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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15845

Chapter 15845 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Magomedov, I.; Kovaleva, L.; Chernyad'-Ev, I.; Doman, N., 1976:
Fixation of carbon dioxide and activity of certain enzymes of carbon metabolism in corn leaves

Kato, S.I.itani, A.Y.shida, S.N.shikawa, Y., 1979:
Fixation of carbon dioxide by g

Quinn, P.; Wales, R.G., 1974:
Fixation of carbon dioxide by preimplantation rabbit embryos in vitro

Roussel, L., 1972:
Fixation of carbonic gas from the air by forest masses

Gardner, D.; Slahor, J., 1994:
Fixation of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) in selected Appalachian hardwoods

Delgado, M.; Magat, A., 1973:
Fixation of copper on the serum proteins of cattle: In vovo and in vitro tests with the aid of copper 64

Kozlevcar, B.; Humar, M.; Strauch, P.; Leban, I., 2005:
Fixation of copper(II) ions in aqueous solution to lignin model compound vanillin in an absence of the nitrogen donor ligands; structural and EPR correlation

Admiraal, W.B.eugem, P.J.cobs, D.; Ruyter-Van-Steveninck, E.-De, 1990:
Fixation of dissolved silicate and sedimentation of biogenic silicate in the lower river Rhine during diatom blooms

Bohm, W., 1986:
Fixation of elemental nitrogen by legume root nodules. In memory of Hermann Hellriegel, an epoch-making discovery in 1886

Laloraya, V.; Mitra, A., 1972:
Fixation of elementary nitrogen by some blue-green algae

Shimokawa, K.Y.koyama, K.K.sai, Z., 1969:
Fixation of ethylene-14C by Japanese morning glory seedlings (Pharbitis nil, Choisy)

Ames, Nk, 1982:
Fixation of femoral fractures in cattle

Smirnov, L.; Shilova, E.; Kosareva, G., 1976:
Fixation of fertilizer nitrogen in the soil and its subsequent transformation

Medvedeva, Op, 1976:
Fixation of fertilizer potassium by Chernozem soil in a non exchangeable form and its availability to plants

Bedrna, Z., 1975:
Fixation of fertilizer potassium in soil as depending on temperature, moisture content, and quantity of fertilizer

Schuster, W., 1973:
Fixation of heterosis by combination breeding in sunflowers

Ablou, S.; Kartel'-, M., 1980:
Fixation of homologous 3H -DNA by

Ganzhara, N.; Farid, A., 1983:
Fixation of humic substances by minerals and rocks

Wittig, G., 1969:
Fixation of insect hemocytes for electron microscopy: a comment

Roa, N.; Palit, D.L.l, S.D., S., 1974:
Fixation of iodide by soils in presence of calcium oxide (CaO) and calcium sulphate (CaSO4)

Andre, S., 1971:
Fixation of iodine during development of the plantula of corn and pea

Ramanathan, K.; Francis, H.; Subbiah, S.K.ishnamoorthy, K., 1980:
Fixation of major plant nutrients by a black soil of Coimbatore district

Naplekova, N.; Il'-In, V.; Treiman, A., 1970:
Fixation of manganese by cellulose decomposing microorganisms

Vesk, M.P.ttock, C., 1980:
Fixation of marine unicellular algae

Bal, J.; Chohan, G., 1981:
Fixation of maturity standards for ber, Cv. umran Zizyphus mauritiana, India

Rogers, F.B.; Bartlett, C., 2006:
Fixation of mesh in large flank hernias as a result of extensive muscular avulsion from seatbelt injuries

Kulikov, B.; Popov, L.; Ezerzha, A.; Mochalkin, A., 1972:
Fixation of metals by DNA of some species of cultivated plants in dependence on plant radioresistance

Hobbs, Mj, 1969:
Fixation of microscopic fresh-water green algae by 31% 0s04 in CC14 in an unbuffered, two-phase fixative system

