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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15931

Chapter 15931 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vranceanu, A.; Stoenescu, F., 1981:
Genetic study of the occurrence of male fertile plants in cytoplasmic male sterile lines of sunflower

Jacquemard, J.; Meunier, J.B.nnot, F., 1981:
Genetic study of the reproduction of an Elaeis guineensis oil palm cross. Application to selected seed production and improvement

Lobo, R.; Duarte, F., 1977:
Genetic study of the reproductive performance in Pitangueiras cattle (5

Koltovaya, N.; Devin, A., 1983:
Genetic study of the sensitivity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to lethal and mutagenic action of nitrous acid. III. Relationship between variability of the mitochondrial genome and instability of the sensitivity of yeast cells toward nitrous acid-induced inactivation

Shevtsov, Na, 1982:
Genetic study of the sugarbeet Beta vulgaris

Chiang, T.; Xiang, Z., 1981:
Genetic study of the white 5(W

Chawla, D.; Mishra, R., 1977:
Genetic study of total solid content in crossbred (Karan Swiss), Sahiwal and Red Sindhi cattle

Hoyos, D.-Castro, A.P.lomar, M.; Villamil, G.H.rnando-Costa, J., 1979:
Genetic study of type soil from Alto de los Leones (Madrid)

Fam-Tkhan'-Kho; Kvitko, K., 1976:
Genetic study of unstable pigment mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Oliveira, J.-De; Lobo, R., 1983:
Genetic study of weight at birth in cattle of the Guzerat breed

Arango, Jesus, A., 2000:
Genetic study of weight, height and body condition score in beef cows

Chen, Y.; Lin, T., 1982:
Genetic study on F1 hybrid ric

Eguchi, M.Y.mashita, Y., 1977:
Genetic study on alkaline phosphates of the midgut tissue and digestive fluid of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Qingzhong, X.H.sheng, C., 1987:
Genetic study on disease resistance of rice germplasm of Dan 209 released from anther culture

Vulkova-Achkova, Z., 1981:
Genetic study on pleiohazic infl

Huang, S.; Lee, Y.; Chen, C.; Huang, H., 1990:
Genetic study on the disease resistance to Leucocytozoonosis in Taiwan country chicken

Huang, Zr, 1982:
Genetic study on the quantitat

Sun BaoYa; Shen XiangQun; Zhou YongHong (), 2007:
Genetic study on the relation between clubroot resistance genes and fertility genes in Chinese Cabbage

Li, Y-Ling.; Yu, Y-Liang.; Liu, Y-Xia.; Li, X-Hui.; Fu, J-Feng., 2007:
Genetic study on two maize male sterile mutants obtained by space mutagenesis

Arita, I., 1974:
Genetic study on white fruit-bo

Billingham, M., R.; Simoes, T.; Reusch, T., B.H.; Serrao, E., A., 2007:
Genetic sub-structure and intermediate optimal outcrossing distance in the marine angiosperm Zostera marina

Sgaier, S.K.; Lao, Z.; Villanueva, M.P.; Berenshteyn, F.; Stephen, D.; Turnbull, R.K.; Joyner, A.L., 2007:
Genetic subdivision of the tectum and cerebellum into functionally related regions based on differential sensitivity to engrailed proteins

Olsen, H.Gro.; Nilsen, H.; Hayes, B.; Berg, P.R.; Svendsen, M.; Lien, Sørn.; Meuwissen, T., 2007:
Genetic support for a quantitative trait nucleotide in the ABCG2 gene affecting milk composition of dairy cattle

Fields, F.O.; Thorner, J., 1991:
Genetic suppression analysis of the function of a protein kinase C (PKC1 gene product) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle progression: the SKCd mutations

Burow, M.D.laney, D.B.iss, F., 1987:
Genetic suppression of phaseolin and lectin proteins in seeds of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Sarkisian, S.; Santurian, G., 1982:
Genetic suppression of the harmfulness of the apple worm Laspeyresia pomonella, Armenian SSR.1

Updike, D.L.; Mango, S.E., 2007:
Genetic suppressors of Caenorhabditis elegans pha-4/FoxA identify the predicted AAA helicase ruvb-1/RuvB

