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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15867

Chapter 15867 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pakthajothi, R., 1981:
Foot and mouth disease Viral disease

Schuessler, R., 1972:
Foot and mouth disease always a threat

Pereira, Hg, 1977:
Foot and mouth disease and influenza contracts and parallels

Wagener, K., 1977:
Foot and mouth disease and its significance in animal and man

Amaral, L., 1977:
Foot and mouth disease and milk

Macgregor, P., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease carrying the bucket in 1942

Parra, L.-Lg, 1976:
Foot and mouth disease control and the results of a good vaccine

Capstick, Pb, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease control programmes in Africa

Mowat, Gn, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease control programmes in Europe and the Middle East

Polydorou, K., 1986:
Foot and mouth disease control strategies based on epidemiology and animal production systems

Stougaard, E., 1984:
Foot and mouth disease control: economic consequences obtained with different control methods

Dickinson, Da, 1969:
Foot and mouth disease exercise

Zubov, V.; Petrachev, D.; Lagutkin, N., 1977:
Foot and mouth disease in Argentina

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Foot and mouth disease in Bangladesh

Reyes-Gomez, M., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in Colombia in relation to the Pan American Highway

Martel, J.L., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in Ethiopia: serological and immunological study of FMD virus (FMDV) of type A

Williams, Rosalie, I., 1980:
Foot and mouth disease in Europe epizootiology and prophylaxis

Wilson, T.; Tuszynski, C., 1998:
Foot and mouth disease in Taiwan--1997 overview

Anonymous, 1962:
Foot and mouth disease in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecudor

Suhr-Rasmussen, E., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in a man, (description of a case with some serological observations)

Kouba, V., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in cattle - differential diagnosis

Chenchev, I., 1951:
Foot and mouth disease in cloven-hoofed animals and the struggle against it

Djupina, S.I., 1980:
Foot and mouth disease in elks in experimental conditions

Fessler, A., 1977:
Foot and mouth disease in man

Gerlach, F., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in man and artificial transmission of the disease to guinea pigs

Cooper, Kevin, 2002:
Foot and mouth disease in the UK 2001

Smorfitt, D.B.H.rrison, S.R.H.rbohn, J.L., 2002:
Foot and mouth disease in the United Kingdom

Pliesovsky, J.; Juras, M., 2007:
Foot and mouth disease in the United Kingdom - meeting of the scientific committee for animal health and food chain 8.8.2007

Cardassis, J., 1981:
Foot and mouth disease in the goat

Amaral, L., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease in wild animals

Anonymous, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease perils Botswanas meat exports to EC

Vasco-Fernandez, M., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease program in South America

Anonymous, 1986:
Foot and mouth disease status worldwide at 30 September 1986

Santos, D.V.; Dutra, M.G.B.; Groff, F.H.S., 2007:
Foot and mouth disease vaccination in Rio Grande do Sul cattle in January 2007

Katalinic, H., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease vaccination in Yugoslavia

Bhattacharyya, U.; Chowdhury, T.; Bhattacharyya, H., 1984:
Foot and mouth disease vaccination in cattle in West Bengal--a cost of benefit analysis

Anonymous, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease vaccine production

Schmidt, M., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease vaccines

Anonymous, 1975:
Foot and mouth disease vaccines. II. Studies on the duration of immunity in cattle and swine

Nogina, V.T., 1985:
Foot and mouth disease virus

Orsel, K.; de Jong, M.C.M.; Bouma, A.; Stegeman, J.A.; Dekker, A., 2007:
Foot and mouth disease virus transmission among vaccinated pigs after exposure to virus shedding pigs

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Foot and mouth disease virus type O infection in vaccinated cross-bred cattle

Bachrach, Hl, 1977:
Foot and mouth disease virus: properties, molecular biology, and immunogenicity

Brown, E., 1977:
Foot and mouth disease, 1937 style

Anonymous, 1994:
Foot and mouth disease, African horse sickness and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

Kuhavanta, S., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease, a major deterrent of livestock trade

Pearce, Hg, 1970:
Foot and mouth disease--a threat to the production and marketing of beef

Kunter, E., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease-dried antigen for the complement fixation

Tokui, T., 1974:
Foot and mouth disease. 2. pape

Panisset, L., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease. Regarding the origin and progress of the prevailing epizootic

Richelet, Juan, E., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease: methods adopted in Argentina

Huntemuller, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease: observations regarding paculiar bodies in epithelial cell

Paredes, J.; Jimenez, J., 1976:
Foot and mouth disease: we need your colaboration, Mr. Cattle Raiser

Schmidt, Hansen, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease; immunising effect of the FMD virus transmitted alone and combined with aluminium hydroxide

Anonymous, 1984:
Foot and mouth diseases: an orientiation

Slingenbergh, J., 2007:
Foot and mouth spreads further

Bojarczuk, J.B.jarczuk, M., 1979:
Foot and root rot diseases of cereals

Lacicowa, B., 1979:
Foot and root rot diseases of wheat caused by Fusarium species

Aujla, S.; Sharma, Y., 1977:
Foot and root rot of wheat caused by Fusarium oxysporum in the Punjab

Schulz, Fa, 1977:
Foot and spike diseases of wheat

Ebendorff, W., 1971:
Foot bones and carcass bones and their interdependence in young fattening bulls

Leal, F.A.geles, N., 1971:
Foot borer caterpillar of citrus

Bergman, Ga, 1984 :
Foot bruising--pads or no pads?

Anonymous, 1986:
Foot care for diabetics

Butler, D., 1995:
Foot care of horses

Matta, A.G.ribaldi, A., 1980:
Foot corkiness of pepper caused by temporary water logging

Girtler, D., 1977:
Foot deformities in horses

Boehringer, Bt, 1975:
Foot deformity in a cat

Cavelier, N.L.cas, P1; Perraton, B., 1982:
Foot diseases Stem break of cereals, Cercosporella herpotrichoides or Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, Rhizoctonia, symptoms, stem and leaf sheath affected by the diseases, control, parasite specificity, includes genetic control.1

Gogoi, S.; Nigam, J.1; Singh, A., 1982:
Foot diseases in cattle Arthritis, phalangeal exostosis, phalangeal fractures, rotation of the distal phalanx, luxation, osteomyelitis, abscessation and chronic laminitis, radiology

Marusi, A., 1982:
Foot diseases in cattle Lesions.1

Nelson, D.; Peterson, G., 1984:
Foot diseases in cattle. I. Examination and special procedures

Lassoie, L., 1972:
Foot diseases of cattle

Geoffrion, R.G.ix, J., 1978:
Foot diseases of cereals

Bockmann, H.M.elke, H., 1977:
Foot diseases of winter wheat in relation to preceding culture of susceptible and non susceptible crops

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Foot diseases: a present problem for cattle rearing

My, J., 1985:
Foot diseases: importance of symptomatology and biology

Hanrion, M., 1985:
Foot diseases: test results of the Plant Protection Service

Don, R.; Serrao, M.; Vinci, P.; Ranavolo, A.; Cacchio, A.; Ioppolo, F.; Paoloni, M.; Procaccianti, R.; Frascarelli, F.; D.S.ntis, F.; Pierelli, F.; Frascarelli, M.; Santilli, V., 2007:
Foot drop and plantar flexion failure determine different gait strategies in Charcot-Marie-Tooth patients

Anonymous, 1943:
Foot exercises

Montgomery, Br, 2004:
Foot fault

Dietz,, K., 1972:
Foot health under conditions of no-litter keeping

Dietz, O.P.ietz, G., 1980:
Foot horn condition and its importance in living cattle

Chen-Qiu-Xia; Huang-Wen-Ming; Shi-Jian-Qiang; Li-Wen; Li-Shun-Fan; Lu-Rong-Xi; Bai-Feng-Yan, 2007 :
Foot hyalohyphomycosis caused by Fusarium subglutinans: a case report

