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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15975

Chapter 15975 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gaur, J.; Kumar, H., 1981:
Growth response of four micro-algae to three crude oils and a furnace oil

Powell, C.;;, 1982:
Growth response of four onion cultivars to several isolates of VA vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Bacterial fertilizers, New Zealand

Manda, T.T.kano, N., 1976:
Growth response of golden hamster to diets having different levels of forages

Aiyelaagbe, I.O.; Abiola, I.O.; Sadiku, M.A.; Sadiku, M.A., 2005:
Growth response of juvenile passion fruit (Passiflora edulis, F. falvicarpa) to organic and inorganic fertilizer in south western Nigeria

Walker, R.; Johnson, D.; Geisinger, D., 1999:
Growth response of juvenile ponderosa pine to elevated atmospheric CO2 and soil N with emphasis on root system development

Golbach, J.; Chalova, V.; Kim, W.; Woodward, C.; Ricke, S., 2007:
Growth response of lactobacillus rhamnosus to microaerophilic incubation and addition of reductants in a riboflavin microtiter plate assay

Bilderback, Te, 1985:
Growth response of leyland cypress to media, N application and container size after 1 and 2 growing seasons

Glover, G.R.; Lauer, D.K., 1995:
Growth response of loblolly pine to varying levels of hardwood and herbaceous control

Khosla, P.; Deol, G., 1984:
Growth response of male and female clones of Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle to nitrogen fertilizer

Solomon, D.; Frank, R., 1983:
Growth response of managed uneven-aged northern conifer stands Penobscot Experimental Forest, Bradley, Maine

Solomon, D.; Frank, R., 1983:
Growth response of managed uneven-aged northern conifer stands Picea species, Abies balsamea, Tsuga canadensis, Thuja occidentalis, Acer rubrum, Betula papyrifera, Penobscot Experimental Forest, Maine

Stevenson, S.; Mishra, R., 1970:
Growth response of mango seedlings to 2,4-D

Sternberg, M.; Kim, C.Y., 1979:
Growth response of mice and Tetrahymena pyriformis to lysinoalanine-supplemented wheat gluten

Hunter, I.; Graham, J., 1982:
Growth response of phosphorus-deficient Pinus radiata to various rates of superphosphate fertiliser New Zealand

Overman, A.; Hortenstine, C.; Wing, J., 1971:
Growth response of plants under sprinkler irrigation with dairy waste

Van-Cleve, K;, 1982:
Growth response of postfire quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) to N nitrogen, P phosphorus and K potassium fertilization Alaska. p

Onuwaje, O.; Uzu, F., 1982:
Growth response of rubber seedlings to N, P, and K fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in Nigeria

Novitskii, Yu-I.K.ein, Zp, 1977:
Growth response of rye coleoptile tests to a permanent magnetic field

Novitskii, I.; Khein, Z., 1977:
Growth response of rye coleoptile tests to constant magnetic field

Guillier, L.; Nazer, A.I.; Dubois-Brissonnet, F., 2007:
Growth response of Salmonella typhimurium in the presence of natural and synthetic antimicrobials: estimation of MICs from three different models

Ahmad, M.H.; Abdel Tawwab, M.; Khattab, Y.A.E., 2007:
Growth response of silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val. to feed supplementation in earthen fish ponds

Harding, R.; Hollis, C., 1993:
Growth response of slash pine to intensive drainage and bedding

Muhamad, A.L.tiff, A., 1987:
Growth response of some local vegetables and ornamental plants to gaseous pollutants

Singh, S.S.ndhu, D., 1982:
Growth response of some thermophilous fungi at different incubation temperatures Isolated from bagasse and forest soils

Knighton, Md, 1981:
Growth response of speckled alder and willow to depth of flooding

Sugiyama, N.S.ibata, M., 1983:
Growth response of spinach to K

Marks, H.L.; Nix, D.F., 1973:
Growth response of stocks with different growth rates to thiouracil

Nakayama, A.S.kai, S.D.i, Y., 1976:
Growth response of tea plant un

Smith, D.; Tabrett, S.; Glencross, B., 2007:
Growth response of the black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon fed diets containing different lupin cultivars

