Growth and flowering of clones of slash pine under intensive culture; early results

Bengtson, G.W.

U.S. For. Serv. Res. Pap. Stheast. For. Exp. Sta, SE-46, 9


Accession: 015969172

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Ramets of 24 slash pine clones were planted on a prepared site in northern Florida and grown under varied conditions of soil moisture, soil fertility, and ground cover. During the first 4 years, irrigation and fertilization did not affect tree growth significantly. Production of female strobili was greatest on cultivated and nonirrigated plots. Analyses of foliage indicated that young trees were able to obtain N and P from the soil sufficient to maintain rapid growth on the test area. On irrigated plots with leguminous ground cover, however, soil N was insufficient for heavy female flower production because of leaching and the competition from legumes during the critical summer months of flower initiation. highly significant differences among clones were observed in growth rate, nutrient content of foliage, and flowering characteristics. it is expected that, as the stand closes, competition among trees will intensify and effects of environmental manipulations and interaction of genotypes with environment will become more pronounced.