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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15951

Chapter 15951 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Peirce, Pam, 1993:
Golden Gate gardening

Anonymous, 1953:
Golden Harvest

Widmer, R.-E.P.illips, R.A., 1970:
Golden Jubilee

Anonymous, 1959:
Golden Jubilee Symposia, Department of Biochemistry, Fermentation Technology and Pharmacology Laboratories

Anonymous, 1995:
Golden Jubilee Symposium on Genetic Research and Education: Current Trends and the Next Fifty Years

Carron, Lt, 1985:
Golden Jubilee of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, 1935-1985

Anonymous, 1954:
Golden Jubilee souvenir 1900-1950

Widmer, R.; Phillips, R., 1970:
Golden Jubilee; a new garden chrysanthemum for 1971

Kyle, Jh, 1959:
Golden Lake release

White, Jw, 1990:
Golden Lily of Valley - a new cut flower

Reid, Louis, E.Jr, 1967:
Golden Passports to National Outdoorlands

Mcconnell, D.; Henley, R., 1983:
Golden Pothos

Rousseau, D., 1974:
Golden Pro, a new arrival on the raw material market

Anonymous, 1975:
Golden Pro, a new means for utilizing urea

Poupry, R., 1974:
Golden Pro: A new technique to utilize urea

Clark, R.; Herbert, W., 1983:
Golden Retriever

Johnson, A.H.lcomb, R., 2006:
Golden Rules of New Venture Creation

West, Tl, 1992:
Golden Smokey Award

Anonymous, 1987:
Golden Spike

Raffish, Rt, 2004:
Golden State Foods quality assurance turns to platinum

Broschat, T.-Kent; Donselman, H.M.W.ll, A., A., 1984:
Golden Torch

Balonov, Im, 1980:
Golden algae from reservoirs of the Vologda Region

Meyer, Fg, 1971:
Golden anniversary

Hamrock, J., 1983:
Golden anniversary at Warren Hall Biography of George Frederick Warren, 1874-1938, agricultural economists, Cornell University, United States, New York

Anonymous, 1956:
Golden anniversary bulletin, 1906-1956

Anonymous, 1954:
Golden anniversary goals

Smith, Tm, 1977:
Golden anniversary of Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Anonymous, 1955:
Golden anniversary of the Forest Service

Anonymous, 1954:
Golden anniversary of the Forest Service, 1955

Heinemann, G., 1979:
Golden anniversary of the Orchid Society of South-East Asia

Varkhotov, Tl, 1980:
Golden anniversary of the Soiuzgiprovodkhoz

Anonymous, 1954:
Golden anniversary, 1903-1953

Anonymous, 1941:
Golden anniversary, White river national forest

Sindelar, Ge, 1985:
Golden apple tarnished by imports

Khvanova, D.; Gruncharoc, V., 1981:
Golden apples of Hesperides.

Durrell, Gerald, 1977:
Golden bats and pink pigeons

Silvestri, A., 1980:
Golden beef steak

Chancellor, G., 1980:
Golden calf?

Kruckeberg, Ar, 1980:
Golden chinquapin (Chrysolepis chrysophylla) in Washington State: a species at the northern limit of its range

Kuznetsov, Pa, 1979:
Golden currant

Bartram, R.; Pierson, C.; Olsen, K.; Tukey, R., 1992:
Golden delicious apples for high quality and maximum storage life

Prashar, P., 1972:
Golden delight tomato

Anonymous, 1972:
Golden eagle passport program

Phillips, R.L.; Cummings, J.L.; Notah, G.; Mullis, C., 1996:
Golden eagle predation on domestic calves

Tigner, Jr; Larson, Geo, 1982:
Golden eagles--scavengers and predators on domestic lambs Wyoming

Garrard, J., 1978:
Golden eggs that grow on trees!

Caudwell, A.M.utous, G.B.un, P.L.rrue, J.F.s, A., 1974:
Golden flavescence in Armagnac and Corsica and new prospects to control the vector by winter ovicide treatments

Caudwell, A., 1981:
Golden flavescence of grapes in France

Bagard, M.F.lici, G., 1986:
Golden flavescence, a permanent threat for the Corsican vineyard

Jackson, Tom, 1997:
Golden flaxseed breeding project, phase III

Call, Hughie, 1942:
Golden fleece

Jones, Jl, 1979:
Golden fleece of Englsih Longwools

Cavaliere, C., 2006:
Golden flower of prosperity

Hugo, M., 1970:
Golden fruit preserves

Dyer, Lw, 1985:
Golden glow for produce counter

Varha, E., 1961:
Golden grains

Ponomorenko, M., 2000:
Golden grease: Chinas poultry industry sold on U.S. recycled oils

Wimberley, R., 1991:
Golden half-time highlights from the first century of the rural sociological society

Zim, H.-Spencer; Wartik, H., 1951:
Golden hamsters

Wasel, E., 1984:
Golden hamsters

Brandt, Hp, 1972:
Golden hamsters, guinea pigs and other pets in general practice

King, Jeff, 1992:
Golden harvest agronomics

Widmer, R.; Phillips, R., 1971:
Golden jubilee Minnesotas 50th chrysanthemum

Anonymous, 1960:
Golden jubilee commemorative volume, 1960

Krishnaji, 1980:
Golden jubilee proceedings

Anonymous, 1955:
Golden jubilee souvenir

Croucher, W.J., 1947:
Golden jubilee souvenir of the Awahuri Cooperative Dairy Factory Company, Limited, 1897-1947

Anonymous, 1961:
Golden jubilee souvenir, 1911-1961

Anonymous, 1962:
Golden jubilee souvenir, 1912-1962

Anonymous, 1976:
Golden jubilee souvenir, 1976

Anonymous, 1957:
Golden jubilee souvenir, West Bengal Forest School, 1907-1957

Learmonth, Charles, M., 1959:
Golden jubilee year, 1909-1959

Anonymous, 1950:
Golden jubilee, 1900-1950

Anonymous, 1951:
Golden jubilee, 1901-1951

Grahm, S., 1978:
Golden magic

Hunter,. Jr.;, 1997:
Golden memories--golden opportunities

Jones, R., 1991 :
Golden memories: McLellans entry into the orchid business

Menten, J.; Roston, A., 1980:
Golden mosaic virus and the necessity of regionalization of the bean crop in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Anonymous, 1945:
Golden nematode of potato

Simon, U., 1980:
Golden oat grass and cattle calcinosis

Frier, Mc, 1991:
Golden pink -- a sunrise color for phalaenopsis

Lepp, George, D., 2004:
Golden poppies of California

Ponin, I.; Gladkaia, R.; Timofeev, N., 1978:
Golden potato nematode in Byelorussia

Georgiev, Aleksandr-Vasil'-Evich, 1976:
Golden reserves of Altay

Trifonov, D.I.iev, I., 1976:
Golden resistant

Sucher, Jaime, J., 1995:
Golden retrievers

Sahni, Vm, 1980:
Golden rule to get more from white gold

Anonymous, 1975:
Golden rules for a golden wheat harvest

Anonymous, 2001:
Golden rules on restocking

Osborne, C.A., 2000:
Golden rules to nurture nephrologic logic

Wolf, K., 1981:
Golden shiner virus disease (GSV)

