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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 15976

Chapter 15976 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wollert, Kai, C., 2007:
Growth-differentiation factor-15 in cardiovascular disease

Schmidt, Re, 1990:
Growth-enhancing biostimulants

Bagni, N.C.rsini, E.F.acassini, D., 1971:
Growth-factors and nucleic acid synthesis in Helianthus tuberosus. I. Reversal of actinomycin D inhibition by spermidine

Cordiez, E.B.enfait, J.; Lambot, O.E.naeme, C.V.n; Pondant, A., 1975:
Growth-fattening of young cattle with diets with a base of dehydrated maize paste

Kastner, A., 1979:
Growth-form analysis and taxonomic classification of Teucrium L. II. Anatomy of shoots and leaves

Paillet, Fl, 1984:
Growth-form and ecology of American chestnut sprout clones in northeastern Massachusetts

Norton, Ta, 1975:
Growth-form and environment in cave-dwelling plants of Plumaria elegans

Cody, Ml, 1989:
Growth-form diversity and community structure in desert plants

Dhillon, R.; Fox, M., 2007:
Growth-independent effects of a fluctuating thermal regime on the life-history traits of the Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)

Fuchs, O., 2007:
Growth-inhibiting activity of transcription factor C/EBP alpha, its role in haematopoiesis and its tumour suppressor or oncogenic properties in leukaemias

Matsumoto, K.H.shimoto, K.N.shida, Y.H.shiro, M.Y.shikawa, K., 1990:
Growth-inhibition effects of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on normal human keratinocytes cultured in serum-free medium

Yahiro, M.H.yashi, Y., 1982:
Growth-inhibitors in papaya (carica papaya L.) seeds: growth-inhibitors and -promoters in papaya seeds pre-tested at 15 degrees C degrees Celsius

Tezuka, H.K.tabatake, K., 1980:
Growth-inhibitory activity in papaya latex against Candida spp

Watanabe, T.; Ueno, Y.; Ogasawara, A.; Mikami, T.; Matsumoto, T., 2007:
Growth-inhibitory activity of Cladosporium cladosporioides by cysteine

Ozimec,, M., 1993:
Growth-inhibitory effects of Tilia americana on microorganisms and higher plants

Daddow, R.-L.W.rrington, G., 1983:
Growth-limiting soil bulk densities as influenced by soil texture

Dillon, J.; Clark, G.I., 1980:
Growth-line analysis as a test for contemporaneity in populations

Chavooshian, B.; Nieswand, G.; Norman, T., 1975:
Growth-management program--a proposed new approach to local planning and zoning

Mcmahon, V.; Villemez, C., 1981:
Growth-mediated response of methyleneoxindole with a proposed mechanism of action for 2, 4-D Cell elongation tests on Phaseolus aureus

Protic, R., 1969:
Growth-modifying substances and single-crop wheat

Lee, H.; Bae, E.-Kyung; Park, S.-Young; Sjcedin, A.; Lee, J.-Soon; Noh, E.-Woon; Jansson, S., 2007:
Growth-phase-dependent gene expression profiling of poplar (Populus alba x Populus tremula var. glandulosa) suspension cells

Schaal, I.-Van-Der; Logman, T.; Diaz, C.; Kijne, J., 1984:
Growth-phase-dependent pea lectin on Rhizobium leguminosarum as determined by an enzyme-linked lectin binding assay (ELBA)

Freijsen, Ahj, 1971:
Growth-physiology, salt-tolerance and mineral nutrition of Centaurium littorale (Turner) olygothrophic and brackish habitat

Berland, B.; Bonin, D.; Maestrini, S.; Pointier, J., 1973:
Growth-potential bioassay of sea waters using algae cultures. III. Skeletonema costatum growth at different concentrations of nutrients

Berland, B.; Bonin, D.; Maestrini, S.; Pointier, J., 1973:
Growth-potential bioassay of sea waters using algal cultures iI. effect of preliminary nutrient limitation on inoculum survival and efficiency

Berland, B.; Bonin, D.; Maestrini, S.; Pointier, J., 1973:
Growth-potential bioassay of sea waters using algal cultures. IV. Use of coastal Mediterranean waters from different origins

Reinhardt, C., 2007:
Growth-promotant implants: managing the tools

Nakagaki, T.K.rano, S., 1970:
Growth-promoting activity of an aqueous extract of soybean seeds for some microorganisms

Singh, R.S.ngh, R., 1974:
Growth-promoting and growth-inhibiting substances in developing fruits of biennial and regular bearing varieties of mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Tejnora, J.P.lasek, L.B.uer, B.P.korny, M.B.azek, S.K.ima, J.H.vorka, F.P.vlik, J.P.ur, M.A.ent, E., 1981:
Growth-promoting effect of Olaquindox of Czechoslovak provenance in piglets and growing pigs

Shiwaku, K.H.rai, K.T.rii, M., 1982:
Growth-promoting effect of Spir

Zheng, J.; Xiao, X.; Liu, J.; Zheng, S.; Yin, Q.; Yu, Y., 2007:
Growth-promoting effect of environmental endocrine disruptors on human neuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells

Dzapo, V.R.uter, H., 1972:
Growth-promoting effect of the food additive Carbadox in pigs

Broz, J.S.vcik, B.R.zman, J.B.rtak,, J., 1982:
Growth-promoting effectiveness of cyadox in starting-growing pigs

