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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15782

Chapter 15782 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dinesh, C., 1974:
Export potential of cashewnut and coir products in India

Santhanakrishnan, G., 1984:
Export potential of dried anchovies to diversified markets

Sundaresh, I., 1982:
Export potential of essential oils in the context of world trade India

Singh, Ya, 1971:
Export potential of farm produce and related marketing problems

Santhanakrishnan, G., 1982:
Export potential of frog galls--a diversified product from an unutilised resource

Sundaresh, I., 1977:
Export potential of medicinal plants and their derivatives from India

Anonymous, 1978:
Export potential of selected medicinal plants and their derivatives

Gopalachar, Ars, 1974:
Export potential of silk industry

Weisleder, S.; Gonzaalez, G.; Cornick, J., 1990:
Export potential of small industrial enterprises of the greater metropolitan area

Bhattacharjee, Sk, 1977:
Export potentialities of orchids and their economics

Akande, G.R.; Ezenwa, B.N., 2007:
Export potentials in the artisanal fisheries sector of Nigeria: opportunities and constraints

Anonymous, 1997:
Export potentials of tropical agricultural products in Asia and the Pacific

Ch*-Degrees-*eng, Yeuan-Yeu, 1951:
Export practice for hog bristle

Wendt, Heinz, 1982:
Export preferences and continual development discussed using the example of tariff preferences in Lomae

Hirsch, Hg, 1973:
Export price rises far exceed record import price advances

Collins, Hc, 1974:
Export price rises moderated during first quarter of 1974

Collins, Hc, 1977:
Export prices increase moderately; import prices soar

Anonymous, 1993:
Export primer on Japans import regulations

Tewfik-Abdel-Fattah, Zm, 1974:
Export principles hold fast in face of zooming prices

Guss, Lm, 1985:
Export problems and opportunities with structural panels

Anonymous, 1999:
Export procedures: the need for progress

Glick, Peter, 2005:
Export processing zone expansion in Madagascar

Vittal, N., 1977:
Export processing zones in Asia

Pankiewicz, Z., 1974:
Export production of the dairy cooperatives

Kersten, Lutz, 1987:
Export production versus food production using the example of Brazilian soybean economy

Kemendy, T., 1984:
Export prognostics of the food economy for 1984

Anonymous, 1958:
Export program for dairy products

Pullan, W., 1991:
Export program: California International Agricultural Plan

Anonymous, 1999:
Export programs

Otero, M., 1987:
Export programs and trade issues panel prespectives from other grain exporting nations: the Argentine point of view

Wood, Gsr, 1987:
Export programs and trade issues: Australian perspective

Hastings, R., 1997:
Export programs are key to healthy U.S. economy

Anonymous, 1987:
Export programs boost sales of key commodities

Anonymous, 1997:
Export programs guide

Nielsen, St, 1977:
Export progress in spite of severe competition

Anonymous, 1990:
Export promotion

Anonymous, 1986:
Export promotion activities of district offices of Department of Commerces U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service

Thakurta, P.P., 1981:
Export promotion and export finance

Nichols, Jp, 1990:
Export promotion effectiveness for agricultural products

Hagemann, K., 1970:
Export promotion of German nutritional goods

Anonymous, 1974:
Export promotion of tropical fruits

Anonymous, 1992:
Export promotion services package

Khedr, Ha, 1984:
Export promotion vs. import substitution: impact of the trade strategy on economic development

Minnis, D., 1991:
Export prospects for Australian mangoes

Schwarz, E.M.ssmann, P., 1976:
Export prospects for Simmental cattle

Lawson, W.I.i; Gardner, R.; Tipton, R.; Wannamaker, W.; Lewis, P.; Rabinowitz, H., 1979:
Export prospects for U.S. cotton in four European markets

Anonymous, 1969:
Export prospects for Vietnam

Ahuja, Sp, 1978:
Export prospects for dehydrated foods

Santhanakrishnan, G., 1983:
Export prospects of semi-processed shark fins

Pritchard, Dl, 1978:
Export push boosts Italys wine shipments

Desai, Ds, 1990:
Export quotas go a-begging

Dhar, Ns, 1969:
Export regulation and promotional campaign have to be intensified

