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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15887

Chapter 15887 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kung, Sd, 1983:
Fraction-1 protein and chloroplast DNA as genetic markers

Milacic, R.S.upar, J.K.zuh, N., 1992:
Fractionaction of Cr and determination of Cr(VI) in blue shavings

Lundstrom, P.; Teilum, K.; Carstensen, T.; Bezsonova, I.; Wiesner, S.; Hansen, D.F.emming; Religa, T., L.; Akke, M.; Kay, L., E., 2007:
Fractional C-13 enrichment of isolated carbons using - or -glucose facilitates the accurate measurement of dynamics at backbone C-alpha and side-chain methyl positions in proteins

Gruzdev, L.; Zhebrak, Z.; Novikov, N., 1976:
Fractional amino acid composition and biologic value of proteins in Triticale grain in the process of development

Hirota,, S.K.tayama, M.F.nahashi, S., 1974:
Fractional analyses of soybean sterols in four classes

Ilieva, M., 1979:
Fractional analysis of bio-flavo

Zakharin, Aa, 1974:
Fractional analysis of mineral composition of pea roots on t he basis of a electrochemokinetic method

Zakharin, Aa, 1974:
Fractional analysis of mineral composition of pea roots on the basis of electrochemokinetic technique

Aguiar, L.; Brandt, S.; Rezende, A.; Aad-Neto, A.P.niago, E.T.ixeira, J., 1979:
Fractional analysis of the foreign coffee market

Zakharin, Aa, 1974:
Fractional analysis of the mineral composition of pea roots on the basis of the electrochemokinetic method

Krishchenko, V.; Pleshkov, B., 1981:
Fractional and amino acid composition of average and poorly soluble proteins of rye grain

Kurilyuk, T.; Alekseev, V., 1985:
Fractional and amino acid composition of gluten proteins from Yakutsk wheats

Vlasiuk, P.; Okhrimenko, M.; Kuz'-Menko, L., 1975:
Fractional and amino acid composition of proteins and content of free amino acids in potato under the effect of lithium

Krishchenko, V.; Gruzdev, L., 1973:
Fractional and amino acid composition of proteins and content of free amino acids in spring and winter wheat grain in connection with application of ichlorocholine chloride

Musiiko, A.; Klyuchko, P.; Pisanskii, A.; Sysoev, A.; Trofimov, V., 1969:
Fractional and amino acid composition of proteins in common and mutant forms of the corn grains

Hnatiuk, Mp, 1976:
Fractional and amino acid composition of proteins in oat grain as affected by the levels of nitrogen fertilizers

Kargapol'-Tsev, A.; Repyakh, S., 1981:
Fractional and amino acid compositions of the proteins of the needles of Pinus sylvestris

Khachidze, O.; Matikashvili, I., 1971 :
Fractional and amino acidic composition of grapevine root proteins

Lahodiuk, P.; Makar, I.; Klos, I.; Likashevs'-Kyi, Z., 1981:
Fractional and antigenic composi

Koltunov, Na, 1985:
Fractional application of betanal

Korosak, D.; Cvikl, B.; Kramer, J.; Jecl, R.; Prapotnik, A., 2006:
Fractional calculus applied to the analysis of spectral electrical conductivity of clay-water system

Lawther, J.; Sun, R.B.nks, W., 1996:
Fractional characterization of alkali-labile lignin and alkali-insoluble lignin from wheat straw

Hoffman, J.; Ignoffo, C.; Peters, P.D.ckerson, W., 1984:
Fractional colony propagation: a new insect-rearing system

Rykova, V.; Eliseeva, N.1; Lomakina, N.1; Salganik, R., 1983:
Fractional composition and nature of glycosaminoglycans in animal tissue proteoglycans with the properties of chalones from preparations of RNA of bovine liver, lungs, spleen, and mammary gland

Martynenko, E.; Mishiev, P.; Egorov, I., 1980:
Fractional composition and technological characteristics of cognac color

Vilkova, N.; Ivashchenko, L., 1985:
Fractional composition of Eurygaster integriceps hemolymph depending on the physiological state and feeding of the pest

Krastina, E.; Loseva, A., 1974:
Fractional composition of calcium in leaves and internodes of different shoot layers of sunflowers, kidney beans and tomatoes