Aquino, Rr, 1990:
Golden snail a major rice pest in the Philippines is a potential feed for laying ducks

Killough, Bb, 1975:
Golden sulphur-- the building block of agriculture and industry

Gavrilova, S., 1980:
Golden team Soviet winners in horse riding in the XXIInd Olympian Games in Moscow.1

Anonymous, 1952:
Golden treasury of chicken cookery

Murphy, D., 1974:
Golden vale dairy equipment development

Kudriashova, Nv, 1976:
Golden vegetable garden in the area around Moscow

Anonymous, 1988:
Golden visions and harsh realities

Mcleish, Todd, 2007:
Golden wings and hairy toes

Zweep, W.Van-Der, 1981:
Golden words and wisdom about weeds, weeds in proverbs, quotations, verse and prose

Anonymous, 1969:
Golden yams add zest and color to your school lunch menus

Shuvakhina, Eia, 1985:
Golden-eyed fly for controlling the Colorado potato beetle

Okuyucu, F.O.uyucu, B., 1982:
Golden-oats--recent scientific results on the calcinosis releasing complex

Lee, Kathryn, 2006:

Phillips, L., 2002:
Goldenrain tree

Ferrazzi, P., 1980:
Goldenrod (Solidago spp., family of Asteraceae)

Hensel, M., 1982:
Goldenrod Solidago species, gardens, Northeast and Central United States

Mccrea, K.; Abrahamson, W.; Weis, A., 1985:
Goldenrod ball gall effects on Solidago altissima: 14C translocation and growth

Wilcox, Ja, 1975:
Goldenrod ball galls: a winter insect study in two parts

Neururer, H.S.angelberger, J., 1978:
Goldenrod once a popular ornamental, but now a troublesome weed in some areas

Holmes, Fo, 1974:
Goldenrods as nectar sources

Bubel, N., 1984:
Goldenrods for the garden?

Foster, Steven, 1991:

Predny, M.L.; Chamberlain, J.L., 2006:
Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis): an annotated bibliography

Ahluwalia, Sadhu-Singh, 1997:
Goldenseal - American gold

Bannerman, Je, 1997:
Goldenseal in world trade: pressures and potentials

Sievers, A.F., 1980:
Goldenseal under cultivation

Yeuan, Yung-Chiang, 1983:

Lam, K.; Lai, L., 2002:
Goldfish (Chin-yu or Kin-yu) culture practice in Hong Kong

Martin, M., 1983:
Goldfish farming. I. USA, history

Martin, M., 1983:
Goldfish farming. II. Industry, outlook, USA

Martin, M., 1983:
Goldfish farming. III. USA

Matsui, Y.; Axelrod, H.-R.K.magai, T.; Betts, L.C.M.tsui, Y., 1991:
Goldfish guide

Smartt, J., 2001:
Goldfish varieties and genetics

Innes, William, T., 1947:
Goldfish varieties and water gardens

Kumar, N.; Jivan, S., 2006:
Goldmann applanation tonometer calibration error checks: current practice in the UK

Jackson, Jf, 1974:
Goldschmidts dilemma resolved: notes on the larval behavior of a new neotropical web-spinning mycetophilid (Diptera)

Karpov, Rv, 1979:
Goldspur and Redspur in the southwestern part of the Ukraine

Ercey, 1975:

Sallee, William, J., 1967:
Golf Becomes the New Crop

Lewis, J.; Gaussoin, R.; Shearman, R.; Giesler, L., 2007:
Golf Course Putting Green Rootzone and Establishment Effects on Pythium Foliar Blight on Creeping Bentgrass

Grau, F., V.; Noer, O., 1948:
Golf Is Played on Grass

Piccarolo, P., 2007:
Golf and its courses

Kovacs, A., 1972:
Golf and ornamental grasses; how to protect them from diseases and animal parasites

Hemstock, Dk, 1996:
Golf and the agricultural engineer

Mackay, J., 2006:
Golf and the environment around the World

Keyser, F.Jr, 1995:
Golf and the larger environment

Croce, P.D.-Luca, A., 1998:
Golf and turfgrass management in Italy

Danneberger, K.M.rrow, J., 1995:
Golf ball roll as influenced by soft spike and traditional metal spike golf shoes

Fechner, G.; Leo, J., 1980:
Golf cart tally board

Schwartzkopf, Ch, 1979:
Golf course aviary and animal problems

Shirahama, E.K.yozuka, M., 1994:
Golf course construction plans and water quality preservation

Miller, Le, 1989:
Golf course construction: a rip-off in the making?

Buchen, T., 1993:
Golf course construction: grow-in philosophies

Graves, Rm, 1979:
Golf course design for the use of effluent water

Saarela, En, 1998:
Golf course development

Warnken, J.; Thompson, D.; Zakus, D.H., 2001:
Golf course development in a major tourist destination: implications for planning and management

Campbell, P., 1993:
Golf course development--from conception to construction

Black, Ch, 1979:
Golf course irrigation design for wastewater application

Gross, Pj, 2007:
Golf course maintenance and athe ADA

Radko, Am, 1978:
Golf course maintenance and management the USGAs role

Balogh, J.-C.W.lker, W., J., 1992:
Golf course management & construction

Cadenelli, Sg, 1992:
Golf course management standards and practices for a fragile environment

Moncrief, Jb, 1980:
Golf course observations from South America

Wilkinson, Jf, 1990:
Golf course permits and management plans--a preview of the future?

Dodson, R., 1997:
Golf course real estate for wildlife: a nest box program on your course can have many benefits for wildlife and golfers

Latham, Jm, 1986:
Golf course safety--pay attention now or pay (and pay) later

Devitt, D.; Morris, R.; Kopec, D.H.nry, M., 2004:
Golf course superintendents attitudes and perceptions toward using reuse water for irrigation in the southwestern United States

Lilly, S.; Skiera, J., 1999:
Golf course tree management

Stone, Hm, 1994:
Golf course tree work: getting into the swing

Stone, Hm, 1996:
Golf course trees: getting into the swing

Baker, B., 1997:
Golf course trees: trees for tees!

Quast,, W., 2004:
Golf course turf management

Sadlon, Np, 1992:
Golf course winter projects

Sutton, Martin-Audley-Foquett, 1950:
Golf courses

Gordon, D.J.nes, S.; Phillips, G., 2004:
Golf courses and bird communities in the South Atlantic Coastal Plain

Wogan, Pa, 1980:
Golf courses and the environment

Foy, Jh, 1989:
Golf courses and the environment: whats the future?

Horsley, Sw, 1996:
Golf courses and water quality--the track record

Smith, M.; Conway, C., 2005:
Golf courses help save burrowing owls

Moncrief, Jb, 1974:
Golf courses in Argentina

Hannigan, F., 1983:
Golf courses of the future

Liskey, E., 1998:
Golf courses reclaim lost land

Anonymous, 1993:
Golf courses stress conservation

Harivandi, Ma, 1999:
Golf green construction a review of the UC method

Broadway, R., 1992:
Golf green goosegrass

Spomer, La, 1976:
Golf green soil amendment: controlling soil water and aeration

Mcnitt, A.S., 1994:
Golf green topdressing

Gilhuly, Lw, 1988:
Golf house management philosophy--its a matter of quality

Wood, Gm, 1970:
Golf in your own backyard

Zontek, Sj, 1981:
Golf path curbing

Bengeyield, Wh, 1985:
Golf shoes and turf wear--a story that wont go away

Erusha, K.; Nelson, M.W.enecke, D., 2005:
Golfs environmental message: old news or new?

