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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15870

Chapter 15870 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Forage supply on farms of the Mogilev Region

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Forage system development should result in better production of beef and milk in Mississippi

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Forage system, beef cattle-- north Georgia

Sell, Wh, 1973:
Forage system, beef cattle-- south Georgia

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Forage systems and cost of forage productions in the West

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Forage systems as related to the economics of beef production in south central Florida

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Forage systems for backgrounding and finishing cattle in Georgia

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Forage systems for backgrounding and finishing cattle in Georgia Includes costs and returns, planning, management

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Forage systems for beef cattle in northern Michigan

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Forage systems for beef cows & calves in the Piedmont

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Forage systems for dairy cattle

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Forage systems for growing and finishing beef steers

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Forage systems for producing slaughter calves at weaning

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Forage systems for sheep

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Forage systems for temperate subhumid and semiarid areas

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Forage systems for year-round grazing by lactating dairy cows

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Forage systems of Segala in Aveyron, and their recent development

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Forage systems using sandhills subirrigated meadows and range: economic analysis

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Forage systems utilizing swine lagoon effluent: dream--or nightmare?

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Forage technologies for beef cow-calf enterprises

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Forage testing

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Forage testing and feeding programs

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Forage testing and its applications

Barnhart, Stephen, K., 2004:
Forage testing laboratories

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Forage testing program promotes feed efficiency

Saun, R.J. van, 2007:
Forage testing: how to translate numbers into actions

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Forage tests and computerized balanced rations really pay

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Forage tests show need for potassium

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Forage to make taste buds tingle

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Forage transportation and distribution line

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Forage triticale as a part of a continuous supply of green forage

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Forage turnips

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Forage types for milk production

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Forage types, varieties, planting dates, and rates

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Forage ultrastructure and the digestion of plant cell walls by rumen microorganisms

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Forage understanding and forage miscalculating from the meadows of the agricultural cooperative of the Schatzenstein Cooperative Community

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Forage use in feedlot cattle diets Feed costs

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Forage use in stocker and feeder programs

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Forage use--a tool for planning range management

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Forage utilization by beef cattle

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Forage utilization by cattle on northern Great Plains ranges

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Forage utilization by sheep and kangaroos in a semi-arid woodland

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Forage utilization for feeding

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Forage utilization for pasture-based livestock production

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Forage utilization in animal feeding and haymaking in some urban installations in Somalia

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Forage utilization in large pastures

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Forage utilization on summer cattle ranges in eastern Oregon

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Forage utilization, a superior measurement of agricultural production

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Forage value of domestic types of English ryegrass

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Forage value of meadow and pasture swards; papers of a conference organized by the Committee on Land Improvement, Pasture and Peat Research in 1967 in Olsztyn

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Forage value of pea silage.

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Forage value of some cultivated, naturalized and indigenous plants of the Buenos Aires Province

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Forage value of some plant species from hydromorphic habitats of the Buenos Aires province

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Forage value of spring oats and triticale

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Forage values

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Forage varieties

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Forage varieties for Oregon

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Forage varieties for hay and pasture

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Forage varieties of triticale

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Forage variety performance test 1986-1987

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Forage variety performance test 1992-1995

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Forage variety performance test, 1985-1986

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Forage variety trials grown under short season water

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Forage variety trials in New Hampshire, 1951-1956

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Forage versus grain finishing systems and the fate of increased weaning weight due to an increased level of milk

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Forage wagon versus forage harvester: What are the prices?

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Forage weed control

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Forage weed management

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Forage winter turnip rape Szczecinski grown for green feed

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Forage yard in every farm.

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Forage yield and crude protein content of sudan-sorghum hybrids

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Forage yield and digestibility of triticale X Triticosecale Wittmack, in Chiles north central region

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Forage yield and fertilizer recovery by three irrigated perennial grasses as affected by nitrogen fertilization

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Forage yield and grazing comparisons of a 3-way pearl millet hybrid with tifleaf 2 pearl millet

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Forage yield and in vitro digestibility of some ryegrass varietis (Lolium multiflorum)

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Forage yield and nutritive value of Pennisetum purpureum vars. dwarf elephant and cameron, and Panicum maximum cv. Tobiataa under three cutting intervals

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Forage yield and other traits of six tall wheatgrasses Agropyron elongatum, varieties, New Mexico trials

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Forage yield and quality in sorghum hybrids under different levels of nitrogen fertilization

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Forage yield and quality of a deferred pasture of Anthephora pubescens cv. Woliie

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Forage yield and quality of cereals at Pt. MacKenzie

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Forage yield and quality of indigenous and introduced grasses at Palmer, Alaska Cultivars, comparisons with Bromus inermis and Phleum pratense

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Forage yield and quality of multileaflet alfalfa

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Forage yield and quality of pearlmillet var. Comm and sorghum cv. Sordan NK under grazing

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Forage yield and quality of winter hardy cereals and winter sensitive species for grazing