Kostyaev, Vya, 1979:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen and photosynthesis in the blue-green alga Anabaena spiroides in longwave ultraviolet rays

Kostiaev, Via, 1979:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen and the photosynthesis in blue-green alga Anabaena spiroides in the long-wave ultraviolet rays

Krikunets'-, Vm, 1970:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen b

Dzadzamiia, T.; Megrelidze, A., 1975:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by Clostridium cultures isolated from brown and meadow-marshy soils of Georgia

Manorik, Av, 1970:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by fractions from nodules and cell-free extracts from yellow lupine bacteroids

Mishustin, E.; Kalininskaia, T.; Shemakhanova, N., 1973:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by microorganisms

Yurkova, G.; Nichik, M.; Levenko, B.; Starchenkov, E., 1976:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by nodule bacteria of lupine in association with cells of tobacco and wheat

Iurkova, G.; Nichik, M.; Levenko, B.; Starchenkov, E., 1976:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by nodule bacteria of lupine in association with tobacco and wheat cells

Mishustin, E.; Gromyko, E., 1976:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen by pure cultures of nodule bacteria (review)

Saralov, A.; Dziuban, A., 1978:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen in the eutrophic lakd Beloye

Kostyaev, Vya, 1983:
Fixation of molecular nitrogen on lake macrophytes

Savic, B.J.vandic, P.B.bic, S., 1976:
Fixation of molybdenum in some soils of Bosnia

Saha, K.; Mandal, L., 1980:
Fixation of nitrogen by blue-green algae in acidic and lateritic rice soils of West Bengal

Kretovich, V.; Evstigneeva, Z.; Aseeva, K.; Zargaryan, O.; Mochalkina, N., 1970:
Fixation of nitrogen by cell-free extracts of the bacteroids of lupin and soybean root nodules

Iswaran, V., 1970:
Fixation of nitrogen by legumes

Pirie, Nw, 1974:
Fixation of nucleic acid by leaf fibre and calcium phosphate

Hasan, R.V.layutham, M., 1971:
Fixation of phosphate and potassium as influenced by soil type

Cohen-Bazire, G.; Lefort-Tran, M., 1970:
Fixation of phycobiliproteins to photosynthetic membranes by glutaraldehyde

Haidan, M.D.echsel, P., 1978:
Fixation of pigs for veterinary treatment

Hudcova, O.S.rovy, V., 1972:
Fixation of potassium by Gray-Brown Podzolic soils

Zabavskaia, Km, 1974 :
Fixation of potassium by different soils and their mechanical fractions

Bagchi, S.; Roy, B., 1975:
Fixation of potassium in soils of West Bengal

Demylienko, O.; Ivashina, A.; Pavlenko, O., 1980:
Fixation of products of organic

Wytwer, T., 1978:
Fixation of protective salt preparations containing chromium, copper, zinc, and boron compounds in wood

Pimenova, M.; Piskunkova, N.; Ershova, E., 1976:
Fixation of radioactive carbon from organic acids by the cells of Chlorella pyrenoidosa synchronous culture

Maes, E.V.elvoye,, W.D.lvaux, B., 1999:
Fixation of radiocaesium traces in a weathering sequence mica leads to vermiculite leads to hydroxy interlayered vermiculite

Egberts, J., 1972:
Fixation of rat lungs under physiologically defined conditions

Shiozaki, H.O.aki, A., 1975:
Fixation of silk-sericin by glu

Clement, R., 1977:
Fixation of the cost of irrigation water

Costin, E., 1970:
Fixation of the maritime sand dunes in the northwestern part of Egypt

Massaro, Ej, 1995:
Fixation of the plasma membrane: a mechanism of cytotoxicity of tributyltin

Aleixo, A.; Gregory, S., M.S.; Penhallurick, J., 2007:
Fixation of the type species and revalidation of the genus Dendroplex Swainson, 1827 (Dendrocolaptidae)

