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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15889

Chapter 15889 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Neumark, Gertrude-Fanny, 1951:
Free cloud approximation to molecular orbital calculations

Anonymous, 1980:
Free communications

Coles, J.A.; Orkand, R.K.; Yamate, C.L.; Tsacopoulos, M., 1986:
Free concentrations of Na, K, and Cl in the retina of the honeybee drone: stimulus-induced redistribution and homeostasis

Segest, E.; Mygind, O.; Jørgensen, W.; Bechgaard, M.; Fallov, J., 1990:
Free condoms in youth clubs in Copenhagen

Jimenez, Aa, 1978:
Free consumption of feed grade phosphates by dairy cows

Uhl, G., 1977:
Free control of field sprayers, shown at the model of Raiffeisen Haupt Genossenschaft, Hannover

Schierhorn, H., 1979:
Free convection ventilation system in potato storage in containers and its use in the German Democratic Republic

Babiloni, C.; Squitti, R.; Del Percio, C.; Cassetta, E.; Ventriglia, M.Carla.; Ferreri, F.; Tombini, M.; Frisoni, G.; Binetti, G.; Gurzi, M.; Salinari, S.; Zappasodi, F.; Rossini, P.M., 2007:
Free copper and resting temporal EEG rhythms correlate across healthy, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer's disease subjects

Teem, Dh, 1972:
Free corn seed can be expensive

Marbaix, G.; Huez, G.; Nokin, P.; Cleuter, Y., 1976:
Free cytoplasmic alpha-globin messenger RNA appears during the maturation of rabbit reticulocytes

Madey, J.M.J.P.llegrini, C., 1984:
Free electron generation of extreme ultraviolet coherent radiation

de Graaf, C.; Oostenbrink, C.; Keizers, P.H.J.; van Vugt-Lussenburg, B.M.A.; Commandeur, J.N.M.; Vermeulen, N.P.E., 2007:
Free energies of binding of R- and S-propranolol to wild-type and F483A mutant cytochrome P450 2D6 from molecular dynamics simulations

Chipot, C.; Pohorille, A., 2007:
Free energy calculations

Fong, Fk, 1982:
Free energy change for quantum storage in photosynthesis

Montes, M.U.ero,, A.D.l; Izquierdo, C.C.sado, J., 1989:
Free energy correlations: dead volume and the reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic capacity factor in the interaction index model: a discussion and application to a nitrosamine series

Natarajan, L.; Blankenship, R., 1983:
Free energy dependence of the quenching of chlorophyll a fluorescence by substituted quinones

Bishop, M.A.; D.Y.chkov, A.G.; Macula, A.J.; Renz, T.E.; Rykov, V.V., 2007:
Free energy gap and statistical thermodynamic fidelity of DNA codes

Misra, U.; Upchurch, W., 1976:
Free energy of formation of beidellite from apparent solubility measurements

Chien, S.; Black, C., 1976:
Free energy of formation of carbonate apatites in some phosphate rocks

Preiner, J.; Janovjak, H.; Rankl, C.; Knaus, H.; Cisneros, D.A.; Kedrov, A.; Kienberger, F.; Muller, D.J.; Hinterdorfer, P., 2007:
Free energy of membrane protein unfolding derived from single-molecule force measurements

Dimock, Marshall-Edward, 1951:
Free enterprise and the administrative state

Gregg, D., 1978:
Free enterprise and the dairy farmer

Anonymous, 1954:
Free enterprise and university research

Popovich, L., 1984:
Free enterprise zones in the sticks?

Berry, S.; Waldfogel, J., 1996:
Free entry and social inefficiency in radio broadcasting

Micheletto, B., 1968:
Free epiploon autografts for the peritoneisation of single layer: visceral sutures, strengthened with laminar gelatin sponge

Jacquet, Florence, 2003:
Free exchange, agriculture and environment

Konaev, E.; Seiketov, G., 1974:
Free extracellular and intracellular amino acids of fungi of the Trichoderma genus

Kuijvenhoven, Lj, 1982:
Free fall velocity of sucrose crystals

Martens, Gerhard, 1984:
Free fat and free fatty acid in herd milk probe

Sloan, A.; Stiedemann, M., 1995:
Free fat at last? Dont bet on it!

Buma, Tj, 1970:
Free fat in spray-dried milk. 2. an evaluation of methods for the determination of free-fat content

Buma, Tj, 1971:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 10. a final report with a physical model for free fat in spray-dried milk

Buma, Tj, 1970:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 3. particle size, its estimation, influence of processing parameters and its relation to free-fat content

Buma, Tj, 1971:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 4. significance of free fat for other properties of practical importance

Buma, Tj, 1971:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 5. cohesion; determination influence of particle size, moisture content and free-fat content

Buma, Tj, 1971:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 8. the relation between free-fat content and particle porosity of spray-dried whole milk

Buma, Tj, 1971:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. 9. the size distribution of fat globules in concentrated milk and in spray-dried milk

Buma, Tj, 1970:
Free fat in spray-dried whole milk. I. General introduction and brief review of literature

Pruthi, Td, 1981:
Free fatty acid changes during storage of bajra (Pennisetum typhoideum) flour

Yiu, M.; Chang, K.; Mee, J., 1976:
Free fatty acid composition in pig plasma

Hansen, A.P.; Welty, R.E.; Shen, R., 1973:
Free fatty acid content of cacao beans infested with storage fungi