Furukawa, H.; Matsuo, H.; Deguchi, T.; Shiga, A.; Samejima, H., 1968:
Growth-promoting factors for Lactobacillus bifidus var. pennsylvanicus produced by the amino-carbonyl reaction of L-lysine and D-glucose

Pflug, R.O.tertag, J., 1981:
Growth-promoting feed additives for swine fattening

Lentfohr, G., 1980:
Growth-promoting feed additives in swine fattening tested in practice

Tejnora, J.B.oz, J.P.lasek, L.K.plan, R.B.uer, B.H.vorka, F.P.vlik, J.P.ur, M., 1979:
Growth-promoting response to nitrovin in finishing swine after previous application of nitrovin or carbadox

Nowak, J., 1973:
Growth-promoting substances in the reproduction and flowering of bulbous ornamental plants

Edwards,. Jr.;, 1986:
Growth-promotion by antibacterial agents

Mcginnes, E.A., 1963:
Growth-quality evaluation of Missouri-grown shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata, Mill.)

Mcginnes, E.A.R.lston, R.A., 1967:
Growth-quality evaluation of black and scarlet oak grown in Missouri

Szopa, P.; Garrett, H.; Mcginnes, E.J., 1980:
Growth-quality evaluation of black walnut wood. I. Specific gravity, growth rate, and percent extractables for trees grown on three different sites in Missouri

Phelps, J.; Mcginnes, E.J.; Garrett, H.; Cox, G., 1983:
Growth-quality evaluation of black walnut wood. II. Color analyses of veneer produced on different sites

Phelps, J.; Mcginnes, E.J., 1983:
Growth-quality evaluation of black walnut wood. III. An anatomical study of color characsteristics of black walnut veneer

Galland, P.; Russo, V.E., 1984:
Growth-rate adaptation of Phycomyces sporangiophores to partial depletion of oxygen

Kubo, T., 1983:
Growth-rate and smolting-rate o

Sawicki, K.J.nik, K.B.chniev, D., 1973:
Growth-rate changes during embryonic development in chicken

Reynolds, CS., 1983:
Growth-rate responses of Volvox aureus Ehrenb. (Chlorophyta, Volvocales) to variability in the physical environment

Whiton, Jc, 1987:
Growth-rate trends of pines since 1930 in the northeastern United States

Ledwood, J.; Shimwell, D., 1971:
Growth-rates of Hippophae rhamnoides L

Oechsner, U.B.ndlow, W., 1998:
Growth-regulated formation of heteromeric complexes of the centromere and promoter factor, Cbf1p, in yeast

Ginak, A.I.; Suleimankadiev, S.E.; Suleimankadieva, A.E., 2007:
Growth-regulating activity of 5-substituted 2-thiothiazolidine-4-ones

Fedina, I.; Vasileva, V.; Vasilev, G., 1980:
Growth-regulating activity of alylthiosemicarbazides of picolinic acids and some of their biochemical indicators in young pea plants

Kadyrov, C.; Akramov, S.; Shakhidoyatov, K.; Abdullaev, N.; Patseva, O., 1980:
Growth-regulating activity of bis-quaternary salts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and the products of their transformation

Sokolova, V.; Smetaniuk, O.; Savinskii, S., 1987:
Growth-regulating activity of certain compounds of the phosphonium class

Vasileva, V.; Fedina, I.; Vasilev, G., 1980:
Growth-regulating activity of the alylthiosemicarbazides of picolinic acids and their influence on certain biochemical indicators in young maize plants

Bazanova, Tb, 1970:
Growth-regulating preparation SH-8 () effect on the content of free auxins and inhibitors in different organs of fine-fibred cotton

Fedec, P.K.owles, R., 1973:
Growth-regulating substances from Viburnum trilobum Marsh. separated on Sephadex g-15

Zawada, J., 1978:
Growth-related symptoms of fir regression

Karanov, E.; Vassilev, G.; Hristova, L., 1975:
Growth-retarding activity and chemical structure of certain derivatives of itaconic acid

Gyuro, F.G.iszler, J., 1974:
Growth-retarding effect of Stem-80 on the vegetative and generative production of apple

Dahms, Wg, 1983:
Growth-simulation model for lodgepole pine in Central Oregon Pinus contorta, program for desk-top computer

Russo, S.E.; Wiser, S.K.; Coomes, D.A., 2007:
Growth-size scaling relationships of woody plant species differ from predictions of the Metabolic Ecology Model

Greene, L.A.; Tomita, J.T.; Varon, S., 1971:
Growth-stimulating activities of mouse submaxillary esteropeptidases on chick embryo fibroblasts in vitro

Seredinskaia, A.; Sabel'-Nikova, V.; Brun'-, G.; Danilova, A.; Osipova, R., 1978:
Growth-stimulating activity of antibiotics reducing Verticillium wilt of the Solanaceae

Avundzhayan, E.; Shaldzhyan, M., 1974:
Growth-stimulating and inhibiting substances in leaves of tobacco varieties susceptible, resistant, and immune to peronosporosis

Tsuboi, T.H.rai, K.T.rii, M.S.iwaku, K., 1984:
Growth-stimulating effect in ma

Han, I.; Park, J.; Lee, S.; Yoo, M.; Kwon, K., 1982:
Growth-stimulating effect of

Hirai, K.T.uboi, T.T.rii, M., 1983:
Growth-stimulating effect of Sp

Kraemer, John-Hugo, 1956:
Growth-strength relations of White ash

Kato, Ak-Tsuji, K., 1981:
Growth-substrate relationship of tobacco cells in suspension culture

