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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 15955

Chapter 15955 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Klamcznski, H.N.wroczynski, J.T.masik, R., 1971:
Grain milling, baking and macaroni industries in Rumania

Haller, Harald, 1992:
Grain mills in Passeier

Mason, Linda, J., 2003:
Grain mite

Mason, Linda, J., 1993:
Grain mite infestation

Fleurat-Lessard, F., 1988:
Grain mites, general characteristics and consequences of their presence in stocks

Zabirov, Shm, 1977:
Grain moisture content and Acarus siro

Hellevang, Kj, 1986:
Grain moisture content effects and management

Anonymous, 1956:
Grain moisture determination, Karl Fischer method

Johnson, Ij, 1984:
Grain moisture equilibrium values with relative humidity for different market classes in dry beans

Ban, T. , 1974:
Grain moisture meter and moisture detector for flowing grain

Parish, Ja, 1974:
Grain moisture problems on the south coast

Jodari, F.L.nscombe, S., 1995:
Grain moisture variability at harvest among rice genotypes

Frederiksen, R.; Castor, L.; Rosenow, D., 1982:
Grain mold, small seed and head blight: the Fusarium connection

Hall, D.-Iv; Howell, M.; Teetes, G.; Frederiksen, R., 1992:
Grain molds associated with infestations of sorghum panicle-feeding bugs

Anonymous, 1979:
Grain motor fuel alcohol

Anonymous, 1979:
Grain motor fuel alcohol: technical and economic assessment study

Sergeev, N.S., 2007:
Grain movement in the channel of a working tool of the ILS centrifugal-rotor mill

Curtis, W.-C.W.ite, M., 1964:
Grain movements in Alabama

Anonymous, 1984:
Grain movements through the transfer elevators in eastern Canada

Abshere, S.; Dunn, J.; Moore, H., 1981:
Grain movements to and from Pennsylvania grain handling and processing firms, 1977

Hill, L.-D.T.mmerman, D., 1991:
Grain movements to points of export in 1985

Crowley, Jw, 1976:
Grain needed for heifers depends on forage

Anonymous, 1983:
Grain news

Riabokon'-, A.S., 1980:
Grain of the Altai steppes

Priamushko, Vp, 1978:
Grain of the Baraba Lowland (Methods soil moisture conservation on variety testing farms)

Shakirov, Mz, 1981:
Grain of the Bashkir ASSR

Martynov, Bp, 1977:
Grain of the RSFSR

Foy, J., 2005:
Grain on the brain

Hunt, R.E.K.ncaid, C.M.C.rter, R.C., 1953:
Grain or grass-fatted cattle?

Clark, D., 1987:
Grain outlook 1987--corn

Mants, J., 1987:
Grain outlook 1987--oilseeds

Walker, G., 1987 :
Grain outlook 1987--small grains: Western Canada

Whitelaw, J., 1987:
Grain outlook 1987--small grains: eastern Canada

Brown, Jc, 1988:
Grain outlook 1988--feed grains

Hall, L., 1988:
Grain outlook 1988--oilseeds

Courtis, G., 1988:
Grain outlook 1988--small grains--eastern Canada

Walker, Gk, 1988:
Grain outlook 1988--small grains--western Canada

Laesch, J., 1989:
Grain outlook 1989--world

Hehn, Lf, 1989:
Grain outlook 1989: Canada

O'-Brien, D., 1991:
Grain outlook for 1991-92

Anonymous, 1977:
Grain outlook, 1977-78

Anonymous, 1980:
Grain output

Bartholomew, D., 1981:
Grain pact--U.S. and U.S.S.R

Spitalniak, J.W.ight, D.; Langdale, G., 1995:
Grain pearl millet agronomic performance in relation to conventional and strip-tillage

Rajewski, J.; Andrews, D., 1995:
Grain pearl millet performance and adaptability in six years of regional tests

Micic, S.; Strickland, G., 2005:
Grain pest management for changing farming systems in high rainfall areas