Sen, A.; Sengupta, P., 1973:
Free fatty acid content of mustard oil

Matsui, T., 1982:
Free fatty acid contents of Wasanbon-to sugar Handmade sugar manufactured traditionally in Japan

Ingvartsen, K.; Andersen, P., 1997:
Free fatty acid in plasma and hepatic lipid concentration around parturition in heifers and cows fed total mixed rations varying in energy concentration prepartum

Topscher, M.B.con, W., 1970:
Free fatty acid removal from plasma and incorporation into storage fat in growing male turkeys

Metzger, D.H.nkel, E.F.erking, H., 1985:
Free fatty acids (FFS), total bilirubin, gamma-GT and GOT in cows with acetonemia after treatment with choline chloride and glucose infusion

Kawaguchi, Y.M.tsuoka, H., 1981:
Free fatty acids and neutral vo

Kowalewska, J.P.znanski, S., 1975:
Free fatty acids and products of their transformations in rennet cheeses

Bills, D.D.; Scanlan, R.A.; Lindsay, R.C.; Sather, L., 1969:
Free fatty acids and the flavor of dairy products

Wandeck, Fa, 1973:
Free fatty acids during ripening of Brazilian cheeses. 1. column chromatography determination

Iida, A.T.kagi, M1; Sakazaski, R., 1982:
Free fatty acids from the intracellular-thermostable hemolytic fraction of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and their hemolytic effect Food poisoning bacteria, from marine fish

Little, T.J.; Russo, A.; Meyer, J.H.; Horowitz, M.; Smyth, D.R.; Bellon, M.; Wishart, J.M.; Jones, K.L.; Feinle-Bisset, C., 2007:
Free fatty acids have more potent effects on gastric emptying, gut hormones, and appetite than triacylglycerides

Cortesi, P.B.rgatti, A.; Crisetig, G.M.ncini, L., 1969:
Free fatty acids in fresh muscles of Clupeiformes of the Adriatic Sea and their significance in relation to frozen storage

Worstorff, H.H.eschen, W.R.ichmuth, J.T.lle, A., 1972:
Free fatty acids in milk and their relation to milking plants

Kroupova, V.K.rsa, J.T.avnicek, J., 1997:
Free fatty acids in plasma of cows in large-scale enterprises in CR

Peczak, R.K.minski, E., 1972:
Free fatty acids in the Tilsit cheese exposed to the action of direct current

Gazzola, A.V.lette, J.; Grandjean, D.W.lter, R., 1984 :
Free fatty acids in the plasma of ponies and dogs submitted to prolonged efforts

Addison, R.F.; Ackman, R.G.; Hingley, J., 1969:
Free fatty acids of herring oils: possible derivation from both phospholipids and triglycerides in fresh herring

Lin, K.Y.mada,, M., 1971:
Free fatty acids promote feeding behavior of the silk-worm, Bombyx mori L

Malhi, H.; Barreyro, F.J.; Isomoto, H.; Bronk, S.F.; Gores, G.J., 2007:
Free fatty acids sensitise hepatocytes to TRAIL mediated cytotoxicity

Jans, F., 1971:
Free feed selection in fattening calves

Laulhere, Jp, 1972:
Free ferric iron in normal and iron-deficient sorghum

Zahradnik, F., 1985:
Free fertilizers

Eisler, J.D.H.ffman, H.V., 1966:
Free field particle motion from a nuclear explosion in salt

Kosichenko, Yum, 1984:
Free filtration from a film screen slit with a protective covering

Lemeshev, N.; Kudriavtsev, G.; Volynets, A., 1976:
Free flavonoid aglycones of Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl

Egger, K.W.llenweber, E.T.ssut, M., 1970:
Free flavonol aglycones in buds of Aesculus species

Ribak, G.; Swallow, J.G., 2007:
Free flight maneuvers of stalk-eyed flies: do eye-stalks affect aerial turning behavior?

Allard, J.C.os, P., 1973:
Free flow in drain pipes and maximum length of drains

Demleitner, S., 1978:
Free flow with shift and guiding log driving

Pearce, N., 1981:
Free flowering mammillarias

Christian, R., 1979:
Free food from the forest

Ceres, 1977:
Free for all

Stefancik, L., 1984:
Free forest-thinning in uncultured beech-trees

Anonymous, 1950:
Free forestry mats for editors

Omer, Se, 1983:
Free formaldehyd in production of wood based panel products

Flanagan, S., 2007:
Free from problems with free-from

Schmelzeisen, Gk, 1975:
Free from where to where?

