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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 15879

Chapter 15879 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Koucky, R., 1979:
Forestry in Zambia

Cooney, Timothy, M., 1984:
Forestry in a brave new world

Mushove, P.T.M.yo, M., 1997:
Forestry in a changing political environment

Lazerevski, S., 1983:
Forestry in a long-term program for economic stabilization

Stridsberg, E., 1976:
Forestry in a transformation process

Anonymous, 1974:
Forestry in alpine areas

Samset, I., 1978:
Forestry in an industrialized world

Ruckelshaus, W.D., 1971:
Forestry in an urbanized society

Richards, Na, 1973:
Forestry in an urbanizing society

Pfeiffer, A., 1970:
Forestry in change

Lundgren, B., 1977:
Forestry in developing countries Whose land?

Blair, H.-W.O.padwala, P., 1988:
Forestry in development planning

Totman, C., 1982:
Forestry in early modern Japan, 1650-1850: a preliminary report

Piekutin, J.; Parzych, S., 2007:
Forestry in economic context - historical outline and present state

Akinaga, Hisajiro, 1951:
Forestry in farming villages

Johannson, Stig, 1995:
Forestry in irrigated agricultural schemes

Johansson, Stig, 1993:
Forestry in irrigation schemes I

Kaarakka, Vesa, 1993:
Forestry in irrigation schemes II

Anonymous, 1994:
Forestry in mountains

Shepherd, K.R.R.chter, H.V., 1979:
Forestry in national development

Jackson, Edwin, R., 1980:
Forestry in nature study

Macichowski, J., 1970:
Forestry in parliament of the Peoples Republic of Poland

Grunig, P., 1975:
Forestry in recession

Helles, F., 1976:
Forestry in regional economic development in Denmark

Pollanschutz, J., 1970:
Forestry in relation to protection against the environment and wood marketing

Preston, Bb, 1995:
Forestry in the 104th Congress: political winds in Americas forestlands

Vorob'-Ev, Gi, 1981:
Forestry in the 11th Five-Year Plan

Gupta, P.; Pullman, G.T.mmis, R.K.eitinger, M.C.rlson, W.; Grob, J.W.lty, E., 1993:
Forestry in the 21st century--the biotechnology of somatic embryogenesis

Barrett, John, W., 1961:
Forestry in the Adirondacks

Shinohara, T., 1975:
Forestry in the Amami Archipela

Welsh, Sw, 1969:
Forestry in the Badger State Wisconsin

Skoupy, J.V.clav, E., 1972:
Forestry in the Bangladesh republic

Ryan, Hdp Iii, 1982:
Forestry in the Big Apple New York City, parks and recreation

Hoffman, A.-Fc-; Krueger, T., 1949:
Forestry in the Black Hills

Kostov, Ivan-Petrov, 1994:
Forestry in the Burgas region

Logvinov, Iv, 1981:
Forestry in the Central African Republic

Anonymous, 1947:
Forestry in the Colony of Sarawak (1935-1940)

Kalutskii, K.E.emeev, A., 1978:
Forestry in the Cuban Republic

Ievins, I., 1979:
Forestry in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Hummel, Fc, 1978:
Forestry in the European Community

Ryle, G., 1975:
Forestry in the Forestry Commission

Piussi, P., 1991:
Forestry in the Italian Alps: ecological, sociological and economic problems

Pswarayi-Riddihough, Idah, 2002:
Forestry in the Middle East and North Africa

Chimed, K., 1972:
Forestry in the Mongolian Peoples Republic and prospects for its future development

Jacks, H., 1973:
Forestry in the Nelson Area

Kofman, Pd, 1976:
Forestry in the Netherlands

Kalkkinen, E., 1979:
Forestry in the Nordic countries--an international perspective. What is its future?