Khodzhanazarov, S.; Kamalova, N., 1974:
Fractional composition of chromatin histones of plants with a boron deficit

Imshenetskii, Ei, 1979:
Fractional composition of grain protein by phases of its development in low and high protein forms of maize

Semenyuk, V.; Sysoev, A.; Serdyuk, T., 1976:
Fractional composition of grain protein in connection with the productivity and size of winter wheat seeds

Semeniuk, V.; Sysoev, A.; Serdiuk, T., 1976:
Fractional composition of grain protein in relation to productivity and size of winter wheat seed

Salova, A., 1984:
Fractional composition of humic compounds in two brown podzolic soils

Popova, I.; Vindiuk, M., 1975:
Fractional composition of humus

Wilk, K.N.wak, W., 1977:
Fractional composition of humus compounds in some cultivated soil types

Laskowski, S., 1973:
Fractional composition of humus compounds in some soil categories of Sudetic Mountains

Kowalinski, S.D.ozd, J.L.cznar, M., 1980:
Fractional composition of humus compounds of soils under crops cultivated continously or in rotations

Nemecek, J.P.spisil, F., 1970:
Fractional composition of humus in Brown (Forest) soils used for agricultural purposes

Buniakina, Rf, 1976:
Fractional composition of nitrogen and conversion of nitrogenous fertilizers in leached Chernozem of Kuban (according to the data of a vegetational experiment with nitrogen 15

Gutierrez-Jerez, F.P.rez-Mendez, J.; Fernandez-Caldas, E.T.ujillo-Jacinto-Del-Castillo, I., 1979:
Fractional composition of organic phosphates in Canary Islands Andosols

Vil'-Dflush, Ir, 1975:
Fractional composition of organic phosphates of long-term fertilized soddy-podzolic soils

Chumachenko, In, 1969:
Fractional composition of phosphates in soils of irrigated farming of Central Asia

Bozhkov, Vg, 1976:
Fractional composition of phosphates in the soils of the Volgograd Region

Voplakal, K.D.maska, J., 1971:
Fractional composition of phosphorus in the soils of the Czech Socialist Republic

Simonova, Iia, 1975:
Fractional composition of protein in meadow fescue and Timothy grass

Zheliuk, V.; Starchenkov, E.; Datsenko, V.; Lobova, M.; Iakovleva, N., 1974:
Fractional composition of proteins and isoenzymic spectrum of malate dehydrogenase of Rhizobium lupini cells and nitrogenase components isolated fom bacteroids and lupin nodules

Rakipov, N.; Pleshkov, B., 1977:
Fractional composition of proteins from barley grain and their lysine content

Temina, Av, 1975:
Fractional composition of proteins from the vetch leaves

Petrova, O.; Mishustina, P., 1973:
Fractional composition of proteins in maize leaves under the effect of lowered temperatures

Strel'-Tsova, Lf, 1986:
Fractional composition of proteins in the ontogenesis of Glycyrrhiza glabra at different degrees of salinity

Saimasaev, S.; Mamonov, L., 1977:
Fractional composition of proteins in the vegetative and reproductive organs of spring wheat from northern Kazakhstan

Posypanov, G.; Bukhanova, L.; Kniazeva, L.; Rusakov, V., 1977:
Fractional composition of proteins of kidney bean, pea and soybean seed as affected by growing conditions

Riadchikov, V.; Neudachin, V.; Filipas, T.; Lebedev, A., 1979:
Fractional composition of proteins of maize endosperm, and free amino acid composition of isolated fractions

Fuchsova, D.S.sek, A., 1987:
Fractional composition of proteins of varieties and gliadin lines in common wheat

Temina, Av, 1973:
Fractional composition of proteins of vetch leaves

Suzdal'-Tseva, Va, 1974:
Fractional composition of proteins, water regime and water retention capacity in the development of methods of winter-hardiness diagnostics of fruit trees

Grebenchuk, E.; Krasil'-Nikova, L.; Balakireva, V., 1984:
Fractional composition of readily soluble proteins of wheat species differing in the powdery mildew resistance

Laht, T., 1975:
Fractional composition of serum proteins of cattle sick with leucosis

Shavkun, V.; Khavinzon, A., 1974:
Fractional composition of soluble proteins of tissues and bl ood in swine embryoes during the uterine development