Courreau, Jf, 1986:
Growth. Environmental factors and potential

Moisa, A.; Fritz, P.; Eck, A.; Wehner, H-Dieter.; Mürdter, T.; Simon, W.; Gabius, H-Joachim., 2007:
Growth/adhesion-regulatory tissue lectin galectin-3: stromal presence but not cytoplasmic/nuclear expression in tumor cells as a negative prognostic factor in breast cancer

Anonymous, 1998:
Growth: B&I gains 26%; school units up 39%

Huang, J.; Chang, S.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, Z., 1983:
Growths and activities of fixed-films in treating sugar waste

Wisniewski, Jerzy, 1974:
Growths observed on worker ants Formica polyctena Forst. (Hym., Formicidae)

Curic, R., 1971:
Growths of Pinus heldreichii Christ. var. leucodermis in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Belavskaia, A.; Serafimovich, N., 1977:
Growths of water chestnut Trapa natans L. S. L. on lake Vorokhoby in Pskov Region

Wakeman, Dl, 1969:
Growthy calves for growing youngsters

Siskov, Nako, 1958:
Grozdovi molci

Pastukh, V.P., 1957:
Grozy i grad na territorii SSSR

Beocher, T.-Wittrock; Holmen, K.; Jakobson, K., 1957:
Grsuperscript 2nlands flora

Nielsen, Henrik, 1954:
Grsuperscript 2nne asparges kan dyrkes pea enhver havejord

Jordan, Bitten, 1951:
Grsuperscript 2nne glaeder

Rasmussen, Karl, J., 1994:
Grsuperscript 2nne marker i fastliggende kornrige s* micro *dskifter

Hjeltnes, Aamund, 1950:
Grsuperscript 2nnsakproduksjonen i U.S.A

Andersen, Sv-Hessel, 1953:
Grsuperscript 2nsagsfor* micro *dling i U.S.A

Undeland, Lars, 1952:
Grsuperscript 2nsakdyrking

Daniels, N.; Chedester, L.; Mathers, A., 1976:
Grub and wireworm populations after manure and nitrogen applications

Anonymous, 1944:
Grub control

Anonymous, 1953:
Grub control in turf and lawn grasses

Webb, B., 1978:
Grub damage? havent seen it for ages!

Smith, H.; Krysl, L., 1989:
Grub, house, stable, horn and face fly control for dairy cattle

Goodall, J.; Lawick, H.-Van, 1972:
Grub, the bush baby

Villani, Mg, 1996:
Grub-control innovations

Liskey, E., 1998:
Grub-control timing

Takacs, L., 1982:
Grubbing by swine as a means of preparing the soil on swampy ground

Cross, B.; Wiedemann, H., 1985:
Grubbing for control of blackbrush acacia (Acadia rigidula) invading rootplowed rangeland

Haase, K., 1978:
Grubbing sugarbeets in one or more rows?

Szarukan, I., 1977:
Grubs (Melolonthidae) and wireworms (elateridae) in the soils of cooperative maize and industrial plant protection farms in 1975

Patocka, Jan, 1980:
Grubs and pupas of the oak butterflies in Central Europe

Christensen, Cm, 1976:
Grubs can be controlled in dairy cattle

Quast-Theurer, Hilde, 1953:

Niesporek, P.M.ttke, H., 1977:

Brooks, J., 1980:
Grun 80

Jaeggi, P., 1979:
Grun 80: an examination of the circumstances

Anonymous, 1953:

Keller, Hans, 1950:
Grundbegriffe aus Ackerbau- und Deungungslehre

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Grundbegriffe aus Forstschutz

Hufnagl, H.; Puzyr, H., 1947:
Grundbegriffe aus Gorstbenutzung

Hufnagl, H.; Puzyr, H., 1949:
Grundbegriffe aus forstlicher Messkunde, mit besonderer Bereucksichtigung des Feldmessens

Kopetz, L.M., 1950:
Grundbegriffe der Pflanzenzuchtung

Kerting, H.U., 1950:
Grundbegriffe der Vermessungskunde

Hufnagl, H.; Puzyr, H., 1960:
Grundbegriffe des Forstschutzes dargestellt in kurzen Abseatzen

Anonymous, 1947:

Venov, Neils, 1952:
Grundforbedringsarbejder i U.S.A

Richter, Helmet, 1961:
Grundfragen der Betriebsordnung der LPG

Anonymous, 1961:
Grundfragen der Entwicklung der sozialistischen Landwirtschaft

Scheuttauf, Alexander-Werner, 1952:
Grundfragen der agrarpolitik

Brandt, K.H., 1960:
Grundfragen der komplexen Leitung der Landwirtschaft durch die Organe der Staatsmacht in den Gemeinden und Kreisen

Anonymous, 1948:
Grundfragen unserer Erneahrungswirtschaft im Zweijahresplan

Geurses, Ismet, 1961:
Grundgedanken feur den Aufbau der Greunanlagen in den en Steadten der mittelanatolischen Steppe

Drobesch, Werner, 2003:
Grundherrschaft und Bauer auf dem Weg zur Grundentlastung

Steinbach, G., 1979:
Grundimmunitat und Moglichkeiten ihrer Erhohung beim landwirtschaftlichen Nutztier

Schmidt, A., D.-Med-Vet; Bar, M., 2003:
Grundkurs in klassischer Homoopathie fur Tierarzte

