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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15972

Chapter 15972 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wehrung, F., 1979:
Growth factors, remedies to intensification

Hopkins, C.-R.H.ghes, R.C.lin, 1985:
Growth factors, structure and function

Colburn,, H.-L.S.anbridge, E., J., 1988:
Growth factors, tumor promoters, and cancer genes

Vicard, A., 1975:
Growth factors. Antibiotics and tissue antiproteolysis

Olashaw, N.; Olson, J.; Drozdoff, V.P.edger, W., 1992:
Growth factors: their role in the control of cell proliferation

Bluestone,, C., 1989:
Growth falters in most rural counties: manufacturing both hero and goat

Cheng,, P., 1993:
Growth feature extraction from plant somatic embryo image for germination prediction

Liu, Wz, 1982:
Growth features and cultural techniques of cotton with a lint yield of 200-250 catties per 1

Kolesnichenko, M.; Spakhov, I.; Spakhova, A., 1971:
Growth features and phosphorus metabolism in Pinus and Betula during their combined growing

Davidov, Mv, 1976:
Growth features of European alder stands

Kerimkulov, Ak, 1973:
Growth features of Juglans regia seedlings in the nursery

Ias'-Ko, Sf, 1973:
Growth features of Pinus sylvestris in the botanical garden of the Academy of Sciences, Kirghiz SSR

Timofeev, Vp, 1976:
Growth features of Pinus-Tilia stands

Danylov, Vv, 1975:
Growth features of Quercus stand

Murzov, A.; Tikhonov, S., 1973:
Growth features of Quercus stands established in the Experimental Forest of the Chuvash ASSR

Bozrikov, V.; Karptsov, N., 1973:
Growth features of annual seedlings of Pinus sylvestris in pine forest belts of Kazakhstan

Ye, X.; Weng, X., 1987:
Growth features of barley organs during grain filling period

Zykov, Ig, 1970:
Growth features of coniferous trees on eroded soils in the Ukrainian steppes

Kevorkova, Lv, 1977:
Growth features of some pine species in Armenia

Goloshvili, S., 1975:
Growth features of stands of certain tree species planted in seed holes in the oak belt after the example of Gori Forest Enterprise

Agadzhanian, A.; Navasardian, E., 1974:
Growth features of the hybrids of F1 Lycopersicon esculentum with self-compatible and self-incompatible forms of Lycopersicon hirsutum

Cherednichenko, Gm, 1971:
Growth features of young belts of Quercus

Opel, H.C.lvert, C., 1986:
Growth feed efficiency and carcass composition in hypophysectomized turkey poults

Chandrasekhara, Cs, 1972:
Growth focii strategy: its application to south east resource region in India

Crane, Wjb, 1981:
Growth following fertilisation of thinned Pinus radiata stands near Canberra in south-eastern Australia

Hokans, R.; Fanelli, E.; Alexander, S., 1985:
Growth following thinning model for loblolly pine plantations infected by annosus root rot

Anonymous, 1992:
Growth for nutrition programs in 1992: will it be a happy new year?

Kastner, A., 1985:
Growth form analysis of Teucrium L. IV. Growth forms and distribution of species of sect. Isotriodon

Kastner, A., 1986:
Growth form analysis of Teucrium L. V. Growth forms and distribution of species related to T. marum and T. chamaedrys, sect. Chamaedrys

Norton T.A., 1969:
Growth form and environment in Saccorhiza polyschides

Weberling, F.R.ese, H., 1988:
Growth form and fruit anatomy of Soliva Ruiz & Pav. and Isoetopsis Turcz. (Compositae)

Ebel, F.W.rner, K., 1982:
Growth form and growth rhythm of some perennials of the laurel forest of the Canary Islands Geranium palmatum, Ranunculus cortusifolius, Canarina canariensis.1

Froebe, Ha, 1971:
Growth form and inflorescence formation in the genus Sanicula, Hacquetia and Astrantia (Umbelliferae)

Karban, R., 1979:
Growth form and inter-leaf shading by Costus lima in a Costa Rican rainforest

Keeley, J.; Massihi,, R., 1992:
Growth form dichotomy in subspecies of Arctostaphylos peninsularis from Baja California

Scriber, J.; Feeny, P., 1975:
Growth form of host plant as a determinant of feeding efficiencies and growth rates in Papilionidae and Saturniidae (-Lepidoptera)

Shaw, J., 1987:
Growth form variation within and between populations of Climacium americanum Brid

Ebel, F.W.rner, K., 1978:
Growth form, development, and seasonal rhythm of Aetheorhiza bulbosa (L.) Cass. (Asteraceae)

Myers, Rl, 1984:
Growth form, growth characteristics, and phenology of Raphia taedigera in Costa Rican palm swamps

Lampe, Maud-Von, 1996:
Growth form, growth rhythm and distribution of species of dwarf rush communities

Puff, C.I.ersheim, A., 1991:
Growth form, stems and leaves of Paederia L. (Rubiaceae-Paederieae)

Floret, C.G.lan, M.; Lefloc', H.-E.O.shan, G.R.mane, F., 1990:
Growth forms and phenomorphology traits along an environmental gradient: tools for studying vegetation?

