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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15866

Chapter 15866 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saio,, I.W.tanabe, T., 1974:
Food use of soybean 7S and 11S proteins. high temperature expansion characteristics of gels

Standal, Br, 1989:
Food use of tropical nuts and palm fruits

Whiting, Mg, 1982:
Food uses of Leucaena seeds. 1. Tempeh lamtoro, preparation and toxicity

Nymon, M.; Salami, L.S.bramanian, K., 1982:
Food uses of North Dakota dry edible beans

Martin, Dj, 1978:
Food uses of barley

Wenkam, Ns, 1989:
Food uses of coconuts in the Pacific

Inglett, Ge, 1970:
Food uses of corn around the world

Lusas, E.; Simmons, R.; Rhee, K., 1989:
Food uses of glandless cottonseed kernels

Berger, Kg, 1981:
Food uses of palm oil India

Eley, Cleveland, P., 1968:
Food uses of soy protein

Rakosky, J.Jr; Sipos, E., 1974:
Food uses of soy protein in products

Engrand, M.D.terte, R., 1973:
Food uses of soybean flour in relation with its proteic value

Liu, Fk, 1989:
Food uses of soybeans

Teeter, H.; Schaefer, W., 1969:
Food uses of soybeans; research at the Northern Laboratory

Sosulski, F., 1979:
Food uses of sunflower proteins

Lorenz, K., 1972:
Food uses of triticale; hybrid of wheat and rye can by used in breads, rolls, and noodles

Sarkki, M.L., 1979:
Food uses of wheat gluten

Rooney, L.; Serna-Saldivar, S., 1987:
Food uses of whole corn and dry-milled fractions

Lusas, E.-W.E.ickson, D.-R.N.p, W.-Kit, 1989:
Food uses of whole oil and protein seeds

Egonmwan, Rosemary, I., 2007:
Food utilisation in a laboratory colony of the giant African land snail, Archachatina marginata (Swainson) (Pulmonata : Achatinidae)

Baker, Je, 1974:
Food utilization by Attagenus megatoma and Anthrenus flavipes

Broster, W.; Smith, T., 1973:
Food utilization in lactation

Holter, P., 1974:
Food utilization of dung-eating Aphodius larvae (Scarabaeidae)

Sharma, G.; Jain, K.1; Pareek, B., 1982:
Food utilization studies of Corcyra cephalonica and Ephestia cautella Pests of stored commodities

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Food vacuole targeting and trafficking of falcipain-2, an important cysteine protease of human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Mafwila, M.M.ller, R., 1985:
Food value and amico-acid components of milled Alur cattles hides

Manning, K., 1985:
Food value and chemical composition

Malina, V.; Usacheva, G., 1981:
Food value and mineral composition of Pumpkin juice for baby food

Lysakivs'-Ka, S.; Bohats'-Ka, L., 1974:
Food value and taste qualities o

Ivashchenko, V.; Lizunova, V., 1983:
Food value and the change in the quality of guinea-fowl meat during storage

Oelke, Ea, 1982:
Food value and uses Wild rice grain

Anonymous, 1942:
Food value calculator

Rai, S.G.pal, R., 1985:
Food value of Capparidaceae with special reference to Capparis decidua (Kair)

Danilova, E.N.T.urkova, K.E., 1973:
Food value of bread, rolls and buns

Baratov, K.; Kasimov, K., 1980:
Food value of cabbage and watermelon after the application of kotofor in soil

Fan-Iung, A.; Tarasashvili, I., 1977:
Food value of canned vegetable juices

Privezentsev, I.-A.V.asov, V.; Romashko, V., 1976:
Food value of carps reared in ponds with different population densities

Bharambe, Pr, 1979:
Food value of common cereals grown in India

Dubinskaia, A.; Kulikova, V.; German, N., 1978:
Food value of cooked sausage

Woods, Charles, D., 1980:
Food value of corn and corn products

Sokolov, A.; Ibragim, A.; Okara, A., 1973:
Food value of cured sausages with varied composition of stuffing