Klein, E.A.; Casey, G.; Silverman, R., 2006:
Genetic susceptibility and oxidative stress in prostate cancer: integrated model with implications for prevention

Freedman, B.I.; Bowden, D.W.; Sale, Mèle.M.; Langefeld, C.D.; Rich, S.S., 2006:
Genetic susceptibility contributes to renal and cardiovascular complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Thelma, B.K.; Tiwari, A.K.; Deshpande, S.N.; Lerer, B.; Nimgaonkar, V.L., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to Tardive Dyskinesia in chronic schizophrenia subjects: role of oxidative stress pathway genes

Ostrander, E.A.; Kwon, E.M.; Stanford, J.L., 2006:
Genetic susceptibility to aggressive prostate cancer

Morahan, J.M.; Yu, B.; Trent, R.J.; Pamphlett, R., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to environmental toxicants in ALS

Skibola, C.F.; Curry, J.D.; Nieters, A., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to lymphoma

Janssen, R.; Bont, L.; Siezen, C.L.E.; Hodemaekers, H.M.; Ermers, M.J.; Doornbos, G.; van 't Slot, R.; Wijmenga, C.; Goeman, J.J.; Kimpen, J.L.L.; van Houwelingen, H.C.; Kimman, T.G.; Hoebee, B., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis is predominantly associated with innate immune genes

Malik, M.H.A.; Jury, F.; Bayat, A.; Ollier, W.E.R.; Kay, P.R., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to total hip arthroplasty failure: a preliminary study on the influence of matrix metalloproteinase 1, interleukin 6 polymorphisms and vitamin D receptor

Kantarova, D.; Buc, M., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes mellitus in humans

Vieira, Rap, 1974:
Genetic swine improvement

Kaniuka, R.M.laughlin, L., 1984:
Genetic switch upgrades soybean protein

Ganapathi, A.R.o, G., 1980:
Genetic system and interrelationship between Solanum retroflexum and Solanum nodiflorum of Solanum nigrum complex

Khan, R.R.o, G.; Siddiqui, B., 1975:
Genetic system and interrelatonship between Solanum integrifolium Poir. and Solanum incanum L

Fernandes, A.Q.eiros, M., 1972:
Genetic system of Hedypnois Scop. I. Microsporogenesis

Caponio, I.Q.arin, C., 1987:
Genetic system of Paspalum simplex and of an interspecific hybrid with Paspalum dilatatum

Ozeki, H.; Ohyama, K.; Inokuchi, H.; Fukuzawa, H.; Kohchi, T.; Sano, T.; Nakahigashi, K.; Umesono, K., 1987:
Genetic system of chloroplasts

Kotani, Masao, 1986:
Genetic systems

Burley, J., 1976:
Genetic systems and genetic conservation of tropical pines

Jacobs, W.R.; Kalpana, G.V.; Cirillo, J.D.; Pascopella, L.; Snapper, S.B.; Udani, R.A.; Jones, W.; Barletta, R.G.; Bloom, B.R., 1991:
Genetic systems for mycobacteria

Kilen, Tc, 1977:
Genetic systems for control of phytophthora rot in soybeans

Barcak, G.J.; Chandler, M.S.; Redfield, R.J.; Tomb, J.F., 1991:
Genetic systems in Haemophilus influenzae

Rothmel, R.K.; Chakrabarty, A.M.; Berry, A.; Darzins, A., 1991:
Genetic systems in Pseudomonas

Novick, R.P., 1991:
Genetic systems in staphylococci

Haselkorn, R., 1991:
Genetic systems in cyanobacteria

Verma, S.; Kapur, S., 1974:
Genetic systems in homosporous ferns. III. Comparative study of breeding system in three adiantaceous ferns

Kaiser, D., 1991:
Genetic systems in myxobacteria

Seifert, H.S.; So, M., 1991:
Genetic systems in pathogenic Neisseriae

Stone, Ar, 1987:
Genetic systems in plant pathogenic nematodes and their hosts

Salmond, Gpc, 1987:
Genetic systems in the soft rot Erwinia group

Burley, J.H.ghes, C.; Styles, B., 1986:
Genetic systems of tree species for arid and semiarid lands