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Forage yield and quality trends of annual grasses in the Great Basin

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Forage yield and solar conversion efficiency of sorgho-cowpea mixture as affected by row direction and plant density

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Forage yield and solar conversion effiiency of sorgho-cowpea mixture as affected by row direction and plant density

Wei ZhenWu; F.X.n; Cao ZhiZhong; Wang XiaoJun; Geng XiaoLi; Zhao Yan; Zhu TieXia, 2007:
Forage yield component and growth characteristics of Medicago sativa

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Forage yield conditions income

Hulpoi,, I.C.socariu,, R., 1970 :
Forage yield gain under irrigation in Liho rape sown after corn for silo

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Forage yield increased by clearcutting and site preparation

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Forage yield nutrient uptake of warm-season annual grasses in a swine effluent spray field

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Forage yield of 10 warm-season perennial grasses--Rice Research Station, Crowley, La

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Forage yield of Adesmia latifolia (Spreng.) Vog. in two physiographic regions of Rio Grande do Sul State

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Forage yield of Japanese honeysuckle after repeated burning or mowing

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Forage yield of Leucaena diversifolia

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Forage yield of coastal bermudagrass and bermudagrass--winter forage systems receiving liquid or solid dairy waste

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Forage yield of intercropped corn and soybean in various planting patterns

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Forage yield of nine hybrid bermudagrasses--Red River Research Station, Bossier City, La

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Forage yield of perennial cool-season fescue grass, 1987-88

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Forage yield of rape in mixed

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Forage yield of stockpiled yellow-flowered and hay-type alfalfas

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Forage yield of three soybean cultivars. 2. Defoliation severity

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Forage yield performance of alfalfa varieties grown with and without ryegrass, 1976-77

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Forage yield prediction in grass breeding

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Forage yield response of hardingrass clover mixtures to various levels of applied nitrogen, 1975-76

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Forage yield response of ryegrass and ryegrass clover mixtures to levels of applied nitrogen, 1976-77

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Forage yield response of ryegrass clover mixtures to various levels of applied nitrogen, 1975-76

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Forage yield trials of potential summer pasture legumes

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Forage yield, quality, and palatability of temperate and tropical legumes

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Forage, a joint responsibility of crop farmers and animal producers

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Forage, timber, and wildlife research in the Georgia flatwoods

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Forage--a star still on the second team

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Forage-Ruminant Workshop, July 20-21, 2000, Radisson Hotel, Winnipeg Downtown

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Forage-animal stresses

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Forage-dairy systems analysis

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Forage: quality grazing and hay

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Forage: tracing nutrition from the plant through the animal

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Foraged-fed versus short-fed beef as influenced by breed type

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Forager of the future?

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Forages & double-cropping beat continuous corn

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Forages 93

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Forages U.S.A.--the sleeping giant

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Forages and analysis

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Forages and beef --still a winning combination

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Forages and beef--still a winning combination

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Forages and cattle challenges for the South

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Forages and cattle--beef

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Forages and grasslands in the Northeast

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Forages and herd health

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Forages and livestock

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Forages and soil conservation

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Forages and the environment

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Forages and the fertilizer dollar

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Forages at the crossroads--production and utilization

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Forages for dairy cattle

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Forages for dairy cattle: economical alternatives to alfalfa, grass, and corn

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Forages for horses

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Forages for horses workshop meets the needs of a growing clientele

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Forages for livestock production

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Forages for optimizing and maximizing beef cow-calf production systems

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Forages for periodically flooded areas

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Forages for salt-affected soils

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Forages for swine

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Forages for swine and poultry

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Forages for the future

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Forages in Alabama

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Forages in Franche-Comte: regional association makes the first point

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Forages in Indonesia

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Forages in Malaysia

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Forages in a changing world

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Forages in conjunction with mineral fertilizers Siberia, USSR-in-Asia.1

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Forages in cow-calf and yearling programs

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Forages in extensive grazing systems

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Forages in growing-finishing rations and programs

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Forages in integrated food cropping systems

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Forages in northern agriculture: past, present, future

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Forages in plantation crops

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Forages in the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea

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Forages in the United States, a perspective

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Forages in the peace

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Forages on red soils in China

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Forages on the move in the South

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Forages on the prairies

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Forages produced on the farm as a factor in the intensification of sheep raising

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Forages resources CD

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Forages, 1986 Missouri crop performance

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Forages, 1987 Missouri crop performance

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Forages, cattle, and the consumer

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Forages, food, and energy

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Forages, how to identify them, and how to judge their quality

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Forages, the keystone of agriculture

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Forages--1984 Missouri crop performance

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Forages--the basis of your herds diet

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Forages--the grassroots of agriculture

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Forages: Leucaena , the legume of the future

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Forages: resources for the future

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Forages: their place and future in America

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Foraging behavior of Anastrepha Ludens, A. obliqua, and A. serpentina in response to feces extracts containing host marking pheromone