Friedmann, F., 1975:
Growth forms and vegetative reproduction of Kalanchoe in Madagascar

Lieu, Sm, 1979:
Growth forms in the Alismatales. I. Alisma triviale and species of Sagittaria with upright vegetative axes

Lieu, Sm, 1979:
Growth forms in the Alismatales. II. Two rhizomatous species: Sagittaria lancifolia and Butomus umbellatus

Klaus, W., 1976:
Growth forms of Astrophytum coahuilense (Moeller) Kayser

Ulichna, Ko, 1970:
Growth forms of Bryophyta of the

Abrahamson, W.; Rubinstein, J., 1976:
Growth forms of Opuntia compressa (Cactaceae) in Florida sandridge habitats

Smirnova, E.; Sokolova, R., 1983:
Growth forms of Orchidaceae species

Bianco, Cesar-Augusto, 2002:
Growth forms, taxonomy, distribution, and uses of the Adesmia species (Leguminosae) in central Argentina

Teply, Jl, 1985:
Growth from variable plots: who cares?

Hartmann, Hek, 1988:
Growth froms and leaves in the genus Cheiridopsis N.E.Br

Zelawski,, A., 1980:
Growth function characterizing dry matter accumulation of plants

Takeuchi, K., 1980:
Growth function of growing stoc

Kiviste, A.N.lson, A., 1984:
Growth functions from theory to practice

Sanchez, Ga, 1969:
Growth gradients in the muscular planes of the rear third of the cattle body, and the index of meatiness as deduced from a meat production competition

Novaes, L.; Polan, C., 1990:
Growth grazing Holstein heifers with moderate supplementation

Kwack, S.; Fujieda, K., 1988:
Growth habit in populations of an interspecific cross Cucurbita pepo X Cucurbita moschata

Baker, D.; Chapman, G.; Standish, M.; Bailey, M., 1984:
Growth habit in relation to assimilate partitioning and some consequences for field bean breeding

Vilhordo, B.; Muller, L.E.ald, L.; Leao, M., 1980:
Growth habit in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Nakagama, A.K.tayama, T., 1975:
Growth habit of wheat and its r

Lapinskas, P.; Evans, A., 1977:
Growth habit studies in Phaseolus coccineus

Martinic, Z., 1969:
Growth habit, development and winter hardiness of common wheats low-responding to photoperiod when sown in early fall

Hall, R.P.rk, S.; Phillips, L., 1993:
Growth habit, lodging and resistance of white bean to white mold

Areekul, S.N.rksawat, A., 1978:
Growth habits and yields of pyrethrum grown at Doi Angkhang

Smartt, J., 1978:
Growth habits in Phaseolus coccineus

Lee, Dy, 1978:
Growth habits of Alternaria s

Hosoi, N., 1970:
Growth habits of dwarf rice pla

Haserodt, H.S.dnor, T., 1983:
Growth habits of five cultivars of Gleditsia triacanthos Landscape tree

Haserodt, H.S.dnor, T., 1983:
Growth habits of five cultivars of Pyrus calleryana

Fujita, I., 1982:
Growth habits of sugarbeets in

Krishan-Pratap; Shiam, R., 1974:
Growth habits, tuberisation and ecological studies of Eleocharis dulcis Trin

Passarge, H., 1978:
Growth height, an important structural feature of vegetation

Waiwood, Kg, 1982:
Growth history and reproduction in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Woodroof, J.; Phillips, G., 1981:
Growth history of beverages Soft drinks, wines, beer, liquor, mixes, USA

Kolle, S.S.ojkovic, M.P.elle, K.W.ters, M.W.lf, E.S.nowatz, F., 2001:
Growth hormone (GH)

N'-Diaye, Mamadou-Racine, 1996:
Growth hormone (GH) involvement in prepubertal testicular development

Schmid, C.; Krayenbuehl, P-Alexandre.; Bernays, Ré-Ludwig.; Zwimpfer, C.; Maly, F.E.; Wiesli, P., 2007:
Growth hormone (GH) receptor isoform in acromegaly: lower concentrations of GH but not insulin-like growth factor-1 in patients with a genomic deletion of exon 3 in the GH receptor gene

Tegeler, G.S.hulke, B., 1979:
Growth hormone (somatotrophin) content in the hypophyses of swine

Versteegh, F.G.A.; Buma, S.A.; Costin, G.; de Jong, W.C.; Hennekam, R.C.M.; Versteegh, F.G.A.; Buma, S.A.; Costin, G.; de Jong, W.C.; Nairn, J.; Thomsett, M.; Berberoglu, M.; van Trotsenburg, A.S.; van Mil, G.A.H.; Lindell, M.; Hennekam, R.C.M., 2007:
Growth hormone analysis and treatment in Ellis-van Creveld syndrome

Bauer, Michael, 1992 :
Growth hormone and IGF-1-secretions in a chronically catheterized pig fetus

Yada, T., 2007:
Growth hormone and fish immune system

Hart, I.; Johnsson, I., 1986:
Growth hormone and growth in meat producing animals

Eigenmann, Je, 1985:
Growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor in the dog: clinical and experimental investigations

