathogen-free method in the control of swine enzootic pneumonia under the particular angle of diagnostic aspects

Remlinger, P., 1980:
Experiments of Aujeszkys disease on cat

Remlinger, P., 1980:
Experiments of Aujeszkys disease on the rabbit

Chardas, G.A.hanassopoulos, A., 1979:
Experiments of N, P, K fertilization on potat

Chardas, G.A.hanassopoulos, A., 1979:
Experiments of N,P,K fertilization on tomatoe

Morbidini, L.F.rina, G.C.lonnelli, D., 1980 :
Experiments of Virginia bright leaves tobacco mechanical harvesting

Kitin, B., 1980:
Experiments of afforestation of

Balloni, W.C.lestre, M.; Favilli, F., 1972:
Experiments of alkalization in the hydroponic culture of strawberries; its effects on the microorganisms and growth of the plants

Eeckhout, W.B.ysse, F., 1969:
Experiments of bottle feeding of calves for slaughter

Sekiya, K.U.emiya, Y1; Koto, M1; Hirobe, M., 1983:
Experiments of cattle faeces fer

Spaic, I., 1977:
Experiments of controlling the Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar L) with the aid of the sex atrractant disparlure

Morvan, G.C.stelain, C., 1983:
Experiments of cross protection against chlorotic leaf roll diseases (CRLD) of apricot

Kobayashi, T.O.suka, F., 1972:
Experiments of drought injury a

Bakanov, V.; Men'-Kin, V.1; Boev, V., 1981:
Experiments of ensilaging clover-Timothy grass mixtures using carbon dioxide Phleum pratense.1

Kihira,, Y., 1981:
Experiments of ethrel spray on g

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments of freezing swine

Graber, M., 1969:
Experiments of gastro-intestinal parasitism treatment of dromedary with tetramisole. First observations

Perkitny, T.Z.yland, A., 1974:
Experiments of gluing with simultaneous impregnation of lumber in a prototype device of continuous operation

Bogdanov, Pl, 1976:
Experiments of growing Sphagnum mosses in an isolated medium

Rus'-Kov, N.; Shkiria, M., 1978:
Experiments of growing seed crops of Bromus inermis

Busching, L., 1977:
Experiments of juice purification with maintenance of optimum preliming and 1st carbonatation flocculation point as determined by a modification of the Baczek Jesic method

Li,, Y1; Shi, G.1; Huang, Z., 1982:
Experiments of labelling termit

Hervy, Jp, 1977:
Experiments of mark-release-capture on Aedes aegypti Linne, in the Sudanese savanna zone of West Africa. I. The trophogonic cycle

Hervy, Jp, 1977:
Experiments of mark-release-capture on Aedes aegypti Linne, in the Sudanese savanna zone of West Africa. II. Relations between habitat, morphology and behavior

Sanin, V.; Khukhrii, O.; Gorbach, T.; Lepekhin, N.; Voitiuk, D.; Gorbach, V.; Baran, V., 1976:
Experiments of minute volume spraying

Bullitta, P.C.redda, S., 1978:
Experiments of pasture fertilization: results obtained on trachytic lands of central-western Sardinia

Roehrich, R.C.rles, J.; Tresor, C.V.thaire, M.-De, 1980:
Experiments of pheromonal control on the grape vine moths Lobesia botrana and Eupoecilia ambiguella

Bergere, J.; Bienassis, G.H.rmier, J.M.cquot, G.G.uet, P.C.rrot, G.Z.lter, S., 1972:
Experiments of possible utilization of silage processed with A.I.V. process and corn silage for feeding cows whose milk is used in the production of Emmental cheese

Chaze, Jean, 1943:
Experiments of production of the truffle to result in a pure culture of its mycelium

Iankov, A., 1981:
Experiments of rapid clarificati

Koblents, Lv, 1978:
Experiments of recultivation of exhausted peat deposits

Kroll, J., 1973:
Experiments of serological identification of plum pox virus

Abeels, P.B.melmans, D.M.llien, R., 1971:
Experiments of small wood skidding in coniferous forests

Yared, Jorge-Alberto-Gazel, 1982:
Experiments of species in full sunlight with one tree plot in the Tapajaos National Forest

Galiev, R.; Nikol'-Skii, V.; Kalchaev, T.; Shamsutdinova, N., 1982:
Experiments of specific prophylaxis of calves viral diarrhea

