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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15779

Chapter 15779 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hauss, R.S.hutte, F., 1977:
Experiments on polyphagous habits of white grubs (Melolontha melolontha L.) on plants of grassland

Small, R.; Evans, A., 1981:
Experiments on population growth of the predatory nematode Prionchulus punctatus in laboratory culture with observations on life history Biological control of phytoparasitic nematodes

Volmer-Ronge, Dagmar, 1980:
Experiments on possible effects of solar radiation on sexual functions of stallions

Schneider, F.R.infeld, E.B.iesener, K., 1971:
Experiments on precipitation of raw juice constituents

Solomon, Me, 1969:
Experiments on predator-prey interactions of storage mites

Ewert, Lutz, 1988:
Experiments on preparation of boar spermatozoa for cryoconservation in straws and biological-physical aspects of thawing by microwaves

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments on preparation of maleated rosin and its application as a gluing agent for paper making

Rauber, R., 1985:
Experiments on primary dormancy of naked barley (Hordeum vulgare L., convarietas hexastichon, varietas nudum)

Nakui, T.I.asaki, K.Y.hata, S., 1974:
Experiments on processing of ha

Rudakova, L.; Zatoka, I.; Sokolov, E., 1978:
Experiments on processing optimal raw material mixtures in cotton spinning

Schobinger, U.D.rr, P.S.hneider, R., 1980:
Experiments on processing white wipe by heating the mash

Bocsa, I., 1970:
Experiments on producing a yellow stalk southern hemp variety and on evolving a new harvest procedure

Weissmeuller, Alfons, 1982:
Experiments on producing digitoxin after intravenal administration in bovine with regard to concentration in plasma and heart rate

Zharikov, Ie, 1974:
Experiments on producing for multiple breeding young cows which have calved once

Perschak, F., 1969:
Experiments on production of liquid sugar by demineralisation of molasses solutions by means of ion exchangers

Kostov, L.B.gdanov, M., 1981:
Experiments on programming insemination of cows and heifers with the aid of cloprostenol (estrumate)

Kireev, V.; Titov, V.; Nikiforov, I., 1976:
Experiments on programming maize and forage beet yields

Silva, G.D.-M.S.lva, G.D., M., 1974:
Experiments on prolonging the nymphosis period of Dacus oleae by temperature control

Johnstone, F.Jr, 1975:
Experiments on propagating peaches (Prunus persica L.) by rooting cuttings

Nakayama, M., 1978:
Experiments on propagation by c

Nakayama, M., 1978:
Experiments on propagation of m

Szabo, E.K.kedi, E., 1960:
Experiments on protection against stinking smut of wheat and wheat midge

Draganov, G.T.dorov, K., 1979:
Experiments on pruning varieties

Dragaov, G.T.dorov, K., 1979:
Experiments on pruning variety U

Chao, S.; Chang, M., 1972:
Experiments on pulpability of

Wencelius, F., 1980:
Experiments on pulping wood species in the Edea region Cameroon.1

Strauhs, Susanna, 1962:
Experiments on quality determination of sugars with the help of oxydation methods

Natsume, T., 1978:
Experiments on raising tree see

Simon, Elisabeth, 1978:
Experiments on rapid and susceptible detection of staphylococci enteratoxin in food on enterotoxin B model according to the Elisa-principle

Alaudin, 1982:
Experiments on rayon pulp making from Pinus merkusii

Weingartner, E., 1971:
Experiments on rearing Fasciola hepatica free cattle in the rural district of Wesermarsch

Wojtowski, F.W.lkaniec, Z., 1969:
Experiments on rearing of leaf cutter and mason bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae) in trap nests

Shavrygin, P.; Sokolov, V., 1977:
Experiments on reclamation of Solonetz soils in the Northern Kulunda

Beglarian, Sv, 1976:
Experiments on reproducing viral (transmissive) gastroenteritis in swine

Mihalache, G., 1972:
Experiments on residues of some insecticides

Muraki, H., 1974:
Experiments on responding to me

Boardman, M.A.kew, R.; Cook, L., 1974:
Experiments on resting site selection by nocturnal moths

Reedy, M.K.; Lucaveche, C.; Reedy, M.C.; Somasundaram, B., 1993:
Experiments on rigor crossbridge action and filament sliding in insect flight muscle

Grzegorczyk, K., 1981:
Experiments on rodents of flax straw ricks

Hu, W.; Zheng, L.; Liu, 1980 :
Experiments on rootstock stora

Roxas, U.; Incalacaterra, G., 1981:
Experiments on rose cultivars in cool greenhouse culture

Gaillard, F., 1981:
Experiments on round bale silaging

Anonymous, 1957:
Experiments on sand binding forests in Chang-ku-tai, Liao-ning Province

Gilmour, Dg, 1971:
Experiments on sanguine groups of chicken

Garcia-Franco, J.; Rico-Gray, V., 1988:
Experiments on seed dispersal and deposition patterns of epiphytes. The case of Tillandsia Deppeana Steudel (Bromeliaceae)

Abramsky, Z., 1983:
Experiments on seed predation by rodents and ants in the Israeli desert Barley, behavior, Gerbillus spp., Messor arenarius

Woyke, H.O.trzycka, J., 1976:
Experiments on seed vigor determination by electrical conductivity in green pea

Viranyi, S., 1974:
Experiments on seed-drying with the Dutch desiccator EA

Liu, Z.; Liang, Y.; Liang, R., 1981:
Experiments on selecting and b

Tigerstedt, Pma, 1969:
Experiments on selections for developmental rate in Drosophila melanogaster

Szmidt, A., 1978:
Experiments on semisynthetic simplified culture media for Lymentria dispar L

Bofenschen, Friedrich, 1979:
Experiments on serological differentiation of Trypanosoma brucei, T. congolense and T. vivax

Anonymous, 1979:
Experiments on serotherapy against the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in piglets

Brncic, D.B.dnik, M., 1984:
Experiments on sexual isolation between Chilean and European strains of Drosophila subobscura

Ramsey, Glen, B., 1944:
Experiments on shipping washed early potatoes

Dobray, E.V.rsanyi, I., 1974:
Experiments on short-term storage of horticultural products by using plastic films treated with various methods

Sugiyama, T.S.imanuki, E.K.yama, M.N.kamura, M.T.kamiya,, F., 1973:
Experiments on silkworm rearing

Yamashita, T.; Jazah-Saman; Laujang, E., E.J., 1994:
Experiments on silviculture techniques for Acacia mangium plantation in degraded forest land

Demian, T.F., 1981:
Experiments on simple tillage tools, especially of trenchless drainage machines

Bernal, A.; Cayuela, J.; Reig-Feliu, A., 1969:
Experiments on simulation of refrigerated transportation of grapes with liquid nitrogen

Jaeger, O.B.rth, R., 1971:
Experiments on simultaneous immunisation of horses with Prevacun, equine influenza vaccine and Tetanus Toxoid Concentrated (Behringwerke)

Wang, C.; Chang, H.; Tsai, C., 1975:
Experiments on single and mixe

Bajai, J., 1960:
Experiments on soil preparation for winter wheat following various greencrops

Guseaeinov, D.M., 1955:
Experiments on soil transformation in the Azerbaijan subtropical zone

Pesaran, A.Z.ngrando, F., 1984:
Experiments on sorption hysteresis of desiccant materials

Dumont, R., 1981:
Experiments on soybean in Benin and Togo (from 1969 to 1976) Glycine max, cultivation, yields.1

Dilovski, M.T.kerlekov, P.K.addzhiev, G., 1977:
Experiments on specific prophylactics for the control of herpes mammillitis

Imanaliev, M.; Abdykerimov, K., 1982:
Experiments on specific prophylaxis of lamb colibacillosis in the Kirgiz SSR

Schmandke, H.M.une, R.F.iebe, R.W.bers, V.A.ger, H.K.rmann, I., 1976:
Experiments on spinning of rapseed proteins to fibers

Kerens, L., 1976:
Experiments on spring feeding.

Pizzocaro, F.S.nesi, E.T.ovati, M.P.lesello, A., 1979:
Experiments on storage of frozen sardines (Sardina pilchardus) fillets subjected to various treatments

Potanov, A.; Vladimirova, V.; Kashaeva, G., 1977:
Experiments on studying the properties of preparations attracting and repelling blood sucking insects

Puls-Kleingeld, Martina, 1990:
Experiments on superovulation in goats and on cryopreservation of goat embryos

Accorsi, C.; Bartolucci, R1; Zama, F., 1981:
Experiments on sweet sorghum: cultivation and industrial processing Production of ethyl alcohol, Italy.1

Bergfeld, J.S.hill, G.R.mmel, P.K.uffold, P.B.rucker, E.; Falge, R., 1976:
Experiments on synchronised ovulation in young sows by biological engineering. I. Periods of ovulation, ovarian findings, fertilisation in response to Metallibur, 750 IU PMS and 250 or 500 IU HCG

Kovats, J.C.onka, K.K.seru, J.H.raszti, J., 1974:
Experiments on synchronization of estrus of heifers and cows

Nicolli, C.R.ncador, I.S.rafini, G.A.ancini, D.S.ringari, G.N.colussi, L., 1979:
Experiments on systemic fungicides and research on the residues in grapes and wines

Wu, C.; Huang, K.; Tsao, C., 1977:
Experiments on tari type tempering dryer

Flanc, M.F.ackowiak, A., 1970:
Experiments on technology of production of shive boards with less amount of free formaldehyde

Kretschmer, M., 1976 :
Experiments on temperature tolerance of Lactuca achenes

Chawla, J.; Sharma, A., 1972:
Experiments on tempering of fibreboards

Dobray, E., 1972:
Experiments on temporary storage of table grapes by utilizing different pack-materials

Chin,, C.; Chang, S.; Chen, J.; Chai, J.; Wang, K.; Nieh, H., 1980:
Experiments on the sore foot

Shiga, I., 1971:
Experiments on the 3 elements f

Abu-Talib-Bin-Ahmad; Rosidi-Bin-Ali; Sayed-Sahabudin-Bin-Sayed-Alwi, 1986:
Experiments on the By-Catch Excluder Device (BED) off Pantai Remis (Zone A) and Kuala Sepetang (Zone B)

Rilling, G.S.effan, H., 1978:
Experiments on the CO2 fixation and the assimilate import by leaf galls of Phylloxera (Dactylosphaera vitifolii Shimer) on grapevine (Vitis rupestris 187 G.)