Rachlin, J.; Farran, M., 1974:
Growth response of the green algae Chlorella vulgaris to selective concentrations of zinc

Selvaraj, Jc, 1975:
Growth response of the isolates of Verticillium to nitrogennutrition

Martin, A.M., 1992:
Growth response of the mushroom Agaricus campestris to nitrogen sources when cultivated in submerged fermentation

Popkov, Gg, 1975:
Growth response of the root system when thermal damage has been done to aerial organs of wheat

Guilarte, T.R.; McIntyre, P.A.; Tsan, M.F., 1980:
Growth response of the yeasts Saccharomyces uvarum and Kloeckera brevis to the free biologically active forms of vitamin B-6

Kaiser, S.A.; Sen Gupta, P.K., 1975:
Growth response of three formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum to their host and non-host plants

Wu, Y.; Tudor, K.; Brown, P.; Rosati, R., 2000:
Growth response of tilapia fed diets rich in high-lysine corn and corn gluten

Rademacher, Janet-Hogan, 1988:
Growth response of two Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider) clones to six phosphorus treatments

Blazich, F.; Wright, R., 1986:
Growth response of umbrella pine as influenced by temperature, photoperiod and chilling

Graney, D.; Murphy, P., 1993:
Growth response of upland oak stands in the Boston mountains to nitrogen fertilization

Hargrove, R.E.; Alford, J.A., 1980:
Growth response of weanling rats to heated, aged, fractionated, and chemically treated yogurts

Brix, H., 1971:
Growth response of western hemlock and Douglas-fir seedlings to temperature regimes during day and night

Pawar, K.D.bey, P., 1983:
Growth response of wheat cultivar N-4 to fly ash incorporated black cotton soil

Mordkovich, S.; Al'-Tergot, V., 1976:
Growth response of wheat to injury from higher temperature and desiccation

Arnott, Jt, 1982:
Growth response of white and Engelmann spruce seedlings to extended photoperiod using three light intensities Picea glavca, Picea engelmannii

Chappelka Iii, A.; Chevone, B.; Burk, T., 1985:
Growth response of yellow-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.) seedlings to ozone, sulfur dioxide, and simulated acidic precipitation, alone and in combination

Steinbrenner, Ec, 1981:
Growth response of young Douglas-fir to repeated application of nitrogen and phosphorus

Tester, C.; Sikora, L.; Parr, J., 1979:
Growth response to compost amendment: comparison of greenhouse, growth chamber, and field evaluations

Eriksson, A., 1981:
Growth response to fertilization with slow-release nitrogen fertilizers Forestry.1

Mcdonald, A.; Lohammar, T.E.icsson, A., 1986:
Growth response to step-decrease in nutrient availability in small birch (Betula pendula Roth)

Smiley, Et, 1992:
Growth response to trees treated with soil aeration machines

Rincon, E., 1990:
Growth responses of Brachythecium rutabulum to different litter arrangements

Verma, M.; Chowdary, Y., 1982:
Growth responses of Draparnaldiopsis indica Bharadwaja to different levels of major elements in a new synthetic medium

Carr, G.; Hinkley, M.; Le-Tacon, F.H.pper, C.; Jones, M.; Thomas, E., 1986:
Growth responses of Glomus caledonium in the presence of suspension cultured lucerne cells

Lund-Hoie, K., 1984:
Growth responses of Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) to different vegetation management programmes--preliminary results

Kuiper, D., 1988:
Growth Responses of Plantago major L. ssp. pleiosperma (Pilger) to Changes in Mineral Supply : Evidence for Regulation by Cytokinins

Sun, Y-Bing.; Zhou, Q-Xing.; Ren, L-Ping., 2007:
Growth responses of Rorippa globosa and its accumulation characteristics of Cd and as under the Cd-As combined pollution

Halvorson, W.; Singer, A., 1974:
Growth responses of Spartina patens and Spartina alterniflora analyzed by means of a two-dimensional factorial design