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Foraging populations and distances of the desert subterranean termite, Heterotermes aureus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae), associated with structures in southern Arizona

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Foraging activities of Messor aegyptiacus Emery (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Foraging activities of an Atta sexdens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Attini) colony

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Foraging activity of Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae): flow and speed of leafcutting ants on the foraging trail, characterization of the individual foragers, and duration and number of plant-collecting trips

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Foraging ahead

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Foraging and communication ecology of bed bugs, Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)

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Foraging and farming

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Foraging and farming in the eastern woodlands

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Foraging and feather care

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Foraging and habitat relations of insectivorous birds in a managed Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest

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Foraging and nesting ecology of bumblebees (bombus spp.) in agricultural landscapes in Sweden

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Foraging and resource patchiness: field experiments with a grazing stream insect

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Foraging and the exploitation of soil nutrient patches: in defence of roots

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Forced copulations by broiler breeder males

Perez-Afonso, L., 1974:
Forced crops in the Canary Islands: present situation and prospects

Mercade, Lo, 1970:
Forced cultivation in Malaga Province

Hasegawa, Y., 1971:
Forced cultivation of Laminaria

Kostov, L., 1978:
Forced delivery and synchronized

Imai, T.; Mori, K.Y.mada, S., 1978:
Forced dewatering characteristics and disposal efficiency of fluid mud

Corlateanu, D., 1979:
Forced fattening of young cattle with bee products added to their food

Popov, V.; Shekhovtsov, E., 1981:
Forced flooding of rice crops as a method of preventing secondary soil salination

Komiszar, L., 1980:
Forced fruits and vegetables

Galun, E.R.veh, D., 1973:
Forced fusion of tobacco protoplasts

Norris, Sn, 1975:
Forced germination of aril seed

Kellen, V., 1983:
Forced growth

Frierson, Ca, 1997:
Forced hunger and rational restraint in the Russian peasant diet: one populists vision

Anonymous, 1983:
Forced illumination

Kranias, S., 1981:
Forced introduction of chemical solutions in

Imhof, Ae, 1974:
Forced labor for the agricultural working force in the Scan dinavian countries in the 18th century

Shofner, Jh, 1981:
Forced labor in the Florida forests, 1880-1950

Torres, Mj, 1976:
Forced mating in rabbit raising

Burdge, Rabel, J., 1970:
Forced migration

Soldevila, M.S.berio, V., 1987:
Forced molt and second year production of hens laying brown-shelled eggs

Ishigaki, R.O.ori, Y.E.isawa, S.K.nbara, K.Y.mada, Y.N.kajo, S., 1971:
Forced molting by methallibure

Milthers, K., 1976:
Forced molting in Holland

Tremolieres, E., 1978:
Forced molting in layers

Kashibuchi, M., 1972:
Forced molting in laying chicke

Jonsson, E., 1974:
Forced molting in laying hens

Marcu, S.C.nstantinescu, A.S.ceanu, I., 1976:
Forced molting in poultry for meat production

Sihigaki, R.E.isawa, S.F.tamura, K.Y.manda, Y., 1973:
Forced molting in pullets and i

Bengtsson, A., 1973:
Forced molting is a necessity

Ramakrishnan, A.E.izabeth, V., 1979:
Forced molting of chicken--concept and analysis

Jesenko, F., 1978:
Forced molting of hens

Coligado, E.; Alejar, A.; Palis, L., 1978:
Forced molting of layer. I. The effect of forced molting on the laying performance of spent hens

Wilson, H.; Moore, J.; O'-Steen, A.; Fry, J.; Harms, R., 1969:
Forced molting of laying hens

Mccormick, C.; Cunningham, D., 1982:
Forced molting of laying hens by zinc toxicity

Brake, Jt, 1980:
Forced molting--and extra eggs

Bray, D.; Ridlen, S.; Johnson, H., 1976:
Forced molting: One way to lower production costs

Kurdiukova, Ot, 1979:
Forced moult of hens of a commer

Qvist, F., 1975:
Forced moulting

Singh, Ra, 1978:
Forced moulting an aid to poultry management

Mati, K.; Shrivastava, L., 1974:
Forced moulting in breeding birds

Anonymous, 1974:
Forced moulting of egg laying chickens

Costin, M.V.zitiu, V., 1973:
Forced moulting of reproduction hens of the leghorn breed

Mcmahon, Pj, 1973:
Forced moulting reviewed

Prescott, Tony, J., 2007:
Forced moves or good tricks in design space? Landmarks in the evolution of neural mechanisms for action selection

Strzelecki, A., 1974:
Forced oscillations and resonant oscillations of circular sa w blades for log conversion. 1. uniformly heated saw blade

Strzelecki, A., 1975:
Forced oscillations and resonant oscillations of circular saw blades for log conversion. 3. resonant speed of unsymmetric oscillations