Neumann, O.; Scharlau, I., 2006:
Experiments on the Fehrer-Raab effect and the 'Weather Station Model' of visual backward masking

Werk, O., 1979:
Experiments on the Mg magnesium content in fodder, rumen juice and blood serum by dairy cows.1

Hirobe, M.O.ata, R.K.wakami, T.O.subo, T.H.riuchi, K., 1977:
Experiments on the absorption o

Hirobe, M., 1978:
Experiments on the absorption of nutrient elements by Satsuma mandarin orange trees. VII. Effect of fruits

Gaeng, Fe, 1971:
Experiments on the acceleration of major fermentation. 2

Fluckiger, 1978:
Experiments on the active immunization against hog cholera

Lavrovsky, 1978:
Experiments on the active immunization of bovidae against foot and mouth disease (FMD) using the chloroform vaccine

Murakami, K., 1974:
Experiments on the adaptability

Otsuka, F., 1972:
Experiments on the amount of ni

Zhao, S.; Zhang, X., 1982:
Experiments on the antifeedant

Glembotskii, Y.; Grozdova, T., 1971:
Experiments on the antimutagenic effect of AET (beta-amin oethylisothiuronium bromide) in Drosophila melanogaster

Euzeby, J.M.reau, Y.G.uthey, M.D.bor, M., 1981:
Experiments on the antipiriplasmic properties of imidocarb on Babesia divergens and Babesia canis, agents of bovine and canine piroplasmosis in Europe

Euzaeby, Jacques, 1985:
Experiments on the antipiroplasmic properties of imidocarb on Babesia divergens and Babesia canis

Zhao, S.; Xu, M.; Zhang, X.C.en, X.; Liao, C., 1982:
Experiments on the application

Bugge, G., 1970:
Experiments on the application in breeding of a mutant of Trifolium pratense with short corrolla tube induced by irradiation

Manchev, M.D.neva, M.D.nev, B., 1984:
Experiments on the application o

Miksiewicz, M., 1971:
Experiments on the application of Fundal forte (RS 143) to control spider mites

Ortwein, L., 1975:
Experiments on the application of repellents in the protection of orchards against hares

Anonymous, 1977:
Experiments on the application of the insect juvenile hormone analog 738 (JH25) as a chemosterilant against the yellow sugarcane borer, Argyropoce schistaceana Snellen

Szabo, A.S.ekelyhidi, J., 1972:
Experiments on the application technics of polybutene tubing for the heating of subsoil

Yasunobu, Y.A.iyama, T., 1979:
Experiments on the bearing of e

Borner, H., 1977:
Experiments on the behavior of paraquat after application for weed control in drainage ditches

Szlezak, Fm, 1977:
Experiments on the biaxial state of stress and the energy condition of material strength

Nastev, D., 1974:
Experiments on the biological and

Johnson, James, 1941:
Experiments on the burn of cigars

Kang, H.; Cheong, S.; Kim, J., 1980:
Experiments on the burrowing

Werner, W., 1969:
Experiments on the characterization of soil phosphate available to plants after lengthy fertilization with various phosphates

Costa, G.G.andi, M.P.letto, G.R.ffilli, V., 1978:
Experiments on the chemical and mechanical fruit thinning of some cultivars of freestone and clingstone peach trees

Tsai, Yp, 1969:
Experiments on the chemical co

Fan, Y.; Nakamura, K., 1975:
Experiments on the chemical con

Priore, R.P.ndolfo, F., 1972:
Experiments on the chemical control of Dialeurodes citri (Ashm.) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Campania in the years 1971-1972

Tabbush, Pm, 1984:
Experiments on the chemical control of Rhododendron ponticum L

Copcu, M.S.ydam, C., 1976:
Experiments on the chemical control of wheat rusts

Kelany, Ibrahim-Mohamed, 1979:
Experiments on the cold tolerance and over-wintering of synanthropic flies (Dipt., Muscidae, Calliphoridae)

B.X.n; L.J.ngXia, 2007 :
Experiments on the common and reproduction toxicities of the Tibet Kefir

Woggon, W.; Peter, M.; Schmid, H., 1977:
Experiments on the competitive incorporation of farnesol stereoisomers into cantharidin. 6. lebiosynthesis of cantharidin

Huet, C., 1975:
Experiments on the conditions of organogenesis in the female reproducture glands and ducts of Tenebrio molitor L

Izquierdo-Tamayo, A.D.ran-Grande, M., 1971:
Experiments on the conservation and viability of pollen of Nicotiana tabacum L

Quiroga, S.S., 1980:
Experiments on the conservation of FMD

Sanz-Parejo, J., 1970:
Experiments on the contagiousness of the Stickers lymphosarcoma

Wei, H.; Chang, C., 1979:
Experiments on the control of

Thielemann, R., 1983:
Experiments on the control of Heterodera schachtii on sugarbeet by nematicides

Kato, R., 1978:
Experiments on the control of P

Meuller, Marlies, 1984:
Experiments on the control of atrophic rhinitis with inactivated vaccines

Anonymous, 1977:
Experiments on the control of dimethoate resistant cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, with omethoate

Ogura, I., 1977:
Experiments on the control of g

Kato, R., 1978:
Experiments on the control of n

Vorozhishcheva, L.; Krasov, V., 1977:
Experiments on the control of sheep scab

Nikolova, D.K.ristov, G., 1976:
Experiments on the control of the European red mite Panonychus ulmi in vineyards

Mcgregor, Walter, S., 1940:
Experiments on the control of the cotton flea hopper (Psallus seriatur Reuter) in Northwest Texas in 1937-1938

Di-Muro, A., 1972:
Experiments on the control of tobacco aphids (Myzodes persicae S.) with contact, systemic, and granular insecticides mixed with Zineb

Shapovalov, Michael, 1981:
Experiments on the control of tomato yellows

Koehler, W., 1974:
Experiments on the control of tortricids and geometrids in oak stands

Arsenescu, M.M.halache, G., 1971:
Experiments on the control of totricid pests (Tortrix viridana, Archips xylosteana) with ultra-fine sprayings from aircrafts

Akai, J.T.uboki, W., 1971:
Experiments on the control tech

Woodman, J.S., 1975 :
Experiments on the corrosivity of some substances found in foods packed in tin plate containers

Ostermann, L.S.idt, D., 1973:
Experiments on the course and control of the sexual development of female pigs. I. The age threshold for ovarian reaction to gonadotropic stimulation

Ostermann, L.S.idt, D., 1973:
Experiments on the course and control of the sexual development of female pigs. II. The effect of a steroid--induced development of the genital tract on the effect of gonadotropic stimulation in infantile female pigs

Ostermann, L.S.idt, D., 1973:
Experiments on the course and control of the sexual development of female pigs. III. Experiments to induce ovulation and to obtain ova in female pigs of the German Landrace at the age of 15 weeks

Kato, Z.T.jima, S., 1984:
Experiments on the cultivation

Kuz'-Min, E.; Isambaev, A.; Dzhakupova, N.; Saurambaev, B., 1977:
Experiments on the cultivation of Glycyrrhiza glabra and forage plants in the Kzyl Orda Region

Vaandrager, M.V.sscher, H., 1981:
Experiments on the cultivation of Lepista nuda, the wood blewit

Ferretti, Am, 1975:
Experiments on the cultivation of Passiflora incarnata L. and the preparation of the drug in the Marches

Brenneman, F.; Galston, A., 1975:
Experiments on the cultivation of protoplasts and calli of agriculturally important plants. I. Oat (Avena sativa L.)

Wolffhardt, D., 1982:
Experiments on the cultivation of soybeans in Austria

Hai, Tl, 1978:
Experiments on the culture of

Bjeorkman, Lars, 1956:
Experiments on the culture of Chlorella for food purposes

Nohner, Hans-Peter, 1986:
Experiments on the deep freeze conservation of cattle embryos under special consideration of various dilution methods

Seibert,, F1; Cheng, H., 1981:
Experiments on the degradation of atrazine in the maize-rhizosphere Zea mays, herbicide interactions, soils

Sander, J.L.denstein,, J.S.hweinsberg, F., 1975:
Experiments on the degradation of nitrosamines by plants

Carpi, G.D.ll'-Aglio, G.P.rretta, A.V.rsitano, A., 1977:
Experiments on the dehydration of vegetables with an aspirated air flow

Kupila-Ahvenniemi, S.H.nkonen, S.S.vonen, S., 1974:
Experiments on the determination of certain elements in the buds of the Scots pine by means of the electron probe X-ray microanalyser

You, C.; Park, Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, D., 1976:
Experiments on the developmen

Kelly, James-Patrick, 1971:
Experiments on the development of the avian optic tectum

Pap, L., 1972:
Experiments on the development of up-to date freeze-concentration technics

Oliver, Cg, 1969:
Experiments on the diapause dynamics of Papilio polyxenes

Brown, Tc, 1994:
Experiments on the difference between willingness to pay and willingness to accept: comment

Kokles, R., 1981:
Experiments on the differentiation of foot-and-mouth disease virus type O, A and C in cell culture by direct Coons method

Ciobanu, A.B.rcescu,, A., 1972:
Experiments on the direct freezing of meat in existing slaughterhouses

Miyaura, K.S.inada, Y., 1979:
Experiments on the disease resi

Thier, W.; Gorbach, S.; Fischer, H., 1973:
Experiments on the distribution and metabolism of triazophos in and on cotton plants under different conditions

Battersby, A.; Jones, R.; Kazlauskas, R., 1975:
Experiments on the early steps of morphine biosynthesis

Goldenstein, N.B.nke, V.B.rger, H., 1978:
Experiments on the ecology and epizootiology of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep. i. development and survival of larvae after summer and autumn contamination

Birk, Dieter, 1961:
Experiments on the effect of Trichonat on the pneumomycosis aspergillina of chicks

Imamura, S., 1974:
Experiments on the effect of pr

Ural, I.O.demir, N., 1970:
Experiments on the effect of some insecticides against Myzus persicae Sulz. on tobacco

Schimmer, O.L.hner, H., 1973:
Experiments on the effect of usnic acid in the green alga Chlaydomonas reinhardii

Bartenwerfer, Werner, 1951:
Experiments on the effect of vaginal mucus of mares on stallion semen

Bijlenga, Gosse, 1960:
Experiments on the effectiveness of live vaccines against infectious bronchitis in chickens with one adapted to incubated hens eggs, and adapted to the drink water for the coronavirus

Szwejda, J., 1973:
Experiments on the effectiveness of several insecticides for control of (Pieris brassicae 1.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

Riedinger, Andrea, 1981:
Experiments on the effectiveness of sterilization during the animal body removal process without application of pressure in hot fat

Cheng, C.; Liang, S., 1977:
Experiments on the effects of adding Rhizopus ushikoshi extract, endocrinous drug to feeding rations on the growth of broilers

Holmes, Do, 1979:
Experiments on the effects of human urine and trampling on subalpine plants

Ohgushi, R.N.kamura, H.S.kata, H.I.ase, T., 1969:
Experiments on the effects of s

Wilski, A.K.rnobis, S.W.lny, S., 1979:
Experiments on the efficacity of the nematicides Furadan 5G, Furadan 10G, 1 AC 64,475 5G in the control of the potato cyst-nematode, (Globodera rostochiensis

Nierle, W., 1976:
Experiments on the electrophoretic detection of wheat varieties

Stahl, Elisabeth, 1975:
Experiments on the ethereal oil from Pastinaca sativa L. (Apiaceae)

Sviridov, Av, 1981:
Experiments on the evaluation of cladistic compatibility of non-trivial fenetic distances Numerical taxonomy of insects, model genus Aulocera Butler, 1867 (Lepidoptera, Satyridae).1

Schwendener, J., 1970:
Experiments on the evolution of Potentilla procumbens Sibth

Endress, R., 1972:
Experiments on the existence of chalcones as natural intermediates in the biosynthetic pathway of the flavonoids of Petunia hybrida

Paiva, M.-De; Silva, G.D., M., 1974:
Experiments on the extension of Dacus oleae Gmel. nymphosi s by control of temperature

Engelhardt, Wolfgang, V., 1959:
Experiments on the extra-cellular volume of fluid and the thiosulphate total clearance of grown swine

Bregulla, K.G.rlach,, R., 1974:
Experiments on the extra-corporal maturation, fertilization and embryo cultivation with bovine germ cells

Sinell, H.; Mentz, I., 1978:
Experiments on the extraction of Staphylococcus enterotoxins from foods

Amich-Gali, J., 1975 :
Experiments on the fatty liver syndrome of laying hens

Davies, Ht, 1970:
Experiments on the fertilizing value of animal slurries. I. The use of cow slurry on grassland

Davies, H.; Chumbley, C., 1970:
Experiments on the fertilizing value of animal slurries. III. The use of poultry and mixed slurries on grassland

Eloff, J.; Sydow, B.B.n, 1971:
Experiments on the fluoroacetate metabolism of Dichapetalum cymosum (Gifblaar)

Chmiel, H.K.ligowski, W., 1976:
Experiments on the foliar feeding of some greenhouse species of ornamental plants

Demeczky, M.M.rkus, P., 1983:
Experiments on the food industrial application of cryogen technics

Poliennali, P., 1971:
Experiments on the forage plants culture in southern Italy

Chao, Y., L.; Shih, C.; Chen, J., 1981:
Experiments on the foraging be

Dewhurst, D.; Johnstone, S.; Meehan, A., 1989:
Experiments on the frog heart

Anonymous, 1981:
Experiments on the fructificati

Gancheva, J., 1971:
Experiments on the fungistatic and systemic action of benlate