Buhaly, J.B.umgartner, D.G.sanko, M.W.rfield, W., 1977:
Free fuelwood from public forests

Buhaly, J.B.umgartner, D., 1981:
Free fuelwood from public forests Firewood, energy use, Washington

Singh, D.; Sahay, P.; Khan, A., 1983:
Free full thickness autogenous skin grafting in bovine

Kim, H-Ock.; Hartnett, C.; Scaman, C.H., 2007:
Free galactose content in selected fresh fruits and vegetables and soy beverages

Mcenroe, Wd, 1969:
Free genetic variability in the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae K. (Acarina: Tetranychidae)

Niquet, C.; Tessier, F.J., 2006:
Free glutamine as a major precursor of brown products and fluorophores in Maillard reaction systems

Fletcher, R.-Henry; Russell, C., M., 1960:
Free grass to fences

Evans, J., 1982:
Free growth and control of epicormics Forestry

Zaidi, Z.; Khan, M., 1976:
Free haemocytes in the adult red cotton bug, Dysdercus cingulatus Fabr. (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

Tinga, Jh, 1976:
Free heat or designing for lower cost heating programs

Van-Heerden, Atb, 1969 :
Free herds in South Africa

Grill, W.P.spok, J., 1978:
Free higher fatty acids in processing of raw fruit

Albertini, A.; Ekins, R., P., 1982:
Free hormones in blood

Anonymous, 1973:
Free housing on mountain pasture

Hernández, M.; Rodríguez, E.; Díaz, C., 2007:
Free hydroxycinnamic acids, lycopene, and color parameters in tomato cultivars

Kirk, T.K.; Mozuch, M.D.; Tien, M., 1985:
Free hydroxyl radical is not involved in an important reaction of lignin degradation by Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burds

Anonymous, 1951:
Free importation of baler twine

Anonymous, 1974:
Free insemination with beef breeds

Basset, J., 1985:
Free intensive pasturing: important for heifers

Zueva, R.; Konovalov, S.; Pomazkova, V.; Ryabchuk, V., 1974:
Free intracellular amino acids of the mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae and acid proteinase synthesis

Foret, C.J.nowicz, P.Y.ung, S.C.rbellini, C., 2004:
Free iodine and the germicidal activity of iodine teat dips

Kulikova, A.N.mecek, J., 1968:
Free iron and aluminum oxides in Czechoslovak main soil types

Hussain, Ms, 1968:
Free iron oxide content in east Pakistan soils

Gregory, C.R.; Gourley, I.M.; Bruyette, D.S.; Schultz, L.J., 1988:
Free jejunal segment for treatment of cervical esophageal stricture in a dog

Mcgroarty, Michael, J., 1996:
Free landscape plants

Hierner, R.; van Loon, J.; Goffin, J.; van Calenbergh, F., 2007:
Free latissimus dorsi flap transfer for subtotal scalp and cranium defect reconstruction: report of 7 cases

Suominen, E.A.; Niemi, T.S.; Koskivuo, I.O.; Brück, N.M.; Saaristo, A.M., 2007:
Free latissimus dorsi perforator flap for reconstruction of hemifacial atrophy: case report

Brohn, A.; Baskett, T., S., 1961:
Free livestock range in Missouri

Knowles, R., 1978:
Free living bacteria

Schliesske, J., 1977:
Free living gall mites (Acari: Eriophyidae) as pests of Prunus species

Lapinia, Im, 1976:
Free living gamasoid mites of the family Laeleptidae Berlese, l892 in the fauna of the Latvian SSR

Jorgensen, Clive, D., 1973:
Free living mites of the Nevada test site

Dern, R., 1977:
Free living root knot nematodes as pests of agricultural crops in Hessen Nassau

Slattery, P., 1989:
Free lunches for livestock: scrounge-farming turns swill into swine

Hess, P.; Metzger, P.; Weingart, R., 1982:
Free magnesium in sheep, ferret and frog striated muscle at rest measured with ion-selective micro-electrodes

Mazurkevych, M.S., 1963:
Free maintenance of swine in camps

Majeskie, L., 1976:
Free management options offered to Maryland DHI participants

Harriss, Cl, 1980:
Free market allocation of land resources: what the free market can and cannot do in land policy

Schotter, A., 1985:
Free market economics

Anonymous, 1996:
Free market environmental bibliography, 1995-1996

Anderson, T.-Lee; Leal, D., 1991:
Free market environmentalism

Holechek, J.; Hess, K., 1994:
Free market policy for public land grazing

Anonymous, 1975:
Free market system may be best regulator

Chiofalo, L., 1973:
Free marketing for consumption ?

Anonymous, 1953:
Free markets and free men

Ray, Daryll, E., 1991:
Free markets for agriculture

Trillaud-Geyl, C.M.rtin-Rosset, W.J.ssiaux, M., 1984:
Free mating

Bukharina, T.; Egorov, E., 1971:
Free mating of sheep during estrus makes artificial insemination worthless

Padilla, Ezequiel, 1943:
Free men of America

Lin, Z.; Johnson, L.C.; Weissbach, H.; Brot, N.; Lively, M.O.; Lowther, W.Todd., 2007:
Free methionine-(R)-sulfoxide reductase from Escherichia coli reveals a new GAF domain function

Kostenko, V.; Rumyantseva, V.; Korol'-Kov, I.; Sarkisova, E., 1984:
Free monohydric phenols in hydrolysis lignin

Gerard, A., 1986:
Free movement of food and nutrient products in the European Economic Community

Spencer, D.; Nichols, L., 1983:
Free nickel ion inhibits growth of two species of green algae Scenedesmus quadricauda, Ankistrodesmus falcatus

Partmann, W., 1980:
Free ninhydrin positive substances in meat of moorland sheep

Murai, T.H.rasawa, Y1; Akiyama, T1; Nose, T., 1982:
Free ninhydrin reactive substanc

Karaguishieva, D.S.khipov, E., 1971:
Free nitrogen fixing soil bacteria communities of the Otrar steppe, Shaulder Region