Anonymous, 1985:
Grain pesticides

Lebedev, S.; Singh, P., 1973:
Grain phytosynthetic productivity and quality of the winter wheat varieties Bezostaya l and Caucasus under conditions of irrigation in the south of the Ukrainian SSR

Suaarez-Argeuello, Clara-Elena, 1985:
Grain policies and the economy of New Spain the case of wheat

Marumo, S., 1973:
Grain policies of USSR. 5. whea

Maruo, S., 1973:
Grain policies of USSR.: wheat

Arduini, A., 1976:
Grain preparation and quality production of flours and brans

Bomford, Ph, 1982:
Grain preservation and storage

Koskuba, K., 1970:
Grain preservation and storage in agricultural industries

Trisviatski, La, 1973:
Grain preservation in the USSR

Bakker-Arkema, F.; Maier, D., 1994:
Grain preservation in the humid tropics

Lane, M., 1974:
Grain preservatives: do they pass the acid test?

Barr, Harold, T., 1962:
Grain pressure in deep storage bins

Harrison, Cj, 1971:
Grain price analysis and harvest qualities, 1465--1634

Cummings, R.Jr; Rashid, S.G.lati, A., 2006:
Grain price stabilization experiences in Asia: What have we learned

Wisner, R., 1985:
Grain prices and export PIK

Wisner, R., 1990:
Grain prices and planting delays

Appleby, Ab, 1979:
Grain prices and subsistence crises in England and France, 1590-1740

Hoffman, G.Wright, 1941:
Grain prices and the futures market

Wisner, R., 1990:
Grain prices ease with slowing exports

Wisner, R., 1988:
Grain prices fed by crop report, weather

Anonymous, 1983:
Grain prices linked to location of stocks Surplus, United States

Wisner, R., 1989:
Grain prices respond to stocks, weather

Etisietisin, Nikolaaei-Vasil*-Section-*evich, 1947:
Grain problem

Biskupski, A., 1984:
Grain problem and technological properties of the grain of bread cereals in Poland

Perry, Alvah, L., 1944:
Grain problems and feed conservation practices of Maine poultry producers

Perry, Tw, 1975:
Grain processes: roasting, flaking, micronizing, moisturizing

Bachmann, Janet, 1999:
Grain processing

Kreaeimerman, G.-Isaakovich; Khuves, C., S., 1959:
Grain processing at receiving points and calculation of required equipment

Alergant, G.; Mil'-Man, I.; Esakov, I.; Solonetskii, V., 1980:
Grain processing complex in a collective farm

Wagner, D.; Totusek, R.G.ll, D., 1973:
Grain processing for feedlot cattle

Hale, Wh, 1979:
Grain processing for feedlot rations

Tanksley, Td, 1969:
Grain processing for swine

Anonymous, 1974:
Grain processing goal is feed efficiency

Farlin, Sd, 1975:
Grain processing guidelines

Petrusov, A.I., 1975:
Grain processing high-frequency vibrating machines

Hinders, R., 1996:
Grain processing methods offer maximum utilization by dairy cows

Bartlett, B.R.tchie, H., 1979:
Grain processing methods, Ralgro implants and breed effects on winter performance of weanling heifer calves

Hoelscher, Ma, 1980:
Grain processing systems for milo and corn

Perry, Tw, 1973:
Grain processing: its effect on nutritive value and on the development of ulcers in swine

Odegaard, G., 1975:
Grain procurement

Jones, D., 1970:
Grain procurement for Louisiana swine producers

Thomke, S., 1975:
Grain produced with different nitrogen fertilizers for slaughter swine

Hilger, D., 1985:
Grain producers face growing market competition

Duval, Y.B.ere, A., 1998:
Grain producers attitudes to new forms of supply chain coordination

Gulbicka, B., 1981:
Grain production and consumption on peasant farms in the light of farm accounting analysis

Kobata, T.T.kami, S., 1983:
Grain production and dry matter

Collier, G.A., 1949:
Grain production and marketing

Cizek, J., 1975:
Grain production and silage volume for livestock feed in Yugoslavia