Baudet, M-L.; Rattray, D.; Harvey, S., 2007:
Growth hormone and its receptor in projection neurons of the chick visual system: retinofugal and tectobulbar tracts

Pecile, A.M.ller, E.E., 1980:
Growth hormone and other biologically active peptides

Spencer, E.; Tobiassen,, P.B.aunstein, E., 1979:
Growth hormone and prolactin action on vitamin D metabolism in the rat

Scanes, C.G.; Harvey, S., 1981:
Growth hormone and prolactin in avian species

Proudman, J.A., 1984:
Growth hormone and prolactin response to thyrotropin releasing hormone and growth hormone releasing factor in the immature turkey

Pecile, A.M.ller, E.E., 1976:
Growth hormone and related peptides

Li, C.-Hao; Bewley, T.A., 1977:
Growth hormone and related proteins

White, Me, 1988:
Growth hormone and repartitioning agents for use in swine production

Vugt, Harmke, H.Van, 2004:
Growth hormone and reproduction in the female rats

Lund-Larsen, T.R., 1975:
Growth hormone and Somatomedin. A brief review

Meuller, E.E.C.cchi, D.; Locatelli, V., 1993:
Growth hormone and somatomedins during lifespan

Landron, D.D.gail, I.A.douin, B.Q.ignard-Boulange, A.P.stel-Vinay, M., 1987:
Growth hormone binding to cultured preadipocytes from Obese fa

Schoenmakers, I.; Kooistra, H.S.; Okkens, A.C.; Hazewinkel, H.A.; Bevers, M.M.; Mol, J.A., 1997:
Growth hormone concentrations in mammary secretions and plasma of the periparturient bitch and in plasma of the neonate

Rajesh, H.; Yong, Y.Y.; Zhu, M.; Chia, D.; Yu, S.L., 2007:
Growth hormone deficiency and supplementation at in-vitro fertilisation

Rijnberk, A., 1996:
Growth hormone deficiency in dogs

Stark, S.; Willig, R.Peter., 2007:
Growth hormone determination in children using an immunofunctional assay in comparison to conventional assays

Kooistra, H.S., 2006:
Growth hormone disorders in dogs

Pawar, R.S.; Tajane, K.R.; Joshi, C.G.; Rank, D.N.; Bramkshtri, B.P., 2007:
Growth hormone gene polymorphism and its association with lactation yield in dairy cattle

Campbell, R.M.; Scanes, C.G., 1987:
Growth hormone inhibition of glucagon- and cAMP-induced lipolysis by chicken adipose tissue in vitro

Hwa, V.; Camacho-Hübner, C.; Little, B.M.; David, A.; Metherell, L.A.; El-Khatib, N.; Savage, M.O.; Rosenfeld, R.G., 2007:
Growth hormone insensitivity and severe short stature in siblings: a novel mutation at the exon 13-intron 13 junction of the STAT5b gene

Hart, I.C.; Buttle, H.L., 1975:
Growth hormone levels in the plasma of male goats throughout the year

López-Oliva, M.E.; Agis-Torres, A.; Márquez, E.; Muñoz-Martínez, E., 2007:
Growth hormone modulates the degradative capacity of muscle nucleases but not of cathepsin D in post-weaning mice

Baum, Dominique, 1989:
Growth hormone of chickens

Egecioglu, E.; Andersson, I.J.; Bollano, E.; Palsdottir, V.; Gabrielsson, B.G.; Kopchick, J.J.; Skott, O.; Bie, P.; Isgaard, J.; Bohlooly-Y.M.; Bergström, G.; Wickman, A., 2007:
Growth hormone receptor deficiency in mice results in reduced systolic blood pressure and plasma renin, increased aortic eNOS expression, and altered cardiovascular structure and function

Fassone, L.; Corneli, G.; Bellone, S.; Camacho-Hübner, C.; Aimaretti, G.; Cappa, M.; Ubertini, G.; Bona, G., 2007:
Growth hormone receptor gene mutations in two Italian patients with Laron Syndrome

Postel-Vinay, M.C.; Finidori, J.; Kayser, C., 1980:
Growth hormone receptors in liver membranes of rats with renal insufficiency

Franco, C.; Andersson, Börn.; Lönn, L.; Bengtsson, B-Ake.; Svensson, J.; Johannsson, G., 2007:
Growth hormone reduces inflammation in postmenopausal women with abdominal obesity: a 12-month, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Sjögren, K.; Leung, K-Chuen.; Kaplan, W.; Gardiner-Garden, M.; Gibney, J.; Ho, K.K.Y., 2007:
Growth hormone regulation of metabolic gene expression in muscle: a microarray study in hypopituitary men

Parkhie, M.R.; Johnson, H.D., 1969:
Growth hormone releasing activity in the hypothalamus of rats subjected to prolonged heat stress

Goihl, J., 1992:
Growth hormone releasing factor use requires further evaluation

Coude, F.; Diaz, J.M.rre, M.R.skam, W.R.ncucci, R., 1984:
Growth hormone releasing factor--production and potential uses in human and veterinary medicine

Clayton, P.; Gleeson, H.; Monson, J.; Popovic, V.; Shalet, S.M.; Christiansen, J.Sandahl., 2007:
Growth hormone replacement throughout life: insights into age-related responses to treatment