Centsstergaard, Vagn, 1989:
Grundlag for valg af avlsmeal og tilhsuperscript 2rende produktionssystem i m* micro *lkeproduktionen

Herlemann, Hans-Heinrich, 1961:
Grundlagen der Agrarpolitik

Sauerlandt, Walter, 1948:
Grundlagen der Bodenfruchtbarkeit

Lubs, E., 1963:
Grundlagen der Bodenkunde und Deungerlehre feur Geartner

Bachseitz, Ferdinand, H., 1949 :
Grundlagen der Bodenscheatzung

Schmalfuss, Karl, 1948:
Grundlagen der Botanik

Giesecke, Fritz, 1949:
Grundlagen der Chemie

Sandermann, Wilhelm, 1956:
Grundlagen der Chemie und chemischen Technologie des Holzes

Halden, Wilhelm, 1952:
Grundlagen der Erneahrung - Fundamente des Lebens

Turek, Franz, 1959:
Grundlagen der Feutterung, eine Einfeuhrung in die Feutterungslehre

Gerhard, Hans, 1949:
Grundlagen der Forstwirtschaft in der nordwestdeutschen Tiefebene

Bronsart, H.-Von; Tzschautzsch, D., 1949:
Grundlagen der Gartenarbeit

Eichler, C.; Rudolph, O., 1964:
Grundlagen der Instandhaltung von Landmaschinen und Traktoren

Stein, Otto-Wilhelm, 1955:
Grundlagen der Kostenermittlung in der Landschaftsgeartnerei

Anonymous, 1951:
Grundlagen der Landtechnik

Gerhardt, Friedrich, 1948:
Grundlagen der Obstaufbewahrung unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Erdmietenlagerung

Scheunert, Arthur, 1944:
Grundlagen der Vitaminforschung

Alekin, O.A., 1962:
Grundlagen der Wasserchemie

Streck, Otto, 1953:
Grundlagen der Wasserwirtschaft and Geweasserkunde

Walter, H.; Volk, O.-Heinrich, 1954:
Grundlagen der Weidewirtschaft in Sudwestafrika

Bubenaik, Anton, B., 1959:
Grundlagen der Wilderneahrung

Enser, Karl, 1950:
Grundlagen der medizinischen Zoologie

Heiligenthal, Roman-Friedrich, 1940:
Grundlagen der regionalplanung, raumplanung und staatsplanung

Albrecht, Willy, 1949:
Grundlagen des Beerenobstbaues

Plock, Hellmut, 1944:
Grundlagen des Obstbaues, kurzer Leitfaden feur Landwirte, Obstbauern, Baumwarte sowie feur den Unterricht an Fach- und Berufsschulen

Sauter, Eugen, 1983:
Grundlagen des Strahlenschutzes

Hausler, Rudolf, 1966:
Grundlagen des Strahlenschutzes in der Land- und Ernahrungswirtschaft

Poethke, Walter, 1944:
Grundlagen des chemischen Rechnens

Gruhlke, K., 1963:
Grundlagen des pflanzenbaus und Pflanzenschutzes feur Geartner

Wirth, David, 1950:
Grundlagen einer klinischen Heamatologie der Haustiere

Stocker, Otto, 1949:
Grundlagen einer naturgemeassen Geweachshauskultur

Herold, Johann, 1958:
Grundlagen erfolgreicher Pflanzenkultur im Gartenbau

Fredenhagen, Karl, 1950:
Grundlagen feur den Aufbau einer Theorie der Zweistoffsysteme

Eberlein, Walfried, 1961:
Grundlagen feur die Beurteilung des Kollagenvolumens von on Rohweursten

Verres, Gerd, 1962:
Grundlagen feur die Verbesserung des Aufganges von Reubensaatgut durch geeignete Sea- und Pflegegereate

Waagner-Waagstroem, A.; Zwiedinek-Seudenhorst, V., 1959:
Grundlagen landwirtschaflicher Scheatzungen unter besonderer Bereucksichtigung von Grundinanspruchnahme im Enteignungsverfahren

Grafe, Heinrich-Karl, 1959:
Grundlagen und Ergebnisse physiologischer Ernahrungsbilanzen

Buxbaum, Franz, 1951:
Grundlagen und Methoden einer Erneuerung der Systemaikt der heoheren Pflanzen:

Schweigart, Hans-Adalbert, 1948:
Grundlagen und Praxis der Lebensmittel-Lagerung

Engelmann, C.H.ydel, H., 1962:
Grundlagen und Praxis der Saatgutuntersuchung

Arenz, B.; Hunnius, W., 1959:
Grundlagen und Technik des Pflanzkartoffelbaus

Schenck, Ernst-Gunther, 1940:
Grundlagen und Vorschriften fur die Regelung der Krankenernahrung im Kriege

Hamann, U., 1979:
Grundlagen zu Verfahren der Erzeugung erregerfreien Ausgangsmaterials fur die industriemassige Kartoffelproduktion

Joss, Hans, 1944:
Grundlagen zum naturkundlichen Hauswirtschaftsunterricht

Keusenhoff, R., 1984:
Grundlagen zur Erneahrung des ruminierenden Kalbes unter besonderer Bereucksichtigung des Grobfutters

Ziesing, Horst, 1956:
Grundlagen zur Forstwirtschaft, Forsteinrichtung und Jagd

Pogrell, Hubertus-Von, 1958:
Grundlegende Fragen der direkten Frostschutzberegnung