Ksiazek, D., 1984:
Experiments of spreading of potato viruses M,S,X in the industrial regions of Poland

Oprea, N., 1970:
Experiments of state farms in housing beef cattle on slatted flooring

Nosko, Bs, 1971:
Experiments of the Kharkov zonal agrochemical laboratory

Cros, P.J.cquin, F., 1972:
Experiments of the National Agricultural University in Nancy and CIGREF at the farm La Bouzule

Grinchuk, Sf, 1975:
Experiments of the Olginskii State Farm in improvement of salinized land

Gemeinhardt, Kurt, 1958:
Experiments of the bacterial count of bull semen under specific considerations or agriculture and semen quality

Schmidt, S.K.tzfuss, M.S.adke, G., 1970:
Experiments of the defoliation of fruit trees and shrubs in nurseries

Okabe, M.Y.mazaki, K.T.kahashi, E., 1982:
Experiments of the efficient gr

Majkowski, K.K.siorska, K.W.wrzyniak, B.B.dzynski, W., 1977:
Experiments of the horsebean defoliaton in the Zulawy lowland region

Anglade, Jean, 1925, 1953:
Experiments of the infection and immunization of ferrets by the Carrae virus adapted for rabbits

Chu, A.; Yu, C., 1970:
Experiments of the methods of

Palii, Lm, 1971:
Experiments of the regional station

Aupperle, Hermann, 1951:
Experiments of the treatment of ovary sterility in cattle with new estrogen deposits and sexocretin

Kleinschroth, E., 1970:
Experiments of the udder health service in Bavaria

Albu, N., 1982:
Experiments of ultrasonic action and of oxygenated water upon some species of wheat

Hornok, L.F.ldesi, D.S.asz, M., E., 1975:
Experiments of updating the growing methods of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

Mukhin, Va, 1982:
Experiments of using water, activated in electromagnetic field, for increasing the yield of cucumbers

Belchev, I.T.ankov, S., 1970:
Experiments of veterinary servic

Arimoto, Seisuku, 1943:
Experiments of wild vegetable utilization.

Paronetto, L.B.rtolini, C., 1979:
Experiments on

Weurman, C.G.oenen, P.; Gemert, L.-Van, 1970:
Experiments on high-vacuum transfer in food odour research

Bertozzi, L., 1980:
Experiments on in line filtration of milk at the farm

Neumann, H., 1969:
Experiments on 12-year controlled research on determining the sugar content in sugar beets

Hu, K.; Sung, S.; Liu, P., 1973:
Experiments on Chinese mushroo

Kleinschmit, J.S.hmidt, J.S.uer, A., 1976:
Experiments on Douglas fir propagation by cuttings

Singh, A.; Singh, J., 2006:
Experiments on Ecological Restoration of Coal Mine Spoil using Native Trees in a Dry Tropical Environment, India: A Synthesis

Nadel, D.; Guerrieri, G., 1969:
Experiments on Mediterranean fruit fly control with the sterile-male technique

Weinhold, E., 1984:
Experiments on Newcastle disease virus to find a set of tests for virucidal chemical disinfectants

Tanaka, T., 1972:
Experiments on ULV ground application in paddy fields

Koeniger, N.S.hulz, A., 1980:
Experiments on a biological treatment of Varroa jacobsoni infestation by the control of all freshly emerged honeybees

Sasso, G.B.soccu, L., 1972:
Experiments on a new technique for rooting cuttings using auxin growth-substances

Waldmann, O., 1983:
Experiments on active immunization against foot-and-mouth disease

Macey, M.; Stumpf, P., 1984:
Experiments on acyl exchange with microsomes from developing soybeans

Scheibe, J.K.nert, G., 1974:
Experiments on additional irradiation of two-year carnation plants

Müller, I., 1971:
Experiments on ageing in single cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Feodoroff, A.G.yon, G., 1972:
Experiments on agricultural sanitation; introduction

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments on aircraft seeding in Liang shan region, Szechuan

Benedek, P.M.nninger, S.D.vai, G., 1971:
Experiments on alfalfa and red clover pollination with honeybees

Wilk, W., 1983:
Experiments on animals and their indispensible extent--possibilities and limits of supplementary and substituting methods

Hume, Charles, W., 1962:
Experiments on animals in Great Britian

Karl, E.K.einhempel, H., 1969:
Experiments on aphids and iso

Hirono, H., 1973:
Experiments on apple culture.

