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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15842

Chapter 15842 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hopper, G.; Smith, D.; Parrish, D., 1983:
First-year growth of etiolated northern red oak

Hopper, G.; Smith, D.1; Parrish, D., 1983:
First-year growth of etiolated northern red oak Quercus rubra, Quercus ilicifolia, Virginia

Hopper, G.; Smith, D.1; Parrish, D., 1983:
First-year growth of etiolated northern red oak Quercus rubra, outplanting, Virginia

Karas, P.N.uman, E., 1981:
First-year growth period of perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) and roach (Rutilus rutilus (L.)) in a heated Baltic bay Sweden, marine fish

Liepins, K., 2007:
First-year height growth of silver birch in farmland depending on container stock morphological traits

Boerner, R.; Lord, T., 1984:
First-year loss of mass and nutrients from leaf litter in the New Jersey Pine Barrens

Hobbs, S.; Byars, R.; Henneman, D.; Frost, C., 1980:
First-year performance of 1-0 containerized Douglas-fir seedlings on droughty sites in southwestern Oregon

Amacher, Michael, C., 2001:
First-year postfire and postharvest soil temperatures in aspen and conifer stands

Likes, C.-James; Harvey, A., E., 1947:
First-year qualitative analysis

Boman, Bj, 1994:
First-year response of Ruby Red grapefruit on four rootstocks to fertilization and salinity

Rader, L.; Harrington, T.; Taylor, J.J., 1998:
First-year response of Kudzu and associated vegetation to five herbicides

Cain, Md, 1993:
First-year response of direct-seeded shortleaf pine and hardwood sprouts to three methods of hardwood control in the Arkansas Ozarks

Tessi, J.S.arascia-Mugnozza, G.; Sigurbjornsson, B.B.gnara, D., 1968:
First-year results in the FAO

Miwa, M.S.hoenholtz, S.; Hodges, J.; Kennedy, H.J., 1993:
First-year results of bottomland oak reestablishment in alluvial soils of the Lower Mississippi Valley

Wells,, H., 1970:
First-year sugarbeets on new land developments

Lantagne, D.; Burger, J., 1983:
First-year survival and growth of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) as affected by site preparation on the South Carolina and Georgia Piedmont Regeneration

Lantagne, D.; Burger, J., 1983:
First-year survival and growth of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) as affected by site preparation on the South Carolina and Georgia Piedmont Site preparation with chemical, fire or mechanical methods

Wentworth, R.; Labar, G., 1984:
First-year survival and growth of steelhead stocked as fry in Lewis Creek, Vermont

Boyer, Wd, 1985:
First-year survival of planted longleaf pine bare-root and container stock as affected by site preparation and release

Sain, R.; Fonferek, W.; Simpson, M.; Whittinghill, K., 1984:
First-year vegetation following exposure of the Edmondson lake bed, Washington County, Virginia

Ritchie, H.; Woody, H.; Strohbehn, D.; Olson, D.; Henderson, H., 1973:
First-year weaning performance of cows maintained in drylot year-round

Gammon, Nathan, 1950:
First-year yields from Louisiana White clover-Dallis grass pastureplots on Carnegie and Tifton sandy loams

Anonymous, 2001:

Anonymous, 1978:
Firstbank farm profit management

Barron, William, 1983:

Collins, J., 1979:
Firsthand report from the Chilean countryside

Anonymous, 2002:
Firudo saiensu

Anonymous, 1969:
Fiscal 1970 food stamp authorization

Perkins, Ml, 1973:
Fiscal 1973 exports under government-financed programs at lowest level since fiscal 1955

Libbin, S., 1975:
Fiscal 1975 exports under government-financed programs at highest level since 1968

Goldich, J., 1976:
Fiscal 1976 exports to USSR exceed $1.9 billion: some slowdown seen for fiscal 1977

Byrne, Sb, 1979:
Fiscal 1979 farm exports hit record

Morgan, Julian-Donald, 1947:
Fiscal Kansas

Anonymous, 1997:
Fiscal accountability in the U.S. Forest Service

Alesina, A.; Perotti, R., 1996:
Fiscal adjustments in OECD countries

Beaugad, J., 1982:
Fiscal administration and storage

Masca, J., 1975:
Fiscal aid to investments in agricultural equipment

Besley, T.; Preston, I.; Ridge, M., 1993:
Fiscal anarchy in the U.K

Anonymous, 1949:
Fiscal and budgetary phases of research

De-Angelis, Domenico, 1991:
Fiscal and credit aspects in agriculture

Mahayni, R.-G.R.ich, M., P., 1979:
Fiscal and environmental impacts of subdivision regulations in Rhode Island

