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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15868

Chapter 15868 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Orishchenko, Ad, 1971:
For high quality aerial spraying

Sokol, Pf, 1979:
For high quality and effectiveness of investigation works

Kozyr, V.; Samoilyk, M., 1981:
For high quality of output Animal

Boikov, Iui, 1979:
For high quality of products of livestock origin

Moskotin, Va, 1978:
For high quality of seed

Mamenko, O.; Marenets'-, V., 1981:
For high quality silage Maize, pr

Vitanova, G.P.pova, P.T.ifonova, V., 1976:
For high quality superelite seed

Miroshnichenko, N., 1978:
For high qulaity of agricultural operations

Baranov, N.B.rashev, V., 1976:
For high rate and quality of reclamation operations

Czhumakulov, R.F.n'-, I., 1981:
For high rinal results Activities of the Sulukolskii Pedigree Sheep Farm, Kustanai Region.1

Egorov, V.; Bondareva, V., 1979:
For high soil fertility

Karlenko, V., 1981:
For high yielding sowing New mode

Korbut, I.S.irnova, Z., 1960:
For high yields and low costs

Simek, F., 1978:
For higher economic effectiveness of organization and management of specialized crop production

Potskalev, A.; Pashedko, L., 1980:
For higher effectiveness of agricultural mechanization

Dardanov, A.K.rmushev, I., 1977:
For higher effectiveness of using hydraulic cranes in logging

Zagorski, D.I.anov, P.I.tova, M., 1977:
For higher efficiency

Hosman, Iadislav, 1953:
For higher fertility in swine

Janeeziec, Franjo, 1952:
For higher harvest

Volchikhin, Valentin-Georgievich, 1954:
For higher harvests

Pylov, Ap, 1981:
For higher production of high quality variety seed of cereals Problems and achievements in the state procurement of seed from collective and state farms, Middle and Lower Volga River area.1

Bratanov, K., 1983:
For higher quality and higher intensity of scientific-research activities

Gurinovich, Vi, 1981:
For higher quality of designing animal husbandry complexes RSFSR-in-Europe.1

Lolov, B., 1976:
For higher quality of queens

Mikheev, A.; Ivanov, I.; Chernikov, B.; Iareshko, M., 1980:
For higher quality of the application of fertilizers

Ali, M., 1985:
For higher returns grow arhar in intercropping system

Podobedov, A.; Biriukov, A., 1970:
For higher sanitary culture of specialized swine breeding farms

Pasricha, N.; Aulakh, M.; Sekhon, G., 1977:
For higher yield: pre sowing irrigation to groundnut

Inshin, N.; Medvedetskii, A., 1981:
For highly effective use of herbicides Recommendations for machine operation, maize cultivation.1

Poimanov, P.; Kiforenko, V., 1980:
For highly productive operation of machinery Mechanization of maize harvesting.1

Dobrokhotova, Vera-Mikhaaeilovna, 1955:
For highly productive poultry farming

Gopalan, S.A.antharaman, S., 1970:
For hill areas bullock-drawn potato digger

Franzen, Rw, 1970:
For homeless waterfowl; blasting potholes in drained wet land restores nesting areas

Wright, Archie, 1953:
For how long does the farmer feed them all?

Coll-Sort, J., 1977:
For how long the African swine pest?

Koc, Mustafa, 1999:
For hunger-proof cities

Mcfadden, Dl, 1980:
For ideas, visit this new western garden Filoli

Bakhtin, I., 1981:
For implementing the decisions of the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Poultry farming.1

Anonymous, 1996:
For impromptu dining: MIT

Baclet, N.L.mbrail, P., 1983:
For improved control of sugar intake, an appropriate and personalized regimen

Schiffer, W., 1973:
For improvement: silent water channels for technical development

Rudis, Vs, 1981:
For improving planning

Kazakov, Mp, 1981:
For improving the control over financial activities of collective and state farms RSFSR.1

Sobko, O.; Nosko, B., 1982:
For improving the effectiveness

Pen'-Kov, Ni, 1981:
For improving the effectiveness of the sector

Gusev, Vk, 1981:
For improving the level of management activities Policy of the Communist Party in the development of agriculture, Saratov Region.1

Zhuravlev, Bi, 1980:
For improving the quality of lime meal

Egorov, A.; Luk'-Ianov, V., 1981:
For improving the quality of machinery repair

Gnatenko, M.; Fomenko, A., 1981:
For improving the quality of mechanized operations Sugarbeet cultivation.1

Chanysheva, Skh, 1981:
For improving the quality of skin raw material All-Union State standards.1

Aliev, Fm, 1980:
For improving the raw material of winemaking industry in Dagestan

Imaev, N.; Sairanov, R., 1981:
For improving the skill of animal husbandry farmers Training labor force, Bashkir ASSR.1

Miyamoto, S.S.roehlein, J., 1975:
For improving water penetration into some Arizona soils--sulfuric acid

Berkutova, Ns, 1981:
For improving wheat grain classification

Topalides, N., 1979:
For increase in the production of pine honey

Rauzi, Gm, 1971:
For increased farm production it is necessary to know the farm soils

Gorokhov, Bi, 1973:
For increased reproduction of the herd

Khramov, Nv, 1980:
For increasing creative activities

Vinokhodova, A., 1981:
For increasing economic incentive level of the participants of cooperation in intensive rearing of heifers

Burkat, Vp, 1981:
For increasing herd productivity

Shpektorov, V., 1981:
For increasing in every possible way the development of private plot poultry farming

Elemanov, Abdrakhman-Elemanovich, 1956:
For increasing productivity of sheep production

Vol'-Fson, Dh, 1980 :
For increasing quality and effec

Dilanian, Z., 1981:
For increasing the content of protein in the milk Pedigree work, feeding experiments.1

Lisetskii, A.M.shtruk, A.Z.arskii, V., 1981:
For increasing the economic effectiveness of using material, labor and financial resources in poultry farming associations

Inshyn, M.M.dvedets'-Kyi, O., 1980:
For increasing the effectiveness

Dobrynin, V., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of animal husbandry Government policy.1

Ul'-Rikh, Nn, 1977:
For increasing the effectiveness of breed seed production activities

Makarenko, V., 1980:
For increasing the effectiveness of farm production

Usubaliev, T., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of farm production Kirghiz SSR.1

Zhurbitskii, Zi, 1977:
For increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers

Verbitskii, S.Z.iko, M., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of fiber flax cultivation Byelorussian SSR.1

Korneeva, E.; Voronova, V., 1979:
For increasing the effectiveness of fiber flax seed dressing

Bondarenko, E., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of fixed capital of broiler farms

Kiba, Iag, 1980:
For increasing the effectiveness of gathering and canning wild berries

Morgun, F., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of land use Erosion-control subsurface tillage, Poltava Region.1

Giriaev, Dm, 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of nursery farming Production of forest planting material in RSFSR.1

Hemerka, G., 1980:
For increasing the effectiveness of operative management of large size irrigations

Kosynkin, A., 1979:
For increasing the effectiveness of production

Savinkov, Ai, 1978:
For increasing the effectiveness of production and quality of potatoes

Poplavskii, Vv, 1978:
For increasing the effectiveness of protection measures

Sobko, Oo, 1977:
For increasing the effectiveness of scientific studies in irrigated crop farming

Gromov, Vs, 1980:
For increasing the effectiveness of snow retention

Lepekhin, N.; Baranovskii, A.; Gorbach, T.; Gorbach, V., 1978 :
For increasing the effectiveness of spraying

Mirtalipov, Sh, 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of the operation of machinery Repair and technical service, cotton growing farms, Uzbek SSR.1

Murugov, V.; Matrosov, N., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of ultraviolet irradiation of cows

Kirtbaia, I.; Sharov, N., 1981:
For increasing the effectiveness of using the technical potential of agriculture Achievements and problems of machine-and-tractor fleet operation.1

Semenov, S.; Martyshkin, G., 1980:
For increasing the level of clover seed production concentration

Slobodian, V.; Chovganiuk, N., 1980:
For increasing the level of sugarbeet production specialization and concentration

Kozlov, A., 1981:
For increasing the level of utilization of the nutrients of rations Metabolism in lactating cows, effect of feeding regimes.1

Lott, Da, 1980:
For increasing the preservation of pesticides

Nikolova, N., 1981:
For increasing the production of

Rakhimov, Br, 1978:
For increasing the production of kishmish and raisins

Zhiriakov, A.; Khamitsaev, R., 1981:
For increasing the production of mutton and improving its quality Sheep keeping and breeding problems.1

Usik, Ge, 1981:
For increasing the production of sweet corn, a valuable vegetable crop

Nakhshunov, Ir, 1978:
For increasing the production of table grapes in Dagestan

Petrenko, V.; Evdokimov, A., 1980:
For increasing the productivity of aircraft An-2

Dubinin, V.; Ivakin, A., 1981:
For increasing the productivity of clam-type loaders

Matvienko, A., 1981:
For increasing the profitability of racing horse stud farming

Gornyi, Va, 1978:
For increasing the quality of new approved varieties of tobacco

Beliaev, Nm, 1981:
For increasing the reliability and suitability for repair of farm machinery

Musin, Am, 1981:
For increasing the reliability of electric motors in farm production

Reznik, E.; Zemskov, V., 1980:
For increasing the reliability of feed producing shops

Savvina, I.; Osipova, V., 1981:
For increasing the reliability of forage storage structures Destructive action of succulent forages on the surface of reinforced concrete.1

Kuleshov, Mv, 1977:
For increasing the responsibility for work safety

Dorosh, Ii, 1981:
For increasing the returns on ca

Tsiundik, P., 1977:
For increasing the role and responsibility of Silhosptekhnika

Anonymous, 1981:
For increasing the role of science in the development of the national economy Agriculture, Azerbaidzhan SSR.0

Topilin, G.; Dikov, K.; Ivanov, E.; Vasil'-Ev, G., 1981:
For increasing the suitability of MTZ-80

Molchanov, M., 1981:
For increasing the survival rate of calves during the isolation period of rearing Control of gastrointestinal diseases.1