Mushak, Po, 1980:
Fractional composition of struct

Pitryuk, I.; Zvyagintseva, I.; Bab'-Eva, I., 1975:
Fractional composition of the lipids of certain species of yeasts

Fencik, R.L.ngauer, I., 1983:
Fractional composition of the protein complex of spring oats grain

Gurina, L.; Petrikevich, S.; Shul'-Ga, A.; Rylkin, S., 1979:
Fractional composition of the protein from protoplasts of Candida utilis cells studied in the course of their growth and development

Shchipanova, Ia, 1974:
Fractional composition of underground root matter of some plants in Azerbaidjanian subtropical zone

Tretiak, T.; Fradkina, D.; Budkivs'-Ka, N., 1976:
Fractional composition of water and anatomic morphological changes in leaves of sugarbeets infected by Perenospora schachtii

Brahin, A.; Vil'-Dflush, I., 1972:
Fractional compositon of org

Martel, J., 1977:
Fractional crystallization of triglycerides of virgin olive oil: presence of semidrying oils

Kanematsu, H.M.ruyama, T1; Niiya, I1; Kamiya, N1; Shimpo, K., 1981:
Fractional determination of prov

Berger, R.M.pherson, W., 1979:
Fractional distillation

Fuentes, Z.-J.C.udad, B., C., 1971:
Fractional extraction and differentiation of corn (Zea mays L.) proteins

Filippov, M.; Vlas'-Eva, T., 1972:
Fractional extraction of pectin substances from sunflower heads

Hewitt, L.A.; Hewitt, W.R.; Plaa, G.L., 1983:
Fractional hepatic localization of 14CHCl3 in mice and rats treated with chlordecone or mirex

Veinott, Cyril, G., 1948:
Fractional horsepower electric motors

Murti, G.; Banerjee, V., 1977:
Fractional induction in potato Solanum tuberosum L

Bekhtereva, M.; Popova, N.; Galanina, L.; Tolstikova, G., 1983:
Fractional lipid composition during growth of microscopic fungi of the Entomophthoraceae family

Korniewicz, A.G.ara, T.M.zanowska, A.K.czmarek, K., 1981:
Fractional lucerne and clover meals in feed mixtures for broiler chickens

Ryu, C.; Cheigh, H., 1980:
Fractional of rice bran lipid

Hadjipanayiotou, M.H.djidemetriou, D., 1989:
Fractional outflow of soyabean meal from the rumen of Chios lambs and Damascus kids

Lundstrcem, P.-; Teilum, K.-; Carstensen, T.-; Bezsonova, I.-; Wiesner, S.-; Hansen, D.F.emming-; Religa, T., L.; Akke, M.-; Kay, L., E., 2007:
Fractional p#pdC enrichment of isolated carbons using - or -glucose facilitates the accurate measurement of dynamics at backbone Cl and side-chain methyl positions in proteins

Sadasivan, G.R.i, S.; Austin, A., 1971:
Fractional pairs for the evaluation of palatability of chapaties made from bread wheats

Tulaganov, A.Z.kirov, M., 1973:
Fractional partition of amylolytic and preteolytic enzymes of Aspergillus oryzae

Tulaganov, A.Z.kirov, M., 1973:
Fractional partition of amylolytic and proteolytic enzymes of Aspergillus oryzae

Borus, J., 1975:
Fractional planting trials with potato

Okubo, Y.S.zuki, S., 1978:
Fractional precipitation of D nannan from bakers yeast with concanavalin A

Carron, M.K., 1958:
Fractional precipitation of rare earths with phosphoric acid

Neudachin, V.; Lebedev, A., 1984:
Fractional protein composition and isoelectric spectra of zein of maize endosperm mutants

Zhukov, A.; Vereshchagin, A., 1982:
Fractional purification of soybean seed polar lipids by chromatography on a column containing aluminum oxide Glycine max

Hunter, R.; Davey, J.; Buttery, P., 1987:
Fractional rate of protein synthesis in liver and in individual muscles of lambs: effect of time of sampling following the use of the continuous infusion technique

Duda, H.; Iegorshyn, O., 1972:
Fractional replications of multi

Baeumer, B.; Kovács, Mály.; Meerschaert, M.M., 2007:
Fractional reproduction-dispersal equations and heavy tail dispersal kernels