Dorofeev, V.; Lubnin, A., 1977:
Genetic systems responsible for depressive development of hybrid wheat plants

Dorofeev, V.; Lubnin, A., 1977:
Genetic systems responsible for the depressive development of hybrid wheat plants

Bouguet, U., 1980:
Genetic systems with physiological properties of blood of cattle

Arena, S.; Pisacane, A.; Mazzone, M.; Comoglio, P.Maria.; Bardelli, A., 2007:
Genetic targeting of the kinase activity of the Met receptor in cancer cells

Glazebrook, J.; Walker, G.C., 1991:
Genetic techniques in Rhizobium meliloti

Donohue, T.J.; Kaplan, S., 1991:
Genetic techniques in rhodospirillaceae

Anonymous, 1982:
Genetic technology

Anonymous, 1981:
Genetic technology news

Anonymous, 1987:
Genetic technology sourcebook

Cooke, L., 1997:
Genetic test pinpoints new swine diarrhea

Baumann-Heolzle, Ruth, 1990:
Genetic test possibilities ethical and legal problems

Puissegur, C., 1982:
Genetic test, sterility and fertility of quinoquespecific hybrids of Chrysocarabus Thoms. (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

White, T.L.; Adams, W.T.; Neale, D.B., 2007:
Genetic testing - mating designs, field designs and test implementation

Kreutzer, R.; Muller, G.; Leeb, T.; Brenig, B.; Moritz, A.; Baumgartner, W., 2007:
Genetic testing for GM1-gangliosidosis in the Alaskan Husky

Sanderson, S.C.; Michie, S., 2007:
Genetic testing for heart disease susceptibility: potential impact on motivation to quit smoking

Stone, E.M., 2007:
Genetic testing for inherited eye disease

Barnoy, S., 2007:
Genetic testing for late-onset diseases: effect of disease controllability, test predictivity, and gender on the decision to take the test

Foye, P.M., 2006:
Genetic testing for myotubular myopathy despite muscle biopsy without centrally located nuclei

Augusteyn, R.C., 2002:
Genetic testing for progressive retinal atrophy in Irish Setters, an update

Robin, N.H.; Tabereaux, P.B.; Benza, R.; Korf, B.R., 2007:
Genetic testing in cardiovascular disease

Davidson, N.O., 2007:
Genetic testing in colorectal cancer: who, when, how and why

Velasquez, J.L.; Lipkin, S.M., 2007:
Genetic testing to identify high-risk populations for chemoprevention studies

Dratch, Pa, 1993:
Genetic tests and game ranching: no simple solutions

Anonymous, 1999:
Genetic tests focus on breed-specific vision problems

Woerdt, A. van der, 2003:
Genetic tests for PRA in the dog

Anonymous, 1994:
Genetic time bomb

Humes, Pe, 1977:
Genetic tips for accurate herd boar selection

Duncan, R.; Carrow, R., 1998:
Genetic tolerance enhancement of warm and cool season grasses for multiple abiotic:edaphic stresses

David, J.B.cquet, C.F.uillet, P.A.ens, M., 1977:
Genetic tolerance to alcohol in Drosophila: Comparison of the effects of selection in Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans

Foy, Cd, 1981:
Genetic tolerance to soil stress conditions--progress and needs in adapting plants to soil stress conditions

Barrett, B.A.; Baird, I.J.; Woodfield, D.R., 2004:
Genetic tools for increased white clover seed production

Koncz, C.M.rtini, N.K.ncz-Kalman, Z.O.sson, O.R.dermacher, A.S.alay, A.S.hell, J., 1986:
Genetic tools for the analysis of gene expression in plants

Goodman, J., I.; Gollapudi, B.; Lehman-Mckeeman, L., D., 2007:
Genetic toxicity assessment: Employing the best science for human safety evaluation

Pottenger, L.H.; Bus, J.S.; Gollapudi, B.Bhaskar., 2007:
Genetic toxicity assessment: employing the best science for human safety evaluation part VI: when salt and sugar and vegetables are positive, how can genotoxicity data serve to inform risk assessment?

