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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15863

Chapter 15863 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cook, James, D., 1978:
Food iron availability

Anonymous, 1993:
Food irradiation (Jul 71-present)

Anonymous, 1993:
Food irradiation 1

Anonymous, 1976:
Food irradiation 1976

Kitson, Ja, 1978:
Food irradiation 1977 Technology and international regulations

Mccarthy, Owen, J., 1987:
Food irradiation 1987

Kampelmacher, Eh, 1983:
Food irradiation a new technique for preserving foods and keeping them hygienically safe

Derr, Dd, 1996:
Food irradiation activities

Rubio, T., 1985:
Food irradiation activities in Latin American countries

Swanson, R.; Lewis, C.; Hok, C.; Das, D., 1988 :
Food irradiation and Alaskas food industries

Anonymous, 1955:
Food irradiation and associated studies

Diehl, Jf, 1988:
Food irradiation and combination processes: the state of the art

Elias, Ps, 1979:
Food irradiation and food packaging

Macqueen, K.F., 1967:
Food irradiation and its future prospects

Heim, M.N., 1987:
Food irradiation and marketable commodity applications for the Pacific Northwest

Welt, M.; Welt, A., 1993:
Food irradiation and packaging

Elias, Ps, 1985:
Food irradiation and radiolytic products

Johnston, D.E.S.evenson, M.H., 1990:
Food irradiation and the chemist

Hunter, R.; Brooks, R., 2000:
Food irradiation and the medical community--supporting a new tool to prevent food-borne illness

Burditt, A.Jr, 1982:
Food irradiation as a quarantine treatment of fruits

Masefield, J., 1969 :
Food irradiation as a threat to deep-freezing processes

Burditt, A.Jr, 1982:
Food irradiation as quarantine treatment of fruits

Ketchum, Harry, W., 1967:
Food irradiation check list of cost considerations

Chinsman, B., 1985:
Food irradiation development in Africa

Kawabata, T., 1981:
Food irradiation development in Japan

Liu, Z.; Radak, B.; Mclaughlin, W., 1985:
Food irradiation dosimetry by opti-chromic technique

Morrison, Rosanna-Mentzer, 1985:
Food irradiation economies of scale in a developing country context

O'-Sullivan, E.; Gunby, A., 1985:
Food irradiation experience in a large medical-products irradiator

Anonymous, 1982:
Food irradiation for developing countries in Asia and the Pacific

Anonymous, 1985:
Food irradiation in Latin America

Heins, H.G., 1978:
Food irradiation in practice, present status in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1978 :
Food irradiation in the United States

Anonymous, 1972:
Food irradiation information

Anonymous, 1985:
Food irradiation introduction

Sommers, Ch, 2004:
Food irradiation is already here

Anonymous, 1977:
Food irradiation newsletter

Anonymous, 1982:
Food irradiation now

Thompson, Sr, 1984:
Food irradiation overview

Thompson, R.; Facinoli, S., 1993:
Food irradiation overview: a selected annotated bibliography

Anonymous, 1992:
Food irradiation process and acceptance

Anonymous, 1992:
Food irradiation process control and acceptance

Anonymous, 1984:
Food irradiation processing

Buyle, R.J.N., 1979:
Food irradiation program in Belgium

Solanas, J.D.rder, A., 1968:
Food irradiation programme in Venezuela

Mussman, Hc, 1985:
Food irradiation prospects

Miller, S.; Coleman, E., 1985:
Food irradiation regulatory development in the U.S

Kumta, U.S.S.eenivasan, A., 1966:
Food irradiation research and pilot facilities in operation or planned in India

Sommers, C.-H.F.n, X., 2006:
Food irradiation research and technology

Chowdhury, M.; Rahman, A., 1973:
Food irradiation research in Bangladesh

Antonelli, Genevieve, V., 1970:
Food irradiation technology--foreign

Clark, Jp, 2006:
Food irradiation update

O'-Brien, Robert, T., 1991:
Food irradiation update and cost analysis

Timmerman, R., 1966:
Food irradiation with cobalt-60, X-rays or electrons

Anonymous, 1996:
Food irradiation with emphasis on process control and acceptance in Asia

Morris, Rf, 1985:
Food irradiations impact on the U.S. Agency for International Developments postharvest food conservation program

Welbourn, Jl, 1993:
Food irradiation, food irradiation where art thou?