Briassoulis, H., 2007:
Golf-centered development in coastal Mediterranean Europe: a soft sustainability test

Anonymous, 1997:
Golf-course development

Fream, Rw, 1997:
Golf-course trees: The frame around the picture

Woods, Md, 2000:
Golf: positive economic impacts for local economies

Skorulski, J., 1999:
Golfers role in maintenance

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Golgi GDP-fucose Transporter-deficient Mice Mimic Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation IIc

Langhans, M.; Hawes, C.; Hillmer, S.; Hummel, E.; Robinson, D.G., 2007:
Golgi regeneration after brefeldin A treatment in BY-2 cells entails stack enlargement and cisternal growth followed by division

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Golgi activities and origin of vacuoles in protophloem-sieve-cells of barley root (Hordeum sativum, Graminaceae)

Buvat, R., 1977:
Golgi and lytic origin of vacuoles in root meristematic cells of barley (Hordeum sativum)

Reinertsen, H., 1974:
Golgi apparatus

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Golgi apparatus and plasma membrane involvement in secretion and cell surface deposition, with special emphasis on cellulose biogenesis

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Golgi apparatus and slime secretion in plants: the early implications and recent models of membrane traffic

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Golgi apparatus in normal cells and protoplasts of Schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Golgi apparatus in the cells of olfactory epithelium and olfactory glands in hen

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Golgi apparatus in the life of a

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Golgi apparatus secretion of vacuolar substances in maize root cells

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Golgi apparatus--structure and function

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Golgi atlas of the postnatal mouse brain

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Golgi body function and mucocomplex secretion in the Malpighian tubules of cercopoid larvae (insecta: Homoptera)

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Golgi cisternae in Saccharomyces protoplasts

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Golgi complex beads in vertebrates and their relationship with clathrin coats Calpodes ethlius (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)

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Golgi complex disassembly caused by light-activated calphostin C involves MAPK and PKA

Locke, M.; Huie, P., 1975:
Golgi complex--endoplasmic reticulum transition region has rings of beads

Lebrasseur, Nicole, 2007:
Golgi helps shape dendrites

Devasahayam, G.; Burke, D.J.; Sturgill, T.W., 2007:
Golgi manganese transport is required for rapamycin signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wool, S.; Polatnick, J., 1983:
Golgi processed foot-and-mouth disease virus proteins

Ribi, W.A., 1975:
Golgi studies of the first optic ganglion of the ant, Cataglyphis bicolor

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Golgi studies on insects. I. The optic lobes of Lepidoptera

Hawkins, E.K., 1974:
Golgi vesicles of uncommon morphology and wall formation in the red alga, Polysiphonia

Pimpl, P.; Taylor, J.Philip.; Snowden, C.; Hillmer, S.; Robinson, D.G.; Denecke, J., 2005:
Golgi-mediated vacuolar sorting of the endoplasmic reticulum chaperone BiP may play an active role in quality control within the secretory pathway

Gusarova, V.; Seo, J.; Sullivan, M.L.; Watkins, S.C.; Brodsky, J.L.; Fisher, E.A., 2007:
Golgi-associated maturation of very low density lipoproteins involves conformational changes in apolipoprotein B, but is not dependent on apolipoprotein E

Park, J.; Oufattole, M.R.gers, J., 2007:
Golgi-mediated vacuolar sorting in plant cells: RMR proteins are sorting receptors for the protein aggregation

Craig, S.G.odchild, D., 1984:
Golgi-mediated vicilin accumulation in pea cotyledon cells is re-directed by monensin and nigericin

Landre, P., 1970:
Golgian activity in liasion with that of plasma-lemma in the stomatic cells of mustard (Sinapis alba L.) in the ostiole formation

Vojnits, A., 1971:
Goliathus cacicus Voet ab. im

Endrodi, S., 1977:
Goliathus goliathus ab. nadolskii ab. n

Endrodi, S., 1975:
Goliathus regius forms from the collection of Dr. J. Erdos

Anonymous, 1945:
Gollans Indian vegetable garden

Ignataviciute, Milda-Irena, 1975:
Golovnevye griby Pribaltiki

Holma, G., 1977:
Goltix a new weed control method for sugarbeets

Wallberg, Karin, 1978:
Golv i djurstallar

Jonsson, Rebecka, 1998:
Golv i haststallar

Nimmermark, Sven, 1995:
Golvvarmens forutsattningar och utformning i svinstallar

Hedstreom, Ragnar, 1990:
Golvvearme i slaktkycklingsstaller

Klitzke, A.E.telgorge, A.S.hulz, S.H.ckbarth, W., 1974:

Namiki, Mitsuo, 1998:

Rangel, Josae-Luiz, 1943:
Goma de angico

Rosenthal, Feiga-Rebeca-Tiomno, 1950:
Goma de baraauna

Rosenthal, Feiga-Rebeca-Tiomno, 1951:
Goma de cajueiro

Nikitin, Sergei-Aleksandrovich, 1998:
Gomeopaticheskoe lechenie domashnikh zhivotnykh

Clews, W., 1975:
Gomer bull management and experiences

Pool, S.; Loyacano, A.; Goodeaux, S.; Godke, R., 1978:
Gomer bulls versus steroid treated steers and heifers as heat checkers

Mesa, F., 1978:
Gomesa crispa: a fragrant orchid

Teuscher, H., 1975:
Gomesa recurva and Gomesa crispa

Barbosa, F.M.; Daffre, S.; Maldonado, R.A.; Miranda, A.; Nimrichter, L.; Rodrigues, M.L., 2007:
Gomesin, a peptide produced by the spider Acanthoscurria gomesiana, is a potent anticryptococcal agent that acts in synergism with fluconazole

Purvis, D.J.; Ramirez, A.; Roberts, N.; Harper, J.I., 2007:
Gomez-Lopez-Hernandez syndrome: another consideration in focal congenital alopecia

Nevling, Li, 1973:
Gomez-Pompa, a of Veracruz program

Zago, Cp, 1982:
Gomide, J.A

Vorísek, J.; Schwencke, J., 1984:
Gomori staining of cellular phosphates in yeasts--interference of (poly) phosphatases

Vasquez, L.; Whitmore, H.; Brodie, B.; Kesler, D.; Brown, M., 1984:
Gomparison of GnRH treatment and manual rupture of ovarian cysts in dairy cattle

Osterwalder, Rudolf, 2007:
Gomphiden-Exuvienfunde an renaturierten Uferabschnitten und neu angelegten Seitenarmen zweier Schweizer Flusse (Odonata : Gomphidae)

Froidevaux, L.A.iet, R., 1974:
Gomphidius glutinosus a powerful antagonist of Fomes annosus in pure culture

Pilat, A., 1971:
Gomphidius helbeticus Sing. in Vzechoslovakia

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Gomphonitzschia chinensis (Bacillariophyta, Nitzschiaceae) in the Colombian Pacific Algae, description, geographic distribution.1