Powell, D., 1968:
Experiments on apple scab and powdery mildew

Sluchocka, Z.T.rpilowska, W.K.las, J., 1972:
Experiments on application of purified or regenerated retting effluents for retting purposes and examination of introduction of endless circulation

Steinbrecht, R.;, 1980:
Experiments on artefacts with cryofixation of silkmoth antennae effects of oso osmium tetroxide-prefixation, glycerol, and premaure thawing Bombyx mori

Zerbi, G.R.ggiero, C., 1974:
Experiments on artichoke irrigation

Arendt, N.; Kazas, A.; Aleksandrova, V., 1979:
Experiments on artificial drying of fig tree fruit

Dzevaltovs'-Kyi, A.; Polishchuk, V., 1975:
Experiments on artificial hybrid

Trimarchi, G.P.squali, P., 1971:
Experiments on artificial nursing for light lamb production

Franklin, Jr; Hutson, Gdo, 1982:
Experiments on attracting sheep to move along a laneway. I. Olfactory stimuli Communication, Y-maze experiments

Franklin, Jr; Hutson, Gdo, 1982:
Experiments on attracting sheep to move along a laneway. II. Auditory stimuli Vocal communication, Y-maze experiments

Franklin, Jr; Hutson, Gdo, 1982:
Experiments on attracting sheep to move along a laneway. III. Visual stimuli Ethology, orientation

Wu, C.; Huang, K., 1974:
Experiments on automatic top f

Ichikawa, S.H.chinohe, Y., 1970:
Experiments on bacteriolytic ac

Yasunobu, Y.A.iyama, T., 1980:
Experiments on bearing of early

Zayan, R., 1985:
Experiments on behavioral and cognitive processes involved in social space of laying hens at the beginning of the laying period

Atanasov, N., 1979:
Experiments on biological control of Tetranychus urticae Koch and Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov et Nikolski in Bulgaria

Jente, R.R.chter, E.B.sold, F.O.atunji, G., 1988:
Experiments on biosynthesis and metabolism of acetylenes and thiophenes

Pijnacker, L.P.; Ferwerda, M.A., 1976:
Experiments on blocking and unblocking of first meiotic metaphase in eggs of the parthenogenetic stick insect Carausius morosus Br. (Phasmida, Insecta)

Kutera, J., 1969:
Experiments on border strip i

Meyers, Marion, T., 1981:
Experiments on breeding corn resistant to the European corn borer

Ishiboku, K., 1976:
Experiments on breeding of rice

Tancogne, J.C.outeau, J., 1977:
Experiments on calcium magnesium corrective supply. Incidence on the characteristics of soils and dark tobaccos

Matsui, I.N.izuma, T.T.guchi, T.Y.mazaki, T., 1978:
Experiments on calcium penetrat

Steudel, W., 1970:
Experiments on callus staining with resorcin in sugar beets with yellow wilt

Seufert, G.A.ndt, U., 1988:
Experiments on canopy

Vishkov, K.P.trov, M.K.cheva-Okoliiska, D.B.nkov, N.K.rsivanov, K.; Petrov, P.T.olov, S.G.nov, G.K.radzhov, P.P.nov, A., 1983:
Experiments on cattle embryo transplantation

Takahashi, Y.S.zuki, T.S.imohira, I., 1982:
Experiments on cervical embryo

Ando, Y.R.ladi, H., 1978:
Experiments on charcoal briquetting of five Indonesian wood species

Kasai, K.K.neko, T., 1972:
Experiments on chemical control

Maccarini, Ldg, 1970:
Experiments on chemical control of romerillo

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments on chemical control of weeds in tree nurseries

French, Wj, 1970:
Experiments on chemical eradication of mistletoe

Baiagin, Vn, 1977:
Experiments on chemical prophylaxis of lamb fascioliasis with coumaphos

Huss, J., 1970:
Experiments on chemical thinning of conifers. 2. the application of arboricides to Norway spruce, European and Japanese larch and some deciduous species for purposes of comparison

Halupa, L.V.aszaty, O., 1971:
Experiments on chemical weed control in Bajti

Kovacs, J., 1973:
Experiments on chemical weeding in one-year old mixed coniferous plantation

Rinallo, C., 1980:
Experiments on chestnut rooting from cuttings and layers (2-3)