Langan, Marian, M., 1995:
Growth responses of Typha ref. latifolia and Scirpus ref. acutus to agrichemical contamination

Padhy, S.; Biswal, U.; Pattnaik, H., 1974:
Growth responses of Westiellopsis prolifica Janet to gibbe rellic acid

Yamasaki, S.T.nge, I., 1981:
Growth responses of Zizania latifolia, Phragmites australis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus to varying inundation

Solomon, Ds, 1985:
Growth responses of balsam fir defoliated by spruce budworm

Batterton, J.C.; Van Baalen, C., 1971:
Growth responses of blue-green algae to sodium chloride concentration

Blair, R.; Chong, C., H.; Hossain, S., M., 2007:
Growth responses of broiler chicks to different levels of threonine and tryptophan in chemically-defined diets

Jain, V.; Jayal, M.; Pathak, N., 1981:
Growth responses of crossbred dairy heifers on a poultry litter silage supplemented with energy rich concentrates

Menkir, A.L.rter, E., 1985:
Growth responses of early maturing inbred lines of corn to suboptimal temperatures

Bajaj, Jps, 1970:
Growth responses of excised embryos of some mistletoes

Barwick, DH.; Lorenzen, WE., 1984:
Growth responses of fish to changing environmental conditions in a South Carolina cooling reservoir

Huang, C.; Waxman, S.K.ths, J., 1984:
Growth responses of geranium cuttings to mirobial inoculations

Moir, K.; Bewg, W.; Stokoe, J.H.mphreys, L., 1970:
Growth responses of grazing beef cattle to protein and energy supplements

Mortensen, L.; Moe, R., 1982:
Growth responses of greenhouse plants to environment. IV. Effects of carbon dioxide on photosynthesis and growth of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat in daylight Beneficial effects, Norway

Zachariah, K., 1982:
Growth responses of isolated ring traps of Dactylella doedycoides Nematophagous Hyphomycetes, Fungi

Keith, T.B.L.hrer, W.P., 1955:
Growth responses of lambs fed three levels of roughage with chlortetracycline and Aurofac 2A

Hansen-Bristow, K.; Wilson, D., 1985:
Growth responses of lodgepole pine and quaking aspen to sewage effluent application

Sehgal, C.; Narang, K.; Arora, S., 1981:
Growth responses of mature endosperm of Euphorbia geniculata Orteg. in cultures

Esen, Derya, 1996:
Growth responses of nine provenances of Pinus brutia Ten. (Turkish red pine) to different levels of herbaceous competition and soil water

Kamuru, F.A.brecht, S.; Baker, J.; Allen, L.J.; Shanmugam, K., 1994:
Growth responses of paddy rice to an ammonia-excreting mutant cyanobacterium at elevated CO2 concentration

Bjorkman, O.M.hall,, M.W.rd, W.N.cholson, F.M.oney, H., 1974:
Growth responses of plants from habitats with contrasting thermal environments--an analysis of the temperature dependence of growth under controlled conditions

Bjorkman,, M.M.oney, H.T.oughton, J.B.rry, J.N.cholson, F.W.rd, W., 1974:
Growth responses of plants from habitats with contrasting thermal environments--transplant studies in the Death Valley and Bodega Head experimental gardens

Lyon, Cj, 1971:
Growth responses of plants to gravity

Rosenbaum, S.; Harbaugh, B.; Nell, T.; Wilfret, G., 1980:
Growth responses of potted chrysanthemum to controlled-release fertlizers with two irrigation systems

Schaertl, Gary-Richard, 1994:
Growth responses of red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) and balsam fir (Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.) to vegetation management with herbicides in Maine

Sato, K., 1972:
Growth responses of rice plant

Sato, K., 1974:
Growth responses of rice plants

Haraki, T.N.shikawa, H., 1976:
Growth responses of rice seedli

Kubota, N.I.ozaki, K.S.imamura, K., 1985:
Growth responses of several grapes to root temperatures under forced conditions