Whitney, A.; Koch, B., 1975:
Free nitrogen for Hawaii

Zhou, Y.; Pijuan, M.; Yuan, Z., 2007:
Free nitrous acid inhibition on anoxic phosphorus uptake and denitrification by poly-phosphate accumulating organisms

Klyashtorin, Lb, 1973:
Free nucleotide content in autolyzing muscles of fish under gamma irradiation

Mamedova, T.; Rasulov, F., 1970:
Free nucleotide metabolism in the growth regions of melon roots with calcium deficiencies

Sevastyanova, Ga, 1967:
Free nucleotides and their derivatives in the silkgland of Antheraea pernyi G. larvae

Sevast'-Ianova, G.; Smolin, A., 1971:
Free nucleotides and their derivatives in tissues of larva of silkworm Antheraea pernyi G.--M

Vlasiuk, P.; Koval'-Chuk, M., 1977:
Free nucleotides of pea roots in connection with plant manganese supply

Kato, T.; Kitamura, K.; Maeda, M.; Kimura, Y.; Katayama, T.; Ashida, H.; Yamamoto, K., 2007:
Free oligosaccharides in the cytosol of Caenorhabditis elegans are generated through endoplasmic reticulum-golgi trafficking

Flatley, Rk, 2004:
Free online government resources for the small library

Hooper, Jo, 1980:
Free or low-cost activities for family fun

Anonymous, 2000:
Free or low-cost food and nutrition materials for consumers

Tsuyuki, H.A.e, T., 1982:
Free organic acids in Camembert

Tsuyuki, H.A.e, T., 1983:
Free organic acids in fresh and

Roy, M.; Prasada, R., 1973:
Free organic contents of uredospores of maize rust, Puccini a sorghi

Rabinovich, Ab, 1976:
Free oscillations of a liquid in a rectangular water body

Imaya, A.; Inagaki, Y.; Tanaka, N.; Ohta, S., 2007:
Free oxides and short-range ordered mineral properties of brown forest soils developed from different parent materials in the submontane zone of the Kanto and Chubu districts, Japan

Kulikova, A.N.mecek, J., 1971:
Free oxides of iron and aluminium in the main soil types. III. Semihydromorphous and hydromorphous soils

Gusev, M.V.G.khlerner, G.B.S.ulachev, V.P., 1980:
Free oxygen and evolution of the cell

Porcelli, B.; Vannoni, D.; Leoncini, R.; Pizzichini, M.; Pagani, R.; Marinello, E., 1994:
Free oxypurines in plasma and urine of gout patients before and after a purine-free diet

Gladyshev, M.; Kalcheva, G.; Sushchik, N., 1991:
Free patty acids in surface film of water as indicators of seasonal phytoplankton dynamics phases in the Sydinsk Gulf of the Karsnoyarsk Reservoir

Kato,, T., 1971:
Free pentoses in wheat bran med

Pontovich, V.; Volynets, A.; Klimova, G.; Golenko, I., 1975:
Free phenolcarboxylic acids in the pericarp and placenta of opium poppy

Pontovich, V.; Volynets, A.; Klimova, G., 1975:
Free phenolcarboxylic acids in the pericarp and placenta of poppy

Volynets, A.; Prokhorchik, R.; Morozik, G.; Volodchenkova, V.; Sholomitskaya, L., 1986:
Free phenolic carboxylic acids of Secale

Spettoli, P., 1972:
Free phospholipids and those bound to lipoproteins in some olive oils and seed oils

Peplinski, Jd, 1981:
Free plant disease clinic aids farmers and gardeners

Václavík, J.; Stejskal, D.; Lacnák, B.; Lazárová, M.; Jedelský, L.; Kadalová, L.; Janosová, M.; Frysák, Z.; Vlcek, P., 2007:
Free plasma metanephrines as a screening test for pheochromocytoma in low-risk patients

Filimonov, N.; Ajtkhozhin, M.; Tarantul, V.; Gasaryan, K., 1977:
Free poly(A) tracts complexed with protein in the cytoplasm of dried wheat embryos

Nunez, E.; Benassayag,, L.V.llette, G.D.lorme, J., 1980:
Free polyunsaturated fats, estrogens and feto-proteins

Somogyi, J.; Hámori, J.; Silakov, V.L., 1982:
Free postsynaptic sites in the lateral geniculate nucleus of adult cats following chronic decortication

Anonymous, 1984:
Free power supply for small farmers?

Takahashi, I., 1972:
Free production and trade in ci

Kremser, W., 1977:
Free professional competetive economic complements of the state function in forestry cooperatives

Guerra-Sanz, J.; Muriel-Fernandez, J., 1979:
Free proline accumulation in two pure lines of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Backor, M.F.hselt, D.W., C., 2004:
Free proline content is positively correlated with copper tolerance of the lichen photobiont Trebouxia erici (Chlorophyta)

Peruanskii, I.; Statsenko, A., 1981:
Free proline of vegetative organs, a biochemical indicator of winter wheat frost resistance Culling of breeding material.1

Charandak, W., 1982:
Free purpose in utopia: a project for integrated rural cooperative Livestock and crop production.1

Nikishin, G.I., 1963:
Free radical addition of chloroacetic acid and its methyl ester to a-olefins

