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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15843

Chapter 15843 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Swanson, S.S.elast, R.S.hryer, R.K.oepper-Sams, P.M.rchant, T.K.oeker, K.B.rnstein, J.O.ens, J., 1992:
Fish populations and biomarker responses at a Canadian bleached kraft mill site

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Fish populations and water quality of an upland stream having two impoundments with coolwater releases Cleburne County, Alabama

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Fish populations in dense submersed plant communities

Coble, Dw, 1982:
Fish populations in relation to dissolved oxygen in the Wisconsin River Fishes, population density, water pollution, oxygen demand, Wisconsin

Korjenic, E., 2005:
Fish populations of Gvozanka river

Willis, Charles, F., 1974:
Fish populations of Sandusky Bay inferred from museum records

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Fish populations of the Neuse River in the area of a low dam in the upper coastal plain

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Fish predation and other distinctive features in the diet of Nogies Creek, Ontario, largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides

Frandsen, C.J.nsen, P., 1982:
Fish predation on birds in West Europe

von Ende, CN., 1979:
Fish predation, interspecific predation, and the distribution of two Chaoborus species

Bay, Ec, 1970:
Fish predators

Kuriyan, Gk, 1975:
Fish preservation

Rozier, J.C.antal, J., 1973:
Fish preservation in Senegal

Hansen, P., 1980:
Fish preservation methods

Garg, M.; Wierzbicki, A.K.elan, M.T.omson, A.; Clandinin, M., 1989:
Fish prevents change in arachidonic acid and cholesterol content in rat caused by dietary cholesterol

Borresen, T.S.rom, T., 1983:
Fish processing

Anonymous, 1993:
Fish processing

Okada, M., 1975:
Fish processing and utilisation in Japan

Hardy, Rw, 1992:
Fish processing by-products and their reclamation

Moorjani, M.N., 1998:
Fish processing in India

Ventz, D., 1980:
Fish processing industry and sewage treatment

Anonymous, 1976:
Fish processing industry in India

Anonymous, 2000:
Fish processing plant sanitation

Hall, G.M.Dr, 1997:
Fish processing technology

Espejo-Hermes, Jasmin, 1998:
Fish processing technology in the tropics

Battistoni, P.; Fava, G., 1994:
Fish processing wastewater treatment requirements by line production changes

Tsyplakov, Ep, 1980:
Fish producing capacities of the Kuibyshev reservoir

Anonymous, 1994:
Fish production and marketing techniques

Anonymous, 1988:
Fish production and sediment

Eipper, Alfred, W., 1953:
Fish production in New York farm ponds

Aldrich, A.D.B.umgartner,, W.H., 1944:
Fish production in farm ponds

Davis, C.; Bhuiyan, A.; Ameen, M., 1983:
Fish production in managed farmers ponds with different feeding and stocking regimes

Sreenivasan, A., 1980:
Fish production in some hypertrophic ecosystems in south India

Neves, Rj, 1981:
Fish production in warmwater streams

Marshall, Be, 1982:
Fish production potential of Lake Kariba Zimbabwe, fisheries production and management

Gjedrem, Trygve, 1986:
Fish production with a future

Boonyuen, Sirinimit, 1989:
Fish productivity in large lakes

Fedii, Sp, 1976:
Fish productivity variation in reservoirs of the Ukrainian SSR steppe zone as an index of their pollution by wastewaters

Penso, Giuseppe, 1950:
Fish products

Pike, I., 2000:
Fish products for animal health: role of omega-3

Gopakumar, K.S.enoy, A.; Thankamma, R., 1979:
Fish products for rural industries

Normann, Ac, 1968:
Fish products from Denmark and Greenland

Skramstad, Kh, 1977:
Fish products heat penetration

Koizumi, C., 1982:
Fish products in Japan

Giaccio, M., 1977:
Fish products in human nutrition. Nutritional, economical and social considerations

Skrede, A., 1978:
Fish products in mink feed

Anonymous, 1978:
Fish products processing industries

Mogutov, A.; Sandigurskii, D.; Sivkov, A.; Siniavskaia, V., 1983:
Fish protecting device ROP-175 for mobile pump stations

Etisypleiiaev, A.S., 1973:
Fish protective network installations with drainage system

Borgstrom, G., 1970:
Fish protein

Anonymous, 1962:
Fish protein concentrate

Huber, Jt, 1975:
Fish protein concentrate and fish meal in calf milk replacers

Kvitka, E.; Chen, T., 1982:
Fish protein concentrate as a protein supplement in four baked products Whole wheat bread, whole wheat muffins, peanut butter cookies, date nut bars