Grigoropoulou, V.; Prassinos, N.N.; Papazoglou, L.G., 2007:
Foot injuries in dogs and cats

Scheffler, Nm, 1998:
Foot know-how

Edwards, Gb, 1973:
Foot lameness in cattle

Stickland, N., 1975:
Foot muscle fibres clue to lean meat

Grilli, G.; Gavazzi, L.; Manarolla, G.; Ferrazzi, V.; Gallazzi, D., 2003:
Foot pad dermatitis and welfare in broiler chickens

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Foot pad health, plumage condition, integument and claw length of Lohmann Silver laying hens kept in small aviary housing systems, furnished cages and an aviary housing system

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Foot pad swelling and ulceration in cats: a report of five cases

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Foot pad transplantation options

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Foot pain in community dwelling older people: an evaluation of the Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index. (vol 45, pg 863, 2006)

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Foot problems in dairy cattle

Smith, M.C., 1983:
Foot problems in goats

Anonymous, 1984:
Foot problems in horses

Boundy, T., 1983:
Foot problems in sheep

Schipper, I.; Cope, G.; Caley, H., 1974:
Foot rot

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Foot rot and dry rot of the sugarbeet

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Foot rot and foot abscess in sheep and goats

Anonymous, 1979:
Foot rot and methods for its control

Banting, A.M.rtain, L.T.rpin, M., 1978:
Foot rot and the means to control it

Herrman, T.W.ese, M., 1984:
Foot rot control in winter wheat using tillage, rotation, variety, fungicide and nitrogen variables

Cristea,, N., 1973:
Foot rot disease and its multiple forms

Narain, A., 1972:
Foot rot disease of ragimillet in Orissa

Chaudhary, K.; Singh, A., 1974:
Foot rot disease of sesame

Truszkowska, W., 1984:
Foot rot disease of wheat caused by Fusaria in the light of agrotechnical experiments

Peresypkin, V.; Tanasevych, I., 1978:
Foot rot disease of winter wheat

Reschke, M., 1977:
Foot rot diseases of winter rye on light sandy soils: biological and economic effects of chemical control

Meyerholz, Gw, 1976:
Foot rot in beef cattle

Berg, Jn, 1978:
Foot rot in cattle

Meyerholz, Gw, 1977:
Foot rot in in beef cattle

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Foot rot in sheep

Giacometti, M., 2007:
Foot rot in sheep and ibex

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Foot rot in sheep and preventative measures

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Foot rot in sheep--an unavoidable evil?

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Foot rot of Suran (Amorphophallus companulatus)--a new disease

Kruger, W., 1975:
Foot rot of cereals

Ferguson, J.M.tchell, D., 1986:
Foot rot of citrus

Whiteside, Jo, 1972:
Foot rot of citrus trees--the importance of high budding as a preventive measure

Ivanov, I.M.salski, N., 1978:
Foot rot of sheep --present stat

Stierlin, H., 1972:
Foot rot of sheep is curable

Laval, A., 1975:
Foot rot of sheep it is better to avoid than to have to treat it

Egerton,. Jr.;, 1977:
Foot rot of sheep: pathogenesis and immunity

Gupta, Vk, 1975:
Foot rot of wheat caused by Fusarium graminearum Schwabe

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Foot rot research at Oregon State University, a progress report--1974

Snyder, Sp, 1973:
Foot rot research at Oregon State University--a progress report

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Foot rot, black foot inflamation, and foot abscess

Trucco, A., S., 1981:
Foot rot: a stubborn disease possible of being controlled

Swaim, S.; Garrett, P., 1985:
Foot salvage techniques in dogs and cats: options, dos and donts

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Foot surgery

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Foot trimming and horseshoeing

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Foot trimming of bulls

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Foot troubles of sheep

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Foot ulcer Rusterholz in cattle (etiopathogeny, evolution, treatment, prophylactic measures)

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Foot warts in dairy cattle (Interdigital Papillomatosis)

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Foot weaknesses multiply: the locomotor syndrome of the turkey

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Station Hanover

Ugarte, E.R., 1983:
Foot-and-mouth a cause of allergy

Dekker, A.; Dercksen, D.; Snoep, J.; Wuijckhuise, L. van, 2007:
Foot-and-mouth and bluetongue: differences and similarities

Feilchenfeld, W., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease (Aphthae epizoticae) on eye

Bohm, H.O., 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in man

Espouy, Fernand, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in sheep

Groocock, Cm, 1993:
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in Hong Kong

Moussa, A.; Stouraitis, P.I.rahim, M.; Daoud, A.H.ssein, K., 1974:
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine production in baby hamster kidney cells (BHK 21 clone 13) in suspension in Egypt

Frescura, T.F.oroni, A.B.ldoni, A., 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus inactivation by ethylethylenimine (EEI) and preparation of monovalent and tri valent vaccines for swine immunization

White, W., 1994:
Foot-and-mouth disease (virus type O) in Greece

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Foot-and-mouth disease - quantification and size distribution of airborne particles emitted by healthy and infected pigs

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Foot-and-mouth disease - immunization experiments on guinea pigs with AD vaccine

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Foot-and-mouth disease Asia 1 of 1973 in Middle East

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Foot-and-mouth disease Domestic animals, virus types

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Foot-and-mouth disease adjuvants

Amaral, L., 1979:
Foot-and-mouth disease allergy

Mussgay, M., 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease also in humans?

Anon, 1983:
Foot-and-mouth disease and brucellosis are thoroughly controlled in Colombia

Anonymous, 1974:
Foot-and-mouth disease and brucellosis are throughly controlled in Colombia

Berentsen, P.B.M.D.jkhuizen, A.A.O.kam, A.J., 1990:
Foot-and-mouth disease and export

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Foot-and-mouth disease and hemoprevention

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Foot-and-mouth disease and its antigens

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Foot-and-mouth disease and its contagiousness to the human species

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Foot-and-mouth disease and its eradication

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Foot-and-mouth disease and measures for its control

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Foot-and-mouth disease and other vesicular infirmities in Colombia

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Foot-and-mouth disease and other vesticular diseases in Columbia

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Foot-and-mouth disease and swine vesicular disease. Procedures adopted in Great Britain for the disinfection of premises and infected materials

Saraiva, V., 2007:
Foot-and-mouth disease and the globalization

Dimitrov, N., 1973:
Foot-and-mouth disease and the p

Bedenashvili, G.G., 1950:
Foot-and-mouth disease and the strugle against it

Leclerc, J., 1976:
Foot-and-mouth disease and tuberculosis, two conquered scourges

Cesar, A., 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease and vesicular stomatitis in Colombia during 1969

Heinsohn-De-Brigard, E., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease and vesicular stomatitis in Colombia, determination of signs of complement fixation

Lis, H., 1981:
Foot-and-mouth disease and visicular disease of swine in the light of the 22 session of the European Commission of FAO for the Control of the FMD

Diego, Ai-De, 1974:
Foot-and-mouth disease as a zoonoses

Diego, A., 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease as a zoonosis

Schwann, J., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease as an occupational disease in cattle farms

Pustiglione-Netto, L., 1973:
Foot-and-mouth disease carriers

Amaral, L., 1979:
Foot-and-mouth disease cell cultures (BHK-21)

Amaral, L., 1979:
Foot-and-mouth disease control

Parra, L.L.G., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease control and the results of a good vaccine

Luck, W., 1983:
Foot-and-mouth disease control in East Prussia with Riems foot-and-mouth disease vaccine after Waldmann and Kobe

Rweyemamu, Mm, 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease control strategies in Africa

Anonymous, 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease decreases in Europe

Trautwein, K., 1981:
Foot-and-mouth disease disinfection with sulfurous acid, especially with D.S. Sulfo-liquid

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Foot-and-mouth disease epizootics of 1937-1943

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Foot-and-mouth disease epizootiology, diagnosis and prophylaxis in Iran

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Foot-and-mouth disease epizootiology. North America