Anonymous, 1955:
Food value of dairy products

Gorun, Eg, 1982:
Food value of dried potato products

Borysova, V.; Anokhina, V., 1974:
Food value of fresh and processe

Manohar, L.R.j, J., 1973:
Food value of honey

Rekhi, M., 1977:
Food value of poultry & eggs

Kovalev, N.A.amova, V., 1976:
Food value of reindeer meat

Iordanov, E., 1976:
Food value of sauerkraut

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Food value of ssngle-cell protien

Gruell, Ehm, 1973:
Food value of the different food groups

Abramova, Z.; Dulganova, V., 1978:
Food value of the kernels of Pinus siberica and its use

Edwards, Rl, 1976:
Food value of the mushroom--sense or nonsense

Hyza, V., 1982:
Food value of wheat in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1968:
Food value stretchers, recipes using evaporated milk and other donated foods

Winslow, Emma, A., 1980:
Food values and body needs shown geographically

Slo-Bodkin, Samuel, G., 1954:
Food values for Passover dishes

Taylor, Clara-Mae, 1959:
Food values in shares and weights in common servings

Plimmer, Violet-Geraldine, 1942:
Food values in wartime

Bray, F., 1982:
Food values of ice cream and air function as an ingredient

Church, H.-Nichols; Pennington, J., A.T.B.wes, A.-De-Planter, 1980:
Food values of portions commonly used

Sokolova, L.A., 1978:
Food values of the meat of sheep of two age groups

Bell, Muriel, E., 1940:
Food values of vegetables

Macgillivray, J.-Henry; Shultis, A.; Morgan, A.; Hanna, G.C.V., 1943:
Food values on a pound, acre, and man-hour basis for California fresh vegetables

Anonymous, 1943:
Food values on a pound, acre, and man-hour basis for California processed vegetables

Hartmann, T., 1970:
Food variety in transition

Kase, Y.O.ada, T.F.jiwara,,, T., 1975:
Food vending machine equipped with microwave oven

Yotopoulos, Pa, 1982:
Food versus feed and the dynamics of the world food situation: discussion

Pahl, Ellen-Stoker, 1982:
Food voting

Kochersperger, Richard, H., 1978:
Food warehousing and transportation

Anonymous, 1944:
Food warehousing in Peru

Lang, T.; Heasman, M.A., 2004:
Food wars

Osner, R., 1982:
Food wastage Great Britain, includes statistics

Svechin, I.; Kolot, V.; Labuzov, P., 1975:
Food waste --a large reserve of pork production

Anonymous, 1980:
Food waste and abottoir waste as a source of swine fever in the Netherlands

Sundberg, Cecilia, 2003:
Food waste composting

Goldstein, J., 1990:
Food waste composting for 30,000 guests

Freeborne, J., 1993:
Food waste diversion at Seattle markets

Slater, Le, 1976:
Food waste fermentation

Banks, G.; Collison, R., 1981:
Food waste in catering

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Food waste management: 2 case studies

Goihl, J., 1999:
Food waste products offer disposal option, chance to reduce diet costs

Skajaa, J., 1989:
Food waste recycling in Denmark

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Food waste recycling through swine

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Food waste research--where do we go from here?

Marushkin, Va, 1973:
Food wastes as a supply for increasing the fattening of swine

Tishchenko, A.; Makarova, G.; Lapushkova, V., 1973:
Food wastes as supplemental sources of feeds

Svensson, C.J.; Hyndes, G.A.; Lavery, P.S., 2007:
Food web analysis in two permanently open temperate estuaries: consequences of saltmarsh loss?

Quinlan, R.; Douglas, M.S.; Smol, J.P., 2005:
Food web changes in arctic ecosystems related to climate warming

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Food web dynamics in flagellate-dominated marine environments

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Food web management

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Food web responses to augmenting the entomopathogenic nematodes in bare and animal manure-mulched soil

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Food web structure in exotic and native mangroves: a Hawaii-Puerto Rico comparison

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Food web structure of a subtropical headwater stream

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Food web structure, energetics, and importance of allochthonous carbon in a desert cavernous limnocrene: Devils hole, Nevada

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Food webs

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Food webs and container habitats

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Food webs and niche space

Polis, G.A.; Power, M.E.; Huxel, G.R., 2004:
Food webs at the landscape level

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Food webs: who eats what, why, how, and with what effects in a tropical forest? Plant pests, insects

Anonymous, 1980:
Food wheel

Stachwick, George, 1966:
Food wholesaling and retailing

Robson, Nc, 1978:
Food wholesomeness in storage: a manufacturing food technologists view

Anonymous, 1940:
Food will make America strong

Kocznur, H., 1978:
Food with a reduced energetic value

Anonymous, 1976:
Food with love, a guide for orientation of aides and community outreach in child nutrition programs

Meter, Ken, 2002:
Food with the farmers face on it

Ulbricht, T., 1984:
Food without destroying our countryside?