Karuk, Bp, 1977:
For increasing the technical level and quality of designing (on the materials of a workship on the organization and technology of designing projects of reclamation and hydroeconomic construction)

Iu, D.; Isikov, S., 1981:
For increasing the universalization of the maize-harvesting combine

Sinitsyn, Vv, 1979:
For increasing the yield of Far East fields

Grigorov, V., 1976:
For industrial technologies--app

Core, J., 2006 :
For innovative pest control, a new gene-transfer technique

Chetyrkin, Bn, 1980:
For intensive development of education and science Activities of the Cheliabinskii Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification.1

Varkvasov, V.; Rasulov, A., 1980:
For intensive fruit orchards of the mountain-forest zone of the Northern Caucasus Apple varieties.1

Smirnov, V., 1981:
For intensive use of sows Possibility of obtaining 2.2 farrowings per year per sow.1

Ivanov, A.; Korolenko, M.; Gorbunkov, V., 1979:
For irrigated lands in the Lower Volga area

Anonymous, 1984:
For kids only

Petit, Antoine, 1954:
For knowledge of soil and fertilizers

Epshtein, A.; Fedoseev, O., 1977:
For labor safe machinery

Hibbs, J.; Conrad, H., 1980:
For lactating dairy cows: pelleted versus meal concentrate in complete ensiled rations

Pfeiffer, Herman, 1993:
For lands sake

Fosgate, O.; Saunders, F.; Cameron, N.; Worley, E.; Hayes, D., 1970:
For large dairy herds of future, price alone is not always the most reliable way to buy feed

Lee, J., 1999:
For late plantings, tropical corn

Harms, Rh, 1979:
For laying hens formulate feed on daily intake basis

Johnson, J.; Connor, L., 1971:
For livestock producers: implications of environmental quality standards

Boussageon, J., 1983:
For living in the country: an association for agricultural development in Neracais

Breil, J., 1976:
For long preserved milk

Davis, Df, 1979:
For love and honey: They let their bees do what comes naturally

Ridge, Antonia, 1973:
For love of a rose

Eisner, T., 1982:
For love of nature: exploration and discovery at biological field stations Biologists, research institutions, natural history, education, research, entomology

Sampson, R.Neil, 1985:
For love of the land

Byrne, R.; Caskey, F., 1985:
For love or money?

Turner, R., 1990:
For low-risk deliveries, birth centers offer care comparable to hospitals

Ikeda, Jp, 1980:
For mama and papa: an elementary text on nutrition of the preschool age child

Anonymous, 1981:
For many water users, an era of conservation begins

Shchepot'-Ev, Fl, 1983:
For mass reproduction of walnut in the USSR

Anonymous, 1984:
For mature eaters only

Anonymous, 1981:
For maximum fertilizer efficiency: follow the fertilizer Bill of rights

Tronchuk, I., 1981:
For maximum use of food waste Pork production, nutritive value, swine feeding.1

Tseluiko, As, 1981:
For maximum use of technical capacity of machines Effective operation of farm machinery.1

Anderson, J.; Lusk, O., 1971:
For mechanical harvesting--accelerating tomato maturity with ethrel

Helm, J., 1997:
For men only: a primer on your unique nutrition concerns

Anonymous, 1940:
For men who like to eat the well filled dinner pail

Bralove, M., 1983:
For middle-aged man, a wifes new career upsets old balances

Kovalenko, O.K.omut, I., 1981:
For milk accounting Construction

San'-Kov, M.K.rpov, I., 1979:
For milk cleaning

Ascher, Aa, 1976:
For miniature floral arrangements less is more

Agnihotri, Vp, 1972:
For moments of solace terrace gardening

Brooks, E.; Hurley, B., 1989:
For mommy and me: a child care and development policy for welfare recipients

Samodurova, Mf, 1981:
For more accurate accounting of labor input of seasonal workers Collective and state farms, Middle and Lower Volga River area.1

Penner, Pi, 1980:
For more accurate determination of accounting prices Farm production cooperation.1

Grishina, Sf, 1980:
For more accurate determination of the size of the incentive fund State farms of the Ural Region.1

Kyrsa, V.I.hchuk, M., 1979:
For more accurate measurement of

Saprygin, Da, 1981:
For more active distribution of high-yielding varieties

Tanev, Kh, 1980:
For more and also high quality c

Barbacki, S., 1979:
For more attention to the proper status of plant physiology and agricultural microbiology in agricultural studies

Carrone, J.Jr, 1977:
For more beautiful Neoregelias

Rosenkranz, C., 1974:
For more comfort in barns

Gonotskii, Va, 1980:
For more complete satisfaction of the requirements of the population in food products made from poultry meat and eggs

Kotliarov, It, 1981:
For more complete use of breed resources! Sheep breeding.1

Kirilesko, A.; Shcherbatiuk, N., 1981:
For more complete use of every hectar of arable land Yields of maize for silage, catch crop, effect of fertilizers, Chernovtsy Region.1

Beletskii, M.; Karpov, V.; Nagainik, F., 1979:
For more complete use of forage resources on farms

Rubtsov, M.; Kremnina, A.; Mezentsev, A., 1981:
For more complete use of genetic potential in breeding

Nesterenko, L., 1977:
For more complete use of labor resources

Fedorus, Ii, 1981:
For more complete use of potentials of increasing milk purchase

Vitol, E., 1981:
For more complete use of production reserves Specialized poultry farms.1

Ol'-Iashev, A.; Bondarev, V., 1977:
For more complete use of straw as a forage for cattle

Tovstanovs'-Kyi, Oi, 1983:
For more complete use of the benefits of farm production specialization and concentration

Karmanov, S.; Ganzin, G., 1981:
For more complete use of the seed material Production of potato seed tubers.1

Shestov, A.; Dudorov, I.1; Kopenkin, I., 1981:
For more complete utilization of farm resources Specialization and concentration of vegetable growing farms, costs, profits, Non-Chernozem zone of the RSFSR.1

Prilepo, Nm, 1983:
For more complete utilization of forest food products

Muratov, Im, 1979:
For more complete utilization of the reserves of raw materials for the production of meat and bone meal

Weber, P., 1973:
For more coordination and cooperation

Minkov, I., 1978:
For more effective cabbage seed

Karova, V., 1980:
For more effective control of di

Macon, J.; Webster, H.; Hilliker, R., 1970 :
For more effective links between resource management and research. <Forestry, timber management, natural resources

Reviakin, El, 1981:
For more effective operation of cleaning drying complexes

Isaev, V.; Ablautov, V.1; Prokhorenkov, V.1; Zhdanov, V., 1981:
For more effective operation of electromobile distributors Mechanization of feed distribution on swine farms.1

Grachev, V.; Kurichenko, O., 1981:
For more effective operation of grain processing complexes

Gnoevykh, M., 1981:
For more effective operation of sprinkling machines Ukrainian SSR.1

Krebs, Alfred, H., 1954:
For more effective teaching

Todorov, N.; Urupin, A., 1980:
For more effective use of budget assets for the improvement of lands Mogilev Region, collective and state farms.1

Dem'-Ianenko, A.; Barbado, A., 1981:
For more effective use of forage lands

Beshkurov, Vp, 1977:
For more effective use of grasslands

Bairiamov, A., 1977:
For more effective use of labor resources in agriculture

Chumak, Va, 1981:
For more effective use of land during the growing period

Konokhova, V.; Aprod, A.; Ballod, Z., 1979:
For more effective use of storage facilities

Zel'-Dner, A.K.arebava, R., 1981:
For more effective utilization of fixed capitals Specialization and concentration of animal husbandry farms, Khabarovsk Territory.1

Rybachuk, V.; Troian, V., 1980:
For more effective utilization of production waste products

Fedorus, Ii, 1977:
For more effective utilization of reserves for increasing the output of fattening state farms

Bogdanov, B., 1977:
For more effective utilization of the resin collection reserves

Koldaev, Vn, 1979:
For more effective utilization of wood from tending fellings

Dimitrov, S., 1976:
For more efficiency in reforestaton

Garvanov, M.S.epbanova, N.A.gelova, P., 1975:
For more efficient control of th

Sherbanova, N., 1975:
For more efficient observations

Kuznetsov, Ln, 1981:
For more efficient use of concentrated feeds

Polianov, G., 1977:
For more extensive application of biologic and integrated plant protection

Gasanov, S., 1981:
For more extensive breeding of the Deliboz horse Azerbaidzhan SSR.1

Ryzhov, Sv, 1980:
For more extensive introduction of highly productive milking machinery

Zhurikov, V., 1981:
For more extensive introduction of progressive forms of labor management and wages Crop farming, Nikolaev and Rostov regions.1

Fedorov, S., 1981:
For more extensive introduction of the Selex system Use of computers for management of breeding of dairy cattle.1

Kalashnikov, V.R.zhdestvenskaia, G1; Fomina, E., 1981:
For more extensive use of outstanding studs Pedigree activities with horses.1

Starostin, Sp, 1979:
For more extensive use of the possibilities of the agrotechnical method

Dermendzhi, Dzhevdet-Umerovich, 1960:
For more inexpensive vegetables

Christopher, Kj, 1970:
For more profits--rear calves in the right way

Nowinski, T., 1977:
For more rational and effective investements

Weaver, T., 1999:
For more soybeans, dig deep

Gabai, Vs, 1983:
For more specific terminology

Anonymous, 2006:
For most, health benefits outweigh risks of eating fish

Winick, Myron, 1983:
For mothers & daughters

Anonymous, 1984:
For mothers-to-be

Anonymous, 1975:
For narrow row-double-row or broadcast?