Graf, H., 1980:
Experiments on the furtherance and weighing of early shoots Gloster 69 variety, and their results

Koziracki, L.; Targonski, P., 1978:
Experiments on the generative regeneration of wild small shrubs from the genus Vaccinium in the Zhitomir Polesye

Heerkloss, B.B.rtolomaeus, W., 1980:
Experiments on the germination response of crop plants cultivated on differently salted micromedia

Schonbohm, E., 1973:
Experiments on the gotropism of plants

Caruso, P.D.-Anna, F., 1982:
Experiments on the grain yield of broadbean (Faba vulgaris, Moench. var major Harz.) Italy.1

Pennisi, L.D.-Giacomo,, G., 1974:
Experiments on the harmful effect of Aculus pelekassi K. on the yield and quality of essential lemon oil

Szczygiel, A.D.nek, J., 1976:
Experiments on the harmfulness of Pratylenchus penetrans (Cobb) to generative rootstocks of fruit trees

Nakahashi, M.I.asaki, K., 1978:
Experiments on the heat absorpt

Sinzinger, H.; Unterberger, H., 1973:
Experiments on the hepato-oesophageal artery of the mouse

Claus, Hg, 1971:
Experiments on the hot-air drying of green crops in batch driers

Landgraf, H., 1984:
Experiments on the immunization of chicks against Newcastle disease

Zuffa, A., 1980:
Experiments on the immunization of laboratory animals and pigs using Aujeszkys disease virus inactivated with formaldehyde and UV-rays

Pilet, Ch, 1980:
Experiments on the immunization of the white rat against brucellosis by means of the 45

Riklin, M.M.yer, H., 1975:
Experiments on the importance of fibers in dog nutrition

Manchev, M., 1981:
Experiments on the inactivation o

Neumann, U.; Schäfer-Nolte, C., 1988:
Experiments on the induction of embryopathies and changes in alpha-foetoprotein and serum albumin concentrations in the chick embryo

Riemann, J., 1969:
Experiments on the influence

Fujii, Y.Y.hamoto, T., 1974:
Experiments on the influence of

Busch, Erhard, 1954:
Experiments on the influence of bull sperm by vitamin B:1:2

Narziss, L.H.llich, P., 1971:
Experiments on the influence of different CO2 content in the air of the germination beds on the quality of malt and several beers made from these malts. II. Treatment of green malts with CO2

Rossner, J., 1981:
Experiments on the influence of earthworms on phytoparasitic nematodes in the soil in relation to the conversion of nematode containing parts of plants Biological control.1

Glunder, G.N.umann, U.L.ndelius, L., 1979:
Experiments on the influence of electrostatic fields on immune reactions in chickens

Seibert, K;;, 1982:
Experiments on the influence of roots and soils on 2,4-D dichlorophenoxyacetic acid degradation Herbicide, residues

Zattler, F.K.auss, G., 1970:
Experiments on the influence of seed on the hops and beer quality

Moller, Pd, 1969:
Experiments on the influence of sodium bicarbonate and urea on rumen fermentation and milk fat content

Fritsche, G., 1969:
Experiments on the influence of the culture medium on various mycelium forms of the cultivated mushroom

Venturi, G.A.aducci, M.; Pritoni, G., 1979:
Experiments on the influence of treatments with ferric and ferrous sulphate in soil

Narziss, L.H.llich, P., 1971:
Experiments on the influence of various amounts of CO2 in the stored piles on the quality of the malt and beer. III

Zagorski, D.B.badov, N., 1981:
Experiments on the intensification of the reproduction process in swine with the aid of preparation TV-68

Ratzke, Dirk, 1984:
Experiments on the intermediate effects of mudbaths

Steinheil, W., 1970:
Experiments on the interrelation of circadian rhythms and respiratory energy supply in Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Ibalov, Ov, 1979:
Experiments on the introduction of

Kuliev, Km, 1978:
Experiments on the introduction of Central Asian species of apple to the Apsheron Peninsula

Goritskaia, Ip, 1978:
Experiments on the introduction of Limonium sinuatum in the Donets Basin

Bodrug, Mv, 1978:
Experiments on the introduction of Nepeta species in Moldavia

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Experiments on the introduction of large-scale sprinkling irrigation; technical results, costs, and surplus savings

Matev, T.; Mikhov, I., 1976:
Experiments on the irrigation of

Reid, R.; Galston, A., 1975:
Experiments on the isolation and cultivation of protoplasts and calli from agriculturally important plants. II. Soybean(Glycine max L.)

Lebedev, A.I., 1980:
Experiments on the isolation and study of infectious ribonucleic acid from the FMD virus

Kharalambiev, K.; Georgiev, G.; Bostandzhieva, R.M.tov, B., 1984:
Experiments on the isolation of

Yasunobu, Y.K.tano,, M., 1978:
Experiments on the keeping high

Loeffler, P., 1983:
Experiments on the killing of the infective substance of foot-and-mouth disease in dung packed according to the regulations

Lo-Cascio, B.L.mbardo, V., 1973:
Experiments on the link between irrigation and weeding

Koll, P.M.tzger, J.B.onstrup, B., 1983:
Experiments on the liquefaction of peat with supercritical organic solvents in a simple high-pressure

Weissenbock, G., 1973:
Experiments on the localization of flavonoids in plastids. II. Comparison of the flavonoids of isolated etioplasts and chloroplasts of Avena sativa l

Geschonke, H.V.sterling, J., 1976:
Experiments on the manufacture of Gouda cheese according to schedule

Toth, M.H.lmagyi, T.M.tyas, J., 1970:
Experiments on the manufacture of a biologically full-value mixed feed for the G-65 broiler

Anonymous, 1975:
Experiments on the mechanical harvest of Ente plums

Anonymous, 1975:
Experiments on the mechanical harvesting of apricots

Anonymous, 1975:
Experiments on the mechanical harvesting of stone fruit

Tanka, T.T.kenaga, T., 1973:
Experiments on the methods for

Descours, J.S.yk, D.S.uba, M., 1972:
Experiments on the methods of preservation of silkworm eggs

Gaie, W., 1986:
Experiments on the mineral fertilization of arabica coffee in production in Gatsinda & Kilemba and in Ruhororo & Maramvya (Province de Ngozi-Burundi)

Steiner, A.; Fuchs, H., 1982:
Experiments on the misinterpretation, called tetrazolium overestimation, in viability determination of seeds (Triticum aestivum L.) Wheat, germination test.1

Armbruster, O., 1980:
Experiments on the modification of the duration of immunity of four different trivalent FMD virus culture and natural vaccines in cattle

Wakamatsu, Y.U.emoto, T., 1972:
Experiments on the multiple use

Ahrens, E.K.ster, E., 1969:
Experiments on the nitrogen mineralization in soil after fertilization with various strongly decayed composts from municipal residues

Stephanou, D., 1986:
Experiments on the nutrition of Helix cincta (Kobelt) and Helix aspersa (Muller)

Broster, W.; Smith, T.S.viter, J.; Schuller, E.B.oster, V., 1978:
Experiments on the nutrition of the dairy heifer. XI. Further observations on the effect of energy intake on protein utilization

Laksesvela,, A., 1970:
Experiments on the nutritive value of sisal waste

Spicher, G., 1970:
Experiments on the occurrence of coliform bacteria and fecal streptococci in grains

Chrzanowski, Z., 1972:
Experiments on the orientation of mice and moles in a labryinth

Chevrenidi, S.; Khodzhimatov, K.; Khaidmukhamedov, L., 1971:
Experiments on the original introduction of Pelargonium graveolens into the Tashkent Region

Yokota, M., 1974:
Experiments on the palatability

Johannsen, U.S.hoppmeyer, K., 1975:
Experiments on the pathogenesis of coli enterotoxaemia in pigs. I. Comparison of the action of toxins from two Escherichia coli serotypes after parenteral injection

Johannsen, U.S.hoppmeyer, K., 1975:
Experiments on the pathogenesis of coli enterotoxaemia in pigs. II. Enteric adminstration of Escherichia coli toxin

Papendick, K.B.uhn, G., 1970:
Experiments on the performance and metabolism of dairy cattle with preserved feed from permanent grassland. 2

Bologa, Aa, 1979:
Experiments on the photosynthesis rate in the alga Cladophora vagabunda L. under modified salinity and ionic ratios

Tookos, I., 1983:
Experiments on the physicochemical treatment of dairy wastewaters

Bouharmont, P., 1981:
Experiments on the planting design and density of Arabica coffee tree in Cameroon

Tu, Y.; Sheng, J., 1980:
Experiments on the planting of

Manninger, R., 1984:
Experiments on the plurality of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Manninger, Rezso, 1978:
Experiments on the plurality of the foot-and-mouth disease virus

Steudel, Werner, 1981:
Experiments on the population dynamics of the best cyst nematode in the Cologne-Aachen embayment

Heuschmann-Brunner, G., 1974:
Experiments on the possibilities and course of infections with Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium in fresh water fish

Brink, Leopoldus-Van-Den, 1951:
Experiments on the possibilities of the creation of multiple births in Karakul cross sheep using the gonadotropic method

Yamazaki, K.T.kahashi, E.O.abe, M., 1979:
Experiments on the practical us

Takahashi, E.Y.mazaki, K.O.abe, M., 1979:
Experiments on the pre-treatmen

Haga, R.T.kayasu, T., 1972:
Experiments on the preference o

Haraszti, J.F.her, T., 1969:
Experiments on the pregnandiol excretion of cattle. IV. PREGNANDIOL excretion of cows during pregnancy

Chen, M.; Tseng, Y.; Chen, H., 1981:
Experiments on the preparation

Wittman, G., 1978:
Experiments on the preparation of genetically pure avirulent lines of FMD virus by the plaque method and by limiting infective dilutions

Iwasaki, B.F.kuzawa, T., 1971:
Experiments on the preparatory

Hartmann, H., 1980:
Experiments on the presence of neutralizing antibodies against Aujeszkys disease virus in pigs in Switzerland

Obider, E.L., 1978:
Experiments on the preservability of lapinized FMD virus in chickens

Koyama, K., 1972:
Experiments on the preservation of eggs of Inazuma dorsalis (Hemiptera: Deltocephalidae) at low temperatures

Inoue, I., 1971:
Experiments on the prevention a

Rejto, G., 1971:
Experiments on the prevention of coli-enterotoxaemia in pigs at the weaning age with feed supplemented with minerals

Frohne, D., 1970:
Experiments on the problem of the urine disinfecting action of Arctostaphylos uvae-ursi

Schneider, P., 1972:
Experiments on the problems of individual feed distribution of the small red forest ant (Formica polyctena Foerst.)