Klahs, J.K.rmos, J., 1977:
Forced response techniques using BBA

Bager, Torben, 1983:
Forced sales in agriculture

Bager, T., 1982:
Forced sales in agriculture of stock and property, Denmark.1

Torres, Mt, 1976:
Forced serving in rabbit breeding

Szazados, I.K.das, I., 1979:
Forced slaughter because of duodenum stress ulceration in a cow

Gent, Pr, 1981:
Forced standing equatorial ocean wave modes

Robertson, A.; Mishra, S., 1997:
Forced to plough

Kvas, D., 1973:
Forced ventilation and air conditioning in poultry houses

Wilhelm, L.; Mullins, C.; Collins, J., 1975:
Forced ventilation cooling of summer squash in bulk containers

Workneh, T.; Woldetsadik, K., 2004:
Forced ventilation evaporative cooling: A case study on banana, papaya, orange, mandarin, and lemon

Carbo-Gomez, A.V.dal-Marco, O., 1982:
Forced ventilation in buildings for raising rabbits Equipment, Spain.1

Knaack, H., 1975:
Forced ventilation of a pit silo for winter storage of potatoes

Wilhelm, Lr, 1980:
Forced ventilation of cooling of commercial snap bean shipments

Navarro, S., 1976:
Forced ventilation of grains in barns

Anonymous, 1948:
Forced ventilation of partially cured hay in mow or stack

Gardini, S., 1978:
Forced ventilation of the pigsty

Strzelecki, A., 1980:
Forced vibrations and resonance vibrations of straight circular saws for wood cutting

Strzelecki, A., 1977:
Forced vibrations and resonance vibrations of straight circular saws for wood cutting and the influence of those types of vibrations upon the conditions of work of circular saws

Buchvarov, S.V.lchev, K.K.nev, L., 1981:
Forced vibrations of radial pneu

Hamill, P.V.; Palmer, A.; Drizd, T.A., 1978:
Forced vital capacity of children 6-11 years. United States

Boyette, M.; Wilson, L.; Estes, E., 1989:
Forced-air cooling

Khumalo, P.; Kock, A. de; Davids, J.; Jooste, M., 2006:
Forced-air cooling: recommendations for selected sea export plum cultivars

Wang, J.; Tunpun, K., 1969:
Forced-air precooling of tomatoes in cartons

Movsesian, Rs, 1969:
Forceps with catch for castrating young rams

Ohji, M.; Sakaguchi, H.; Tano, Y., 2006:
Forceps with scale marks for the transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy system

Gallo, P.C., 1975:
Forces acting in soil cutting by plane blades

Musaeliants, Gg, 1981:
Forces acting on the roller of the circular briquette press Feed production mechanization.1

Kolesnikov, I.; Larin, G., 1984:
Forces acting on the skims of forestry ploughs

Anonymous, 1953:
Forces affecting American education

Diens, B., 1995:
Forces affecting the food industry to the year 2000

Evans, E.A.; Calderwood, D.A., 2007:
Forces and bond dynamics in cell adhesion

Coates, J.-F.L.wis, C., 1986:
Forces and factors influencing the recruitment and retention of scientists, engineers and other professionals, 1986-2010

Andersson, Sb, 1984:
Forces and obstacles in the mechanization of forest operations in Sweden

Aleksandrowski, J.K.minski, E.B.alczyk, J., 1975:
Forces and vibrations acting on some elements of the U 238 swaying harrow

Baccigaluppi, Rj, 1987:
Forces behind world trade

Cohron, Gt, 1971:
Forces causing soil compaction

Bonnen, James, T., 1997:
Forces driving the future of extension

Purohit, P., K.; Inamdar, M., M.; Grayson, P., D.; Squires, T., M.; Kondev, J.; Phillips, R., 2007:
Forces during bacteriophage DNA packaging and ejection.(vol 88, pg 851, 2005)

Grebot, C.; Burtheret, A., 2007:
Forces exerted on the butt plate by the shoulder of the biathlete in biathlon shooting

Anthony, W.; Mccaskill, O., 1976:
Forces exerted on ties of compress universal density cotton bales

Cook, R., 1987:
Forces for change in the marketing system

Boiko, V.; Lipenkov, I., 1980:
Forces in fiber drawing from combining zones

Thomas, J.A.cus, M., 1988:
Forces influencing home economics curriculum changes in British Columbia secondary schools, 1912-1985

Abbott, Charles-Cortez, 1944:
Forces influencing investment in business enterprise after the transition period

John, M.E., 1940:
Forces influencing rural life

Emmert, Fh, 1982:
Forces limiting acropetal transport of radiophosphorus in the stem Phaseolus vulgaris, kidney beans, nutrient supply

Hite, Jc, 1989:
Forces of change affecting Virginia Agriculture in the 1990s and beyond

Anonymous, 1990:
Forces of change in rural Virginia

Fisher, J.; Mitchelson, R., 1981:
Forces of change in the American settlement pattern

Crooker, Ra, 1988:
Forces of change in the Thailand opium zone

Sizov, O.A., 1979:
Forces of friction with different systems of operation of a disk coulter (soil working machiners)