Sahn, David, E., 1990:
Fiscal and exchange rate reforms in Africa

Zuccarello, P., 1970:
Fiscal and insurance regime

Brum, A., 1979:
Fiscal and social law

Cornelissen, J., 1974:
Fiscal arrangement of agricultural distilleries

Wilson, J.D.K., 2004:
Fiscal arrangements in the Tanzanian fisheries sector

Stuhler, E.F.ancois, H.C.sciani, C.F.ntozzi, A.K.rkpatrick, J.H.yde, M.V.n-Der; Gloden, J., 1973:
Fiscal arrangements in the area of cooperation and merging of agricultural operations. IV. Italy

Steensma, R., 1979:
Fiscal aspects of investments in agricultural mechanization

Anonymous, 1977:
Fiscal aspects of the acquisition of lands in view of improving the profitability of farming

Raynal, P.De, 1979:
Fiscal aspects of the transfer of a rural property

Jolly, P., 1978:
Fiscal aspects of the transfer of inheritance. I. Sale of rural real assets

Raynal, P.De, 1980:
Fiscal aspects of transferring a rural property in direct line

Minarik, J.; Penner, R., 1988:
Fiscal choices

Bartelt, Edward-Fred, 1950:
Fiscal controls of the Federal Government

Lustig, N., 1984:
Fiscal cost and welfare impacts of the corn subsidy scheme in Mexico

Esseks, J.D.xon; Schmidt, H.-E.S.llivan, K., L., 1999:
Fiscal costs and public safety risks of low-density residential development on farmland

Obstfeld, Maurice, 1988:
Fiscal deficits and relative prices in a growing world economy

Wijnbergen, Sweder-Van, 1987:
Fiscal deficits, exchange rate crises and inflation

Corsetti, G.; Roubini, N., 1991:
Fiscal deficits, public debt and government solvency

Victor, J., 1983:
Fiscal determination of earnings Farm management.1

Mazard, A.K.rmarec, G.D., 1986:
Fiscal effects of death of the farmer

Maki, Wr, 1980 :
Fiscal effects of mineral-related industry in Minnesota

Jolly, P., 1978:
Fiscal effects of production and commerce

Alesina, A.; Perotti, R., 1995:
Fiscal expansions and fiscal adjustments in OECD countries

Gross, H., 1982:
Fiscal facilitations of flood damages Vegetable crops.1

Waldo, Ad, 1987:
Fiscal federalism and Minnesota tax policy

Sala, I.M.rtin, X.; Sachs, J., 1991:
Fiscal federalism and optimum currency areas

Mclure, C.-E.M.eszkowski, P., M., 1983:
Fiscal federalism and the taxation of natural resources

Inman, R.-P.R.binfeld, D., L., 1991:
Fiscal federalism in Europe

Anonymous, 2004:
Fiscal guidelines for cooperative inspection programs

Harris, Thomas, R., 1995:
Fiscal impact model for Douglas County, Nevada

Kezis, A.H.lland, D., 1975:
Fiscal impact of current use assessment: a case studyof Whitman County, Washington

Kelsey, T., 1993 :
Fiscal impacts of different land uses: the Pennsylvania experience

Johnson, Tg, 1987:
Fiscal impacts of economic development

Harpman, D.; Marousek, G., 1985:
Fiscal impacts of large developments on small communities

Anonymous, 1986:
Fiscal impacts of major land uses in the town of Hebron, Connecticut

Kelsey, Tw, 1993:
Fiscal impacts of population growth and decline in small communities

Stubbs, D.; Marousek, G., 1977:
Fiscal impacts of public programs on two types of rural residents in Boundary County, Idaho

Takahashi, M., 1974:
Fiscal implications of frozen bovine semen

Silva, S.-Da; Sousa, A.-De; Collom, J.; Souza, J.-Ade; Paniago, E., 1973:
Fiscal incentives and their utilization in reforestation, Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais

Moosmayer, E., 1973:
Fiscal incentives for afforestation and reforestation; the case of Brazil

