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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15954

Chapter 15954 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Okunewick, J.-P.M.redith, R., F., 1981:
Graft-versus-leukemia in man and animal models

Lin, K.; Lin, Y.; Hu, C., 1981:
Graftcopolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto bamboo using infrared spectroscopic technique as a probe

Edelstein, M.B.n-Hur, M.P.aut, Z., 2007:
Grafted Melons Irrigated with Fresh or Effluent Water Tolerate Excess Boron

Brickman, Wj, 1977:
Grafted anionic fibrous webs

Bowman, F., 1972:
Grafted cacti from Japan

Safarian, A.; Zhukov, A., 1975:
Grafted culture of grapevine on the Black Seacoast in the Krasnodar Territory

Mckenzie, D., 1981:
Grafted desert peas Clianthus formosus onto Clianthus puniceus

Schumann, F.S.bastian, B., 1978:
Grafted grape cultivation under mulch foils in grape nurseries

Ramirez, A., 2007:
Grafted mammee (Pouteria sapota Jaccq) response to Biobras-16

Gerardi, Lj, 1978:
Grafted nut trees as shade trees

Moiseev, R.; Chuiko, I.; Iatsyk, R., 1974:
Grafted plantations of Pseudotsuga menziesii for seed production are needed

Kolegova, Nf, 1974:
Grafted tree plantations for seed production

Nikolenko, V.; Gonchar, A., 1977:
Grafted vineyards in the Crimea

Martin, Mj, 1969:

Schaller, Cc, 1981:
Grafting & budding

Troester, P., 1979:
Grafting (sequence No. 1)

Kempenaar, C., 1985:
Grafting Acer palmatum Bloodgood

Ogden, M.; Campbell, C.; Lara, S., 1982:
Grafting Annonas in southern Florida

Tietje, W.; Foott, J.; Labor, E., 1990:
Grafting California native oaks

Davidson, J., 1974:
Grafting Eucalyptus deglupta

Freeland, Ks, 1983:
Grafting Fagus sylvatica cultivars

Turovskaia, Ni, 1980:
Grafting Fruit trees, recommendations.1

Beardsell, D.J.nes, D1; Kerr, R., 1982:
Grafting Hakea Propagation

Tyrrel, A., 1977:
Grafting Prostanthera

Li, Y.; Han, X.; Deng, Z., 2007:
Grafting single-walled carbon nanotubes with highly hybridizable DNA sequences: potential building blocks for DNA-programmed material assembly

Ginoux, G., 1984:
Grafting Solanaceae, a new grafting method

Thomas, Hs, 1997:
Grafting a calf

Okieimen, E.; Ebhoaye, J., 1986:
Grafting acrylic acid monomer on cellulosic materials

Lepoutre, P.H.i, S., 1975:
Grafting acrylonitrile onto wood pulp: influence of process variables

Dana, M.K.ingbeil, G., 1978:
Grafting and budding

Alexander, D.M.e; Lewis, W., J., 1998:
Grafting and budding fruit and nut trees

Hertz, Lb, 1979:
Grafting and budding fruit trees

Bir, R.; Bonaminio, V., 1988:
Grafting and budding nursery crop plants

Schaller, Cc, 1975:
Grafting and budding pecans

Nordine, Rm, 1984:
Grafting and budding woody plants

Branco, R.B.F.; Goto, R.; Carneiro Junior, A.G.; Guimaraes, V.F.; Rodrigues, J.D.; Trivelin, P.C.O.; Silveira, L.V. de A., 2007:
Grafting and carbonated irrigation water in transport of 15N and in the tomato production

Smith, Mw, 1987:
Grafting and cutting propagation of pecans

Portolano, N., 1970:
Grafting and functional changes of parenchynema tissue in Cactaceae

Fandrich, Lm, 1998:
Grafting and gas exchange studies of common and tepary beans with limited soil moisture

Sharov, Rf, 1972:
Grafting and planting of grapevines in Siberia

Kamendrovskiaei, E.M., 1974:
Grafting and regrafting fruit trees

Evdokimov, A., 1973:
Grafting and regrafting of fruit trees

Kraevoi, Sia, 1970:
Grafting and selection of plants

Zsuffa, L.E.g, K., 1979:
Grafting and storage of fall-collected spruce and pine scions

Lodder, Dw, 1974:
Grafting as a business

Mackenzie, J.A.cher, P.A.derson, N., 1996:
Grafting as a means of alleviating the cripple phenotype in two- and three-species congruity backcross (CBC) Phaseolus

Ginoux, G.D.uple, P., 1982:
Grafting as a means of controlling Verticillium in eggplants

Kornatskii, A.; Kornatskii, S., 1980:
Grafting as a method of speeding up the beginning of tree fruiting

Gurusamy, V.V.ndenberg,, K., 2007:
Grafting as tool in bean interspecies breeding

Baptista, A., 1971:
Grafting at ground level: Methods

Rajendra, B.; Kelenjar, A.; Shivashankar, G., 1975:
Grafting behaviour between Lycopersicon esculentum L variety Marglobe and Solanum spp. (Solanum torvum and Solanum melongena L.)