Walker, Jc, 2005:
Gomphus fraternus (Odonata: Gomphidae) a new Missouri state record

Minatoya, Shukusaburao, 1951:
Gomu genryao to yakuhin no chishiki

Anonymous, 2005:
GonaCon--birth control for deer

Khalil, G.M., 1972:
Gonad development in the parthenogenetic Haemaphysalis (Kaiseriana) longicornis Neumann (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

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Gonad differentiation and body growth in Anguilla anguilla L

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Gonad differentiations: histocompatibility-Y-chromosome-antigens significance for development of testicles

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Gonad evaluation in male systemic lupus erythematosus

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Gonad index variations in the mangrove oyster Crassostrea rhizopphorae Guilding

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Gonad morphology, oocyte development and spawning cycle of the calanoid copepod Acartia clausi

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Gonad transplantation for sterility overcoming in intergeneric hybrids of musk (Cairina moschata L.) and domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domestica

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Gonadal anomalies in Fasciola gigantica Cobbold, 1855 (Trematoda: Digenea)

Alvendida-Casauay, A.C.rino, V., 1981:
Gonadal development and sex differentiation of Tilapia nilotica Linnaeus Aquacultural species

Colombo, R.; Garvey, J.; Wills, P., 2007:
Gonadal development and sex-specific demographics of the shovelnose sturgeon in the Middle Mississippi River

Chiasson, M.; Benfey, T.J., 2007:
Gonadal differentiation and hormonal sex reversal in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Wood, A.; Blockey, M.-De-B.R.ynolds, K.; Leith, I.; Burns, P., 1974:
Gonadal dosage in radiography of the coxofemoral joint of the bull

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Gonadal dysfunction in the spontaneously diabetic BB rat: alterations of testes morphology, serum testosterone and LH

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Gonadal endocrine function in male silver foxes with different hereditary determined forms of defensive behavior

Alvarez-Buylla, R.D.leon, I.A.varez-Buylla, E.-De, 1972:
Gonadal function in hypophysectomized dogs with glandular transplants in the sella turcica

Silva, C.A.A.; Brunner, H.I., 2007:
Gonadal functioning and preservation of reproductive fitness with juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus

Nath, K.; Kumar, N., 1990:
Gonadal histopathology following nickel intoxication in the giant gaurami Colisa fasciatus (Bloch and Schneider), a freshwater tropical perch

Clegg, D.J.; Brown, L.M.; Woods, S.C.; Benoit, S.C., 2007:
Gonadal hormones determine sensitivity to central leptin and insulin (vol 55, pg 978, 2006)

Shook, T.; Lokai, M.; Buergelt, C.; Kiehl, A., 1990:
Gonadal intersex in a mare

Byskov, Ag, 1981:
Gonadal sex and germ cell differentiation

Huddleston, G.G.; Song, C.Kay.; Paisley, J.C.; Bartness, T.J.; Clancy, A.N., 2007:
Gonadal steroid receptors colocalize with central nervous system neurons projecting to the rat prostate gland

Colombo, L.B.lvedere, P.; Arcarese, G., 1979:
Gonadal steroidogenesis and gametogenesis in teleost fishes--a study on the sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax L

Santos, E.M.; Paull, G.C.; Van Look, K.J.W.; Workman, V.L.; Holt, W.V.; van Aerle, R.; Kille, P.; Tyler, C.R., 2007:
Gonadal transcriptome responses and physiological consequences of exposure to oestrogen in breeding zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Backus, R.C.; Cave, N.J.; Keisler, D.H., 2007:
Gonadectomy and high dietary fat but not high dietary carbohydrate induce gains in body weight and fat of domestic cats

Cooper, C.; Cooper, M.; Carter, J.; Russell, P., 2007:
Gonadoblastoma progressing to dysgerminoma in a 55-year-old woman with normal karyotype

Ivanov, A.; Sakharova, N., 1988:
Gonadosomatic mosaicism for lethal mutations in Drosophila lethal mutations disturbing larval development

Porte, Edouard, 1950:
Gonadotrope hormones of serum origin and sterility in the dairy cow

Melin, P., 1971:
Gonadotrophic activity in the pituitary and urine of the male rabbit after oxytocin treatment

Vandeplassche, M., 1979:
Gonadotrophic releasing hormones in veterinary medicine

Meijs-Roelofs, H.M.; Uilenbroek, J.T.; D.G.eef, W.J.;, F.H.; Kramer, P., 1975:
Gonadotrophin and steroid levels around the time of first ovulation in the rat

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Gonadotrophin releasing hormone in the treatment of anoestrous buffalo cows and heifers

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Gonadotropnyaei gormon ryb

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Gone are groves elysian

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Gone astray

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Gone but not forgotten

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Gone to seed

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Gone way down

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Gone with the Wnt

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Gonzales v. Carhart

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Goochland County, Virginia

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Good (for you) to the last drop!

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Good Agricultural Practises (GAP) and greenhouse crops

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Good COP, bad COP: an unsolved murder. Are dietary cholesterol oxidation products guilty of atherogenicity?

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Good Creek resource management project

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Good DNA from bat droppings

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Good Earth guide to Ohios certified organic farms & gardens

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Good Farming Helps Control Insects

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Good Finnish research findings in ensilage with peat gas and formalin

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Good Fortune

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Good German traditions overseas, a danger for German wine export?

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Good Housekeeping cook book

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Good Housekeeping eating for a healthy heart

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Good Laboratory (field) practices symposium: consultants perspective

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Good Life Gardeners help save wilting tomatoes, et cetera

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Good MRI images: to Gad or not to Gad?

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Good Manners in the Outdoors

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Good Samaritan laws and veterinarians

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Good Seed - a requisite

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Good Service

Six, L., 1978:
Good advice is not always asked for

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Good agricultural equipment transactions also in Scandinavia

Gardiner, M.; Radford, T., 1980:
Good agricultural land occupies about half of the country

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Good agricultural practice (GAP) for medicinal and aromatic plant production

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Good agricultural practice in use of plant protection products on apple

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Good agricultural practices are indispensable

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Good agricultural practices: methods to minimize microbial risk

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Good analytical practice in pesticide resudie analysis using gas liquid chromatography

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Good and bad aspects of PMMA sheets used for insulation

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Good and bad aspects of egg purchasing in 1974

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Good and bad effects of Escherichia coli

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Good and bad news of the long-term care crisis

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Good and bad points of poultry raising by teams of farmers

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Good and bad uses of these compounds by humans

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Good and inexpenive trench silos

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Good animal husbandry practice and residues in the United States

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Good appearance and a nice label make good wine even better Yugoslavia.1

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Good appetite gene manipulation, agrobusiness and food quality

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Good apprehension of the sheep parasitosis chain

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Good arguments ecological agriculture

Anonymous, 1980:
Good as goaled

Haynes, M., 1993:
Good as gold using CIMIS to conserve water

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Good automatic pans--instrument or pan design?