Raza, S.A., 2007:
Forces of globalisation, dynamism and diversity in the agro-ecological production system: a study in sustainable development from a hill tribe in Western Himalayas

Bellamy, David, J., 1979:
Forces of life

Martinez, D.; Kerekes, R., 1994:
Forces on fibers in low-consistency refining

Denny, Mw, 1982:
Forces on intertidal organisms due to breaking ocean waves: design and application of a telemetry system

Craig, T.; Price, P.; Clancy, K.; Waring, G.; Sacchi, C., 1988:
Forces preventing coevolution in the three-trophic-level system: willow, a gall-forming herbivore, and parasitoid

Bentley, Og, 1983:
Forces reshaping agricultural research and educational institutions

Boatman, S., 1973:
Forces responsible for the generation of virus structures: The use of SDS to probe protein RNA interactions

Anonymous, 1997:
Forces shaping U.S. agriculture

Mclaughlin, Ew, 1993:
Forces shaping change in produce retaining and marketing toward the year 2000

Leard, Je, 1977:
Forces shaping our nations future

Thomas, Gw, 1987:
Forces shaping range management

Cleary, Cr, 1988:
Forces shaping range resource management--coordinated resource management

Kraft, Steven, E., 1988 :
Forces shaping the effort to conserve soil and water

Lee, J.Jr, 1983:
Forces shaping the future of U.S. agriculture

Rosson, C.Iii, 2005:
Forces shaping trade: the WTO, trade agreements, and market integration

Koichev, I., 1975:
Forces taken into consideration

Sharples, J.-A.D.xit, P., M., 1988:
Forces that could expand U.S. wheat exports

Sharples, J.; Dixit, P., 1987:
Forces that could expand U.S. wheat exports: estimates from a world wheat trade model

Anonymous, 2002:
Forces to be reckoned with

Santoro, G.G.acometti, G., 1984:
Forces which act on three access points of the tractor

Simpson, John-Bonwell, 1971:
Forces, pressures, and apple damage during cushioned impact

Grueber, K.; Wilkins, H., 1984:
Forcing Sans Souci lilies

Mallberg, Ingrid, L., 2004:
Forcing Dicentra spectabilis (L.) LEM. as a speciality cut flower

Szlachetka, W., 1976 :
Forcing Dutch irises

Wilkins, Hf, 1979:
Forcing Easter Lilies for 1980

Wilkins, Hf, 1977:
Forcing Easter lilies for 1978

Alberini, A.-; Frost, S., 2007:
Forcing Firms to Think About the Future: Economic Incentives and the Fate of Hazardous Waste

Zatyko, L.M.or, M., J., 1973:
Forcing Hungarian paprika hybrids

Brunner, M., 1983:
Forcing Witloof chicory: effect of mineral applications

Lerner, B.; Dana, M., 1987:
Forcing branches for winter color

Dorr, K., 1977:
Forcing bromeliads to bloom

Ivanova, Lg, 1973:
Forcing bulb crops

Anderson, N.-R.V.n-Der-Hoeven, G.-Adolf, 1995:
Forcing bulbs

Brown, Dl, 1990:
Forcing bulbs for indoor beauty in winter

Chamberlain, J., 1982:
Forcing bulbs for indoor bloom

Herrera, E., 1991:
Forcing bulbs for winter-bloom indoors

Freeman, R., 1990:
Forcing case-cooled Easter Lilies

Franken, A., 1975:
Forcing chicory grown in containers

Schoneveld, J.A., 1983:
Forcing chicory in boxes with running water

Volosatova, Eg, 1979:
Forcing cultivation of celery and parsley

Senda, A., 1982:
Forcing culture of Aster savati

Funakoshi, K., 1972:
Forcing culture of Chrysanthemu

Wang, W.; Hsu, H., 1988:
Forcing culture of Golden Muscat grapevine (Vitis viniferax Vitis labrusca). 1. Investigation of bud differentiation and fruitfulness

Azuma, A., 1982:
Forcing culture of Liatris spec

Azuma, A., 1982:
Forcing culture of Liatris spic

Matsubara, S., 1981:
Forcing culture of asparagus in

Tanaka, M.T.uda, K.I.awa, F., 1982:
Forcing culture of early Mandar

Saito, S., 1974:
Forcing culture of green pepper

Ko, K.; Moon, D.; Kim, T., 1985:
Forcing culture of peach trees (Prunus persica S.). I

Kawasato, H.A.agi, H., 1981:
Forcing culture of strawberries

Funakoshi, K., 1972:
Forcing culture of summer Chrys

Agnew, N.; Iles, J., 1988:
Forcing flower bulbs

Albrecht, H.; Heisel, C., 1981:
Forcing flowerbranches of Viburnum opulus Roseum to enrich the supply of flowering ornamental trees and branches