Gvozdanovic, S.G.ozdanovic, D.G.over, S.; Mowat, N.; Brunt, P., 1985:
Fractional retention of 65Zn administered orally in carrier free solution and in food with normal zinc level

Tanaka, A.; Rugolo, L.M.S.S.; Miranda, A.F.M.; Trindade, C.E.P., 2006:
Fractional sodium excretion, urinary osmolality and specific gravity in preterm infants fed with fortified donor human milk

Goddard, J.; Johnston, N.R.; Cumming, A.D.; Webb, D.J., 2007:
Fractional urinary excretion of endothelin-1 is reduced by acute ETB receptor blockade

Ackman, R.; Ke, P.; Jangaard, P., 1973:
Fractional vacuum distillation of herring oil methyl esters

Heinemann William H.; Brown Melvin J., 1972:
Fractional water-sediment sampler

Bradford Scott A.; Leij Feike J., 1995:
Fractional wettability effects on two-and three-fluid capillary pressure-saturation relations

Shinners, K., J.; Binversie, B., N., 2007:
Fractional yield and moisture of corn stover biomass produced in the Northern US Corn Belt

Fainzil'-Ber, Am, 1975:
Fractional-linear criteria for optimization in problems of agricultural production and their use in determining optimum size of motor vehicle pool

Anonymous, 1979:
Fractionate palm oil

Shvartsman, P.Y.; Bondarenko, L.V.; Vanyan, L.A.; Kuznetsov, V.M., 1972:
Fractionated action of ethylenimine on the rate of mutation in Drosophila melanogaster

Langkammer, Stefanie, 1994:
Fractionated and non-fractionated semen collection from stallions comparative studies on the resistance of fresh semen

Glaps, J.L.czynska-Bury, B.B.ry, B., 1982:
Fractionated dried material and protein concentrate from lucerne for pigs

Haynes, Jw, 1993:
Fractionated irradiation regimes for sterilizing boll weevils using 137Cesium: selecting an optimum number of treatments

Ashamalla, H.; Zaki, B.; Mokhtar, B.; Lewis, L.; Lavaf, A.; Nasr, H.; Colella, F.; Dosik, D.; Krishnamurthy, M.; Saad, N.; Guriguis, A., 2007:
Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy boost and weekly paclitaxel in malignant gliomas clinical and pharmacokinetics results

McClelland, S.; Higgins, P.D.; Gerbi, B.J.; Orner, J.B.; Hall, W.A., 2007:
Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for pituitary adenomas following microsurgical resection: safety and efficacy

Dhanachai, M.; Kraiphibul, P.; Dangprasert, S.; Puataweepong, P.; Narkwong, L.; Laothamatas, J.; Kulapraditharom, B.; Sirachainan, E.; Yongvithisatid, P., 2007:
Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in residual or recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Feuge, Ro, 1950:
Fractionating Fats for New Products

Finney, Kf, 1971:
Fractionating and reconstituting techniques to relate functional (breadmaking) to biochemical properties of wheat-flour components

Gachon, L., 1972:
Fractionating labile phosphorus in relation with the type of soil

Kolchin, Nm, 1969:
Fractionating of water soluble protein of the barley seed by means of the column chromatography on cellulose ionites and gelfiltration on sephadex

Pohl, Pawel, 2007:
Fractionation analysis of metals in dietary samples using ion-exchange and adsorbing resins

Sidorova, N.; Kozlov, E.; Serebrianyi, S., 1976:
Fractionation and amino acid composition of acid-soluble trypsin peptides of inclusion bodies protein of moth (Galleria mellonella) nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Bogush, V.; Gaida, G.; Velikodvorskaya, T.; Musatova, A.; Baev, V.; Strongin, A.; Evtushenkov, A.; Fomichev, Y., 1986:
Fractionation and analysis of extracellular forms of pectate lyase from Erwinia chrysanthemi ENA 49

Trombly, R.; Tappel, A., 1975:
Fractionation and analysis of fluorescent products of lipid peroxidation

Jerumanis, J., 1983:
Fractionation and analysis of phenolic compounds by high pressure chromatography