Korschgen, B.; Baldwin, R., 1973:
Fish protein concentrate as an emulsifier

Baldwin, R.; Sinthavalai, S., 1974:
Fish protein concentrate foam

Stillings, B.R.; Knobl, G.M., 1971:
Fish protein concentrate: a new source of dietary protein

Halliday, D.D.sney, J., 1971:
Fish protein concentrate: a review

Anonymous, 1990:
Fish protein concentrates

Jaubert, P., 1973:
Fish protein concentrates in human nutrition

Moorjani, M.; Vasantha, M., 1973:
Fish protein concentrates: recent advances

Hansen, P., 1979:
Fish protein from underutilized species

Schmidtsdorff, W., 1970:
Fish protein hydrolysate. requirements of production in relation to possible toxin formation

Hardy, Rw, 2000:
Fish protein hydrolysates as components in feeds

Boguslawski, Andrzej, 1981:
Fish protein products processable for feed of food

Kaimal, Pnr, 1975:
Fish protein to fight malnutrition

Whittle, K.; Hastings, R.; Murray, C., 1988:
Fish proteins: binding and structure of fish products

Davis, Stephen, B., 1991:
Fish quality and market timing

Pau, L.F.R.Olafsson, 1991:
Fish quality control by computer vision

Paquette, Gerald, N., 1983:
Fish quality improvement

Anonymous, 1983:
Fish quarantine and fish diseases in Southeast Asia

Anonymous, 1991:
Fish raising techniques in Gui zhou mountainous area

Naevdal, G., 1981:
Fish rearing in Norway with special reference to genetic problems

Koroleva, Va, 1981:
Fish rearing in tanks

Mittelbach, G.G.; Garcia, E.A.; Taniguchi, Y., 2006:
Fish reintroductions reveal smooth transitions between lake community states

Potts, G.W.W.otton, R.J., 1984:
Fish reproduction

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Fish reproduction and stress

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Fish reproduction in the lower Dnieper River

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Fish research and the institutional animal care and use committee

Tsepkin, EA., 1984:
Fish residues from ancient settlements on the Baltic Sea coast

Zhang, T.; Li, Z., 2007:
Fish resources and fishery utilization of Lake Poyang

Fedorova, G.V., 1977:
Fish resources of Ladoga Lake

Pham, Thuoc, 1986:
Fish resources of Vietnamese seas

Santiago-Carrara, Italo, 1958:
Fish resources of the argentine antarctic sector

Anonymous, 1969:
Fish resources survey in Bismarck Sea and Solomon Sea by the Shunyomaru, a Japanese government survey ship

Perry, S.-F.T.fts, B., L., 1998:
Fish respiration

Fernandes, Marisa, N., 2007:
Fish respiration and environment

Engstrom, D.R., 2007:
Fish respond when the mercury rises

Anonymous, 1980:
Fish restoration act of 1979

Anonymous, 1940:
Fish restoration and management projects

Lee, R.; Storey, D., 1970:
Fish retailing practices and consumer demand for fish in a case study Massachusetts grocery chain

Kurath, G.; Purcell, M.K.; Garver, K.A., 2007:
Fish rhabdovirus models for understanding host response to DNA vaccines

Kaitaranta, Jukka, 1981:
Fish roe lipids and lipid hydrolysis in processed roe of certain salmonidae fish as studied by novel chromatographic techniques

Gutschow, W., 1975:
Fish salads of good quality from mackerels

Buckle, Ka, 1995:
Fish salting and drying studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia

Suparno, 1995:
Fish salting and drying studies in Indonesia

Elias,, M.; El-Wakeil, F.; Foda, I., 1969:
Fish salting with reference to Heterophyes infection

Kramer, I., 1983:
Fish salubrity in the Gorzow region

Lopetcharat, K.C.oi, Y.; Park, J.; Daeschel, M., 2001:
Fish sauce products and manufacturing: a review

Opatrny, E., 1981:
Fish scales

Khanna, D.R.; Sarkar, P.; Gautam, A.; Bhutiani, R., 2007:
Fish scales as bio-indicator of water quality of River Ganga

Welsh, F.; Zall, R., 1979:
Fish scales: a coagulating aid for the recovery of food processing wastewater colloids