Mod, R.R.; Harris, J.A.; Arthur, J.C.; Magne, F.C.; Sumrell, G.; Novak, A.F., 1972:
Free radical addition of dialkyl phosphites to N,N-disubstituted amides of unsaturated fatty acids and screening of the products for antimicrobial activity

Schwab, A.; Gast, L., 1970:
Free radical addition of hydrogen sulfide to conjugated and nonconjugated methyl esters and to vegetable oils

Floyd, R.; West, M.; Llewellyn, G.H.gsett, W.; Tingey, D., 1988:
Free radical adducts of chloroplast DNA in ozone exposed plants

Armstrong, Donald, 1998:
Free radical and antioxidant protocols

Anonymous, 1987:
Free radical biology & medicine

Larkins, Nj, 1999:
Free radical biology and pathology

Pryor, Wa, 1982:
Free radical biology: xenobiotics, cancer, and aging Role of vitamin E, alpha tocopherol

Luzakova, V.R.iser, V.K.sik, M., 1974:
Free radical chain polymerization of vinyl monomers in wood in situ with reference to wood accessory components

Landsman, N.A.; Swancutt, K.L.; Bradford, C.N.; Cox, C.R.; Kiddle, J.J.; Mezyk, S.P., 2007:
Free radical chemistry of advanced oxidation process removal of nitrosamines in water

Chow, T.S., 1992:
Free radical copolimerization, dispersions, glassy state relaxation

Rice-Evans, C.; Burdon, R.H., 1994:
Free radical damage and its control

Kalinin, V.; Opritov, V.; Khudyakov, V., 1970:
Free radical formation during propagation of an excitation wave along the vascular system of a higher plant

Molina, R.E.ra, P.J.lia, L.B.rtran, E., 2003:
Free radical formation in wool fibers treated by low temperature plasma

Schaich, Km, 1980:
Free radical initiation in proteins and amino acids by ionizing and ultraviolet radiations and lipid oxidation. 1. Ionizing radiation

Schaich, Km, 1980:
Free radical initiation in proteins and amino acids by ionizing and ultraviolet radiations and lipid oxidation. II. Ultraviolet radiation and photolysis

Schaich, Km, 1980:
Free radical initiation in proteins and amino acids by ionizing and ultraviolet radiations and lipid oxidation. III. Free radical transfer from oxidizing lipids

Griffin, Bw, 1977:
Free radical intermediate in the N demethylation of aminopyrine by horseradish peroxidase hydrocarbon peroxide

Clare, S.; Steelink, C., 1973:
Free radical intermediates in the formation of chromophores from alkaline solutions of hardwood lignin model compounds

Pryor, Wa, 1985:
Free radical involvement in chronic diseases and aging--the toxicity of lipid hydroperoxides and their decomposition products

Keppler, L.; Novacky, A., 1985:
Free radical involvement in the development of bacterially induced hypersensitive reaction

Dolyagin, A.; Lipsits, D.; Kruglyakova, K., 1975:
Free radical levels in the peel of potato varieties differing in wart resistance

Simic, M.; Taylor, K., 1987:
Free radical mechanisms of oxidation reactions

Tran, P.-; Seybold, K.-; Graiver, D.-; Narayan, R., 2005:
Free radical meleation of soybean oil via a single-step process

Docampo, R.; Moreno, S.N., 1984:
Free radical metabolites in the mode of action of chemotherapeutic agents and phagocytic cells on Trypanosoma cruzi

Boev, V.M.; Krasikov, S.I.; Svistunova, N.V.; Neplokhov, A.A.; Boev, M.V.; Sharapova, N.V.; Timoshinova, S.V., 2006:
Free radical oxidation in the assessment of health risk

Lushchak, V.I., 2007:
Free radical oxidation of proteins and its relationship with functional state of organisms

Dzhavrshian, D.; Tikhonov, A., 1982:
Free radical paramagnetic centers and delayed fluorescence in horsebean leaves as affected by ammonia

Horodniak, Joseph-William, 1971:
Free radical reactions and mass spectral studies of 2-aryl-1,3-dioxolanes, 2-aryl-1,3-oxathiolanes, 2-aryl-1,3-dithiolanes, and 2-aryl-n,n-dimethyl-1,3-imidazolidines

Sosnovsky, George, 1964:
Free radical reactions in preparative organic chemistry

Castro, I.; Rogero, M.; Junqueira, R.; Carrapeiro, M., 2006:
Free radical scavenger and antioxidant capacity correlation of (Sa(B-tocopherol and Trolox measured by three in vitro methodologies

Tapia, A.; Cheel, Jé.; Theoduloz, C.; Rodríguez, J.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Gerth, A.; Wilken, D.; Jordan, M.; Jiménez-González, E.; Gomez-Kosky, R.; Mendoza, E.Quiala., 2007:
Free radical scavengers from Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) stapf plants cultivated in bioreactors by the temporary immersion (TIS) principle

Glidewll, S.M.; Deighton, N.; Goodman, B.A.; Troup, G.J.; Hutton, D.R.; Hewitt, D.G.; Hunter, C.R., 1995:
Free radical scavenging abilities of beverages

Akiyama, Y.H.ri, K.T.kahashi, T.Y.shiki, Y., 2005:
Free radical scavenging activities of (Sd(B-oryzanol constituents