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Good background for the yields has been established

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Good balance between production and consumption

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Good balance in the poultry industry in 1978

Kagias, A., 1973:
Good beehives result in large

Crow, J., 1976:
Good beet drilling

Luers, H., 1976:
Good beet harvesting

Anonymous, 1980:
Good beginnings for having a healthy baby

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Good bonding for low-energy HT-CTMP by press drying

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Good books abound in the veterinary profession

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Good books in a country home

Arthus-Bertrand, Yann, 1999:
Good breeding

Philippot, P., 1971:
Good breeding results in France

Anonymous, 1953:
Good breeding show

Erb, C., 1988:
Good breeding: MSU scientists use everything from Mendels laws of genetics to micropropagation techniques to breed better plants and animals

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Good broiler management pays

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Good bugs for your garden

Eller, A.Jr, 1974:
Good bulls deserve a test

Holtmeier, Hj, 1979:
Good butter--with conscience. The nutritional value of butter

Srivastava, J.; Singh, T., 1973:
Good buys in wheat

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Good bye, white fly

Leadley, S., 2007:
Good calf growth in cold weather

Srinivasan, Vm, 1973:
Good calf rearing

Wetzke, 1973:
Good calf rearing results of industrial dairy units in Dresden County

Wetzke, 1973:
Good calf rearing results of industry-like dairy units in Dresden county

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Good carbs, bad carbs

Scholz, B., 1979:
Good care makes the harvest easier

Scholz, B., 1979:
Good care makes the harvest easy

Velchev, M., 1975:
Good care of almond trees

Nakonechnaia, Z.U.tila, I.V.onskikh, M.K.basov, P., 1976:
Good care of winter crops

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Good care, high yields

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Good cattle handling facilities--less stress on man and beast alike

Grandin, T., 1980:
Good cattle-restraining good equipment is essential

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Good Cell Culture Practice. ECVAM Good Cell Culture Practice Task Force Report 1

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Good cereal seed for sowing

Strangh, L., 1971:
Good chance for balanced market in timber exports

Delaney, Sf, 1989:
Good chance to ring up U.S. sales in Taiwan supermarket boom

Heymer, K., 1973:
Good chances for the Red Pied cattle breeder

Agronovich, L.; Lipin, V., 1978:
Good changes

Heath, Ambrose, 1943:
Good cheese dishes

Grupp, G., 1971:
Good chemistry from sociological sight

Thompson, Er, 1970:
Good cherries are more than in the picking

Moritz, N., 1987:
Good child care available only for upper-income families

Roth, E.; Streicher, S., 1989:
Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol

Mestrich, Kr, 1991:
Good clean jobs, good clean products, and a good clean earth

Crimmins, Mary-Beth, 1976:
Good clients make good suppliers

Bertone, Jj, 1997:
Good clinical practice and compounded drugs

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Good clinical research practice in pharmacodynamic studies of neuromuscular blocking agents II: the Stockholm revision

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Good clinical response, remission, and predictors of remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha blockers (vol 34, pg 1670, 2007)

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Good clinical response, remission, and predictors of remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha blockers: the GISEA study

Carson, P.A.D.nt, N.J., 2007:
Good clinical, laboratory and manufacturing practices

Johansson, G., 1972:
Good clover management is a reward in itself

Heath, Ambrose, 1946:
Good cold dishes

Parra-Blanco, A.; Quintero, E.; Jiménez, A., 2007:
Good colon preparation guarantees a higher diagnostic yield of colonoscopy-timing is most crucial

Vossen, P., 1997:
Good color adds value to apples

Reinprecht, 1978:
Good combs, the most imortant operational tool of every apiary

Reinprecht, 1978:
Good combs, the most important tool of every apiary

Tomplins, R., 1998:
Good communication

Conway, J., 1992:
Good communication leads to effective business plans

Flowerdew, Bob, 1991:
Good companions

Ingwersen, W., 1974:
Good companions in the garden

Sheiko, Ie, 1977:
Good condition of machinery a guarantee of labor safety

Manchester, A., 1976:
Good conformation is essential

Delorme, R., 1979:
Good consumption equals good publicity

Jary, Sidney-George, 1948:
Good control of insect pests

Mitchener, F.Jr, 1982:
Good control, lower rates

Anonymous, 1947:
Good cooks, good eating

Cedra, C., 1979:
Good cooling of motors

Pohl, W.B.lke, M., 1982:
Good cooperation between animal and crop production, a key to success Forage crops.1

Olschewski, H.S.einerstauch, M.V.gler,, G., 1977:
Good cooperation between crop production and animal farming a prerequisite for effective pasture management

Nikolov, S., 1980:
Good coordination with minimum p

Yamamoto, K.; Miyata, T.; Nagawa, H., 2007:
Good correlation between cerebral oxygenation measured using near infrared spectroscopy and stump pressure during carotid clamping

How, Ruth-Winifred, 1949:
Good country days

Sun, H., 1987:
Good crops from salty soils

Kurtzig, M., 1978:
Good crops help keep Turkeys wheat exports moving briskly

Mitchell, Ja, 1981:
Good cultural practices vital for turfgrass

Hurley, J.L.ebman, B., 2006:
Good cup, bad cup: how to survive in latte land

Anonymous, 1940:
Good dairying requires good replacements

Freitas, S., 1980:
Good dealings in large-scale fruit production

Chambrae, Susan-Maizel, 1987:
Good deeds in old age

Anonymous, 1976:
Good demand for Norwegian wool

Levine, Tm, 1991:
Good developers and great developers: whats the difference?

Anonymous, 1990:
Good developmental practices for small scale field research with genetically modified plants and microorganisms

Heath, Ambrose, 1944:
Good dishes from tinned foods

Reilly, A., 1984:
Good displays sell garden center products

Bray, J.; Brack, L., 1991:
Good dog

Clark, Srl, 1986:
Good dogs and other animals

Gordon, B., 1987:
Good drainage

Martindale, Wl, 1975:
Good drainage is essential

Kerr, Jam, 1975:
Good drainage means higher production

Riemann, At, 1975:
Good drinking water is conditional for livestock production

Weizseacker, Ernst, U.Von, 1989:
Good drinking water-- how to protect it?

Britt, Jh, 1978:
Good dry cow and calving care helps get them bred

Jarrett, Ja, 1977:
Good dry cow care can limit retained placentas

Jarrett, Ja, 1979:
Good dry cow program cleared up sterility problem

Anonymous, 1953:
Good earth

Anonymous, 1986:
Good eaters, not tiny tyrants

Anonymous, 1986:
Good eaters--not tiny tyrants: feeding children ages 3-5

Anonymous, 1981:
Good eatin

Anonymous, 1981:
Good eating can be habit forming

White, Lynn-Jacobson, 1986:
Good eating for breastfeeding moms

Anonymous, 1984:
Good eating for the pregnant teen

Anonymous, 1982 :
Good eating for the young child

Anonymous, 1973:
Good eating habits

Stotts, D.F.atlie, K., 1994:
Good eating habits may help lower risk of disorders in elderly

Graham, J., 1969:
Good eating; shopping at the grocery store, take your list and buy no more!