Takacs, J., 1975:
Export requirements for food products

Hossain, M.-A.K.runaratne, N.-Dias, 2002:
Export response to the reduction of anti-export bias

Murray, Tracy, 1990:
Export restraints and the developing countries

Krishna, Kala, 1990:
Export restraints with imperfect competition

Anonymous, 1998:
Export sales reporting regulations

Barth, Me, 1984:
Export serum samples--collection, processing, identification, packing and shipping

Abbott, L., 1987:
Export services help U.S. companies reach overseas markets

Tetro, R., 1988:
Export services: Your ticket to success

Mariani, G., 1971:
Export situation of vegetables and fruit in the province of Trento

Anonymous, 1970:
Export statistics 1969--Norway. (Forest products)

Godden, D., 1977:
Export statistics for some Australian dairy products

Srinivasan, Vk, 1970:
Export strategy for India. II. An approach to fundamentals

Nanjappa, M., 1974:
Export strategy for silk industry

Charbonneau, J., 1977:
Export strategy of French enterprises for beef production

Brander, James, A., 1984:
Export subsidies and international market share rivalry

Smolinski, P., 2007:
Export subsidies for sugar

Anonymous, 1982:
Export subsidies: are they worth the risks?

Anonymous, 1990:
Export summary

Diewert, W.Erwin, 1986:
Export supply and import demand functions

Scott, Samuel, W., 1996:
Export supply, import demand and trade policy

Talley, A., 1993:
Export technical requirements shouldnt get you down

Hirsch, De, 1976:
Export techniques of grain cooperatives

Anonymous, 1993:
Export to win

Siegel, O., 1975:
Export trade in meat and meat products within the OECD area

Zolotarev, V.I., 1964:
Export trade in socialist countries

Mitra, Sn, 1976:
Export trade of mango chutney

Siegel, O., 1974:
Export trade with canned fruits and vegetables of the Organ ization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Anonymous, 1977:
Export trade. Series 1: Comprehensive review of export trade. Export trade. Series 1: comprehensive review of export trade

Anonymous, 1977:
Export trade. Series 2: export trade according to commodities and countries. Special trade. Export trade. Series 2: export trade according to commodities and countries. Special trade

Anonymous, 1977:
Export trade. Series 3: export trade according to commodities and countries. Special trade. Export trade. Series 3: export trade according to commodities and countries. Special trade

Gordy, C., 1983:
Export trading companies: what they can do for U.S. agriculture

Kennedy, T., 1983:
Export trading company offers co-ops opportunities in international trade

Anonymous, 1963:
Export trends

Soos, L., 1975:
Export turn-over of foods in 1974, in the mirror of world market situation

Haslach, P., 1984:
Export update

Lian XiaoLu; Tian ZhiHong; Han LuJia; Wang MaoHua, 2007:
Export value of Chinas agricultural mechanical products

Anonymous, 1975:
Export value of farm products continue upward

Anonymous, 1981:
Export values slightly down, imports significantly up in 1980-81 fish trade

Marin, Maribel, 1989:
Export vegetable production in the Mexicali Valley

Mennem, G.; Page, R., 1981:
Export wheat inspections by classes and destination for 1971-72 thru 1978-79

Mangenot, B., 1974:
Export, at what price?

Anonymous, 1983:
Export, import and interstate movement of pigs Australia, swine

Anonymous, 1974:
Export, main support of the German domestic trend

Guest, D., 1977:
Export--EEC and third countries

Trick, Aw, 1971:
Export--import channels for smoother U.S.--Polish Trade

Borojevic, R., 1974:
Export--plans and possibilities

Anonymous, 1991:
Export-Import Bank

Anonymous, 1963:
Export-Import Bank act extension

Anonymous, 1945:
Export-Import Bank of Washington

Anonymous, 1997:
Export-Import Bank of the United States reauthorization

Anonymous, 1989:
Export-Import Bank report to Congress on tied aid credit practices