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Foot-and-mouth disease eradication in England

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Foot-and-mouth disease exercises - experiences of training courses for official veterinarians in Germany

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Foot-and-mouth disease immunity after artifical and natural infection, and also after simultaneous inoculation

Amaral, L., 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease immunity in swine

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Foot-and-mouth disease immunization

Bell, H., 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease in 1923. II

Carpano, M., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Albania

Fisher, J.R., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Australia

Jerez, J.A., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis detection of antibody to virus-infection-associated (VIA) antigen and virus isolation

Fernando, Wwhs, 1969:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Ceylon. II. Serological types of the virus present in Ceylon

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Foot-and-mouth disease in Colombia

Martel, Jl, 1976:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Ethiopia: serological and immunological study of FMDV type A

Brovas, D., 1982:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Greece in the last d

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Foot-and-mouth disease in India

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Foot-and-mouth disease in India. Epizootiology, diagnosis and control

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Foot-and-mouth disease in Latin America

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Foot-and-mouth disease in Mexico

Anonymous, 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Nigeria

Gourreau, Jm, 1979:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Normandy

Gourreau, J.M., 1981:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Normany cattle, swine

Anonymous, 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease in North-Brabant

Steele, Rl, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease in South America

Okay, G., 1971:
Foot-and-mouth disease in Turkey

Neugebauer, W., 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease in beast

Hove, K.R., 1981:
Foot-and-mouth disease in cats

Krol, S., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease in child

Roemmele, Otto, 1980 :
Foot-and-mouth disease in deer living in the open preserve

Krajewski, A., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease in domestic animals and its transmission to humans

Anusz, Z., 1986:
Foot-and-mouth disease in human beings and animals in Poland

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Foot-and-mouth disease in man; report of a case and some serological observations

Anonymous, 1974:
Foot-and-mouth disease in ruminants

Dobai, S., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease in sheep

Nazlioglu, M., 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease in sheep and goats

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Foot-and-mouth disease in sheep and goats: Early virus growth in the pharynx and udder

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Foot-and-mouth disease in sheep, experimental studies

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Foot-and-mouth disease in some historical documents

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Foot-and-mouth disease in swine

Bohm, H.O., 1978 :
Foot-and-mouth disease in the Federal Republic of Germany between 1960 and 1969 from the point of view of type diagnosis with particular reference to the 1965

Bakhutashvili, O.I., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the Georgian SSR, epizootiology and variants of the virus types

Rakhmanine, P.P., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the USSR from 1968 to 1979

Anonymous, 2001:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the United Kingdom, 2001

Sallinger, Landshut, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the roe dear

Furger, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the year 1887

Nobili, I.C.lonna, V., 1971:
Foot-and-mouth disease in the year 1970 in Sicily: investigation on the role of sheep in spreading the disease

Hedger, Rs, 1976:
Foot-and-mouth disease in wildlife with particular reference to the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer)

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Foot-and-mouth disease is almost gone in France: Must one continue to vaccinate cattle?

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Foot-and-mouth disease manual

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Foot-and-mouth disease non-structural protein serology in cattle: use of a Bayesian framework to estimate diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of six ELISA tests and true prevalence in the field

Khukhorov, V.M., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease of Saigas

Dhanda, M.R.G.pal-Krishan, V.R.S.arma, S.N., 1998:
Foot-and-mouth disease of animals in India

Kouba, V., 1969:
Foot-and-mouth disease of cattle--differential diagnostics

Reppin, Karl, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease of goats after an artificial infection

Tokuda, G., 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease of lives

Tokuda, T., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease of livestock

Anonymous, 1973:
Foot-and-mouth disease of livestock and control of this disease in the USSR

Heidrich, K., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease of man

Cohrs, P., 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease of roe and stag

Onoufriev, V.; Khoukhorov, V.; Mouraviev, V.; Chrochnev, V., 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease of sheep (from data collected in the USSR)

Zyambo, Gcn, 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Zambia

Casas-Olascoaga, R., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease policies and control strategies in South America

Frank, Jf, 1973:
Foot-and-mouth disease problems that are of particular significance to North America

Anonymous, 1952:
Foot-and-mouth disease research

Ronohardjo, P.H.ndardi; Paat, S.W.ryono, A.A.jid, A., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease research in Indonesia

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Foot-and-mouth disease situation and its eradication programme in Indonesia

Sharma, S.; Singh, G.; Pathak, R., 1983:
Foot-and-mouth disease surveillance in Uttar Pradesh: epidemic indicator

Basset, J., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease the Waldmann vaccine and its posology

Avaiyavanont, K., 1973:
Foot-and-mouth disease tissue culture vaccine production in Thailand

Traub, E., 1983:
Foot-and-mouth disease typing with the complement-fixation test first communication

Fogedby, E.F., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination

Betizeau, Aetienne, 1950:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination in the Meuse department in 1948

Anonymous, 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination of calves in Italy

Fontaine, J.F.vre, H., 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination of pigs

Saxena, V.; Tripathi, S.; Verma, M.; Singh, R., 1976:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination stress in Red Dane, Jersey and Murrah bulls

Mebus, C.; Mckercher, P., 1982:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination: a review Cattle, virus

Telling, Rc, 1969:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Mustafa, A.A., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine disease status and control prospects in the Sudan

Van-Damme; Puttemans; Villers, 1972:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine for swine

Schweckendiek, O.E., 1984:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine station Eystrup

Leunen, J., 1971:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines (FMD) designated for pigs--concise comparisons of different formula

Favre, H., 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines associated with other bacterial or viral vaccines

Amaral, L., 1979:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines with oil adjuvants

Onufriev, V.; Murav'-Ev, V.; Pronin, I., 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, the basis of prophylaxis

Karpovich, M.B., 1985:
Foot-and-mouth disease viral strain study

Cottral, G.; Bachrach, H., 1968:
Foot-and-mouth disease viremia

Meloen, Robbert-Hans, 1981:
Foot-and-mouth disease virion antigens and the antibodies they induce

Mann, J.; Sellers, R., 1989:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus

Frenkel, H.S., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus culture in explants from porcine embryonic skin

Perevozchikova, N.; Uziumov, V., 1971:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus in cells of the subculture of the swine kidney

Koseki, Ignez, 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus in clones of the cellular line PK-15-3. II. Correlation between karyotype and susceptibility

Krasnikov, G.; Naumets, Z., 1971:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus in ultrafine sections

Richmond, J.Y.; Hamilton, L.D., 1969:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus inhibition induced in mice by synthetic double-stranded RNA (polyriboinosinic and polyribocytidylic acids)

Pustiglione-Netto, L.K.tait, I.A.geli, A.; Sugay,, O., 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus isolated from swine with other diseases

Henig, Rm, 1980:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus may be cloned in Escherichia coli, RAC says

Abadie, G.M.yo, J.L.mbardo, J.S.olko, E.; Rivenson, S., 1969:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus replication in previously irradiated bovine fetal kidney cell cultures

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Foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype a in Egypt

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Foot-and-mouth disease: MAFF calls for more vets as the number of outbreaks continues to rise

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Foot-rot in sheep

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Foot-rot of cattle

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Foothill Abortion update

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Foothill Hydroponics news

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Foothill abortion; continuing problem attacked by veterinarians

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Foothills to foreshore

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Footing the farm family bill

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Footpaths and access to the countryside

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Footprint network news

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Footprint reduction of combat ration systems--transition of innovative moisture removal technology to a compressed meal technology

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Footprint tool projects wafting odor effects

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Footprinting of nucleic acid-protein complexes

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Footrot a real headache

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Footrot control

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Footrot control in drought

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Footrot in cattle

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Footrot strategic plan

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Footrot technical information manual

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Footrot vaccines have still not been proven

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Footrot vaccines--past, present, and future

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Footrot. 9

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Footrot. a problem in the herd