Raiha, J.; Parchman, M.K.ook, L.V.inionpaa,, M.R.kkanen, P.T.rmala, P., 1990:
Fixation of trochanteric osteotomies in laboratory beagles with absorbable screws of polylactic acid

Treiber, E., 1971:
Fixation of wood samples for morphological studies by scanning electron microscopy

Tewari, M.; Sharma, M., 1968:
Fixation of wood-preserving chemicals in bamboos. I. The role of dichromate in the fixation mechanism

Larson, P.R.; Isebrands, J.G.; Dickson, R.E., 1972:
Fixation patterns of (14)C within developing leaves of eastern cottonwood

Gorb, Sn, 1992:
Fixation reflexes of the head in the flight of the dragonflies Odonata

Lenz, M.; Sobiraj, A., 2007:
Fixation, application of drugs and euthanasia of sheep

Ivanov, P.S.uerbeck, D., 1971:
Fixation, decomposition and availability of phytic-acid phosphorus in soil

Glauert, Audrey, M., 1975:
Fixation, dehydration and embedding of biological specimens

Shaudys, Pv, 1987:
Fixatives for potpourri

Mathieu, Rf, 1987:
Fixatives: alternative methods to using orris root

Sevcik, A.; Kacmárik, J., 1975:
Fixed acids in physiological parturition

Sevcik, A.; Kacmárik, J., 1975:
Fixed acids in protracted parturition

Sevcik, A.K.cmarik, J.E.ecko, J., 1976:
Fixed acids in tradional Cesarean section in cows

Greenfield, Lg, 1991:
Fixed ammonium in Antarctic rocks and soils and a possible cause of underestimation

Pomazkina, L.; Parshina, G., 1980:
Fixed ammonium in soddy-meadow soil of the Kirenga River valley (western section of the Baikal-Amur railroad) and its availability to plants

Likhacheva, Va, 1980:
Fixed ammonium in the soils of the Maritime Territory

Kinney, S.K.; Dunson, D.B., 2007:
Fixed and random effects selection in linear and logistic models

Taubenberger, J.K., 2003:
Fixed and frozen flu: the 1918 influenza and lessons for the future

Simms, J.C., 1989:
Fixed and mobile facilities in dairy practice

Fornari, B., 1981:
Fixed and movable capital in the Italian flour milling and macroni factories

Vandeveer, M.; Langemeier, M., 1991:
Fixed and variable cost and principles for financial planning

Craveiro, A.A.; Andrade, C.H.; Matos, F.J.; Alencar, J.W.; Dantas, T.N., 2010:
Fixed and volatile constituents of Croton aff. nepetifolius

Hodina, P., 1969:
Fixed asset required in production cooperatives for broiler fattening

Schulze, W., 1977:
Fixed assets and investment policy in the wood processing industry in the period 1976 to 1980 an important factor of intensification

Turczyn, J., 1983:
Fixed assets in the food industry and their utilization

Hertsch, B.G.rweck, U.Z.ller, R., 1980:
Fixed bandages (casts) for horses

Sanna, P.C.milli, M.D.gen, L., 1987:
Fixed bed anaerobic reactors for the biological treatment of liquid wastes

Steitz, B.; Salaklang, J.; Finka, A.; O'Neil, C.; Hofmann, H.; Petri-Fink, A., 2007:
Fixed bed reactor for solid-phase surface derivatization of superparamagnetic nanoparticles

Chapman, Sd, 1970:
Fixed capital formation in the British cotton industry, 1770--1815

Aliev, R.A.etisian, A., 1976:
Fixed capital in vegetable farming

Ivanov, B.; Konoshenko, A.; Kurella, G., 1970:
Fixed charges of cell wall, its quantity and properties

Caballero, R.-J.L.ahy, J.-Vincent, 1996:
Fixed costs

Gould, L., 1969:
Fixed costs check--heavy finance charges

Doyle, J.; Whited, T., 2001:
Fixed costs of adjustment, coordination, and industry investment