Vollmer, U., 1977:
Fiscal incentives for forest plantations

Rodriguez, Jl, 1976:
Fiscal incentives for reforestation

Bastos-Filho, Ag, 1975:
Fiscal incentives for the forestation and reforestation of -Brazil

Sahn, David, E., 1999:
Fiscal incidence in Africa

Blanchard, Olivier, 1986:
Fiscal increasing returns, hysteresis, real wages and unemployment

Poterba, J.-M.R.eben, K., S., 1998:
Fiscal institutions and public sector labor markets

Cotton, G., 1974:
Fiscal land policy: Taxes which strike capital

Madignier, Michel-Pierre, 1991:
Fiscal management of farms

Anonymous, 1981:
Fiscal measures Taxes, property, farming, revenues, France.0

Rapisarda, P., 1984:
Fiscal measures in the EEC structural policy

Masca, J., 1977:
Fiscal measures of the law of finance

Degregori, Ph, 1982:
Fiscal measures of the law on finances and budgetary collectives

Raynal, P.De, 1977:
Fiscal memento for special crops

Hines, J.-R.R.ce, E., M., 1990:
Fiscal paradise

Crum, W.-Leonard; Fennelly, J.-F.S.ltzer, L.-Howard, 1942:
Fiscal planning for total war

Stockman, Alan, C., 1986:
Fiscal policies and international financial markets

Frenkel, Jacob, A., 1986:
Fiscal policies and real exchange rates in the world economy

Grilli, Vittorio, U., 1988:
Fiscal policies and the dollar

Razin, Assaf, 1987:
Fiscal policies and the stock market

Halcrow, Harold, G., 1949:
Fiscal policies of Montana counties

Feldstein, Martin, S., 1994:
Fiscal policies, capital formation, and capitalism

Frenkel, Jacob, A., 1984:
Fiscal policies, debt, and international economic interdependence

Adiseshiah, Malcolm, S., 1986:
Fiscal policy

Eichengreen, Barry, J., 1996:
Fiscal policy and Monetary Union

Barge, J., 1974:
Fiscal policy and amateurism

Hansen, Alvin-Harvey, 1941:
Fiscal policy and business cycles

Engen, E.-M.S.inner, J., 1992:
Fiscal policy and economic growth

Woods, Wf, 1979:
Fiscal policy and inflation

Phillips, Ao, 1973:
Fiscal policy and rural development in Nigeria

Aaron, H.; Burtless, G., 1989:
Fiscal policy and the dynamic inconsistency of social security forecasts

Helliwell, John, F., 1990:
Fiscal policy and the external deficit

Ip, Pui-Chi, 1976:
Fiscal policy and the natural rate of unemployment

Champy, J., 1980:
Fiscal policy applicable to planting or management works of gardens

Hansen, Alvin-Harvey, 1946:
Fiscal policy for full employment

Bhaduri, Sunil-Chandra, 1985:
Fiscal policy for planned economic growth

Anonymous, 1958:
Fiscal policy implications of the current economic outlook

Anonymous, 1957:
Fiscal policy implications of the economic outlook and budget developments

Lahment, Harmen, 1988:
Fiscal policy in an open political economy

Buiter, Willem, H., 1984:
Fiscal policy in open, interdependent economies

Buiter, W.-H.K.etzer, K., 1990:
Fiscal policy interdependence and efficiency

Tanzi, V., 1986:
Fiscal policy responses to exogenous shocks in developing countries

Abel, A.-B.B.rnheim, B.D.uglas, 1988:
Fiscal policy with impure intergenerational altruism

Turnovsky, S.-J.S.n, P., 1990:
Fiscal policy, capital accumulation, and debt in an open economy

Alesina, Alberto, 1999:
Fiscal policy, profits, and investment

Buiter, Willem, H., 1986:
Fiscal prerequisites for a viable managed exchange rate regime

Palairet, M., 1979:
Fiscal pressure and peasant impoverishment in Serbia before World War I

Concordet, M., 1974:
Fiscal problems

Wendt, Kf, 1983:
Fiscal problems involved in the founding of a partnership to secure the succession to a farm

Passamonti, G., 1982:
Fiscal problems of rabbit rearing

Lencina-Rodenas, F., 1976:
Fiscal reduction of customs tariffs on exports

Samperi, S., 1970:
Fiscal regime in zootechnics

Lanouette, Ga, 1979:
Fiscal responsibilities of weed control programming

Riha, Tomas, J.F., 1998:
Fiscal separation, decentralisation and federation in Queensland (1859-1949)