Rajki, S., 1983:
Grain production and the future of the human race

Ross, E., 1972:
Grain production and use in Hawaii: Effect on poultry production

Wailes, E.-James; Vercimak, J.E., 1989:
Grain production and utilization in the United States with projections for 1990 an 2000

Reznik, Oi, 1971:
Grain production as central prob

Tokarzewski, T., 1984:
Grain production contracts

Erickson, D.; Doran, S., 1973:
Grain production costs and returns in the Davenport-Edwall area of Washington

Curtis, C.; Jordan, J., 1988:
Grain production economics and marketing

Milovzorova, Av, 1980:
Grain production efficiency with varied level of fertilizer application on state farms in Moscow Region

Anonymous, 1995:
Grain production for livestock feed in Sabah

Mikhailichenko, I.; Klimov, M., 1975:
Grain production grows

Loedniakov, Vg, 1986:
Grain production in Argentina

Tonev, I., 1981:
Grain production in Bulgaria.

Anonymous, 1961:
Grain production in North Vietnam

Kogan, Miu, 1985:
Grain production in Yugoslavia

Wojtaszek, Z., 1984:
Grain production in collective farms

Misiuna, W., 1973:
Grain production in countries of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance

Doroshenko, Vv, 1979:
Grain production in manorial (farmstead) farms in the Eastern Baltic area in the 16th-18th centuries

Kospanov, Sh, 1978:
Grain production in the Kazakh SSR

Koval'-, T.-Artem'-Evich; Zemleiianskiaei, F.T., 1968:
Grain production in the USSR and grain husbandry in the countries of the world

Romanov, P.; Zamiralov, P., 1976:
Grain production in the Ural area of the non Chernozem zone

Valenta, J., 1971:
Grain production in the agricultural cooperative of Dobra Voda

Kozlov, V.G., 1982:
Grain production in the eleventh five-year plan

Badr, E.; Mourad, A.; Naguib, F., 1972:
Grain production industry of Hawaii apparatus in Vicia faba

Aponte, Augusto, 1997:
Grain production of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millspaugh)

Omutov, A., 1971:
Grain production on a new basis

Shabunin, Ip, 1979:
Grain production on a new level

Atamanenko, A.; Snopok, N., 1978:
Grain production on irrigated lands in the Ukraine

Bernacki, A., 1984:
Grain production on private farms in Poland

Magila, As, 1972:
Grain production on the farms of Lithuania

Fereniec, J., 1984:
Grain production on the state farm

Aguiar, Paa, 1977:
Grain production potential of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor studies in the Sao Francisco area

Nikitin, Iua, 1983:
Grain production problems and their solutions

Listopadov, I.N., 1980:
Grain production under intensive crop rotation

Paramonov, M.T.mirkhanov, A., 1972:
Grain production under irrigation

Imangalieva, A.K.; Balashova, N.N., 2006:
Grain production: the situation and problems

Akimenko, As, 1978:
Grain productivity of crop rotations in the north western part of the steppe in the Ukrainian SSR as affected by the percentage of winter wheat and maize in them

Romanova, Aa, 1978 :
Grain productivity of maize hybrids in the Lower Volga area

Anonymous, 1943:
Grain products branch memorandum

Weber, Br, 1991:
Grain programs in the 1990 Farm Bill

Hauri, Iraene, 1975:
Grain project in Tunisia

Quinlan, James, K., 1982:
Grain protectants for insect control

Quinlan, Jk, 1982:
Grain protectants for insect control--methods and equipment for bulk treatment Insecticides, storage

Mesa, B.M-De, 1986:
Grain protection in postharvest systems

Kubiczek, R.-P.B.etz, J., A., 1993:
Grain protein accumulation and grain yield in rye and triticale

Wrigley, C., 2005:
Grain protein composition--repeated cycles of research on dough quality

Pelikan, M.D.das, F.S.ankova, M., 1977:
Grain protein fractions of some winter wheat varieties

Nemlienko, Ne, 1969:
Grain protein heredity in simple interline corn hybrids

Boulter, D.E.ans, I.; Thompson, A.Y.rwood, A. , 1973:
Grain protein quality in cowpeas and Phaseolus