Sturm,, J., 1969:
Experiments on chlormequat treatment of oats

Mariotti, Ja, 1973:
Experiments on clonal selection in sugarcane. I. realized heritability and sectorial heritability

Mariotti, Ja, 1973:
Experiments on clonal selection of sugarcane in Jujuy (Argentina). II. Repeatability and heritability of traits

Mariotti, Ja, 1972:
Experiments on clonal selection of sugarcane in Jujuy. I. Associations among characters

Anonymous, 1977:
Experiments on cold liquefaction of Larix gmelinii for gum production

Wu, C.; Chang, C., 1974:
Experiments on cold storage of

Stuart, Rj, 1984:
Experiments on colony foundation in the slave-making ant Harpagoxenus canadensis M.R. Smith (Hymenoptera; Formicidae)

Vrkoc, J.K.lvoda, L1; Skuhravy, V1; Hochmut, R1; Zdarek, J., 1981:
Experiments on communication disruption with pheromones in Zeiraphera diniana Gn. and Lymantria monacha L. in Czechoslovakia Gray larch but moth, nun moth, forest pests.1

Pasov, Vm, 1972:
Experiments on compiling a forecast of spring crop yield with a large time-period in advance

Kato, H.H.yakawa, I.S.wada, M.Y.makawa, Y., 1981:
Experiments on composting of li

Kato, H.H.yakawa, I.I.o, Y.S.wada, M.Y.makawa, Y.M.ri, K., 1984:
Experiments on composting of livestock waste. X. Effects of mechanical aeration on fermentation of livestock waste

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments on confinement fee

Qi, Y.; Zeng, S.; Wang, S., 1980:
Experiments on conjugation and

Mcewen, A.B., 1940:
Experiments on contagious abortion field immunisation experiments with a vaccine prepared from strain 45

Jiang, Sc, 1982:
Experiments on control of Brev

Skuderna, Anton-William, 1941:
Experiments on control of Fusarium yellows of sugar beets at Rocky ford, Colo. in 1940

Rebandel, Z., 1975:
Experiments on control of fungus diseases of raspberry

Murata, T., 1974:
Experiments on control of the J

Miksiewicz, M., 1971:
Experiments on control with Pirimor of aphids resistant to the organic phosphorus insecticides

Becker, Jeorg, 1992:
Experiments on controlling bunt disease (Tilletia tritici (Bjerk.) Wint.) with nutrient-rich organic substances and microorganisms

Pellegrini, Giovanni, 1954:
Experiments on controlling dacus oleae developed in 1952 with an insecticide using a base of p-nitrophenyldiethylthiophosphate

Sugawara, H.F.jii, K., 1972:
Experiments on controlling the

Sass, O.D.bnik, H., 1971:
Experiments on controlling virus vectors on plantations of potatoes in the German Democratic Republic

Bogdanowicz,, J.M.lendowski, F., 1981:
Experiments on corn-pickers Bourgoin GM-3

Skinner, Jc, 1976:
Experiments on cross pollination technique

Anonymous, 1977:
Experiments on cut roses with Chrysal VB

Heuer, Cord, 1980 :
Experiments on deep freeze preservation of water buffalo semen with application of filter tests for measuring semen

Radev, G.M.rinov, P.V.lkov, V.P.pov, G., 1979:
Experiments on deep freezing of

Schreoder, Ulrike, 1988:
Experiments on deep freezing preservation of splitted and unsplitted bovine embryos taking special consideration on royal jelee as additive to the cryoprotective medium

Heise, Jorg-Peter, 1979:
Experiments on deepfreeze conservation of mouse embryos considering the equilibration period and high speed freezing processes

Swets, Willem, A., 1950:
Experiments on defoliation in beans

Christian, Jeurgen, W., 1993:
Experiments on density gradient centrifugation of bull spermatozoa and investigations of the developmental velocity of in vitro bovine embryos in respect to possible influence in the determination of the sex

Boiadzhiev, S.G.rzov, P., 1970:
Experiments on determination of

Friedrich, W.R.bohm, K., 1976:
Experiments on determining the magnitudes affecting the pressing of cattle feed with urea additives

Hayashi, I., 1978:
Experiments on developing metho

Kostov, L.P.trov, A., 1972:
Experiments on diagnosis and pro

Benvenuti, A., 1969:
Experiments on differentiated mineral nutrition of maize plants in separate parts of their roots. 2