Kenefic, L.; Sendak, P.; Brissette, J., 2001:
Fixed diameter-limit versus selection cutting: a long-term assessment in northern conifers

Anonymous, 1994:
Fixed dose procedure for the fluorescein leakage test

Lawrentschuk, N.; Pan, D.; Troy, A., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption of the penis secondary to sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim

Rives, M., 1971:
Fixed effects and random effects models of variance analysis

Anonymous, 1950:
Fixed equipment of the farm

Hori, T., 1981:
Fixed errors of rope bend type

Svensson, Lars, E.O., 1993:
Fixed exchange rates as a means to price stability

Edwards, S.; Losada, F., J., 1994:
Fixed exchange rates, inflation and macroeconomic discipline

Keating, L.; Roenke, K., 1987:
Fixed fire detection lookout history on the Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

Schulz, H., 1975:
Fixed frame building methods and similar self building possibilities

Ruske, W., 1978:
Fixed frame construction buildings--versatile and cost saving

Dittmann, L.K.uger, H., 1976:
Fixed funds as economic indicators of the effective use of machines in the transition to industrial production

Cavazza, Domizio, 1990:
Fixed installation of rain irrigation

Gordon, Robert, J., 1984:
Fixed investment in the American business cycle, 1919-83

Leitman, G.S.offman, A.S.ani, M.A.hkenazi, S.S.ern, S., 1975:
Fixed irrigation installation

Tikhonov, V.K.torgin, A., 1970:
Fixed labor payment in agriculture

Baldock, J.; Ballard, R., 2004:
Fixed nitrogen in sustainable farming systems: a symposium examining factors influencing the extent of biological nitrogen fixation and its role in southern Australian agricultural systems. Setting the scene

Makhanek, S., 1979:
Fixed non-production capital of collective farms

Quintana, E.; Concna, J.1; Teodoro, P., 1983:
Fixed oil content of Quisqualis indica L. fruit as affected by storage Herbal medicine, Philippines

Averdunk, G.D.mpfle, L., 1983:
Fixed or fluid basis?

Naes, T.L.ngsrud, O., 1998:
Fixed or random assessors in sensory profiling?

Georgeson, M.A.; Meese, T.S., 2005:
Fixed or variable noise in contrast discrimination? The jury's still out..

Mcowen, Js, 1987:
Fixed palatal inclined plane for relief of trauma impingement in the dog

Serragiotto, B.S.niscalchi, D., 1981:
Fixed polyvalent pluvioirrigatory equipment in the dry zone of Adda Alpino (Sondrio Province)

Rossman, W.; Howard, S., 1984:
Fixed price bidding for line clearance

Zimmerman,. Jr.;, 1997:
Fixed price forward contracts: a solution to the changing dairy environment and price risk management

Anonymous, 1941:
Fixed prices for agricultural commodities

Nazarova, Ni, 1979 :
Fixed production capital and the intensification of the branch

Burdin, Na, 1977:
Fixed production capital in the branch

Casper, B.; Wiens, D., 1981:
Fixed rates of random ovule abortion in Cryptantha flava (Boraginaceae) and its possible relation to seed dispersal

Anonymous, 1993:
Fixed reproducible tangible wealth in the United States, 1925-89

Gilbert, J.J.; Lessley, B., 1978:
Fixed sod cost decreases as Maryland farm size rises

Blidaru, V., 1973:
Fixed sprinkling system of telescopic type

Oknuna, Rm, 1977:
Fixed standards for planning costs for fertilizers and conditioners

Shamsiev, B.; Iarbobaev, N., 1977:
Fixed standards of labor input and material cash assets and the effectiveness of lemon production in Tadzhikistan

Rozaliev, V.; Krasnikova, L., 1981:
Fixed standards of total profitability for planning production development for 1981-1985 Collective and state farms, Middle and Lower Volga River area.1

Strel'-Nikov, V.; Zotochkin, N., 1979:
Fixed standards on capital investments for the establishment of berry plantations