Mcnamara, K.; Seifarth, K., 1987:
Export-base employment multipliers for Georgia counties

Anonymous, 1952:
Export-catalogue fertilizers, salts

Anonymous, 1968:
Export-import bank loans

Kolpakov, B.T., 1952:
Export-import dictionary

Anonymous, 1985:
Export-oriented Australia has room for a few U.S. products

Deblois, En, 1970:
Export-payment assistance to U.S. agricultural exports declined sharply in fiscal year 1969

Lemon, Ie, 1972:
Export-payment assistance to U.S. agricultural exports, 1970

Anonymous, 1975:
Export-payment assistance to U.S. agricultural exports, 1973

Deblois, Eleanor, N., 1967:
Export-payment assistance to U.S. agricultural exports, fiscal year 1965-66

Walker, Cr, 1974:
Export: a view from down under

Mead, R., 1974:
Export: the outlook at Sunkist

Anonymous, 1992:
ExportSpeak: a guide to the language of international trade

Anonymous, 1947:
Exportable surplus of soybeans and perilla seeds, 1946-47

Anonymous, 1954:
Exportaciaon e importaciaon de productos alimenticios, 1952

Caceres, Luis-Rene, 2004:
Exportaciones, inversion y crecimiento economico en America Central

David, M., 1976:
Exportation and technique: theme of thought for engineers

Oliveira, Hp-De, 1970:
Exportation of Brazilian sugar

Gomez, Sergio, 1996:
Exportation of Chilean fruits, the case of the apple

Torres-Vila, Cary, 1996:
Exportation of Cuban sugar before the new reality of the Soviet markets

Anonymous, 1940:
Exportation of Douglas fir peeler logs

With, Ca, 1972:
Exportation of agricultural surplus of the United States to the Latin American Free Trade Association countries

Anonymous, 1974:
Exportation of beef to the European Economic Community

Mareiro, 1972:
Exportation of canned shellfish

Mareiro, P., 1972:
Exportation of canned tuna

Xabregas, J., 1973:
Exportation of fruits and horticultural products

Mccrudy, Dr, 1981:
Exportation of harwood logs

Duran, Rm, 1970:
Exportation of meat from Uruguay

Will, El, 1983:
Exportation of olive oil from Baetica to the eastern Mediterranean

Wang, R., 1973:
Exportation of sangaree is urgent to the defense of the mark

Anonymous, 1948:
Exportation of tobacco seed and plants

Anonymous, 1976:
Exportation pros and cons

Baade, Fritz, 1961:
Exportations et recettes invisibles en Turquie

Padonneix, M., 1947:
Exportations fran* eth *caises de sels de potasse, campagne 1946

Anonymous, 1974:
Exportations of cacao beans (in metric tons)

Manfre, Bl, 1974:
Exported technology: Key to world food development

Anonymous, 2001:
Exporter alert: regulation news you can use

Wilson, W., 1990:
Exporter competition and grain quality

Anonymous, 1961:
Exporter vers les pays zone franc de la cote occidentale dAfrique

Anonymous, 1988:
Exporters guide to federal resources for small business

Anonymous, 2002:
Exporters matrix

Lee, J., 1999:
Exporters winning strategy: think fast and stay cool

Young, D., 1993:
Exporters can find a small but growing market in Nicaragua

Curtis, R., 1988:
Exporters can succeed in Argentina by following tips

Berman, Dk, 1991:
Exporters exploring new markets should discover Portugal

Anonymous, 1985:
Exporters find challenges, rewards in Egyptian agricultural market

Anonymous, 1991:
Exporters have bright future in Japanese vending machine market

El-Masry, M., 1997:
Exporters keep an eye on Egypt

Anonymous, 1993:
Exporters of US rendered products

Dwyer, Mj, 1991:
Exporters of breakfast cereals see brighter morning in overseas markets

Anonymous, 1982:
Exporters research report M.B.T. for flower bulbs export according to the market season 1980