Passamonti, G., 1978:
Fiscal situation in intensive rearing

Passamonti, G., 1978:
Fiscal situation of intensive animal rearing

Clarida, Richard, 1999:
Fiscal stance and the real exchange

Stinson, Tf, 1987:
Fiscal status of local governments

Fox, William, F., 1978:
Fiscal strain on local governments

Wolensky, R.; Enright, R.J., 1991:
Fiscal stress in Wisconsin small governments: Indicators and responses

Leuthold, Frank, O., 1988:
Fiscal stress of Tennessee rural counties

Eberts, Pr, 1990:
Fiscal stress, taxes, and government investments in local economic development

Barros, Jrm-De; Lobato, Hd; Trabolo, Ma; Zockun, Mhgp, 1975:
Fiscal system and incentives for exports

Brandicourt, P., 1981:
Fiscal treatment of expropriation compensations Farm property, France.1

Alvarez-Sala-Moris, Jj, 1974:
Fiscal treatment of the agricultural association

Hagemann, K., 1970:
Fiscal treatment of the share according to the capital funds law

Mcdowell, Gr, 1985:
Fiscal trends--the Massachusetts experience

Anonymous, 1997:
Fiscal year priorities for research, education and economics

Anonymous, 1975:
Fiscal year 1976 and July-September 1976 transition period authorization for military procurement, research and development, and active duty, selected reserve, and civilian personnel strengths

Anonymous, 1979:
Fiscal year 1977 research program abstracts of the Interagency Energy

Anonymous, 1981:
Fiscal year 1980-81 implementation plan in support of technical development and integration of sampling and aggregation procedures

Livingston, G.P., 1981:
Fiscal year 1981 U.S. corn and soybeans pilot preliminary experiment plan, phase I

Smyrski, M.M., 1981:
Fiscal year 1981-82 U.S

Anonymous, 1981:
Fiscal year 1982 budget revisions

Anonymous, 1982:
Fiscal year 1983 authorization for Customs Service, International Trade Commission, and U.S. Trade Representative; recommendations for March 15 report to Budget Committee

Anonymous, 1982:
Fiscal year 1983 budget proposals for energy, environmental, and natural resources programs

Anonymous, 1984:
Fiscal year 1984 EPA research and development authorization

Anonymous, 1985:
Fiscal year 1986 NOAA authorization

Anonymous, 1985:
Fiscal year 1986 budget review

Anonymous, 1986:
Fiscal year 1987 DOE budget authorization

Anonymous, 1986:
Fiscal year 1987 budget review

Anonymous, 1988:
Fiscal year 1987 program report

Anonymous, 1988:
Fiscal year 1988 DOE budget authorization

Anonymous, 1987:
Fiscal year 1988 budget reconciliation issues relating to hospital payments under the Medicare program

Anonymous, 1988:
Fiscal year 1988 budget reconciliation issues relating to the Medicare program

Anonymous, 1988:
Fiscal year 1988 budget reconciliation issues relating to the reimbursement of hospital capital expenditures under the Medicare program

Anonymous, 1987:
Fiscal year 1988 budget review

Anonymous, 1989:
Fiscal year 1990 budget authorizations and oversight for the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Trade Representative

Anonymous, 1989:
Fiscal year 1990 budget issues relating to payment of inner-city and rural hospitals under Part A of the Medicare program

Anonymous, 1989 :
Fiscal year 1990 budget review

Anonymous, 1990:
Fiscal year 1991 budget issues relating to payment of inner-city and rural hospitals under part A of the Medicare program

Anonymous, 1990:
Fiscal year 1991 budget proposals

Anonymous, 1990:
Fiscal year 1991 budgets, Council on Environmental Quality, Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Marine Fisheries Service

Anonymous, 1989:
Fiscal year 1991 priorities for research, extension, and higher education

Anonymous, 1991:
Fiscal year 1992 EPA research and development budget

Anonymous, 1991:
Fiscal year 1992 and 1993 National Science Foundation authorization

Anonymous, 1991:
Fiscal year 1992 authorization for the Department of Energys renewable energy and energy conservation programs

Anonymous, 1991:
Fiscal year 1992 budget review

Anonymous, 1993:
Fiscal year 1992 timber sales program in Washington, Oregon, and northern California