Anonymous, 1982:
Food irradiation--a brief review of food uses of radiation, its potential and current views and changes in different countries

Thakur, B.; Singh, R., 1994:
Food irradiation--chemistry and applications

Hickman,. Jr.;, 1974:
Food irradiation--problems and promises

Diehl, Jf, 1983:
Food irradiation--status and prospects

Diehl, Jf, 1979:
Food irradiation--worldwide activity

Heins, Hg, 1982:
Food irradiation: Dutch experiences with practical applications, and present status in the Netherlands

Morrison, Rm, 1986:
Food irradiation: a look at regulatory status, consumer acceptance, and economies of scale

Tilley, D.; Falk, C., 1987:
Food irradiation: a proposed economic research agenda and implications for agribusiness

Huang, C.; Resurreccion, V.; Florkowski, W.; Hung, Y., 1987 :
Food irradiation: a revolutionary technology at the crossroads

Tritsch, G.L., 2002:
Food irradiation: a risk not worth taking

Libby, W.; Black, E., 1978:
Food irradiation: an unused weapon against hunger

Urbain, Wm, 1971:
Food irradiation: benefits and limitations

Sundaram, K., 1976:
Food irradiation: contributions to public health in developing countries

Taylor, J., 1987:
Food irradiation: does noise level equal public concern

Mccracken, V.; Dickrell, P., 1989:
Food irradiation: exploring consumer attitudes

Vinning, G., 1988:
Food irradiation: global aspects

Mann, L.; Tait, R., 1987:
Food irradiation: known harm, unanswered questions, and procedures for technology assessment

Giddings, Gg, 1985:
Food irradiation: outlook for commercialization in the United States

Sreenivasan, A., 1971:
Food irradiation: progress, problems and prospects

Roberts, Pb, 1987:
Food irradiation: prospects in New Zealand and international trade

Anonymous, 1982:
Food irradiation: ready for a comeback

Giddings, Gg, 1986:
Food irradiation: the reluctant food additive for all agendas

Tanner, Jt, 1998:
Food irradiation: the treatment of foods with ionizing radiation

Singh, H., 1992:
Food irradiation: volatiles in flavors and off-flavors

Klausner, A., 1994:
Food irradiation: we may be zapping up the wrong tree

Redlinger, P.N.lson, D., 1991:
Food irradiation: what is it?

Grodner, Rm, 1995:
Food irradiation; issues and challenges irradiation of shellfish

Fraser, Frank, M., 1972:
Food irradiators and basic design principles

Anonymous, 1961:
Food is a bargain

Sullivan, W., 1975:
Food is a complex system

Anonymous, 1961:
Food is a good buy

Montanari, Massimo, 2006:
Food is culture

Rosset, Peter, 2006:
Food is different

Bursey, R.-G.S.irley, C., B., 1981:
Food is elementary!

Anonymous, 1979:
Food is good

Anonymous, 1976:
Food is more than just something to eat

Mckenzie, J., 1976:
Food is not just for eating

Stein, Tb, 1974:
Food is our profession

Anonymous, 1941:
Food is power

Mahnke, C.; Nichols, P.; Hartman, M.-Koehler, 1983:
Food is special

Cranwell, L.-May; Green, J.-E.P.well, A.W.B., 1944:
Food is where you find it

Bieler, Henry, G., 1982:
Food is your best medicine

Neigh, He, 1976 :
Food issues: a continuing controversy

Anonymous, 1940:
Food joins the colors

Anonymous, 1987:
Food keeps me healthy

Johnson, Bm, 1996:
Food lab market trends

Stewart, Michael, L., 1981:
Food label and package surveillance program

Kurtzweil, P., 1994:
Food label close-up

Anonymous, 1983:
Food label knowledge

Kurtzweil, P., 1995:
Food label makes good eating easier

Michel, P.; Korslund, M.; Finan, A.J.hnson, J., 1994:
Food label reading habits of WIC clients

Michel, Patricia-Marie, 1992:
Food label reading habits of low-income women and women from the general population