Anonymous, 1996:
Exporters seeking to unwrap Japanese cookie markets

Anonymous, 1992:
Exporters shouldnt look a gift pack horse in the mouth

Dries, M., 1995:
Exporters take note: Japanese buyers tend to judge a product by its package

Calvin, L.C.ok, R., 1997:
Exporters target U.S. asparagus market

Lanning, Ec, 1971:
Exporters to the world, Britains agricultural engineers

Karmen, B., 1983:
Exporters use diverse strategies for marketing wheat Australia, Argentina, Canada, France, USA

House, M., 1993:
Exporters with sense of adventure find openings in Nigeria

Anonymous, 1980:
Exporters encyclopaedia

Holbert, A., 1983:
Exporters, processors use basis to protect price

Wells, L.F.rgo; Dulat, K., B., 1989:

Ikerd, J., 2004:
Exporting American agriculture: why economists do not care

Kaine-Jones, Geoff, 1988:
Exporting Australian wool

Harvey, J.; Stewart, J.; Harris, C., 1980:
Exporting California iceberg lettuce

Harvey, Jm, 1977:
Exporting California iceberg lettuce to European and Far Eastern markets

Simpson,. Jr.;, 1980:
Exporting Florida beef breeding cattle; potential, prospects, problems

Pugel, Ad, 1991:
Exporting Illinois forest products

Carroll, Ma, 1971:
Exporting Irish vacuum packaged beef

Elsden, Rp, 1986:
Exporting North American beef genetics

Van-De-Werken, D.; Nixon, D.; Gibson, D., 1998:
Exporting Texas grapefruit to Southeast Asia

Anonymous, 1997:
Exporting U.S. aquaculture products

Glade, E.Jr, 1977:
Exporting U.S. cotton: trends in marketing costs to foreign outlets

Callan, B.; Costigan, S.-S.K.ller, K., H., 1997:
Exporting U.S. high tech

Dietrich, R.-A.S.alley, H.R.nald, 1999:
Exporting U.S. red meat and poultry products to Mexico in a free trade environment

Carlson, J., 1976:
Exporting a bigger share in 1985

Holzman, D., 1999:
Exporting agbiotech to Europe remains key bioindustry concern

Bernard, A.-B.J.nsen, J.B.adford, 1999:
Exporting and productivity

Hu, Bks, 1982:
Exporting bananas overseas from Hawaii, includes quarantine regulations and a list of fumigation facilities

Callow, A.; Lewis, K.; Whittaker, W., 1979:
Exporting breeding cattle

Tyrchniewicz, Allen, J., 1991:
Exporting compacted hay from Manitoba

Deverick, B., 1986:
Exporting cooperative know-how

Terhaar, Aa, 1997:
Exporting cotton in an uncertain market

Amos, J., 1975:
Exporting cut flowers

Garcia-Johnson, Ronie, 2000:
Exporting environmentalism

Wong, E.R.tledge, J., 1997:
Exporting fresh fruit to China: risky but profitable

Mahoney, Dm, 1987:
Exporting from Australia: a macroeconomic perspective

Anonymous, 1972:
Exporting fruit to Sweden

Schumann, Dr, 1982:
Exporting hardwood forest products USA

Chang, Sun-Joseph, 1991:
Exporting hardwood products to Japan

Jaffee, S.; Gordon, P., 1993:
Exporting high-value food commodities

Handy, C.; Epps, W., 1990:
Exporting in a global market

Battle, A., 1979:
Exporting in the 80s

Schaffer, G., 1976:
Exporting is not for the lone operator

Hale, Pw, 1980:
Exporting large grapefruit in honeycomb cell-pack boxes

Mcdonald, Aw, 1972:
Exporting live sheep overseas for meat purposes

Martin, R.; Clark, W.; Lin, T.; Caporaso, F., 1993:
Exporting made easy

Anonymous, 1984:
Exporting meat and poultry to the United States: a guide to country eligibility