Beineke, Wf, 1988:
Grafting black walnut

Boselli, Maurizio, 1984 :
Grafting book

Guzun, N.; Tsypko, M., 1973:
Grafting bushes for acceleration of breeding process

Sjoborg, S., 1975:
Grafting cacti

Das, P., 1973:
Grafting cacti for pleasure and profit

Friedman, K., 1978:
Grafting cacti made simple

Siesbuttel,, J., 1969:
Grafting cacti on Opuntia elata fruit

Glushchenko, I.; Nedesheva, G., 1984:
Grafting callus formation in cabbage plants as a source of diversity of seed progeny

Smith, G.C.ay, H.K.eble, T., 1969:
Grafting camellias

Allen, T., 1977:
Grafting certain climbing plants

Kaplunovskii, Ps, 1970:
Grafting crowns of forest trees

Staalduine, D.Van, 1947:
Grafting cucumbers and melons

Gregory, Ah, 1970:
Grafting culture and expected production

Imaizami, Y.T.yofuku, K., 1971:
Grafting culture of tomato in g

Takano, K.Y.ita, T., 1982:
Grafting culture of tomatoes: b

Asseo, A.O.ic, I., 1982:
Grafting cuttings of toses, a new propagation method

Englert, E., 1980:
Grafting days brought the desired success

Kowit, Pong-Anant, 1992:
Grafting epicormic shoots

Reinelt, F., 1969:
Grafting experiences of a beginner

Cutter, E.; Chiu, H., 1972:
Grafting experiments of correlative effects between lateral buds

Malik, Nsa, 1983:
Grafting experiments on the nature of the decline in N2 nitrogen fixation during fruit development in soybean Glycine max

Rybietiskiaei, N.-Antonovich; Orekhov, V.-Fedorovich, 1978:
Grafting fruit trees

Perfil'-Ev, Om, 1979:
Grafting grapevine with the aid

Pudelski, T., 1974:
Grafting greenhouse tomatoes on rootstock KVEN

Ercey, 1976:
Grafting in flower culture

Vernetti, F.D., J.Jr; Vernetti, F.D., J., 1979:
Grafting in the genetic improvement of the soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

Salesses, G.A.kai, N., 1984:
Grafting incompatibility of peach on some plum rootstocks. Genetical aspect of incompatibility with Damas GF 1869

Kasahara, J.N.kamura, T.Y.neyama, Y., 1973:
Grafting induced mutation in ca

Prutenskaia, M.; Shevchenko, V., 1970:
Grafting large walnut trees

Bambe, V., 1976:
Grafting lodgepole pine in a greenhouse

James, Le, 1979:
Grafting macadamia seedlings

Meredig, U., 1982:
Grafting made easy Boards and planks built for graft support.1

Tomayer, Rl, 1992:
Grafting magnolias

Climent-Pallaas, Rosendo, 1985:
Grafting manual

Teese, A., 1979:
Grafting maples

Rapley, Ba, 1974:
Grafting maples from imported scions

Sobchuk, Vv, 1971:
Grafting mutants of peas

Hueber, R., 1975:
Grafting needle-bearing branches and aerial layering on pines in Madagascar

Clark, R., 1982:
Grafting nut trees in a cold climate in New Zealand

El-Shinnawy, N.; Ibrahem, A., 1985:
Grafting of 1,1-dihydroperfluoroheptyl acrylate (DHPFHA) onto wood pulp

Klasek, A.K.szonyiova, A.P.velka, F., 1986:
Grafting of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate onto chrome tanned collagen fibers

Klasek, A.S.monikova, J.K.szonyiova, A.P.velka, F.J.nda, L., 1986:
Grafting of 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl acrylate onto chrome tanned collagen fibers

Rauh, W.D.nklage, W., 1976:
Grafting of Adenium

Wrigley, Jw, 1973:
Grafting of Australian native plants

Groner, G., 1978:
Grafting of Cactaceae

Tokar, F.K.valovsky, D., 1971:
Grafting of Castanea sativa Mill. in the open air

Shadow, D., 1984:
Grafting of Japanese maple cultivars

Mora, A.; Bertolotti, G1; Pinto, J.J.1; Kageyama, P., 1980:
Grafting of Pinus kesiya Brazil.1

Hatch, D., 1983:
Grafting of Pinus, Picea, and Abies

Davis, B.Ii, 1983:
Grafting of Pyrus calleryana cultivars

Kamaltinov, Gsh, 1980:
Grafting of Siberian pine on Sc

Oprea, S.D.mitriu, S.B.lacovschi, V., 1979:
Grafting of acrylamide and acrylonitrile on some celluloses

Bajpai, U.; Rai, S., 1988:
Grafting of acrylamide onto guar gum using KMn04

Kaleem, K.R.ddy, C.; Rajadurai, S., 1981:
Grafting of acrylate monomers onto ghlorinated rubber

Valk, G.G.rlach, E., 1978:
Grafting of acrylmonomers on cellulose by silver (II) salt initiation

Ehrnrooth, E., 1973:
Grafting of acrylonitrile on cellulose xanthate

Ali, F.S.ikia, C.; Sen, S., 1997:
Grafting of acrylonitrile onto high alpha-cellulose extracted from Hibiscus sabdariffa

Trivedi, I.; Mehta, P., 1973:
Grafting of acrylonitrile onto jute fibers with ceric-ion initiation

Isac, I.T.dosescu, O.A.dreies, N., 1971:
Grafting of apple trees directly in layer plantings--a most promising method

Macoveanu, M.; Cazacu, G.I.anid, A., 1985:
Grafting of benzidine onto binary mixtures of fabrics in cold plasma conditions. III

Lanssens, E., 1983:
Grafting of cactus plants. III

Lanssens, E., 1983:
Grafting of cactus plants. IV

Simionescu, C.; Dumitriu, S., 1972:
Grafting of cellulose and derivatives by means of diazonium salts

Pavlov,, K.S.meonov, N., 1977:
Grafting of cellulose copolymers with water insoluble monomers with redox system cellulose xanthogenate hydrogen peroxide

Graczyk, T.H.rnof, V., 1983:
Grafting of cellulose with water-soluble monomers by the xanthate process

Zingali, N., 1982:
Grafting of citrus

Simionescu, C.; Denes, F.M.coveanu, M.; Gazacu, G.T.tolin,, A., 1978:
Grafting of cotton cellulose under radio frequency electrical discharge conditions

Ward, T.; Benerito, R., 1977:
Grafting of cyclic carbonates onto cotton and modified cottons