Cheel, Jé.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Jordan, M.; Theoduloz, C.; Rodríguez, J.A.; Gerth, Aé.; Wilken, D., 2007:
Free radical scavenging activity and secondary metabolites from in vitro cultures of Sanicula graveolens

Srinivasan, R.; Chandrasekar, M.J.N.; Nanjan, M.J.; Suresh, B., 2007:
Free radical scavenging activity of Ipomoea obscura (L.) Ker-Gawl

Babincová, M.; Sourivong, P., 2003:
Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Scoparia dulcis Extract

Bajaj, R.K.; Varun Singhal; Sangwan, R.B.; Bimlesh Mann; Aparna Gupta, 2007:
Free radical scavenging activity of buffalo casein and its fractions

Matkowski, A.; Swiader, K.; Slusarczyk, S.; Jezierska Domaradzka, A.; Oszmianski, J., 2006:
Free radical scavenging activity of extracts obtained from cultivated plants of Potentilla alba L. and Waldsteinia geoides L

Kandaswami, C.; Middleton, E., 1994:
Free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity of plant flavonoids

Tang, J.; Hu, Z-Yu.; Chen, X-Wen., 2007:
Free radical scavenging and antioxidant enzymes activation of polysaccharide extract from Nostoc sphaeroides

Wu, W.; Lu,,, T.L.u, L.C.en,, R., 2007:
Free radical scavenging and antioxidative activities of caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) and its related compounds in solution and membranes: A structure-activity insight

Parihar, V.Kumar.; Dhawan, J.; Kumar, S.; Manjula, S.N.; Subramanian, G.; Unnikrishnan, M.K.; Rao, C.Mallikarjuna., 2007:
Free radical scavenging and radioprotective activity of dehydrozingerone against whole body gamma irradiation in Swiss albino mice

Chopra, M.; Willson, R.L.; Thurnham, D.I., 1993:
Free radical scavenging of lutein in vitro

Harman, D., 1976:
Free radical theory of aging: dietary implications

Harman, D., 1974:
Free radical theory of aging: effect of antioxidants and diet on life span and degenerative disease

Supinski, G.S.; Callahan, L.A., 2007:
Free radical-mediated skeletal muscle dysfunction in inflammatory conditions

Slater, Tf, 1987 :
Free radical-mediated tissue damage

Singh, R.S.ngh, S.K.mar, S.A.ora, S., 2007:
Free radical-scavenging activity of acetone extract

Poli, G.A.bano, E.D.anzani, M.U., 1993:
Free radicals

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Free radicals, oxidative stress, and antioxidants

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Free range and semi intensive systems for egg production

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Free range egg production

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Free range farrowing Swine husbandry

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Free range hens: interactions between use of outdoor run and amount of excrement in the outdoor run

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Free recipes spread goodwill and help sell quality produce

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Free remarks on life indemnity and structural contribution p remium for farmers giving up farming

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Free salicylic acid and acetyl salicylic acid content of foods using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Free samples: taste treat or marketing trick?

Anonymous, 1994:
Free school lunches at record level; programs backers express concern

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Free skin flap transfer by microvascular anastomosis

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Free skin grafting in small animals

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Free skin grafts

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Free software for the IBM PC

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Free soil and leaf analysis advisory services offered at the Coffee Research Station, Ruiru, Kenya to all coffee growers

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Free solution electrorophoresis measurements and their theoretical relationships to net protein valence

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Free space and homeostasis of the plant cell

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Free space as an intermediate zone between photosynthesizing and conducting cells of leaves

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Free space invertase, its possible role in phloem unloading

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Free space of Physarum polycephalum on the regional differences in ion concentration in migrating plasmodia

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Free spaces in the rural community--origin, importance and maintenance

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Free stall design and construction criteria

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Free stall housing systems for large dairy herds

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Free standing carbon nanotube composite bio-electrodes

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Free sterol and total lipids in stems of susceptible and resistant tobacco cultivars colonized by Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae Black shank of Nicotianae tabacum

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Free sugars of fresh-dug-out potato tubers of certain varieties promising for the Byelorussian SSR

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Free suprarenal steroid levels in the plasma of the Landrace and Large White swine

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Free surface hydraulic computations on small programmable calculators

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Free swimming zoospores of Sorastrum

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Free synthetic and natural estrogen hormones in influent and effluent of three municipal wastewater treatment plants

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Free taxanes and the release of bound compounds having taxane antibody reactivity by xylanase in female, haploid-derived cell suspension cultures of Taxus brevifolia

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Free testosterone, luteinizing hormone/follicle stimulating hormone ratio and pelvic sonography in relation to skin manifestations in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

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Free the animals!

Anonymous, 1987:
Free the children

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Free the potash

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Free thinning in non-mixed beech stands

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Free thoughts on the subject of management of public forests

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Free time in France: a historical and sociological survey

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Free time of farmers in Austria

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Free time of the managers in agriculture

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Free time study, nature requirements, community structure

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Free to face the future

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Free trade

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Free trade agreement

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Free trade agreement of the Americas

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Free trade agreements

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Free trade agreements as protectionist devices

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Free trade agreements versus customs unions

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Free trade and Americas farmers

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Free trade and ag professionals

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Free trade and agricultural diversification

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Free trade and competition in the EEC

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Free trade and economic restructuring in Latin America

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Free trade and protectionism: the United States, a one way traffic

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Free trade and the environment

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Free trade areas and U.S. trade policy

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Free trade between Mexico and the United States?