Vidergor, G.; Goldfarb, A.W.; Glaser, B.; Dresner-Pollak, R., 2007:
Growth hormone reserve in adult beta thalassemia patients

Happe, S.; Bachmann, C.G.; Helmschmied, K.; Neubert, K.; Wuttke, W.; Paulus, W.; Trenkwalder, C., 2007:
Growth hormone response to low-dose apomorphine in restless legs syndrome

Bercu, B.-B.W.lker, R., F., 1996:
Growth hormone secretagogues

Klindt, J.; Ford, J.J.; Berardinelli, J.G.; Anderson, L.L., 1983:
Growth hormone secretion after hypophysial stalk transection in pigs

Mårin, P.; Rosmond, R.; Bengtsson, B.A.; Gustafsson, C.; Holm, G.; Björntorp, P., 1994:
Growth hormone secretion after testosterone administration to men with visceral obesity

Harvey, S.; Scanes, C.G.; Phillips, J.G., 1985:
Growth hormone secretion in anaesthetized fowl. 1. Refractoriness to repeated stimulation by human pancreatic growth hormone-releasing factor (hpGRF) or thyrotrophin releasing hormone (TRH)

Scanes, C.; Harvey, S., 1985:
Growth hormone secretion in anaesthetized fowl. 2. Influence of heterologous stimuli in birds refractory to human pancreatic growth hormone-releasing factor (hpGRF) or thyrotrophin releasing hormone (TRH)

Trenkle, A., 1970:
Growth hormone secretion in cattle and sheep

Harvey, S.F.aser, R.; Lea, R., 1991:
Growth hormone secretion in poultry

Gluckman, P.D.; Parsons, Y., 1985:
Growth hormone secretion in the fetal sheep following stereotaxic electrolytic lesioning of the fetal hypothalamus

Trenkle, A., 1971:
Growth hormone secretion rates in cattle

Thompson, R.G., 1993:
Growth hormone therapy in Turner syndrome

Sadeghi-Nejad, A.; Demmer, L., 2007:
Growth hormone therapy in progeria

Matura, L.Ann.; Sachdev, V.; Bakalov, V.K.; Rosing, D.R.; Bondy, C.A., 2007:
Growth hormone treatment and left ventricular dimensions in Turner syndrome

Feldt-Rasmussen, B.; Lange, M.; Sulowicz, W.; Gafter, U.; Lai, K.Neng.; Wiedemann, J.; Christiansen, J.Sandal.; E.N.has, M., 2007:
Growth hormone treatment during hemodialysis in a randomized trial improves nutrition, quality of life, and cardiovascular risk

Giovenale, D.; Meazza, C.; Cardinale, G.M.; Farinelli, E.; Mastrangelo, C.; Messini, B.; Citro, G.; Del Vecchio, M.;, S.; Possenti, I.; Bozzola, M., 2007:
Growth hormone treatment in prepubertal children with celiac disease and growth hormone deficiency

Davenport, M.L.; Crowe, B.J.; Travers, S.H.; Rubin, K.; Ross, J.L.; Fechner, P.Y.; Gunther, D.F.; Liu, C.; Geffner, M.E.; Thrailkill, K.; Huseman, C.; Zagar, A.J.; Quigley, C.A., 2007:
Growth hormone treatment of early growth failure in toddlers with Turner syndrome: a randomized, controlled, multicenter trial

Berger, I.; Piecha, G.; Rabkin, R.; Kaya, N.; Geldyyev, A.; Sun, D.; Chen, Y.; Koleganova, N.; Gross, M-L., 2007:
Growth hormone treatment prevents osteoporosis in uremic rats

Holder, Wl, 1993:
Growth hormone will reduce small dairy farms, Cornell researcher says

Borcherding,. Jr.;, 1987:
Growth hormone work gets a health checkup

Burrell, W.; Wiltbank, J.; Veenhuizen, E., 1977:
Growth hormone, insulin and glucose following monensin treatment

Norton, S.; Zavy, M.; Buchanan, D.; Maxwell, C.; Breazile, J., 1986:
Growth hormone, insulin and glucose secretory patterns in swine selected for rapid versus slow growth rate

Hooghe-Peters, E.; Hooghe, R., 1995:
Growth hormone, prolactin, and IGF-1 as lymphohemopoietic cytokines

Burke, W.H.; Marks, H.L., 1984:
Growth hormone, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine levels of Japanese quail selected for four-week body weight

Staffas, L.E.lis, E.; Hayes, J.; Lundgren, J.; Depierre, J.; Mankowitz, L., 1998:
Growth hormone- and testosterone-dependent regulation of glutathione transferase A5 in rat liver

Anonymous, 1992:
Growth hormone--a treatment for septic shock?