Anonymous, 1940:
For national defense

Kurir, A., 1969:
For natural continuity--again

Reilly, A., 1980:
For nearly every place and season, there are dogwoods

Sonka, J., 1971:
For new development of the national economy

Melkonian, As, 1977:
For new progress in research on viticulture and fruit growing by the scientists in Armenia

Palczynski, A., 1977:
For new protected areas of the peatbogs of Western Sudetes

Lisunov, I., 1975:
For new targets in maize production

Krisyuk, V.I., 1978:
For new technology - perfect equipment

Boubals, D., 1982:
For new viticultural emigration. How to approach the creation of new vineyards outside of Europe Climatic, pest, economic and social considerations.1

Anonymous, 1978:
For no trouble, no fuss gardening go for the daisies

Strickler, K.; Cane, J., H., 2003:
For nonnative crops

Smyser, S., 1980:
For now, the big keep getting bigger

Pristavko, V.; Zhukov, N., 1987:
For observations of the codling moth

Mikhailov, A.; Posylaev, V., 1978:
For obtaining a high yield

Labunskii, V.; Kiver, V., 1978:
For obtaining a yield of winter wheat of 70-80 centners per hectare

Luning, W., 1972:
For older multiple story hive beekeeper

Norton, M., 1976:
For once lets stand together for the farmers rights

Aleshin, Ep, 1978:
For one million tons of Kuban rice

Pankov, A.; Dmitrenko, V.; Todorov, G.; El'-Chenko, I., 1980:
For one ton of oil per hectare

Piliavskii, Vg, 1978:
For optimal ages of felling

Mayeux, M.; Esphahani, M.D.uzat, R., 1972:
For optimum harvesting: soybean moisture and combine adjustments

Kunev, Id, 1977:
For or against deep fall plowing in apple orchards

Besnard, Y., 1975:
For or against on farm feed manufacture. Visiting in Loiret

Joly, R., 1974:
For or against the ministry decision of March 18, 1948 forbidding the importation of non-barked conifer woods?

Branas, J., 1974:
For or against the rule

Lichev, A.D.ov, A.K.inakov, G., 1978:
For or against using tobacco dry

Hillerman, F., 1985:
For orchids sakes, specialize

Pavlenko, Va, 1977:
For organizing soybean production in the Moldavian SSR

Garland, Anne-Witte, 1989:
For our kids sake

Gordienko, Nn, 1980:
For outdoor cultivation: technological complex of machines Mechanization of flowering crops farming.1

Balaev, L.; Zhemoits, A.; Ziubenko, S., 1981:
For overall reclamation

Anonymous, 1992:
For parents of 1-year-olds

Anonymous, 1992:
For parents of 11-month-olds

Anonymous, 1992:
For parents of 3-month-olds

Anonymous, 1992:
For parents of newborns

Fisher, S.P.tzer, R.C.ristenson, M.F.ederickson, C., 1969:
For parents of young children; a young child and his grandparents

Fisher, S.P.tzer, R.C.ristenson, M.F.ederickson, C., 1969:
For parents of young children; a young child and his parents

Anonymous, 1984:
For parents only

Bousquet, Jc, 1968:
For participation in economic

Reilly, A., 1981:
For peat sake!

Tree, B., 1978:
For peats sake

Atkins, Ps, 1983:
For peats sake, its an excellent medium

Mckinna, D., 1974:
For people who are hazy about the new wool marketing plan

Anonymous, 2002:
For people with kidney disease, a balance between too much protein and too little

Hansen, E., 1973:
For performance and alluring: technical possibilities to rationing concentrated feed in dairy cattle rearing

Anonymous, 1957:
For permanent forest production

Mccann, J.; Heird, J.; Roberts, D., 1989:
For personality types of competitive judging team students and classmates in livestock and horse evaluation classes

Mukhlisulin, Sh, 1981:
For planning with the consideration of the monetary evaluation of the land Karakul sheep state farms, Kazakh SSR.1

Cox, P., 1996:
For plant record-keepers. I. The West: for Texas

Musial, K., 1996:
For plant record-keepers. I. The West: for the Curator

Omar, T., 1996:
For plant record-keepers. I. The West: for the Pacific Northwest

Cole, J., 1996:
For plant record-keepers. I. The West: for the Southwest

Bauml, Ja, 1996:
For plant record-keepers. I. The West: introduction

Pavliuk, V.D.mchyshyn, P., 1980:
For planting strawberry transpla

Zabashtans'-Kyi, S., 1977:
For plowing fields covered with stubble remains

Dobrzanski, B., 1971:
For popularization of agricultural sciences

Gerrietts, M., 1993:
For potatoes--stopping dry rot without chemicals

Dubina, M., 1978:
For poultry

Cress, Dc, 1971:
For poultry--insect and mite control

Genkov, P.A.gelova, P.S.erbanova, N., 1975:
For precise and timely observati

Kays, S.; Williams, J., 1977:
For processing savoy or smooth leaf spinach?

Elagin, In, 1976:
For production increase and quality raise of proso grain

Anonymous, 1946:
For profitable pork, prevent necro!

Augustynski, W.N.wratowicz, A., 1972:
For progress in sheep shearing

Gajda, E., 1978:
For proper operation of the councils

Podbieklowski, Z.T.maszewicz, H., 1977:
For protection of the peatbog with Salix lapponum in the Sejny Lakeland

Maksimenko, N.; Ushanov, V.1; Khokhlov, A., 1981:
For providing all enterprises with repair-technological equipment Repair of grain combines.1

Polgorodnik, Gv, 1981:
For providing the population with fresh fruit Donetsk Region, requirement in fruit and berries, planning.1

Meijboom, F.L.B.; Verweij, M.F.; Brom, F.W.A., 2006:
For public prevention or on private plates? The ethical evaluation of personal diets and the shift towards market applications

Sarishvili, N.; Storchevoi, E., 1975:
For quality and efficiency

Ridzhalski, K., 1979:
For quality in beehives.

Makhnenko, Mm, 1981:
For quality indices Cattle husban

Nehra, B.; Sharma, P., 1970:
For quantity and quality grow hara madhu

Anonymous, 1980:
For quantity and quality.

Gibson, M., 1977:
For queen and country: rose names with special significance in jubilee year

Polianov, G., 1978:
For radical improvement of plant

Abduganiev, A., 1978:
For raising the level of irrigated farming

Ganin, Ap, 1984:
For rapid mechanization of grape harvesting

Georgiev, Gc, 1973:
For rational utilization of inse

Kurochkin, K., 1981:
For rationing of water use Irrigated cultivation of cotton.1

Lilevman, V.V.loshyn, N.A.tonov, I., 1980:
For rearing broilers.

Andriiets'-, V., 1980:
For reducing failures of electri

Zavalishin, F.; Zolotykh, M., 1981:
For reducing idle periods of sowing machines Seed loading mechanization.1

Kadyrkhodzhaev, P.K.alileva, A.K.taev, B., 1980:
For reducing losses of fertilizers during storage and transportation

Semkovich, Ad, 1981:
For reducing the time of automobile-tractor park repair

Renaud, J., 1978:
For regulating sprayers well

Anonymous, 1997:
For reimbursements: USDA adjusts school rates

Shamonin, Mg, 1980:
For reliable control and high effectiveness of the measures

Nikulin, A.F., 1980:
For reliable prophylaxis of diseases

Reed, A., 2002:
For rent: A convenient source for quality equipment

Henderson, Zp, 1990:
For reports of child maltreatment, professionals carry more weight

Petkov, A.G.adinarski, I., 1981:
For resolute limitation of echin

Efimenko, D.; Osennii, N.; Guzenko, I.; Prishchepa, A., 1981:
For restoring past glory of rye

Iakovlev, Ms, 1973:
For restoring the land

Anonymous, 1945:
For returning war veterans and released war workers

Clark, John, 1986:
For richer for poorer

Brown, H., 2007:
For richer for poorer

Thomas, Pt, 1978:
For richer pastures

Huff, Dr, 1999:
For richer, for Poa

Anonymous, 1975:
For rising agriculture to a high level

Pitsakian, N.; Grigorian, A., 1981:
For rock gardens of Armenia Recommended species of ornamentals.1

Volynskii, Sv, 1980:
For rural machine operators

Alent'-Ev, N.; Motuzinskii, N., 1980:
For safe application of silvicides

Parrott, K.-R.L.mplot, J., 1997:
For sale by owner

Johansen, A., 1974:
For sale! the problem of plasmacytosis

Mcrorie, Hd, 1977 :
For sale: Canadian agriculture $45 billion

Krieger, Lm, 1981:
For sale: health or heartache? Call a veterinarian on judgment day

Boikov, A., 1980:
For scientific-technical progres

Kryzhanovskaia, Mv, 1978:
For scientifically based selection of pesticides

Kolodiazhnyi, A., 1980:
For seed dressing.

Anonymous, 1940:
For seed fumigation use Dow methyl bromide

Clement, Ec, 1976:
For services rendered

Lyon-Jenness, Cheryl, 2004:
For shade and for comfort

Karpova, O.S., 1978:
For sheep breeding of steppe areas in the Volga region - meat and wool trend

Klymchuk, O., 1981:
For shop servicing Design and ope

Mathieu, E., 1976:
For slaughterhouses treating less than 15,000 poultry per week

Brown-Jones, V., 2000:
For small firms, a trade mission can get the ball rolling

Anonymous, 1984:
For small fruits: PYO keeps demand high

Goldammer, T., 1994:
For snackin or crackin, almonds are popular in Hong Kong

Lepatre, Mf, 1973:
For social help in agriculture

Gupta, Rk, 1978:
For soil conservation sabai grass on Siwaliks and Bhabar tracts

Anonymous, 1992:
For some, food poisoning is a special concern

Furuta, Bl, 1982:
For something new, try plants, flowers and fruit that are just bananas

Anonymous, 1979:
For southern cottonbelts--hybrid cotton is here!

Hishchuk, M., 1976:
For sowing Heracleum sosnowsky

Romanenko, M., 1978:
For sowing windbreak strips.