Scharfenstein, Ohc, 1973:
Food without pesticide residues--some opinions and experiences

Anonymous, 1995:
Food works

Anonymous, 1976:
Food wraps

Orkwor, G.C.A.iedu, R.E.anayake, I.J., 1998:
Food yams

Fairbrother, T.H., 1944:
Food yeast

Peppler, Hj, 1970:
Food yeasts

Lobin, N.; Salagina, V., 1973:
Food yeasts (BVK) in the rations of broilers

Chapman, Lpj, 1974:
Food yeasts from whey

Pecot,, B., K., 1956:
Food yields

Matthews, Ruth, H., 1979:
Food yields summarized by different stages of preparation

Anonymous, 1978 :
Food your best buy

Rinaldi, Pam-Rosa, 2001:
Food! glorious food!

Wolfe, Rick, 1976:

Manning, Richard, 2000:
Foods frontier

Anonymous, 1990:
Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990

Anonymous, 1978:
Food, Americas essential resource

Parr, Jf, 1978:
Food, Fertilizer, and Agricultural Residues: Proceedings of the 1977 Cornell Agricultural Waste Management Conference. raymond C. loehr, Editor. ann Arbor Science Pulbishers, 1977

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Food, Food Partaking and Restaurant Workers Trade Union

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Food, Nutrition and diet therapy

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Food, a family affair

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Food, a primer for use in schools, colleges, welfare centres, etc., in Africa

Anonymous, 1947 :
Food, a vital factor in productivity

Zipfel, W., 1970:
Food, additives, deception--legal continuity and reform

Anonymous, 1993:
Food, agriculture & natural resources

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Food, agriculture and environment balance in the Mediterranean

Anonymous, 1971:
Food, agriculture and plantation journal

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Food, agriculture, and cooperatives in Japan

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Food, agriculture, and development in the Pacific basin

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Food, agriculture, and economic policy in the Middle East and North Africa

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Food, agriculture, and forestry in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Food, agriculture, and natural resources

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Food, agriculture, and nutrition issues for planning

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Food, agriculture, and rural development

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Food, agriculture, and the environment discussion paper

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Food, agriculture, population and poverty

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Food, allergy, and you

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Food, an authoritative and visual history and dictionary of the foods of the world

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Food, bacteria and health

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Food, beverages, and tobacco industries

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Food, chemical feedstocks and energy from biomass

Anonymous, 1990:
Food, chemical, garbage backhauling

Anonymous, 1991:
Food, civilization, environment, and biotechnoloy

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Food, climate, and carbon dioxide

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Food, clothes and shelter

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Food, conquest, and colonization in sixteenth-century Spanish America

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Food, consumers, and the food industry

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Food, cookery, and diet

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Food, crop pests, and the environment

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Food, diet, and allergy

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Food, diet, and economic change past and present

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Food, drink and biotechnology

Anonymous, 1975:
Food, drug, and cosmetic act amendments of 1975

Anonymous, 1991:
Food, drug, cosmetic, and device enforcement amendments

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Food, ecology, and culture

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Food, energy and environmental quality: the necessity for balance

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Food, energy and fitness

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Food, energy, and the environment

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Food, energy and the future of society

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Food, energy and your future

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Food, energy, and climate change

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Food, energy, and labor force

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Food, energy, and society

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Food, energy, and society

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Food, energy, and the human condition

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Food, environment, and health

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Food, facts and fancies

Anonymous , 1997:
Food, fads and facts

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Food, famine, and a realistic view

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Food, farmers, and organizations in Africa: anthropological perspectives, with implications for development assistance

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Food, farming and society

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Food, farming and the countryside

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Food, farming and the future: imperative for stabilization of traditional agricultural systems