Anonymous, 1979:
Grafting of fruit trees

Munoz, H.-I.V.lenzuela, B., J., 1971:
Grafting of grape vines

Pudelski, T., 1974:
Grafting of greenhouse tomatoes on KV-FN rootstocks

Ryser, Fc, 1986:
Grafting of hickories

Zara, L.E.delyi, J.H.ll, Z.B.rbely, E.R.snak, I., 1995:
Grafting of industrial cellulose pulp using the Fe2+

Simionescu, C.; Denes, F.C.zacu, G.M.coveanu, M.; Totolin, M.R.zmarin, G., 1981:
Grafting of insoluble lignin with vinyl monomers under cold plasma conditions

Young, R.; Nguyen, C., 1979:
Grafting of mechanical pulps and composite sheet properties

Ishizu, A.L.n, R.; Sawatari, A.T.kashima, T., 1971:
Grafting of methyl methacrylate

Habibuddowla, M., 1982:
Grafting of methyl methacrylate onto KPM Karnafuli Paper Mill rayon and jute fiber. Effect on the properties of grafted fibers

Raval, D.; Patel, R.; Patel, V., 1988:
Grafting of methyl methacrylate onto guar gum by hydrogen peroxide initiation

Kudaba, I.A., 1979:
Grafting of methylmethacrylate into chromized collagen, using the photosensitinogen benzoin

Kudaba, I.A., 1979:
Grafting of methylmethacrylate into collagen, using a photo-initiating system of H subscript 2O subscript 2-ascorbic acid

Garnett, Jl, 1977:
Grafting of monomers to cellulose using UV and gamma radiation as initiators

Mange, S.; Dever, Cédric.; D.B.uyn, H.; Gaborieau, M.; Castignolles, P.; Gilbert, R.G., 2007:
Grafting of oligosaccharides onto synthetic polymer colloids

Hall, Bk, 1978:
Grafting of organs and tissues to the chorioallantoic membrane of the embryonic chick

Gil-Albert-Velarde, F., 1983:
Grafting of pear trees

Lupescu, F., 1971:
Grafting of pears with an intermediary by the method of double shield for intensive fruit growing

Hecker-De-Carvalho, L.R.din, A., 1984:
Grafting of poly(methyl methacrylate) in aqueous slurries of wood pulp

Thomassin, J-Michel.; Lenoir, S.; Riga, J.; Jérôme, R.; Detrembleur, C., 2007:
Grafting of poly[2-(tert-butylamino)ethyl methacrylate] onto polypropylene by reactive blending and antibacterial activity of the copolymer

Ezra, G.Z.lkha, A., 1969:
Grafting of preformed polyethylene oxide on starch

Needles, Hl, 1970:
Grafting of proteins onto wool using diepoxides as crosslinking agents

Simionescu, C.; Denes, F.M.coveanu, M.; Cazacu, G.T.tolin, M.P.pescu, F.P.rcec, S., 1979:
Grafting of rayon with phosphorus-containing nonvolatile monomers to obtain flame-retardant fibers and fabrics

Tsinite, A.; Zoldners, I.; Surna, I.; Rasinia, R., 1973:
Grafting of some polymers to Betula wood by means of preliminary irradiation

Mansour, O.; Nagaty, A., 1982:
Grafting of some vinyl monomers onto lignocellulose and cellulose in the presence of lignin

Sakata, I.M.yata, N.S.nju, R., 1972:
Grafting of styrene onto woody

Monastra, F.D.lla-Strada, G., 1974:
Grafting of the almond tree

Khristov, Khp, 1978:
Grafting of the beech.

Ojima, M.C.mpo-Dall'-Orto, F.; Rigitano, O.N.gai, V., 1978:
Grafting of the loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindley)

Czekalski, M., 1978:
Grafting of tree peonies

Monin, A., 1980:
Grafting of varieties of sweet cherries (P. avium) on different new tree stock subjects

Fernandez, M.; Casinos, I.G.zman, G., 1990:
Grafting of vinyl acetate-methyl acrylate mixture onto cellulose. Effect of ceric ion and nitric acid concentrations

Graczyk, T., 1988:
Grafting of vinyl monomers by the xanthate method

Samal, R.; Nanda, C.; Satrusallya, S.; Nayak, B.; Suryanarayan, G., 1983:
Grafting of vinyl monomers onto silk fibers: trivalent-manganese-initiated graft copolymerization of acrylamide onto silk fibers

Nayak, Pl, 1976:
Grafting of vinyl monomers onto wool fibers

Hatakeyama, H.R.nby, B., 1975:
Grafting of vinyl monomers to pulps using Acetic acid-hydrogen peroxide as initiator system

Kholdorov, U.K.nunov, I.K.ardinov, N., 1975:
Grafting of walnut on site of permanent growing

Anadoliev, G., 1980:
Grafting of walnut.

Ludilov, Va, 1969:
Grafting on different varieties as a factor of mutation

Ohta, T., 1980:
Grafting on germinated seeds

Marques, Mb, 1968:
Grafting on hardy burr oak

Gratzios, F., 1970:
Grafting on resisting subjacen

Bonev, I., 1978:
Grafting on wild fruit trees.