Szewczyk, A., 1981:
Experiments on the processes of corn grinding with recutting in a selected cutting mechanism Equipment.1

Sievers, A.F., 1981:
Experiments on the processing and storing of Deglet Noor dates in California

Mayr, A., 1971:
Experiments on the production of Emmental cheese with the use of microbial rennet Rennilase

Horvath, B., 1974:
Experiments on the production of a diet containing protracted urea

Schwendimann, Fritz, 1955:
Experiments on the production of a rhizobium vaccination material

Julitz, Gunnar, 1989:
Experiments on the production of antiidiotypic antibodies mimicking Brucella-specific epitopes

Anonymous, 1988:
Experiments on the production of cattle reactor vaccine from calves infected with lapinized swine fever virus

Meiering, A.; Azi, F.; Gregory, K., 1977:
Experiments on the production of microbial protein from vegetable and animal carbohydrates

Wasilewska, I., 1978:
Experiments on the production of seed plants of celeriac. I. Effect of the date of sowing on the quality of stecklings

Wasilewska, I., 1978:
Experiments on the production of seed plants of celeriac. II. Influence of the formation of hidden inflorescences during the first year of growing on the quality of stecklings

Khvalkovskii, T.; Shoikhet, A.; Nakhodkina, V.; Boiko, E.; Korobeinikova, L.; Limanskaia, A.; Binevskaia, L.; Rozenberg, V.; Boiko, B., 1973:
Experiments on the production, storage and processing of syrup at the Mironovsk sugar factory

Ragimov, M.; Kasymkhanly, V., 1975:
Experiments on the propagation of

Kubitz, K.B.rner, R.R.chter, P., 1979:
Experiments on the propagation of lilies by means of callus culture

Han, Y.; Shin, G.; Kim, G., 1977:
Experiments on the protection against mushroom infesting mites

Han, Y.; Shin, G.; Kim, G., 1977:
Experiments on the protection against mushroom sporophore infestation caused by mites

Anonymous, 1977:
Experiments on the protection and improvement of self bred line of corn

Benada, J.V.nova, M., 1980:
Experiments on the protection of cereals in 1979

Heckmann, F.; Mehner, A., 1970:
Experiments on the protein- and crude-fibre content of monodiets for broiler rabbits

Maurer, Kj, 1969:
Experiments on the pruning of walnut trees

Steudel, W.T.ielemann, R., 1968:
Experiments on the question of the sensitivity of sugar beets to the beet nematode (Heterodera schachtii) Schmidt

Kamoshita, Y.K.jima, M.H.segawa,, Y., 1979:
Experiments on the ratio of soi

Giannone, L.A.ostolo, A.G.erardi, S., 1975:
Experiments on the recovery of flavours from orange juice

Trenckmann, Stephan, 1988:
Experiments on the reduction of black spots on potatoes through various uses of heating

Stipkovits, Mrs, L., 1969:
Experiments on the reduction of losses due to breaking of duck eggs

Ho, C.; Loo, S.1; Xu, Z.1; Xu, S.1; Li, W., 1982:
Experiments on the regenerated callus tissue from 4-oxalysine-resistant mutant plant cell line Nicotiana tabacum, tobacco

Inoue, S.T.jima, K.N.kane, Z., 1975:
Experiments on the relations be

Chang, K.; Liang, T., 1974:
Experiments on the relative ef

Zil'-Bermints, I.; Kuznetsov, N.; Petrushov, A.; Fadeev, Y., 1978:
Experiments on the release of a strain of the predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis Nesbitt resistant to organophosphorus preparations in Crimean agrocenoses

Scholz, L.A.tmann, J., 1971:
Experiments on the removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons from drinking water through the use of synthetic materials and activated carbons

Dommee, B., 1969:
Experiments on the reproducti

Gutierrez, J., 1973:
Experiments on the reproductive physiology of Tetranychus neocalendonicus Andre (Acari Tetranychidae) and effects on the possibilities of genetic control

Sisto, D., 1968:
Experiments on the resistance of wheat to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis D.C. f. sp. tritici Marchal) (1967). III. Greenhouse tests

Zollhauser, Max, 1955:
Experiments on the rest and active periods in various kinds of mice

Winner, C.B.rcky, K., 1977:
Experiments on the role of nutrient supply for the quality of the sugar beet

Freitas, J.; Gurgel, J.; Sales, R.-De, 1982:
Experiments on the salting and drying of the Sarotherodon hornorum x Sarotherodon niloticus hybrid

Yoshida, S.T.kenaga, S.I.ase, Y., 1971:
Experiments on the sedative, an

Raschke, K.P.erce, M., 1975:
Experiments on the selectivity of guard cells of Vicia faba for K+ and Na+

Schilling, E.T.ormahlen, D., 1975:
Experiments on the separation of X- and Y-spermatozoa based on different velocity of migration

Grundler, Gerbert-Hans-Michael, 1982:
Experiments on the serological detection (IFAT, ELISA) of Schistosoma japonicum infection in NMRI mice and hamsters

Suina, S., 1977:
Experiments on the soil improve

Tekerlekov, P., 1985:
Experiments on the specific immunoprophylaxis of foot-and-mouth disease in calves

Baumgarte, Genther, 1951:
Experiments on the sperm composition of stallion semen

Inaba, T.K.jiwara, T., 1971:
Experiments on the sporulabilit

Wyss, C., 1971:
Experiments on the sporulation of three varieties of Bacillus popilliae Dutky

Rodin, V.; Remez, V., 1975:
Experiments on the stimulation of the reproduction of bakers yeast cells by using preparation PV-I

Manago, M., 1982:
Experiments on the storage meth

Anonymous, 1983:
Experiments on the stretching of chinchilla pelts

Pasqualini, E.B.iolini, G.M.mmi, M.M.nari, S., 1982:
Experiments on the supervised contsrol of apple aphids

Poller, S.R.ichelt, L., 1981:
Experiments on the swelling improvement of wood with a fatty acid-chromium (III) complex

Lange, Winfried, 1985:
Experiments on the synergization and permanence of margosa seed extracts

Nishisaki, T., 1974:
Experiments on the techniques a

Hiraiwa, M.K.noshita, N., 1976:
Experiments on the tension of circular saw by rolling pressure

Michel, Hg, 1974:
Experiments on the testing of the efficacy of the reduced amount of water volume sprays in the use of plant protection products in apple culture

Yamazawa, S.Y.shizaki, S.M.ekawa, T.S.kai, N., 1972:
Experiments on the thawing of p

Bankov, D.G.adinarski, I., 1980:
Experiments on the therapy of Ta

Mameev, M.K.usmev, B.P.iuvska, T., 1970:
Experiments on the thermal decon

Covarelli, G., 1972:
Experiments on the time of nitrogen topdressing on the yield and quality of sugar beet

Fukuda, N.I.hida, K.T.naka, Y., 1980:
Experiments on the transmission

Schmutterer, H., 1969:
Experiments on the transmission of enation virus of peas by injection of hemolymphs of viruliferous aphid from one form to an other

Beaudoin, C.C.ampion, J.M.llessard, R., 1969:
Experiments on the treatment

Kovacs,, G.S.entpetery, L., 1973:
Experiments on the treatment and prevention of coli-dysentery of newborn piglets and calves (preliminary report)

Finci, A., 1971:
Experiments on the treatment of oral papillomatosis by using auto- homo- and hetero-vaccines in the dogs

Hartfiel, W.A.i, A., 1980:
Experiments on the treatment of straw with ammonia concentrated water

Achtelig, M.K.ause, G., 1971:
Experiments on the uncleared egg of Pimpla turionellae L. (Hymenoptera) for the functional analysis of the oosome region

Reyes, J.G.oss, U.P.nce, L.S.rpa, M., 1982:
Experiments on the use of Lupinus mutabilis for human consumption

Poller, Siegfried, 1981:
Experiments on the use of a fatty-acid chromium(III)-complex for the improvement of swelling in wood

Galvano, G.L.nza, A., 1971:
Experiments on the use of artichoke bracts (Cynara scolymus L.) in the feeding of steers

Lanza, A.G.lvano, G., 1969:
Experiments on the use of dried orange pulp as a substitute of corn meal in the feeding of milk cows

Lanza, A.G.lvano, G.D.-Urso, G., 1969:
Experiments on the use of dried orange pulp in iso-nitrogenous and iso-caloric all concentrate diet for baby beef

Lanza, A.G.lvano, G., 1971:
Experiments on the use of dried orange pulp in the feeding of pigs

Lanza, A.G.lvano, G., 1973:
Experiments on the use of dried orange pulp in the feeding of pigs. (experiment II)

Popov, Iiu, 1986:
Experiments on the use of dynamic classification of vegetation for the description of habitats of small mammals

Ross, Rc, 1969:
Experiments on the use of farm waste-products in mushroom composting

Nijhuis, H.H.eschen, W.M.hlhoff, C., 1983:
Experiments on the use of gel permeation chromatography in residue analysis. 2. Determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk

Hartmann, W.Z.chau, K., 1970:
Experiments on the use of herbicides with sown cabbage species

Larsen, A.N.rdestgaard, A., 1969:
Experiments on the use of inc

Sell, U., 1982:
Experiments on the use of induced short-straw mutants of spring barley for breeding high-yielding varieties that resist lodging

Maat, Dz, 1970:
Experiments on the use of latex, bentonite, and water-insoluble antiserum protein polymers in sensitive serological tests

Vogt, H., 1974:
Experiments on the use of mustard-oil-deficient and treated extracted rapeseed meal in feeding fowl

Gorbach, S., 1978:
Experiments on the use of quadropolic mass spectrometer as specific detector in routine analyses of pesticide residues

Sawa, S., 1978:
Experiments on the use of rice

Brak, B.H.nkel, H., 1978:
Experiments on the use of seed and meal of rapeseed low in glucosinolate content in feeding rations for monogastric animals

Ilic, Bk, 1970:
Experiments on the use of the hydrogen phosphide insecticide Phostoxin in Yugoslavia. II

Akramova, M.A., 1984:
Experiments on the use of the nematode Neoaplectana carpocapsae, agriots strain, to infect Agrotis segetum Schiff. on vegetable crops

Solari, J., 1969:
Experiments on the use of urea-formalin combinations as a nitrogen supplement of horse manure

Lettner, F., 1970:
Experiments on the use of wheat in broiler rations

Lipson, M.M.rgan, I.; Hoskinson, R., 1971:
Experiments on the use of wool in cigarette filters

Hawrys, Z.S.hnaider, Z.W.derowa, S., 1977:
Experiments on the usefulness of various tree and shrub species for the afforestation in the zone of a severe impact of industrial emissions

Cervato, A.S.lva, S., 1980:
Experiments on the utilization of waste sludges of vegetable origin in agriculture

Frescura, T., 1979:
Experiments on the vaccination against myxomatosis

Zacharias, Lutz, 1992:
Experiments on the verification of stage of the esterus cycle and the synchronization of estrus of female rats kept under conventional and germfree conditions

Konstantinides, K.C.eratzki, W.S.hulze, F., 1971:
Experiments on the water extraction with three different soils

Nicolli, C.R.ncador, I.B.netti, S.S.rafini, G., 1976:
Experiments on the ways of applying systemic fungicides. Results of a two year test

Maurer, Kj, 1973:
Experiments on the xenovegetative reproductivity of Actinidia chinensis Planch. == Kiwi

Sanke, Peter, 1980:
Experiments on thiamin net synthesis in incubated sheep rumen liquid at various intensity of fermentation

Anonymous, 1948:
Experiments on tractor tyre performance

Allmeling, Dagmar, 1970:
Experiments on transmission of Toxoplasma gondii by the feces of freshly infected guinea pigs, swine and dogs

Taylor-Lewis, Emerson-George, 1976:
Experiments on transmission of Trypanosoma lewisi (Kent, 1880) and T. evansi (Steel, 1885) by five different ixodid ticks

Zhou, S.; Xiao, S., 1981:
Experiments on trapping of Curc

Adriansen, Roger, 1943:
Experiments on treating skin staphylococcus in the dog by Dagaenan

Capellari, K., 1969:
Experiments on treating the top surface of hard cheese with sorbates

Kouassi, B.P.aud-Lenoel, C., 1970:
Experiments on tropane alkaloid biosynthesis in Datura metel tissue culture

Burzynski, B.A.garowicz, F.F.louji, A., 1973:
Experiments on use of dried potatoes in fattening heifers

Titov, Vv, 1980:
Experiments on use of live vaccines against brucellosis and listeriosis of farm animals

Xu, H.; Xie, N., 1982:
Experiments on using Syrian ha

Manchev, M.V.ngelov, S., 1979:
Experiments on using drugs for t

Vernigor, V.; Gaivoronskii, B.; Atkeshev, Z., 1978:
Experiments on using haylage in rations for dairy cattle

Ku, Y.; Pan, T., 1976:
Experiments on using shoot-she

Uchida, M.O.aki, C., 1971:
Experiments on utilization of o

Hubner, R., 1972:
Experiments on variety and density of planting of green and silage maize