Wolson, S., 1996:
For speedier cooking: steamers & kettles

Mamonov, Nd, 1977:
For speeding up the introduction of scientific achievements

Singh, J. P.; Gill, H. S.; Swarup, V.; Arora, R. S., 1971:
For spring and summer sowing-'Pusa Himani' radish

Postolatii, A., 1975:
For spring barley breeding

Sobko, Ai, 1981:
For stable veterinary well-being

Bobro, M.; Glushko, V.1; Kornienko, S., 1981:
For stable yields Sugarbeets, cultivation methods.1

Baltov, P.T.dorov, S., 1981:
For still higher fertility rate

Vasilenko, It, 1981:
For strengthening transaction discipline on collective farms North Ossetian ASSR.1

Dorogaikin, Vn, 1984:
For strict conservation of fuel-energy resources

Hol'-Chenko, I.; Tyshkevych, A., 1980:
For strip application of herbici

Anonymous, 1964:
For stronger leadership evaluate

Saint-Ellier, A., 1978:
For success by treatment with a projecting jet sprayer

Marrett, Pl, 1969:
For success with legumes

Lasnet-De-Lanty, Henriette, 1949:
For successful butter and cheese

Anonymous, 1944:
For successful chick brooding, a home-made electric brooder

Musin, Sh, 1982:
For successful completion of the season Control of Varroa jacobsoni mites of honeybees, Uzbek SSR.1

Myronenko, Iv, 1981:
For sufficient alfalfa seed Use o

Lastovenko, V.M.dvediev, O., 1981:
For sugarbeet seed producing plot

Stebbins, De, 1976:
For sure color in spring plant peonies

Wigmore, Ann, 1980:
For survival, grow organic food indoors!

Angelutsa, A., 1978:
For swine

Starcevic, T., 2005:
For technological transformation in the development of Croatian forestry, psychological and sociological changes for forestry personnel are necessary

Ikeda, Joanne, P., 1978:
For teenagers only

Lysenko, O., 1978:
For testing axle housings.

Montoya, B., 1973:
For that ethnic flavor

Brust, E., 1977:
For the professional beekeeper. I

Brust, E., 1977:
For the professional beekeeper

Ustinskova, L.; Obelets, T., 1980:
For the Central Chernozem area: commercial assortment Gladiolus varieties.1

Chandler, Pe, 1981:
For the Pacific Coast south

Alston, D.M.ssina, F., 1990:
For the Utah apple maggot, a name change might be in order

Lange, Alex, J., 2007:
For the ZDF rat, breaking up is hard to do: dissociation of the GK : GKRP complex

Lukinov, G., 1975:
For the acceleration of grain intake and processing

Lifanchikov, A.; Vasil'-Eva, G.1; Kuznetsov, G., 1982:
For the acceleration of the solution of the problem of effective use of fruit and berry raw material Improvement of growing practices, purchasing system, processing methods.1

Medici, G., 1975:
For the activation of an irrigation program in Italy. Technical and economic principles

Hategan, I., 1970:
For the advancement of horticultural and viticultural branches in the cooperative farms as concerns labor use and wages

Merkul*-Section-*eva, L., 1949:
For the affluent country

Stepaniuk, P., 1976:
For the aid of repair workers

Dunai, N.; Mikhailov, A., 1980:
For the application of poison baits

Simeonov, S., 1981:
For the attraction of insectivor

Kairiukshtis, La, 1972:
For the augmentation and efficient utilization of natural resources

Randell, Gh, 1969:
For the beef producer: whether to expand beef and reduce sheep; whether to start up in beef

Pretorius, Gf, 1978:
For the beginner

Ninomiya, Shinji, 1963:
For the beginner of flower gardening

Morse, Ra, 1972:
For the beginner: How to make a colony examination

Obukhov, Petr-Aleksandrovich, 1973:
For the beginning milkmaid

Anonymous, 1944:
For the benefit of Negro health

Anonymous, 1993:
For the benefit of all: sale of his farms didnt stop Frank Husseys work for co-ops

Van Logtestijn, J.G., 1975:
For the benefit of man and animals

Glinka, Marag-Vital*-Section-*evich, 1962:
For the big maize

Wilkins, A.S., 2007:
For the biotechnology industry, the penny drops (at last): genes are not autonomous agents but function within networks!

Geistlinger, L., 1993:
For the birds

Scott, H., 2000:
For the bobbyist--dealing with neighbors

Keller, J.; Maxwell, F.; Jenkins, J.; Davich, T., 1963:
For the boll weevil a feeding stimulant an arrestant

Avdaleiian, N.A.K.nikstul, V.I., 1978:
For the builder of rural telephone systems

Chaudieu, Georges, 1952:
For the butcher

Egan, Ej, 1977:
For the cake baker: ultimate efficiency in continuous mixers

Anonymous, 1949:
For the calcium you need

Bonchev, Kh, 1975:
For the combined operations of t

Sergeev, Stanislav-Vasil*-Section-*evich, 1962:
For the complex mechanization

Georgievskiaei, Ivan-Semenovich, 1961:
For the complex mechanization in flax growing

Zakharov, A.; Sil'-Chenko, N.; Shakhov, N., 1978:
For the concentration of seed production

Anonymous, 1979:
For the connoisseur: Guzmania weberbaueri Mez

Acosta-Solais, Misael, 1952:
For the conservation of Andean soils

Gheorghiu-Deji, Gheorghe, 1958:
For the consolidation and development of the socialist sector of agriculture: for increasing agricultural production: exposition presented at the National Meeting of Peasants and Workers of the Socialist Sector of Agriculture, Constanta, April 3, 1958

Bartnik, J., 1974:
For the continuity of scientific ideas and organizational undertakings of Polish Association of Food Technologists in the sphere of nutrition problems

Schumann, C., 1975:
For the continuous start of the plan in 1975

Volovik, A.; Shneider, I., 1980:
For the control fungal and bacterial diseases

Krasnovskaia, N.; Chipishchuk, M., 1978:
For the control of Colorado potato beetle

Parii, If, 1980:
For the control of apple scab

Novokhatka, V.; Krivoviaz, I.; Dubovoi, V., 1980:
For the control of cereal aphids

Mazur, O.; Grechina, L., 1980:
For the control of clover crown rot

Giurov, B.D.mitrov, S., 1981:
For the control of high mortalit

Skorik, Vp, 1978:
For the control of nematode

Agaeva, Z.; Kamilov, A.; Bairamova, N., 1980:
For the control of red spider mite on cotton crops

Kartofianu, S., 1980:
For the control of storm erosion

Lobchikov, M.; Lysenko, N., 1971:
For the control of susliks

Mitrokhin, An, 1974:
For the control of wilting of melons

Juvenson, L., 1944:
For the country room designer

Rupais, Aa, 1977:
For the creation of resistant plantings

Cronin, M., 1969:
For the dairyman: how to calculate the costs of adding cows; or the costs of beginning a herd

Labeyrie, V., 1977:
For the definition of an ecological strategy in the protection of agrosystems

Mokretsov, Vg, 1981:
For the development and strengthening of direct relations Procurement of wool from farms and its delivery to processing factories, Chita, Irkutsk regions, Buryat ASSR.1

Kwasieborski, S., 1970:
For the development of grain purchase

Barmintsev, I.; Mironenko, M., 1981:
For the development of koumiss making

Cherniaev, N., 1978:
For the development of mixed feed producing industry

Megerdichev, E.; Pokrovskaia, M., 1980:
For the development of norms of natural losses of fruit and vegetable raw material during storage and transportation

Titov, Ap, 1980:
For the development of nursery farming Production of grapevine nursery plants on a commercial scale.1

Sorokin, V., 1980:
For the development of private plot and collective fruit farming Voronezh Region.1

Sabin, Jc, 1979:
For the development of protein-yielding crops

Amannyeiiazov, J., 1961:
For the development of swine raising

Canfield, P.; Fairburn, A., 1981:
For the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in the dog

Dvorzak, I., 1970:
For the effective utilization of machines in agriculture, it is necessary to maintain and develop servicing establishments

Sovhyria, H., 1975:
For the enrichment of forage wit

Miroshnychenko, Vo, 1980:
For the enrichment of milk subst

Anonymous, 1972:
For the establishment of a fruit center

Anonymous, 1947:
For the establishment of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government

Bobylev, N.; Belkin, V.1; Semenikhina, V., 1981:
For the expansion of the range of herbicides Weed control in maize crops, central part of the Ciscaucasian area.1

Isaev, V.; Chernetsova, N., 1980:
For the extermination of Ambrosia artemisifolia and Salvia lanceifolius

Strohm, John, L., 1959:
For the farmer, more savings with steel

Anonymous, 1974:
For the fun of itand then some! Recreation and community growth through small watershed projects

Hammock, B.; Casida, K., 1998:
For the fun of science: a discussion with John E. Casida

Vanco, R., 1976:
For the further economic and social development of our mature socialist society

Bucko, R., 1979:
For the further years of development of state farms to be successful

Sirotkin, V.K., 1969:
For the garderner

Kroiter, Mk, 1969:
For the genetico-statistical analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characters in the inter-breed crosses in sheep

Anonymous, 1980:
For the good of our children--WIC cares

Ivashchuk, D., 1976:
For the good of the working people

Kolesenkova, Ms, 1977:
For the growing of kidney beans

Brilling, W., 1973:
For the health of dairy cattle

Johnson, N.J.hnson, D.Q.ery, S., 1988:
For the health of it

Peterson, Lc, 1993:
For the health of it: Raves of grain

Gutman, E.I., 1955:
For the high cereal yields

Ospanov, Sholgumbaaei, 1955:
For the high clip of wool

Ivanova, N.L., 1952:
For the high crop

Kandibor, Aleksandr-Ivanovich, 1956:
For the high daily productivity of combine operating

Mikhasenok, E.V., 1950:
For the high milk yields

Rodichev, S., 1975:
For the high quality of Soviet cotton

Arzumanova, A.; Kotova, S., 1975:
For the high quality of seeds

Zhakhaev, Ibraaei, 1955:
For the high rice yields

Sergeev, P.P., 1952:
For the high yield in winter cereal crops

Vasil*-Section-*ev, I.F., 1944:
For the high yield of millet in Novosibirsk Region

Goncharuk, I.A., 1954:
For the high yields of hard wheat

Anonymous, 1956:
For the high yields of maize

Gordienko, Nikifor-Stepanovich, 1955:
For the high yields of maize in Kazakhstan

Troietiskaeiia, T.Z.gorskiaei, G., 1955:
For the high yields of maize in Moscow Region