Jarvilehto, M.R.ijonen, H., 1983:
Fish schools and their sensory basis

Meng, Qingwen, 1989:
Fish science

Carver, J.; King, F., 1971:
Fish scrap offers high quality protein

Black, Gary, 1997:
Fish screen fabrication and maintenance project located on the Scott River

Iushmanov, O.; Begliarova, E.; Dmitrieva, A., 1984:
Fish screen with a mobile wall-gate

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Fish seed production and distribution in India

Dwivedi, Sn, 1983:
Fish seed production: national level technology

Crory, Cathy, L., 1992:
Fish silage

Kompiang, I.; Nitis, M.S.tji, M.A.ifudin, R., 1983:
Fish silage as a replacement for fish meal in pig rations

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Fish silage for fatteners

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Fish silage from by-catch

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Fish silage in pig diets

Kompiang, Ip, 1981:
Fish silage, its prospect and future in Indonesia Protein supplement to the compounded feeds of domestic animals and fish

Burt, J.R., 1989:
Fish smoking and drying

Ward, Ar, 1995:
Fish smoking in the tropics: a review

Hilderbrand, Kenneth, S., 1992:
Fish smoking procedures for forced convection smokehouses

During, S.E., 1990:
Fish smoking trials with acacia tree species as fuel wood

Rogerson, W.; Kviesitis, B., 1976:
Fish solubles

Nikol*-Section-*skiaei, I.D., 1968:
Fish sounds

Anonymous, 1976:
Fish spawn breeding

Yang, Yu-Hu; Chou, Hsien-Te, 1992:
Fish spawn breeding and transportation

Maciejczyk, J., 1978:
Fish species caught most frequently and their nutritive value

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Fish species identification by isoelectric focusing. Application to trade products

Lundstrom, Rc, 1981:
Fish species identification by isoelectric focusing: sarcoplasmic protein polymorphism in monkfish (Lophius americanus) Lophius, taxa, chemical analysis, electrophoresis

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Fish species identification by isoelectric focusing: the use of schematic patterns

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Fish species interactions in a fertilized reservoir Ecologic aspects, Lake Anjan, Sweden

Gulland, J.A., 1983:
Fish stock assessment

Gaboury, M.N., 1982 :
Fish stock assessment of Burntwood Lake, 1980

Toivonen, J.A.vinen, H.V.lkeajarvi, P., 1982:
Fish stock assessments in Lake Konnevesi

Makkonen, Jarmo, 1996:
Fish stocking

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Fish stocks and fisheries of Lake Victoria

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Fish stocks in the Ivankovo and Uglich reservoirs under conditions of their use by commercial and sport fishing

Lilygreen, V.M.ade, B., 1982:
Fish stocks under pressure from nylon monofilament gill-nets gill-net fishing in inshore waters

Anonymous, 1987:
Fish storage

Resendez-Medina, A., 1981:
Fish studies from Terminos Lagoon, Campeche, Mexico II. Conclulsion

Sumner, J.M.aly, S., 1982:
Fish substitution found in Melbourne

Takashiba, A., 1974:
Fish supply problems of canning

Praduman Kumar; Dey, M.M.; Paraguas, F.J., 2006:
Fish supply projections by production environments and species types in India

Krum, Hn, 1998:
Fish surgical techniques

Videler, John, J., 1993:
Fish swimming

Anonymous, 1989:
Fish tales

Anonymous, 2003:
Fish tales newsletter

Stansby, Me, 1977:
Fish technology

Walker, D., 1987:
Fish technology: its use and abuse

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Fish temperature and icing

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Fish test Water content, pollution.1

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Fish that are poisonous to eat

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Fish tissue degradation by trypsin type enzymes

Delgado, Christopher, L., 2003:
Fish to 2020

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Fish toxicants in kraft effluents

Squire, B.; Pilcher, M.; Whitfield, P.; El-Banhawy, M.; Rashed, R., 1989:
Fish toxicity of the molluscicidal seeds of Millettia thonningii (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae): impact on Tilapia nilotica

Hofer, R., D.; Lackner, R.; Jeney, G.; Jeney, Z., 1995:
Fish toxicology

Krone, W., 1983:
Fish trade in Asia and the Pacific International marketing

Beliera, M.-Angel; Monneret-De-Villars, L., 1988:
Fish trade on the South Atlantic Coast

Anonymous, 2004:
Fish trade: a success story for developing countries, but is the field level enough?