Mosz, J.B.gdanowicz, J.B.eniek, J., 1981:
Experiments on various types of threshing mechanisms during cob shelling

Reboul, Jl, 1979:
Experiments on vegetable crop cultivation in French Polynesia. A statement on ten years of works (1968-1978)

Bon, H.De, 1983:
Experiments on vegetable crops in Mauritania

Wildi, O., 1976:
Experiments on vegetation boundaries with the help of dynamic models

Tanaka, Ushio, 1949:
Experiments on veterinary hygienics

Ootsuki, Y., 1974:
Experiments on virus infection

L.S.uQin; Lei TingWu; Zhan WeiHua; Q.L.Qin; Xiao Juan, 2007:
Experiments on visual quality of turf grass under different mowed heights

Janicki,, Z.K.czorek, J., 1970:
Experiments on washing and damping of the grain of bread cereals in liquid solutions of selected chemical substances to milling. I. Influence of the experiments on the technological quality of meal and bread

Kiss, J.K.vacs, S., 1974:
Experiments on water quality protection

Dammers, Christopher, 1980:
Experiments on water-, nitrogen-and mineral metabolism of cats fed on feed with various water content

Kolb, G.S.herer, C., 1982:
Experiments on wavelength specific behavior of Pieris brassicae L. during drumming and egg-laying Cabbage white butterflies

Sugiyama, T., 1971:
Experiments on wax treatment fo

Schuster, W.S.hrieiner, W., 1972:
Experiments on weed control in different grain cultivars

Chang, Y.; Gi, M.; Zhao, K.; Zhang, L., 1981:
Experiments on weeding with he

Mathur, Vs, 1984:
Experiments on wheat improvement

Adalsteinsson, S., 1972:
Experiments on winter shearing of sheep in Iceland

Koltay, A., 1960:
Experiments on winter wheat and spring barley sown without soil prepart

Eder, R.F.rster, R.K.eindienst, K., 1972:
Experiments ot test methods of controlling apple mildew, Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. et. ev.) Salm

Cedell, T., 1981:
Experiments performed by the Swedish Oil Plant Central Association in 1979

Zhigulev, Ak, 1975:
Experiments performed on a state farm

Normann, A., 1969:
Experiments provide useful infor

Neuville, D.D.ste, P., 1975:
Experiments regarding auxospores production by the diatom Navicula ostrearia (Gaillon) Bory cultured in vitro

Nilsson Siwert; Nybom Rolf; Praglowski Joseph, 1974:
Experiments regarding collapsing of pollen grains in scanning electron microscopy

Cristescu, P.S.arlatescu, G.M.rinescu, A.M.lpomeni, G., 1972:
Experiments regarding fodder feeding to pheasant chickens

Vlug, J.F.anken, A., 1973:
Experiments related to maintaining a continuous supply of butterhead lettuce

Mekis, Mrs, M., 1977:
Experiments related to the brewing suitability of malts from fall barley

Anonymous, 1962:
Experiments related to the chemical origins of protein

Slavik, I.K.cerova, M., 1972:
Experiments relating to the esterification of carboxyl groups on cellulose

Komatsu, M.T.mimori, T.T.keda, K.H.yashi, K., 1969:
Experiments showing the identity of swertisin and flavocommelitin

Ng, S.P.; Clarke, J., 2007:
Experiments suggest that simulations may overestimate electrostatic contributions to the mechanical stability of a fibronectin type III domain

Biro, Jozsef, 1980:
Experiments to adapt the Suvac-strain of the lapinized swine fever virus to sheep

Jonson, G.F.biansson, S.N.lson, H., 1980:
Experiments to avoid cold shortening in beef

Burger, Hj, 1974:
Experiments to avoid weight losses of calves caused by intestinal strongylosis keeping them differently on the pasture

Maroti, M.G.rbar, J.N.ttan, A., 1973:
Experiments to breed virus free carnation

Blasius, H., 2006:
Experiments to characterize the chick amnion electrophysiologically using Ussing-chamber technique

Gartner, H., 1971:
Experiments to control Botrytis cinerea (grey rot) in the same way as grape rot

Lukacs,, J., 1976:
Experiments to control Cercospora at Mezohegyes in 1975 with various concentrations of Chinoin Fundazol 50 WP

Lukacs,, J., 1977:
Experiments to control Cercospora infection

Engel, H., 1969:
Experiments to control cherry fruit flies with glued sheets

Seemuller, E., 1982:
Experiments to control crown rot of strawberry with metalaxyl and aluminiumfosetyl Phytophthora cactorum, fungicides.1

Yatom, S.; Brosh, S., 1964:
Experiments to control potato tuber moth in Lachish region

Bommer, D.P.tzold, C., 1973:
Experiments to control potato tuber rotting by Fusarium coeruleum

Raabe, R.; Hurlimann, J., 1974:
Experiments to control powdery mildew on Reiger begonia

Grafner, G.N.etzow, E.; Zimmermann, H.R.dke, W., 1969:
Experiments to control sarcoptidosis in cattle, sheep, and pigs, using a Hypodix pour-on-method

Sepasgozarian, H., 1979:
Experiments to control spider mites on sugarbeets, soybeans, and saffron with various acaricides in Iran

Perret, P.K.blet, W., 1972:
Experiments to control stalk paralysis in 1971

Wright, En, 1973:
Experiments to control starling damage at intensive animal husbandry units

Brunel, E.H.scoet, M.M.ssonnier, J., 1969:
Experiments to control the carrot fly (Psila rosae Fab.) Diptera, Psilidae) in western France with organic phosphorus insecticides

Dilg, K.M.ller, E., 1984:
Experiments to control the typographer beetle (Ips typographus L.)

Kadman, A.L.hav, E., 1982:
Experiments to correct iron deficiency in avocado trees Persea americana

Yang, Cheng-Liang, 1996:
Experiments to culture juvenile freshwater mussels in small tanks, floating containers and sediment beds

Balogh, B.V.rga, G., 1980:
Experiments to decrease the retention of foetal membranes by vitamins A, D, E, and by selenium

Grunert, E.V.rhulsdonk, M., 1980:
Experiments to delay the occurrence of bovine parturition with the beta2-mimeticum Planipart

Kruger, S.R.dler, F., 1983:
Experiments to demonstrate the fermentation of mucic acid by lactic acid bacteria

Kroll, J., 1974:
Experiments to detect Sarka virus (SAV) in the fruits, bark and roots of Prunus domestica L

Kunzel, W.M.issner, C.G.enapp, E., 1981:
Experiments to detect bulk proteins in tetanus toxoid, using passive cutaneous anaphylaxis text

Boiadzhiev, S., 1984:
Experiments to determine evaluation norms of immunogenic properties in anti-FMD vaccines by virus-neutralizing test

Areekul, P., 1982:
Experiments to determine sui

Bernays, E.; Chapman, R., 1970:
Experiments to determine the basis of food selection by Chorthippus parallelus (Zetterstedt) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in the field

Lorant, B.R.jky, M., A., 1974:
Experiments to determine the contents of phosphate ions and of quinine in soft drinks with the use of the derivatograph

Weber, Dorothea, 1980:
Experiments to determine the nucleic acid type and to trace reverse transcriptase in Borna virus

Frers, Erich, 1980:
Experiments to determine the presence of lead poisoning in chickens

Fiebiger, Isabell, 1980:
Experiments to develop a cholestasis model in the rat, and the effect of choleretics on it

Ruttner, F.K.eniger, N., 1979:
Experiments to eliminate Varroa mites by biological methods

Leist, N., 1978:
Experiments to elucidate the genetic variability of wild oats and varieties of cultivated oats. An interim-statement with special regard to the fatuoids

Bogre, J., 1973:
Experiments to establish a system for goose rearing technology in winter time

Rommel, W.R.mmer, H.1; Bier, H1; Leistner, E1; Richter, A1; Zschintzsch, A., 1982:
Experiments to establish effectiveness of progesterone with PMSG pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin treatment to induce oestrus in sheep.1

Peshkov, Y., 1978:
Experiments to establish serolog

Bozhilov, B.; Rezashka, A.G.ncheva, P.P.tkov, M.S.oilova, N., 1979:
Experiments to establish the mos

Jeunemann, Dirk, F., 1983:
Experiments to extend to storage time of raw milk

Erzsebet, S., 1980:
Experiments to immunize pigs against swine fever with Oregon C subscript 24 V calf diarrhoea virus strain

Wolffgang, H., 1970:
Experiments to improve the estimation of plant pathogenic virus concentrations

Altenkirch, W.H.ynen, C.H.ang, P.N.emeyer, H., 1983:
Experiments to include the red forest ant Formica polyctena F. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in a program to test undesirable side effects of pesticides

Horst, Sh, 1973:
Experiments to increase mast performance of swine in intensive large-scale animal rearing by chemoprophylaxis with Bisolvon and Quat

Haraszty, A., 1974:
Experiments to increase the fiber yield in hemp (Cannabis s ativa L.)

Gunzler, O.F.stner, S.H.ber, E., 1977:
Experiments to influence the so called lutein cysts of catt le with the prostaglandin analogue Estrumate

Vasel, H., 1972:
Experiments to inhibit growth of winter rye with application of growth regulators

El-Bassam, N., 1975:
Experiments to investigate substantial load of soils and to predict the long term effects of wastes on groundwater

Neuhof, Joachim, 1980:
Experiments to isolate Yersinia enterocolitica in domestic animals

Vogel, Hans, 1977:
Experiments to isolate and characterize a protein component in milk of cow after treatment with a prolactin inhibitor

Muntiu, N., 1980:
Experiments to obtain an anti-aphthous vaccine from virus multiplied in unweaned rabbits

Stoianov, V., 1976:
Experiments to obtain vaccines a

Bangerth, F.B.fler, G.H.lder-Doll, H., 1984:
Experiments to prevent ethylene biosynthesis and

Marchev, N.R.zashka, A., 1974:
Experiments to produce a specifi

Nedyalkov, S., 1979:
Experiments to produce an inactivated vaccine against Aujeszkys disease, II -- testing the duration of immunity and the validity for use of inactivated adsorbate vaccine

Mitov, B., 1979:
Experiments to produce and test

Olah, P., 1985:
Experiments to produce swine fever immune serum using lapinized virus

Kiskeri, M.-R.M.rasz, S.B.csa, I., 1977:
Experiments to produce tetraploid poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)

Vulchovski, R.I.kimov, M., 1979:
Experiments to produce vaccine a

Cottle, D.; Zhao, W.J.nes, J., 1992:
Experiments to promote colour changes in wool

Penner, H., 1973:
Experiments to prove the successful irradiation of potatoes. III. effect of X-rays on the chlorogenic acid biosynthesis in the potato tuber

Rose, P.V.mos-Vigyazo, L., 1977:
Experiments to reduce lactose content of milk by enzyme treatment

Soos, P., 1967:
Experiments to reduce the manpow

Kirilov, N.P.tkov, M.I.lov, I., 1984 :
Experiments to replace asparagin

Steinmeyer, Heinz, 1986:
Experiments to separate cattle embryos in various stages of development

Szauter, R., 1974:
Experiments to sieve adhesive flours

Kostov, L.G.spodinov, G.B.gdanov, M.G.uev, A., 1978:
Experiments to synchronize ovula

Anonymous, 1956:
Experiments to test the possible control of the rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros L.) with insecticides and the testing of possible attractant chemicals in Western Samoa

Hackel, H., 1976:
Experiments to test the resistance to winter frosts of cranberry plants (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.)