Pavlath, Ae, 1974:
Grafting on wool through free radical formation on the protein

Vieitez, M.; Vieitez, A., 1981:
Grafting onto germinated chestnut stock

Sedov, En, 1974:
Grafting onto the crown in order to accelerate reproduction and preliminary study of new apple and pear tree varieties

Arai, K.S.imizu, M.S.imada, M., 1973:
Grafting onto wool, iV. interaction of polymer radicals in the viscous media of wool fibers

Arai, K.N.gishi, M.S.da,, S., 1973:
Grafting onto wool. II. Relationship between alpha- and beta-forms in wool keratin of grafted fibers

Arai, K.S.imizu, M.S.imada, M., 1973:
Grafting onto wool. V. Kinetics of graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate in the fiscous media of wool fibers

Misra, B.; Kaur, I.D.gra, R., 1979:
Grafting onto wool. VI. Effect of amines in ceric ion-initiated grafting of poly(vinyl acetate)

Misra, B.; Mehta, I.; Dogra, R., 1980:
Grafting onto wool. VII. Ceric ion-initiated graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers. Comparison of monomer reactivities

Misra, B.; Sood, D., 1982:
Grafting onto wool. XVI. Graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers by use of TBHP-FAS as redox initiator Himachali wool

Sharma, R.; Misra, B., 1983:
Grafting onto wool. XVIII. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool fiber in the presence of tertiary butyl hydroperoxide-mineral acid as initiator

Sood, D.; Singha, A.; Misra, B., 1983:
Grafting onto wool. XXI. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto reduced wool by use of manganese acetylacetonate as initiator

Sood, D.; Rawat, B.; Misra, B., 1985:
Grafting onto wool. XXIII. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate by use of chromium acetyl acetonate-percholoric acid system: effect of tertiary butyl hydroperoxide

Sharma, R.; Dhillon, D., 1981:
Grafting peach in October

Worthington, Jw, 1979:
Grafting pecan scions onto root pieces of superior pecan rootstock clones

Gillette, J., 1970:
Grafting pecan trees--Texas style

Kopolow, C., 1991:
Grafting plants--January 1979-October 1990

Li, Chi-Hua, 1990:
Grafting principle and application

Machida, Hideo, 1978:
Grafting procedures

Heek, W.Van, 1975:
Grafting seedlings with success

Schreger, H., 1978:
Grafting seeds on Selenicereus

Hoyos Echevarria, P., 2007:
Grafting situation in horticulture in Spain: species, areas of plant production, rootstocks

Maher, Gg, 1979:
Grafting starch xanthate with vinyl monomers and hydrogen peroxide in foam rubber production

Arthur, J.Jr, 1976:
Grafting studies on cotton cellulose

Nambiar, Ptc, 1982:
Grafting studies on non-nodulating groundnut

Kudaba, I.A., 1981:
Grafting styrene to collagen with ammonium persulfate

Rauh, W.D.nklage, W., 1972:
Grafting succulents

Templer, Jc, 1971:
Grafting tea

Jenter, K., 1984:
Grafting technique in honeybee queen rearing in the large 1983 test

Du, Cc, 1983:
Grafting technique of young sh

Maloy, A., 1976:
Grafting techniques

Probst, C.W., 1990:
Grafting techniques and failures in small animal surgery

Ben-Jaacov, J.A.kerman, A.G.lad, S.C.rmeli, R.B.rzilay, A.S.chori, Y., 1992:
Grafting techniques and the use of rootstocks in Leucadendron, and other Proteaceous plants

Minami, M., 1973:
Grafting techniques for annual

Konud, Y., 1974:
Grafting techniques for the cul

Carlson, Rf, 1979:
Grafting techniques: a how-to guide

Vullin, G., 1982:
Grafting the avocado in Corsica. Trial on a new technique Persea americana.1

Bolens, L., 1977:
Grafting the metamorphoses of gardens in Andalusia (11th 12th centuries)

Bolevski, S.K.zmanov, G., 1976:
Grafting the walnut at the experimental base of the Plovdiv Fruit Growing Institute

Campbell, K., 1980:
Grafting time

Snooks, Ec, 1980:
Grafting tips

Mezitt, Rw, 1973:
Grafting to obtain unusual shapes and forms

Lev-Yadun, S.; Atzmon, N.; Perevolotsky, A., 2000:
Grafting to save the forests

Reboul, J., 1981:
Grafting tomatoes in French Polynesia Lycopersicon esculentum, control of Pseudomonas solanacearum, plant disease resistance.1

Pudelski, T.M.kolajczyk, M., 1977:
Grafting tomatoes on rootstocks resistant to soil pathogens a sure technology for large scale commercial tomato production

Ginoux, G.D.uple, P.L.febvre, J., 1978:
Grafting tomatoes, a means of controlling soil parasites. 1

Ginoux, G.D.uple, P.G.imbard, C.L.febvre, J., 1979:
Grafting tomatoes, a means of controlling soil parasites. 2

Endt, Djw, 1973:
Grafting tool designed and developed to raft Macadamia trees

Wang, Jf, 1980:
Grafting trials with pseudotsu

Palmer, Aw, 1973:
Grafting tropical Hibiscus

Cave, Pb, 1983:
Grafting unusual Betula cultivars Betula pendula, Betula papyrifera

Hoogendoorn, Dp, 1982:
Grafting upright junipers

Lenka, S.N.yak, P.1; Tripathy, A., 1982:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto cellulose. X. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto cellulose fibers using acetylacetonate complex of vanadium ion Egyptian cotton slivers

Samal,, G., 1983:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto chemically modified wool fibers: graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto reduced wool fibers using acetylacetonate complex of manganese(III)

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1978:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers. I. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk by quinquevalent vanadium ions

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1979:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers. III. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk using tetravalent cerium as initiator

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1980:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers. IV. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk using bromate-thiourea redox system

Lenka, S.N.yak, P.; Mishra, M., 1980:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers. VII. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk using peroxydiphosphate as initiator

Panda, G.P.ti, N.; Nayak, P., 1980:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers. VIII. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk using tetravalent manganese-oxalic acid redox system

Samal,, G.N.yak, P., 1984:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers: graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers onto silk using the vanadyl acetylacetonate complex

Samal,, G.N.yak, P., 1984:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto silk fibers: graft copooymerization of methyl methacrylate onto silk using acetylacetonate Mn(III) complex

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.M.shra, M., 1980 :
Grafting vinyl monomers onto woodl fibers. V. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool using peroxydiphosphate as initiator

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1978:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers. I. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool using V5+ thiourea redox system

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1978:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers. II. Graft copolymerization of methylmethacrylate onto wool by quinquevalent vanadium ion