Broadway, R., 1989:
Good economics, good milk from Megalac

Elze, K., 1983:
Good economy of treatment of calves for diarrhea

Lange, M.; Lange, B., 1978:
Good edible mushrooms

Kuma, A.; Hatano, M.; Matsui, M.; Yamamoto, A.; Nakaya, H.; Yoshimori, T.; Ohsumi, Y.; Tokuhisa, T.; Mizushima, N., 2004:
Good eggs

Winfield, Ralph, G., 1986:
Good energy management in farm livestock buildings

Kas'-Ianov, B., 1975:
Good engineering projects for inter-collective farm factories for the production of mixed feeds

Anonymous, 1991:
Good enough isnt good enough

Oldfield, B.; Mcfarlane, D., 1990 :
Good enough to eat

Asao, W., 1972:
Good environment for the raisin

Maton, A., 1984:
Good environments for cows

Gamroth, M., 1983:
Good equipment checks mean larger milk checks

Otnes, G., 1974:
Good equipment is half the job

Yungwirth, Jj, 2005:
Good estate planning will work to protect your assets--but avoid band-aid approaches

Bulgarelli, W., 1969:
Good examples coming from Spain

Hanssen, Or, 1976:
Good expectations for poultry production in the last part of 1976

Zupp, W.N.umann, W.C.nditt, C.L.eck, G., 1978:
Good experience with early breeding use of beef heifers kept under combined system of loose housing and grazing

Miettinen, P., 1971:
Good export prospects for lumber

Dobbins, C.Jr, 1984:
Good facilities = easy handling

Doss, B.; Turner, J.; Evans, C., 1979:
Good fall tomatoes with trickle irrigation

Campbell, A.C., 1946:
Good farm accounting

Oldershaw, Albert-William, 1944:
Good farm crops

Sperbeck, Jm, 1974:
Good farm land: under threat

Anonymous, 1940:
Good farm practices are bringing new independence to thousands of southern farm families

Fletcher, Donald, V., 1946:
Good farm workmanship, or, A description of the principal and various operations carried out by skilled workmen on and about the farm

Wilken, Gene, C., 1987:
Good farmers

Anonymous, 1966:
Good farming

Worster, D., 1984:
Good farming and the public good

Hine, Howard-Jordan, 1948:
Good farming by machine

Country-Gentleman, 1950:
Good farming for good living

Fishwick, Victor-Charles, 1949:
Good farming in action

Anonymous, 1992:
Good farming in karst country

Fry, Jj, 2003:
Good farming--clear thinking--right living: midwestern farm newspapers, social reform, and rural readers in the early twentieth century

Wood, M., 1992:
Good fats dont diminish good cholesterol

Schiller, R.F.itz, J.K.ppler, J.R.ppert, P., 1976:
Good feed economy by the complex application of the feed evaluation system of the German Democratic Republic

Giesler, Fj, 1973:
Good feed mixing systems can boost pork profit

Borgioli, E., 1970:
Good feeding and spending less

Boni, E., 1971:
Good feeding at the basis of raising beef cattle

Hartman, J., 1977:
Good fences=good neighbors

Krishnamurthy, S., 1973:
Good fertility for high profits in pig industry

Wulf, 1970:
Good fertility results do not come by themselves

Crawford, Dj, 1974:
Good fill control program can help dairies cut product loss at the filler

Aprill, Dennis, 1990:
Good fishing in the Adirondacks

Capossela, Jim, 1992:
Good fishing in the Catskills

Christensen, Cm, 1975:
Good fly control requires a complete program

Saltman, Rl, 1989:
Good fly controls starts with a program

Hawes, C.; Edwards, P.; Gammans, J., 1985:
Good food

Anonymous, 2003:
Good food & play

Anonymous, 1981:
Good food and fitness

Amidon, E.-Phyllis; Bradbury, D.-Edith; Drenckhahn, V., V., 1946:
Good food and nutrition for young people and their families

Anonymous, 1984:
Good food becomes you

Janowitz, Henry, D., 1997:
Good food for bad stomachs

Heath, Ambrose, 1944:
Good food for children

Sigel, Eleanor-Record, 1951:
Good food for diabetics

Anonymous, 1983:
Good food for good sports

Mikel, Wb, 1990:
Good food for groups

Pizzo, Peggy-Daly, 1975:
Good food for my baby

Edmonds, Arline, 1985:
Good food for pre-schoolers

Logsdon, G., 1979:
Good food for your animals

Wright, Steve, 1989:
Good food from the good earth

Anonymous, 1988:
Good food habits

Anonymous, 1990:
Good food ideas with Kraft Miracle Whip

Goldman, Mc, 1977:
Good food in a nutshell

Anonymous, 1982:
Good food is fun!

Lara-Braud, Dorothy, 1980:
Good food kids love

Anonymous, 1986:
Good food magazine

Struempler, Bj, 1990:
Good food on a budget in leisure years

Emrich, N.E.; Vicosa, A.L.; Cruz, A.G. da, 2006:
Good food production practices for hospital kitchens. A comparative study

Hodgson, Tony, 2006:
Good food stories

Heath, Ambrose, 1940:
Good food without meat

Vaughn, Margaret-Britton, 1951:
Good food without salt

Catakis, Amelia, 1986:
Good food, better nutrition, best health

Anonymous, 1978:
Good food, gift of German cooking

Anonymous, 2006:
Good food, good business

Struempler, B.; Sealey-Potts, C., 1995:
Good food, good health

Hills, Hilda-Cherry, 1980:
Good food, milk free, grain free

Anonymous, 2000:
Good food, safe work

Atkinson, De, 1969:
Good food; good teeth

Anonymous, 1969:
Good foods coloring book.

Kalva, Va, 1980:
Good for composition Arrangement of ornamentals, pot cultivation.1

Burns, Marilyn, 1978:
Good for me, all about food in 32 bites

Voigtlander, G.K.hbauch, W., 1977:
Good for meadows, bad for pastures

Chismark, Judy, 1989:
Good for you handbook

Evers, Connie-Liakos, 2006:
Good for you!

Schmidt, L.W.issbach, F., 1982:
Good forage straw also during bad harvesting weather, with the use of chemical preservation and treatment of moist straw with urea Ruminants.1

Peyraud, Jc, 1983:
Good forages, sufficient, well used lowers milk production cost

Zeide, Boris, 2000:
Good forestry at a glance

Komov, V., 1960:
Good fortune -- in difficult ways

Howland, Je, 1982:
Good fortune! Opportunities that can shape your future

Cretti, Luciano, 1979:
Good fruit how to recognize it and grow it

Dinkler, P., 1995:
Good fruit quality means more market opportunity for coastal lemons

Ch*-Degrees-*iu, Shih, 1957:
Good fruits of Lingnan

Montenegro-Sierra, F., 1976:
Good future for citrus

Amin, H.; Telang, B.; Singh, J., 1976:
Good future for date-palm cultivation in Gujarat

Anonymous, 1983:
Good gang management: the key to lower harvesting costs

Anonymous, 2005:
Good gardening

Blucher, J., 1979:
Good gardening begins with good soil

Browne, Joy, 1993:
Good gardening with the New Zealand Consumers Institute

Anonymous, 1995:
Good gardens

Tuttle, Ap, 1975:
Good gardens are no accidents

Ferrere, P., 1980:
Good global results of foreign agricultural and food trade in 1979

Durgaprasad, P.; Sivaram, P., 2007:
Good governance and HRD: case studies of user managed safe drinking water and health projects in India