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Footshock stress reinstates cocaine seeking in rats after extended post-stress delays

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Footsnares can reduce injuries to trapped coyotes

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Footstep-induced sediment displacement in the Grand Canyon

Anonymous, 1977:

Anonymous, 1986:
Footwear manufacturing

Anonymous, 1972:

Kelsey, M.; Price, H., 1979 :
For pick-your-own operations - computing production costs of fruits and vegetables

Thienpont, C., 1997:
For 11 vegetable crops: spring acreage climbs 2% over 95 plantings

Thienpont, C., 1996:
For 12 crops: fresh vegetable acreage up 2% in summer quarter

Thienpont, C., 1997:
For 13 fresh market crops: spring harvest down 4%--strawberries in doubt

Anonymous, 1997:
For 13 fresh market vegetables: harvest yields dip 4% in spring quarter

Berman, K., 1996:
For 130 homebound seniors: Conn. meals-on-wheels runs a 7-day scratch-cook kitchen

Kudreiiavetisev, M., 1960:
For 1500 centners of pork

Andreeva, Evgenieiia-Ivanovna, 1957:
For 170 centners of meat and 400 centners of milk on 100 hectares of agricultural land

Davis, Wep, 1970:
For 1970 forage varieties and recommendations

Sopko, Rl, 1976:
For 1976-80 , U.S.S.R. to stress greater productivity and quality

Belanger, L., 1981:
For 273,000 Quebec youths the CIJ International youth meeting; objectives is no longer a dream.1

Podgorneiiak, B.V., 1962:
For 5000 liters of milk per cow

Duffey, P., 1999:
For 65 years, USDAs magazine has helped guide co-op movement

Davleiiatchina, Galima, 1954:
For 7000 aitrs of milk

Anonymous, 1997:
For 74 Georgia prisons: shifting to kitchen-ready foods

Voievoda, B.; Behei, S., 1979:
For 80 metric centners per hecta

Maddox, C.Y.ung, G., 1983:
For Alabama farmersa record attempt Cooperative Extension Services farm business management association

Anonymous, 2005:
For Amyloid Proteins Longer Isnt Necessarily Better

Sprague, Vance, G., 1948:
For Beef Cattle and Other Stock

Arnold, Mildred, G., 1965:
For Cooking

Koulaouzidis, A.; Said, E.; Saeed, A.A., 2007:
For Dr. Choi's Epub study "Combination index of sTfR and MCH for evaluating iron deficiency in end-stage renal disease"

Anonymous, 1992:
For Earths sake

Stern, P.; Gladwin, C., 1984:
For Florida women: what you should know about Florida law when your husband dies

Burnham, Tj, 1996:
For Hunter Nadler, organic growing is a beneficial business

Embrey, K., 1993:
For I-9 Form, dont require license or Social Security card

Singh, P.C.oubey, S., 1969:
For Jabalpur an intensive cropping schedule

Anonymous, 1993:
For Maine and its people

Warncke, D.; Christenson, D.; Lucas, R., 1976:
For Michigan: fertilizer recommendations for vegetables & field crops

Anonymous, 1949:
For New Hampshires see Nichols of Kingston, N.H

Ringhofer, L., 1981:
For Peats sake, energy does grow on trees

Anonymous, 1996:
For Philadelphia prisons: cook-chill lowers food costs

Mayer, H.; Enders, G.; Gietl, G., 1979:
For Prof. Dr. Albert Baumgartners 60th birthday

Anonymous, 1981:
For San Jose scale new pheromone trap developed

Skinner, Henry, T., 1965:
For Shade; For Sun

Vinis, L., 2001:
For Swainsons Hawks, hope means fewer pesticides

Pritchard, Dl, 1970:
For U.S. cotton, past decade was battle against synthetics and world production

Anonymous, 1986:
For U.S. paper industry, economy, 1986 looks like a pretty good year

Ramon, J., 1978:
For VND the purgatory has ended

Grewal, Js, 1978:
For White Revolution

Bernstein, L., 1978:
For a go ahead for the potato

Hurtt, Leon, C., 1948:
For a Better Range Management

Serguier, Claement, 1992:
For a basket of figs

Anonymous, 1970:
For a better Ohio through agricultural research and development

Chomicz, W.C.murak, M.S.najder, M., 1978:
For a better a utilization of production potentials of slaughter chicken farms

Dozinel, Cm, 1970:
For a better chemical control of forages

Tayel, Maf, 1979:
For a better cotton crop in Egypt

Anonymous, 1984:
For a better dissemination of scientific and technical information

Anonymous, 1972:
For a better environment guard against plant pests

Bruni, L., 1979:
For a better inclusion of forest economics into mountain economics

Dudy, J.J.kubiak, R., 1970:
For a better quality of milk in production and purchasing

Schmid, H., 1973:
For a better quality of rabbit furs

Botosaneanu, L., 1974:
For a better study of Micrasema of Europe (Trichoptera, Brachycentridae)

Dabrowski, J., 1978:
For a better training of workers in the food production complex

Sinker, C., 1976:
For a better understanding of our environment

Iketani, Hiroyuki, 2007:
For a better understanding of scientific names - Philosophy, background and problem of nomenclatural codes

Berge, J.P., 2007:
For a better use of marine by-products and wastes

Gheorghe, V., 1971:
For a better utilization of scad (Trachurus trachurus)

Obando-Correa, H., 1973:
For a better yield of your suckling piglets

Steffek, Ef, 1979:
For a big splash next spring, plant oriental poppies

Thompson, Er, 1970:
For a bright frozen futures market

Anonymous, 1956:
For a brighter future

Roy, Rn, 1973:
For a bumper harvest sow sorghum on time

Bouyssou, G., 1975:
For a card index of French entomology

Amthor, R., 1972:
For a centralized management of state and co-operative forests according to contract

Rubin, A.; Stewart, J.; Carlile, B., 1976:
For a cleaner environment and more productive land put wastewater to use

Anonymous, 1975:
For a combined fat-protein-milk price system

Holmes, Es, 1969:
For a comfortable home; heating and cooling

Sanso, L., 1978:
For a complete utilization of poorly cultivated lands

Ignatov, I., 1976:
For a complex and very effective

Stocker, H., 1970:
For a continuous supply with vegetables by well-aimed cooperation

Lele, J.Kago, 1973:
For a contribution to the success of the Green Revolution

Dell'-Angelo, Gg, 1975:
For a correct distribution of reclamation tasks

Francik, J., 1976:
For a correct use of irrigation in 1976

Wolynec, Renata, B., 1978:
For a cultural resource overview of the Allegheny National Forest, Warren, Elk, Forest, and McKean Counties, Pennsylvania

Efremenko, Ts, 1980:
For a decrease in the harmfulness of Synchytrium endobioticum

Polegaev, Vi, 1974:
For a decrease in the injurious ring spot necrosis of white headed cabbage in storage

Wabner, D.; Geier, K.; Hauck, D., 2006:
For a deeper understanding of tea tree oil: fresh is best - why we should only use fresh oil at any concentration

Modica, S., 1978:
For a different relation between school and country

Laur, A., 1972:
For a direction in agricultural production

Jollivet, M., 1988:
For a diversified agriculture

Surjeet, Harkishan-Singh, 1979:
For a fair deal to cotton-growers

Laszkiewicz, L., 1978:
For a faster increase of egg production and purchasing

Surdacki, Z., 1971:
For a faster production of pork and lard

Silva, L.De, 1974:
For a fertilizer fund

Bartoszewicz, W., 1975:
For a fraternal cooperation between the productivity of the forests in the productivity of the forests in Poland and the forestry of the German Democratic Republic

Nekrasov, M.; Siniaev, N., 1976:
For a full value cubic meter !