Petkov, I., 1972:
Forestry in the Peoples Republic of Bulgaria

Ross, L., 1981:
Forestry in the Peoples Republic of China: estimating the gains and losses

Anonymous, 1947:
Forestry in the Province of Quebec

Bobko, An, 1984:
Forestry in the Republic of Cuba

Kuss, H., 1970:
Forestry in the Rhineland

Zverev, Ai, 1976:
Forestry in the Russian Federation in the tenth Five Year Plan

Fraser, G.K., 1947:
Forestry in the Scottish Highlands

Hartog, Gj-Den, 1982:
Forestry in the Second Chamber

Kotstian, C.-Ferdinand; James, L., M., 1948:
Forestry in the South

Duris, J., 1977:
Forestry in the Soviet Union 60 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution

Duris, J., 1978:
Forestry in the Soviet Union after 60 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Pippin, Ja, 1970:
Forestry in the Tar Heel State North Carolina

Lacey, Cj, 1979:
Forestry in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Part of the northern myth

Bovin, A.I.E.isepleiiaev, V.P.K.valin, D.T., 1958:
Forestry in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1957

Luk'-Ianov, Bn, 1972:
Forestry in the Ukraine and the road to progress

Anonymous, 1970:
Forestry in the Urals

Anonymous, 1976:
Forestry in the Western Division

Hofstetter, H.H.rtach, E., 1979:
Forestry in the development concept Lucerne mountain area

Beale, Ja, 1970:
Forestry in the environmental decade

Wambach, Rf, 1972:
Forestry in the environmental seventies

Anonymous, 1997:
Forestry in the field of conflict between ecology and economy

Bainbridge, I.P., 1987:
Forestry in the flows of Caithness and Sutherland

Grieder, Ep, 1976:
Forestry in the formation of a regional development concept

Howlett, D., 1975:
Forestry in the future of Brazil

Sedjo, Ra, 1991:
Forestry in the future: educating foresters and forests planners

De-Coulon, M., 1970:
Forestry in the future: the choice

Moore, Andrew-Given-Tobias, 1941:
Forestry in the lumber industry

Brown, E.E.an; Laplante, M.-G.C.ai, J.C., 1968:
Forestry in the middle Georgia area

Vorob'-Ev, Gi, 1971:
Forestry in the ninth Five-Year-Plan

Zverev, Ai, 1979:
Forestry in the non-Chernozem zone

Smith, Pg, 1988:
Forestry in the old world

Nowakowski, A., 1979:
Forestry in the period of 35 years of Polish Peoples Republic

Samek, V., 1979:
Forestry in the protected landscape areas of Cesky Kras

Dietl, H., 1987:
Forestry in the province of Rostock as a result of agrarian reform: a retrospect

Morales, V.-E.O.tremari, A.-J.N.rambuena-Cc, A.K.nstman, L., G., 1977:
Forestry in the province of Valdivia

Shah, Sa, 1977:
Forestry in the service of agriculture

Botolov, N.A., 1987:
Forestry in the system of APK

Stepin, Vv, 1974:
Forestry in the system of utilization of natural resources

Orsini-Rosenberg, H., 1979:
Forestry in the tension field of her various functions

Hodges, R.Jr, 1977:
Forestry in the woods or in the courts

Leibundgut, H., 1970:
Forestry in the year 2000

Brown, Cl, 1976:
Forestry in the year 2000: what man can imagine, man can do

Heyder, Joachim-Chr, 1986:
Forestry in transition

Steenberg, B., 1983:
Forestry in underdeveloped countries

Groseclose, Henry-Casper, 1945:
Forestry in vocational agriculture

Gunther, Kh, 1973:
Forestry in water protection areas

Guldemond, Jl, 1969:
Forestry in western Netherla

Anonymous, 1970:
Forestry incentive programs for increased fiber production in Sweden

Burgess, Rh, 1970:
Forestry incentive programs for increased fibre production in Nova Scotia

Bonner, E., 1970:
Forestry incentive programs for increased fibre production in Ontario

Ekholm, I., 1970:
Forestry incentive programs for increased fibre production in Sweden