Nagamatsu, M., 1974:
Fish transportation. III. Effec

Azurin, Sr, 1981:
Fish trapping device

Stich, H.; Acton, A.; Forrester, C., 1976:
Fish tumors and sublethal effects of pollutants

Modde, Timothy, 1998:
Fish use of Old Charley Wash

Lubowiecki, T., 1978:
Fish utilization in Poland

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Fish utilization of a salt marsh intertidal creek in the Yangtze River estuary, China

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Fish utilization: new sources, techniques, and formulations for future food supply

Gomes, S.; Afonso, A.; Gartner, F., 2006:
Fish vaccination against infections by streptococcal species and the particular case of lactococcosis

Gudding, R., 1997:
Fish vaccinology

Ramos-Henao, A., 1972:
Fish versus beef

Eberhardt, Alyson, L., 2004:
Fish versus human corridors

House, J.D., 1986:
Fish versus oil

Evenden, Matthew, D., 2004:
Fish versus power

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Fish vets diary

Laurencin, Fb, 1980:
Fish vibrio strains antisera in France

Wolf, K.; Quimby, M.C., 1973:
Fish virology

Malsberger, R.; Lautenslager, G., 1980:
Fish viruses: rhabdovirus isolated from a species of the family Cichlidae Rio Grande perch (Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum)

Krogdahi, Aa, 1981:
Fish viscera silage as protein feed for poultry

Douglas, Ron, 2007:
Fish vision

Hairston, N.G.; Li, K.T.; Easter, S.S., 1982:
Fish vision and the detection of planktonic prey

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Fish waste to fish silage--a livestock feed

Yanase, M., 1983:
Fish waste utilization using its autolysis (centrifugal separation of lipid)

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Fish welfare in aquaculture

Afonso, A., 2007:
Fish welfare in farmed fish - the role of EFSA

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Fish with a thermometer

Lind, Ea, 1983:
Fish yield parameters for fresh- and brackish-water areas of Finland

Anonymous, 1991:
Fish your national forest

Anonymous, 1994:
Fish your national forests in Alabama

Lasne, E.; Bergerot, B.; Lek, S.; Laffaille, P., 2007:
Fish zonation and indicator species for the evaluation of the ecological status of rivers: example of the Loire basin (France)

Lands, William, E.M., 2005:
Fish, Omega 3 and human health

Brodie, R.J., 1980:
Fish, a consumer survey of Christchurch households

Pitt, F., 1977:
Fish, a wise choice for high calorie diets

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Fish, benthic macroinvertebrate, and stream habitat data from the Houston-Galveston Area Council service area, Texas, 1997-98

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Fish, feeds, & nutrition in the new millenium

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Fish, fishermen, and fisheries: The Cooperative UI Aquaculture Program

Anonymous, 1973:
Fish, fishing, fishing borders

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Fish, food, and hunger

Harris, Douglas, C., 2001:
Fish, law, and colonialism

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Fish, markets, and fishermen

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Fish, rice not just to eat: rotation also profit potential for rice growers

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Fish, roots, game, and trade in the Columbia Plateau

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Fish, shrimp feed nutrition and nutrition disorders

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Fish, wildlife and recreational values of Michigans coastal wetlands

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Fish, wildlife, and estuaries

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Fish, wildlife, and estuaries: Pesticide residues in estuarine mollusks, 1977 versus 1972--National Pesticide Monitoring Program

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Fish, wildlife, and estuaries: influence of a local source of DDT pollution on statewide DDT residues in waterfowl wings, Northern Alabama, 1978-79

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Fish, wildlife, and estuaries: polychlorinated biphenyls and other organic chemical residues in fish from major United States watersheds near the Great Lakes, 1978

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Fish-aggregating buoys

Anonymous, 1996:
Fish-as you like it

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Fish-based methods for assessing European running waters: a synthesis

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Fish-breeding in the sewage of atomic plants

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Fish-community composition in Cowanesque River upstream and downstream of the Cowanesque Dam, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 1998

Brightbill, R.-A.B.lger, M., D., 1999:
Fish-community composition in Mill Creek, Crooked Creek, and Tioga River in the vicinity of Tioga-Hammond Dams, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 1998

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Fish-cultural and biological characteristics of the Endyr Lake peled males

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Fish-culture and biological indicators of juvenile rainbow trout grown with the application of technical oxygen

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Fish-culture in China

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Fish-culture in Egyptian rice fields

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Fish-culture within the reach of all

Anonymous, 1983:
Fish-disease agents and hosts

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Fish-farm effluents: a United Kingdom survey

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Fish-farming and morphological evaluation of Tilagia mossambica P

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Fish-farming in Swaziland

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Fish-feeder timer control

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Fish-husbandry certification of the ponds of Azerbaijan SSR

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Fish-husbandry chemical hydrology

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Fish-induced variation in abdominal spine length of Leucorrhinia dubia (Odonata) larvae?