Clemes, J.; Taylor, J., 1985:
Forcing flowering branches

Hanaoka, S., 1972:
Forcing flowering in Spiraea th

Botacchi, Ac, 1989:
Forcing greenhouse azaleas

Kondo, K.T.ichikawa, Y., 1974:
Forcing growth of rice plant by

Wulster, Gj, 1985:
Forcing hardy bulbs indoors

Yarris, L., 1982:
Forcing iris to flower

Nilsson, K., 1974:
Forcing late tulips

Preece, J.; Read, P., 2007:
Forcing leafy explants and cuttings from woody species

Cerne, M.B.jec, V., 1975:
Forcing lettuce and retarding of endive by polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride plastic in Slovenia

Matsui, S.T.uge, M.O.ada, T.S.ganuma, H., 1974:
Forcing maturation in fig cultu

Mellichamp, Tl, 1976:
Forcing northern woody plants into flower

Nestby, R., 1989:
Forcing of 18 strawberry cv. related to two cold storage periods

Mikena, R., 1972:
Forcing of Convallaria

Bielecki, S., 1974:
Forcing of Iris reticulata

Jacot, D., 1972:
Forcing of Witloof of Brussels endive (Cichorium intybus) in hydroponic culture without cover

Palanchan, Ai, 1978:
Forcing of cut branches of ornamental flowering shrubs

Aarnes, Ki, 1971:
Forcing of perennials for sale in garden center

Lewandowska, A., 1975:
Forcing of salad chicory

De-Hertogh, A., 1981:
Forcing of spring-flowering bulbs

Popescu, V., 1975:
Forcing of strawberries in Japan

Namikawa, O.I.oue, T., 1979:
Forcing of sweet pea, Lathyrus

Hosoki, T.H.mada, M.I.aba, K., 1983:
Forcing of tree peony by chemicals and low temperature treatment, and retarding by long-term cold storage

Rupprecht, H., 1979:
Forcing ornamental plants and woody phanerogams

Krumm, S.; Taylor, J., 1985:
Forcing paper-white Narcissus

Iversen, Rr, 1994:
Forcing perennial plants: a flower show guide

Miessner, E.; Miessner, A., 1975:
Forcing perennials

Bartram, J., 1975:
Forcing plants

Heins, Rd, 1981:
Forcing pot roses for Valentines Day

Shanmugasundaram, S.T.ung, T., 1982:
Forcing soybeans to mature by spraying paraquat

Anonymous, 1946:
Forcing spring flowers

Havis,. Jr.;, 1983:
Forcing spring growth of Rhododendron Nova Zembla rooted cuttings

Scott, Dh, 1975:
Forcing strawberries in poly tunnels

Bannerot, H.L.saint, C.C.ninck, B.D., 1976:
Forcing techniques for chicory roots continue to evolve

Higaki, T.S.irakawa, T.K.bojiri, K.W.tanabe, Y., 1979:
Forcing temperate bulbs for pot plant sale; a progress report

Dakshini, Mn, 1971:
Forcing the bird of paradise

Winter, J.; Leeuwen, C.-Van, 1983:
Forcing the bloom of Ixia by supplementary lighting

Iversen, R.; Weiler, T., 1989:
Forcing the issue: a guide to forcing garden perennials into bloom for flower show exhibitions

Muir, K., 1979:
Forcing the pace

Anonymous, 1975:
Forcing the shedding of feath

Gottlieb, Robert, 1993:
Forcing the spring

Bakos, S., 1984:
Forcing themselves on a willing public

Harris, J., 1979:
Forcing time

Dannijs, G., 1973:
Forcing tomatoes without troubles

Karsten, J.; Wiebosch, W.; Kralingen, N.V.n, 1972:
Forcing trials and biochemical investigations with the rhubarb variety Timperley Early in 1970

Karsten, J.; Wiebosch, W., 1973:
Forcing trials on the rhubarb variety Timperley Early in 1971

Szlachetka, W., 1976:
Forcing tulip bulbs by a standard or a special method

Rasmussen, E., 1977:
Forcing tulips at 5 degrees Celsius

Rasmussen, E., 1976:
Forcing tulips in various substrates and in boxes of varying height

Rasmussen, E., 1974:
Forcing tulips with artificial light, 1969

Krause, J., 1974:
Forcing tulips without burying them

Pantielev, Iakh, 1979:
Forcing vegetable greens in protected cultivation

Morley, T.S.adky, R., 1987:
Forcing winter rosette plants for class use

Porcelli, S., 1975:
Forcing with darkening in some fleshy root vegetable species

Haldemann, A., 1979:
Forcing without cover soil in chicory

Anonymous, 1970:
Forcing, early production

Clastrier, J., 1972:
Forcipomyia (F.) squamithorax n. sp. from French Guiana (Deptera Ceratopogonidae)

Boorman, J., 1974:
Forcipomyia (Thyridomyia) rugosa Chan & Leroux (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) from Britain