Anonymous, 1977:
Forestry incentives program

Anonymous, 1987:
Forestry incentives program for the forest landowner

Risbrudt, Christopher, D., 1983:
Forestry incentives program investments in 1974

Hunter, R., 1976:
Forestry incentives program: cost sharing as an incentive for small private woodland owners

Li, Shu-Chao, 1982:
Forestry industrial cost production management

Anonymous, 1944:
Forestry information

Kempf, A.; Brown, V., 1995:
Forestry information and knowledge exchange

Anonymous, 1951:
Forestry information on the Arkansas & Red River basins in Texas as requested by the Inter-Agency Committee of the Arkansas-White-Red River Basin

Dippon, D.R.ich, R.F.inchum, M., 1984:
Forestry information system 2--timber yield forecasting and planning tool

Riekerk, H.D.ppon, D., 1985:
Forestry information system. 10. Water management

Flinchum, M.H.ll, D.D.ppon, D., 1986:
Forestry information system. 11. Identification of pines

Dippon, D.F.inchum, M.G.issom, J.M.ller, E., 1985:
Forestry information system. 3. Volumes and yields

Dippon, D.F.inchum, M.M.nson, K.M.ller, E., 1985:
Forestry information system. 5. Forestry management assistance

Munson, K.W.tts, J.D.ppon, D.F.inchum, M., 1985:
Forestry information system. 6. Silvicultural practices

Flinchum, M.D.ppon, D.G.issom, J., 1985:
Forestry information system: 12-wood for energy

Julio-Parra, V., 1973:
Forestry institutions and their technical resources

Kmecl, M., 1980:
Forestry instruction in the primary schools

Westoby, Jc, 1973:
Forestry instruction: To whom and for what reason

Skochko, M.; Polianskii, E., 1980:
Forestry intensification in som

Anonymous, 1978:
Forestry inventory of pine trees in South Brazil

Soares, Ro, 1970:
Forestry inventory of the Amazon

Atterbury, T., 1990:
Forestry inventory purposes and goals

Anonymous, 1988:
Forestry inventory, Basque Autonomous Region, 1986

Anonymous, 1961:
Forestry investigation note

Webb, R.; Turner, V.F.inchum, D.; Dippon, D., 1983:
Forestry investment analysis program (phase 1)

Anonymous, 1994:
Forestry investment for Maori

Ticoulat, Gj, 1968:
Forestry investment from industrys point of view

Hibon, V., 1978:
Forestry investment groups and other institutional forestry investment groups

Royer, Jp, 1988:
Forestry investment incentives in the South: a review of empirical research on cost-sharing and the reforestation tax credit and amortization

Zivnuska, Ja, 1974:
Forestry investments for multiple uses among multiple owners hip types

Anonymous, 1990:
Forestry issues

Elwood, N.; Wilson, A., 1988:
Forestry issues and public policy: an action guide for woodland owners

Ellefson, Paul, V., 1988:
Forestry issues as a focus for forest economics and policy research

Godbout, Claude, 1999:
Forestry issues in Canada

Devoe, Nn, 1982:
Forestry issues in West Africa Silvicultural practices on the conservation of tropical moist forest, personnel issues

Anonymous, 1991:
Forestry issues in the Pacific Northwest

Sosa, Ah, 1973:
Forestry itineraries: Mexico-Oaxaca

Brightwell, C.Nelson, 1983:
Forestry ivestment calculator

Anonymous, 1994:
Forestry joint ventures

Clear, T., 1976:
Forestry journey to New Zealand

Reeves, H.; Beard, E.; Reeves, J., 1980:
Forestry knowledge and attitudes of Texas Sierra Club members

Kalish, Je, 1970:
Forestry knowledge drawn from outside

Fujibayashi, M.; Tsuji, T., 1956:
Forestry labor illustrated seeds, plants, forest, and cultivation

Schmitt, We, 1981:
Forestry labor training Jari Florestal Project--Brazil

Ockert, Ra, 1985:
Forestry labor: commitments for encouraging development

Okuchi, S., 1971:
Forestry labour of today.