Anonymous, 1992:
Fiscal year 1993 annual work plan

Anonymous, 1991:
Fiscal year 1993 priorities for research, extension, and higher education

Anonymous, 1997:
Fiscal year 1997 draft work plan

Anonymous, 1998:
Fiscal year 1999 budget

Anonymous, 1998:
Fiscal year 1999 budget request for the Department of Energy

Anonymous, 2001:
Fiscal year 2001 climate change budget authorization request

Anonymous, 2005:
Fiscal year 2006 budget request for the Department of the Interior

Anonymous, 2006:
Fiscal year 2007 budget

Staniaszek, K., 1978:
Fiscal year on state farms

Stahl, S., 1979:
Fiscal-monetary aspects of inflation

Anonymous, 1975:
Fisch und Umwelt. Fish and environment

Freeman, R., 1985:
Fischer geraniums

Davis, B.-H.O.celli, M., L., 2007:
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, catalysts and catalysis

Steynberg, A.; Dry, M., 2004:
Fischer-Tropsch technology

Hennig, Richard, 1956:

Anonymous., 1978:

Bailey, Jill, 1990:

Maitland, P.S., 1994:

Miknich, C., 1998:
Fish & Fishin in Alaska

Anonymous, 1996:
Fish & fisheries products hazards & controls guide

Anonymous, 1993:
Fish & fisheries worldwide

Blair, Eulalia, C., 1975:
Fish & seafood dishes for foodservice menu planning

Anonymous, 1989:
Fish & seafood made easy

Anonymous, 1981:
Fish & wildlife habitat management on the Shawnee National Forest-Illinois

Kawada, T.K.yahashi, S.H.da,, K.N.dachi, Y.F.shiki, T., 1998:
Fish (bonito) oil supplementation enhances the expression of uncoupling protein in brown adipose tissue of rat

Kromhout, D., 1989:
Fish (oil) consumption and coronary heart disease

Anonymous, 1996:
Fish Bate salvage

May, J.-T.B.own, L., R., 2000:
Fish Community Structure in Relation to Environmental Variables Within the Sacramento River Basin and Implications for the Greater Central Valley, California

Anonymous, 1993:
Fish Creek Reservoir expansion

Rothschild, B.-J.R.oth, C., G.H., 1982:
Fish Ecology III

Grizzell, R., A.Jr; Gammon, J.J., 1967:
Fish Farming--Business and Pleasure Do Go Together

Anonymous, 1995:
Fish Lake basin

Anonymous, 2004:
Fish Lake facts & information

Saraswathi, V.; Gao, L.; Morrow, J.D.; Chait, A.; Niswender, K.D.; Hasty, A.H., 2007:
Fish oil increases cholesterol storage in white adipose tissue with concomitant decreases in inflammation, hepatic steatosis, and atherosclerosis in mice

Anonymous, 1987:
Fish Silage Workshop

Fjellheim, A.-; Tysse, C.-; Bjerknes, V., 2007:
Fish Stomachs as a Biomonitoring Tool in Studies of Invertebrate Recovery

Edwards, R.; Brooker, M., 1982:
Fish Wye River, England

Spigarelli, SA.; Goldstein, RM.; Prepejchal, W.; Thommes, MM., 1982:
Fish abundance and distribution near three heated effluents to Lake Michigan

Jacobs, K.; Swink, W., 1983:
Fish abundance and population stability in a reservoir tailwater and an unregulated headwater stream

Engle, M., 1992:
Fish against farms

Bhavani, V., 1982:
Fish aggregating devices

Pavlovskiaei, E.N., 1963:
Fish agriculture of inland reservoirs of the USSR

Aas, K., 1987:
Fish allergy and the codfish allergen model

Ramanayaka, J.C.; Atapattu, N.S.B.M., 2006:
Fish anaesthetic properties of some local plant material

Sadler, Mj, 1995:
Fish and CHD--has the tide turned?