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Food, farms and factories

Anonymous, 1993:
Food, farms, and futures

Anonymous, 2004:
Food, fat and favorites

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Food, fat, family and friends

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Food, feed or fuel? Agricultural development alternatives and the case for technological innovation in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivation

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Food, feed, and energy

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Food, feeding and growth of the eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) in a Dutch eutrophic lake

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Food, feeding habits and alimentary canal of fishes

Bamforth, Charles, W., 2005:
Food, fermentation, and micro-organisms

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Food, fertiliser, energy, efficiency

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Food, fiber, and the economics of entomology

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Food, fiber, fuel, and fun from rangelands

Shannon, Barbara, 1985:
Food, fitness and your lifestyle

Anonymous, 1982:
Food, fitness, and you

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Food, flavouring and feed plant traditions in the Tyrrhenian sector of Basilicata, Italy

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Food, flora and fauna--the grasslands problem. 2

Morgan, D., 1969 :
Food, flora and fauna. The grassland problem. 1

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Food, forest wastes: low Btu fuel

Roe, D.A., 1984:
Food, formula and drug effects on the disposition of nutrients

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Food, freedom & peace--a proposal for agricultural development in Africa

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Food, from farm to table

Preston, Tr, 1989:
Food, fuel and jobs from sugar cane and tree legumes

Gibbings, Cw, 1980:
Food, fuel and the future

Pirog, Rich, 2001:
Food, fuel, and freeways

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Food, fuel, and rent privileges in a low-income rural area in southern New York, 1939-40

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Food, fuel, and shelter

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Food, fun and fitness

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Food, fun and fundamental skills

Anonymous, 1993:
Food, fun, and facts

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Food, fun, n fitness

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Food, hands and bacteria

Anonymous, 2003:
Food, health & exercise

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Food, health and agriculture in South Africa

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Food, health and farming

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Food, health, and education for all

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Food, health, and sensory evaluation in the new age

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Food, health, and you

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Food, health, the environment and consumers dietary choices

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Food, heart disease and stroke

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Food, hunger, agribusiness

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Food, hunger, and agricultural issues

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Food, illness, and folk medicine: insights from Ulu Trengganu, west Malaysia

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Food, inc

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Food, ingestion rates, and assimilation in the desert millipede Orthoporus ornatus (Girard) (Diplopoda)

Higgins, A.; Novack, J., 1983:
Food, keep it safe to eat

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Food, labor cost spirals pinch profits

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Food, land & people: its contribution to preK-12 education

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Food, land and livelihoods

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Food, land and people in the modern world. 1. A general picture

White-Spunner, D., 1976:
Food, land and people in the modern world. II. The Rhodesian picture

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Food, man & water

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Food, medicine and you ; food, medicine & the elderly

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Food, medicine, and you

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Food, mood and appetite

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Food, morals and meaning

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Food, nature and society

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Food, not nutrients, is the fundamental unit in nutrition

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Food, nutrient and heterocyclic amine intake and the risk of bladder cancer

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Food, nutrition & poverty in India

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Food, nutrition & you

Anonymous, 1982:
Food, nutrition and agriculture

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Food, nutrition and child hunger

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Food, nutrition and diabetes

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Food, nutrition and health

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Food, nutrition and health

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Food, nutrition and health at the Sixth Framework Programme of European Union - projects conducted/carried out at the National Food and Nutrition Institute

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Food, nutrition and people

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Food, nutrition and sports performance II

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Food, nutrition and the consumer or from test tube to dining table

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Food, nutrition and the disabled, an annotated bibliography

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Food, nutrition and tomorrows world

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Food, nutrition and urbanizaton. (Notes for working out food programmes in urban areas)

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Food, nutrition, and chemical toxicity

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Food, nutrition, and evolution

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Food, nutrition, and health

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Food, nutrition, and population

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Food, nutrition, germs, and health: the 2001 Hazel K. Stiebeling Lecture

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Food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer: a global perspective - the WCRF

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Food, one tool in international economic development

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Food, past, present and future

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Food, people, and nutrition

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Food, people, and society

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Food, pharmaceutical, and bioengineering, 1976

Anonymous, 1995:
Food, physical activity and fun

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Food, policy, and politics

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Food, politics, and agricultural development