Echeverria-Alvarez, L., 1974:
Forestry law bill formulated by the Subsecretary of the Branch

Anonymous, 1980:
Forestry law of the Peoples Republic of China

Wohanka, Ernst, 1993:
Forestry law with commentary

Muto, Iwao, 1960:
Forestry laws

Niesslein, E., 1981:
Forestry laws as a prerequisite for land development

Anonymous, 1944:
Forestry laws of the state of Washington (annotated) with rules and regulations

Anonymous, 1962:
Forestry leaflet

Kaverin, A.M., 1978:
Forestry legislation

Gabrovsek, E., 1975:
Forestry legislation from liberation until today, with special reference to Slovenia

Madriz, V., A., 1981:
Forestry legislation in Costa Rica and other legal regulations: an evaluation of efforts made in the past Includes historic aspects.1

Lichtenberger, H., 1974:
Forestry legislation in Honduras

Hasel, Karl, 1981:
Forestry legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany

Karaly, P., 1979:
Forestry legislation is one hundred years old

Mcdowell, Hg, 1977:
Forestry legislation: The National Forest Management Act of 1976

Siegel, W.; Cubbage, F., 1985:
Forestry legislative and regulatory trends--potential impacts for the hardwood resource

Lagrenade, Marcel, 1978:
Forestry lexicon, English-French, French-English with French definitions and sketches

Zorn, M., 1981:
Forestry library system in Slovenia

Howard, T.; Lacy, S., 1986:
Forestry limited partnerships

Neugebauer, Z., 1982:
Forestry literature in Poland

Jakes, P.; Vandyne, A., 1987:
Forestry literature: Whos publishing what where?

Anonymous, 1979:
Forestry loan act of 1979

Popovich, L., 1980:
Forestry loan act. 2. Fighting the hillside stranglers

Venter, Jsj, 1980:
Forestry log transport: some considerations in truck selection for the purpose of saving fuel and reducing costs

Anonymous, 1981:
Forestry machinery

Booth, H., 1976:
Forestry machinery and equipment for farmer

Poaczek, Tadeusz, 1958:
Forestry machinery science

Anonymous, 1991:
Forestry machinery, portable brush-saws, saw blades

Kazachkov, Ra, 1978:
Forestry machines in Selkhoztekhnika-78

Constantinescu, Nicolae, 1976:
Forestry management

Strang, Rm, 1990:
Forestry management and education

Garelkov, D.B.gdanov, B., 1977:
Forestry management and regeneration of beech forests in northwestern and eastern Caucasus

Kruczynski, L.; Jasumback, A., 1993:
Forestry management applications: Forest Service experiences with GPS

Ganguli, B., 1980:
Forestry management for local community development

Meikar, T., 1981:
Forestry management in Estonia

Petrov, A.; Blendon, P., 1977:
Forestry management in Great Britain

Anonymous, 1948:
Forestry management in Wisconsin

Shapkin, Ma, 1978:
Forestry management in water-conservation forests of the Lake Baikal basin

Makhnovskii, Ik, 1971:
Forestry management measures and entomophaga

Valkeman, G.; Roberts, P., 1997:
Forestry management monitoring guidelines

Anonymous, 1992:
Forestry management plan for the Serido region of Rio Grande do Norte

Genszler, H.G.osen, M., 1978:
Forestry management plan in North Rhine Westphalia and the Netherlands

Freedman, B.; Beauchamp, C.; McLaren, IA.; Tingley, SI., 1981:
Forestry management practices and populations of breeding birds in a hardwood forest in Nova Scotia

Anonymous, 1984:
Forestry management science

Stanovski, T., 1983:
Forestry managesment for the purpose of recreation in mountain forests of Poland

Fors, Alberto, J., 1966:
Forestry manual

Anonymous, 1940:
Forestry manual and record book for 4-H club members

Anonymous, 1949:
Forestry manual for use by chambers of commerce

Tauschwitz, G., 1977:
Forestry master, a new profession?