Bath, Dl, 1986:
Growth hormone--facts, fantasies and future possibilities

Middleton, D.J.; Culvenor, J.A.; Vasak, E.; Mintohadi, K., 1985:
Growth Hormone-producing Pituitary Adenoma, Elevated Serum Somatomedin C Concentration and Diabetes Mellitus in a Cat

Vaccarino, F.J., 1990:
Growth hormone-releasing factor and feeding. Behavioral evidence for direct central actions

Hodate, K.J.hke, T.K.wabata,, H.O.ashi, S.S.iraki, M.S.wano, S., 1984:
Growth hormone-releasing factor effect on secretion of growth hormone in ruminants

Fletcher, T.; Thomas, G.; Clarke, I., 1996:
Growth hormone-releasing hormone and somatostatin concentrations in the hypophysial portal blood of conscious sheep during the infusion of growth hormone-release peptide-6

Frank, L.A., 2005:
Growth hormone-responsive alopecia in dogs

Scanes, C.G.; Lauterio, T.J., 1984:
Growth hormone: its physiology and control

Anonymous, 1998:
Growth hormones

Anonymous, 1994:
Growth hormones and antibiotics

Anonymous, 1990:
Growth hormones under pressure

Kress, L.S.elly, J.; Hinkelmann, K., 1982:
Growth impact of O3 , NO2 , and

Brann, Tb, 1983:
Growth impact study Forestry, Maine

Dooling, O.; Johnson, R.; Eder, R., 1986:
Growth impact, spread, and intensification of dwarf mistletoe in Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine in Montana

Rimbey, Nr, 1979:
Growth impacts on public service expenditures: some questions for the community

Singh, Sn, 1984:
Growth impairment in Butea monosperma around a cement factory

Mader, T.D.hlquist, J.B.tts, R., 1996:
Growth implants for steers

Wardynski, F.; Rust, S.; Ritchie, H.; Bartlett, B., 1990:
Growth implants for suckling calves

Mulvaney, D.; Hough, J.; Mcelhenney, W.; Holliman, J., 1993:
Growth implants pay big dividends

Anonymous, 1993:
Growth in Argentina, from 1993 to 1995

Anonymous, 1991:
Growth in California

Parker, Jb, 1974:
Growth in Egypts agricultural imports continues

Sarpong, Daniel-Bruce, 1997:
Growth in Ghana

Honma, Masayoshi, 1991:
Growth in Japans horticultural trade with developing countries

Cramer, G.; Taylor, E.; Wailes, E., 1990:
Growth in U.S. aromatic rice consumption

Kromer, George, W., 1965:
Growth in U.S. soybean processing capacity

Blomstreom, M.; Wolff, E., N., 1993:
Growth in a dual economy

Campbell, T.; Mann, W.J., 1974:
Growth in a loblolly pine spacing study in southwest Louisiana

Smagula, C.; Adelman, I., 1983:
Growth in a natural population of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides Lacepede, as determined by physical measurements and -glycine uptake by scales

Ahrendsen, B.; Dixon, B.; Priyanti, A., 1994:
Growth in agricultural loan market share for Arkansas banks

Altena, L.Van, 1974:
Growth in agricultural statistics in 1972 and 1973

Faegri, K., 1980:
Growth in an Ochrolechia androgyna thallus 1961-1979

Prahladachar, M., 1976:
Growth in area under crops in Karnataka--a sceptical view

Vickery, R.Jr, 1974:
Growth in artificial climates--an indication of Minulus abi lity to invade new habitats

Raman, K.N.rayanaswamy, S., 1970:
Growth in axenic culture of isolated shoot apices of Eichhornia crassipes

Polikarpov, I.; Saburova, M., 1990:
Growth in benthic microalgae in water from the reduction zone of littoral sediments

Wilson, Bj, 1980:
Growth in birds for meat production

Gaspar Lopez, E.; Garcia, A.J.; Landete Castillejos, T.; Carrion, D.; Estevez, J.A.; Ceacero, F.; Gallego, L., 2007:
Growth in calves of Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus)

Glaeser, Edward, L., 1991:
Growth in cities

Sillerstrom, E., 1971:
Growth in danger

Abel, M.; Quance, L., 1982:
Growth in demand for U.S. crop and animal production by 2005 USA

Regier, Donald, W., 1967:
Growth in demand for feed grains in the EEC

Oliver, H.; Jameson, K.A.; Sayer, A.Aihie.; Cooper, C.; Dennison, E.M., 2007:
Growth in early life predicts bone strength in late adulthood: the Hertfordshire Cohort Study

Purdom, Ce, 1980:
Growth in fishes

Anonymous, 1978:
Growth in land reclamation to take significant jump

Harvey, G.F.rtin, R., 1982:
Growth in length and weight of brown bullhead, Ictalurus nebulosus (Le Sueur) caught at the spawning place of the Riviere aux Pins, near Montreal (Quebec)

Sommer, K.S.x, R., 1982:
Growth in length of winter barley and its incorporation of assimilates as a function of nitrogen supply and possible atmospheric influences West Germany.1

Zarrow, M.X., 1961:
Growth in living systems

Calow, P., 1981:
Growth in lower invertebrates

Fowler, Vr, 1980:
Growth in mammals for meat production

Hise, Barbara, 1981:
Growth in marriage for newlyweds

Kelso, J., 1994:
Growth in meat exports

Anderson, M., 1989:
Growth in nitrogenous fertilizer trade slowing

Kossut, M.; Maestrini, S., 1977:
Growth in oligotrophic Mediterranean sea water of some algae cultured in situ, using dialysis sacks