Gladwell, M., 1991:
Food label reforms to be unveiled

Anonymous, 1995:
Food label spots

Anonymous, 1979:
Food labeling

Anonymous, 1995:
Food labeling & nutrition news

Anonymous, 1984:
Food labeling and advertising

Anonymous, 1990:
Food labeling and nutrition

Boyer, W.-P.B.yer, M.-Ortiz, 2001:
Food labeling and product certification guide for the Mexican market

Anonymous, 1993:
Food labeling and the Fair Trading Act

Anonymous, 1979:
Food labeling background papers

Summers, J.-L.C.mpbell, E., J., 2007:
Food labeling compliance review

Seligsohn, M., 1980:
Food labeling debate: processors raise their voices

Kurtzweil, P., 1994:
Food labeling education serves many groups

Anonymous, 1994:
Food labeling in the 90s

Clemmitt, M. , 1991:
Food labeling law puts chemists to the test

Hildwine, Regina, 1996:
Food labeling manual

Anonymous, 1992:
Food labeling news

Tsuchida, T., 1976:
Food labeling problems: the spe

Anonymous, 1993:
Food labeling, questions and answers

Vetter, James-Louis, 1992:
Food labeling--requirements for bakery and related products

Anonymous, 1986:
Food labeling: definition and requirements

Smolka, K., 1974:
Food labelling

Goodall, H.M., 1977:
Food labelling and food additives

Anonymous, 1981:
Food labelling regulations 1980. Part I of a review of the new regulations to replace the 1970 labelling of food regulations

Anonymous, 1981:
Food labelling regulations 1980. Part II of a review of the new food labelling regulations with provisions dealing with claims and misleading descriptions, together with amendments to other regulations and schedules

Bullimore, D., 1982:
Food labelling regulations explained

Morton, Id, 1978:
Food labelling review: a summary

Anonymous, 1980:
Food labelling. I

Cossen, Rl, 2000:
Food labelling: are percentage labelling and declaration of water necessary?

Mariani, A.T.massi, G., 1980:
Food labelling: criteria for an efficient consumers information

Anonymous, 1993:
Food labels

Thompson, Paul, B., 1993:
Food labels and biotechnology

Thompson, Pb, 1996:
Food labels and the ethics of consent

Henneberry, S.R.; Mutondo, J.E., 2007:
Food labels: implications for U.S. agricultural imports

Harris, W.; Padberg, D.; Capps, O.Jr, 1991:
Food labels: it is time to consider adding food safety information

Brady, Pl, 1993:
Food labels: understanding what you read

Anonymous, 1993:
Food labels: your guide to whats in the foods you eat

Hasselblad, C., 1982:
Food laboratory abroad Exports, food analysis and contamination, marketing, Africa.1

Anonymous, 1989:
Food laboratory news

Anonymous, 1984:
Food laboratory newsletter

Shapiro, E., 1992:
Food labs gaze hungrily at potential in labeling rules

Powell,, D.; Mcjunkin, M., 2006:
Food land and people: content analysis and correlation to Arkansas state standards

Anonymous, 1978:
Food land guidelines

Anonymous, 1989:
Food law

Barros-Santos, C., 1979:
Food law and administrative organization

Olscher, W., 1970:
Food law and characterization

Matthies, H., 1985:
Food law and harmonization in the European Community

Malik, Rk, 1972:
Food law and the protection of the consumer

Anonymous, 2004:
Food law anthology

Ellers, Hg, 1969:
Food law judgment of packaging. 3

Reusse, U., 1977:
Food law objections to butter milk

Menger, A., 1979:
Food law regulations in the use of additives for long-lasting bakery products

Kraak, W., 1975:
Food law today and tomorrow--regulatory function or end in itself

Kraak, W., 1976:
Food law today--reflections on a new understanding of food law standards

Anonymous, 1988:
Food law. Special number

Tiglio, L.; Anderson, J., J.B., 1977:
Food laws and regulations

Anonymous, 1981:
Food laws and regulations

Anonymous, 1982:
Food laws and regulations List of enactments prepared by the Animal, Plant and Food Legislation Section of the Legislation Branch, Legal Office, FAO

Karl, Pm, 1970:
Food laws and their influence on international trade

Fisher, R., 1970:
Food legislation

Ristow, R., 1977:
Food legislation and guiding principles of the German Food Manual