Varga, J., 1974:
Experiments on disinfection of surface of breeding hens egg s

Trautwein, K., 1981:
Experiments on disinfection with sulfuric acid and with lye in foot-and-mouth disease

Steffens, Christiane, 1999:
Experiments on distress of slaughter pigs during transport and lairage

Phillips, G.L., 1957:
Experiments on distributing HCN in bulk grain with aeration systems

Phillips, G.L., 1957:
Experiments on distributing liquid fumigants in bulk grains with aeration systems

Herve, Jj, 1981:
Experiments on drainage

Kjellerup, Cm, 1973:
Experiments on drainage and improvement of soil structure of marsh soils 1957--71

Bilowicki, J., 1972:
Experiments on dried storage as chaff, meal, pellets and wafers

Muller-Haeckel, A., 1973:
Experiments on drifting behavior of unicellular algae in running water bodies

Misostov, Ta, 1978:
Experiments on early insemination of heifers

Shevtsov, Vp, 1973:
Experiments on early weaning of

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments on economical dosa

Lukomski, S., 1971:
Experiments on effects of infection of pine seedlings by Lophodermium pinastrii (Schrad.) Chev.) on their rooting and growth

Le-Mare, Ph, 1977:
Experiments on effects of phosphorus on the manganese nutrition of plants. i. effects of monocalcium phosphate and its hydrolysis derivatives on manganese in ryegrass

Galambosi, B.G.lambosi-Szebeni, Z., 1992:
Experiments on elaborating growing technics for chamomile in Finland

Wucherpfenning, K.S.mmler, G., 1972:
Experiments on enzymatic degradation of acetaldehyde in wine

Hill, Gk, 1982:
Experiments on enzymatic potential of Phomopsis viticola Sacc., the cause of dead-arm disease

Balashenko, Sg, 1974:
Experiments on eradication of brucellosis

Filchev, A.T.ifonov, S., 1979:
Experiments on establishing tumo

Usbeck, Christina, 1989:
Experiments on estrous synchronisation in some inbred strains of rats

Perchak, F.K.aushofer, H.S.heriau, F., 1971 :
Experiments on evaluating the demineralization of sugar juices by means of electrodialysis

Cornelius, Hildegard-Christina, 1981:
Experiments on evaluation of corn protein in rations for growing pigs

Niedermaier, T., 1971:
Experiments on experimented characterization of the disintegration of solid mixtures

Krause, G.; Jung, K.; Prinz, B., 1985:
Experiments on explaining revised forest damages in the German Federal Republic

Mate, A., 1973:
Experiments on factors influencing the value features of winter wheat seeds

Benkov, M., 1970:
Experiments on fattening of youn

Zeliatrov, Av, 1978:
Experiments on feeding Muscovy ducks

Bakanov, V.; Ivanov, V.; Mamaev, V.; Teslenko, V., 1975:
Experiments on feeding dairy cows in the Far North

Zurek, H., 1980:
Experiments on fertilization of peatland pastures with common salt

Ignatov, G.K.drev, T., 1978:
Experiments on finding optimal c

Matthews, E.M.; Hutcheson, T.B., 1941:
Experiments on flue-cured tobacco

Gutman, B.P.rel, J.S.imshoni, M., 1977:
Experiments on fly reduction in carding

Ch*-Degrees-*en, T*-Degrees-*ao-Sheng, 1953:
Experiments on food microbiology

Chakrabarti, K., 1984:
Experiments on forest biomass and energy plantations in West Bengal--an appraisal

Yang, Zc, 1980:
Experiments on forest insect c

Stoianov, T.K.stadinov, B., 1978:
Experiments on freezing bull sem

Steinbrecht, Ra, 1982:
Experiments on freezing damage with freeze substitution using moth antennae as test objects

Ong, E.; Roberts, A., 1983:
Experiments on friction of raw natural rubber

Stoll, K., 1970:
Experiments on frozen preservation of vegetables

Prinzinger, R.M.isch, H.H.nd, K., 1979:
Experiments on gaseous metabolism of bird embryos. I. Weight specific correlation, daily rate increase, relative total energy production and metabolism-specific loss in egg weight

Matsui, H.T.gawa, M.Y.mashita, H.K.gure, K.S.emoto, M.K.rokawa, K., 1974:
Experiments on gastrointestinal

Muscatine, L., 1971 :
Experiments on green algae coexistent with zooxanthellae in sea anemones