Elkner, K.P.ucinska, M., 1975:
Experiments to test the usability of cucumber varieties for canning and pickling

Schnetter, B., 1977:
Experiments to the learning behaviour of Apis Mellifera, Bombus hypnorum and Bombus terrestris with regard to their flower constancy

Langenbruch, Ga, 1977:
Experiments to the possibility of control of Agrotis segetum by Bacillus thuringiensis

Rosenstock, G.L.nge, H.S.onholz, W., 1972:
Experiments to the problem of traumatogenous induction of mitoses in storage tissue of Solanum tuberosum L

Behnen, Ernest, 1959:
Experiments to the quick dianosis of Algactia catarrhalis along with ring eperiments and precipitation experiments

Hampel, Josef, 1951:
Experiments to thin goat semen

Helversen, O.Von, 1974:
Experiments to train bees

Weyer, F., 1973:
Experiments to transfer Wolbachia persica to body lice, Pediculus humanus humanus

Weyer, F.R.iss-Gutfreund, R., 1972:
Experiments to transmit Rickettsia montana and Rickettsia canada to body lice

Fischer, M., 1970:
Experiments to use root-anatomic studies as a method of early selection in apple rootstock breeding

Fischer, M., 1976:
Experiments to use root-anatomic studies as a method of early selection in apple-root-stock breeding

Kröll, J., 1975:
Experiments to verify the plum pox virus (PPV) by communicating it on Chenopodium foetidum Schrad.

Clark, Francis E., 1942:
Experiments toward the control of the take-all disease of wheat and the Phymatotrichum root rot of cotton

Clark, F.E., 1981:
Experiments toward the control of the take-all disease of wheat and the phymatotrichum root rot of cotton

Smith, G.A.; Williams, D.H., 1972:
Experiments towards a synthesis of antheridiol: a synthesis of biologically active material

Chmielewski, W., 1970:
Experiments upon the mites transfer through the alimentary canal of vertebrates

Knorr, F.K.rsken, H.P.tthast, K.R.uter, H., 1974:
Experiments using a roller separator to remove meat left on animal bones

Hansen, Ke, 1978:
Experiments using chemical control of powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis) on cereals, 1969-1976

Zelenenkii, A.M., 1981:
Experiments using strain-82 vaccine for the control of bovine brucellosis

Kiss, Z., 1985:
Experiments with Duphavac N.A. (Brucelela abortus 45

Freriks, Jh, 1975:
Experiments with open housing for swine

Talamucci, P., 1971:
Experiments with 109 forage varieties in the mountain

Beacher, R.L., 1958:
Experiments with 32% nitrogen solution, 1957

Kupferschmied, H., 1972:
Experiments with A.I. in goats in Switzerland

Guinaudeau, J., 1971:
Experiments with Abies spp. in the region of Landes

Anonymous, 1981:
Experiments with Azolla

Rocha, Uf, 1971:
Experiments with Batestan against tick infestation of cattle

Zeck, W.M.rshall, A.D.; Wybou, A., 1975:
Experiments with Bay NTN 9306 in the control of Heliothis on cotton in the United States of America

Stigen, Ak, 1977:
Experiments with Buckfast bees

Larsson, S., 1982:
Experiments with CCC chlormequat chloride in barley Weed control

Trnka, M., 1977:
Experiments with Camposan to regulate the growth of winter rye varieties

Magyar, K.S.mon, F.S.entirmai, L.B.logh, A., 1973:
Experiments with Carbadox, a new production increaser of swine (preliminary report)

Lansky, M., 1983:
Experiments with Czechoslovak repellents used for protection of fruit trees against game

Levi, I.V.upotic, A., 1970:
Experiments with Defungit in treating cattle in Yugoslavia

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Deutz-5006, a four-wheel tractor

Close, P.; E.Beischer, D., 1962:
Experiments with Drosophila melanogaster in magnetic fields

Kiss, Z., 1970 :
Experiments with Duphavac N. a. (Brucella abortus 45

Etter, L., 1969:
Experiments with Flavobacterium strains isolated from foods

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Foyk 210 centrifugal spreader for commercial fertilizer

Baillot, F., 1976:
Experiments with Gerbera (trial II)

Baillot, F., 1976:
Experiments with Gerbera. Study of the behaviour of the Fredaisy variety in the Paris region

Lanz, W., 1977:
Experiments with Glyphosate in forestry

Krul, Jm, 1977:
Experiments with Haliscomenobacter hydrossis in continuous culture without and with Zoogloea ramigera

Engqvist, M., 1972:
Experiments with Hornmist preparation (Preparation 500)

Engqvist, M., 1973:
Experiments with Hornmist preparation Preparation 500) in Norway 1972

Cordner, H.B., 1943:
Experiments with Irish potatoes

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Je-Ma T 20 vertical grain conveyor

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Kvernelands grubbers

Stanova, A.G.her, S.J.nik, V., 1981:
Experiments with MCPA-cyanizine combination in cereals

Grosch, W., 1975:
Experiments with Malthas theory on the action of ascorbic acid as a flour corrective

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Orum Passat grain drier type AK 05

Fykse, H., 1986:
Experiments with Rumex species: growth and regeneration

Fykse, H., 1987:
Experiments with Rumex species: translocation of assimilates and MCPA related to carbohydrate content of the roots and herbicide effect

Hakansson, S.W.llgren, B., 1972:
Experiments with Sonchus arvensis L. III. The development from reproductive roots cut into different lengths and planted at different depths, with and without competition from barley

Jaynes, H.A., 1981:
Experiments with Trichogramma minutum Riley as a control of the sugarcane borer in Louisiana

Svoboda, L.; Mor, M.M.tzenbacher, R., 1977:
Experiments with Triticale in 1976 at the Fecotrigo Research Center

Anonymous, 1970:
Experiments with Tume row fertilizer and row seed planter

Schmutzenhofer, H., 1971:
Experiments with Ultra Low Volume method in forest insect pest control

Buss, Ah, 1973:
Experiments with Zeranol in intensive fattening of young bulls

Wilkins, E.P.nder, K., 1979:
Experiments with a model solar pond

Kruyt, W.S.een, E.-Avan-Der, 1969:
Experiments with a new anthe

Rehm, W.; Zerobin, K.C.risteller, S.K.novits, G.W.iser, H., 1971:
Experiments with a new diagnostic method on vitamin B1 deficiency in cattle

Wilkins, E.P.nder, K., 1980:
Experiments with a non-convective model of a solar pond

Schmidt, Werner, 1977:
Experiments with a prostaglandin analogue for cycle synchronization in cattle under hormone analytical and clinical control

Jeno, B., 1980:
Experiments with a swine fever virus adapted to rabbits

Moller, E.M.dsen, B., 1971:
Experiments with addition of liquid molasses in the ensiling of unwilted and prewilted pasture crops

Scheibe, J.K.nert, G., 1973:
Experiments with additional light treatment of young carnation plants

Moser, C.; Ryan, T., 1980:
Experiments with alcohol

Bran, L., 1980 :
Experiments with an apathogenic strain of lapinized hog cholera virus

Cottyn, B.; Boucque, V., 1972:
Experiments with an automatic feeder for rearing calves

Rose, Hv, 1972:
Experiments with an integrated fight against disease in apple cultivation in southern Germany

Lambardt, A., 1975:
Experiments with analgesia by acupuncture with cats

Granges, A., 1989:
Experiments with and practical development of two new vegetables in Switzerland: pak-choi (Brassica chinensis L.) and hymenia (Brassica pekinensis Lour. Rupr.)

Kasabov, R., 1970:
Experiments with and prevention

Faires, E.W., 1981:
Experiments with annual crops and permanent pastures to provide grazing for dairy cows in the sandhill region of the Southeast

Wangsness, Pj, 1978:
Experiments with appetite look for efficient feeding

Dosba, F.L.nsac, M.D.croquet, J., 1986:
Experiments with apple proliferation and detection using in vitro culture

Bogdan, I.P.esa, G.P.pescu,, S., 1974:
Experiments with application of Farmaferr SPOFA preparation in piglets

Stapel, A.; Bagger,, J., 1970:
Experiments with application of boron fertilizer to red clover. effect on seed yield, nectar production, length of corolla tube, and visits by pollinating bees

Plocher, T., 1995:
Experiments with aronia berries

Kupferschmied, H., 1973:
Experiments with artificial insemination in Switzerland

Nordestgaard, A., 1977:
Experiments with autumn and spring application of increasing amounts of nitrogen fertilizer to perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) for seed growing

Nordestgaard, A., 1974:
Experiments with autumn and spring application of increasing amounts of nitrogeneous fertilizer to meadow fescue (Festu ca pratensis L.) for seed growing

Nordestgard, A.L.rsen, A., 1971:
Experiments with autumn and spring application of increasing amounts of nitrogeneous fertilizer to red fescue (Festuca rubra L.) for seed growing

Vescu, Dp, 1973:
Experiments with bacterial preparations in the control of Drymonia ruficornis Hufn

Haisch, A.F.rster, S., 1969:
Experiments with bait traps to catch the cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.)

Winther, P., 1971:
Experiments with barn drying of baled hay

Maxwell, J.; Gran, G.W.ters, G., 1984:
Experiments with blowline blending for MDF

Bal, Jjm, 1993:
Experiments with blueberries in the Netherlands

Pornpatimakorn, Somnuk, 1985:
Experiments with bottom vertical longline in the central Gulf of Thailand

Kornher, A., 1975:
Experiments with break-crops in rotations dominated by cereals

Bengtsson, A.B.ngefors, S., 1975:
Experiments with broadbeans. The influence of sowing time, spacing, and seeding rate

Pedersen, S., 1971:
Experiments with broilers. 1971

Ostergaard, V., 1971:
Experiments with cattle for the year 1970-1971

Bukowski, Andreas, 1982:
Experiments with cattle suffering from ovarial dystrophy using PRIDR-spiral (AbbovestrolR)

Kremers, Gj, 1977:
Experiments with cattle waste

Szlachta, J., 1981:
Experiments with certain types of milking machines as regards their futility in our country

Walchli, O., 1971:
Experiments with changed methods to prove the effective control of Hylotrupes bajulus larvae by wood preservatives

Lukomski, S., 1975:
Experiments with chemical control of Lophodermium needle cast

Soe, J.H.nsen, K., 1973:
Experiments with chemical control of chocolate spot and leaf and pod spot of broadbeans

Svenson, G., 1976:
Experiments with chemical control of the frit fly (Oscinella frit) in 1971 and 1972

Fajkowska, H., 1970:
Experiments with chemical control of weeds in carrot and parsley

Khamann, V., 1970:
Experiments with chemical control of weeds in sugar beet stands

Anitia, N.B.tuc, I.N.colae, V., 1972:
Experiments with chemical fertilizers on tobacco crops

Gimesi, A., 1968:
Experiments with chemical herbicides in hoe-cultivated alfalfa stands

Luhl, R., 1974:
Experiments with chemical stressors in the biological contro l of forest-damaging caterpillars with insect-pathogenic po lyhedrosis viruses

Cobinachi, D., 1971:
Experiments with chemical thinning of peaches

Adams, Albert, W., 1971:
Experiments with chick embryos

Muller, W., 1972:
Experiments with cider fruit culture 1969-1984

Anonymous, 1974:
Experiments with cleaning and disinfection methods

Honne, Bjorn-Ivar, 1979:
Experiments with clones of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Badstue, P.; Morch, J.S.lsing, P., 1971:
Experiments with coccidiosis

Gadstue, P.; Morch, H.S.lsing, P., 1971:
Experiments with coccidiostatics

Nucifora, A.C.labretta-Nucifora, C., 1978:
Experiments with codlemone traps in control of Carpocapsa pomonella L. in an apple orchard of Etna

Fischer, W.M.ermann, A., 1982:
Experiments with cold light endoscopy in cattle (with dispositives)

Kanyo, B., 1978:
Experiments with complement fixation in a case of foot and mouth disease in man

Lobanov, G., 1974:
Experiments with complex mechanization of brigades

Stern, R., 1972:
Experiments with conifer seeds on Subalpine sites

Ciz, K.C.jkova, V., 1973:
Experiments with continuous softening of thin juice

Self, F.W., 1951:
Experiments with cotton varieties in Louisiana, 1947-1950

Jenkins, J.Mitchell, 1944:
Experiments with cotton, corn, sorghum and soybeans at the Rice Experiment Station, Crowley, Louisiana