Sato, K., 1980:
Growth responses of some gramin

Mortensen, Lm, 1982:
Growth responses of some greenhouse plants to environment. I. Experimental techniques Measurement of net photosynthesis, roses, chrysanthemums

Mortensen, Lm, 1982:
Growth responses of some greenhouse plants to environment. III. Design and function of a growth chamber prototype Production of lettuce, rose, chrysanthemum

Mortensen, L.; Moe, R., 1983:
Growth responses of some greenhouse plants to environment. V. Effect of CO2, O2 carbon dioxide, oxygen and light on net photosynthetic rate in Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat

Mortensen, L.; Moe, R., 1983:
Growth responses of some greenhouse plants to environment. VI. Effect of CO2 carbon dioxide and artificial light on growth of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat

Sato, K.I.eda, T., 1979:
Growth responses of soybeans to

Park, J., S.; Myung, G.; Kim, H., S.; Cho, B., C.; Yih, W., 2007:
Growth responses of the marine photosynthetic ciliate Myrionecta rubra to different cryptomonad strains

Barnes, George L., 1964:
Growth responses of the pecan scab fungus, Fusicladium effusum, on various common and exotic agar media

Khan, M.R.; Khan, M.W.; Khan, A.A.; Singh, K., 1994:
Growth responses of tomato cultivars and accessions to ozone

Conard, S.; Radosevich, S., 1982:
Growth responses of white fir to decresed shading and root competition by montane chaparral shrubs Ceanothus velutinus, Arctostaphylos patula, Abies concolor

Jensen, K.; Dochinger, L., 1979:
Growth responses of woody species to long- and short-term fumigation with sulfur dioxide

Pritchett, W.; Flaig, E., 1980:
Growth responses of young slash pine to site preparation and fertilization on poorly drained soils

Sato, K.I.o, M., 1969:
Growth responses to air-and soi

Burstrom, Hg, 1981:
Growth responses to incisions in Pisum roots

Overcash, Jp, 1972:
Growth responses to pruning young pecan trees

Grant, W.; Horner, R., 1976:
Growth responses to salinity variation in four arctic ice diatoms

Brownell, P.F.; Crossland, C.J., 1974:
Growth Responses to Sodium by Bryophyllum tubiflorum under Conditions Inducing Crassulacean Acid Metabolism

Cooper, Km, 1975:
Growth responses to the formation of endotrophic mycorrhizas in Solanum, Leptospermum, and New Zealand ferns

Harrison, H.; Bergman, E.; Cole, R., 1982:
Growth responses, cooking quality determinations, and leaf nutrient concentrations of potatoes as related to exchangeable calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the soil

Touchburn, S.; Brown, K., 1972:
Growth restriction of large type turkey breeders

Fraser, Ak, 1971:
Growth restriction of pathogenic fungi on the leaf surface

Brito, C.C.R. de; Silva, J.A.A. da; Ferreira, R.L.C.; Santos, E. de S.; Ferraz, I., 2007:
Growth resulting from the variation and combination of models of Chapman-Richards and Silva-Bailey applied to Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) of Wit

Laffers, A., 1982:
Growth results of Slovak fir provenances for a period of 15 years Abies, Czechoslovakia.1

Kohan, S., 1980:
Growth results of poplars on the sandy soil

Hare, Rc, 1984:
Growth retardant

Mitropolenko, Ai, 1986:
Growth retardant and yield

Qadri, S.; Hasan, S., 1978:
Growth retardant effect of some indigenous plant seeds against rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae (L.)

Sanderson, K.; Martin, W.J., 1979:
Growth retardant effects of Stemtrol on selected plants

Criley, Ra, 1981:
Growth retardant effects on selected Acanthaceae used as foliage houseplants

Criley, Ra, 1976:
Growth retardant notes

Bowles, H., 1985:
Growth retardant use by utility companies

Watschke, Tl, 1984:
Growth retardants and lawn care

Gruzdev, Lg, 1978:
Growth retardants applied in small grain crops together with herbicides

Criley, Ra, 1982:
Growth retardants for Leea coccinea

Hibon, V., 1979:
Growth retardants for coppice: an experimental technique possibly saving half of the costs of planting