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.P.ti, N., 1980:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers. IV. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool using peroxydisulfate catalysed by silver ions

Nayak, P.; Lenka, S.M.shra, M., 1981:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers. VII. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool using peroxydiphosphate-fructose redox system

Samal,, G.N.yak, P., 1984:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers: graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool fibers using vanadyl acetyl acetonate complex

Samal,, G.N.yak, P., 1984:
Grafting vinyl monomers onto wool fibers: graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto wool using ferric acetylacetonate complex

Core, J., 2005:
Grafting watermelon onto squash or gourd rootstock makes firmer, healthier fruit

Balaz, F., 1982:
Grafting watermelon varieties on Lagenaria vulgaris to prevent Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum, Yugoslavia.1

Fisher, E., 1977:
Grafting wax as a substitute for grafting clay a historical note

Zuev, Pi, 1980:
Grafting with a root Bridge method for saving a fruit tree injured around the periphery of the trunk.1

Fritsche, G., 1983:
Grafting with mixtures of two varieties

Talbott, Je, 1969:
Grafting without wax

Galina, H., 1998:
Grafting, characterization techniques, kinetic modeling

Stoner, He, 1974:
Grafting, from scion to plant

Verkade, G., 1981:
Grafting--how, why, when

Sitton, B.G., 1940:
Grafting-wax melter

Bondira, B., 1994:
Grafting: a surgical cure. I. Why to reconsider grafting

Bondira, B., 1994:
Grafting: a surgical cure. II. How to do it

Balabushka, Vk, 1984:
Graftings of Scotch pine

Iaroslavtsev, G.; Iakovleva, L., 1978:
Graftings of Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) Buchholz on the southern coast of the Crimea

Tvelenev, Mv, 1977:
Graftings of Siberian pine with a calculation of phenological phases

Kobel, F., 1975:
Graftings of eggs on a large honeybee farm

Danilin, M.; Grebennik, A., 1977:
Graftings on trees considering the sex

Anonymous, 1979:
Grafton County, New Hampshire

Anonymous, 1985:
Grafton floodplain management study, Windham County, Vt

Renzoni, G., 1973:
Grafts among Soplanaceae and the top rot; test with tomat oes San Marzano

Bonotto, S.L.ttke, A., 1980:
Grafts and transfer of cell constituents into the giant unicellular alga Acetabularia

Papastefanaki, F.; Chen, J.; Lavdas, A.A.; Thomaidou, D.; Schachner, M.; Matsas, R., 2007:
Grafts of Schwann cells engineered to express PSA-NCAM promote functional recovery after spinal cord injury

Lanssens, E., 1983:
Grafts of cacti. I

Lanssens, E., 1983:
Grafts of cacti. II

Balabushka, Vk, 1980:
Grafts of pine cuttings

Anonymous, 1999:
Graham County gardening newsletter

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Graham County growers hear good words about Pima cottons

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Grain field weeds in Mogilev Region

Slazhnev, I., 1972:
Grain fields of Kazakhstan

Thompson, Ja, 1977:
Grain filling of Egret wheat

Barker, Dj, 1971:
Grain finishing of beef cattle grazing dry pasture or stubble

Jodari, F.L.nscombe, S., 1991:
Grain fissuring and milling yields of current rice varieties as affected by harvest moisture

Jodari, F.L.nscombe, S., 1993:
Grain fissuring and milling yields of rice genotypes as influenced by harvest moisture

Jodari, F.L.nscombe, S., 1996:
Grain fissuring resistance improves milling quality in rice cultivars

Binkley, J.; Jones, B., 1980:
Grain flows and grain storage characteristics of the Indiana grain system: results of a survey

Reed, M.-R.S.uffett, D.M.lton; Hall, H., H., 1980:
Grain flows in Kentucky, 1977

Reed, M.; Widad, A., 1986:
Grain flows in Kentucky: 1982 and 1983

Stephens, Pc, 1970:
Grain for beef cattle

Sanne, S., 1974:
Grain for dairy cattle

Barnes, B.; Orskov, E., 1982:
Grain for ruminants

Barnes, B.; Orskov, E., 1982:
Grain for ruminants--simple processing and preserving techniques Feeds

Spiertz, Jhj, 1982:
Grain formation and assimilate partitioning in wheat Triticum, mathematical models

Scott, Walter, O., 1951:
Grain freight rates

Anonymous, 1951:
Grain from farm to market

Viator, H.; Hutchinson, R.1; Linscombe, S.1; Coombs, D., 1982:
Grain from grazed oats and wheat Variety comparisons, yield, livestock weight gains

Anonymous, 1977:
Grain fumigation

Anonymous, 1987:
Grain fumigation & seed treatment training manual

Maclean, Jt, 1982:
Grain fumigation and fumigants

Anonymous, 1981:
Grain fumigation and seed treatment training manual

Anonymous, 1980:
Grain fumigation exam

Shevliagin, V., 1980:
Grain fumigation in storehouses by the recirculation method

Johnson, La, 1986:
Grain fumigation: pesticide bans limit options

Anonymous, 1999:
Grain fungal diseases & mycotoxin reference

Hooker, Albert-Ayerst, 1955:
Grain futures

Anonymous, 1953:
Grain futures statistics, 1921-1951

Faber, W., 1975:
Grain gall midges: yellow grain gall midge (Contarinia tritici Kirby) and red grain gall midge (Sitodiplosis mosellana Gehin)

Hill, Lowell, D., 1990:
Grain grades and standards

Hill, Ld, 1988:
Grain grades: they lack economic rationale

Foote, D., 1978:
Grain grading

Rooney, Lw, 1972:
Grain grading and varietal factors that influence the nutritive value of sorghum grain