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Free trade has come--are diseases coming or going?

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Free trade is a one-way street

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Free trade myth makes us vulnerable; build alliances for exports: Andreas

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Free trade of agricultural products

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Free trade of rice

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Free trade on the prairies

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Free trade opening doors

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Free trade or fair trade? Choices for agricultural cooperatives

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Free trade taxation and protectionist taxation

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Free trade with Mexico its time for dialogue among Americans

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Free trade, tariff legislation, and common markets for the Western Hemisphere

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Free trade: Canada

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Free trade: Canada Malting in the North American Malt Market

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Free trade: Mexico

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Free trade: for and against

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Free trade: impact on North American horticulture

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Free trade: the U.S.--Canada free trade agreement

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Free trade: the impact

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Free trees planted on marginal cropland Erosion control, Alabama

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Free trees replace the doomed American elm

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Free volume and water solution in wool keratin

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Free vs. paid school fruit: big difference with respect to social inequality

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Free water of the tubers of Dioscorea opposita by nuclear magnetic relaxation

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Free willy--free them all

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Free your birds from external parasites

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Free your stored grains from insect pests

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Free yourself from pests by making calculations for maize

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Free zone program of Anastrepha grandis in Ecuador

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Free zones of the Geneva region and the supply of fresh milk to Geneva Switzerland, history.1

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Free, bound and total moisture, and shear values of roasted turkeys

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Free-air CO subscript 2 enrichment (FACE)

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Free-air CO2 enrichment field experiments: an historical overview

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Free-choice acid replacers are working in England

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Free-choice feeding of laying hens

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Free-choice feeding of laying poultry

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Free-choice feeding of minerals and vitamins with and without an Aspergillus oryzae fermentation additive and hormone implants for growing beef steers

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Free-choice liquid supplement for wintering beef cows

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Free-choice mineral supplementation and methods of mineral evaluation

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Free-energy transfer in plants

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Free-environment rooms as alternative housing for squirrel monkeys

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Free-fall particle counter for ocean surveys

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Free-floating subdivisions

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Free-flow electrophoresis

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Free-flow electrophoresis for purification of plant mitochondria by surface charge

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Free-flow frosting of cherries

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Free-flowing properties of spray-dried skim- and whole milk powder

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Free-form estimation of the unsaturated soil hydraulic properties by inverse modeling using global optimization

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Free-forming with soybean oil

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Free-lancing--a career alternative

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Free-living Aerobic soil Amoebae (Protozoa Gymnamoebia) of West Bengal, India

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Free-living and host-associated protozoa as training camps for intracellular pathogens

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Free-living and insecticolous mi

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Free-living and symbiotic cyanobacteria

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Free-living and symbiotic nitrogen fixing ability of Rhizobium japonicum is unaffected by rifampicin resistance mutations

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Free-living birds as reservoir of goose broiler helminthiases

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Free-living ciliates of the Anzali Wetland of the Caspian sea

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Free-living dinoflagellates

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Free-living kinetoplastids (Protista, Euglenozoa, Kinetoplastea) from a small water body in Zhitomir

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Free-living marine nematodes of hard bottom substrates in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

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Free-living nematodes

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Free-living nematodes of Baikal

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Free-living nematodes of the genus Alaimella Cobb 1920 (Nematoda : Leptolaimidae): the description of A-macramphis sp n. from the White Sea and the genus revision

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Free-living nematodes--bioindicators of the effects of chemization on the soil fauna

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Free-living nitrogen fixers in the soils of the USSR

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Free-living rhesus monkeys: adult male interactions with infants and juveniles

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Free-living scleractinian corals on reefs of the Seychelles Islands

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Free-living terrestrial nematodes resembling plant parastic forms

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Free-loaders, free-lancers and bushwhackers: sexual dimorphism and seasonal changes in prey-capture behavior of ambush bugs

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Free-market organization in Minas Gerais

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Free-market trial set for coffee as new pact is hammered out

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Free-martinism as one of the forms of female sterility in domestic animals

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Free-martinism in the heifer in the light of own observations

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Free-motion machine embroidery

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Free-plowing, close-planting and high production of tea trees cultivation technique

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Free-radical conditions and o-diphenoloxidase of tissues of plants infected by pathogenic organisms

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Free-radical initiated graft polymerization of vinyl monomers onto cellulose

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Free-radical pathology and methods of preventing it with bioantioxidants (a survey)

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Free-radical scavenging activities, interactions and recycling of antioxidants

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Free-radical-induced DNA damage and its repair

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Free-range husbandry of laying hens on creep-grazed pasture with and without a tunnel

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Free-range layer chickens as a source of Campylobacter bacteriophage

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Free-range maintenance of stud bull calves in groups

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Free-range pig fattening

Geissal, D., 1996:
Free-range poultry

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Free-riders or victims

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Free-roaming and feral cats--their impact on wildlife and human beings

Anonymous, 1996:
Free-roaming horses in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways

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Free-running rhythm of the retinular pigment migration in the compound eye of the silkworm moth, Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

Anonymous, 1972:
Free-stall barn drive--through type

Anonymous, 1969:
Free-stall barn for 50 cows (housing only)