Yang, Yy, 1980:
Experiments on growing popular

Hoegh-Guldberg, O., 1971:
Experiments on growth of Aricia larvae (Lepidoptera Rhopalocera) (Aricia studies no. 12)

Joly, A., 1976:
Experiments on growth regulators in northern Dahomey

Nilsson, Hans-Eric, 1987:
Experiments on hand-held radiometry and IR-thermography of winter wheat in field plot experiments

Postiglioni, L.B.rbieri, G.; Borrelli, A., 1980:
Experiments on harvesting of processing tomatoes in South Italy: cultivars and harvesters

Tabbush, Pm, 1984:
Experiments on heather control

Jeske, J., 1971:
Experiments on hemp hybrids

Panvini, R.S., 1973:
Experiments on high energy particle collisions--1973

Baranowski, A.K.tera, J., 1970:
Experiments on hop irrigation with municipal sewage

Mazokhin-Porshniakov, G.; Burakova, O., 1976:
Experiments on horse fly (Tabanidae, Diptera) visual selection of the attacked animals. the attack activity as a function of a scarecrow trap shape and mobility

Mellmann, J.; Richter, I.G.; Maltry, W., 2007:
Experiments on hot-air drying of wheat in a semi-technical mixed-flow dryer

Richey, Frederick, D., 1981:
Experiments on hybrid vigor and convergent improvement in corn

Kojnok, J.M.szaros, L.G.nye, M., S., 1977:
Experiments on immunization against Newcastle disease in partridge (Perdix perdix)

Yin, S., 1986:
Experiments on immunization of sheep and goats against brucellosis with strain 19

Genev, Khristo, 1978:
Experiments on immunoprophylaxis in pig brucellosis first commuication =

Chen, K.; Yang, S.; Chen, C.; Hsieh, B., 1982:
Experiments on improvement of

Lewandowski, O.T.rocinski, E., 1976:
Experiments on improvement of the preparation for prevention of blue stain in lumber

Wieser, F., 1974:
Experiments on improving the efficacy of statements based on laboratory seed tests

Murzamadiev, A.; Dombrovskii, N.; Dzhienbaeva, R., 1986:
Experiments on in vitro capacitation of rams spermatozoa

Kdyrniiazov, G.; Aigozhin, M.; Kusainov, T., 1978:
Experiments on increasing productivity of fat-tailed sheep

Anonymous, 1980:
Experiments on increasing the

Sliadnev, Ap, 1978:
Experiments on increasing the effectiveness of secondary shelterwood fellings in broadleaved-spruce plantings

Laki, I.S.abo, Z.T.mas, K., 1976:
Experiments on increasing the feed value in beer marc

Schubert, W.K.nert, G., 1975:
Experiments on increasing the lodging resistance of choice carnations by CCC application

Molotkov, P.; Bengus, I., 1983:
Experiments on induced mutagenesis of Scotch pine

Ehlers, Klaus-Christian, 1980:
Experiments on induction of parturition with dexamethason by physiological birth time of German Red and Pied heifers

Bernal, A.; Reig-Feliu, A.P.rez-Nievas, C., 1969:
Experiments on industrial use in sliced mandarins in syrup form of Satsuma and Clemenules varieties submitted to a freeze treatment

Vanag, KA.; Grokhovskaya, IM., 1978:
Experiments on infection of Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latr. ticks with rabies virus

Ayerdi, Francisco-Antonio-Lanuza, 1983:
Experiments on influencing feed intake by twin cows under indoor and grazing conditions

Claussen, H.C., 1981:
Experiments on influencing soil and groundwater by using liquid manures

Yamaguchi, A.H.nma, K., 1973:
Experiments on insecticides and

Marboutie, G.M.laire, H.; Arnoux, M., 1976:
Experiments on integrated control on peach and apple trees in the Gotheron area from 1971 to 1975

Bellefleur, P.P.tillon, Y., 1983:
Experiments on interspecies competition by selective elimination of forest species Sugar maple, Acer saccharum, yellow birch, Betula alleghaniensis, beech, Fagus grandifolia.1

Agamirov, Um, 1975:
Experiments on introduction of some trees and bushes from the flora of East Asia in the conditions of the Apsheron

Yasunobu, Y., 1980:
Experiments on keeping high qua

Leuhrs, E., 1981:
Experiments on killing warble fly larvae in the body of their host (using heat radiation)