Fierz-David, H.E.B.angey, L., 1943 :
Grundlegende Operationen der Farbenchemie

Lunk, Siegfried, 1961:
Grundlehrgang landwirtschaftliche Produktion

Hesse, Paul, 1949:
Grundprobleme der Agrarverfassung

Anonymous, 1948:
Grundregel feur die Anerkennung landwirtschaftlicher Saaten

Anonymous, 1943:
Grundregel feur die Anerkennung landwirtschaftlicher Saaten vom 7. Mearz 1938 (RNVbl. S. 83) (unter Einschluss der AO. vom 15. Juni 1940

Kopp, Cornelia, 1940:
Grundrezept zur gartenfreude

Ritter, Kurt, 1955:
Grundriss der Agrareokonomik

Rytz-Miller, Walter, 1947:
Grundriss der Botanik

Hoffmann, Erich, 1952:
Grundriss der Erneahrungswirtschaft

Richter, M.; Schmidt, I.; Dresler, A., 1940:
Grundriss der Farbenlehre der Gegenwart

Meuller, Alfred, 1955:
Grundriss der Forstnutzung

Fischer, Ilse, 1942:
Grundriss der Gewebezeuchtung

Bochnig, E., 1962:
Grundriss der Landschaftagestaltung in der landwirtschaftlichen Melioration

Ruttner, Franz, 1940:
Grundriss der Limnologie

Rippel, August, 1952:
Grundriss der Mikrobiologie

Mehlhorn, H.; Piekarski, G., 2002:
Grundriss der Parasitenkunde

Fischbach, Erich, 1948:
Grundriss der Physiologie und physiologischen Chemie

Lotsch, D.; Schulze, D.; Burckhardt, A.; Bohme, R., 1986:
Grundriss der Staatsveterinarkunde

Keuhn, Alfred, 1950:
Grundriss der Vererbungslehre

Wetzel, Karl-Friedrich-Gottlob, 1940:
Grundriss der allgemeinen botanik

Feitknecht, Walter, 1949:
Grundriss der allgemeinen und physikalischen Chemie

Remy, Heinrich, 1950:
Grundriss der anorganischen Chemie

Weber, Erna, 1961:
Grundriss der biologischen Statistik

Weber, Erna, 1956:
Grundriss der biologischen Statistik feur Naturwissenschaftler, Landwirte und Mediziner

Schulz, Friedrich-Nikolaus, 1954:
Grundriss der chemischen Physiologie

Rothkegel, Walter, 1949:
Grundriss der forstlichen Scheatzungslehre

Meuller, Alfred, 1955:
Grundriss der forstlichen Wasserwirtschaft

Elsner, Horst, 1941:
Grundriss der kohlenhydrat-chemie

Houwink, R., 1944:
Grundriss der kunststofftechnologie

Hopff, Heinrich, 1943:
Grundriss der organischen chemie

Eucken, A., 1944:
Grundriss der physikalischen chemie

Schenck, Martin, 1955:
Grundriss der physiologischen Chemie feur Veterinearmediziner, Humanmediziner und Biologen

Schenck, M.; Kolb, E., 1961:
Grundriss der physiologischen Chemie fur Veterinarmediziner, Humanmediziner, und Biologen

Dahme, E.; Weiss, E.; Hafner, A., 1999:
Grundriss der speziellen pathologischen Anatomie der Haustiere

Bielka, Rudolf, 1961:
Grundriss des Feldgemeusebaues

Hilkenbeaumer, Friedrich, 1948:
Grundriss des Obstbaues

Francke, Adolf, 1949:
Grundseatze de Fruchtwechsels

Anonymous, 1957:
Grundseatze zur Agrarpolitik beschlossen in Hannover am 17. Oktober 1957

Anonymous, 1959:
Grundseatzliche Ausrichtung der Agrarpolitik

Vorwerk, Joachim, 1963:
Grundsteuckverkehrsgesetz mit landesrechtlichen Ausfeuhrungsvorschriften

Nielsen, Victor, 1950:

Rocho, Johannes, 1960:
Grundtendenzen der Agrarpolitik in der sowjetischen Besatsungszone Deutschlands

Hjorth, E., 1972:
Grundtyig, founder of agricultural elementary schools in Scandinavia. III. The living word

Debruck, Jurgen, 1983:
Grundungung im Ackerbau

Vogelsang, Dieter, 1998:

Andreae, Horst, 1959:

Luhr, Hans-Peter, 1995:
Grundwassersanierung 1995

Luhr, Hans-Peter, 1996:
Grundwassersanierung 1996

Haas, G.; Berg, M.; Kopke, U., 1998:
Grundwasserschonende Landnutzung

Seiler, Klaus-Peter, 1999:
Grundwasserschutz im Karst der sudlichen Frankenalb

Klambauer, Birgit, 1991:
Grundwasserschutz und Landwirtschaft

Sager, H.; Preuhsler, T.; Schretzenmayr, G., 1997:
Grundwasserversauerung in Bayern

Fitzgeorge-Parker, Tim, 1976:

Neumann, Erwin, 1948:
Grundzeuge der Bodenkunde feur Ingenieure

Kellner, O.-Johann; Scheunert, A., 1952:
Grundzeuge der Feutterungslehre

Novikov, M.M., 1949:
Grundzeuge der Geschichte der biologischen Theorien

Michel, Kurt, 1943:
Grundzeuge der Mikrophotographie

Roeder, George, H., 1954:
Grundzeuge der Milchwirtschaft und des Molkereiwesens

Huber, Bruno, 1961:
Grundzeuge der Pflanzenanatomie

Rosenkranz, Friedrich, 1951:
Grundzeuge der Pheanologie

Kirwald, Eduard, 1944:
Grundzeuge der forstlichen wasserhaushaltstechnik

Kientsch, Albert, 1944:
Grundzeuge des landwirtschaftlichen genossenschaftswesens und der produktenverwertung