Antonova, A.G., 1947:
For the high yields of soybeans

Krasneiiuk, A.A., 1948:
For the high yields of winter rye

Dik, Marieiia-Ivanovna, 1955:
For the higher milk yields

Balakin, V.M., 1962:
For the highly productive land utilization

Anonymous, 1956:
For the highly productive sheep breeding

Kopeikin, V.; Bailer, A., 1980:
For the hishest final results: production of cereal grain in Siberia

Scott, H., 2001:
For the hobbyist: the magic of bees

Boe, A.A.W.rks, D.W., 1970:
For the home gardener

Benoist-Gironiaere, Yves, 1959:
For the horse, my dear

Karns, Cd, 1980:
For the horticulture teacher: a personal in-service program can keep you relevant

Kuznetosov, G., 1981:
For the improvement of activities in rural designing Planning construction of settlements.1

Letunov, I.; Naumychev, A., 1977:
For the improvement of activities of experimental production and research farms

Nekrasova, Tp, 1980:
For the improvement of breeding seed production organization in Western Siberia

Kolchinskii, I.; Beliaev, L., 1977:
For the improvement of carrot lifting machines

Gushchin, I.; Prolygina, N., 1981:
For the improvement of crop location and quality of durum wheat Volgograd, Saratov, Kuibyshev, regions, state purchasing prices.1

Telishevskii, Da, 1981:
For the improvement of drug plant utilization Problems of collecting wild plants in forests, Volyn Region.1

Sidorov, Gi, 1981:
For the improvement of economic activities Collective and state farms, Kinel District, Kuibyshev Region.1

Zimin, Ne, 1981:
For the improvement of economic incentive of machine operators to save capital for machine repair and service

Iovchev, E.U.ov, M.Z.ekov, N.P.tkov, A., 1983:
For the improvement of efficiency and quality of disinfection, disinsectization and deratization

Tonkal'-, E.; Sidorov, A.1; Belevich, G.1; Okhmakevich, V., 1981:
For the improvement of fertilizer application Optimum levels, nutrient ratios, sugarbeet cultivation.1

Nikodimov, Id, 1981:
For the improvement of forest protection from fires RSFSR.1

Pobedinskii, Av, 1981:
For the improvement of forest utilization in the European-Ural zone

Berkutova, Ns, 1981:
For the improvement of grain quality

Stankiavichus, V., 1981:
For the improvement of horses Horse breeding Lithuanian SSR.1

Kliukach, V., 1979:
For the improvement of interrelationships of enterprises of agroindustrial complex branches

Studitskii, A.; Morozov, V., 1979:
For the improvement of labor norm setting in forestry

Talipov, G.K.ndrat'-Ev, L., 1977:
For the improvement of land utilization and management

Mareeva, Z.; Poliakova, A., 1978:
For the improvement of methods of evaluation of fiber

Chobit'-Ko, Gl, 1980:
For the improvement of nursery farming

Goncharenko, N., 1981:
For the improvement of operation qualities of equipment Poultry farms for egg production.1

Martirosov, Aiu, 1981:
For the improvement of operative management of forestry production Moscow Region.1

Suslov, V.; Semkovich, A.; Sidorchuk, A.; Smal'-, P., 1980:
For the improvement of operative planning and management of repair production

Potskalev, Af, 1981:
For the improvement of planning resources for the development of the repair-servicing base of farms Capital investments.1

Prokopenko, Nf, 1977:
For the improvement of quality of plant and livestock products: an important initiative of Belorussian scientists

Aizenberg, A.; Malygin, L.; Pechkrov, G.; Fink, R., 1981:
For the improvement of sawmilling in Siberia and Far East

Smirnov, St, 1981:
For the improvement of service and repair of high-power machinery Tractors.1

Grachev, V.; Shvedov, O.1; Saraikin, V., 1981:
For the improvement of spring-sowing operations Sugarbeet cultivation, labor input analysis, machinery.1

Cugako, P., 1980:
For the improvement of state purchase prices

Ryzhova, A., 1977:
For the improvement of studying the quality of procured grain

Shlapakov, Pi, 1981:
For the improvement of tending methods in oak forests of the Crimea Stand classification, Quercus.1

Gusel'-Nikov, Vg, 1980:
For the improvement of the application of means of chemicalization in the Altai Territory

Kamlyk, Ni, 1977:
For the improvement of the arrangement of payments for purchased grain

Provlotskaia, Iaf, 1980:
For the improvement of the carriers of initial information Automatized system of farm production management, accounting.1

Iablokov, Iun, 1981:
For the improvement of the construction and quality of production of dryers

Putov, Ve, 1978:
For the improvement of the delivery of material and technical equipment to industrial-agrarian integrations

Minakov, N.; Popov, I.; Merkulov, B., 1981:
For the improvement of the location and production of sugarbeets in raw material-producing zones of sugar factories

Evtushenko, V., 1981:
For the improvement of the organization of food waste collection Collection of food wastes in Moscow and the Moscow Region for swine fattening state farms.1

Chernykh, Iug, 1979:
For the improvement of the organization of machinery repair

Buianov, V.; Kovalenko, A., 1976:
For the improvement of the production of kenaf fiber

Melion, W., 1977:
For the improvement of the quality of partly processed and seasoned meat

Mikitinets, Z.K.reev, A1; Novak, T., 1981:
For the improvement of the system of centralized delivery Cattle transportation from farms to meat packing plants, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.1

Petrov, R., 1977:
For the improvement of the system of procurement

Kirsis, A., 1976:
For the improvement of the system of wage payment

Polikarpov, V.; Smagin, V., 1981:
For the improvement of the technology and organization of fruit harvesting Labor management, economic effectiveness, mechanization, Moldavian SSR.1

Tsymek, Aa, 1980:
For the improvement of the terr

Zhakov, M.; Bezborodkin, N., 1979:
For the improvement of the training of specialists

Kormakov, Lf, 1981:
For the improvement of transportation service of agriculture and related sectors of the agroindustrial complex Farm production specialization and concentration.1

Tiankov,, G., 1981:
For the improvement of wages for

Kao, Chen-Tung, 1957:
For the increase of agricultural production

Kiriliuk, A.; Zheludenko, L., 1978:
For the increase of economic stimulus in hemp farming

Savchenko, S., 1978:
For the increase of effectiveness of research activities

Esimov, Se, 1976:
For the increase of grain output

Turishchev, H.; Kyslenko, I., 1976:
For the increase of the effectiveness of management labor

Antonov, Vd, 1977:
For the intensification of forest industrial production

D'-Iachenko, M., 1981:
For the intensification of specialization, improvement of inter-sector relationships Poultry farm management, Krasnodar Territory.1

Silaev, P.A., 1976:
For the inventor and innovator

Maksimov, Pv, 1977:
For the irrigation of the arid steppes of the Crimea

Reynolds, A.Gordon, 1944:
For the lands sake

Herold, J., 1976:
For the last time this year, breeding problems

Gallouin, M., 1970:
For the lengthening of the period of fattening and the report of the life of the gray lamb in the springtime

Anonymous, 2002:
For the leopard

Navetta, A., 1981:
For the little fellow

Franz, M., 1975:
For the long haul--plant root crops

Kirkel, J., 2007:
For the love of Frithia - an encounter with a jewel of the veld

Paterson, R., 1971:
For the love of God, little flies, go away

Hardy, Ds, 1985:
For the love of an island. 8

Bill, Lesley, 1989:
For the love of bees

Peters, Ted, 1996:
For the love of children

Murtagh, Nyiri, 2000:
For the love of ducks

Brinker, Bobbi, 2005:
For the love of greys

Foreman, Kw, 1984:
For the love of lilies

Mirro, M., 1990:
For the love of vandas

Bel'-Chik, D.'-Ian-Petrovich; Alesenko, V.-Mikhailovich, 1979:
For the machine-operator involved in the cultivation of potatoes

Hays, Sm, 1996:
For the midsouth--a hardy, hairy sheep

Aseeva, Zg, 1979:
For the needs of agriculture

Franke, C., 1979:
For the new farmer: soil, climate and topography

Broadwell, Martin, M., 1976:
For the new trainer: how to survive the first class taught

Goulart, Y.-M.R.ndall, C., 1991:
For the newly diagnosed celiac

Sugawara, S., 1992:
For the next course, engineered entree?

Semenishchev, A., 1981:
For the observance of veterinary-sanitary regulations on koumiss-producing farms Horse milk production.1

Anikina, Zl, 1980:
For the observation of gypsy moth

Hartley, Ev, 1976:
For the older adult moving to an apartment

Luning, W., 1972:
For the older multiple story hive beekeeper!

Kebbel'-, G., 1978:
For the operation of soil reclamation specialists

Higgins, We, 1989:
For the orchid connoisseur--Encyclia tampensis hybrids

Eichner, P., 1973:
For the orchid lover: Coelogyne massangeana

Anonymous, 1960:
For the overall mechanization of the cultivation of inter-till crops

Anonymous, 1992:
For the parents of 2-month-olds

Hughes, Le, 1989:
For the past 20 years--rest-rotation grazing on the Arizona Strip

Bloom, N., 1979:
For the poultry in Israel, li

Lotthammer, Kh, 1977:
For the practicing veterinarian some significant vitamins, vitamin emulsions, mineral substances and trace elements for the sterile handling of cattle--a critical consideration

Anonymous, 1980:
For the pregnant woman with high blood sugar

Kamenskii, Gg, 1980:
For the preservation and improv

Nikodimov, I.; Soroka, G., 1976:
For the preservation and multiplication of the forest resources of the Lake Baikal area

Chesakov, S.; Gogolev, B., 1981:
For the preservation of diesel fuel quality and purity

Toma, S.; Tsurkanu, I., 1981:
For the preservation of everything harvested Problem of fruit storage, contribution of the scientific council at the Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Moldavian SSR.1

Kononchuk, Gn, 1981:
For the preservation of forest resources Fire control activities, Ukrainian SSR.1

Mikhov, A., 1980:
For the preservation of our vari

Zhirnov, Aa, 1981:
For the preservation of parts during dismantling Repair of GAZ trucks.1

Zhukovskaia, E., 1981:
For the preservation of the Tersk breed Stavropolskii Horse Stud Farm.1