Grauslund, J., 1976:
Growth retardants for fruit trees

Criley, Ra, 1973:
Growth retardants for ground covers in Hawaii

Besemer, St, 1973:
Growth retardants for reducing height of two poinsettia cultivars --a progress report

Carter, Rp, 1974:
Growth retardants for turf

Knypl, J.; Bilecka, A.S.upek, T., 1969:
Growth retardants in relation to the germination of seeds. VI. Germination and growth of cauliflower as affected by coumarin, CCC, Phosfon D and kinetin

Carrow, R.; Troll, J., 1976:
Growth retardants on a Kentucky bluegrass and red fescue turf stand

Carlson, W., 1981:
Growth retardants on bedding plants

Elkins, D., 1981 :
Growth retardants on grasses

Pinto, A.C.R.; Graziano, T.T.; Barbosa, J.C.; Lasmar, F.B., 2006:
Growth retardants on production of flowering potted Thai tulip

Pierce, Rg, 1977:
Growth retardants studied for elm, sycamore

Horowitz, M., 1992:
Growth retardants to reduce necessity for mechanical pruning of street trees: experiments with Ficus microcarpa

Erwin, Dc, 1977:
Growth retardants: evidence for their effect on suppression of Verticillium wilt of cotton

Kuo, Chung-Chi, 1973:
Growth retardation and nutritional stress in relation to vegetative growth and reproductive differentiation of seedlings of Cupressus arizonica Greene

Lunn, P.G., 2002:
Growth retardation and stunting of children in developing countries

Robbins, M.; Calhoun, C., 1971:
Growth retardation and yield reduction in corn by a nonionic surfactant

Jonas, H., 1969:
Growth retardation by excretions from the roots of Mimosa pudica L

Gavora, J.; Kondra, P., 1970:
Growth retardation effects of some glucocorticoids and glucagon in chickens

Watschke, Tl, 1979:
Growth retardation of Merion and Pennstar Kentucky bluegrasses

Kubota, F.T.naka, N., 1984:
Growth retardation of wilting o

Domir, S.; Wuertz, D., 1982:
Growth retardation of woody species by three growth regulators Silver maple (Acer saccharinum), American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), white ash (Fraxinus americana)

Friedlander, H.S.hneider, G., 1977:
Growth retardation on lawn with CME 10951 W

Braekke, Fh, 1973:
Growth retarding chemicals for control of growth and development in plants

Knypl, J.; Witek, S.O.wiecimska, M., 1977:
Growth retarding effect and induction of ribonuclease activity by N,N dimethylmorpholinium chloride in Spirodela oligorrhiza

Knypl, J.; Witek, S.O.wiecimska, M., 1976:
Growth retarding effect of N,N-dimethylmorpholinium chloride and CCC in Spirodela oligorrhiza

Watschke, Tl, 1984:
Growth reterdants and lawn care

Khurshudian, Np, 1975:
Growth rhythm and biomass formation in cotton

Bergstrom, P.L., 1974:
Growth rhythm and carcass composition

Westin, Johan, 2000:
Growth rhythm and frost hardiness dynamics in Norway spurce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)

Ekberg, I.E.iksson, G.G.llberg, U.L.ndkvist, K., 1979:
Growth rhythm and growth capacity in a Picea abies population

Novak, J., 1982:
Growth rhythm disturbances by TMV tobacco mosaic virus inoculation in tobacco

Petukhova, Ip, 1972:
Growth rhythm of Juglans mandshurica in relation to plant introduction

Lindholm, T., 1981:
Growth rhythm of Sphagnum fuscum (Schimp.) Klinggr. in the Laaviosuo bog, southern Finland

Horb, Vk, 1980:
Growth rhythm of Syringa seedlin

Nestsiarovich, M.; Dziarugina, T.; Aliker, B., 1970:
Growth rhythm of annual shoo

Agamirova, Mi, 1984:
Growth rhythm of fir tree on the Apsheron Peninsula

Konovalov, I.; Shavrov, L.; Matrenina, R., 1973:
Growth rhythm of some Lonicera species under the influence of growth regulators

Zhou, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, H., 1981:
Growth rhythm of some importan

Charles, Jp, 1974:
Growth rhythm of three varieties of Italian ryegrass

Tsel'-Niker, Iul, 1973:
Growth rhythms of tissues and chloroplasts and determination of characteristics of light and dark leaf structure in Norway maple

Yazan, OYa.; Bajbikov, EV., 1980:
Growth rhythms of young minks (Mustela vison Br.)