Hennig, Willi, 1950:
Grundzeuge einer Theorie der phylogenetischen Systematik

Michel, Kurt, 1949:
Grundzuge der Mikrophotographie

Huber, Bruno, 1961:
Grundzuge der Pflanzenanatomie

Denk, Viktor, 1944:
Grundzuge der allgemeinen botanik

Aichinger, Erwin, 1949:
Grundzuge der forstlichen Vegetationskunde

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Grundzuge einer allgemeinen Biologie

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Gruppovaeiia rabota kombaaeinov

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Gruzinskaeiia SSR

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Gruzinskaeiia SSR uchebnaeiia karta

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Gruzinskoe vino

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Grwing zucchini marrows

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Grylloblattidae--present representatives of the order of Protoblattodea (Insecta)

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Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

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Gryllotalpa unispina

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Grytdalen National Park

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Gsuperscript 2nt. og frugtkonservesindustrien i U.S.A

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Gu jian yuan lin ji shu

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Gu zi yu zhong xue

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Guaacimo, or caulote (Guazuma ulmifolia Lam)

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Guadalupe Dunes revegetation program

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Guadua zuloagae sp. nov., the First Petrified Bamboo Culm Record from the Ituzaingcd Formation (Pliocene), ParancL Basin, Argentina

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Guaia de investigaciaon CIP

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Guaia de maquinaria agraicola

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Guaia de seguridad para las personas que trabajan con pesticidas

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Guaia del Ministerio de la Gobernaciaon

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Guaia del agricultor

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Guaia del maestro rural

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Guaia del plan educativo sobre salud dental para nianos y familias del programa Head Start

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Guaia para demostraciones de manejo de pasturas y ganado

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Guaia para el cuidado y uso de animales de laboratorio

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Guaia para el cultivo de productos agraicolas para el hogar

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Guaia para el personal

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Guaia praactica y calendario para la huerta

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Guaia rural del Perau 2003-2004

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Guaia verde para Amaerica Latina y el Caribe

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Guam Aquaculture Development and Training Center

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Guam Organic Act Amendments of 1998

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Guam and its people

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Guam declared rabies free

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Guam fruit and vegetable pesticide guide

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Guam supplement

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Guan shang hua mu

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Guan shang shui cao

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Guanacaste National Park

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Guanaco (Lama guanicoe Muller) as a renowable natural resource. I. Some wood metric characteristics

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Guancheria compressithorax n. gen., n. sp. from Tenerife, Canary Islands (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae)

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Guanchias Limitada

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Guang shang shu mu zai pei da quan

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Guangdong guo shu zhen jun bing chong hai

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Guangxi botany

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Guangxi zhen xi bin wei shu zhong

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Guangzhou cha hua

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Guangzhou tourist map

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Guano and anchovies

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Guanxinxiaoban Decoction in the treatment of unstable angina

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Guanylate cyclase activators influence reactivity of human mesenteric superior arteries retrieved and preserved in the same conditions as transplanted kidneys

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Guar and locust bean gums as partial replacers of all-purpose flour in bread

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Guar for industry, food and feed 1970-85

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Guar gum and hypoglycemia in the rat

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Guar gum as a substitute for the commonly used suspending agents

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Guar gum in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) feed: The influence of quality and dose on stabilisation of faecal solids

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Guar gum--the earner of good foreign exchange

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Guar is a good fodder

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Guar meal (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) inclusion in broiler rations. effect on carcass yield and meat composition

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Guar meal as a feed ingredient

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Guar newsletter

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Guar performance tests

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Guar research

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Guar shows potential drought-tolerant summer crop for Arizona grain farmers

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Guar specialty products as thickeners and fiber sources

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Guar tolerance to postemergence herbicides

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Guar variety and strain yield test

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Guar variety tests

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Guar, a good soil improver and food, forage, and gum producer

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Guar--a versatile crop for rainfed areas Clusterbean, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

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Guaranius carlosi, a new genus and species of dryopid beetle from Paraguay (Coleoptera: Dryopidae)

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Guarantee a billion poods

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Guarantee a quality education for all

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Guarantee agreement

Anonymous, 1958:
Guarantee and development fund for agriculture, cattle raising and poultry farming

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Guarantee examination for breeding ability of young boars in Bavaria in the period of 1974-1979

Anonymous, 1977:
Guarantee for quality

Mayer, J., 1977:
Guarantee for successful beekeeping

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Guarantee of a high yield Fine-fibered cotton varieties, seed production, economics.1

Anonymous, 1976:
Guarantee of agricultural equipment

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Guarantee of healthy enviroment for all organisms

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Guarantee of high yields

Arnaut, S.K.askalovich, E., 1976:
Guarantee of high yields of maize

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Guarantee of high, stable yields

Thareau, B., 1976:
Guarantee of income and right to work for all raising farmers

Anonymous, 1986:
Guarantee of obligations (Title XI)

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Guarantee of quality for forest

Pilz, H., 1977:
Guarantee of quality in community care

Kwak, H., 1978:
Guarantee of quality in the manufacture of mixed feed--apparatus and functional safety precautions