Anonymous, 1969:
Free-stall barn for cattle

Anonymous, 1969:
Free-stall barns

Harmon, D.; Simkins, S.; Ashley, R., 1981:
Free-stall beddings for dairy cows

Anonymous, 1980:
Free-stall dairy barns

Munroe, J.A., 1982:
Free-stall dairy cattle housing

Hoglund, C.; Boyd, J.; Speicher, J., 1969:
Free-stall dairy housing systems

Anonymous, 1966:
Free-stall dairy system for 101 cows

Bodman, Gr, 1998:
Free-stall design and management

Muehling, A.-J.F.yman, L.R., 1965:
Free-stall housing for dairy cattle

Anonymous, 1969:
Free-stall housing system for 88 cows

Anonymous, 1970:
Free-stall shed for dairy cattle

Anonymous, 1970:
Free-stall shed for dairy cattle; cooperative farm building plan no. 6067

Anonymous, 1969:
Free-stall system for dairy cows

Vidrine, M.; Mclaughlin, R.; Willis, O., 1987:
Free-swimming colonial rotifers (Flosculariidae) in Texas and Arkansas rice fields

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Free-swimming invertebrate communities of vernal pools in eastern Washington

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Free-trade agreements: for better or worse?

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Free-water intake as a measure of total body water in cattle

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Free-wheeling garden is edible, educational

Anonymous, 1976:
Free-world tobacco supply and distribution, 1965-1980; an evaluation

Elabbady, A.A.; Khedr, M.M., 2006:
Free/total PSA ratio can help in the prediction of high gleason score prostate cancer in men with total serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) of 3-10 ng/ml

Van-Beck, W., 1973:
Free: Find out about your soil

Cameron, Angus, 1998:

Anonymous, 1969:
Freeborn-Mower electric cooperative

Temin, P., 1979:
Freedom and coercion: notes on the analysis of debt peonage in One Kind of Freedom

Decrosta, A., 1979:
Freedom and hope are alive and well

Linon, Pg, 1981:
Freedom and limits of conventions. The current state of jurisprudence

Kroth, W., 1975:
Freedom and obligation of private forest ownership

Schlatterer, B., 1984:
Freedom and obligation of the veterinarian during and after administration of drugs in food producing animals

Wright, G., 1979:
Freedom and the Southern economy

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Freedom and the family farmbefore the National 4-H Club Camp Silver anniversary dinner, Carvel Hall, Annapolis, June 18, 1955

Sitton, T.; Conrad, J., H., 2005:
Freedom colonies

Rogers, D., 1997:
Freedom fence

Alcock, J., 1989:
Freedom fighters: male desert bees fight to liberate females emerging from the ground

Anonymous, 1992:
Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act of 1992

Anonymous, 1960:
Freedom for peasants

Clarkson, A., 1979:
Freedom for pheasants

Mercader, Cesar, 1964:
Freedom from cassava

Omichinski, L., 1998:
Freedom from counseling for people with diabetes

Omichinski, L., 1998:
Freedom from counting for people with diabetes. II

Gelinas, Jacques, 1998:
Freedom from debt

Keller, H., 1971:
Freedom from disease and quality of carcass as profit factors in pork production

Anonymous, 1987:
Freedom from fat

Pink, Louis-Heaton, 1944:
Freedom from fear

Weitz, Ch, 1971:
Freedom from hunger campaign--Action for Development

Weitz, Ch, 1970:
Freedom from hunger: a campaign for feed and food

Nuernberger, Phil, 1981:
Freedom from stress

Mittal, Vk, 1969:
Freedom from weeds for higher yields

Hardin, Charles, M., 1955:
Freedom in agricultural education

Maher, P.; Slocum, A., 1986:
Freedom in dress: the legal view

Herminghausen, P., 1979:
Freedom in making wills on property not related to the farm

Anonymous, 2007:
Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 2007

Anonymous, 1983:
Freedom of Information Act November 21, 1974

Anonymous, 1941:
Freedom of assembly and anti-democratic groups

Kofta, M., 1984:
Freedom of choice and moral behavior

Horton, P.A.exander, L., 1986:
Freedom of contract and the family: a skeptical appraisal

Sommerlechner, E., 1971:
Freedom of decision and marketing; new products of agriculture--cost of deep freezing

Buraimo, B.; Forrest, D.; Simmons, R., 2007:
Freedom of entry, market size, and competitive outcome: evidence from English soccer

Bradbury, N.A., 2006:
Freedom of expression. Focus on "Endoplasmic reticulum stress and the unfolded protein response regulate cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator expression"

Burditt, Gm, 1975:
Freedom of information

Anonymous, 2002:
Freedom of information statement of affairs

Simeonidis, Tg, 1983:
Freedom of information--an evaluation of the recommendations of the committee on official information

Hess, C.E., 1984:
Freedom of inquiry: an endangered species

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Freesia--production task for special enterprises

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Freeze point becomes one measure of adulterated milk

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Freeze-dried seeds really last

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Freeze-fracture architecture and polypeptide composition of thylakoid membranes from euploid Ricinus cells

Platt-Aloia, K.A.; Thomson, W.W., 1985:
Freeze-fracture evidence of gel-phase lipid in membranes of senescing cowpea cotyledons

Argüello, C.; Martínez-Palomo, A., 1975:
Freeze-fracture morphology of gap junctions in the trophoblast of the mouse embryo

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