Matson, Jd, 1983:
Exporting oak

Manzano, Ja, 1971:
Exporting of fruits as a permanent activity

Popper, T., 2007:
Exporting pets - OVMA 2007

Kirmse, R.; Dickie, A.A.tz, N.; Anderson, V., 1986:
Exporting range extension

Mcwhannell, Id, 1969:
Exporting small fruit

Conway, C.; Deaton, B.-J.L.ngdana, F., 1986:
Exporting southern agricultural technology

Gonzalez, O., 2002:
Exporting to Barbados? heres what you need to know

Fonseca, Fb-Da, 2002:
Exporting to Brazil? Try high-value products

Anonymous, 1992:
Exporting to Canada

Gardner, G.; Parker, J., 1986:
Exporting to Egypt

Anonymous, 1964:
Exporting to Japan

Molstad, Wp, 1995:
Exporting to South China: Whats your best marketing approach?

Anonymous, 1990:
Exporting to industrial countries

Anonymous, 1959:
Exporting to the United States

Sharma, Gopal-Dutt, 1976:
Exporting to worlds richest gulf countries

Anonymous, 1991:
Exporting value-added products is business venture and learning experience for two Missouri women

Tume, Lynelle, 1999:
Exporting venison to Israel

Anderson, T.; Landry, C., 2001:
Exporting water to the world

Spatz, Karen, J., 1990:
Exporting, an avenue for dairy cooperatives

Krawczyk, L., 1984:
Exporting--a pro tells how to do it right

Marchant, B.S.ucker, B., 1982:
Exporting--the Hawaiian nursery industrys hope for the future?

Akkuratov, V., 1976:
Exportles: 50 years

Liang, K.L.ang, C., 1976:

Suarez, N., 1990:
Exports & the 1990 farm bill

Mallick, Rajiv, 1995:
Exports and economic growth

Sprout, R.; Weaver, J., 1993:
Exports and economic growth in simultaneous equations model

Fosu, Ak, 1990:
Exports and economic growth: the African case

Zinn, Ja, 1983:
Exports and energy: new factors in U.S. agricultural land policy

Stryker, Jd, 1974:
Exports and growth in the Ivory Coast: timber, cocoa, and coffee

Dodaro, S., 1993:
Exports and growth: a reconsideration of causality

Anderson, R.Jr, 1974:
Exports and imports as related to our current food supplies

Anonymous, 1978:
Exports and imports of U.S. oilseeds slip during December

Anonymous, 1978:
Exports and imports of oilseeds climbed during November

Anonymous, 1950:
Exports and imports of sawn and planed softwoods, approximate statistics

Herander, M.; Saavedra, L., 2005:
Exports and the structure of immigrant-based networks: the role of geographic proximity

Mack, E.K.tchen, J., 1990:
Exports are the key

Goode, C., 1985:
Exports are weak, but imports theyre booming

Sheehey, Ej, 1993:
Exports as a factor of production: a consistency test

Anonymous, 1976:
Exports assume larger role in farm sector during fiscal 1976

Hasan, N., 1982:
Exports attain new heights

Lerch, D., 1972:
Exports begin at home

Bertelsen, D., 1995:
Exports boost prospects for fresh sweet cherries

Kennedy, T.; Bunker, A., 1987:
Exports by 87 ag cooperatives exceed $3.39 billion in 1985

Anonymous, 1971:
Exports by airplanes

Anonymous, 1962:
Exports by commodities

Anonymous, 1972:
Exports by countries

Anonymous, 1995:
Exports by exporting members

Cemal, T., 1973:
Exports by the Turkish state monopoly in the record year 1972

Wilcox, Rw, 1978:
Exports expand the market for Washington alfalfa hay

Beilock, R.C.mer, D.H.beck, M., 1982:
Exports from Florida and U.S. ports of selected fresh vegetables

Almeida, Ml-De, 1977:
Exports from Rio Grande do Sul

Muhammad, S.S.ngh, S.E.anem, E.T.gegne, F.A.uley-Amenyenu, A., 2001:
Exports from developing countries and food safety concerns

Metrinko, M., 1978:
Exports fuel growth of Central Americas beef production

Johnson, R., 1982:
Exports have positive role in soil conservation

Macdonald, S., 1989:
Exports higher in fiscal 1989, slipping in 1990

Fischer, Jl, 1976:
Exports imports--where are we headed?