Vitkov, M.P.nev, T.P.tkov, M., 1973:
Experiments with crops pprecedin

Prado, E., 1980:
Experiments with culture methods for the insect-pathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana, Metarrhizium anisopliae and Metarrhizium flavoviride

Suastegui, J.-Manuel-Mazon; Quevedo, M.A.aceli-Aviles, 1978:
Experiments with cultures of photosynthesizing flagellates

Hall, Thomas, D., 1948:
Experiments with cynodon dactylon and other species at the South African Turf Research Station

Campbell, A.; Sparks, T., 1976:
Experiments with dapple apple virus

Sickert, E., 1977:
Experiments with deep secondary sedimentation tanks in Hamburg

Kovats, J.M.gyar, K., 1969:
Experiments with different Prola

Jacobsen, E.S.jenneberg, S., 1979:
Experiments with different diets for reindeer. Feeding value of reindeer feed (RF-71)

Jakab, J., 1979:
Experiments with different insecticides and formulations against the cutworm Scotia segetum in tobacco

Horvath, Z.K.udsen, A., 1974:
Experiments with different milk cooling tanks

Rasmussen, E., 1974:
Experiments with different nitrogenous fertilizers applied to tulips, 1966-1971

Kornher, A., 1975:
Experiments with different preceding crops for barley, potatoes, and fodder rape

Nuesch, B., 1973:
Experiments with different seed quantities of diploid and tetraploid red clover

Vabeno, A.; Bo, S., 1980:
Experiments with different types of spring pasture and indoor feeding for lamb ewes

Lenvik, D.F.ellheim, P., 1977:
Experiments with digestion of lichen and urea in reindeer

Vlug, J.F.anken, A., 1974:
Experiments with direct drilling of white cabbage in 1971 and 1972

Garzoli, K.; Blackwell, J., 1970:
Experiments with drip irrigation

Anonymous, 1978:
Experiments with drought resistant plants for pastures in arid areas of Australia

Sorensen, B., 1989:
Experiments with energy storage in a high-altitude greenhouse

Bergfeld, J., 1969:
Experiments with estrus synchronization of young sows with chlormadinone acetate (CAP)

Puspok, J., 1979 :
Experiments with ethylene and gaseous treatment of spice paprika

Chadarevian, Soraya-De, 1991:
Experiments with evolution

Zueva, A.; Fetisov, N.; Fetisova, G.; Delikatnaia, M.; Borisova, T., 1973:
Experiments with families of Holstein-Friesian cattle

Kofoed, A.; Nemming, O., 1969:
Experiments with farmyard man

Lehmann, J., 1969:
Experiments with feed sorghum and Sudangrass

La-Cour, A., 1971:
Experiments with feeding Danish grain to laying hens

Fogliata, Fa, 1978:
Experiments with fertilization of sugarcane. 1. Planted sugarcane

Anonymous, 1979:
Experiments with fertilization of sugarcane. 2. Ratoon cane

Plishko, A.; Tkachenko, D.; Vasilenko, M., 1979:
Experiments with fertilizers within the system of State Agrochemical Service

Nikolov, E.P.tkova, M., 1974:
Experiments with field beans on

Fischer-Colbrie, P., 1976:
Experiments with field cages on the effect of climatic factors on the codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.)

Reforgiato-Recupero, G.R.sso, F.P.glisi, A., 1983:
Experiments with five rootstocks of Washington Navel orange (Citrus sinensis) (L.) Osbeck)

Fiala, F., 1976:
Experiments with forage beets in 1975

Julen, G., 1977:
Experiments with forage crops at Tagel, 1948-1974

Getty, R.E., 1981:
Experiments with forage crops at the Fort Hays Branch Station, Hays Kans., 1913-1928

Avall, H., 1971:
Experiments with forced cucumber in greenhouse of glass and polyester

Liss, Bernd-Markus, 1988:
Experiments with forest pastures

Safarov, I.; Suleimanov, S., 1972:
Experiments with forest stands in regeneration of disturbed alpine-protective forests in Azerbaijan

Angel, S.P.eaud, J., 1974:
Experiments with freezing of melon cubes in Israel

Beratlief, C.H.stiu, I.T.liuca, R.P.rca, E., 1973:
Experiments with fumigant formulations based on malathion for controlling the pests of stored products

Dujickova, H., 1974:
Experiments with fungicides against Botrytis (grey mould) of strawberries

Dujickova, H., 1974 :
Experiments with fungicides against Botrytis of lettuce

Hansen, Ke, 1977:
Experiments with fungicides and insecticides for agricultural crops, 1976

Noddegaard, E.H.nsen, K., 1973:
Experiments with fungicides and insecticides in agricultural and special crops, 1972

Luz, Nk, 1976:
Experiments with fungicides for the control of Septoria diseases and leaf rust of wheat

Silhavy, T.-J.B.rman, M.-L.E.quist, L.W., 1984:
Experiments with gene fusions

Calancea, L.L.jerdean,, V., 1983:
Experiments with glauconite and potassium ore

Antonelli, C.F.rmigoni, A., 1976:
Experiments with granular triallate in the control of wild ots infesting winter wheat

Jetne, M., 1978:
Experiments with grass species and fertilizing in eastern Norway

Gronnerod, B., 1970:
Experiments with grass species in mixture with red clover or lucerne at three levels of nitrogen and three times of cutting

Jetne, M., 1970:
Experiments with grass species, amounts of fertilizer and different cutting times

Schjelderup, I., 1970:
Experiments with grass species, fertilizer amounts and time of ley cutting in Troms and Finnmark

Skaare, S.T.rpen, H., 1972:
Experiments with grass species, seed mixtures and rising nitrogen manuring to meadow--pastures

Romshe, F.A., 1942:
Experiments with greenhouse tomatoes

Baillot, F., 1976:
Experiments with growth regulators on Hortensia

Hilgeman, Rh, 1975:
Experiments with guayule in Arizona

Calame, F., 1978:
Experiments with hail suppresion in Switzerland Grossversuch IV

Chevalier, D.D.faye, S., 1983:
Experiments with heating wood chips in Marchesieux (Manche)

Kampe, W., 1971:
Experiments with herbicides especially amides, on seed onions and various cabbage species

Santos, C.-Dos; Souza, D.-De, 1971:
Experiments with herbicides in rice culture

Otto, G., 1969:
Experiments with high-frequency heating

Schaper, F., 1978:
Experiments with honeybee drinking places

Nygaard, A.A.lstad,, A.K.aggerud, H.S.andal, N., 1970:
Experiments with housing for dry sows

Byford, W.; Payne, P., 1983:
Experiments with hymexazol treatment of sugar-beet seed and observations on sugar-beet plants infected at the seedling stage by Aphanomyces cochlioides

Hejzlar, M., 1981:
Experiments with improved technique for the isolation of Brucella strains

Owen, Cr, 1979:
Experiments with improvement of yield and fertility of Dallisgrass seed in Louisiana

Gudnadóttir, M., 1994:
Experiments with inactivated visna-maedi vaccine

Ciez, J., 1974:
Experiments with increased spacing in other countries

Newcomer, E.J., 1981:
Experiments with insecticides for codling-moth control

Hansen, T.S.hadegg, E., 1977:
Experiments with insecticides, acaricides and fungicides for fruit crops, gardening and glasshouse crops, 1976

Hansen, T.S.hadegg, E., 1980:
Experiments with insecticides, acaricides and fungicides in fruit and garden crops, 1978

Hansen, T.S.hadegg, E., 1976:
Experiments with insecticides, acaricides, and fungicides in fruit crops and gardening, 1975

Hansen, T.S.hadegg, E., 1976:
Experiments with insecticides, acaricides, fungicides and bactericides in fruit crops, 1973-74

Teschner, Dietrich, 1979:
Experiments with insects

Freolich, Dieter, 1973:
Experiments with intramedullary osteosynthesis of the metacarpal of the horse

Langeleuddeke, Peter, 1961:
Experiments with iron chelates toward the control lime-induced chlorosis in fruit trees and vines

Delchev, L., 1969:
Experiments with irrigated farmi

Gonzalez-Ponce, R.R.driguez-Senas, J., 1983:
Experiments with isoproturon for the control of weeds in winter cereal crops Phalaris, Lolium, Avena sterilis, Papaver rhoeas

Muller, Hj, 1970:
Experiments with late additional fertilization and irrigation in the Pannonic sugar-beet region of Austria

Haddon, C.B., 1953:
Experiments with legumes at the Northeast Louisiana Experiment Station

Ratz, Richard, 1986:
Experiments with light induced asymmetric electron transfer

Reiten, J., 1976:
Experiments with light regulation in mink

Bjerkestrand, E., 1969:
Experiments with liming and fertilizing to sphagnum peat for container growing of trees and shrubs

Cizej, D., 1969 :
Experiments with liquid manure

Vyncke, W., 1975:
Experiments with lobsters kept in reduced oxygen atmosphere

Todorov, G., 1973:
Experiments with low radiation d

Bitran, E.; Oliveria, D., 1977:
Experiments with malathion in the phytosanitary treatment of stored coffee in high relative humidity conditions

Peyer, E.S.hneider, R.P.rret, P., 1970:
Experiments with mash warming of blue Burgundy grapes in 1969

Jetne, M.B., S.G.onnerod, B.M.sland, A.S.hjelderup, I.S.aare, S., 1970:
Experiments with meadow and pasture species, fertilizer treatments and different cutting times

Augustinussen, E., 1970:
Experiments with methods for reduction of the thinning work in the beet-field

Kretschmer, M.Z.ngerle, K., 1976:
Experiments with methods of cucumber culture under glass. III. application of liquid fertilizer to a peat culture on films

Thaler, S., 1976:
Experiments with milk subjected to centrifugal removal of bacteria during the manufacture of hard cheese

Teuteberg, W., 1971:
Experiments with minimum tillage in Schleswig-Holstein

Ritter,, H., 1986:
Experiments with mite resistance to varroacidal substances in the laboratory

Iazmuradov, Uia, 1971:
Experiments with mixed plantations of forage plants in Southern Turkmenia

Fluckiger, G., 1978:
Experiments with modern immunization methods against erysipelas and hog cholera in Switzerland

Juhasz, M.D.bray, M., E., 1977:
Experiments with mushroom storage in atmosphere with increased CO2 content

Vik, J., 1972:
Experiments with muskmelons (Cucumis melo) raised by the string-method. I. Studies in the sugar melon variety Ogen

Vik, J., 1972:
Experiments with muskmelons (Cucumis melo) raised by the string-method. III. Grafting experiments

Vik, J., 1972:
Experiments with muskmelons (cucumis melo) raised by the string-method. II. Cultivation experiments and varieties

Bergmann, F., 1973:
Experiments with new feed distribution machines

Ruttner, F., 1980:
Experiments with new methods for treatment of Varroa infestation

Magyar, K.M.kara, G.; Sztankayne-Gulyas, M., 1970:
Experiments with new organophosphorus compounds against the house fly

Zehr, Ei, 1982:
Experiments with new peach fungicides in 1981 Peach (Prunus persica Redhaven), brown rot; Monilinia fructicola, scab; Cladosporium carpophilum

Cuocolo, L., 1972:
Experiments with nitrogen fertilization of durum wheat varieties carried out on the Sele Plain

Skinner, J.J., 1981:
Experiments with nitrogen fertilizers on cotton soils

Stabbetorp, H., 1973:
Experiments with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lime on oil plants

Muller, M., 1974:
Experiments with oak in Reuss Valey in lower Aargau

Pietsch, H.; Kasprick, D., 1970:
Experiments with objective quality evaluation of brandies through the use of gas chromatography

Majerciak, P.S.idt, D.S.hidi, R.H.rms, E., 1969:
Experiments with obtaining egg cells from prepubertal gilts after applying combinations of hormones

Snapp, Oliver, I., 1981:
Experiments with oils and lime-sulfur for the control of the San Jose scale on peach trees in the South

Nastenko, M.; Koshovyi, E.; Omel'-Chenko, O., 1971:
Experiments with oscillatory conveyor for distribution of fodder to poultry

Torda, M.B.anicka, J., 1970:
Experiments with overcoming the coccidiosis in grubbing poultry by ITK--DERIVATIVES

Pedersen, P., 1975:
Experiments with parent animals and slaughter chickens, 1974-1975

Fedorov, Ak, 1979:
Experiments with perennial grasses in Czechoslovakia

Huiskes, J.; Minkema, D.K.ppejan, P., 1971:
Experiments with performance tests for young sows

Hahn, S.S.enmark, A., 1976:
Experiments with permethrin to control glasshouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westw.)