Ku, W.W.; Aubrecht, J.; Mauthe, R.J.; Schiestl, R.H.; Fornace, A.J., 2007:
Genetic toxicity assessment: employing the best science for human safety evaluation Part VII: Why not start with a single test: a transformational alternative to genotoxicity hazard and risk assessment

Pfuhler, S.; Albertini, S.; Fautz, R.; Herbold, B.; Madle, S.; Utesch, D.; Poth, A., 2007:
Genetic toxicity assessment: employing the best science for human safety evaluation part IV: Recommendation of a working group of the Gesellschaft fuer Umwelt-Mutationsforschung (GUM) for a simple and straightforward approach to genotoxicity testing

Phipps, J.M.ller, D., 1983:
Genetic toxicity of methyl mercuric chloride to the mitochondria of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lee, W.-Sun; Kim, H.-Joo; Lee, E.-Mi; Kim, J.-Hwan; Suh, S.-Kyung; Kwon, K.-Jin; Sheen, Y.-Yong; Kim, S.-Hee; Park, S., N., 2007:
Genetic toxicity test of 8-hydroxyquinoline by ames, micronucleus, comet assays and microarray analysis

Go, S., Y.; Kwon, K., J.; Park, S., N.; Sheen, Y., Y., 2007:
Genetic toxicity test of emodin by Ames, micronucleus, comet assays and microarray analysis showing differential result

Kwon, K., J.; Go, S., Y.; Park, S., N.; Sheen, Y., Y., 2007:
Genetic toxicity test of methylcarbamate by Ames, micronucleus, comet assays and microarray analysis

Lee, E.-Mi; Lee, S.-Youn; Lee, W.-Sun; Kang, J.-Seok; Han, E.; Go, S.-Youn; Sheen, Y.-Yong; Kim, S.-Hee; Park, S.-Nie, 2007:
Genetic toxicity test of o-Nitrotoluene by ames, micronucleus, comet assays and microarray analysis

Legator, M.; Zimmering, S., 1975:
Genetic toxicology

Jackim, E.P.sch, G.M.lcolm, A., 1980:
Genetic toxicology and the marine environment

Purchase, Ifh, 1983:
Genetic toxicology applied to assessment of mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic action of pesticides and related compounds Human diseases

Anderson, D., 1985:
Genetic toxicology in the food industry

Waters, Michael, D., 1990:
Genetic toxicology of complex mixtures

Heindorff,, O1; Michaelis, A1; Rieger, R., 1983:
Genetic toxicology of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) Food additive

Knudsen, Ib, 1986:
Genetic toxicology of the diet

Zimmermann, F.; Mayer, V.; Parry, J., 1982:
Genetic toxicology studies using Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Styles, Ja, 1985:
Genetic toxicology testing of chemicals

Parekh, C.; Terry, M.; Williams, R., 1983:
Genetic toxicology: in vitro and in vivo tests for mutagenic potential of zeranol, zearalanone, and 17 beta-estradiol

Kiyosawa, S., 1974:
Genetic traits of blast resista

Armstrong, J.J.; Moll, B.; Surzycki, S.J.; Levine, R.P., 1971:
Genetic transcription and translation specifying chloroplast components in Chlamydomonas reinhardi

Jones, D.; Sneath, P.H., 1970:
Genetic transfer and bacterial taxonomy

Kitamoto, K.; Gomi, K.; Goto, K.; Hara, S., 1991:
Genetic transfer applied to traditional sake brewing

Schell, J.M.ntagu, M.V.n; Holsters, M.H.rnalsteens, J.; Depicker, A.E.gler, G.D.vos, G.B.uckeleer, M.D.; Lemmers, M., 1980:
Genetic transfer by the intermediary of the Ti plasmid: new prospects for plant improvement

Tarn, T.; De-Jong, H., 1986:
Genetic transfer in crop breeding

Levy, S.; Marshall, B., 1988:
Genetic transfer in the natural environment

Becher, D.; Conrad, B.; Böttcher, F., 1982:
Genetic transfer mediated by isolated nuclei in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Panopoulos, N.; Cho, J.; Guimaraes, W.; Schroth, M., 1975:
Genetic transfer of Pseudomonas aeruginosa R factors to Pseudomonas and Erwinia plant pathogens