Brandt, N., 1975:
Growth ring investigations on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). Method and application

Ash, J., 1985:
Growth rings and longevity of Agathis vitiensis (Seemann) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Drake in Fiji

Schweingruber, Fritz-Hans, 2005:
Growth rings in herbs and shrubs

Maingi, John, K., 2006:
Growth rings in tree species from the Tana river floodplain, Kenya

Jeng, J.C., 2007:
Growth rings of a tree: progression of burn care charges abstracted from a decade of the National Burn Repository

Spieser, H.P.tblado, R., 1989:
Growth room temperature control with water-source heat pumps

Hoffmann, G.L.r, H., 1974:
Growth scheme to demonstrate the yearly size of various increments in groves

Anonymous, 1972:
Growth secrets rooted out in study of Douglas-fir

Gluch, W., 1978:
Growth shape studies on central European Faba species, the bushy-form of the genera Lathyrus L. and Vicia L

Anonymous, 1977:
Growth slows in Malaysian textile industry

Zlei, G., 2007:
Growth specific characteristics of resonance wood Norway spruce in the forest district Tomnatic

Lavrinenko, Dd, 1975:
Growth specifics of pure pine stands subjected to damage by root rot

Whitehead, V.; Phinney, D.; Crea, W., 1979:
Growth stage estimation

Gawecki, K.I.ecki, J.P.tkanski, A., 1971:
Growth stage in fluence on changes of nutrients in some grasses and legumes

Rutkowska, B.K.cperska-Palacz, A.L.kawska, I., 1970:
Growth stages and forming shoots in some varieties of forage grasses

Ballatore, G.; Del-Puglia, S.L.mbardo, V., 1974:
Growth stages and irrigation of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Mitchell P.L., 1992:
Growth stages and microclimate in coppice and high forest

Anonymous, 1983:
Growth stages in cereals--Zadoks and Feekes comparison

Chapman, P.J.C.tlin, G., A., 1976:
Growth stages in fruit trees

Subramanya, S.S.feeulla, K.; Shetty, H.; Prakash, H., 1981 :
Growth stages in pearlmillet (Pennisetum typhoides (Stapf & Hubb.)) and susceptibility to infection of downy mildew pathogen (Sclerospora graminicola (Sacc.) Schroet.)

Poshkurlat, Ap, 1974:
Growth stages of Adonis turkestanicus (Korsh.) Adolf from Tadzhikistan

Caraballo-De-Silva, L., 1988:
Growth stages of a Spanish-type peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) during the dry season in a sandy soil of Mesa de Guanipa

Meier, Uwe, 1997:
Growth stages of mono- and dicotyledonous plants

Vanderlip, R.; Reeves, H., 1972:
Growth stages of sorghum

Khodayari, K.M.ldenhauer, K.; Huey, B., 1986:
Growth stages of the rice plant

Frank, A.; Cardwell, V., 1997:
Growth staging in research and crop management

Nelson, J.; Kephart, K.; Bauer, A.C.nnor, J., 1988:
Growth staging of wheat, barley and wild oat; a strategic step to timing of field operations

Dusek, J., 1974:
Growth standards of foals of the American trotter bred in Czechoslovakia

Kazmarek, Joan-Elizabeth, 1975:
Growth status of preschool children in the Expanded Nutrition and Family Program

Wadleigh, C.H., 1944:
Growth status of the cotton plant as influenced by the supply of nitrogen

Dykman, R.A.; Szabo, J.S.; Casey, P.; Kim, E.Young.; Pivik, R.T., 2007:
Growth status related to brain responses, nutrition, home environment, and behavior in infants and toddlers