Grover, Richard, 2007:
Good governance in land tenure and administration

Missiaen, Mb, 1970:
Good grain crops hold promise for North Africa

Mckenzie, Ba, 1971:
Good grain storage--more gains

Kurata, Masujirao, 1958:
Good grass and good trees for livestock

Robinson, Douglas-Hepworth, 1947:
Good grassland

Nowotny, P., 1971:
Good grassland equipment is necessary

Anonymous, 1958:
Good grassland management

Hoveland, C.; Haaland, R.; Harris, R.; Webster, W.; Calvert, V.I., 1981:
Good grazing gains on orchardgrass--ladino clover

Booher, Dianna-Daniels, 1988:
Good grief, good grammar

Bavier, M., 1975:
Good grooming is good spending

Kilvert, Bc, 1972:
Good ground covers you may not know

Kemmerer, H., 1977:
Good groundskeeping

Duram, Leslie, A., 2005:
Good growing

Klett, Je, 1983:
Good growth follows proper propagation and pruning Bare-root shade trees

Tsukada, O.K.wahara, T.T.kada, H., 1974:
Good growth of Chlorella saccharophila, on the basis of dry weight, under NaCl hypertonic condition

Skolmowski, J., 2005:
Good guidance

Anonymous, 1988:
Good guidance gladly given to small and minority-owned firms

Blanchard-Chess, B., 1992:
Good guy insects are beneficial to growers

Cunha, Tj, 1974:
Good handling to avoid disease problems

Adams, J., 2011:
Good hands

Elema, Hm, 1971:
Good harvest from grain corn

Bentley, Og, 1952:
Good hay for steers can save you money

Anonymous, 1968:
Good health and you; 4-H beginner health

Halstead, S.-B.W.lsh, J.-A.W.rren, K., S., 1985:
Good health at low cost

Anonymous, 1979:
Good health eating guide

Dixon, B.-M.W.lson, J., 1994:
Good health for African Americans

Anonymous, 1975:
Good health for happy living

Anonymous, 1995:
Good health manual

Dudley, Nigel, 1991:
Good health on a polluted planet

Callow, Annie-Barbara, 1941 :
Good health on war-time food

Jacobs, M., 1978:
Good health to the dipterocarps: the Paris round table conference

Anonymous, 1946:
Good health to the garden

Zin, Juan, 1946:
Good health using medicinal plants

Buckham, A., 1972:
Good health, high output--the breeders aims

Oleskie, E.; Wright, F., 1978:
Good heat detection still is the key

Anonymous, 1978:
Good home cooking guide to cooking with additive free foods

De-Selincourt, K., 1992:
Good hope for Capes endangered medicinal plants

Iliff, Elizabeth, 2005:
Good horsekeeping

Oden, Ld, 2004:
Good horsemanship is built on solid basics--so is good business!

Anonymous, 1978:
Good housekeeping prevents accidents

Baulu, Roger, 1978:
Good hunting

Green, Roy-Monroe, 1948:
Good hunting, good eating

Thomas, Tm, 1978:
Good husbandry is the key to better cereal yields

Mcdowell, J., 1973:
Good husbandry--the art of the feasible a pragmatic approach to agricultural innovation

Hubble, I.B.tchelor, B., 1974:
Good hygiene low thermodurics

Eng, K., 1994:
Good implant program improves performance of spayed heifers

Flanagan, S., 1980:
Good income from a well managed sheep

Zwetsloot, Cas, 1975:
Good income potential raising sheep

Anonymous, 1986:
Good indications that worsted card speeds may be raised

Ensor, Ce, 1972:
Good industry creates good health and wholesome meat

Lime, D.; Lucas, R., 1977:
Good information improves the wilderness experience

Fleury, Jm, 1979:
Good insects up Filipino farmers yields

Lafon, P.A.ix, G., 1974:
Good insulation always pays

Delannoy, R., 1976:
Good insulation makes the quality of the building

Allen, B.; Grudens-Schuck, N.L.rson, K., 2004:
Good intentions, muddled methods: focus on focus groups

Shor, Al, 1981:
Good intentions: the effect of drug regulations on the poultry industry

Anonymous, 1997:
Good investment in good health

Goodwin, Jc, 1973:
Good irrigation management saves rice farm water, money

Clark, Dd, 1972:
Good labor--the most needed thing in agriculture

Carson, P.A.D.nt, N.J., 1990:
Good laboratory and clinical practices

Shillam, Kwg, 1986:
Good laboratory practice REGULATIONS: the first two years

Weinberg, Sandy, 1995:
Good laboratory practice regulations

Busey, W.; Runge, P., 1992:
Good laboratory practice regulations: the need for compliance

Garner, W.-Y.B.rge, M.-S.U.sary, J., P., 1992:
Good laboratory practice standards

Garner, W.-Y.B.rge, M., 1988:
Good laboratory practices

Jones, L.; Thornton, L.-K.L.gan, S., 1991:
Good laboratory practices manual

Bair, Bruce, 1997:
Good land

Barr, N., 1982:
Good land for cows and trees Feeding, grazing, South Island, New Zealand

Hewitt, Edward, R., 1951:
Good land from poor soil

Schuster, H.P.ul, P., 1987:
Good land management cleans up lake

Thompson, S., 1976:
Good leafspot control pays

Anonymous, 1970:
Good learning, good eating, good appetite

Bembridge, Tj, 1971:
Good levels of beef production from Baikiaea other species woodland on Kalahari sand

Anonymous, 1988:
Good lighting can enhance your produce

Munchenberg, F., 1971:
Good lighting for farmhouse and stable

Borzilleri, Gr, 1969:
Good lighting is good business

Anonymous, 1977:
Good livestock prices boost Japanese meat output

Davis, Helen-Sarchet, 1952:
Good livin

French, G., 1996:
Good logging horses are born and made

Witter, Cj, 1974:
Good logging roads do make a difference

Anderson, Lj, 1988:
Good looks for girls

Anonymous, 1974:
Good loser

Wolfram, Richard, 1984:
Good luck signs in field cultivation and bread baking

Shelopaev, G.; Raspopin, V., 1970:
Good maintenance for forest roads

Antonescu, C., 1980:
Good maintenance of apicultural equipment, a considerable reserve for reducing prices of honeybee products and increasing beekeeping efficiency

Sams, T., 1982:
Good maintenance of buildings and machines important in times of crisis Statistics, Denmark.1

Reueziecka, Jinderich, 1956:
Good maintenance, conservation, and storage of agricultural machinery

Alliston, J., 1975:
Good management at mating

Mceachern, G.; Stein, L., 1986:
Good management begins prior to tree planting

Dolan, L., 1978:
Good management can control the spread of brucellosis

Ballek, J., 1977:
Good management can improve fertility

Campbell, J.; Mcneal, C., 1978:
Good management controls feedlot flies

Apparao, G., 1982:
Good management for higher yields of rice India

Mohan, K.P.nde, A.; Arya, S., 1974:
Good management helps prevent diseases in flocks

Groos, D., 1976:
Good management in apiculture

Louw, Fj, 1970:
Good management in mating living moor lambs

Merigo, A., 1975:
Good management in swine rearing produces a gain

Clapham, S., 1974:
Good management in the greenhouse; tasks for autumn and winter

Pedersen, H., 1983:
Good management in the purchase of breeding stock

Kotora, K., 1975:
Good management is the basis of success

Hansen, M., 1982:
Good management methods reduce downgrading turkeys

Mccaskey, T.; Stephenson, A.; Ruffin, B., 1989:
Good management necessary to cash in on broiler litter resource