Williams, Michael, 1986:
Ford & Fordson tractors

Von-Bargen, K.T.ompson, T.; Bashford, L., 1985:
Ford 2810 (8 x 2) diesel, 8 speed

Anonymous, 1973:
Ford 8600 diesel dual power ; Ford 8600 diesel dual power row crop, Ford 8600 diesel 8-speed all purpose, Ford 8600 diesel 8-speed row crop

Anonymous, 1973:
Ford 9600 diesel dual power, ; Ford 9600 diesel dual power row crop, Ford 9600 diesel 8-speed all purpose, Ford 9600 diesel 8-speed row crop

Anonymous, 1951:
Ford Foundation annual report

Anonymous, 1973:
Ford Foundation specialists seed ways to expand Mideast food crops

Duncan, Cm, 1988:
Ford Foundation trustees visit Appalachian Kentucky

Templeton, D.; Knight, D., 1993:
Ford New Holland

Leffingwell, Randy, 1998:
Ford farm tractors

Anonymous, 1980:
Ford moves up and down in tractor range

Emmadi, R.T.nzer, J., 1981:
Ford series 10 synchroshift transmission

Anonymous, 1964:
Ford tractor distributors

Anonymous, 1956:
Fords manual

Wretblad, Per, 1997:
Fordelning av sprutvatska i spannmals- och potatisbestand med fyra olika appliceringstekniker

Poulsen, Hanne-Damgaard, 1995:
Fordojeligheden af fosfor i foderfosfater og kodbenmel bestemt efter regressionsmetoden

Carlsson, Torbjeorn, 1981:
Fordonsmonterad eller separat kran feor fordonslastning?

Pripps, R.-N.M.rland, A., 1995:
Fordson tractors

Williams, Robert, C., 1987:
Fordson, Farmall, and Poppin Johnny

Yoshitomi, K.; Brown, H.R.; Eustis, S., 1990:
Fordyce's granules of the incisor and molar gingiva in F344 rats

Vavrek, Rc, 1995:
Fore! Guidelines to consider when golfers and maintenance crews share the same turf

Roberts, Palmer, W., 1978:
Fore, the golfers international cookbook

Abrahams, V.C.; Rose, P.K., 1975:
Fore- and hind-limb muscle afferent projections to the superior colliculus of the cat

Strnad, P., 1981:
Fore-stock fertilization with P and K fertilizers in crop rotation

Thompson, B.C.; Fadia, T.; Pincivero, D.M.; Scheuermann, B.W., 2007 :
Forearm blood flow responses to fatiguing isometric contractions in women and men

Ward, K.A.; Roy, D.K.; Pye, S.R.; O'Neill, T.W.; Berry, J.L.; Swarbrick, C.M.; Silman, A.J.; Adams, J.E., 2007:
Forearm bone geometry and mineral content in UK women of European and South-Asian origin

Arosio, E.; D.M.rchi, S.; Rigoni, A.; Prior, M.; Delva, P.; Lechi, A., 2007:
Forearm haemodynamics, arterial stiffness and microcirculatory reactivity in rheumatoid arthritis

Kimmerly, D.S.; Wong, S.W.; Salzer, D.; Menon, R.; Shoemaker, J.K., 2007:
Forebrain regions associated with postexercise differences in autonomic and cardiovascular function during baroreceptor unloading

Erikson, Goran, 1980:
Forebyggande av olycksfall bland djurskotare

Azhbenov, Vk, 1983:
Forecase of the number of grey cereal moths

Anonymous, 1977:
Forecast 1977 world meal and oil production is revised downward

Behr, J., 1997:
Forecast Farms USA: positioning dairy farmers for the marketplace

Bondarenko, Iu, 1976:
Forecast and actual yield

Osetrov, Oo, 1984:
Forecast and control of plan ful

Meged'-, Ag, 1980:
Forecast and exploitation of honey flows

Krafti, G.S.dovski, A.K.istov, I.K.lev, B., 1980:
Forecast and management of the i

Kazachenko, Vp, 1978:
Forecast and mutants of Colorado potato beetle

Giusti, Da, 1991:
Forecast and prevention processes for groundwater exploitation in Curitiba, Brazil

Kharizanov, A., 1975:
Forecast and signaling of grape

Habiev, K., 1980:
Forecast and signalization of the appearance of pests of cotton and other crops and their entomophages

Chernev, T., 1978:
Forecast and warning a prerequisite for scientifically grounded control of forest tree pests

Dirlbek, J.K.ndl, K.M.rek, J.V.nek, E., 1978:
Forecast and warning in crop protection

Zohren, E., 1973:
Forecast and warning service of hop pests

Genkov, P.K.incharski, G.N.kolova, P., 1976:
Forecast appearance and spread of pests of farm crops for 1976

Anonymous, 1976:
Forecast confirmed by poultry farming in Sao Paulo

Leclercq, B.P.aevotel, B.; Carrae, B., 1984 :
Forecast equations for energy value of composed feed for poultry