Graves, C.W.st, D., 1981:
Grain protein variation in corn hybrids Variety trials, Tennessee, feed analysis

Miege, M.; Miege, J., 1971:
Grain proteins of four species of Dioscorea from western Africa

Maliani, C., 1972:
Grain proteins--new horizons for hard grain

Maliani, C., 1971:
Grain proteins; new horizons for hard wheat

Sebestyen, Ej, 1969:
Grain purchasing and storage

Draper, Sr, 1980:
Grain quality

Moraru, K.; Babintseva, V., 1971:
Grain quality and fractional composition of proteins in winter wheat mutants

Sauer, Db, 1988:
Grain quality and grading standards

Anonymous, 1992:
Grain quality and grain inspection

Wang, M.C.ang, A.H.ang, T.L.u, E.S.u, W., 1985:
Grain quality and other agronomic characteristics of hybrid wheat with Triticum timopheevii cytoplasm. I. Heterosis and combining ability

Wang, M.C.ang, A.H.ang, T.L.u, E.S.u, W., 1985:
Grain quality and other agronomic characteristics of hybrid wheat with Triticum timopheevii cytoplasm. II. Correlation between parents and offspring and correlation between different characteristics

Koptik, I.; Bartashevich, V.; Makovskaia, A., 1974:
Grain quality and principles of its inheritance in winter wh eat hybrids in Belorussia

Savitskaia, V.; Sinitsyn, S., 1977:
Grain quality and productivity of collection specimens and interspecific hybrids of durum wheat in Western Siberia

Jacobsen, Ka, 1975:
Grain quality and swine production

Anonymous, 1992:
Grain quality fact sheet

Bebiakin, V.; Kozlov, I.; Kniazev, V., 1987:
Grain quality formation in spring wheat varieties depending on the level of mineral nutrition

Suek, A.; Podolska, G., 2006:
Grain quality formation of winter wheat under influence of selected herbicides

Hill, L.D., 1991:
Grain quality grading and classification

Spillmann, D.; Parnell, C.J., 1991:
Grain quality impacts of recombination recirculation dust

Anonymous, 1980:
Grain quality improvement

Jenkins, G., 1969:
Grain quality in hybrids of Avena sativa L. and Avena byzantina C. koch

Anonymous, 1989:
Grain quality in international trade

Iarosh, N.; Rodionova, N., 1983:
Grain quality in regionally approved oat varieties and ways of its improvement

Johnson, D.Demcey, 1999:
Grain quality in the Canadian barley sector

Anonymous, 1989:
Grain quality issues affecting U.S. farmers

Maier, Dirk, E., 1999:
Grain quality issues related to genetically modified crops

Semenova, I.; Migushova, E.; Deviatkina, E., 1973:
Grain quality of Aegilops, the ancestor of wheat

Gulkanyan, V.O.; Oganesyan, S.G.; Nikogosyan, E.E., 1975:
Grain quality of f 2 wheat in simple and compound hybrids

Zabelkina, V.; Semenova, L.; Migushova, E., 1980:
Grain quality of aegilops plants with the D-genome

Morunova, Gm, 1977:
Grain quality of approved spring wheat varieties for Kazakhstan

Shishkina, Is, 1971:
Grain quality of certain varieties of winter wheat grown in southern Kazakhstan

Pokrovskaia, N.; Kobylianskii, V.; Khoreva, V.; Il'-Ichev, G., 1973:
Grain quality of collection samples of rye from the countries of Europe and the USA

Bressani, Ricardo, 1993:
Grain quality of common beans

Kane, M.; Steele, C.G.abau, L.; Mackown, C.; Hildebrand, D., 1995:
Grain quality of early maturing soybean grown in Kentucky

Pavlov, An, 1974:
Grain quality of grass crops under irrigation

Sobko, A.; Zhukova, L., 1972:
Grain quality of irrigated winter wheat in the southern Ukraine and several ways of improving it

Morunova, G.; Kuz'-Mina, M., 1976:
Grain quality of new approved spring wheat varieties bred in Kazakhstan