O'-Connell, Jj, 1973:
Growth stimulant substitutes for stilbestrol

Kuzina, Gv, 1970:
Growth stimulants and inhibitors in black currant throughout the vegetative period with different day lengths

Vinogradova, Vv, 1972:
Growth stimulants and inhibitors in the process of hardening and overwintering of winter wheat

Teter, Ws, 1972:
Growth stimulants for beef cattle

Burris, W.; Hovermale, C.; Essig, H., 1979:
Growth stimulants for growing and finishing steers

Smithson, L.; Morrison, E.; Edwards, N.J.; Essig, H., 1977:
Growth stimulants for steers and heifers grazing winter pasture

Smithson, L.; Morrison, E.1; Edwards, N.J.1; Essig, H., 1982:
Growth stimulants for steers grazing winter pasture Mississippi

Smithson, L.; Morrison, E.1; Edwards, N.J.1; Essig, H., 1982:
Growth stimulants for steers grazing winter pasture Zeranol, progesterone, estradiol benzoate, Mississippi

Smithson, L.; Morrison, E.; Edwards, N.; Essig, H., 1977:
Growth stimulants for steers. Positive returns attributed to stimulant treatment

Teter, Ws, 1972:
Growth stimulants for suckling calves and stocker cattle--does it pay?

Botts, R.A.derson, P.D.haan, K., 1997:
Growth stimulants: compounds, concentrations, combinations and regulations

Mcgraw, A.; Schenck, N., 1981:
Growth stimulatin of citrus, ornamental, and vegetable crops by select mycorrhizal fungi

Miliukov, A., 1980:
Growth stimulating action of a preparation made from adenohypophysis Subcutaneous implantation, feeding experiments on young bulls.1

Avundzhian, E.; Shaldzhian, M., 1974:
Growth stimulating and growth inhibiting substances in the l eaves of tobacco varieties susceptible, resistant and immune to Peronospora tabacina

Kralovic, J.K.vac, R.Z.ska, J., 1968:
Growth stimulating effect of toxaphene preparations on the alfalfa seed set

Fries, L., 1973:
Growth stimulating effects of the bromophenol, lanosol, on red algae in axenic culture

Polasek, L.T.jnora, J.P.korny, M.-Novacek, L., 1983:
Growth stimulating effects of the substance VUCCH-51 from the group of cyanogen derivatives quinoxalin-1,4-dioxide in piglets and chickens

Sharma, K.; Upadhyaya, S., 1973:
Growth stimulating phytohormones from the galls of Coccinia cordifolia (Linn.) cogn

Burkhardt, J.; Embry, L., 1973:
Growth stimulating products for feedlot heifers fed high-concentrate diets of high-moisture corn with hay or haylage

Gravel, V.A.toun, H.T.eddell, R., 2007:
Growth stimulation and fruit yield improvement of greenhouse tomato plants by inoculation with Pseudomonas putida or Trichoderma atroviride: Possible role of indole acetic acid (IAA)

Hurwitz, Shmuel, 1992:
Growth stimulation and improved feed efficiency by feed restriction in chickens and turkeys

Iwanama, Y., 1975:
Growth stimulation by 6-phenacylisoxanthopterin and related compounds

Ogunmodede, Bk, 1980:
Growth stimulation by dried poultry manure: implications for nitrogen cycling in West African ecosystems

Riis, Pm, 1975:
Growth stimulation compounds in livestock production

Hoflich, G.W.ehe, W., 1995:
Growth stimulation in graminees, legumes, and crucifers by Pseudomonas-bacteria

Heitzman, Rj, 1981:
Growth stimulation in ruminants Cattle and sheep

Hoffman, Gr, 1974:
Growth stimulation of Marchantia polymorpha from ilmenite basalt and volcanic ash

Hayashi,, R.M.richi, T., 1974:
Growth stimulation of Streptoco

Palmer, J.H.; Norton, B.M.; Allaway, W.G.; Ashford, A.E., 2007:
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