Janczak, J., 1975:
For a further development of food production

Kowalska, J., 1975 :
For a further development of horticultural production

Gutwinski, H., 1976:
For a further development of large scale fattening of swine for the meat industry

Brzozowski, A., 1970:
For a further improvement in efficient use of pastures

Janczak, J., 1975:
For a further improvement of food supply

Rozhanets, Gm, 1976:
For a further improvement of regionalized grape variety assortment

Kot, Z., 1971:
For a further increase of dairy cattle raising in Lublin Province

Laszkiewicz, L., 1977:
For a further increase of egg consumption

Anonymous, 1974:
For a further increase of milk purchasing

Buda, S., 1971:
For a further increase of swine production

Bonadonna, T., 1971:
For a futuristic animal breeding

Hall, D., 1974:
For a garden accenthang it

Masteau, P., 1970:
For a genuine fruit policy

Borowik, J., 1978:
For a good architecture in rural areas

Rebour, H., 1972:
For a good irrigation dose do not rely on appearances

Calzolari, C.B.lasini, D., 1973:
For a greater economy of the plants and for a more precise hygiene of the slaughterhouses

Mathieu, P., 1972:
For a green and natural Christmas tree

De-La-Valdene, Guy, 1995:
For a handful of feathers

Vouga, Jp, 1974:
For a harmonious countryside

Volain, N., 1995:
For a healthier earth, richer diet, try organic gardening

PasechnvyÄ­, N.V.; Cheremisin, G.G.; Bebik, S.P.; Simonian, A.A.; Ogurok, A.P., 1976:
For a healthy herd

Anonymous, 1994:
For a healthy nation

Pogodin, Va, 1981:
For a high and stable productivity of crop farming Policies, yields, Kuibyshev Region.1

Orekhov, A., 1976:
For a high effectiveness of production of goat farming

Mishchanin, E., 1975:
For a high intensity of farm production

Chroboczek, E., 1978:
For a high quality of processed vegetable products

Dobrev, D., 1976:
For a high quality study, designing and planning of the cutting fund during the seventh Five Year Plan period

Akimov, Ai, 1976:
For a high return on capital investments!

Samadov, M.T.raev, A., 1977:
For a high yield of fine fiber cotton

Kozyrev, Nm, 1980:
For a high yield of maize! Commercial technology of cultivation, Ukrainian SSR.1

Kadushin, N.; Isabekov, Z., 1981:
For a higher and more stable yield

Laszkiewicz, L., 1978:
For a higher effectiveness in broiler production

Voloshynovs'-Kyi, Si, 1981:
For a higher level of seed produc

Toskov, N., 1977:
For a higher level of seed production

Krasnoshchekov, N., 1969:
For a higher performance of equipment for the control of erosion

Gremillon, J., 1976:
For a just application of fiscal laws to apiculture

Dolveck, J., 1974:
For a landscape technique

Schon, H., 1977:
For a large milking stand?

Benea, V., 1970:
For a large practical application of the tree genetical breeding

Stryjewski, L.P.usko, Z.H.ndzelewska, B., 1976:
For a lasting model of professional improvement for the agricultural extension service in rural districts

Kolesnikov, Alekseaei-Semoaeilovich, 1958:
For a million of ducks a year

Gellermann, C., 1972:
For a modern teaching concept in agriculture

Shlyk, Vi, 1976:
For a more complete utilization of the reserves of water supplied pastures

Penkov, D., 1976:
For a more effective introductio

Has, Z., 1978:
For a more effective record keeping of reproduction

Georgiev, V., 1978:
For a more extensive use of aspe

Wright, H., 2002:
For a more healthful frozen dinner, opt for organic

Petrov, P., 1978:
For a more intensive introduction of technical progress in winemaking industry

Solerio, P., 1970:
For a more modern and competitive agriculture

Rajkovic, Z., 1980:
For a more precise application of fertilizers to sugarbeets

Patrasescu, M., 1971:
For a more thorough study of the declivity of forest roads

Kitchen, Clarence-William, 1952:
For a more united voice in the affairs of our industry and nation

Regos, B., 1976:
For a more up-to-date information system

Remy, P., 1970:
For a mountain politics

Verhaegen, G., 1970:
For a national fertilizer plan

Goldsmith, Ga, 1973:
For a national nutrition policy

Bibileishvili, Ge, 1976:
For a new advancement of subtropical agriculture

Gehu, Jm, 1979:
For a new approach to vegetation landscapes: the symphytosociology

Anonymous, 1978:
For a new architecture in the rural administrative district centers

Koczowski, F.S.chta, J.S.awlowski, P., 1974:
For a new attitude in the programming of investments in agriculture

Piana, Giuseppe, 1946:
For a new breed of Lombardy cattle

Johannlukens, E., 1973:
For a new bull crisis?

Rouveroux, P., 1969:
For a new forestry policy.

Wojtasiewicz, J., 1976:
For a new form of agricultural education in a rural district

Musaev, Gp, 1972:
For a new increase in the forestry of Tadzhikistan

Anonymous, 1973:
For a new meat market in Italy

Orsini-Rosenberg, H., 1978:
For a new policy in forestry: from administration to production!

Goode, J., 1978:
For a patriotic planting, try phlox

Mowrer, Oh, 1977:
For a pleasant surprise neglect your Amaryllis

Valente, A., 1973:
For a policy of minimum pay

De-Poli, D., 1975:
For a productive reforestation in the mountains

Zaivyi, Ig, 1971:
For a productive work of the agricultural aviation

Angelov, A., 1974:
For a profitable public apicultu

Zimmermann, D., 1973:
For a promotion of wood in French-speaking Switzerland

Zniszczynski, Z., 1975:
For a proper handling of chemical plant protection

Jakubik, T., 1973:
For a proper technical servicing of agricultural equipment

Szymanski, J., 1975:
For a proper use and maintenance of articulated-telescopic shaft

Wieloch, S., 1978:
For a proper utilization of soil and land utilization maps

Popov, P.; Bondarev, A., 1981:
For a proprietary interest in fuel-energy resources Storage and consumption of petroleum products.1

Mota, M., 1972:
For a prospective vision of agricultural law in Portugal

Angiboust, A., 1973:
For a quality cherry

Normand, 1973:
For a quality policy of horticultural products

Nowak, M., 1972:
For a rational and more intensive pasture management

Puchajda, J., 1974:
For a rational management of meat industry establishments

Pien, J., 1970:
For a rational method of research on new products and new techniques

Fidanza, F., 1972:
For a rational nutrition

Chauve, C.G.vrey, J., 1976:
For a rational therefore profitable vermifugation

Voronin, I.; Tsymek, A.; Bugaev, V., 1970:
For a rational utilization of forest resources

Ferrere, P., 1978:
For a recovery, pay attention to over production

Werquin, A., 1975:
For a relief in apiculture

Weglowski, Aj, 1978:
For a right name for Azalea pontica L

Theodore, Th, 1979:
For a safer and better use of pesticides.

Jeffus, H., 1976:
For a safer home water supply

Pisani, Edgard, 1994:
For a saleable and thrifty agriculture

Thiault, J., 1970:
For a selection of eating quality of Golden Apples

Maynard, J., 1987:
For a small-town child, small things seem larger

Anderson, B., 1980:
For a smooth transition energy sources, biomass, solar electricity, USA

Fidanza, F., 1975:
For a social nutrition

Chua, S.M.casaet, R., 1979:
For a socio-economic measure of productivity

Pevetz, W., 1975:
For a sociological delineation of rural areas

Gudin, C.C.aumont, D., 1981:
For a solar biotechnology based on microalgae Enteromorpha lingulata, Synechocystis, Spirulina maxima, Botryococcus braunii, technology for use in food, chemical and biofuel industries

Pavlov, D., 1971:
For a still higher quality of Bu

Tesu, I., 1982:
For a substantial increase of the agricultural production in 1982 Romania.1

Delon, R., 1978:
For a successful, economically productive apiculture

Miculescu, A., 1970:
For a superior organization of production and labour in agriculture

Le-Moal, Y.G.erin, G., 1975:
For a synthetic approach of socio-economic and ecological problems of arid and semi-arid zones