Chauhan, S.; Singh, S., 1979:
Grain quality of non malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in relation to soil-moisture regimes, nitrogen and phosphorus

Leonchenko, Nf, 1976:
Grain quality of short stem spring wheat varieties of foreign selection grown on loamy soils of Belorussia

Tantsiura, D.; Semenova, L., 1978:
Grain quality of soft wheat parental forms and hybrids on the basis of cytoplasmic male sterility

Semenova, L.; Udachin, R.; Antonova, N., 1976:
Grain quality of soft wheat specimens under irrigation and dry land farming in Uzbekistan

Akilov, U.; Solov'-Eva, Z.; Ivashkina, G., 1979:
Grain quality of soybean breeding entries of the Kazakh Scientific-Research Institute of Crop Farming

Pantelimonova, A.; Laks, G., 1977:
Grain quality of spring soft wheat as affected by fertilizers in the system of soil erosion control farming in Northern Kazakhstan

Kudriavtseva, Z.; Semenova, L., 1976:
Grain quality of spring wheat from West European countries in the conditions of the north western zone of the USSR

Semenova, L.; Okhotnikova, T.; Novikova, M., 1974:
Grain quality of spring wheat from the USA in the northwestern USSR

Remeslo, V.; Blokhin, N., 1976:
Grain quality of the Ilichenko winter wheat

Nikogosian, E.; Safarian, G., 1977:
Grain quality of wheat developed by the method of hybridization of winter forms with spring ones

Gotsova, V.G.tsov, K., 1984:
Grain quality of wheat male sterile lines with the cytoplasm of Triticum timopheevi and hybrids on fertile and sterile basis

Nesterenko, Sa, 1973:
Grain quality of winter rye from Sweden in the Leningrad Region

Chmeleva, Z.; Rekhmetulin, R., 1980:
Grain quality of winter triticale forms

Shaposhnikova, I.; Listopadov, I.; Lebedeva, P.; Urusova, V., 1983:
Grain quality of winter wheat and its improvement under different weather conditions

Krishchenko, V.; Chuikova, L., 1984:
Grain quality of winter wheat damaged by Eurygaster integriceps

Bilonozhko, M.; Osinnii, M., 1974:
Grain quality of winter wheat gr

Peruanskii, I.; Urazaliev, R.; Nadirov, B.; Seifullina, M., 1974:
Grain quality of winter wheat grown under conditins of verti cal zoning

Lomnyts'-Kyi, I.; Roiko, A.; Sviderko, M., 1976:
Grain quality of winter wheat in

Lomnyts'-Kyi, I.; Roiko, A.; Svderko, M.; Blokhin, M., 1979:
Grain quality of winter wheat va

Kwiatkowski, C.; Kubecki, J., 2006:
Grain quality of winter wheat varieties depending on level of crop chemicalization

Kobylianskii, V.; Rakitina, A.; Korzun, A.; Chmeleva, Z., 1977:
Grain quality of winterhardy specimens of winter rye

Pomeranz, Y., 1983:
Grain quality standards

Crosbie, Gb, 1981:
Grain quality testing Breeding program, cereals, rapeseed, Western Australia

Tolboe, O., 1971:
Grain quality: Baking technicalities

Johnson, La, 1985:
Grain quality: complex issue defies easy answers

Mercier, S., 1995:
Grain quality: impact on U.S. market share

Mills, Pl, 1974:
Grain rail car monitoring system

Hutchinson, Tq, 1970:
Grain rates advanced in fourth quarter

Adams, Rs, 1974:
Grain rationing: Current grain and milk price ratios call f or feeding review

Breglia, G., 1971:
Grain record--100 million quintals

Lazarus, S.H.ll, L.T.ompson, S., 1985:
Grain requiring transportation services in the north central and southern states for 1985, 1990 and 2000

Kilborn, R.; Preston, K., 1985:
Grain research laboratory instrumentation for studying the breadmaking process

Cochrane, W.; Martin, M.; Spitze, R., 1980:
Grain reserve policies in an uncertain world.S541.N6 North Central regional research publication. North Cent Reg Res Publ Wooster, Ohio