Anonymous, 1982:
Grain grading for efficiency and profit

Knapp, Wr, 1977:
Grain grading important

Anonymous, 1957:
Grain grading primer

Malusky, Bj, 1979:
Grain growers have marketing tools in their hands

Macfarlane, Dl, 1971:
Grain growers co operation in Canada

Anonymous, 1970:
Grain growing

Stazicki, S., 1979:
Grain growing in the Polish Socialist Republic

Strehler, A., 1970 :
Grain growing--grain harvesting

Freiherr, H., 1970:
Grain growing--new trends from cultivation to storage

Apel, P., 1976:
Grain growth and carbohydrate content in spring wheat at different CO2 -concentrations

Satorre, E.H.; Conde, J., 1996:
Grain growth attributes of modern Argentine cultivars of malting barley

Spiertz, J.; Vos, J., 1985:
Grain growth of wheat and its limitation by carbohydrate and nitrogen supply

Anonymous, 1987:
Grain guide

Lehr, Dj, 1970:
Grain handling

Brenner, Kd, 1990:
Grain handling and processing procedures to reduce or eliminate aflatoxins

Pedersen, H., 1972:
Grain handling and storage

Bhatnagar, Ap, 1976:
Grain handling in warehouses

Salassi, M.; Gauthier, W;; Traylor, H., 1980:
Grain handling plant and equipment investments in the Mississippi River Gulf Port System

Wisner, Rn, 1969 :
Grain handling services in Iowa elevators

Plue, Ps, 1983:
Grain handling systems

Corbett, Gg, 1973:
Grain handling systems for the lowland humid tropics

Lichko, N.; Riakhovskaia, V.; Mart'-Ianova, A.; Shvetsova, I., 1979:
Grain hardness in marketable lots of wheat with different levels of vitreousness

Komarov, V.; Nikiforova, N., 1981:
Grain hardness of common wheat Relationship with other technological properties of grain at different growing conditions, varieties.1

Belousova, Em, 1986:
Grain hardness of wheat varieties

Nielsen, V., 1973:
Grain harvest

Feiffer, A.; Feiffer, P.; Kutschenreiter ; Rademacher, 2005:
Grain harvest - clean, safe, fast: a guide around the combine

Wecke, W.K.ester, W., 1977:
Grain harvest from experimental plots

Klein, J., 1972:
Grain harvest of 1972

Klein, J., 1974:
Grain harvest of 1974 in Hungary

Estler, M., 1970 :
Grain harvest with high yield and greater ease

Ebert, D., 1971:
Grain harvest, stubble and seedbed cultivation, catch crop and winter grain tillage--a continuous chain of operations on cooperative basis

Petersen, Hj, 1975:
Grain harvest--grain drying and storage

Baader, W., 1970:
Grain harvesters

Kerschenmeyer, J.F.chard, O., 1984:
Grain harvesting

Chambers, Jt, 1979:
Grain harvesting --it pays to be loss conscious

Philip, Aw, 1974:
Grain harvesting and conservation

Howatson, W., 1984:
Grain harvesting and harvesters

Brinkmanis, Oe, 1972:
Grain harvesting and processing in the Latvian SSR

Omutov, Af, 1980:
Grain harvesting combines

Iarmashev, Iu, 1978:
Grain harvesting combines today

Schuler, R.; Rodakowski, N.; Kucera, H., 1975:
Grain harvesting losses in North Dakota

Samokhodskaia, I., 1972:
Grain harvesting technology

Maler, J., 1975:
Grain harvesting with forage harvesters

Ignatenko, I.; Zachest, A.S.vost'-Ianov, A.K.avets, B., 1977:
Grain hulling in the production of mixed feeds for young livestock

Ouren, T., 1977:
Grain import and grain mill flora in the Bergen area during the last 100 years

Wong, Cm, 1980:
Grain import needs of less developed countries in 1985: methodology and findings

Parker, J.Jr, 1980:
Grain imports by OPEC

Garnaut, R.; Ma, G., 1992:
Grain in China

Spillane, P., 1977:
Grain in a balanced Irish agricultural economy

Manghisi, T., 1970:
Grain in animal nutrition

Anonymous, 1970:
Grain in the European Community

Rodin, I., 1971:
Grain in the Khakass Autonomous Region

Nesterenko, Ad, 1984:
Grain in the food complex of the Far East

Anonymous, 1975:
Grain industry

Smith, S., 1983:
Grain industry doesnt need deeper port system

Anonymous, 1984:
Grain industry dust explosions and fires

Scheid, Jf, 1995:
Grain industry maneuvers for protection after ICC

Anonymous, 1984:
Grain industry urges major revisions of proposed OSHA safety regulations

Sigvald, R., 1978:
Grain infestation by frit fly in 1977

Mitkov, A.R.dulov, P.B.lopitova, M., 1981:
Grain injury as a result of mech

Lewis, T., 1979:
Grain insect control in harvesters

Ardley, Jh, 1976:
Grain insect control--a current survey

Alcock, M.O.-Flaherty, C.W.itaker, R., 1975:
Grain insect infestation begins mostly on farms

Anonymous, 1979:
Grain insects breakthrough may come with fumigation

Greening, Hg, 1969:
Grain insects in farm machinery and storages; a survey of wheat farms in the Tamworth District

Anonymous, 1940:
Grain inspection

Waldstein, Af, 1977:
Grain inspection and related problems

Anonymous, 1980:
Grain inspection and weighing systems in the interior of the United States

Malone, Le, 1970:
Grain inspection gains more efficiency

Anonymous, 1979:
Grain inspection handbook

Jonsson, E., 1975:
Grain inspection is sufficiently careful this year

Anonymous, 1962:
Grain inspections

Johnson, Dg, 1981:
Grain insurance, reserves, and trade: contributions to food security for LDCs

Moshfegh, A.; Cleveland, L.; Goldman, J.; Lacomb, R., 2001:
Grain intake in the United States

Mambish, I.C.ukhar'-Ko, Z.T.imbaliuk, N., 1981:
Grain inventory by the basis mass