Vartha, E.F.aser, T.F.etcher, L.H.glund, J., 1983:
Fixed stocking rate pasture systems technique examples in plant species evaluation

Lovelidge, B., 1981:
Fixed system

Hijink, Jwf, 1980:
Fixed systems in the group stall

Ulinder, Jd, 1995:
Fixed time zone methodology for plug flow simulations as applied to an oxygen delignification reactor. 2. The process model

Callejas, S.; Cala, V.; Catalano, R.; Ersinger, C.; Cabodevila, J.; Teruel, M., 2007:
Fixed timed artificial insemination in Holstein heifers treated with progesterone intravaginal device or Ovsynch protocol

Tornell, A.; Velasco, A., 1995:
Fixed versus flexible exchange rates

King, TA.; Williams, JC.; Davies, WD.; Shelton, WL., 1981:
Fixed versus random sampling of fishes in a large reservoir

Devereux, M.-B.E.gel, C., 1999:
Fixed vs. floating exchange rates

Spencer, Rd, 1979:
Fixed-base large-scale photographs for forest sampling

Magtoto, Eduardo-Reyes, 1966:
Fixed-bed adsorption of organic water pollutants

Ratti, C.M.jumdar, A., 1993:
Fixed-bed batch drying of shrinking particles with time varying drying air conditions

Bangalore, S.; Kamalakkannan, G.; Parkar, S.; Messerli, F.H., 2007:
Fixed-dose combinations improve medication compliance: a meta-analysis

Smeak, D.; Crocker, C., 1997:
Fixed-head skin staplers: features and performance

Stein, Wi, 1984:
Fixed-plot methods for evaluating forest regeneration

Anonymous, 1975:
Fixed-stall dairy barn

Anonymous, 1979:
Fixed-time artificial insemination of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and sheep

Scott, C.; Alegria, J., 1990:
Fixed-versus variable-radius plots for change estimation

Kent, R.S.therland, D.N.xolm, R.G.ieves, E.F.sher, W., 1979:
Fixed-wing aircraft used in mosquito control in New Jersey

Jensen, Per, 1980:
Fixeringens effekt pea sinsuggors beteende

Flood,, A., 1994:

Kisser, Josef, 1940:
Fixierung und Konservierung der naturlichen Pflanzenfarben

Stevens, Harriet, A., 1974:
Fixing & eating

Miller, Rm, 1996:
Fixing and enhancing conditioned responses

Petrov, R., 1971:
Fixing and planning the annual c

MacGown, M.W.; Vozzo, J.A., 1987:
Fixing and staining pine seeds after seed coat removal

Bratley, Hazel, 1979:
Fixing better breakfasts

Anonymous, 1946:
Fixing better suppers

Bradford, David, F., 1996:
Fixing capital gains

Sr.idhar K.; Jackson M.L., 1973:
Fixing cation interaction with blister-like osmotic swelling on vermiculite cleavages

Peate, R., 1984:
Fixing climbers to stakes with adhesive labels

Brackelsberg, P.R.illy, R., 1979:
Fixing darts to fit

Shore, J., 1990:
Fixing dyes and washing cloth

Refisch, B., 1970:
Fixing economic goals and ways and means of reaching them in forestry operations

Flood,, A., 1993:
Fixing exchange rates

Paarlberg, Robert, L., 1988:
Fixing farm trade

Reece, J., 2007:
Fixing fractured camel jaws

Hei LiAng; H.Y.eMing; W.Q.Tang; Xuan HaiFeng, 2007:
Fixing heavy metals in sludge and reducing pollution to soil using heavy metal stabilizers

Panda, Mk, 1986:
Fixing income and price targets for the poor in India

Shaudys, Pv, 1987:
Fixing it with fixatives: the available options. (It is time for serious experimentation and diversification in the preparation of herbal fragrance products)