Anonymous, 1963:
Grain reserves

Danin, Yigal, 1975:
Grain reserves and price stabilization

Gray, R., 1974:
Grain reserves issues

Taylor, L.; Sarris, A.; Abbott, P., C., 1977:
Grain reserves, emergency relief, and food aid

Schnittker, Ja, 1975:
Grain reserves--now

Peterson, E.; Flinchbaugh, B., 1977:
Grain reserves: issues and policy choices

Sharples, J.; Walker, R., 1977:
Grain reserves: price instability and the food supply

Andreae, B., 1984:
Grain rich yields of Central Europe in the technical age

Webster, G.K.ndgon, L., 1984:
Grain rotation makes water conservation affordable

Charkins, Rj, 1976:
Grain sales of Russia--the summer of 72 revisited

Talbot, M., 1992:
Grain sampling

Anderson, K., 1989:
Grain sampling and insect damaged kernels

Majumder, S.K.V.nugopal, J.S., 1969:
Grain sanitation

Anonymous, 1955:
Grain sanitation program

Anonymous, 1984:
Grain scales for Yield per Field combine-harvesters

Suvorov, N.S.K.z*-Section-*mina, N.P., 1950:
Grain science

Kazakov, E.D., 1983:
Grain science using the basics of plant husbandry

Pozzerle, Remo, 1991:
Grain seasons in Lessini mountains

Phillips, Rhd, 1981:
Grain sector

Shevchuk, T.N., 1961:
Grain selection and seed production in Canada

Iwao, S., 1979:
Grain selector for cereals.

Anonymous, 1977:
Grain self sufficiency by 1980? Czechoslovakian hopes dim

Milles, Ah, 1973:
Grain self-feeder for cattle

Wisner, R., 1986:
Grain sensitive to soviet disaster

German, R.; Lee, J., 1969:
Grain separation on an oscillating sieve as affected by air volume and frequency

Macaulay, J.; Lee, J., 1969:
Grain separation on oscillating combine sieves as affected by material entrance conditions

Logunova, Na, 1982:
Grain setting at the hybridization of durum wheat with other species in North Kazakhstan

Sreedharan, C.V.madevan, V., 1977:
Grain shattering in rice as influenced by agroclimatological factors

Gauthier, W.; Hadder, G., 1980:
Grain ship loadout rates on the Mississippi

Anonymous, 1987:
Grain shipments

Rust, C.; St-George, G., E., 1969:
Grain shipments in Montana

Mccamley, F.R.del, R., 1981:
Grain shipments on the Missouri River

Larson, D.; Pesch, M., 1981:
Grain shipments on the Ohio River

Neetz, Re, 1975:
Grain shortfall underlines weathers impact in USSR

Mckissick, J.; Sprouse, T., 1980:
Grain shrinkage and conversion tables

Herzmann, W.W.ler, W., 1976:
Grain silo system in Syria

Miedtank, Rolf, 1985:
Grain silos

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1970:
Grain silos: Design, construction and operation. 2. land reception of grain at internal procurement silos

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1979:
Grain silos: design construction and operation. Silo bins--construction techniques

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1971:
Grain silos: design, construction & operation. 5. rules to be observed for handling bulk grain in closed wagons

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1970:
Grain silos: design, construction & operation. III. Loading railway wagons at procurement silos

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1970:
Grain silos: design, construction & operation. IV. Reception of grain at inland terminal silos

Vijayaraghavan, S., 1969:
Grain silos: design, construction & operation. i

Raghavan, Sv, 1978:
Grain silos: design, construction and operation silo bins--design, forms & configuration

Manghisi, T., 1970:
Grain situation in the European Economic Community

Kleber, W.K.mm, G.M.tsuyama, H.T.umura, Y., 1969:
Grain size and grain energy of malting barley

Porskamp, Haj, 1979:
Grain size and sowing results with the use of artificial manure spreaders

Thanikachalam, V.S.kthivadivel, R., 1974:
Grain size criteria for protective filters--an enquiry