Patoka, P., 1979:
For the preservation of the breed

Starchenko, Ii, 1981:
For the preservation of valuable plantations Activities of the arboretum of the Mariupol Forest Experiment Station.1

Rasulev, U.; Grigor'-Iants, E.; Pirmatov, A., 1979:
For the prevention of cotton seed infection

Beers, Diane, L., 2006:
For the prevention of cruelty

Medvedev, Ne, 1977:
For the prevention of forest fires

Campana, G., 1973:
For the production of beef cattle: a thread of hope

Mazhitov, M., 1977:
For the production of high quality grain

Starostenko, Ev, 1975:
For the production of highly productive honeybees

Siulemezov, S., 1977:
For the production of more fruit on private plots

Labie, C., 1972:
For the production of quality milk

Labie, C., 1973:
For the production of quality milk, iII

Anonymous, 1981:
For the promotion of Populus tremuloides

Fabbri, L., 1972:
For the proper application of herbicides

Stanowski, T., 1976:
For the protecion of notable trees of the Szczebrzeszyn cemetery

Zagainyi, Sa, 1978:
For the protection from slugs

Desvignes, M., 1976:
For the protection of Chapultepec Forest

Orlov, Ai, 1977:
For the protection of forests from fires in the Archangel Region

Dabrowski, Js, 1977:
For the protection of invertebrate animals

Fadeeva, Ta, 1980:
For the protection of maize from weeds

Matyas, V., 1970:
For the protection of our old trees

Marenkov, Nl, 1980:
For the protection of root crops

Acosta-Solais, Misael, 1948:
For the protection of the Ecuadorian nature

Litvinov, Pi, 1980:
For the protection of vineyards

Fedchenka, Hs, 1980:
For the purpose of increasing ec

Vysochans'-Kyi, Fd, 1981:
For the purpose of increasing th

Leone, A.; Antonacci, D., 1980:
For the qualitative improvement of white wine in Apulia

Lupe, Iz, 1969:
For the rational utilization in

Anonymous, 1973:
For the rearing of cattle there is to be parcelled 700,000 hectares free from Glossina

Batista-Filho, M.; Barbosa, N.-De-Paula, 1985:
For the record food and nutrition in Brazil, 1974-1984

Cottereau, P., 1977:
For the reduction of calf losses in feedlots

Pavlinov, Np, 1979:
For the reduction of chemical treatments

Vozov, Na, 1980:
For the reduction of harmfulness of Eurygaster integriceps

Romakin, Vv, 1981:
For the reduction of heat consumption in animal husbandry buildings

Il'-Inskii, A.; Mart'-Ianov, V., 1981:
For the reduction of labor input Fruit harvesting, pruning and training for creating small crown trees, machine for contour pruning.1

Grachev, V.; Kurichenko, A.; Sokolov, A., 1983:
For the reduction of labor intensiveness

Zuev, Nm, 1980:
For the reduction of losses on a sugarbeet field

Popov, Ai, 1981:
For the reduction of occupational traumatism on yield harvesting

Kovalenko, Vp, 1981:
For the reduction of petroleum product losses Collective and state farm storage facilities.1

Bykov, N.; Kovalev, N., 1981:
For the reduction of seed losses during the operation of fiber flax combines

Ibragimov, A.G.leev, I., 1978:
For the regulation of recording of working time input

Afanasenko, Zf, 1980:
For the regulation of the conservation of experimental objects of forest tree breeding

Bobyr, A., 1980:
For the repair of combines.

Cherkun, V.H.raiev, P.R.abko, I.B.ndar, M.K.archenko, B.B.denko, S.L.b'-Iana, L., 1979:
For the repair of hydraulic unit

Anonymous, 1989:
For the rest of my life

Goliadze, S.; Tutberidze, B.1; Kukuladze, E., 1981:
For the restoration of forgotten varieties of giant filbert Corylus maxima.1

Salomakhin, Ii, 1980:
For the restoration of the former glory of buckwheat

Vorontsov, V.; Bolgov, V., 1981:
For the revival of the production of Polyanthes tuberosa

Scaramuzzi, F., 1975:
For the safeguard and conservation of the genetic resources in fruit-tree species

Hansson, M.G., 2007:
For the safety and benefit of current and future patients

Stepanov, A., 1980:
For the safety of man and the environment

Bognar, I., 1971:
For the safety of seedling production

Anonymous, 1978:
For the sake of animals health

Haley, D.T.irgood, J.; Haddock, P.; Nautiyal, J., 1968:
For the sake of argument

Ocaana, Bernardo, 1948:
For the science of agriculture

Simonne, A.S.monne, E.G.ay, G., 1996:
For the second time, Silver Queen not rated as best-tasting sweet corn

Hey, Alfred-Bruno-Franz, 1957:
For the seed diagnosis of significant diseases and pests of agricultural crops

Anonymous, 1976:
For the self sufficiency in grains

Anonymous, 2001:
For the sharpest memory possible, more folate may be needed

Younger, Ci, 1975:
For the sheep man--a medicine chest is handy

Blackburn, Ag, 1969:
For the sheepman: how to make the most profit from wethers or a self-replacing flock

Gabriel, J., 1975:
For the sixth five-year plan

Efremova, S.V., 1962:
For the solid feed reserve

Vinson, Elizabeth, A., 1981:
For the soul & the pocketbook

Biriukov, I.; Kuznetsova, O., 1977:
For the stimulation of production specialization

Balla, L., 1974:
For the successful providing of economomic policy in animal industry

Naumov, G.I., 1953:
For the sufficient use of combine power

Berger, Me, 1975:
For the time of your life try a Texas vacation

Solganik, I., 1980:
For the transportation of BM-6 m

Iasenets'-Kyi, V.S.estopal, P1; Koloda, V., 1981:
For the transportation of silage

Kuznetsova, If, 1980:
For the treatment of potato crops precisely on warning reports!

Bass, Sharon, M.W., 1981:
For the trees

Kislikov, V.; Mikhailiuk, I.1; Chos, N., 1981:
For the unification of driving stations of manure-removing conveyors Livestock building mechanization.1

Myshelova, As, 1981:
For the unification of economic interests of related industries Fiber flax cultivation, factories for initial processing.1

Tesic Z., 1974:
For the uniform taxonomic principles in pedology and biology

Heck, Bruno, 1984:
For the village

Groves, Js, 1969:
For the wheat grower: how to compare alternatives and maintain income with a quota

Sakovtsev, Vs, 1975:
For the yield of the closing year of the Five-Year Plan

Taranov, G.F., 1958:
For the young beekeeper

Malygin, M.A., 1987:
For the young economist

Nikitochkina, T.D., 1986:
For the young fruit farmer

Kovalev, E.-N.K.lesnikov, E.V., 1986:
For the young milker

Bessarabov, B.F.U.eiiupina, G.M., 1986:
For the young poultry farmer

Anonymous, 1961:
For the young poultry raiser

Chase, Stuart, 1946:
For this we fought

Ligutti, Luigi, G., 1946:
For this we stand

Crane, E., 1982:
For those interested in history: Britannias skep

Anonymous, 1994:
For those of you not yet cruising along the superhighway of information

Taloumis, G., 1974:
For those who garden in windy places

Lelikov, Am, 1981:
For those who love asters Aster, cultivation recommendations, varieties.1

Field, S., 1979:
For those who may not know

Danchenko, V., 1981:
For those who use low sowing rate

Anonymous, 1959:
For todays best answer to turkey diseases

Comis, D., 2007:
For top notch greenhouse production, growers first need to know--what plants really want!

Howell, R., 1989:
For tourism management

Anonymous, 1979:
For translation of group agriculture: farmers and technicians learn coproduction of films

Tebrugge, F., 1977:
For transportation: simple axle or double axle trailer?

Anonymous, 1984:
For tree fruit growers: exciting varieties cause transformation

Kolomiiets'-, V., 1976:
For trouble free operation of fiber flax harvesting combines

Iasynets'-Kyi, V.S.ankevych, F.K.val'-, M., 1979:
For trouble-free operation of a

Funtov, V.; Azarnin, A.; Korotkov, A., 1977:
For trouble-free operation of semi-automatic lines

Anonymous, 1981:
For turkey producers, success is a year-round welcome

Gorbunov, Vladimir-Pavlovich, 1963:
For two crops a year

Louvard, G., 1980:
For two producers in Pyrenees-Atlantiques, to manufacture is to economize

Rosito, F., 1971:
For two years pig producers waited for compensation

Downs, J., 1976:
For us--some good, some not

Anonymous, 1976:
For use only when other disease control methods fail

Anonymous, 1940:
For users of wood and forest products

Kotova, Sa, 1979:
For variety purity of fiber flax crops

Osina, Ni, 1979:
For vegetable growing beginners

Anonymous, 1940:
For victory

Kaplan, Jk, 1991:
For vitamin A: Eat an orange tomato

Reed, B., 1994:
For wages and benefits, bigger dairies may be better

Anonymous, 2004:
For warding off diabetes, magnesium

Beard, Jb, 1992:
For water conservation, which is better--trees or turf?

Korchagina, V.; Smirnov, V.; Glaz'-Ko, V., 1979:
For weed control in potato crops

Popov, F.; Kucheriavyi, V., 1975:
For weed-free stands of lupine

Anonymous, 1978:
For weight control, eat more slowly

Anonymous, 1978:
For weight control, know yourself

Anonymous, 1979:
For weight control, plan what you eat

Pearson, Lester, B., 1945:
For welfare, not warfare

Bakirov, Ibragim, 1953:
For well-balanced agricultural development

Anonymous, 1942:
For what are we fighting?

Riedesel, B., 1982:
For what do we need the forest? General forest uses, Hesse, West Germany.1

Hannah, H.W., 1999:
For what may damages be awarded in a malpractice action against a veterinarian?

Prokopov, N.; Burdykin, V., 1981:
For what purpose the pulverizer is marked Diesels.1

Bedo, S., 1969:
For what weight is it worthwhile to fatten cattle?

Spitz, K., 1970:
For whom and for what reasons is this new development interesting?