Podzharov, V.K., 1974:
Forestry mastering of peat production

Sumitro, A., 1972:
Forestry masterplan and economic development

Anonymous, 1947:
Forestry material for report of the Agricultural Subcommittee

Weihs, O., 1975:
Forestry may hope

Sobocky, E.L.ptak, J.B.blinec, E., 1971:
Forestry measures against pollution in the proximity a magnesite-processing plant

Maydell, Hj-Von, 1982:
Forestry measures as a contribution to regional development in the Sahel

Kroth, W.; Grottker, T.; Bartelheimer, P., 1989:
Forestry measures for new types of damages

Timchenko, V.; Mishkov, F., 1984:
Forestry mechanization in the Far East and in the zone of the Baikal-Amur railroad

Kalinichenko, N.P.Z.kov, I.G., 1986:
Forestry melioration for erosion control

Loffler, H., 1972:
Forestry methods and equipment

Anonymous, 1978:
Forestry metric schedule set

West, T., 1992:
Forestry minihistories: creating the eastern forests

Badan, R.P.tter, D., 1982:
Forestry mismanagement: myth and reality Switzerland.1

Lust, N., 1979:
Forestry mission to industrial countries

Hagenstein, Pr, 1992:
Forestry mitigation decisions made thus far

Ahlen, I., 1974:
Forestry modifications and alternative land use for wildlife and wilderness areas

Petsch, G., 1976:
Forestry near municipalities, demonstrated by the Ruhr Region

Knudsen, F., 1973:
Forestry needs cooperation--not centralization

Adams, N.; Dixon, R., K., 1986:
Forestry networks

Anonymous, 1972:
Forestry news

Anonymous, 1955:
Forestry occasional paper

Mitskevich, Vf, 1972:
Forestry of Belorussia in the anniversary year

Handel-Mazzett, P., 1973:
Forestry of France. i

Dimeny, I., 1972:
Forestry of Hungary in the fourth Five-Year Plan

Kitagawa, Idzumi, 1979:
Forestry of Japan and the road to its full development

Anonymous, 1962:
Forestry of Japan, an illustration

Kim, Yong-Joon, 1958:
Forestry of Korea

Shinohara, Takeo, 1981:
Forestry of Southeast Asia and Oceania

Kitamura, S., 1974:
Forestry of West Germany.

Turkewitsch, I.Z.chmistrenki, A.S.hischkow, E., 1982:
Forestry of member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in realizing the complex program

Kaluzki, K.J.remejew, A., 1978:
Forestry of the Cuban Republic

Prodan, M., 1973:
Forestry of the East and West:

Vaclav, E., 1976:
Forestry of the Ivory Coast

Kielar, A., 1976:
Forestry of the Kielce Province during 30 years of Peoples Poland

Handel-Mazetti, P., 1972:
Forestry of the Kingdom of Greece

Anonymous, 1973:
Forestry of the Republic of Italy

Michailow, Le, 1974:
Forestry of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Cotter-Craig, J., 1976:
Forestry on Ardross estate 1848-1855

Stone, J.H.rbert-; Evans, C., F.; Hine, W., 1949:
Forestry on Large Ownerships in the South

Blochinger, S.; Mosandl, R., 2007:
Forestry on Tenerife

Gunter, Je, 1990:
Forestry on a budget

Giriaev, Dm, 1976:
Forestry on drained lands of Meshchera

Anonymous, 1940:
Forestry on private timberlands

Hilbert, P., 1980:
Forestry on sandy soils in Denmark

Steinkamp, Cb, 1984:
Forestry on small surfaces. I

Steinkamp, Cb, 1984:
Forestry on small surfaces. II

Burk, Te, 1995:
Forestry on the Internet: an introduction

Hruzik, L., 1972:
Forestry on the eve of 1972

Hruzik, L., 1976:
Forestry on the eve of the 6th Five-Year Plan

Anonymous, 1978:
Forestry on the left bank of the Danube river in Hungary

Nakamura, Kentarao, 1950:
Forestry operations

Buhlmann, K.; Pague, C.; Mitchell, J.; Glasgow, R., 1988:
Forestry operations and terrestrial salamanders: techniques in a study of the Cow Knob salamander, Plethodon punctatus