Miyake, Y.; Sasaki, S.; Tanaka, K.; Ohya, Y.; Miyamoto, S.; Matsunaga, I.; Yoshida, T.; Hirota, Y.; Oda, H., 2007:
Fish and fat intake and prevalence of allergic rhinitis in Japanese females: the Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study

Anonymous, 1990:
Fish and Fish Products Safety Act

Anonymous, 1983:
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of September 15, 1960

Anonymous, 1983:
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Act of March 10, 1934

Anonymous, 1998:
Fish and Wildlife Revenue Enhancement Act of 1998

Swanson, Wa, 1981:
Fish and Wildlife Service acquisition of lands in coastal areas and related problems USA

Laroe, Et, 1986:
Fish and Wildlife Service interests in irrigation drainwater

Anonymous., 1990:
Fish and Wildlife Service undertakes review of the bald eagles status

Kane, A.; Gonzalez, J.; Reimschuessel, R., 1996:
Fish and amphibian models used in laboratory research

Charbonnier, D., 1990:
Fish and aquaculture in the Mediterranean

Neera Verma; Mishra, T.P.; Singh, J.P., 2007 :
Fish and avian fauna of wetland: Darban lake Ambedkar Nagar (U.P.)

Murphy, R.F.; Secor, D.H., 2006:
Fish and blue crab assemblage structure in a U.S. mid Atlantic coastal lagoon complex

Hamelink, J.L., 1977:
Fish and chemicals: the process of accumulation

Tret*-Section-*iakov, Dmitrii-Konstantinovich, 1949:
Fish and cyclostomata and their significance

Romanenko, EV., 2002:
Fish and dolphin swimming

Syme, John, D., 1949:
Fish and fish inspection

Holland, B.B.own,, D.H.M.cance, R.A., 1993:
Fish and fish products

Christey, Leroy, S., 1969:
Fish and fish products in Thailands nutrition program

Mickelson, B.; Barr, N., 1983:
Fish and fisheries

Anonymous, 1993:
Fish and fisheries management in lakes and reservoirs

Roughley, T.C., 1951:
Fish and fisheries of Australia

Jhingran, V.G., 1982 :
Fish and fisheries of India

Nath, P.; Dey, S.C.; Prof, 2000:
Fish and fisheries of North Eastern India

Kurup, B.M.dhusoodana; Kumar, T.G.M.noj; Radhakrishnan, K.V., 2006:
Fish and fisheries of Periyar Lake, Kerala

Blaber, Stephen JM., 1997:
Fish and fisheries of tropical estuaries

Anonymous, 2001:
Fish and fisheries products hazards and controls guidance

Laureti, Edmondo, 1992:
Fish and fishery products

Anonymous, 1994:
Fish and fishery products hazards and controls guide

Santos, R., A.D.s; Seckendorff, R.-Willian-Von; Amaral, M.-Luiz-De, F.M.Do, 1988:
Fish and fishing techniques in southeastern Brazil

Butler, R.; Cooper, E.; Crawford, J.; Hales, D.; Kimmel, W.; Wagner, C., 1976:
Fish and food organisms in acid mine waters of Pennsylvania

Gordon, Bl, 1977:
Fish and food poisoning

Salo, Eo, 1976:
Fish and forestry practices whats new

Brown, D.; Sadler, K.H.wells, G.; Kallend, A., 1980:
Fish and freshwater chemistry

Archibald, Roy, 1947:
Fish and game conservation and preservation

Botsford, Harry, 1947:
Fish and game cook book

Wall, Roy, 1945:
Fish and game cookery

Berg, R.-K.C.nstan, K.-J.H.ok, D., C., 1975:
Fish and game planning, Upper Yellowstone and Shields River drainages

Duehr, Jeremy, P., 2004:
Fish and habitat relations at multiple spatial scales in Cheyenne River Basin, South Dakota

Barlow, Sm, 1980:
Fish and herringmeal supplies in the 1980s

Hay, Christopher, H., 2006:
Fish and invertebrate abundance in relation to abiotic factors in the Missouri River

Suzuki, Taneko, 1981:
Fish and krill protein

Jurajda, P.; Adamek, Z.; Janac, M.; Valova, Z., 2007:
Fish and macrozoobenthos in the Vlara stream drainage area (Bile Karpaty Mountains)

Crepey,. Jr.;, 1970:
Fish and modern means of preservation of marine products

Miracle, M.R.; Alfonso, M.T.; Vicente, E., 2007:
Fish and nutrient enrichment effects on rotifers in a Mediterranean shallow lake: a mesocosm experiment

Hjermann, D., O.; Melsom, A.; Dingsor, G., E.; Durant, J., M.; Eikeset, A.-Maria; Roed, L.-Petter; Ottersen, G.; Storvik, G.; Stenseth, N.-Chr, 2007:
Fish and oil in the Lofoten-Barents Sea system: synoptic review of the effect of oil spills on fish populations