Sklenka, P.L.zak, J.P.ochazka, B., 1976:
Fixing kinematic relations of the spatial reaping mechanism of the SK 4 harvester thresher

Anonymous, 1941:
Fixing minimum milk prices by law in California

Flanzy, C.B.ret, M.C.ambroy, Y., 1971:
Fixing of 3-14C malic acid in darkness by grapes in anaerobiosis

Iakovleva, Zm, 1973:
Fixing of atmospheric nitrogen in soils

Tsel'-Millere, M.; Saulite, L., 1973:
Fixing of components of combined antiseptics of the wood of various parts of the tree

Burkitt, F.; Heap, S., 1973:
Fixing of cotton articles

Scheffer, K.D.imel, E., 1978:
Fixing of fertilizer phosphate in arable soils as well as the effect of silicic acid on the mobility of fertilizer phosphate

Medvedeva, Op, 1971:
Fixing of fertilizer potassium in non-exchangeable form and potassium availability for plants

Dani, E., 1973:
Fixing of optimal period for application of ammonium nitrate in wheat cultivation in the conditions of the Dibra district

Chwalinski, K., 1983:
Fixing of periods of fighting the pine needlecast (Lophodermium pinastri (Schrad.) Chevall.) based on the phenological phenomenon of the plants in forest district Ruszow conditions

Drechsel, P.H.idan, M., 1977:
Fixing of pigs for veterinary procedures

Iakovlev, Gv, 1972:
Fixing of sterility in the onion

Patwardhan, Ss, 1997:
Fixing of water tariff problems in urban areas

Moldeven, Meyer, 1984:
Fixing production mistakes

Banyai, S.P.rczel-Zalai, M.S.ilagyi-Toth, M., 1973:
Fixing standard parameters of seeds for nurseries on the basis of data of a national survey

Fisher, Julian, H., 2007:
Fixing the broken toaster: scholarly publishing re-imagined

Lindemann, E.S.ark, R.V.n; Klautschek, G., 1975:
Fixing the final weight of young bulls of different gene design with special reference to the growth function

Anonymous, 2003:
Fixing the financials

Wells, William, A., 2006:
Fixing the hole

Kiss, G.; Uzonyi, M., G., 1984:
Fixing the limit of control in the calculation of watering of milk

Speorri, Philipp, 1993:
Fixing the milk quota system

Stratula,,, D., 1972:
Fixing the period of tilling the ground and soil fertilization with maize in crop rotation of wheat-maize

Ludwig, Jw, 1972:
Fixing the quality of potatoes in the interest of improving the industry

Schwarz, A., 1977:
Fixing the shelf life of pre packed meat products

Wilcox, Rh, 1976:
Fixing the surcharges: negotiation is the only way

Champati, M.P.tnaik, S., 1984:
Fixing water rates for major irrigation projects: a case study

Elliston, Ruth, K., 1974:
Fixtures and rods for Austrian and Roman shades

Jensen, Ph, 1973:
Fixtures in the stalls of slaughter swine

Gvozdeetiskiaei, Nikolaaei-Andreevich, 1954:
Fizicheskaeiia geografieiia Kavkaza

Suslov, S.P., 1947:
Fizicheskaeiia geografieiia SSSR

Kul*-Section-*man, A.G., 1949:
Fizicheskaeiia i kolloidnaeiia khimieiia

Trifonova, M.F.L.onenko, I.N., 1998:
Fizicheskie faktory v rastenievodstve

Voronin, A.D.O.lov, D.S., 1994:
Fizicheskie i khimicheskie metody issledovaniia pochv

Ioffe, A.F., 1955:
Fizika i sel* section *skoe khozeiiaaeistvo

Blokhin, M.A., 1953:
Fizika rentgenovskikh lucheaei

Anonymous, 1959:
Fizika tverdogo tela

Gerasimov, I.P., 1964:
Fiziko-geograficheskiaei atlas mira

Armand, D.L., 1961:
Fiziko-geograficheskie osnovy proektirovanieiia seti polezashchitnykh lesnykh polos