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Fish-meat sausage

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Fish-nursery use in Georgia salt-marsh estuaries: the influence of springtime freshwater conditions

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Fish-oil esters of plant sterols differ from vegetable-oil sterol esters in triglycerides lowering, carotenoid bioavailability and impact on plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) concentrations in hypercholesterolemic subjects

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Fish-stream crossing guidebook

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Fish-stream identification guidebook

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Fish-toxicological investigations with copper

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FISH: a tool we really need?

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Fish: survey, fishery problems and management

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Fish; its resources, utilization and economics

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FishCHECK for the detection of finfish spoilage

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Fishbone final environmental impact statement

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Anonymous, 1983:

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Fishculture project, report for Thailand

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Fishculture survey report for West Central Africa

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Fisher (Martes pennanti) biology in the White Mountain National Forest and adjacent areas

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Fisher survival in eastern Ontario

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Fishers statistical long range transport model-performance and sensitivity analysis for North America

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Fisher, Martes pennanti, scent marking behaviour

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Fisher, lynx, wolverine summary of distribution information

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Fisherian and Wrightian theories of speciation

Anonymous, 1947:

Anonymous, 1987:
Fisheries & mariculture

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Fisheries Act compromises logging

Anonymous, 2001:
Fisheries Conservation Act of 2001

Anonymous, 2002:
Fisheries Conservation Act of 2002

Sokimi, William, 2000:
Fisheries Development Section report of technical assistance to the Fisheries Division of Samoa and the local tuna longline industry 12 March-10 May 1999 and 4 October-20 December 1999

Anonymous, 1973:
Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 1898 to 1973

Anonymous, 1971:
Fisheries Research Division information leaflet

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Fisheries Research Division publications, 1927-83

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Fisheries Research Perspective Plan, 2001-2020

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Fisheries Research issues from sociological perspectives, USA

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Fisheries acoustics

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Fisheries activities in Uttar Pradesh

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Fisheries advances in the field of nutrition

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Fisheries and aquaculture in Georgia

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Fisheries and aquaculture in Turkey, 2002

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Fisheries and aquaculture in the Peoples Republic of China

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Fisheries and aquaculture information: the state of the art

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Fisheries and aquatic resources of India

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Fisheries and biological research in Upper Weser

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Fisheries and fish culture in Israel in 1980 Economic aspects, statistics, survey

Sarig, S., 1982:
Fisheries and fish culture in Israel in 1981 Economic aspects, statistics, survey

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Fisheries and integrated Mekong basin development with particular reference to conflicts between the uses and the users

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Fisheries and malnutrition

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Fisheries and salt of fatherland

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Fisheries and the design of electric power plants

Anonymous, 1993:
Fisheries and the marine environment policy support and research

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Fisheries and uncertainty

Anonymous, 1990:
Fisheries and wildlife conservation promotion

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Fisheries and wildlife management in an urbanizing state

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Fisheries and wildlife research and development

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Fisheries assessment and management in data-limited situations

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Fisheries biologist districts, Illinois

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Fisheries biology

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Fisheries biology for everyone

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Fisheries bulletin

Anonymous, 1979:
Fisheries bulletin of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Anonymous, 1997:
Fisheries bycatch

Ross, Michael R., 1997:
Fisheries conservation and management

Symes, D.G., 1999:
Fisheries dependent regions

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Fisheries development and requirements of fishery education and training in Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji and the Philippines with particular reference to the Artisanal Sector

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Fisheries development in Fiji

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Fisheries development in India

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Fisheries development in Taiwan

Anonymous, 1993:
Fisheries development in the Republic of China, past, present & future

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Fisheries development in the north west Indian Ocean

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Fisheries development, 2000 A.D

Anonymous, 1980:
Fisheries development, Algeria

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Fisheries ecology

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Fisheries ecology and management

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Fisheries ecology of floodplain rivers

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Fisheries economics

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Fisheries education and training in India

Smoker, William, W., 1981:
Fisheries education in Alaska

Franckx, Erik, 2001:
Fisheries enforcement

Smolowitz, Rj, 1983:
Fisheries engineering and its role in resource management

Braun, F., 1982:
Fisheries evidence in warmth-power stations Sewage disposal into rivers, effect on fish biology.1