Anonymous, 1967:
Grain irradiation plant

Mikkelsen, Egil, 1979:
Grain is life

Wilbur, Da, 1969:
Grain is wealth

Cherry, M., 1978:
Grain its further uses

Krylov, M.M., 1986:
Grain keepers

Prow, Tm, 1993:
Grain lab puts money in growers pockets

Hattori, Masaharu, 1991:
Grain law disputes

Siddique, K.H.M., 2001:
Grain legume (pulse) management and industry development for Western Australia

Sumarno; Tateng-Sutarman; Soegito, 1989:
Grain legume breeding for wetland and for acid soil adaptation

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Grain legume crops

Mesiats, Ii, 1980:
Grain legume crops in Czechoslovakia

Lawani, Sm, 1982:
Grain legume documentation and information: the contributions of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Nigeria

Singh, S.R., 1977:
Grain legume entomology

Allen, Dj, 1982:
Grain legume improvement at IITA International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, 1970-1980: I. Pathology cowpea disease control through host plant resistance

Walsgott, Don, 1988:
Grain legume market analysis

Anonymous, 2004:
Grain legume news

Guerrero, A., 1983:
Grain legume production

Martin, L.; Gutierrez, J., 1983:
Grain legume seed production in Spain

Orero-Buenda, A., 1981:
Grain legumes (an energy-protein alternative for Spain)

Anonymous, 1987:
Grain legumes as alternative crops

Goncharov, L.; Evdokimenko, V., 1981:
Grain legumes as catch crops

Cardwell, V., 1987 :
Grain legumes as components in farming systems

Orero-Buendia, A., 1983:
Grain legumes as substitutes for soybeans in national feed programs

Meunzer, W., 1991:
Grain legumes compendium

Hill, Gd, 1991:
Grain legumes for food and trade added value to legume products

Lambertini, F., 1983:
Grain legumes in Europe with French flavor

Heath, Mc, 1987:
Grain legumes in UK agriculture

Davies, Rl, 1986:
Grain legumes in pig production

Pandey, Rk, 1984:
Grain legumes in rice-based cropping systems

White, Jgh, 1991:
Grain legumes in sustainable cropping systems: a review

Price, M.G.bbs, M., 1991:
Grain legumes in the human diet

Okwuraiwe, Pe, 1977:
Grain legumes in traditional diets

Anonymous, 1982:
Grain legumes production in Asia

Savage, Gp, 1991:
Grain legumes some nutritional aspects

Moreno, Mt, 1983:
Grain legumes: an overall view

Reynolds, R., 1973:
Grain legumes: answer to the protein shortage

Pinchinat, A., 1974:
Grain legumes: beans (Phaseolus spp.)

Letunovskii, Vi, 1983:
Grain legumes: present state and prospects of their production

Kondic, J., 1983:
Grain length, thickness and width as affected by different hybrids and planting dates

Anonymous, 1968:
Grain letter

Acker, L., 1974:
Grain lipids, their composition and importance

Ray, D.; Trapp, J., 1977:
Grain livestock interrelations and tradeoffs with implications for the structure of the livestock industry

Anonymous, 1971:
Grain loan rate increase

Baden, Rb, 1977:
Grain locals and regional need greater coordination

Novak, S.H.smunda, M., 1978:
Grain loosening from ears of feed cereals by centrifugal strength

Reed, H.; Chambers, A., 1983:
Grain loss assessment and foliage disease control on Hart wheat by use of fungicides, 1982

Anonymous, 1976:
Grain loss indicators on combine harvesters

Pugatschew, A., 1979:
Grain losses and mechanical damage to grain in the mowing and threshing during harvesting, and ways to reduce these losses

Ivanov, Gp, 1978:
Grain losses are reduced

Maler, J., 1971:
Grain losses at harvest with harvester threshers on slopes

Anonymous, 1975:
Grain losses during harvesting should be avoided!

Rutherford, I., 1973:
Grain losses in the harvest field--how to reduce them to the minimum

Lee, C.; Chung, C., 1978:
Grain losses incurred during different post-harvest rice systems

Lint, Mm-De, 1973:
Grain losses using the reaper

Smith, I.W.lker, B., 1984:
Grain lupin and field pea varieties

Boundy, K.S.ith, I., 1979:
Grain lupins and field pea varieties

Dowsley, K., 1982:
Grain lupins--their use and marketing Protein source in livestock feed formulations, Australia

Zweifler, E.H.lubar, G., 1971:
Grain maize and grain sorghum variety trials 1970

Zweifler, E.H.lubar, G., 1972:
Grain maize and grain sorghum variety trials 1971

Anonymous, 1977:
Grain maize and rape drying on the farm

Meyer-Spasche, G., 1970:
Grain maize cultivation in the Weser-Ems region

Jungehulsing, H., 1975:
Grain maize culture in North Rhine Westphalia and its arrangement in farm management

Nather, H., 1970:
Grain maize growing on light soils in the national farm of Reuden

Eichelbaum, E.M.hle, P.S.eikhardt, H., 1973:
Grain maize grown in light to medium soils for higher cereal yields

Anonymous, 1974:
Grain maize in Italy in 1972

Lanza, F.R.zzo, V.V.nezian-Scarascia, M.; Di-Bari, V.L.savio, N., 1982 :
Grain maize in southern Italy: effects of irrigation

Sander, J., 1974:
Grain maize in swine fattening

Johannlukens, E., 1971:
Grain maize in the forefront

Steineck, O., 1978:
Grain maize included in crop rotation and its importance for domestic supply