Kvale, O., 1974:
Food legislation and orders in Norway

Wallace, Gm, 1977:
Food legislation and the consumer: food legislation philosophy

Seibel, W., 1984:
Food legislation aspects in the production of frozen doughs

Kotter, L.K.ausse, G.S.hulze, H., 1973:
Food legislation concerning production of cooking salami or beer sausage with added Emmental cheese

De-Frenne, D., 1982:
Food legislation effects of positive findings from meat inspection study of inhibitors

Edwards, Ra, 1988:
Food legislation in Australia--the last twenty years

Fallows, Sj, 1986:
Food legislation in Britain: general principles and the evolution of the system

Andreasen, K., 1974:
Food legislation in Denmark

Holm, M., 1970:
Food legislation in Sweden

Hammer, Wck, 1976:
Food legislation in international trade--its significance for developing countries

Campbell, Ja, 1975:
Food legislation in six Caribbean countries

Nieman, C., 1972:
Food legislation in the European Common Market

Nieman, C., 1972:
Food legislation in the European Economic Community

Jones, K.G.nther, H., 1982:
Food legislation indications Flavors, West Germany, Austria, European Communities, USA.1

Brummer, Jm, 1974:
Food legislation problems concerning the use of fats (lipids) or fatty matter

Seibel, W., 1980:
Food legislation regulations in bread stability--future developments

Eckert, D., 1973:
Food legislation today

Franck, R., 1973:
Food legislation--national and international development

Wieczorek, H., 1974:
Food legislative aspects and development of new foils for packaging meat and meat products

Mcwilliam, Jr; Dillon, Jl, 1987:
Food legume crop improvement: progress and constraints

Malik, Ba, 1987:
Food legume cultivars released to improve farming systems in Pakistan

Hawtin, G.-C.C.ancellor, G., J., 1979:
Food legume improvement and development

Rizvi, S.; Wakman, W.R.hamma, S., 1987:
Food legume improvement constraints in Indonesia--a disease survey

Wallis,, D.E., 1987:
Food legume improvement for Asian farming systems

Anonymous, 1983:
Food legume in the Caribbean, Central America and Panama

Nalampang, Arwooth, 1972:
Food legumes crops in Thailand

Field, S.K.meli, J., 1987:
Food legumes for the calcareous soils of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Kaul, Ak, 1987:
Food legumes in Bangladeshi farming systems--nutritional considerations

Saxena, Mc, 1988:
Food legumes in the Mediterranean type of environment in ICARDAs efforts in improving their productivity

Tiwari, As, 1987:
Food legumes make cropping systems remunerative

Chatterjee, B.; Bhattacharyya, K., 1987 :
Food legumes under cropping systems in India

Krishnamurthy, Cks, 1982:
Food legumes--production, processing and utilisation: research needs

Deshpande, S.; Damodaran, S., 1990:
Food legumes: chemistry and technology

Taufel, A.; Ackermann, H., 1979:
Food lexicon

Fischler, C.C.iva, M., 1986:
Food likes, dislikes and some of their correlates in a sample of French children and young adults

Lenski, RE., 1984:
Food limitation and competition: a field experiment with two Carabus species

Abbott, K.C.; Dwyer, G., 2007:
Food limitation and insect outbreaks: complex dynamics in plant-herbivore models

Durbin, EG.; Durbin, AG.; Smayda, TJ.; Verity, PG., 1983:
Food limitation of production by adult Acartia tonsa in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Wise, Dh, 1975:
Food limitation of the spider Linyphia marginata: experimental field studies

L'-Vovskii, Al, 1975:
Food links and seasonal cycles of broad-winged moths (Lepidoptera, Oecophoridae) from the European part of the USSR

Biacs, P., 1978:
Food lipids and their biochemical relations

Smith, M.; Coffey, K.; Campbell, A., 1972:
Food lipids as affected by certain preparation and production procedures

Peterson, Ms, 1975:
Food logistics in historical perspective

Anonymous, 1997:
Food logistics on 5 levels

Mclaurin, B.H.gginbotham, N., 1987:
Food loss due to a casualty

Anonymous, 1993:
Food losses due to non-infectious diseases in developing countries

Herbst, Sharon-Tyler, 1990:
Food lovers companion

Cheng, Ling-Min, 1992:
Food machinery

Anonymous, 1943:
Food makes a difference

Anonymous, 1975:
Food makes me

Anonymous, 1974:
Food makes the difference--idea for economy-minded families

Anonymous, 1974:
Food makes the difference: ideas for economy minded families

Bowman, M.-Jean; Hart, A.-Gailord, 1943:
Food management and inflation

Anonymous, 1963:
Food management manual

Anonymous, 1982:
Food management training manual

Goldblith, S., 1976:
Food manufacture, food and provisioning of manking over the next 25 years

Coffin, C., 1978:
Food manufacturers and their critics confrontation or conciliation?