Mishin, N.; Tolmachev, M.1; Sosin, N., 1981:
Growth in per hectare productivity of field crops, USSR.1

Boynton, R.; Schwendiman, L., 1981:
Growth in pesticide advertising and an evaluation of its effectiveness

Ingnatius, K., 1971:
Growth in production and export of paper and cardboard products

Sorrelle, P.; Belgard, W., 1992:
Growth in recycling escalates costs for paper machine biological control

Jain, Tc, 1972:
Growth in relation to chlorophyll content of young maize plants

Meyer, Walter, H., 1981:
Growth in selectively cut ponderosa pine forests of the Pacific Northwest

Graham, N.; Searle, T., 1976:
Growth in sheep before and after weaning: fat and protein deposition in relation to knowledge of energy and protein utilization

Slade, Lm, 1988:
Growth in skeletal structures of horses

Geobel, Heike, 1988:
Growth in the Asian-Pacific region

Prosterman, A.; Fox, E., 1971:
Growth in the Robusta market begins to level off

Shelford, J., 1986:
Growth in the blueberry industry and strategies for the future

Keast, A.; Eadie, J., 1984:
Growth in the first summer of life: a comparison of nine co-occurring fish species

Kruse, N., 1983:
Growth in the foodservice sector: will dairy products benefit?

Pintaric, K., 1971:
Growth in the height of seedlings of Pseudotsuga taxifolia Britt. of different provenance in their second year and their relation to the heat

Skripnik, Vv, 1986:
Growth in the number of Varroa jacobsoni mites

Lanciani, Ca, 1975:
Growth in the parasitic phase of the water mite, Hydryphantes tenuabilis

Kinns, A.M., 1970:
Growth in the rat's brown fat of a Hodgkin's-like transplantable reticulo-endothelial tumour

Fraser, K.P.P.; Clarke, A.; Peck, L.S., 2007:
Growth in the slow lane: protein metabolism in the Antarctic limpet Nacella concinna (Strebel 1908)

Holubcik, M., 1971:
Growth in the volume and propagation of Pinus strobus L. in Slovakia

Schuster, W., 1973:
Growth in the yield of cultured plants and the increase of nitrogen fertilization from 1952 to 1969

Butkov, Ea, 1972:
Growth in thickness of trunks of Juglans regia grown without irrigation and affected by mineral fertilizers

Mellor, J., 1983:
Growth in third world demand for food and implications for the United States

Tanaka, M.N.gae, S.F.kai, S.G.i, M., 1992:
Growth in tissue cultured Spathiphyllum on rockwool in a novel film culture vessel under high CO2

Shank, B., 1978:
Growth in tree fertilization linked to professional method

De-Wreede, Re, 1978:
Growth in varying culture conditions of embryos of three Hawaiian species of Sargassum (Phaeophyta, Sargassaceae)

Anonymous, 1975:
Growth in world cattle numbers slackens

Anonymous, 1979:
Growth in world cigarette output expected to continue in 1979

Anonymous, 1974:
Growth in world cottonseed production stagnates in 1973-74

Akers, Ha, 1971:
Growth in world demand continues--but the rate is slower

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Growth of Brazilian poultry industry may affect U.S. exports

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Growth of Capitalism in Agriculture

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Growth of Caribbean and Benguet pines in northeastern Queensland

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Growth of Clostridium perfringens in meat loaf with and without added soybean protein

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Growth of Cordia goeldiana Huber in experimental plots Tree, artificial regeneration, National Tapajos Forest, Para State Brazil.1

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Growth of Dianthus caryophyllus in greenhouses

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Growth of Douglas fir provenances in Slovakia

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Growth of Douglas fir trees of known seed source

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Growth of Eimeria alabamensis from cattle in vitro and the changes in fine structure associated with schizogony

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Growth of Enterobacter sakazakii in reconstituted infant formula as affected by composition and temperature

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Growth of Epichloe

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Growth of Erwinia carotovora, Erwinia atroseptica and Pse udomonas fluorescens in low oxygen and high carbon dioxide a tmospheres

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Growth of Eucalyptus saligna Sm. seedlings under different levels of rice husks

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Growth of Euramerican poplar and nitrogen content of soil organic matter

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Growth of FMD virus in suspended cell cultures, a new possibility to obtain a high infectious titer

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Growth of Federal domestic spending programs, 1947-1963

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Growth of Fusarium solani in relation to carbon sources and C

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Growth of Ge and the propertis of Ge-GaAs and Ge-AlxGa subscript 1

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Growth of Gerbera hybrida in vitro as affected by CO2 concentration and air rate of the vessel

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Growth of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. on oasis sands

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Growth of Haloxylon spp. plantation, ten years after thinning, in Gonabad

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Growth of Helix aspersa in the presence or absence of adults of the same species or of another species (Helix pomatia)

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Growth of Hersheys red azaleas in three pot

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Growth of Hippophae rhamnoides on sandy lands

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Growth of Hispanics in rural workforce

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Growth of Holstein heifers fed in the manager on pasture with a grass legume association