Ploch, La, 1987:
For a time capsule of New England: the 1987 town meeting of Troy, Maine

Smith, Id, 1970:
For a top yield start with the right stand

Van-Tine, Kg, 1975:
For a total systems approach

Domzalski, Y., 1984:
For a true common alimentary policy

Pinney, Jj, 1977:
For a useful small tree, consider hawthorns

Motovilov, Aa, 1981:
For a weighable hectar of forest

Kothandaraman, P., 1977:
For a well knit marketing channel

Peichev, B.N.idenova, N., 1970:
For a widespread immunological t

Moskvichev, Nm, 1981:
For accelerating the operation of new capacities at logging enterprises

Tomson, Rs, 1978:
For accuracy make your own tools for spacing garden bulbs

Brandenburg, Bc, 1977:
For accurate application maintain nozzle pressure

Osadchuk, Ap, 1978:
For achieving a rise in the production of sunflower seed in the Middle and Lower Volga area

Nachkov, G., 1980:
For advanced agricultural method

Pirtskhalaishvili, Skh, 1977:
For advancing agrotechnics of management and cultivation of tea, citruses and other subtropical crops up to the level of present requirements

Perego, G., 1971:
For agricultural competency the conflict between the state and region is improper

Madden, J.P.trick; Chaplowe, S.-G.V.n-En, R., 1997:
For all generations

Chambers, Sr, 1979:
For all interested in naturally pure pollen: a really good device for trapping valuable pollens

Kaplan, Jk, 1990:
For alternative crops--hes the Duke

Anonymous, 1961:
For an abundant supply of livestock products

Auberger, B.; Neeser, P.; Azouvi, A., 1986:
For an active role of the European Economic Community in the international agricultural scene

Sousa, A.-De; Pires, E.; Serafim, F.; Numes, F.P.reira, F.; Carrico, J.D.s-S.C.rvalho, J.-De; Dias, J.; Et-Al, 1974:
For an agricultural policy in Angola

Kopczynski, W., 1977:
For an ambitious architecture for Polish villages

Petit, M., 1985:
For an analytical political economy

Villegas, Bm, 1974:
For an appropriate technology that uses the resources of the Third World by substituting labour for capital

Giertych, Z., 1978:
For an attempt to speed up the development of vegetable production

Henderson, D., 1985:
For an award-winning demontration: try demonstrating!

Mazel, R., 1973:
For an ecological conception of the species and a minimum of scientific rigor. (Dlepidoptera)

Gervais, M., 1973:
For an economic analysis of the urbanization of the rural areas

Sinitsyn, Vv, 1977:
For an effective and safe application of pesticides

Svirgun, Md, 1977:
For an effective procurement and processing of sugarbeet roots in the 1977 jubilee year

Zakrajsek, Z., 1977:
For an efficient and expedient organization in forestry

Kronit, Ia, 1972:
For an efficient combining of interests of forestry and hunting

Anonymous, 1994:
For an environment-friendly soil utilization in agriculture

Kreienbaum, Christoph, 1994:
For an environmental oriented waste disposal policy

Plessner, H., 1970:
For an esthetic appearance of farms and villages. 6

Plessner, H., 1971:
For an esthetic look of the farm and the village. 7. stairs

Plessner, H., 1971:
For an esthetic look of the farm and the village. 9. retaining walls

Grosser, A., 1975:
For an ethic of conflict

Szmagala, Z., 1970:
For an improvement of Simmental cattle in Poland

Anonymous, 1972:
For an improvement of working and social welfare conditions in the food industry

Miac, M., 1978:
For an increased care for the quality of meat and meat products in the meat industry retail stores

Nowak, M., 1971:
For an increased effectiveness in management of grassland with light soils

Detkens, S., 1974:
For an increased protein content in milk

Anonymous, 1973:
For an insoluble problem the Atlantic Council (U.S.) offers two solutions

Szklarczyk-Kobylecka, J., 1974:
For an orderly development of cooperative orchards

Kliachko, Ab, 1981:
For an overall mechanization of labor-intensive works Forestry.1

Gorin, V., 1981:
For an uninterrupted conveyor field to grocery store Specialized production-agrarian associations cultivating fruit, vegetables and grapes, direct delivery of agricultural products from the farm to the consumer, Namangan Region, Uzbek SSR.1

Kudreiiakov, V.V.khabov, M.G., 1969:
For an upswing of the economy

Mouette, C., 1984:
For and against farm feeds

Fuochi, G., 1979:
For and against free mounting

Steingruber, K., 1975:
For and against high insurance

Buchner, A.D.tmer, H.S.urm, H., 1970:
For and against liquid fertilization

Heins, A., 1973:
For and against mixed seasoning

Borysonik, Zb, 1983:
For and against stubble burning (Discussion)

Cardinali, B., 1974:
For and against the adding of sugar

Stockl, K., 1974:
For and against the dual system

Guleria, Osr, 1980:
For another green revolution through the eighties

Anonymous, 1981:
For applicator safety, comfort protective clothing studies reveal wearer preferences

Gruber, J.S.-Clair, L., 1994:
For asthma sufferers--the facts about sulphites in food

Zapadinskii, R., 1980:
For astronauts, polar research workers, geologists

Wagner, John, J., 1987:
For beef and sheep

Lelong, C., 1976:
For beef cattle, all forms of maize can be used

Theng, K., 1994:
For beef cattle, main focus of conference was on protein

Anonymous, 1977:
For beef cattle: drug combination increases efficiency

Scott, H., 2001:
For beekeeping associations: the problem of enlisting volunteers!

Dines, Am, 1975:
For beginners

Paulin-Neto, L., 1975:
For beginners in swine keeping

Clavae, H., 1945:
For being an excellent farmer

Lawton, Bp, 1992:
For best growing results

Hutjens, Mf, 1974:
For best results with high-moisture grain, follow these tips

Farris, Np, 1975:
For best results, cultivate your turnips

Henning, Rj, 1978:
For best weed control, start early

Anonymous, 1940:
For better 4-H clubs

Wright, C.; Stout, D., 1978:
For better Pharaoh ant control

Kovalenko, E.; Burnasheva, I.; Luchkina, G., 1975:
For better and more complete satisfaction of the consumers demand for vegetable oil and margarine

Anonymous, 1947:
For better care of your plantings

Mauracher, E.S.hleife, W., 1974:
For better cooperation with the retail trade

Espiecka, Alois, 1958:
For better cultivated soils in Czechoslovakia

Jesenko, F., 1981:
For better egg fertility in flocks of broiler parents

Perez, J.; Henry, Y., 1983:
For better energy evaluation of compound feeds: return to the animal test

Davies, Wd, 1977:
For better fishing in farm ponds, regulate bass harvest

Jennings, S., 1996:
For better for worse, for richer for poorer

Price, S., 1984:
For better frozen vegetables: stem- or water-blanching?

Browne, Roland, A., 1964:
For better gardens

Jesenko, F., 1980:
For better hatching of eggs

Dunn, F., 1970:
For better juice in the morning

Augustynski, W., 1972:
For better livestock building

Anonymous, 1950:
For better living join the 4-H club

Atkinson, De, 1978:
For better nutrition: oh so good liver

Herasymchyk, V.K.avchenko, O.N.hornyi, A.L.akh, V., 1976:
For better operation of BM 6 machine

Gridnev, E.; Maksimenko, A., 1981:
For better operation of machinery Mechanization of herbicide application in maize crops.1

Anonymous, 2004:
For better or worse?