Anonymous, 1981:
Exports increase while imports decrease for January through August 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Exports increase while imports decrease slightly for January through July 1981

Beall, T., 1990:
Exports keep the beef market healthy

Maeder, M., 1984:
Exports may hit an all-time high

Anonymous, 1940:
Exports of 20 leading commodities from Latin American republics by countries of origin and destination

Anonymous, 1949:
Exports of Canadian farm products, war and post-war developments

Anonymous, 1979:
Exports of Chilean fresh fruit

Anonymous, 1970:
Exports of Italian vegetables and fruit and transportation means

Anonymous, 1973:
Exports of Italian wines

Schmitz, A.F.rch, R.; Hillman, J., 1980:
Exports of Mexican winter vegetables to the United States: a case study of agricultural dumping

Ogren, Ke, 1973:
Exports of U. S. capital and technology and international political conflicts

Orozco, E., 1995:
Exports of U.S. bovine hides and skins increasing amid dramatic changes

Anonymous, 1974:
Exports of U.S. breeding animals may set new records in 1974

Anonymous, 1976:
Exports of U.S. breeding swine down slightly in calendar 1975

Havas, N., 1984:
Exports of U.S. cattle hides heading upward

Warden, Ta, 1976:
Exports of U.S. farm products adjusted for transshipments, 1975

Anonymous, 1977:
Exports of U.S. oilseeds and products continue decline, palm and coconut oil imports up marginally

Anonymous, 1976:
Exports of U.S. oilseeds and products continue to increase--palm oil imports decline

Anonymous, 1977:
Exports of U.S. oilseeds and products decline, palm and coconut oil imports climb

Anonymous, 1977:
Exports of U.S. oilseeds and products double in October, imports drop

Anonymous, 1977:
Exports of U.S. oilseeds and products increase in September fiscal year total up

Settle, Hp, 1979:
Exports of U.S. poultry, eggs set record for seventh straight year

Da-Costa, G.C.G.ddamwar, S.B., 1988:
Exports of agricultural commodities from India during the seventies and early eighties

Lin, Cy, 1973:
Exports of agricultural produc

Adam, R., 1979:
Exports of agricultural products from the United States

West, Cd, 1993:
Exports of basic timber resources: who wins and who loses

Westphal, Larry, E., 1984:
Exports of capital goods and related services from the Republic of Korea

Havukainen, L., 1977:
Exports of cellulose and paper from Finland to Great Britain during the period 1958-1972; an application of a multi equation model

Lejeune, M., 1979:
Exports of commercial potatoes

Czerwinski, S., 1974:
Exports of dairy products in 1973 and plans for 1974

Siegel, O., 1973:
Exports of fresh fruits from OECD--countries

Christofi, M., 1980:
Exports of fruit and vegetable from Cyprus

Wiss, Cbl, 1972:
Exports of fruits and vegetables and ways to overcome competition

Luciano, F., 1976:
Exports of fruits and vegetables produced in greenhouses

Blaesing, Dt, 1994:
Exports of horticultural products

Gressel, J., 1985:
Exports of horticultural products to rise in 1985

Anonymous, 1983:
Exports of lotus

Anonymous, 1975:
Exports of major commodities by country

Marocke, R.B.lthazard, J.C.rrege, G., 1976:
Exports of mineral fertilizing elements in main varieties of grapes cultivated in Alsace

Venkataramanappa, P.S.thi, H., 1971:
Exports of oilseeds and their products--retrospects and prospects

Anonymous, 1971:
Exports of pedigree animals during the last four years

Anonymous, 1971:
Exports of pedigree livestock during the past four years

Fujita, H.; Calvo, J., 1982:
Exports of products and byproducts of the wild fauna in the 1976-1980 five-year period