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Growth of Hopea ferrea Pierre in sapling stage at Sakaerat Forest, Pakthongchai, Nakorn Rachasima

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Growth of Ilex crenata Helleri in response to properly timed fertilizer applications

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Growth of Impatiens glandulifera within deciduous woodland: importance of nitrate accumulation in stems

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Growth of Italian wine following innovations in the vineyard

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Growth of Japanese encephalitis

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Growth of Japanese larch in a Vermont plantation

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Growth of Japanese pearl oyster larvae fed with three species of micro-algae

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Growth of Juniperus and Potentilla using liquid exponential and controlled-released fertilizers

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Growth of Karadi lambs during suckling period

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Growth of Korean biscuit industry spurs U.S. wheat sales

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Growth of Lachinidae trees in forest ant areas

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Growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Escherichia coli when both were cultivated together in lactose-peptone medium under aerobic or anaerobic condition

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Growth of Lactobacillus species of different media

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Growth of Laricio pine on muddy, sandy-muddy and sandy soils

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Growth of Larix-Fraxinus and Quercus-Fraxinus plantings

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Growth of Lasioderma serricorne F. in wood containing diets. A contribution to the significance of the endosymbionts of wood destroying insects as vitamin sources for their hosts

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Growth of Lentinula edodes in different media and antibacterial activity against Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. passiflora

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Growth of Leuconostoc citrovorum in skimmilk at 22 and 30 C

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Growth of Leuconostoc citrovorum in skimmilk fortified with an extract of Streptococcus lactic cells

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Growth of Leuconostoc citrovorum in skimmilk with and without additives

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes and Aeromonas hydrophila at chill temperatures

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in lightly preserved fish products

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Growth of Lycopus europaeus L. leaves

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Growth of Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cell (MDCK) line in hormone-supplemented, serum-free medium

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Growth of Manihot esculenta Crantz, Cubana cultivar, subjected to different fertilizer and irrigation levels

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Growth of Massa lambs in relation to their weight at birth

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Growth of Mississippi counties and cities

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Growth of Mougeotia in an aerated culture

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Growth of Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) and effects of gonadectomy

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Growth of Mycobacterium leprae and other pathogenic and saprophytic mycobacteria inpeat substrate

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Growth of Norway spruce and silver fir on the more important site units of the Flat Black Forest growth region

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Growth of Norway spruce in Upper Michigan

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Growth of Nosema algerae in pig kidney cell cultures

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Growth of Nostoc muscorum mutants in the presence of diuron (DCMU) and L-methionine-DL-sulfoximine

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Growth of Nursery-grown Bamboo Inoculated with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in two Tropical Soil Typeswith and without Fertilizer Application

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Growth of Ornidia obesa (Diptera: Syrphidae) larvae on decomposing coffee pulp

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Growth of Oscillatoria rubescens and quantitative variations of the chlorophyll and different carotenoids depending on illumination

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Growth of Passiflora mollissima (H.B.K.) Bailey (curuba) as basis for a prunning system

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Growth of Penicillium chrysogenum in palm oil mill effluent concentrate

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Growth of Phymatotrichum omnivorum in Weswood silt loam and Branyon clay

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Growth of Physarum flavicomum and Physarum rigidum in chemically defined minimal media

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Growth of Pine cultures from containerized seedlings Pinus sylvestris.1

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Growth of Pinus caribaea under four spacings in the Savanna zone of Nigeria

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Growth of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis Barr. and Golf. in Fiji

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Growth of Pinus pinaster (Aiton) as influenced by growing space

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Growth of Pinus pinaster in the Crimea and the physical an d mechanical properties of its wood

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Growth of Pinus radiata, Pinus pinaster and Pinus halepensis in the dunes of San Clemente del Tuyu and Mar del Ajo, Buenos Aires province

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Growth of Pinus resinosa (red pine) on strip-mine spoils in relation to mineral analysis of soil and foilage

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Growth of Pinus sibirica on the Kola Peninsula

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Growth of Pinus sylvestris in the pre-Sivash region

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Growth of Pinus sylvestris seedlings of varying provenance in near-steppe pine forests of the Ukraine

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Growth of Pisidium casertanum (Poli) in west central Ohio

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Growth of Plants

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Growth of Plasmodiophora brassicae in the root and callus of Chinese cabbage

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Growth of Plecoptera (stonefly) nymphs at constant, abnormally high temperatures

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Growth of Pleurotus ostreatus a

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Growth of Populus euramericana Growth curve of leaves, leaf area, axis growth, mathematical models

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Growth of Prunus sellowii Koehne seedlings in response to NPK fertilizers and basalt dust

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Growth of Pseudomonas eisenbergii in activated sludges of water-treatment plants

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Growth of Pseudomonas stutzeri with nitrate and oxygen as terminal electron acceptors

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Growth of Punjab agriculture

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Growth of Quercus stands relative to original density

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Growth of Red Lakes walleye from the 1940s to the 1980s

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Growth of Retinta breed suckling calves

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Growth of Rhododendron cv. Evensong in sphagnum peat moss amended with various inorganic and organic materials

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Growth of Rhodopseudomonas palustris strain B1 in sago starch processing wastewater