Rozintsev, V.; Pozhidaev, V.; Rozintsev, V.; Pozhidaev, V.; Ponomarev, N., 1978:
For better organization of designing tobacco-harvesting machines

Anonymous, 1975:
For better products and better sales

Bains, D.; Tiwana, M.; Puri, K., 1974:
For better quality fodders grow legume and non legume mixtur es

Torlakov, F.; Kurmanov, I.; Mul'-Kov, A.; Zhogov, I.; Zhuravlev, V., 1970:
For better quality inspection of mixed fodder fed to pigs

Cesar, G., 1972:
For better regulation of temperature in greenhouses when they are heated by hot air

Bell, A.M.rchant, B.S.mpson, I., 1982:
For better sheep fertility

Demoody, Cj, 1970:
For better soybean yields molybdenum

Traikov, E.K.lev, K., 1975:
For better technological discipl

Larsen, D.B.ank, U.S.monson, L., 1979:
For better tourist income--know your community

Sherman, Gd, 1969:
For better turf, know your soils

Inisheva, L.; Starikova, V.; Evdunov, E., 1984:
For better use of floodplain peatlands

Izhevs'-Kyi, Is, 1976:
For better utilization of forest raw material resources

Wnekowa, Z., 1978:
For better utilization of fruits of wild-growing trees and shrubs in the food processing industry

Planson, J., 1976:
For better yields of spring rape

Shandilya, T.; Guleria, D., 1978:
For better yields treat casing material with steam and benlate

Anonymous, 1957:
For better yields, higher income! from citrus, cocoa, kill the fiddler beetle with dieldrin 1.5, dieldrex 15

Shillingford, Ca, 1970:
For bigger banana profits we need clean boxing plants

Anonymous, 1977:
For both fluid milk and milk products, milk sales up!

Vyas, Ap, 1973:
For breeding better buffaloes

Anonymous, 1979:
For breeding broilers--less h

Anonymous, 1978:
For broad distribution of the experience introducing advanced technology of fiber-flax growing and harvesting

Stephenson, E.; Reed, H.T.ompson, V., 1969:
For broilers, fish meal and fish meal substitutes

Samus'-, P., 1978:
For calves

Lotin, V., 1978:
For cattle

Montaigu, Michel, 1952:
For cattle rearing in Sologne

Ganev, G., 1975:
For cheaper and greater producti

Virt, M.D.hons, E.B.s, G., 1978:
For chemical weeding of sugarbeet crops

Hamilton, Cw, 1987:
For climate descriptions--try the Walter system

Ragimov, Z., 1977:
For closer connection of science with production

Anonymous, 1984:
For coaches only

Brown, M.; Pratt, J., 1972:
For cold-weather grazingtam wintergreen hardinggrass

Dzhulai, Iia, 1978:
For combless packages

Srivastava, R.; Rajan, S., 1980:
For commercial crops--apple varieties in Uttar Pradesh need pollinisers

Bratanov, K., 1971:
For complete integration in cont

Kozlov, Al, 1981:
For complete loading of the roads of year-round operation

Esaulov, P.A., 1944:
For complete preservation of calves, piglets and lambs

Atamanenko, A.; Snopok, M., 1979:
For complete return of an irriga

Ogryzkin, G., 1981:
For complete utilization of reserves Problems and achievements of animal husbandry in the RSFSR.1

Trofimenko, V., 1980:
For complete utilization of the productive capacity of mixed feed enterprises

Seregin, Vp, 1980:
For complex utilization of Khibiny deposit of phosphate raw material

Listov, Aa, 1971:
For conservation and increase of the pine forests of the northern European USSR

Anonymous, 1948:
For consideration by the Standing Committee at its third meeting, July 8, 1948 (proposal of the Economic Commission for Europe to FAO for a joing research project on the future of fibers and textiles in the European economy)

Samsonov, Vp, 1981:
For constant improvement of technology

Betschart, A.; Fuller, G., 1992:
For consumer convenience: new and improved quality food products

Cherry, J.; Sapers, G.; Kozempel, M.; Liao, C.; Wells, J.; Hicks, K.; Wilson, C.; Gross, K.; Pavlath, A., 1992:
For consumer value: new technologies extend shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables

Sengar, Ss, 1981:
For consumers awareness of the chemical quality of farm and market eggs

Doyle, M., 1985:
For consumers, aseptic packaging is a mixed blessing

Shabala, N.; Karaush, E., 1981:
For correct operation of machinery Mechanization of maize cultivation, recommendations, Moldavian SSR.1

Filonenko, A., 1981:
For correct operation of relay-re

Zaborova, E., 1981:
For correct organization of cattle transfer to grazing maintenance Cows.1

Slinkman, Z.; Spalding, S., 1977:
For creative kids: toys to make

Stepanov, Ka, 1979:
For cultivated hay meadows

Boiko, I.M.n'-Ko, I., 1979:
For cutting potato seed tubers

Voelker, H.; Jorgensen, N.; Mohanty, G.; Owens, M., 1970:
For dairy cattle; zinc supplements

Mathieu, J.C.anet, V., 1981:
For dairy cows in the winter: purple clover silage lowers the cost of the ration

Vaks, I.R.bchuk, D., 1975:
For dairy farms and feedlots

Bradley, R., 1978:
For dazzling flowers grow tuberous begonias

Fosler, Gm, 1972:
For dazzling garden color--the flowering annuals

Lampe, J.W., 2006:
For debate: investment in nutrigenomics will advance the role of nutrition in public health

Semkov, M., 1981:
For decisive improvement of the

Dyk, V., 1971:
For deeper ichtyopathologic investigation into our fish

Anonymous, 1940:
For defense - strength

Anonymous, 1997:
For delivering an educational message: kids beverage packaging

Sosiuk, V.K.lov, B., 1981:
For delivering liquid feeds Mecha

Skala, Z., 1972:
For development of a complex socialist rationalization in agriculture

Balla, L., 1978:
For development of animal production in Czechoslovakia

Birbaumer, Niels, 2007:
For distinguished contributions to psychophysiology: Robert M. Stern

Meyer, R.S.hulbach, H.E.strom, J., 1987:
For drip irrigated almonds, soil acidification is key concern

Talbot, F.L.mbe, R., 1990:
For drum master planning process: innovation or limitation?

Zhulid, Vd, 1977:
For drying sunflower seed

Zarytovskii, V.; Timashev, I., 1980:
For each flock guaranteed herd improvers

Sergeev, N.A., 1964:
For each village dweller, a machine operator by trade

Hoffmann, W., 1973:
For each work the correct tool

Rikhter, Aa, 1980:
For earlier beginning of fruiting in seedlings of fruit crops

Konashevich, Ag, 1980:
For early spring treatment of apple trees

Harper, P., 1979:
For easy informality, consider shrub roses

Krupka, J.P.elowski, Z., 1982:
For ecologizing the management of pheasant in Poland Phasianus colchicus.1

Mironivs'-Kyi, P., 1980:
For economic consumption of fuel

Dowgiallo, Z., 1972:
For economic criteria in the evaluation of the progress in cattle breeding

Lachowski, J., 1974:
For economic progress in dairy cooperation

Zaretskii, V.; Korshu-Nov, V., 1977:
For economical expenditure of energy resources

Soloviova, Hi, 1977:
For economical expenditure of funds

Baumgardt, Jp, 1976:
For economy, ecology, beauty--natural, low maintenance areas

Tudel'-, M., 1978:
For effective operation of machi

Batura, Am, 1979:
For effective operation of machinery

Goriachev, V.; Afonin, N.1; Lipilin, N., 1981:
For effective operation of sprinkling machines Kuibyshev, Saratov, Volgograd regions.1

Aleksiev, A., 1975:
For effective tobacco disease an

Lisovskii, G.; Tsybulia, N.1; Pishchola, N.1; Korniichuk, A., 1981:
For effective use of machinery on yield harvesting Group method of operation, grain combines.1

Nikonov, V.; Tsvetkov, V., 1981:
For effective use of spruce forests in the Murmansk Region Picea.1

Bondar'-, A., 1981:
For effective use of the land Viticulture, data on grape production, yields.1

Mukhammadiev, U., 1981:
For effective use of water resources Irrigated farming, Khorezm Region.1