Mammen, Ta, 1970:
Fisheries extension

Reutter, Jeffrey-Michael, 1980:
Fisheries food service survey

Anonymous, 1982:
Fisheries for the future

Cruz-Lopez, Hector, 1995:
Fisheries genetics completion report, 1992-1995

Anonymous, 1989:
Fisheries habitat management on public lands

Khin, U., 1948:
Fisheries in Burma

Chang, Pao-Shu, 1954:
Fisheries in China

Anonymous, 1976:
Fisheries in Inland Sea of Japan

Gopala-Reddy, K.V.rnekar, V., 1984:
Fisheries in Malpe--status and prospectus

Anonymous, 1990:
Fisheries in Pakistan

Sivasubramaniam, K.I.rahim, M.-Amin, 1984:
Fisheries in Qatar

Herje, Emil, 1972:
Fisheries in Sor-Trondelag

Anonymous, 1953:
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Fishhook without bait a look at the fish canning industry

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Fishin Luck Has To Be Good on the Horseshoe Lakes

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Fishin on the farm

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Fishing & fisheries

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Fishing Maine

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Fishing North America

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Fishing and aquaculture: Art of decanting

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Fishing and cooperation in Quebec

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Fishing and fish economy in North Ceylon

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Fishing and stock fluctuations

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Fishing at Lake Ihema

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Fishing ban sinks hopes of turnaround in Peru

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Fishing basics

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Fishing boat construction

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Fishing boat engines

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Fishing boat fisheries

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Fishing business and settlement in Karlssuperscript 2y, Lenvik and Sande

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Fishing capacity and EU fleet adjustment

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Fishing craft development in Kerala

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Fishing development policies project, Venezuela provisional report

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Fishing directory

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Fishing dry flies for trout on rivers and streams

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Fishing effort and factors affecting vessel performance in the South African purse-seine fishery, 1964-1972

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Fishing expedition: trawling for the best frozen seafood

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Fishing fame!

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Fishing fingers

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Fishing for a dietary connection?

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Fishing for a living

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Fishing for a mechanism: using zebrafish to understand spinal muscular atrophy

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Fishing for an answer

Hurwitz, D., 1995:
Fishing for compromises through NAFTA and environmental dispute-settlment: the tuna-dolphin controversy

Anonymous, 1985:
Fishing for exports: some markets to consider

Henard, Mc, 2001:
Fishing for exports? Try surimi in France

Gray, J., S.; Dayton, P.; Thrush, S.; Kaiser, M., J., 2007:
Fishing for facts on the environmental effects of trawling and dredge fisheries: Reply to Lokkeborg

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Fishing for gold

McCauley, D.J., 2007:
Fishing for good news

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Fishing for good vegetables

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Fishing for knowledge

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Fishing for mercury: whos at risk?

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Fishing for sale: fee-fishing opportunities in Virginia

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Fishing for seafood facts

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Fishing for the genetic key to bigger fish

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Fishing for the origins of cancer

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Fishing for toxicity: biological automonitor for continuous water quality control

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Fishing for tuna in Sicily

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Fishing for tunas associated with floating objects

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Fishing from primitive man to modern technology and industry

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Fishing gear ; theory and design of fishing gears for deep-sea fishing

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Fishing gear and methods in Honduras

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Fishing gear for prawn and shrimp used in the Philippines today

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Fishing grounds

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Fishing grounds and fishery economy on the west coast of North America

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Fishing guide to the Mark Twain National Forest

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Fishing harbor wastes and what can be done about the problems Brownsville, Texas

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Fishing in America

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Fishing in Argentina

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Fishing in Brazilian coastal waters and rivers

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Fishing in Catalonia

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Fishing in Chile

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Fishing in Oregons Cascade lakes

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Fishing in Sahel countries: large needs and small means

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Fishing in Saint-Laurent

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Fishing in a polluted estuary: fishing behavior, fish consumption, and potential risk

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Fishing in figures in 1980

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Fishing in inland waters

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Fishing in numbers 1981- tentative figures calculated for sea fishing industry in the mussel sector

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Fishing in reservoirs

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Fishing in small inland lakes

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Fishing in the central Niger delta

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Fishing in the city

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Fishing in the mangrove swamps of the Guayaquil Gulf, Ecuador

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Fishing in troubled waters

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Fishing industry in Asia and the Pacific

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Fishing industry in the Republic of Mozambique

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Fishing industry statistics--1978