Blumenthal, Saul, 1942:
Food manufacturing

Combs, R.; Marion, B., 1984:
Food manufacturing activities of 100 large agricultural marketing cooperatives

Rogers, R.; Marion, B., 1990:
Food manufacturing activities of the largest agricultural cooperatives: market power and strategic behavior implications

Anonymous, 1990:
Food manufacturing by cooperatives

Fornari, B., 1984:
Food manufacturing industries of Emilia-Romagna: financial and economic analysis

Hurrell, R.F., 1989:
Food manufacturing processes and their influence on the nutritional quality of foods

Gady, R., 1993:
Food manufacturing: the long view

Minbashian, Maryam, B., 1989:
Food map

Spier, Peter, 1981:
Food market

Fassbender, O., 1970:
Food market of the 70s in the Federal Republic of Germany

Anonymous, 1996:
Food market reports

Martinez, D., 1984:
Food marketers target consumer lifestyles

Sayres, Paul, 1950:
Food marketing

Anonymous, 1960:
Food marketing -- report of the Federal Trade Commission

Anonymous, 1982:
Food marketing alternatives for the inner city

Luby, Pj, 1976:
Food marketing and distribution: costs and related issues

Kramer, Cs, 1991:
Food marketing and new product development in response to health concerns

Jayne, Thomas, S., 1996:
Food marketing and pricing policy in eastern and southern Africa

Porter, G., 1994:
Food marketing and urban food supply on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria: a comparison of large and small producer strategies under SAP

Bright, Imogene, 1958:
Food marketing companies

Anonymous, 1957:
Food marketing costs

Toothman, Js, 1974:
Food marketing costs and trends

Senti, R., 1975:
Food marketing costs in the USA: notions, calculations, interpretation

Elitzak, H., 1994:
Food marketing costs rose modestly in 1993

Anonymous, 1953:
Food marketing handbook

Anonymous, 1981:
Food marketing in Asia

Pritchard, Norris-Taylor, 1971:
Food marketing in Benelux countries

Friedmann, Kj, 1976:
Food marketing in Copenhagen, 1250-1850

Wright, Pj, 1970:
Food marketing in Indiana

Saenz, W., 1974:
Food marketing in Latin America: new lifestyles, new eating habits. II

Saenz, W., 1974:
Food marketing in Latin America: social and economic environment. i

Coomber, B.G.lbert, D.M.son, G., 1975:
Food marketing in Sydney

Anonymous, 1972:
Food marketing in West Germany

Kinsey, J.; Senauer, B., 1996:
Food marketing in an electronic age

Marion, B.; Simonds, L.; Moore, D., 1970:
Food marketing in low-income areas: a case study of Columbus, Ohio

Russell, S., 1982:
Food marketing in the 1980s: the consumers point of view

Watkins, Ep, 1970:
Food marketing myths examined

Seppala, Pekka, 1997:
Food marketing reconsidered

Lassanyi, Me, 1992:
Food marketing resources

Mason, G., 1977:
Food marketing system under examination

Gallo, Ae, 1991:
Food marketing system: Huge, growing, dynamic

Anonymous, 1975:
Food marketing systems in Asian cities

Anonymous, 1977:
Food marketing systems in New South Wales

Ellis, F., 1976:
Food marketing systems in developed and developing countries

Mcginnis, J.M.chael; Gootman, J.-Appleton; Kraak, V., I., 2006:
Food marketing to children and youth

Ostberg, Pm, 1980:
Food marketing--partner of brewery?

Techoueyres, I., 2007:
Food markets in the city of Bordeaux - from the 1960s until today: historical evolution and anthropological aspects

Frohn, H., 1975:
Food markets today: Have purchasing and eating habits of housewives changed because of the crisis?