Fertiuk, Et, 1976:
For effectiveness and quality

Stoliarov, Dp, 1977:
For effectiveness and quality of operations

Kosiak, Ia, 1976:
For efficiency and high quality

Fletcher, Wdb, 1977:
For efficient electric fencing

Hensley, M., 1970:
For efficient irrigation--know your soil

Komlev, Ap, 1977:
For efficient use of raw material

Medunov, Sf, 1980:
For efficient use of the scientific potential of the Kuban

Boev, V.; Gabitov, N., 1981:
For efficient utilization of grain resources Siberia, Far East.1

Girardeau, Renae, 1947:
For eggs in abundance on the amateurs farm

Blackburn, Laura, 2007:
For electric fish Jean-Luc and his girlfriend Daisy, cultural differences often proved difficult to overcome

Anonymous, 1980:
For elegant designs economically, let Ikebana into your life

Vinokurov, Konstantin-Vasil*-Section-*evich, 1956:
For eleven billions puds of grain

Leib, E., 1972:
For environmental protection; pesticide use under strict controls

Tofan, I., 1975:
For erosion control operations

Rusiaev, A.B.bkin, G1; Aliev, R., 1981:
For error-free planning and construction of complexes Dairy farms, Tatar ASSR.1

Favretti, R.-J.F.vretti, J., P., 1990:
For every house a garden

Rother, T., 1983:
For every new-born child a tree

Launer, Ekkehard, 1996:
For example, beef

Launer, Ekkehard, 1994:
For example, flowers

Weber, C.; Knirsch, J., 1991:
For example, pesticides

Vasilian, V.; Azarian, G.; Babaian, A., 1978:
For expanded use of promising means of crop protection

Vasilenko, Ii, 1981:
For expanding new forms of collaboration between science and practice Plant breeding and seed production.1

Karpukhin, Vp, 1981:
For expanding the application of growth retardants on winter crops Cereals, control of lodging.1

Chebotarev, In, 1981:
For expansion of the production of planting material Development of forest nurseries.1

Anonymous, 1987:
For exports: renewed growth, modest expectations

Nelson, P.; Reeves,, R.; Fetsch, R.V.n-Horn, J.H.ghes, R.L.ngren, H., 1994:
For families: getting through tough times

Anonymous, 1987:
For farm finances: promising signs of a cooling crisis

Dimitrova, Kh, 1975:
For farmers who raise broilers

Greising, D., 1991:
For farmers, a fair to middlin year

Anonymous, 1997 :
For fast-changing menus: Hoffman plugs-in computers

Skrepets'-, V.; Shevchuk, M.; Makynian, R.; Povarnina, T., 1981:
For fattening from two month age

Musehold, J., 1975:
For feeding, harmless rye grain?

Caselli, R., 1970:
For fighting the competition

Kr'-Stev, T., 1980:
For finding its place.

Wisham, Co, 1970:
For fine foliage; discover the Episcia

Kozhushnian, G., 1977:
For fire fighting

Wellborn, T.J.; Crosby, M.; Durborow, R.; Taylor, P., 1986:
For fish farmers: Status of catfish farming in Mississippi--September 1986

Anonymous, 1956:
For floral pageantry

Koltun, E., 1980:
For flow-line shop technology.

Whitton, G., 1978:
For foliage and flowers: Container plants for Florida

Grossbauer, S., 1996:
For foodservice operators: stops to make on the info highway

Fedorova, Ll, 1979:
For forage production in the Arctic area

Huber, T., 2007:
For forest owners, research and industry of the forest-based sector cooperation is required

Mel'-Nikov, V.; Sergeev, A., 1977:
For forest product freight--improved railway cars

Dumitrescu, Ns, 1973:
For forty years activity of scientific forest research and 25 years activity of forest designs in Romania

Anonymous, 1974:
For four years important changes have occured in the food processing industries

Anonymous, 1974:
For four years important changes have occurred in the food processing industries

Men'-Shikova, Ap, 1980:
For fruit orchards in the area of the Baikal-Amur railroad construction Fruit and berry varieties.1

Korcekom, M., 1976:
For fulfilling ehe conclusions of the XVth Congress of the Czechoslovak Communist party and the Slovak Communist Party in the Slovak veterinary service

Zlatanov, S., 1980:
For further development of ecolo

Balevska, Rk, 1978:
For further development of sheep

Anonymous, 1981:
For further development of sheep husbandry in the Central-Chernozem zone Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union.0

Smirnov, N.I., 1959:
For further increase of agriculture in the Leningrad oblast

Sakhatmuradov, K., 1976:
For further increase of cotton production in Turkmenistan

Borysenko, Mm, 1978:
For further increase of the effe

Borisovets, I.; Shavrov, A., 1972:
For further increasing of timber transport by water

Petrik, M., 1973:
For further intensification of agricultural production

Gawlowski, K., 1970:
For further progress in potato seed production

Trofimchenko, A.; Storchevoi, E., 1977:
For further progress in viticulture and winemaking

Adamczyk, E.O.ielski, L., 1975:
For further quality improvement of animal food products

Shipilov, Vs, 1972:
For further, expanded reproduction in animal husbandry

Robinson, J., 1977:
For future release

Szuroczki, Zoltan, 1975:
For gardeners on meteorology

O'-Hearn, Mk, 1986:
For gardening information: dial U!

Kosar, J., 1977:
For ge beets and forage sugarbeets in commercial conditions

Manos, Et, 1974:
For giant-sized vegetables try chicken manure

Anonymous, 1975:
For good apples: high calcium, low nitrogen

Burgess, L., 1977:
For good fruit and shade--persimmons

Zoller, Ja, 1983:
For good golf and good turf--use less water

Willemin, M., 1977:
For good grass utilization

Petit, Antoine, 1943:
For good knowledge of soil and its fertilizers

Saulnier, J., 1980:
For good manufacturing, a rigorous technology is necessary

Johnstone, William, D., 1975:
For good measure

Anonymous, 1973:
For goodness sake keep food safe

Anonymous, 1987:
For goodness sake!

Kolev, K., 1978:
For greater achievements in fruit farming in 1978

Khanna, Radha-Krishna, 1957:
For greater food production

Shalatonova, L.; Nabieva, E.; Nikitin, S., 1976:
For greater output of packed products

Foltyn, J.M.kala, F., 1971:
For greater security in overwintering of wheat

Anonymous, 1955:
For greater service

Jesenko, F., 1981:
For greater success in the fattening of young chickens

Hackler, Nadine, 1972:
For happier happenings, be well groomed

Minchev, P., 1972:
For harder work aimed at increas

Bakhetia, D.; Brar, K., 1981:
For harvesting a bumper crop of groundnut Arachis hypogaea, India

Anonymous, 1940:
For health and victory produce your own food

Hodel, D.; Pittenger, D., 1995:
For healthy and attractive ground covers: mow

Begidov, K.; Mal'-Tsev, A., 1980:
For healthy calves

Field, M., 1975:
For healthy cattle feed bonemeal and salt

Anonymous, 1988:
For healthy holiday eating, the best way is to indulge in moderation

Odle, J., 1979:
For heavier steers and fewer weeds, burn your grass

Kozlovska, V., 1959:
For high corn yields

Anonymous, 1954:
For high corn yields in the virgin soils regions

Sharma, R.; Sharma, P.N.hra, B., 1973:
For high dividends grow cucurbits

Barbiniagra, M., 1977:
For high effectiveness of capital investments

Ismailov, G., 1976:
For high effectiveness of irrigated acreage

Kashuba, B., 1978:
For high efficiency of T-150K tr

Farrant, J., 1976:
For high egg numbers--read high returns

Vuchkov, B., 1976:
For high honey quality.

Glinianyi, V.-Georgievich; Narimov, U., 1961:
For high labor productivity

Khodov, Aia, 1977:
For high organization of work

Shcherbachenko, V., 1974:
For high potato yields

Shkodin, V.K.lopkova, N., 1978:
For high profitability of vegetable marketing

Shostakovskii, I.; Gusev, S., 1981:
For high quality Control of mechanical injuries of potatoes, storage of seed tubers.1

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