Hansen, T.S.hadegg, E., 1973:
Experiments with pesticides for fruit crops, 1972

Stenmark, A., 1977:
Experiments with pheromone compounds for some moth species in Swedish fruit orchards

Bar, D.K.hat, M., 1975:
Experiments with pheromone tr

Jessen, T.M.lle, K., 1970:
Experiments with phosphorus and potassium on low areas 1956--59 and 1960--68

Thomke, S.H.llberg, A., 1970:
Experiments with pigs and broilers fed on grains deteriorated under controlled conditions

Weber, H.K.wald, R., 1970:
Experiments with plastic sleeves for clay drain pipes

Sturm, 1970:
Experiments with plastic soil

Hansen, Se, 1973:
Experiments with plating distances, tuber sizes and gibberellic acid treatments in potatoes

Alfjorden, G., 1974:
Experiments with pollination of Scots pine and Norway spruce

Walujono, K.S.seno, P., 1973:
Experiments with polyacrylamide electrophoresis for Hevea clons identification

Tubertini, R., 1971:
Experiments with potatoes during 1969

Dik, Ej, 1975:
Experiments with pre-commercial thinnings in young larch stands

Haraszti, J.P.thes, G.; Solti, L., 1977:
Experiments with prostin F2alpha (prostaglandin) in cows

Bako, L., 1977:
Experiments with protection against Grapholita sinana Feld. in the years 1973-1975

Tsenin, A.; Karamyan, N.; Rybchin, V.; Potokin, I., 1983:
Experiments with protoplasts of Bacillus thuringiensis. II. The possibility of interspecies fusion of bacterial protoplasts: Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus megaterium

Tsenin, A.; Nesterenko, A.; Rybchin, V.; Potokin, I.; Pisarevskii, Y., 1983:
Experiments with protoplasts of Bacillus thuringinesis. I. Formation of protoplasts and their reversion to the bacillary form

Lhoste, J.P.stre, P.R.a, L., 1978:
Experiments with pyrazophos to control potato mildew, Podospaera leucotricha (Ell. and Ev.) Salm

Lien, S., 1975:
Experiments with raising pheasants (Phasianus colchicus)

Kundert, J., 1969:
Experiments with red fire disease control, 1968

Kortleven, J., 1970:
Experiments with refuse compost. iI

Rozsnyay, J., 1978:
Experiments with rejuvenation of crowns on apricot trees

Becker, F., 1976:
Experiments with rennet substitutes

Giege, B.S.enmark, A., 1975:
Experiments with repellents against hare and vole , winter 1972--1973

Ness, A., 1973:
Experiments with ripening and berry size of raspberries

Brander, Pe, 1973:
Experiments with rose buds

Anonymous, 1947:
Experiments with rotation and fertilizing on an experimental farm in Foggia

Kofer, H., 1977:
Experiments with royal jelly

Hanneck, Egon, 1952:
Experiments with salt and acrylic acid on dilute Bull semen

Janovec, J., 1975:
Experiments with scientific control of plant feeding on a Tachov branch farm

Hsuperscript-2ie, Johs, 1961:
Experiments with seaweed meal as supplements to rations for chicks and laying hens

Hansen, Ke, 1975:
Experiments with seed dressing of cereals. Comparison of mercury and non-mercury compounds

Nordestgaard, A., 1978:
Experiments with seed growing using alfalfa cultivars, 1974-1976

Skaare, S., 1970:
Experiments with seed mixtures for leys

Aase, K.B.rg, T., 1979:
Experiments with seed mixtures for pastures in western Norway

Vestad, R., 1972:
Experiments with seed mixtures of alfalfa, red clover, timothy, orchardgrass and bromegrass in south eastern Norway

Bjerkestrand, E., 1970:
Experiments with seed propagation of Picea abies and Betula verrucosa in sphagnum peat

Hansen, Ke, 1982:
Experiments with seed treatment of cereals. III. Laboratory and greenhouse experiments Fungicides.1

Kroodsma, W.P.elma, H., 1977:
Experiments with separate removal and storage of manure on different types and amounts of straw litter

Kunze, L., 1983:
Experiments with shirofugen stunt virus, a latent virus of sour cherry Prunus serrulata

Pedersen, E.; Witt, N., 1974:
Experiments with silage preparation from wilted clover

Petkov, M.M.rcheva, D., 1979:
Experiments with silkworms on st

Demian, Tf, 1976:
Experiments with simple tillage tools, expecially trenchless drainage machines

Hakansson, I., 1979:
Experiments with soil compaction at high axle loads. Soil investigations 1-2 years after experimental compaction

Davis, Eb, 1977:
Experiments with soil conditioners

Hansen, L., 1969:
Experiments with soil structu

Penny, A;;, 1983:
Experiments with solid and liquid Nnitrogen-fertilizers and fungicides on winter wheat at Saxmundham, Suffolk, 1976-9 England, yields

Cross, D.; Hopkins, D.; D'-Aquin, E.; Gastrock, E., 1972:
Experiments with solvent extraction of glandless and glanded cottonseed

Cross, D.; Hopkins, D.; D'-Aquin, E.; Gastrock, E., 1970:
Experiments with solvent extraction of glandless cottonseed and glanded cottonseed

Kampen, J.V.n; Wiebosch, W., 1969:
Experiments with some growth regulators for the seed production from onion (Allium cepa L.)

Mine, H.T.gawa, M.W.kao, K.M.tsui, H.S.emoto, M.K.rokawa, K., 1973:
Experiments with some types of

Tranmael, T., 1973:
Experiments with sown turnips. sown rutabagas, and planted urtabagas, 1969

Hayes, N., 1974:
Experiments with soya protein

Madariaga, L., 1968:
Experiments with soybeans (Glycine max (L.) Merril) in the south central region of Chile, during the period 1964

Christoffersen, A., 1969:
Experiments with spacing, topping and harvesting time in brussels sprouts

Jetne, M., 1980:
Experiments with species, varieties, and fertilizing for leys in eastern Norway

Davis, L.; Furr, R., 1968:
Experiments with spray volumes and miticides for control of spider mites on cotton

Mennessier, P., 1972:
Experiments with spring wheat, French and overseas varieties

Bleymuller, H., 1978:
Experiments with spruce grafts for the induction of flowering by growth regulators

Cirio, U.C.pparella, M., 1976:
Experiments with sterile insects for the control of Ceratitis capitata Wied

Nordestgaard, A., 1970 :
Experiments with strains of oily flax 1965 to 1968

Cazamajour, F.B.ulogne, R., 1975:
Experiments with sucker control substances on topped Paraguay tobaccos

Bognar, J.M.roti, M., 1979:
Experiments with sugarbeet callus culture

Braunig, Juliane, 1979:
Experiments with sulfadimidin on isolated udder

Byford, Wj, 1981:
Experiments with sulphur and other fungicides to control sugarbeet powdery mildew in England 1977-80 Erysiphe betae

Pollhamer, E., 1980:
Experiments with summer barley from England

Frank, J., 1979:
Experiments with sunflower hybrids produced on a genetic and cytoplasmic male sterile basis

Hadders, G., 1976:
Experiments with supplemantal mass-pollination in seed orchards of Scots pine

Lange, W.S.hmutterer, H., 1982:
Experiments with synergists to improve the effect of the growth-disturbing properties of a methanolic extract of seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) Epilachna varivestis, Plutella xylostella.1

Wagner, F., 1972:
Experiments with systemic fungicides as treatment against dwarf bunt of wheat and against winter killing by snow mould of rye

Manninger, I., 1971:
Experiments with systemic fungicides to control head smut of corn

Betz, Jt, 1976:
Experiments with temperature on Chrysalidae

Kiss, Z., 1974:
Experiments with the Duphavac N. A. (Br. 45

Lange, R., 1979:
Experiments with the European pine shoot moth about the effect of sexualpheromon under different field conditions

Lange, R.W.issinger, M., 1972:
Experiments with the European pine shoot moth on the effect of sexual pheromones under different field conditions

Anonymous, 1980:
Experiments with the German Black Pied Dairy breed of cattle

Stanova, A.G.her, S.J.nik, V., 1981:
Experiments with the MCPA --cyanide combination in cereals

Kiss, As, 1972:
Experiments with the N fertilizer Agronit containing magnesium

Pfefferle, K.R.tter, W., 1982:
Experiments with the Ruck-Zuck nucleus hive for forming young colonies free of Varroa jacbosoni mites

Zaorska, H., 1976:
Experiments with the addition of air to juice during the main liming process

Sirel'-Puu, Le, 1971:
Experiments with the application of fertilizers in forests

Hulpoi,, I.T.anu, A., 1971:
Experiments with the application of fertilizers to irrigated field crops

Sagbakken, B., 1973:
Experiments with the artificial insemination of swine

Manninger, Rezso, 1980:
Experiments with the causative agent of Aujeszkys disease

Somermaa, K., 1973:
Experiments with the chemical control of Javesella pellucida (F.) (Hemiptera, Delphacidae) and observations of robber mites (Acarina, Prostigmata, and Gamasina)

Foltyn, J.B.bek, J., 1978:
Experiments with the chemical defoliation of winter wheat in the vegetative stage

Pellerdy, L., 1969:
Experiments with the chemoprophylaxis of intestinal coccidiosis of rabbits

Laska, P., 1984:
Experiments with the control of flea beetles (Phyllotreta spp.) and cabbage maggot (Delia radicum (L.)) in radish

Zeljko, Marko, 1981:
Experiments with the crystal violet vaccine against hog cholera ; background paper

Penev, P., 1971:
Experiments with the culture and

Vacheva, N.Z.khariev, D., 1972:
Experiments with the culture of

Clonaru, A.M.lea, I.R.duca, C., 1971:
Experiments with the culture of Populus and Salix on soils of excessive moisture reserved for the industrial exploitation of reeds in the Danube Delta

Todorov, F.S.oinev, K., 1970:
Experiments with the deepening of the arable layer of leached chernozem Grumusols

Matejka, J.G.ecenko, A., 1972:
Experiments with the directional drifting and slippage of the wheel on cultivated land

Kastori, R.C.ric, R., 1971:
Experiments with the effect of complex fertilizers with added trace elements on yields and quality of sugar beets

Votypka, J., 1971:
Experiments with the fructification of Lepista nuda (Bull. ex Fr.) Cooke in vitro

Szilagyi, A.L.mmer, M.-J.S.ecska, D., 1978:
Experiments with the herbicide Buvohil 5 G in the reforestation of Pinus sylvestris stands

Malyshev, Vf, 1971:
Experiments with the implementation of continuous mechanized irrigation

Biedermann, Axel, 1983:
Experiments with the intermediate reactions of unspecific attracting bodies and paramunity inducers in small lab animals

Serdiukov, Bv, 1970:
Experiments with the introduction of ornamental grasses from the flora of Caucasus in some botanical gardens of USSR

Mehra, U.; Dass, R.; Singh, U.; Verma, D.; Singh, B., 1986:
Experiments with the long term rumen simulation technique (RUSITEC). Effect of supplementation with molasses on fermentation of ammoniated and non-ammoniated wheat straw

Salageanu, N., 1971:
Experiments with the mass cultivation of Chlorococcum humicolum on polyethylene bands in greenhouses

Lenkowa, A., 1975:
Experiments with the new rules of tourist traffic in national parks

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