Chelibonova-Lorer, K.; Gavazova, E.I.anov, S., 1979:
Fractionation and characteristic

Wada, H.U.hiyama, N.T.kai, Y., 1983:
Fractionation and characterizat

Tao, Y.; Yan, F.; Zhang, L., 2007:
Fractionation and characterization of a protein-polysaccharide complex from Pleurotus tuberregium sclerotia

Voinarskii, I.; Yarovenko, V., 1975:
Fractionation and characterization of acid proteinases from surface culture of Aspergillus terricola

Taylor, D.; Larick, D., 1995:
Fractionation and characterization of extracts of chicken fat obtained with supercritical carbon dioxide

Dudkin, M.; Tatarkina, G.; Shkantova, N., 1978:
Fractionation and characterization of fractions of nitrogen compounds in colewort and cowparship

Dudkin, M.; Tatarkina, G.; Shkantova, N., 1978:
Fractionation and characterization of fractions of nitrogenous substances in colewort and cow parsnip

Nagano, S.O.amoto, S., 1976:
Fractionation and characterization of globulin from rapeseed

Pusztai, A.; Watt, W.B., 1969:
Fractionation and characterization of glycoproteins containing hydroxyproline from the leaves of Vicia faba

Pezzella, M.; Galli, C.; Delia, S.; Vullo, V.; Zennaro, F.; Lillini, E.; Sorice, F., 1984:
Fractionation and characterization of hydatid fluid antigens with identification of an antigen similar to human serum albumin

Leenheer, J.; Malcolm, R., 1973:
Fractionation and characterization of natural organic matter from certain rivers and soils by free-flow electrophoresis

El-Morsi, E.; Hatour, F.; Fakhr-El-Din, M.; Eskandar, M., 1984:
Fractionation and characterization of safflower seed proteins

Yokotsuka, K.; Kikuchi, A.; Shimura, K., 1971:
Fractionation and characterization of silk gland histones

Unsal, M.Y.nlic, K., 2005:
Fractionation and characterization of tail fats from Morkaraman lambs fed with diets containing Rosa canina L. seed at different levels

Katagata, Y.K.kuchi, A.S.imura, K., 1984:
Fractionation and characterization of the amorphous-region peptides of fibroin prepared from the posterior silk gland

Sigalat, C.K.uchkovsky, Y.D., 1975:
Fractionation and characterization of the photosynthetic apparatus of the unicellular blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans. I. Preparation of membrane fractions by osmotic lysis and pigment analysis

Kouchkovsky, Y.D.; Sigalat, C., 1975:
Fractionation and characterization of the photosynthetic apparatus of the unicellular blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans. II. Functional analysis

Andreux, F.B.cerra, S.-De, 1975:
Fractionation and charaterization of humic material in some savanna soils of Orinoquia, Colombia

Theander, O., 1980:
Fractionation and chemical characterization of dietary fibre components

Capel, M.B.urque, D., 1982:
Fractionation and comparative analysis of chloroplast ribosomal proteins by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

Darman'-Ian, E.; Dudkin, M., 1976:
Fractionation and comparative characteristics of carbohydrates of commercial carrots

Golubev, V.; Pilipenko, L.; Kakhniashvili, T., 1987:
Fractionation and composition of the carbohydrates of Ficus carica

Wallberg, O.J.nsson, A.; Wimmerstedt, R., 2003:
Fractionation and concentration of kraft black liquor lignin with ultrafiltration

Davies, H.; Millard, P., 1985:
Fractionation and distribution of calcium in sprouting and non-sprouting potato tubers

Kim, S.; Jo, D., 1983:
Fractionation and electrophor

Albrecht, J.; Nicholls, G., 1974:
Fractionation and examination of soluble products from peroxyacetic acid delignification of loblolly pine

Coppa-Zuccari, G., 1971:
Fractionation and hydrogenation of fats and fatty acids

Otte, J.; Shalaby, S., M.A.; Zakora, M.; Nielsen, M.-Schou, 2007:
Fractionation and identification of ACE-inhibitory peptides from alpha-lactalbumin and beta-casein produced by thermolysin-catalysed hydrolysis

Otte, J.S.alaby, S.; Zakora, M.N.elsen, M., 2007:
Fractionation and identification of ACE-inhibitory peptides from l-lactalbumin and o-casein produced by thermolysin-catalysed hydrolysis