Kreiss, K., 1978:
Grain size distribution in liquid manure and in its products

Babendreier, Charles-Albert, 1991:
Grain size effect on time scales in centrifuge modeling of saturated steady state seepage in particulate media

Mingard, K.P.; Roebuck, B.; Bennett, E.G.; Thomas, M.; Wynne, B.P.; Palmiere, E.J., 2007:
Grain size measurement by EBSD in complex hot deformed metal alloy microstructures

Chu, Dc, 1978:
Grain size mutations in rice in

Haninec, I., 1977:
Grain size of bulk wood materials

Mogensen, Vo, 1983:
Grain size, number and yield in relation to drought

Khalil, J.; Georgy, M.; Farag, F., 1976:
Grain sized distribution of some soil sediments from the Nile Valley and Delta, Egypt

Macgillibray, D., 1977:
Grain soghum in the coastal area

Stevenson, Ee, 1972 :
Grain soghums for grain production for Stanislaus County

Coscia, A., 1972:
Grain sorgho and its economic aspects

Bonnemann, Joseph, J., 1975:
Grain sorghum 1974 performance trials

Griffin, R.; Krausz, J.; Zublena, J.; Murdock, E., 1984:
Grain sorghum IPM manual for South Carolina

Garcia-Atance, G., 1982:
Grain sorghum Production in Spain.1

Giardini, A., 1981:
Grain sorghum Sorghum vulgare Pers. or Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. Economic importance, botanical classification, genetics.1

Ngulube-Msikita, Rachel, N., 2002:
Grain sorghum panicle respiration in relation to grain fill length

Jones, D.; Green, V.J., 1977:
Grain sorghum after drought damaged corn

Cromwell, G.; Stahly, T.; Randolph,. Jr.;, 1986:
Grain sorghum and barley as alternative feed grains for growing-finishing swine

Dhar, Subhas-Kumar, 1950:
Grain sorghum and millet

Barnhisel, R.; Bitzer, M.; Thom, W., 1986:
Grain sorghum and soybean variety tests on reconstructed prime land--1985

Van-Rensburg, Nj, 1978:
Grain sorghum aphids

Triplett, Cm, 1980:
Grain sorghum as a feed for cattle

Bott, W., 1974:
Grain sorghum at Dalby

Peck, R.; Weibel, D., 1974:
Grain sorghum breeding

Anonymous, 1951:
Grain sorghum by-product feeds for farm animals

Anonymous, 1969:
Grain sorghum can beat corn yields

Dhuyvetter, Kevin, C., 1996:
Grain sorghum cost-return budget in northeast Kansas

Warmann, Gerald, W., 1996:
Grain sorghum cost-return budget in south central Kansas

Correa-Urquiza, A., 1977:
Grain sorghum cultivation in Argentina

Mann, H.; Youngman, V., 1969:
Grain sorghum cultural study

Braunworth, W.; Youngman, V.; Hinze, G., 1977:
Grain sorghum date of seeding study at Akron, Colorado, 1976

Olson, B.; Baughman, T.S.j, J., 2001:
Grain sorghum desiccation with sodium chlorate and paraquat in the Texas Rolling Plains

Garwood, V.; Rogler, J., 1986:
Grain sorghum diets in relation to genotypes for growth in Japanese quail

Torrecillas, M.G.; Bertoia, L.M.; Cantamutto, M.A., 2005:
Grain sorghum directed to forage: variation in stover quality

Graves, C.; Bradley, J., 1986:
Grain sorghum evaluated for a yield response to soil-applied insecticide

Capstick, D.-F.K.ogh, J.-L.M.ples, R., L., 1962:
Grain sorghum fertilization

Fayed, M.; El-Ghor, M.1; Labib, H.1; Hamissa, M., 1979:
Grain sorghum fertilization in A.R.E. Arab Republic of Egypt, nitrogen, varieties

Rabb, J.; Frazier, J., 1987:
Grain sorghum fertilization research

Klosterman, E.; Fox, D.; Newland, W., 1969:
Grain sorghum for fattening cattle is evaluated in Ohio

Beckwith, Ac, 1972:
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