Croise, R., 1971:
Forestry operations in mountainous regions: notes on the forestry colloquy of Krasnodar (August 30-September 11, 1971)

Guimier, Dy, 1998:
Forestry operations in the next century: a Canadian perspective

Guimier, D.; Heidersdorf, E., 1998:
Forestry operations into the next century

Holsoe, T., 1954:
Forestry opportunities in the Republic of Liberia

Sampson, R.; Hamilton, T., 1992:
Forestry opportunities in the United States to mitigate the effects of global warming

Ciesla, Wm, 1997:
Forestry options for mitigating predicted climate change

Masera, O.B.llon, M.; Segura, G., 1997:
Forestry options for sequestering carbon in Mexico: comparative economic analysis of three case studies

Hadland, Aa, 1988:
Forestry or agriculture: a case for diversification of British Columbia Peace River farms

Makhatadze, L.; Datunishvii, P., 1981:
Forestry organization and maintenance on forest typology basis under mountain conditions

Bezacinsky, H., 1972:
Forestry outlook under socialist forest management

Boeselager, F.Von, 1974:
Forestry ownership of our modern society

Anonymous, 1971:
Forestry papers issued in Finland in 1970

Demontalembert, Mr, 1978:
Forestry part of fabric of rural communities

Connaughton, Ca, 1975:
Forestry past and present

Breiteneder, K., 1970:
Forestry people and forest opening from the Salzburg viewpoint

Westell, C.Jr, 1983:
Forestry perspective

Volf, M., 1971:
Forestry plan, 1971

Anonymous, 1974:
Forestry planning

Rumiantsev, G.; Tkachenko, O.; Koneva, N., 1970:
Forestry planning in conditions of economic reform

Lindgren, J.E.N.slund, B., 1968:
Forestry planning using mathematical programming

Mcdermott, P., 1983:
Forestry planning, transport and regional infrastructure in Northland

Hatano, Kenregichi, 1960:
Forestry plans of various foreign countries for planting of seeds and seedlings

Delwaulle, Jc, 1979:
Forestry plantations in dry tropical Africa. Technics and species to be used

Touzet, G., 1972:
Forestry plantations with balls left on tree roots

Gradi, Adriano, 1980:
Forestry planting

Anonymous, 1975:
Forestry policies

Dana, St, 1973:
Forestry policies and programs

Jorgensen, S., 1978:
Forestry policies in Denmark

Anonymous, 1998:
Forestry policies in the Caribbean

Humel, R., 1977:
Forestry policies in the European Community and their implications for Scotland

Anonymous, 1996:
Forestry policies of selected countries in Africa

Byron, Yvonne-Audrey, 1993:
Forestry policies of selected countries in Asia and the Pacific

Vaissiere, J.De, 1968:
Forestry policy and public opinion

Anonymous, 1985:
Forestry policy and rural communities

Hocherl, H., 1969:
Forestry policy balance for the years 1965--1969

Leslie, Aj, 1987:
Forestry policy developments in the Australia-Pacific Region and their implications for Australia

Zaworka, G., 1976:
Forestry policy for environmental protection from the viewpoint of tourism

Anonymous, 1977:
Forestry policy guidelines in the United States

Keresztesi, B., 1982:
Forestry policy in Hungary

Egboh, Edmund-Onyemeke, 1985:
Forestry policy in Nigeria, 1897-1960

Hutte, P., 1974:
Forestry policy in revolution?