Boabes, D., 1982:
Good management of swine reproduction--a basis for increased pork production at the ISCIP Ulmeni, Calarasi district

Singh, M.S.ngh, K.S.ngh, U., 1975:
Good management pays in chickpea

Davey, Awf, 1977:
Good management practices

Halvorson, David, A., 1992:
Good management practices for salmonella risk reduction in the production of table eggs

Smith, Ra, 1974:
Good management reduces mastitis

Garber, M., 1985:
Good management saves more newborn pigs

Anonymous, 1977:
Good management tips for higher gram yield

Cunha, Tj, 1974:
Good management to prevent disease problems

Edgar, S.; Cho, Y.W.mack, H., 1971:
Good management vs. mareks disease

Saacke, Rg, 1974:
Good manners in A.I. important t o success

Anonymous, 1985:
Good manufacturing practice for food

Rose, D., 1987:
Good manufacturing practice guidelines for the processing and aseptic packaging of low-acid foods

Blanchfield,. Jr.;, 2001:
Good manufacturing practice: dealing with food allergens ingredients. Food processing, retailing and foodservice

Fahey, T., 1994:
Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are critical for non-production employees too!

Schwartz, L.D., 1991:
Good manufacturing practices equal product quality and consumer protection

Delmore, R.J.; Sofos, J.; Belk, K.; Lloyd, W.; Bellinger, G.; Schmidt, G.; Smith, G., 1999:
Good manufacturing practices for improving the microbiological quality of beef variety meats

Willig, S.-H.S.oker, J., R., 1997:
Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticals

Johnston, M.; Lin, R., 1978:
Good manufacturing practices for quality

Brokaw, Ch, 1976:
Good manufacturing practices for the food industry

Dean, Mp, 1973:
Good manufacturing practices in Italian cheese plants

Baur, Fj, 1979:
Good manufacturing practices in oil seed processing

Weiss, Lc, 1971:
Good manufacturing practices in oilseed mills

Festa, J.; Forsyth, P., 1999:
Good manufacturing practices in recycled paper and paperboard production for use in food packaging

Raj, N.M.; Shankar, H.R.; Sincy, A.; Nybe, E.V., 2007:
Good manufacturing practices in the herbal sector

Smith, W., 1971:
Good manufacturing practices--GMP impact upon industry

Walker, Hw, 1971:
Good manufacturing practices--review and discussion

Tawell, G.H., 1948 :
Good market gardening, or, The art of commercial horticulture

Silcox, R., 1986:
Good marketing begins early

Anonymous, 1978:
Good marks given youth seminars

Mellenberger, Rw, 1982:
Good mastitis control requires a total program

Mason, Louise, 1956:
Good meals every day

Anonymous, 1954:
Good meals for campers

Anonymous, 1980:
Good meals include one food from each group

Holtz, A., 1974:
Good meat quality also for higher meat fullness?

Anonymous, 1992:
Good medicine

Cox, D., 1971:
Good milk earns more

Robinson, Henry, G., 1946:
Good milk farming

Anonymous, 1956:
Good milk for good meals

Anonymous, 1949:
Good milk for you

Christensens, Ic, 1973:
Good milk gets better--bad milk gets worse

Maeslund, A., 1972:
Good milk technology makes possible better quality in butter

Thompson, Es, 1979:
Good milking sows improve pig survival. Building better sow underlines

Brookbanks, Eo, 1970:
Good milking technique to control mastitis

Search, Wc, 1983:
Good money managers hit the target

Waal, F.B.M-De, 1996:
Good natured

Anonymous, 1984:
Good natured dairy goats well suited for small farms

Barney, Sally, 1990:
Good neighbor guide for horse-keeping

Herring, Hubert-Clinton, 1941:
Good neighbors

Mallinson, E.; Davis, C., 1985:
Good neighbors a health program for small poultry flocks

Anonymous, 2002:
Good neighbors protect poultry

Rose, Walter, 1942:
Good neighbours

Anonymous, 1986:
Good news Bible

Anonymous, 1988:
Good news about todays beef

Walsh, J., 1998:
Good news about what to eat to take control of your blood pressure

Chen, Pm, 1990:
Good news and bad news

Anonymous, 1974:
Good news and bad news for 1974

Espenschied, Rf, 1980:
Good news and bad news: welding instruction evaluation has both

Anonymous, 1996:
Good news at last

Warren, G., 1974:
Good news for Louisiana wildlife

Dean, Jp, 1977:
Good news for beekeepers

Turner, E., 1980:
Good news for ewes--and sheepfarmers

Kelly, Hd, 1983:
Good news for fish farmers in Alabama New fish farming center in Greensboro, Alabama

Clark, Le, 1980:
Good news for pork producers

Richardson, N., 2004:
Good news for the bottom line and environmentally sensitive golf course development

Blake, R.; Shumway, C.; Tomaszewski, M., 1988:
Good news for the cost conscious

Remy, K., 1991:
Good news for the furniture industry

La-Porta, Rafael, 1995:
Good news for value stocks

Taber, S., 2001:
Good news for varroa control

Anonymous, 1944:
Good news for victory gardeners

Munson, Ma, 1999:
Good news for wildlife and ecological sustainability

Anastos, K., 2007:
Good news for women living with HIV

Schioler, Ebbe, 1998:
Good news from Africa

Dawes, A., 2006:
Good news from the Plain - the reintroduction of Great Bustards to the UK

Wiggin, Gw, 1989:
Good news in Singapore for U.S. agricultural products

Anonymous, 1984:
Good news, everyone does not get cancer

Thurber, Pf, 1984:
Good news--a possible easy cure for chalkbrood

Hansson, Ka, 1973:
Good nitrogen fertilizer is profitable in spite of bad weather

Hollow, Rc, 1975:
Good nursery care increases pig profits

Gregory, Elizabeth, 1952:
Good nutrition

Anonymous, 1981:
Good nutrition & the diabetic

Mcbride, J., 2001:
Good nutrition benefits all--except viruses

Johnson, R.; Mitchell, F., 1992:
Good nutrition builds from kiwifruits

Anonymous, 2000:
Good nutrition during pregnancy

Young, Vr, 2001:
Good nutrition for all: challenge for the nutritional sciences in the new millennium

Anonymous, 1946:
Good nutrition for everyone

Wilcox, Ethelwyn, B., 1959:
Good nutrition for the family

Jones, Elizabeth, G., 1985:
Good nutrition for your baby

Anonymous, 1976:
Good nutrition has a hold on one team

Anonymous, 1976:
Good nutrition in a frozen confection

Mason, Lousie, 1965:
Good nutrition is a treasure

Francis, L.; Francis, S.; Hanson, R., 1992:
Good nutrition is everybodys ball game

Hall, Ag, 1982:
Good nutrition is key to disease prevention and control Goats

Teofilo-Sobrinho, J., 1979:
Good nutrition of plants

Snyder, A.-H.A.ams, L.-B.B.rsot, T., P., 1989:
Good nutrition practices for heart health

Anonymous, 1981:
Good nutrition programs

Recio, I.; Caraballo, R., 1996:
Good nutrition promotes good health

Lee, J., 1997:
Good nutrition strengthens cattle immunity

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