Montgascon, A.De, 1981:
For whom and why concerning the law of August 6, 1963?

Khurody, Dn, 1976:
For whom are the resources and technology of modern dairying used?

Ogura, Takekazu, 1987:
For whom do we produce food?

Il'-Inskii, Nn, 1976:
For whom drought is a threat

Kennedy, Gd, 1980:
For whom shall America produce?

Anonymous, 1982:
For whom the flowers are blooming?

Buchs, A.-Kathrin; Jasper, J., 2007:
For whose benefit?

Best, E., 1980:
For winter bloom: grow primroses indoors from seed

Juska, F.; Hanson, A.; Hovin, A., 1969:
For winter color, overseed Bermudagrass

Mitchell, Linda, S., 1983:
For women, managing your business

Huber, Ha, 1975:
For wood products firms: the use of financial indicators

Banker, E., 1984:
For wool, good looks arent enough

Nikhel'-Man, G.; Fisher, G.; Kulakov, A., 1980:
For yards with low freight turnover

Hall, R.; Reeves, D.; Bonneman, J., 1990:
For yield test weight disease resistance: settler oat

Hostetter, Helen, P., 1948:
For you

Anonymous, 1974:
For you to choose: Two roses among the most beautiful

Glander, D.; Hix, J., 1986:
For you, for them

Kaplan, Jk, 2002:
For you, the consumer

Malcomson, H.; Jasny, B.; Suter, S., 2006:
For younger readers - Science books for fun and learning - Some recommendations from 2006

Anonymous, 1980:
For your closet hang-ups

Anonymous, 1952:
For your final spurt of growth

Darke, Rick, 1994:
For your garden

Fraser, Angela, 1999:
For your health, food safety begins at home

Senn, Karen, L., 1989:
For your life

Doss, Hj, 1984:
For your safety

Doss, Hj, 1999:
For your safety: employer labor posters

Doss, Hj, 1992:
For your safety: farm building safety checklist

Doss, Hj, 1992:
For your safety: farm equipment continues to hit the road

Doss, Hj, 1998 :
For your safety: farm equipment crashes on public roads in Michigan--1996

Anonymous, 2004:
For your weight control effort, breakfast

Dewolfe, Mildred, R., 1963:
For-hire motor carriers hauling exempt agricultural commodities

Wright, Bruce, H., 1964:
For-hire trucking of exempt farm products

Kagan, S.; Newton, J., 1989:
For-profit and non profit child care: similarities and differences

Killcreas, Wallace, E., 1999:

Anonymous, 1990:
Foraet de chez-nous

Charlon, Jean-Claude, 1964:
Foraet moderre et fertilisation

Wyss-Dunant, Aedouard, 1950:
Foraets et cimes himalayennes

Coudun, Paul, 1944:
Foraets vierges (de lAmazone aa la Patagonie)

Chevalier, Auguste, 1946:
Foraets vierges et bois coloniaux

Chevalier, Auguste, 1951:
Foraets vierges et bois tropicaux

Todd, B.B.nnefoy, G., 1983:

Anonymous, 1992:
Forage 92

Demarquilly, C., 1975:
Forage + concentrate feeds interaction

Chopra, D.; Singh, R1; Mehra, K., 1982:
Forage Atriplex for western Rajasthan India

Anonymous, 1980:
Forage Conference

Madsen, B.-; Love, R.M.rton, 1948:
Forage Crops in California

Brown, C.M., 1965:
Forage Farm dairy management and production results

Bauer, H.-J.W.ersma, D.J., 1963:
Forage Farm soil moisture during the 1962 season

Wiersma, D.J.B.uer, H., J., 1964:
Forage Farm soil moisture during the 1963 season

Schaal, L.A.N.wman, J.E., 1967:
Forage Farm weather in 1966

Jeranyama, P.O.ens, V.; Lee, C., 2006:
Forage Grass Variety Performance Trial at Southeast Research Farm

Anonymous, 1993:
Forage Group Risk Plan (GRP)

Anonymous, 1997:
Forage Improvement Act of 1997

Anonymous, 1976:
Forage Insect Research Conference; proceedings, Ithaca, New York, July 13-15, 1976

Buergler, A.; Fike, J.; Burger, J.; Feldhake, C.; Mckenna, J.; Teutsch, C., 2006:
Forage Nutritive Value in an Emulated Silvopasture

Mortenson, M.; Schuman, G.; Ingram, L.; Nayigihugu,, B., 2005:
Forage Production and Quality of a Mixed-Grass Rangeland Interseeded With Medicago sativa ssp. falcata

Cherney, D.; Cherney, J.; Parsons, D., 2006:
Forage Quality Assessment of Spring Forages

Anonymous, 1979:
Forage Systems Research Center--Linneus

Piergentili, D., 1970:
Forage Trifolieae and Loteae seedlings cultivated and naturalized in the Province of Buenos Aires

Lacefield, G.-D.F.rsythe, C., 1997:
Forage Variety Testing Symposium

Mcandrews, G.; Franke, K.M.ore, K.G.orge, R., 2004:
Forage Yield and Nutritive Value of Oat Interseeded with Berseem Clover and Sweetclover

Sheaffer, C.; Ehlke, N.; Wyse, D.; Vellekson, D.; Swanson, D., 2004:
Forage Yield and Nutritive Value of Selected Quackgrass

Cherney, D.; Cherney, J., 2005:
Forage Yield and Quality of Temperate Perennial Grasses as Influenced by Stubble Height

Ferrando, C.A.; Namur, P., 2006:
Forage accumulation of four tropical forage species in La Rioja plains, Argentina

Blau, G., 1972:
Forage acre requirement and milk production

Mueller, J.; Green, J.; Kimbrough, E., 1991:
Forage adaptation in the South

Isar, O.C.urel,, M., 1978:
Forage additives with biostimulation effect for swine

Rotar'-, A.S.lonenko, O., 1978:
Forage advantages of sorghum-sudangrass hybrids

Corah, L.-R.D.rgatz, D.-Allan, 1996:
Forage analyses from cow

Undersander, D.J.M.rtens, D.-R.T.iex, N.J., 1993:
Forage analyses procedures

Aseltine, Ms, 1992:
Forage analysis is backbone of dairy cattle nutrition program

Templeton, W.J.; Shenk, J.1; Norris, K.1; Fissel, G.1; Marten, G.1; Elgin, J.J.1; Westerhaus, M., 1983:
Forage analysis with near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy: status and outline of national research project Chemical analysis, crude protein, fiber, lignin, in-vitro dry-matter disappearance, U.S.A

Lanning, Nm, 1982:
Forage analysis--what do all those numbers mean? Testing, feed value

Parson, G.; Blake, C., 1969:
Forage and Grain Analysis Program, N.C. State University; instruction manual

Beaty, E.; Powell, J.; Edwards, J., 1969:
Forage and animal gains of coastal Bermuda and Pensacola Bahia

Mccarter, M.; Rouquette, F.J., 1976:
Forage and animal production programs for East Texas

Conrad, Be, 1976:
Forage and animal production programs for South Texas

Jaynes, C.; Lindsey, K.; Lovelace, D.; Petr, F.; Supak,. Jr.;, 1976:
Forage and animal production programs for West Texas

Mott, J.; Reid, R., 1985:
Forage and browse: The northern Australian experience

Putnam, Pa, 1975:
Forage and by-product feeds for finishing beef cattle

Heros, C., 1979:
Forage and catch crops: turnips and rape

Jacobs, Ve, 1972:
Forage and cattle in the North

Mcguire, Ws, 1972:
Forage and cattle in the West

Halls, L. K.; Et Al, 1964:
Forage and cattle management in Longleaf-Slash Pine forests

Davis, Jh, 1969:
Forage and diversified crops

Rohweder, D.; Howard, W.; Powell, R., 1974:
Forage and feed analysis can help Wisconsin farmers

Geideman, T.S., 1977:
Forage and feed crops introduced into Moldavia

Anonymous, 1975:
Forage and feed diseases target of research attack

Anonymous, 1993:
Forage and feed production techniques in Guizhou

Cope, J.T., 1972:
Forage and feed systems for beef brood cow herds

Shenk, J.; Norris, K.; Barnes, R.; Fissel, G., 1980:
Forage and feedstuff analysis with infrared reflectance spectro

Anonymous, 1978:
Forage and grain

Parsons, G.; Kimbrough, E., 1974:
Forage and grain analysis program, North Carolina State University. instructional manual

Prine, G.; Boote, K.; Ocumpaugh, W.; Rezende, A., 1978:
Forage and grain crops planted as a second crop during the warm season in north and west Florida

Mallory, Ellen, 1990:
Forage and grain for livestock, 1919-1988

Merchan, H.D.; Lutz, E.E.; Morant, A.E., 2006:
Forage and grain production on a defoliated double purpose wheat

Matocha, Je, 1983:
Forage and grain yields for small grain as affected by phosphorus sources

Thurman, R.L.T.mpleton, G., S., 1960:
Forage and grain yields of drill box survey samples, 1959-60

Anonymous, 1966:
Forage and grassland progress

Anonymous, 2003:
Forage and grazinglands

Gebremeskel, T.S.umway, C., 1980:
Forage and herd management to reduce risk in cow-calf production

Rehacek, V., 1975:
Forage and honey bees

Pomares-Cano, J.C.ndau-Parias, C.O.pelt-Gimenez, J., 1974:
Forage and meadow plants in Sevilla

Novak, I.D.nes, S.K.talinic, I.P.mic, S.P.tek, M., 1978:
Forage and milk production cycle on individual farms associated in partnership organizations

Evers, Gw, 1985:
Forage and nitrogen contributions of arrowleaf and subterranean clovers overseeded on bermudagrass and bahiagrass

Anonymous, 1972:
Forage and oleaginous cereal cultivars obtained in the Manfredi Agricultural Experiment Station

Anonymous, 1958:
Forage and pasture plants

Denman C.E., 1969:
Forage and pasture plants variety tests

Craigmiles, J.; Brown, C., 1969:
Forage and pasture research

Anonymous, 1974:
Forage and pasture research needs in the Southern region

Stransky, J.; Halls, L., 1981:
Forage and pine growth with clearcutting and site preparation