Prasatik-Cole, S.B.and, J., 1983:
Genetic transfer of clumping phenotype in Anacystis nidulans Algae

Venkataraman, G.; Roychaudhury, P.H.nriksson, L.; Henriksson, E., 1975:
Genetic transfer of nitrogen fixation gene (nif+) from Azotobacter chroococcum to Rhizobium trifolii

Trehan, K.S.nha, U., 1981:
Genetic transfer of nitrogen-fixing filamentous cyanobacterium

Glew, Jeanette-Glover, 1991:
Genetic transfer of plasmid R68.45 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa to the indigenous soil population

Krylov, Vf, 1980:
Genetic transfer of resistance in Eimeria tenella

Pellerin, Jl, 1979:
Genetic transfers in bacteria. 2. Genetic manipulations

Butler, L.O.H.rwood, C.-R.M.seley, B.E.B., 1989:
Genetic transformation and expression

Riach, M.B.R.; Kinghorn, J.R.bertson, 1996:
Genetic transformation and vector developments in filamentous fungi

Grando, Magali-Ferrari, 2001:
Genetic transformation approach for improving forage

Lucas, R.; Levin, R., 1989:
Genetic transformation between strains of Listeria monocytogenes

Horsch, R.; Fry, J.; Barnason,, S.R.gers, S.; Fraley, R., 1988:
Genetic transformation for the improvement of canola

Oliveira, M.; Barroso, J.; Martins,, M., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Actinidia deliciosa (kiwifruit)

Sticklen, M.; Warkentin, D.L.u, C.; Hajela, R.; Graham,, H.P.terson, B.V.rgas, J.B.anham, B., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Agrostis palustris Huds. (creeping bentgrass)

Kuehnle, A.; Chen, F., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Anthurium

Schnall, J.; Weissinger, A., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Arachis hypogaea L. (peanut)

Delbreil, B.J.llien, M., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Asparagus officinalis L

Somers, D.; Rines, H.; Torbert, K.; Pawlowski, W.; Milach, S., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Avena sativa L. (oat)

Dusi, D.; Gander, E., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Boehmeria nivea Gaud. (Ramie fiber)

Fitch, M.; Pang, S.; Slighton, J.; Lius, S.T.nnant, P.M.nshardt, R.; Gonsalves, D., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Carica papaya L. (papaya)

Nan, G.; Kuehnle, A., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Dendrobium (orchid)

Neskovic, M.M.ljus-Djukic, J.N.nkovic, S., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Fagopyrum esculentum (buckwheat)

Spangenberg,, Z.; Valles, M.; Potrykus, I., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Festuca arundinacea Schreb. (tall fescue) and Festuca pratensis Huds. (meadow fescue)

Saito, K., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. et D.C. (licorice)

Lowe, J.; Hamilton, W.; Newell, C., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. (sweet potato)

Shin, D.P.dila, G.; Karnosky, D., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Larix species (larches)

Wilde, H.; Merkle, S., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Liriodendron tulipifera L. (yellow poplar)

Sagi,, S.V.relst, B.S.ennen, R.P.nis, B., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Musa species (banana)

Yoshimatsu, K.S.imomura, K., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Papaver somniferum L. (opium poppy) for enhanced production of morphinan

Deroles, S.; Bradley, J.; Davies, K.; Schwinn, K., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Petunia

Simpson, J.M.ntes-Hernandez, S.G.tierrez-Campos, R.A.sad-Garcia, N.H.rrera-Estrella, L., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Physalis species (tomatillo)

Newton, R.; Dong, N.S.n, S.M.rek-Swize, K.C.ang, S., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Pinus elliottii Engelm. (slash pine)

Camara-Machado, A.D.; Camara-Machado, M.-Da, 1995:
Genetic transformation in Prunus armeniaca L. (apricot)