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Guarantee of reliable work in irrigational technique Rostov Region, RSFSR-in-Europe.1

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Guarantee of seed production Use of leaf-cutting bees (Megachile) on alfalfa crops.1

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Guarantee of stable productivity

Reimov, N., 1981:
Guarantee of success System of cotton seed production, Turkmen SSR.1

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Guarantee of success in the overall character of studies

Korolev, V., 1972:
Guarantee of successful work of logging slash collectors

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Guarantee of the stability of yields

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Guarantee of the standard of quality and hygiene as well as new demand for the assortment of dietetic products

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Guarantee project mapping of practical application of regulations for meat from other European union countries

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Guarantee regulation for a special farm credit of the Agricultural Security Funds Institution

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Guarantee regulation, a result of perplexity and lack of courage

Drinkard, Shirley, P., 1973 :

Bilderback, D., 1985:
Guaranteed carrots

Anonymous, 2004:
Guaranteed community facility loans

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Guaranteed compression strength and static bending strength of plasticized wood

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Guaranteed farm loans by the Farmers Home Administration

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Guaranteed farm operating loans for socially disadvantaged persons

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Guaranteed loans by private lenders

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Guaranteed manufactured without child labor

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Guaranteed minimum price contracts using agricultural options

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Guaranteed output of vegetables

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Guaranteed prices for dairy produce

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Guaranteed provision of spare pa

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Guaranteed remuneration of labor on collective farms

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Guaranteed right of access to private inholders of land within national forest

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Guaranteed rural housing loans

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Guaranteed service of machinery

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Guaranteed source of forages on winter pastures

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Guaranteed supplying of spare parts to farms

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Guaranteed yields of potatoes.

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Guaranteed: good water at the tap

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Guaranteeing cattle breeding

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Guaranteeing cow stock reproduction by means of co-operative young-cattle rearing

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Guaranteeing safe labor in preparing feeds

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Guaranteeing the sterility of culturing foot-and-mouth disease virus according to Frenkels method

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Guarantees for good wine quality in 1974: correct harvest ti me and professional vintage treatment

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Guarantees of labor rights of collective farm members

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Guarantees of quality

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Guaranties, interest rates, insurance

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Guarantine of imported timbers in Japan

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Guaranty for wine quality

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Guard First the Bottom Land

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Guard Llamas

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Guard against bee kill

L.B.; Wang Yong; Zhang MeiWen, 2007:
Guard against invasion of Rattus norvegicus into Tibet along Qinghai-Tibet railway

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Guard against overfeeding your best show cattle

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Guard against rabies

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Guard against salt damage to soil

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Guard against severe losses from baby pig disease

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Guard against silage runoff

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Guard against the hidden factors in plant sanitation

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Guard animals for livestock protection

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Guard cell potassium relations in leptosporangiate ferns showing diverse types of stomata

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Guard dog vs. family dog

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Guard dogs and gas exploders as coyote depredation control tools in North Dakota

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Guard dogs mean business

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Guard geraniums from bacteria

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Guard your animals against tuberculosis

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Guard your garden with malathion

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Guard your pigs against colibacillosis

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Guard your sugarcane roots

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Guardando cosa facevano le sue mani

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Guardian of the forest

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Guardians of Yellowstone

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Guardians of academic excellence

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Guardians of science: journals and journal editors in the agricultural sciences

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Guardians of the forest

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Guardians of the underworld

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Guarding a heritage. Soil, water, minerals, vegetable and animal life--these are the basis of our existence and the measure of our future. United States Department of agriculture, Soil conservation service

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Guarding against heavy metals in food

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Guarding against infectious diseases in animals

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Guarding against invaders: remote sensing on the range

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Guarding against machine hazards

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Guarding against natural threats and terrorist attacks: an industry perspective

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Guarding against storeroom theft

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Guarding against tragedy

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Guarding against wild oats

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Guarding cattle against grass tetany

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Guarding dairy herd health

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Guarding dogs protect sheep from predators

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Guarding dogs protect sheep from predators Includes breeding, training

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Guarding farmstead & farm field equipment

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Guarding groundwater

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Guarding health status

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Guarding nature

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Guarding our agricultural resources in the jet age

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Guarding our water resources: Virginia Water Resources Research Center, annual report 1974

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Guarding paradise Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

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Guarding sheep: its a dogs world

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Guarding socialist property

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Guarding stock yards against termite attack

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Guarding the blood-brain barrier: a role for estrogen in the etiology of neurodegenerative disease

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Guarding the forests of Southern California

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Guarding the health of riding horses

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Guarding the plant breeders treasury

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Guarding the quality of feeds

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Guarenteed output of products on irrigated lands of the Middle and Lower Volga area

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Guatemala MOSCAMED Program

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Guatemala agricultural structure of western high planes

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Guatemala and El Salvador

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Guatemala and the CGIAR centers

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Guatemala farm policy analysis

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Guatemala grass as a fodder crop in Kenya

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Guatemala medfly environmental impact analysis

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Guatemala y sus orquideas

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Guatemalas Maya Biosphere Reserve: Can it be protected?

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Guatemalas cardamom exports increasing

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Guatemalas cool dessert craze: a growing U.S. opportunity

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Guatemalas honey industry shifting to jungle area

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Guatemalas major exports move upward with demand

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Guatemala, agrarian policy

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Guatemala. II. Some aspects to be considered for establishing an integrated pest control with small crop farmers

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Guatemala. III. Plans for the future (expectations from crop pest and disease control)

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Guatemalan beekeepers prepare for Africanization

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Guatemalan cattlemen carry on pace-setting breeding operations

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Guattegaumerine, New Bisbenzylisoquinoline Alkaloid from Guatteria gaumeri.