Georgiev, I.A.ur, M.G.udev, T.B.rov, D., 1977:
Experiments on labeling bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus) by phosphorus 32

Imaki, D., 1971:
Experiments on labor-saving for

Thakur, R.; Sastry, K.; Vrany, J.S.ngh, P., 1983:
Experiments on laboratory evaluation of six fungicides against two pathogens infecting medicinal plants

Owsiak, Z., 1981:
Experiments on life-time of ploughshares of potato-combine harvesters

Steinwandter, H.; Schlüter, H., 1978:
Experiments on lindane metabolism in plants. IV. A kinetic investigation

Anonymous, 1982:
Experiments on living animals

Harstela, P.T.kalo, S., 1974:
Experiments on loading and transportation of branch raw material

Tang, Y.L., H., 1977:
Experiments on machines used for slope land farming

Persiel, F., 1972:
Experiments on maintaining breeding clones fo bellis perennis L. in a healthy condition

Schuster, W., 1969:
Experiments on male-sterility of sun-flowers, caused by genetical, physiological and applied chemical factors

Bresaola, Mario, 1950:
Experiments on manuring of long-used mountain and plain meadows

Hovland, C.-Iver; Lumsdaine, C.-I.S.effield, F., D., 1949:
Experiments on mass communication

Altenkirch, W., 1976:
Experiments on mass rearing and releasing of Elachertus (Hyssopus) thymus Girault, parasite of the European pine shoot moth, Rhyacionia buoliana Schiff

Sukhov, K.; Izvekova, L.; Pod'-'-Iapol'-Skaia, T.; Bronnikova, K.; Lesina, V., 1978:
Experiments on mass vaccination of tomatoes against tobacco mosaic virus

Laurier, J.P.P.licot, B.R.ynard, O., 1990:
Experiments on mechanized utilization of short rotation poplar coppice

Szlachta, J., 1981:
Experiments on milking time and speed in milking machines equipped with Duovac devices

Krzystalowska, H., 1972:
Experiments on monocotyledonous weed control in flax (1967-1969)

Strzelec, B.G.lebiewski, T., 1975:
Experiments on more effective utilization of adjuncts in beer produced in a brewery equipped with lauter tubs

Akiyama, T.O.ayama,, N.T.kahashi, E.Y.sunobu, Y., 1977:
Experiments on multi-utilizatio

Mitchell, D., 1976:
Experiments on neophobia in wild and laboratory rats: a reevaluation

Brunner, T., 1975:
Experiments on new methods for intensive fruit tree growing with special regard to sweet cherry

Boettger, A.; Schrodt, T.; Pieper, H.J., 1996:
Experiments on non-enzymatic methanol release in the production of alcohol from potatoes

Genov, I.T.utsumanski, V.L.lov, K., 1980:
Experiments on obtaining and app

Tekerlekov, P.N.kolova, E., 1984:
Experiments on obtaining conjugates for hemagglutination test with the aid of chromium chloride and their use in the study of foot-and-mouth disease viruses

Delchev, K.; Dikova, N., 1977:
Experiments on obtaining precipitating antisera of thermally processed soybean protein, sodium caseinate and dried milk

Bozhilov, B.; Petkov, M.S.oianova, L., 1978:
Experiments on obtaining trivale

Nikolov, P.A.rashev, I.I.ieva, K., 1976:
Experiments on obtaining type sp

Busch, W.S.hnell, U., 1969:
Experiments on oestrus-synchronization in cattle using chlormadinone

Kyi, M.; Myint, A.H.aing, S., 1969:
Experiments on outturn of cutch and analytical determination of its quality

Gobl, F., 1974:
Experiments on paperpot seedlings. I. Inoculation of larch

Golinowski, W.S.rzeczkowski, J.S.kutnicka, K.K.pidlowska, E., 1979:
Experiments on penetration of potato virus X into host cells

Siwek, Z., 1982:
Experiments on pheasant immunization with lentogenic vaccines NDV Newcastle disease virus Lasota and Dabrowka.1

Platzer, Hb, 1977:
Experiments on planning and procedure of wood harvesting on areas damaged by a hurricane

Nakashima, Y., 1971:
Experiments on plant respiratio

Nakayama, M., 1978:
Experiments on planting cutting

Zak, K., 1973:
Experiments on planting machines

Xiang WeiBing; Luo XiWen; Wang YuXing, 2007:
Experiments on pneumatic ordered throwing transplantation of paddy seedling

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