Votinetisev, K.K.P.povskaeiia, G.-Ivanovna; Mazepova, G.-Fedorovna, 1963:
Fiziko-khimicheskiaei rezhim i zhizn* section * planktona Selenginskogo raaeiona ozera Baaeikal

Moskvitin, Nikolaaei-Ivanovich, 1964:
Fiziko-khimicheskie osnovy proetisessov skleivanieiia i prilipanieiia

Sokolovskiaei, A.L., 1951:
Fiziko-khimicheskie osnovy proizvodstva karameli

Kuprietis, Eiia, N., 1946:
Fiziko-khimicheskie osnovy razmola zerna

Vyshchepan, A.C.M.l*-Section-*man, M.E., 1952:
Fiziko-khimicheskie osnovy solenieiia i kvashenieiia ovoshcheaei

Mikhaaeilov, A.N., 1949:
Fiziko-khimicheskie osnovy tekhnologii kozhi

Pestov, N.E., 1947:
Fiziko-khimicheskie svoaeistva zernistykh i poroshkovykh khimicheskikh produktov

Sokolov, S.Eiia, 1941:
Fiziko-khimieiia kollagena, tannidov i proetisessov dublenieiia

Anonymous, 1941:
Fiziko-mekhanicheskiaei analiz zameniteloaei kezhi

Burmistrova, M.F., 1956 :
Fiziko-mekhanicheskie svoaeistva sel* section *skokhozeiiaaeistvennykh rasteniaei

Golikov, Aleksandr-Nikolaevich, 1993:
Fiziologicheskaia adaptatsiia i prognozirovanie zdorovia selskokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh

Lebedev, S.I., 1953:
Fiziologicheskaia rol karotina v rastenii

Ostrovskaia, L.K., 1961:
Fiziologicheskaia rol medi i osnovy primeneniia mednykh udobrenii

Anonymous, 1992:
Fiziologicheskiaei zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova

Lishchuk, A.I., 1989:
Fiziologicheskie aspekty adaptaetisii dekorativnykh i plodovykh rasteniaei

Zhurbietiskiaei, Z.H., 1963:
Fiziologicheskie i agrokhimicheskie osnovy primenenieiia udobreniaei

Dobrunov, L.G., 1956:
Fiziologicheskie izmenenieiia v ontogeneze rasteniaei

Bogdarina, Anna-Aleksandrovna, 1961:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy deaeistvieiia insektietisidov na rastenie

Belousov, M.A., 1964:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy kornevogo pitaniia khlopchatnika

Erygin, P.S., 1950:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy oroshenieiia risa

Sabinin, D.A., 1955:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy pitanieiia rasteniaei

Erenberg, A.V., 1948:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy primeneniia azotistykh i kaliinykh udobrenii

Zherebtsov, P.I.V.akin, V.F., 1964:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy ratsionalnogo kormleniia zhvachnykh zhivotnykh

Liubinskii, Nikolai-Arkhipovich, 1957:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy vegetativnogo razmnozheniia rastenii

Tumanov, I.I., 1940:
Fiziologicheskie osnovy zimostoaeikosti kul* section *turnykh rasteniaei

Shpota, L.A., 1958:
Fiziologicheskie osobennosti iablon, boleiushchikh khlorozom v usloviiakh Chuiskoi doliny

Klimashevskii, E.L., 1966:
Fiziologicheskie osobennosti kornevogo pitaniia raznykh sortov kukuruzy v nechernozemnoi polose; ocherki fiziologii sorta

Kazarian, Vigen, 1954:
Fiziologicheskie osobennosti razvitiia dvuletnikh rastenii

Savina, Anna-Vasil'-Evna, 1956:
Fiziologicheskoe obosnovanie rubok ukhoda

Zhurbitskaeii, Zenon-Iosifovich, 1964:
Fiziologicheskoe obosnovanie sistemy pitanieiia rasteniaei