Kuntz, M.; Keller, M.; Crouse, E.J.; Burkard, G.; Weil, J.H., 1982:
Fractionation and identification of Euglena gracilis cytoplasmic and chloroplastic tRNAs and mapping of tRNA genes on chloroplast DNA

Canevascini, G.F.acheboud, D.M.ier, H., 1983:
Fractionation and identification of cellulases and other extracellular enzymes produced by Sporotrichum (Chrysosporium) thermophile during growth on cellulose and cellobiose

Higazy, S.; Abdel-Akher, M.; El-Wakeil, F.; Loutfy, M., 1974:
Fractionation and identification of the components of olibanum resinoid extracted by ethyl alcohol from Arabic olibanum gum

Coenen, Jwe, 1974:
Fractionation and intersterification of fats in the perspective of the world market of raw materials and end products. I. Fractionation

Bugaenko, If, 1975:
Fractionation and investigation of pigments formed during reprocessing of raw sugar material

Su, J.; Wang, H.; Kimberley, M.O.; Beecroft, K.; Magesan, G.N.; Hu, C., 2007:
Fractionation and mobility of phosphorus in a sandy forest soil amended with biosolids

Bruevich, G.; Nadzhimutdinov, S., 1976:
Fractionation and molecular mass distribution of carboxymethyl cellulose

Serra, J.; Felbeck, G.J., 1975:
Fractionation and partial analysis of the bound lipid fraction of muck soil organic matter

Seal, S.N.; Schmidt, A.; Marcus, A., 1983:
Fractionation and partial characterization of the protein synthesis system of wheat germ. I. Resolution of two elongation factors and five initiation factors

Seal, S.N.; Schmidt, A.; Marcus, A., 1983:
Fractionation and partial characterization of the protein synthesis system of wheat germ. II. Initiation factors D1 (eucaryotic initiation factor 3), D2c (eucaryotic initiation factor 5), and D2d (eucaryotic initiation factor 4C)

Alosi, M.; Park, R., 1983:
Fractionation and polypeptide analysis of phloem tissue of Pinus sabiniana Dougl. Relationship to cytological structure

Paulis, J.W.; Wall, J.S., 1971:
Fractionation and properties of alkylated-reduced corn glutelin proteins

Kato, Y.N.kayama, S.T.keuchi, T., 1979:
Fractionation and properties of fraction III protein in the haemolymph of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Nikolov, T.; Stambolova, M.; Kovatchev, D., 1971:
Fractionation and purification of cellulases from wheat seedlings

Blieva, R.; Rodionova, N., 1988:
Fractionation and purification of pectolytic enzymes produced by immobilized Aspergillus awamori cells

Miyauchi, S.T.kahata, K.K.nai, M.T.nabe, H., 1981:
Fractionation and qualitative m

Lawhon, J.; Lin, S.; Cater, C.; Mattil, K., 1975:
Fractionation and recovery of cottonseed whey constituents by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Davidek, J.P.korny, J.B.lantova, H.M.rcin, A.P.vlis, J.J.nicek, G., 1982:
Fractionation and sensory evaluation of the reaction products of reducing sugars and their degradation products with L-lysine

Ota, S.; Horie, K.; Hagino, F.; Hashimoto, C.; Date, H., 1972:
Fractionation and some properties of the proteolytically active components of bromelains in the stem and the fruit of the pineapple plant

Hirase, S.W.tanabe, K., 1971:
Fractionation and structural investigation of funcran

Gaskill, A.Jr; Byrd, J.; Shuman, M., 1977:
Fractionation and trace metal content of a commercial humic acid

Seeley, Rd, 1977:
Fractionation and utilization of bakers yeast

Kreulen, Hp, 1976:
Fractionation and winterization of edible fats and oils

Tiurina, Z.; Filippova, T., 1978:
Fractionation as a preliminary characteristics of the quality of protein produced by pigment yeast

Rushizky, G.W.; Mozejko, J.H., 1971:
Fractionation by column chromatography in aqueous methanol of partial Ustilago sphaerogena nuclease digests of RNA

Poole, R.K.; Lloyd, D., 1976:
Fractionation by differential and zonal centrifugation of spheroplasts prepared from a glucose-repressed fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