Loftus, A.-J.F.ather, C., H., 2000:
Fish and other aquatic resource trends in the United States

Savidov, N.; Hutchings, E.R.kocy, J., 2007:
Fish and plant production in a recirculating aquaponic system: a new approach to sustainable agriculture in Canada

Jones, John-Richard-Erichsen, 1964:
Fish and river pollution

Anonymous, 1983:
Fish and seafood

Wesson, J.B., 1977:
Fish and seafood in Wisconsin restaurants and retail outlets

Aung, L.; Flick, G.; Buss, G.; Bryan, H., 1981:
Fish and seafood wastes as nutrients for agricultural crop fertilization

Anonymous, 1978:
Fish and seafood-the present and future use in world foods

Simms, A.E., 1981:
Fish and shell-fish

Capuzzo, Judith, M., 1980:
Fish and shellfish contamination in New England

Thankappan-Pillai, C., 1982:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. IX. Screening of bacteria for identification

Thankappan-Pillai, C., 1983:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. The dispatch of diseased specimens

Thanbkappan-Pillai, C., 1982:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. VI. The need for anaesthetics

Thankappan-Pillai, C., 1982:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. VII. Sampling techniques for disease diagnosis

Thankappan-Pillai, C., 1982:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. VIII. Isolation of pathogen(s)

Thankappan-Pillai, C., 1983:
Fish and shellfish diseases in culture systems. XI. Furunculosis

Milne, P.H., 1979:
Fish and shellfish farming in coastal waters

Anonymous, 1964:
Fish and shellfish for your table

Anonymous, 1972:
Fish and shellfish over the coals

Anonymous, 1947:
Fish and shellfish problems

Dore, Ian, 1991:
Fish and shellfish quality assessment

Soderquist, M.; Williamson, K., 1975:
Fish and shellfish wastes

Soeseno, Slamet, 1983:
Fish and shrimp culture in ponds

Anderson, Andrew, W., 1959:
Fish and the Fishing Industry

Thiede, K.; Pape, A., 1952:
Fish and the economy in Schleswig-Holstein

Anonymous, 1959:
Fish and the sea

Anonymous, 1975:
Fish and wildlife

Almand, Jd, 1990:
Fish and wildlife 2000--a roadway to the 21st century

Haufler, J.-B.G.lley, K., E.M.R.oney, W., R., 2005:
Fish and wildlife benefits of Farm Bill conservation programs

Resler, Ra, 1972:
Fish and wildlife benefits of clearcuts

Hirsch, A., 1982:
Fish and wildlife habitat and environmental protection--an overview of research progress

Livingston, Mary, E., 1987:
Fish and wildlife habitat assessment in rivers

Hurley, J.; Salwasser, H.S.imamoto, K., 1982:
Fish and wildlife habitat capability models and special habitat criteria

Shimamoto, K.; Airola, D., 1981:
Fish and wildlife habitat capability models and special habitat criteria for the northeast zone national forests

Dillon, O.J.; Marriage, L., 1973:
Fish and wildlife habitat improvement in watershed projects

Anonymous, 1976:
Fish and wildlife habitat program on the National Forests in Alaska

Jacknow, J., 1982:
Fish and wildlife impacts of agricultural chemicals used in forest range and crop management Supported by Environmental Contaminant Evaluation Program

Cheatum, El, 1973:
Fish and wildlife in relation to the societies of man

Anonymous, 1950:
Fish and wildlife in the Tennessee Valley

Anonymous, 1984:
Fish and wildlife leaflet

Anonymous, 1962:
Fish and wildlife legislation

Anonymous, 1978:
Fish and wildlife miscellaneous

Anonymous, 1973:
Fish and wildlife news

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Fish and wildlife research

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Fish aquaculture

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Fish are exempt from sales tax

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Fish as a food product

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Fish as a source of infection an

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Fish as food

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Fish block production, american style? Executives cant agree on its potential

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Fish bone powder and fish oil

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Fish breeding in solar barrel with vegetation

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Fish by-catch--bonus from the sea

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Fish contains valuable nutrients

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Fish culture in shallow and polluted waters

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Fish egg and larvae entrainment at the Davis-Besse nuclear power station during 1980

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Fish embryo culture: rhombencephalic neuritic outgrowth in explanted axial cords from the zebrafish Brachydanio rerio (Hamilton-Buchanan) Ornamental fish