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Food, population and employment: some comments on the Colombian experience

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Food, population, and dislocation in Latin America

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Food, population, and employment: the Malthusian prospect two centuries later

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Food, population, and environmental quality

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Food, population, energy and the environment

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Food, poverty & power

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Food, poverty, and power in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Food, power and people

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Food, questions & answers

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Food, science and society

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Food, science, policy and regulation in the twentieth century

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Food, seasonality, and human evolution

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Food, shelter, and transport in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Anonymous, 1981:
Food, snack sales to teenagers last year near $6 billion: may double in decade

Harper, C.-L.L.beau, B., F., 2002:
Food, society, and environment

Bommer, D.; Hrabovszky, J., 1981:
Food, soil, and agriculture

Richards, Alan, 1986:
Food, states, and peasants

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Food, subsidies, bureaucracy

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Food, teens, & behavior

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Food, the state, and international political economy

Anonymous, 2000:
Food, water and war

Anonymous, 1973:
Food, will there be enough?

Anonymous, 1942:
Food, women, and war

Anonymous, 1942:
Food, work & war

Merson, M.; Hughes, J.; Lawrence, D.; Wells, J.; D'-Agnese, J.; Yashuk, J., 1976:
Food- and waterborne disease outbreaks on passenger cruise vessels and aircraft

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Food- waterborne parasitic protozoa

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Food-- healthy nutrition

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Food--a worldwide outlook

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Food--and the new consumerism

Lonne, G., 1974:
Food--how we live--and our self-sufficiency

Von-Housen, Aa, 1971:
Food--life depends on it

Orr, John-Boyd, Sir, 1948:
Food--the foundation of world unity

Butz, El, 1980:
Food--the language of peace

Peters, M.; Trueblood, M., 1997:
Food-aid grain needs are down--in the short run

Mackay, W., 1979:
Food-and-hunger hotline. Advocates for the hungry

Gustafson, Dp, 1975:
Food-and-mouth disease

Dhennin, L.; Dhennin, L.G.urreau, J., 1979:
Food-and-mouth disease in Normandy in March and April 1979

Anonymous, 1982:
Food-and-mouth disease outbreak in Denmark causes U.S. ban on imports

Elmore, R.G., 1981:
Food-animal regional anesthesia. Caprine blocks: cornual

Elmore, Rg, 1981:
Food-animal regional anesthesia--bovine blocks: teat block

Elmore, R.G., 1980:
Food-animal regional anesthesia. Bovine blocks: continuous epidural anesthesia

Elmore, R.G., 1980:
Food-animal regional anesthesia: bovine blocks: internal pudendal (pudic) nerve block

Elmore, R.G., 1980:
Food-animal regional anesthesia. Bovine blocks: ocular

Elmore, Rg, 1980:
Food-animal regional anesthesia. Bovine blocks: paravertebral lumbar anesthesia

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Food-associated regulation of salivary production by mosquitoes

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Food-based approaches for controlling vitamin A deficiency

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Food-based approaches to preventing micronutrient malnutrition

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Food-based dietary guidelines - Practical aspects of implementation - 16th International ISFE Symposium, Vienna, June 28, 2006

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Food-based dietary guidelines - Practical aspects of implementation. 16th International ISFE Symposium, Vienna, Austria, 28 June 2006

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Food-based dietary guidelines and nutrition interventions for children at primary healthcare facilities in South Africa

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Food-based dietary guidelines in Austria

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Food-based dietary guidelines in China practices and problems

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Food-based nutrition education and hygiene can improve the growth of stunted children

Wolf, W.; Iyengar, V., 1996:
Food-based reference materials

Anonymous, 1974:
Food-borne disease: methods of sampling and examination in s urveillance programmes

Caprioli, A.; Busani, L., 2006:
Food-borne diseases: surveillance and control

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Foods furnishing the same amount of calcium as one quart of milk

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Foods that fight arteriosclerosis

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Foods that fight cancer

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Foods that harm, foods that heal

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Foods we are eating

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Foods we eat

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Foods we eat

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Foods your children need

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Foods, 1946

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Foods, 1968--1969

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Foods, 1970--1971

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Foods, 1972--1973

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Foods, 1973--1974

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Foods, 1974-1975

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