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Fishing laws of Iceland

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Fishing lines

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Fishing lure collectibles

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Fishing motivations and involvement of boating salmonid anglers on Lake Ontario

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Fishing net material

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Fishing on Lake Balaton 1885-1978

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Fishing on ice

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Fishing on the Tisza river between 1958--1968

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Fishing operations

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Fishing opportunities in south central Wyoming

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Fishing opportunities in the Ocala National Forest

Anonymous, 1990:
Fishing opportunities on and around the San Juan National Forest

Anonymous, 1991:
Fishing opportunities on the Bighorn National Forest

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Fishing out of Whitby

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Fishing possibilities in gravel pits

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Fishing practice, gear design, and the ecosystem approach - three case studies demonstrating the effect of management strategy on gear selectivity and discards

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Fishing problems

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Fishing research development, Cuba project results and recommendations

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Fishing significance of the Sirvanand the Mil-Mugan collectors

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Fishing small flies

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Fishing success on California wild trout waters in 1990-91

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Fishing the Atlantic

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Fishing the Danube near Apatin

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Fishing the Great Australian Bight--history holds important lessons for the future

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Fishing the Great Lakes

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Fishing the Huron National Forest

Anonymous, 1991:
Fishing the Medicine Bow National Forest Snowy Range area

Anonymous, 1994:
Fishing the Osceola National Forest

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Fishing the headwaters of the Missouri

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Fishing the line near marine reserves in single and multispecies fisheries

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Fishing the three rivers

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Fishing to win

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Fishing tourism

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Fishing trends and conditions in the southeast region, 1990

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Fishing trials with small-mesh driftnets in Bangladesh

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Fishing use, harvest and stocking evaluations at West and Dowdy lakes

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Fishing using gillnetting

Anonymous, 1991:
Fishing vessel safety

Anonymous, 1986:
Fishing vessel safety and insurance issues

Rogers, He, 1983:
Fishing vessel stability is important for safety

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Fishing with John

Anonymous, 2000:
Fishing with artificial lures

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Fishing with bottom gillnets

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Fishing with electricity

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Fishing world

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Fishing worms and how to raise them

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Fishing yesterdays Gulf Coast

Anonymous, 1993:
Fishing your national forests

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Fishing, biology and dynamics of bluefish (Pomatomus saltator, Linnaeus, 1766) on the Senegal-Mauritania coasts

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Fishing, biology and ecology of shad in the Gironde-Garonne-Dordogne system

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Fishing, fish culture and development

Anonymous, 1993:
Fishing, your Conecuh National Forest

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Fishing: more than one point of view

Anonymous, 1980:
Fishing: the hinterland is yielding to the sea in northeastern Brazil

Grahn, O., 1980:
Fishkills in two moderately acid lakes due to high aluminum concentration

Anonymous, 1992:
Fishlake National Enlargement Act

Anonymous, 1985:
Fishlake National Forest

Anonymous, 1991:
Fishlake National Forest Enlargement Act

Anonymous, 1995:
Fishlake National Forest vision

Anonymous, 1987:
Fishlake National Forest, Utah

Anonymous, 1990:
Fishlake National Forest, Utah travel map, land & resource management plan

Anonymous, 1994:
Fishlake National Forest, firewood sale area map

Dinardo, Gerard, T., 1991:

Makokha, Ao, 1992:
Fishmeal and

Subbannayya, K.B.bu, H.K.mar, A.R.o, K.; Shivananda, P., 1983:
Fishmeal extract agar buffalo serum: A new diphasic culture medium for the diagnosis of ameobiasis-- preliminary studies

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Fishmeal justifies its cost with layers under stress

Anonymous, 1980:
Fishmeal production at sea

Karrick, Nl, 1976:
Fishmeal quality

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Fishpond management without emergency aeration Catfish

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Fishponds and aquaria

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Fishponds and home aquaria

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Fishtail palm project

Austin, Deborah, L.R., 2005:

Anonymous, 1988:

Killcreas, Wallace, E., 1992:
Fishy 2.0

Killcreas, Wallace, E., 2002:
Fishy 2002

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Fishy 3.0: A comprehensive fish production management system

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Fishy advice in recent seafood guidelines?