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Fish emergency medicine

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Fish entrails as feed for swine

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Fish farm in a factory basement

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Fish farmer

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Fish farming

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Fish farming & fishing in Fort Fairfield, Maine

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Fish farming in manure-loaded ponds Israel

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Fish farming in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

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Fish farming in the regions of windbreak afforestation

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Fish farming international

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Fish farming news

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Fish farming on rice fields

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Fish farming or aquaculture can meet future demand for protein-rich food

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Fish farming ponds as a branch of small farm management in Colombia

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Fish farming techniques

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Fish farming technology

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Fish fauna and ecology

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Fish fauna and its differentia

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Fish fauna of the TSybulnik Bay of the Kremenchug reservoir after its isolation

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Fish fauna of the Trigrad-Yagodi

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Fish fauna of the rivers and lakes of Georgian SSR

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Fish fed corn byproducts taste good

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Fish feeding and the structure of benthic communities in temperate waters

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Fish feeding from the view of a producer

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Fish feeding in the Volga River reservoirs RSFSR-in-Europe.1

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Fish feeding technology

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Fish feeds & nutrition: phytase

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Fish feeds and feeding in development countries

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Fish fertilizer: a new look at an old method

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Fish flavor

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Fish flour trade

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Fish for consumption--biology, technology, quality, and storage qualities

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Fish for food from farm ponds

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Fish for food from farm ponds

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Fish for more fishermen

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Fish for supper

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Fish for the farm dam

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Fish for the future

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Fish for the future summary report

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Fish for the people

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Fish freezings and stocks

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Fish freezings and stocks, November 1972

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Fish from inland waters

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Fish from the reservoirs of the river basin in the Zeravshan Valley

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Fish genotype significantly influences susceptibility of juvenile rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), to waterborne infection with infectious salmon anaemia virus

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Fish gill epithelium as a cell renewal system Barbus conchonius

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Fish habitat improvement projects

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Fish habitat improvement using photovoltaic-powered lake circulation and aeration

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Fish habitat management on the Tongass National Forest

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Fish handling & processing

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Fish handling, preservation and processing in the tropics

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Fish harvest resulting from mechanical control of Hydrilla

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Fish hatch. mathematics

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Fish hatchery

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Fish hatchery management

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Fish health and environmental health

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Fish health bulletin

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Fish health in the tailwaters of Buford Dam, Georgia

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Fish health inspections: What are they?

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Fish health management

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Fish health workshop

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Fish histology

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Fish in human and animal nutrition

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Fish in the Lakewood Laona Ranger District

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Fish in the province of Padua

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Fish in your nutrition plan

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Fish industry for mixed feed production

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Fish industry notebook

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Fish industry policy for 1975

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Fish inspection

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Fish inspection and quality control in Europe

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Fish international

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Fish into wine

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Fish intoxications

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Fish is brain food, give it some thought

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Fish marketing in Asia and the Pacific

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Fish marketing in OEEC countries

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Fish marketing scheme

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Fish marketing systems and their development: a cross-couuntry comparison

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Fish markets

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Fish marking

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Fish meal

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Fish meal and oil

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Fish meal and oil, July-September 1995

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Fish meal and oil, October-December 1995

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Fish meal gives a four per cent margin

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Fish meal myths concerning omnivorous farmed fish

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Fish nutrition and fish food

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Fish nutrition and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences: forming links worldwide

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Fish nutrition basics, or how not to look like a fool when giving a presentation

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Fish oil

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Fish oil - the pure facts

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Fish oil for use as hydraulic oil

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Fish oil product possible from fungi

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Fish oils may soothe arthritis pain, but dont depend on diet alone

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Fish on Friday

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Fish on the menu

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Fish parasites

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Fish parts as a protein component in feed for growing beef cattle

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Fish pass design

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Fish passage and screening facilities at non-federal water projects

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Fish passage facilities and anadromous fish restoration in the Connecticut River basin

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Fish passage in New South Wales

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Fish passage technologies

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Fish phenology

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Fish physiology, fish toxicology, and fisheries management

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Fish physiology, toxicology, and water quality

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Fish pickling for home use

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Fish plasma proteins Nutritional aspects.1

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Fish poisoning due to toxins of microalgal origins in the Pacific

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Fish poisoning history in warm seas

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Fish pond culture

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Fish ponds for the farm

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