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Guatteriopsis friesiana W. Rodrigues, a new species of Annonaceae for Amazonia

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Guava cultivation

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Guava culture

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Guava decline in Punjab and its remedy

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Guava diseases

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Guava growing in Australia

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Guava is as good as apple

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Guava nectars from sulphited pulp and their blends with mango nectar

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Guava powder; preparation, packaging and storage studies

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Guava processing

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Guava processing and products

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Guava propagation in Hawaii

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Guava seed (Psidium guajava) as a potential source of bioactive compounds

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Guava trees (Psidium guajava L.) in pastures. II. Fruit consumption and seed dispersion

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Guava trees (Psidium guajava L.) in pastures. III. Fuelwood production

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Guava varietal situation and agro-techniques

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Guavas: new popularity reported

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Guayana highlands versus Guayana lowlands, a reappraisal

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Guayule (Parthenium argentatum A. Gray): an alternative to hevea (Hevea brasiliensis) (H.B. & K.) Muell. Aug

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Guayule has real rubber in it, and it grows in the United States

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Guayule nursery culture in Chile

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Guayule production prior to World War II

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Guayule research

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Guayule research and development

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Guayule research and development in New South Wales 1980-1983

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Gubre--meeting Turkeys fertilizer needs

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Guelph, a sperm diluent that is effective for four days

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Guerrilla marketing

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Guerrilla marketing attack

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Guess whats coming to dinner

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Guess who isnt very good at guessing the liveweight of cattle?

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Guess whos coming to dinner this time? A study of gay intimate relationships and the support for those relationships

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Guess whos coming to dinner?

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Guess whos picking up AFMCs tab?

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Guessing vs. assessing community needs

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Guia de plantas medicinales

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Guia de productos utilizables en agricultura y ganaderia ecologicas

Anonymous, 1964:
Guia de publicaciones periaodicas cientaificas y taecnicas que se editan en la Repaublica Argentina

Canteros, Blanca, I., 1993:
Guia de pulverizaciones para control de enfermedades de los citrus en corrientes, 1993-1994

Belles, Carlos, 1993:
Guia de pulverizaciones para frutales de pepita y carozo

Anonymous, 1996:
Guia de reconversion productiva para empresas cooperativas de produccion

Anonymous, 1963:
Guia de revistas bibliograaficas cientaificas, taecnicas y econaomicas

Arias-Canga, Jose, 1996:
Guia de setas de Asturias

Fredericksen, T.; Contreras, F.; Pariona, W., 2001:
Guia de silvicultura para bosques tropicales de Bolivia

Rivera-Nunez, D.; Obon-De-Castro, C., 1998:
Guia de teoria y practicas de etnobotanica

Sanchez, M.-Francisca, 1996:
Guia de vinos de Chile

Anonymous, 1999:
Guia de vinos espanoles

Anonymous, 1996:
Guia del Parque Natural Sierra Nevada

Arrojo-Agudo, E.; Valle-Tendero, F., 2000 :
Guia del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Castril

Lacasia, Y.Aspurz, Leon, 1953:
Guia del apicultor

Cuenca-Anaya, Francisco, 2004:
Guia del cazador andaluz

Badiola-Navarro, I.; Marcos-Aguiar, D., 2000:
Guia del jamon curado espanol

Pedrocchi-Renault, C.; Acin-Ferrer, A., 1997:
Guia del naturalista de los Pirineos

Anonymous, 1998:
Guia del productor a los programas de prestamos de la Administracion de Servicios Agricolas (Farm Service Agency)

Reed, David-William, 1999:
Guia del productor agua, sustratos y nutricion en los cultivos de flores bajo invernadero

Pascual, Ramon, 1998:
Guia dels arbustos dels Paisos Catalans

Mostacedo, Bonifacio, 2001:
Guia dendrologica de especies forestales de Bolivia

Anonymous, 1993:
Guia do exportador de frutas e horticolas frescos

Anonymous, 1949:
Guia do fruticultor brasileiro

Toledo, J.F., 1942 :
Guia do herborizador e preparador de fanerogamas (plantas de flores)

Castro-Cerdeda, Marisa, 2000:
Guia dos cogomelos comuns de Galicia

Anonymous, 1990:
Guia dos defensivos

Anonymous, 1980:
Guia dos produtos fitofarmacaeuticos

Navarro-Gomez-Menor, Javier, 1982:
Guia ecologica del Rio Aguas Blancas

Miguez-Rodriguez, L.; Gonzalez, C.; Garcia-Alvarez, O., 1996:
Guia ecoloxica do litoral galego

Macdonald, Edwin-Albert, 1960:
Guia elemental praactica para la enseananza de conservaciaon del agua y del suelo en el aula y exterior

Rivera, D., 2006:
Guia etnobotanica de los alimentos locales recolectados en la provincia de Albacete

Garcia-Martin, Jose-Aurelio, 1988:
Guia fiscal del agricultor

Anonymous, 1994:
Guia forestal argentina

Arenas, J.-Antonio; Garcia-Martin, F.; Aparicio, A., 1996:
Guia ilustrada de la flora del Aljarafe

Vargas, William-Gerardo, 2002 :
Guia ilustrada de las plantas de las montanas del Quindio y los Andes centrales

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