Scorza, R.H.mmerschlag, F.; Zimmerman, T.; Cordts, J., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Prunus persica (peach) and Prunus domestica (plum)

Doctor, F.M.di, V., 1976:
Genetic transformation in Rhizobium japonicum

Al-Khayri, Jm, 1995:
Genetic transformation in Spinacia oleracea L. (spinach)

Ishimaru, K.S.imomura, K., 1997:
Genetic transformation in Swertia japonica

Hjortso, M.M.kundan, U., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Tagetes species (marigolds) for thiophene contents

Mooney, P.; Goodwin, P., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Triticum species (wheat)

Wilmink, A.V.n, B.-Van-De; Custers, J.; Tuyl, J.-Van; Eikelboom, W.D.ns, J., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Tulipa species (tulips)

Sticklen, M.; Hajela, R.; Bolyard, M.; Graham, L.; Sherald, J., 1994:
Genetic transformation in Ulmus species (elms)

Serres, R.; Mccown, B., 1995:
Genetic transformation in Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait. (cranberry)

Astier, C.E.pardellier, F., 1976:
Genetic transformation in a blue-green alga, Aphanocapsa

Ledig, Ft, 1985:
Genetic transformation in forest trees

Sen, S.; Khan, N.; Paul, T.; Sen, M., 1980:
Genetic transformation in fungi

Ohyama, K., 1983:
Genetic transformation in plants

Chakravarty,, G.F.inn, B.G.stafson, V.R.gan, S., 2007:
Genetic transformation in potato: Approaches and strategies

Swartz, H.; Stover, E., 1997:
Genetic transformation in raspberries and blackberries (Rubus species)

Khan, N.C.; Sen, S.P., 1974:
Genetic transformation in yeasts

Flores-Benctez, S.-; Jimcbnez-Bremont, J., F.; Rosales-Mendoza, S.-; Argcoello-Astorga, G., R.; Castillo-Collazo, R.-; Alpuche-Solcs, C.-Gabriel, 2007:
Genetic transformation of Agave salmiana by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and particle bombardment

Beljanski, M.M.nigault, P.B.ljanski, M.; Aaron-Da-Cunha, M., 1975:
Genetic transformation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens B6 by RNA and nature of the tumor-inducing principle

Handa, T., 1994:
Genetic transformation of Antirrhinum majus L. (snapdragon)

Fobis-Loisy, I.; Chambrier, P.; Gaude, T., 2007:
Genetic transformation of Arabidopsis lyrata: specific expression of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) in pistil tissues

Baker, C.; Dyer, W., 1997:
Genetic transformation of Carthamus tinctorius L. (safflower)

Atkinson, R.; Eagles, R.; Forster, R.; Gardner, R., 1994:
Genetic transformation of Cyphomandra betacea (tamarillo)

Lu, C.C.andler, S., 1995:
Genetic transformation of Dianthus caryophyllus (carnation)

Fahmy, A.H.; E.S.ihy, O.M.; E.S.afey, Y.H.; Madkour, M.A., 2006:
Genetic transformation of Egyptian wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) via biolistic bombardment using different constructs

Girijashankar, V., 2011:
Genetic transformation of eucalyptus

Kamo, K.B.owers, A.S.ith, F.V.n-Eck, J., 1997:
Genetic transformation of Gladiolus

Chang, H.; Sim, S., 1997:
Genetic transformation of Lithospermum erythrorhizon for increased production of shikonin

Xu-Qi-Jiang; Cui-Cheng-Ri, 2007:
Genetic transformation of OSISAP1 gene to onion (Allium cepa L.) mediated by microprojectile bombardment

Inomata, S.Y.koyama, M., 1997:
Genetic transformation of Panax ginseng (C.A. Meyer) for increased production of ginsenosides

Hess, D., 1996:
Genetic transformation of Petunia via pollen: 25 years of plant transformation attempts. I

Gantotti, B.V.; Patil, S.S.; Mandel, M., 1979:
Genetic transformation of Pseudomonas phaseolicola by R-factor DNA

St-Pierre, Richard-Guy, 2000:
Genetic transformation of Saskatoon for development of resistance to Entomosporium leaf and berry spot disease