Akhromeiko, Avksentii-Ivanovich, 1965 :
Fiziologicheskoe obosnovanie sozdaniia ustoichivykh lesnykh nasazhdenii

Ali-Zade, M.A., 1964:
Fiziologieiia chaaeinogo kusta

Ruban, E.L., 1961:
Fiziologieiia i biokhimieiia nitrifietisirueiiushchikh mikroorganizmov

Andreenko, S.-Sidorovich; Kuperman, F.M., 1959:
Fiziologieiia kukuruzy

Gutina, V.N., 1963:
Fiziologieiia nitrifietisirueiiushchikh bakteriaei

Petinov, N.S., 1959:
Fiziologieiia oroshaemoaei pshenietisy

Breaeitburg, Abram-Moiseevich, 1955:
Fiziologieiia pitanieiia

Reaeimers, Fedor-Ceduardovich, 1959:
Fiziologieiia rosta i razvitieiia repchatogo luka

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Flame your weeds, not your cotton

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Flammability--the position of wool

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Flammability: yesterday, today, tomorrow

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Flammable and combustible liquids code, 1977

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Flammable fabrics

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Flammable liquid spills--response and control

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Flammable liquid trade name index

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Flammenphotometrische Untersuchungen von Calcium, Natrium und Kalium im Blutserum der Haustiere

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Flammulina velutipes

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Flanders virus activity in Iowa, USA Insect vector, Culiseta melanura

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Flank application as a method of bloat prevention in dairy cows

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Flank tattooing to monitor pig performance and carcase quality

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Flanking measures in supplementing an agricultural price policy of the middle way.

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Flannelboard stories, puppet stories

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Flanonoid pattern in the bud excretion of Betulaceae

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Flap for drying

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Flap valve cam and follower for rotary pumps

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Flash!: Problems inundate the small town

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Flash-drying process for groundwood and cellulose pulp

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Flashing and caulking joints at the roof

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Flashpyrolyse--new procedure for production of liquid combustible material from straw, tree chips, and other organic waste

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Flasking of orchid seeds--a method for the novice grower

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Flasking orchid seeds

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Flat Coated Retriever

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Flat Creek Watershed

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Flat Laurel Gap Bog, Pisgah Ridge, North Carolina: Late Holocene development of a high-elevation heath bald

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Flat Rock Creek watershed, Lunenburg County, Virginia

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Flat Top Ranch

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Flat Tops Wilderness

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Flat Tops fire management area

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Flat adenomas of the colon

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Flat and bouncy walking

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Flat and mulch film coverings in vegetable farming

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Flat as a pancake

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Flat bread technology

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Flat crush resistance of corrugated fibreboard

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Flat decks kick early weaning blues

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Flat filler

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Flat films for short period covering

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Flat foils up to harvest. II

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Flat risers, watering system & planting tables

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Flat roof milking shed

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Flat roofs

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Flat silos from hollow block mold stones

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Flat silos from molded concrete pieces

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Flat silos--filling and removal

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Flat top roof trusses with Douglas fir timbers for strength

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Flat water

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Flat white and white globe onions

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Flat year for animal health

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Flat-deck cages give a 10 lb bonus

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Flat-deck trio under test

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Flat-mowed field planted to castorbeans

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Flatfish in Alabama

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Flathead Indian Irrigation Project, Montana

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Flathead National Forest

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Flathead National Forest (north half) Montana

Anonymous, 1975:
Flathead National Forest (south half) Montana

Anonymous, 1982:
Flathead National Forest Montana, 1982

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Flathead National Forest forest plan amendment 21

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Flathead National Forest, forest plan, 1985, management area map

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Flathead irrigation project, Montana

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Flattening, bearing surface and load carrying capacity of tractor tires

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Flatulence in small animals

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Flatulence problems associated with soy products

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Flatulence: causes and management options

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Flatulent colic Horses

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Flatus causing factors in legumes

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Flatwoods auto tour

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