Genetic analysis on the dominant non-susceptibility to densonucleosis virus type 1 in the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Eguchi, R.; Nagayasu, K.I.; Ninagi, O.; Hara, W.

Sanshi Konchuu Biotec Journal of Insect Biotechnology and Sericology 76(2): 159-163


Accession: 015923908

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Genetic analysis of Nid-1 (non-infection with densonucleosis virus type1), showing complete resistance against DNV-1, was carried out. From the linkage analysis, Nid-1 was linked to Bm and bts2, on the seventeenth linkage group. Two point analysis between Bm and Nid-1 showed that the distance between them was 20.8% when calculated from the 53 recombinants from 285 backcross segregants. Next, three point analysis was carried out between the genes, bts, ow and Nid-1, which were located at the midst of the chromosome, and the order and the loci of them were bts (30.1), Nid-1 (31.1) and ow (36.4) from the recombination values of the backcrosses.