Saito, M.; Yamauchi, Y.; Okuyama, T., 1994:
Fractionation by packed-column SFC and SFE

Fengel, D., 1976:
Fractionation experiments with the alkali extract from spruce holocellulose. 2. optimizing the ion exchange chromatographic fractionation

Fengel, D., 1976:
Fractionation experiments with the alkali extract from spruce holocellulose. I. Electrophoresis, gel chromatography and ion exchange chromatography

Domke, K., 1972:
Fractionation of free and fixed brown and grey humic acids by means of gel filtration, electrophoresis, or organic solvents

Stepanova, T.; Maksimova, R.; Yulikova, E.; Silaev, A.; Andreenko, G.; Serebryakova, T., 1976:
Fractionation of tricholysin, a preparation of fibrinolytic enzymes produced by Trichothecium roseum LK. ex Fr. on carboxymethyl Sephadex C 50

Stepanova, T.; Iulikova, E.; Maksimova, R.; Silaev, A.; Andreenko, G.; Serebriakova, T., 1977:
Fractionation of tricholysine by the method of isoelectric focusing

Mironova, Vn, 1968:
Fractionation of 7-dehydrocholesterol photo derivatives by thin-layer chromatography for their quantitative determination and preparation of provitamin D3

Tanaka, R.K.shijima, T., 1972:
Fractionation of Bjorkman LCC a

Schade, W.L.esenfeld, I.Z.egler, K., 1970:
Fractionation of Bombyx mori silk fibroin

Hosoda, J.H.lbrook, E.; Moise, H.B.ornstad, K.M.leas, D.E.posito, M., 1987:
Fractionation of DNA metabolic proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by DNA cellulose chromatography: SSB-1, ssDNA-dependent ATPase, DNA polymerase, DNA primase, topoisomerase I, and resolvase

Guseinov, V.; Runov, V., 1975:
Fractionation of DNA of the Verticillium fungi by kinetic reassociation

Dolgikh, I.; Shamina, Z., 1978:
Fractionation of Dioscorea cell suspension

Nishiura, James-Teruo, 1973 :
Fractionation of Drosophila melanogaster interphase chromosomes

Götz, K.G., 1970:
Fractionation of Drosophila populations according to optomotor traits

Saleeb, Wf, 1975:
Fractionation of Macadamia oil by refrigeration

Meremaa, L., 1980:
Fractionation of RNA of potato NR virus by gel filtration on biogel

Shankar, V.; Joshi, P.N., 1975:
Fractionation of RNA on a metal ion-equilibrated cation exchanger. IV. Chromatographic profiles of RNA: tissue and source variation

Neish, G.; Green, B., 1977:
Fractionation of Saprolegnia diclina (Oomycetes) satellite DNAs by AgNO3

Goncalves, M.D.-Ls; Mors, W., 1978:
Fractionation of Vismia reinhardtiana (O. Ktze) extracts, a popular remedy against dermatophytoses

Dolgikh, Yui; Shamina, Zb, 1979:
Fractionation of a Dioscorea cellular suspension

Nowicki, B.R.en, M.V.isanen-Rhen,, A.K.rhonen, T., 1985:
Fractionation of a bacterial cell population by adsorption to erythrocytes and yeast cells

Sebedio, J.; Miller, M.; Grandgirard, A., 1985:
Fractionation of a heated linseed oil

Rodzevich, V.; Dalin, M.; Portnova, N.; Mazur, N., 1974:
Fractionation of a hemicellulase preparation of a culture of the fungus Aspergillus awamori strain 16 by gel filtrationon Sephadex

Popineau, Y., 1985:
Fractionation of acetic acid-soluble proteins from wheat gluten by hydrophobic interaction chromatography: evidence for different behaviour of gliadin and glutenin proteins

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Fractionation of phosphorus and

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Fractionation of rice starch components by size exclusion chromatograghy and their estimation by refractive index detection

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Fractionation of seed orchard seeds by weight does have genetic implications Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris

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Fractionation of softwood fiber (TMP) using a rotating cone

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Fractionation of soil microelements (iron, manganese, copper)

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Fractionation of soybean, field bean, rape and alfalfa leaf proteins by fractionated dissolution