Levacher, 1978:
Exports of sheep

Anonymous, 1989:
Exports of sheep, mutton and by-products

Zykin, L., 1974:
Exports of slaughtered livestock products from the pre-Revolution Russia

Anonymous, 1995:
Exports of soluble coffee to all destinations

Stepinski, M., 1972:
Exports of sugar industry products in 1971

Konigswieser, E., 1973:
Exports of the Austrian dairy industry after the expansion of the European Economic Community

Anonymous, 1970:
Exports of the Republic of China

Mensbruge, G.De-La, 1969:
Exports of trunk timber from the Ivory Coast

Dalmau, A., 1976:
Exports of vegetables

Fairley, Js, 1983:
Exports of wild mammal skins from Ireland in the eighteenth century

Gazagne, M.G.eroult, M.G.rault, P., 1982:
Exports potentials and import needs: development in thirty years

Lakhamshi, V., 1981:
Exports promotion of castor oil and role of futures trading

Anonymous, 1981:
Exports statistics

Anonymous, 2003:
Exports then and now

Wood, M., 1976:
Exports to Europe

Goldich, J., 1975:
Exports to USSR down sharply in fiscal year 1975: record likely in fiscal year 1976

Edwards, C., 1985:
Exports to become more crucial for U.S. agriculture

Mcdonald, S., 1991:
Exports to drop $3.1 billion

Anonymous, 1957:
Exports under Public Law 480

Anonymous, 1972:
Exports under Public Law 480 maintain level of $1 billion in calendar 1971

Libbin, Sa, 1976:
Exports under government financed programs decline in fiscal 1976

Mcfall, Jp, 1970:
Exports up at slightly reduced prices

Anonymous, 1983:
Exports wont lead the way

Anonymous, 1978:
Exports, a place where amateurism no longe controls the market

Jung, W.; Marshall, P., 1985:
Exports, growth and causality in developing countries

Anonymous, 1997:
Exports, growth, and jobs

Anonymous, 1944:
Exports, imports and domestic disappearance of agricultural products as a percentage of agricultural production 1935-1942

Anonymous, 1959:
Exports, imports and domestic disappearance of agricultural products as a percentage of production Canada

Anonymous, 1960:
Exports, imports, and the United States balance of international payments

Ingalsbe, G., 1977:
Exports, labor, price enhancement; getting feel of new capital fabric

Bernstein, Ji, 1994:
Exports, margins and productivity growth: with an application to the Canadian softwood lumber industry

Balassa, B., 1985:
Exports, policy choices, and economic growth in developing countries after the 1973 oil shock

Minyard, Jd, 1975:

Utke, R., 1978:
Exports: Some facts of life

Cleveland, O.Jr, 1987:
Exports: a revived cotton market

Anonymous, 1985:
Exports: an uphill struggle?

Niakas, Ch, 1983:
Exports: many participants.

Adams, S., 1988:
Exports: overcoming the obstacles

Anonymous, 1981:
Exports: the growth markets and the pitfalls

Mcmillen, Df, 1976:
Exports: the key to survival in citrus

Van-Chantfort, E., 1984:
Exports: why the tons came tumbling down

Israeel, M., 1954:
Exposae sur le S.E.I.T.A

Anonymous, 1962:

Anonymous, 1993:

Anonymous, 1992:
Expose research result, development, and service of Bogor Center of Research Plantation

Nguyen, Van-Chi, 1957:
Expose sur la foret vietnamienne et la politique forestiere nationale

Sehnke, P.C.; Laughner, B.; Cardasis, H.; Powell, D.; Ferl, R.J., 2006:
Exposed loop domains of complexed 14-3-3 proteins contribute to structural diversity and functional specificity

Smith, Rc, 1979:
Exposed aggregate surfaces

Cirotto, C.; Geraci, G., 1974:
Exposed sulphydryl groups of chicken haemoglobins: globin localization and effect of oxygenation on their reactivity

Mendoza, G.-Eduardo, 1946:
Exposiciaon de labores realizadas por el Ministerio de Agricultura durante el primer a~no de gobierno revolucionario