Pfirter, Hp, 1978:
Grain maize products in rations for fattening swine as a goal

Marengoni, M., 1974:
Grain maize varieties

Hinterholzer, J., 1975:
Grain maize variety experiments in 1974

Hinterholzer, J., 1976:
Grain maize variety tests in l975

Hinterholzer, J., 1978:
Grain maize variety trials in 1977

Anonymous, 1975:
Grain maize, 1975

Anonymous, 1976:
Grain maize, 1976

Anonymous, 1977:
Grain maize, 1977

Anonymous, 1971:
Grain management

Wohlken, E., 1977:
Grain market 1977

Anonymous, 1978:
Grain market and market regulation in retrospect during the economic year 1977

Shane, R., 1988:
Grain market expectations

Kyne, T., 1977:
Grain market from a traders point of view

Bolling, H., 1981:
Grain market in the period 1980-1990 West Germany.1

Chen, Le, 2007:
Grain market liberalization and deregulation in China

Anonymous, 1995:
Grain market lingo

Anonymous, 1972:
Grain market news: weekly summary and statistics

Wijne, Gai, 1971:
Grain market of the European Economic Community and principles of market ordering regulations for grain

Furtan, W.Hartley, 1989:
Grain market outlook

Manegold, Dirk, 1983:
Grain market policy of the European Economic Communities countries and in the U.S.A

Findlay, Christopher, C., 1998:
Grain market reform in China

Schruben, Leonard, W., 1953:
Grain market reports

Baldwin,; Sharp, J., W., 1976:
Grain market structure, flows, and functions of elevator and processing firms

Baldwin, E.; Sharp, J., 1976:
Grain market structure, flows, and functions of elevators and processing firms

O'-Brien, D.W.sner, B., 1990:
Grain market update

Stinshoff, Hw, 1971:
Grain market with special reference to brewers yeast

Anonymous, 1990:
Grain marketing

Morsink, Gh, 1977:
Grain marketing 77

Thurston, Sk, 1976:
Grain marketing agreements provide different approach

Uhrig, J.; Falck, J., 1979:
Grain marketing alternatives

Seaman, W., 1993:
Grain marketing and further processing: making it work

Alemayehu-Lirenso, 1987:
Grain marketing and pricing in Ethiopia

Gunn, S.-P.C.bia, D., W., 1992:
Grain marketing cooperatives adjustments to farm programs

Salas, W.V.zquez, J., 1979:
Grain marketing during 17 years of the Central America Common Market. The Costa Rica case

Johnson, Thew, D., 1956:
Grain marketing facilities and practices in South Carolina

Richey, P.-Steen; Johnson, T.-Delbert, 1953:
Grain marketing facilities in the Piedmont area of North Carolina

Richey, Perry, S., 1955:
Grain marketing facilities in the coastal plains area of North Carolina

Nefstead, We, 1978:
Grain marketing game

Kenyon, D.; Jones-Russell, L., 1988:
Grain marketing handbook for producers

Jones,, J.C.B.ggs, J.-George-Marshall, 1968:
Grain marketing in Georgia

Anonymous, 1995:
Grain marketing in Western Australia

Koester, U., 1987:
Grain marketing in Zimbabwe: a case study

Niernberger, Floyd, F., 1976:
Grain marketing in the United States

Hurst,. Jr.;, 1988:
Grain marketing in the south

Wilson, Ww, 1989:
Grain marketing industries and institutions impacting exporter competition

Menzies, Mw, 1973:
Grain marketing methods in Canada--the theory, assumptions, and approach

Schruben, Lw, 1973:
Grain marketing methods in the U.S.A.--the theory, assumptions, and approach

Schruben, Lw, 1973:
Grain marketing methods in the United States of America--the theory, assumptions, and approach

Moran, G., 1975:
Grain marketing news growing

Qasmi, Bashir, A., 1997:
Grain marketing patterns in South Dakota

Kraenzle, C.A.; Yager, F.P., 1975:
Grain marketing patterns of local cooperatives

Niernberger, F.; Schruben, L., 1975:
Grain marketing practices in Kansas

Britton, Dk, 1970:
Grain marketing problems in the 1970s

Baldwin, D.D.yton, J., 1988:
Grain marketing risk management Lotus model

Farrell, Kenneth, R., 1958:
Grain marketing statistics for the North Central States

Hutchinson, Tq, 1985:
Grain marketing structure as related to transportation

Anonymous, 1976:
Grain marketing systems in Argentina, Australia, Canada, and the European Community

Anonymous, 1995:
Grain marketing tools: a survey of grain elevators

Thompson, Hd, 1972:
Grain marketing within the European framework

Mclaren, Rj, 1991:
Grain marketing--processing and manufacturing grain panel

Henderson, S., 1991:
Grain marketing--product development: environment

Mcgregor, B., 1991:
Grain marketing--product development: safety

Findlay, G., 1991:
Grain marketing--retail

Fread, Gl, 1991:
Grain marketing--retail food

Schnake, L.D., 1974:
Grain marketing-transportation in the United States

Mayer, C., 1991:
Grain marketing: luncheon address

Gregory, Pr, 1980:
Grain marketings and peasant consumption, Russia, 1885-1913

Anonymous, 1966:
Grain markets and marketing in Australia, the Republic of the Philippines, and Japan

Wisner, R., 1988:
Grain markets continue drought focus

Wisner, Rn, 1989:
Grain markets focus on USSR, weather

Cullen, M.-A.W.ldstein, A., 1983:
Grain markets in Niger

Wisner, R., 1989:
Grain markets may resume weather focus

Wisner, R., 1985:
Grain markets respond to rain, exchange rate fluctuations

Wisner, R., 1988:
Grain markets wait for planting intentions

Miyazaki, H.; Hattori, S., 1988:
Grain measures

Callahan, Sa, 1972:
Grain merchandising and futures markets in Kentucky

Anonymous, 1987:
Grain merchandising and storing in 1987-88

Jorgensen, A., 1979:
Grain mildew--incidence and progress

Bjorndalen, Je, 1971:
Grain mill flora around Skien, southern Norway

Sot, M., 1971:
Grain milling industry and some of its problems in 1970

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