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Growth of Rkatsiteli variety under drip irrigation

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Growth of Rous hamster sarcoma on the chorio-allantoic membrane

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Growth of Ruellia humilis plants from embryos of chilled, -GA3 -treated, and laboratory-stored seeds

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Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces uvarum in a temperature gradient incubator

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Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in gaseous fluidized beds Yeast

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Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in stillage from alcohol fermentation of Jerusalem artichokes

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Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is controlled by its limited respiratory capacity: formation and vertification of a hypothesis

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Growth of Saccharomycopsis schionning under continuous gassing

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Growth of Sakhalin surf clam, Spisula sachalinensis (Schrenck), in Sendai Bay Japan

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Growth of Salmonella and servovar Enteritidis PT4 in media containing glucose results in enhanced RpoS-independent heat and acid tolerance but does not affect the ability to survive air-drying on surfaces

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Growth of Salmonella at low pH

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Growth of Salmonella in minced meat at low temperature Bacteriological quality of foods

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Growth of Salmonella serovars, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Staphylococcus aureus during thawing of whole chicken and retail ground beef portions at 22 and 30AC

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Growth of Salvinia molesta as affected by nutrition and water temperature Aquatic weed, biological control, Australia

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Growth of Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii in South Florida

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Growth of Scenedesmus protuberans Fritsch in phosphorus-limited continuous cultures

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Growth of Schefflera, Brassaia actinophylla Endl. in Carib peat-amended media

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Growth of Scotch pine and peduncu

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Growth of Scotch pine trees in bluegrass sod as affected by fertilizer depth, release rate, and season of application

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Growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings of different provenience on comparative plantations in three regions of Poland

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Growth of Selenastrum capricornutum in natural waters augmented with detergent products in wastewaters

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Growth of Sesbania grandiflora Pers. in different habitats

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Growth of Siberian poplar in the Kulunda Steepe

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Growth of Siberian spruce seedlings in relation with morphological characters of the mother trees Picea obovata.1

Krykhanov, Li, 1979:
Growth of Siberian spruce seedlings on different soils-substrates in a greenhouse

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Growth of Slovak Spotted X X Holstein-Frisian Red Spotted crossbred cows with different blood proportion

Dwyer, W.-P.S.ates, R., 1990:
Growth of Snake River and Yellowstone cutthroat trout in small lakes

Gray, John, 1988:
Growth of Southern higher education forestry programs and their impact on the Souths timber resources and industries

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Growth of Spanish paprika and i

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Growth of Spathiphyllum Petite in substrates inoculated with mycorrhizae

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Growth of Spirulina maxima algae in effluents from secondar y waste-water treatment plants

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Growth of Streptococcus uberis in milk from mammary glands challenged with the same bacterial species

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Growth of Sugi (Cryptomeria jap

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Growth of Sugi direct cuttings,

Holzer, K., 1994:
Growth of Swiss stone pines that originated from and were planted at several altitudes in the Austrian Alps

Danielová, V., 1975:
Growth of Tahyna virus at low temperatures

Kikuchi, K.; Furuta, T.; Ishizuka, H.; Yanagawa, T., 2007:
Growth of Tiger Puffer, Takifugu rubripes, at Different Salinities

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Growth of Tilia cordata Mill. and Tilia platyphyllos SCOP. in different ecological conditions

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Growth of Tolyposporium penicillariae on different media and in vitro screening of fungicides against the fungus

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Growth of Torulopsis glabrate in effluents of grass silage

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Growth of Tremella mesenterica haplonts with various nitrogen sources

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Growth of Trichoderma reesei on glucose-mineral salts media containing ammonium sulphate or urea as the sole source of nitrogen Fungi

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Growth of Trichomonas fetus supplemented by naphthoquinoens

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Growth of Trichosporon cutaneum K 1 yeast on milk whey

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Growth of U.S. tobacco exports linked to removal of barriers

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Growth of Ulmus laevis and F

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Growth of Ulmus pinnato-ramosa in forest meliorated stands of the Armenian SSR

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Growth of Ulmus pumila L. on dark-colored soils in the semi-desert of the Caspian Sea basin

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Growth of Venezuelan encephalitis virus in embryonic cell cultures of wild birds

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Growth of Verticillium lecanii on medium containing sodium fluoride

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Growth of Vetiveria zizanioides and Phragmities australis on Pb

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Growth of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus on smoked mullet (Mugil cephalus)

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Growth of Vibro parahaemolyticus at low salt levels and in nonmarine foods

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Growth of Vigna sinensis leaves. individual budget of leaf productivity during the day and the night

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Growth of Wallrothiella arceuthobii on artificial media

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Growth of Welsh onion, (Allium

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Growth of Xanthomonas phaseoli variety fuscans in fieldgrown navy (pea) beans

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Growth of Yersinia enterocolitica and Listeria monocytogenes at chill temperatures

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Growth of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in mice occurs independently of Toll-like receptor 2 expression and induction of interleukin-10

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Growth of a Venezuelan strain of Trypanosoma cruzi (Elpidio Padron) in a modified LIT medium, effect of some variations in its composition and in the conditions of its development

Anonymous, 1964:
Growth of a billion dollar Canadian industry

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