Martel, Pedro, V., 2000:
Food markets, policy, and technology

Staines, L., 1978:
Food marriages made in heaven

Anonymous, 1996:
Food master

Slater, Le, 1975:
Food materials handling: a system integrating force

Schram, L.; Nielsen, C.; Porsgaard, T.N.elsen, N.; Holm, R.M., H., 2007:
Food matrices affect the bioavailability of (n - 3) polyunsaturated fatty acids in a single meal study in humans

Plechner, Aj, 1978:
Food mediated disorders

Enserink, Elizabeth-Lucia, 1995:
Food mediated life history strategies in Daphnia magna

Allen, Ann-Moore, 1979:
Food medication interactions

Martin, Cra, 1975:
Food medication; a review of the history and purpose of the additivies to foods of therapeutic value, whether for preventative or replacement purposes

Haenel, H., 1976:
Food menus in Prussia 200 years ago

Anonymous, 1978:
Food merchandising occupations

Mendoza, S., 1994:
Food microbiological criteria in South American countries

Christian, Jhb, 1973:
Food microbiological specifications in Australia

Collins-Thompson, D.; Cunningham, J.; Trevors, J., 1985:
Food microbiology and biotechnology--an update

Hayes, P.R., 1992:
Food microbiology and hygiene

Bell, C.N.aves, P.; Williams, A., P., 2005:
Food microbiology and laboratory practice

Andrews, S., 1998:
Food microbiology education--a personal viewpoint

Nikodemusz, I., 1978:
Food microbiology in Latin America

Anonymous, 2006:
Food microbiology in focus. 1. An expert roundtable

Baird-Parker, Ac, 1980:
Food microbiology in the 1980s

Mclandsborough, Lynne-Ann, 2005:
Food microbiology laboratory

Bryant, R.G., 1983:
Food microbiology update. Emerging foodborne pathogens

Silliker, J.H., 1998:
Food microbiology, looking backward and forward

Frey, W., 1985:
Food microbiology: its practical importance

Flint, Olga, 1994:
Food microscopy

White, G.; Shenton, A., 1982:
Food microscopy (An annotaterd bibliography. III. Fruit and nuts

Krejecai, Jaroslav, 1953:
Food microscopy and microscopy of foodstuffs of animal origin

Yiu, Sh, 1993:
Food microscopy and the nutritional quality of cereal foods

Barker, G.; Penfold, R., 2007:
Food microstructure and shelf-life of emulsion and gel-based products

Davis, E.; Gordon, J., 1982:
Food microstructure: an integrative approach

Emanuelsson, M., 2007:
Food miles

Pellett, P.; Pellett, A., 1983:
Food mixtures for combating childhood malnutrition

Anonymous, 1977:
Food models

Anonymous, 1994:
Food models for early childhood educators

Anonymous, 1955:
Food models in full color

Moller, A., 1995:
Food monitoring in Denmark

Perez, Karin-Eriksen, 1983:
Food moods

Halas, E.; Burger, P.; Sanstead, H., 1980:
Food motivation of rehabilitated malnourished rats: implications for learning studies

Anonymous, 1974:
Food moves on fuel. it takes 1 gallon of gas for 450 eggs

Ravara, F.; Connor, J., 1997:
Food multinational enterprise investment strategies: an option theory approach

Hohnbaum, C.-L.J.mes, V., L., 2006:
Food museum adventures!

Rhodes, Martha, E., 1979:
Food mycology

Hocking, Ad, 1998:
Food mycology methodology--What, when and why?