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Fractionation of starch in amylose and amylopectin with oktalon

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Fractionation of starch syrup through gel filtration

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Fractionation of sugar colorants by high pressure liquid chromatography

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Fractionation of tall oil as as example of optimization of conventional packed columns

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Fractionation of the dysexecutive syndrome in a heterogeneous neurological sample: comparing the Dysexecutive Questionnaire and the Brock Adaptive Functioning Questionnaire

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Fractionation of the edible swa

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Fractionation of the enzymatic preparation Pectarizin G 10 X

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Fractionation of the enzymes of the amyolytic complex of Aspergillus batatae-61 by the method of preparative disc electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel

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Fractionation of the enzymic pre

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Fractionation of the enzymic preparation awamorin by gel-chr omatography on the fraction with endomannanase and glycosida se activities

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Fractionation of the fatty acid synthesizing system from the developing soybean cotyledon into a particulate and soluble component

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Fractionation of the fulvic acids on coal

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Fractionation of the hemicelluloses of the leaves of Polygonum weyrichii and charcterization of the structure of the arabinoxyloglucan isolated

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Fractionation of the lignin-containing hemicellulose extracted with dimethylsulfoxide from Japanese red pine

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Fractionation of the myofibrillar proteins of carcass muscle by starch-gel electrophoresis

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Fractionation of the pectin substances of Eremurus regelii. XXII

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Fractionation of the phosphorus of the arable layer of six profiles of the most representative soil units of the Ibiapaba region, Ceara State, Brazil Soil analysis.1

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Fractionation of the phytohemagglutinin of Phaseolus vulgaris by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulphate

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Fractionation of the polysaccharides of Chara aculeolata

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Fractionation of the proteinases present in the endosperm of germinating seed of Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris

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Fractionation of the soluble humic acid of some Hungarian soils by gel-filtration

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Fractionation of the stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in some plants

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Fractionation of the venom glands of the brown recluse spider by disc electrophoresis

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Fractionation of the water-solub

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Fragments of Yugoslavian herbology

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Fragments of a forest and colonization history in the southe rn Lake Constance area

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Fragments of a larger whole: retrieval cues constrain observed neural correlates of memory encoding

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Fragments of early history of Texas A. and M. College

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Fragments of pine forest in the

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Fragments of protein A eluted during protein A affinity chromatography

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Fragments of reminiscences on academician Bohumil Nemec

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Fragments of steppe meadows and

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Fragments of the history of healthcare for users of alcohol and other drugs in Brazil: from Justice to Public Health

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Fragments of the history of: the Australian Society of Dairy Technology, Inc. and the Australian dairying industry, 1943-1984

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Fragments of the marginal teeth in pulverized drugs of coltsfoot leaves (Tussilago farfara) and butterbur leaves (Petasites hybridus) facilitate the proof of their identity

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Fragments to the history of an oak stand in Upper Bavaria

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Fragrance analyses of Trillium luteum and Trillium cuneatu m (Liliaceae)

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Fragrance analysis of euglossine bee pollinated orchids from Soconusco, south-east Mexico

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Fragrance and flavor substances

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Fragrance and texture in public garden design

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Fragrance chemistry

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Fragrance components of Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton collected by simultaneous steam distillation and solvent extraction

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Fragrance for the light garden

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Fragrance from a Chinese garden

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Fragrance heritability in hybrid tea roses

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Fragrance in Rhododendron hybrids

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Fragrance in bloom

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Fragrance in orchids

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Fragrance in the garden

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Fragrance ingredient labelling in products on sale in the U.K

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Fragrance ingredient specifications compendium

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Fragrance raw materials monograph: calamus oil

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Fragrance raw materials monographs: methyl ethyl ketone

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Fragrance technology

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Fragrances and flavors

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Fragrances for natural and certified organic personal care products: the link between fragrance and health in personal care product development

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Fragrances through Kondakov reaction of terpenes

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Fragrances, fixatives & potpourris: the making and use of potpourri

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Fragrant Lactones in the Steam Distillation Residue of Aeollanthus suaveolens Mart. ex Spreng and Analysis by HS - SPME

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Fragrant Narcissus for your garden

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Fragrant Rhododendron hybrids

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Fragrant and aromatic plants

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