Harrington, J.-Donald; Washko, J.B., 1956:
Forage and protein production of several pasture grasses as influenced by nitrogen fertilization

Ferro, Dn, 1976:
Forage and seed crop pests

Anonymous, 1976:
Forage and seed facts

Fomoso, F.A.legri, M., 1980 :
Forage and seed production and persistence of five cultivars and two local populations of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) in the northeastern zone of Uruguay

Terenti, O.; Molina, G., 2007:
Forage and seed production in Antephora pubescens with nitrogen fertilization in San Luis

Desai, S.; Deore, D., 1978:
Forage and seed production of berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) influenced by sowing dates, cutting management and foliar spray

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Forage and seed production of foxtail and proso millets

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Forage and seed production of tricepiro, triticale and trigopiro under water stress

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Forage and seed production of two accessions of teff

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Forage and seed yield evaluations of white clover germplasm selections

Kudela, V.M.lik, O., 1981:
Forage and seed yield in disease-free alfalfa clones differing in their resistance to bacterial and Verticillium

Binderova, A., 1976:
Forage and seed yield of alfalfa as affected by three different dates of the first cutting

Taylor, R.; Griffin, J.; Meche, G., 1984:
Forage and seed yields of six vetches under two management systems

Cummins, Dg, 1980:
Forage and silage sorghums

Doll, J.; Wedberg, J.; Grau, C.; Worf, G.; Flashinski, R., 1988:
Forage and small grain pest management in Wisconsin, 1988

Doll, J.; Wedberg, J.; Grau, C.; Worf, G.; Flashinski, R., 1989:
Forage and small grain pest management in Wisconsin: 1989

Huston, J.; Engdahl, B., 1986:
Forage and total nutrient intake in kid, yearling, and adult Angora goats fed three levels of supplemental energy

King, A., 1973:
Forage and trees

Forster, J.; Spangenberg, G., 1999:
Forage and turf-grass biotechnology: principles, methods, and prospects

Motta, Antaonio-Carlos, 1980:
Forage areas and pastures

Parsons, M., S.; Fellows, I., F., 1948:
Forage as a Part of Farming

Sexena, V.; Thakur, R., 1976:
Forage as a potential source of nutrients in poultry production as leaf protein concentrates (LPCs). iII

Saxena, V.; Thakur, R., 1976:
Forage as a potential source of nutrients in poultry production, as cured leafy hays & ground meal forms. iI

Saxena, V.; Thakur, R., 1976:
Forage as a potential source of nutrients in poultry producton--in green cut state & silage

Hentgen, A., 1976:
Forage associations or pure crops?

Lopez-Ortiz, S.P.ister, J.; Launchbaugh, K.; Gay, C., 2007:
Forage availability and body condition affect intake of lupine (Lupinus leucophyllus) by grazing cattle

Cornaglia, P.S.; Menendez, F.; Ayerbe, B., 2005:
Forage availability and intake as affected by plant initial density

Gatti, M.L.; Ayala Torales, A., 2006:
Forage availability and quality in pastures fertilized with nitrogen in autumn: effect on harvest efficiency with dairy cows

Luddecke, F.C.udy, A., 1973:
Forage balances calculated by means of electronic data processing with reference to the national feedstuff valuation system of the German Democratic Republic: Evaluation for forage cropping

Liakhov, A., 1980:
Forage base of the Polesye

Bagley, C.; Deramus, H.; Hill, G.; Huffman, D.; Bidner, T.; Mcmillin, K., 1981:
Forage based diets for producing slaughter beef at different times of the year

Koepf, Herbert, H., 1993:
Forage based farming, manure handling and farm composting

Smurygin, Aa, 1983:
Forage basis as the most important link in the USSR Food Program

Shamsutdinov, Z.; Osmanov, R., 1979:
Forage basis for granulation of fodders

Ostrovoaei, Georgiaei-Varfolomeevich, 1964:
Forage beans

Chekanova, N.-Ignat*-Section-*evna; Kostrov, P.-Ivanovich, 1962:
Forage beans cultivation technology

Novoselov,, M.S., 1962:
Forage beans for seeds

Khudyk, Eiia, H., 1963:
Forage beans in the mountain area

Bruszewski, Ignacy, 1957:
Forage beet

Chuiko, V.; Grutsiuk, V.; Sidak, V.; Stovba, N., 1984:
Forage beet Poltavskaia polusakharnaia

Dobrzaanski, W+or, 1950:
Forage beet cultivation

Schmidt, P., 1977:
Forage beet cultivation and interfarm equipment use

Pidpalyi, I.; Lozova, N.; Kovtun, P., 1983:
Forage beet productivity under i

Sprengel, A., 1974:
Forage beet seeds, a profitable work for the wage contractor

Arfire, N., 1970:
Forage beet variety polifuraj 26

Osipov, Vn, 1978:
Forage beet yield formation as affected by different levels of nutrition

Kremers, H., 1975:
Forage beet: storage and pattern still unsolved

Fiala, F., 1971:
Forage beets

Moreld'-Arleux, F., 1983:
Forage beets as a solution for a traditional Emmenthal zone

Klusmann, W., 1977:
Forage beets bring assured high yields

Lebrun, V., 1976:
Forage beets entirely mechanized

Schweizer, Ew, 1978:
Forage beets have a future again

Trokowski, S., 1979:
Forage beets in feeding

Salewski, A., 1980:
Forage beets in focus of the new energy feed evaluation

Lebuanec, B., 1983:
Forage beets prove themselves

Sprengel, A., 1974:
Forage beets remain a desired cattle feed

Fiala, F., 1976:
Forage beets tests during 1976

Anonymous, 1985:
Forage beets today

Fiala, F., 1978:
Forage beets trial in 1977

Anonymous, 1976:
Forage beets, 1976

Anonymous, 1980:
Forage beets, 1980

Anonymous, 1980:
Forage beets, 1981

Anonymous, 1975:
Forage beets, a crop completely adaptable to mechanization

Huth, Fw, 1975:
Forage beets, a feed component for performing cattle

Caille, D., 1974:
Forage beets, an entirely mechanized crop

Regnault, Y., 1973:
Forage beets, oleaginous crops

Dambroth, M., 1981:
Forage beets--a potential raw material for energy production

Hilbert, M., 1981 :
Forage beets--a sure forage crop in central mountain farms

Coenen, J., 1981:
Forage beets--concentrated feed from ones own farm

Fomychev, Am, 1980:
Forage beets: harvesting and sto

Dupuy, M., 1980:
Forage beets: quality of milk and cheeses

Johnston, Td, 1981:
Forage brassica breeding at the Welsh plant breeding station 1955-1980

Dietmann, P., 2001:
Forage brassica good for grazing

Palmer, Tp, 1983:
Forage brassicas

Cassida, Kimberly, A., 1992:
Forage brassicas in sheep production systems in the northeastern U.S.A

Bhargava, Ks, 1989:
Forage breeding

Burton, Gw, 1983:
Forage breeding and selection

Johnson, W., 1977:
Forage breeding highlights at Auburn (Alabama) Agricultural Experiment Station

Taylor, Nl, 1984:
Forage breeding to improve yield and quality

Smith, Rr, 1997:
Forage breeding: past, present, and future from a federal perspective

Venuto, Bc, 1997:
Forage breeding: past, present, and future?

Kazakov, N.; Rogov, M., 1975:
Forage broadbeans and lupine in the Grodno Region

Kondrat'-Ev, E., 1978:
Forage cabbage and Heracleum sosnowskyi under irrigation

Rudnicki, F., 1975:
Forage cabbage as a valuable source of feed

Du-Crehu, G.L.floch, D., 1979:
Forage cabbage, a plant of much importance

Paskevicius, G., 1981:
Forage cabbage, a valuable crop

Du-Crehu, G., 1974:
Forage cabbage, a valuable plant

Du-Crehu, G., 1977:
Forage cabbage. 1. Cultural technique

Du-Crehu, G., 1977:
Forage cabbage. 2. Choice of variety

Dinescu, S.P.trescu, C.; Potcoava, Z., 1978:
Forage cabbages, a source of green mass for the autumn period

Myre, M., 1974:
Forage cacti. I. Nopalea cochenillifera (L.) Salm-Dyck, its culture and acclimatization to the arid areas of Mozam bique

Renius, W., 1975:
Forage catch crop growing. Organization, cultivation technique, profitability

Prokolov, P.; Afanas'-Ev, A., 1976:
Forage catch crops in cropped fallow on loamy sand soils in the southern part of the Belorussian SSR

Zubenko, Vkh, 1975:
Forage catch crops: an additional source of protein

Akin, De, 1982:
Forage cell wall degradation and rho-coumaric, ferulic, and sinapic acids Forage digestion by rumen microorganisms

Vecchiettini, M., 1974:
Forage cereals for harvesting and ensiling at dough stage of ripeness of kernels

Fabris, A.R.smini, P., 1971:
Forage cereals in the production of milk for industrial use

Gatel, P., 1978:
Forage cereals: towards a situation of increased competition

Chetmedzhiev, Bv, 1979:
Forage characteristics of Nardus

Nasibov, T.; Khasanov, O.; Tadzhiev, S., 1977:
Forage characteristics of certain wild alfalfa species under cultivation on Chartak adyrs in the Fergana Valley

Martinez, M.F.; Arelovich, H.M.; Wehrhahne, L., 2007:
Forage chemical composition in Avena sativa cultivars

Li,, P., 2005:
Forage chicory (Cichorium intybus L.): A review of its agronomy and animal production

Jones, L., 1990:
Forage chicory at a site in south-east England

Anonymous, 1959:
Forage climates in the Northeast

Shain, D.K.opfenstein, T.S.ock, R.K.emesrud, M., 1997:
Forage combinations for summer and fall grazing

Eys, J.-Van; Mathius, I.; Thomas, N.R.ngkuti, M.J.hnson, W., 1984:
Forage composition of hand-fed sheep and goat diets in West Java

Vik-Mo, L., 1977:
Forage concentrates and ketosis in dairy cattle

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