Pitt, Ji, 1996:
Food mycology: a discipline comes of age

Cash, S.-H.H.mmerschmidt, P., A., 1987:
Food mysteries

Belasco, W.-James; Scranton, P., 2002:
Food nations

Heady, E.-Orel; Mayer, L., V., 1967:
Food needs and U.S. agriculture in 1980

Anonymous, 1956:
Food needs and food surpluses

Black, John, D., 1943:
Food needs and how to meet them

Anonymous, 1940:
Food needs for Maryland families

Mccalla, Af, 1997:
Food needs for the 21st century

Anonymous, 1980:
Food needs in East Africa

Nesheim, Mc, 1975:
Food needs in the future

Anonymous, 1977:
Food needs of developing countries

Aguiar, Lr-De, 1978:
Food needs of the Portuguese population

Chang, T.T.C.lombo, B.M.S.nchez-Sorondo, M., 2000:
Food needs of the developing world in the early twenty-first century

Cooke, L.; Carnell, S.; Wardle, J., 2006:
Food neophobia and mealtime food consumption in 4-5 year old children

Zalilah, M.S.; Khor, G.L.; Mirnalini, K.; Sarina, S., 2005:
Food neophobia and nutritional outcomes in primary school-children

Knaapila, A.; Tuorila, H.; Silventoinen, K.; Keskitalo, K.; Kallela, M.; Wessman, M.; Peltonen, L.; Cherkas, L.F.; Spector, T.D.; Perola, M., 2007:
Food neophobia shows heritable variation in humans

Anonymous, 2004:
Food news bulletin

Anonymous, 1980:
Food news for consumers

Anonymous, 2005:
Food news you can use

Butler, C.T.Lawrence; Mchenry, K., 1992:
Food not Bombs

Flores, H.C., 2006:
Food not lawns

Karlsen, Hugo-Horlych, 1976:
Food not worthy of being considered food

Coe, Charles-Joseph, 1946:
Food now or coffins later

Holland, B.W.lch, A.M.cance, R.A., 1992:
Food number index

Vanderveen, Je, 1980:
Food nutrient analyses for regulatory requirements

Heller, K., 1988:
Food nutrient interactions

Anonymous, 1978:
Food nutrients and what they do for you

Agunbiade, Jb, 1983:
Food nutrition policy for Nigeria: some institutional considerations

Anonymous, 1978:
Food nutrition situation in Dominican Republic

Anonymous, 1973:
Food nutrition: A new view of an old problem

Timmons, Tj, 1984:
Food of a Southeastern United States population of yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchill), in West Point Lake, Alabama-Georgia

Summers, Gl, 1980:
Food of adult largemouth bass in a small impoundment with dense aquatic vegetation

Nicholson, Jwg, 1980:
Food of animal origin

Pelaggi, A., 1971:
Food of animal origin and sanitary supervision

Montemurro, O., 1975:
Food of animal origin: increasing the supply

Ozari, R.K.tter, L., 1986:
Food of animal origin: potentially infected and endangered towards contact infection. (Hygienic consequences for meat of slaughter animals at the example of Salmonaellae and for mussels at the example of hepatitis A-virus)

Dawidowicz, P.; Gliwicz, ZM., 1983:
Food of brook charr in extreme oligotrophic conditions of an alpine lake

Knoppel, Ha, 1970:
Food of central amazonian fishes; contribution to the nutrient-ecology of Amazonian rain-forest-streams

Langton, R.; Bowman, R., 1981:
Food of eight northwest Atlantic pleuronectiform fishes

Bur, MT., 1982:
Food of freshwater drum in western Lake Erie

Martin, Alexander-Campbell, 1981:
Food of game ducks in the United States and Canada

Tichy, V., 1981:
Food of insectivorous birds in oak forest

Timmons, TJ.; Shelton, WL.; Davies, WD., 1981:
Food of largemouth bass before and during the first three years after impoundment of West Point Reservoir, Alabama and Georgia

Galat, DL.; Vucinich, N., 1983:
Food of larval tui chubs, Gila bicolor, in Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Safford, V. , Mrs, 1944:
Food of my friends

Johnson, Jh, 1983:
Food of recently stocked subyearling chinook salmon in Lake Ontario Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, New York

Beal, F.E.L., 1980:
Food of some well-known birds of forest, farm, and garden

Creff, Af, 1969:
Food of strain

Terlecki, J., 1983:
Food of tench fry--tinca tinca (L.) in lake Dagi

Crosby, Tk, 1975:
Food of the New Zealand trichopterans Hydrobiosis parumbripennis McFarlane and Hydropsyche colonica McLachlan

Bhimachar, Bs, 1971:
Food of the carp hatchlings in fish culture

Gallaugher, P.; Wood, L., 2002:
Food of the future

Hawthorne, H., 1979:
Food of the future from factory or field?

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Food of the gods

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