Kolajo, E.; Martin, N.J.; Hanson, G., 1988:
Forecast erros and farm firm growth

Anonymous, 1978:
Forecast figures show slim line beef industry

Udintsov, Ps, 1973:
Forecast for 1973

Gladkina, T.; Khomiakova, V.; Druzheliubova, T.; Makarova, L.; Doronina, G.; Malkova, L.; Tanskii, V.; Tsyplenkov, E.; Zhuravlev, V., 1976:
Forecast for 1976

Poliakov, Iia, 1977:
Forecast for 1977

Anonymous, 1979:
Forecast for 1979

Poliakov, I.; Chenkin, A., 1980:
Forecast for 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Forecast for 1982 of plant diseases and pests in the USSR.0

Poliakov, I.; Chenkin, A., 1983:
Forecast for 1983

Poliakov, I.; Chenkin, A., 1985:
Forecast for 1985

Poliakov, I.; Chenkin, A., 1986:
Forecast for 1986

Ratcliff, C., 2005:
Forecast for 2006

Hall, Rd, 1994:
Forecast for citrus and grapes is generally sunny

Mazur, J., 1982:
Forecast for expansion of motorization in Polish agriculture. 2. Poland.1

Brunk, Me, 1982:
Forecast for finances

Brandt, H.-Van-Den; Dommerholt, J., 1977:
Forecast for milk production in relation to the need for feed concentrates

Genkov, P.K.incharski, G.N.kolova, P., 1973:
Forecast for the appearance and

Anonymous, 1986:
Forecast for the home economist

Genkov, P.N.kolova, P.N.kolov, N., 1977:
Forecast for the incidence of and spread of pests of farm crops for 1977

Goldschmidt, H., 1969:
Forecast for the meat industr

Nebe, T., 1972:
Forecast for the milk market of the expanded European Economic Community

Viktorov, Sv, 1984:
Forecast geobotanical indication of the dynamics of natural conditions of Ust-Urt desert

Vesely, E., 1972:
Forecast in apicultural research

Buivids, K.I.nsons, A.V.inberga, E., 1982:
Forecast in the breeding of brewing barley

Zucchi, G., 1982:
Forecast in the development of the Italian poultry industry in the last eighty years Economic conditions, farm management.1

Grechanenko, G., 1980:
Forecast in the planning of gross production and marketing of products

Macdonald, S., 1986:
Forecast lowered for U.S. farm exports

Fan ShaoQiang; Xie XianSheng;; Yin QingYun; Zheng WangYi, 2007:
Forecast model for prevalent stripe rust in winter wheat in Shanxi Province

Sato,, S., 1978:
Forecast model of intake-water

Dergunov, I.; Moroz, V.1; Ryabova, G., 1982:
Forecast of 90Sr strontium isotope accumulation in the crop harvest from physicochemical soil properties

Shuster, M.; Krisachenko, V., 1980:
Forecast of Contarinia medicagnins

Doronina, G.; Makarova, L., 1977:
Forecast of Eurygaster integriceps

Mikhailova, Na, 1980 :
Forecast of Trigonotylus coelestialium

Robinson, T.; Babb, E., 1978:
Forecast of U.S. dairy product consumption, 1977-1981

Manolo, Ra, 1983:
Forecast of U.S. jojoba oil production and prices during the 1980s

Terekhov, V.; Kaidash, A.; Bessmel'-Tsev, V.; Solodukhina, L.; Kolesnikova, V., 1979:
Forecast of a probable decrease of harvest of winter wheat due to yellow rust

Rakowski, M., 1973:
Forecast of agricultural development and the forests of Poland

Sidorenko, G.; Kuz'-Mina, G., 1976:
Forecast of agrometeorological conditions of yield formation of low grass and semi savannah pastures in southern Tadzhikistan

Kurdov, M., 1986:
Forecast of an outbreak of Spodoptera exigua population in Turkmenistan

Popov, P., 1977:
Forecast of anticipated occurrence and state of certain hazardous pests

Sturgess, Ow, 1978:
Forecast of approved varieties

Vlasova, Va, 1979:
Forecast of average temperature

Smirnova, V., 1978:
Forecast of average yields of ba

Fearnside, Pm, 1979:
Forecast of cattle production along the Transamazon Highway in Brazil

Anonymous, 1943:
Forecast of changes in California agricultural production in 1943 (as of January 5, 1943)

Szemberg, A., 1982:
Forecast of changes in agrarian structure till the year 2000

Berkovich, K.; Vinogradova, N.; Iakovleva, L., 1978:
Forecast of changes in erosive and accumulative processes and the character of floodplain soils in zones of variable backwater above large lowland reservoirs

Dubel, K., 1975:
Forecast of changes in land use in perspectives (with Opoleprovince as an example)

Tkachenko, Vs, 1981:
Forecast of changes in the veget

Arakawa, H., 1979:
Forecast of climate change and

Titova, Iuv, 1980:
Forecast of climatic changes in the coastal zone of the Krapivinskoe reservoir

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