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Fishy business

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Fishy science

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Fishy weights net importer prison term

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Fishys favorites for bass, trout, and salt water

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Fishys flies

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Fisiologaia y fisiopatologaia de la nutriciaon

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Fisiologi adaptasi hewan terestrial terhadap lingkungan

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Fisiologia aplicada a la veterinaria y zootecnia

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Fisiologia de la produccion de trabajo

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Fisiologia de las plantas

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Fisiologia degli animali domestici con elementi di etologia

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Fisiologia vegetal ambiental

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Fisiologia vegetale

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Fisiologia vegetale e piante agrarie

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Fisk, mattrygghet og tekniske handelshindringer

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Fiske og oppdrett av laks mv

Anonymous, 1994:

Mikkelsen, Peal, 1989:
Fiskeoppdrett i regionalsuperscript 2konomisk perspektiv

Anonymous, 1980:
Fiskeri, fangster efter omreader, 1966-1978

Anonymous, 1980:

Anonymous, 1971:
Fiskestatistisk arsbok

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Fisons HDH phosphoric acid process operating experience with a 160 TPD plant at RMHK Trepca (Yugoslavia)

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Fisons grassland book

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Fissidens aeruginosus Hook. f. & Wils. and its synonyms

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Fissidens aphelotaxifolius (Bryopsida; Fissidentaceae), a new species from the Pacific Northwest of North America

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Fissidens asplenioides on the Gulf Coastal Plain

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Fissidens austro-americanus (Bryopsida: Fissidentaceae), a new species from Brazil and Suriname

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Fissidens bryoides Hedw., new to the moss flora of subantarctic Prince Edward Island

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Fissidens buckii and fissidens quisqueyanus, spp. nov. (Bryopsida: Fissidentaceae), from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

Hoe, Wj, 1972:
Fissidens crumii and Fissidens bishipii, new species from the Hawaiian Islands

Stone, Ig, 1989:
Fissidens cucullatus and Fissidens inaequiretis spp. nov. from New South Wales, Australia

Pursell, Ra, 1980:
Fissidens diplodus Mitt. var. richardsii (R. S. Williams) Pursell, comb. nov

Odgaard, Bv, 1984:
Fissidens exiguus Sull. new to Denmark

Pursell, Ra, 1985:
Fissidens florschuetzii, sp. nov. (Bryopsida: Fissidentaceae), from Colombia

Sollman, P., 1982:
Fissidens fontanus (La Pyl.) Steud. in the Netherlands Musci, first record.1

Kumar, Ss, 1979:
Fissidens geppii Fleisch.--A new record for India

Stone, Ig, 1983:
Fissidens gymnocarpus, a new species from Queensland, Australia

Stone, Ig, 1984:
Fissidens henryae, a new species from Queensland, Australia

Pursell, Ra, 1977:
Fissidens hoei, sp. nov. from Hawaii

Stone, Ig, 1988:
Fissidens maceratus Mitt. (synonym F. splachnobryoides Broth.)

Bowers, F.; Timme, S., 1990:
Fissidens neonii new to Alabama, and additional reports for F. asplenioides, F. fontanus, and F. grandifrons for Alabama

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Fissidens nothotaxifolius (Bryopsida: Fissidentaceae). A new species from the Hawaiian Island

Li, Zh, 1984:
Fissidens obscurus Mitt. (Musci, Fissidentaceae), new to China

Pradhan, N.; Joshi, S.-Devi, 2007:
Fissidens robinsonii Broth. (Fissidentaceae, Musci), a new record for Nepal

Stone, Ig, 1994:
Fissidens section Crenularia C. Muell. in Australia

Wallace, Ec, 1976:
Fissidens taxifolius Hedw. ssp. pallidicaulis (Mitt.) Monkm. in the British Isles

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Fissidens traversii, a new species from Queensland, Australia

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Fissidens viridulus Wahlenb. and Fissidens minutulus Sull

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Fission Yeast cell envelopes, structure, genetic control, mutants

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Fission of nerve cells

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Fission product residues in beef Food hygiene, radioactive pollutants, Yugoslavia.1

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Fission yeast

Wolfe, B.; Gould, K., 2004:
Fission yeast Clp1p phosphatase affects G2

Hirata, D.K.shimoto, N.S.da, M.S.gabe, Y.N.kagawa, S.Y.shida, Y.S.kai, K.M.zunuma, M.M.yakawa, T.I.higuro, J.T.da, T., 2002:
Fission yeast Mor2

Kosoy, A.; Calonge, T.M.; Outwin, E.A.; O'Connell, M.J., 2007:
Fission yeast Rnf4 homologs are required for DNA repair

Garcia, M.; Vardy, L.K.onrugsa, N.T.da, T., 2001:
Fission yeast ch-TOG

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