Thirgood, J.P.ck, T., 1974:
Forestry policy in the United Kingdom

Zupancc, M., 1978:
Forestry policy in tropical and subtropical zones

Andor, J., 1975:
Forestry policy in view of forest uses and wood processing in Hungary

Mcgaughey, Se, 1981:
Forestry policy issues in agricultural sector analysis

Anonymous, 1968:
Forestry policy of the Cuban Revolutionary Government

Spears, John, 1993:
Forestry policy research issues

Lopez-Salas, H., 1983:
Forestry popularization and extension activities

Karstedt, P., 1983:
Forestry possibilities and goals in South American countries (without Brazil)

Swellengrebel, Ejg, 1969:
Forestry possibilities on th

Braathe, P.H.lmen, H.N.yssonen, A., 1977:
Forestry potential in interior Alaska

Bulfin, M.G.llagher, G.D.llon, J., 1973:
Forestry potential of Leitrim soils

Jara-Chumpitaz, F.; Meza, J.-Otivo, 1989:
Forestry potential of the Grau Region

Holmes, Gd, 1982:
Forestry practice and policy in Great Britain at present Includes prospects.1

Holtam, Bw, 1975:
Forestry practice in Britain is applied terrestial ecology

Thompson, E.; Richards, D., 1969:
Forestry practice in a changing economy

Kroth, W., 1972:
Forestry practice to obtain the highest net yield

Freedman, B.; Woodley, S.; Loo, J., 1994:
Forestry practices and biodiversity, with particular reference to the Maritime Provinces of eastern Canada

Crete, M., 1988:
Forestry practices in Quebec and Ontario in relation to moose population dynamics

Anonymous, 1975:
Forestry practices questioned

Mello, Ha, 1975:
Forestry problem in Sao Paulo

Kobayashi, Y., 1972:
Forestry problems and policies

Anonymous, 1977:
Forestry problems and their effects of the environment in the member states of the European Community. v. systems of forest taxation and the tax load of private forests

Kroth, W.L.ffler, H.; Plochmann, R.R.der-Roitzsch, J., 1977:
Forestry problems and their effects on the environment in member countries of the European Economic Community. i. results and recommendations

Anonymous, 1977:
Forestry problems and their effects on the environment in the member states of the European Community. iV. state subsidies (subventions) for financing of forestry in forests owned not by the state

Handa, Ryaoichi, 1979:
Forestry problems in Japan

Povolny, F., 1971:
Forestry problems in protected territories

Sedik, A., 1970:
Forestry problems in regeneration, improvement cutting, and conservation

Buraczewski, A.D.da, S., 1976:
Forestry problems in the Legnica Glogow Copper District

Gaoussou-Toure, M., 1980:
Forestry problems in the dry zones of the Ivory Coast Silviculture, production.1

Kalble, F., 1984:
Forestry problems in the expulsion of National Park Rastatter Rheinaue

Prokopiev, E., 1976:
Forestry problems in the industry districts

Szymanski, B., 1974:
Forestry problems in the works of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (on the occasion of 250 years anniversary of existence of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR)

Poly, J., 1970:
Forestry problems of the south Jura

Edwards, B., 1991:
Forestry problems plague historic Westview Cemetery

Towell, We, 1973:
Forestry problems: how about some cooperation for a change?

Anaya, L.-Heactor-J.C.ristiansen, P., 1986:
Forestry production analysis of logging and transportation

Anonymous, 1947:
Forestry production in Indo-China

Kuuselas, K., 1973:
Forestry production potential and limitations in a changing society

Ovchinnikov, Lv, 1983:
Forestry production: results, costs, criteria of efficiency evaluation

Shih, Y.-Shen; Chang, W.-Chi; Yeuan, W.-Chung, 1982:
Forestry productivity economics

Nicholls, Ph, 1982:
Forestry productivity in marginal fringe and wildscape

Urleb, F., 1983:
Forestry professional personnel in Slovenia in 1982 and an estimate of the demand for it in 1995

Hermansen, Nk, 1984:
Forestry professor in Denmark

Jordan, Cbk, 1988:
Forestry program fights rural poverty

Schroeder, Je, 1976:
Forestry program for Oregon

Munoz-Orozco, A., 1982:
Forestry program of the Colegio de Postgraduados and relations with subsequent levels

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