Atkinson, R.; Gardner, R., 1995:
Genetic transformation of Solanum muricatum (pepino)

Li, H.-Qing; Kang, P.-Jing; Li, M.-Lan; Li, M.-Ru, 2007:
Genetic transformation of Torenia fournieri using the PMI

Deineko, E.; Rivkin, M.; Komarova, M.; Vershinin, A.; Shumnyi, A., 1992:
Genetic transformation of alfalfa using the Ti plasmid system of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Dandekar, Am, 1995:
Genetic transformation of angiosperms

Hill, M.; Hillova, J., 1976:
Genetic transformation of animal cells with viral DNA of RNA tumor viruses

Bondt, A.D.; Zaman, S.B.oekaert, W.C.mmune, B.K.ulemans, J., 1998:
Genetic transformation of apple (Malus Pumila mill.) for increased fungal resistance: in vitro antifungal activity in protein extracts of transgenic apple expressing RS-AFP2 or ACE-AMP1

Zhu, J.; Zhou, A.; Granozio, S.; Andruccioli, E.; Belfanti, E.; Barbieri, M.; Vinatzer, B.A.; Patocchi, A.; Tartarini, S.; Sansavini, S., 2007:
Genetic transformation of apple with BIBAC vectors to increase scab resistance in transgenic lines

Malnoy, M.; Borejsza Wysocka, E.E.; Abbott, P.; Lewis, S.; Norelli, J.L.; Flaishman, M.; Gidoni, D.; Aldwinckle, H.S., 2007:
Genetic transformation of apple without use of a selectable marker

Azhahianambi, P.; Ghosh, S., 2007:
Genetic transformation of arthropod vectors for control of vector borne diseases

Guo Rong; L.X.a; Zhang JinWen; L.X.ngTao; Yang Hui; Liu Ling, 2006:
Genetic transformation of carrot mediated by Agrobacterium and culture management of the transgenic plants

Indurker, S.; Misra, H.S.; Eapen, S., 2007:
Genetic transformation of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) with insecticidal crystal protein gene using particle gun bombardment

Schell, Jay, L., 1991:
Genetic transformation of citrus protoplasts by peg-mediated direct DNA uptake and the regeneration of putative transgenic plants

Venkataraman, G.; Karmakar, R.B.andari, S., 1975:
Genetic transformation of clover infectivity marker (clo+) from Rhizobium trifolii to Rhizobium japonicum

Hepburn, Ag, 1991:
Genetic transformation of crop species

Sharma, H.; Sharma, K.; Crouch, J., 2004:
Genetic transformation of crops for insect resistance: potential and limitations

Knapp, S.U.rig, H.S.lamini, F., 1988:
Genetic transformation of diploid Solanum tuberosum by direct DNA transfer and mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Dhekney, S.A.; Li, Z.T.; Aman, M. van; Dutt, M.; Tattersall, J.; Kelley, K.T.; Gray, D.J., 2007:
Genetic transformation of embryogenic cultures and recovery of transgenic plants in Vitis vinifera, Vitis rotundifolia and Vitis hybrids

Vegas, A.; Salazar, E., 2004:
Genetic transformation of fruits

Pellegrineschi, A., 1997:
Genetic transformation of geraniums

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Genetic variation in a new crop--dogroses (Rosa sect. caninae) for commerical rosehip production

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Genetic variation in age at maturity and its relation to growth rate

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Genetic variation in annual phlox: self compatible versus self incompatible species

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Genetic variation in avian retroviruses

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Genetic variation in bile acid metabolism

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Genetic variation in cold tolerance of Japanese larch in Maine

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Genetic variation in early frost tolerance of spruce from northwestern North America

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Genetic variation in eastern Washington populations of Navarretia leucocephala (Polemoniaceae) a vernal pool endemic

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Genetic variation in eastern white pine

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Genetic variation in eastern white pine: a 15-year of provenances in eastern Nebraska

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Genetic variation in ecologically diverse environments

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Genetic variation in equine blood proteins

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Genetic variation in field and nutrient solutions and the effect of temperature for leaf chlorosis in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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