Anonymous, 1951:
Exposiciaon del Presidente de la Repaublica, ciudadano Jacobo Arbenz ante la opiniaon paublica nacional y el Consejo Nacional de Economaia

Anonymous, 1942:
Exposiciaon del libro espaanol de agricultura, mayo 1942

Anonymous, 1943:
Exposiciaon dirigida en julio 8, 1894

Anonymous, 1943:
Exposiciaon sobre las negociaciones para la venta de la zafra azucarera de 1944

Bates, R.; Erlien, C.; Nielsen, G., 2002:
Exposing agriculture students to GPS

Gerber, L.; Mccallum, H.L.fferty, K.; Sabo, J.; Dobson, A., 2005:
Exposing extinction risk analysis to pathogens: is disease just another form of density dependence?

Szekeres, T.S.lti, L.D.bos-Kovacs, M., 1981:
Exposing needle biopsy of kidney in cattle

Blaschke, C.I.i; Palmer, P.D.rouen, P.H.mes, P.; Godke, R., 1981:
Exposing postpartum beef cows to teaser animals for 30 days prior to the onset of the breeding season

Zhang, H.; Osyczka, A.; Dutton, P.Leslie.; Moser, C.C., 2007:
Exposing the complex III Qo semiquinone radical

Zhang, H.; Reese, J.C., 2007:
Exposing the core promoter is sufficient to activate transcription and alter coactivator requirement at RNR3

Montalto, Cp, 1984:
Exposing the myths about pork

Butterfield, R., 1977:
Exposing the myths of show judging

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Exposition of agricultural machines and implements

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Exposure to ionizing radiation

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Exposure to pesticides not harmful

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Exposure to phytoestrogens may surpass DES residues

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Exposure to predation generates personality in threespined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

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Exposure to principles of early writing

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Exposure to print and electronic media, women age 18-34

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Exposure to seawater stimulates lipid mobilization from depot tissues of juvenile coho (Oncorhynchus kisutch) and chinook (O. tshawytscha) salmon

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Exposure to smoking in popular contemporary movies and youth smoking in Germany

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Express diagnosis of Aujeszkys disease

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Express diagnosis of mastitis an

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Express highways and care of landscape landscape care in National Socialism with the example of express highways

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Express method of the Ukrainian

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Express methods for studying the

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Express methods in the diagnosis of infectious diseases of animals

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Express methods to determine the

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Express micromethods for determining essential oil in green parts of the tree and in products of their processing

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Express universal instrument to blood collection

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Express-analyzer of feed wettability Enrichment of mixed feeds with liquid supplements.1

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Express-determination of the quality of seed dressing with thiram

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Express-immunological methods in the indication and diagnosis of infectious diseases of animals

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Express-method for determining the sanitary condition of animal husbandry complexes

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Express-method of determining barley seed quality

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Express-method of determining th

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Express-method of determining the composition of the precipitation of musts, wine materials and turbid wines

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Express-method of determining total sugar in items of confectionery production

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Express-method of quality evaluation of feeds by their odor with the aid of instruments

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Express-methods of determining the mortality of eggs of Pseudococcus comstocki after funigation

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Express-methods of the diagnosis of swine viral diseases

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Expressao de quimiocinas em pacientes com leucemias agudas

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Expressed juice from grass silos status 1977

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Expressed juice from silage silos; regulations for its disposal

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Expressed juice from the silo--resource or waste?

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Expressed juice. I

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Expressed juice. II

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Expressed juice. iV

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Expressed needs of employed homemakers in Creek County Oklahoma for cooperative extension home economics programs

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Expressed plant-parts of glossiness controlled by gl gene Sorghum

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Expressing CO2 production

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Expressing and storing breast milk

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Expressing irrigation efficiency in terms of application fourth Five-Year Plan

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Expressing protein requirements for ruminants

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Expressing the policy of the United States regarding the United States relationship with Native Hawaiians and to provide a process for the recognition by the United States of the Native Hawaiian governing entity

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Expressing the volume changes of the sample. Quantitites, their terms and relations

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